Chapter 591: Ideas and malice under a sense of crisis

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The power of the Six Forces is ready to move, and Li Ke has always been aware of this.

The six forces all long to dominate the world. In their eyes, the material world is almost equivalent to a highly polluted area created after dropping nuclear bombs on each other. It is not very suitable for staying for a long time.

That's why there are various representatives of the Force, who engage in various battles and evolve the love, hatred and hatred in this universe.

Because they all hope to build a world of their own power.

But what is interesting is that in their own dimension of pure power, the intensity, concentration, and form of energy will produce objects and lives of different shapes.

"So in fact, the six original forces should be essentially a kind of energy. It's just because my perspective cannot reach higher dimensions for the time being, so I can't see clearly."

The moment Li Ke stepped out of the portal, he suddenly thought of this for some reason, as if he had encountered some kind of crisis, and his body and instinct were urging him to become more powerful.

"If you can understand this, you can probably use any power in this world at will. You can even create powers other than the six original powers according to my needs, and you can use this power to isolate the six original powers.

The influence of people's thinking... If you think about it this way, does my ability come from this?"

He couldn't help but think of the various conjectures he had thought about his abilities before, so he was a little distracted and did not see the excited expressions of the two blue dragons beside him.

However, looking at the traces of the magic net that were almost visible to the naked eye in front of him, Li Ke suddenly had an idea in his mind.

"If I really develop such an ability, or cover the souls of all the people of the empire with my power, and isolate the direct influence of the Six Forces on their souls, then the teaching of the Six Forces that I have been worried about,

Will it be able to proceed normally?"

Although the impact of the Six Forces on emotions is not obvious in him, it is not without reason that evil energy, shadow and other powers have always been criticized by people.

The impact on the spirit is too great. If his energy can isolate the direct influence of the six original forces on the soul and will, and only allow the people of his empire to be affected by the six original forces in the real dimension, then even though he is still affected by these powers,

The composition, emotions and thinking will still have traces of the influence of the Six Forces, but sudden changes in temperament and the like should be able to be reduced to more than 90%.

"Furthermore, this energy can also be constructed like a network to carry out encrypted communication to prevent the Six Forces from detecting the thoughts of my people and the intelligence of various confidential documents... But if this power can really be obtained, and

If I had the ability that I think of, I would probably have to squat in one place just to synthesize this energy, right?"

Li Ke couldn't help but think of how troublesome this matter was.

Because if you want to cover Azeroth, it will be a project based on hundreds of years. Unless Azeroth can personally help, it will not be completed within a few hundred years.

And the demand for energy is also very large.

Although thanks to the Legion, he has actually mastered the furnace for the mutual conversion of energy and matter, and can further study it in the future. In fact, he will no longer be short of energy at all, but because he is worried about the influence of evil energy, he has always been

It has not been announced.

If such a network can really be established, then he can maximize the use of those magical versions of nuclear fusion furnaces, so that the people of Azeroth will no longer worry about energy issues and get rid of worries about the Well of Eternity and the like.

influence of things.

But that's where the problem lies. Without what he envisioned to be able to isolate the influence of the Six Forces on people, he didn't dare to lay out this kind of energy power station on a large scale. Without a large-scale energy power station, he couldn't do it effectively.

Laying a network to isolate the influence of the six forces...

"It is a job that requires work experience...but fortunately it is not too difficult. When the time comes, just use the Well of Eternity to support it."

Li Ke pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling a little crazy, suddenly thinking about all these things.

But although he thought about a lot of things, it actually only lasted for a few seconds. The two Miss Blue Dragon who had not received Li Ke's words had no time to pay attention to Li Ke at this time, but spoke happily.

"This is the smell of blue dragon!"

Their eyes were full of joy, and under the surprised gazes of Talisa and Ms. Yuejun, they quickly transformed into two huge dragons, and then roared towards the sky.

Violent arcane energy was sprayed into the sky from the mouths of the two people, and then exploded quickly, forming a huge icon.

This is the icon of the Blue Dragon Legion, and the huge energy and violent arcane energy output capabilities of the two of them also made Thalyssra frown.

Because it's too strong.

Although she also felt that the people around Li Ke would not be mediocre, she still felt a little unable to accept the reality when she saw the two giant dragons willingly becoming Li Ke's playthings.

Because what it represents behind it is so terrible.

Li Ke may have more terrifying power than these two giant dragons.

In the anxious eyes of the two blue dragon ladies, the next moment, another breath exploded not far away, and there was a whistling sound that was obviously that of a female dragon, and in this whistling, the other party's message was conveyed.

The intensity of the power made Terecosa couldn't help but open her eyes wide.

Giant dragon! A real female giant dragon!

The next moment, not far away, a beautiful female dragon suddenly rose up and flew towards here quickly, and kept asking in the language of dragons where Terecgosa and Martigosa came from.

Come, what will the world be like in the future?

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When the female dragon spoke, he could also understand it.

"We are Tarecgosa and Martigosa, members of the Blue Dragon Legion. We came here this time to follow the Dragon King of our Dragon Legion, the ruler of the universal land, and the emperor of all races, Li Ke.

Explore the situation of Suramar, and you..."

Matigosa's voice was quite excited, because the existence of this female dragon means that even if Li Ke does not let them get pregnant, they can continue to reproduce with the dragon's future children and create a bright future for the blue dragon.

Contribute to the growth of the legion.

Of course, it would be best to recruit this female dragon, who is of extraordinary origin at first sight, into the harem.

The other person's figure looks like he has just grown up, and he looks like he is a good childbearer!

"I am Stellagosa, a member of the lost blue dragon. I live here with my grandfather Senegos, guarding the magic network here."

When he said this, the giant dragon named Stella Gosa couldn't help but glance at Li Ke. After seeing that Li Ke was completely just a human being and there was nothing surprising about him, he couldn't help but feel...

became curious.

Because it is obviously this man that Tarecgosa and Martigosa are talking about, but although this man has a strong smell of blue dragons and other dragons, he looks like a normal mortal.


With this thought in mind, she quickly flew to the side of Li Ke's two giant dragons, but before she could speak, Tarecgosa asked impatiently.

"How many more blue dragons are here?!"

She is really anxious!

Stellagosa was stunned for a moment. Although she didn't understand why the blue dragon outside was so anxious, she still spoke.

"There are only a few dragons, not many, but our dragons have a lot of eggs. Some of the dragon eggs I laid can become dragons when they grow up!"

When she said this, she showed a proud look.

Although it consumed a lot of her strength, she did give birth to a lot of blue dragons that she could become a giant dragon herself if she worked hard.

And her words made the other two dragons tremble uncontrollably.

"Yes, how many?"

Matigosa almost burst into tears. As a qualified female dragon, due to missions and various reasons, she did not dare to expend her own strength to give birth to a child like this, because the weak period was enough to kill countless people.

She died many times.

Moreover, even now, the power of the blue dragon in her body is not as powerful as Stella Gosa in front of her!

Although the opponent's magic is ancient and backward, if you simply look at the power of the blue dragon, the opponent has consumed his own power to give birth to a child, but he is still stronger than himself!

You must know that even if Li Ke replenishes them with the power of the blue dragon from time to time, he still cannot give birth to children who can work hard and become giant dragons themselves!

So what a beautiful bloodline this is! The ancient power in them has not dissipated yet!

"Ah, there are probably hundreds of them...what's wrong?"

Stellagosa was a little confused. In her understanding, the blue dragon army outside was extremely powerful and prosperous. Although it was said that it had gone through a war, Malygos was a responsible dragon, so again

In other words, no matter how weak the Blue Dragon Legion is now, there should be thousands of compatriots, and if added together, there should be at least tens of thousands of dragon eggs.

After all, there are so few people here, but they have produced a lot of dragon eggs.

But why do these two giant dragons look like the blue dragon outside is going to be exterminated?

"Aren't you supposed to be prosperous?"

But after hearing her words, Terecosa could hardly suppress her emotions, and tears continued to flow from her eyes.

"No... Stella Gosa... we were almost wiped out. Now, there are less than a hundred of us... and most of them are not dragons..."

She told the truth, while Stella Gosa looked at the two people in shock, and then asked subconsciously.

"Where is your Dragon King? By the way, why is your Dragon King Li Ke? Shouldn't it be Malygos?"

Although her grandfather was very unhappy with Malygos and separated the family very early, Malygos is so powerful and has a strong reproductive ability, so this situation should never happen!

Even if only his own children are left in the entire clan, wouldn't it be better to find the powerful Ancestral Dragon or the Red Dragon Queen for help?

Moreover, the guardian dragons don’t have to worry about problems with incest marriage. Isn’t it the same as having children with their own daughters if they really can’t?

Stellagosa couldn't understand this matter, but even if Martigosa didn't cry, she didn't have the ability or mood to answer this matter. Finally, Terecgosa spoke.

"We have been withering away. My father has been tortured by pain for ten thousand years..."

Halfway through speaking, Tarecgosa covered her cheeks in pain, and tears flowed out again.

Li Ke also came over at this time, gently patted Tarecgosa's shoulder, and comforted his concubine of the blue dragon.

"His Majesty……"

Tarecosa fell into Li Ke's arms in pain and grabbed Li Ke's clothes. She had always tried her best to please Li Ke when she was around Li Ke, but now, thinking about the tragedy of her own race again,

She still couldn't help crying.

"Don't worry. When my injury heals, I can call back those blue dragons who are willing to continue living in the real world."

Li Ke didn't say enough, because everyone knows that Blue Dragon's character is relatively loose, and his sexual habits are very weird, so it is possible that he is unwilling to come back to some worlds of the dead.

"Thank you...Your Majesty..."

Tarecosa finally calmed down in Li Ke's arms, especially after hearing what Li Ke said, her mood calmed down even faster.

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"But, I still hope to get your heir..."

Her eyes were filled with tears when she looked at Li Ke, full of longing for family affection. Li Ke looked helpless.

"I've said it before, I don't think those who have my power are considered my children, so I have at least a few hundred children now... forget it."

Li Ke wanted to say that the two sides had different views on the issue of children, but looking at Tarecgosa's tearful eyes, he sighed helplessly.

For Blue Dragon, family is the most important thing.

The next moment, a huge blue dragon's power was passed from Li Ke's body to Tarecgosa, enough to give birth to a powerful dragon in her body.

Li Ke also looked at Stella Gosa at this time.

"Since you are facing seniors, let's use this posture. This posture is more attractive."

While speaking, Li Ke's body flashed with five colors of brilliance. The next moment, they all turned into golden light, and Li Ke's body also expanded rapidly, turning into a golden dragon hundreds of meters long.


Stella Gosa was dumbfounded. Today was a bit too exciting for a dragon that was only a few hundred years old.

First, the compatriots outside were on the verge of extinction, then there was a new Dragon King, and then -

"What kind of dragon are you?! Why are you like this?!"

She looked at Li Ke and swallowed. Whether it was the majestic figure or the powerful strength, they could not help but attract her, making her body instinctively prepare to carry on the family line, and her body automatically started to

The unformed dragon egg started to grow.

This is the most primitive attraction! The attraction that comes from power and strong masculinity!

But Li Ke didn't care about Stella Gosa's thoughts now, because when he showed the body of the giant dragon, a strong and malicious sight came from the sky!

"Take me to see your grandfather. After all, after that, I have to meet the guardians left behind by the Titans."

Li Ke raised his head, met the evil gaze, and then saw a Cyclops with a lava beard.


Why is he so malicious?

Li Ke didn't quite understand.

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