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Ximen Immortal Clan

Ximen Immortal Clan

author:The heart of Tao is evergreen

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-19 20:38

Latest chapter:Chapter 1064 Purple Eyed Unicorn

Recognizing the treasure of the main space and gaining huge opportunities, Ximen Changqing step by step from childish to mature, from weak to strong, gradually comprehends the cruel truth of the world of immortality. [The weak will be bullied, the strong is the way of heaven] In order for the people of the tribe not to be bullied, for To prevent the tragedy from happening again and for the sake of the great revival of the family, if you feel that 'Ximen Immortal Clan' is good, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and Weibo!

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《Ximen Immortal Clan》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1064 Purple Eyed Unicorn
Chapter 1063: Chief of the Flying Wolf Clan
Chapter 1062 Ten Thousand Flower Fairy
Chapter 1061 Longqi Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 1060 Enslaving the Jade-faced Young Master
Chapter 1059 Fellow Taoist Tiger
Chapter 1058 Longqi Secret Realm
Chapter 1057 Tianfeng Essence and Blood
Chapter 1056 Young Master Jade Qilin
《Ximen Immortal Clan》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Ximen Evergreen and the Mysterious Stone Ball
Chapter 2 Yunjianfang
Chapter 3 Nine Heavenly Beads
Chapter 4 Pan Yulian
Chapter 5 The Wonderful Book of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 6: The petrified golden ant
Chapter 7 Ximen Hidden Sword
Chapter 8 The deep malice from the Song family
Chapter 9 Collecting the Sky-breaking Hammer
Chapter 10 The Sky-Breaking Hammer and the Five Planets
Chapter 11 The fourth level of Qi training
Chapter 12 Suddenly grew taller
Chapter Thirteen: Attacked on the Road
Chapter 14 Ximen Changyu
Chapter 15 Hands-on weapon refining
Chapter 16 Loss-making lower-grade magic weapon
Chapter 17 Raid on Qingyang Mountain
Chapter 18 The conceited Song Tianyang
Chapter 19 Mountain Dwelling Sword Intent
Chapter 20: Capturing Song Tianyang alive
Chapter 21 Qingyangfang was breached
Chapter 22: Underground Killing
Chapter 23 Counting the Harvest
Chapter 24 Cleaning up the mess
Chapter 25 Major Concessions
Chapter 26 Fifty thousand family contributions
Chapter 27 Crying Sang Xiaoyu
Chapter 28 Refining weapons in seclusion
Chapter 29 Sang Xiaoyus alchemy qualifications
Chapter 30 The fifth level of Qi training [Hatch of petrified golden ants]
Chapter 31: First level high-grade weapon refiner
Chapter 32 The furious Jiang Tianxie
Chapter 33 Phantom Fox
Chapter 34 Underground Cave
Chapter 35 The auction is coming soon
Chapter 36 20% off discount
Chapter 37 Song Tianjiangs acting talent
Chapter 38 Xiao Jins talent for spiritual planting
Chapter 39 Material Exchange Device
Chapter 40 Blue Eyed Cold Silkworm
Chapter 41 A big tree attracts the wind
Chapter 42 Forbidden God Sand
Chapter 43 Forbidden God Cloud and Mist Technique
Chapter 44 The Song family was destroyed
Chapter 45 Pan Yulian again
Chapter 46 Baihu Mountain
Chapter 47 Golden Pig Pear and Black Black Stone
Chapter 48 Turtle Eggs and Water Spirit Grass
Chapter 49 The straightforward Wu Xuansong
Chapter 50 Green Python Bow
Chapter 51: Second-level high-grade saber-toothed wolf
Chapter 52 Purple Spirit Fire
Chapter 53 Killing the second-level monster
Chapter 54 The ancestor is here
Chapter 55 The saber-toothed wolves are destroyed
Chapter 56: Sixth Level of Qi Training
Chapter 57 Ice Jade Bee
Chapter 58 Song Tianjiang is exhausted of spiritual power
Chapter 59: Bloody Feud
Chapter 60 No Erysipelas
Chapter 61: First-level high-grade alchemist
Chapter 62: Seventh Level of Qi Training [Hatching of Blue Eyed Cold Silkworms]
Chapter 63: The ultimate magical weapon, the Alchemy Furnace
Chapter 64 The beast tide is ahead of schedule
Chapter 65 Sect Recruitment
Chapter 66 Dont mention the past
Chapter 67 Heading to Yunjian Mountain
Chapter 68 Black Eagle Mountain
Chapter 69 The task is too heavy
Chapter 70 Overachieving
Chapter 71 Jiang Tianxies legs are so thin
Chapter 72 Zhao Yong is a lucky star
Chapter 73: The Swift Wind Wolf Clan is Destroyed
Chapter 74 The Great Victory at Qingyang Mountain
Chapter 75: Let other ethnic groups charge into battle
Chapter 76: Earth Armored Beast
Chapter 77: Magical Demon-Destroying Crossbow
Chapter 78: Supporting the Family
Chapter 79: Eighth Level of Qi Training
Chapter 80 Immortal Zombie Sect
Chapter 81 Second-level low-grade weapon refiner
Chapter 82 The Third Level Red Flame Tiger
Chapter 83 Gu Yangyu is seriously injured
Chapter 84: Exchange for Foundation Establishment Pill
Chapter 85 The Secret Realm of Immortal Grass
Chapter 86 Ximen Changqings Strength
Chapter 87 The ninth level of Qi training
Chapter 88 Soul Suppressing Pearl
Chapter 89 Jiang Xianxiongs plan
Chapter 90 Blue Flying Boat
Chapter 91: Immortal City
Chapter 92 Li Mengxiang
Chapter 93 Tianling Fruit
Chapter Ninety Four Two
Chapter 95: Brother Wu, you are seriously injured
Chapter 96 Brother Wu, drink medicine
Chapter 97 Chalcedony Mushroom
Chapter 98 Crypt Spider
Chapter 99 Three pythons
Chapter 100 Red Fire Jade
Chapter 101 Mysterious Summoning
Chapter 102: Iron Zombie
Chapter 103 Rigidity
Chapter 104: Sky-Breaking Hammer Weapon Spirit
Chapter 105 The Core of the Secret Realm
Chapter 106 Black Turtle
Chapter 107 Ximen Xuanwu
Chapter 108 Mrs. Simons Cenotaph
Chapter 109 Formation Repair
Chapter 110: Make a fortune
Chapter 111 Thirteen Foundation Building Pills
Chapter 112 Xuantian Seal
Chapter 113: Surrender
Chapter 114: Restriction of Vicious Spirits
Chapter 115 Leaving the Secret Realm
Chapter 116: Prepare for a rainy day
Chapter 117 Fulfilling the Promise
Chapter 118 Brewing Spiritual Wine
Chapter 119 You dont need foundation building pills to build your foundation
Chapter 120 Xianshan Pavilion
Chapter 121 Large Auction
Chapter 122 Meditation Tea Spirit Plant
Chapter 123 The Secret Place of the Immortal Zombie Sect
Chapter 124 Leaving Xianyuan City
Chapter 125 Spirit Seeker
Chapter 126 Blazing Evil Fire
Chapter 127 Promotion to Spiritual Veins
Chapter 128 Whale Swallowing Spiritual Energy
Chapter 129 A century of shame
Chapter 130 Foundation Building
Chapter 131 The Art of Rejuvenating Dead Trees
Chapter 132 Benevolence, Wisdom and Kindness Build the Foundation
Chapter 133 The evil cultivators in Jiguan Mountain must be eradicated
Chapter 134 Eleven Foundation Builders
Chapter 135 Wu Xuan proposes marriage directly
Chapter 136 Go to Pans house to propose marriage
Chapter 137 Ximen Changqings Betrothal Gift
Chapter 138 Amethyst Grapes
Chapter 139 Planning Jinyang County
Chapter 140 Welcoming the bride
Chapter 141 Me too
Chapter 142 Shi Tieshan
Chapter 143 Jinyang Gate
Chapter 144 Refining middle-grade spiritual weapons
Chapter 145 The Twelve Foundation Builders Come Out Together
Chapter 146 Killing Xiong Jinpeng
Chapter 147 Go to hell! Jiang Tianxie
Chapter 148 Grab his motherfucker
Chapter 149 Jade Holy Pill
Chapter 150 Xuanwu Islands
Chapter 151 Xuanyang Copper Vein
Chapter 152 The old turtle is back
Chapter 153 The wife is very angry
Chapter 154 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 155 Getting what you want
Chapter 156 Refining the Flying Boat
Chapter 157 Painting Sect
Chapter 158 Competing with True Essence
Chapter 159 Water-avoiding beads and earth-turning mud
Chapter 160 Qingshi recovers
Chapter 161 The Great Escape Technique
Chapter 162 Sword and Shield Guarding the Puppet Beast
Chapter 163 The Millennium Black Ice Grass is here
Chapter 164 Opening Troubles
Chapter 165 Newcomers will always be suppressed
Chapter 166 Family Development Direction
Chapter 167 Xuan Song Yuzhou foundation building
Chapter 168 The terrifying strength of the sword and shield guards
Chapter 169 The Wrath of the Old Turtle
Chapter 170 Top grade water-proof beads
Chapter 171 Sun Xiaoyue
Chapter 172 Golden Clam Pearl
Chapter 173 The bold Sun Xiaoyue
Chapter 174 The family has insufficient population
Chapter 175 Ice Jade Royal Jelly
Chapter 176 Medium Battleship
Chapter 177 Rent-free for thirty years
Chapter 178 Reforming Clan Rules [Encouraging Childbirth]
Chapter 179 New Clan Rules
Chapter 180 Going to Yunmeng Mountain
Chapter 181 There is a treasure in Yunmeng Lake
Chapter 182 Giant Crawfish
Chapter 183 Xuanyuan Spiritual Water
Chapter 184 Refining Spiritual Water
Chapter 185: Hurt my Ximen family member and die
Chapter 186 Soul Crystal
Chapter 187 Gods Prophecy [Education Bell]
Chapter 188 Xiaoluans Promotion
Chapter 189 Qingyang Flying Boat [White Moon Pill]
Chapter 190: Picture of Ten Thousand Ghosts [Lian Mei is pregnant]
Chapter 191 Marching into the East China Sea
Chapter 192 Qingniu Island
Chapter 193 Planning the Second Tribes Land
Chapter 194 Silver Armored Pangolin
Chapter 195 Earth Spirit Milk
Chapter 196 Red-backed Demon Crab
Chapter 197 Developing Qingniu Island
Chapter 198 Tianwu Sects Bounty
Chapter 199 Xiaojin Mining
Chapter 200 Seven high-grade spiritual weapons
Chapter 201 Megalodon
Chapter 202 Tianyan Pavilion
Chapter 203 Ghost Grass
Chapter 204 Lu Deqian VS Sun Yuanhai
Chapter 205 Canghaimen Recruitment
Chapter 206 Chiyan Island
Chapter 207 Formation Breaking Bead
Chapter 208 Mining
Chapter 209 Blazing Spiritual Fire
Chapter 210 Kanazawa Island
Chapter 211 Swallowing high-grade spiritual stones alone
Chapter 212 Songdao
Chapter 213 Scattering and Escape
Chapter 214 This child must not be kept
Chapter 215 The clansmen are worried
Chapter 216 Falling into Formation
Chapter 217 Disciples of the Altar
Chapter 218 The Prosperous Ximen Family
Chapter 219 Tianwu Altar [Evil Ghost Clan]
Chapter 220 Essence and Blood Pill
Chapter 221 Blood Pill
Chapter 222 Wu Xuansong, extraordinary physical training techniques
Chapter 223 Exchange Skills
Chapter 224 Ghost Soldiers Sacrifice [Evil Ghost Realm]
Chapter 225-226 Ximens business is booming [Qin Family]
Chapter 227-229 [Secret Realm of the Puppet Emperor] Silver Fin Fat Dolphin [Evil Ghost, taste the power of fire]
Chapter 230-231 The Ximen family plans the secret realm of the Puppet Emperor [Using oneself as bait]
Chapter 232-234 [Soul Searching Qin Anming] Yulian is about to give birth [Ximen Yongxing]
Chapter 235-236 Sang Laoguan has accumulated a lot of experience [There must be a rare treasure in the Ximen family]
Chapter 237-239 [Fire Flame Burning Sky Jue] Fiery Black Bird Flying Sword [Plan to Destroy Qin]
Chapter 240-241 Trapping the Qin family to build the foundation [The Qin family builds the foundation, the soul card is broken]
Chapter 242-244 [Break the Qin Familys Formation] Earth Grade Kung Fu [Jin Xiaohe]
Chapter 245-246 Purple Jade Spiritual Valley
Chapter 247-249 [Tianjiao Competition] Ximen Changkongs strength [Youre vomiting blood before you take action]
Chapter 250-251 Harvest from the Qin Family [Fourth Level of Foundation Building]
Chapter 252-254 [Ximen Yongsheng] The family school will be expanded [Yunmeng Tower Ruins]
Chapter 255-256 The Earth Shakes and the Mountains Shake [To the Yunmeng Tower Ruins]
Chapter 257-259 [Entering the Ruins] The Life of the Great Elder of Yunmeng Mountain [Third-Level Talisman]
Chapter 260-261 Changing Wind and Changing Song to Build the Foundation [The Power of Xuanyang Mountain]
Chapter 262-264 [Tiger Head Crazy Shark] Renshan refines the Foundation Building Pill [Second Level Ultimate Puppet Beast]
Chapter 265-266 Chaiyun Dongtian [Chaiyun Sword Intent, Xuanguang Mirror]
Chapter 267-269 [Red Lotus Fire] The Mission of Yunjian Mountain [Ximen Yongyang]
Chapter 270-271 Ximen Hidden Sword, Foundation-Building Great Perfection [Level 3 Puppet Beast]
Chapter 272-274 [Prosperous Qingniu Island] Tianwu Sect Foundation Building Elite [Purple-backed Monkey]
Chapter 275-276 The Secret Realm of the Puppet Emperor Opens [Holy Snow Lotus]
Chapter 277-279 [Dragon Blood Grass] Sound Transmitting Spiritual Weapon, Training Tower [talisman]
Chapter 280-281 Invisibility Cover [Advanced Answer Reward]
Chapter 282-284 [Ice Lotus Cave] Bingqing Jade Lotus Heart Method [Puppet Emperor Purgatory]
Chapter 285-286 Five people from the Ximen family cooperate to seize the treasure [Puppet Emperors Palace]
Chapter 287-289 [Giant Rhino, Flying Eagle] Tyrant Turtle, Blue Whale [I regret it now, its too late]
Chapter 290 The snipe and the clam are fighting, the fisherman is coming
Chapter 291 Puppet Emperor Tower
Chapter 292 Kong Ming Stone
Chapter 293 Killing Zuo Yulong
Chapter 294 Zuo Haoran and the fourth-order golden dragon
Chapter 295-296 Golden Hammer
Chapter 297 The Life of Ximen Potian
Chapter 298 Fairy Seed
Chapter 299 Colorful Spider
Chapter 300-301 The wild goose plucking its hair [Lingjian Sect has gone too far]
Chapter 302 Becoming a father again
Chapter 303 Heading to Black Turtle Island
Chapter 304 Water of Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 305-306 Ximen Hidden Sword, Eighth Grade Purple Pill [Giant Ape Transformation]
Chapter 307: The Jade Saint Sect is divided into two parts [Qingniu Peak is promoted to the third level]
Chapter 308 Qingniu Island Third Level Array [Refining Talisman]
Chapter 309-310 Building the teleportation array [Ximen Yongxue]
Chapter 311-312 Yulian turns to practice the Bingqing Yulian Heart Technique [Intercepting Immortal Zombie Sect Formation Pill]
Chapter 313-314 The Anger of Old Monster Jiang [Giant Turtle-backed Elephant]
Chapter 315-316 Pan Yulian builds the foundation [Ximen Yunying builds the foundation]
Chapter 317-318 Framing [Alliance]
Chapter 319-320 Chaos in the Eastern Wasteland [Plenty of trump cards]
Chapter 321-322 The Immortal Zombie Sect takes advantage of the situation and makes a sneak attack [Unrest becomes normal]
Chapter 323-324 Tenth Grade Wind Spirit Root [Millennium Ice Linghua]
Chapter 325-326 The mortal members of the Ximen family are missing [Destroying the secret altar]
Chapter 327-328 Silver Dragon Hatching [Sixth Floor of Foundation Building]
Chapter 329-330 Ninth-grade Water Spiritual Root [Tenth-grade Ice Spiritual Root]
Chapter 331-332 A shop opens in Xianyuan City [Turtle Breath Jade Pendant, Hidden Spirit Jade Pendant]
Chapter 333 Seventh Floor of Foundation Building
Chapter 334 The Pill of Benevolence and Virtue
Chapter 335 Seventh Grade Purple Pill
Chapter 336 Third level spiritual milk
Chapter 337 Sang Lao Guan established the foundation, Elder Lingzhi
Chapter 338 Nine levels of foundation building [Nine Heavens Star Formation]
Chapter 339 Fairy Sitting on Lotus
Chapter 340 Nine Heavens Star Formation, Killing the Third-Level Demonic Beast
Chapter 341 Ximen Changkong is preparing to form a pill
Chapter 342 Karmic Fire God Thunder
Chapter 343 - Troubled by inner demons
Chapter 344 Ninth Grade Golden Pill
Chapter 345 The evil ghost attacks
Chapter 346 Third level one-horned evil ghost
Chapter 347 Migrating People
Chapter 348 Refining Fire Flame Pill
Chapter 349 Its hard to make money for the country
Chapter 350 Killing the Mo Jiao
Chapter 351 Nine Heavens Thunder
Chapter 352 Inner Demon
Chapter 353 Twelfth Grade Chaos Blood Pill [Nine-Colored Immortal Gourd]
Chapter 354 Mind Reading [The world is shocked]
Chapter 355 Holy Land Prodigy
Chapter 356 The Power of Nascent Soul
Chapter 357 Jinyang Clan Conspiracy
Chapter 358 Breaking the Face
Chapter 359 Donghuang City
Chapter 360 Spirit Sword Workshop
Chapter 361 Yingying Dan
Chapter 362 Building a Remote Teleportation Array
Chapter 363 Millennium Nether Grass
Chapter 364 The Royal Li Family
Chapter 365 The secret of the decline of the Li family
Chapter 366 True Essence Fruit Tree
Chapter 367 Gun Soul
Chapter 368 The Green Lotus Immortal Couple
Chapter 369 Let the Li family take the blame
Chapter 370 Return to Donghuang
Chapter 371 Ximen Yunfei, Seventh Grade Purple Pill
Chapter 372 Four people form pills
Chapter 373 The Fourth Level of Pill Formation
Chapter 374 Barbarians
Chapter 375 Fierce battle with barbarians
Chapter 376 Killing the Barbarians
Chapter 377 One Pot
Chapter 378 Killing Burjian
Chapter 379 Eastern soil is going to be in chaos again
Chapter 380 Third level robe
Chapter 381 Black Market
Chapter 382 Selling goods on the black market
Chapter 383 Human Races Counterattack
Chapter 384 Killing the Ice Monkey
Chapter 385 Depressed Shangguan Ziyu
Chapter 386 Hunting Team
Chapter 387 Chasing the Savage Demon Team
Chapter 388 A tragic victory
Chapter 389 A great gain
Chapter 390 All the wild monsters are destroyed
Chapter 391 Refining weapons on the flying boat
Chapter 292 Crocodile Dragon Pond
Chapter 293 The fourth-order crocodile dragon
Chapter 394 Looting the Crocodile Dragon Pond Treasures
Chapter 395 Water Moon Demon Gathering Fruit
Chapter 396 Spirit Sword Garden
Chapter 397 Ten Thousand Years of Cold Marrow
Chapter 398 Chief Refiner Master
Chapter 399 Show your hand casually
Chapter 400 Ice Soul Jade Sword
Chapter 401 Honorary Guest Minister
Chapter 402 Weapon Refining Task
Chapter 403 The Terrifying Thunder Demon Suppression Tower
Chapter 404 Wind Phantom Shuttle
Chapter 405 Qualification of the Master of Weapon Refining
Chapter 406 Asking the master to refine weapons for me
Chapter 407 Master Mei
Chapter 408 Door-to-Door Delivery
Chapter 409 Explosive Flames
Chapter 410 Family Ambition
Chapter 411 Refining the Sound Transmission Magic Weapon
Chapter 412 Xuan Song Yuzhou is in danger
Chapter 413: Xuansong Yuzhou Forms Pill
Chapter 414 Sun Xiaoyues intuition
Chapter 415 The four major alchemy forces
Chapter 416 Spring of Spiritual Milk
Chapter 417 Tianlan Sect
Chapter 418 Wanbao Tower
Chapter 419 Setting up a trap
Chapter 420 God Chain
Chapter 421 Enslaving the Liu Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 422 Nine-turn Sun-Returning Grass
Chapter 423 The elixir is obtained
Chapter 424 Killing the Earth Dragon Beast
Chapter 425 Sword, Gut, Qin and Heart
Chapter 426 Challenge the Fourth Level Demon
Chapter 427 Killing the Tiger Demon
Chapter 428 Transformation Fruit Tree
Chapter 429 Qiu Yunzi
Chapter 430 The remnants of the demon clan
Chapter 431 The auction begins
Chapter 432 Thousand-year elixir is flooding
Chapter 433 Xuanyi Spiritual Water
Chapter 434 The Soul-Calling Muluan
Chapter 435 Ancient Fragments
Chapter 436 Dragon Beard Fruit
Chapter 437 Zhenluan Bloodline
Chapter 438 Fang Mengshan
Chapter 439 Thunder in the Palm
Chapter 440 The inheritance of weapon refining
Chapter 441 Tianlei Mountain
Chapter 442 Demonic Insect
Chapter 443 Spirit Tribe
Chapter 444 Purple Heart Mahogany
Chapter 445 Silver Thorn Soul-Destroying Needle
Chapter 446 Enslaving Yinshan
Chapter 447 Killing Demonic Insects
Chapter 448 Silver Armor Clan
Chapter 449 White Elephant Gate
Chapter 450 Massacre
Chapter 451 Three Hundred Million Merits
Chapter 452 A tragic victory
Chapter 453 Tianhua Sect
Chapter 454 Beating up Jia An
Chapter 455 Catch one alive
Chapter 456: Taking the bait
Chapter 457 Self-destruction Formation
Chapter 458 Shouyuan Fruit Tree
Chapter 459 Thunder Sword Formation
Chapter 460 The fisherman hides underground
Chapter 461 Earth-escape Demonic Insect
Chapter 462 Earth Armor Demonic Dragon
Chapter 463 Killing the Earth-armored Demonic Dragon
Chapter 464 Divine Wind Secret Realm
Chapter 465 Entering the Kamikaze Secret Realm
Chapter 466 Blue Eyed Poison Frog
Chapter 467 Ten Thousand Poisons and Alcohol Slurry
Chapter 468 Wine
Chapter 469 Fairy Bai Rui
Chapter 470 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 471 Collecting the Wine
Chapter 472 Ripening Gentian Fruit
Chapter 473 Wind Shelter Bead
Chapter 474 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 475 Xiaoluan transforms into a bloodline
Chapter 476 Ten Thousand Years Wind Spirit Flower
Chapter 477 Blood Sacrifice Array
Chapter 478 Kamikaze Ring
Chapter 479 The Wind Spiritual Eye Bead
Chapter 480 Red Flame Spiritual Soil
Chapter 481 Migration of Fire Veins
Chapter 482 A rare treasure appears?
Chapter 483 Enslaving Mo Qing
Chapter 484 The World of Ghosts and the Realm of Saints and Demons
Chapter 485 Baihua Valley
Chapter 486 The Mark of the Strong
Chapter 487 The giant tree reaching the sky
Chapter 488 Ancient Palace of Void
Chapter 489 Petrified Eyes
Chapter 490 Ice Cloud Pill
Chapter 491 The Power of the Barbarian King
Chapter 492 Leaving the Divine Wind Secret Realm
Chapter 493 Black Lotus Holy Lotus
Chapter 494 Three Yuan Heavy Water
Chapter 495 Killing the Fourth-Level Demonic Python
Chapter 496 Sixth Level of Pill Formation
Chapter 497 Tears of the Sky and the Sea
Chapter 498 Giant Spirit Monster Insect
Chapter 499 Shou Yuan Dan
Chapter 500: Eighth Level of Pill Formation [Infant Transformation Pill]
Chapter 501 The baby is born in Ximen Changkong
Chapter 502 Ninth Grade Golden Infant
Chapter 503 Fire Baby [Level 4 Evil Ghost]
Chapter 504 Canghaimen Catastrophe
Chapter 505 Yunjian Mountain is surrounded
Chapter 506 Falling one after another
Chapter 507 Ximen Yuntian
Chapter 508 Annexation of Canghai Islands
Chapter 509 Ximen Yongxing gives birth to a baby
Chapter 510 Eleventh Grade Chaos Blood Infant
Chapter 511 Yongsheng Yongyang has a baby
Chapter 512 Promotion to the Fourth Level Spiritual Vein
Chapter 513 Soul Cleansing Spirit Liquid
Chapter 514 Eight tribesmen give birth to babies
Chapter 515 Immortal Gourd Seven-Star Array [Baby-making]
Chapter 516 Shock from all sides
Chapter 517 Blood Infant Monk
Chapter 518 Three consecutive critical strikes from the spirit
Chapter 519 Killing Old Monster Jiang
Chapter 520 Jiutian City
Chapter 521 Ding Qiufeng
Chapter 522 Jiutian City Auction
Chapter 523 Ding Qiushi
Chapter 524 Xuanyuan Dan
Chapter 525 Sound Transmission Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 526 Void Spirit Flower
Chapter 527 The familys foundation in the Central Plains
Chapter 528 The family is based on Qingyu Mountain
Chapter 529 Trading with the Monster Tribe
Chapter 530 Overlord Clause
Chapter 531 Convincing the Eight Sects
Chapter 532 Ximen Changyu Tenth Grade Golden Baby
Chapter 533 Flame Mountain
Chapter 534 Holy Demon Cult
Chapter 535 Entering the Flame Mountain
Chapter 536 Qilins Heart Fire
Chapter 537 Flame Dragon Mirror
Chapter 438 Transformation into God and Demon Cultivator
Chapter 539 The family destroys the Tianwu Sect
Chapter 540 Entering the Evil World for the First Time
Chapter 541 Black Dolphin City
Chapter 542 Migration of Yin Veins
Chapter 543 The family leaves its foundation in the evil ghost world
Chapter 544 The family begins a new journey
Chapter 545 Nascent Soul Second Level
Chapter 546 Ice and Snow City
Chapter 547 The Wrath of the Arctic Ice Bear
Chapter 548 Bear Ba
Chapter 549 The Conspiracy of the Holy Demon Cult
Chapter 550 Arctic Black Ice
Chapter 551 The family is based in the Arctic Icefield
Chapter 552 Absorbing Divine Sand
Chapter 553 The Far North
Chapter 554 Follow your words
Chapter 555 Gift from Saint Snow Lotus
Chapter 556 The Fourth Level of Nascent Soul
Chapter 557 The Medicine Beast
Chapter 558 Blood-winged Bird
Chapter 559 Meeting the Demonic Cultivator on the Road
Chapter 560 Killing the direct descendant
Chapter 561: Immortals are no more than ants
Chapter 562 Arctic Ice Sheet
Chapter 563 The Beast of Killing
Chapter 564 Extremely Cold and Frozen
Chapter 565 Family Current Situation
Chapter 566 Tianqing
Chapter 567 Ice Soul Fairy
Chapter 568 The Bowl of Origin
Chapter 569 The Ninth Level of Nascent Soul
Chapter 570 God Transformation Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 571 Shocked Again
Chapter 572 God Transformation Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 573 The art of enlightenment
Chapter 574 Large-scale improvement of clan strength
Chapter 575 A group of people from the God Transformation Tribe
Chapter 576 Binghaishan Clan Land
Chapter 577 Level 5 Sea Beast
Chapter 578 Golden Eagle Blood Beast
Chapter 579 South China Sea and Western Wilderness
Chapter 580 Beisha Sea Area
Chapter 581 Ling Shanshan
Chapter 582 Handsome Face
Chapter 583 Understanding the Storm Rules
Chapter 584 Broken with one blow
Chapter 585 Black Shark Island
Chapter 586 Blue Snake Island
Chapter 587 The Fruit of Enlightenment
Chapter 588 Xiaoyao Palace
Chapter 589 The ambitions of the Sea Demon Cult
Chapter 590 Bai Linger
Chapter 591 Tao Yuanqing
Chapter 592 One against three
Chapter 593 Self-destruction Formation
Chapter 594 Entering the Stormy Sea
Chapter 595 Pirates Trap
Chapter 596 Brother Yongxing
Chapter 597 Tianquanmen
Chapter 598 Tianquan Pagoda
Chapter 599 Tianji Island
Chapter 600 Pole Star Island
Chapter 601 Void Doll
Chapter 602 Nine-story Pole Star Tower
Chapter 603 Prizes from the Pole Star Tower
Chapter 604 Ximen Yongxings Strength
Chapter 605 Challenge the Sixth Floor
Chapter 606 Ximen Yongxings decision
Chapter 607 Ten Thousand Flowers Honey Brewing
Chapter 608: Experiences of practicing emptiness
Chapter 609 The Pole Star Island Clan
Chapter 610 Jixingfang City
Chapter 611 Ten Years of Rent Free
Chapter 612 Polestar Island Auction House
Chapter 613 Enlightenment Pill
Chapter 614 Jade Saint Lotus Pill
Chapter 615 Ten Thousand Years Elixir
Chapter 616 Immortal Island Shop Building
Chapter 617 Ye Qianshan
Chapter 618 Yama Vine
Chapter 619 Xunfeng Shadowless Formation
Chapter 620 Monudan
Chapter 621 The Sea Demon Cult Escapes
Chapter 622 The Name of the Holy Land
Chapter 623 Qingyang Mountain Fifth Level Spiritual Veins
Chapter 624 New Conditions
Chapter 625 The Wind-Destroying Demon Cult
Chapter 626 The Devils Valley
Chapter 627 Thunderbolt Breaking Formation Bead
Chapter 621 The Sea Demon Sect Escapes
Chapter 622 Holy Land Name
Chapter 623 Qingyang Mountain fifth-order spiritual vein
Chapter 624: New Conditions
Chapter 625 Wind Extinguishing Demon Sect
Chapter 626 Heavenly Demon Lost Valley
Chapter 627 Thunderbolt Breaking Orb
Chapter 628: Blocking the Heavenly Demon Lost Valley
Chapter 629 Breaking into the Valley of the Demon Bewilderment
Chapter 630: Destroyer Demon Sect
Chapter 631 Holy Land Workshop
Chapter 632 Damn Simon's Family
Chapter 633 Who is not selfish
Chapter 634 Arranging Traps
Chapter 635: Magic Dragon Drill
Chapter 636
Chapter 637 Why is Ximen's family so lucky?
Chapter 638
Chapter 639 Royal Jelly Essence
Chapter 640: Late Stage of Transformation
Chapter 641: One Hundred Transformation Protoss
Chapter 642 Going to the Demon Slayer Battlefield
Chapter 643: Ximen's Family Does Not Accept Any Orders
Chapter 644: Devil Dragon Black Abyss
Chapter 645 Deep into the dangerous place
Chapter 646 Void Tree
Chapter 647 Holy Spirit Tree
Chapter 648 Seeing Ximen's family without face
Chapter 649: It's a Trap
Chapter 650: Boundary Breaking Altar
Chapter 651 Ask the Ximen family for advice
Chapter 652 Discovery of the Boundary Breaking Altar
Chapter 653: Emperor Xuanye
Chapter 654
Chapter 655
Chapter 656: Triangle Demon Insect
Chapter 657 Conquering the Demon Insects
Chapter 658 Returning the Demon Insect
Chapter 659: Dare to Rebel
Chapter 660 The Wings Are Stiff
Chapter 661 Saint Demon Bloodline
Chapter 662: A New Altar
Chapter 663 Li Taibai's Worries
Chapter 664 Six-tooth Demonic Tiger
Chapter 665
Chapter 666 The Blessing of Immortal Cultivation World
Chapter 667 Comprehensive Preparations
Chapter 668: Demon Abyss Altar
Chapter 669 Tier 5 Ore
Chapter 670: Expedition to Demon Abyss
Chapter 671
Chapter 672 Destroying the Altar Again
Chapter 673
Chapter 674: Killing Demon Invincible
Chapter 675 It's all for profit
Chapter 676 Summation
Chapter 677: The Lion Opens His Mouth
Chapter 678 Going to the Holy Demon Realm
Chapter 679 Green King City
Chapter 680 Family Reorganization Ethos
Chapter 681 Going to the Realm of the Spirits
Chapter 682 Four Immortal Clans
Chapter 683: Immortal Clan Continent
Chapter 684: Yanlong Patriarch
Chapter 685 Ninth Rank Flame Dragon
Chapter 686 Qingxi Linghe
Chapter 687: Managing Xianjifang City
Chapter 688 The Millennium Feud
Chapter 689 The New Wind Swamp
Chapter 788 Chaoyangmen is in trouble
Chapter 789: Beheading Nine Lianxu
Chapter 790 Looting all the way
Chapter 791 Red Maple Spirit Wood
Chapter 792 Refining Void Puppet Beast
Chapter 793: Sea of Fierce Beasts
Chapter 794: Six Clansmen Are Promoted to Refining Void
Chapter 795 Shrine Palace
Chapter 796 Sixth Order Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 797: Zhongqing City
Chapter 798 Take the initiative to attack
Chapter 799
Chapter 800 Border Conflict
Chapter 801 Nangong Family Inheritance Land
Chapter 802 Nangong Shang
Chapter 803
Chapter 804
Chapter 805: Land of Inheritance
Chapter 806 Chains of Rules
Chapter 807 Star Chain Storm
Chapter 808 The Tianyi Gate Provoked Again
Chapter 809 Thirteen Elders of Tianyi Sect
Chapter 810 Li Liufeng
Chapter 811 Zhou Zixiong
Chapter 812
Chapter 813: Ancestral Dragon Secret Realm
Chapter 814 Yanlong Mountain Range
Chapter 815 Yanlong Lake
Chapter 816
Chapter 817
Chapter 818 Shinichi
Chapter 819 Ancestral Dragon City
Chapter 820 Ancestral Dragon City Auction
Chapter 821 Map of the Ancestral Dragon Secret Realm
Chapter 822 Opening of the Ancestral Dragon Secret Realm
Chapter 823 Falling Phoenix Indus
Chapter 824 Purple Moon Valley
Chapter 825
Chapter 826 Snow Peach Fruit Tree
Chapter 827 Shield Dragon Clan
Chapter 828 Seventh Order Shield Dragon
Chapter 829
Chapter 830 Eighth-Rank Raging Dragon
Chapter 831 Azure Dragon Slash
Chapter 832 A Bowl of Jade Liquid
Chapter 833 Challenge Tower
Chapter 834 Ten Thousand Monsters Returning to the Origin Formation
Chapter 835: Wrath of the True Dragon
Chapter 836 Clearing the 60th Floor
Chapter 837 Dragonbone Scepter
Chapter 838 Pear Blossom Valley
Chapter 741 Golden Horned Sheep
Chapter 742 Sunstone
Chapter 743 Danding Pavilion
Chapter 744 Nangong Yan
Chapter 745 The exit is open
Chapter 746 Leaving the Secret Realm
Chapter 747 Yanhan is coming
Chapter 748 Dragon Horn Branch
Chapter 749 Jueling Island
Chapter 750 Sixth Level Alchemist
Chapter 751 The bustling seaside market
Chapter 752 Purple Eyed Fighting Falcon
Chapter 753 Void Refining Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 754 All forces
Chapter 755: Resist Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 756 Early stage of void refining
Chapter 757 Soul Perception
Chapter 758 Black Bamboo Island
Chapter 759 Red Bamboo Gang
Chapter 760 Lu Chutong recovers
Chapter 761 Deliberate provocation
Chapter 762 Killing the Two Guardians
Chapter 763 Ten million tribute
Chapter 764 Wang Xiaotian comes out of seclusion
Chapter 765 The Ultimate Heavenly Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 766 Li Pingsong comes out of seclusion
Chapter 767 Six people were poisoned
Chapter 768 Undersea Cave
Chapter 769 Thusdides Trap
Chapter 770 Sound Transmission Tongtian Lingbao
Chapter 771 Cross-interface Sound Transmission
Chapter 772 Nangong Xiu’s visit
Chapter 773 White Phoenix Ring
Chapter 774 Yan Wen
Chapter 775 Eighth Level Flame Dragon
Chapter 776 Rebuilding the Shop
Chapter 777 Ba Xianbo
Chapter 778 Chaoyang Gate
Chapter 779 Bai Zizhen
Chapter 780 Ximen Yongxing is promoted to Lianxu
Chapter 781 Enemies of Chaoyang Gate
Chapter 782 Earth Ginseng
Chapter 783 Auction of Jade Saint Lotus Pill
Chapter 784 Fusion Pill
Chapter 785 Ten Thousand Years Resurrection Grass
Chapter 786 The finale of chayote
Chapter 787 Ximen Hidden Sword is promoted to Refining the Void
Chapter 788 Chaoyang Gate is in trouble
Chapter 789 Killing Nine Refiners
Chapter 790 Loot along the way
Chapter 791 Red Maple Spirit Wood
Chapter 792 Refining the Void Puppet Beast
Chapter 793 Sea of ??Fierce Beasts
Chapter 794 Six tribesmen promoted to refining the void
Chapter 795 Shrine Palace
Chapter 796 Sixth Level Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 797 Zhongqing City
Chapter 798 Take the initiative
Chapter 799 Zhongqing Realm
Chapter 800 Border Conflict
Chapter 801 The inheritance place of the Nangong family
Chapter 802 Nangong Shang
Chapter 803 Thunder Defense Formation
Chapter 804 Sneaking into the Formation
Chapter 805 The Place of Inheritance
Chapter 806 Chain of Rules
Chapter 807 Star Chain Storm
Chapter 808 Tianyimen provokes again
Chapter 809 Thirteen Elders of Tianyi Sect
Chapter 810 Li Liufeng
Chapter 811 Zhou Zixiong
Chapter 812 Just give up when you’re ready
Chapter 813 Ancestral Dragon Secret Realm
Chapter 814 Yanlong Mountains
Chapter 815 Flame Dragon Pond
Chapter 816 Heavenly Spirit Holy Flame
Chapter 817 Heart Protecting Scale
Chapter 818 Shinichi
Chapter 819 Zulong City
Chapter 820 Zulong City Auction
Chapter 821 Ancestral Dragon Secret Realm Map
Chapter 822 The Ancestral Dragon Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 823 Falling Phoenix Wutong
Chapter 824 Purple Moon Valley
Chapter 825 Earth Dragon Clan
Chapter 826 Snow Peach Fruit Tree
Chapter 827 Shield Dragon Clan
Chapter 828 Seventh Level Shield Dragon
Chapter 829 Sixth Level Clam Pearl
Chapter 830 Eighth Level Furious Dragon
Chapter 831 Green Dragon Slash
Chapter 832 A bowl of jade liquid
Chapter 833 Challenge Tower
Chapter 834 Ten Thousand Demons Return to Origin Formation
Chapter 835 The Wrath of the True Dragon
Chapter 836 Clearing the 60th floor
Chapter 837 Dragon Bone Scepter
Chapter 838 Pear Blossom Valley
Chapter 839 Who is Qingyang?
Chapter 840 Nine-color Holy Lotus
Chapter 841 Dragon Meat Dinner
Chapter 842 Seventh-level Ichthyosaurus
Chapter 843 Raging Dragon in the Canyon
Chapter 844 Fountain of Life
Chapter 845 Lizard Dragon
Chapter 846 True Dragon Tower
Chapter 847 Blood Dragon Fruit
Chapter 848 Treasure Volcano
Chapter 849 Heavenly Thunder Holy Grail
Chapter 850 Poison Swamp
Chapter 851 Red Horned Dragon
Chapter 852 Blue Eyes Fire Lion
Chapter 853 Great Opportunity
Chapter 854 Ancestral Dragon Armor
Chapter 855 Yan Hao’s Strength
Chapter 856 Safe Zone
Chapter 857 Leaving the Ancestral Dragon Secret Realm
Chapter 858 Selling some elixir
Chapter 859: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 860 Dragon Pattern Fruit
Chapter 861 Inheritance of artistic conception
Chapter 862 Ancestral Dragon Marrow Liquid
Chapter 863 Leaving Zulong City
Chapter 864 Tianji Ball
Chapter 865 Thunder Black Gold
Chapter 866 Flame Formation
Chapter 867 The news brought by Yan Ru
Chapter 868 Initial mobilization
Chapter 869 Recruitment
Chapter 870 The Nangong family’s dilemma
Chapter 871 Xianwu City
Chapter 872 Falling Flower Valley
Chapter 873 Flowers bloom and fall
Chapter 874 Time Rules
Chapter 875 Xi Yuanfei
Chapter 876 Spiritual Crystal Vein
Chapter 877 Nine-tailed White Fox
Chapter 878 Lure the Enemy
Chapter 879 Attacking Qinghua Mountain
Chapter 880 Rich Ore
Chapter 881 Spiritual Medicine Mountain
Chapter 882 The Rules of Gold
Chapter 883: Capture the Spiritual Medicine Mountain
Chapter 884 Eighth Level White Tiger
Chapter 885 Introduction to Time Rules
Chapter 886 Red Eyed Crocodile
Chapter 887: Training with seventh-level monsters
Chapter 888 Divine Fist Sect
Chapter 889 Unable to rescue
Chapter 890 Star True Yuan Fruit
Chapter 891 The Destruction of the Divine Fist Sect
Chapter 892 Xuantian Magic Weapon
Chapter 893 Tens of Billions of Merits
Chapter 894 Avenue Purple Yuan Fruit
Chapter 895 Master Huang Feng
Chapter 896 Complete the weapon refining task
Chapter 897 The Late Stage of Yongxing Refining the Void
Chapter 898 Thunder destroys the demonic fog hidden formation
Chapter 899 Master Huang Feng’s Determination
Chapter 900 Seventh Level Puppet Master
Chapter 901 Purple Jade Ganoderma
Chapter 902 Bodhi and Enlightenment
Chapter 903 Mud Crocodile Beast
Chapter 904 Fantasy Moon Grass
Chapter 905 Iron-backed Rhinoceros
Chapter 906 Xuanwu City
Chapter 907 Integrity Management
Chapter 908 Golden Bull Fruit
Chapter 909 Bagua Sect
Chapter 910 Ten Thousand Years Ice Spirit Strain
Chapter 911 Fairy Hongxia
Chapter 912 Arrangement to trap and kill
Chapter 913 The Prosperity of Qingyang City
Chapter 914 White Feather City
Chapter 915 The spirit plant that can run away
Chapter 916 Little Saint Ximen
Chapter 917 Time Immortal Ginseng
Chapter 918 Spiritual Origin Bead
Chapter 919 Fairy Fruit of Time
Chapter 920 Ancestor Bai Yu’s cruelty
Chapter 921 Huang Fei
Chapter 922 Maintenance of Puppet Beast Business
Chapter 923 Master Lu Ming
Chapter 924: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 925 Four Surrender
Chapter 926 Demonic Tiger
Chapter 927 Killing the Demonic Tiger
Chapter 928 Shadow Leopard
Chapter 929 Bloody Light Pillar
Chapter 930 Tianji Sect
Chapter 931 Golden Hall
Chapter 932 Water Spirit Sect
Chapter 933 Obsidian Flying Sword
Chapter 934 Working in vain
Chapter 935 Golden Tower
Chapter 936 Old Man Tiandao
Chapter 937 Fire, Thunder and Fire
Chapter 938 Lake Center Island
Chapter 939 Swallowing the treasure to himself
Chapter 940 Massacre
Chapter 941 Leaving the Secret Realm
Chapter 942 Building a cross-continental teleportation array
Chapter 943 Tianji City
Chapter 944 Purple Spirit Youyun Fruit
Chapter 945 Spirit Dragon Tianzhi Fruit
Chapter 946 Demon Clan’s Revenge
Chapter 947 Cultivating the Four Arts Clan members
Chapter 948 Family Meeting
Chapter 949 Qingyan Peak
Chapter 950 Yanlong City
Chapter 951 Skyfire Flame Dragon Explosion
Chapter 952 Huo Linger
Chapter 953 Fire Phoenix City
Chapter 954 Feng Qingshan
Chapter 955 Colorful Nine-Head Pill
Chapter 956 Combined Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 957 I’m all greedy
Chapter 958 The Confident Nangong Family
Chapter 959 The Power of the Combined Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 960 The early stage of integration
Chapter 961 Thirteen Fusion Tribesmen
Chapter 962 Nine Heaven Bead Promotion
Chapter 963 The Art of Divination
Chapter 964 Golden-backed Ape
Chapter 965 Re-entering the Holy and Demon Realm
Chapter 966 Eternal Night City
Chapter 967 Black Wind Emperor
Chapter 968 Controlling the Sixth Level Interface
Chapter 969 Passage to the Ice and Snow Realm
Chapter 970 Tian Han Clan
Chapter 971 Ice Dragon Palace
Chapter 972 Ice Soul regains its life
Chapter 973 Ice and Snow City
Chapter 974 Ice and Snow City Auction
Chapter 975 It is indeed a seventh-level interface
Chapter 976 Ice Velvet Flower
Chapter 977 Zhenbeicheng
Chapter 978 Massacre of monsters
Chapter 979 The ice and snow city is broken
Chapter 980 Return to the True Spirit Realm
Chapter 981 The war is over
Chapter 982 Blue Jade Gate
Chapter 983 Qinghua Mountain Spiritual Vein Promotion
Chapter 984 Shenwu Sect General Altar
Chapter 985 It’s better to make money faster by robbing
Chapter 986 Rebuilding Qinghua Mountain
Chapter 987 White Fox Mountains
Chapter 988 Yanhufang
Chapter 989 Deploying Traps
Chapter 990 Chief Xiaobai
Chapter 991 Red Eyed Bear
Chapter 992 Flying Wolf Clan
Chapter 993 Cerberus
Chapter 994 Killing the Eighth-Level Flying Wolf
Chapter 995 Green Wolf Clan
Chapter 996 All three lose
Chapter 997 Blood Crocodile Clan
Chapter 998 Ancient Blood Bat Cave
Chapter 999 Blood Essence Ghost Fruit
Chapter 1000 Hell Blood Bat
Chapter 1001 War Servant Camp
Chapter 1002 Toxic Swamp
Chapter 1003 Three Poisonous Pythons
Chapter 1004 Eight Treasures Return to Yuan Fruit
Chapter 1005 Monitor Lizard Clan
Chapter 1006 Earth Flame Iron
Chapter 1007 Scorpio Tribe
Chapter 1008 Sneaking into the Cold Pond
Chapter 1009 Cold Alligator Grass
Chapter 1010 Fairy Academy
Chapter 1011 Weapon Refining Assessment
Chapter 1012 Outer Disciple
Chapter 1013 Thirty Thousand Potential Value
Chapter 1014 Inner Disciple
Chapter 1015 Fruit Honey Brew
Chapter 1016 Mission Hall
Chapter 1017 Black Python Valley
Chapter 1018 Wind Monster
Chapter 1019 Popular Immortal Grass
Chapter 1020 Dongfang Qingyun
Chapter 1021 Ten Thousand Years Ice Lotus
Chapter 1022 Immortal Weapon Fragments
Chapter 1023: Killing the Early Stage of Mahayana
Chapter 1024 Killing the Heavenly Thunder Sect
Chapter 1025 Condensed Vanilla
Chapter 1026 Thorn Vine
Chapter 1027 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 1028 Nine Tribulations Thunder Pill
Chapter 1029 Emperor Yan
Chapter 1030 Yuanyang Secret Realm
Chapter 1031 Devil Wind Canyon
Chapter 1032 Demonic Cloud Crystal
Chapter 1033 White Bone Grass
Chapter 1034 Black Soul Fruit
Chapter 1035 Blue Eyes Fire Cloud Lion
Chapter 1036 Yuanyang Holy Lotus
Chapter 1037 Blood Dragon Grass
Chapter 1038 Yuanyang Immortal Sect
Chapter 1039 Holy Level Cultivation Technique
Chapter 1040 The family a thousand years later
Chapter 1041 Mahayana Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1042 The Boss of the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 1043 Early Mahayana
Chapter 1044 Twelve Mahayana people
Chapter 1045 The Eighth Level of the Soul-Suppressing Bead
Chapter 1046 The Soul-Splitting Technique of Mother and Child
Chapter 1047 Moon Worshiping Sect
Chapter 1048 Recovering the Mineral Veins
Chapter 1049 Zhou Xuan
Chapter 1050 Ice Smoke Stone
Chapter 1051 Ice Blue Holy Flame
Chapter 1052 Frozen City
Chapter 1053 Iron Sound Stone
Chapter 1054 Forced Slavery
Chapter 1055 Northern City
Chapter 1056 Young Master Jade Qilin
Chapter 1057 Tianfeng Essence and Blood
Chapter 1058 Longqi Secret Realm
Chapter 1059 Fellow Taoist Tiger
Chapter 1060 Enslaving the Jade-faced Young Master
Chapter 1061 Longqi Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 1062 Ten Thousand Flower Fairy
Chapter 1063: Chief of the Flying Wolf Clan
Chapter 1064 Purple Eyed Unicorn