0760,I've been waiting for you for a long time

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 "What happened?"

Li Xiaofei was slightly shocked.

Luo Ge said: "Miss Si's family and two children were all robbed and kidnapped by Lin Yi."


Li Xiaofei's heart suddenly sank: "When did it happen?"


Luo Ge looked guilty and said: "Lin Yi is Song Jinglun's mistress. She knew about an extremely hidden timed teleportation array in the city lord's palace. After the teleportation array was activated, she quietly sneaked into the city lord's palace and kidnapped his wife and children."

Li Xiaofei's brows furrowed.

Before he left Chongque City, special protective measures had been set up.

In particular, they attached great importance to Sikong Xue and the two children, and were temporarily connected to the City Lord's Mansion.

did not expect……

Li Xiaofei looked at Luo Ge.

I want to see more information from her eyes.

Luo Ge Yingwu's majestic face was full of apologies. She also had a great responsibility for this matter, because according to the previous agreement, protecting the Si family was also one of her responsibilities.

Hu Yu'er listened to the conversation between the two and vaguely understood something in her heart.

But she wasn't surprised.

She twitched her jade-like white and crystal-clear nose slightly, as if she was searching for something in the air.

"It seems that the Speaker's promise is not completely reliable."

After a long time, Li Xiaofei sneered.

There was some anger in his heart.

Before leaving Chongque City, the Grand Chancellor also vowed to protect them.

Luo Ge quickly defended: "The teacher has tried his best. In order to trace the whereabouts of Lin Yi and others, the teacher did not hesitate to spend his life and opened the Eye of the Sky. He does not want to have something unexpected happen at this time..."


Li Xiaofei said: "What's the result?"

The Eye of the Sky is the giant eye building on top of the Parliament Building.

It's actually a magic weapon.

You can observe all the movements in Chongque City.

Moreover, once the Grand Chancellor actively activates the Eye of the Sky, he can search and track anyone in the city. Under the giant eye, nothing can be hidden.

Luo Ge sighed: "And
The whereabouts of Miss Si and others have not been traced.”

Li Xiaofei's brain was working rapidly.

There are two possibilities for this result.

Lin Yi and others have a secret method to shield themselves from prying eyes.

Or maybe the person is no longer in Chongque City.

The latter is more likely.

He took a deep breath, many thoughts flashed through his mind, and forced himself to calm down.

At this time, you must calm down.

Anger and accusations will not help, but may lead to worse results.

"You continue to investigate."

Li Xiaofei said slowly: "I hope the Speaker can bring good news."

"I'm sorry, but please believe that we will do our best."

Luo Ge apologized again, then turned and left.

Li Xiaofei slowly came to the front hall of the courtyard of the City Lord's Mansion, sat down, and gently clasped his fingers on the table, thinking about his next move.

At this time, Hu Yuer said: "Don't worry too much, they will not be in danger for the time being."

Li Xiaofei looked at her.

Hu Yu'er said: "Since it is a kidnapping, there must be a plan. If my guess is correct, they will contact you soon after they know you are back. The next step is the negotiation stage."

Li Xiaofei nodded.

He also thought of this.

Just like this, you will become very passive.

He is a person who doesn't like to be passive.

Hu Yu'er asked: "Is there any personal belongings that children usually use in the house?"

Li Xiaofei said: "You are a fox, not a barking dog."

"You're looking down on the fox, aren't you?"

Hu Yu'er said: "Even an ordinary fox has a more sensitive sense of smell than a dog, not to mention that one of the nine skills that the Sky Fox lineage is best at is tracking."

Li Xiaofei stood up immediately, without saying a word, and found Anxin and Anyi's usual belongings, clothes, toys, baby bottles, etc.

Hu Yuer's face is shrouded in a white light, observation film

Immediately, he said: "Just wait for my news."

After saying that, he was about to walk out.

"I'll go with you."

Li Xiaofei caught up immediately.

Hu Yu'er shook her head: "Just wait here. If the other party sends someone to contact you and can't find you, which delays the matter, I can just go look for it alone. If there is news, I will notify you as soon as possible."

Li Xiaofei thought for a moment and said, "Then you must pay attention to safety."

Hu Yu'er squinted her eyes and smiled slightly: "Foxes are the most cunning creatures in the world."

After saying that, his body flashed and he ran away.

Li Xiaofei returned to the front hall, sat on a chair, closed his eyes, concentrated his mind, and forced himself to wait patiently.

If you are not impatient, you are definitely lying.

As soon as he thought of the smiling faces of the two children in his mind, Li Xiaofei felt like he was on pins and needles, wishing he could get up immediately and turn the entire Chongque City upside down.

But he knew that keeping oneself in check would lead to chaos. At this time, what he had to do was to stay calm.

time flies.

The sky is getting dark.

I don't know how long it took, but a guard walked into the courtyard and said, "Sir, someone from outside sent a letter."

"Who sent it?"

Li Xiaofei asked.

The guard hesitated slightly and said: "The person who came here is very strange. I just handed over this letter and said it is what you are looking forward to. My subordinates tried to catch that person, but the person had disappeared. By the time the subordinates waited,

When I thought about it again, I couldn't remember the person's appearance or figure, as if I had never seen him before, but I already had the letter in my hand."

Li Xiaofei waved.

The letter flew in front of him.

"Back off."

"As commanded."

The guard exits.

Li Xiaofei looked at it carefully.

This is really a letter.

Ordinary envelope paper, nothing special about it.

Li Xiaofei had a thought in his mind.

The envelope is automatically opened and the letter paper inside is pulled out.

A piece of snow-white letter paper.

There are two words on it.

The first line writes
a coordinate.

A very familiar coordinate to Li Xiaofei.

Li Xiaofei didn't even need to open the optical brain star map calculation to know that it represented the planet M73.

That frozen star.

It is also the hometown star of the young girl Ah Qing.

That planet where the descendants of Earth's ancestors live.

That peak is called Sanqiu Wangdi Peak, and it is the planet where Nangong Longjian is buried.

The second line of words on the snow-white letter paper has only four words——

"Come alone."

Li Xiaofei did not hesitate, got up immediately, and left Chongque City immediately without notifying others.

There must be a conspiracy.

There are definitely traps.

This may be a bad time to go.

But he must go.

You have to go alone.

Because he is a father.

Planet M73.

Thousands of years of ice and cold wind.

When a strong wind blows, even life forms in the universe may be frozen into ice sculptures.

There was a glimmer of light in the sky.

Li Xiaofei appeared in the void.

He has been to this planet many times and has long known its location. With his current strength, he does not even need to use an aircraft and can directly physically cross the void to arrive.

After a slight reaction, Li Xiaofei's body moved.

The next moment, he appeared at Sanqiu Wangdi Peak.

This is the highest peak of planet M73.

An ice peak made of millions of years of ice.

There is a platform on the top of it. Standing here and using your eyesight, you can vaguely see a planet that is bright and dark in the distance of the starry sky.

That's Earth.

There is an ice tomb on the top of the mountain.

That is the tomb of Nangong Longjian.

Li Xiaofei buried it with his own hands.

But at this moment, a figure stood beside the tomb.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time."

The figure turned around and said with a genuine smile.

This chapter has been completed!
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