Chapter 498 Solve the problem from the root

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"This is their entire development team?"

Through the glass window, Mr. Hu looked down at Mr. Bao and others who were cheering, high-fiving each other and hugging each other excitedly.

After hearing the news, Mr. Hu rushed to the testing center immediately.

Although the news had already come, even he did not expect that Bai Yeji's system would successfully pass all inspections so quickly.

"Yes, except for the mysterious demon hunter, here is the entire development team."

"Have you checked their background information?"

"I have checked them all one by one. Except for a few experienced R&D personnel who have been in the industry for about ten years, I have not found any outstanding talents with outstanding achievements.

It should be said that the entire team is a bit too young.

And they are basically all newcomers who have just joined the job..." The female officer next to him also looked confused.

"So, rather than saying this is a development team, it is better to say this is a development support team. Their only role is to implement the technology..."

"You mean, the entire system was actually completed by that 'Demon Hunter'?"

"This is the only explanation."

After thinking about it, Mr. Hu said, "Play the test video again for me to see."


The female officer turns on the computer.

The video was a collection of various test clips and lasted more than half an hour. However, Mr. Hu showed no signs of being impatient. He even put on his reading glasses in the middle of the video and watched the entire video with a serious look on his face.

After a long time, he took off his glasses and said something with only a hint of regret.

"This man can stand up to ten divisions! What a pity..."

Even if you are used to seeing various internal black technologies of the military, the system in front of you is definitely amazing enough.

"Mr. Hu, I don't think this kind of thing can be done by one person. There must be a whole team behind it."

"Whether it is one person or several people, the country has lost talents. This is an indisputable fact."

The greater the number of people, the more difficult it is to maintain confidentiality.

After all, people are selfish. Who develops such a world-leading technology would resist the desire for fame and fortune and not disclose it to the public?

Are intra-team conflicts and patent disputes caused by uneven distribution of spoils rare in history?

It's understandable if one person has high moral character, but a group of people would be a bit overwhelming.

However, they still know nothing about this team.

This at least shows that the number of people in the opponent's team will never be too large...

"Have you found the list of people I asked you to check?"

"This...resigned scientific researcher who has been underappreciated by Air China Science and Engineering in the past two years...

Mr. Hu, your general search scope is really difficult to check one by one, and it cannot be completed in a short time.

The key is that he won't write it on his resume if he has no talent..." the female officer said with a bitter smile.

"Hmph! That means that your intelligence work is not done well and you don't have a deep enough understanding of our country's talent pool.

Second, it shows that there are so many such buried talents that there are too many suspicious objects!

Sometimes we have to look for our own reasons. Have we done enough intelligence work over the years? Have we properly protected our talents?

After all, you are still derelict in your work!"

"Uh..." The female officer was speechless.

They are really unjustly being blamed for this. You don't know that it is difficult for them to get involved in the scientific research department.

They are an intelligence agency, not the Science and Technology Commission...

However, she also knew that Mr. Hu was speaking out of anger, and she was very discerning and silently bowed her head and accepted the reprimand.

How does that sentence go? If you have the ability, you can provide solutions to the leader. If you don't have the ability, you can only provide emotional value...

After scolding a few words, Mr. Hu felt that it was still not enough to relieve his anger.

He became extremely angry when he thought that such precious talents were actually squeezed out of the national system by his own people.

"Go ahead and expose the bad apples from the Soochow University School of Medicine. If you can't cure the entire scientific research community, I can't cure a few directors of the Academic Affairs Office?"

"Yes! I'll do it right away when I get back!"

The black sheep mentioned by Mr. Hu are naturally the several school management who have squeezed out Zheng Dalu.

Restricting R&D funds, limiting people's salaries and job titles, and ultimately forcing people to leave in anger and switch to private companies.

On the surface, it is because I don’t know how to flatter and don’t give gifts during the holidays, but in fact, it is because I want to give my son high marks in the graduate interview process...

What? Zheng Dalu, you want to rate it truthfully?

Sorry, please move a seat for my cousin's son's third uncle...

The matter is not a strange thing, it is just a common practice among some local academic circles to exclude dissidents. As soon as the Intelligence Bureau took action, the matter was naturally investigated very quickly.

Judging from the current situation, there shouldn't be too much black material inside...

The demon hunter could not find his identity for the time being and could not uphold justice for others. He had to express this clearly.

Thanks to Meng Lang, Professor Zheng got his revenge this time without thinking...

As for the high-level executives of a certain medical school who were exposed for academic misconduct, formed a clique and ended up being ruined, that is of course a story for another day...

"By the way, how are the two pilot towns of 'Tianshu ERP' doing recently?"

"Oh, according to your instructions, I have already informed the senior officials of Jiangsu Province and asked for special attention. I think it will take a few days for a detailed system usage report to be submitted."

"Well! Let them hurry up. I always feel that there seems to be some unusual meaning behind every product of this demon hunter..." Mr. Hu said thoughtfully.

Smart AI, autonomous driving, data center, Tianshu ERP...

Everyone knows that these things are the absolute future of mankind, but when ordinary companies do these things, Mr. Hu will not even take a look, because there is no one in the country that can fight them.

But Bai Ye Ji is different, it is the kind that hits a target as soon as it strikes, every one of them is amazing...

After reading the reports on the two pilot projects, he even felt that this seemingly inconspicuous ERP might be as amazing as the "Space-Based Missile Defense System" and autonomous driving...

In the new era, enterprises need an efficient ERP to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

However, the government affairs system needs it even more!

When it comes to management costs, government agencies in every country are almost the ceiling of the industry!

Learning valve is just the tip of the iceberg.

As a staunch reformist, Mr. Hu knows very well that the chaebols representing capital, the clans representing bureaucracy, and even warlords...

This is a class solidification problem that all countries are facing.

The solidification of classes means that social vitality has declined, social conflicts have intensified, social development has stagnated, and social management costs have increased sharply...

Various "valves" not only control power, property, and upward channels, but also control vital "information"!

"Information gap", or in other words, information opacity, is the most important means to maintain the status of these "valves", and it is also the fundamental reason why the cost of national governance is only increasing rather than decreasing.

Can income and expenditure be made public? Can bidding be made public? Is there any fraud in the audit?

Throughout the ages, those who can break the information gap have been the people's heroes, including Marx's exposure of the exploitative nature of capitalism.

The newly emerged "Tianshu" seems to be an extremely efficient and powerful "digital management system".

Everyone knows that intensification and informatization are important ways to solve the increasingly bloated management organization.

When everything can be numbered.

The result is that the social management system is more transparent and open...

Combined with the "unfortunate experience" of the demon hunter, Mr. Hu even had reason to believe that this was probably a retaliatory attempt by the other party to "solve the problem from the root"...

As for the effect...

After hesitating for a moment, Mr. Hu ordered.

"Forget it, please make arrangements. I'll go there to see it in person in two days."


The female officer nodded, then looked at Mr. Bao and others celebrating below.

"By the way, Mr. Hu, do you want to temporarily block the news about the situation here?"

"Block the news?" Mr. Hu shook his head.

"How many people are there in this testing center? Has it been locked down for so many days?

I'm afraid the news has already spread..."

Just as Mr. Hu expected.

Although the testing center has closed the place, there are so many people talking that it is impossible for this kind of thing to be airtight.

The first people to receive the news were several large local families in Beijing, and they immediately notified the stakeholders. Then the news quietly spread within several car companies through WeChat Moments...

At first, the bosses naturally didn't believe it.

Good guy, currently the L3 level is only barely supported by Tesla. Are you telling me that L4 will be out soon?

You must know the currently known national requirements for L4 level autonomous driving, including hundreds of specific test items such as scene coverage testing, dynamic traffic testing, emergency response testing, high-precision map testing, safety testing, and stability testing.

These tests cover all aspects of the performance of the autonomous driving system and must ensure that it can operate normally in actual road environments and various complex situations.

Bosses who do PPT every day will feel suffocated when they look at these requirements. Now you tell me, you have finished them?

This is no longer far ahead, this is a generational leap!

Who can believe it?

Biadi still expressed disdain, Baidu said that young people are too impetuous, and Juchang doubtfully asked Bai Yeji about the situation...

As for Wei Xiaoli's three new forces, their attitudes are a bit shocking.

The three of them came to the Baiyeji headquarters together and asked for cooperation...

"Uh... do the three of you really intend to introduce our 'Tianxuan Zhixuan'?"

Idou New Energy's intelligent selection system has gained a good reputation after being tested by the market during this period.

Gold will always shine, and sooner or later someone will come looking for technical cooperation.

But Hu Yifei didn't expect that the first ones to come would be these three.

In the new energy track, these three companies can be said to be the second echelon after BYD.

Of course, it's not that there are any bright spots in technology, it's mainly that the capital behind it dares to burn money...

"To be honest, since the last launch of Idol's new car, we have been very interested in your company's autonomous driving solution and have long wanted to come over to exchange technology."

"Yes, I originally wanted Mr. Bao to be the introducer and then come over to visit together. Unexpectedly, Mr. Bao was on a business trip in the capital during this period and did not come back for a long time.

But I never thought that your company would actually make big news in the capital..."

"Yes, Mr. Hu, you guys are really just trying not to make a sound, and you are a blockbuster!"

The words were polite, but the three of them were naturally skeptical about the L4 level driving system.

But whether it is L4 or L3, since the other party dares to build such a large satellite, it undoubtedly shows that there has been another breakthrough in autonomous driving technology. There is no doubt about this.

The three people who had originally intended to cooperate came here this time, firstly to discuss cooperation, and secondly to explore Bai Yeji's side of the story.

"Haha! I didn't expect you all to be so well-informed. I just received the news from the capital."

Hu Yifei was in high spirits on happy occasions and smiled politely.

Seeing that the other party did not deny it, the three of them showed a hint of surprise at the same time.

"Mr. Hu, your 'Tianxuan Smart Selection' has really reached the L4 level?"

"Haha! Well... there will naturally be a detailed introduction at the press conference.

I'm not a technician, so I can't say for sure on many details."

I ask you if it is true, who cares whether what you say is accurate!

Hearing that Hu Yifei didn't want to reveal more, they looked at each other.

"Mr. Hu, we are all in the same group, so we won't hide some things.

Nowadays, the competition in the new energy field is so fierce. There are BYAD in the past and traditional old car companies such as BBA in the latter. Even Juchang is ready to make a move.

I believe that we, the emerging new car-making forces, should unite and share what we have with each other.

Only by integrating our advantages can we survive better in the future, what do you think?"

Hu Yifei nodded and agreed.

"That's right! I have always thought so, so I was the first to choose Mr. Bao for cooperation. Facts have proved that our cooperation model has achieved great success!"

The subtext is, you see, Idou New Energy Zhuyu is ahead, using our Tianxuan Smart Selection... there will definitely be meat to eat!

Naturally, the three of them also saw the amazing achievements of Idol New Energy, which was like coming back from the dead.

This is also an important reason why they chose to come here to discuss cooperation.


Idol can't be regarded as a cooperation at all, it was directly acquired...

"Mr. Hu, if it's us, are there any conditions for introducing this system?"

They are worried that the conditions for cooperation with the other party may include unacceptable and unreasonable requirements such as "technology in exchange for equity".

They want Bai Yeji's technology, but they don't want to be eaten directly like idols.

Of course, if the other party does not want much and becomes a non-controlling core shareholder, they can still consider similar requirements.

They are originally supply aggregators, and they have no psychological burden for outsourcing the car engine and autonomous driving, which are equivalent to the "soul" of the car, to Baiyeji, which is far ahead.

In fact, Wei Xiaoli was still losing money every year at this time in 2018. It can be said that it was still in the nascent entrepreneurial stage.

Facing Bai Yeji, who already has the potential to become a technological unicorn, his attitude towards cooperation is very low.

Unlike traditional leading car companies like BBA.

You have both funds and background. If you announce that you are selling your "soul" to a certain company, wouldn't it be a disguised admission that you are not good at that aspect?

Where can I put the face of my high-end brand?

Of course, there is another reason why the three of them are so eager to seek Bai Yeji's cooperation.

That is about to ring the bell on the other side of the ocean and go public...

For a "concept car company", popularity and valuation can be equated.

Rather than saying that they are attracted by the somewhat exaggerated "autonomous driving" in terms of technical promotion, it is better to say that they are attracted by the "Bajie" in the smart selection package...

This chapter has been completed!
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