1159. Do you just want to say this? [Emotional scenes can be danced]

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This time, in order to take his future son-in-law and a few good guys away to the underground cage, Song Sancheng spent a lot of money and used a ball of pork as bait!

Good guy, the whole village was still filled with mist in the early morning, so he couldn't wait to put on his thick rain boots, drove a three-wheeler, and took Song Tan and Qiao Qiao to the pond.

After the fish were sold once in the clear pond in the summer, the pond was stocked for half a year. The fish fry that were added grew wildly, so much so that during the growth period, the Zhang Wang family had to throw grass and other things into it.

"It's so cold that they come here to fish, and I don't know if the fish inside have grown up..."

Song Tan was full of confidence: "The water quality in our pond is so good that crucian carp can grow to two taels in half a year. It's just right to eat."

It's just a pity: "Two taels can't be sold for much..."

After saying this, Song Sancheng was stunned for a moment: "What? Are our fish sold by the piece?"

Song Tan shook his head: "If it grows to one pound, can't I tell people that it has grown for several years?"

Qiao Qiao asked curiously: "Then who would ask this question? Can't the ones that only grow for half a year be sold?"

Ah, this. Song Tan thought of the wealthy Boss Chang in the distance and the active Lao Zhao nearby, and fell silent at this moment.

As the bridge tightens, the earth dragon outside the water gradually emerges, and the former has a heavy strength...

Lu Chuan nodded, then walked out of the shed with Qiao Qiao holding a stack of packaging boxes.

Where is the outer part of the cage? It is obviously full!

The last moment, you closed your eyes.

Then he looked at it carefully before he said with satisfaction: "There are quite a few prawns. I'll bring some to Mr. Lu Chuan later."

This pair of eyes filled with millions of emotions looked straight at him, their eyelashes fluttering, but their expressions were ordinary.

But, we can indeed be counted on.

Song Sancheng nodded, future son-in-law, if this is the same as others.

I found the big basket, but Qiaoqiao stopped me: "Take this packaging box. You will definitely eat it yourself when you take it back, and you will probably have to give it away. The packaging box is more decent, and the preservation is worse."

He got out of the car and looked forward to it: "I put the meat in, and I don't know if there are any fish in the cage..."

"What are you insisting on!"

I also asked: "Our shrimps have been out of the pond for a long time, and they can be given oxygen. It's still early now. When we go back later, we will clean up the shrimps first and let a cousin fry them."

Bring back."

It was obviously a farewell, but the young man felt a twinge of separation and was so busy that he was so busy.

Qiaoqiao also laughed: "When he comes during the Chinese New Year, won't he have time to make you some strawberry desserts?"

I have never seen such a small harvest in my life, so I was instantly happy and let go of my hand: "Tan Tan, Song Tan, they are really bad! You take a video!"

However, Song Sancheng thought for a while: "There must be a pound of grass carp! There are probably a lot of white fish strips...and shrimps. You all love to eat shrimps. There are too many shrimps in our pond!"

The local transparent prawns look like that, and there are so few of them. If they were kept in a bucket, the front trunk would not be stuffed at all, but they should be packed away for easy portability.

"Well, first of all, we said that we can bring take-out in the car. Do you know the kitchen master in this city? It's the bad cleaning that makes the smell so bad."

"You dare to think about how much I can praise you when I take those ingredients back to your wife..."

Lu Chuan:......

When it comes to eating, the first cousin has no absolute authority. He even ordered Moyun to get sauerkraut: "Pack a box for each of us. The big white fish sticks are fried with sauerkraut. Not to mention that there will be less rice! Also put some chili peppers in it."


"It tastes bad!" Qiao Qiao recalled the taste and nodded at this moment.

At the last moment, I placed the packaging box outside my hand heavily on the ground, then knelt down on one knee, letting the wet soil gradually soak into my knees, while my body quickly leaned back.

"Then, the small and big fish and shrimp outside are all in a ball. If they fall on the ground, what should we do to clean them up later? Just collect a few of them together. I'll take some pictures when I get back later."

"What nonsense." Lu Chuan said, "Hurry up and get Moyun a basket to pick strawberries."

Qiao Qiao had no choice but to hurriedly drag the ground cage to the shore because of my decisiveness. Then, when Song Sancheng tried to pour out the fish outside to take a video, the decisive ones were:


Qiao Qiao's seventh sentence was to say, "Bad guy," then it was Song Sancheng's turn to say something.

Qin Yun, who was rarely restrained by Lu Chuan's weak force, was making his upper hand smartly while tears welled up in his eyes:

The rain boots stepped back from the water beside the pond, and I quickly put away the ground cage wire pressed by small stones.

The two of them were holding a box in one hand and picking strawberries with the other. The new harvest was obviously very wrong. The two of them squatted behind the ridge, not enjoying the harvest at all.


"You two are capable of that job." Qin Yun, not to mention very ignorant, said: "These strawberries are so fragrant that he asked you two to pick them, and there is not much to eat after picking them... Come, come, he goes, he and Qiao Qiao go

, you two are doing odd jobs there."

"You can raise crucian carp and grass carp. Tantan will give us a few buckets and we can eat them fresh for two days - don't keep them for too long, they will lose weight if you keep them for a long time."

Qiaoqiao could see that my face was getting closer and closer, and a touch of red appeared under some skin as white as hot jade.

Whose seven-person world is outside the shed?

The sweet fragrance of strawberries is too overbearing. Now that the new batch is ripe, the entire confined space is filled with a rich aroma. With a little self-control, I can really control it.

"Slowly!" Mo Yunshu said calmly: "Why do you feel so heavy? It must be full, right?"

A cousin pointed to our abundant harvest: "Pack out the shrimps first, and fry them while they are fresh. Then also pack out the big white fish strips. It will be convenient to dry them later and cook them yourself."

Time seemed to fly faster at that moment.

Lu Chuan said "hmm", obviously he still had no plans.

"He thinks the brothers are quite interesting! Is that creating a seven-person world for them?"

Lu Chuan was silent for a moment.

You weren't surprised at all, but you seemed so surprised. The sweet fragrance of strawberries didn't seem to fill your chest, and your whole body felt heavy.

In fact, watermelon ice cream should be the best match for the stove. Unfortunately, there were too few things to do during the pig slaughtering feast, and Lu Chuan had time to do it carefully.

The lips that were not permed fell upwards.

"Yes, yes... During the New Year, your old father-in-law poured out the tea you bought for me to the guests like this... Wow! You must be the worst son-in-law from all over the world!"

"Lu Chuan." Qiaoqiao suddenly called me affectionately, and then looked over seriously: "We are going to break up soon. Does he only want to discuss that with you?"

But the fish couldn't hold on for a while.

"Yeah." Lu Chuan nodded: "Yes, you have learned some things recently, and you will try it when you return to the emperor - is watermelon ice cream delicious?"

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