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The craziest doctor in the city

The craziest doctor in the city

author:flower thorn

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-19 10:14

Latest chapter:Chapter 3631 Great Consummation, Return to Hometown (Grand Finale)

Introduction: A once-in-a-lifetime fairy doctor was reborn against the will of heaven, only to become a loser who can be bullied by everyone? Jiang Ning said: If others don’t offend me, I won’t offend others.5200 Novel Network

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《The craziest doctor in the city》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 3631 Great Consummation, Return to Hometown (Grand Finale)
Chapter 3630 Heretic Celestial Phenomenon
Chapter 3629 The Last Battle
Chapter 3628 Jiang Wudi
Chapter 3627 Ascension in the Day
Chapter 3626 Only today did you know that I am me
Chapter 3625 Ascension is imminent
Chapter 3624 Ferry Return
Chapter 3623 The idea of traveling through time and space
《The craziest doctor in the city》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Medicine King who was struck by lightning
Chapter 2 I want to absorb spiritual energy
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 You dare to fuck me?
Chapter 5 Qingyi Hall
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Self-employment
Chapter 8 Good luck for opening
Chapter 9 A little disappointment
Chapter 10 The First Patient
Chapter 11 Baimai Body Refinement
Chapter 12 Is This A Sister-in-law?
Chapter 13 Looking for trouble?
Chapter 14
Chapter 15 Lin Qingzhu is here
Chapter 16
Chapter 17 Explosion
Chapter 18 Magical Medicine Hall
Chapter 19 Why is he?
Chapter 20 Are You Going Home?
Chapter 21 The handsome little brother
Chapter 22 Are You Really Jiangning?
Chapter 23 Completely unreasonable
Chapter 24 You Are Sick
Chapter 25 Misunderstanding Again
Chapter 26 Rich and Rich Woman
chapter 27
Chapter 28 The Rhythm of Getting Rich
Chapter 29 Silly in the way
Chapter 30 Why is she here too?
Chapter 31 Banquet
Chapter 32 Accident at night
Chapter 33 I have to hold back my strength
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 Is this a good potion?
Chapter 36 Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 37 I'm definitely not going
Chapter 38 I'm going to work
Chapter 39 Why is he?
Chapter 40 You Are All Sick
Chapter 41 I want her to be my assistant
Chapter 42
Chapter 43: Lin Qingzhu's Medical Skills
Chapter 44 Is this the end?
Chapter 45 Personal Assistant
Chapter 46
Chapter 47 So Many People Seeing Doctors
Chapter 48 Who Are You?
Chapter 49
Chapter 50 Let Me Treat
Chapter 51 Magical Medicine
Chapter 52
Chapter 53
Chapter 54 Who threw the banana peel?
Chapter 55 The Crying Woman
Chapter 56 Blackmail
Chapter 57 You are terminally ill, brother
Chapter 58 God Potion
Chapter 59
Chapter 60
Chapter 61
Chapter 62 Pretending to be a Bodyguard
Chapter 63 Party
Chapter 64 The role of being handsome
Chapter 65
Chapter 66 Despicable and shameless
Chapter 67 The Coquettishness of a Brick
Chapter 68 He Works in the Central Hospital
Chapter 69 Mother-in-law looking for Jiangning
Chapter 70 Vixen Chen Lan
Chapter 71
Chapter 72 Vixen
Chapter 73 Lin Qingzhu's Sadness
Chapter 74 The truth of Jiangning
Chapter 75 A Secret
Chapter 76 Let me tell you the truth
Chapter 77 The Ultimate Secret
Chapter 78 Girl, please respect yourself
Chapter 79 The Changed Lin Qingzhu
Chapter 80 Jealous Woman
Chapter 81 Who is Beautiful?
Chapter 82 Awesome, my brother
Chapter 83
Chapter 84 Old Lady, I Help You
Chapter 85 Come on, play with the young master
Chapter 86 Invincible Iron Nails
Chapter 87
Chapter 88 I am looking for my daughter
Chapter 89
Chapter 90 Silver Flower Fruit
Chapter 91 My Good Daughter
Chapter 92 Guangdong Entertainment Club
Chapter 93
Chapter 94 The old lady is here
Chapter 95 Are you slapped in the face?
Chapter 96 Why are you bullying Miss?
Chapter 97
Chapter 98
Chapter 99 I'm here to settle accounts
Chapter 100 Shoot you to death
Chapter 101 The Power of One Punch
Chapter 102 Relatives
Chapter 103 Losing money, isn't it too much?
Chapter 104 Tied?
Chapter 105 Black Gambling File
Chapter 106 Jiang Ye is here
Chapter 107 You Stupid
Chapter 108
Chapter 109 Haokang Pharmaceutical
Chapter 110 I pay him back
Chapter 111 Liu Zhenqiang's bitterness
Chapter 112 Arrogance
Chapter 113 Start a company?
Chapter 114 I Buy Your Factory
Chapter 115: Promised
Chapter 116 Xu Lili
Chapter 117 Dumbfounded?
Chapter 118 Prepare the company
Chapter 119 The Lin Family, Lin Yunfeng
Chapter 120 I have a crush on her
Chapter 121 Lin Clan Talisman
Chapter 122 I am looking for a handsome brother-in-law
Chapter 123 Brother-in-law, help
Chapter 124 How to Help?
Chapter 125
Chapter 126 The evidence is solid
Chapter 127 Steal?
Chapter 128
Chapter 129
Chapter 130: Being Drugged
Chapter 131 Nail-shooting madman
Chapter 132 The Great Man
Chapter 133 You Are My Daughter's Innocence
Chapter 134 Don't you wrong me
Chapter 135 I'm starting to like you
Chapter 136 International Trade Fair
Chapter 137 Darkness
Chapter 138
Chapter 139 What kind of anger is that?
Chapter 140 The fate of offending me
Chapter 141 Ancient Martial Cultivator
Chapter 142 Completely unreasonable
Chapter 143 He's a Crippled Person
Chapter 144: Handcuffed Her
Chapter 145 Seeing the Practitioners
Chapter 146 I don't really want to pretend
Chapter 147 Master Jiang
Chapter 148
Chapter 149 Jiang Ning was arrested
Chapter 150 Come to Rescue Jiangning
Chapter 151 The Insidious
Chapter 152 Come to harm Jiangning
Chapter 153 I Was Wronged
Chapter 154 Look, who is this?
Chapter 155 Save Lin Qingzhu
Chapter 156 A mountain is taller than a mountain
Chapter 157 The identity is not simple
Chapter 158 Let's learn from each other?
Chapter 159 Actually, I want to keep a low profile!
Chapter 160 How high is the position
Chapter 161 Clearing the Account
Chapter 162 Fan face game
163 Confession?
Chapter 164 Jiang Ning is a little disappointed
Chapter 165 Black Cat at Night
Chapter 166 Black Shirt Dove Ink
Chapter 167 Miao Renjiu Mo
Chapter 168: Pick a Good Name
Chapter 169 Man, you've fallen for evil
Chapter 170 Another one
Chapter 171 Is it too late?
Chapter 172 The monster is coming
Chapter 173
Chapter 174 Jiangning is my Lin family
Chapter 175 Making a Magic Array
Chapter 176: The Magic Array Rejects the Enemy
Chapter 177
Chapter 178 Evil spirit is steaming
Chapter 179
Chapter 180 Purple Air Slave Cauldron
Chapter 181 Escape
Chapter 182
Chapter 183 The Poison of Blood Gu
Chapter 184
Chapter 185 Choice
Chapter 186 Are they all killed?
Chapter 187 Her Suffering
Chapter 188 Tomorrow, Divorce
Chapter 189 You Are Not My Sister
Chapter 190 It's a bit weird
Chapter 191 What is love?
Chapter 192 I'm Sorry, I Love You
Chapter 193 I am in a bad mood
Chapter 194 New life
Chapter 195: The Poison of Blood Gu attacks
Chapter 196 Farewell
Chapter 197 Invite you to be a soldier
Chapter 198 Is She Crazy?
Chapter 199 Company Opening
Chapter 200 Start making money
Chapter 201 Recruitment Advertisement
Chapter 202 This is a talent
Chapter 203 Marketing Manager
Chapter 204 Desperately Three Mothers
Chapter 205 Do You Like My Brother?
Chapter 206 Banshee
Chapter 207 I Can't Help It
Chapter 208: Too Bullying
Chapter 209
Chapter 210 Are you ashamed?
Chapter 211 Some people are happy, some people are worried
Chapter 212 The visit of the third Shen
Chapter 213 Please help
Chapter 214
Chapter 215 Are You Hua Jin?
Chapter 216 20 Million
Chapter 217 The Grand Master of Martial Arts
Chapter 218 Many suitors
219 Bullied
Chapter 220 The poor sister-in-law
Chapter 221 Stupid girl
Chapter 222 Brother-in-law is coming
Chapter 223 I will give you three legs
Chapter 224: Broken Leg
Chapter 225
Chapter 226 Brother-in-law is here
Chapter 227
Chapter 228
Chapter 229
Chapter 230
Chapter 231 Cheongsam Woman
Chapter 232 Aunt Cai
Chapter 233 Changes in the situation
Chapter 234 I want to be the president
Chapter 235 Martial Arts World in Jiang Province
Chapter 236
Chapter 237 I am going to be the president
Chapter 238
Chapter 239 Nine Tricks
Chapter 240 Vice President
Chapter 241 Looks like a big man
Chapter 242
Chapter 243 The auction starts
Chapter 244 I'm Rich
Chapter 245: Jiangbei Liu Sandao
Chapter 246 You are a waste of Liu
Chapter 247 money, we absolutely do not want
Chapter 248 Come to the auction again
Chapter 249 Queen Cai
Chapter 250 Dzi Beads
Chapter 251
Chapter 252 Lei Lai
Chapter 253 The truth
Chapter 254 He is Master Wu
Chapter 255 He ran away
Chapter 256 Minister Gao
Chapter 257 Soul sucking
Chapter 258 Huangfu Beauty
Chapter 259 She Drinks Too Much
Chapter 260 Night Encounter
Chapter 261 Mysterious Department
Chapter 262 Gao Cunyi
Chapter 263 Master Wu Appears
Chapter 264 Are You Confused?
Chapter 265 Yinlong Pond
Chapter 266 Going to the Northwest
Chapter 267 Young Master, Please Forgive Me
Chapter 268 She went on a blind date?
269 ??Wrong Love Wrong Hate
Chapter 270
Chapter 271
Chapter 272 Looking for a fat man who abused
Chapter 273
Chapter 274 Plane Accident
Chapter 275
Chapter 276 Going to the Hotel
Chapter 277 Emgrand Hotel
Chapter 278 Heavenly Master Road
Chapter 279 The Wei Family in Jiang Province
Chapter 280
Chapter 281
Chapter 282 Three people enter the mountain
Chapter 283: Meeting Wei Ziqing Again
Chapter 284 Arrogant Woman
Chapter 285 Wolves Attack
Chapter 286
Chapter 287 How old are you?
Chapter 288 Bones are like mountains
Chapter 289 Yin Snake Appears
Chapter 290 Are you still running?
Chapter 291 One punch and one tripod
Chapter 292 Unreasonable Woman
Chapter 293
Chapter 294 Silver Heart Grass
Chapter 295
Chapter 296 The third floor, broken!
Chapter 297 The Young Master of the Ghost Sect
Chapter 298 This Is My Brother Jiang's
Chapter 299
Chapter 300
Chapter 301 Jiangning's Magical Powers
Chapter 302 Li Tianxing
Chapter 303 Meeting at the Hotel
Chapter 304
Chapter 305
Chapter 306 Sold out?
Chapter 307 Going to the Liu Family
Chapter 308 The Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sun Shengshou
Chapter 309 Do You Know Chinese Medicine?
Chapter 310 Let me come
Chapter 311 I feel more comfortable after scolding
Chapter 312 Wei Ziqing Reappears
Chapter 313 Looking for a Physician
Chapter 314 Are you a genius doctor?
Chapter 315 One Dan, One Billion
Chapter 316 Delinquent?
Chapter 317 Return to Ningcheng
Chapter 318 Complete Heartbreak
Chapter 319 Sissy
Chapter 320 Jiangning's Fury
Chapter 321 Hero, beat me up!
Chapter 322 Going to see the new house
Chapter 323: Seeing My Sister-in-law
Chapter 324 An accident happened to the father-in-law
Chapter 325 Losing money
Chapter 326 Fake Painting
Chapter 327 This is the real story
Chapter 328: Ashamed of Jiangning
Chapter 329 She's Sorry Jiang Ning
Chapter 330 Revenge
Chapter 331
Chapter 332 The Black Evil Is Coming
Chapter 333 I like it so much
Chapter 334: In Love
Chapter 335 I Want This Talent
Chapter 336 Someone is fighting
Chapter 337 I'm Waiting
Chapter 338 How could it be him?
Chapter 339 Join us
Chapter 340 I Join
Chapter 341 Find someone
Chapter 342 Found my little brother
Chapter 343 This guy is so smart
Chapter 344 What happened to Axiu
Chapter 345 Come on, girl
Chapter 346: Courting Death
Chapter 347 She proposed it herself
Chapter 348 Is she on a business trip?
Chapter 349 Decided to go to Jiang Province
Chapter 350 The first mission
Chapter 351 Rouge Viper
Chapter 352 Give it to my sister-in-law
Chapter 353
Chapter 354 Old Wu, fuck him!
Chapter 355
Chapter 356
Chapter 357
Chapter 358
Chapter 359 Li Guotao
Chapter 360
Chapter 361 Looking for Queen Cai
Chapter 362 Night Fragrance Palace
Chapter 363 Seeing Tu Si
Chapter 364 Assassination Incident
Chapter 365 Her Man
Chapter 366 True Intention
Chapter 367 I finally found a beautiful sister
Chapter 368 Lieyang Wine
Chapter 369
Chapter 370 The Red Devil
Chapter 371 Poison Scholar
Chapter 372: Sting you to death, you bastard
Chapter 373 Who Are You?
Chapter 374 Private matters
Chapter 375: The Past
Chapter 376 A Story
Chapter 377
Chapter 378 You will die soon
Chapter 379
Chapter 380 I'll slap you to death
Chapter 381 Accompany me to the banquet
Chapter 382 You are a fool
Chapter 383 It's your turn to perform
Chapter 384 Become a Public Enemy
Chapter 385 Are You Afraid?
Chapter 386
Chapter 387
Chapter 388 Old Wu, Come On!
Chapter 389 Looking for Lin Qingzhu
Chapter 390
Chapter 391
Chapter 392
393 Let Me Come
394 Calm down
Chapter 395 Go and stop him
Chapter 396
Chapter 397 tell you, what is invincible
Chapter 398
Chapter 399 I hope Jiang Ning won't cause trouble again
Chapter 400 Jiangning is coming
Chapter 401 It's time to pay back the money
Chapter 402: Cang Lei Bound
Chapter 403 It's Just You?
Chapter 404: Fire Refining the Sky
Chapter 405 Ten Billion
Chapter 406 Little bastard
407 Please help him
Chapter 408 Magic Array
Chapter 409
Chapter 410 The SWAT team is coming
411 Trapped
Chapter 412 Are you going out?
Chapter 413 What to do?
Chapter 414 I just want to see him
Chapter 415 The army is coming
Chapter 416: Military Order Comes
Chapter 417 I am waiting for him
Chapter 418: Fifty Years of Shouyuan
Chapter 419
Chapter 420: Slight Punishment
Chapter 421 Blood oath, blood revenge
Chapter 422 let them go
Chapter 423 Gao Cunyi is here
Chapter 424 Top Ten Martial Artists
Chapter 425
Chapter 426 You two may really be a couple
Chapter 427 Rose Garden
Chapter 428 Who Loves Who?
Chapter 429 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 430 Mysterious Visitor
Chapter 431 Blue Phoenix
Chapter 432 Little Witch
Chapter 433
Chapter 434 Tianshan Lafayette
Chapter 435
Chapter 436 Fifteen Days Period
Chapter 437
Chapter 438: Little Terrorist Witch
Chapter 439
Chapter 440 Pets
Chapter 441 Chatting in the dark night
Chapter 442 You are playing with me
Chapter 443 It's Really Here
Chapter 444 Little Demon Girl
Chapter 445
Chapter 446 Weird Black Hole
Chapter 447 You Can't Enter
448 Buried
Chapter 449 Fire Crystal
Chapter 450 Tell Wu Luan
Chapter 451 Breaking Through the Fourth Floor
Chapter 452
Chapter 453
Chapter 454
Chapter 455: Volley Landing
Chapter 456: Old Ghost Wei Appears
Chapter 457
Chapter 458 Shi Qingfeng
Chapter 459 The old devil is here
Chapter 460
Chapter 461 Three Swords
Chapter 462 No reason
Chapter 463 Waiting for you to come out, you will be famous all over the world
Chapter 464 Three eyes open, Jin Tongcheng
Chapter 465 A beautiful man emerges from the ground
Chapter 466: Jiangning's Return
Chapter 467 I want to pinch him
Chapter 468: Really Invincible
Chapter 469 I'm Going To Kill
470 You Die
Chapter 471: The Origin of the Wei Family
Chapter 472
Chapter 473 The Three-Day Battle
Chapter 474 Treating Cold Toxin
475 Possession
Chapter 476 West Lake
Chapter 477 Battle of the Grandmasters (1)
Chapter 478 Battle of the Grandmasters (2)
Chapter 479 Battle of the Grandmasters (3)
Chapter 480 The Sword Slashes Wei Hualong
Chapter 481 Surrender
Chapter 482 Why Are You Not Dead?
Chapter 483 Master
Chapter 484 More famous than me?
Chapter 485: Can't Forget Her
Chapter 486: Returning to Ningcheng
Chapter 487 Resignation
Chapter 488 I'm Sorry
Chapter 489
Chapter 490 I Can't Do It
Chapter 491 Return
492 Haunted
Chapter 493 Corpse Chief
Chapter 494
Chapter 495 How Do You Want To Die?
Chapter 496
Chapter 497
Chapter 498 Slaves
Chapter 499 She resigned?
Chapter 500 It's All Because of Me
Chapter 501 Sad things, sad people
Chapter 502 I don't want face?
Chapter 503 fainting
Chapter 504 Only He Can Do It
Chapter 505
Chapter 506 Do you want to die?
Chapter 507
Chapter 508 Jiangning Comes
Chapter 509
Chapter 510 Know the truth
Chapter 511 Blood coagulation pill
Chapter 512: Looking for Millennium Medicinal Materials
Chapter 513 Happy Jiangning
Chapter 514 I'm Going To Find Jiangning
Chapter 515 Jiangning's Promise
Chapter 516
Chapter 517
Chapter 518: The Changing Chen Lan
Chapter 519 Dare to scold my son-in-law?
Chapter 520 I'm Going To Yanjing
Chapter 521 What is Jiangning doing?
Chapter 522 Departure, to Yanjing
Chapter 523
Chapter 524 Grandma
Chapter 525 Trafficking?
Chapter 526: Witch God Religion
Chapter 527
Chapter 528: Meeting Aunt Zhao
Chapter 529: Divine Soul Brand
Chapter 530: The Witch God Cult Again
531 Accompany me to kill
Chapter 532 Kill me
Chapter 533 Blood Corpse
Chapter 534 About the Miao
Chapter 535
Chapter 536 Beauty Lin Qingzhu
Chapter 537 Lin Yunfeng's Anger
Chapter 538
Chapter 539 What happened to my dad?
Chapter 540
541 Third Uncle Helps
Chapter 542
Chapter 543
Chapter 544
Chapter 545 is not an opponent at all
Chapter 546
Chapter 547 All the members of the Lin family are gone
Chapter 548
Chapter 549 The old lady
Chapter 550 Assassination
Chapter 551 Are you still fighting?
Chapter 552: Clan Members Are Imprisoned
Chapter 553 Return of the Witch God
Chapter 554 Bloodbath begins
Chapter 555
Chapter 556 Death Guard
Chapter 557: The Witch God Appears
Chapter 558
Chapter 559 Who is the most ruthless?
Chapter 560 The Black Monk and the Old Blind
Chapter 561 Defeat the Dragon Tribulation
Chapter 562
Chapter 563 Reward
Chapter 564 I don't want to go back to the fifth room
Chapter 565 How strong is she?
Chapter 566
Chapter 567
Chapter 568 Yanjing is calling
Chapter 569 Compared with my little brother, it's far worse
Chapter 570 Little brother, wait for me
571 Jealous
Chapter 572 Exciting
Chapter 573
Chapter 574: Men and Women in Taoist Robes
Chapter 575 Where is she?
Chapter 576 I'm here to grab something
Chapter 577 I Want One Thing
Chapter 578 Act, Continue Acting
Chapter 579 You dare to stop me?
Chapter 580 Qian Songzi Changes
581 Jealous Man
Chapter 582
Chapter 583 Silver Heart Grass Seeds
Chapter 584 Robbing Qian Songzi
Chapter 585
Chapter 586: The Gate of Divine Medicine
Chapter 587: Chen Lan Comes to Yanjing
Chapter 588 The old lady is seriously ill
Chapter 589: Your Good Son-in-Law
Chapter 590 Jiang Ning's Helplessness
Chapter 591 Crazy Woman
Chapter 592: Consolation is Ineffective
Chapter 593 Is it possible?
Chapter 594
Chapter 595 Nine Dragons Villa
Chapter 596 The Only God
Chapter 597
Chapter 598 Silly Daughter
Chapter 599 The Bullied Miss
Chapter 600 See how long you can last
Chapter 601 Too Bullying
Chapter 602 The Weird Dumb
Chapter 603 Who Are You??
Chapter 604 The King of Wei
Chapter 605 Wei Ziqing's Helplessness
Chapter 606 Assassination at night
Chapter 607: It's Timely
Chapter 608
Chapter 609 The Weeping Wei Ziqing
610 Bullied Again
Chapter 611 A Smart Woman
Chapter 612 Magic Exchange Conference
Chapter 613 The Four Great Cultivation Sects
Chapter 614 Is this bullying?
615 I want to change too
Chapter 616: The Situation of the Magic Gate
Chapter 617 Miss Wu San
Chapter 618 My Woman
Chapter 619 The Four Sects Are Jealous
Chapter 620 How could it be this devil?
Chapter 621: Here Comes the One Who Finds the Difference
Chapter 622 Just you?
Chapter 623: One Enemy Three
Chapter 624 Who else??
Chapter 625 Twisted anger
Chapter 626 Kidnappers
Chapter 627 Are You Playing With Knife That Way?
Chapter 628 Lies and Trust
Chapter 629
Chapter 630: Chen Lan's Death
Chapter 631
Chapter 632: Welcome
Chapter 633 Who is so arrogant?
Chapter 634
Chapter 635 This is my pendant
Chapter 636 The person from the magic door is here
Chapter 637 Are you looking for abuse?
Chapter 638 The Four Sects Unite
Chapter 639 Cruise Banquet
Chapter 640 The Great Demon King is Here
Chapter 641
Chapter 642 Isn't this just bullying people?
Chapter 643 Still need to settle accounts?
Chapter 644 The Wu Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 645 Nalan Chen
Chapter 646 Going to the Gate of Divine Medicine
Chapter 647 Who Said He Was Human?
Chapter 648 That's an Immortal
Chapter 649 Mean Woman
Chapter 650 I'm here to torture you guys
Chapter 651 Who said I'm here to ask for medicine?
Chapter 652 You are still blind
Chapter 653 Want me to reason with you and dream!
Chapter 654: Bloody God's Medicine Gate
Chapter 655
Chapter 656 Eight Dragon Fire Formation
Chapter 657: Burning the Magic Gate
Chapter 658 The treasures are all mine
Chapter 659 Mysterious Green Vine
Chapter 660: Master Hidden Sword
Chapter 661 Yihai Lingmu
Chapter 662 My Elixir
Chapter 663 I want to find a place to practice
Chapter 664 The new person in charge
Chapter 665 The jealous little witch
Chapter 666
667 She is so beautiful
Chapter 668
Chapter 669
Chapter 670
Chapter 671 A pair of perverts
Chapter 672
Chapter 673 Wu's Arrival
Chapter 674
Chapter 675 Heavenly Thunder Magic Sword
Chapter 676 Crisis Frontier
Chapter 677 The little witch reappears
Chapter 678 they escaped
679 She is a good person
Chapter 680
Chapter 681 You are too low
Chapter 682 I lead them away
Chapter 683 Dare to Bully Aunt
Chapter 684 Jiangning's Return
Chapter 685 My brother-in-law is back
Chapter 686 Jiang Ning's Speechless
Chapter 687
Chapter 688 See how I torture you to death
Chapter 689: Still Old Wu, Your Mouth Is Sweet
Chapter 690 Are you hot eyes?
Chapter 691 fierce girl Lan Xiaodie
Chapter 692 Don't Destroy My Face
Chapter 693 The top of the head is green
Chapter 694 Kill Nalan Chen
Chapter 695 Red Flame Flying Sword
Chapter 696 You see, I dare to kill you
Chapter 697 Jiang Ning and the Little Witch
Chapter 698 The most demonic little witch
Chapter 699 You are very bad old man
Chapter 700 Why did she leave?
Chapter 701
Chapter 702: A Billion Dollar Bounty
Chapter 703: Black Net Killer
Chapter 704
Chapter 705
Chapter 706 Start the treatment
Chapter 707 The Holy Body
Chapter 708 Terrible Power
Chapter 709 My Wife Is Really Awesome
Chapter 710
Chapter 711 Assassination
Chapter 712
Chapter 713 Goodbye Minister Gao
Chapter 714: Meeting Minister Gao
Chapter 715
Chapter 716 The hunt begins
Chapter 717 Boiling overnight
Chapter 718 Bloodwashing Yanjing
Chapter 719 Hunting and Killing the Black-bellied Snake
Chapter 720 The Last, Shadow Warrior
Chapter 721 Shocking the world
Chapter 722 Icefield Snow Tiger
Chapter 723 The Return of Prince Nalan
Chapter 724 Sato Kazuga
Chapter 725
Chapter 726 Maid for ten days
Chapter 727 I want to tell my sister
Chapter 728 Wife, I Was Wrong!
Chapter 729 drive her away
Chapter 730 Is she back again?
Chapter 731 Jiangning is bitter
Chapter 732 Sister and Sister
Chapter 733 Jiangning's bitterness
Chapter 734: The Value of Life Essence
Chapter 735 I have to ask my husband first
Chapter 736 Cooperation with Jiangning
Chapter 737
Chapter 738 The Identity of Huangfu Wanyu
Chapter 739 The Legend of Shadow Luo
Chapter 740 Ancient Koga Ninja
Chapter 741 I want to kill someone
Chapter 742 Go to Huangfu Wanyu's house
Chapter 743 Boyfriend
Chapter 744 Continue to compose and continue to act
Chapter 745 Will the old man agree?
Chapter 746 You old bald donkey
Chapter 747 The Nine Fists of the Devil Tiger
Chapter 748 Old Turtle
Chapter 749 Huangfu Embroidered Tiger
Chapter 750 I like him so much
Chapter 751
Chapter 752
Chapter 753 Grandson-in-law
Chapter 754 The old man's teaching
Chapter 755 I'll Treat You
Chapter 756 Really cured
Chapter 757 Yanagawa Fangzi
Chapter 758 cooperation is impossible
Chapter 759 Lip Print
Chapter 760 A big incident happened in the laboratory
Chapter 761
Chapter 762
Chapter 763 She Takes One Person
Chapter 764
Chapter 765
Chapter 766 Yin Ghost Clone
Chapter 767
Chapter 768
Chapter 769 Her Usefulness
Chapter 770: Direct Refining
Chapter 771 Tianzuo God
Chapter 772 I want to accept him
Chapter 773 Looking for Jiangning
Chapter 774 How did you become like this
Chapter 775
Chapter 776 Beiguimaru shot
Chapter 777 The ultimate meaning of the tyrant sword
Chapter 778
779 Decided to go
Chapter 780
Chapter 781 They are here
Chapter 782
Chapter 783 She Betrayed
Chapter 784 One after another major event
Chapter 785
Chapter 786
Chapter 787 Master, let me serve you
Chapter 788
Chapter 789: The Massacre Begins
Chapter 790
Chapter 791 Everything is mine
Chapter 792 Chaohui Shrine
Chapter 793 Who is this person?
Chapter 794
Chapter 795 Jiangning's Kindness
Chapter 796
Chapter 797 Absorbing the Spirit
Chapter 798 Climbing to the Temple
Chapter 799 He is here
Chapter 800
Chapter 801 Wuding, come
Chapter 802: Boundary Formation Cage
Chapter 803 One sword, one hundred swords
Chapter 804: The Body of the Divine Realm
Chapter 805
Chapter 806 Rescue Han Qiqi
Chapter 807 Three adults
Chapter 808 Decisive battle at the top of Tokyo
Chapter 809
Chapter 810 Check
Chapter 811 Do you know who he is?
Chapter 812 Ono's visit
Chapter 813 Three days later, the top of Tokyo
Chapter 814 Old acquaintance
Chapter 815 Black Monk
Chapter 816 Is there a flaw?
Chapter 817 You really like him
Chapter 818 Call in the middle of the night
Chapter 819 You Misunderstood Me
Chapter 820
Chapter 821 Looking for a dead ant
Chapter 822 I want money
Chapter 823
Chapter 824
Chapter 825 Gao Cunyi's Speechless
Chapter 826 Before the decisive battle
Chapter 827: Shocking Battle
Chapter 828 The decisive battle begins
Chapter 829 He didn't use his real strength
Chapter 830 Use martial arts to kill you
Chapter 831 Who is Stronger?
Chapter 832 I beat him to death
Chapter 833 Who else is dissatisfied?
Chapter 834
Chapter 835 I can't let him leave alive
Chapter 836 Sixth Division
Chapter 837
Chapter 838 Everyone Disappeared
Chapter 839 drive her away
Chapter 840: Caught
Chapter 841 The torture begins
Chapter 842: Unexpectedly Terrifying
Chapter 843 Who can stop him?
Chapter 844: Withdrawing Troops
Chapter 845 I didn't mean to
Chapter 846
Chapter 847
Chapter 848
Chapter 849
Chapter 850 Old Wu and the Black Monk
Chapter 851 My Young Master Is Awesome
Chapter 852 See Jiangning?
Chapter 853 My Young Master Is Really Invincible
Chapter 854 Kunlun Domain
Chapter 855
Chapter 856: Cursing the Buddha Beads
Chapter 857 My handsome skin is back
Chapter 858
Chapter 859 The situation of the old Lin
Chapter 860 Perfecting the Magic Array
Chapter 861 I can't watch the concert anymore
Chapter 862 Help Jiangning
Chapter 863 save her once
Chapter 864 Who wants to harm you?
Chapter 865 Qingcheng Mountain, Yuxu Palace
Chapter 866
Chapter 867 It's time for me to pretend
Chapter 868: Sister-in-law's Surprise
Chapter 869 It's really unconscionable
Chapter 870 The real secret
Chapter 871: The Legend of Hidden Sect
Chapter 872
Chapter 873
Chapter 874 Unscathed
Chapter 875
Chapter 876 give you something
Chapter 877 Spring God Sword
Chapter 878 Destroy the clone
Chapter 879
Chapter 880 Are you tired of living?
Chapter 881 Who is thinking of me?
Chapter 882
Chapter 883
Chapter 884 What happened to the master?
Chapter 885 All secrets
Chapter 886
Chapter 887: As expected of a blue phoenix
Chapter 888 Nalan Bai
Chapter 889 Old friends meet
Chapter 890 she lost
Chapter 891 He is not dead
Chapter 892 Envy and jealousy
Chapter 893 Jiangning's Killing Intent
Chapter 894 Nalan Bai's Fury
Chapter 895
Chapter 896
Chapter 897 Tracking Talismans
Chapter 898 quitting the entertainment industry
Chapter 899
Chapter 900 Return to Light
Chapter 901 What kind of monster did you offend?
Chapter 902 The mortal person
Chapter 903
Chapter 904 Five Thunders Strike the Heaven Talisman
Chapter 905
Chapter 906 Whose sword is stronger?
Chapter 907 I will do it for you
Chapter 908 You won't really rely on me, will you?
Chapter 909 Qingyangzi's Fury
Chapter 910 finally said it
Chapter 911 Are you really not angry anymore?
Chapter 912 Thunder Prison Sword Sutra
Chapter 913 I will give myself to him
Chapter 914 Intimacy in the middle of the night
Chapter 915
Chapter 916
Chapter 917 They are sleeping
Chapter 918
Chapter 919 My Secret
Chapter 920 The Secret of the Holy Body
Chapter 921 I really like him
Chapter 922 Nalan Palace
Chapter 923
Chapter 924
Chapter 925
Chapter 926 let my wife deal with them
Chapter 927
Chapter 928: The Mighty Lin Qingzhu
Chapter 929
Chapter 930 Which one do you like?
Chapter 931
932 Fatty Wu
Chapter 933 Rescue Lan Xiaodie
Chapter 934 Blood sacrifice to Nalanchen
Chapter 935 Don't make me commit a crime
Chapter 936 Is it a sword?
Chapter 937
Chapter 938 Is Nalan Bai Dead?
Chapter 939 Are you capable of this?
Chapter 940 Should I tell him
Chapter 941 Say Everything
Chapter 942
Chapter 943 The first meeting
Chapter 944
Chapter 945
Chapter 946 Void Giant Bird
Chapter 947 Is the old man a dead person?
Chapter 948 was discovered
Chapter 949 Unlucky Wu Luan
Chapter 950 Wu Luan was arrested
Chapter 951 Soul Absorption Technique
Chapter 952 Divine Mind Search
Chapter 953 Come to Gao Cunyi
Chapter 954 Night Crisis
Chapter 955 The inevitable battle
Chapter 956
Chapter 957 I am here today only to kill
Chapter 958
Chapter 959 Making Armor
Chapter 960
Chapter 961 The Great War Begins
Chapter 962 The first person to hurt him
Chapter 963 God Slaying Realm
Chapter 964
Chapter 965 The truth of the hidden world
Chapter 966 Spirit
Chapter 967 Searching for Treasures
Chapter 968
Chapter 969 Qingyangzi's Anger
Chapter 970 Jiangning's Decision
Chapter 971
Chapter 972 The most powerful rune
Chapter 973 The Terrifying Lin Qingzhu
Chapter 974 Lost and found
975 Silly girl's happiness
Chapter 976 Kunlun Mountains
Chapter 977 Bronze Giant Gate
Chapter 978 Scholar, Sanniang, Red Devil
Chapter 979
Chapter 980 Twenty-one dead bodies
Chapter 981 Jiang Ning's Thoughts
Chapter 982
Chapter 983 Lin Qingzhu Appears
Chapter 984 Let you pretend, you deserve it!
Chapter 985 Dare to Revenge?
Chapter 986
Chapter 987
Chapter 988 see how I torture you to death
Chapter 989
Chapter 990
Chapter 991 Lin's Ancestral Hall
Chapter 992 Devouring blood essence
Chapter 993
Chapter 994 The secret of the ancestor of the Lin family
Chapter 995
Chapter 996 Jiang Ning's Straightforwardness
Chapter 997
Chapter 998
Chapter 999 You dare to hurt my daughter-in-law?
Chapter 1000 The ancestor of the Lin family made a move
Chapter 1001 Ghost Talisman Killing Your Life
Chapter 1002 The fall of the ancestor of the Lin family
Chapter 1003 Looking for Stones
Chapter 1004 Heavenly Sword Legend
Chapter 1005 Terrifying Magic Art
Chapter 1006 Husband, let's go!
Chapter 1007 Dialogue
Chapter 1008 late night visit
Chapter 1009 The situation of the three major sects
Chapter 1010 Nameless Spirit Position
Chapter 1011 Wei's Survival
Chapter 1012 Wei Ziqing's Sadness
Chapter 1013 Deception
Chapter 1014 must not be defiled
Chapter 1015 My name is Wei Yue, I am the Wei family
Chapter 1016 Spirit Test
Chapter 1017 What is Spirit
Chapter 1018 For him, I am willing to give everything
Chapter 1019 Where is the beautiful girl?
Chapter 1020 The imprisoned girl
Chapter 1021 The loneliness of Huangfu Wanyu
Chapter 1022 once beautiful
Chapter 1023 Coffin
Chapter 1024 Kill the door
Chapter 1025 Blood Letters
Chapter 1026 I'm going to see her
Chapter 1027 Is it my fault?
Chapter 1028 what a man should do
Chapter 1029 Find the address
Chapter 1030 Jiangning is here
Chapter 1031 love, hate, hatred
Chapter 1032 I tortured them to death for you
Chapter 1033: Opening the Spirit
Chapter 1034 Who is stronger?
Chapter 1035 The real end
Chapter 1036 I was really kissed
Chapter 1037 Our family recognizes you
Chapter 1038 The old man's coercion
Chapter 1039 I am a good scumbag
Chapter 1040 Thirteen Spiritualists
Chapter 1041 Young Sect Master
Chapter 1042 The passion of the girls
Chapter 1043 forget him
Chapter 1044 Finally, parting
Chapter 1045 poor, rich
Chapter 1046 Prodigal things
Chapter 1047 The old thing is not allowed to bully people
Chapter 1048 Calm down, Jiang Ning
Chapter 1049 I need money ah ah ah
Chapter 1050 Shen Yu is here
1051 I want it
Chapter 1052 Unicorn Beast
Chapter 1053 Get out of here
Chapter 1054 The Aggrieved Young Sect Master
Chapter 1055 Stalker
Chapter 1056 This is a big problem
Chapter 1057 Receive a little brother
Chapter 1058 My Big Brother
Chapter 1059 Hammer Spirit
Chapter 1060 Lies
Chapter 1061 talk
Chapter 1062 Thousand Corpse Ice Silkworm
Chapter 1063 Treatment Begins
Chapter 1064 Seven-colored fire
Chapter 1065 Introduction
Chapter 1066: Keeping the Spirit
Chapter 1067 Eavesdropping
Chapter 1068 she left it to me
Chapter 1069 Snake Spirit
Chapter 1070 help
Chapter 1071 Break in
Chapter 1072 Blue Phoenix's Choice
1073 Gone
Chapter 1074 Two Hanhans
Chapter 1075 Decided to go to the hidden world
Chapter 1076 Queen Cai's Heart Knot
Chapter 1077 All are here
Chapter 1078 Chaos
Chapter 1079 Shen Yu's Strength
Chapter 1080 Queen Cai's Choice
Chapter 1081 Someone is flying
Chapter 1082 Angry Jiangning
Chapter 1083 Meet the crazy girl again
Chapter 1084 Destruction of the gate of the circle
Chapter 1085: The Last Day
Chapter 1086 The troubles of the master and servant
Chapter 1087 I am moved again
Chapter 1088 Completely shut down
Chapter 1089 Jiangning's advice
#1090 three armed helicopters
Chapter 1091 Vicious people
Chapter 1092 Continue on the Road
Chapter 1093 Find the entrance
Chapter 1094 Jiangning Arrives
Chapter 1095 No one can open it
Chapter 1096 Earth Vein Dragon Qi
Chapter 1097 Slaying the Earth Vein and Dragon Qi
Chapter 1098 Entering the Hidden Door World
Chapter 1099 The grandfather and grandson of the hidden world
Chapter 1100 Can't find them
Chapter 1101 Go to Blackwater City
Chapter 1102 Here comes the money giver
Chapter 1103 Entering Blackwater City for the first time
Chapter 1104 I want to be the city lord
Chapter 1105 What's the situation?
Chapter 1106 Blood Monk
Chapter 1107 Decapitation
Chapter 1108 I want to refine the animal control pill
Chapter 1109 Unscientific
Chapter 1110 Inspiring everyone
Chapter 1111 Tu Si Appears
Chapter 1112 One move is second
Chapter 1113 We Surrender
Chapter 1114 Battle Slaughter Four
Chapter 1115 New City Lord
Chapter 1116 Beast Mountain and Dead City
Chapter 1117 Departure to Beast Ridge
Chapter 1118 Blood Jade Spider
Chapter 1119 Killing by one person
Chapter 1120 Monster Legend
Chapter 1121 Two-headed monitor lizard
Chapter 1122 Outside the cave, inside the cave!
Chapter 1123 The Chained Savage
Chapter 1124 Unlocking the Seal
Chapter 1125 Ancient Barbarians
Chapter 1126 finally found
Chapter 1127 Jiangning's Curiosity
Chapter 1128 take him back
Chapter 1129 Powerful Barbarian Body
Chapter 1130 Barbarian Totem
Chapter 1131 I will teach him
Chapter 1132 Old Wu's Change
Chapter 1133 Spirit Mine
Chapter 1134 About the Spiritual Mine
Chapter 1135 Go to the Spirit Mine
Chapter 1136 Tiankeng
Chapter 1137 Hermaphrodite, Ji Wushuang
Chapter 1138 Old Wu shows off his power
Chapter 1139 Looking for treasures
Chapter 1140 Treasure Hunting in Snake Den
Chapter 1141 About the Giant Snake
Chapter 1142 Middle Grade Spiritual Stone
Chapter 1143 Giant Learning
Chapter 1144 The master is here
Chapter 1145 Who dares to snatch my treasure?
Chapter 1146 Starting to break in
Chapter 1147 The Black Tiger Army was injured
Chapter 1148 Aman appears
Chapter 1149 The Power of Aman
Chapter 1150 Aman is in danger
Chapter 1151 Who is stronger?
Chapter 1152 Puppet Dharmakaya
Chapter 1153 Is Aman powerful?
Chapter 1154 Brother and Brother
Chapter 1155 Seven Killing Order
Chapter 1156 Huangfu Wanyus sadness
Chapter 1157 Shinto Technique
Chapter 1158 Tank Skills
Chapter 1159 Leaving Blackwater City
Chapter 1160 Shaquilleon
Chapter 1161 Absorbing evil spirits
Chapter 1162 Entering the Inner World
Chapter 1163 Medicine City
Chapter 1164 Arriving at Sifang City
Chapter 1165 The Power of the Yin Evil Finger
Chapter 1166 Going to the Medicine Masters Mansion
Chapter 1167 Just one knife
Chapter 1168 Blood Sealing Pill
Chapter 1169 Medicine Masters Mansion Surrenders
Chapter 1170 Kunai Master
Chapter 1171 Honor Jiang Ning
Chapter 1172 The Three Demons of the Huang Family
Chapter 1173 What was supposed to come finally came
Chapter 1174 Dare to stop me?
Chapter 1175 Can you also play with fire?
Chapter 1176 Take action together
Chapter 1177 Another one dies
Chapter 1178 Magic Gourd
Chapter 1179 This treasure is mine
Chapter 1180 Come and kill me
Chapter 1181 Green Sword Moves
Chapter 1182 Little Green, Little Black
Chapter 1183 Start torturing ants
Chapter 1184 Abuse of the three sects
Chapter 1185 Lao Wu goes to battle
Chapter 1186 Dark Eye Technique
Chapter 1187 Everyone, come together
Chapter 1188 Found them
Chapter 1189 Buying Flame Grass
Chapter 1190 Preparing to go to Cross Gate
Chapter 1191 Ghost Face
Chapter 1192 Distress
Chapter 1193 Im going to beat you to death
Chapter 1194 Invincible Aman
Chapter 1195 Miraculous Pill
Chapter 1196 Do you know the Young Sect Master?
Chapter 1197 Shen Tianwei
Chapter 1198 Second Uncle, Third Uncle
Chapter 1199 Everyone agreed
Chapter 1200 You have to be careful about them
Chapter 1201 Going to Cross Gate
Chapter 1202 Arriving at Wildfire City
Chapter 1203 Let them kneel down
Chapter 1204 A bunch of lackeys
Chapter 1205 Shopping
Chapter 1206 Thunder Leopard is coming
Chapter 1207 He is the eldest brother of the Young Sect Master
Chapter 1208 Head-on confrontation
Chapter 1209 Are you scared?
Chapter 1210 Agreement
Chapter 1211 Weird Situation
Chapter 1212 I want to give it to my elder brother
Chapter 1213 Summoning the Dragon
Chapter 1214 The Dragon Appears
Chapter 1215 It went crazy
Chapter 1216 Big brother arrives
Chapter 1217 We are brothers
Chapter 1218 Brothers reunited
Chapter 1219 Shadow Killer
Chapter 1220 A sigh
Chapter 1221 Little girl, ghost
Chapter 1222 Things that should be solved
Chapter 1223 I am enough alone
Chapter 1224 Going to Black Wind Valley
Chapter 1225 Cleaning up the portal
Chapter 1226 You are still ants
Chapter 1227 Pei
Chapter 1228 Cleanup Completed
Chapter 1229 Going to Tianyinfang
Chapter 1230 The Choice of the Saint
Chapter 1231 I want to challenge her
Chapter 1232 The Saint Election Ends
Chapter 1233 Treasure Hunt in Snow Mirror Lake
Chapter 1234 The Goddess of the Lake
Chapter 1235 The unreasonable female devil
Chapter 1236 Dont blame me
Chapter 1237 Xiaolu is angry
Chapter 1238 Coronation of the Saint
Chapter 1239 Completely forgotten
Chapter 1240 Territory Sealing Formation
Chapter 1241 Search
Chapter 1242 Found the ladies
Chapter 1243 Search for your soul
Chapter 1244 The thief was discovered
Chapter 1245 A Prince Charming falls from the sky
Chapter 1246 Meeting Wei Ziqing for the first time
Chapter 1247 Unlocking the Crystal Ball
Chapter 1248 The cunning Marshal Bi
Chapter 1249 Desire at the Bottom of the Cave
Chapter 1250 Dont fight here
Chapter 1251 They are all poisoned
Chapter 1252 Dedicate yourself
Chapter 1253 Being bullied again
Chapter 1254 Poor Xiao Jiangjiang
Chapter 1255 Leave quickly
Chapter 1256 You cant leave
Chapter 1257 Capturing Jiang Ning
Chapter 1258 Begin to break the formation
Chapter 1259 Do you dare to hurt him?
Chapter 1260 I dont want to hit a woman
Chapter 1261 Im going to hunt him down
Chapter 1262 There is someone in the ancient world
Chapter 1263 Looking for opportunities
Chapter 1264 The scary little girl
Chapter 1265 Someone comes in again
Chapter 1266 Play with me
Chapter 1267 Do you know Yu'er?
Chapter 1268 The strange giant snake
Chapter 1269 Ill stay with you
Chapter 1270 Im not looking for you
Chapter 1271 I come from another world
Chapter 1272 I have a big brother
Chapter 1273 Return to Cross Gate
Chapter 1274 The Empress is chasing after her
Chapter 1275 Shen Tianwei is back
Chapter 1276 Go rescue people tomorrow
Chapter 1277 The scary little black
Chapter 1278 Portal?
Chapter 1279 Follow in
Chapter 1280 The Giant Snake Appears
Chapter 1281 Replenishing Energy
Chapter 1282 The terror of Pei Luo Shen
Chapter 1283 The Empress is Rescued
Chapter 1284 I just want you to play with me
Chapter 1285 As a playmate
Chapter 1286 Another Demonic Cultivator
Chapter 1287 The Empress Choice
Chapter 1288 Restoration of Cultivation
Chapter 1289 Everyone comes
Chapter 1290 No match
Chapter 1291 The terrifying little black
Chapter 1292 The blood evil spirit disappears
Chapter 1293 The Most Poisonous God Pei Luo
Chapter 1294 They are scared
Chapter 1295 You are a sword
Chapter 1296 A Drop of Sword Heart
Chapter 1297 The old man in sheepskin fur
Chapter 1298 Because of me, there is no immortal in the world
Chapter 1299 The Thirteenth Level of Ancient Qi Condensation
Chapter 1300 Leaving the Ancient World Together
Chapter 1301 Attacking Bailu City
Chapter 1302 The First of the Four Spiritual Kings
Chapter 1303 Killing the Red Devil
Chapter 1304 Just a glance
Chapter 1305 Who is more powerful?
Chapter 1306 Pei Luo Shen appears
Chapter 1307 Queen Cai appears
Chapter 1308 You crazy woman
Chapter 1309 Im kidding you
Chapter 1310 The Origin of Tao
Chapter 1311 Is it you??
Chapter 1312 Foolish Old Wu
Chapter 1313 Ill take her to play
Chapter 1314 Blood mist fills the sky
Chapter 1315 You finally appeared
Chapter 1316 Inner Alchemy
Chapter 1317 Amans Divine Power
Chapter 1318 Golden Talisman to Save Life
Chapter 1319 Against the Heavens?
Chapter 1320 The Tenth Barrier
Chapter 1321 You dont want to
Chapter 1322 Pursuit
Chapter 1323 The Tenth Cauldron
Chapter 1324 Conquering the Demon Cultivator
Chapter 1325 His surname is Pei
Chapter 1326 The person frozen in ice
Chapter 1327 Brother Jiang
Chapter 1328 Can you survive the fight?
Chapter 1329 Going to the Spiritual Palace
Chapter 1330 The most ruthless Pei Luoshen
Chapter 1331 Sensing danger
Chapter 1332 Imprisoned Tianyinfang disciples
Chapter 1333 Kill them all
Chapter 1334 What kind of bad guy is he?
Chapter 1335 Blood Refining Technique
Chapter 1336 Blood Son
Chapter 1337 The captured empress
Chapter 1338 The Twenty-one Blood Son
Chapter 1339 Altar of Babel
Chapter 1340 Destroying the Altar
Chapter 1341 The Fleeing Daughters
Chapter 1342 Rushing to the Spiritual Palace
Chapter 1343 Seeing the Empress
Chapter 1344 Im going to kill Pei Luoshen
Chapter 1345 The war begins (1)
Chapter 1346 The war begins (2)
Chapter 1347 The war begins (3)
Chapter 1348 The war begins (4)
Chapter 1349 Finally meeting the queen sister
Chapter 1350 Chase
Chapter 1351 Abyss
Chapter 1352 Ghost
Chapter 1353 A good fortune
Chapter 1354 Blood Refining Begins
Chapter 1355 This...
Chapter 1356 I will kill him
Chapter 1357 Black Soul Flag
Chapter 1358 Blood Oath
Chapter 1359 My sister
Chapter 1360 Can you help me?
Chapter 1361 Finding Pei Luo Shen
Chapter 1362 Killing Pei (1)
Chapter 1363 Killing Pei (2)
Chapter 1364 Killing Pei (3)
Chapter 1365 Killing Pei (4)
Chapter 1366 Do you want me to be your master?
Chapter 1367 Master, how strong are you?
Chapter 1368 The Black Soul Flag Belongs to Me
Chapter 1369 Master is gone
Chapter 1370 The horror of blood refining method
Chapter 1371 Seeing Jiang Ning
Chapter 1372 The empress wakes up
Chapter 1373 The Empress is going crazy
Chapter 1374 Wei Ziqings reaction
Chapter 1375 Go rescue people
Chapter 1376 Destruction of the Altar
Chapter 1377 Everyone is reunited
Chapter 1378 Jiang Nings Baby
Chapter 1379 Wei Ziqing tells the truth
Chapter 1380 The sky has changed
Chapter 1381 The Ninth Day
Chapter 1382 Farewell
Chapter 1383 I am invincible, okay?
Chapter 1384 Is this reconciliation?
Chapter 1385 The violent spiritual body
Chapter 1386 Im looking at the sky
Chapter 1387 The Tenth Day
Chapter 1388 The portal appears
Chapter 1389 The old devil appears
Chapter 1390 The Dao Body of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1391 The Empress Decision
Chapter 1392 Entering Tianlong Continent for the first time
Chapter 1393 Baiyun City
Chapter 1394 Trash Sect
Chapter 1395 Flying Magical Instrument
Chapter 1396 The scum looking for abuse
Chapter 1397 Rushing to Ten Thousand Medicine Sect
Chapter 1398 Join directly
Chapter 1399 The Situation of Ten Thousand Medicine Sect
Chapter 1400 Late Night Visit
Chapter 1401 I am your ancestor
Chapter 1402 Jiang Zu
Chapter 1403 My cave
Chapter 1404 Inner Courtyard, Sun Hu
Chapter 1405 Teasing
Chapter 1406 Great Elder Sun Tai
Chapter 1407: Animal Attracting Powder
Chapter 1408 Blood Jade Wolf Spider
Chapter 1409 Situ Qings helplessness
Chapter 1410 One sword, decapitation
Chapter 1411 Soul Chasing Insect
Chapter 1412 Lu Zhan Sun Tai
Chapter 1413 Leader Bai Shi
Chapter 1414 Seeing Jiang Zu
Chapter 1415 Shiraishis Gratitude
Chapter 1416 Ant Regrets the Heaven
Chapter 1417 The best elixir
Chapter 1418 Begins to form pills
Chapter 1419: Give up forming pills
Chapter 1420 Arriving in time
Chapter 1421 Cut off an arm
Chapter 1422 You should leave
Chapter 1423 Disaster is coming
Chapter 1424 Granny Jinhua
Chapter 1425: Destruction of the Family (1)
Chapter 1426: Destruction of the Family (2)
Chapter 1427 Destruction of the Family (3)
Chapter 1428 Too much noise
Chapter 1429 Who lives? Who dies?
Chapter 1430 Another one is coming
Chapter 1431 Human-eating Blood Vine
Chapter 1432: After one wave, another wave arises
Chapter 1433 Spirit Stone Sarcophagus
Chapter 1434 Bloody Cloud
Chapter 1435 Infant Blood Stone
Chapter 1436 Luo Lie
Chapter 1437 Counterattack
Chapter 1438 Kill again
Chapter 1439 Search
Chapter 1440 The sect is destroyed
Chapter 1441 Three-Eyed Blood Parrot
Chapter 1442 Small Town
Chapter 1443 Chapter 1443 About the Blood Knife Sect
Chapter 1444 Preparing to go to Baiyun City
Chapter 1445 Han Tao
Chapter 1446: Grudge
Chapter 1447 Honest Han Tao
Chapter 1448 He is dead
Chapter 1449 Kill directly
Chapter 1450 Su Ji, Su Ming
Chapter 1451 Give you a piece of advice
Chapter 1452 Golden Eyes Burning Desolation Technique
Chapter 1453 Successfully promoted
Chapter 1454 Return to Baiyun City
Chapter 1455 Two major shops
Chapter 1456 Learning the truth
Chapter 1457 The truth about the Blood Knife Sect
Chapter 1458 Opening a Store
Chapter 1459 Huaxia Pharmaceutical
Chapter 1460 Opening successfully
Chapter 1461 The first winner
Chapter 1462 The troublemaker is here
Chapter 1463 Zhao Tianba
Chapter 1464 Where to find a strong person?
Chapter 1465 Seven Shopkeepers
Chapter 1466 Third Grade Great Alchemist
Chapter 1467 I am Mu Xiong!
Chapter 1468 Blood Return Pill
Chapter 1469 The real person looking for trouble
Chapter 1470 Fake Pill
Chapter 1471 Mark
Chapter 1472 Temporarily closed
Chapter 1473 One old and one young
Chapter 1474 There is a strong man
Chapter 1475 I can cure it
Chapter 1476 Five days
Chapter 1477: To cut the grass, we need to remove the root.
Chapter 1478 Can it be refined?
Chapter 1479 The time has come
Chapter 1480 The Second Pill
Chapter 1481 Stinky old man, bad old man
Chapter 1482 I know someone
Chapter 1483 What kind of world is this?
Chapter 1484 Stable
Chapter 1485 Continue to torture them
Chapter 1486 Like a resentful woman
Chapter 1487 Go to war
Chapter 1488 Do you want to know who I am?
Chapter 1489 The popular Huaxia Pharmaceutical
Chapter 1490 Ancient Foundation Building
Chapter 1491 Seven Ancient Times
Chapter 1492 Mu Laos resentment
Chapter 1493 Before leaving
Chapter 1494 Meeting a practitioner on the road
Chapter 1495 Golden Robe Dwarf
Chapter 1496 Killing and destroying corpses
Chapter 1497 The Dying Man
Chapter 1498 Broken Mask
Chapter 1499 Star Sand
Chapter 1500 Repair successful
Chapter 1501 Trade Fair
Chapter 1502 Friends
Chapter 1503 The trade fair begins
Chapter 1504 Trade Fair Situation
Chapter 1505 Nine Sun Resurrection Grass
Chapter 1506 Beautiful Qiuyi
Chapter 1507 Chase (1)
Chapter 1508 Chase (2)
Chapter 1509 Chase (3)
Chapter 1510 Chase (4)
Chapter 1511 Chase (5)
Chapter 1512 Chase (6)
Chapter 1513 Chase (7)
Chapter 1514 Chase (8)
Chapter 1515 Chase (9)
Chapter 1516 Chase (10)
Chapter 1517 Foundation Building (1)
Chapter 1518 Foundation Building (2)
Chapter 1519 Foundation Building (3)
Chapter 1520 Memories (1)
Chapter 1521 Who kills whom?
Chapter 1522 The feeling of being hunted
Chapter 1523 Lingyun Cave, Wu Family Sword Pavilion
Chapter 1524 Escape
Chapter 1525 Save us
Chapter 1526 Why are you so strong?
Chapter 1527 Temporarily staying in Qihuang Valley
Chapter 1528 Cultivation in the Cave
Chapter 1529 Someone from Qingming Sect comes
Chapter 1530 Parting on bad terms
Chapter 1531 Some revenge is due
Chapter 1532 Begins Revenge
Chapter 1533 The killing begins
Chapter 1534 Bloody Revenge
Chapter 1535 Absorbing Souls
Chapter 1536 Qingming Sect
Chapter 1537 Battle with Grandma Jinhua
Chapter 1538 Battle with Grandma Jinhua (2)
Chapter 1539 Killing Grandma Jinhua
Chapter 1540 Killing the Qingming Sect
Chapter 1541 Supreme Elder, Feng Sihai
Chapter 1542 The Strongest Killing Move
Chapter 1543 Hostages
Chapter 1544 Dare to threaten me?
Chapter 1545 Two monks
Chapter 1546 Going to Luoxia Mountain
Chapter 1547 Ugly Girl
Chapter 1548 Hero Monument
Chapter 1549 Worship
Chapter 1550 The mysterious visitor
Chapter 1551 Stay for now
Chapter 1552 The dangers of foreign battlefields
Chapter 1553 How to enter the extraterritorial battlefield
Chapter 1554 Shangguan Tianyou
Chapter 1555 The old beggar
Chapter 1556 Duanmu Heiming is chasing after him
Chapter 1557 The extraterritorial battlefield opens
Chapter 1558 I am qualified
Chapter 1559 Issuing a blood curse
Chapter 1560 Enter inside
Chapter 1561 Scheming Woman
Chapter 1562 Dikui Beast
Chapter 1563 A Dragon Corpse
Chapter 1564 Lu Mans thoughts
Chapter 1565 The pursuer
Chapter 1566 Array Master?
Chapter 1567 Killing the formation with formation
Chapter 1568 Kidnapped
Chapter 1569 Parting
Chapter 1570 Let her go
Chapter 1571 Fourth level formation seal
Chapter 1572 Nascent Soul Ancient Corpse
Chapter 1573 Jiang Nings Fear
Chapter 1574 The Origin of the Black Sword
Chapter 1575 My name is Qianhong
Chapter 1576 Lets go
Chapter 1577 Inquiring about the Blood Knife Sect
Chapter 1578 First time meeting
Chapter 1579 Battle, Blood Knife Sect
Chapter 1580 Blood Spirit Formation
Chapter 1581 The Breath of the Great Demon
Chapter 1582 Corpses all over the ground
Chapter 1583 Soul?
Chapter 1584 Conquering the Soul Charm
Chapter 1585 I know where the treasure is
Chapter 1586 The Great Wall of Sword Qi
Chapter 1587 Black and White Scroll
Chapter 1588 Sword, come!
Chapter 1589 Entering the Altar
Chapter 1590 Soul-Suppressing Nail
Chapter 1591 The Supreme Sect of the Corpse Ghost Sect
Chapter 1592 Xi Yangzi
Chapter 1593 About the truth
Chapter 1594 Escape
Chapter 1595 Hun Meis decision
Chapter 1596 Entering Montenegro
Chapter 1597 Monster Soul Core
Chapter 1598 Pill Formation (1)
Chapter 1599 Pill Formation (2)
Chapter 1600 The arrival of the Giant Que Sect
Chapter 1601 The Protected Soul Charm
Chapter 1602 Three inner elixirs
Chapter 1603 The real power
Chapter 1604 The Hidden Moon Sect arrives
Chapter 1605 It wakes up
Chapter 1606 The Bottom of Black Mountain
Chapter 1607 The formation gate opens
Chapter 1608 Duanmu Heimings Hatred
Chapter 1609 All coming
Chapter 1610 Red Kui Ancient Beast
Chapter 1611 Battle with the Ancient Scarlet Kui Beast
Chapter 1612 What does this mean?
Chapter 1613 I'm waiting for you
Chapter 1614 Entrusted by Others
Chapter 1615 Three Things
Chapter 1616 Collapse of the battlefield outside the territory
Chapter 1617 Everyone leaves
Chapter 1618 A sudden storm arises
Chapter 1619 Jiang Ning comes out
Chapter 1620 Tailing Sutra
Chapter 1621 The inheritance of ancient immortals
Chapter 1622 The Power of Time
Chapter 1623 Battle between Two Beasts
Chapter 1624 A big fight
Chapter 1625 Something happened to the eldest lady
Chapter 1626 The God of Death is Coming
Chapter 1627 The killing begins
Chapter 1628 Qingming Sects Formation
Chapter 1629 Years
Chapter 1630 Seal
Chapter 1631 Return to Baiyun City
Chapter 1632 My wife is awesome
Chapter 1633 Dead Liar
Chapter 1634 I am her husband
Chapter 1635 The Situation of Huaxia Pharmaceutical
Chapter 1636 Liar incident
Chapter 1637 The Guardian of the Sixth Branch
Chapter 1638 Who is the dead liar?
Chapter 1639 My lover is back
Chapter 1640 I whispered to my wife
Chapter 1641 I built the foundation, you fool
Chapter 1642 The Violence of the Lingyin Holy Body
Chapter 1643 Crazy Aman
Chapter 1644 Strange Sound
Chapter 1645 Luo Mingdao is speechless
Chapter 1646 Do you still want to pick up girls?
Chapter 1647 Aman, stop it!
Chapter 1648 Looking for Sound
Chapter 1649 Ancient Taoist Well
Chapter 1650 Black Mist Monster
Chapter 1651 The Fifth Mountain and Sea Immortal Technique
Chapter 1652 Ji Family World
Chapter 1653 Tianyuan Ax
Chapter 1654 Akagis last words
Chapter 1655 Barbarian God Technique
Chapter 1656 Countless Treasures
Chapter 1657 The best spiritual stone
Chapter 1658 Suddenly remembered
Chapter 1659 Someone coming from the Blood Knife Sect
Chapter 1660 Coming
Chapter 1661 The attack of the Blood Knife Sect
Chapter 1662 New and old grudges
Chapter 1663 Kill them
Chapter 1664 Blood Compass
Chapter 1665 Self-destruction
Chapter 1666 Killing Yuanying (1)
Chapter 1667 Killing Yuanying (2)
Chapter 1668 Wave after wave
Chapter 1669 Jiangning Retreat
Chapter 1670 Give it to me!!!
Chapter 1671 The little guy is born
Chapter 1672 Earthquake in Nanyu Continent
Chapter 1673 Immortal corpse descends from heaven
Chapter 1674 Nine-leaf Lotus Seal
Chapter 1675 People from the East
Chapter 1676 Transformation
Chapter 1677 Jiang Nings magic weapon
Chapter 1678 Is it related to me?
Chapter 1679 Go find the corpse of the immortal
Chapter 1680 Traveling together
Chapter 1681 Jiang Nings decision
Chapter 1682 Making the Corpse Chief
Chapter 1683 So what if Im crazy?
Chapter 1684 A small witch can see a big witch
Chapter 1685 In desperate situation
Chapter 1686 Light Pillar Formation
Chapter 1687 The heroes compete for the throne
Chapter 1688 The youngest son of the Ji family
Chapter 1689 Immortal Corpse Summoning
Chapter 1690 He is not dead...
Chapter 1691 Inside the Immortal Corpse
Chapter 1692 Totem Savage Cultivator
Chapter 1693 Purple Fragments
Chapter 1694 All destroyed
Chapter 1695 Immortal inheritance
Chapter 1696 Jiang Nings decision
Chapter 1697 Are they worthy?
Chapter 1698 Immortal, wake up!
Chapter 1699 Your Mother
Chapter 1700 Senior Long Yi
Chapter 1701 Tantai Bright Moon
Chapter 1702 I like you
Chapter 1703 Battle with Ji Mingfeng
Chapter 1704 Swallow him
Chapter 1705 Great changes in the world
Chapter 1706 Before the war
Chapter 1707 The killing begins
Chapter 1708 Qianhong is coming
Chapter 1709 The gift of a sword
Chapter 1710 Battle with Situ Jie
Chapter 1711 Destroy Situjie
Chapter 1712 Jiang Ning appears
Chapter 1713 Fight, fight, fight!
Chapter 1714 Seal the Southern Territory
Chapter 1715 Im not doing it for him
Chapter 1716 I, Mo Yuan, am back
Chapter 1717 The rumored old devil
Chapter 1718 How to Move Mountains
Chapter 1719 In the Rebirth Cave
Chapter 1720 Black Mist Figure
Chapter 1721 Ordinary Beads
Chapter 1722 Zhang Daxian
Chapter 1723 Strange Scorched Earth
Chapter 1724 Going to the Tomb of the Ancient Immortal
Chapter 1725 Kongs Mark
Chapter 1726 Released
Chapter 1727 I want to recruit a younger brother
Chapter 1728 Call me Master Hun
Chapter 1729 Swallow it in one gulp
Chapter 1730 The Soul Master is Invincible
Chapter 1731 So many people?
Chapter 1732 I want to kill him
Chapter 1733 Cutting off ones hands
Chapter 1734 Five Motu Alliances
Chapter 1735 Straw Hat Old Man
Chapter 1736 Luo Family Auction
Chapter 1737 You must get it
Chapter 1738 This treasure belongs to me
Chapter 1739 One word, grab!!!
Chapter 1740 The fourth ancestor of the Luo family!
Chapter 1741 Lets fight!!
Chapter 1742 Sword Refining
Chapter 1743 The establishment of the Golden Light Sect
Chapter 1744 The fifth sword
Chapter 1745: Grabbing money, grabbing food, and grabbing territory!
Chapter 1746 I will kill you all
Chapter 1747 The Meng Family of Motu Palace
Chapter 1748 Meng Linger is here
Chapter 1749 Kill them...
Chapter 1750 Mrs. Yazhai
Chapter 1751 Time Sword Formation
Chapter 1752 Praise me now
Chapter 1753 Stupid woman
Chapter 1754 Be my slave
Chapter 1755 The Meng Family Battle
Chapter 1756 Starting from the Meng Family
Chapter 1757 Ancestor Jinguang
Chapter 1758 Let it go temporarily
Chapter 1759 Negotiation
Chapter 1760 The Founder of the Meng Family
Chapter 1761 An upright battle
Chapter 1762 War Transformation God
Chapter 1763 Lotus, Time
Chapter 1764 Recruitment
Chapter 1765 Three Color Naying Dan
Chapter 1766 I join you
Chapter 1767 Who is he?
Chapter 1768 Isnt it too good for me?
Chapter 1769 I want to kill Jiang Ning
Chapter 1770 Are you worthy?
Chapter 1771 Who else?
Chapter 1772 Three Color Naying Dan Successful
Chapter 1773 What a bully
Chapter 1774 Got into big trouble
Chapter 1775 Im just borrowing it
Chapter 1776 Ten Days
Chapter 1777 Conquest
Chapter 1778 The ugly woman of Han Xues family
Chapter 1779 Am I afraid of you?
Chapter 1780 The birth of ice silkworms
Chapter 1781 Do you still want me to die?
Chapter 1782 This is how I protect the calf
Chapter 1783 Eight Desolations Formation
Chapter 1784 The Five Alliances of Motu Palace
Chapter 1785 Changes in the Tomb of the Ancient Immortal
Chapter 1786 You must force me to take action
Chapter 1787 The Lifeline of the Immortal
Chapter 1788 The Road to Immortality Begins
Chapter 1789 Female Immortal Corpse
Chapter 1790 The Power of Curse
Chapter 1791 Everyone is here
Chapter 1792 Fight if you want
Chapter 1793 Protect him to the death
Chapter 1794 The Undead Real Person
Chapter 1795 The fairy is alive
Chapter 1796 Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1797 The Second Wave
Chapter 1798 Bloody Thunder
Chapter 1799 My name is Kong Ci
Chapter 1800 Five Color Totem Sky
Chapter 1801 Fire Totem
Chapter 1802 Chaos in Beimang
Chapter 1803 Fight to the Death
Chapter 1804 The Eight Wastelands Formation Appears
Chapter 1805 The power of the Eight Desolations Formation
Chapter 1806: Trapped God
Chapter 1807 Feeling of hunger
Chapter 1808 Return safely
Chapter 1809 Current Plan
Chapter 1810 You are mine!
Chapter 1811 Be my follower
Chapter 1812 Next Plan
Chapter 1813 Decided to go to the tribe
Chapter 1814 A sense of danger
Chapter 1815 I come from the Cave of Rebirth
Chapter 1816 Goodbye Old Man Straw Hat
Chapter 1817 Meeting Da Silong for the first time
Chapter 1818 Give away a bottle of elixir
Chapter 1819 Cant be a guest
Chapter 1820 Breeder
Chapter 1821 Do you want to die?
Chapter 1822 Qingmu Lang asks for help
Chapter 1823 Little Wolf Cub
Chapter 1824 Refining the Demon Pill
Chapter 1825 Refining the Demon Feeding Pill
Chapter 1826 The Will of Heaven
Chapter 1827 Wu Hai Da Si Long
Chapter 1828 Be quiet
Chapter 1829 Two Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 1830 I want this little guy
Chapter 1831 Monster Fighting Competition
Chapter 1832 The Day of Demon Fight
Chapter 1833 The demon fight begins
Chapter 1834 How cruel
Chapter 1835 Competition Result
Chapter 1836 The final winner
Chapter 1837 Challenge Allowed
Chapter 1838 The Style of a King
Chapter 1839 I will kill you
Chapter 1840 Who dares to stop me?
Chapter 1841 The Gate to the Holy Mountain Opens
Chapter 1842 The baby transformation is here
Chapter 1843 Holy Mountain Barrier
Chapter 1844 Altar of Enlightenment
Chapter 1845 The illusion is destroyed
Chapter 1846 The Fire Spirit Returns
Chapter 1847 The Return of the Fire Spirit Begins
Chapter 1848 I only eat him
Chapter 1849 Five Gods
Chapter 1850 He is an immortal
Chapter 1851 Fighting between gods
Chapter 1852 A shocking reversal
Chapter 1853 Restoration of Immortal Body
Chapter 1854 Karma Knife
Chapter 1855 Erase everything
Chapter 1856 Ill let you kill them all!
Chapter 1857 Kill the Immortal Palace
Chapter 1858 I will kill you
Chapter 1859 See how I torture you
Chapter 1860 Torture You
Chapter 1861 Immortal Technique: Destruction of Cause and Effect
Chapter 1862 Nine Heavens Emperor Flag
Chapter 1863 Return to the tribe
Chapter 1864 Blood Crow Conspiracy
Chapter 1865 Going to the Ebony Tribe
Chapter 1866 The battle between the two races
Chapter 1867 The Sigh of Wood
Chapter 1868 Why should he?
Chapter 1869 The Wood Spirit Returns
Chapter 1870 Yan Yun
Chapter 1871 Stronger than Immortal
Chapter 1872 Jiangnings magical power
Chapter 1873 Fight with me
Chapter 1874 Self-mutilation strategy
Chapter 1875 Come on, keep going!
Chapter 1876 Its Jiang Ning
Chapter 1877 Great changes in Beimang
Chapter 1878 The tribe is destroyed
Chapter 1879 All Spirit Rings in Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1880 Tantai appears
Chapter 1881 Inner Demon
Chapter 1882: Seizing the five-color water spirit
Chapter 1883 Storm in Beimang
Chapter 1884 Bloodbath in Beimang
Chapter 1885 Golden Totem is in danger
Chapter 1886 The poisonous spider seeks life
Chapter 1887 Poisonous Spider Holy Insect
Chapter 1888 The Battle of Catastrophe
Chapter 1889 A step too late
Chapter 1890 The Final Battle
Chapter 1891 Purple Rain Arrives
Chapter 1892 The annihilation begins
Chapter 1893 Jiang Ning, fight alone!
Chapter 1894 Fight for him
Chapter 1895 He wants to kill me
Chapter 1896 Scare them off
Chapter 1897 The Fall of Daozi
Chapter 1898 Beimang Incident
Chapter 1899 The question is coming
Chapter 1900 A Straw Hat
Chapter 1901 Dare to mess with me?
Chapter 1902 The First Appearance of the Holy Body
Chapter 1903 Seizing the Body
Chapter 1904 Senior brother, junior brother!
Chapter 1905 Ninety-Nine Steps on Immortal Sky Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1906 Resisting the Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1907 The Last Tears of the Sword Spirit
Chapter 1908 Rain of Extinction
Chapter 1909 Lost Hope
Chapter 1910 Catastrophe from Heaven
Chapter 1911 I want to see your master
Chapter 1912 Transaction
Chapter 1913 The Second Life and Death Tribulation
Chapter 1914 What is death? What is life?
Chapter 1915 There is no time in the sea
Chapter 1916 Time flies
Chapter 1917 Becoming Zihai
Chapter 1918 Someone is coming, someone is leaving
Chapter 1919 A hundred years!
Chapter 1920 The Seventh Infant
Chapter 1921 The Infant of Extinction
Chapter 1922 Black Dragon Tribe
Chapter 1923 I havent killed anyone in a long time
Chapter 1924 Seeking Death
Chapter 1925 Twenty breaths!
Chapter 1926 True Power
Chapter 1927 Huyan Wanlie
Chapter 1928 Going back?
Chapter 1929 A woman named Meng
Chapter 1930 Recognized
Chapter 1931 Where is the soul charm?
Chapter 1932 Entering the Ink Land
Chapter 1933 Meeting your ancestors
Chapter 1934 Do you want me to destroy the city?
Chapter 1935 Divine Forbidden Area
Chapter 1936 Come out, true body
Chapter 1937 The true body appears
Chapter 1938 The seventh baby appears
Chapter 1939 The intention to exterminate
Chapter 1940 Infanticide
Chapter 1941 Goodbye Soul Charm
Chapter 1942 Find someone to ask
Chapter 1943 Three Ancient Classics
Chapter 1944 Beast Soul Chariot
Chapter 1945 The Chariot Awakens
Chapter 1946 Immortal Ancient Token
Chapter 1947 An isolated island
Chapter 1948 Lingxiao Sect
Chapter 1949 Undersea Demon
Chapter 1950 Fighting the Demon Man
Chapter 1951 Truth, Opportunity
Chapter 1952 Searching
Chapter 1953 Killing Intention Erosion
Chapter 1954 Blood Immortal Mask
Chapter 1955 Are you angry?
Chapter 1956 Blood Moon Burial Sky
Chapter 1957 Jiang Ning comes up
Chapter 1958 Revenge for you
Chapter 1959 Finally coming back soon
Chapter 1960 Master and Disciple Meet
Chapter 1961 Scared
Chapter 1962 The past emerges
Chapter 1963 He is coming back
Chapter 1964 She also has one
Chapter 1965 Happy Crying
Chapter 1966 Im back
Chapter 1967 Inhuman Abuse
Chapter 1968 What a big hooligan
Chapter 1969 Who do you owe?
Chapter 1970 I am really not a human being
Chapter 1971 I have a son
Chapter 1972 Hello, I am your father!
Chapter 1973 Eating Dragon Meat
Chapter 1974 Ten Days
Chapter 1975 Looking for Lin Qingzhu
Chapter 1976 Waiting for Lin Qingzhu
Chapter 1977 The strong man is coming
Chapter 1978 Looking for the Mask
Chapter 1979 Preparing to go to Nanyu Continent
Chapter 1980 The person seeking death
Chapter 1981 Ill kill you all
Chapter 1982 Kill them all
Chapter 1983 The female nuns who were forced to sacrifice
Chapter 1984 My little master is not a bad person
Chapter 1985 Revealing True Appearance
Chapter 1986 Jade Slip Brand
Chapter 1987 Let them come to me
Chapter 1988 They are coming soon
Chapter 1989 Hand over the Immortal Treasure
Chapter 1990 Battle with the Infant Transformation
Chapter 1991 Come and help me
Chapter 1992 This is magic
Chapter 1993 You cant kill me
Chapter 1994 Lin Qingzhu wakes up
Chapter 1995 I satisfy you
Chapter 1996 I have two
Chapter 1997 Do you want treasure?
Chapter 1998 Sister-in-laws concerns
Chapter 1999 Big family reunion
Chapter 2000 Do you like Jiang Ning?
Chapter 2001 Lao Wu is an emotional expert
Chapter 2002 Are you willing to accept her?
Chapter 2003 A tiring night
Chapter 2004 Its embarrassing
Chapter 2005 The Immortal Giant in Silver Armor
Chapter 2006 Should I kill him?
Chapter 2007 A trip to the holy land of the virtual world
Chapter 2008 Immortal Stage, Candidate List
Chapter 2009 Gathering
Chapter 2010 Bullying?
Chapter 2011 You are my friends!
Chapter 2012 Silver Lamp Master
Chapter 2013 The battle asked
Chapter 2014 Ji Xuan'er
Chapter 2015 The Eternal Seven Infants Appear
Chapter 2016 Do you know her?
Chapter 2017 He is not a human, but a soul
Chapter 2018 Entering the Holy Land of Virtual Realm
Chapter 2019 The City of Immortal Heritage
Chapter 2020 The Puppet
Chapter 2021 True Spirit Night
Chapter 2022 True Spirit Nights Dream
Chapter 2023 Looking for the body of the host
Chapter 2024 Oh no, something big happened
Chapter 2025 Three Conditions
Chapter 2026 Immortal Qing Sect
Chapter 2027: Go inside?
Chapter 2028 The figure of the fourth peak
Chapter 2029 Dreaming back to ancient times
Chapter 2030 Ling Sansi
Chapter 2031 The Fourth Peak Avenue Supreme
Chapter 2032 The Nature of the Evil Young Man
Chapter 2033 Im really a bastard
Chapter 2034 Recruiting new disciples
Chapter 2035 I want to make a decision about her
Chapter 2036 We are actually old acquaintances
Chapter 2037 You should know me
Chapter 2038 I want to practice!
Chapter 2039 Breaking through the second peak
Chapter 2040 Overbearing Dad
Chapter 2041 I want to practice
Chapter 2042 One of the Two Holy Lands
Chapter 2043 Tianfang Ancient Beast
Chapter 2044 What is your identity?
Chapter 2045 Give up and make peace
Chapter 2046 The First Level Trial
Chapter 2047 The Trial Ground Opens
Chapter 2048 The Tenth Floor
Chapter 2049 Ling Yunhais voice
Chapter 2050 This is naked cheating
Chapter 2051 Do you want me to help you?
Chapter 2052 The Soul of the Cave of Rebirth!
Chapter 2053 Force me to use my ultimate move
Chapter 2054 Dont you want me to repay you?
Chapter 2055 Three Yins Return to Heaven Technique
Chapter 2056 Battle at the foot of ancient gods
Chapter 2057 Must win
Chapter 2058 Fathers Eyes
Chapter 2059 Who dares to hurt my son?
Chapter 2060 Who dares to stop me?
Chapter 2061 Fight to the death, fight to the death!
Chapter 2062 Your father is here
Chapter 2063: Father will take you to fight for nine days
Chapter 2064: Chewing on the old man
Chapter 2065 My father is in a bunker
Chapter 2066 Those who understand current affairs
Chapter 2067 Necromancer Dojo, Uncle Helong
Chapter 2068 Three Thousand Dao Dharma is Not Qualified
Chapter 2069 Long-cherished wish ended
Chapter 2070 Father's love is like a mountain, the sky collapses and the earth falls apart
Chapter 2071 Black Star Immortal Lord
Chapter 2072 Empty Stone Tablet
Chapter 2073 You Cant Go Against Heaven
Chapter 2074 The hidden message
Chapter 2075 Burn out
Chapter 2076 We only wish to die together
Chapter 2077 The only magical opportunity
Chapter 2078 Robbery of the Immortal Sect
Chapter 2079 Difficult Choice
Chapter 2080 Think twice and know youre wrong
Chapter 2081 Where is my stone tablet?
Chapter 2082 Ji Tian
Chapter 2083 Golden Armor
Chapter 2084 Ancient Past Events
Chapter 2085 The Way of Ku Yan
Chapter 2086 The Holy Son of Dao
Chapter 2087: Too Spiritual Sutra
Chapter 2088 The method of killing immortals
Chapter 2089 Soul Clone
Chapter 2090 The Strongest Taoist Technique
Chapter 2091 The Gate of Transformation into Gods
Chapter 2092 Ancient Realm Divine Tribulation
Chapter 2093 Infant Transformation into Taoist Seed
Chapter 2094 The Holy Son is so pitiful
Chapter 2095 Fairy Bamboo, Green Bamboo
Chapter 2096 Changes in Immortal Dao
Chapter 2097 The Invincible East
Chapter 2098 The avenue is cut off
Chapter 2099 Master and Slave
Chapter 2100 Immortal Pattern Tao Seed
Chapter 2101 The second step of infant transformation
Chapter 2102 The Taoist Master at that time
Chapter 2103 Good News
Chapter 2104 Three Thousand Principles
Chapter 2105 The Lin Family in Fairy City
Chapter 2106 We want this beauty
Chapter 2107 Stubborn Donkey Mo Wenyuan
Chapter 2108 Make the decision for us
Chapter 2109 Thieves have face
Chapter 2110 Wedding Day
Chapter 2111 Get in under the crotch
Chapter 2112 Lawlessness
Chapter 2113 The Destiny of the Holy Son
Chapter 2114: Who gives authority to whom?
Chapter 2115 Three Things I Dont Do in Life
Chapter 2116 Double Happiness
Chapter 2117 Spiritual Immortal
Chapter 2118 Immortal Saint Son Order
Chapter 2119 War Letter
Chapter 2120 Bet
Chapter 2121 Find someone for me
Chapter 2122 My daughter is so popular?
Chapter 2123: Suffer death, Ling Sansi
Chapter 2124 Qingtian Bell
Chapter 2125 Defeat
Chapter 2126 Ancestor Chi You
Chapter 2127 Innate Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 2128 How lonely it is to be invincible
Chapter 2129 I died and lived again
Chapter 2130 Worthy of being the Holy Son
Chapter 2131 Green Bamboo Green Bamboo
Chapter 2132 Right eye jumps
Chapter 2133 Breaking the Sky
Chapter 2134 What a Dongfang Wen Dao
Chapter 2135 Road Collision
Chapter 2136 The Ancestor Arrives
Chapter 2137 Burning Immortal Sword
Chapter 2138 The original intention of the avenue
Chapter 2139 Reunion
Chapter 2140 Ask for everything
Chapter 2141 The Heaven-Breaking God-killing Technique
Chapter 2142 Two Secrets
Chapter 2143 Guarding the Way
Chapter 2144 The secret technique of Tiandan
Chapter 2145 Dao Wonderland
Chapter 2146 The Way of Green Bamboo
Chapter 2147 Asking for Immortal Fate
Chapter 2148 Meeting Hong Tai again
Chapter 2149 Shura Sword God Technique
Chapter 2150 Three Rewards
Chapter 2151 Emotional
Chapter 2152 Ill rob you again
Chapter 2153 Its so delicious
Chapter 2154 Aoxue Valley
Chapter 2155 Fighting for the Immortal Mansion
Chapter 2156 A moth flies into the flame
Chapter 2157 Meteor Sword Abyss
Chapter 2158 Falling into the Abyss
Chapter 2159 Holy Shadow
Chapter 2160 Ancient Bronze Gate
Chapter 2161 Under the Abyss
Chapter 2162 The true spirit appears
Chapter 2163 The fusion of sword intentions
Chapter 2164 Changes in Cause and Effect
Chapter 2165 Ill cry for you
Chapter 2166 Farewell
Chapter 2167 The dream is shattered
Chapter 2168 Loss
Chapter 2169 The real Eastern Earth Divine Continent
Chapter 2170 Continental Pattern
Chapter 2171 Gift of Treasures
Chapter 2172 Return to the Abyss
Chapter 2173 A Cow
Chapter 2174 Taming the Black Bull
Chapter 2175 Acquaintances gather together
Chapter 2176 Strong Killing
Chapter 2177 Gathering
Chapter 2178 Hidden Immortal Technique
Chapter 2179 Beyond the Immortal Legacy
Chapter 2180 Stealing the Immortal Fate
Chapter 2181 One-sided level
Chapter 2182 Killing the Immortal
Chapter 2183 Take action
Chapter 2184 The Holy Sons Decree
Chapter 2185 The real artifact
Chapter 2186 The best policy among the best policies
Chapter 2187 The Ji family takes action
Chapter 2188 War between women
Chapter 2189 Chilly Forest Green Bamboo
Chapter 2190 Opening: Blood Moon Burial Sky
Chapter 2191 The first thing
Chapter 2192 Immortal Destiny
Chapter 2193 Eastern Earth Temple
Chapter 2194 Spirit Fairys Request
Chapter 2195 Return to the Southern Region
Chapter 2196 Return to the Ten Thousand Medicine Sect
Chapter 2197 The vicissitudes of the mainland
Chapter 2198 Im finally back
Chapter 2199 Giving Dharma
Chapter 2200 Father and Son
Chapter 2201 Two Silly Guys
Chapter 2202 Reunion Dinner
Chapter 2203 Which brand to flip?
Chapter 2204 In full view
Chapter 2205 Beauty Smiles
Chapter 2206 Not bad for this night
Chapter 2207 Its all for your own good
Chapter 2208 Exotic Customs
Chapter 2209 Good on you, Axiu
Chapter 2210 Breaking the rules
Chapter 2211 Yin Yang Sutra
Chapter 2212 Two peaches kill three men
Chapter 2213 Teaching by words and deeds
Chapter 2214 Yaochi Fairy Peach
Chapter 2215 The Source of Inheritance
Chapter 2216 Mo Yuans Taboo
Chapter 2217 The culprit
Chapter 2218 Life and death
Chapter 2219 Picture of the Immortal God King
Chapter 2220 Joy
Chapter 2221 The fusion of immortality and Taoism
Chapter 2222 Time flies by
Chapter 2223 Red Butterfly
Chapter 2224 Lord of the Southern Territory
Chapter 2225: Demonic words confuse the public
Chapter 2226 Blood Demon Cult
Chapter 2227 Entering the Blood Demon Cult
Chapter 2228 Changes in the Cave
Chapter 2229 The ceremony begins
Chapter 2230 Admission
Chapter 2231 Evil Soul Pill
Chapter 2232 A sudden change in the ceremony
Chapter 2233 Game Over
Chapter 2234 Blood Corpse Ancestor
Chapter 2235 Silver Armor Clone
Chapter 2236 Years and Periods
Chapter 2237 Xinxins strange behavior
Chapter 2238 Ten Years of Agreement
Chapter 2239 Roast the big black cow alive
Chapter 2240 The True Spirit of Heaven
Chapter 2241 Skyrocketing
Chapter 2242 Great World Cycle
Chapter 2243 Eternal Saint Clan
Chapter 2244 Good intentions
Chapter 2245 Farewell
Chapter 2246 Breaking the Confinement
Chapter 2247 Chariot Recovery
Chapter 2248 The Sorrow of Piaomiao Sect
Chapter 2249 The fate of judge
Chapter 2250 Teleport to the East
Chapter 2251 Ancient immortal trail
Chapter 2252 Ancestors of the Chu Family
Chapter 2253 Senbei City
Chapter 2254 Battlefield outside the island
Chapter 2255 An exquisite map
Chapter 2256 Fellow Taoist really knows how to joke
Chapter 2257 Turbulence in the Star Sea
Chapter 2258 Arriving at Tiannan Sect
Chapter 2259 A fateful friendship
Chapter 2260 Which surname is Xu?
Chapter 2261 Getting Started is the True Tradition
Chapter 2262 Array Books
Chapter 2263 Ninth Grade Alchemy Master
Chapter 2264 Changes in the Formation
Chapter 2265 Heavenly Punishment and Thunder Punishment
Chapter 2266 The Legend of Ji
Chapter 2267 The formation is dead end
Chapter 2268 He is a genius
Chapter 2269 Cracking the array problem
Chapter 2270 All in vain?
Chapter 2271 Tenth Level Formation Diagram
Chapter 2272 The last sentence
Chapter 2273 Formation Practice
Chapter 2274 Building a Grand Array
Chapter 2275 Guiming Current
Chapter 2276 Farewell to the Turbulent Sea
Chapter 2277 Return to the Abyss
Chapter 2278 The word Tao shows its power
Chapter 2279 Wanhai Tianxing Sect
Chapter 2280 Rushing out and returning home
Chapter 2281 Three Souls
Chapter 2282 Attracting people
Chapter 2283 The pattern of the Sea of Ten Thousand Stars
Chapter 2284 Dragon Corpse Drops from Heaven
Chapter 2285 Shenzhi
Chapter 2286 The Puppet Ancestor
Chapter 2287 The Boss of the Ten Thousand Stars Alliance
Chapter 2288 Attending the Banquet
Chapter 2289 People from the Yan Clan
Chapter 2290 Array Dao Tianzun Senior Jiang
Chapter 2291 Breaking into the Dragon Palace
Chapter 2292 Dragon Palace Hall
Chapter 2293 Ancestor of Immortal Valley
Chapter 2294 Waste Star Alliance
Chapter 2295 The Yan family enters the palace
Chapter 2296 Demon Clans Treasure
Chapter 2297 Seating
Chapter 2298 I, Jiang Ning, never endure anything difficult.
Chapter 2299 Bullying, right?
Chapter 2300 Jealousy
Chapter 2301 The strength of the ancient tribe
Chapter 2302: Forcing good families to place bets
Chapter 2303 Secrets of the Yan Clan
Chapter 2304: Brave and arrogant
Chapter 2305 Burning Sea Old Demon
Chapter 2306 Additional
Chapter 2307 It can be done but not said
Chapter 2308 Dont want to take action
Chapter 2309 Senior Black Soul
Chapter 2310 Ancient Souls Past
Chapter 2311 The Battle of the Saints
Chapter 2312 Take it all
Chapter 2313 Dragon Kings Marriage
Chapter 2314 Young Master Chili
Chapter 2315 Return to the Minglong Clan
Chapter 2316 Current Situation of Tianxing Sect
Chapter 2317 Staying in the Dragon Palace
Chapter 2318 Ninth Grade Divine Pill
Chapter 2319 The turbulent situation
Chapter 2320 Dan Cheng
Chapter 2321 Restless Pill
Chapter 2322 Forbidden Abyss
Chapter 2323 Ancient Palace
Chapter 2324 Metamorphosis
Chapter 2325 Blood Sacrifice Ancient Town
Chapter 2326 Do you dare to take away my body?
Chapter 2327 Guiming Ancient Immortal
Chapter 2328: Substitution of flowers and trees
Chapter 2329 High Risks and High Rewards
Chapter 2330 It doesnt matter, the sword will take action
Chapter 2331 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 2332 Eight Gates of Formation
Chapter 2333 All methods of identifying truth
Chapter 2334 Sentencing Jiang Ning
Chapter 2335 Three True Appraisals
Chapter 2336 Immortal Gate Formation Diagram
Chapter 2337 Dual Formation Source
Chapter 2338 Immortal Liquid Spirit Pool
Chapter 2339 White Dragon Playing with Pearls
Chapter 2340 Conquering a Dragon
Chapter 2341 Big misunderstanding
Chapter 2342: You are biased, right?
Chapter 2343 Gentleman
Chapter 2344 Dragon Lin Divine Sword
Chapter 2345: Recognize you as my ancestor
Chapter 2346 Old Cause and New Effect
Chapter 2347 The Cause of the Dragon Clan
Chapter 2348 Ancient Clan Lin Yuan
Chapter 2349 Ancestors of the Five Clans
Chapter 2350 The bloody battle between demon clan
Chapter 2351 Kukai appears
Chapter 2352 The clan flag covers the sky
Chapter 2353 Heavy siege
Chapter 2354 The Dragon Girl Appears
Chapter 2355 Nine Realms Sealing the Boundary
Chapter 2356 Slaughter the Dragon Palace
Chapter 2357 I exposed myself
Chapter 2358 Soaring into the sky
Chapter 2359 A slash with the divine sword
Chapter 2360 Sea of Dead Souls
Chapter 2361 Undead Technique
Chapter 2362 Killing Saint Mi Tian
Chapter 2363 Holy Valley Killing Technique
Chapter 2364 The time has come
Chapter 2365 I am the Divine Infant
Chapter 2366 Escape
Chapter 2367 Season 36
Chapter 2368: Burning everything down
Chapter 2369 Fighting the Third Ancestor
Chapter 2370 The Ancient Longyuan Sword
Chapter 2371 Golden Scale Dragon Ancestor
Chapter 2372 Dragon Sword Inheritance
Chapter 2373 The smell of dragon meat
Chapter 2374 Three Dragons Dismembered
Chapter 2375 Possessed by the Dragon King
Chapter 2376 Flying over the Far East
Chapter 2377 Blood Crow Reappears
Chapter 2378 Ten Clans of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2379 The Supreme Temple
Chapter 2380 Rebirth
Chapter 2381 Chaos Rebellion
Chapter 2382 Crux
Chapter 2383 Seek medical advice
Chapter 2384 Kneeling for a long time
Chapter 2385 Abandonment
Chapter 2386 God has mercy on the world
Chapter 2387 Reason for Death
Chapter 2388 Cause and effect dissipate
Chapter 2389 Spending a lot of money to find a son
Chapter 2390 Fatalism
Chapter 2391 Confrontation between Ji and Kong
Chapter 2392 The Life-Destroying Doll
Chapter 2393 Changes in the Liu Family
Chapter 2394 Yanagawa
Chapter 2395 Even God cannot forget his roots
Chapter 2396 Jiang Shen is no longer effective
Chapter 2397 Song Treasure Ship
Chapter 2398 Its you, the Liu family, who is being bullied
Chapter 2399 This ship is good
Chapter 2400 God comes to Dan City
Chapter 2401 The Liu family hides its secrets
Chapter 2402 List of Prodigies
Chapter 2403 No. 1 on the Heavenly List
Chapter 2404 Chaos in Dan City
Chapter 2405 Yang Demon
Chapter 2406 Liushen Restaurant
Chapter 2407 Ancestor Sangmu
Chapter 2408 Liu Yuan
Chapter 2409 Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 2410 Im beating you
Chapter 2411 Dancheng Tuogu
Chapter 2412 The big devil is coming
Chapter 2413 Bet with me
Chapter 2414 The Aura of Demon Ancestor
Chapter 2415 Nascent Soul Resonance
Chapter 2416 The ancient tribes gather together
Chapter 2417 The Beginning of Destruction
Chapter 2418 Five Elements Nascent Soul
Chapter 2419 Return of the Seven Infants
Chapter 2420 The Divine Infant Battles Taiyi
Chapter 2421 The Prototype of Heavens Way
Chapter 2422 Siege from eight sides
Chapter 2423 Fire Spirit
Chapter 2424 Fire Veins Devouring the Sky
Chapter 2425 Temple
Chapter 2426 Son of Destiny
Chapter 2427 Altar
Chapter 2428 The Tenth Ancestor
Chapter 2429 The Peak of the Altar
Chapter 2430 Life experience
Chapter 2431 Jiang Ning must be killed
Chapter 2432 The Second Immortal Infant
Chapter 2433 Immortal Infant Quick Success
Chapter 2434 Seven Infants Changed
Chapter 2435 Creation of the World
Chapter 2436 Divine Sea World
Chapter 2437 The Body of Dominance
Chapter 2438 Masters enlightenment
Chapter 2439 The Eighth Demonic Infant
Chapter 2440 Chaos Dao Infant
Chapter 2441 Nine Infants Dominate the Chaos Body
Chapter 2442 Nirvana Begins
Chapter 2443 Its a matter of course
Chapter 2444 Nirvana Thunder and Fire
Chapter 2445 Add another fire
Chapter 2446 The Nine Realms of Sanxian
Chapter 2447 Nirvana and Rebirth
Chapter 2448 Fighting the Golden Immortal
Chapter 2449 Headless Servant
Chapter 2450 The gunpoint is pointed at Ji Shiyi
Chapter 2451 Stepping out of the temple
Chapter 2452 Killing the Ji family
Chapter 2453 The emperor cuts off the season
Chapter 2454 The whole life is in ruins
Chapter 2455 Hunting
Chapter 2456 The battle between heaven and earth
Chapter 2457 Win or lose
Chapter 2458 Gun Soul
Chapter 2459 The Three Secrets Appear
Chapter 2460 Sword Cutting Cause and Effect
Chapter 2461 Realization between life and death
Chapter 2462 Lend me a sword
Chapter 2463 A Sword of Providence
Chapter 2464 Obliterated by the Way of Heaven
Chapter 2465 Father and Son
Chapter 2466 Mountains, Seas and Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 2467 Heading to Dongsheng
Chapter 2468 Confrontation
Chapter 2469 The Virgin drops the curtain
Chapter 2470 The Eternal Saint Clan
Chapter 2471 The other side of the starry sky
Chapter 2472 Dongsheng Gods and Demons
Chapter 2473 Gods and Demons Slay the Heavenly Dragon
Chapter 2474 The real Dongsheng
Chapter 2475 Sword Cutting the Realm Gate
Chapter 2476 Ferrying the Old Man
Chapter 2477 Dark Lantern Soul Boat
Chapter 2478 Dead River Ferry
Chapter 2479 Hades Sect
Chapter 2480 Years Later
Chapter 2481 The strange fire servant does not serve the master
Chapter 2482 Tianyun Dao Sect
Chapter 2483 Tianyun accepts a disciple
Chapter 2484 Foresight
Chapter 2485 Deep Space Sword Marks
Chapter 2486 Must enter the path of destiny
Chapter 2487 Moving forward in deep space
Chapter 2488 The Three Destiny Sons
Chapter 2489 Sword Soul Sword Soul
Chapter 2490 Bloody Battle in the Starry Sky
Chapter 2491 Difficult decision
Chapter 2492 Killing Formation Enters the Game
Chapter 2493 First Encounter
Chapter 2494 Huang Jingtian
Chapter 2495 Demonic Abyss
Chapter 2496 Unreasonable
Chapter 2497 The Second Sword Intent
Chapter 2498 Exchange
Chapter 2499 Adopting you as my adopted son
Chapter 2500 Light the Heavenly Soul Lamp
Chapter 2501 Li Jiuye
Chapter 2502 Eternal Imprisonment
Chapter 2503 Nine Tribulations Soul Slave
Chapter 2504 Destiny
Chapter 2505 The holy path flows across the river
Chapter 2506 After the War
Chapter 2507 True identity unknown
Chapter 2508 A trivial matter
Chapter 2509 Spiritual Source
Chapter 2510: Kill me in ten steps of the great road
Chapter 2511: Listen to what you say
Chapter 2512 Freedom
Chapter 2513 The Sorrow of Changing Lives
Chapter 2514 Dont be possessed by the devil
Chapter 2515 Killing three birds with one stone
Chapter 2516 God Star Wasteland
Chapter 2517 Refining Corpse
Chapter 2518 means the way of destiny
Chapter 2519 Heavenly Sword Token
Chapter 2520 Missing the Saint
Chapter 2521 Three Thousand Women
Chapter 2522 Jiang Yueyi
Chapter 2523 The Six Realms of the Avenue
Chapter 2524 Current Situation in Nantian
Chapter 2525 Tianyun City
Chapter 2526 Token Details
Chapter 2527 City Rules
Chapter 2528 Open a semicolon
Chapter 2529 Outside the Central City Gate
Chapter 2530 Ancient Southern Sky
Chapter 2531 Ominous Man
Chapter 2532 Xiaoles father
Chapter 2533 Try to save face
Chapter 2534 Crush the Golden Immortal
Chapter 2535 Double Ghost Pattern
Chapter 2536 A person who is a master
Chapter 2537 The Central City is broken
Chapter 2538 The Wild North Demonic Abyss
Chapter 2539 Gathering of Prodigies
Chapter 2540 I dont know you
Chapter 2541 Hu Qingqiu
Chapter 2542 Inside Yuyao Terrace
Chapter 2543 Foundation Building and Nirvana
Chapter 2544 Lets go see the beauty
Chapter 2545 This is the atmosphere.
Chapter 2546 The Saint of Destiny
Chapter 2547 The sky is the limit
Chapter 2548 Seeking Justice
Chapter 2549 Saints Quirk
Chapter 2550 Rebirth Slurry
Chapter 2551 The Dark Toad Clan
Chapter 2552 The soul boat emerges from the underworld and the lantern appears
Chapter 2553 The services of the Hades Sect
Chapter 2554 Senior Brother and Sister
Chapter 2555 It has nothing to do with me
Chapter 2556 Foodie
Chapter 2557 Someone booked it
Chapter 2558 The rally begins
Chapter 2559 Tianjiao takes the stage
Chapter 2560 Demon Woman
Chapter 2561 Tool Man
Chapter 2562 Appreciating Beauty Together
Chapter 2563 A big gift for you
Chapter 2564 Plaything Game
Chapter 2565 Nantian Female Cultivator
Chapter 2566 Stay Strong
Chapter 2567 Bullying
Chapter 2568 Overturning the table
Chapter 2569 Tianque Shaohua
Chapter 2570 Help you relieve your worries
Chapter 2571 The Second Sword in the World
Chapter 2572 The demon spider is coming
Chapter 2573 Who in the world doesnt recognize you?
Chapter 2574: Wanted to leave after offending the young master
Chapter 2575 The whereabouts of Ji Nu
Chapter 2576 Killing the Demonic Woman
Chapter 2577 All kinds of methods come out wildly
Chapter 2578 Heavenly Prisoner
Chapter 2579 Begging in public
Chapter 2580 Borrow another sword
Chapter 2581 Tiandaozi
Chapter 2582 Black Supreme
Chapter 2583 The fog outside the body
Chapter 2584 Disqualification of You
Chapter 2585 The Battle of the Holy Ancestors
Chapter 2586 Disrespecting the Holy Ancestor
Chapter 2587 Declare the world
Chapter 2588 Baidu Gu Refining
Chapter 2589 Your name is Li Ning
Chapter 2590 The Miserable Black Crow
Chapter 2591 Huaxia Store
Chapter 2592 My World
Chapter 2593 Resurrection of the Underworld
Chapter 2594 The Elder of the Underworld Sect
Chapter 2595 Changes in Three Levels
Chapter 2596 Lingxu Terrace
Chapter 2597 Opponent
Chapter 2598 I am Xiaoles father
Chapter 2599 Take the lead
Chapter 2600 Store Preparation
Chapter 2601 The Five Girls from the South
Chapter 2602 Its hard to die even if you want to
Chapter 2603 Congratulations from all directions
Chapter 2604 Unexpected
Chapter 2605 Deserted Tomb
Chapter 2606 Fresh fish stewed bear paw
Chapter 2607 Insider Information
Chapter 2608 School Examination
Chapter 2609 Meng Yi Xian Qing Sect
Chapter 2610 Thoughts of Peach and Apricot
Chapter 2611 Insight into everything
Chapter 2612 Departure
Chapter 2613 Young Ancestor Travels
Chapter 2614 Deep in the Wilderness
Chapter 2615 Marching into the Wilderness
Chapter 2616 Young Ancestor likes this tune
Chapter 2617 Never live with regrets for the rest of your life
Chapter 2618 makes a brilliant debut
Chapter 2619 The Mighty Young Ancestor
Chapter 2620 Establishing a new sect
Chapter 2621 Witch
Chapter 2622 Tongtian Demon Cult
Chapter 2623 Beyond the Sky
Chapter 2624 Cousin Qinglian
Chapter 2625 He is the father after all
Chapter 2626 Sunlight Starlight
Chapter 2627 Switching Ceremony
Chapter 2628 Level Rules
Chapter 2629 Switch
Chapter 2630 Outside the Ancient Wasteland
Chapter 2631 Hong Tai
Chapter 2632 Gate of Life and Death
Chapter 2633 Blocking the door
Chapter 2634 Seizing the Gate of Life and Death
Chapter 2635 Must Kill
Chapter 2636 Training the Taoist Realm
Chapter 2637 Fame spread far and wide
Chapter 2638 Passing through
Chapter 2639 Curse of the Deserted Tomb
Chapter 2640 Sacrifice to the Ancient Saint
Chapter 2641 Its hard to escape even if you have wings
Chapter 2642 The situation of life and death
Chapter 2643 Phantom
Chapter 2644 Saints Tomb
Chapter 2645 Crisis
Chapter 2646 Dog Skin Plaster
Chapter 2647 Give you a wife
Chapter 2648 Tomb Confinement
Chapter 2649 Begin to clear accounts
Chapter 2650 The ruler is not long enough
Chapter 2651 Transcendence
Chapter 2652 Entering the Tomb
Chapter 2653 Ancient Books
Chapter 2654 Holy Bones
Chapter 2655 The Holy Well
Chapter 2656 Mad Saint
Chapter 2657 Seizing the body
Chapter 2658 Dismemberment
Chapter 2659 Peeping
Chapter 2660 Relics
Chapter 2661 Time Pill Furnace
Chapter 2662 Real-name exposure
Chapter 2663: Falling into the grave
Chapter 2664 Catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 2665 Business blowback
Chapter 2666: Defeat the old devil
Chapter 2667 Its a long story
Chapter 2668 Buddhism, Taoism and True Demon
Chapter 2669 Real body and fake body
Chapter 2670 Thirty-six strategies are the best
Chapter 2671 Fighting the True Demon
Chapter 2672 The sacred tree shows its power
Chapter 2673 Qinglian
Chapter 2674 Sister is awesome
Chapter 2675 Men must do it
Chapter 2676 Help you grow up
Chapter 2677 Descend to Earth
Chapter 2678 The Three Dark Elders
Chapter 2679 Ghost King Ghost King
Chapter 2680 Attack the Demon Pass
Chapter 2681 Rumors spread
Chapter 2682 Awakening
Chapter 2683 The spiritual source is banned
Chapter 2684 The ancient evil is not as fierce as me
Chapter 2685 Monuments
Chapter 2686 Extraordinary Appearance
Chapter 2687 Ready to go
Chapter 2688 He Family Ten Realms
Chapter 2689 Trouble comes from the mouth
Chapter 2690 News about the Saint
Chapter 2691 Dongsheng Yishao
Chapter 2692 Love is a light
Chapter 2693: Licking a dog will lead to a good death
Chapter 2694 The assassination begins
Chapter 2695 I told you not to touch him
Chapter 2696 Breakup of the Two Clans
Chapter 2697 The miserable Lu family
Chapter 2698 Young Ancestors Evil Name
Chapter 2699 Lifting the Ban
Chapter 2700 Wan Xiu Pilgrimage
Chapter 2701 Help you develop
Chapter 2702 Elephant stepping on ant
Chapter 2703 The Travel of the Divine Religion
Chapter 2704 Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 2705 Destroying the Demon Camp
Chapter 2706 The importance of reputation
Chapter 2707 Get drunk
Chapter 2708 The Saint takes action
Chapter 2709 The Holy Lock Shows Its Power Again
Chapter 2710 Clear the whole place
Chapter 2711 Death Tomb
Chapter 2712 Weird Statue
Chapter 2713 Divine Lord
Chapter 2714 Ten Thousand Spirits Sacrifice
Chapter 2715 Strange Black Shadow
Chapter 2716 Demons dancing wildly
Chapter 2717 The God Kills the Saint
Chapter 2718 The following disciples
Chapter 2719 Meeting my family
Chapter 2720 Destroy the corpse and destroy the bones
Chapter 2721 Clavicle Method
Chapter 2722 The avenue reaches the sky
Chapter 2723 Ancient Enemies
Chapter 2724 The arrival of the Virgin
Chapter 2725 Divine Blood Prisoner
Chapter 2726 Preservation
Chapter 2727 Outside the Core
Chapter 2728 Enemies gather together
Chapter 2729 Core Collapse
Chapter 2730 Divine Girl
Chapter 2731 The target of public criticism
Chapter 2732 Lu He meets
Chapter 2733 Have fun
Chapter 2734 Ancient Dark Ages
Chapter 2735 The Incorruptible God
Chapter 2736 Dont try to clear your name
Chapter 2737 Fishing with Fishing Rods
Chapter 2738 Siege and Kill Jiang Ning
Chapter 2739 The end of the road
Chapter 2740 The Saint Appears
Chapter 2741 Forced Breakthrough
Chapter 2742 Self-True Immortality
Chapter 2743 Three Thousand Gathering at the Top, Da Luo Celestial Immortal
Chapter 2744 Right and wrong should not be confused
Chapter 2745: Vow to Kill the God
Chapter 2746: Both sides
Chapter 2747 Purgatory on Earth
Chapter 2748 Two great gifts
Chapter 2749 Save the delicious food until last
Chapter 2750 Swallowing Lotus
Chapter 2751 Still not enough
Chapter 2752 Immortality is now dead
Chapter 2753 Junior Brother Jiang is so great
Chapter 2754 My Believers
Chapter 2755 Living and dying together
Chapter 2756 Lu Ning Jiang Ning
Chapter 2757 True Dragon Creation Pill
Chapter 2758 Revenge
Chapter 2759 The best person in the world
Chapter 2760 Psychological Distortion
Chapter 2761 Blood Transformed God Slave
Chapter 2762 The leaders presence
Chapter 2763 Cant die
Chapter 2764 Girls Tomb
Chapter 2765 Take action
Chapter 2766: Getting to the bottom of things
Chapter 2767 Deep in the Tomb
Chapter 2768 I am so strong, Mr. Jiang
Chapter 2769 The miraculous effect of the holy elixir
Chapter 2770 Good people will fight to the end
Chapter 2771 Send you to the sky
Chapter 2772 I am for everyone
Chapter 2773: Thousands of gold to buy bones
Chapter 2774 One-stop service
Chapter 2775 Charge, Charge
Chapter 2776 The Sword Cuts the Sky
Chapter 2777 Rush to Kill
Chapter 2778 Strategic Bombing
Chapter 2779 The strange trace of charming bones
Chapter 2780 Deep in the Underground Palace
Chapter 2781 Tongtianmen
Chapter 2782 Unsolvable situation
Chapter 2783 Gods
Chapter 2784 Natural Enemies
Chapter 2785 Sacrifice your life for righteousness
Chapter 2786 Breaking the Gate
Chapter 2787 Sister is too fierce
Chapter 2788 God of War King
Chapter 2789 Crush
Chapter 2790 Self-rescue
Chapter 2791 Demonic Transformation
Chapter 2792 Transformation into Demon
Chapter 2793 A Tao Demon Thought
Chapter 2794 The Seventh Sword of Divine Blood
Chapter 2795 All things compete
Chapter 2796 Only respect your heart
Chapter 2797 Feeling lost
Chapter 2798 Monument of Monument
Chapter 2799 Threesome
Chapter 2800 Ancient Relics
Chapter 2801 Saint Bacon
Chapter 2802 The War between Man and Beast
Chapter 2803 Daydream
Chapter 2804 The little beast that communicates with gods
Chapter 2805 Influence Divine Grass
Chapter 2806 Immortal Medicine
Chapter 2807: Get rich with one drug
Chapter 2808 The companion of mythical beasts
Chapter 2809 The ancient evil in the wilderness
Chapter 2810 The Seventh Perfection
Chapter 2811 The Great Wasteland and the Second Wasteland
Chapter 2812 Conquer
Chapter 2813 Black Rock
Chapter 2814 Returned
Chapter 2815 Ruins everywhere
Chapter 2816 Foreign Pope
Chapter 2817 Meeting Hong Tai Again
Chapter 2818 The Devil Who Seizes the Body
Chapter 2819 Greedy and Demon-sacrifice
Chapter 2820 Accept you as a magic pet
Chapter 2821 You can die
Chapter 2822 All cause and effect
Chapter 2823 Wan Yu is implicated
Chapter 2824 Whatever you want to do
Chapter 2825 Taking Slaves
Chapter 2826 Secret
Chapter 2827 Sword Tomb
Chapter 2828 The Master of the Divine Sword
Chapter 2829 Destiny breaks out
Chapter 2830 Sword Ancestor
Chapter 2831 The Wrath of the Sword Ancestor
Chapter 2832 Pretend to be a ghost
Chapter 2833 Purple Gold Dragon Lord
Chapter 2834 Nangong, Nangong
Chapter 2835 Ghost
Chapter 2836 No more strange eyes
Chapter 2837 Give what you want
Chapter 2838 I want your head
Chapter 2839 Heavenly Sword Fragments
Chapter 2840 Sword Domain
Chapter 2841 The real opportunity
Chapter 2842 Memories are tears
Chapter 2843 Sword Spirit
Chapter 2844 Its time for you to go
Chapter 2845 The Second Sword Intent
Chapter 2846 Farewell Sword Tomb
Chapter 2847 Sacred Artifact Sword
Chapter 2848 Sword Embryo
Chapter 2849 Open World
Chapter 2850 Within the world
Chapter 2851 Shenhai Mansion
Chapter 2852 Love is stronger than gold
Chapter 2853 Please take over
Chapter 2854 Yin Yang Pond
Chapter 2855 The fiancee I have never met
Chapter 2856 Its natural and justified
Chapter 2857 Defense Tower
Chapter 2858 Taking Power
Chapter 2859 Conquering the Righteous Way
Chapter 2860 The Holy Spirit Arrives in the Black Demonic Abyss
Chapter 2861 To avoid future troubles
Chapter 2862 The Daughter of Yingtian
Chapter 2863 I decided to sleep with you
Chapter 2864 Glorious Demon Pet
Chapter 2865 There is only one truth
Chapter 2866 Sacrifice, blood food
Chapter 2867 Tianhan Palace
Chapter 2868 Unreliable Purple Dragon
Chapter 2869 Ending
Chapter 2870 Shenxu Road
Chapter 2871 Skeletons everywhere
Chapter 2872 The Qingtian God King is dying
Chapter 2873 Everything is destroyed
Chapter 2874 I will move forward bravely
Chapter 2875 The reality of being unable to ascend
Chapter 2876 Dragon Pattern World
Chapter 2877 Are you in such a hurry to reincarnate?
Chapter 2878 Watch me use the honey trap
Chapter 2879 The Saint is Impure
Chapter 2880: Surviving the dragon calamity by absorbing dragon energy
Chapter 2881 It turns out you are such a saint
Chapter 2882 The Ascended Ones Legacy
Chapter 2883 The licking dog is coming
Chapter 2884 He has a fairy heart
Chapter 2885 You still have to work hard
Chapter 2886 The lingering ghost
Chapter 2887 If you dont accept it, you will be killed too.
Chapter 2888 Kill them all
Chapter 2889 Helpless to compromise
Chapter 2890 Who doesnt have a master yet?
Chapter 2891 Dragon Qi Awakening
Chapter 2892 Encirclement and suppression from all directions
Chapter 2893 The Poison Fang Sect is destroyed
Chapter 2894 Obtaining Dragon Crystal
Chapter 2895 The hunted spirit fairy
Chapter 2896 Destroy the Yin Bone Sect Again
Chapter 2897 Dragon Crystals Everywhere
Chapter 2898 Keep moving forward wherever your heart desires
Chapter 2899 Something big happened
Chapter 2900 The immortal soul leaves the body
Chapter 2901: Stealing chicken but losing rice
Chapter 2902 The disaster is coming
Chapter 2903 Tianyin is born
Chapter 2904 What happened to you and my master?
Chapter 2905 Which one is missing?
Chapter 2906 The Catastrophe of Life and Death
Chapter 2907 No time left
Chapter 2908 The return of the Supreme Elder
Chapter 2909 The World-Destroying True Immortal
Chapter 2910 Beat up the real immortal
Chapter 2911 Ill beat you to death
Chapter 2912 Playing hard to get
Chapter 2913 Crying with anger
Chapter 2914 Ive given you the essence
Chapter 2915 The secret of Zhaoyudie
Chapter 2916 Sword Spirit Clone
Chapter 2917 Ancient Immortal Cultivation Method
Chapter 2918 One mountain and one pass
Chapter 2919 Sublimation of the Tenth Grade Dragon Crystal
Chapter 2920 Refining Dragon Crystal
Chapter 2921 The erased truth
Chapter 2922 The man is back
Chapter 2923 So what about the way of heaven?
Chapter 2924 Instant Breakthrough
Chapter 2925 Finally Became an Immortal
Chapter 2926 Just a plaything
Chapter 2927 My wife must agree to accept you.
Chapter 2928 The culprit is the Yin Sect
Chapter 2929: Knock your teeth out with a slap
Chapter 2930 Duel with Tianyin
Chapter 2931 The Six Realms of Tormenting True Immortals
Chapter 2932 Heavenly Officials Blessing
Chapter 2933 Jiangning True Immortal
Chapter 2934 Even death is a luxury
Chapter 2935 Prepare for Ascension
Chapter 2936 I am the messenger of the Demon Sect
Chapter 2937 How to write the word coward
Chapter 2938 Do you dare to teach me how to do things?
Chapter 2939 I admit that my voice is a bit loud
Chapter 2940 Bliss Territory
Chapter 2941 A place that all men like
Chapter 2942 The purgatory world where immortals eat immortals
Chapter 2943 She has reached immortality
Chapter 2944 Fight or Get Out
Chapter 2945 I wont pretend anymore after the showdown
Chapter 2946: Save loneliness
Chapter 2947 Shadow Hall
Chapter 2948 What is the Immortal?
Chapter 2949 I have the right to speak, not you
Chapter 2950 Do I let you go?
Chapter 2951 There are spirits in heaven and earth, and the killing is orderly
Chapter 2952 Demon Prince
Chapter 2953 No one can control him
Chapter 2954 Nine Realms Loose Immortal
Chapter 2955 Map of Ten Thousand Beasts
Chapter 2956 I am willing to sacrifice myself for love
Chapter 2957 Immortal Sea
Chapter 2958 Xiaoyao Palace is also a waste
Chapter 2959 Secret Order of the Sect Master
Chapter 2960 Cant you be so casual?
Chapter 2961 Punch you to death
Chapter 2962 Let me go
Chapter 2963 Do you consider me a brother?
Chapter 2964 Your death is coming
Chapter 2965 I killed him too
Chapter 2966 I, Jiangning, come to protect you
Chapter 2967 The Disappeared Demon Lord
Chapter 2968 Treating Women
Chapter 2969 The Western Regions Extremely Wasteful Death Territory
Chapter 2970 The Abandoned Land of Alien Races
Chapter 2971 I will protect you
Chapter 2972 Either accept the recruitment or die
Chapter 2973 So what about the First Immortal Sect?
Chapter 2974 Even the gods are unstoppable
Chapter 2975 Are you qualified to seize my body?
Chapter 2976 One person is so powerful that it is difficult for an immortal to defeat him
Chapter 2977 You all sell me out
Chapter 2978 Wing Clan
Chapter 2979 Above the Laws
Chapter 2980 Another Sword Spirit
Chapter 2981 Eternal Perdition
Chapter 2982: Depression is a disease
Chapter 2983 Big Purple Stick
Chapter 2984 Entering the Second Realm of Immortality
Chapter 2985 Ancient Wings of the Desolate Saint
Chapter 2986 All the Ancient Immortals are evil people
Chapter 2987 Jiangning vs. the Four Heavenly Immortals
Chapter 2988 Practice with the Immortal
Chapter 2989 Burning the sky and boiling the sea
Chapter 2990 Take a younger brother
Chapter 2991 Settle the fate debt
Chapter 2992: Misunderstanding at first sight for life
Chapter 2993 The gears of fate begin to turn
Chapter 2994 The backlash has arrived
Chapter 2995 Ancestor Han of the Seventh Immortal Realm
Chapter 2996 Ancestor Han was dumbfounded
Chapter 2997 Can you put some pressure on me?
Chapter 2998 I, Jiangning, am unique
Chapter 2999 The First Person in History
Chapter 3000: Gluttony brings trouble
Chapter 3001 Dare to hit him in the face
Chapter 3002 Are you worthy?
Chapter 3003: Coming out in full force
Chapter 3004 The big purple stick shows its power
Chapter 3005 Dont misunderstand me, I just want to torture you
Chapter 3006 The Demon Sect said very low-key
Chapter 3007 Entering the Demonic Sea
Chapter 3008 Demon Sect Master
Chapter 3009 Welcome Ceremony
Chapter 3010 Demon Tree Black Pill
Chapter 3011 Changes in the Demonic Sea
Chapter 3012 The magic tree blooms
Chapter 3013 Refining Black Pill
Chapter 3014: One Step into Immortality
Chapter 3015: Has Sword Spirit also been in love?
Chapter 3016 The Arctic Wizard
Chapter 3017 Give up the opportunity and act separately
Chapter 3018 The Heaven-Defying Ice Clan
Chapter 3019 One person destroys the Ice Tribe
Chapter 3020 Forced Treasure Hunting
Chapter 3021 Heart-eating Ice Fairy Lotus
Chapter 3022 The Dog-Licking Sect Master
Chapter 3023 Zhaoxue Thousand Cities in Danger
Chapter 3024 Rather than letting go, I choose to forget
Chapter 3025 Destroying the Ice Clan
Chapter 3026 It doesnt matter what you say
Chapter 3027 Rules are meant to be broken
Chapter 3028: Give me face and dont kill me
Chapter 3029 Bullying Luo Shengzong
Chapter 3030 Demon Heart Sea
Chapter 3031 Who do you think is trash?
Chapter 3032 No one can save you, Jiang Ning said so
Chapter 3033 Alarmed the Immortal
Chapter 3034 Division of Immortal Familys Powers
Chapter 3035 Jiang Ning, you cant move
Chapter 3036 You are not qualified
Chapter 3037 Who is the trash?
Chapter 3038 My Rules
Chapter 3039 Killing the Immortal Against Heaven
Chapter 3040 The road to heaven is only for now
Chapter 3041 Qianlong reaches the sky in one step
Chapter 3042 The road to heaven opens
Chapter 3043 If you want to pretend, just pretend to be the best.
Chapter 3044 Breaking through the Limit
Chapter 3045 Promotion to Xuanxian
Chapter 3046 Early closure
Chapter 3047: Climb to Heaven and Kill the Immortal
Chapter 3048 Sword Spirit Sacrifice
Chapter 3049: The Existence Beyond the Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 3050 Immortal Kings Palace
Chapter 3051 The Little Loli from Fairy King Mountain
Chapter 3052 Wood Immortal
Chapter 3053 New arrival
Chapter 3054 Above the Golden Immortal
Chapter 3055 The experience of the master of the Immortal King Palace
Chapter 3056 Punch my little loli
Chapter 3057 Demon Chou Tian
Chapter 3058 Demonic Dust
Chapter 3059 Falling in love with someone without results
Chapter 3060: Overcoming the Immortal Tribulation
Chapter 3061: Dogs in numbers lead to strength
Chapter 3062 The Demon Familys Anger
Chapter 3063: Kill your whole family with one punch
Chapter 3064 The Origin of the Big Purple Stick
Chapter 3065 Dungeon Overlord
Chapter 3066 Li Hetian
Chapter 3067 Unexpected?
Chapter 3068: Overcoming the Tribulation in the Heavenly Prison
Chapter 3069 The only one in the world
Chapter 3070 Explain to me what the rules are
Chapter 3071 Understanding the true meaning of death
Chapter 3072 The Map of Ten Thousand Beasts Appears
Chapter 3073 Ancient Immortal Formation, Stabilizing the Three Realms
Chapter 3074 The secret deep in Tianlao
Chapter 3075 The only immortal who escaped from the prison
Chapter 3076 Blood Immortal Clan
Chapter 3077 Bloodthirsty Ancestor
Chapter 3078 The Unkillable Blood Immortal
Chapter 3079 Race against time
Chapter 3080: Catch a few blood fairies for research
Chapter 3081 Meeting the Blood Ancestor
Chapter 3082 Negotiating conditions with the Blood Ancestor
Chapter 3083 Rushing to the center of the prison
Chapter 3084 The real ancient immortal
Chapter 3085 Half of the Recruiters
Chapter 3086 Goodbye Sword Spirit
Chapter 3087 Such an elixir?
Chapter 3088 Destruction of the Scripture
Chapter 3089 The Collapse of the Blood Ancestor
Chapter 3090 Destroy, Blood Ancestor
Chapter 3091 Kill them all
Chapter 3092 Jiang Nings Gift
Chapter 3093 The Beast Ancestor Appears
Chapter 3094 Leaving the Heavenly Prison
Chapter 3095 Jiang Ning is defeated
Chapter 3096 I, Jiang Ning, have the final say
Chapter 3097 The Immortal Kings Call
Chapter 3098 Ancient Immortal Mark
Chapter 3099 There is a problem in the dragon pattern world
Chapter 3100 Im waiting for you in the future
Chapter 3101 Luo Family Ancestor vs Beast Ancestor
Chapter 3102 Ancestor Moro
Chapter 3103 The Will of the Beast Ancestor
Chapter 3104 Reversing Time
Chapter 3105 I am not a fairy
Chapter 3106 Eight Golden Immortal Realms
Chapter 3107 The only rule is time
Chapter 3108 Attacking Immortal King Mountain
Chapter 3109 Breaking through the Obstacles
Chapter 3110 The Strongest Alien Clan Leader
Chapter 3111 The Twelve Golden Immortals of the Alien Race
Chapter 3112 Heaven is garbage, I, Jiang Ning, said so
Chapter 3113 Well scolded
Chapter 3114 The mysterious and powerful man
Chapter 3115 The Catastrophe of Immortal King Mountain
Chapter 3116 The choice between
Chapter 3117 Kill oneself to become a benevolent person
Chapter 3118 The merits are complete and the fallen leaves return to their roots
Chapter 3119 The most amazing thing in ancient and modern times
Chapter 3120 Wandering in the Void
Chapter 3121 Ancient Luo Tianpan
Chapter 3122 Hello, Xiao Luo
Chapter 3123 Without the immortality, I am still awesome
Chapter 3124 Twelve Golden Immortals
Chapter 3125 The arrival of Lord Xitian
Chapter 3126 Even if I dont have the immortality, Ill still beat you up.
Chapter 3127 Jiangning vs Xitianjun
Chapter 3128 Summon thunder to kill you
Chapter 3129 Immortal Meteor
Chapter 3130 Xitianjun, I, Jiang Ning, have the final say
Chapter 3131 The Twelve Golden Immortals who work hard for foreigners
Chapter 3132: Making a fuss at Nantianmen
Chapter 3133 Mysterious signal in the void
Chapter 3134 Let me show off my skills
Chapter 3135 Rubbing the world with one hand
Chapter 3136 Nan Tianjun vs. Twelve Golden Immortals
Chapter 3137 Xiao Ai takes action
Chapter 3138 Jiang Ning: Im coming!
Chapter 3139 King of Ten Thousand Immortals, Dharma Elephant Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3140 Jedi Immortal Power
Chapter 3141 Crazy plan to destroy the world
Chapter 3142 Three flowers gather at the top and the eyes of the sky are opened
Chapter 3143 The Western Heaven Realm belongs to me, Jiang Ning
Chapter 3144 The ancient immortal formation is about to collapse
Chapter 3145: Seize the time to get down to business
Chapter 3146 Return to Immortal King Mountain
Chapter 3147 Looking for inheritance
Chapter 3148 Tai Ling Sutra, second volume fragments
Chapter 3149 Create something out of nothing
Chapter 3150 Da Luo Jin Wonderland
Chapter 3151 It turns out that she has always been there
Chapter 3152 Done
Chapter 3153 Refining Stars
Chapter 3154: Disaster arises in the mortal realm
Chapter 3155 Disaster Escalation
Chapter 3156 The Celestial Realm comes to help
Chapter 3157: Buy some more time
Chapter 3158: Living and dying together, advancing and retreating together
Chapter 3159 Destroy in advance
Chapter 3160 Continuous Disasters
Chapter 3161 The mysterious woman, the Immortal King comes out of seclusion
Chapter 3162 Zhaoxue Qiancheng, Immortal King
Chapter 3163: Put yourself to death and survive
Chapter 3164 The Strongest Immortal Technique
Chapter 3165 Unstoppable
Chapter 3166 Repaying kindness with death
Chapter 3167 Helping you overcome the disaster
Chapter 3168 The person behind the scenes
Chapter 3169 Three Elements Return to One
Chapter 3170 Killing in Heaven
Chapter 3171 The fairy world is in danger, Jiang Ning takes action
Chapter 3172 Daluo Tianwei
Chapter 3173 The existence beyond the Immortal King
Chapter 3174 Immortal Lord: Dao Wuji
Chapter 3175 The sky is big and the earth is big, the Immortal Lord is the biggest
Chapter 3176 Sacrificing the Jade Spirit?
Chapter 3177 Willing to be a sacrifice
Chapter 3178: Connecting minds, advancing and retreating together
Chapter 3179 Dao Wuji
Chapter 3180 I have a technique that can kill your Immortal Lord
Chapter 3181 Scared you to death
Chapter 3182 Mo Yuan Arrives
Chapter 3183 Qi Tian Dao Realm
Chapter 3184 Where is the way home?
Chapter 3185 Ascension, Tuoluo Realm
Chapter 3186 Beyond the Limit
Chapter 3187 Tragedy outside the boundary
Chapter 3188 There are no survivors here!
Chapter 3189 The weird and twisted Tuoluo world
Chapter 3190 Unnameable, beyond comprehension
Chapter 3191 The Existence Beyond the Immortal Lord
Chapter 3192 The Tuoluo Realm is sealed
Chapter 3193 Chi Lao, Chi Emperor
Chapter 3194 Healthy Mortal Race
Chapter 3195 Wangxian Clan
Chapter 3196 Transformed into an Immortal
Chapter 3197 Hidden Clan, Dark Descendants
Chapter 3198 The disappearing fairy traces
Chapter 3199 How can one become an immortal without being greedy for pleasure?
Chapter 3200 The first survivor, the Immortal King of the Seven Realms
Chapter 3201 The most rubbish ancient immortal
Chapter 3202: Become an immortal? Or become a demon?
Chapter 3203 Still have one hand left?
Chapter 3204 Luo Xianzun
Chapter 3205 Mysterious Spiritual Land
Chapter 3206 Original Spirit
Chapter 3207 Just link consciousness
Chapter 3208 Falling into a trap?
Chapter 3209 Where is the way home?
Chapter 3210 The Sword Spirit of the Tuoluo Realm Appears
Chapter 3211 Are you trying to convince me?
Chapter 3212 Showdown
Chapter 3213 Immortal Lord? Nothing more than that
Chapter 3214 Jiang Ning vs Four Immortals
Chapter 3215 The Sixth Realm Immortal in White
Chapter 3216 Death Proof
Chapter 3217 Proving the Way, Proving the Heart
Chapter 3218 No one can escape from this Shura field
Chapter 3219 The only immortal in the dragon pattern world
Chapter 3220 The blackened Jiang Ning
Chapter 3221 Blackening is ten times stronger
Chapter 3222 The big boss is Jiang Ning
Chapter 3223 Lets destroy it together
Chapter 3224: Fight between trapped beasts, combined into one
Chapter 3225 I, Jiang Ning, am back
Chapter 3226 I will kill and I will destroy
Chapter 3227 Humane Destruction
Chapter 3228: Being tricked by Xiu Ma
Chapter 3229 The three elements return to one, and one energy transforms the three pure states.
Chapter 3230 The universe has been opened, the sword opens the gate of heaven
Chapter 3231 Dao Wuji, you are too weak!
Chapter 3232 Dao Wuji, sluggish!
Chapter 3233 He once created the world
Chapter 3234 One sword opens up the age of immortals
Chapter 3235 Dao Wuji, your death is imminent
Chapter 3236 Heaven is on my side, Jiang Ning
Chapter 3237 God gave me good luck in Jiangning
Chapter 3238 The restless old immortals
Chapter 3239 Breaking through the Imprisonment
Chapter 3240 Do it faster
Chapter 3241 Become Jiang Nings servant
Chapter 3242 True love and falsehood have nothing to do with me
Chapter 3243 Jade Immortal Lord
Chapter 3244 Prepare to go out of bounds
Chapter 3245 Surprise
Chapter 3246 Breakthrough, move forward indomitable
Chapter 3247 You are barely a figure
Chapter 3248 Just five realms
Chapter 3249 Imperial Dao Imperial Sect
Chapter 3250 The Immortal Emperor of the Five Realms
Chapter 3251 What can you do to me?
Chapter 3252 Lets fight
Chapter 3253 The Phantom Demon Ancestor
Chapter 3254 A fatal blow
Chapter 3255 Seeking Tao
Chapter 3256 The real confrontation
Chapter 3257 Enslaving Jiang Ning
Chapter 3258 Companion Contract
Chapter 3259 God-given Good Luck
Chapter 3260 From now on, you are my little brother
Chapter 3261 The terrible sense of oppression
Chapter 3262: Powerful Heavenly Magic Star
Chapter 3263 Ascension with all strength
Chapter 3264 Domineering attack
Chapter 3265 Crazy pursuit
Chapter 3266 Completely crazy
Chapter 3267 Ascension Success Rate
Chapter 3268: Ascend, Jiang Ning
Chapter 3269 Little hope
Chapter 3270 The bitter beast ancestor
Chapter 3271 The First Generation of Ancient Immortals
Chapter 3272 One sword opens the sky
Chapter 3273 Jiang Dao Master, you are well.
Chapter 3274 Jiangning vs Daozu
Chapter 3275 True Dragon Way
Chapter 3276 My sword has opened up the wilderness
Chapter 3277 If you cant break the relationship, just cut it off
Chapter 3278 Ancestor Mo Luo
Chapter 3279: One Qi Transforms Three Purities
Chapter 3280 Dont doubt a womans intuition
Chapter 3281 A mere little immortal emperor
Chapter 3282 Old cow eats young grass
Chapter 3283 Exploring the Dark Realm
Chapter 3284 Are you qualified to play with me?
Chapter 3285 The sleeping old immortal king
Chapter 3286 I am the truth
Chapter 3287 I want you to kneel down and beg me to accept you
Chapter 3288 What are we talking about?
Chapter 3289 This is hell
Chapter 3290 Li Daochang
Chapter 3291 If you die, you will be whipped again
Chapter 3292 Execution
Chapter 3293 These bad old men are not simple
Chapter 3294 Reasonable conditions
Chapter 3295 The more humiliated you are, the more excited I am
Chapter 3296 Feast of Death
Chapter 3297 Unparalleled Dominance
Chapter 3298 I, Jiang Ning, have the final say here
Chapter 3299 Destroy the Tianshu Star for me
Chapter 3300 The Peak of Immortal Lord
Chapter 3301 The essence of seeking immortality
Chapter 3302 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 3303 The real showdown
Chapter 3304 The First Batch of Immortals
Chapter 3305 The true sword intention, one sword opens the gate of heaven
Chapter 3306 Jiang Family Ancestor
Chapter 3307 Scared the Crazy Emperor
Chapter 3308 The Jiang family is destroyed
Chapter 3309 The Mysterious Medicine Immortal Lord
Chapter 3310 All Heavens Star Sect
Chapter 3311 I want to keep a low profile, but my strength doesnt allow it!
Chapter 3312: Surname Ye, name Wuhui
Chapter 3313 People from the Ye family are all stupid ass
Chapter 3314 Crossing the Jianmen Pass in three steps
Chapter 3315 The Ye family is not simple
Chapter 3316 No one can control it
Chapter 3317 Meet Ye Jinghong
Chapter 3318 There is a daughter in the Ye family, Ye Cunxin
Chapter 3319 The ruthless way of sword cultivation
Chapter 3320 The big girl with intentions
Chapter 3321: Saving others and crossing oneself is not a matter of life or death
Chapter 3322 The ancestor of the Ye family
Chapter 3323 Ye Family Experience
Chapter 3324 Murder and heart-breaking
Chapter 3325 Ive secured the Ye family, I, Jiang Ning, said so
Chapter 3326 Star Reaching Emperor
Chapter 3327 Meeting with the Ye Family Qi Immortal
Chapter 3328 The Ye family is nothing special
Chapter 3329 You ask me what qualifications I have? I have tortured Tianshu Star
Chapter 3330 The general trend is the general trend, the world returns to its heart
Chapter 3331 What about the Great Emperor?
Chapter 3332 Seeking the Way to Death
Chapter 3333 Shura Realm of Life and Death
Chapter 3334 Looking for Ye Jinghong
Chapter 3335 The world will collapse
Chapter 3336 The Netherworld of Hell
Chapter 3337 The first generation of ancient immortals
Chapter 3338 People who cannot be saved
Chapter 3339 The Past and the Past
Chapter 3340 The arrangement of fate
Chapter 3341 Target: Sea of Dead Souls
Chapter 3342 Never look back
Chapter 3343 The obsession that cant be let go
Chapter 3344 Ksitigarbha is crazy
Chapter 3345 The Overlord of the Immortal Soul World
Chapter 3346: The position of overlord, no one can challenge it
Chapter 3347 Dao Master Jiang appears
Chapter 3348 Jiang Dao Masters Style
Chapter 3349: Making the Right Choice
Chapter 3350 Even the emperor must bow his head
Chapter 3351 There is a sky outside the sky
Chapter 3352: Cultivation has soared
Chapter 3353 Beast Ancestor comes to the rescue
Chapter 3354 The Star Reaching Emperor appears
Chapter 3355 The Ye family will not die today
Chapter 3356 Heaven help me
Chapter 3357 Netherworld attains enlightenment
Chapter 3358 The Ye Family’s Strongest Immortal Technique, Mahakala
Chapter 3359 Rules are meant to be broken
Chapter 3360 Ye Pang’s strongest sword
Chapter 3361 Your Grandpa Jiang is here
Chapter 3362 I, Jiang Ning, am invincible in the world
Chapter 3363 Jiang Ning vs Star Reaching Emperor
Chapter 3364 Arrival
Chapter 3365 Dilemma
Chapter 3366 War with Tianshu Star
Chapter 3367 Riding the Wind
Chapter 3368 Let’s see how I can turn things around
Chapter 3369 Bad news comes
Chapter 3370 Xiao Ai returns
Chapter 3371 Ancient Land of Chaos
Chapter 3372 The Mystery of Chaos
Chapter 3373 Chaos Creatures
Chapter 3374 The Mystery of the Picture of One Hundred Beasts
Chapter 3375 Thirty Thousand Miles A.D.
Chapter 3376 Blood Dragon Purgatory
Chapter 3377 In-depth practice of turbulence
Chapter 3378 Found them
Chapter 3379 Ancient Immortal Hunter
Chapter 3380 Feng Xiu vs Beast Ancestor
Chapter 3381 You must find the lost ancient immortal world
Chapter 3382 Buddhist Cultivation System
Chapter 3383 Buddha seals the dragon soul
Chapter 3384: Bewitched by You
Chapter 3385 The little monk is nameless
Chapter 3386 Overcoming the Demon Tribulation
Chapter 3387 We take control of our own lives
Chapter 3388 Demon Fairy
Chapter 3389: Strange appearance, all things die
Chapter 3390 You can’t!
Chapter 3391 Existence Beyond Fairyland
Chapter 3392 Strong support has arrived
Chapter 3393 Supreme Holy Dragon Technique
Chapter 3394 The legendary Dragon Lord
Chapter 3395 I am the strongest earth immortal
Chapter 3396 Make a deal
Chapter 3397 Reincarnation has no end
Chapter 3398 We will definitely meet again
Chapter 3399: Give Tianshu Star some fun
Chapter 3400 Qi Tian asked, turning things around
Chapter 3401 Exploring the Secret Realm of Ancient Immortals
Chapter 3402 The Holy Realm That Cannot Be Defined
Chapter 3403 Why are you so confident?
Chapter 3404 Who is it? Death is coming soon
Chapter 3405 Evil Immortal Formation
Chapter 3406 Space Blockade, Crisis Renewed
Chapter 3407 The mysterious strong man comes to help
Chapter 3408 Aoki’s victory
Chapter 3409 Millions of immortal souls as sacrifices
Chapter 3410 The whole city is in turmoil
Chapter 3411 Join forces to strangle
Chapter 3412 Unknown powerful force
Chapter 3413 Tianshu Official
Chapter 3414 His way and his body
Chapter 3415: Forming Cliques
Chapter 3416 The old trick repeats itself
Chapter 3417 Shocked my Yuanxian for ten thousand years
Chapter 3418 I must be saved
Chapter 3419 You are against the dragon pattern
Chapter 3420 Fengshan Immortal Ancestor
Chapter 3421 No solution to the black cage
Chapter 3422: It’s really a small thing compared to a big witch
Chapter 3423: When will reinforcements arrive?
Chapter 3424 I have no more moves, but I still have a dragon!
Chapter 3425 This is Longwei
Chapter 3426 Lord Shenlong
Chapter 3427 Brutal Mountain Closure
Chapter 3428 I, Jiang Ning, only come here to do one thing
Chapter 3429 Earth Formation Boundary Method
Chapter 3430 Reinforcements finally arrived
Chapter 3431: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 3432 The God of Killing Jiang Ning
Chapter 3433 The real master of Tianshu Star appears
Chapter 3434 Crushing the Stars
Chapter 3435 Above Yuanxian
Chapter 3436 Sacrifice my immortal soul
Chapter 3437 Completely crazy
Chapter 3438 The First Immortal in the Reincarnation Realm
Chapter 3439 Breaking the mirror immediately
Chapter 3440 Promotion to Yuanxian
Chapter 3441 Jiang Ning, you are so hard to kill
Chapter 3442 In full glory
Chapter 3443 The next level of reincarnation: immortal fall
Chapter 3444 Ascension, Guangxian Realm
Chapter 3445 Looking for techniques to control dragon energy
Chapter 3446 Nine Songs of Heavenly Movement
Chapter 3447 Goodbye Guangxian World Sword Spirit
Chapter 3448 The ancient immortal old man, the sea of suffering has no limit
Chapter 3449 Million Immortal Mountain
Chapter 3450 Holy Ancestor
Chapter 3451 Bing’s heart is palpitating, seeing old friends again
Chapter 3452: We are both fallen people from the end of the world
Chapter 3453 Fairy Treasure Land
Chapter 3454 The black wind is coming
Chapter 3455 This woman is extraordinary
Chapter 3456 Black Wind Emperor
Chapter 3457 Playing with applause
Chapter 3458 Your death is coming
Chapter 3459 Ill kill you with one slap
Chapter 3460 Jiang Ning, you are a devil
Chapter 3461 Dad is coming
Chapter 3462 I become ruthless, even myself is scared
Chapter 3463 Split vertically
Chapter 3464 Destroy Black Wind Mountain
Chapter 3465: Also an ant
Chapter 3466 The powerful protector of the sect appears mysteriously
Chapter 3467 The Wutian Immortal Sect is destroyed
Chapter 3468 Yuanjun Cave
Chapter 3469 A drop in the ocean
Chapter 3470 Oops, I was caught as a fish
Chapter 3471 Forced to win over
Chapter 3472 Holy Tree, Holy Fruit
Chapter 3473 I don’t take you seriously at all
Chapter 3474 Even Di Yuanjun dares to act presumptuously in front of me
Chapter 3475 Lord Diyuan also has to kneel
Chapter 3476 Ancient Immortal Camp
Chapter 3477 The most beautiful woman in Xiling Realm
Chapter 3478 Looking for Mu Xianchen
Chapter 3479 Invisible energy
Chapter 3480 New World, Dark Space
Chapter 3481 Mysterious Immortal Beast
Chapter 3482 Jiang Ning vs Mu Xianchen
Chapter 3483 Holy Immortal? Nothing more than that
Chapter 3484 Venerable Shenlong joins
Chapter 3485 The Sword Opens the Heavenly Gate
Chapter 3486 The cruel truth
Chapter 3487 It’s all my fault!
Chapter 3488 Delusion to slay the dragon
Chapter 3489 One difference and two tolerances
Chapter 3490 The Five Realms of Saint Immortality
Chapter 3491 Eaten alive
Chapter 3492 The final confession of the Immortal Ancestor of the Mu family
Chapter 3493 Mu Family Immortal Ancestor and Sword Spirit
Chapter 3494 A new journey
Chapter 3495 Miss An is here again
Chapter 3496 Jiang Ning, you are a good player
Chapter 3497 Entering the sea
Chapter 3498 Sensation, detonating the Guangxian world
Chapter 3499 Is it deliberate? Or is it good intention?
Chapter 3500 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Saints Gathering
Chapter 3501 A neat family
Chapter 3502 Unparalleled Genius
Chapter 3503 In order to be loyal and traitorous
Chapter 3504 You seniors are so confused
Chapter 3505 Meeting the Ancient Immortal
Chapter 3506 Dark World
Chapter 3507: They are all small characters in front of me
Chapter 3508 Miss An Jing shows off her power
Chapter 3509 Hunters of the Dark World
Chapter 3510 The crisis is extreme, Xiao Luo arrives
Chapter 3511 Ancient Luo Tianpan, Xiao Luo returns
Chapter 3512 Xiao Luo vs Xiao Long
Chapter 3513: Be a hunter once, who is the prey now?
Chapter 3514: Killing the donkey
Chapter 3515 Let me fight against the strong men in the world?
Chapter 3516 Lord Shenlong, ultimate form
Chapter 3517 No joke
Chapter 3518 Xiao Luo is in danger
Chapter 3519 The vengeful young lady An Jing
Chapter 3520 Stars fall and everything dies
Chapter 3521 I, Jiang Ning, am God
Chapter 3522 Enlightenment once
Chapter 3523 Original Killing
Chapter 3524 Dragon Clan Leap
Chapter 3525 Who is spreading rumors that I, Jiang Ning, am dead?
Chapter 3526 Now in Guangxian, who doesn’t know me, Jiang Ning?
Chapter 3527 Beating teammates
Chapter 3528 Old boss
Chapter 3529 The bloody reality
Chapter 3530: Killing you, destroying you, what does it have to do with you?
Chapter 3531 Repeating the Mistakes of the Past
Chapter 3532 Parting ways
Chapter 3533 Don’t you know what’s good?
Chapter 3534: Never Return
Chapter 3535 Losing his wife and losing his troops
Chapter 3536 It’s hard to move even an inch
Chapter 3537 Breakthrough immediately
Chapter 3538 Three Breaths Breakthrough
Chapter 3539: What are you if you don’t return to the world?
Chapter 3540 Prehistoric Old Monster
Chapter 3541 Destroy it
Chapter 3542 Li Shengtong
Chapter 3543 Li Shengtong is dead
Chapter 3544 Different
Chapter 3545 Li Shengtong’s disastrous defeat
Chapter 3546 You awakened the real strong man in the fairy world
Chapter 3547 Frost Clan
Chapter 3548 The Frost Clan’s Heaven-defying Ability
Chapter 3549 Mentioning the Human Emperor Again
Chapter 3550 What a great immortal, a bunch of bad old men
Chapter 3551 The Fallen Immortal Seeking Death
Chapter 3552 Wangshan Realm, empty
Chapter 3553 The road to immortality, the way to choose
Chapter 3554 The test of destiny
Chapter 3555 I have awakened
Chapter 3556 The hero never returns
Chapter 3557 Peak Appearance
Chapter 3558 Shixianji
Chapter 3559: Existences Beyond Absolute Divine Power
Chapter 3560 I will never let go
Chapter 3561 Shi Xian Ji subdues the law
Chapter 3562 Destruction
Chapter 3563 Wangshan Realm belongs to me, Jiangning
Chapter 3564 Jiangling Pavilion
Chapter 3565 Catastrophe in Guangxian World
Chapter 3566 When Guangxian World Collapses
Chapter 3567 The Immortal Clan’s Confidential Troubles
Chapter 3568 Who is worthy of the name of Ancient Immortal?
Chapter 3569 Who can compete with
Chapter 3570 Coexistence and Death
Chapter 3571 Sacrifice
Chapter 3572 The last moment
Chapter 3573 The big shot shows up
Chapter 3574 Xiao Luo returns
Chapter 3575 Confrontation with Big Shots
Chapter 3576 A group of old wastes
Chapter 3577 Go and invite the dragon
Chapter 3578 The Ultimate Showdown
Chapter 3579 Contents of the Dragon Clan Contract
Chapter 3580 Meeting the Sword Spirit
Chapter 3581 Exploring the truth
Chapter 3582 The upper world is clear
Chapter 3583 Who is willing to be the victim?
Chapter 3584 Definition of Guangxian
Chapter 3585 Creation of all things
Chapter 3586 A million years of understanding
Chapter 3587 Lord of All Realms
Chapter 3588 What a fart!
Chapter 3589 The Ten Realms of the Immortal Sea
Chapter 3590 The whereabouts of Dongfang Shenwu
Chapter 3591 Rescue Operation
Chapter 3592 Red Trap
Chapter 3593 Many tricks
Chapter 3594 Shadow Lost
Chapter 3595 Goodbye Ye Wuhui
Chapter 3596 Little Love Beast Ancestor
Chapter 3597 Dark Creatures
Chapter 3598 Going deep into the shadows
Chapter 3599 Killing Perpetual Motion Machine
Chapter 3600 The choice between light and darkness
Chapter 3601 Giant Spirit Fairy
Chapter 3602 Cause and Effect Creation
Chapter 3603 The newborn starry sky
Chapter 3604: Taken away
Chapter 3605 Everyone bow to me
Chapter 3606 Dark Creatures Will Become Immortals
Chapter 3607 Dare to kill an immortal? I will kill you
Chapter 3608 The decisive battle at the top of Nirvana
Chapter 3609 The Supreme Will Arrives
Chapter 3610 The cruel reality
Chapter 3611 Fighting for Life
Chapter 3612 Miracle Reappears
Chapter 3613 Breaking the situation
Chapter 3614 The legendary magic
Chapter 3615 Reshaping the World
Chapter 3616 Target: Huang Wuxian Realm
Chapter 3617 The most powerful sealing technique
Chapter 3618 The Huangwu Realm Opens
Chapter 3619 The most powerful alien race
Chapter 3620 Wind Demon God
Chapter 3621 Divine Dragon Fusion
Chapter 3622 Lord Shenlong vs. Wind Demon God
Chapter 3623 The idea of traveling through time and space
Chapter 3624 Ferry Return
Chapter 3625 Ascension is imminent
Chapter 3626 Only today did you know that I am me
Chapter 3627 Ascension in the Day
Chapter 3628 Jiang Wudi
Chapter 3629 The Last Battle
Chapter 3630 Heretic Celestial Phenomenon
Chapter 3631 Great Consummation, Return to Hometown (Grand Finale)