0768, entropy fish

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"This is a death zone."

Song Yu looked ugly, stared at the old speaker, and said, "Do you want to take us to die?"

The old speaker looked carefully and his expression suddenly darkened.

He murmured, "How could this happen? It's impossible, here... what can we do?"

His expression was actually a little panicked. .??.

Throughout this journey, the old speaker has always been the calmest and most patient person.

Constantly adjusting his course, as if any difficulty was not enough to cause fluctuations in his mind.

But at this time, he panicked.

Li Xiaofei looked intently.

In the distance, the huge nebula appears deep purple, and in the dark vacuum of the universe, it is so gorgeous and beautiful, it is intoxicating. Just one look will make you addicted to it.

This nebula is very recognizable.

That's why the old speaker could recognize him at a glance.

"What's going on in the Death Zone?"

Li Xiaofei looked at Song Yu.

Song Yu pointed to some imperceptible flashes at the edge of the nebula and said, "Did you see it? Those are legion beacons. They made it clear to everyone that this nebula was a place of death and warned fellow tribesmen not to enter. Judging from the frequency and frequency of the flashes,

Judging from the gloss, this is the most dangerous overclocking death zone, even if the strong ones from the Five Dragon Realm and Six God Realm enter, they will die."

When Li Xiaofei heard this, he took a deep breath.

This is not a joke.

I finally found some clues about Heaven, but the result was an absolute disaster.

Although Li Xiaofei feels that he is very lucky and has been able to save the day from desperate situations countless times, he does not think that his luck will always be good and that he can travel unimpeded in desperate situations that even the powerful people in the Six God Realm are afraid of.

"Brother, did you make a mistake?"

He looked back at the old speaker.

For a moment, he also doubted whether the old man was making a conspiracy and wanted to trick him into it and kill him.

"It's impossible. This is right here. Back then... more than five hundred years ago, this place wasn't a forbidden area. Why was it like this?"

The old speaker muttered to himself

Obviously, he was unwilling to accept this result.

This demeanor does not seem to be fake.

Li Xiaofei patted his forehead.

He returned to his seat, sat down, put his feet on the metal desk, and said, "What should I do now? Let's face it, I will not die in search of heaven."

Song Yu said nothing.

I don't know what I'm planning in my heart.

The old speaker seemed to have been hit by something, his face was gloomy, and he fell into silence.

Li Xiaofei was not anxious at all.

If he can't find Heaven for the time being, he will stay on the Galaxy battlefield.

With the great killer weapon of the Sage Cemetery, it may be able to reverse the situation countless times.

He prefers to fight on the battlefield.

for a long time.

The old speaker said, "We must find out what happened here, so first find a nearby human station and inquire about it."

Song Yu thought for a moment and said, "Okay."

Li Xiaofei said without hesitation, "I agree."

After some discussion, the Shennong flew around the periphery of the nebula.

Three days later.

Arriving at the nearest human settlement.

A planet called 'Entropy Fish'.

This is still the area where Xiao Kuang's army is stationed.

Relying on the old speaker's ID card, the Shennong successfully entered the orbit of the 'Entropy Fish' star and landed in the only city on the planet, 'Star Flower City'.

This is a war zone.

Therefore, there is a mixed bag, and detailed identity checks are not carried out carefully.

As long as you make sure you are a human being, there are no big restrictions on your activities in the city.

Because the three of them didn't trust each other, they all traveled together after getting off the boat.

‘Star Flower City’ didn’t shock Li Xiaofei that much.

There is even some sense of déjà vu.

Think about it carefully, isn't this the future world you saw in the delicate world of light and brain?

There are many tall metal buildings and neon lights with serious light pollution.

The air is a bit gloomy, because the 'Entropy Fish' star is also a dead star, and the environment is extremely harsh. This is mainly reflected in the huge temperature difference between day and night. The temperature during the day is more than two hundred degrees, while at night it is more than one hundred degrees below zero. Even for life forms in the universe

, it is quite difficult to survive in such an environment.

Therefore, Star Flower City is the only habitable place in the entire Entropy Fish Planet.

It is a civilized combination of technology and runes.

Of course, other than that, there's not much difference.

There is a shopping mall, but the most sold goods are weapons, armor, energy blocks, and various metal blocks.

There are pharmacies and hotels.

There is also a spaceship repair shop and a weapons repair studio.

There are martial arts dojos, retreat rooms, and the Colosseum.

and various places for entertainment and relaxation.

Among them, gambling stalls, bars, and arenas are the most mainstream forms of entertainment.

Of course, everything must be based on strict compliance with the laws of the Star Flower City garrison.

The most strictly inspected people in the city are still the reapers.

The highest iron rule is to collude with the reapers and kill them without mercy.

Of course, if there are any signs of the Reapers, they must be traced to the end.

Any reapers found must be eliminated to the end.

In other words, this is the highest iron law and the first charter of the human race in the galaxy.

Li Xiaofei is very interested in the survival ecology of human beings in the galaxy battlefield.

So I wandered around, being extremely curious and asking people when I saw them.

Then come to a conclusion——

Bactria is the official language of the human race in the galaxy.

Chinese characters are also the only official text.
In reality, English and other minor languages ​​are almost invisible.

The signboards and advertising content of various shops on both sides of the street are all in Chinese characters.

This is very interesting.

Especially when he saw some people with obvious Caucasian characteristics, who spoke fluent Mandarin and Xia dialect, and even the curse words were quintessence of Chinese culture, Li Xiaofei instantly felt a sense of time travel that made people laugh and cry.

Finally, the group of people arrived at the entrance of the largest nightclub in Spark City, ‘Yunshang Jincheng’.

Several security guards wearing light exoskeleton armor blocked the way.

It starts with human identification.

Just like infrared scanning, of course it is much more advanced.

The second step is to conduct property verification.

This is a high-end comprehensive entertainment venue that integrates drinking, gambling, women's sex, and dueling. It is said that there is also an auction hall. Without certain property, you are not allowed to go in to eat and drink.

The old speaker took out an anonymous card that had been prepared long ago and swiped it in the security captain's mechanical palm.


Inquiry completed.

"Dear distinguished guests, please come in."

The security captain's face was full of beard, and his expression became much more noble.

Obviously, there should be a lot of immortal jade stored in the old speaker's card.

Go inside the nightclub.

At the request of the old speaker, a beautiful waitress with blond hair and blue eyes led a group of them to the lobby on the 18th floor.

This is a very large bar called Adventurer's Paradise.

Thousands of businessmen, adventurers, retired soldiers, or soldiers on vacation, etc. from various star regions, come here to get drunk and have fun. The crowd is bustling, and the waitresses in revealing and sexy clothes are like butterflies in flowers.

Wander around.

There are also beautiful girls in different shapes, dancing in dance cages everywhere.

Alcohol stimulates hormones.

The air is filled with indulgence and ambiguity.

This chapter has been completed!
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