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Cultivation Teacher's Life Record

Cultivation Teacher's Life Record

author:Broken Bridge Remnant Snow

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-10 13:54

Latest chapter:About the ending

He is a university teacher, and he accidentally became a monk. He chose to live in the world of mortals, and chose a happy life that only envies mandarin ducks but not immortals.

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《Cultivation Teacher's Life Record》The latest nine chapters
About the ending
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Chapter 635 Finale
Chapter 634: Professor Qin is leaving?
Chapter 633 Upper Limit
Chapter 632 Selfish guy
Chapter six hundred and thirty first monkey urgent
Chapter 630 Weidong, thank you
Chapter 629: Blowing Sugar Man Again
《Cultivation Teacher's Life Record》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 ruthless character
Chapter 2 The Hercules with Glasses
Chapter 3 The cool college student
Chapter 4 Vice President
Chapter 5 Peeping Man
Chapter 6 Seeking Revenge
Chapter 7 Zhongnanhai Bodyguard? Huang Feihong?
Chapter 8 East Brother
Chapter 9 Underworld Cleaners
Chapter 10 The Five Emperors' Canon
Chapter 11 Foundation Building Various types of support!)
Chapter Twelve The Enemy's Road is Narrow
Chapter 13 Living in the same room
Chapter 14 The woman is fickle, crazy
Chapter 15, hands and feet are fast, crazy
Chapter 16 Extinction Shitai
Chapter 17 His teeth are so white!
Chapter 18 Auntie, I will endure it!
Chapter Nineteen You Three Me One (Begging Zhang
Chapter 20 So Expensive (Begging Zhang
Chapter 21 Drunk Woman
Chapter 22 Violent Aque
Chapter 23 This can be taken off
Chapter 24 The Shield
Chapter 25 The Bullock
Chapter 26 Domineering
Chapter 27 Meeting the Iron Hands Again
Chapter 28 Underworld boss?
Chapter 29 Supreme VIP Card
Chapter 30 Wake Up
Chapter 31: It is also wrong to do good deeds)
Chapter 32 Ignore
Chapter 33 Uncle can't bear it
Chapter 34 Guidance
Chapter 35 The old principal
Chapter 36 The cultivation base is limited
Chapter Thirty-Seven
Chapter 38 Plan
Chapter 39 Deputy Head of the Research Group
Chapter 40: Professor Qin is angry
Chapter 41: Pretend to be pure?
Chapter 42 Team Leader Zhang, I Made a Mistake
Chapter 43: Different hands
Chapter 44: Lucky Problems
Chapter 45: It's not a beast in the future
Chapter 46 Mr. Zhang, I will mess with you in the future
Chapter 47 KTV Princess
Chapter 48 Visit
Chapter forty-ninth formal marriage
Chapter 50 Fly like a bird
Chapter 51 The Secretary-General's Nephew
Chapter 52 Hidden Disease
The fifty-third chapter refers to the disease [the eighth more]
Chapter 54 Youth
Chapter 55 The teacher who speaks for justice
Chapter 56 My Dad is the Director of the District Public Security Bureau
Chapter 57 Bring it all back
Chapter 58 They are all my students (continued
Chapter 59 Threats
Chapter 60 Assaulting the Police
Chapter 61 Uncle's Phone
Chapter 62 Administrative Detention
Chapter 63 Asking about someone from you
Chapter 64 Angry
Chapter 65 Release
Chapter 66 Big Shots
Chapter 67 She is the real people's police
Chapter 68 Long Live the Teacher
Chapter 69 Give me a kiss too
Chapter 70 Teacher, do you have a girlfriend
Chapter 71: Meeting Brother Sword Again
Chapter 72 Girls' Dormitory
Chapter 73 Thinking
Chapter 74 Start-up Funds for Doctoral Research
Chapter 75 New Colleagues in the Office
Chapter 76 Arrangements for the New Semester
Chapter 77 Excuses
Chapter 78 Men
Chapter 79 Don't reveal the secret
Chapter 80 Nerds
Chapter 81 distressed
Chapter 82 Director Chu is here
Chapter 83 Uncle Shi
Chapter 84 Misunderstanding
Chapter 85 Xiao Li Fei Dao
Chapter 86 Rebuke
Chapter 87 Blow the wind with me [Monday]
Chapter 88 Sugar Blowing Man
Chapter 89 Birthday Present
Chapter 90: Don't be cranky
Chapter 91 Evergreen Gong
Chapter 92 Disposal
Chapter 93 Relegation
Chapter 94 Holding an umbrella
Chapter 95 Beautiful in the rain
Chapter 96 The Deputy Mayor's Phone
Chapter 97 Processing Results
Chapter 98 Design Framed
Chapter 99 Playing a hooligan
Chapter 100: The Second Palace
Chapter 101 Unexpected incident
Chapter 102 No next time
Chapter 103 Classmates' Friendship
Chapter 104 I knew the teacher was the best
One hundred and five fierce side
Chapter 106 Talisman
Chapter 107: Encounter Again
Chapter 108: The Book Talisman
Chapter 109: Plants are affectionate
Chapter 110: Saving People
Chapter 11: Missing Case
Chapter 12 The Uncle Calls
Chapter 13 This is my uncle
Chapter 14: Shut up for me!
Chapter 15 The fairy guides the way
Chapter 160 Murder [Seeking Guarantee Monthly Pass]
Chapter 170 Small Report Guaranteed Monthly Pass]
Chapter 18: Trick the Monthly Pass Guaranteed]
Chapter 190 Treating guests
Chapter 120 A blessing in disguise [seeking monthly ticket support]
Chapter 121 Breakthrough
Chapter 122: Obsessed with Medicine
Chapter 123 Just change careers
Chapter 124 Doubt
Chapter 125 Dilemma
Chapter 126 Do you have money to win the competition?
Chapter 127 God Pitcher 【Ask for a monthly ticket】
Chapter 128 Not so pure and noble
Chapter 129 Ace [Pleading for a monthly ticket]
Chapter 130 Arrogance
Chapter 131 Toast, do not eat and drink fine wine [please monthly ticket]
Chapter 132 Deception is too much [asking for a monthly ticket]
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three
Chapter 134 Senior Zhang Monthly Pass]
Chapter 135 Openly contempt 【Seeking monthly ticket】
Chapter 136 Famous
Chapter 137 The situation is not good
Chapter 138: Martial Arts Conference
Chapter 138 Heart Disease
Chapter 139 Are you the only one who deserves it?
Chapter 140 I hope you don't regret it
Chapter 141 Apologize
Chapter 142 The Magical Inspection
Chapter 143 Acupuncture to treat diseases 【Seeking monthly ticket support】
Chapter 144 I want to change a secretary
Chapter 145 Come to be an expert
Chapter 146 Don't be too arrogant
Chapter 147: Morning Bell and Evening Drum
Chapter 148 Why is the face so big
Chapter 149 Old Cold Legs
Chapter 150 Invitation
Chapter 151 Cheng Yang Gaosheng
Chapter 152 Three kinds of people
Chapter 153 Who is Gao Fushuai
Chapter 154 Start as soon as possible 【Ask for a monthly ticket】
Chapter 155 Colleagues
Chapter 156 The Boss's Style 【Ask for a Monthly Pass】
Chapter 157 Fighting and Knowing 【Seeking Moon
Chapter 158 You can't eat what I've eaten
Chapter 159 To fight less [asking for a monthly ticket]
Chapter 160 Unfamiliar 【Seeking a monthly ticket】
Chapter 161: Changing careers to engage in charity monthly tickets]
Chapter 162 Didn't you sleep well last night? 【Monthly Pass】
Chapter 163 A paper transfer order
Chapter 164 Home 【Ask for a monthly ticket】
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five chivalrous criminals are banned
One hundred and sixty-sixth hair and pulp washing
Chapter 167 Train coincidence
Chapter 168 Provincial Party Committee No. 3 [Strongly appeal for monthly ticket support]
Chapter 169: The Charm of Power
One hundred and seventieth chapter temptation
Chapter 171 Certificate
Chapter 172 Car Accident 【Seeking Monthly Ticket】
Chapter 173 Does he have a doctor's qualification certificate?
Chapter 173 The leader is here
Chapter 175 Must be fake [Khan, the chapter number in the previous chapter is wrong. 】
Chapter 176
Chapter 177 I am also Wu Da's teacher
Chapter 178 Can you drink with me?
Chapter 179 Guilty
Chapter 180 It's not the first time anyway [asking for a monthly ticket]
Chapter 181 Very cool
Chapter 182 High income
Chapter 183 Visiting Doctor
Chapter 184 Traditional Chinese Medicine [return to normal
Chapter 185 Expert consultation
Chapter 186: Real Materials
Chapter 187 Ask for advice
Chapter 188 Famous teachers are hard to find
Chapter 189: Unique Technique
Chapter 190 Health Bureau [Today
Chapter 191 Director of the Health Bureau
One hundred and ninetieth chapters for help
Chapter 193 Who is Expert Zhang
Chapter 194 I'm responsible for something
Chapter 195: Cheerleaders
Chapter 196 Long overdue 【Today
Chapter 197 Teacher Zhang Come on!
Chapter 198 Don't wait to bully people like this
Chapter 199 I'm not free
Chapter 200: Someone Above
Two hundred and one chapter first kiss buy one get one free
Chapter 202 I'm going to participate in the martial arts conference
Chapter 203: A martial arts master?
Chapter 204 Not uncommon to hear
Chapter 205 Teaching
Chapter 206 Doing business is the same as being a man
Chapter 207 Change to the pure route
Chapter 208 East Brother Gets on the Car [Today
Chapter 209 Pay attention to safety
Chapter two hundred and ten fire
Chapter 211 Wuzhou Three Heroes
Chapter 212 Pharmaceuticals
Chapter two hundred and thirteenth master of hidden weapons
Chapter 214 Wulin Tongdao in Tiannan Province
Chapter 215 Teacher Zhang is still Master Zhang
Chapter 216 Arrival
Chapter 217 The real martial arts master
Chapter two hundred and eighteen two times
Chapter 219 Zhang Shidi arrives
Chapter two hundred and twentieth the seat
Chapter 221 kicking the hall
Chapter 222: Fierce
Two hundred and twentieth chapters angry
Two hundred and twentieth chapters shot
Chapter 225 Private Club
Chapter 226 Accept me as a disciple
Chapter 227 Guidance
Chapter 228 Magic Potion
Chapter 229 Who is awesome
Chapter 230: Invitation to the main table
Chapter 231 See the clue
Chapter two hundred and thirty second fellow
Chapter 233 Back to School
Chapter 224 Teacher-student love?
Chapter 235 Open your mouth
Chapter two hundred and thirty sixth arrogant students
Chapter 237 Pay attention to the image of a lady
Chapter 238 Teachers are not good at knowing the law and breaking the law
Chapter 239 Girlfriend? [Ask for a monthly ticket at the beginning of the month]
Chapter 240 The old principal goes out
Chapter 241 for you
Two hundred and fortieth chapters are not allowed to seduce the teacher
Chapter two hundred and forty third beautiful man out of the bath
Chapter 244: The situation is serious
Chapter two hundred and forty-fifth good self-knowledge
Two hundred and forty-sixth go to Wuzhou University together
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh fear
Chapter two hundred and forty eight what to pull
Chapter two hundred and forty nine
Chapter 250 Getting angry
Chapter 251 I'm here to find Teacher Zhang
Chapter 252: Sit next to me
Chapter 253 Just watch it if you like it
Two hundred and fifty-four chapters choose one from two
Chapter 255 Isn't it very earthy?
Chapter 256 A Que's Relatives
Chapter 257 Are you teaching primary school or junior high school?
Chapter two hundred and fiftieth eighth
Chapter 259 Is he really a teacher?
Chapter 260 Request
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one making a fuss
Chapter 262 This name is so familiar
Chapter 263 Want to have a sister and brother love?
Chapter 264 Chu Chaohui was promoted ahead of schedule
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five the enemy's road is narrow
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six can beat the little white face
Chapter 267 Didn't you hear what Brother Dong said?
Two hundred and sixty-eighth chapter dizzy
Chapter 269: Three Evil Tigers
Chapter two hundred and seventieth big man
Chapter 271: Go tell this sentence to your brother-in-law
Chapter 272 What do you think of the university teacher?
Chapter 273 Depressed Secretary General
Chapter 274 Secretary-General, where do you work?
Chapter 275 Departure from Wuyi Mountain
Chapter 276 There is a martial arts friend
Chapter two hundred and seventy seventh unexpected enthusiasm
Two hundred and seventieth eight chapters on the eyes
Chapter two hundred and seventy-ninth little devil
Chapter 280 Fang Zhongping's Difficulty
Chapter two hundred and eighty first practice
Chapter 282 Eat the same line of meals?
Chapter 283 Ghost!
Chapter 284 You are so amazing
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth strange people act
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth don't cry
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh jealous?
Chapter 288 Do you need me to escort me?
Chapter 289 We are university teachers
Chapter 290 I remember that I gave you a chance
Chapter two hundred and ninety first real murder
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two good intentions have good rewards
Chapter 293 I really want to castrate you with a knife
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth very horny pervert
Chapter 295 Something went wrong
Chapter 296 What kind of face do you have to see you and your younger siblings!
Chapter 297 Wouldn't it be bragging?
Chapter 298 I make you laugh!
Chapter 299 Li Li's Spring Is Here
Chapter 300: Having a Daughter-In-Law and Forgetting My Parents
Chapter 301 Young man, you won't be studying medicine, will you?
Chapter 302 Become a fat sheep
Chapter 303 You all give me out
Chapter 304 I'm looking for you, Dean Xu!
Chapter 305 Then queue up according to the rules
Chapter 306 You didn't lie to me?
Chapter 307 Hua Tuo's Rebirth
Chapter 308 I remind you
Chapter 309 Go!
Chapter 310 A Prophecy
Chapter 311 Let him come back to see a doctor immediately
Chapter 312 Your dad will be fine!
Chapter 313 I will never give up!
Chapter 314 Lawless
Chapter 315 The Secretary-General's Murder
Chapter 316 Who asked you to arrest the Secretary-General?
Chapter 317 I'm sorry, it was just a misunderstanding
Chapter 318 The county leaders arrived
Chapter 319 We are brothers who grew up playing
Chapter three hundred and twentieth report to the top
Chapter 321: Resolute attitude
Chapter 322 rushed to the hospital
Three hundred and twentieth chapters slap
Chapter 324 I will make him recall all the bad things he has done
Chapter 325 Is Eldest Young Master Qin afraid?
Chapter 326 What did you do to me just now?
Chapter 327 A knife on the head of the color
Chapter 328: Changes in Officialdom
Chapter 329: Yesterday Reappears
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Water Man Jinshan
Chapter 331 It's really hard to run an industry
Chapter 332 Deliberately looking for ballast
Chapter 333 Violent Nephew
Chapter 334: Three Entering the Palace
Chapter 335 If you have the ability, try it!
Chapter 336 The secretary is furious
Chapter 337: The Mirror Lake
Chapter 338: Hello, Xiaohong, Xiangxiang, Xiaoyan
Chapter 339 I believe in you
Chapter 340 Don't go
Chapter 341 wake up
Chapter 342: Guilty of being a thief
The three hundred and fortieth chapters have labored heroes Zhang
Chapter 344: Changes in Thought
Three hundred and fortieth chapters hit the ghost
Chapter 346 I believe
Chapter 347: Evil talisman
Chapter 348: Why not earn money
Chapter three hundred and forty-ninth encounter mentor
Chapter 350 I have to work hard
Chapter 351 It turned out to be a doctor
Chapter 352 Teacher Xiao Zhang, come along too
Chapter 353 Things change too much
Chapter 354: It turns out to be Teacher Zhang
Chapter 355 Presidential Suite
Chapter 356 The evil spirit talisman works
Chapter 357: Experts are hard to find
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth eight masters go out
Chapter 359: Catching Ghosts
Chapter 360 Alternative Heroes Save Beauty
Chapter 361 A fire in winter
Chapter 362 Who is this little white face?
Chapter 363 East brother is awesome
Chapter 364 It turns out that you are a super rich second generation
Chapter 365 It's you!
Chapter 366 Do you know how to hypnotize?
Chapter 367 Keep it if you like it
Chapter 368 Dream
Chapter 369 Isn't it so ugly?
Chapter 370 You are now the emperor in my heart
Chapter 371 Wouldn't it be your son?
Chapter 372 Kiss and you won't get pregnant
Chapter 373 Immortal Brother
Chapter 374 Bring the United States back to Wuzhou
Chapter 375 Invitation Card
Chapter 376 Cooperation
Chapter 377 Meeting an acquaintance in a hotel
Chapter 378 Shares
Chapter 379 Colleague's Husband
Chapter 380 Time to run
Chapter 381 Fertilizer water does not flow to outsiders' fields
Chapter 382 Director Shen, you are quite majestic!
Chapter 383 Farewell
Chapter 384: The Great Law of the Spring Breeze and the Rain
Chapter three hundred and eighty fifth sudden breakthrough
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty-Six Pills
Chapter 387 Who said I'm going to ascend? [Pleading for a monthly ticket]
Chapter 388: Achievements
Chapter 389 Bai Jie's friend
Chapter 390: Chaotic matchmaking [please monthly ticket]
Chapter 391 Is this a spike?
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters crazy people
Chapter 393 You still remember to call me teacher!
Chapter 394 Clown [Pleading for monthly ticket support]
Chapter 395 Realm
Chapter 396 Arrangements
Chapter 397 Almost collapsed
The three hundred and ninetieth eight chapters I teach you [sincerely
Chapter 399 Teacher Zhang is still an expert
Chapter 400 Five million
Chapter 401 Follow me
Chapter 402 is more arrogant than you
Chapter 403 Next time I will never dare
Chapter 404 Prohibition
Chapter 405 It really gave birth to a good face in vain!
Chapter 406 Buying a House
Chapter 407 The project application has come down
The 408th chapter is the key point [please support the monthly ticket]
Chapter 409 It's useless to tell you
Chapter 410 Salt Gang 【Seeking Monthly Pass】
Chapter 411 Qingcheng
Chapter 412 The trip to Qingcheng
The four hundred and thirteenth chapter senior real person
Chapter 414: Fire in the Stone
Chapter 415: Five Elements Sword
Chapter 416 Charity Auction Party
Chapter 417 I don't like it
Four hundred and eighteenth chapter than rich
Chapter 419 join in the fun
Chapter four hundred and twentieth turned out to be a teacher
Chapter 421 Mr. Zhang Weidong of Wuzhou?
Chapter 422 Big Brother Bidding [Pleading for Monthly Tickets]
Chapter 423 It's boring to play with a group of children
Chapter 424 This piece of jade is not simple!
Chapter 425: Absurd idea
Chapter 426 East Brother, I'm Xiao Gu [Sincerely
Chapter 427 Choice
Chapter 428 I will go out
Chapter 429 Somali pirates
Chapter 430 A drop of blood
Chapter 431 The sky is falling and the teacher will help you
Chapter 432 A very special request
Chapter 433 What are your plans for this matter?
Chapter 434 The Capital
Chapter 435 Tang Family
Chapter 436 Pin Dao is 118 years old this year
Chapter four hundred and thirty seventh living fairy
Chapter 438 Disciple is not filial
Chapter 439: Teaching Mentors
Four hundred and fortieth chapters four pirate gangs
Chapter 441 The mere pirates can't beat me
Chapter 442 The Hometown of Pirates
Chapter 443 You are saved
Chapter 444 Oriental Wizard [Pleading for Double Monthly Pass]
Chapter 445: Faithful Servant 【Pleading Monthly Pass】
Chapter 446 Whoever offends him in the future will offend me [please double monthly ticket]
Chapter 447 The month is the hometown round 【Seeking a monthly ticket
Chapter 448: Do you understand martial arts masters?
Chapter 449 Today is your birthday?
Chapter 450 Help me put it on [asking for a monthly ticket]
Chapter 451 I am really a teacher of Wuzhou University
Chapter 452 It turns out you are Dr. Zhang
Chapter 453 You are my teacher, you should help
Chapter 454 Who are you entrusting?
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth chapters do not understand etiquette
Chapter 456 Director Wang, you drink very unruly.
Four hundred and fiftieth seventh chapter do not give face
Chapter 458: I'll take it when something happens
Chapter 459 Isn't that a top student from Pushan Town?
Chapter 460 No matter who is protecting him, you will take it down for me
Chapter 461 Panic
Chapter 462 How could you offend Chu Chaohui? [Seeking a monthly ticket,
Chapter 463 Teacher Zhang, I am Wang Yiran!
Chapter four hundred and sixty fifth intercession
Chapter 466 Secretary of the Wuzhou Municipal Party Committee
Chapter 467 The secretary intervenes
Chapter 468 Don’t give the secretary face [please monthly ticket]
Chapter 469 Tang Lao is in critical condition
Chapter 470 Teacher Zhang goes out [please monthly ticket]
Four hundred and seventieth chapters come back to life
Chapter four hundred and seventy second coming to Japan
Four hundred and seventieth chapters fall out
Chapter 474 Personnel Proposal
Chapter four hundred and seventy fifth call
Chapter 476 I will not let you suffer this grievance in vain
Four hundred and seventieth chapters beat the table
Chapter 478 Wouldn't it be related to Chu Chaohui?
Chapter 479 The situation is going downhill [sincerely]
Chapter 480: Don't dare next time
Chapter 481 Dong Family
Chapter 482 The Beijing Hotel [Request a Monthly Pass]
Chapter 483 You are not qualified enough
Chapter 484 Some people just owe
Chapter 485 Minister Tang, hello
Chapter 486 Teacher Zhang, I'm sorry
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh anxious
A new book
Chapter 488 Amazing scene [Monday
Chapter 489: One mistake and another mistake
Chapter 490 Fragrant Hills
Chapter 491 Isn't her name Ye Fangying?
Chapter 492 Brother, can you leave me a phone call?
Chapter 493 Lifting the Ban
Chapter 494 Introducing the Object
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters personnel changes
Chapter 496 Katsuo is a good comrade
Chapter 497 There are a lot of acquaintances
Chapter 498: Sit in the past [please support the monthly ticket]
Chapter 499: Do not believe and pull down!
Chapter 500 Do you really know the city leaders?
Chapter 501 Dr. Zhang has an appointment
Chapter 502 He finally remembered who Chao Hui is
Chapter 503 Are you going back to Pushan? [Begging for a guaranteed monthly ticket]
Chapter 504 Beach
Chapter 505 Students borrow money
Chapter 506 Scam
Chapter 507 You are not too brave!
Chapter 508: Let Awu roll over to see me
Chapter 509 This time it's dead [please support monthly ticket]
Chapter 510 Do you have any bargaining power for what my brother said?
Chapter 511 There are some things to ask [please support the monthly ticket]
Chapter Five Hundred and Twelfth: I knew earlier, I am also a teacher
Chapter 513 Do you want me to introduce you to a sister
Chapter 514 City TV station, it's amazing
Chapter 515 I have an acquaintance
Chapter 516 Isn't it just the wedding emcee?
Chapter 517 Is Dandan free today? [Happy Valentine's Day]
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighteen Temporarily Confidential
Chapter 599 Don't make big international jokes with me
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Is this the surprise you're talking about?
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-One Appearance Fees [Tickets]
Chapter 522 Cow! [Ticket]
Chapter 523 Wedding
Five hundred and twentieth chapters two inserted in the cow dung
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Five Ask for Help
Chapter 526 Could this ward be wrong?
Chapter 527 Your kid is awesome!
Chapter 528 Invigilation
Chapter 529 Who did you give that piece of jade to last time?
Chapter five hundred and thirty car accident
Chapter five hundred and thirty first sent back to Nanzhou
Chapter 532 Sister, I am not interested in Xiaozheng too
Chapter 533 Don't worry, there is Uncle Zhang
Chapter 534 Why is this jade broken?
Chapter 535: Glorious Image
Chapter 536 I hate that people come to school to find me! [Guarantee the monthly pass]
Chapter 537 Shikigami
Chapter 538: Bring them back to me!
Chapter 539 Two roads
Chapter five hundred and fortieth slaves guilty [please monthly ticket]
The five hundred and fortieth chapters find bodyguards [honestly
Chapter five hundred and forty-two soldiers are not expensive
Chapter five hundred and forty third rejection
Chapter five hundred and forty-four winter vacation
Five hundred and fortieth chapters travel arrangements
Chapter five hundred and forty-six met acquaintances [today only
Chapter 547: The Wang Family
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight young masters
Chapter 549 Appearance
Chapter five hundred and fifty
Chapter five hundred and fifty first deceiving too much
Chapter 552 Uncle, why are you here tonight? [Monday]
Chapter 553 Why can't you do it?
Chapter 554 Deputy Director Zhou, what is going on?
Chapter 555 Is there a place for you to speak here?
Chapter 556 I can't help you with this matter
Chapter 557: No regrets
Five hundred and fiftieth eight chapters fat water does not flow outsiders field
Chapter 559 He is a pure and good boy [please monthly ticket]
Chapter 560 I stayed at the Nanjiang Club last night [There is only one chapter today]
Chapter 561 Zhihong, Lixia, come here
Chapter 562 Just treat it as a gift I bought for you
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-Three Listening Silly Son
Chapter 564 You said it was too late
Chapter five hundred and sixty fifth disease
Chapter 566 Do you think money is a problem?
Chapter five hundred and sixty seventh east brother and bird sister
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight want to see the leaves
Chapter 569 What kind of university teacher is this?
Chapter five hundred and seventieth no other unreasonable thoughts
Chapter 571 Who said the old man ran away!
Chapter 572 Medicine Furnace
Five hundred and seventieth chapters shameless
Chapter 574 Do you think you have a next time?
Chapter five hundred and seventy-fifth worship
Chapter 576: It's business to accompany you to visit Hong Kong
Chapter five hundred and seventy seventh secret weapon
Chapter 578 Peerless Shuangjiao
Chapter five hundred and seventy-ninth can he bear it?
Chapter five hundred and eighty disguise
Chapter 581 Night Hong Kong
Chapter 582 I'm not interested
Chapter 583 Rush
Chapter five hundred and eighty fourth fun
Chapter 585: Xiao Li Flying Knife
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth heartbeat
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh
Chapter five hundred and eighty eighth after waking up
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Nine Who Married Me?
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth financial fan
Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-One Giants Banquet
Chapter 592 Brother, when did you come to Hong Kong? 【Seventh more】
The five hundred and ninetieth chapters meet the old [eighth]
Chapter 594 The tanker was hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden
Chapter 595 Which country's flag is this oil tanker flying?
Chapter 596 Just a phone call
Chapter 597 In front of you, I dare not talk about the word majesty
Chapter five hundred and ninety-eight how do you know each other
Five hundred and ninetieth IX humiliation
Chapter 600 Shut up, it's none of your business here!
Chapter 601 What a big tone
Chapter 602 Actually, I'm really a good talker
Chapter 603 You have to be careful!
Chapter 604: Pack it up now
Chapter 605 Lightning Strike
Chapter 606 That man is a fairy!
Chapter 607 Fear
Chapter 608 Thoroughly frightened
Chapter 609 Brother, can you fly?
Chapter 610 Yachts, mansions
Chapter six hundred and eleventh cousin's work
Chapter 612 Yang Family
Chapter 613 Second Uncle's Dilemma
Chapter six hundred and fourteenth uncle's position
Chapter 615 Rare Earth Mine
Chapter 616 Is this his nephew?
Chapter 617 Why, Secretary Zheng, are you afraid?
Chapter six hundred and eighteen a coward
Chapter 619 Tang Xingbang
Chapter 620 I am Zheng Guangjiang, who are you?
Chapter 621 Secretary Tang is furious
Chapter 622 This time is over
Chapter 623 What to do now?
Chapter six hundred and twenty fourth
Chapter 625 The New Semester
Chapter 626 We have to beat him well at night
Chapter 626 Drift
Chapter 628: You are Secretary-General Tan (626 should be Chapter 627, wrong)
Chapter 629: Blowing Sugar Man Again
Chapter 630 Weidong, thank you
Chapter six hundred and thirty first monkey urgent
Chapter 632 Selfish guy
Chapter 633 Upper Limit
Chapter 634: Professor Qin is leaving?
Chapter 635 Finale
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