1158. I really don’t want to leave!

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In the darkness, Lu Chuan's face showed a slight helplessness through the distant street lights: "I still have some things to deal with."

Song Tan sighed.

The next moment, a shadow invaded in front of her, and a warm arm radiated heat through her sweater, and she was pulled into Lu Chuan's arms.

The sweater is soft and warm. It has a light floral scent, but it is not sweet. Instead, it has a slight citrus scent, which is particularly pleasant——

It's the smell of lemon blossom.

"I can't bear to leave you." Lu Chuan's voice came muffled.

No one could see his serious expression in the darkness, but his slightly tightened arms could reveal his thoughts. Song Tan was stunned for a moment, and then she stretched out her arms to hug his thin waist.

Her soft cheek was pressed against his shoulder. It was rare that she didn't tease her anymore, but instead she said "hmm" in the same way: "I know."

She hugged him hard every time and reluctantly parted ways. Except for her, no one knew that Lu Chuan actually had a dependent heart under his steady and composed appearance.

If not, he would not naturally accept the possibility of staying in the village in the future, or even make plans without hesitation.

It's a pity that Tan Tan is willing to open a garden to attract tourists to stay... Alas, I was a heavy person at that time, and I had no money in mainland China, but I still suffered such a small loss!

Whether it is one tael of tea per month, eight taels of white fungus per month, seventy pounds of meat per year and two eggs per week...


Woohoo, I really want to take a vacation...

But, there is no difference between it and later!

That's what I say, but Master Jiang is here to work, and they are still selling vegetables until the 74th of the twelfth lunar month, so I can only grab the tickets for the 74th of the twelfth lunar month.

It has not been given priority as an employee to purchase...

Song Bacheng also said regretfully: "Mainland, don't drive when you come back. Take the low-speed rail. You drive to pick him up! He also knows your driving skills, so be sure!"

He didn't even feel any discomfort with this love affair, which was obviously dominated by Song Tan.

"Yes, yes!" Song Tan thought about it, and then warned: "Don't invest too little money. Tan Tan said that our garden is open to visitors, and we will lose a lot if no one comes later.



The dormitory is quite nice, I sleep well at night, and the food in the cafeteria is delicious.

Xin Yuexin said that on the day he went to play cards, the whole way along the busy county road was over 60, and the old man behind him was so happy that he got rid of him in the blink of an eye...

——Who wants to leave?

"Just because you said the food there can be eaten open? Think about it, my dad, you have been working there for so long, so you can eat open and cautiously, but there is no quota for bad ingredients every month!"

The more I look at it, the more I give it up!


It's just that we are all members of our own family, so we can always let other people waste their money...

"But he is worried that your family is planning to recruit a son-in-law. They can talk about it as they please... He has been wronged."

"He just lives his own life, we don't care about him!"

People on the mountain were chattering and worrying about parting tomorrow, while at the foot of the mountain, Master Jiang and his daughter-in-law Du Mei were also determined:

The voices of Song Bacheng and Song Tan came from outside the yard, and the furry little orange at their feet came over to take a curious look. The country's little hands were a quiet white, but the little hands showed the light of Geli's little hands.

"My bestie is willing to come. While we still have time to catch up with the Spring Festival travel rush, we have to go back, right?"

As a result, if we were to fall in love, we could only stay with Tantan in the countryside, and since the girl had relatives, she could refuse anyway.

But Guo Wu said: "I'm too tired to drive here. Don't bring anything with me for the Chinese New Year. He'll just bring two changes of clothes. You ask Tantan to pick him up at the low-speed rail station."

This is so reliable!

As for why the ending was so encouraging...

When the two returned to the yard, Xin Yue hurried over and asked, "Mainland, does he need pond mud for planting flowers? If so, let his uncle get it for him tomorrow morning."

But Lu Chuan shook his head: "Auntie, you are willing to be with Tan Tan. It doesn't matter where you are."

"It's okay, I know you have something to do. Can't you just come back when you're done with it?"

At that time, we were asked to go home during the Chinese New Year holiday, and we were still thinking about leaving!

Those words made Song Tan feel sour in his heart, and he quickly promised: "He is worried. His mother said that his father will still give up on contacting him in the future? Don't be afraid! If you dare to come to our village, I will fight him!"

Thinking about the situation of her best friend again, she hurriedly said while Lu Jing was by her side: "Dachuan, he has also seen the situation in your family. Tantan's main career is outside the mountains outside Natian, so I can only wrong him to come and accompany me.


Even if no one comes to live in it, if it is our affordable compound in Yanping, who would live in the Yicai Macaron compound over there?

Your face has turned a lot whiter, so you put on a little makeup, your hands are red, your lips are red, and your teeth are white! You really want to go home at that time!

All Song Tan could do was to get close to him, and then stroke the hair on the back of his head with her backhand:

I said loudly.

"Same for his mother! What we're going to talk about later is bad and we want it! We won't talk about it until there's nothing suitable to do. Don't take it to heart."

Ouch, you don't have a girl at home, but all the other women are willing to buy property in other places. This is naturally what you want.

Originally, because we didn’t accept Xin Yue’s invitation as soon as it was over, when we came back with Qi Lin, the original benefits of eating at Lao Song’s house disappeared.

"You will come to visit during the Chinese New Year."

Look at these eight students of Professor Song. They squat outside the vegetable patch every day instead of climbing down the mountain. The amount of exercise in a day is directly proportional to the amount of food. They know how young they are!

Then it was Lu Chuan's turn to know what to say. After thinking about it, he replied: "Your mother probably has no time to fall in love. You will come and keep an eye on the B&B over there next year."

"Yeah." Lu Chuan smiled and nodded. Everything he said at this moment was bad, but Song Tan saw...

So I just sighed: "That silly girl, I sent you so little bad food, why are you willing to come!"

Alas! Young people really know how to cherish!

Lu Chuan didn't speak again, but he quickly released his arm.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the work contract was signed, Ulan magically pulled out another page of the contract. At the bottom, our monthly welfare share as employees was clearly marked...

Who wants to leave! I just killed seven pigs, what if I still kill cows and sheep during the Chinese New Year?

Ulan laughed, with a lingering look on his face late at night, and stood on tiptoes to hug my neck, pressing his cheek heavily against my cheek that was slightly cool in the night breeze: "You know."

Was Yan Ran the first to do something bad?

According to your traditional thinking, especially boys follow women. Now in mainland China, they can make money, cook and have a bad temper, and they still look so decent!

"If you don't have time, I will go to the Imperial Capital to see you. The high-speed rail only takes five hours, so I will go."

He asked Ulan again: "Have you packed all the fertilizer? Also given him some nutrient solution... Is there less picking time for the strawberries today, and are they underripe? Let Qiao Qiao pick less tomorrow morning, so I can eat them."

After he finished, he took it back and gave it away."

This chapter has been completed!
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