Chapter 499 AI

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Cooperation conditions?

Hu Yifei smiled at this question.

Regarding the issue of "Tianxuan Smart Selection"'s external cooperation, Gao Yuan actually revealed the detailed plan to him very early on, so she already had a draft in mind.

"We do not have any additional conditions for introducing this system. Regardless of the model, each car only requires an initial installation fee of 20,000.

We plan to adopt a user subscription model for subsequent software update and maintenance fees, with a monthly subscription of 9.00 yuan per vehicle."


Upon hearing this condition, the three of them were stunned.

It's not that the conditions are too high, it's that the conditions are simply ridiculously low.

"Mr. Hu, are you talking about U.S. dollars?"

"Of course it's RMB."

Astonishment flashed in the eyes of the three of them.

You must know that the single option price of Tesla's FSD (fully autonomous driving) currently on the market is as high as 5,000 US dollars, which is more than 30,000 RMB.

Even if this set of "Tianxuan Smart Selection" does not reach the L4 that others are bragging about, even if it is similar to the current Tesla, or even not far behind, they are still willing to spend the same purchase fee.

After all, if you want to buy it, it is impossible for a company like Tesla to sell it. This is an exclusive monopoly of technology and its competitive moat.

What's more, Bajie's account alone has been sold in the market for tens of thousands, um... the kind with a car.

Calculating this way, they are making a huge profit!

As for the so-called "user subscription model", it is quite novel in the automotive industry.

Paying monthly like a phone card, there must be many users who are not used to it at first, but for users who can afford a car, a monthly subscription of 9... is not much different from free...

With such a low price, if they set the price at 9, users would probably be able to accept it. Then wouldn't they still be able to make a fortune from it?

"Mr. Hu, are you sure there are no other additional conditions?"

The three of them couldn't believe it.

"Of course!" Hu Yifei smiled.

With their technological advantages, they can certainly do it if they want to reap profits at a high price.

But Gao Yuan values ​​long-term strategy more than short-term profits, and has even drawn up a set of grand plans that are enough to subvert the new energy market.

As long as Tianxuan Smart Selection can quickly seize the market, the subsequent platform ecology and supporting benefits will be a hen that can lay golden eggs...

If you want to quickly occupy the market in a short period of time and achieve the effect of buying a horse bone with a lot of money, you have to make small profits but quick turnover!

The conditions were so favorable that the three of them started to murmur in their hearts.

"Um...Mr. Hu, can we first take a look at the matching effect of this set of 'Tianxuan Smart Selection' with our respective models before making a decision?"

"This is natural! As long as you can provide the hardware parameters of your respective new models, we will soon be able to customize an improved system for you."

"Can the effect really reach L4?"

Hu Yifei suddenly became happy. What are you thinking?

"Of course not!"

He spread his hands and said with a smile, "Our L4 solution requires the coordination of software and hardware, including communication modules and various radar designs, and even specialized car body designs, in order to achieve a perfect autonomous driving experience.

Unless you can modify the design plan according to our plan, according to your current models, at most you can only do a little better than Tesla's Edamame series."


At most? Better?

They are all purely visual routes. You seem to look down on the current self-driving guy?

The three of them looked at each other. Under such favorable conditions, the three of them simply could not refuse.

What's more, joining "Tianxuan Smart Selection" was originally the main purpose of their trip.

As a result, the three people immediately started in-depth discussions with Hu Yifei on specific cooperation.

Vehicle model matching, software optimization, effect acceptance, technical training...

It wasn't until the sun set that they left the Baiyeji Building with a contented contract.

"I didn't expect this negotiation to go so smoothly."

"Yeah, I didn't expect the harvest to be so big before I came here!"

"You're still too young, haha..."

The three of them looked at each other and saw joy in their eyes.

They are a start-up company, not an established giant with deep pockets. After all, the money they can burn is limited.

Therefore, the dilemma encountered is actually no different from that of Mr. Bao back then. No matter how good the packaging is, it is still a "trade, industry and technology" type enterprise.

Focus on concepts, emphasis on promotion, and light on technology.

For self-driving technology, which is particularly expensive, it is impossible to develop it yourself.

If you haven’t seen how Baidu, one of the three BAT giants, has been dragged behind by this project and has not heard a few sounds until now, you will know how deceptive this thing is.

Just a "high-precision map" saved Baidu countless detours.

As a result, as soon as Tesla's "heavy perception + light map" visual solution came out, I was immediately thrown away and couldn't see the taillights...

With their financial strength, saying that they are completely self-researched is just putting money on their faces.

But it does not prevent them from poaching people and teams and telling stories by imitating technology.

That's what they've always done.

In the final analysis, they don't care whether Bai Yeji's autonomous driving technology is L3 or L4, and they don't expect too much that their own models can really compete with Tesla's Edamame series after being equipped with them.

What they really care about is...their model will become the second batch of new energy vehicles to be bundled with "Bajie" after Idou!

What's wrong with selling your soul? The most important thing for them now is to increase sales and increase their reputation!

Regardless of whether this self-driving system is as good as it is boasted, as long as they can catch a ride with "Bajie", their goal will be achieved.

With such an announcement in two days, such publicity in the media, and such a rise in popularity, their money from the listing on the other side of the ocean will be at least 30% more!

That’s a huge cash flow of over 10 billion!

How many years of hard work can you earn tens of billions just by building cars?

If you are starting a business these days, do you think what people care about is whether the car sells well?

Wrong! It really depends on whether the story is told well or not!

It is not without reason that the three of them value "Bajie" so much...

How popular is "Bajie" now?

After continuous dissemination and fermentation, in the past two days on several mainstream social media in the West, three or four of Bajie’s related short review videos were among the top ten most popular.

In the eyes of Wai Guoren, this artificial intelligence with an extremely unpronounceable name has become popular all over the world in just over a month.

"I'm sorry! This AI can actually understand my emotions and provide me with perfect suggestions. It's simply better than humans!"

"It can automatically generate pictures, answer questions, and talk to me fluently. This is something that only humans can do!"

"I was simply stunned! It was able to accurately find the information I needed when I only gave vague hints. What an amazing technology this is!"

"I'm a C-student, but my professor recently gave me A+ marks for my homework. Don't ask me how I did it. I can only tell you that I bought a car..."

"Today at the bar, I shared with my Italian friend about yesterday's World Cup group match. During the match, one of his Romanian friends condemned the home referee's black whistle behavior, but was met with protest by a Slavic man present, and there was a scuffle.

A group of Spaniards cordially greeted the two relatives, and finally the French boss called a British policeman...

It is known that I am German, so I would like to ask: How many translators are needed at the scene?

Can you believe it my friend, the answer is ZERO! ZERO!!”

"Friends upstairs, can I hire your 'Bajie'? There is an Eight-Nation Meeting tomorrow. No one is coming, and wages will be paid on a daily basis."

"Translators all over the world are facing a formidable enemy..."

"Is that development company called Baiyeji really from China? It's hard to imagine that their AI level has reached the level of leading the world. I always thought they were bragging?"

"If you look at Silicon Valley and major laboratories, you will know that the real technology in the world is now in the hands of yellow people..."

"I don't care about anything else. I just want to ask this 'Bajie'... Oh no, when will this car be sold to the Americas?"

"Is there any purchasing agent in Europa who can send a car? I'll pay a high price!"

"Technology knows no borders, and we strongly urge Bai Yeji to open account registration!"


Highly intelligent communication experience, fast and accurate translation capabilities, coupled with some outrageous "hungry marketing", make Bajie No. 1 hard to find.

Most people can only look forward to seeing it, and the few who have bought a car are busy testing various extremes and making videos to increase their fans to satisfy their desire to show off and vanity.

But only people within the Wanwu Holdings Group know the real way to open "Bajie"...

Due to the extreme informatization and intelligence, various subsidiaries have begun to transform towards a future model of flat management and vertical business.

Lingjing Media's cooperation on AIGC picture synthesis technology and "Flying Life" is in full swing.

Even the biological laboratory within Evergreen Biotech has ushered in a technological revolution...

"Can you confirm the accuracy of this comparison?"

Professor Zheng held up a schematic diagram of the double helix structure, his face full of shock.

"We have compared it more than ten times, and finally confirmed that the predicted model and the experimental protein structure are completely consistent! Professor, it really did it!"

The young deputy was also very excited.

The role of AI is to chat with people?

Serve as translator?

Or do homework for others?

Ordinary people may only see the impact of AI on jobs and positions, and see its huge impact in changing lives.

But they failed to see its deeper meaning that can really change the development process of human civilization...

What Professor Zheng has in hand is a protein structure prediction aid tool based on artificial intelligence. It can predict the three-dimensional structure of proteins with unprecedented accuracy only through amino acid sequences.

Theoretically, it can predict the structure of all proteins in the world!

At first, Professor Zheng didn't believe it.

But after only two days of being online, it has successfully predicted tens of thousands of models, including 12 brand-new protein structures that have never been recorded in the world...

Protein is the expression of genetic material, the origin of various characteristics of organisms, and the cornerstone of biology!

In the past, determining the three-dimensional structure of a protein required a scientific research team to work on the problem for months or even years.

And only takes a few seconds!

As long as you solve the problem of going from zero to one, there will be no difficulty in going from one to one hundred!

He can almost foresee that with the help of this system, new protein structures will continue to be added.

Soon, their databases will be filled with millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of protein structures.

Biologists no longer have to spend a lot of energy and difficulty exploring a new protein structure.

This is like a closed book turning into an open book, and the difficulty of research in related fields will decrease geometrically!

The rudimentary application of artificial intelligence has already stunned Professor Zheng, a scientist who has been dealing with genetics all his life.

It may be just a string of codes, but what it ultimately illuminates is the entire protein universe...

And this is just the tip of the iceberg in the development of AI-assisted biology.

Pharmaceutical chemical structure research and development, medical image recognition, medical data analysis, auxiliary diagnosis, AI doctor...

Professor Zheng was greatly shocked.

At this moment, he deeply realized how extraordinary the company was.

While the world's mainstream companies are still calling for Internet+, their own companies are already rushing to fully embrace AI+...

This chapter has been completed!
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