Chapter 592: Blue Dragon Recognizes Each Other

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Regarding Odin of Sky Fortress, Li Ke was not very happy with this guy.

Mainly because when he played the seventh version, his main account was a knight. After experiencing the epic story of the knight, he played his own trumpet warrior.

Then he was discriminated against in various ways by the warrior profession hall, and Odin was obviously a two-faced guy, and he was quite dishonest.

It can be seen from the plot that it is really hard for people to feel good about a guy who can forcibly enslave his own daughter and send her to the Shadow Realm to become a witch.

But Li Ke felt a little baffled by his inexplicable hostility.

Although he is not the kind of warrior that Odin likes, who only cares about glory and is easier to fool, he still saved Azeroth and faced the incarnation of Sargeras and the leaders of the Burning Legion head-on.


No matter how dissatisfied I am with the handling of those shadow believers, there should not be a situation where they start to hate them without even meeting them.

Odin's hateful look was simply incomprehensible.

"Forget it, you'll know why after a while."

Li Ke shook his head and looked at Stella Gosa on the side.

Although he knew where the other party's home was, it was more polite to let Stellagosa lead the way.

"Okay, okay, I'll lead the way."

Seeing Li Ke looking at her, Stella Gosa was stunned for a moment before she recovered and subconsciously flew towards her home.

And Li Ke naturally followed quickly.

Stella Gosa didn't know what she should do, nor did she know the details of Li Ke, but she also knew very well that Li Ke was not someone she could fight against.

The blue dragon's wings followed Li Ke and flew through countless magic network nodes and jungles, and quickly came to the place where the magic network gathered, a huge magic lake created by the blue dragons using their own magic abilities.

Just appeared in front of Li Ke.

In this lake, there is a huge blue dragon that clearly shows signs of old age and is of unusual size.

Although the opponent's size is not hundreds of meters like Li Ke's, it is still close to one hundred meters in length. It can be said to be the largest dragon Li Ke has ever seen besides the Dragon King.

The other party also saw Li Ke's arrival early, and stood up with some difficulty, raising his damaged wings.

"It's so terrible to age..."

Li Ke looked at that old appearance and couldn't help but sigh.

Although the opponent still possesses huge magical power and blue dragon power, the decay of his limbs has prevented him from fully exerting these powers.

But the opponent's aging is not normal, but it is obvious that the strength caused by the injury has not declined, and the body is already close to collapse.

"This is my grandfather Senegos, the oldest of the blue dragons."

Stella Gosa quickly introduced her grandfather, and then rushed over with a quick sprint.

Just as Li Ke was about to rush over with the other party, Tarecgosa on the side spoke quickly.

"Your Majesty, according to etiquette, we should wait until she lands before landing."

Tarecgosa carefully proposed the dragon etiquette. Li Ke didn't say anything. Only after Stellagosa fell to the ground and transformed into a blue-haired high elf, did she land on the ground.

, changed back to his original appearance.

Stellagosa quickly came to Senegos who looked at Li Ke in confusion and shock, and then spoke quickly.

"Grandfather, these two are members of the Blue Dragon Legion, and this one is said to be the new Blue Dragon King..."

Her words made Senegos look at Li Ke even more confused, while Tarecgosa quickly added.

"Your Excellency Senegos, Your Majesty Li Ke is not simply the Dragon King of the Blue Dragon, but also the Dragon King of all guardian dragons."

Her words made Stellagosa and Senegos suddenly raise their heads and look in disbelief at Li Ke, who was still glowing with golden light.

Senegos thought for a moment, looked at the light on Li Ke and the terrifying power, and sighed softly.

"It seems that we have been isolated from the outside world for too long."

Did he just not go out for ten thousand years and things become like this?

But he couldn't help but ask.

"What about Malygos?"

Although the relationship with Malygos is very bad, Senegos still does not want to hear the news of Senegos' death.

"He is now managing the Ley Network in Azeroth. Because my empire changes the Ley Network more frequently during these times, Malygos is relatively busy."

Li Ke walked quickly to Senegos, looked at Senegos' old body, quickly stretched out his hand, and sent the aura of golden light in front of Senegos.

"This time, I am mainly here to collect the Nightborne and search for your traces... I promised Malygos, who was about to be exterminated, that I would let him see the blue dragon army prosperous again, so I came."

The golden aura quickly left Li Ke's hand. Stellagosa and Senegos both subconsciously wanted to reject these powers, but these powers quickly penetrated into Senegos' body.

In an instant, huge power spread out from Senegos' body. The already damaged wings were quickly repaired. The loose skin and the dragon scales that had obviously not been replaced with the body's renewal for a long time also began to move again.

As the dragon scales continue to grow, new dragon scales continue to emerge from under the old dragon scales, causing those old dragon scales full of scars that cannot be removed to begin to fall off.

"This is...the Titan's power of order!"

Senegos shouted these words. This is a power that he could only see before the ancient times. It is the purest power of the Titans!

The ‘Dragon King’ in front of me! What kind of existence is he?

"Grandpa! You are getting younger!"

Stellagosa couldn't help but scream out in surprise, because Senegos' already atrophied muscles were quickly returning to their normal appearance. He was originally a lifeless man who would enter the palace of death in a few years.

The giant dragon, just under the influence of a golden aura, is about to return to his prime!

What an incredible power this is.

"Now, you can talk to Malygos directly."

Seeing Senegos reborn under his own power, Li Ke had no Polish... waves in his heart. Although he did have a lot of thoughts about Stellagosa, to be honest, it was the same power as the Children of Night. Although

The blue dragon here is neither big nor small and can be considered a force, but it is too small.

"The Blue Dragon Legion now needs fresh blood like you and the news that they will not perish yet, so I think if there is no blood feud between you, you will definitely be able to forget the unpleasantness in the past."

Li Ke stated his thoughts straightforwardly, and then began to summon Malygos.


Senegos was in a very complicated mood, but before he could say anything, a portal quickly appeared in front of them, and the next moment, a blue dragon who also looked like a high elf walked out of it.

"Your Majesty the Dragon King, what do you want from me?!"

Malygos spoke almost in a flattering tone, but when he saw everything around him clearly, he couldn't help but froze.


His lips trembled for a moment, and then he made his voice again.

"Senagos?! You are still alive! This means..."

Malygos instantly unfolded all his perceptions, and then the next moment, all the life breath of Senegos's seclusion entered his brain along with his perceptions, and then quickly made him show an expression of ecstasy.


"Dragon eggs! Those dragon eggs can also hatch into giant dragons! The Blue Dragon Legion has not completely withered! No!"

Malygos's face was almost distorted because he often had to deal with black dragons, although the black dragons were almost extinct because of him.

But Onyxia showed off in front of him all day long that she had helped Li Ke give birth to a child without Li Ke's knowledge, which almost drove him crazy!

Because Onyxia's child will definitely be able to impregnate more female dragons and give birth to giant dragons.

Even if Li Ke no longer wants to recognize this child, he will naturally be able to get it when Onyxia cries a little.

And now, even if Li Ke doesn't give them blue dragon children, with these dragon eggs, the Blue Dragon Legion will be able to revive in a few hundred years!

This is really wonderful!

" still haven't learned to be calm."

Senegos sighed, looking at Malygos who came here suddenly, with a thousand words in his heart, but in the end it could only be turned into a sigh.

"Bring these children back to our habitat, they will have a better life there."

But when Stellagosa said this, Malygos's expression became awkward.

It's not that he doesn't want to take these dragon eggs back to the Sapphire Temple in Northrend for incubation, but because it is now blocked by a large number of undead. Although it has little impact on their dragons, Arthas has not gone crazy to attack.

The living dragon.

But those dead dragons were not so lucky.

So he subconsciously looked at Li Ke.

If Li Ke hadn't betrayed Alsace several times, then after they surrendered, the first person they would have to deal with was Alsace, to get rid of this confidant... a serious problem for Li Ke.

So now he really can't guarantee whether a stone will fall from the sky when transporting these blue dragon eggs, and then there will be a lot of undead in the stone.

After all, the goal is too big!

At this time, Malygos didn't want to take any risks at all!

So, he looked at Li Ke in a blink of an eye.

"Your Majesty! Please allow me to build a new Blue Jade Temple here to incubate the future of our Blue Dragon clan!"

His tone was so serious that Li Ke rolled his eyes.

"I will support you with a group of troops to protect Wyrmrest Temple, and personally go to Northrend to contain Arthas. You can rest assured that these dragon eggs will not be threatened by Arthas. And you don't have to do this.

I will bring back those blue dragons who should not be dead."

After all, after looking for Odin for a while, he was going to look for Arthas and Yogg-Saron's misfortune.

And it's time for him to face the soul and will of Azeroth.

This is the only serious thing he has to do now.

"Yes, Your Majesty, thank you very much!"

Malygos quickly knelt on the ground, because Li Ke's words proved that he would find Alsace and get his wife back who had been turned into an ice dragon.

Although he plans to fulfill his promise and let his wife serve Li Ke and give birth to more children for Blue Dragon after she is resurrected, being able to see his past companions resurrected is more important to him than anything else!

And such a scene also stunned Senegos. He looked at Li Ke, and then at Malygos who knelt on the ground willingly.

He knew very well how arrogant Malygos was, and if Malygos could be like this, then Li Ke's strength and wisdom were things that needed no explanation.

"It's really...times change so fast."

Senegos' body quickly shrank, and then turned into an aging troll under Li Ke's surprised gaze.

Seemingly seeing Li Ke's doubts, Senegos smiled and spoke.

"When I chose Fantasy Glory, it happened to be when the trolls were at their strongest, so in order to maintain the magic network more conveniently, I chose to become a troll."

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! After a little explanation, Senegos looked at Malygos.

"You have changed a lot, Malygos."

He didn't know how to describe it, so he could only say this.

"People change, and no one can change this."

Malygos was also quite sad, and stood up with the help of Li Ke. But Li Ke felt the malicious gaze again, and this gaze still came from the Temple of Valor in the sky.

And this time, I obviously felt that I was aware of his gaze, so this gaze was very provocative!

Odin, did I give you face?

So Li Ke thought for a moment and looked at Malygos and Senegos.

"Okay, now that we have discussed the specific matters, Malygos, please help Senegosk explore the new world and come up with a migration plan that is satisfactory to both parties."

After saying that, Li Ke flew into the sky while the other blue dragons were stunned.

Seeing Li Ke flying away, both Stellagosa and Senegos opened their mouths in shock, especially Senegos. He didn't even spend more than three minutes with Li Ke!

What’s the point of Li Ke coming in person?!

He couldn't help but look at Malygos.

"Our new Dragon King..."

He wanted to find an adjective that was not so insulting.

"It's normal that you can't understand His Majesty's foresight..."

As he spoke, Malygos took out a book with the words 'Holy Words' written on it from his pocket and gave it to Senegos, who had transformed into a troll.

"If you look at this more, you will understand. His Majesty's unexpected reaction turned out to be an absolute good thing in the end!"

Senegos: "..."

He doesn't understand!

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