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Peerless Tang Sect's Splitting Claws Tearing the Sky

Peerless Tang Sect's Splitting Claws Tearing the Sky

author:Leave one

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-14 09:41

Latest chapter:Chapter 210 Departure

Ye Ming travels through the Douluo Continent and awakens the Terrorclaw Bear martial spirit. Faced with mediocre qualifications, let’s see how he works his way to the top step by step. “Turntable, lottery!” (Peerless Tang Sect fan fiction)

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《Peerless Tang Sect's Splitting Claws Tearing the Sky》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 210 Departure
Chapter 209: Caused by a fish
Chapter 208 The Eve of Departure
Chapter 207 Dark Gold Terror Claws and Ultimate Ice (Part 2)
Chapter 206: Dark Golden Terror Claws and Ultimate Ice (Part 2)
Chapter 205 Dark Gold Terror Claws and Ultimate Ice (Part 1)
Chapter 204 Ten Breaths
Chapter 203 Long time no see
Chapter 202 Brother Tang, meet again
《Peerless Tang Sect's Splitting Claws Tearing the Sky》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Arrival
Chapter 2 Awakening
Chapter 3 Golden Finger
Chapter 4 Admission
Chapter 5 Jiang Nannan
Chapter 6 Hunting for Soul Rings
Chapter 7 The First Soul Skill
Chapter 8 The Carousel of the Heavens
Chapter 9 Ye Feng
Chapter 10 Heading to the Far North
Chapter 11 Ice and Snow Elf
Chapter 12 Life and Death Encounter
Chapter 13 Battle
Chapter 14 Soul Bone
Chapter 15 That flash of brilliance
Chapter 16 Millennium Soul Ring
Chapter 17 Return
Chapter 18 Joy and sorrow accompany each other
Chapter 19 Hatred
Chapter 20 Farewell
Chapter 21 Border Town
Chapter 22 Evil Soul Master
Chapter 23: Soul-Suppressing City
Chapter 24 Mu Qing'er
Chapter 25 Life experience
Chapter 26 The Attacking Evil Soul Master
Chapter 27 Life is impermanent
Chapter 28 Mysterious Gray Ball
Chapter 29 The light in blood
Chapter 30: Extermination of the Family
Chapter 31 Apprenticeship
Chapter 32 The mysterious old man
Chapter 33 Going Home
Chapter 34 Time flies
Chapter 35 Star Forest
Chapter 36 Traces
Chapter 37 Crisis? Opportunity
Chapter 38 The Power of the Terrorclaw
Chapter 39 Tang Ya
Chapter 40 Martial Spirit Evolution
Chapter 41 Strange Martial Spirit
Chapter 42 Heading to Shrek City
Chapter 43 Enrollment
Chapter 44 Classification
Chapter 45 Roommate
Chapter 46 Fusion
Chapter 47 Fighting Soul
Chapter 48 Discussion
Chapter 49: He Caitou
Chapter 50 Monitor
Chapter 51 Expulsion
Chapter 52 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 53 Night Talk
Chapter 54 Beibei and Tang Ya
Chapter 55 Teammates
Chapter 56 Candy and Black Tower
Chapter 57 The assessment begins
Chapter 58 Initial fame
Chapter 59: One person’s battle
Chapter 60 Three-foot green front
Chapter 61: Three-foot Green Front Continued
Chapter 62: Three-foot Green Edge Continued
Sixty-three decisive victory
Chapter 64 Classification and Rewards
Chapter 65 Special Rewards
Chapter 66 One Year
Chapter 67 Vacation
Chapter 68 Breakthrough
Chapter 69 Chores
Chapter 70 Mercenary Mission
Chapter 71 Bei Yuya
Chapter 72 Encounter
Chapter 73 After the disaster
Chapter 74 Metamorphosis
Chapter 75 Breakthrough
Chapter 76 Golden Beast
Chapter 77 Goal: Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 78 Star Valley
Chapter 79 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 80 The Golden King Beast
Chapter 81 Ten Thousand Years Soul Skill
Chapter 82 Return to Shrek
Chapter 83 Instructions
Chapter 84 Night Attack
Chapter 85 Shrek starts school
Chapter 86 Similar encounters
Chapter 87 Shrek
Chapter 88 Before the assessment
Chapter 89 The assessment is in progress
Chapter 90: Shining Brilliantly
Chapter 91: Whoever meets a bear on a narrow road wins
Chapter 92: The Name of Prodigy
Chapter 93 Breakthroughs and Changes
Chapter 94 Invitation
Chapter 95 Treasure Reward Party
Chapter 96: Fiery Sky Cannon
Chapter 97 The Edge of Shadow
Chapter 98 Seventh Level Soul Guidance Device
Chapter 99 Inner Courtyard
Chapter 100 Kendo Qingfeng
Chapter 101 Qing'er's Secret
Chapter 102 Meeting the Seven Monsters for the First Time
Chapter 103 The Way of Power
Chapter 104 Qingfeng Nine Swords
Chapter 105: Preliminary Test for the Reserve Team
Chapter 106: Chance Encounter
Chapter 107 Past Events
Chapter 108 Changes
Chapter 109: Training in Progress
Chapter 110: Swordsmanship without Edge (4K Presentation)
Chapter 111 Invitation from Poseidon Pavilion
Chapter 112 The gift left behind
Chapter 113: The Lone Star of Heavenly Evil
Chapter 114 Sharp Heart, Ultimate Evolution!
Chapter 115 Testing
Chapter 116: Chase
Chapter 117: Fusion
Chapter 118 An unexpected meeting
Chapter 119 Hunting the Fifth Soul Ring
Chapter 120 Suddenly looking back and meeting again
Chapter 121: Evil Fire Eats the Heart (Part 1)
Chapter 112: Evil Fire Eats the Heart (Part 2)
Chapter 124 Hunting: Dark Gold Terrorclaw Bear
Chapter 124 Hunting: Dark Gold Terrorclaw Bear
Chapter 125 The soul guide shows its power
Chapter 126: Strange Soul Guidance Device
Chapter 127 Ambition
Chapter 128 Electrolux: Wake up!
Chapter 129 The Road to the Holy Realm
Chapter 130 Letter
Chapter 131 Beast Disaster
Chapter 132 Fusion of Two Soul Bones
Chapter 133 Guess
Chapter 134 Visit
Chapter 135: Telling in Silence (Part 1)
Chapter 136: Telling in Silence (Part 2)
Chapter 137 Good Fruit
Chapter 138 An unexpected person
Chapter 139: Poison barrier shows its whereabouts (Part 1)
Chapter 140 The poisonous miasma shows its whereabouts (Part 2)
Chapter 141 The Nine Absolute Flowers of Jade Phosphorus
Chapter 142 The Soul Ring Causes Controversy
Chapter 143: Worry turns to joy
Chapter 144: Changes in Creatures (Part 1)
Chapter 145: Changes in Creatures (Part 2)
Chapter 146 Persuasion and Weirdness
Chapter 147 False Redemption
Chapter 148 Its another school year
Chapter 149: Xu Sanshi is high-spirited
Chapter 150: Its not a blessing to know
Chapter 151 Harvest
Chapter 152 The long-cherished wish
Chapter 153 Future Plans
Chapter 154 Wooden Sword
Chapter 155 Direction
Chapter 156 A stronger opponent
Chapter 157 The Beast King and the Bet
Chapter 158: The power of title? (Part 1)
Chapter 159: The power of title? (Part 2)
Chapter 160 Phoenix Nirvana!
Chapter 161: Extreme Individual Soldier: Start!
Chapter 162 Competition
Chapter 163 First appearance!
Chapter 164 Shocking!
Chapter 165: Choice (Part 1)
Chapter 166: Choice (Part 2)
Chapter 167 Supervision Mission
Chapter 168 The first inspection!
Chapter 169 Killing
Chapter 170 Rebellion
Chapter 171 Night chat
Chapter 172 The dust has settled
Chapter 173 Poseidon Fate
Chapter 174 Famous in the Mainland!
Chapter 175: Bright Sword
Chapter 176: Forced into the palace!
Chapter 177 You are here
Chapter 178 Night Visit
Chapter 179 Coronation
Chapter 180: Good intentions everywhere you look
Chapter 181 Sun Mian died well!
Chapter 182: Go to the place with the moon...
Chapter 183 Moon Moon Lake
Chapter 184: Shrek’s Visitor (Part 1)
Chapter 185: Shrek’s Visitor (Part 2)
Chapter 186 Shrek’s Visitor (Part 2)
Chapter 187 I want to know more about him...
Chapter 188 She looks ugly...
Chapter 189 A Belated Gift
Chapter 190 Qiankun Good Fortune Pill
Chapter 191 The sea of consciousness changes again
Chapter 192 Heart Seed
Chapter 193 My name is Tang Hao!
Chapter 194 Let the poison come!
Chapter 195: Give me nine soul rings!
Chapter 196 The Beginning of Change
Chapter 197 Changes continue...
Chapter 198: Switching lines?
Chapter 199 Doubts?
Chapter 200: Your disciple wants to be the consort!
Chapter 201 Selection begins!
Chapter 202 Brother Tang, meet again
Chapter 203 Long time no see
Chapter 204 Ten Breaths
Chapter 205 Dark Gold Terror Claws and Ultimate Ice (Part 1)
Chapter 206: Dark Golden Terror Claws and Ultimate Ice (Part 2)
Chapter 207 Dark Gold Terror Claws and Ultimate Ice (Part 2)
Chapter 208 The Eve of Departure
Chapter 209: Caused by a fish
Chapter 210 Departure