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The best urban medical god

The best urban medical god

author:The wind will laugh

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 03:21

Latest chapter:Chapter 11968 My territory

Five years ago, the Ye family was destroyed, and the good-for-nothing Ye Chen mysteriously disappeared. Five years later, the good-for-nothing Ye family came back! He came back with a cultivation level that could make the heavens and the earth weep for ghosts and gods! This time, Ye Chen will make the heavens fear him! Let the earth tremble! Take control of everything and reach the top of the sky!

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《The best urban medical god》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 11968 My territory
Chapter 11967 You have the final say!
Chapter 11966 All the strong ones gather together
Chapter 11965 The Killer of Fenji Lingshan
Chapter 11964 Are you willing?
Chapter 11963 Invitation from the other side of the starry sky
Chapter 11962 The desire for the cemetery of reincarnation
Chapter 11961 Forced
Chapter 11960 Ye Chen’s attitude
《The best urban medical god》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Return!
Chapter 2 Rescue!
Chapter 3 Acquaintance
Chapter 4 Give up!
Chapter 5 Oh, must I take action?
Chapter 6 I am someone you can never offend!
Chapter 7 Terrible!
Chapter 8 Sense of Crisis
Chapter 9 Who dares to touch my people?
Chapter 10 Mysterious Stone!
Chapter 11 Damn it, one hundred powerful men?
Chapter 12 One hundred thousand consultation fees!
Chapter 13 Beauty, I havent agreed yet!
Chapter 14 Sky-high price! Quack doctor? (Please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 15 Damn it! Wake up!
Chapter 16 Is 60 million expensive for a life?
Chapter 17 How difficult is it to have a beauty formula?
Chapter 18 Shocking beyond measure!
Chapter 19 I want to see you!
Chapter 20 Fake!
Chapter 21 Shut up! Apologize!
Chapter 22 Win over this person at all costs!
Chapter 23 News about Doctor Ye!
Chapter 24 Past events!
Chapter 25 Meeting an acquaintance!
Chapter 26 Upstart!
Chapter 27 Lets see who dares! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 28 Ye Chens attitude!
Chapter 29 I can let you live! I can also take back your life!
Chapter 30 Chu Shurans pride!
Chapter 31 What have you experienced in the past five years!
Chapter 32 Refining elixir!
Chapter 33 Come on, come on, open your mouth (more updates!)
Chapter 34 Its like a new life!
Chapter 35 He is not an ant, let alone dust! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 36 Whose hand did it come from?
Chapter 37 Top mansion!
Chapter 38 Unattainable!
Chapter 39 Things are different and people are different!
Chapter 40 Who dares to step forward!
Chapter 41 Evil God!
Chapter 42 Ye Chen, what kind of person are you? (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 43 That terrifying man! (please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 44 The femme fatale woman!
Chapter 45 Who dares to call me my girlfriend!
Chapter 46 Miracle Doctor! (Additional update)
Chapter 47 Apology!
Chapter 48 The truth five years ago! (Please vote for recommendation~)
Chapter 49 The game has just begun! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 50 Forced entry!
Chapter 51 Whats the origin!
Chapter 52 Death Anniversary!
Chapter 53 With my own hands!
Chapter 54 Something big happened!
Chapter 55 Really awesome!
Chapter 56 Is this the so-called grand hotel? (Additional update)
Chapter 57 No way, this Mr. Ye is Ah Chen, right?
Chapter 58 One word, just do it!
Chapter 59 Something big happened!
Chapter 60 Get out of my sight! (Please vote for recommendation~)
Chapter 61 Tianzheng Group!
Chapter 62 Interests involved!
Chapter 63 Club!
Chapter 64 Goodbye Chu Shuran! (Please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 65 Decision! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 66 Past events
Chapter 67 Who is that man?
Chapter 68 There is still a chance!
Chapter 69 Get out!
Chapter 70 No thanks!
Chapter 71 Sign him!
Chapter 72 Zheng Jingming, have you really forgotten who I am?
Chapter 73 Anger!
Chapter 74 A loud bang! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 75 God descends to earth!
Chapter 76 I wont save you a second time!
Chapter 77 Fear!
Chapter 78 Who gives you confidence? (Additional update! Please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 79 Things have changed!
Chapter 80 I am willing to be responsible for her! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 81 Unattainable! (Additional update, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 82 Tianyuan Group!
Chapter 83 Three conditions!
Chapter 84 The God of Death in the Dark! (Additional update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 85 Kneel down!
Chapter 86 Who is the hunter! Who is the prey! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 87 Sorry, never heard of it! (Additional update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 88 Transaction!
Chapter 89 Invitation! (Please vote for recommendation~)
Chapter 90 Dont want to cause trouble (more updates, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 91 Uncontrollable! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 92 Deep fear! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 93 is a bit awesome! (Additional update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 94 Tears of the Stars! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 95 Violator!
Chapter 96 You didnt cherish the opportunity! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 97 Finally here! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 98 The dead can keep secrets! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 99 You are strong! (Additional update, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 100 Serious! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 101 Get out of here! (please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 102 Suggestions! (Additional updates, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 103 Ill protect you! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 104 The storm is coming! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 105 Make a fortune!
Chapter 106 Tianzheng Group is back! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 107 The Lone Star of Fate! (Additional update, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 108 Its all a joke! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 109: Support! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 110 The scene is out of control! (Additional update, Happy Winter Solstice!)
Chapter 111: Linked to each other! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 112 Whats the origin! (Please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 113 Bloody Storm! (Additional update, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 114 My guarantee! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 115 No power of choice! (There will be more tonight~)
Chapter 116 What kind of monster is this! (Additional updates, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 117 Rampage Ye Chen! (Please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 118 Im going to hit you! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 119 What to fight with! (Three chapters in a row! Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 120 Murderous intent in the dark! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 121 Something happened! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 122: The hope of survival is shattered, and we are looking for someone thousands of miles away! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 123 Crush!
Chapter 124 No one can threaten me!
Chapter 125 Martial Arts Stage! (Continuous updates! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 126 Identity! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 127: Protect this person! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 128 I owe you! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations~)
Chapter 129 Apologize with death! (Additional update! Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 130 On the verge of breaking out!
Chapter 131 Its so frustrating!
Chapter 132 How despicable! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 133 Jiangcheng! Ye Chen! Rise! (Additional update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 134 Take responsibility for yourself!
Chapter 135 comes out!
Chapter 136 The posture of a strong man! (Three updates in a row, please give me a recommendation fee!)
Chapter 137 Killing people thousands of miles away! (Additional update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 138 Why do you need to help me! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 139 Vision! Earthquake! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 140 Direct rejection! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 141 Shocking change! (Additional update, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 142: Boasting about Haikou! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 143: Take it! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 144 Its just a gift! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 145 Explosive! (Additional update, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 146 The five years of disappearance! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 147 Very powerful? (Please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 148 Kill! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 149 Death is not a pity! (Additional update!)
Chapter 150 The God of Death! (Additional updates! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 151 The devil is coming! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 152 I understand! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 153 Revenge! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 154 You misunderstood! (Additional update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 155 Worry! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 156 Do you accept it? (Please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 157 Risky chess! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 158 Keep your word! (Additional update!)
Chapter 159 You are a cultivator! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 160 Condensing Qi into the Wall! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 161 The soul is completely destroyed! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 162 The farewell kiss! (Additional update! Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 163 Making things difficult! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 164 A vicious incident! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 165 Something happened! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 166 Walking on water! (Additional update! Fourth update!)
Chapter 167 Ill help you kill people! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 168 I want his life! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 169 The right to speak! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 170 Powerful! (Additional update! Please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 171 Set foot on Jiangnan! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 172 Making things difficult! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 173 The attitude of the Wu family! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 174 Tough attitude! (Additional update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 175 The Qin family threatens! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 176 An unexpected visitor! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 177 Identity! (Three chapters in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 178 Who is this man! (Additional update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 179 Comparability! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 180 Come to the door! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 181 Who is more humble! (Three chapters in a row, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 182 Qianlong Building! (Additional update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 183 Kick! (First update, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 184 Ye Lingtians strength! (Second update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 185 I can save! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 186: Injuring people from a distance! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 187 Go against me! (Fifth update! Please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 188 Ants! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 189 Breakthrough in cultivation! (Second update!)
Chapter 190 The dusty file! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 191 Transaction! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 192 Claiming your life! (Fifth update coming!)
Chapter 193 Kowtow! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 194 The Man in the Dark! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 195 Big Earthquake! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 196 A storm sweeps across! (Additional update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 197 A word of blood! (Fifth update, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 198 Threat! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 199 I killed him, how about! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 200 Leading to death! (Three updates in a row, asking for recommendation votes!)
Chapter 201 Dragon-Slaying Sword, out! (Additional update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 202 Death is like the wind! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 203 No one can stop me! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 204 Jiang Jianfeng! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 205 Ye Chens arrangement! (Additional update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 206 The HunterYe Chen! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 207 The power of forging swords! (Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 208 Difficulty! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 209 Worthless! (Additional update, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 210 Threat! (Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 211 Cant breathe! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 212 Breaking the Game! (Three updates in a row, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 213 Failing me! (Additional update!)
Chapter 214 The storm is surging! (First update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 215 Choice! (Second update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 216 Something happened! (Third update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 217 Things have changed! (Fourth update, please subscribe!)
Chapter 218 Spare your life! (Fifth update, please subscribe!)
Chapter 219 Who is the prey! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 220 Be the enemy of everyone! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 221 Shocking the mountains and rivers! (Eighth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 222 I want to protect him! (Nine updates! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 223 One move! (Ten updates sent, guaranteed completed!)
Chapter 224 I have a sword that can kill everyone in the world! (Eleventh update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 225 Arrogant! (Twelfth update!)
Chapter 226 Fearful! (1st update)
Chapter 227 Fight! How! (Second update!)
Chapter 228 99 on the Chinese Grandmaster List! (Third update!)
Chapter 229 A lifetime of glory! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 230 Dont admit it! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 231 Uncontrollable existence! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 232 Surrender! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 233 No need! (First update!)
Chapter 234 Who is he? (Second update!)
Chapter 235 Situation! (Third update!)
Chapter 236 Heaven is not in control! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 237 I hate threats! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 238 This thing is mine! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 239 No blessing to enjoy! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 240 Consequences! (First update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 241 Never know! (Second update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 242 Is this still a human? (Third update!)
Chapter 243 Too weak! (Fourth update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 244 Hunting! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 245 Trampling and killing! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 246 Misstep! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 247 Who are you! (Eighth update!)
Chapter 248 In one thought! (First update!)
Chapter 249 The man who made a comeback! (Second update!)
Chapter 250 Want to die so much? Ill help you! (Third update!)
Chapter 251 Simple! Rough! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 252 Who dares to touch him! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 253 How can one be so virtuous! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 254 Are you back? (First update!)
Chapter 255 The storm is rising! (Second update!)
Chapter 256 Dont be rude! (Third update!)
Chapter 257 The Heaven of Jiangnan Province! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 258 The first person in history! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 259 Dialogue! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 260 Give you pleasure! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 261 One palm, burning the sky! (First update!)
Chapter 262 I was born in the midst of killing! (Second update!)
Chapter 263 Abnormal! (Third update!)
Chapter 264 May you be filled with stars! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 265 A virtual visitor from Kunlun! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 266 The storm is coming! (Sixth update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 267 The battle begins! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 268 Deal with it all! (First update!)
Chapter 269 Threat! (Second update!)
Chapter 270 Here it comes! (Third update)
Chapter 271 Frightened! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 272 How strong is it! (Fifth update in a row! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 273 An unexpected person! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 274 The Heaven of Jiangnan Province! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 275 Undercurrent! (First update!)
Chapter 276 I dont like killing! (Second update!)
Chapter 277 I want to see him! (Third update!)
Chapter 278 News about Kunlun Xu! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 279 He deserves to die! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 280 Vision! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 281 Ghost! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 282 Strange Movement! (First update!)
Chapter 283 Cant afford to offend! (Second update!)
Chapter 284 Tao! (Third update!)
Chapter 285 If you come, you will only die! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 286 Who do you think you are! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 287 The poisonous snake in the depths! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 288 Killing! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 289 Invitation! (First update!)
Chapter 290 Clues! (Second update!)
Chapter 291 'Chengfeng Jue'! (Third update!)
Chapter 292 A heaven-defying talent! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 293 Indifference! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 294 Madman! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 295 Medicine King Valley! (First update!)
Chapter 296 Xiang Chengdong! (Second update!)
Chapter 297 Despicable and shameless! (Third update!)
Chapter 298 Rolling Thunder! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 299 Shocked! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 300 Behind the Ghost Prison (sixth update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 301 Backlash! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 302 Privilege! (First update!)
Chapter 303 A heavy price (Second update!)
Chapter 304 The hand behind the scenes! (Third update!)
Chapter 305 Just the truth! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 306: Resistors are killed! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 307 You will be disappointed! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 308 Transaction! (Seventh update! Please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 309 Serious! (First update!)
Chapter 310 Control everything! (Second update!)
Chapter 311 The martial arts world is shocked! (Third update!)
Chapter 312 Fear! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 313 The feared place! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 314 Crisis in the Dark! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 315 Humble! (1st update)
Chapter 316 Not worthy! (Second update!)
Chapter 317 Who dares to take a step forward! (Third update!)
Chapter 318 The fisherman gets a profit! (fourth update)
Chapter 319 Killing and violence! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 320 The Wrath of the Grandmaster! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 321 The Man in the Cloud! (First update!)
Chapter 322 How is it possible? (Second update!)
Chapter 323 Return! (Third update!)
Chapter 324 Leave no one behind! (fourth update)
Chapter 325 News about Lin Juelong! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 326 Sin sprouts and is watered with blood! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 327 Sword cuts through eight wastes! (First update!)
Chapter 328 Special identity! (Second update!)
Chapter 329 Trip to the capital! (Third update!)
Chapter 330 Identity! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 331 The warmth and warmth of human relationships! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 332 Clues to the Ghost Prison! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 333 Time for a cigarette! (1st update)
Chapter 334 Ignorant Madman! (Second update)
Chapter 335 Who is Mr. Ye? (Third update! Happy New Years Eve)
Chapter 336 Hidden mystery! (fourth update!)
Chapter 337 Breaking the Formation! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 338 Dont mess with me! (1st update!)
Chapter 339 Professor Ye! (Second update!)
Chapter 340 Weird person! (Third update!)
Chapter 341 The bright moon contends for glory! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 342: Sanctimonious! Human relationships are cold and warm! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 343 Get out! (First update!)
Chapter 344 Garbage? Defilement? (Second update!)
Chapter 345 The unpredictable Ye Chen! (Third update! Please vote for recommendations~)
Chapter 346 What I want! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 347 I have a sword that can cut through the world of mortals! (Fifth update)
Chapter 348 A Pure Land (1st update)
Chapter 349 His blood is not worthy! (Second update!)
Chapter 350 Unstoppable! (Third update!)
Chapter 351 Steel bar shot through! (fourth update!)
Chapter 352: Persistent pursuit! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 353 Burning with anger! (First update!)
Chapter 354 The anger of the Jiang family in the capital! (Second update!)
Chapter 355 Difficulty! (Third update!)
Chapter 356 Watching a show and hunting! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 357 Hes coming! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 358 What power! (First update!)
Chapter 359 Crazy! (Second update!)
Chapter 360 Suffocation! (Third update!)
Chapter 361 Contempt all living things! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 362: Time of dormancy! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 363 Uncontrollable! (1st update)
Chapter 364 Fragmented Sword! (Second update!)
Chapter 365 Hereticism! (Third update!)
Chapter 366 A helping hand! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 367 Her blood! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 368 Mr. Ye, who is it? (Sixth update)
Chapter 369 Spare me? (1st update!)
Chapter 370 Tearing everything apart (Second update!)
Chapter 371 Leave it to me! (Third update!)
Chapter 372 If you dare to touch my daughter, you will die! (fourth update)
Chapter 373 Crazy move! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 374 Mother and son are connected! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 375 The power lurking in the depths! (1/10)
Chapter 376 If the sky falls, I will hold it up! (2/10)
Chapter 377 Who are you! (3/10)
Chapter 378 Crazy Ye Chen! (4/10)
Chapter 379 Unstoppable! (5/10)
Chapter 380 Are you surprised? (6/10)
Chapter 381 Did you destroy my magic weapon? (7/10)
Chapter 382 The power of one word! (8/10)
Chapter 383 Not willing to give in! (9/10)
Chapter 384 People in the Dark! (10/10)
Chapter 385 If you want to leave, theres no way! (First update!)
Chapter 386 Unthinkable! (Second update!)
Chapter 387 Blood Dragon, come! (Third update!)
Chapter 388 All parties in the capital were shocked! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 389 I want Lin Juelong to die! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 390 Very frightened! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 391 What are you struggling with? Broken! (First update!)
Chapter 392 What is your identity? (Second update!)
Chapter 393 Outrage of rage! (Third update!)
Chapter 394 Who can bear it! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 395: One man can stand a barrier and ten thousand men cant open it! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 396 Who do you think you are! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 397 Dead Silence! (First update!)
Chapter 398 Give you a chance! (Second update!)
Chapter 399 The whereabouts of Ye Tianzheng! (Third update!)
Chapter 400 Big Lie! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 401 Unable to survey! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 402 The best choice! (First update!)
Chapter 403 His strength! (Second update!)
Chapter 404 Just one answer! (Third update!)
Chapter 405 Why me? (Fourth update!)
Chapter 406 The secret in the depths! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 407 An unexpected person! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 408 Hes coming! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 409 Take you in!
Chapter 410 The depths of killing!
Chapter 411 If you have the guts, then fight me! (1/10)
Chapter 412 No more delay! (2/10)
Chapter 413 Anyone who steps into this place cannot stay! (3/10)
Chapter 414 The Heavenly Thunder Talisman falls! (4/10)
Chapter 415 Bailixiong! (5/10)
Chapter 416 Shatter pride! (6/10)
Chapter 417 Leave it to me (7/10)
Chapter 418 Its all bubbles! (8/10)
Chapter 419 How terrible! (9/10)
Chapter 420 Qinling Dragon Veins (10/10)
Chapter 421 Wandao Sword Master! (First update!)
Chapter 422: Being targeted! (Second update!)
Chapter 423 Return to Beijing! (Third update!)
Chapter 424 Undercurrent! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 425 Take care of yourself! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 426 A slap! (sixth update)
Chapter 427 Respectfully! (First update!)
Chapter 428 Not qualified! (Second update!)
Chapter 429 No matter your identity! (Third update!)
Chapter 430 Touching Kunlun Xu! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 431 War Letter! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 432 Secret! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 433 Jiang Peirongs surprise! (First update!)
Chapter 434 The whole city is shocked! (Second update!)
Chapter 435 Seeing him is like seeing the real person! (Third update!)
Chapter 436 Sudden! (1/10)
Chapter 437 Give me an explanation! (2/10)
Chapter 438 The Ye family in the capital! (3/10)
Chapter 439 Ask for blessings! (4/10)
Chapter 440 Arrogance!(5/10)
Chapter 441 Misreading! (6/10)
Chapter 442 You think youve got me (7/10)
Chapter 443 Forced! (8/10)
Chapter 444 Stand up! (9/10)
Chapter 445 Crisis and light! (10/10)
Chapter 446 Surrender? (1st update!)
Chapter 447 Enemy of China! (Second update!)
Chapter 448 Guardian! (Third update!)
Chapter 449 Splashing up thousands of feet of dust! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 450 Is this step too late? (Fifth update!)
Chapter 451 Nothing can happen to him! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 452 Difficulty! (First update!)
Chapter 453 A bunch of trash! (Second update!)
Chapter 454 Bubble! Anger! (Third update!)
Chapter 455 Ji Lins help! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 456 Kill the Lin family! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 457 The madmans anger! (sixth update)
Chapter 458 I only want one answer (first update!)
Chapter 459 Extremely dangerous! (Second update!)
Chapter 460 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind! (Third update!)
Chapter 461 Madman! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 462 The mystery of life experience! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 463 High Technology! (Sixth update)
Chapter 464 Find out! (First update!)
Chapter 465: Smear! (Two updates!)
Chapter 466: Thousands of people point it out! (Third update!)
Chapter 467 Slap in the face! (fourth update!)
Chapter 468 Its not travel! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 469 Who are you! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 470 Who sent you? (1st update!)
Chapter 471 No peace! (Second update!)
Chapter 472 We are saving you! (Third update!)
Chapter 473 Two fingers are a sword! (fourth update!)
Chapter 474 The slap in the face comes too fast! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 475 Changes in the Samsara Cemetery! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 476 He is very important! (First update!)
Chapter 477 Show of goodwill! (Second update!)
Chapter 478 Jiangdao Mountain! (Third update!)
Chapter 479 Hundreds of tombs! Nine-sky dragon! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 480 A battle is inevitable!
Chapter 481 Soul-Suppressing Sword!
Chapter 482 Breaking in! (Supplement 1)
Chapter 483 Send you on your way! (Supplement 2)
Chapter 484 The power of three trump cards
Chapter 485 Everyones surprise!
Chapter 486 Fear!
Chapter 487 The man who controls the sword!
Chapter 488 What are your intentions! (First update!)
Chapter 489 Delivered to your door! (Second update!)
Chapter 490 Peoples hearts are unpredictable! (Third update!)
Chapter 491: Words fall, sword intent rises! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 492 Stop it! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 493 Suppressing the Dead Souls! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 494 Recognize the master! (1st update)
Chapter 495 Shouldnt Appear (Second update!)
Chapter 496 Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight! (Third update)
Chapter 497 Block! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 498 Who dares to move! Get out of here! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 499 Take action! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 500 Its so wrong! (First update!)
Chapter 501 Owe! (Second update!)
Chapter 502: Someone from Kunlun! (Third update!)
Chapter 503 I want to go to Kunlunxu! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 504 The third sword, the sword cuts through all the wastelands (fifth update)
Chapter 505: Waiting for a Thousand Years! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 506 Kunlun Xuye Family!
Chapter 507 Everything is ready, all we need is the east wind!
Chapter 508 Talented!
Chapter 509 He is my pride!
Chapter 510 Its not up to you! (1st update!)
Chapter 511 You pay the bill! (Second update!)
Chapter 512 Seeking death! (Third update!)
Chapter 513 Vision! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 514 One persons action (fifth update!)
Chapter 515 Account! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 516 Coward! (seventh update)
Chapter 517 So useless? (Eighth update!)
Chapter 518 Everyone is happy? (1st update)
Chapter 519 Panic! (Second update)
Chapter 520 Who are you? (Third update!)
Chapter 521 Big mistake (fourth update!)
Chapter 522: Investigation (fifth update)
Chapter 523 The Ye Family of China! The First Family! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 524: Suspended in the world, like an immortal! (1st update)
Chapter 525 The invisible sword is the most deadly! (Second update!)
Chapter 526 The storm is coming! (Third update!)
Chapter 527 Something big happened! (First update!)
Chapter 528: Capture Ye Chen! (Second update!)
Chapter 529: Picking leaves to kill the master! (Third update!)
Chapter 530 Confrontation! (First update!)
Chapter 531 Freeze! (Second update)
Chapter 532 Too slow! (Third update)
Chapter 533 Get out! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 534: More danger than good (fifth update!)
Chapter 535 Dont you understand me? (Sixth update!)
Chapter 536 Save us! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 537 Crazy! (eighth update!)
Chapter 538 Dead end! (First update!)
Chapter 539 Scared! (Second update!)
Chapter 540 I dont like the garbage forces! (Third update!)
Chapter 541 Killing Talisman, Kill! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 542 Take off your head! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 543 Ridiculous! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 544 Endless troubles! (1st update)
Chapter 545 Breakthrough! (Second update!)
Chapter 546 Violators will be shot without mercy! (Third update!)
Chapter 547 Remembered! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 548 Thunder and Fire Talisman! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 549 Do you believe me? (Sixth update!)
Chapter 550 Defeated! (First update!)
Chapter 551 Crazy search! (Second update!)
Chapter 552: Irreconcilable! (Third update!)
Chapter 553 Leave! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 554 Return! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 555 Crazy! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 556 The sword formation rises, thunder and lightning come out! (First update!)
Chapter 557 Im late (second update!)
Chapter 558 I still have this answer (Third update!)
Chapter 558 This is your only choice (fourth update!)
Chapter 559 Your life is valuable (fifth update!)
Chapter 560 Shock! (sixth update)
Chapter 561 Anyone who threatens me is dead (1st update!)
Chapter 562 Is this the True Yuan Realm? (Second update!)
Chapter 563 Ill teach you a move to break the thunder! (Third update!)
Chapter 564 Who is behind you! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 565 Save me!
Chapter 566 Are you from Wanjian Sect?
Chapter 567 What about it! (First update!)
Chapter 568 Take me there now! (Second update!)
Chapter 569 The eyes have changed! (Third update!)
Chapter 570: Favored by the strong! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 571 The Ancient Void and Real Pill! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 572 Hot! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 573 Eye-opening (1/10)
Chapter 574 People from the Ji family (2/10)
Chapter 575 Identity detection! (3/10)
Chapter 576: Mutation in the Reincarnation Cemetery! (4/10)
Chapter 577 In that case, lets do it! (5/10)
Chapter 578 A phantom appears and the world changes! (6/10)
Chapter 579 Shock! (7/10)
Chapter 580 A great shame and humiliation (8/10)
Chapter 581 Want to die? I will help you! (9/10)
Chapter 582 Ye Shitian! (Tenth update sent, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 583 Do you really think you can kill the sky? (1st update)
Chapter 584 All the strength! (Second update!)
Chapter 585 Ye Shitians identity (third update!)
Chapter 586 Burning Soul! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 587 I will give you endless thunder and lightning! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 588 It doesnt matter who comes! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 589 Active turns into passive (first update!)
Chapter 590 Fight hard! (Second update!)
Chapter 591 Do you know how to write the word 'death'! (Third update!)
Chapter 592 Bite the bullet (fourth update)
Chapter 593 Plum Blossom Branch! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 594 Doomsday! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 595 Like a Nightmare (1st update)
Chapter 596 Panic! (Second update!)
Chapter 597 What on earth is it! (Third update!)
Chapter 598 Anyone who comes close to a hundred meters will die! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 599 Strong! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 600 You think too simply! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 601 The center of the storm!
Chapter 602 Not qualified to belittle!
Chapter 603 Wanchen Sword Technique! (First update)
Chapter 604 Mutation! (Second update)
Chapter 605 Prey (third update)
Chapter 606 I dont like these swords (fourth update)
Chapter 607 Give up? (First update!)
Chapter 608 Breaking the promise! (Second update!)
Chapter 609: Fighting from the air! (Third update!)
Chapter 610 I will not be a human unless I kill you! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 611 Identity! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 612 The whereabouts of Elder Zheng! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 613: Hundreds of people entering the country, how to resist! (First update!)
Chapter 614: Frustrated! (Second update!)
Chapter 615 Did you bring something? (Third update!)
Chapter 616 An unexpected surprise (fourth update!)
Chapter 617: Murderous intent! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 618 No choice! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 619: Let down! (First update!)
Chapter 620 Take it! (Second update!)
Chapter 621 Resistance! (Third update!)
Chapter 622 One person is enough! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 623 You shouldnt do it in front of me! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 624 Shocking! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 625 Blood Wolf Phantom! (First update!)
Chapter 626: Fight a bloody path! (Second update!)
Chapter 627 Crazy (third update!)
Chapter 628 God of War! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 629 Divine Sword! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 630 (sixth update!)
Chapter 631 Incredible! (First update!)
Chapter 632 Who can find Ye Shitian? (Second update!)
Chapter 633 I just want to have you (third update!)
Chapter 634 The killing intent in you! (fourth update)
Chapter 635 Trembling! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 636 Things are different and people are different! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 637 Lament (first update!)
Chapter 638 Reason! (Second update!)
Chapter 639 Disruption! (Third update!)
Chapter 640: Chaos! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 641 Violators will be killed! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 642 Its not enough, break it again! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 643 Break everything! (First update!)
Chapter 644 Irresistible (Second update!)
Chapter 645 The White Wolf with Empty Gloves (Third update!)
Chapter 646 Identity (fourth update!)
Chapter 647 Blood Debt Repayment with Blood (5th update)
Chapter 648 Ye Chen, the only survivor! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 649 comes out! (First update!)
Chapter 650 Shock! (Second update!)
Chapter 651 Changes in the Ji family! (Third update!)
Chapter 652: The Ancient Void and Real Pill (fourth update!)
Chapter 653 Meeting an old friend in a foreign land! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 654 The only clue! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 655 Such a field! (1st update)
Chapter 656 Ill take you there! (Second update!)
Chapter 657 Its you! (Third update!)
Chapter 658 Let me lend you my sword! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 659 Five years ago, five years later (fifth update!)
Chapter 660 You are the first corpse (sixth update coming!)
Chapter 661 Not Qualified (First update!)
Chapter 662 The Deep Crisis (Second update!)
Chapter 663 The person you shouldnt meet! (Third update!)
Chapter 664 Who is it! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 665: Chickens and dogs! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 666: One cigarette is enough! (Sixth update to come)
Chapter 667 A little more tender (first update!)
Chapter 668 Ancient Fan Formation (Second update!)
Chapter 669 The weight of four words! (Third update!)
Chapter 670 Ye Chen? Ye Shitian? (fourth update!)
Chapter 671 I think its better to forget it (fifth update!)
Chapter 672 I can! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 673 Change the rules! (1st update)
Chapter 674 Undercurrent! (Second update!)
Chapter 675 Fall! (Third update!)
Chapter 676 Unbearable! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 677 Once is Enough (Fifth update!)
Chapter 678 The formation is coming! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 679 Who? (1st update)
Chapter 680 Ancestor? (Second update!)
Chapter 681 The fog is lifted! (Third update!)
Chapter 682 What is it? (Fourth update!)
Chapter 683 Do your best! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 684 Hunting Plan (sixth update!)
Chapter 685 The farewell of the Immortal Lord! (First update!)
Chapter 686 Entering the blood alliance! (Second update!)
Chapter 687 Someone from the Kunlun Xuye family is here! (Third update!)
Chapter 688 Identity revealed! (fourth update!)
Chapter 689 The origin of Ye Tianzheng! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 691 Kill and silence! (1st update)
Chapter 692 All costs! (Second update!)
Chapter 693 I gave you a chance, but you didnt cherish it! (Third update!)
Chapter 694 What to fight with? (Fourth update!)
Chapter 695: Cremate You (Fifth update!)
Chapter 696 Bombshell! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 697 Condescension! (1st update)
Chapter 698: Catching a turtle in a urn! (Second update!)
Chapter 699 Insignificant! (Third update!)
Chapter 700 How to play! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 701 Lock (5th update)
Chapter 702 The momentum is overwhelming! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 703 Nightmare! (1st update)
Chapter 704 Prestige (second update!)
Chapter 705 Leave no one behind! (Third update!)
Chapter 706 Behind the Bureau! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 707 Kunlun Xuye Family (Fifth update!)
Chapter 708: Heroes vie for hegemony! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 709 Dont disturb! (1st update!)
Chapter 710 Acquaintance (Second update!)
Chapter 711: Visions one after another! (Third update!)
Chapter 712 No need! (fourth update!)
Chapter 713 Spying! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 714 Get out! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 715 This posture! (First update!)
Chapter 716 Invitation! (Second update!)
Chapter 717 Not worthy! (Third update!)
Chapter 718 Destroy everything! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 719 Invisible power! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 720: Unattainable! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 721: Destroy the world of mortals! (1st update)
Chapter 722 Meet! (Second update!)
Chapter 723 I cant swallow this breath! (Third update!)
Chapter 724: Aloof! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 725 Crisis! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 726 The King of the Deep! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 727 Not qualified! (First update!)
Chapter 728 Fear! (Second update!)
Chapter 729 The crisis on the top floor (third update!)
Chapter 730 Where to get it (fourth update!)
Chapter 731 Eating away fear! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 732 Warning! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 733 Mutation! (First update!)
Chapter 734 Violence! (Second update!)
Chapter 735 How is it possible! (Third update!)
Chapter 736: Mortal waste? (Fourth update!)
Chapter 737 I am not a gentleman! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 738 News (sixth update!)
Chapter 739 Crisis (1st update)
Chapter 740 Leave! (Second update!)
Chapter 741 This is your chance! (Third update!)
Chapter 742 Anyone who insults the teacher will die! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 743 Dawn! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 744 Crazy move! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 745 Taking advantage of the situation! (1st update)
Chapter 746 The miraculous effect of the eternal fire! (Second update)
Chapter 747 New Life! (Third update!)
Chapter 748 The power of darkness! (fourth update)
Chapter 749: Crazy! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 750 Time for a cigarette! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 751: All-powerful means! (Update 1!)
Chapter 752 Opinions! (Second update!)
Chapter 753 I cant wait! (Third update!)
Chapter 754 Complete defeat! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 755 Im afraid youre not qualified! (Fifth update! Please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 756 The most correct thing to do as a teacher! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 757: Capture the thief first! Capture the king first! (1st update)
Chapter 758 Will! (Second update)
Chapter 759 This is the reason! (Third update)
Chapter 760 Who is the stepping stone! (Fourth update! Please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 761 Please! (Fifth update! Please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 762 Reinforcements! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 763 You can only surrender! (Update 1!)
Chapter 764 Like an ant! (Second update!)
Chapter 765 Sin! (Third update!)
Chapter 796 You dont know what youre facing! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 797 The madman is here again! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 798 Go in person! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 799 The only chance! (First update!)
Chapter 800 Forced! (Second update!)
Chapter 801 The bloody road is difficult! (Third update!)
Chapter 802 Part of the plan? (Fourth update!)
Chapter 803 Leave one eye! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 804 So, I refuse (sixth update!)
Chapter 805 Calm down! (1st update)
Chapter 806 How dare you! (Second update)
Chapter 807 Recondensation of Dantian! (Third update)
Chapter 808 Dont raise waste! (fourth update)
Chapter 809 Its still hurt despite the distance! (5th update)
Chapter 810 Destruction and rebirth! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 811 Opportunity! (1st update)
Chapter 812 Death! (Second update)
Update 813: Hold on tight! (Third update)
Chapter 814 Damn it! (fourth update)
Chapter 815 How have you been in these five years? (Fifth update)
Chapter 816 You misunderstood! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 817 Take care of yourself! (1st update)
Chapter 818 No injustice or hatred! (Second update)
Chapter 819 Delay! (Third update)
Chapter 820 What is Duan Huaian! (fourth update)
Chapter 821 Allies! (Fifth update)
Chapter 822 Another powerful one! (Sixth update coming! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 823 Who is the most respected! (1st update!)
Chapter 824 Taking advantage of the situation to defeat the gods! (Second update!)
Chapter 825 Crisis lurks! (Third update!)
Chapter 826 The missing girl! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 827 Thousands of cold bodies! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 828 Destroy your Dantian! (1st update)
Chapter 829 You are thinking too much! (Second update)
Chapter 830 Do you want to stop me with this method? (Third update)
Chapter 831 Backlash! (fourth update)
Chapter 832 This is the opportunity! (Fifth update)
Chapter 833 Shock! (sixth update)
Chapter 834 The situation is not good! (Seventh update, supplement!)
Chapter 835: Go your own way! (First update!)
Chapter 836 Just want a fight! (Second update!)
Chapter 837 Its just garbage! (Third update!)
Chapter 838 Return it to you intact! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 839 The power behind it! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 840 The legacy of the divine thunder! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 841 The Mighty One! (1st update)
Chapter 842 Damn it, is this Xiao Hei? (Second update)
Chapter 843 The time of fame (third update!)
Chapter 844 Insult! (fourth update)
Chapter 845 You are not qualified! (Fifth update)
Chapter 846: Medical God Sect, Ye Chen! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 847 Never stay! (1st update)
Chapter 848 Not afraid of the rules! (Second update)
Chapter 849 Its useless! (Third update)
Chapter 850 Like a mountain! (fourth update)
Chapter 851 Shameless words! (Fifth update)
Chapter 852 Is this guy really a medical doctor? (Sixth update)
Chapter 853 I owe you (1st update)
Chapter 854 This is the best explanation! (Second update)
Chapter 855 Enough to crush! (Third update)
Chapter 856 Who can stop me! (fourth update)
Chapter 857 Harmless to humans and animals (fifth update)
Chapter 858 Trash Sect? (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 859 Complete defeat (first update)
Chapter 860 It doesnt matter if its mirror water or dirty water (second update)
Chapter 861 The situation is tense! (Third update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 862 Is this really a fucking cat? (fourth update)
Chapter 863 Death! (Fifth update)
Chapter 864 I have this ability! (Sixth update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 865 The Battle Against Heaven (1)
Chapter 867 You bastard! (2)
Chapter 868 Flowers and cow dung! (3)
Chapter 869 Mutation (4)
Chapter 870 Asylum (5)
Chapter 871 I dont want to choose! (Sixth update sent, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 872 Gambling! (1)
Chapter 873 Cant do it with ordinary roots? (2)
Chapter 874 Limit! (3)
Chapter 875 Its so weird (4)
Chapter 876 Transformation! (5)
Chapter 877 The strange thing under the Xilong Pond! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations)
Chapter 878 The edge of life and death! (1st update)
Chapter 879 At least! (Second update)
Chapter 880 The power of darkness (third update)
Chapter 881 Your identity! (fourth update)
Chapter 882 You shouldnt be like this (5th update)
Chapter 883 Red Pupils! (Sixth update coming, please vote for recommendation!)
Chapter 884 Overestimating Ones Own Ability (1st update)
Chapter 885 The Medical God Sect, the price! (Second update)
Chapter 974 No! (Third update)
Chapter 975 Pay for life! (fourth update)
Chapter 976: With a mortal body, he can stand shoulder to shoulder with the gods! (Fifth update)
Chapter 977 No one can save you! (Sixth update, please vote for recommendations~)
Chapter 978 Who are you! (1st update)
Chapter 979: Heartbreaking Shame (Second Update)
Chapter 980: Well-deserved (3rd update)
Chapter 981 Danxu Tower (fourth update)
Chapter 982 The real climb! (Fifth update)
Chapter 983 Lin Qingxuans old friend! (Sixth update sent, please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 984 Attitude! (1st update)
Chapter 985 The person behind the scenes! (Second update)
Chapter 986 Alarm! (Third update)
Chapter 987 Wake up! (fourth update)
Chapter 988 Shame! (Fifth update)
Chapter 989 Dont you understand? (Sixth update sent, please vote!)
Chapter 990 Get back here! (1st update)
Chapter 991 Unreasonable (second update)
Chapter 992: Is your sword faster, or mine? (Third update)
Chapter 993 Responsible! (fourth update)
Chapter 994 Ants, nothing more than that! (Fifth update)
Chapter 995 What on earth is this! (Sixth update, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 996 Not qualified! (1st update)
Chapter 997 Erase! (Second update)
Chapter 998 Your identity! (Third update)
Chapter 999 Ill be the first to kill you! (fourth update)
Chapter 1000 Ten minutes! (5th update)
Chapter 1001: Its hard to fly even if you dont have wings! (Sixth update coming, please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 1002 Rely on! (1st update)
Chapter 1003 Dark Clouds Overwhelm the City (Second Update)
Chapter 1004 I cant bear it (third update)
Chapter 1005: Xingtian Danzuns instructions! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1006 The edge of violence! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1007 The war begins! (Sixth update! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 1008 Youre welcome! (1st update)
Chapter 1009 Not afraid of beating! (Second update)
Chapter 1010 Come, eat candy! (Third update)
Chapter 1011 Not affirmed! (fourth update)
Chapter 1012 Are you worthy of being a powerful person? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1013 Attitude! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1014 The fuse! (1st update)
Chapter 1015 Blood Spirit Pattern (Second Update)
Chapter 1016 The mystery is solved! (Third update)
Chapter 1017 You are hope! (fourth update)
Chapter 1018 The three ultimate spears that break the sky! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1019 All the heavens can be destroyed forever! (sixth update)
Chapter 1020 The Immortal War Lord, Seven Nights of Blood! (First update)
Chapter 1021: Virtual Level Alchemist! (Second update)
Chapter 1022 An unexpected person! (Third update)
Chapter 1023 I cant bear it! (fourth update)
Chapter 1024 Determining life and death! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1025 Uprooted (sixth update)
Chapter 1026 Punish you, you ant! (1st update)
Chapter 1027 Incident! (Second update)
Chapter 1028 You are my brother! (Third update)
Chapter 1029: The warmth and warmth of human relationships (fourth update)
Chapter 1030 Clues to the Mo family! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1031 How to explain! (Sixth update coming! Please vote)
Chapter 1032 Not Afraid (Update 1)
Chapter 1033 I am not alone (Second update)
Chapter 1034 Xiang Yingjies anger! (Third update)
Chapter 1035 Deja Vu (fourth update)
Chapter 1036 Whereabouts! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1037 Staring (Sixth update sent, please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 1038 Nine Nether Sky-killing Spear (1st update)
Chapter 1039 Ye Lingtians changes! (Second update)
Chapter 1040 Let your dog put down its sword (third update)
Chapter 1041 True Strength (fourth update)
Chapter 1042 He is mine! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1043: Investigate! (sixth update)
Chapter 1044 Ancestors (1st update)
Chapter 1045 Spiritual Clone? (Second update)
Chapter 1046 Hidden murderous intent (third update)
Chapter 1047 I dont like your mask! (fourth update)
Chapter 1048 The Three Heaven-breaking Spears! The First Shot! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1049 For Ye Shitian (sixth update!)
Chapter 1050 What are you going to do! (1st update)
Chapter 1051 Who dares to touch Xiao Ning (second update)
Chapter 1052 Mo Rufeng (third update)
Chapter 1053 My qualifications! (fourth update)
Chapter 1054 The Secret Realm of Blood Spirit! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1055 Crazy Ye Shitian (sixth update to come)
Chapter 1056 Something happened (1st update)
Chapter 1057 Whereabouts! (Second update)
Chapter 1058 You may be innocent (third update)
Chapter 1059 Breaking the sky! (fourth update)
Chapter 1060 Slap the Han family in the face! (5th update)
Chapter 1061 You are the one to be killed! (sixth update)
Chapter 1062: A piece of trash (first update)
Chapter 1063 Take a stand! (Second update)
Chapter 1064: Trapped Beast (Third update)
Chapter 1065 The Spear Spirit of the Nine Nether Sky-killing Spear! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1066 The Supreme Demon Lord (1st update)
Chapter 1067 Active body protection! (Second update)
Chapter 1068: Do I have this qualification? (Third update)
Chapter 1069 Implicated!
Chapter 1070 What bloodline!
Chapter 1071: Cutting out the roots (1 update)
Chapter 1072 Entrance to Loose Cultivators (Second update!)
Chapter 1073: Sky List, Ye Shitian! (Third update!)
Chapter 1074 Identity (fourth update!)
Chapter 1075 Opening (fifth update!)
Chapter 1076 Is this a casual cultivator? (Sixth update!)
Chapter 1077 Desperate (1st update)
Chapter 1078 Bloody Mist (Second update)
Chapter 1079 Crisis strikes (third update)
Chapter 1080 Do you think you can stop it? (1st update)
Chapter 1081 Unyielding (second update)
Chapter 1082 Erase some garbage (third update)
Chapter 1083 Its useless to me! (fourth update)
Chapter 1084 This is the first hand (fifth update)
Chapter 1085 Who are you? (Sixth update to come)
Chapter 1086: You are not qualified to move for the rest of your life (1st update)
Chapter 1087 Three powers hidden in the dark! (Second update)
Chapter 1088 The storm is coming (third update)
Chapter 1089 The power of origin! (fourth update)
Chapter 1090 Powerless
Chapter 1091 Choice
Chapter 1092 Shi Zun (1st update)
Chapter 1093 Hidden Crisis (Second Update)
Chapter 1094 Opportunity! (Third update!)
Chapter 1095 The mysterious girl!
Chapter 1096 Nothing to do!
Chapter 1097 What a pity! (1st update)
Chapter 1098 The Light of Reincarnation! (Second update)
Chapter 1099 I cant believe it (third update)
Chapter 1100 Crossover! (fourth update)
Chapter 1101 Luo! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1102 Xiao Huangs opportunity! (sixth update)
Chapter 1103 The Gate of Formation (1st update)
Chapter 1104. What kind of monster! (Second update)
Chapter 1105 Its not your turn to speak! (Third update)
Chapter 1106 Its finally here! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 1107 The Netherworld River! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1108 The answer you want! (sixth update)
Chapter 1109 The only hope (first update)
Chapter 1110 Five Things (Second Update)
Chapter 1111 Han Yun! (Third update)
Chapter 1112 Disaster!
Chapter 1113 The only chance!
Chapter 1114 Blood Mist (1st update)
Chapter 1115 A good show (second update)
Chapter 1116 Acquaintance! (Third update)
Chapter 1117 One move! (fourth update)
Chapter 1118 What identity! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1119 Identity revealed? (sixth update)
Chapter 1120 Not convinced! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 1121 Mr. Ye! (eighth update!)
Chapter 1122 Attitude! (Nine updates!)
Chapter 1123 Absolutely ordinary! (First update!)
Chapter 1124: Peeping at the Reincarnation Cemetery (Second update!)
Chapter 1125 Ji Siqing is in danger! (Third update!)
Chapter 1126 Nothing can happen again! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 1127 Threats and Fear
Chapter 1128 Sword Power!
Chapter 1129 The best plan! (1st update)
Chapter 1130 Prey! (Second update)
Chapter 1131 Initiative! (Third update)
Chapter 1132 Who are you! (fourth update)
Chapter 1133 Signs of bloodline awakening! (1st update)
Chapter 1134 The next evolution! (Second update)
Chapter 1135 Face! (Third update)
Chapter 1136 Its still a little bit worse! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1137 Vulnerable! (1st update)
Chapter 1138 You shouldnt do it! (Second update)
Chapter 1139 Blood debt must be paid with blood!
Chapter 1140 The guy in the bloodline!
Chapter 1141 Fell here!
Chapter 1104 (Second update)
Chapter 1143 Really?
Chapter 1144 Including you!
Chapter 1145 Anger!
Chapter 1146 Five Elements Spiritual Bead Array!!
Chapter 1147 Now its your turn!
Chapter 1148 I am Blood Qiye!
Chapter 1149 Not even qualified to be cannon fodder!
Chapter 1150 Identity exposed! (1st update!)
Chapter 1151 Crazy breakthrough! (Second update!)
Chapter 1152 Sacrifice! (Third update!)
Chapter 1153 Why is it you! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 1154 Evil God! (Fifth update!)
Chapter 1155 Kunlun Void Palace! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 1156 Today, you must die! (1st update)
Chapter 1157 Secret! (Second update!)
Chapter 1158 Ancestor, save me! (Third update!)
Chapter 1159 Those people! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 1160 The Lord of Hundred Swords! (1st update)
Chapter 1161 Opportunity! (Second update)
Chapter 1163 Big Dipper, Holy Grass saves the world!' (Third update!)
Chapter 1164 Ill take action on you! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 1165 Born! (1st update)
Chapter 1166 Who is skinning whom? (Second update)
Chapter 1167 The clouds in all directions are filled with eight colors! (Third update)
Chapter 1168 Control! (fourth update)
Chapter 1169 Never betray! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1170 The surprise of the blood dragon (sixth update)
Chapter 1171 Breaking the Sky Valley! (1st update)
Chapter 1172 Crush (Second update)
Chapter 1173 Everything is ready, all we need is the east wind! (Third update!)
Chapter 1174 Leaving the secret realm! (1st update)
Chapter 1175 Turtle in the Urn! (Second update)
Chapter 1176 Ridiculous! (Third update)
Chapter 1177 If you dont surrender, your souls will be destroyed! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1178 A bears heart and a leopards courage! (1st update)
Chapter 1179 (Second update)
Chapter 1180 Get out and die! (Third update)
Chapter 1181 (first update)
Chapter 1182 Must Catch (Second Update)
Chapter 1183 Bullying goes too far (third update)
Chapter 1184 (fourth update)
Chapter 1185 Matchmaking! (5th update)
Chapter 1186 Alchemy Conference (1st update)
Chapter 1187 Dark clouds over the city! Crisis! (Second update)
Chapter 1188 Greed! (Third update)
Chapter 1189 Blood Spirit Shock (1st update)
Chapter 1190 Alchemy Conference (Second update)
Chapter 1191 A coffin for you! (Third update)
Chapter 1192 The strong Ye Chen (fourth update!)
Chapter 1193 (first update)
Chapter 1194: Elixir (Second update)
Chapter 1195 Who says its impossible! (Third update)
Chapter 1196 (fourth update)
Chapter 1197 Tribulation Cloud (1st update)
Chapter 1198 (sixth update)
Chapter 1199 The crazy immortal swordsmanship! (Third update)
Chapter 1200 Its all garbage (fourth update)
Chapter 1201: Thousands of people point their fingers at each other (1st update!)
Chapter 1202 Everyones Ambition (Second Update)
Chapter 1203 Its not worth it for Ye Chen! (Third update)
Chapter 1204 The oriole is behind! (Fourth update!)
Chapter 1205 We obey! (1st update)
Chapter 1206 Shock (Second Update)
Chapter 1207 Impacting the Realm! (Third update)
Chapter 1208 Did I let you go? (fourth update)
Chapter 1209 (first update)
Chapter 1210 The sky is high and the earth is high! (Second update)
Chapter 1211 If you dare to come, I will destroy your soul! (Third update)
Chapter 1212 (fourth update)
Chapter 1213 Challenge everyone! (5th update)
Chapter 1214 Horror! (1st update)
Chapter 1215 Strong (Second update)
Chapter 1216 Public outrage! (Third update)
Chapter 1217 The power of one person! (fourth update)
Chapter 1218 Anyone who gets close will die! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1219 Do it yourself! (1st update)
Chapter 1220 A Level (Second Update)
Chapter 1221 The agreed period (third update)
Chapter 1222 The mysterious strong manHei Yao! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1223 Anger! (1st update)
Chapter 1224 Bloody Night Gate (Second update)
Chapter 1225: Hope for revival (third update)
Chapter 1226 A mere ant (fourth update)
Chapter 1227 You forced me to do this! (1st update)
Chapter 1228 My opinion! (Second update)
Chapter 1229 Shocking the Four (Third Update)
Chapter 1230 Crush everything! (fourth update)
Chapter 1231 Impossible to Suppress! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1232 Nonsense! (1st update)
Chapter 1233 Do I need to lie to you? (Second update)
Chapter 1234 The backbone! (Third update)
Chapter 1235 The truth! (fourth update)
Chapter 1236 The unshakable Blood Spirit Tribe! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1237 Crisis is everywhere! (1st update)
Chapter 1238 Petrification! (Second update)
Chapter 1239 The shock of the Blood Night Gate (third update)
Chapter 1240 Young Ancestor? (fourth update)
Chapter 1241 Make a fortune! (5th update)
Chapter 1242 The Tombstone of the Hundred Sword God (sixth update)
Chapter 1243 I hope so! (1st update)
Chapter 1244: Cant die in frustration (second update)
Chapter 1245 No one can change it! (Third update)
Chapter 1246: Powerful Crush! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1247 He is the only one! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1248 I am the owner of the tomb of reincarnation, Ye Chen! (sixth update)
Chapter 1249 Lend me some power! (1st update)
Chapter 1250 Thousand Ice Explosion! (Second update)
Chapter 1251 Ye Chens way! (Third update)
Chapter 1252 Qiankun Sword Seal! (fourth update)
Chapter 1253 What kind of existence! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1254 The existence behind it! (1st update)
Chapter 1255 The power of the soul! (Second update)
Chapter 1256 The sound of Feng Ming shocked the whole world! (Third update)
Chapter 1257 Life or death! (fourth update)
Chapter 1258 Something happened! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1259 Ill go for you (1st update)
Chapter 1260 The place for body refining (second update)
Chapter 1261 Opportunity, Essence and Blood! (Third update)
Chapter 1262 Public outrage! (fourth update)
Chapter 1263 Im looking forward to meeting you (5th update)
Chapter 1264 Is this impossible? (1st update)
Chapter 1265 Must die! (Second update)
Chapter 1266 The origin of that guy (third update)
Chapter 1267 Im waiting for you (fourth update)
Chapter 1268 Dont mess with me! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1269 The sky of the body refining place! (1st update)
Chapter 1270 Blood Dragon Mutation (Second Update)
Chapter 1271 Fear spreads (third update)
Chapter 1272 Reincarnation Bloodline? (fourth update)
Chapter 1273 The changes in the way of killing and the immortal sword (first update)
Chapter 1274. Which sect do you come from? (Second update)
Chapter 1275 Things left behind by the Blood Spirit Tribe (third update)
Chapter 1276 Madman! Take it with bare hands! (fourth update)
Chapter 1277 Madman! Complete madman (1st update)
Chapter 1278 No longer exists! (Second update)
Chapter 1279 Just garbage (third update)
Chapter 1280 'Thousands of Souls' (fourth update)
Chapter 1281 No matter the cost! (Fifth update coming)
Chapter 1282 Provocation! (1st update)
Chapter 1283 I gave you a chance (second update)
Chapter 1284 The evil god from hell! (Third update)
Chapter 1285 Extremely bold! (fourth update)
Chapter 1286 Identity exposed (fifth update)
Chapter 1287 Whats the use! (1st update)
Chapter 1288 Kunlun Xus Xiaoxiao (second update)
Chapter 1289 The price! (Third update)
Chapter 1290 A force! (fourth update)
Chapter 1291 I cant resist it for long! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1292 Essence and Blood Body Refining (1st update)
Chapter 1293 Purple Sacred Vein (Second Update)
Chapter 1294 Iron-blooded Suppression! (Third update)
Chapter 1295 Just a few ants! (fourth update)
Chapter 1296 Who can survive! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1297 Make a deal! (1st update)
Chapter 1298 Neither counts (second update)
Chapter 1299 An early farewell! (Third update)
Chapter 1300 Reverse Scale! (fourth update)
Chapter 1301 My name is Ye Shitian! (1st update)
Chapter 1302 Returning to Yes House (Second Update)
Chapter 1303 I am the head of the Ye family (third update)
Chapter 1304 Clues! (fourth update)
Chapter 1305 Hongmen Banquet (fifth update)
Chapter 1306 I executed him using family rules (1st update)
Chapter 1307 No matter how strong he is, he is still an ant! (Second update)
Chapter 1308: This kind of waste dares to be my enemy (3rd update)
Chapter 1309 Lobbyist! (fourth update)
Chapter 1310 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1311: Move with emotion and understand with reason (1st update)
Chapter 1312 Goodbye parents! (Second update)
Chapter 1313 The surge of darkness (third update)
Chapter 1314 People in the Deep (4th update)
Chapter 1315 Ridiculous clan rules! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1316 Crazy Ye Chen (1st update)
Chapter 1317 What is a top powerhouse! (Second update)
Chapter 1318 Blood Lotus! (Third update)
Chapter 1319 True Genius (fourth update)
Chapter 1320 The power of destruction! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1321 I havent taken action yet, why are you anxious! (1st update)
Great, Ye Chens attitude in Chapter 1322! (Second update)
Chapter 1323 What is my identity? (Third update)
Chapter 1324 (fourth update)
Chapter 1325 (fifth update)
Chapter 1326 Whereabouts! (1st update)
Chapter 1327 Shrouded in Fear (Second Update)
Chapter 1328 The Really Strong (Third Update)
Chapter 1329 Everyone is panicking! (fourth update)
Chapter 1330 The unrivaled existence! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1331 Accept the challenge! (1st update)
Chapter 1332 Self-protection! (Second update)
Chapter 1333 Everyones Fear (Third Update)
Earth Chapter 1334 Those who offend our Kunlun will be punished no matter how far away they are! (fourth update)
Chapter 1335 How is it possible! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1336 Skin peeling and cramping! (1st update)
Chapter 1337 Garbage! (Second update)
Chapter 1338 This sword kills you, you should feel honored (third update)
Chapter 1339 Bloodline! Heritage! (fourth update)
Chapter 1340 Defeated? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1341 In this land, I, Ye Chen, am the most respected! (Sixth update)
Chapter 1342 The overwhelming anger! (1st update)
Chapter 1343 Get out! (Second update)
Chapter 1344 The Eye of the Devil! (Third update)
Chapter 1345 Violence (fourth update)
Chapter 1346 I want the answer! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1347 Looking for someone! (1st update)
Chapter 1348 There is only one person! (Second update)
Chapter 1349 Anyone with different intentions will be killed directly! (Third update)
Chapter 1350 Rich and powerful! (fourth update)
Chapter 1351 A unique existence! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1352 'The Forging of Ten Thousand Soldiers' (first update)
Chapter 1353 Luxury (Second update)
Chapter 1354 Shendan Palace! (Third update)
Chapter 1355: Thousands of Miles Tracking (fourth update)
Chapter 1356 Identity! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1357 Master! (1st update)
Chapter 1358 Dare to touch our disciples! (Second update)
Chapter 1359 The whereabouts of the two girls (third update)
Chapter 1360 Lingcheng! (fourth update)
Chapter 1361 Seeking death! (1st update)
Chapter 1362 A Different Cave (Second Update)
Chapter 1363 Blood Demon Mountain (third update)
Chapter 1364 Do you dare? (fourth update)
Chapter 1365 Madman (fifth update)
Chapter 1366 An act that defies heaven! (sixth update)
Chapter 1367 Shock (seventh update)
Chapter 1368: Breakthrough in Adversity (Eighth Update)
Chapter 1369 Qiankun Lihuo Formation (9th update)
Chapter 1370 The Power of Three Paths (Ten Updates)
Chapter 1371 Disdain (updated in the 11th update)
Chapter 1372 (first update)
Chapter 1373 I only want his life! (Second update)
Chapter 1374 (third update)
Chapter 1375 Are you crazy! (fourth update)
Chapter 1376 The whereabouts of Lingyun Immortal Lord (fifth update)
Chapter 1377 (first update)
Chapter 1378 Are you mentally retarded? (Second update)
Chapter 1379 Provocation! (Third update)
Chapter 1380 (fourth update)
Chapter 1381 Impossible! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1382 Too anxious! (1st update)
Chapter 1383 Senior Ye please! (Second update)
Chapter 1384 Fear (third update)
Chapter 1385 This despicable man (fourth update)
Chapter 1386 (first update)
Chapter 1387 Talent! (Second update)
Chapter 1388 I gave you a chance! (Third update)
Chapter 1389 (fourth update)
Chapter 1390 An extremely terrifying existence (first update)
Chapter 1391 The Protection of Heaven (Second Update)
Chapter 1392 Who is he? (Third update)
Okay, Chapter 1393. Im getting more and more interested! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1394 One word, Ren! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1395 Crisis (1st update)
Chapter 1396 Resist at all costs (second update)
Chapter 1397 Running wildly! (Third update)
Chapter 1398 The last chance (fourth update)
Chapter 1399 Its just me! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1400 (first update)
Chapter 1401: On the verge of breaking out! (Second update)
Chapter 1402 The most ridiculous thing in the world! (Third update)
Chapter 1403 (fourth update)
Chapter 1404 Who is it? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1405: The Lord of Ten Thousand Immortals (1st update)
Chapter 1406 Contradiction (Second update)
Chapter 1407 Resistance! (Third update)
Chapter 1408: Bloodline so strong? (Fourth update)
Chapter 1409 Get Out (5th update)
Chapter 1410 Sleeping Xiao Huang! (1st update)
Chapter 1411 The Secret of Blood Dragon and Xiao Huang (Second Update)
Chapter 1412 Opportunity (third update)
Chapter 1413 The warmth and warmth of human relationships! (fourth update)
Chapter 1414 Your life is not as valuable as my clothes! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1415 What doesnt kill me will only make me stronger! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1416 Hongmen Banquet (1st update)
Chapter 1417 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind (second update)
Chapter 1418 Where is Ye Chen? (Third update)
Chapter 1419 Who is the hunter! (fourth update)
Chapter 1420 Arrogant! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1421 Crazy (1st update)
Chapter 1422 Ye Chen is the variable (second update)
Chapter 1423 Consumption and Threat (Third Update)
Chapter 1424 Killing the Red Eye! (fourth update)
Chapter 1425 The source of public anger! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1426 The killing order! (sixth update)
Chapter 1427 Only strong! (1st update)
Chapter 1428 The Eye of the Devil! (Second update)
Chapter 1429 I met the master! (Third update)
Chapter 1430 Refining the Spiritual Pill! (fourth update)
Chapter 1431 Mutation! Growth! (Fifth update coming!)
Chapter 1432 Please obey the order of the Palace Master! (1st update)
Chapter 1433 Do you dare to go? (Second update)
Chapter 1434 The unexpected person (third update)
Chapter 1435 Young people, the hunting game has just begun! (fourth update)
Chapter 1436 Isnt this bad (5th update)
Chapter 1437 Who are you? (sixth update)
Chapter 1438 You can only be an ant in this life! (1st update)
Chapter 1439 Not qualified! (Second update)
Chapter 1440 The bone-eroding cold (third update)
Chapter 1441 Golden Buddha Tantra (fourth update)
Chapter 1442 Dragons have reverse scales and wolves have hidden thorns (5th update)
Chapter 1443 Thousands of troops explode! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1444 There is definitely a problem (first update)
Chapter 1445 Insult (Second update)
Chapter 1446: Vengeance (third update)
Chapter 1447 Stop struggling! (fourth update)
Chapter 1448 Completely stunned! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1449 Today, your sharp edge is too exposed (1st update)
Chapter 1450 Kill Ye Shitian! (Second update)
Chapter 1451 Who is he? (Third update)
Chapter 1452 Interested (fourth update)
Chapter 1453: Just one person among millions of people! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1454 (first update)
Chapter 1455 (Second update)
Chapter 1456 Dont be happy too early (third update)
Chapter 1457 Mu Fengs anger (fourth update)
Chapter 1458 Attitude! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1459 Dont be afraid of it! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1460 Are you qualified? (1st update)
Chapter 1461 Mu Fengs murderous intention! (Second update)
Chapter 1462 Ye Luoers memory (third update)
Chapter 1463 Sacrifice quota! (fourth update)
Chapter 1464: Heaven-defying bloodline! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1465 Powerful background! Terrifying! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1466 The Holy Dragon Family! (First update)
Chapter 1467 I dont need you to give in! (Second update)
Chapter 1468 Accepting a Disciple! (Third update)
Chapter 1469: Different approaches but similar results! (fourth update)
Chapter 1470 A strange breakthrough! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1471 Just be the first! (sixth update)
Chapter 1472 Ye Luoers life experience! (Seventh update)
Chapter 1473 Who dares to offend! (8th update)
Chapter 1474: Secret attack (first update)
Chapter 1475 The power of destruction! (Second update)
Chapter 1476 The fear in my heart! (Third update)
Chapter 1477 You cant afford to offend people from my low martial world! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1478 I just want to be number one! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1479 The murderous intention in the dark (sixth update)
Chapter 1480 Ambush! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 1481 The entire Lingwu Continent must look up to you! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 1482 Crisis (1st update)
Chapter 1483 No one can move! (Second update)
Chapter 1484 Defeat! (Third update)
Chapter 1485: Mention status in front of me? (fourth update)
Chapter 1486 Torture, are you sure? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1487 Unified goal! (sixth update)
Chapter 1488 The whereabouts of Lingyun! (1st update)
Chapter 1489 Golden Buddha Tantra! (Second update)
Chapter 1490 Breaking the formation! (Third update)
Chapter 1491 Crazy pursuit! (fourth update)
Chapter 1492 No one is optimistic about it! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1493 The strongest trump card right now! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1494 (first update)
Chapter 1495 Nothing to be afraid of! Ji Lins crisis! (Second update)
Chapter 1496 Memorial Ceremony! (Third update)
Chapter 1497 Sad! (fourth update)
Chapter 1498 The terrifying speed of breaking through levels! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1499 Shakes the Sky! (The sixth update is here! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!)
Chapter 1500 The Fourth Avenue (1st update)
Chapter 1501 Shock! (Second update)
Chapter 1502 No fear at all! (Third update)
Chapter 1503 Make way! (fourth update)
Chapter 1504 Entering the fourth heaven of the divine realm, I will break it! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1505 This is not enough! (Sixth update to come)
Chapter 1506 Give Ye Shitian a quota (first update)
Chapter 1507 No need to hold back (Second update)
Chapter 1508 Leave! (Third update)
Chapter 1509 The secret of sacrifice! (fourth update)
Chapter 1510 Imperial Palace of Ten Thousand Swords (Fifth update)
Chapter 1511 The Voice in the Dark (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1512 Entering the Soul Clan (1st update)
Chapter 1513 Priceless (Second update)
Chapter 1514: Transform into thousands! (Third update)
Chapter 1515 The waste that enters the fourth heaven of the divine realm? (Fourth update)
Chapter 1516 One move is enough! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1517 Cracked! (sixth update)
Chapter 1518 Out of control! (Seventh update)
Chapter 1519 The bloodline of the ancient monster Kui Niu! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 1520 Do you dare to kill him? (1st update)
Chapter 1521 (Second update)
Chapter 1522 Fear and Conspiracy (Third Update)
Chapter 1523 Expulsion! (fourth update)
Chapter 1524 (fifth update)
Chapter 1525 Dominance! (sixth update)
Chapter 1526 The overwhelming anger! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1527 I dont want to kill anyone! (1st update)
Chapter 1528: War with the soul clan until death! (Second update)
Chapter 1529 Taken away by force! (Third update)
Chapter 1530 Teach you how to be a good person (fourth update)
Chapter 1531 Threat! Shock! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1532 The horror behind it! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1533 The power of black stone (first update)
Chapter 1534 Soul Dragon! (Second update)
Chapter 1535 The power of violence! (Third update)
Chapter 1536 The only chance! (fourth update)
Chapter 1537 The whereabouts of the Immortal Lord! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1538 The crisis in the Wanjian Imperial Palace! (sixth update)
Chapter 1539 Blood Dragon! Genocide! Rumors! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1540 Dark clouds over the city (1st update)
Chapter 1541 Ye Chens request! (Second update)
Chapter 1542 The family is angry! (Third update)
Chapter 1543 The people behind you are not qualified either (fourth update)
Chapter 1544 Conspiracy! Pros and cons! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1545 Good seedling! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1546 Sea of Stars (1st update)
Chapter 1547 Request! (Second update)
Chapter 1548: Spending money (third update)
Chapter 1549 Get ready to leave! (fourth update)
Chapter 1550 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1551 Bring me Ye Shitian! (Sixth update)
Chapter 1552 Ive made it! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1553 The arrival of the strong (first update)
Chapter 1554 Black Water Mysterious Territory (Second update)
Chapter 1555 Goodbye Lingyun! (Third update)
Chapter 1556 You are scared! (fourth update)
Chapter 1557 The result is the same! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1558: Like air! (Sixth update to come)
Chapter 1559 Contract! (1st update)
Chapter 1560 Dont be afraid! (Second update)
Chapter 1561 Ye Chens true identity! (Third update)
Chapter 1562 Red Mist (fourth update)
Chapter 1563 The terror of the Law of Destruction! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1564 What doesnt kill him will only make him stronger! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1565 New Bloodline! (First update)
Chapter 1566 The power of the avenue! (Second update)
Chapter 1567 Whats going on! (Third update)
Chapter 1568 Give you relief! (fourth update)
Chapter 1569 Life and death are just a matter of one thought! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1570: Romantic figures, lets look at the present! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1571 His fate (first update)
Chapter 1572 (Second update)
Chapter 1573 There is nothing you can do! (Third update)
Chapter 1574 Three Divine Thoughts! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1575 (fifth update)
Chapter 1576 I wont make it easy for you! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1577 The feeling of being targeted by death (first update)
Chapter 1578: With this breakthrough, I will be stronger! (Second update)
Chapter 1579 Crisis lurks around (third update)
Chapter 1580 Bloodline Suppression (fourth update)
Chapter 1581 The mirror is broken! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1582 Dragon Blood! Breakthrough! (Sixth update)
Chapter 1583 There is an earthquake outside! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1584 The Way of the God King! Open it to me! (1st update)
Chapter 1585 Something big happened! (Second update)
Chapter 1586 Three Divine Lights Soaring into the Sky (Third Update)
Chapter 1587: Living to see people! Dead to seeing corpses! (fourth update)
Chapter 1588 Crisis! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1589: Bloody cold body! Bloody spirit body! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1590 Seeking death (first update)
Chapter 1591 Dare to block me? (Second update)
Chapter 1592 Fear (third update)
Chapter 1593 What is the thunder? (fourth update)
Chapter 1594 Dont believe in heaven! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1595 Who will save you next time? (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1596 Block! (1st update)
Chapter 1597 Leave it to me! (Second update)
Chapter 1598 Life and death crisis! (Third update)
Chapter 1599 Must Fall (fourth update)
Chapter 1600 The price of pursuit! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1601 What happened? (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1602 Awesomeness! (1st update)
Chapter 1603 Relics! (Second update)
Chapter 1604 Torture! (Third update)
Chapter 1605 Awakening (fourth update)
Chapter 1606 Innate Poison Body! (Fifth update coming!)
Chapter 1607 Thousand Poison God Lord (1st update)
Chapter 1608 The Terrifying Bloodline (Second Update)
Chapter 1609 Thousand Demons Ginseng (third update)
Chapter 1610 The disaster of thunder (fourth update)
Chapter 1611 Heaven cannot take my life! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1612 Madman! (sixth update)
Chapter 1613 The nightmare is back! (Seventh update! Happy National Day!)
Chapter 1614 A man named Ye Chen? (1st update)
Chapter 1615 Nine Heavens Demon Sealing Formation (Second Update)
Chapter 1616 Why is she here (third update)
Chapter 1617 Disaster in the Imperial Palace of Ten Thousand Swords! (fourth update)
Chapter 1618 Ye Chen, the only chance! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1619 No scruples! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1620 Conspiracy! (1st update)
Chapter 1621 Threat (Second update)
Chapter 1622 What a courage! (Third update)
Chapter 1623 The sound of the reincarnation cemetery! (fourth update)
Chapter 1624 No choice! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1625 The fourth level of the God King Realm is broken! (sixth update)
Chapter 1626 The Secret of the Reincarnation Cemetery! (Seventh update coming)
Chapter 1627: Falling short of success (1st update)
Chapter 1628 (Second update)
Chapter 1629 (third update)
Chapter 1630 The big killer! (fourth update)
Chapter 1631 The wrath of heaven! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1632 Nightmare! A complete nightmare! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1633 Trophies (1st update)
Chapter 1634 (Second update)
Chapter 1635: Only once in all eternity! (Third update)
Chapter 1636 Dont know whether to live or die! (fourth update)
Chapter 1637: The Way of Transforming God into a King! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1638 Special Hedao artifact! (sixth update)
Chapter 1639 It must be him! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1640 (first update)
Chapter 1641 A look! (Second update)
Chapter 1642 Chaos! (Third update)
Chapter 1643 The Most Wanted Order! (fourth update)
Chapter 1644 The King of Hell! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1645 Want them all! (sixth update)
Chapter 1646 Open! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 1647 The fun begins! (The eighth update is here! Please vote for recommendations!)
Chapter 1648 (first update)
Chapter 1649 The Poisonous Blood Girl (Second Update)
Chapter 1650 I am someone you cant afford to offend! (Third update)
Chapter 1651 The sun and the moon compete for glory! (fourth update)
Chapter 1652 Give you a gift! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1653 The nightmare of countless strong men! (Sixth update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 1654 The fisherman gets a profit! (1st update)
Chapter 1655: Fight to the death (second update)
Chapter 1656 Human nature! (Third update)
Chapter 1657 The creation that conquers the world! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1658 Crazy pursuit! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1659 I dont allow it! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1660 Mysterious power! (1st update)
Chapter 1661 Chase! (Second update)
Chapter 1662 Disappear! (Third update)
Chapter 1663 Nemesis! (fourth update)
Chapter 1664: Nine-death elixir! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1665 Its all Ye Chens fault! (sixth update)
Chapter 1666 Bloody God King Ye Chen! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1667 Mysterious Object (1st update)
Chapter 1668 The price of blood! (Second update)
Chapter 1669 The Sky-Shaking Demonic Ape! (Third update)
Chapter 1670 Qiankun Tianlong Formation (fourth update)
Chapter 1671 No way! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1672 Its too late! (Sixth update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 1673 As long as I am here, you will be there! (1st update)
Chapter 1674 Dont dare to gamble! (Second update)
Chapter 1675 Humiliation! (Third update)
Chapter 1676 Kill with one finger! (fourth update)
Chapter 1677 Whats the origin? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1678 The culprit! (sixth update)
Chapter 1679 Who are you! (1st update)
Chapter 1680 Life is worse than death! (Second update)
Chapter 1681 The nightmare of the Dugu family! (Third update)
Chapter 1682 Blood Demon Poison Flower (fourth update)
Chapter 1683 An extremely shocking scene! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1684 The power of a drop of blood! (Sixth update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 1685 Ye Chen is here! (1st update)
Chapter 1686 Ji Lins guilt! (Second update)
Chapter 1687 The Eternal Holy King! (Third update)
Chapter 1688 Undercurrent! (fourth update)
Chapter 1689 The only chance! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1690 Never bow down! (Sixth update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 1691: Eternal disaster! (1st update)
Chapter 1962 Ordinary disciple, Chen Zhifan (second update)
Chapter 1693 Chen Zhifans surprise! (Third update)
Chapter 1694 A Love (fourth update)
Chapter 1695 The evil tiger transforms into a demon! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1696 Anger! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1697 Implicated! (1st update)
Chapter 1698 Huang Can is finally here! (Second update)
Chapter 1699 The common man is not guilty! (Third update)
Chapter 1700 Challenge Xiao Tianchen! (fourth update)
Chapter 1701 Kill the threat! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1702 Its finally here! (sixth update)
Chapter 1706 Ye Chen, can he? (1st update)
Chapter 1707 Deception! (Second update)
Chapter 1708 The mysterious man takes action! (Third update)
Chapter 1709 Now, its my turn (fourth update)
Chapter 1710 I cant bear it! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1711: Crazy grabbing! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1712 Betting! (1st update)
Chapter 1713 Killing Intent! (Second update!)
Chapter 1714 Identity! (Third update)
Chapter 1715 Ye Chens strong attitude! (fourth update)
Chapter 1716 Terrifying abilities! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1717 This is my attitude! (Sixth update sent, please vote!)
Chapter 1718 I hope you will do what you say (1st update)
Chapter 1719 You can do it (second update)
Chapter 1720 Zhao Lingxiao! (Third update)
Chapter 1721 Regressed! (fourth update)
Chapter 1722 The real genius! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1723 With your vision, you cannot measure my capabilities! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1601 Such Trash (1st update)
Chapter 1602 Shocked! (Second update)
Chapter 1603 No need! (Third update)
Chapter 1604 Worthy of respect! (fourth update)
Chapter 1605 My goal is the end! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1606 The sword is as powerful as a dragon! (sixth update)
Chapter 1607 Gift! (seventh update)
Chapter 1608: Changes in the tombstone of reincarnation! (Eighth update)
Chapter 1609 Your origin! (9th update)
Chapter 1610 Crisis situation! (Ten updates coming!)
Chapter 1611 If you want to fight, fight! (11th update)
Chapter 1612 This young man is so dazzling! (Twelve updates)
Chapter 1613 Blood debt must be paid with blood (Thirteenth update)
Chapter 1614 Find out your position! (Fourteenth update)
Chapter 1615: Please! (15th update)
Chapter 1617 This is the qualification! (Update 16! The outbreak is over!)
Chapter 1618 What do you want (1st update)
Chapter 1619 This is power! (Second update)
Chapter 1620 What is your name? (Third update)
Chapter 1621 Shocked beyond measure! (fourth update)
Chapter 1622 You still have one last step to go! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1623 Is something wrong? (sixth update)
Chapter 1624 The forbidden land of the blood alliance! The secret of Kunlun Xu! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1625 I want to meet the person most qualified to speak (1st update)
Chapter 1626 How dare you! (Second update)
Chapter 1627 I can finally take action without any scruples (third update)
Chapter 1628 Interested (fourth update)
Chapter 1629 Escape! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1630 The deep spiritual thoughts! (sixth update)
Chapter 1631 Can you block it (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1632 I can! (1st update)
Chapter 1633 New power! Changes in the reincarnation tombstone! (Second update)
Chapter 1634 Dont disturb my rest! (Third update)
Chapter 1635 Xuanyue Sect! (fourth update)
Chapter 1636: Endurance? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1637 I just want to take what belongs to me (sixth update)
Chapter 1638 The price! (1st update)
Chapter 1639 Give you a chance! (Second update)
Chapter 1640 What is your choice! (Third update)
Chapter 1641 Must live (fourth update)
Chapter 1642 Exposed! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1643 The danger lurking in the depths (sixth update)
Chapter 1644 He is actually still alive! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1645 Set off! (1st update)
Chapter 1646 I hope you will apologize! (Second update)
Chapter 1647 Who is he? (Third update)
Chapter 1648 The terrifying demonic energy (fourth update)
Chapter 1649 Are you interested in Gengjin? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1650 Can he really save the Wanjian Emperor Palace? (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1651 Expelling Ye Chen? (1st update)
Chapter 1652 Get out of the way! Be careful! (Second update)
Chapter 1653 The power of three swords! (Third update)
Chapter 1654 A powerful aura arrives! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1655 The mysterious young man! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1656 The power of Gengjin! Awakening! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1657 This breath is very weird! (1st update)
Chapter 1658 Be careful! (Second update)
Chapter 1659 Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet! (Third update)
Chapter 1660 I, Ye Chen, am back! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1661 Whats going on! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1662 The world outside is so wonderful! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1663 Say goodbye and leave (1st update)
Chapter 1664 Boring! (Second update)
Chapter 1665 I dont know how high the sky is and how high it is (third update)
Chapter 1666 Destruction! (fourth update)
Chapter 1667 The secret of the Demon Saints secret realm! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1668 To wait for you! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1669 The Secret of the Ye Family (First Update)
Chapter 1670 Outsider Ye Chen! (Second update)
Chapter 1671 The man in the painting! (Third update)
Chapter 1672 Transformation of Gods and Demons (fourth update)
Chapter 1673 The humble ant (fifth update)
Chapter 1674 Damn it, isnt this Ye Chen? (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1675 The last laugh? (1st update)
Chapter 1676 Who is it? Get out of here (second update)
Chapter 1677 Gu Yun! (Third update)
Chapter 1678 The crisis in the depths! (fourth update)
Chapter 1679 Red Flame Palace opens! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1680 The gate of life and the gate of death (sixth update)
Chapter 1681 The Door of Death! Choice! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1682 Dont bully others too much (1st update)
Chapter 1683 Blood Demon Sword! (Second update)
Chapter 1684 The Bloodthirsty Lord (Third update)
Chapter 1685 There is only one enemy! (fourth update)
Chapter 1686 Ye Chen, the only choice! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1687 Changes in the secret realm! Chaos! (sixth update)
Chapter 1688 Break everything! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1689 Eye of Heaven! (1st update)
Chapter 1690 Killing the clan! (Second update)
Chapter 1691 Give you dignity! (Third update)
Chapter 1692 Are you worthy? (fourth update)
Chapter 1693 Become a devil! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1694 Completely obsessed! (sixth update)
Chapter 1695 Is the Demon Saint dead? (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1696 Everyones Attention (Update 1)
Chapter 1697 Crisis! (Second update)
Chapter 1698 Three inheritors remain! (Third update)
Chapter 1699 No one challenges! (fourth update)
Chapter 1700 They are coming! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1701 The chance is slim! (sixth update)
Chapter 1702: Suppress all things! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1703 Ye Chens qualifications (first update)
Chapter 1704 Weakness (Second update)
Chapter 1705 Destruction! (Third update)
Chapter 1706: Control everything! (fourth update)
Chapter 1707 A glimmer of hope! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1708 The Demon Saints invitation! (sixth update)
Chapter 1709 The seal is broken! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1710 Blood Spirit Clan and Soul Palace! (1st update)
Chapter 1711 The inheritance of the Thousand Poison God Lord! (Second update)
Chapter 1712 Ancient Stone Tablet! (Third update)
Chapter 1713 I know! (fourth update)
Chapter 1714 Deterrence! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1715 Hand over Ji Lin! (sixth update)
Chapter 1716 The power of the divine corpse! (1st update)
Chapter 1717 The Blood Spirit of the Blood Soul Tribe (Second Update)
Chapter 1718 Opportunity! (Third update)
Chapter 1719: Fight a bloody path (fourth update)
Chapter 1720 Did I come in time? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1721 I cant bear it! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1722 Transaction! (1st update)
Chapter 1723 Mysterious Storage Ring! (Second update)
Chapter 1724 Angry! (Third update)
Chapter 1725 Swear to God! (fourth update)
Chapter 1726 The place where the clan was killed! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1727 The Stone of Origin! (sixth update)
Chapter 1728 The spiritual formation of the heavenly generals rises! (seventh update)
Chapter 1729 Goodbye Eternal Holy King (1st update)
Chapter 1730 The Temple of Reincarnation (Second update)
Chapter 1731 One sword wants to cut down nine heavens! (Third update)
Chapter 1732 Swallowed by Nightmares! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1733 The only one who dares to fight against the way of heaven (fifth update)
Chapter 1734 Can you take my sword? (sixth update)
Chapter 1735 Sorry, I chose you! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1736 Immortality! (1st update)
Chapter 1737 It should have disappeared long ago! (Second update)
Chapter 1738 Destruction here! (Third update)
Chapter 1739 This sword is immortal! (fourth update)
Chapter 1740 The dragon destroys the world! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1741 The sense of danger! (sixth update)
Chapter 1742 The Ancient Demon! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1743 Trapped! (1st update)
Chapter 1744 The miraculous effect of the Qiankun Furnace! (Second update)
Chapter 1745 The treasure of the clan! (Third update)
Chapter 1746 Powerful Formation! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1747: Obsession! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1748 The strongest crushes! (sixth update)
Chapter 1749 The situation in the Wanjian Imperial Palace! Ye Chen takes it! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1750 Do you dare to save people? (1st update)
Chapter 1751 The Immortal Sword! (Second update)
Chapter 1752 One person and one dragon, competing against everything! (Third update)
Chapter 1753 Shocking! (fourth update)
Chapter 1754 The anger of the Star Aperture Realm! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1755 Ye Chen, run away! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1756 Burning anger! (1st update)
Chapter 1757: The Ancient Sovereign Pill (Second Update)
Chapter 1758 Fusion! (Third update)
Chapter 1759: The sword points to the sky, who can compete with it! (fourth update)
Chapter 1760 At this moment, the devil covers everything! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1761 Ancestor Essence and Blood! (Sixth update)
Chapter 1762 Who are you! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1763 Not now (first update)
Chapter 1764 Enter Xuanyue Sect again! (Second update)
Chapter 1765: Stealing people! (Third update)
Chapter 1766: The Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation, Opportunity! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1767 The power of the best Gengjin! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1768 Divine Blood Zone! (sixth update)
Chapter 1769 You dare to question me! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1770 I dont accept it! (1st update)
Chapter 1771 Skyfall! (Second update)
Chapter 1772 I hope he goes (third update)
Chapter 1773 The mysterious old man! (fourth update)
Chapter 1774 One punch is worth a hundred punches! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1775 The battle of life and death! (sixth update)
Chapter 1776 Ancient blood protection! (Seventh update)
Chapter 1777 Divine Descendants! (eighth update)
Chapter 1778 Xuanyue Sect Liu Mings strength! (9th update)
Chapter 1779 A humble person! Still wants to resist! (Ten updates)
Chapter 1780 Crazy move! (11th update)
Chapter 1781 Horror! One knife! (Twelve updates)
Chapter 1782 Murderous intent! (Thirteenth update)
Chapter 1783 Monster! Taboo! (Fourteenth update! The outbreak is complete!)
Chapter 1784 Demon Lords clone! (1st update)
Chapter 1785 You actually have a tendency to become possessed! (Second update)
Chapter 1786 Explosive light! (Third update)
Chapter 1787 Impossible! (fourth update)
Chapter 1788 Abstain immediately! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1789 Too Monster (sixth update)
Chapter 1790 This is Ye Chens qualification! (seventh update)
Chapter 1791 Mad Dog? (1st update)
Chapter 1792 The Law of Shadow (Second Update)
Chapter 1793 The Power of the Ancestors (Third Update)
Chapter 1794 The only hope, Ye Chen! (fourth update)
Chapter 1795 Cheating! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1796 I dont accept it! (sixth update)
Chapter 1797 The frog in the well! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1798 Gengjin Qi, slaying the sky! (1st update)
Chapter 1799 Ye Chens limit! (Second update)
Chapter 1800 Divine Blood Zone! (Third update)
Chapter 1801 Ye Chen is dead?? (fourth update)
Chapter 1802 Shocking Eyeballs! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1803 Nonsense! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1804 Are you okay? (1st update)
Chapter 1805: Burning Blood Technique (Second Update)
Chapter 1806 Near the Lingxian Imperial Palace? (Third update)
Chapter 1807 Ning Cui Jiao (fourth update)
Chapter 1808 Fighting (fifth update)
Chapter 1809 Ridiculous! (sixth update)
Chapter 1810 Not worth it! (seventh update)
Chapter 1811 Conquer! (1st update)
Chapter 1812: Spirit-splitting Beast! Black Flame! (Second update)
Chapter 1813 Wanjian Emperor Palace cannot enter her eyes (third update)
Chapter 1814 The Spiritual Blood Trial is here! (fourth update)
Chapter 1815 The humiliation from the demon clan! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1816 The Bloody Shadow of the Corpse Mountain (sixth update)
Chapter 1817 Get out! (seventh update)
Chapter 1818 Surprise! (1st update)
Chapter 1819 I give up! (Second update)
Chapter 1820 Must carry it! (Third update)
Chapter 1821 Fierce Wolf! (fourth update)
Chapter 1822 They are no match for me (5th update)
Chapter 1823 Cold light! (sixth update)
Chapter 1827 The real monster! (seventh update)
Chapter 1828 True Spirit (eighth update)
Chapter 1829 Ending early? (9th update)
Chapter 1830 Slap Lingyun hard? (Ten updates coming!)
Chapter 1831 Is there anyone with a red-level soul? (1st update)
Chapter 1832 Ruoxue, there are always only a few geniuses (second update)
Chapter 1833 I guarantee him! (Third update)
Chapter 1834 The one who alarmed! (fourth update)
Chapter 1835 Difficult! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1836 Bet once (sixth update)
Chapter 1837 Sorry, someone wants you to die! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1838 You dont deserve it! (1st update)
Chapter 1839 The jade pendant shows off its power! (Second update)
Chapter 1840 Is it time to return the favor? (Third update)
Chapter 1841 Where did the blood dragon go? (fourth update)
Chapter 1842 The Bloody Jade Pendant (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1843 The danger spreads! (sixth update)
Chapter 1844 He is back! (Seventh update)
Chapter 1845 Sorry, I want it too! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 1846 How is this possible! (1st update)
Chapter 1847 The existence beyond thunder! (Second update)
Chapter 1848 Changes in Spiritual Rhythm (Third Update)
Chapter 1849 Unable to explain! (fourth update)
Chapter 1850 Are you qualified? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1851 What body? (sixth update)
Chapter 1852 Bloody Formation (seventh update)
Chapter 1853 Shocked (eighth update)
Chapter 1854 Unable to react! (9th update)
Chapter 1855 Nine Heavens Dragon Palace! (Ten updates coming!)
Chapter 1856 Murderous Intent (Update 1)
Chapter 1857 The breath of terror (second update)
Chapter 1858 Very strong! (Third update)
Chapter 1859 At the cost of injury! (fourth update)
Chapter 1860 Fear of death! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1861 Xiao Huangs sudden change! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 1862 Xiao Huang, I will block it for you! (1st update)
Chapter 1863 Red and blue light ball! (Second update)
Chapter 1864 Lets take her on a journey! (Third update)
Chapter 1865 Daoxin Oath (fourth update)
Chapter 1866 Hidden power! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1867 An acquaintance! (sixth update)
Chapter 1868 Ye Chen, long time no see! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1869 Unforgivable (1st update)
Chapter 1870 Experimental product! (Second update)
Chapter 1871 Open! (Third update)
Chapter 1872 Ye Chen is the sky! (fourth update)
Chapter 1873 Human greed (fifth update)
Chapter 1874 Turn into nothingness! (sixth update)
Chapter 1875 Some strength! (Seventh update)
Chapter 1876 Apology! (eighth update)
Chapter 1877 Thank you! (9th update)
Chapter 1878 The Heavenly Dao of Lingwu Continent will surrender to you! (Ten updates coming!)
Chapter 1879 Can you kill me? (1st update)
Chapter 1880 The ultimate sword! (Second update)
Chapter 1881 Its name is 'Tianling' (third update)
Chapter 1882 The Devils Eye is Displeased (fourth update)
Chapter 1883 The background of the Devils Eye (fifth update)
Chapter 1884 Let you experience the real pain! (sixth update)
Chapter 1885 Crisis (seventh update)
Chapter 1886 Lin Juelongs breath! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 1887 The person behind you must be Lin Juelong (first update)
Chapter 1888 Crisis for all warriors! (Second update)
Chapter 1889 The secret of Kunlun Xu, connecting to Lingwu Continent! (Third update)
Chapter 1890 Face to face! (fourth update)
Chapter 1891 Lin Juelongs Power (Fifth Update)
Chapter 1892 The power awakens! (sixth update)
Chapter 1893 The last chance! (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 1894 Collapse (1st update)
Chapter 1895: Broken inch by inch (second update)
Chapter 1896 Crushed into nothingness! (Third update)
Chapter 1897 The power of seven people! (fourth update)
Chapter 1898 The man with the sword box! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1899 A look (sixth update)
Chapter 1900 I accept (seventh update)
Chapter 1901 Arrogant? (1st update)
Chapter 1902 Does Demon Lingzi have any secrets? (Second update)
Chapter 1903 Three things! (Third update)
Chapter 1904 A sudden change occurred! (fourth update)
Chapter 1905 The mysterious black long sword (fifth update)
Chapter 1906 Something is wrong! (sixth update)
Chapter 1907 Ye Chens doubts! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1908 Endless pressure! (1st update)
Chapter 1909 You must obey! (Second update)
Chapter 1910 Law Enforcer Puppet (Third update)
Chapter 1911 Clues to the Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1912 His heart is only the Demon Emperor (5th update)
Chapter 1913 The kingdom of God in the depths of darkness! (sixth update)
Chapter 1914 (Seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 1915 Terrifying murderous intent (first update)
Chapter 1916 Retaliation! (Second update)
Chapter 1917: People of the Kingdom of God (3rd update)
Chapter 1918 Like a nightmare! (fourth update)
Chapter 1919 Yin Mings whereabouts! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1920 Do you recognize me? (sixth update)
Chapter 1921 Who should kneel down! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1922 Demon Emperor, what is a demon? (1st update)
Chapter 1923 The Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation! (Second update)
Chapter 1924 Ye Chens Silence (Third Update)
Chapter 1925 A sword that cuts the sky! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1926 Immortality? (Fifth update)
Chapter 1927 One word, kill! (sixth update)
Chapter 1928: The Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation, Chen! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1929 Is it time to go back with me (1st update)
Chapter 1930 Unprecedented Crisis (Second Update)
Chapter 1931 Demon Emperor! Sword God! (Third update)
Chapter 1932 The Fall of the Frost Sword God! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1933 Seven-faced Exquisite Grass (fifth update)
Chapter 1934: Broken with one sword! (sixth update)
Chapter 1935 The whereabouts of the Frost Sword God! (Seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 1936 Boy, are you at your wits end? (1st update)
Chapter 1937 Ji Lin wakes up! (Second update)
Chapter 1938 Whereabouts! (Third update)
Chapter 1939 Red and Blue Shadows (fourth update)
Chapter 1940 The way of heaven is nothing to me, Ye Chen! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1941 The Kingdom of God, the reason for Lan Xueyues disappearance! (Sixth update)
Chapter 1942 The power of the mysterious flame! (Seventh update)
Chapter 1943 Master Ji Lin! (8th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1944 The power of the red dust divine vein! (1st update)
Chapter 1945 Qiankun Clan! (Second update)
Chapter 1946 The secret of the reincarnation cemetery? (Third update)
Chapter 1947 Wake up! (fourth update)
Chapter 1948 The bloodline of reincarnation is burning (fifth update)
Chapter 1949: The power of fighting to seal the door! (sixth update)
Chapter 1950 The Destroying Sword, come out! (Seventh update)
Chapter 1951 Save people! (1st update)
Chapter 1952 Qiankun Killing Domain, Soul Palace? (Second update)
Chapter 1953 There is a road to heaven, but dont take it! (Third update)
Chapter 1954 Chance of Life (fourth update)
Chapter 1955 Nine Nether Shura! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1956 Trump Card! (Sixth update)
Chapter 1957 Absorption of the Devils Eye (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1958 The God-killing Demonic Spear! (1st update)
Chapter 1959 Extraordinary Origin (Second Update)
Chapter 1960 Blood Sacrifice Gun! (Third update)
Chapter 1961 Destroying confidence! (fourth update)
Chapter 1962 Kunlun Xu, Soul Palace! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1963 Goodbye Yan Kun! (sixth update)
Chapter 1964 Golden Dragon! (seventh update)
Chapter 1965 A rare treasure! (eighth update)
Chapter 1966 Weird singing! (9th update)
Chapter 1967: Is there a mysterious monument of reincarnation in the Qiankun Killing Domain? (Ten updates coming!)
Chapter 1968 People from the Kingdom of God? (1st update)
Chapter 1969 The Power of Reincarnation (Second Update)
Chapter 1970: The world is gone, the past is like smoke! (Third update)
Chapter 1971 Encounter with the Holy Dragon Family (fourth update)
Chapter 1972 Killer God Ye Chen (5th update)
Chapter 1973 Talent? (sixth update)
Chapter 1974: Coming for you! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 1975 Goodbye Sun Yi (1st update)
Chapter 1976 The fate of heaven and earth (second update)
Chapter 1977 Prisoners of the Kingdom of God! (Third update)
Chapter 1978 Allies! (fourth update)
Chapter 1979: A casual cultivator, free from worries (fifth update)
Chapter 1980 Fighting! (sixth update)
Chapter 1981 I am a devil! (Seventh update)
Chapter 1982 Nine-clawed Golden Dragon, choose the master! (Eighth update!)
Chapter 1983 Longwei! (Ninth update coming!)
Chapter 1984 Qiankun Divine Armor (1st update)
Chapter 1985 Ye Chen, you are despicable! (Second update)
Chapter 1986 Serious injury! (Third update)
Chapter 1987 Blood, anger! (fourth update)
Chapter 1988 People in the Dark! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1989 The Six Paths of Reincarnation (sixth update)
Chapter 1990 That thing appears again (seventh update)
Chapter 1991 The Wrath of Heaven! (eighth update)
Chapter 1992: Fight against the way of heaven! Be punished! (9th update)
Chapter 1993 Ice Sword, how about you take action? (Ten updates coming!)
Chapter 1994 The situation of the Ye family in the Kingdom of God? (1st update)
Chapter 1995 The trapped dead city (second update)
Chapter 1996 Master, I will take you away now! (Third update)
Chapter 1997 You are not qualified yet (fourth update)
Chapter 1998: Provoke the majesty of the Kingdom of God, kill without mercy! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1999: Get through me first! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2000: Ghosts crying and wolves howling! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2001 This time, I owe you as a teacher (1st update)
Chapter 2002 Its time to settle some accounts (Second update)
Chapter 2003 Self-proclaimed Holy King! (Third update)
Chapter 2004 The Terrifying Divine Fire Academy (fourth update)
Chapter 2005 Acquaintance! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2006 Qualification (sixth update)
Chapter 2007 Waste of the Creation Realm! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2008 Fooling and Ridiculing (eighth update)
Chapter 2009: That guy comes from a top power? (1st update)
Chapter 2010 Ye Chens qualifications (second update)
Chapter 2011 No small matter! (Third update)
Chapter 2012 The real warning! (fourth update)
Chapter 2013 Goodbye Eternal Holy King! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2014 Control Jiuyou and fight against the capital of the Kingdom of God! (sixth update)
Chapter 2015 Invitation from the Kingdom of Nine Netherworlds! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2016 Strong! (eighth update)
Chapter 2017 Rude! (9th update)
Chapter 2018 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (ten updates)
Chapter 2019 Exciting! (11th update)
Chapter 2020 Divine Breath! (Twelve updates!)
Chapter 2021 The springboard to the Kingdom of God! (Thirteenth update!)
Chapter 2022 Xuanyan advances! (1st update)
Chapter 2023 Old friend! (Second update)
Chapter 2024: Thousands of miles of pursuit! (Third update)
Chapter 2025 Violators will be killed! (fourth update)
Chapter 2026 Bet! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2027 VIPs at Wangyue Tower! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2028 The body of ten thousand demons! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2029 Strong divinity! (eighth update)
Chapter 2030 The person the Demon Emperor is looking for! (9th update)
Chapter 2031 If the sky touches his scales, he will kill the sky! (Ten updates coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 2032 Taiyi Sword Sect (first update)
Chapter 2033 It seems to be somewhat interesting (second update)
Chapter 2034 Is something wrong? (Third update)
Chapter 2035 Suspension Agreement! (fourth update)
Chapter 2036 Immortality! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2037 Breaking the Limit! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2038 I dont accept it! (seventh update)
Chapter 2039 The battle of the one-year agreement! (eighth update)
Chapter 2040 Ji Lins anger! (Ninth update coming!)
Chapter 2041 Holy Dragon Sound Transmission Technique! (First update)
Chapter 2042 A shocking battle! (Second update)
Chapter 2043 Worship! (Third update)
Chapter 2044 Extremely horrifying! (fourth update)
Chapter 2045 The Way of the Sword! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2046 Change the future of Shenhuo Academy! (sixth update)
Chapter 2047 Entering the Kingdom of Nine Netherworlds (seventh update)
Chapter 2048 News about Ye Luoer! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 2049 The opportunity for the Demon Emperor to awaken (first update)
Chapter 2050 Beautys Appointment (Second Update)
Chapter 2051 Do you miss me? (Third update)
Chapter 2052 Pressure! (fourth update)
Chapter 2053 Status! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2054: Not surprised by favor or humiliation (sixth update)
Chapter 2055 Why is the Demon Emperor willing to make Ye Chen feel wronged? (Seventh update)
Chapter 2056: Fearless and free and easy (eighth update)
Chapter 2057 The Kingdom of God is going to be a nightmare (Ninth update coming!)
Chapter 2058 Nine Nether Emperor Talisman! (1st update)
Chapter 2059 I will protect your peace for the rest of your life (second update)
Chapter 2060 Top Circle! (Third update)
Chapter 2061 The beauty that cannot be desecrated! (fourth update)
Chapter 2062 Theres no need for this! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2063 The soul is trembling! (sixth update)
Chapter 2064 The Emperor of Nine Netherworlds! (seventh update)
Chapter 2065 The Body of the Mind Demon! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 2066 Nine Nether Poison Body! (1st update)
Chapter 2067 Who gave you the courage to speak? (Second update)
Chapter 2068 Just a frog in the well! (Third update)
Chapter 2069 The world of adults is so complicated (fourth update)
Chapter 2070 Chilling! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2071 The pressure of Taixu Realm (sixth update)
Chapter 2072 The horror of the Kingdom of God! (seventh update)
Chapter 2073 Feng Qingyangs second sword, the Burning Sky Sword! (8th update!)
Chapter 2074 Serious injury! (1st update)
Chapter 2075 Sorry to disappoint you (second update)
Chapter 2076 Something is wrong! (Third update)
Chapter 2077 Fear from the heart (fourth update)
Chapter 2078 Breakthrough! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2079 Chu Ying is dead? (sixth update)
Chapter 2050 Are you ready? (seventh update)
Chapter 2051 Conquer! (eighth update)
Chapter 2052: Looting resources! (9th update)
Chapter 2053 Palace Master, why! (Ten updates coming!)
Chapter 2054 What is your connection with the Demon Emperor! (1st update)
Chapter 2055 The other party is only in the realm of creation (second update)
Chapter 2056 Not simple! (Third update)
Chapter 2057 Wind Chasing Eagle! (fourth update)
Chapter 2058 Demon Altar! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2059 Acquaintance! (sixth update)
Chapter 2060 Human nature! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2061 Opportunity! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 2062 Things are not simple! (1st update)
Chapter 2063 Annihilation! (Second update)
Chapter 2064 Indifferent Ye Chen! (Third update)
Chapter 2065 A higher realm! (fourth update)
Chapter 2066 You dont panic? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2067 The Demon Emperor is back! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2068 Shock from all sides! (seventh update)
Chapter 2069 Ye Killing God! (eighth update)
Chapter 2070 The ancestor of the Linghu family! (9th update)
Chapter 2071 Ye Chen must die! (Ten updates)
Chapter 2072 A powerful sword! (11th update)
Chapter 2073 Just want to kill! (Twelve updates)
Chapter 2074 Fame! (Thirteenth update)
Chapter 2075 Ye Chen, can you do it? (Fourteen updates)
Chapter 2076 Ye Luoer! (Update 15!)
Chapter 2077 Undercurrent! (1st update)
Chapter 2078 Crazy Killing (Second Update)
Chapter 2079 Wei Yings anger! (Third update)
Chapter 2080 I dont like it (fourth update)
Chapter 2081 Green Demon Moon-hungry Beast! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2082 The real overlord! (sixth update)
Chapter 2083 Do you want to back down? (seventh update)
Chapter 2084 The stronger you are, the greater my benefit will be! (Update 8!)
Chapter 2085 Between life and death! (1st update)
Chapter 2086 The whereabouts of Ye Luoer! (Second update)
Chapter 2087 Ye Chens plan! (Third update)
Chapter 2088 My life is yours! (fourth update)
Chapter 2089 Dark clouds are closing in on the city! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2090 In my name, fall into hell! (Sixth update to come)
Chapter 2091 What a domineering power! (1st update)
Chapter 2092 The devil is born from the heart! (Second update)
Chapter 2093 The realm of life and death! (Third update)
Chapter 2094 Doomsday (fourth update)
Chapter 2095 What the hell is this! (Fifth update, happy Christmas Eve!)
Chapter 2096 Turning point? (1st update)
Chapter 2097 Monster, nightmare! (Second update)
Chapter 2098 Kill Jiuyou with one sword! (Third update)
Chapter 2099 What is the origin of Ice Arrow! (Fourth update)
Chapter 2100 If he had not died young, the kingdom of God would have surrendered! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2101 What is his future? (sixth update)
Chapter 2102 Potential? (seventh update)
Chapter 2103 The Sword Box of the Six-Path Sword God! (Uploaded in the eighth update!)
Chapter 2104 Sorry! (1st update)
Chapter 2105 The origin of the girl! (Second update)
Chapter 2106 How long do I have to wait for your future? (Third update)
Chapter 2107 Bad luck (fourth update)
Chapter 2108 Weird! Only one sword! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2109 Open this thing sealed by the Kingdom of God! (Sixth update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 2110 New Power! Ancient God of Medicine! (First update)
Chapter 2111 What is the Palace of Divine Sword hiding from? (Second update)
Chapter 2112 Battle against the sky! (Third update)
Chapter 2113 If you are really destined, thats fine (fourth update)
Chapter 2114 The mysterious person! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2115 What are you doing for! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 2116 The master is injured, the disciple is willing to kill for nine days! (1st update)
Chapter 2117 Ten years inside, a moment outside! (Second update)
Chapter 2118 The Sword Box of Six Divine Swords! (Third update)
Chapter 2119 Worth it! (fourth update)
Chapter 2120 All are back! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2121 A trump card that is enough to fight against the powerful Taixu! (sixth update)
Chapter 2122 He is no exception! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 2123 Can the red dust divine vein be transferred? (1st update)
Chapter 2124 The whereabouts of the veiled girl! (Second update)
Chapter 2125 Must go! (Third update)
Chapter 2126 Absolute confidence! (fourth update)
Chapter 2127 One condition! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2128 Trip to the Southern Region! (sixth update)
Chapter 2129 Something happened! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2130 Bai'er, send me a letter of challenge (first update)
Chapter 2131 The Black Mang Beast (Second Update)
Chapter 2132 Enough! (Third update)
Chapter 2133 Weird! (fourth update)
Chapter 2134 Soul Array! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2135 Eyes in the Dark! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2136 The Devil Emperors accident! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2137 Goodbye Eternal Holy King! (The eighth update is here! Please vote!)
Chapter 2138 People from the Southern Soul Palace! (1st update)
Chapter 2139 Blood Devouring? (Second update)
Chapter 2140 Crisis is everywhere! (Third update)
Chapter 2141 The strong man from the Kingdom of God! (fourth update)
Chapter 2142 People from Juehan Imperial Palace! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2143 Nothing to be afraid of! (sixth update)
Chapter 2144 How to stop! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2145 Its so weird! (1st update)
Chapter 2146: Its not on the same level at all! (Second update)
Chapter 2147 That young man! (Third update)
Chapter 2148 Xiao Huangs mutation! (fourth update)
Chapter 2149 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2150: Kind! (sixth update)
Chapter 2151 Movie Shadow! (seventh update)
Chapter 2152 The traces of Chen Zhifan! (eighth update)
Chapter 2153 Gods Punishment! (9th update)
Chapter 2154 See you again, old friend! (ten updates)
Chapter 2155 Disappeared? (11th update)
Chapter 2156 Tough attitude! (Twelve updates)
Chapter 2157 The Secret Spirit Invisible Needle (Thirteenth update)
Chapter 2158 Blood Abyss Soul-Destroying Slash! (Fourteenth update)
Chapter 2159 Give it back to you! (15th update)
Chapter 2160 Why are you afraid of that person? (1st update)
Chapter 2161 An inexplicable breakthrough! (Second update)
Chapter 2162 The unshakable force! (Third update)
Chapter 2163 Wumang, I will give you a chance (fourth update)
Chapter 2164 Improve the Thousand Soldier Explosion! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2165 The fight for the Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation! (sixth update)
Chapter 2166: Chasing the Eternal Holy King! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 2167 The blood dragon in the Nine Heavens Dragon Palace is infiltrating people (1st update)
Chapter 2168 Spying on Xiao Huang (second update)
Chapter 2169 He is sleeping, dont disturb him (third update)
Chapter 2170 Immortality? Are you sure? (fourth update)
Chapter 2171 Something happened! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2172 Did you sense it? (sixth update)
Chapter 2173 Ji Siqings eyes! (seventh update)
Chapter 2174 The Kingdom of God is nothing! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 2175 Underestimation (1st update)
Chapter 2176 The power of soul skills (second update)
Chapter 2177 The arrival of the saint! (Third update)
Chapter 2178 Half a step too empty! (Fourth update)
Chapter 2179 I dont like it (5th update)
Chapter 2180 Life and death crisis! (sixth update)
Chapter 2181 I will definitely beat the face of a saint like you! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2182 Ye Luoer wakes up! (Eighth update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 2183 The danger in the depths is coming! (1st update)
Chapter 2184 Divine Object! (Second update)
Chapter 2185 Shocking to the extreme! (Third update)
Chapter 2186 Crazy! (fourth update)
Chapter 2187 The abandoned elixir of the Ancient Medical God! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2188 Ye Chens secret! (sixth update)
Chapter 2189 Do you know me? (seventh update)
Chapter 2190 The second monument of reincarnation! (Sent in the eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2191 The ten monuments guarded an era (first update)
Chapter 2192 Sense of crisis! (Second update)
Chapter 2193 Lingfeng Divine Veins! (Third update)
Chapter 2194 Failed! (fourth update)
Chapter 2195 A giant city controlled by the Kingdom of God? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2196 The Canggu Medical Gods request! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 2197 Divine Kingdom Pass Card! (1st update)
Chapter 2198 Madness! (Second update)
Chapter 2199 Identity discovered! (Third update)
Chapter 2200 It seems Im still late (fourth update)
Chapter 2201 I, Xia Lingqiu, do things without leakage! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2202 You can still sit still? (sixth update)
Chapter 2203 There is no eternal enemy! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2204 The ultimate sword light (first update)
Chapter 2205 If you dont kill this kid, there will be endless troubles! (Second update)
Chapter 2206 Already dead! (Third update)
Chapter 2207 I am eager for a battle! (Fourth update)
Chapter 2208 The Thunder Sword of Ten Thousand Demons! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2209 I know I dont need to take action (sixth update)
Chapter 2210 I, Ye Chen, have my destiny, not God! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2211 Ill give you another big gift! (8th update!)
Chapter 2212 The source of Xia Lingqius strength (first update)
Chapter 2213 Under Taixu, death is inevitable! (Second update)
Chapter 2214 I will show you the world! (Third update)
Chapter 2215 You and I both have to pay the price (fourth update)
Chapter 2216 The change of the ancient medical god! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2217 Death Pill! (sixth update)
Chapter 2218 Dao Danyin! (seventh update)
Chapter 2219: With this risky move, I finally won the Kingdom of God (Update 8!)
Chapter 2220 Reincarnation Star Stone! (First update)
Chapter 2221 Jun Mochens Crisis (Second Update)
Chapter 2222 Cruel world! (Third update)
Chapter 2223 The devils finger! (fourth update)
Chapter 2224 The entire demonic realm is chasing Ye Chen! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2225 I also want to meet Jun Mochen! (Sixth update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 2226 The Blood Essence of the Demon Emperor! (Update 1)
Chapter 2227 Jun Mochens anger! (Second update)
Chapter 2228 The ancient stare! (Third update)
Chapter 2229 When I regain my demonic body, your blood will stain the sky! (fourth update)
Chapter 2230 What is your relationship with the Demon Emperor? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2231 He cares about the common people (sixth update)
Chapter 2232 The Devil Emperors Daughter (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2233 Where did the blood dragon go? (1st update)
Chapter 2234 Conditions! (Second update)
Chapter 2235 It was purely an accident! (Third update)
Chapter 2236 Going against the will of heaven! (fourth update)
Chapter 2237 The terrible thing is the human heart (fifth update)
Chapter 2238 A bad heart! (sixth update)
Chapter 2239 I promise the Demon Emperor to take good care of you! (1st update)
Chapter 2240 I cant resist it! (Second update)
Chapter 2241 Xiao Huangs strange behavior! (Third update)
Chapter 2242 Revenge begins! (fourth update)
Chapter 2243 The day when the Demon Emperor comes, when Jun Mochen dies (5th update)
Chapter 2244 Sorry, I want them all! (sixth update)
Chapter 2245 Ji Siqings choice! (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 2246 Mu Yans plan! (1st update)
Chapter 2247 Another big gift! (Second update)
Chapter 2248: Never suffer future troubles! (Third update)
Chapter 2249 Luo Chen! (fourth update)
Chapter 2250 Xiao Yanzi, not bad! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2251 The Devil Emperors Opportunity! (Sixth update coming, please vote for me!)
Chapter 2252 The vision mutates! (1st update)
Chapter 2253 I am Xuanhuji, and I will kill all the demons and evil spirits! (Second update)
Chapter 2254 I dont want to be contaminated by karma (third update)
Chapter 2255 Lingfeng Divine Vein is so heaven-defying! (fourth update)
Chapter 2256 The ancient god of medicine made a heaven-defying move! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2257 The role of reincarnation bloodline! (sixth update)
Chapter 2258: Possessing the original power of the world! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 2259 I admit defeat (first update)
Chapter 2260 Lingfeng Divine Veins, open! (Second update)
Chapter 2261 One day, the Heavenly Palace of the Kingdom of God will be crushed! (Third update)
Chapter 2262 True identity! (fourth update)
Chapter 2263: Disrespect shall be punished! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2264 If you want to leave, you have to ask me if I agree! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2265 The whereabouts of the Flame Monument! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me)
Chapter 2266 Full Strength (1st update)
Chapter 2267 Follow me! (Second update)
Chapter 2268 A powerful existence! (Third update)
Chapter 2269 Take them all! (fourth update)
Chapter 2270 Burn this talisman (fifth update)
Chapter 2271 Taboo Myth (sixth update)
Chapter 2272 Blood Dragons Opportunity! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2273 Ten Thousand Years Spiritual Spring (eighth update)
Chapter 2274 Illusion! (9th update)
Chapter 2275 Your chance! (ten updates)
Chapter 2276 Death Vortex (11th update)
Chapter 2277 Ignore the rules! (Twelve updates)
Chapter 2278 The opportunity of the Flame Monument! (Thirteenth update)
Chapter 2279 Deep request! (Fourteen updates)
Volume 2 Chapter 2280 The bloodline is burning! (Fifteenth update coming!)
Chapter 2281 Peeping (1st update)
Chapter 2282 The real monster (second update)
Chapter 2283 Qualification! (Third update)
Chapter 2284 Threat! (fourth update)
Chapter 2285 Everyone will die! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2286 Deep in the Valley of Gods and Demons! (Sixth update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 2287 Death! (1st update)
Chapter 2288 Its all for you! (Second update)
Chapter 2289 Flame Monument! (Third update)
Chapter 2290 An unexpected gain! (fourth update)
Chapter 2291 The connection with the blood dragon! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2292 What a great opportunity! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 2293 All the glory ceases to exist! (1st update)
Chapter 2294 Conspiracy! (Second update)
Chapter 2295 The weirdness of the Valley of Gods and Demons! (Third update)
Chapter 2296 Ji Lins poisonous body, a big killer! (Fourth update)
Chapter 2297 Sweep! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2298 Dont get close to the demons! (sixth update)
Chapter 2299 Shakes everything! (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 2300 Top wealthy families (first update)
Chapter 2301 Crazy move! (Second update)
Chapter 2302 Bloody Cause and Effect Array (Third update)
Chapter 2303 Ren Xiaozis game (fourth update)
Chapter 2304 Weird! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2305 Humiliation! (sixth update)
Chapter 2306 The fun begins! (seventh update)
Chapter 2307 Completely ignored! (eighth update)
Chapter 2308 At a loss! (Nine updates!)
Chapter 2309 Even if I lose! (Ten updates!)
Chapter 2310 Im right! (11th update!)
Chapter 2311 That girl! (Twelve updates, the outbreak is over! Please vote!)
Chapter 2312 Wei Yings opportunity! (1st update)
Chapter 2313 The cause and effect of the Lord of Six Paths (second update)
Chapter 2314 Compared with assets? (Third update)
Chapter 2315 Who is No. 1 on the Mysterious List! (Fourth update)
Chapter 2316 Trap! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2317 The Essence of Geng Gold! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2318 Xuanyuan Moxies anger! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2319 I lose! (1st update)
Chapter 2320 Rules? Are they useful? (Second update)
Chapter 2321 The murderous intention to reach the top of the mysterious list! (Third update)
Chapter 2322 Death spreads! (fourth update)
Chapter 2323 Green Lotus Demonic Fire! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2324 Nervous! (sixth update)
Chapter 2325 Wumangs strange behavior! (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 2326 Disappointment! (1st update)
Chapter 2327 Nightmare! (Second update)
Chapter 2328 Claiming your life! (Third update)
Chapter 2329 Forced to retreat! (fourth update)
Chapter 2330: No. 1 on the Mysterious List! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2331 The Fourth Sword! (sixth update)
Chapter 2332 Unexpected! (seventh update)
Chapter 2333 Did something happen to him? (eighth update)
Chapter 2334 No need to teach life and death about lovesickness! (9th update)
Chapter 2335 The horror of the Ancient Medical God! (Tenth update! Happy New Years Eve!)
Chapter 2336 Ready to go (1st update)
Chapter 2337 Undercurrent is surging! (Second update)
Chapter 2338 The power of breaking the sky! (Third update)
Chapter 2339 Youare not dead!! (fourth update)
Chapter 2340 Cant do it! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2341 Foolproof! Crisis! (Sixth update, please vote!)
Chapter 2342 Ye Chen returns (first update)
Chapter 2343 Speed! (Second update)
Chapter 2344 Life and Death (Third Update)
Chapter 2345 Human nature (fourth update)
Chapter 2346 Retreat means death! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2347 Fight for your life! (sixth update)
Chapter 2348 Killing Machine! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2349 Appears out of nowhere! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 2350 Are you sure you want to fight again? (1st update)
Chapter 2351 Trump Card! (Second update)
Chapter 2352 Feast! (Third update)
Chapter 2353 Loud noise! Vision! (fourth update)
Chapter 2354 Strong! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2355 Dont you think its too late? (Sixth update)
Chapter 2356 Value! (seventh update)
Chapter 2357 I hope you dont bring bad news (8th update!)
Chapter 2358 Still in the Nine Heavens Dragon Palace! (Ninth update sent! Please vote)
Chapter 2359 Prey (1st update)
Chapter 2360 Hongmen Banquet (Second update)
Chapter 2361 Dead Beast! (Third update)
Chapter 2362 The mark is invalid (fourth update)
Chapter 2363 Upgraded Demon-Slaying World-Destroying Sword! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2364 Something big happened! (sixth update)
Chapter 2365 Invitation from the Kingdom of God! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2366 Are you looking for me? (1st update)
Chapter 2367 Two choices (second update)
Chapter 2368 Taoist Tianji (third update)
Chapter 2369 Reincarnation Star Stone (fourth update)
Chapter 2370 The Endless Sea! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2371 Big trouble! (sixth update)
Chapter 2372 Crisis is about to break out! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me)
Chapter 2373 Unavoidable (1st update)
Chapter 2374 Take action personally! (Second update)
Chapter 2375 Opportunity (third update)
Chapter 2376 The day the broken sword was reforged! (fourth update)
Chapter 2377 The best gift (fifth update)
Chapter 2378 What to do? (sixth update)
Chapter 2379 Goodbye Saint (seventh update)
Chapter 2380 The past (eighth update)
Chapter 2381 Nothing left! (Nine updates! Please vote!)
Chapter 2382 Colorful Needle (1st update)
Chapter 2383 The Canggu Medical Gods request! (Second update)
Chapter 2384 Another Reincarnation Star Stone? (Third update)
Chapter 2385 The inner demon tribulation (fourth update)
Chapter 2386 I am willing to go! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2387 Fame! (sixth update)
Chapter 2388 Arrogant! (seventh update)
Chapter 2389 Waste Pill! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 2390 Canggu Gate (1st update)
Chapter 2391 Turbulent Waves (Second Update)
Chapter 2392 Ji Lins opportunity (third update)
Chapter 2393 Awareness! (fourth update)
Chapter 2394 Its too late (fifth update)
Chapter 2395 Fit (sixth update)
Chapter 2396 The Sixth Sword (seventh update)
Chapter 2397 This move is the magic of swordsmanship! (Eighth update)
Chapter 2398 Conspiracy (nine updates)
Chapter 2399 Discovery! (ten updates)
Chapter 2400 The land of resentful spirits! (11th update)
Chapter 2401 Breakthrough! (Twelve updates)
Chapter 2402 The giant beast in the depths! (Thirteenth update)
Chapter 2403 The stone pillar shook! (The fourteenth update is here! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 2404 My surname is Ren (first update)
Chapter 2405 Heaven is wrathful! (Second update)
Chapter 2406 How to stop! (Third update)
Chapter 2407 Overcoming the tribulation together! (fourth update)
Chapter 2408 Bloodline Resonance (Fifth update)
Chapter 2409 Nine Heavens Dragon Palace! (sixth update)
Chapter 2410 The Demon Emperors Resurrection Begins! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2411 No matter what (first update)
Chapter 2412 The Eye of the Devil! (Second update)
Chapter 2413 Demon Emperor! (Third update)
Chapter 2414 Kill! (fourth update)
Chapter 2415 The Demon Emperors Wrath! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2416 Can be destroyed with just one thought! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2417 A familiar sword! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2418 Help from all directions! (Eight more updates coming!)
Chapter 2419 I can die, but you cant! (1st update)
Chapter 2420 Another Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation (Second Update)
Chapter 2421 The beauty of Zi Ning (third update)
Chapter 2422 Journey to the Kingdom of God! (fourth update)
Chapter 2423 Yin Ming! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2424 Threat of massacre! (sixth update)
Chapter 2425 The Purgatory Demon Sword (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 2426 Lost half the chip! (1st update)
Chapter 2427 Believe! (Second update)
Chapter 2428 Xuanming Blood Ax (third update)
Chapter 2429 Purple Runes! (fourth update)
Chapter 2430 The style a martial artist should have! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2431 The specialness of the Zi Ning Xuan Monument! (sixth update)
Chapter 2432 Its just begun! (Seventh update coming)
Chapter 2433 Oops! (1st update)
Chapter 2434 Suddenly! (Second update)
Chapter 2435 A glimmer of opportunity! (Third update)
Chapter 2436 Old mans reminder! (fourth update)
Chapter 2437 The choice of Qinglian Demon Fire! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2438 Nameless! (sixth update)
Chapter 2439 Ji Siqings whereabouts! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2440 The arrogance of the genius girl! (eighth update)
Chapter 2441 Ye Chens intention! (9th update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2442 Who is the genius! (1st update)
Chapter 2443 Stunning! (Second update)
Chapter 2444 I will kill you! (Third update)
Chapter 2445 What! (fourth update)
Chapter 2446 Crazy! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2447 Powder! (sixth update)
Chapter 2448 Trouble! (seventh update)
Chapter 2449: A hundred thousand times more powerful than the heaven! (Eighth update)
Chapter 2450 Blood and Corpses (9th update)
Chapter 2451 Old man, do you accept me? (Ten updates, please vote!)
Chapter 2452 Rise! (1st update)
Chapter 2453 Wen Tianli is silent (second update)
Chapter 2454 Ji Siqings strength! (Third update)
Chapter 2455 Gu Dao! (fourth update)
Chapter 2456 The treasure of the clan (fifth update)
Chapter 2457 Ye Chens madness (sixth update)
Chapter 2458 Dont be afraid! (seventh update)
Chapter 2459 Absorb the origin! (eighth update)
Chapter 2460 Ji Siqings attitude! (Ninth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2461 No more involvement (first update)
Chapter 2462 Soul-burning flames (second update)
Chapter 2463 Bad News (Third Update)
Chapter 2464 Unforgivable (fourth update)
Chapter 2465 Bloodbath (fifth update)
Chapter 2466 The limit! (sixth update)
Chapter 2467 Even if it is, what can you do? (Seventh update)
Chapter 2468 If he doesnt die, who will? (eighth update)
Chapter 2469 One sword and one doomsday! (9th update)
Chapter 2470 Acting! (Ten updates coming! Please vote)
Chapter 2471 The Crazy Overlord! (Update 1)
Chapter 2472 The trees are beautiful in the forest, but the wind will destroy them! (Second update)
Chapter 2473 Ye Chens identity! (Third update)
Chapter 2474 Rely on! (fourth update)
Chapter 2475 Bluffing (fifth update)
Chapter 2476 Shut up! (sixth update)
Chapter 2477 Thats it? (seventh update)
Chapter 2478 Shenji Sect (eighth update)
Chapter 2479 Rejection! (Nine updates)
Chapter 2480 The spirit has appeared (ten updates! Please vote)
Chapter 2481 Ji Siqings divine power (first update)
Chapter 2482 The elders anger (second update)
Chapter 2483 An unexpected gain (third update)
Chapter 2484 The eye-catching gate-sealing realm (fourth update)
Chapter 2485 Endless power! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2486 The whereabouts of the God and Demon Pond (sixth update)
Chapter 2487 Didnt read the almanac? (seventh update)
Chapter 2488 The weak and the strong (eighth update)
Chapter 2489 Power (nine updates)
Chapter 2490 The function of the Green Lotus Demonic Fire! (Ten updates! Please vote)
Chapter 2491 Regret? (1st update)
Chapter 2492 Senior Brother! (Second update)
Chapter 2493 Identity! (Third update)
Chapter 2494 Unwilling (fourth update)
Chapter 2495 A sign of great evil? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2496 The pursuit of Tiandao Palace! (sixth update)
Chapter 2497 Changes in the Reincarnation Cemetery! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2498 The Power of the Crazy Overlord! (8th update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 2499 The Fierce Land (1st update)
Chapter 2500 Refining Demonic Fire! (Second update)
Chapter 2501 The power of demonic fire! (Third update)
Chapter 2502 Flame Monument! (fourth update)
Chapter 2503 The power of the flame monument! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2504 Force majeure! (sixth update)
Chapter 2505 Fear! (seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 2506 He is a devil! (8th update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2507 Endless Demonic Sea (1st update)
Chapter 2508 Gravekeeper (Second update)
Chapter 2509 Ancestors of the Ye Family (Third Update)
Chapter 2510: Monstrous Killing Formation (fourth update)
Chapter 2511 Changes in the Reincarnation Cemetery (Fifth update)
Chapter 2512 The Demon Emperors Invitation (sixth update)
Chapter 2513 Three moves! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2514 Demon Emperors Teaching (1st update)
Chapter 2515 Breakthrough! Wrath of Heaven! (Second update)
Chapter 2516 The Change of Lingwu (Third Update)
Chapter 2517 The Wrath of Burning Heaven (fourth update)
Chapter 2518 So what (fifth update)
Chapter 2519 So what if you kill (sixth update)
Chapter 2520 Do you want it! (seventh update)
Chapter 2521 Group anger! (eighth update)
Chapter 2522 Tu Lanxins voice (nine updates! Please vote!)
Chapter 2523 Tu Lanxins strength (first update)
Chapter 2524 The Heart of Martial Arts (Second Update)
Chapter 2525 The mysterious old man (third update)
Chapter 2526 Horror (fourth update)
Chapter 2527 What is Ye Chens identity! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2528 Crazy Choice (sixth update)
Chapter 2529 Hide? (seventh update)
Chapter 2530 Breakthrough! Taixu! (8th update, please vote!)
Chapter 2531 Ji Siqings monster (first update)
Chapter 2532 Rejecting the Challenge (Second Update)
Chapter 2533 Damn man (third update)
Chapter 2534 Han Ke! (fourth update)
Chapter 2535 The Power of Life and Death (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2536 I also want to discipline you (sixth update)
Chapter 2537 Demon God Ye Chen (seventh update)
Chapter 2538 The threat in the dark (eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2539 Ancient Demon Scales! (1st update)
Chapter 2540 Promise (Second update)
Chapter 2541 Refining God Pavilion (third update)
Chapter 2542 Crisis (fourth update)
Chapter 2543 Ye Chens intention! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2544 Monster (sixth update)
Chapter 2545 Unstoppable! (seventh update)
Chapter 2546 Go to death! (eighth update)
Chapter 2547 The Fire of the Emperor! (Ninth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2548 Ye Chens opportunity (first update)
Chapter 2549 The Divine Fire Emperor (Second update)
Chapter 2550 The Poisonous Flame Syndrome (Third Update)
Chapter 2551 Heart of Despair (fourth update)
Chapter 2552 Its actually a woman (fifth update)
Chapter 2553 That Voice (sixth update)
Chapter 2554 My Rights (seventh update)
Chapter 2555 The old mans murderous intention against heaven (eighth update)
Chapter 2556 Arent you afraid of me? (Ninth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2557: Demon-Suppressing Lock (1st update)
Chapter 2558 Not Afraid (Second Update)
Chapter 2559 What kind of true martial arts is this! (Third update)
Chapter 2560 Our blood is shed for the Demon Emperor! (fourth update)
Chapter 2561 Accident (fifth update)
Chapter 2562 The blood dragon is fearless (sixth update)
Chapter 2563 Death Crisis (seventh update)
Chapter 2564 Its me! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 2565 The genius of the Mu family? (1st update)
Chapter 2566 Ancestor! (Second update)
Chapter 2567 Welcome as a guest! (Third update)
Chapter 2568 Who is it? (fourth update)
Chapter 2569 The Game of the Eternal Holy King (5th update)
Chapter 2570 The whereabouts of the remaining mysterious monument of reincarnation (sixth update)
Chapter 2571 The secret of Shenji Sect! (seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 2572 Demotion of Shenji Sect! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2573 Determined! (1st update)
Chapter 2574 The Fire of Hope (Second Update)
Chapter 2575 Han Jiuxis Fear (Third Update)
Chapter 2576 Do you dare? (fourth update)
Chapter 2577 Girls Heart (Fifth update)
Chapter 2578 The ultimate? (sixth update)
Chapter 2579 If you get through once, you will get through everything! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2580 Identity (eighth update)
Chapter 2581 I want to see big brother! (Ninth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2582 Angry! (1st update)
Chapter 2583 Nervous! (Second update)
Chapter 2584 Sinner! (Third update)
Chapter 2585 What is this girls background? (fourth update)
Chapter 2586 The wishing pool (fifth update)
Chapter 2587 Want to kill me? (sixth update)
Chapter 2588 Turns into blood rain (seventh update)
Chapter 2589 The Contempt of the Blood Dragon King (eighth update)
Chapter 2590 I, Yan Kun, am Pangu! (9th update)
Chapter 2591 King Ye Bi (ten updates! Please vote!)
Chapter 2592 A great shame and humiliation! (1st update)
Chapter 2593 Never be underestimated (second update)
Chapter 2594 New power! Coming! (Third update)
Chapter 2595 Breakthrough! (fourth update)
Chapter 2596 One word, get out! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2597 Apology! (sixth update)
Chapter 2598 You dare! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2599 Stepping Stone! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2600 Confidence (1st update)
Chapter 2601 A different scene (second update)
Chapter 2602 Mutation (third update)
Chapter 2603 Qu Chenyan? Ji Siqing? (fourth update)
Chapter 2604 I won (5th update)
Chapter 2605 Yuzhenzis attitude (sixth update)
Chapter 2606 Ji Siqing: Get lost! (seventh update)
Chapter 2607 I want to kill you (eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2608 Even the sky cant stop it! (1st update)
Chapter 2609 Do you understand what I mean (second update)
Chapter 2610 Crying (third update)
Chapter 2611 The Temple of All Demons (fourth update)
Chapter 2612 Get some interest back (5th update)
Chapter 2613 What to do? (sixth update)
Chapter 2614 Resistance (seventh update)
Chapter 2615 Sheath the sword! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2616 Ye Chen in seclusion (first update)
Chapter 2617 The Will of the Blood Dragon (Second Update)
Chapter 2618 The Lamp in the Dark (Third Update)
Chapter 2619 The Mysterious Monument Comes Out (Fourth Update)
Chapter 2620 Ji Lins choice (fifth update)
Chapter 2621 The Inheritor of the Lord of Reincarnation (sixth update)
Chapter 2622 Danger (seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 2623 Heavenly Tribulation, Coming to the World! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2624 What to do? (1st update)
Chapter 2625 Xiao Huang Savior (Second update)
Chapter 2626 Choice (third update)
Chapter 2627 Burning (fourth update)
Chapter 2628 Here it comes! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2629 Adding Obstacles (Sixth Update)
Chapter 2630 Face (seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2631 An unexpected gain (first update)
Chapter 2632 Opening (Second update)
Chapter 2633 The old mans methods (third update)
Chapter 2634 Want to leave, but leave things behind (fourth update)
Chapter 2635 Dare to touch my family to force the king? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2636 Meeting (sixth update)
Chapter 2637 Jiang You! (seventh update)
Chapter 2638 A little cold light! (Eighth update sent!)
Chapter 2639 Believe me! (Nine updates!)
Chapter 2640 The guardian of the Ye family? (Ten updates!)
Chapter 2641 Who knows? (11th update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2642 Ancient Divine Veins? (1st update)
Chapter 2643 Who are you! (Second update)
Chapter 2644 Vision of the Kingdom of God (third update)
Chapter 2645 Unprecedented Crisis (fourth update)
Chapter 2646 A long time! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2647 My servant! (sixth update)
Chapter 2648 If you are a slave, you would rather die! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2649 This woman! (8th update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2650 The origin of Tu Lanxin (first update)
Chapter 2651 The Ye family of the Kingdom of God? (Second update)
Chapter 2652 How long will it take? (Third update)
Chapter 2653 The choice of the Lord of Reincarnation (fourth update)
Chapter 2654 The special function of reincarnation bloodline (fifth update)
Chapter 2655 Make a lot of money! (sixth update)
Chapter 2656 Shortness of breath! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2657 The Breath of the Lord of Reincarnation (eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2658: Forbearance (1st update)
Chapter 2659 Plan (Second update)
Chapter 2660 Ambush (third update)
Chapter 2661 Kneel down (fourth update)
Chapter 2662 Divine Breath (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2663 Ye Chens opportunity! (sixth update)
Chapter 2664 Crisis! (seventh update)
Chapter 2665 What a sound! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2666 Ye Chen comes out of seclusion (first update)
Chapter 2667 Nothing to Fear (Second Update)
Chapter 2668 Side by side with Xiao Huang (third update)
Chapter 2669 What to do? (fourth update)
Chapter 2670 My statue? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2671 Are you sure? (sixth update)
Chapter 2672 A battle! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2673 Madman (eighth update)
Chapter 2674 Awe! (Ninth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2675 Kill him (1st update)
Chapter 2676 A piece of ice cold (second update)
Chapter 2677 Identity! (Third update)
Chapter 2678 Who are you! (fourth update)
Chapter 2679 Changes (fifth update)
Chapter 2680 Turmoil! (sixth update)
Chapter 2681 Dignity! Betrayal! (seventh update)
Chapter 2682 Why do I need to explain to you? (eighth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 2683 I understand (Ninth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2684 The power of the Nine Heavens Dragon Palace (first update)
Chapter 2685 All defeated? (Second update)
Chapter 2686 The power of refusal (third update)
Chapter 2687 What happened (fourth update)
Chapter 2688 Alarm! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2689: Keeping an appointment (sixth update)
Chapter 2690 The situation is tense (seventh update)
Chapter 2691 Even if my identity is exposed! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2692 is incredible! (1st update)
Chapter 2693 Coercion (Second update)
Chapter 2694 Interesting (third update)
Chapter 2695 The cause and effect of Taoist Tianji (fourth update)
Chapter 2696 What a tragedy! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2697 Who can win? (sixth update)
Chapter 2698 The silence at the top of the gods! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2699 Beheaded! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2700 The Qinglian Heaven-Destroying Sword is broken! (1st update)
Chapter 2701 Impossible (Second update)
Chapter 2702 Escaped! (Third update)
Chapter 2703 Ji Lins thoughts (fourth update)
Chapter 2704 Take action in advance! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2705 Ye Chens anger (sixth update)
Chapter 2706 The escort is late! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2707 Lets go! (1st update)
Chapter 2708 Cause and Effect Bloody Array (Second Update)
Chapter 2709 The Fire of the Emperor (Third update)
Chapter 2710 Doomed? (fourth update)
Chapter 2711 An unexpected visitor! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2712 Chaos Frozen! (sixth update)
Chapter 2713 Flame Monument! (seventh update)
Chapter 2714 I will overturn this day (eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2715 Cause and effect (first update)
Chapter 2716 Its too late! (Second update)
Chapter 2717 Long time no see (third update)
Chapter 2718 Half-step to the realm of gods? (Fourth update)
Chapter 2719 Its time for revenge (5th update)
Chapter 2720 Goodbye Yang Chiyuan! (sixth update)
Chapter 2721 Shocking! (seventh update)
Chapter 2722 The Soul of the Ancient Demon (eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2723 Senior Rens game (first update)
Chapter 2724 The desire to survive (second update)
Chapter 2725 Beauty (third update)
Chapter 2726: Wont you kill me? (Fourth update)
Chapter 2727 Sword Suppressing Stone? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2728 The Evil Suppression Ceremony! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2729 Crisis (seventh update)
Chapter 2730 Do you still remember (eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2731 Ye Luoers shock (first update)
Chapter 2732 Ye Chen from District 12 (Second update)
Chapter 2733 Spiritual Contract (third update)
Chapter 2734 A shocking sword (fourth update)
Chapter 2735 Its not important anymore! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2736 Oops! (sixth update)
Chapter 2737 Than recovery? (seventh update)
Chapter 2738 The power of the Lingtian Arrow God! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2739 Kill! (1st update)
Chapter 2740 Clues to the Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation? (Second update)
Chapter 2741 This sword is terrifying! (Third update)
Chapter 2742 The ancestor has arrived! (fourth update)
Chapter 2743 Her mission! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2744 Live! (sixth update)
Chapter 2745 You cant run away (seventh update)
Chapter 2746 After the limit! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2747 Strange things! (1st update)
Chapter 2748 Must die! (Second update)
Chapter 2749 Goodbye Lin Juelong! (Third update)
Chapter 2750 The last goal! (fourth update)
Chapter 2751 Little Poison! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2752 One blow! (Sixth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2753: Depriving the innate poisonous body? (1st update)
Chapter 2754 Do you have to force him? (Second update)
Chapter 2755 Behind the Tianji Pavilion (third update)
Chapter 2756 The main bloodline! (fourth update)
Chapter 2757 Not prepared to hold back! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2758 The realm of evil intentions! (sixth update)
Chapter 2759 The hand of darkness, Emperor Yuan Palace! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2760 Ye Lingtians changes (first update)
Chapter 2761 Behind the Stone Gate (Second update)
Chapter 2762 Yin Qi Fills the Body (Third Update)
Chapter 2763 Behemoth! (fourth update)
Chapter 2764 One of the ancient divine fires! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2765 An unexpected gain! (sixth update)
Chapter 2766 Three Kings of the Human Race? (Seventh update)
Chapter 2767 The old mans inner demon! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2768 Crush Xing Qianhan! (1st update)
Chapter 2769 Give up! (Second update)
Chapter 2770 Soul? (Third update)
Chapter 2771 Collapse! (fourth update)
Chapter 2772 The benefits are so huge! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2773 True identity! (sixth update)
Chapter 2774 What a godsend! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2775 Lin Juelongs thing? (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2776 Gone! (1st update)
Chapter 2777 A chance to breathe (second update)
Chapter 2778 Shocked by it! (Third update)
Chapter 2779 Demon Soul-Destroying Arrow, fire! (fourth update)
Chapter 2780 Ancestral God Statue (Fifth update)
Chapter 2781 The existence of professionalism? (sixth update)
Chapter 2782: Meet the Lord of Reincarnation (seventh update - please vote for me)
Chapter 2783 Guard (1st update)
Chapter 2784 Arrangement! (Second update)
Chapter 2785 The origin of the girl (third update)
Chapter 2786 A womans heart, a needle under the sea! (Fourth update)
Chapter 2787 Promise yourself? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2788 The Palace of Hades! (sixth update)
Chapter 2789 Goodbye Reincarnation Star Stone! (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 2790 Im in a hurry! (1st update)
Chapter 2791 What are you waiting for? (Second update)
Chapter 2792 Stubborn! (Third update)
Chapter 2793 The Order of the Palace Master! (Fourth update)
Chapter 2794 The true body has arrived! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2795 The beautiful appearance! (sixth update)
Chapter 2796 Save me! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2797 I wont accept this! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2798 Mo Xuemings surveillance? (1st update)
Chapter 2799 Strange Breath (Second Update)
Chapter 2800 You shouldnt have any plans to touch my man! (Third update)
Chapter 2801 Too many secrets (fourth update)
Chapter 2802 What qualifications do you have? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2803 Human race, surrender? (sixth update)
Chapter 2804 Xiao Huangs secret! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2805 The strength of Qing Emperor (first update)
Chapter 2806 Ye Luoers anger (second update)
Chapter 2807 Heavenly Demon! (Third update)
Chapter 2808 Believe in Ye Chen! (fourth update)
Chapter 2809 Where to escape? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2810 Who did it! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2811 The dominance of the reincarnation bloodline! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2812 Body protection object! (1st update)
Chapter 2813 The anger of the blood dragon! (Second update)
Chapter 2814 Equality! (Third update)
Chapter 2815 Ancient relics! Double-eyed nightmare! (fourth update)
Chapter 2816 The Beginning of Bloodline (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2817 Entering the First Kingdom of God! (Sixth update)
Chapter 2818: The Body of Sealed Evil! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2819 Xia Lingqius Secret (1st update)
Chapter 2820 That Woman (Second Update)
Chapter 2821 The Secret of the Long Family (Third Update)
Chapter 2822: reaping the consequences (fourth update)
Chapter 2823: Three thousand years later, it can be restored (fifth update)
Chapter 2824 Extremely violent! (sixth update)
Chapter 2825 The Temptation of Taoist Heart (seventh update)
Chapter 2826 Why is she here? (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2827 Dragon has reverse scales (first update)
Chapter 2828 Thousand Corpses! (Second update)
Chapter 2829 Is it worthy (third update)
Chapter 2830 Disobedience? (fourth update)
Chapter 2831 The Light of the Jade Tablet! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2832 Let the pigeons fly! (sixth update)
Chapter 2833 The whirlpool surges! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2834 Blood, sprinkled in this palace! (1st update)
Chapter 2835 Strong! (Second update)
Chapter 2836 The suppressed bloodline! (Third update)
Chapter 2837 Prophecy! (fourth update)
Chapter 2838 Like the abyss of heaven! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2839 The breath in the darkness (sixth update)
Chapter 2840 Xia Ruoxue, Samsara Star Flame! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2841 Who are you (first update)
Chapter 2842 That Woman (Second Update)
Chapter 2843 Xuanji (third update)
Chapter 2844 The Demon Gate Formation (fourth update)
Chapter 2845 Turtle in the Urn (Fifth update)
Chapter 2846 Anger! (sixth update)
Chapter 2847 Death! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2848 He is finally afraid (1st update)
Chapter 2849 Survival Instinct (Second Update)
Chapter 2850 Breaking through the Blood Thorn! (Third update)
Chapter 2851 No longer exists! (fourth update)
Chapter 2852 I believe it! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2853 Ji Siqings stubbornness! (sixth update)
Chapter 2854: Pull down the altar! Eternally sealed in purgatory! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2855 Ji Siqing? Qu Chenyan? (first update)
Chapter 2856 All methods return to the sect, and the sword light shines (second update)
Chapter 2857 Extremely weird! (Third update)
Chapter 2858 Planting a demon? (fourth update)
Chapter 2859 Destroy the Shinto! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2860 Confirmed! (sixth update)
Chapter 2861 True despair! (seventh update)
Chapter 2862 The Immortal Dragon Emperor! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2863 The blood dragon must die (first update)
Chapter 2864 Ye Chens Crisis (Second Update)
Chapter 2865 Taiyuan Sword Sect (third update)
Chapter 2866 Im so angry! (fourth update)
Chapter 2867 Familiar Breath (Fifth Update)
Chapter 2868 Spying in the Dark (sixth update)
Chapter 2869 Another spirit beast! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2870 Rejected? (1st update)
Chapter 2871 Taiyuan Sword Intent! (Second update)
Chapter 2872: With one sword, it feels like facing an abyss! (Third update)
Chapter 2873 Interesting! (fourth update)
Chapter 2874 The strong cannot be humiliated! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2875 Not qualified! (sixth update)
Chapter 2876 Rens power? (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2877 Looking for the Palace Master! (1st update)
Chapter 2878 Too young! (Second update)
Chapter 2879 The connection between Ren and the Divine Will Stone (third update)
Chapter 2880 The speculation of Lingtian Arrow God! (Fourth update)
Chapter 2881 Doubt! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2882 Behind the conspiracy! (sixth update)
Chapter 2883 Falling Dust and Dragon Subduing Sword! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2884 The fallen Lord of Reincarnation! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 2885 Sword Soul? (1st update)
Chapter 2886 Mysterious Woman (Second Update)
Chapter 2887 The word reincarnation (third update)
Chapter 2888 The depressing vision! (fourth update)
Chapter 2889 Although fallen, the remaining power is still there (fifth update)
Chapter 2890 The time has not come yet! (sixth update)
Chapter 2891 The remnants of the Ye family! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2892 Is bloodline important? (1st update)
Chapter 2893 Hidden! (Second update)
Chapter 2894 Ye Family Martial Arts! (Third update)
Chapter 2895 Protector! (fourth update)
Chapter 2896: An ordinary and ordinary situation! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2897 The power of Lingtian! (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 2898 The Crisis of the Blood Dragon! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2899 Swallowed by the Blood Dragon! (First update)
Chapter 2900 How can it be weak! (Second update)
Chapter 2901 Evidence? (Third update)
Chapter 2902 Rootless duckweed! (fourth update)
Chapter 2903 The overwhelming murderous intention! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2904 I am Pangu the Great! (sixth update)
Chapter 2905 Doubt! (seventh update)
Chapter 2906 Ancestral Land (eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2907 Goodbye Hades! (Ninth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2908 Not suitable for blood (1st update)
Chapter 2909 Shake the realm of gods? (Second update)
Chapter 2910 Destruction of the Shinto, open! (Third update)
Chapter 2911 The power of Lingtian! (fourth update)
Chapter 2912 The danger in the depths (fifth update)
Chapter 2913 Failed? (sixth update)
Chapter 2914 Who dares! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2915 Another Monument of Reincarnation! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2916 Get out! (1st update)
Chapter 2917 A complete defeat (second update)
Chapter 2918 Really injured? (Third update)
Chapter 2919 Who is the planner (fourth update)
Chapter 2920 Tiandao Palaces plan (fifth update)
Chapter 2921 Temptation (sixth update)
Chapter 2922 Xuanyuan Moxie, Kunlun Xu? (seventh update)
Chapter 2923 Represents the darkness in the world! (1st update)
Chapter 2924 True strength! (Second update)
Chapter 2925 Coming out of seclusion! (Third update)
Chapter 2926 The right to refuse! (fourth update)
Chapter 2927 Mo Xuemings plan! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2928 Crisis! (sixth update)
Chapter 2929 What the hell! (seventh update)
Chapter 2930 The Ye familys desperate situation with a cold eye! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2931 The Wrath of Burning Heaven (1st update)
Chapter 2932 Brothers! (Second update)
Chapter 2933: Back off! (Third update)
Chapter 2934 Good, good! (fourth update)
Chapter 2935 The terrifying background! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2936 Reduced to this point! (sixth update)
Chapter 2937 The horror is coming! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2938 Ye Chens power! (1st update)
Chapter 2939 Burial Place (Second Update)
Chapter 2940 New Power! (Third update)
Chapter 2941 Rules! (fourth update)
Chapter 2942 Xuanji arrives! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2943 Sinful Girl! (sixth update)
Chapter 2944 Crisis, another crisis! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 2945 Formation! Death! Madness! (Update 1)
Chapter 2946 Extraterritorial Breath (Second Update)
Chapter 2947 The power of the blood dragon! (Third update)
Chapter 2948: Invincible (fourth update)
Chapter 2949 The Devil Emperor is coming? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2950 Entanglement! (sixth update)
Chapter 2951 My Wrath! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2952 Arrival! (1st update)
Chapter 2953 Gods and Demons Unite (Second Update)
Chapter 2954 Success? (Third update)
Chapter 2955 The Queens decision! (fourth update)
Chapter 2956 The Lord of Reincarnation? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2957 Ye Chens opportunity (sixth update)
Chapter 2958 The power of dominance! (seventh update)
Chapter 2959 Lingtian Arrow God disappears? (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2960 Jedi (1st update)
Chapter 2961: Temporarily avoid the edge (second update)
Chapter 2962 The mysterious Ren! (Third update)
Chapter 2963 The discovery of the Heaven-Zhiding Demon Emperor (fourth update)
Chapter 2964 Breaking through Chaos? (Fifth update)
Chapter 2965 The voice from deep! (sixth update)
Chapter 2966: Captivating! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2967 Familiar ancient methods (first update)
Chapter 2968 Deep (second update)
Chapter 2969 The clouds move and the sky thunders! Fall! (Third update)
Chapter 2970 The smoke and dust cease (fourth update)
Chapter 2971 Suppress everything! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2972 The Law of the Upper Realm (sixth update)
Chapter 2973 Targeting Ye Chen and Shenji Sect! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2974 The strange reincarnation star stone! (1st update)
Chapter 2975 Demonic Blood Arrives (Second Update)
Chapter 2976 Im here to help you (third update)
Chapter 2977 The destruction of the clone! (fourth update)
Chapter 2978 Fall and dissipation (fifth update)
Chapter 2979 Anger! (sixth update)
Chapter 2980 I am Ye Chen! Who among you wants to kill me? (Seventh update)
Chapter 2981 An unexpected surprise (eighth update)
Chapter 2982 Crisis is coming! (9th update)
Volume 2 Chapter 2983 The Green Emperors Protection! The Shadow of the Nightmare (Ten updates!)
Chapter 2984 Guard (1st update)
Chapter 2985 The fear of double-eyed nightmare! (Second update)
Chapter 2986 My attitude! (Third update)
Chapter 2987 Awakening (fourth update)
Chapter 2988 Answer! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2989 Ye Chens way! (sixth update)
Chapter 2990 The Queens Wrath! (Seventh update)
Chapter 2991 Ji Siqings awakening! (eighth update)
Chapter 2992 The information I want! (9th update)
Chapter 2993: Something happened to the Taiyuan Sword Sect? (Tenth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 2994 Antidote! (1st update)
Chapter 2995 Kendo! State of mind! (Second update)
Chapter 2996 Ye Chens Wrath! (Third update)
Chapter 2997 Crisis (fourth update)
Chapter 2998 Two women confront each other! (Fifth update)
Chapter 2999 Ji Siqings stubbornness! (sixth update)
Chapter 3000 The feeling of the reincarnation star stone! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3001: Insulting the Power of Heaven (Update 1)
Chapter 3002 Something is wrong with Xuanyue Sect! (Second update)
Chapter 3003 Consequences! (Third update)
Chapter 3004 Is faith still there? (fourth update)
Chapter 3005 That man is back! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3006 Old friend! (sixth update)
Chapter 3007 Intuition! (seventh update)
Chapter 3008 My Wei Yings prey! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3009 Bai'er's surprise (first update)
Chapter 3010 Hands in the Dark! (Second update)
Chapter 3011 The person who shouldnt come (third update)
Chapter 3812 The Original Three Ways (fourth update)
Chapter 3813 The Origin of the Sword Soul (Fifth Update)
Chapter 3814 The pervert who destroyed Shinto! (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3815 Ye Luoers Change! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3816 Fear! (1st update)
Chapter 3817 Guardian! (Second update)
Chapter 3818 Desperate (third update)
Chapter 3819 Bad state! (fourth update)
Chapter 3820 Opportunity! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3821 The Guardian of the Sword Soul! (Sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3822 The identity of the sword soul! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3823 Goodbye Ji Siqing (first update)
Chapter 3824 Troublesome! (Second update)
Chapter 3825 The discovery of the blood dragon (third update)
Chapter 3826 Dragon Blood Deep Sea (fourth update)
Chapter 3827 Crisis is coming! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3828 Xiao Huangs attitude! (sixth update)
Chapter 3829 Girls Heart (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3830 Swallow! (1st update)
Chapter 3831 The love between children (second update)
Chapter 3832 The Secret of the Star Tree! (Third update)
Chapter 3833 Breakthrough! (fourth update)
Chapter 3834 Showdown! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3835 Hongmeng Transaction! (sixth update)
Chapter 3836 Crisis is coming! (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 3837 Who is in the thunder tribulation? (1st update)
Chapter 3838 The darkness before dawn (second update)
Chapter 3839 Unique Vision (Third Update)
Chapter 3840 Accident, arrival! (fourth update)
Chapter 3841 The Power of Heaven! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3842 Perfect fit! (sixth update)
Chapter 3843 The last life! This life! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3844 Face to face! (1st update)
Chapter 3845 Immortal Power! (Second update)
Chapter 3846 The power of three monuments! (Third update)
Chapter 3847 Leading to the Upper Realm! (fourth update)
Chapter 3848 Xiao Huangs choice! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3849 Shadow in the Dark (sixth update)
Chapter 3850 Mo Xuemings conspiracy! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3851 Mo Xuemings plan (first update)
Chapter 3852 Goodbye Yonglao! (Second update)
Chapter 3853 The Wrath of Burning Heaven! (Third update)
Chapter 3854 Two-word answer! (fourth update)
Chapter 3855 Something happened to the Immortal Dragon Emperor! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3856 Prisoner of Dragon Peak (sixth update)
Chapter 3857 Hongmen Banquet! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3858 There must be something fishy (1st update)
Chapter 3859 The True Body of the Dragon Emperor (Second Update)
Chapter 3860 The power of crushing! (Third update)
Chapter 3861 Is it worthy? (fourth update)
Chapter 3862 Qing Addicts to the Candle Dragon (Fifth update)
Chapter 3863 Fall? (sixth update)
Chapter 3864 Wei Yings price! (Seventh update! Please vote)
Chapter 3865 Where is the exit? (1st update)
Chapter 3866 The Secret of the Altar (Second Update)
Chapter 3867: Changes in Emperor Yuan Palace (third update)
Chapter 3868 Snatch! (fourth update)
Chapter 3869 Blood Dragon Body! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3870 Face to face! (sixth update)
Chapter 3871 Not qualified to get involved (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3872: Fireflies Strive for Light (Update 1)
Chapter 3873 Treatment (Second update)
Chapter 3874 Leaving (third update)
Chapter 3875 One step further! (fourth update)
Chapter 3876: Cut out with one sword! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3877 The rhythm that belongs to Ye Chen! (sixth update)
Chapter 3878 What is this? (seventh update)
Chapter 3879 Broken (eighth update)
Chapter 3880 Grandpas voice! (9th update)
Chapter 3881 To be remembered forever! (Ten updates! Please vote!)
Chapter 3882 Demon-Conquering Hall (1st update)
Chapter 3883 Ye Chens choice (second update)
Chapter 3884 Deep Sea Black Crystal Iron (Third Update)
Chapter 3885 Rens hometown (fourth update)
Chapter 3886 Collapse! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3887 So what if you rob it? (sixth update)
Chapter 3888 Are you sure you are qualified? (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3889 One sentence! (1st update)
Chapter 3890 Deep Sea Black Crystal Iron (Second Update)
Chapter 3891 Choice! (Third update)
Chapter 3892 Destiny (fourth update)
Chapter 3893 Taoist Tianji comes out of seclusion! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3894: Seeing people in cover (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3895 The Power of Hongmeng Dharma (seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3896 The meaning of martial arts (first update)
Chapter 3897 The accident of Taoist Tianji (second update)
Chapter 3898 Special Identity (Third Update)
Chapter 3899 People coming from Emperor Yuan Palace (fourth update)
Chapter 3900 The power of the weapon spirit (fifth update)
Chapter 3901 Thorough Protection (Sixth Update)
Chapter 3902 Xiao Huangs stubbornness! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3903 Ancient relics! (1st update)
Chapter 3904 The Devil Subdues the Dragon Seal! (Second update)
Chapter 3905 Cause and effect (third update)
Chapter 3909 Not good! (fourth update)
Chapter 3910 Shock in all directions (fifth update)
Chapter 3911 The key to repairing the Falling Dust Dragon Sword (sixth update)
Chapter 3912 Mo Ning'er! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3913 Found it! (1st update)
Chapter 3914 Meeting an old friend (second update)
Chapter 3915 Soul Forbidden Island! (Third update)
Chapter 3916 Too much pressure! (fourth update)
Chapter 3917 Identity Revealed (Fifth Update)
Chapter 3918 Natural disaster! Pressure! (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3919 Because, he has the world in mind! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 3920 Two new powers! (1st update)
Chapter 3921 Borrowing flowers to offer to Buddha (second update)
Chapter 3922 Im here to help you! (Third update)
Chapter 3923 Hongmeng Treasure (fourth update)
Chapter 3924 Crisis! Suppression! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3925 The power of cause and effect (sixth update)
Chapter 3926 Its you! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3927: Blood Body (1st update)
Chapter 3928 Compromise? (Second update)
Chapter 3929: Moving (third update)
Chapter 3930 The power of the ancient Hanlin (fourth update)
Chapter 3931 The unexpected behavior of the sword soul (fifth update)
Chapter 3932 An unexpected gain! (sixth update)
Chapter 3933 The beginning of bloodline is needed! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3934 Deadpool (1st update)
Chapter 3935 Two swords combined (second update)
Chapter 3936 Surrender (third update)
Chapter 3937 Ancient Dragon Protection Formation (fourth update)
Chapter 3938 Special Weapon Soul (Fifth update)
Chapter 3939 Arrival (sixth update)
Chapter 3940 Trump Card! (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 3941 The mysterious monument of reincarnation! Dark! (first update)
Chapter 3942 The mysterious dark monument! (Second update)
Chapter 3943 Test! (Third update)
Chapter 3944 Identity is known! (fourth update)
Chapter 3945 The nightmare is coming! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3946 Ye Luoers specialness! (sixth update)
Chapter 3947 Treason! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3948 Catastrophe! (1st update)
Chapter 3949 The mysterious ancient box of Gu Hanlin (second update)
Chapter 3950 The demons discerning eyes, open! (Third update)
Chapter 3951 Return! (fourth update)
Chapter 3952 Changes outside the territory (fifth update)
Chapter 3953 Yun Lei Emperor Dragon Ball (sixth update)
Chapter 3954: Blood Dragons Opportunity! (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 3955: Stealing the Emperor Dragon Ball! (Update 1)
Chapter 3956 Have you asked me? (Second update)
Chapter 3957 The power of the Demon Emperor (third update)
Chapter 3958 Pressure (fourth update)
Chapter 3959 The Blood Dragons Worries (Fifth Update)
Chapter 3960 The ancient empress? (sixth update)
Chapter 3961 is about to be refined! (seventh update)
Chapter 3962 The voice belonging to Ye Chen! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3963 Shake! (1st update)
Chapter 3964 How is it possible! (Second update)
Chapter 3965 Bloodline Mutation (Third Update)
Chapter 3966 Dragon Power Shocks! (Fourth update)
Chapter 3967 The identity of the blood dragon (fifth update)
Chapter 3968 North and South Lakes (sixth update)
Chapter 3969 Power Storm! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3970 Do you want to challenge me? (1st update)
Chapter 3971 No Choice (Second Update)
Chapter 3972 Emperor Shitians thoughts (third update)
Chapter 3973 The price! (fourth update)
Chapter 3974 The ultimate! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3975 Long Xiyuans burden! (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3976 Cant spend it! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3977 A visitor from the Leng family (first update)
Chapter 3978 Ye Chen lost? (Second update)
Chapter 3979 I want to blow myself up! (Third update)
Chapter 3980 Worship! (fourth update)
Chapter 3981 Crazy! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3982 The blood is burning and the fighting dragon is boiling (sixth update)
Chapter 3983 The Qualifications of Blood Dragon! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3984 The fire in the heart, the burning blood (first update)
Chapter 3985 The blood dragon is in danger (second update)
Chapter 3986 Promise (third update)
Chapter 3987 Mo Xuemings invitation (fourth update)
Chapter 3988 The Crisis of Taoist Tianji (Fifth Update)
Chapter 3989 Your chance! Once! (sixth update)
Chapter 3990 Someone is coming from the upper world! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3991 The Talisman of Fate (first update)
Chapter 3992 Invitation (Second update)
Chapter 3993 What to do (third update)
Chapter 3994 Noise! Destroy! (fourth update)
Chapter 3995 Choice (fifth update)
Chapter 3996 The beginning of the second drop of blood (sixth update)
Chapter 3997 I wont tell you! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3998 Seven Color Dragon Ball (1st update)
Chapter 3999 Ye Luoers choice (second update)
Chapter 4000: Mysterious and mysterious (third update)
Chapter 4001 Become a teacher! (fourth update)
Chapter 4002 Will not leave behind (5th update)
Chapter 4003 Whereabouts! (sixth update)
Chapter 4004 Rens attitude! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4005 Upgrading the Black Flame (first update)
Chapter 4006 Zixiao Hanyan (Second update)
Chapter 4007 Suppressing the Great Evil (Third Update)
Chapter 4008 Canglang Glazed Lamp (fourth update)
Chapter 4009 Gods gift (fifth update)
Chapter 4010 comes out? (sixth update)
Chapter 4011 Sister Wei is awesome, but she is ruthless and doesnt talk much! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4012 King Ye Bis love rival? (1st update)
Chapter 4013 The power of Alchemy! (Second update)
Chapter 4014 Landslide and Tsunami (third update)
Chapter 4015 Bold! (fourth update)
Chapter 4016 Bagua Tiandan Technique (Fifth update)
Chapter 4017 All crises point to Ye Chen (sixth update)
Chapter 4018 is crazy! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4019 What kind of fire? (1st update)
Chapter 4020 Qing Addicts to the Breath of the Candle Dragon (Second Update)
Chapter 4021 Despicable! (Third update)
Chapter 4022 Qualification! (fourth update)
Chapter 4023 His majesty! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4024 The Power of the Flame Monument! (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 4025 Cangxuan Order! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4026 An act that goes against the will of heaven (first update)
Chapter 4027 The urgency of the sword soul! (Second update)
Chapter 4028 The Secret Technique of the Blood Buddha (Third Update)
Chapter 4029 Dao Heart Swears (fourth update)
Chapter 4030 I will kill him! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4031 Origin! (sixth update)
Chapter 4032 The arrival of Ren! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4033 Ye Chens cause and effect (first update)
Chapter 4034 The Wrath of the Leng Family (Second Update)
Chapter 4035 The beginning of bloodline! (Third update)
Chapter 4036 The Queen is shocked! (fourth update)
Chapter 4037 Undercurrent (fifth update)
Chapter 4038 Weird recognition (sixth update)
Chapter 4039: Can alchemy also be used for fighting? (Seventh update!)
Chapter 4040: Annihilation of the stars in the sky! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4041 Is this guy still a human? (1st update)
Chapter 4042 Whats the relationship (second update)
Chapter 4043 Wei Ying arrives (third update)
Chapter 4044 The power of the Juehan Emperor (fourth update)
Chapter 4045 The power of the ancient box (fifth update)
Chapter 4046: Take all the initiative!
Chapter 4047: The End of Time (1st update)
Chapter 4048 Arrival (second update)
Chapter 4049 Who dares to touch my master? (Third update)
Chapter 4050 Du Qingfengs thoughts (fourth update)
Chapter 4051 Anyone who disobeys the order will be killed without mercy! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4052 Choice! (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 4053 Ye Chens confidence! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4054 Rely on yourself! (1st update)
Chapter 4055 The Supreme God Clan! (Second update)
Chapter 4056: Blocked this sword! (Third update)
Chapter 4057 The terror of clones! (fourth update)
Chapter 4058 Breaking through all things! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4059 The Lord of Destruction (sixth update)
Chapter 4060 How do you feel? (seventh update)
Chapter 4061 Majesty! (eighth update)
Chapter 4062 Desperate situation! (Nine updates!)
Chapter 4063: A heaven-defying harvest! (Ten updates coming!)
Chapter 4064 Bloody Sword Evil (1st update)
Chapter 4065: Look Down on (Second Update)
Chapter 4066 Ye Luoers choice (third update)
Chapter 4067 How dare you! (fourth update)
Chapter 4068 Everything has changed (fifth update)
Chapter 4069 Creepy (sixth update)
Chapter 4070 The meaning of dragon scales (seventh update is here!)
Chapter 4071 Ye Luoers cause and effect (first update)
Chapter 4072 Ji Siqings attitude (second update)
Chapter 4073: The Keeper of the Poison Monument (Third Update)
Chapter 4074: Ant-like existence (fourth update)
Chapter 4075 Ancient Poison Divine Veins (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4076 A stronger existence (sixth update)
Chapter 4077 Source Technique (seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4078: Opportunity Against Heaven (Update 1)
Chapter 4079 Fighting! (Second update)
Chapter 4080 The source of truth (third update)
Chapter 4081 Strong! (fourth update)
Chapter 4082 Choice! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4083 News about the Chinese Mysterious Monument (sixth update)
Chapter 4084: Related to Mr. Ye (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3308 The mysterious monument appears (first update)
Chapter 3309 The Unexpected Emperor Mandrill (Second Update)
Chapter 3310 A sign of great misfortune (third update)
Chapter 3311 Senior Tianji, do you know me? (fourth update)
Chapter 3312 Mo Xuemings invitation (fifth update)
Chapter 3313 Liuyang Divine Fire Mirror (sixth update)
Chapter 3314 Sad Zen! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3315 Liuyang Divine Fire Mirror (first update)
Chapter 3316 Why are you here? (Second update)
Chapter 3317 Golden Rhinoceros! (Third update)
Chapter 3318 Understanding the mystery of reincarnation (fourth update)
Chapter 3319 Ye Chens transformation! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3320: Emperor Yuan Palace wants to break up? (sixth update)
Chapter 3321 The Sun Talisman (1st update)
Chapter 3322 The Disadvantages of Vision (Second Update)
Chapter 3323 Opportunity for Ye Chen (third update)
Chapter 3324 Leave no one behind (fourth update)
Chapter 3325 Collapse! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3326 Threat (sixth update)
Chapter 3327 Completely dumbfounded! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3328 How to win? (1st update)
Chapter 3329: Never suffer future troubles (second update)
Chapter 3330 Emperor Yiwen (third update)
Chapter 3331 Something really happened! (fourth update)
Chapter 3332 The Disk of Reincarnation (Fifth update)
Chapter 3333 The horror of the Six Paths of Reincarnation! (Sixth update)
Chapter 3334: We have different paths and dont work together! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3335 Xuanyuan Moxies request (first update)
Chapter 3336 Mysterious Man (Second Update)
Chapter 3337 Big brother needs me (third update)
Chapter 3338 Insight into everything! (fourth update)
Chapter 3339 Get out of here! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3340 The Order of the Lord of Shura (sixth update)
Chapter 3341 Wei Yings choice! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3342 The breath of the past life! (1st update)
Chapter 3343 Shine on the mountains and rivers! (Second update)
Chapter 3344 No, something is weird! (Third update)
Chapter 3345 The secret of Xuanyuan Moxie (fourth update)
Chapter 3346 I, Emperor Pangu, why should I fear a battle! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3347 Gap! (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3348 The power of the God of War! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3349 Have you asked me? (1st update)
Chapter 3350: Die together (second update)
Chapter 3351 Escape (third update)
Chapter 3352: Self-destruction (fourth update)
Chapter 3353 Reverse training! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3354 Reincarnation Patterns (sixth update)
Chapter 3355 Really blocked! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3356 So what if you suffer eternal life? (1st update)
Chapter 3357 Chongguang Shenxia Palace is coming! (Second update)
Chapter 3358 Familiar breath! (Third update)
Chapter 3359 The pinnacle battle! (fourth update)
Chapter 3360 The source of cause and effect? (Fifth update)
Chapter 3361 The Queens Order (sixth update)
Chapter 3362 The origin of the mysterious stele! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3363 Yuan Daofeng! (eighth update!)
Chapter 3364 Zhu Yas choice! (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3365 This guy is from China (1st update)
Chapter 3366 Three powerful men! (Second update)
Chapter 3367 Speculations about the evil sword! (Third update)
Chapter 3368 The Son of the Demon Emperor! (fourth update)
Chapter 3369 Unprecedented Crisis (5th update)
Chapter 3370 Someone is coming from the upper world! (sixth update)
Chapter 3371 Im here to save! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3372 Vibrant! (Additional chapter! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3373 The only stain (first update)
Chapter 3374 My Blood (Second Update)
Chapter 3375 How can you not be angry? (Third update)
Chapter 3376 Scared! (fourth update)
Chapter 3377 We are late (fifth update)
Chapter 3378 The power of faith! (sixth update)
Chapter 3379 The person behind the scenes! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3380 Supreme Source Technique (1st update)
Chapter 3381 Tianjis choice (second update)
Chapter 3382 Xuanyuan Moxies thoughts! (Third update)
Chapter 3383 Transaction! Choice! (fourth update)
Chapter 3384 The terror of Ren! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3385 Immortal Killing Sword! (sixth update)
Chapter 3386 Shock in all directions! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3387 Superior Species (Update 1)
Chapter 3388 Unexpected Visitor (Second Update)
Chapter 3389 Sword Cut (third update)
Chapter 3390 What kind of attitude is this? (fourth update)
Chapter 3391 No thanks! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3392 Who is stronger? (sixth update)
Chapter 3393 The Limit! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3394 The Demonic Emperor Covering the Sky! (1st update)
Chapter 3395 The terrifying cultivation level! (Second update)
Chapter 3396 Complete Merits (Third Update)
Chapter 3397 No one can make me kneel down! (Fourth update)
Chapter 3398 The Bold Evil Dragon (Fifth update)
Chapter 3399 Goodbye Demon Emperor! (Sixth update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 3400 Goodbye to the past life and Ren! (1st update)
Chapter 3401 Recovery! (Second update)
Chapter 3402 The miraculous effects of yellow spring water! (Third update)
Chapter 3403 Looking for the secret of the past life! (fourth update)
Chapter 3404 The Ancient Land (fifth update)
Chapter 3405 Changes in the outside world! (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3406 Changes! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3407 Yuers cause and effect (first update)
Chapter 3408 An unexpected surprise (second update)
Chapter 3409 Are you related to the Lord of Reincarnation? (Third update)
Chapter 3410 Using Huangquan Water (fourth update)
Chapter 3411 Bewitched! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3412 Rens expectations (sixth update)
Chapter 3413 The changes in the black vortex! (seventh update)
Chapter 3414 What is faith! (Eighth update sent! Please vote!)
Chapter 3415 The ultimate devil, ruthless in the world! (1st update)
Chapter 3416 Union! (Second update)
Chapter 3417 Ye Chens plan! (Third update)
Chapter 3418 Too bad! (fourth update)
Chapter 3419 Nine Blood Moons! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3420 Mr. Ye! (sixth update)
Chapter 3421 Zhu Yas light! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3422 Dont know life or death! (1st update)
Chapter 3423 Rens martial arts! (Second update)
Chapter 3424 What is reincarnation! What is the pinnacle of martial arts! (Third update)
Chapter 3425: All living beings are obsessed with each other! (fourth update)
Chapter 3426 You want me to die, but I want to live! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3427 The Terrifying Thunder Dragon! (Sixth update)
Chapter 3428 Thunder Sky Lock! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3429 Get back here! (1st update)
Chapter 3430 Where is that person? (Second update)
Chapter 3431 Colorful Divine Light (Third update)
Chapter 3432 The mutation of bloodline (fourth update)
Chapter 3433 Difficult Situation (Fifth Update)
Chapter 3434 Get out! (sixth update)
Chapter 3435 The Footprints of Death (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3436 The sect has been closed for ten years (first update)
Chapter 3437 Tracking Wanli! (Second update)
Chapter 3438 A brief moment of sobriety! (Third update)
Chapter 3439 Entering the Underworld Palace (fourth update)
Chapter 3440 Shakes everything! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3441 I will kill you with the sword! (Sixth update)
Chapter 3442 How strong is Rens martial arts? (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 3443 Wail and kneel down (1st update)
Chapter 3444 The power of the blood moon (second update)
Chapter 3445 A trivial trick! (Third update)
Chapter 3446 Difficult! (fourth update)
Chapter 3447 Limit (fifth update)
Chapter 3448 The choice of life and death (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3449 Uncontrollable Power! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 3450 The untouchable secret (first update)
Chapter 3451 Im waiting for you (second update)
Chapter 3452 Strange Entrance (Third Update)
Chapter 3453 The terrifying background (fourth update)
Chapter 3454 The face of an old friend! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3455 Yin Yang Temple! (sixth update)
Chapter 3456 Ren Feifan! Do you like hiding? (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3457 Mysterious interview! (1st update)
Chapter 3458 As long as I can do it! (Second update)
Chapter 3459 Kill within a month (third update)
Chapter 3460 The peak showdown at Wanshen Mountain! (fourth update)
Chapter 3461 The cooperation of the blood dragon! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3462 Stepping into the Gods! (Sixth update)
Chapter 3463: Shocking the past and the present! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3464 is indeed extraordinary (first update)
Chapter 3465 Jin Shuhui is the key (second update)
Chapter 3466 What does it have to do with me? (Third update)
Chapter 3467 Ye Chens trump card? (fourth update)
Chapter 3468 The Gu family! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3469 My surname is indeed Ye (sixth update)
Chapter 3470 She is my friend (seventh update)
Chapter 3471 The answer I want! (eighth update)
Chapter 3471 The answer I want! (eighth update)
Chapter 3472 Reason (nine updates)
Volume 2 Chapter 3473 Identity! (Ten updates coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3474 Dont dare to move again! (1st update)
Chapter 3475 Get Out (Second Update)
Chapter 3476 Is the Shinto of Destruction very popular? (Third update)
Chapter 3477 Fight and become stronger! (fourth update)
Chapter 3478 Not enough! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3479 He stopped (sixth update)
Chapter 3480 The raging anger! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3481 Attitude! (eighth update)
Chapter 3482 That mans sword! (Ninth update!)
Chapter 3483 Non-existent identity (first update)
Chapter 3484 Ecstasy! (Second update)
Chapter 3485 Amazing value (third update)
Chapter 3486 Your life! (fourth update)
Chapter 3487 Its so weird! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3488 Behind the Reincarnation Cemetery (sixth update)
Chapter 3489: A tree that is beautiful in the forest will be destroyed by the wind (seventh update)
Chapter 3490 Ye Chen is dead? (eighth update)
Chapter 3491 The identity of Xuan Hanyu (nine updates)
Chapter 3492 Here we come! (ten updates)
Chapter 3493 Blood Moon? (11th update)
Chapter 3484 Rens Will (Twelve updates! Please vote!)
Chapter 3495 The clues left by Ren (first update)
Chapter 3496 It seems that this is really Gods will (second update)
Chapter 3497 Meet! (Third update)
Chapter 3498 Disappearance and Existence (fourth update)
Chapter 3499 The true purpose (fifth update)
Chapter 3500 See you again, old friend! (sixth update)
Chapter 3501 Give me! Blood! (seventh update)
Chapter 3502 Promise! (8th update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 3503 What do you need me to do? (1st update)
Chapter 3504 Ye Chen, your chance (second update)
Chapter 3505 Backlash (third update)
Chapter 3506 Shen Shen Shen Guang (fourth update)
Chapter 3507 The Lord of Reincarnation in the previous life, I never had it! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3508 An hour of life and death! (sixth update)
Chapter 3509 Breakthrough! (seventh update)
Chapter 3510 Little girl, keep an eye on it (eighth update)
Chapter 3511 100% sure! (Ninth update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3512 His soul is injured! (1st update)
Chapter 3513 Immortality (second update)
Chapter 3514 The evil gods plan (third update)
Chapter 3515 Ren Feifan, Yicheng Hope (fourth update)
Chapter 3516 Destruction of the world, arrival (fifth update)
Chapter 3517 Fear in the Light Curtain (sixth update)
Chapter 3518 Ecstasy! (seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3519 Xuan Hanyus voice! (Eighth update coming!)
Chapter 3520 World-destroying fluctuations (first update)
Chapter 3521 Reincarnation! (Second update)
Chapter 3522: Ten Thousand Gods Mountain, open! (Third update)
Chapter 3523 Isnt it exactly what I expected? (fourth update)
Chapter 3524: Rely on yourself (fifth update)
Chapter 3525 Source Technique? (sixth update)
Chapter 3526: Born for Destruction (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 3527 Ye Chen, you are finally out! (1st update)
Chapter 3528: Extinguish the Black Light (Second Update)
Chapter 3529 Madman! (Third update)
Chapter 3530 Xuan! (fourth update)
Chapter 3531 What is the inner demon (fifth update)
Chapter 3532 Heavenly Prison (sixth update)
Chapter 3533 The Will of the Seven Saints! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3534 What are the qualifications of the oriole? (first update)
Chapter 3535 Who does it belong to? (Second update)
Chapter 3536 There is a dragon in Jiangcheng, China (third update)
Chapter 3537 Opportunity! (fourth update)
Chapter 3538 Xuan Jiyues attitude (fifth update)
Chapter 3539 The purpose behind it (sixth update)
Chapter 3540 Wei Yings situation! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3541 Because you are annoying! (1st update)
Chapter 3542 Her Protection (Second Update)
Chapter 3543 Second Blood Moon (Third update)
Chapter 3544 Girls Thoughts (fourth update)
Chapter 3545 The transitivity of reincarnation bloodline (fifth update)
Chapter 3546 News about Xuanyuan Moxie (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3547 A new power appears? (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3548 News (first update)
Chapter 3549 Starlight Map (Second Update)
Chapter 3550: Defeated Thunder (third update)
Chapter 3551 Hot Spring Fluctuation (fourth update)
Chapter 3552 Vitality, Death (Fifth update)
Chapter 3553 See you again, old friend! (sixth update)
Chapter 3554 Anger (seventh update)
Chapter 3555 Blood Lord (eighth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3556 Ive seen the Lord of Reincarnation! (Update 9!)
Chapter 3557: Please (1st update)
Chapter 3558 Ye Luoers Dilemma (Second Update)
Chapter 3559 Who is Ye Chen? (Third update)
Chapter 3560 The same breath (fourth update)
Chapter 3561 Xuanyuan Moxie! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3562 Altar (sixth update)
Chapter 3563 What kind of power is this? (Seventh update)
Chapter 3564 Goodbye Jin Lengyan! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3565 Ye Lingtians choice (first update)
Chapter 3566 Patterns from Past Lives (Second Update)
Chapter 3567 Integrating into the blood (third update)
Chapter 3568 Whereabouts (fourth update)
Chapter 3569: Superior to the Heavens (Fifth update)
Chapter 3570 The Heart of Blood (sixth update)
Chapter 3571 The overwhelming anger! (Seventh update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 3572: Covering the sky! (8th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3573: Reunion (first update)
Chapter 3574 Seizing the Body (Second Update)
Chapter 3575 Devils Eye, Death Resurrection (Third Update)
Chapter 3576 Dazzling Scarlet (fourth update)
Chapter 3577 Cooperation (fifth update)
Chapter 3578 Breakthrough (sixth update)
Chapter 3579 Rising from the sky (seventh update)
Chapter 3580 The Source of Water (8th update! Please vote)
Chapter 3581 Familiar Voice (Update 1)
Chapter 3582 Golden Vortex (Second Update)
Chapter 3583 Transaction (third update)
Chapter 3584 Yin Yang Temple - Qi Yunshu! (fourth update)
Chapter 3585 Transform into Pisces, its the day when the temple gathers! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3586 Contract! Identity! (sixth update)
Chapter 3587 Go home? (seventh update)
Chapter 3578 Unexpected changes (eighth update)
Chapter 3579 The power of the reincarnation cemetery! Han Wenxin! (Ninth update sent! Please vote)
Chapter 3580 Steady attitude (first update)
Chapter 3581 A mob? (Second update)
Chapter 3582 Shakes Everything (Third Update)
Chapter 3583: Frustrated (fourth update)
Chapter 3584 Her murderous intention (fifth update)
Chapter 3585 Sacrifice (sixth update)
Chapter 3586 Telepathy! (Seventh update coming, please vote for me!)
Chapter 3587 Familiar Voice (Update 1)
Chapter 3588 Han Wenxins request (second update)
Chapter 3589 Greed (third update)
Chapter 3590 Hope? Slim? (fourth update)
Chapter 3591 Disguise (fifth update)
Chapter 3592 The whereabouts of Dang Neng (Sixth update coming!)
Chapter 3593: One sword cuts off the enemy, now (first update)
Chapter 3594 Six Paths Sect? (Second update)
Chapter 3595 The Six Paths of Heaven (Third update)
Chapter 3596: Covered in Dust (fourth update)
Chapter 3597 Ye Lingtians discovery (fifth update)
Chapter 3598 Great changes! (sixth update)
Chapter 3599 Its still here! (seventh update)
Chapter 3600 So disgusting! (eighth update)
Chapter 3601 No choice! (9th update)
Chapter 3602 Ye Chens anger! (ten updates)
Chapter 3603 Thunder Ranking (11th update)
Chapter 3604 Devil! (Twelve updates)
Chapter 3605 Boundless darkness! (Thirteenth update)
Chapter 3606 Instinct (fourteen updates)
Chapter 3607 Turning point! (Fifteenth update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3608 Torture of life and death (first update)
Chapter 3609 Intuition (Second update)
Chapter 3610 Disbandment (third update)
Chapter 3611 An existence at the same level as Ren? (fourth update)
Chapter 3612 Ye Chens ultimate trump card (fifth update)
Chapter 3613 Golden Mark (sixth update)
Chapter 3614 Sad (Seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 3615 Buried! (1st update)
Chapter 3616 Attitude (second update)
Chapter 3617: Suicide is the same! (Third update)
Chapter 3618 Changes (fourth update)
Chapter 3619 The nightmare is coming! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3620 Fairy Lishan (sixth update)
Chapter 3621 Come on your own initiative? (seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3622 Can the powerful woman be revived? (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3623 Blood dyed red (first update)
Chapter 3624 The color of resentment! (Second update)
Chapter 3625 Life and Death (Third Update)
Chapter 3626: Refining God! (fourth update)
Chapter 3627 Beyond common sense! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3628 Xuan Hanyus proposal (sixth update)
Chapter 3629 Su Yunyan! (seventh update)
Chapter 3630 The Mysterious God of War? (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3631 Incredible workmanship! (1st update)
Chapter 3632 What is Nobility (Second Update)
Chapter 3633 Madman Xu Shenglong? (Third update)
Chapter 3634 Kneel! (fourth update)
Chapter 3635 His Royal Highness the Holy Son (fifth update)
Chapter 3636 Breakthrough! (sixth update)
Chapter 3637 New car? (Seventh update coming, please vote for me!)
Chapter 3638 Identity! (1st update)
Chapter 3639 Bow! (Second update)
Chapter 3640 Yin Yang Spiritual Dao Sect! (Third update)
Chapter 3641 Moon Gate! (fourth update)
Chapter 3642 Nine Blood Moons! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3643 Charm! (sixth update)
Chapter 3644 Everything is frozen! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3645 Blood Moon Strengthening! (Eighth update)
Chapter 3646 I need you, do you understand? (Ninth update sent! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3647 Rens Peeping (1st update)
Chapter 3648 No refutation! (Second update)
Chapter 3649: Destroying Tao and Killing God (Third update)
Chapter 3650 Take off! (fourth update)
Chapter 3651 The bright moon rises (fifth update)
Chapter 3652 Ye Chens chessboard (sixth update)
Chapter 3653 Scream! (seventh update)
Chapter 3654 Good? Evil? (eighth update)
Chapter 3655 Origin (nine updates)
Chapter 3656 I am God! (Ten updates)
Chapter 3657 The hope of the eternal chess game! (11th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3658 Calm (1st update)
Chapter 3659 Drive out! (Second update)
Chapter 3660: Human Relationships (Third Update)
Chapter 3661 Ye Chen! Cant you tell the difference? (Fourth update)
Chapter 3662 Abandonment and Choice (5th update)
Chapter 3663 Dark Realm! (sixth update)
Chapter 3664 The real sister-in-law? (Seventh update)
Chapter 3665: The Honored Patriarch! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3666 The declining sect (first update)
Chapter 3667 Different Thoughts (Second Update)
Chapter 3668 What is talent! (Third update)
Chapter 3669 Ye Chens request! (fourth update)
Chapter 3670 The unbridgeable gap! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3671 Shocking (sixth update)
Chapter 3672 Extraordinary Rebirth (seventh update)
Chapter 3673 Soul-Suppressing Forest (eighth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3674 Memories of past lives (nine updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3675 Ye Chens choice (first update)
Chapter 3676 Extreme Disaster (Second Update)
Chapter 3677 Not worthy! (Third update)
Chapter 3678 Zhoutian Huangquan Formation (fourth update)
Chapter 3679 Starlight Guardian (fifth update)
Chapter 3680 Practice it for me! (sixth update)
Chapter 3681 The whereabouts of the Heart of the Holy Source (seventh update)
Chapter 3682 The mysterious old man, cause and effect! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3683 Above the Restriction (Update 1)
Chapter 3684 Wolf ambition! (Second update)
Chapter 3685 A huge disaster (third update)
Chapter 3686 What happened at Zhenyuan Hall! (Fourth update)
Chapter 3687 The soldiers are coming to stop you! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3688: Palm! (sixth update)
Chapter 3689 Nonsense!
Chapter 3690 Presumptuous! (eighth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3691 A Letter! (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3692 Tianbao turns into a magic mirror (first update)
Chapter 3693 Dare you say Im not worthy! (Second update)
Chapter 3694 What on earth did you do! (Third update)
Chapter 3695 Goodbye Jun Mo (fourth update)
Chapter 3696 Breakup! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3697 Ren Feifans Sword Intent! (Sixth update)
Chapter 3698 Life as guarantee! (seventh update)
Chapter 3699 What is the crime (eighth update)
Chapter 3700 You dare to make me kneel down! (9th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3701 The wrath of the sect leader! (1st update)
Chapter 3702 Not an opponent (second update)
Chapter 3703 Genius Girl Feng Yusi (third update)
Chapter 3704 The battle of the chief! (fourth update)
Chapter 3705 Feng Ao Eternal! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3706 Shame! (sixth update)
Chapter 3707 The attitude of the powerful in the reincarnation cemetery (seventh update)
Chapter 3708 Who is it! (8th update! Please give me your monthly vote!)
Chapter 3705 Ye Chens patron saint! (1st update)
Chapter 3706: Any wish (second update)
Chapter 3707 Heart of the Holy Source (Third update)
Chapter 3708 The truth (fourth update)
Chapter 3709 Heavenly Holy Treasure Box (Fifth update)
Chapter 3710 Messaging Talisman (sixth update)
Chapter 3711 The final whereabouts! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 3712 The last try (eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3717 Goodbye Xiao (1st update)
Chapter 3718 Six Paths to Find the Shadow Disk (Second Update)
Chapter 3719 Do you know my identity? (Third update)
Chapter 3720 The seal of Xuanhan Jade! (fourth update)
Chapter 3721 People from the Dark Realm! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3722 What is the meaning of this move? (sixth update)
Chapter 3723 Wisdom and Strategy (seventh update)
Chapter 3724 The big hand shrouding darkness! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3725 Mantra Wine (1st update)
Chapter 3726 Special Identity (Second Update)
Chapter 3727 Three Ways to Move Clouds (Third Update)
Chapter 3728 What is a monster! (fourth update)
Chapter 3729 He is coming! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3730 The weight is too heavy! (sixth update)
Chapter 3731 What is talent (seventh update)
Chapter 3732 The fight is about to begin! (8th update! Please give me your monthly vote!)
Chapter 3743: Embarrassing? (1st update)
Chapter 3744 Bet (Second update)
Chapter 3745 Enough! (Third update)
Chapter 3746 The troublemaker (fourth update)
Chapter 3747 Amazing talent! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3748 The Legendary Man (sixth update)
Chapter 3749 No matter the cost! (seventh update)
Chapter 3750 I found a treasure! (eighth update)
Chapter 3751 The bright moon shines! (9th update)
Chapter 3752 Descendants of the Founding Ancestor! (Ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3753 The Powerful One in the Dark Realm (Update 1)
Chapter 3754 Xuan Hanyus request (second update)
Chapter 3755 The Young Master of Jiuqing Mountain! (Third update)
Chapter 3756 Goodwill or Malice? (Fourth update)
Chapter 3757 Qingshan Secret Order (Fifth update)
Chapter 3758 Fairy Xuans Pride (sixth update)
Chapter 3759 The best! Monster! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3760 The blue sky is clear! (eighth update) Please vote for me!
Chapter 3761 You shouldnt interfere! (1st update)
Chapter 3762 Danxia Sect (Second update)
Chapter 3763 Enough! (Third update)
Chapter 3764 The person behind the scenes! (fourth update)
Chapter 3765 Ye Chens desire! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3766 True Appearance (sixth update)
Chapter 3767 Weird (seventh update)
Chapter 3768 Xuanhan Jade condenses the true body? (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3769 Dragon (1st update)
Chapter 3770 Not worth mentioning (Second update)
Chapter 3771 External force! (Third update)
Chapter 3772 Begin! (fourth update)
Chapter 3773: Bow down and surrender! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3774 Are you going to die? (sixth update)
Chapter 3775 Complete Annihilation (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3776 The Mark of the Sky Demon (1st update)
Chapter 3777 There is no wall that is airtight (second update)
Chapter 3778 Ancient Dionysian Sect (Third update)
Chapter 3779 The dark corner (fourth update)
Chapter 3780: Falling out (fifth update)
Chapter 3781 A strange feeling (sixth update)
Chapter 3782 The only hope (seventh update)
Chapter 3783 Limit (eighth update)
Chapter 3784 Will Die (Nine Updates)
Chapter 3785 Are you worthy? (Tenth update is here, please vote for me!)
Chapter 3786 Xuanhan Jades Martial Arts (1st update)
Chapter 3787: Heavenly Demon Shensuo (Second update)
Chapter 3788 Ups and downs (third update)
Chapter 3789 The Fall of the Earth (fourth update)
Chapter 3790 Death Struggle (5th update)
Chapter 3791 Dark Gaze (sixth update)
Chapter 3792 Master Identity (seventh update)
Chapter 3793 Transaction! Attitude! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3794 Ye Chens worries! (1st update)
Chapter 3795 Blood Prison! (Second update)
Chapter 3796 Loyalty (third update)
Chapter 3797 Life and death! I dont believe it (fourth update)
Chapter 3798 Call the shots (fifth update)
Chapter 3799 Shake the Mountain Gate! (Sixth update)
Chapter 3800 What are you capable of! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3801 Cant be humiliated! (eighth update)
Chapter 3802: The cold heart shines on the world! (Ninth update sent! Please vote for me! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3803 Soul-Destroying Heart-Destroying Sword! (First update)
Chapter 3804: Avoiding future troubles (second update)
Chapter 3805 Ridiculous fellow race (third update)
Chapter 3806 The ultimate disaster (fourth update)
Chapter 3807 Find a way! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3808 One of the causes and effects of Han Wenxin! (sixth update)
Chapter 3809 A heaven-defying background! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3810 Tough! Attitude (eighth update)
Chapter 3811 The whereabouts of Wei Ying! (Ninth update sent! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3812 Step into the footsteps! (1st update)
Chapter 3813 Goodbye Wei Ying (second update)
Chapter 3814 I can help you (third update)
Chapter 3815 Ren Feifan! Su Mohan! (fourth update)
Chapter 3816 My reincarnation is just the beginning (5th update)
Chapter 3817 Ye Chens murderous intention! (sixth update)
Chapter 3818 Bloody! (seventh update)
Chapter 3819 My Legend! Shocking the Moon Soul! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3820 Breakthrough of the universe (first update)
Chapter 3821 My anger (second update)
Chapter 3822 Jiuding Tianzhen Formation (Third update)
Chapter 3823 Gathering the Heart of the Holy Source (fourth update)
Chapter 3824 Golden Thunder (fifth update)
Chapter 3825 The Queens Will (sixth update)
Chapter 3826 Goodbye Xuan Jiyue (seventh update)
Chapter 3827 Two Supremes (eighth update)
Chapter 3828 Qi Yunshu! Yin Yang Temple! (Ninth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 3829 Qi Yunshus attitude (first update)
Chapter 3830 The Wrath of Emperor Shitian (Second Update)
Chapter 3831 The troops are approaching the city (third update)
Chapter 3832 What kind of game of chess (fourth update)
Chapter 3833 The Dark Territory is Targeting (Fifth Update)
Chapter 3834 Plaything? (sixth update)
Chapter 3835 Murderous intent! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3836 The battle between the dark realm and the four major realms (eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3837 Death (1st update)
Chapter 3838 Dry Bones! Promise! (Second update)
Chapter 3839 Mysterious Thatched Cottage (Third Update)
Chapter 3840 Why me (fourth update)
Chapter 3841 Ye Chens indifference (fifth update)
Chapter 3842 How dare you move even though Im here? (Sixth update)
Chapter 3843 The strange stone tablet (seventh update)
Chapter 3844 Background! Thank you! (eighth update)
Chapter 3845 Xuan Hanyus voice! (9th update)
Chapter 3846 Born for me! (Ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3847 Madman (1st update)
Chapter 3848 Shouldnt he be dead yet? (Second update)
Chapter 3849 Hell! (Third update)
Chapter 3850 Incredible! (fourth update)
Chapter 3851 Who is this person! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3852 Ancestral Dragon? Golden Dragon? (sixth update)
Chapter 3853 Identity revealed? (Seventh update)
Chapter 3854: Killing! (eighth update)
Chapter 3855 Fall? (nine updates)
Chapter 3856 The end! Extremely bright! (Ten updates are coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3857 Goodbye Lord of Reincarnation (1st update)
Chapter 3858 Golden Witch Body Refining Pill! (Second update)
Chapter 3859 Live in vain! (Third update)
Chapter 3860 A shocking breakthrough! (fourth update)
Chapter 3861 Ye Shitians identity! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3862 Bad premonition! (sixth update)
Chapter 3863 The fusion of Zizaitian! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3864 Time! Time! (eighth update)
Chapter 3865 When the hair is gray and withered! (Updated in the ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3866 Awakening (1st update)
Chapter 3867 Limit (Second update)
Chapter 3868 This love (third update)
Chapter 3869 The Gu familys questioning! (fourth update)
Chapter 3870 Messaging Jade Talisman (Fifth update!)
Chapter 3871 Seeing old friends again! Everything has changed! (Sixth update)
Chapter 3872 The warmth and warmth of human relationships (seventh update)
Chapter 3873 Crazy! Underfoot! (eighth update)
Chapter 3874 Im in a hurry (nine updates)
Chapter 3875 Flattery? Supreme? (Ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3876 Sincerity and Thought (1st update)
Chapter 3877 Unexpected Harvest (Second Update)
Chapter 3878 Lets go! (Third update)
Chapter 3679: Is there a tomorrow for the Six Dao Sect (fourth update)
Chapter 3680 Cruelty (fifth update)
Chapter 3681 Crazy choice! (sixth update)
Chapter 3682 Big style! (Seventh update)
Chapter 3683 Seeing Old Friends Again (eighth update)
Chapter 3684 Guaranteed! (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Volume 2 Chapter 3685 Tianyin Soul Searching Technique (ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3686 Ye Chens madness (first update)
Chapter 3687 Murderous Intent in the Dark (Second Update)
Chapter 3688 Shock (third update)
Chapter 3689 Death Star Stone (fourth update)
Chapter 3690 The Holy Fire (fifth update)
Chapter 3691 The flow of stars (sixth update)
Chapter 3692 A heartbreaking move (seventh update)
Chapter 3693 The Way of Killing (eighth update)
Chapter 3694 Our Six Paths Sect is settled (Nine Updates)
Volume 2 Chapter 3695 Hidden Hand! (Ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3896 Give me ten breaths! (1st update)
Chapter 3897 Hope dashed (second update)
Chapter 3898: The soldiers are coming to cover up the water and the soil (third update)
Chapter 3899 The Power of the Sect Leader! (Fourth update)
Chapter 3900 Shifang Zhenge Envoy (fifth update)
Chapter 3901 Wei Yings crisis (sixth update)
Chapter 3902 Qianyou Crow Ming Formation (seventh update)
Chapter 3903 The color of blood (eighth update)
Chapter 3904 Ren Zhis beauty, Su Mohan! (Ninth update sent! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3905 The Cold and Ruthless Formation (1st update)
Chapter 3906 Su VS Emperor (second update)
Chapter 3907 Once! Now (third update)
Chapter 3908: Ten Thousand Ruins Cold Heart Technique (fourth update)
Chapter 3909 Eternal Fierce Land (Fifth update)
Chapter 3910 Step in! (sixth update)
Chapter 3911 Attending a banquet (seventh update)
Chapter 3912 Is it possible? (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3913 Murderous intent in the darkness (first update)
Chapter 3914 Its almost done (second update)
Chapter 3915 Things are different now (third update)
Chapter 3916 Guard! (fourth update)
Chapter 3917 Get out! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3918 The Eternal Evil (sixth update)
Chapter 3919 Not the real person (seventh update)
Chapter 3920 Refining God Star Palace (eighth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3921 Pattern! (Ninth update sent! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3922 Blood of Tianfeng (1st update)
Chapter 3923 The origin of Tianyu Pavilion (second update)
Chapter 3924 The Ancient Evil God! (Third update)
Chapter 3925 Crazy Ye Chen! (fourth update)
Chapter 3926 Get out! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3927 Lend me your power (sixth update)
Chapter 3928 The light in the darkness (seventh update)
Chapter 3929 Chest Runes (eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3930 Amazing bloodline opportunity (first update)
Chapter 3931 Tianyu Pavilion (second update)
Chapter 3932 Love Debt (Third Update)
Chapter 3933: Transformation Pill (fourth update)
Chapter 3934 Banned! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3935 The Devils Footsteps (sixth update)
Chapter 3936 Identity Guess (seventh update)
Chapter 3937 The former home! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3938 Life and Death Crisis (1st update)
Chapter 3939 What is the origin? (Second update)
Chapter 3940 At a loss! (Third update)
Chapter 3941 The value of moon liquid essence (fourth update)
Chapter 3942 What I need (fifth update)
Chapter 3943 Ye Chens Free Sky, Burning Sky (sixth update)
Chapter 3944 Eyes in the Dark (seventh update)
Chapter 3945 Arrival! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3946 Death Outbreak (Update 1)
Chapter 3947 Shadow (Second update)
Chapter 3948 Tragic (third update)
Chapter 3949 Confrontation (fourth update)
Chapter 3950 Tears, Stubbornness (Fifth update)
Chapter 3951 The enemy of the enemy (sixth update)
Chapter 3952 Soul-eating Island (seventh update)
Chapter 3953 Born for me! (Eighth update! Please vote for me! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3954 The Soul-Eating Way (Update 1)
Chapter 3955 Layout (Second update)
Chapter 3956 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows (third update)
Chapter 3957 Secret Hand (fourth update)
Chapter 3958 Harvest (fifth update)
Chapter 3959 Ambition and murderous intent (sixth update)
Chapter 3960 The gate of hell (seventh update)
Chapter 3961 The posture of the planner! Ye Chen! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3962 The Thousandth Floor! (First update)
Chapter 3963: Enter the dangerous sea and save people! (Second update)
Chapter 3964: Fall, inevitable (third update)
Chapter 3965 Bole? (fourth update)
Chapter 3966 Showdown (fifth update)
Chapter 3967 A girls heart, I dont know (sixth update)
Chapter 3968 God turns into a mortal! (seventh update)
Chapter 3969 Shen Yue Talisman! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3970 Ye Chens identity (first update)
Chapter 3971 Death Fight! (Second update)
Chapter 3972 Bloody Hands (Third Update)
Chapter 3973 The seal of Xuanhan Jade is broken (fourth update)
Chapter 3974 The boy who lifted the head (5th update)
Chapter 3975 The right candidate! (sixth update)
Chapter 3976 Murderous Intent (seventh update)
Chapter 3977 Attitude (eighth update)
Chapter 3978: Buried! (9th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3979: The Master of Guanghan Palace (ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3980 My value! (1st update)
Chapter 3981 Recognize relatives? (Second update)
Chapter 3982 Ye Luoer, Xia Ruoxue, whereabouts (third update)
Chapter 3983 The Lord of Reincarnation has arrived! (fourth update)
Chapter 3984 Xuan Jiyue, transaction (fifth update)
Chapter 3985 Valkyrie, Ji Siqing! (sixth update)
Chapter 3986 Not worth mentioning (seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3987 Who do you think you are? (Eighth update! Please give me your monthly vote!)
Chapter 3988 Miracle (1st update)
Chapter 3989 There is a sky outside the sky (second update)
Chapter 3990 Chaos (third update)
Chapter 3991 Specially opened (fourth update)
Chapter 3992 Sacrifice! (Fifth update)
Chapter 3993 The speed of life and death (sixth update)
Chapter 3994 Traitor, demon clan? (seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 3995 Situation! (Eighth update sent! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 3996 Ending (1st update)
Chapter 3997 The Way of the Blood Moon (Second Update)
Chapter 3998 Moon Soul Witch (third update)
Chapter 3999 The truth is hidden (fourth update)
Chapter 4000: Moon evil, whirlpool (fifth update)
Chapter 4001 Im here (sixth update)
Chapter 4002 The Girl on the Buddha (seventh update)
Chapter 4003 The Illusion of Taoist Heart (eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4004 Do you remember? (1st update)
Chapter 4005: Captured! (Second update)
Chapter 4006: Suppression for a lifetime (third update)
Chapter 4007 Demon? Saint? (fourth update)
Chapter 4008 The Source Lord of the Moon (Fifth update)
Chapter 4009 Killing Intent! (Sixth update)
Chapter 4010 Please do your best! (seventh update)
Chapter 4011 Choice (eighth update)
Chapter 4012 Meet those supremes! (Ninth update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 4013: Raging Fury (1st update)
Chapter 4014 Golden Sun! (Second update)
Chapter 4015 Destruction (third update)
Chapter 4016 Annihilation (fourth update)
Chapter 4017 The Man Who Controls the Dragon (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4018 Guillotine (sixth update)
Chapter 4019 Trouble (seventh update)
Chapter 4020 Longwei Heavenly Prison (eighth update)
Chapter 4021 This trip is very dangerous! (Nine updates!)
Chapter 4022 Promise! (Ten updates are coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4023 Never be able to stand up again! (1st update)
Chapter 4024 A shocking battle (second update)
Chapter 4025 Netherworld (third update)
Chapter 4026 Confidence (fourth update)
Chapter 4027 The Supreme Being (fifth update)
Chapter 4028 Not Qualified (Sixth Update)
Chapter 4029 Go to death? (seventh update)
Chapter 4030 Blood Dragon, Ye Chen! (eighth update)
Chapter 4031 Temple, here comes someone! (Ninth update sent! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4032 Colorful Holy Eyes (1st update)
Chapter 4033 The Heart of the Saint (Second Update)
Chapter 4034: Swear to Death (Third Update)
Chapter 4035 Seal (fourth update)
Chapter 4036 Abyss (fifth update)
Chapter 4037 Emperor Shitians situation (sixth update)
Chapter 4038 Su Mohans Crisis (seventh update)
Chapter 4039 Wei Ying is dead? (8th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4040 Torture (1st update)
Chapter 4041 Nine rounds of blood moon (second update)
Chapter 4042 Nothingness (third update)
Chapter 4043 Hes late (fourth update)
Chapter 4044 Even if you die, you are not allowed to do so! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4045 Why! Its you! (sixth update)
Chapter 4046 A beautiful scene (seventh update)
Chapter 4047 Five monuments come out to guard the heavens! (eighth update)
Chapter 4048 I always believe! (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4049 The breath of reincarnation! (1st update)
Chapter 4050 The Cold Nether Spear (Second Update)
Chapter 4051 The trapped devil (third update)
Chapter 4052 Enlightenment (fourth update)
Chapter 4053 Breakthrough (fifth update)
Chapter 4054 The real nine blood moons (sixth update)
Chapter 4055 An unexpected surprise (seventh update)
Chapter 4056 Vision in the sea! (eighth update)
Chapter 4057 Things are going to change! (Ninth update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4058 Cooperation (1st update)
Chapter 4059 Bastard? (Second update)
Chapter 4060 Dao Seal Man (third update)
Chapter 4061 Youre right (fourth update)
Chapter 4062 Ye Chens Nightmare (5th update)
Chapter 4063 Extremely fiery light! (sixth update)
Chapter 4064 Hunting! (seventh update)
Chapter 4065 Talented people emerge from generation to generation! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4066 Ye Chens evil talent (first update)
Chapter 4067 What is madness (second update)
Chapter 4068 If my sister wants it, just take it (third update)
Chapter 4069 Ye Chen breaks the rules (fourth update)
Chapter 4070 Same level? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4071 Its so exciting! (sixth update)
Chapter 4072 Warriors, this is how they should be (seventh update)
Chapter 4073 Submerged! (eighth update)
Chapter 4074 The promise of a glass of wine (first update)
Chapter 4075 Holy Object (Second update)
Chapter 4076 What! (Third update)
Chapter 4077 Shadow in the Dark (fourth update)
Chapter 4078 Fight! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4079 Who is it! (sixth update)
Chapter 4080: Step by step (seventh update)
Chapter 4081 Crazy move! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4082 Life hangs on a thread (first update)
Chapter 4083 The Heart of the Martial Ancestor (Second Update)
Chapter 4084 Die! (Third update)
Chapter 4085 The nightmare is coming (fourth update)
Chapter 4086 What to do! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4087 Demonic Heart (sixth update)
Chapter 4088 The Worst Result (Seventh Update)
Chapter 4089 Madness! Life and death! (eighth update)
Chapter 4090: Choice, true heart! (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4091 Ye Chens plan (first update)
Chapter 4092: Kill you with my own hands (second update)
Chapter 4093 Come and see me! (Third update)
Chapter 4094 Instinct (fourth update)
Chapter 4095 Qualitative change! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4096 Three Breaths (sixth update)
Chapter 4097 What is heaven! (seventh update)
Chapter 4098 Stupid and crazy! (Eighth update coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 4099 True Worship (Update 1)
Chapter 4100 Chaos Spiritual Treasure (Second update)
Chapter 4101 Wandao Chessboard (third update)
Chapter 4102 Bloodline Talent (fourth update)
Chapter 4103 Son of Reincarnation (Fifth update)
Chapter 4104 Limits (sixth update)
Chapter 4105 Whats going on? (seventh update)
Chapter 4106 Reincarnation! (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4107 Reincarnation for Thousands of Life(1st update)
Chapter 4108 Is it fate or an illusion? (Second update)
Chapter 4109 Quota! (Third update)
Chapter 4110 Leaving (fourth update)
Chapter 4111 You are wrong (fifth update)
Chapter 4112 The remaining power (sixth update)
Chapter 4113 Transaction (seventh update)
Chapter 4114 Taboos cannot be spoken (eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4115 What do you want me to do (first update)
Chapter 4116 Xuanyuan Moxies Way (Second Update)
Chapter 4117 Gather yourself! (Third update)
Chapter 4118 Grasp (fourth update)
Chapter 4119 What qualifications do you have! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4120 Everyone is crazy! (sixth update)
Chapter 4121 Who is respected (seventh update)
Chapter 4122 In the name of the heavenly demon (eighth update)
Chapter 4123 Hegemony? (Ninth update! Please vote for me! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4124 The whereabouts of Moon Deer (first update)
Chapter 4125 Soul-Seeking Sect (Second Update)
Chapter 4126: Open the net! (Third update)
Chapter 4127 Face to face (fourth update)
Chapter 4128 The heart is dead! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4129 The strange movement of the mysterious stone (sixth update)
Chapter 4130 Its you! (seventh update)
Chapter 4131 Moon Deers Heaven-Destroying Technique! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4132 Moving forward with a heavy load (first update)
Chapter 4133 Who is it! (Second update)
Chapter 4134 Sword Tribulation (third update)
Chapter 4135 Bloodline! Reincarnation! (fourth update)
Chapter 4136 The perfect version of Thousand Soldiers Explosion! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4137 Identity revealed (sixth update)
Chapter 4138 The Queen comes in person (seventh update)
Chapter 4139 The solemnity of the dragon soul! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4140 Looking for the Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation! (1st update)
Chapter 4141 Layout! (Second update)
Chapter 4142 Yonglaos suspicion (third update)
Chapter 4143 Chen Ye (fourth update)
Chapter 4144 The Evil God (fifth update)
Chapter 4145 Distortion (sixth update)
Chapter 4146 Who is the planner! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4147 Suspicion! (Eighth update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4148 Test (1st update)
Chapter 4149 The oriole is behind (second update)
Chapter 4150: Lure the snake out of its hole! (Third update)
Chapter 4151 The cold light in the darkness (fourth update)
Chapter 4152 The Seal of the Dead (fifth update)
Chapter 4153 Mutation! (sixth update)
Chapter 4154 What to do! (seventh update)
Chapter 4155 Ji Siqing, Qu Chenyan! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4156 The so-called lucky star (first update)
Chapter 4157 Face to face with Xuan Jiyue (second update)
Chapter 4158 Price (third update)
Chapter 4159 New Power! The Ancestor of the Dao Seal! (Fourth update)
Chapter 4160 An explanation! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4161 Fury! Chase! (sixth update)
Chapter 4162 Murderous Intent in the Dark (Seventh Update)
Volume 2 Chapter 4163 Irony! (8th update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4164 Death, one step! (1st update)
Chapter 4165 That terrifying thunder light (second update)
Chapter 4166 Breaking the situation (third update)
Chapter 4167 Madman (fourth update)
Chapter 4168 That figure! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4169 Anger (sixth update)
Chapter 4170 Burning the Sky! (seventh update)
Chapter 4171 The Way of Devouring! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!!)
Chapter 4172 Holy Ancestor, Zi Zi Tian (1st update)
Chapter 4173 Something is wrong (second update)
Chapter 4174 Madness (third update)
Chapter 4175 Weird picture! (fourth update)
Chapter 4176 The special energy of the universe (fifth update)
Chapter 4177 The Remaining Life (Sixth Update)
Chapter 4178 Special Mission (seventh update)
Chapter 4179 The Relics of King You (1st update)
Chapter 4180 Crisis (Second update)
Chapter 4181 My name is Ye Chen (third update)
Chapter 4182 Slave? (fourth update)
Chapter 4183 A Womans Drama (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4184 Little Waste? (sixth update)
Chapter 4185 Unexpected (seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 4186 Conflict breaks out! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4187 Weird attitude (first update)
Chapter 4188 Gods (Second update)
Chapter 4189 List of Extraterrestrial Stars (Third update)
Chapter 4190: Hopeless (fourth update)
Chapter 4191 The Sword God is alive (fifth update)
Chapter 4192 Bugs, Dragons! (sixth update)
Chapter 4193 What does it mean! (Seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 4194 Identity Exposed! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4195 Domineering (1st update)
Chapter 4196 Ghost Water! (Second update)
Chapter 4197 Cruelty (third update)
Chapter 4198 Everyones disaster! (Fourth update)
Chapter 4199 Nightmare (fifth update)
Chapter 4200 Undercurrent! (sixth update)
Chapter 4201 The real world of martial arts (seventh update)
Chapter 4202 The secret of the Huaxia Caves! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4203 Cracks in the Catacombs (1st update)
Chapter 4204 Soul Seal (Second update)
Chapter 4205 Passed? (Third update)
Chapter 4206: Taking advantage of others? (fourth update)
Chapter 4207 Ye Chens attitude (fifth update)
Chapter 4208 100% fit (sixth update)
Chapter 4209 Crazy, who dares!! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4210 Offending the Holy King! (1st update)
Chapter 4211 Between heaven and earth! (Second update)
Chapter 4212: Completely wiped out (third update)
Chapter 4213 Transaction! Reincarnation! (fourth update)
Chapter 4214 Dont keep it! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4215 Ye Chen falls? (sixth update)
Chapter 4216: The Mysterious Monument of China, Present (Seventh Update)
Chapter 4217 Three Soul Seals! (8th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4218 Where is the entrance? (1st update)
Chapter 4219 The test of the Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation! (Second update)
Chapter 4220 The Mark of Life! (Third update)
Chapter 4221 Its not that simple! (fourth update)
Chapter 4222 Another Ye Chen (fifth update)
Chapter 4223 Gap! (sixth update)
Chapter 4224 The beginning of bloodline fusion! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4225 The Heaven-shattering Ten Thousand Spirits Formation! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4226 Crisis is coming! (1st update)
Chapter 4227 The trump card of the Eternal Holy King (second update)
Chapter 4228 The death of Yonglao? Is it also life? (Third update)
Chapter 4229 Drinking eternal blood together? (Fourth update)
Chapter 4230 Three breaths (fifth update)
Chapter 4231 Conspiracy (sixth update)
Chapter 4232 Boundless Darkness (seventh update)
Chapter 4233 The guardian of the past life! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4234 Murderous Intent (First Update)
Chapter 4235 The murderous intention of the saint (second update)
Chapter 4236 Kill you all! (Third update)
Chapter 4237 The belief of the Qiankun clan! (fourth update)
Chapter 4238 The layout of the previous life? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4239 Waiting for the Ten Thousand Dao Dragon Lord! (sixth update)
Chapter 4240 The Dragon Ancestor of Ten Thousand Daos! (seventh update)
Chapter 4241 Ye Chens protection! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4242 I tried my best! (1st update)
Chapter 4243 Sleepy! (Second update)
Chapter 4244 What kind of freedom is this? (Third update)
Chapter 4245 The power of reincarnation! (fourth update)
Chapter 4246 Sacrifice (fifth update)
Chapter 4247 The power of the ancestral dragon! (sixth update)
Chapter 4248 Resurrection of Ye Luoer! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4249 Deep in Consciousness (Update 1)
Chapter 4250 Where is she? (Second update)
Chapter 4251 Meeting (third update)
Chapter 4252 I dont allow it! (fourth update)
Chapter 4253 The Controller (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4254 Choice and conditions! (sixth update)
Chapter 4255 Another envoy of Yin Yang Temple! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4256 No retreat (first update)
Chapter 4257 Game (Second update)
Chapter 4258 What is a devil (third update)
Chapter 4259 The shadow of Emperor Shitian! (Fourth update)
Chapter 4260 Boy, wake up! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4261 Bagua Zizaitian! (sixth update)
Chapter 4262 The layout behind the scenes! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4263 The layout of the previous life (first update)
Chapter 4264 Taboos in the World (Second Update)
Chapter 4265 Torture (third update)
Chapter 4266 See the Yin Yang Temple again! (fourth update)
Chapter 4267 The Icon of Light (fifth update)
Chapter 4268 Mysterious Disappearance (sixth update)
Chapter 4269 Sacrifice? (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4270 Unpredictable blessings and misfortunes (first update)
Chapter 4271 Cold-blooded and ruthless (second update)
Chapter 4272 The mystery in the depths (third update)
Chapter 4273 Crisis (fourth update)
Chapter 4274 The divine vein of reincarnation, first appearance (fifth update)
Chapter 4275 Incarnation (sixth update)
Chapter 4276 Things have changed (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4277 Hidden Underground (Update 1)
Chapter 4278 Hibernation in the Dark (Second Update)
Chapter 4279: Trouble (third update)
Chapter 4280 The terrifying assessment (fourth update)
Chapter 4281 Weird Numerical Values (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4282 The man behind the scenes (sixth update)
Chapter 4283 The Yuantian Divine Army comes out! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4284 Mission (1st update)
Chapter 4285 One Sword (Second Update)
Chapter 4286 Who is the breaker? (Third update)
Chapter 4287 The Queens Talisman (fourth update)
Chapter 4288: Stubborn (fifth update)
Chapter 4289 Peeping and Fighting (sixth update)
Chapter 4290 Suppression (seventh update)
Chapter 4291 Pictures from China! (8th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4292 Bloodline and Threat (1st update)
Chapter 4293: Collapse in just one thought! (Second update)
Chapter 4294 Search and rescue immediately! (Third update)
Chapter 4295 Get it! (fourth update)
Chapter 4296 The Queen is coming? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4297 Yuan Tian Zi Zai Tian, open! (sixth update)
Chapter 4298 Who else will it be? (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4299 The whereabouts of Xiao Shuihan (first update)
Chapter 4300: Hiding the truth (second update)
Chapter 4301 Gifts and Value (Third Update)
Chapter 4302 Hibernation in the Deep (fourth update)
Chapter 4303 Kill! Absolutely! Fierce! Fight! Fight! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4304 Shock (sixth update)
Chapter 4305 Discovering the Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4306 The word reincarnation (first update)
Chapter 4307 Traces of the Superior (Second Update)
Chapter 4308 Worshiping the Mountain (Third update)
Chapter 4309 The hammer falls into formation! (fourth update)
Chapter 4310 The Killing Sea in the Far North (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4311 Demonic Way! (sixth update)
Chapter 4312 The answer to sealing memory! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4313 The Demonic Master (1st update)
Chapter 4314 Disappearance (Second update)
Chapter 4315 Time waits for no one (third update)
Chapter 4316 Wake up Mr. Shuo (fourth update)
Chapter 4317 Is there another clear master? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4318 The Land of Semi-Underworld (sixth update)
Chapter 4319 Breaking in? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4320 Tianyin City (first update)
Chapter 4321: Very few (second update)
Chapter 4322 Attitude! Kill! (Third update)
Chapter 4323 The Forbidden Law of Killing (fourth update)
Chapter 4324 Invitation (fifth update)
Chapter 4325 Opinions? (sixth update)
Chapter 4326 A decisive kick! (seventh update)
Chapter 4327 The Ancestors Attention (eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4328: Instantly blushing (1st update)
Chapter 4329 Ye Chens decision (second update)
Chapter 4330 Read on (third update)
Chapter 4331 What a difference! (fourth update)
Chapter 4332 Absolute Confidence (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4333 Hell Bones (sixth update)
Chapter 4334 The sky of Yaojiuxing (seventh update)
Chapter 4335 Ye Chens death! (Eighth update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 4336 Life is in danger (first update)
Chapter 4337 Ye Chens choice (second update)
Chapter 4338 Yes! (Third update)
Chapter 4339 The gods and demons who dominate the world (fourth update)
Chapter 4340 Bewitched? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4341 How is this possible (sixth update)
Chapter 4342: Bring Ye Chen to see me (sent in the seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 4343 The Real God (1st update)
Chapter 4344 Qualifications (Second update)
Chapter 4345 Special move! Long Kai! (Third update)
Chapter 4346 Crazy, crazy again! (fourth update)
Chapter 4347 Shine on the entire semi-underworld (fifth update)
Chapter 4348 Soul-Suppressing Stone (sixth update)
Chapter 4349 I heard! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4350 Like a ghost! (1st update)
Chapter 4351 Please also ask the palace master to take action at the critical moment! (Second update)
Chapter 4352 Save me! (Third update)
Chapter 4353 The Monument to the Sky and the Dark (fourth update)
Chapter 4354 Its so crazy! Going against the will of heaven (fifth update)
Chapter 4355 Nothing happened? (sixth update)
Chapter 4356 Arrival (seventh update)
Chapter 4357 Leaving (eighth update)
Chapter 4358 Taiyue God (1st update)
Chapter 4359 Reborn (Second update)
Chapter 4360 One sword dominates and breaks (third update)
Chapter 4361 Thats enough (fourth update)
Chapter 4362 Discovering the mark (fifth update)
Chapter 4363 The magical effect of Huangquan (sixth update)
Chapter 4364: Not to be underestimated (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4365 The last divine thought (first update)
Chapter 4366 Dissipated Power (Second Update)
Chapter 4367 Taboos in the world, not allowed (third update)
Chapter 4368 The Great Wilderness Thunder Body (fourth update)
Chapter 4369 Angry Order (fifth update)
Chapter 4370 Xiao Shuihan is here! (Sixth update)
Chapter 4371 This is the qualification! (seventh update)
Chapter 4372 The supreme master, the secret of immortality! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4373 Have you forgotten it (1st update)
Chapter 4374 Wutu Secret Realm (Second update)
Chapter 4375 The hair of the superior (third update)
Chapter 4376 The power deep in memory (fourth update)
Chapter 4377 Three tasks (fifth update)
Chapter 4378 Source Talisman (sixth update)
Chapter 4379 A quarter of an hour! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4380 Heavenly Hell Thunder Tribulation (1st update)
Chapter 4381 Ten Thousand Thunders Destroy the World and Arrive (Second Update)
Chapter 4382 Old enemy, answer (third update)
Chapter 4383 Maha Infinite Lamp (fourth update)
Chapter 4384 The origin of Su Yan (fifth update)
Chapter 4385 The Way of the Lord of the Inner Demon (sixth update)
Chapter 4386 Life and death! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4387 Death? (1st update)
Chapter 4388 Protecting Ye Chen (Second update)
Chapter 4389 The Twelve True Treasures (Third update)
Chapter 4390 The most special man (fourth update)
Chapter 4391 The strong are respected! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4392 Nine Heavens Thunder (sixth update)
Chapter 4393 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind! (Seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 4394 Investigation of the Lord of Reincarnation (first update)
Chapter 4395 The difference between Ye Chen and Emperor Shitian (second update)
Chapter 4396 The Olive Branch of the Temple (Third Update)
Chapter 4397 An opportunity (fourth update)
Chapter 4398 His Way (fifth update)
Chapter 4399: Virtual and Real (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 4400 Poison Source Talisman! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4401 Purple Ribbon Thousand Machine Seal (1st update)
Chapter 4402 The Queens Will (Second Update)
Chapter 4403 Take charge! (Third update)
Chapter 4404 Goodbye Moon Soul Witch (fourth update)
Chapter 4405 Destiny! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4406 Backhand (sixth update)
Chapter 4407 The dusty history of Zi Zaitian (seventh update! Please give me your monthly vote!)
Chapter 4408 The Ancestor of the Eternal Holy King (1st update)
Chapter 4409 Crazy! (Second update)
Chapter 4410 Destroyed? (Third update)
Chapter 4411: Goodbye, the Demonic Emperor Covering the Sky (fourth update)
Chapter 4412 The Supreme Love (Fifth update)
Chapter 4413 Destroy! (sixth update)
Chapter 4414 What a courage! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4415 Cold-blooded and ruthless, a peacock in love! (1st update)
Chapter 4416 How to compete? (Second update)
Chapter 4417 The Essence and Blood of the Superior! (Third update)
Chapter 4418 Cut off! (fourth update)
Chapter 4419 Immortal Light! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4420 Six Paths of Reincarnation! (Sixth update)
Chapter 4421: Allow him a peaceful life! (Seventh update coming! Please give me your monthly vote)
Chapter 4422: Killing for Nine Heavens (1st update)
Chapter 4423 Edge! (Second update)
Chapter 4424 Absolute Flame Fire Python!! (Third update)
Chapter 4425 Breakthrough (fourth update)
Chapter 4426 Guard (fifth update)
Chapter 4427 Demonic God (sixth update)
Chapter 4428 A promise! A protection! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4429 The Supreme Way (1st update)
Chapter 4430 The Battle in the Upper Realm (Second Update)
Chapter 4431 Not afraid of death (third update)
Chapter 4432 Fury (fourth update)
Chapter 4433: There is a grudge (fifth update)
Chapter 4434 Star Soul Slash! (sixth update)
Chapter 4435 An unexpected opportunity! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4436 Guilt (1st update)
Chapter 4437 I dont need it (second update)
Chapter 4438 Be yourself! (Third update)
Chapter 4439 Metamorphosis (fourth update)
Chapter 4440 Join the sect! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4441 Cut off two chains! (sixth update)
Chapter 4442 Nine Heroes (seventh update)
Chapter 4443 Grand Ceremony (eighth update)
Chapter 4444 Will not hold back (nine updates)
Chapter 4445 The ultimate genius! (ten updates)
Chapter 4446 Disobedience? (11th update)
Chapter 4447 One word of suppression! (Twelve updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4448 Annihilation (1st update)
Chapter 4449 You are definitely involved! (Second update)
Chapter 4450 The horror of the giant sword (third update)
Chapter 4451 Han Ziying! (fourth update)
Chapter 4452 Vent! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4453 Ye Chens limit! (sixth update)
Chapter 4454 Yushan Suppression! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4455: Destroyed with one sword! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4456 Survival! (1st update)
Chapter 4457 Killing the Threat (Second Update)
Chapter 4458 How about being a friend? (Third update)
Chapter 4459: Never suffer future troubles (fourth update)
Chapter 4460 Trap? Or the truth? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4461 Have fun! (sixth update)
Chapter 4462 Take off the mask! Devil! (seventh update)
Chapter 4463: Did I let you go? (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4464 What does it have to do with me (first update)
Chapter 4465 The Opportunity of the Ancient Dragon Soul (Second Update)
Chapter 4466 Where is it going? (Third update)
Chapter 4467 How is it possible! Its him! (fourth update)
Chapter 4468 Foolproof (fifth update)
Chapter 4469 Beware of the Soul-Suppressing Division! (Sixth update)
Chapter 4470 A painful choice! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4471 The Master of the Mountain of Desolation! (1st update)
Chapter 4472 Its too late! (Second update)
Chapter 4473 What is a monster (third update)
Chapter 4474: Mens Humiliation (fourth update)
Chapter 4475 Not Qualified (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4476 Dragon Slaying! (sixth update)
Chapter 4477 The legend of the mysterious young man! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4478 A fatal disaster? (1st update)
Chapter 4479 The Time of a Stick of Incense (Second Update)
Chapter 4480 The contrast is extremely strong (third update)
Chapter 4481 Really? (fourth update)
Chapter 4482 Crazy! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4483 Something might go wrong! (sixth update)
Chapter 4484 The Dark Dragon God Clan! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4485: Game in the Dark (1st update)
Chapter 4486 Falling into the trap! (Second update)
Chapter 4487 The Gate of Abi (Third Update)
Chapter 4488 Tianwu Wolong Sutra (fourth update)
Chapter 4489 Recovery (fifth update)
Chapter 4490 Xia Ruoxues thoughts (sixth update)
Chapter 4491 Sacrifice, cause and effect! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4492 Breaking in! (1st update)
Chapter 4493 The ancient giant beast appears! (Second update)
Chapter 4494 Guard (third update)
Chapter 4495 The advent of a new god (fourth update)
Chapter 4496 Ye Chens Way (fifth update)
Chapter 4497 The Sinful Girl from the Lower Realm! (Sixth update)
Chapter 4498 Curse and Karma! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4499: Guarding and Blood! (Sent in the eighth update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 4500 Absolute Darkness (Update 1)
Chapter 4501 The Lord of Reincarnation appears! (Second update)
Chapter 4502 Kneel down! (Third update)
Chapter 4503 Crisis! What to do! (fourth update)
Chapter 4504: The demon swallows the sun and the moon, the god blocks the killing god (fifth update)
Chapter 4505 Layout! (sixth update)
Chapter 4506 Ye Chens madness! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4507 comes out! (1st update)
Chapter 4508 Despicable! (Second update)
Chapter 4509 Boundless Fury (Third Update)
Chapter 4510 Ye Chens attitude (fourth update)
Chapter 4511 Sky Demon? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4512 Fastest Record (Sixth Update)
Chapter 4513: All out! Opportunity! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4514 Heart (1st update)
Chapter 4515 Incredible (second update)
Chapter 4516 The terrifying vitality (third update)
Chapter 4517 Mutation! (fourth update)
Chapter 4518 Warrior? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4519 Fall? (sixth update)
Chapter 4520 The Emperors Capital! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4521 Awkward Situation (Update 1)
Chapter 4522 Flame? I am the most respected (second update)
Chapter 4523 The Messenger of the Heavenly Realm (Third Update)
Chapter 4524 Breaking in! (fourth update)
Chapter 4525 Nothing more than that (fifth update)
Chapter 4526 Acquaintance (sixth update)
Chapter 4527 Unacceptable! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4528 Madness (1st update)
Chapter 4529: Do you dare to bear the anger? (Second update)
Chapter 4530 Ye Chen falls? (Third update)
Chapter 4531 Making history! (fourth update)
Chapter 4532 Prepare for war! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4533 The previous generations master of inner demons! (sixth update)
Chapter 4534 Kill the Lord of Reincarnation! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4535: Layout, kill! (1st update)
Chapter 4536 Open! (Second update)
Chapter 4537 Life hangs by a thread (third update)
Chapter 4538 Fighting (fourth update)
Chapter 4539 The crow rises and the nightmare returns! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4540 True and false! (Sixth update!)
Chapter 4541: No favors owed! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4542 Maha Infinite Lamp, Ancient Buddhas Self-Heaven (first update)
Chapter 4543 Time! It takes time! (Second update)
Chapter 4544 The Glory of Reincarnation (Third Update)
Chapter 4545 Thor! (fourth update)
Chapter 4546: Sit back and do nothing? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4547 Absolutely impossible! (sixth update)
Chapter 4548 The real trump card! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4549: Doomed (1st update)
Chapter 4550: Super strong explosion of thousands of soldiers! (Second update)
Chapter 4551 Unexpected results (third update)
Chapter 4552 Identity exposed (fourth update)
Chapter 4553 Stranded? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4554 The Underworld Map was destroyed (sixth update)
Chapter 4555 Why am I missing! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4556 The inner demon trial! (1st update)
Chapter 4557 Something weird! (Second update)
Chapter 4558 Despair! (Third update)
Chapter 4559: Sinking, madness! (fourth update)
Chapter 4560 Awakening (fifth update)
Chapter 4561 The cause and effect of blood evil (sixth update)
Chapter 4562 This is your qualification! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4563 Broken! (1st update)
Chapter 4564 The Abyss of Ten Thousand Tribulations (Second Update)
Chapter 4565 Dilemma (third update)
Chapter 4566 Disappeared! (fourth update)
Chapter 4567 Reincarnation! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4568 Two swords combined! (sixth update)
Chapter 4569 Fall? Death? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4570 Endgame (first update)
Chapter 4571 The changes of Emperor Shitian (second update)
Chapter 4572 Former Senior Brother? (Third update)
Chapter 4573 Ye Chens whereabouts (fourth update)
Chapter 4574 Near Sky Grassland (Fifth update)
Chapter 4575 Fragments of Longyuan Heavenly Sword (sixth update)
Chapter 4576 Return! (seventh update)
Chapter 4577 The voice from deep! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4578 Right and wrong (first update)
Chapter 4579 Longyuan Heavenly Sword (Second update)
Chapter 4580 The new reincarnation power comes out! (Third update)
Chapter 4581 Working for the tiger! (fourth update)
Chapter 4582 Seeing Old Friends Again (Fifth update)
Chapter 4583 Ji Lins intention (sixth update)
Chapter 4584 A grand gift! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4585 Sun, Moon and Seven Stars (1st update)
Chapter 4586 Threat (second update)
Chapter 4587 The fear deep in the soul (third update)
Chapter 4588 Xuanqu! (fourth update)
Chapter 4589 Blood Heart Battlefield (Fifth update)
Chapter 4590 Special Divine Object (sixth update)
Chapter 4591 Alliance? (seventh update)
Chapter 4592 Interesting person! (eighth update)
Chapter 4593 My way is for heaven! (Ninth update!)
Chapter 4594: Strength is qualification! (Tenth update is coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4595 Ye Chens request (first update)
Chapter 4596 He is coming! (Second update)
Chapter 4597 The opportunity given to you (third update)
Chapter 4598: Falling short of success (fourth update)
Chapter 4599 Shuo Laos reminder (fifth update)
Chapter 4600 Silent Fear (sixth update)
Chapter 4601 Give you two choices (seventh update)
Chapter 4602: The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows? (eighth update)
Chapter 4603 Crazy battle! (Nine updates!)
Chapter 4604 The nightmare is coming (ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4605 Demon God (1st update)
Chapter 4606 Ye Chen will die (second update)
Chapter 4607 Whose trick was broken? (Third update)
Chapter 4608 The extremely terrifying death of all beasts (fourth update)
Chapter 4609 Transactions and Negotiations (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4610 The temptation of Xuanxuexin (sixth update)
Chapter 4611 Damn it! Heavenly Demon Shensuo! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 4612 Ye Chens room! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4613 Xuan Kuns foreshadowing (first update)
Chapter 4614 The heart of the Martial Ancestor is unbreakable! (Second update)
Chapter 4615 That guys mark (third update)
Chapter 4616 Strengthening Bloodline (fourth update)
Chapter 4617 The heaven and earth first opened, and the origin transformed into life (fifth update)
Chapter 4618 Testing the Heavenly Demon's Divine Cord (sixth update)
Chapter 4619 Ye Chens dominance! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4620 Earth Chapter 4620 The Beast-Destroying Domain! Promise (1st update)
Chapter 4621 Escape! (Second update)
Chapter 4622: Give up? (Third update)
Chapter 4623 Protect him (fourth update)
Chapter 4624 Do I allow it? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4625 Power Storm! (sixth update)
Chapter 4626: Destroying Beast Eggs (seventh update)
Chapter 4627 Face in the Dark (eighth update)
Chapter 4628 Invitation! (Nine updates!)
Chapter 4629 Ye Chens death! (Ten updates, please vote for me!)
Chapter 4630 Beast God Statue (1st update)
Chapter 4631 Terrifying Destruction (Second Update)
Chapter 4632 The Supreme Power Beyond the Ultimate (Third Update)
Chapter 4633 Xiao Huangs amazing performance! (fourth update)
Chapter 4634 The snipe and the clam fight! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4635: Going to fall? (sixth update)
Chapter 4636 Embarrassment? (seventh update)
Chapter 4637 Holy Beast Order (eighth update)
Chapter 4638 Are there any miracles? (Nine updates!)
Chapter 4639 Crazy! Crazy! (Ten updates coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4640 Whimsical (1st update)
Chapter 4641 The Transformation of a Young Man (Second Update)
Chapter 4642 Who do you want to make a comeback? (Third update)
Chapter 4643 Return to the Dark Realm (fourth update)
Chapter 4644 Fulfilling the Promise (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4645 Venting Anger (sixth update)
Chapter 4646 Thank you! (seventh update)
Chapter 4647 The blood shadow outside the door (first update)
Chapter 4648 Ye Chens threat! (Second update)
Chapter 4649 The ultimate treasure! Body-destroying pill (third update)
Chapter 4650 The evil spirit is awe-inspiring! (fourth update)
Chapter 4651 The cruelty of human nature! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4652 Tragic! Strong! (sixth update)
Chapter 4653 If you want to fight, then fight! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4654: Ecstasy! Storm! (8th update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 4655 The confrontation between Mr. Evil and Mr. Shuo (first update)
Chapter 4656 Swallowing (Second Update)
Chapter 4657 Ye Chens game (third update)
Chapter 4658 The wonderful use of the reincarnation cemetery (fourth update)
Chapter 4659: Opportunity for physical sanctification? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4660 The Sword Spirit of Longyuan Heavenly Sword (sixth update)
Chapter 4661 Monument of Demons (seventh update)
Chapter 4662 The Tomb of Past Reincarnations! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4663 The secret of the hometown (first update)
Chapter 4664 The Way of the Supreme Heavenly Master (Second update)
Chapter 4665 Ye Chens endless rage! (Third update)
Chapter 4666 I, the Lord of Reincarnation! (Fourth update)
Chapter 4667 The former traitor! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4668 Do you remember! (sixth update)
Chapter 4669 The secret of the Heavenly Master! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4670: Monument Keeper (eighth update)
Chapter 4671 The Dharma of Reincarnation, Return to Me! (9th update)
Chapter 4672: Heavenly Punishment, Cause and Effect! (Ten updates coming! Please give me your monthly vote!)
Chapter 4673 Sharing the Demon Monument of Reincarnation (1st update)
Chapter 4674 The Supreme Buddhas Way (Second Update)
Chapter 4675 Emperor Shitians determination (third update)
Chapter 4676 Caught off guard (fourth update)
Chapter 4677 The Way of the Supreme Tea Tree (Fifth update)
Chapter 4678 Face to face (sixth update)
Chapter 4679 The Wonderful Yuan of the Holy Path (seventh update)
Chapter 4680 The horror of Feng Xingyun! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4681 Heavenly Abyss Technique (1st update)
Chapter 4682: Crush Eternity (Second update)
Chapter 4683 The choice of blood dragon (third update)
Chapter 4684 Six Paths of Reincarnation, Evil Ghost and Mysterious Lady (fourth update)
Chapter 4685 The Terror of the Demon Monument (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4686 The Demonic Gate of All Realms, open! (sixth update)
Chapter 4687 Blood Dragon and Ye Chen! Like China in the past (seventh update)
Chapter 4688 Give me back the bones of truth! (eighth update)
Chapter 4689 Extraordinary Monument! (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4690 Ancient Demons (1st update)
Chapter 4691 Burial Place (Second Update)
Chapter 4692 All sentient beings enter my underworld! (Third update)
Chapter 4693 Anger! Endless anger! (fourth update)
Chapter 4694 Impossible! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4695 Whereabouts! (sixth update)
Chapter 4696 Su Mohans answer (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4697 Meet Ren Feifan! (1st update)
Chapter 4698 Rens ultimate martial arts! (Second update)
Chapter 4699 The secret of September Lingtian! (Third update)
Chapter 4700 Is this still a human being? (fourth update)
Chapter 4701 Double Freedom? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4702 The next generation is to be feared (sixth update)
Chapter 4703 The ultimate battle! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4704 Risk of exposure (first update)
Chapter 4705 Dont be tainted with cause and effect (second update)
Chapter 4706: The Way of the Supreme Heavenly Demonic Body (Third Update)
Chapter 4707 Crazy move (fourth update)
Chapter 4708 You are different! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4709 Ren Feifan is the first (sixth update)
Chapter 4710 The Wrath of the Demon! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4711 Are you here to humiliate me? (1st update)
Chapter 4712 The Emperor has arrived! (Second update)
Chapter 4713 I am Ye Chen! (Third update)
Chapter 4714 Cant be broken? (fourth update)
Chapter 4715 Are you willing? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4716 The devils hegemonic body suppresses eternity! (sixth update)
Chapter 4717 The ancient demons worship the heaven (seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4718 Seizing the Bloodline of Reincarnation (Update 1)
Chapter 4719 Demon Lord Lanling (second update)
Chapter 4720 Old friend? (Third update)
Chapter 4721 Competing for beauty! (fourth update)
Chapter 4722 Tough attitude! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4724 What if I disagree? (seventh update)
Chapter 4725 Resources are transactions! (8th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4726 Buried forever! (1st update)
Chapter 4727 Death Crisis (Second Update)
Chapter 4728 Ye Chens vitality! (Third update)
Chapter 4729 Xuanhan Jades only chance! (fourth update)
Chapter 4730: Punishment for treason! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4731 That black light! (sixth update)
Chapter 4732 The essence of flesh and blood (seventh update)
Chapter 4733 Unexpected, Xuan Xuexins voice! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4734 A visitor from the Heavenly Realm (first update)
Chapter 4735 I guess I didnt let you speak (second update)
Chapter 4736 Breath Storm (third update)
Chapter 4737 Crush (fourth update)
Chapter 4738 Changes in Beast Eggs (Fifth Update)
Chapter 4739 The key! (sixth update)
Chapter 4740: Meet your parents when you come up? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4741 Fury! Ecstasy Soup! (1st update)
Chapter 4742 Covet! Price! (Second update)
Chapter 4743 Madman or liar? (Third update)
Chapter 4744 The Clown and the Dragon! (fourth update)
Chapter 4745 My talent! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4746 Transaction! True or false? (sixth update)
Chapter 4747 The Holy Sons Heaven-burning Wrath! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4748 That weird scene (eighth update)
Chapter 4749 Giving people a dead end? (Nine updates!)
Chapter 4750 I dont allow it! (Ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4751 Your choice is correct (first update)
Chapter 4752 Shut up! (Second update)
Chapter 4753 Impossible (third update)
Chapter 4754 Shocked the entire Shengtian City! (fourth update)
Chapter 4755 The terrifying red-gold runes! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4756 The strength of Xuan Zilong (sixth update)
Chapter 4757 The ancient battlefield that wiped out everything! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4758 Nightmare on the battlefield (first update)
Chapter 4759 The dormant shadow (second update)
Chapter 4760 The whereabouts of Xuan Bingbing (third update)
Chapter 4761 New discovery! (fourth update)
Chapter 4762 Portrait? Alive? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4763 Life and Death Crisis (Sixth Update)
Chapter 4764: Reincarnation Deprivation? (seventh update)
Chapter 4765 Dont give Ye Chen a chance! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4766 Greedy for life and afraid of death? (1st update)
Chapter 4767 Xuan Hanyus disappointment! (Second update)
Chapter 4768 Behind the Negotiation (Third Update)
Chapter 4769 The dusty history (fourth update)
Chapter 4770 Is it risky? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4771 Plan, start! (sixth update)
Chapter 4772: Your reinforcements? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4773 The Big Three! (First update)
Chapter 4774 Blood Soul Order (Second update)
Chapter 4775 Cooperation? Join forces? (Third update)
Chapter 4776: Full strength! Near death! (Fourth update)
Chapter 4777 The strongest mark! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4778 The limit of three breaths! (sixth update)
Chapter 4779 Who is real? Who is fake? (seventh update)
Chapter 4780 Demon Emperor Taiyi! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4781 Written in Taiyis blood (first update)
Chapter 4782 Two methods (second update)
Chapter 4783 You and I will eventually end up (third update)
Chapter 4784 How is this possible! (fourth update)
Chapter 4785 Taiyis body! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4786 The Strongest Demon Pool (Sixth Update)
Chapter 4787 New pet beast! Xiao Hei! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4788 Yin Yang Temple, Lin Xize! (1st update)
Chapter 4789 Disciples of Wanxu (Second update)
Chapter 4790 The cause and effect of the Nether Dragon God Clan (third update)
Chapter 4791 Lin Qingzhu (fourth update)
Chapter 4792 Sword Seed! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4793 The fish is dead and the net is broken (sixth update)
Chapter 4794 The approaching crisis! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4795 All the gods, grant me immortal blessings (1st update)
Chapter 4796 The wrath of the Lord of the Demon Monument (second update)
Chapter 4797 The way to dominate destiny! (Third update)
Chapter 4798 The Secret of the Nether Dragon God Clan (fourth update)
Chapter 4799 So domineering (fifth update)
Chapter 4800 Dark Eyes (sixth update)
Chapter 4801: Suppressing the Demons (Seventh Update)
Chapter 4802 Eight Parts of Pagoda (eighth update)
Chapter 4803 Meeting someone! (nine updates)
Chapter 4804 Gods protection, the way of heavenly defense (tenth update)
Chapter 4805 This is the end (first update)
Chapter 4806 Zulongs layout (second update)
Chapter 4807 Goodbye Qin Ziwei (third update)
Chapter 4808 The cause and effect of the common god (fourth update)
Chapter 4809 How majestic (fifth update)
Chapter 4810 Facing the Heavenly Realm? (Sixth update)
Chapter 4811 Jinglongquan! Tianwu Wolong Sutra! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4812 Breakthrough! (1st update)
Chapter 4813 Wolong Palace! Li Qingyun! (Second update)
Chapter 4814 Transaction! Thoughts! (Third update)
Chapter 4815 Taishang Tianji Dao (fourth update)
Chapter 4816 Taoism? Are you sure? (Fifth update)
Chapter 4817 Identity! (sixth update)
Chapter 4818 The God is coming! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4819 The loss is too big (first update)
Chapter 4820 Five days! (Second update)
Chapter 4821 Chen Cangsheng! (Third update)
Chapter 4822 An unexpected alliance (fourth update)
Chapter 4823 Awakening and Upgrading! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4824 Unable to take action! (sixth update)
Chapter 4825 Loyalty (seventh update)
Chapter 4826 The unexpected woman (eighth update)
Chapter 4827 Suppression! (nine updates)
Chapter 4828 The most powerful taboo in the world! (Ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4829 The last laugh! (1st update)
Chapter 4830 The Last of Tianyou Zen Girl (Second Update)
Chapter 4831 The superior! Hong Tianjing! (Third update)
Chapter 4832 The sudden change (fourth update)
Chapter 4833 Ye Luoers madness (fifth update)
Chapter 4834 Backhand! (sixth update)
Chapter 4835 Its your choice! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4836 Can you recommend me? (1st update)
Chapter 4837 The mighty rescuer? (Second update)
Chapter 4838 Ye Chens excitement (third update)
Chapter 4839 Reject! Reject! (fourth update)
Chapter 4840 Burden! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4841 Reincarnation Cemetery Upgrade! (Sixth update)
Chapter 4842 Super powerful vision! Who is responsible for the ups and downs! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4843 The mighty power! (1st update)
Chapter 4844 Taixuan Formation Emperor! (Second update)
Chapter 4845: Not talking about martial ethics (third update)
Chapter 4846 Xiao Shuihan worships the mountain? (fourth update)
Chapter 4847 The layout of the previous life (fifth update)
Chapter 4848 Former subordinates, past stories (sixth update)
Chapter 4849 The mission is not over yet! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4850 Xuan Jiyues caution (first update)
Chapter 4851 The Battle of the Past (Second Update)
Chapter 4852 Who is going to explore the way? (Third update)
Chapter 4853 The Heavenly Sword of Annihilation (fourth update)
Chapter 4854 Tiangang Jade Slips (fifth update)
Chapter 4855 Boy, you are in trouble (sixth update)
Chapter 4856 The Demon Monument belongs to me, Ye Chen! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4857 Huangquan Houde (1st update)
Chapter 4858 Soul Tribulation (Second Update)
Chapter 4859 If I dont go to hell, who will! (Third update)
Chapter 4860 The arrival of the sword spirit (fourth update)
Chapter 4861 Bones of the Heavenly Emperor (Fifth update)
Chapter 4862 I am the Demon Lord, the Lord of Reincarnation! (Sixth update)
Chapter 4863 More important things! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4864 Holy Demon Veins, open! (1st update)
Chapter 4865 Xiao Huangs mutation! (Second update)
Chapter 4866 Xiao Huangs desire (third update)
Chapter 4867 Henggu Domain (fourth update)
Chapter 4868 Seven Saints (fifth update)
Chapter 4869 Mysterious Woman (sixth update)
Chapter 4870 The Giant Gate Emperor (seventh update)
Chapter 4871 Why are you so angry? (Eighth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 4872: Obsessed (1st update)
Chapter 4873 Sword Slave (Second update)
Chapter 4874 What do I have to fear? (Third update)
Chapter 4875 The gain outweighs the loss! (fourth update)
Chapter 4876 Burning the last self (fifth update)
Chapter 4877 Promise (sixth update)
Chapter 4878 Return to Xuantian Sword Tomb! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4879 Goodbye Huanggu (1st update)
Chapter 4880: Keep a low profile and bide your time (second update)
Chapter 4881 Qin Ziweis emergency rescue (third update)
Chapter 4882 The value of Dao Jing! (fourth update)
Chapter 4883 Shen Cang Bang! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4884 What a coincidence! (sixth update)
Chapter 4885 Coldness comes from the bone marrow! (seventh update)
Chapter 4886 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! (Sent in the eighth update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 4887 The tense atmosphere (first update)
Chapter 4888 Not interested! (Second update)
Chapter 4889 Yan Zhen Realm (third update)
Chapter 4890 The person you shouldnt meet (fourth update)
Chapter 4891 Weird Ye Chen (fifth update)
Chapter 4892: Power can carry the sky! (sixth update)
Chapter 4893 Swallow! (seventh update)
Chapter 4894 A gifted son? (Eight more updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4895 Zhu Yuans terrifying strength (first update)
Chapter 4896 Accidents and Surprises (Second Update)
Chapter 4897 The mysterious Mr. Ye (third update)
Chapter 4898 The origin of Mingxi (fourth update)
Chapter 4899 Juqu Danxing (fifth update)
Chapter 4900 The goddess descends from the sky! (sixth update)
Chapter 4901 Gu Po Yijian Cang! (seventh update)
Chapter 4902 The man behind the scenes! Ye Chen! (8th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4903 Who likes to shrink? (1st update)
Chapter 4904 Not interested (second update)
Chapter 4905 One blow is enough (third update)
Chapter 4906 Nightmare Attacks the City (fourth update)
Chapter 4907 A plate of loose sand (fifth update)
Chapter 4908 Misstep (sixth update)
Chapter 4909: Attack with all your strength! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4910: Dont resist forcefully (first update)
Chapter 4911 Ye Chens attitude (second update)
Chapter 4912 Donghuang Wangji (third update)
Chapter 4913: Heaven-defying potential (fourth update)
Chapter 4914 Li Qianjues bet (fifth update)
Chapter 4915 What is going on? (sixth update)
Chapter 4916 Thirteen thousand? (seventh update)
Chapter 4917 Sluggish! (eighth update)
Chapter 4918 Bead of Enlightenment! (First update)
Chapter 4919 The Ancient Blood Wheel Sword! (Second update)
Chapter 4920 Cant afford to offend! (Third update)
Chapter 4921 A slap! Remember! (fourth update)
Chapter 4922 Please! I apologize for him! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4923 Burning the blood of the mysterious fairy! (sixth update)
Chapter 4924 Heart palpitations! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4925 Crazy! Ye Chenyun? (Eighth update!)
Chapter 4926 Ye Chen is taboo! Donghuang Bell! (1st update)
Chapter 4927 How to awaken the bloodline of reincarnation? (Second update)
Chapter 4928 Fire Core? (Third update)
Chapter 4929 The mysterious Miss Qin (fourth update)
Chapter 4930 Qingxuan City (fifth update)
Chapter 4931 A cloud of masters (sixth update)
Chapter 4932: Try not to hurt you! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4933 Xiao Li? Nanxiao Li? (1st update)
Chapter 4934 The gap between gods and humans! (Second update)
Chapter 4935 The Spiritual Bones of the Fire Master (Third Update)
Chapter 4936 The mysterious young man (fourth update)
Chapter 4937 Red and Blue Sky Star Carp (fifth update)
Chapter 4938 The reality of choice! (sixth update)
Chapter 4939 All things surrender! (seventh update)
Chapter 4940 Conditions and Qualifications (eighth update!)
Chapter 4941 Juqu Danxing! (9th update)
Chapter 4942: Play with him! (Ten updates coming! Please vote!)
Chapter 4943 What is this going to do? (1st update)
Chapter 4944 True Face (Second Update)
Chapter 4945 Eating soft food? (Third update)
Chapter 4946 Nothing to say (fourth update)
Chapter 4947 The girls determination (fifth update)
Chapter 4948 Breaking all doubts (sixth update)
Chapter 4949 Mr. Yun, do you want to take action? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 4950 Now, do you believe it? (1st update)
Chapter 4951 A sudden turn of events (second update)
Chapter 4952 An opponent worthy of his all-out efforts (third update)
Chapter 4953 Zhu Yuans whereabouts!! (fourth update)
Chapter 4954 The revenge of Donghuang Temple! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4955 The Domineering Heavenly Palace (sixth update)
Chapter 4956 Long time no see! (Seventh update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 4957 Ye Chen, died? (1st update)
Chapter 4958: The Heaven-defying Flesh (Second Update)
Chapter 4959 The top of the sky (third update)
Chapter 4960 A test of martial arts (fourth update)
Chapter 4961 Tianfeng Martial King! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4962 Audacious! Destroying the martial tomb! (sixth update)
Chapter 4963 Great destruction! (seventh update)
Chapter 4964 Im here to save people! (Eighth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 4965 The Five Heavenly Dao Rhymes (1st update)
Chapter 4966 Earth-shattering Martial King, Bai Xuqi (second update)
Chapter 4967 A stick of incense (third update)
Chapter 4968 Preparation for death (fourth update)
Chapter 4969 Declaration of war! Donghuang Temple! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4970 Donghuang Wangjis layout (sixth update)
Chapter 4971 I am the ultimate miracle doctor! (seventh update)
Chapter 4972 Shura Juesha Ning Chiyin! (Eighth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 4973 Decision of life and death (first update)
Chapter 4974 Hundred Colors Green Marrow Gu! (Second update)
Chapter 4975 I cant refuse (third update)
Chapter 4976 Xiao Heis power! (fourth update)
Chapter 4977 The strongest surrenders! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4978 The fight for various heavenly palaces (sixth update)
Chapter 4979 Donghuang Wangji! Take my anger! (Seventh update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 4980 The Almighty Blackie! (1st update)
Chapter 4981 Battle in the air! (Second update)
Chapter 4982: Hold me tight! Its begun! (Third update)
Chapter 4983 Darkly Brilliant Water (fourth update)
Chapter 4984 Transactions and Opportunities (5th update)
Chapter 4985 Xu Sha! Kill the devil! (sixth update)
Chapter 4986 Ye Chens fear! Murderous intent! (Seventh update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 4987 Help me (1st update)
Chapter 4988 The true master of heaven and earth (second update)
Chapter 4989 Death is coming (third update)
Chapter 4990: The person who is determined to die (fourth update)
Chapter 4991 Breakthrough! (Fifth update)
Chapter 4992 Why is he here? (sixth update)
Chapter 4993 The Emperors Wrath! You dont deserve it! (Seventh update)
Chapter 4994: Dont interfere! The warmth and warmth of human relationships! (Eighth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 4995 The unexpected person (first update)
Chapter 4996 Zhongyuan Emperor, Zhongyuan Tu! (Second update)
Chapter 4997 Taijue Palace (third update)
Chapter 4998 Mysterious Fist Seal! (fourth update)
Chapter 4999 Mysterious Identity (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5000 Li Wuwang (sixth update)
Chapter 5001 Seeking asylum (seventh update)
Chapter 5002 Dont let me down! (Eighth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 5003 Shouldnt have come (first update)
Chapter 5004 Wanbao Pavilion (second update)
Chapter 5005 Ye Chen, soul cultivator! (Third update)
Chapter 5006 Hidden merit and fame (fourth update)
Chapter 5007 Wrong Thinking (Fifth update)
Chapter 5008 Sherlock Holmes in the Heavenly Palace? (sixth update)
Chapter 5009 Girls Heart, Undersea Needle (seventh update)
Chapter 5010 Demon-Destroying Peak (eighth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 5011 Challenge of destroying demon spirits (first update)
Chapter 5012 The Emperor Arrives (Second Update)
Chapter 5013 The origin of Mr. Ren (third update)
Chapter 5014 A big gamble! (fourth update)
Chapter 5015 Horrible record! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5016 Breakthrough! (sixth update)
Chapter 5017: Planting Demons! (Seventh update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 5018 Qu Mingshi (first update)
Chapter 5019 No gift (second update)
Chapter 5020: Just friends (third update)
Chapter 5021 The man is back (fourth update)
Chapter 5022 The Daughter of Heaven (fifth update)
Chapter 5023 Ye Chens attitude (sixth update)
Chapter 5024 Red Jade Box (seventh update)
Chapter 5025 The truth! (eighth update)
Chapter 5026 Girls Thoughts (Nine Updates)
Chapter 5027 The arrogance of the miracle doctor! (Ten updates! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 5028 Bad premonition! (1st update)
Chapter 5029: Expelled from the Heavenly Palace! (Second update)
Chapter 5030 Taixuan Formation Emperors reminder (third update)
Chapter 5031 The young man pulls the coffin (fourth update)
Chapter 5032 Frozen Woman (Fifth update)
Chapter 5033 Five Directions and Five Emperors (sixth update)
Chapter 5034 The Magical Use of the Holy Demon (seventh update)
Chapter 5035: Related to Hong Tianjing! (Eighth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 5036 The Peeping of the Goddess (1st update)
Chapter 5037 The Coffin Breaker (Second Update)
Chapter 5038 Anger (third update)
Chapter 5039 Conspiracy in the Dark (fourth update)
Chapter 5040 Awareness (fifth update)
Chapter 5041 Secret, dangerous situation! (sixth update)
Chapter 5042: The Way of the Formation Emperor (seventh update)
Chapter 5043 Nine Stars of Chaos! (Eighth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 5044: The Way of Formation Power (Update 1)
Chapter 5045 The true identity of the Five Elements Immortal Lord (second update)
Chapter 5046 Cloud Tobacco Mustard (Third Update)
Chapter 5047 The origin of Qingshan (fourth update)
Chapter 5048 Sword Star! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5049 Five Elements Avenue, Guard! (Sixth update)
Chapter 5050 The Wrath of Burning Heaven! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5051 Lord of Reincarnation, please come and get together (1st update)
Chapter 5052 Cause and effect (second update)
Chapter 5053: The Supreme Headmaster (Third update)
Chapter 5054 Heavenly Formation Altar (fourth update)
Chapter 5055 The secret of the past (fifth update)
Chapter 5056 The Eternal War (sixth update)
Chapter 5057 The Secret of Ascension to the Supreme Being (Seventh Update)
Chapter 5058 The eternal chessboard is all there! (Eighth update)
Chapter 5059: Changes in the Ice Coffin! (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5060 The opportunity of Nine Heavens Magic (first update)
Chapter 5061: The Mutation of the Desolate Demon Heavenly Sword (Second Update)
Chapter 5062 Journey to the Holy Heaven (Third update)
Chapter 5063 Mutation! (fourth update)
Chapter 5064 Gods help (fifth update)
Chapter 5065: Those in Power (sixth update)
Chapter 5066 The Formation of the Past (seventh update)
Chapter 5067 The terrifying remnant formation (eighth update)
Chapter 5068: Raging Flames and Heavenly Fire (1st update)
Chapter 5069 Lets give it a try (second update)
Chapter 5070 Disaster looms! (Third update)
Chapter 5071 A Page of Scripture (fourth update)
Chapter 5072 Holy King Chiyuan (fifth update)
Chapter 5073 The feeling of waiting (sixth update)
Chapter 5074 The curse of Emperor Shitian! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5075 All kinds of cause and effect! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5076 The secret guarded by the mysterious moon (first update)
Chapter 5077 The spread of ambition (second update)
Chapter 5078: Arrangement (third update)
Chapter 5079 I am the master! (fourth update)
Chapter 5080 The Sealing of the Goddess (5th update)
Chapter 5081 Ice Soul Sword Mansion (sixth update)
Chapter 5082 Withered bones! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5083 The dusty secret! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5084: The Desolate Demon Heavenly Sword, released (first update)
Chapter 5085: Its Harder to Climb to Heaven (Second Update)
Chapter 5086: Supreme Judgement (Third update)
Chapter 5087 The dissipated entrustment (fourth update)
Chapter 5088 Emperor Shitians transaction (fifth update)
Chapter 5089 Will and Purpose (sixth update)
Chapter 5090: Destroy reincarnation! (seventh update)
Chapter 5091 The goddesss back-up plan! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5092 The inescapable ending (first update)
Chapter 5093 Unthinkable! (Second update)
Chapter 5094 The mysterious five elders (third update)
Chapter 5095 Tianwu Wolong Sutra (fourth update)
Chapter 5096: Saint Tradition (Fifth update)
Chapter 5097 The Battle of the Past (sixth update)
Chapter 5098 Breakthrough! (seventh update)
Chapter 5099 Check! The Lord of Reincarnation! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5100 Dark voyeur (first update)
Chapter 5101 Taking charge? (Second update)
Chapter 5102 Sword and Sword Spirit (third update)
Chapter 5103 The Gift of Star Core! (fourth update)
Chapter 5104 Taixuan Vision! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5105 No matter what! (sixth update)
Chapter 5106 Wolf ambition! (Seventh update)
Volume 2 Chapter 5107 Mysterious Voice! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5108 The body of the bright moon? (first update)
Chapter 5109 Endless temptation! (Second update)
Chapter 5110 The opportunity of the blood dragon! (Third update)
Chapter 5111 The crisis spreads! (fourth update)
Chapter 5112 Opportunity! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5113 The Wrath of Burning Heaven! (Sixth update)
Chapter 5114 God of the Star Sea! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5115 The jade pendant of China (first update)
Chapter 5116 Taixu Cave (Second update)
Chapter 5117 Evil Sword! Ye Chen (third update)
Chapter 5118 Dan Ling (fourth update)
Chapter 5119 Abnormal Conspiracy (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5120 The Desolate Dragon Spirit Seizing Formation! (Sixth update)
Chapter 5121 Emergence (seventh update)
Chapter 5122 Reminder (eighth update)
Chapter 5123 Disdain (nine updates)
Chapter 5124 The last chance! (Ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5125 Crisis breaks out! (1st update)
Chapter 5126 A young man from Jiangcheng! (Second update)
Chapter 5127 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind! (Third update)
Chapter 5128 The road is vast! (fourth update)
Chapter 5129 A chance for Ye Chen! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5130 I really dont like it! (sixth update)
Chapter 5131 Red Gold Crystal Core (seventh update)
Chapter 5132 The Guardian of Beiling Emperor (eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5133 Waiting in the Arctic (first update)
Chapter 5134 Starlight Enters the Body (Second Update)
Chapter 5135: Dangerous Death (Third Update)
Chapter 5136 Establishing Prestige (fourth update)
Chapter 5137 The madness of a stick of incense (fifth update)
Chapter 5138 Dissatisfaction! (sixth update)
Chapter 5139 Worthy of respect! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5140 Death? (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5141 You are very good (first update)
Chapter 5142 No more extravagant hopes! (Second update)
Chapter 5143 Engraving (third update)
Chapter 5144 Deterred an Era (fourth update)
Chapter 5145: Among all the monsters, who is the most respected (fifth update)
Chapter 5146 The Dragon and the Toad (sixth update)
Chapter 5147 What is etiquette! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5148 A useless person, a calamity of life and death? (eighth update)
Chapter 5149 Burning with anger! (1st update)
Chapter 5150 I have someone! (Second update)
Chapter 5151 Protecting Weaknesses (Third Update)
Chapter 5152 A stunning appearance (fourth update)
Chapter 5153 Vision (fifth update)
Chapter 5154 Cracks! (Sixth update)
Chapter 5155 Inner World (seventh update)
Chapter 5156: The man with the seventh level of halo! Article! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5157 Dont refuse (first update)
Chapter 5158 Blood Refining Pill (Second Update)
Chapter 5159 Ye Chens anger (third update)
Chapter 5160: Five-party chaos (fourth update)
Chapter 5161 Yuhan City (fifth update)
Chapter 5162 There is someone else! (sixth update)
Chapter 5163 That Man (seventh update)
Chapter 5164 We have failed the Lord of Reincarnation (eighth update)
Chapter 5165 Peeping (1st update)
Chapter 5166 Lost? (Second update)
Chapter 5167 Escape (third update)
Chapter 5168 Blood of Reincarnation (fourth update)
Chapter 5169 Full of Resentment (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5170 Chu shouldnt (sixth update)
Chapter 5171 Drinking blood (seventh update)
Chapter 5172 How can we let their deaths be in vain! (Eighth update)
Chapter 5173 An act of death? (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5174: Pay homage to your dead souls (first update)
Chapter 5175 Ren Feifans martial arts! (Second update)
Chapter 5176 Erase cause and effect! (Third update)
Chapter 5177 Mysterious Friend (fourth update)
Chapter 5178 Reincarnation Bloodline (Fifth update)
Chapter 5179 The mutation of the mysterious stone! (sixth update)
Chapter 5180: Accept your fate? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5181 A moment of eternity (first update)
Chapter 5182 Moon Soul Slash! (Second update)
Chapter 5183 The mysterious old man (third update)
Chapter 5184 The flood washed away the Dragon King Temple (fourth update)
Chapter 5185 Death! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5186 Super little brother, Xu Shenglong! (sixth update)
Chapter 5187 Shut up! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5188 See you again, old friends! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5189 That friend (first update)
Chapter 5190 Red Dragon Scales (Second update)
Chapter 5191 Apology (third update)
Chapter 5192 Not me? (fourth update)
Chapter 5193 One Finger (fifth update)
Chapter 5194 Core Area (sixth update)
Chapter 5195 I'll handle it (seventh update)
Chapter 5196 Not allowed! (eighth update)
Chapter 5197 Threat! (1st update)
Chapter 5198 The limit! (Second update)
Chapter 5199 The Ancient Burning Dragon (Third update)
Chapter 5200 Xuan'er, take action (fourth update)
Chapter 5201 The specialness of Long Yaner (fifth update)
Chapter 5202 Golden Dragon (sixth update)
Chapter 5203 Everything is decided by the young master (seventh update)
Chapter 5204 Cant get around it! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5205 Enjoy it (1st update)
Chapter 5206 The strongest blow? (Second update)
Chapter 5207 Exiting Bei Lingtian Palace (third update)
Chapter 5208 Enemy attack! Invasion! (fourth update)
Chapter 5209 Shadow in the Dark (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5210 From the beginning, you were already wrong (sixth update)
Chapter 5211 That scene! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5212 Ye Chens plan! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5213 It seems that I have to use that trick (1st update)
Chapter 5214 Six Paths of Reincarnation: Destruction of Paths (Second Update)
Chapter 5215 Meet again (third update)
Chapter 5216 Tongxuan Sect! (fourth update)
Chapter 5217 Beiling Tianbang! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5218 The storm is coming (sixth update)
Chapter 5219 Not familiar! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5220 Nearly suffocated (first update)
Chapter 5221 Xue Mobei (second update)
Chapter 5222 Women come to protect? (Third update)
Chapter 5223 You lost (fourth update)
Chapter 5224 The Ultimate Monster (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5225 Countless deaths! (sixth update)
Chapter 5226 A special connection (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5227 Weird test (first update)
Chapter 5228 Mysterious Mission (Second Update)
Chapter 5229 The man in black robe, master? (Third update)
Chapter 5230 Consequences (fourth update)
Chapter 5231 Endless Flame (fifth update)
Chapter 5232: Opportunity to break out (sixth update)
Chapter 5233 The true origin! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5234 Too calm! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5235 The Man in the Dark (1st update)
Chapter 5236 Questioning (second update)
Chapter 5237 Others layout (third update)
Chapter 5238 Come here! (fourth update)
Chapter 5239 China, Ten Thousand Ruins! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5240 Chessboard, the game begins (sixth update)
Chapter 5241 Gambling (seventh update)
Chapter 5242 Madman! (8th update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5243 Ye Chens back-up plan? (1st update)
Chapter 5244 Heaven, Hell! (Second update)
Chapter 5245 Looking for Gu Xuans whereabouts (third update)
Chapter 5246 The mysterious man in red robe! (fourth update)
Chapter 5247 Two Secret Skills (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5248 Cooperation (sixth update)
Chapter 5249 Yan Xuan'er's majesty (sent in the seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 5250 How dare you hurt the young master! I want you to die! (1st update)
Chapter 5251 This posture! (Second update)
Chapter 5252: Helpless (third update)
Chapter 5253 Lion King Island (fourth update)
Chapter 5254 Qualifications (Fifth update)
Chapter 5255 Panic and nervousness! (sixth update)
Chapter 5256 Reason (seventh update)
Chapter 5257 The figure of the North Pole! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5258 If you want to know, come with me (1st update)
Chapter 5259 The only chance (second update)
Chapter 5260: Owing something (third update)
Chapter 5261 The Kings Man (fourth update)
Chapter 5262 Ye Chens confidence (fifth update)
Chapter 5263: Stand out from the crowd (sixth update)
Chapter 5264 Super Monster (seventh update)
Chapter 5265 No insult allowed! (eighth update)
Chapter 5266 The momentum is like a rainbow! (Ninth update! Please vote!)
Chapter 5267 Shui Family! (1st update)
Chapter 5268 Loopholes in the ancestral teachings! (Second update)
Chapter 5269 Azure Spirit Water (third update)
Chapter 5270 The Mystery of the Golden Shadow (fourth update)
Chapter 5271 Who is the prey? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5272: Raging Fury (sixth update)
Chapter 5273 The limit! Burning essence and blood! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5274 Discovered! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5275 Kill it (1st update)
Chapter 5276 Is this a miracle? (Second update)
Chapter 5277 Layout, successor! (Third update)
Chapter 5278 Evil Boy! (fourth update)
Chapter 5279 Alliance? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5280 Monster in the Dark (sixth update)
Chapter 5281 Strange! (seventh update)
Chapter 5282: Sudden attack! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5283 Old things (first update)
Chapter 5284: Heaven-defying Talent (Second Update)
Chapter 5285 From Guanhai Tower (third update)
Chapter 5286 Ye Chens Limit (fourth update)
Chapter 5287 Ancestor (fifth update)
Chapter 5288 Ye Chen betrayed? (sixth update)
Chapter 5289 The final layout (seventh update)
Chapter 5290: Those who touch the master will die! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5291 Eternal silence! (1st update)
Chapter 5292 Hidden Things (Second Update)
Chapter 5293 The secret behind the chessboard! (Third update)
Chapter 5294 Its just the beginning! (fourth update)
Chapter 5295 Give up the struggle (fifth update)
Chapter 5296 Furious revenge is coming! (Sixth update)
Chapter 5297 Death crisis! Borrow strength! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5298 Extremely bad! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5299 The ultimate trump card! (Additional update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 5300 Erratic Cause and Effect (Ten updates! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5301 Ling Ziyan! (1st update)
Chapter 5302 Ye Chens Guardian (Second Update)
Chapter 5303 No need to be so troublesome (third update)
Chapter 5304 The visitor is evil (fourth update)
Chapter 5305 Qualifications (fifth update)
Chapter 5306 This kind of power is fascinating! (Sixth update)
Chapter 5307 Dragon Gate! (seventh update)
Chapter 5308 Divine Abyss? (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5309 Dragon Yuan Transformation Spirit Fruit! (1st update)
Chapter 5310 What a terrifying sword! (Second update)
Chapter 5311: Practice instead of fighting? (Third update)
Chapter 5312 Are you the one who wants to hurt my disciple? (fourth update)
Chapter 5313 Confidence (fifth update)
Chapter 5314 Direct rejection! (sixth update)
Chapter 5315 is the ultimate (seventh update)
Chapter 5316 Reliance! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5317 Accident! (1st update)
Chapter 5318 The power of the soul (second update)
Chapter 5319 My Responsibility (Third Update)
Chapter 5320 The Tradition of Shenyuan (fourth update)
Chapter 5321 Lord of the Divine Abyss (fifth update)
Chapter 5322 The Lord of Reincarnation, fallen? (sixth update)
Chapter 5323: Destroy all the ruins, reincarnation is about to begin (seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5324 Completely wiped out from the world (first update)
Chapter 5325 The dusty hatred (second update)
Chapter 5326 The devils evil ways! (Third update)
Chapter 5327: As shown by Yingzhu, thousands of people have thousands of faces (fourth update)
Chapter 5328 Ill make an exception and give you a ride (5th update)
Chapter 5329 Ye Luoer, dying? (sixth update)
Chapter 5330 His name is Ye Chen (seventh update)
Chapter 5331 Reverse scale (eighth update)
Chapter 5332 Xuan Jiyues secret? (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5333 Nanshan Gu Mother (first update)
Chapter 5334: The Festival of Ten Thousand Ghosts! The Destruction of Living People (Second Update)
Chapter 5335 What is the connection with Hong Tianjing! (Third update)
Chapter 5336 The mysterious stone tablet! (fourth update)
Chapter 5337 Goodbye Ji Siqing (fifth update)
Chapter 5338 The dusty secret (sixth update)
Chapter 5339 Dont take action! (seventh update)
Chapter 5340 The promise of the past! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5341 No need! (1st update)
Chapter 5342 The cause and effect of the Heavenly Sword of Disaster (second update)
Chapter 5343 Eternal Plain (third update)
Chapter 5344 Bones of the Eternal Emperor (fourth update)
Chapter 5345 Relics (fifth update)
Chapter 5346 The strange movement of the Desolate Demon Heavenly Sword (sixth update)
Chapter 5347: Dome Mutation (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5348 The war is about to break out! (1st update)
Chapter 5349 Hand of the Void (Second update)
Chapter 5350 Whereabouts! (Third update)
Chapter 5351 Xuan Yi Sect (fourth update)
Chapter 5352 The Girl of Xuan Lake (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5353 One move is enough! (sixth update)
Chapter 5354: Cheap apprentice? Is Xiao Huang safe? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5355 Questioning! (1st update)
Chapter 5356 Xuantian Xuanfa, tracing back to the past (second update)
Chapter 5357: Fight once! (Third update)
Chapter 5358 The fierce power of the double-eyed nightmare! (fourth update)
Chapter 5359 Who is it! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5360 It shouldnt be like this! (sixth update)
Chapter 5361 One Yin and One Yang (seventh update)
Chapter 5362 A clear conscience! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5363: Bullying the Master and Destroying the Ancestor! (Update 1)
Chapter 5364 Evil object? The wrath of Burning Sky! (Second update)
Chapter 5365 Xuan Yi Immortal Demonic Array! (Third update)
Chapter 5366 The extremely domineering Xiao Huang (fourth update)
Chapter 5367 The Secret of Frost Stone (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5368 Wei Ying will die? (sixth update)
Chapter 5369 Ye Chens obsession! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5370 The person you want (first update)
Chapter 5371 Only three places left (second update)
Chapter 5372 Its Ye Chen again! (Third update)
Chapter 5373 All the gods, grant me immortal blessings! (Fourth update)
Chapter 5374 Ten Thousand Dragon Scales! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5375 Gu Qis accident! (sixth update)
Chapter 5376 Find me! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5377 Life and Death (1st update)
Chapter 5378 Ye Chens request! (Second update)
Chapter 5379 The dusty cause and effect! (Third update)
Chapter 5380 A vain attempt? (fourth update)
Chapter 5381 Bloodline changes! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5382 Shentu Tianyin (sixth update)
Chapter 5383 Face to face with the Supreme Power! (Seventh update! Happy New Years Eve!)
Chapter 5384 Daughters Test (1st update)
Chapter 5385: Skyrocketing (Second update)
Chapter 5386 Everyone will die (third update)
Chapter 5387 How long can you last? (fourth update)
Chapter 5388 The Power of Nine Heavens Magic? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5389: Coexistence or death! (sixth update)
Chapter 5390 That girl is back! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5391 Get out! (1st update)
Chapter 5392 Its still here (second update)
Chapter 5393 Eve (third update)
Chapter 5394 The so-called favor (fourth update)
Chapter 5395 The temple accepts color (fifth update)
Chapter 5396 Who is the mantis and who is the cicada (sixth update)
Chapter 5397: Falling claws into formation! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5398 Arrow of the Star Sea (first update)
Chapter 5399 You cant escape even if you have wings! (Second update)
Chapter 5400 Endless inner demons (third update)
Chapter 5401 I cant love you! Long time no see! (fourth update)
Chapter 5402 Mysterious Black Shadow (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5403 The black shadow that breaks the situation? (sixth update)
Chapter 5404: The goddess has arrived? (Seventh update! Please give me your monthly vote!)
Chapter 5405 I dont have much time left (1st update)
Chapter 5406 Last Wish (Second Update)
Chapter 5407 Combined combat skills! (Third update)
Chapter 5408 The terrifying Shen Tu Wan'er (fourth update)
Chapter 5409 Im coming! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5410 Its not a one-person battle (sixth update)
Chapter 5411 The key behind the layout! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5412 Mysterious Stone Statue (1st update)
Chapter 5413 Dont touch! (Second update)
Chapter 5414 The cause and effect of the Lord of Reincarnation (third update)
Chapter 5415 Ominous vision! (fourth update)
Chapter 5416 The annihilation of the sinful girl? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5417 Room for maneuver (sixth update)
Chapter 5418 Dominate with one sword, the incarnation of the bright moon (seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5419 Protect the Master! (1st update)
Chapter 5420 The strongest blow (second update)
Chapter 5421 The last chance (third update)
Chapter 5422: Is the price worth it? (fourth update)
Chapter 5423 Weird Peach Blossom Forest (Fifth update)
Chapter 5424 An expert! (sixth update)
Chapter 5425 Ten Enlightenments! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5426 Just waiting for you (first update)
Chapter 5427 The Seal of Reincarnation (Second Update)
Chapter 5428 Guardian Spirit (Third update)
Chapter 5429 Mysterious Woman (fourth update)
Chapter 5430 Face to face! Confrontation! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5431 The divine pulse is about to move (sixth update)
Chapter 5432 Is there another mystery? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5433 The answer to the double-eyed nightmare (first update)
Chapter 5434 Chong Xiaozi! (Second update)
Chapter 5435 The storm is coming! (Third update)
Chapter 5436 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind! (fourth update)
Chapter 5437 Free Pagoda (fifth update)
Chapter 5438: Genocide? (sixth update)
Chapter 5439: Taboo is coming out? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5440 The oath of the inner demon? (first update)
Chapter 5441 The Queens Sword (Second Update)
Chapter 5442 The secret of the key (third update)
Chapter 5443 Guardian Inscription (fourth update)
Chapter 5444: Kill Ye Chen with the sword (5th update)
Chapter 5445 The purpose of taboo (sixth update)
Chapter 5446 You are finally here! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5447 Vulnerable! (1st update)
Chapter 5448 Is it that simple? (Second update)
Chapter 5449 Ancient Formation (Third Update)
Chapter 5450 Void Choice (fourth update)
Chapter 5451 Huang Lao! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5452 My belief, taboo! (sixth update)
Chapter 5453 Enemies meet! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5454 Blood Moon Glory! (First update)
Chapter 5455 The opportunity of the key (second update)
Chapter 5456 Ten Thousand Thirteen! (Third update)
Chapter 5457 Negotiation and gaming! (fourth update)
Chapter 5458 The Tao of Huang Lao! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5459 The planner, the hand of darkness! (sixth update)
Chapter 5460 The game between Huang Lao and Ren Feifan! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5461 Its crazy! (1st update)
Chapter 5462 Huang Laos past (second update)
Chapter 5463 Mutation! (Third update)
Chapter 5464 Self-created martial arts! (fourth update)
Chapter 5465 Ye Chens choice (fifth update)
Chapter 5466 From the source! (sixth update)
Chapter 5467 As long as you nod! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5468: Set yourself on fire! (1st update)
Chapter 5469 Your Opportunity (Second Update)
Chapter 5470 The Origin of the Divine Seal (Third Update)
Chapter 5471 The journey to find God! (fourth update)
Chapter 5472 The existence behind the Divine Gate! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5473 Elder Yin Yang! (sixth update)
Chapter 5474 Fairy Xuans reminder! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5475 The secret of Shenmen (first update)
Chapter 5476 Qi Qiu'er's layout (second update)
Chapter 5477 Shocking Movement (Third Update)
Chapter 5478 The Lord of Reincarnation Behind the Divine Seal (fourth update)
Chapter 5479 Return! Earthly world! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5480 The secret behind it (sixth update)
Chapter 5481 A new power comes out! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5482 Dare to insult my sect leader! Die! (1st update)
Chapter 5483 The luck in this life is excellent (second update)
Chapter 5484 Feng Tianshangs words (third update)
Chapter 5485: Array within an array? (fourth update)
Chapter 5486 Eighty Traces (fifth update)
Chapter 5487 Feng Tianshangs irritability (sixth update)
Chapter 5488 The taste of old friends! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5489 Dao Wujiangs wrath! (First update)
Chapter 5490 Ancestral Land (Second Update)
Chapter 5491 Ancestral Asylum (Third Update)
Chapter 5492 The road ahead! (fourth update)
Chapter 5493 Destruction of Dao City (Fifth update)
Chapter 5494 The weird seal of destruction! (sixth update)
Chapter 5495 The so-called rules! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5496 The mysterious strong man (first update)
Chapter 5497 Breaking through the Dao Seal! (Second update)
Chapter 5498 Are you the culprit? (Third update)
Chapter 5499 Is it worth it? (fourth update)
Chapter 5500 Hongmen Banquet! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5501 The killing path of a leaf (sixth update)
Chapter 5502 The way to endless life! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5503 The name of Confucian Ancestor (first update)
Chapter 5504 If you were a Buddha, I would be a devil! (Second update)
Chapter 5505 Cold-blooded betrayal (third update)
Chapter 5506 The indifferent figure (fourth update)
Chapter 5507: In my name, rebel against respect! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5508 The will of Huang Lao! (sixth update)
Chapter 5509 Gods Contempt! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5510 The whereabouts of the divine seal (first update)
Chapter 5511 Weird Things (Second Update)
Chapter 5512 Huang Laos conditions! (Third update)
Chapter 5513 Here, God Zeng Meteor! (fourth update)
Chapter 5514: Similar to Ling Xiao Wuyi (fifth update)
Chapter 5515 Wait for him to wake up! (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 5516 Huang Laos Sword! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5517 Accompanying the old man for eternity (first update)
Chapter 5518 Awakening (second update)
Chapter 5519: Rule the world with law, God is in the sky! (Third update)
Chapter 5520 I am the Blood God! (fourth update)
Chapter 5521 News that shouldnt appear (fifth update)
Chapter 5522 My people should not get involved (sixth update)
Volume 2 Chapter 5523 The terrifying sword spirit! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5524 The magical effect of the broken sword (first update)
Chapter 5525: Forces that should not be provoked (second update)
Chapter 5526 The spying in the depths (third update)
Chapter 5527 The Cause and Effect of the Supreme World (fourth update)
Chapter 5528 Cant leave! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5529 Sword Forging! (sixth update)
Chapter 5530 Who is the real master! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5531 Breaker! (1st update)
Chapter 5532 Life and death dilemma! (Second update)
Chapter 5533 The Wrath of the Ghost King! (Third update)
Chapter 5534 The source of desolate demons communicate with each other (fourth update)
Chapter 5535 Immortality (fifth update)
Chapter 5536 Ten breaths have passed! (sixth update)
Chapter 5537 The strange heavenly sword! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5538 Bloodthirsty, Blood Drinking (1st update)
Chapter 5539 Whose handiwork? (Second update)
Chapter 5540 What shouldnt have come is here anyway (third update)
Chapter 5541 The dusty divine seal (fourth update)
Chapter 5542 Mr. He! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5543 The power of double competition! (sixth update)
Chapter 5544: The layout is messed up? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5545 The real guardian (first update)
Chapter 5546 The miraculous effect of reincarnation bloodline! (Second update)
Chapter 5547 The magic of formations and Hongmeng Starry Sky! (Third update)
Chapter 5548 The gods are generous and blessed with the divine seal! (fourth update)
Chapter 5549 Genocide? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5550 You shouldnt humiliate your teacher! (sixth update)
Chapter 5551 Not Qualified (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5552 Giving you a choice (first update)
Chapter 5553 The end of the road (second update)
Chapter 5554 Is this his doom? (Third update)
Chapter 5555 The Power of Reincarnation (fourth update)
Chapter 5556 Xiao Huangs anger (fifth update)
Chapter 5557 Confucian Ancestor! (sixth update)
Chapter 5558: Huang Laos self-rescue! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5559 Confucian Ancestors layout (first update)
Chapter 5560 The Past of the Blood God (Second Update)
Chapter 5561 The truth about Ji Siqing! (Third update)
Chapter 5562 Former Sisters (fourth update)
Chapter 5563 Cause and effect! Reappearance! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5564 That jade pendant! (sixth update)
Chapter 5565: Past life, belief in this life! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 5566 The reincarnation star soul is destroyed! (1st update)
Chapter 5567 The so-called old friend (second update)
Chapter 5568: Show mercy (third update)
Chapter 5569: Instant Fall (fourth update)
Chapter 5570 Sleeping Memory (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5571 Tentacles of the Blood God (sixth update)
Chapter 5572: Linked to each other! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5573: Carrying a Divine Object (1st update)
Chapter 5574: Fight to the death to protect (second update)
Chapter 5575 Oriole, appears! (Third update)
Chapter 5576 Outrageous (fourth update)
Chapter 5577: Broken rules (fifth update)
Chapter 5578 Broken arm! (sixth update)
Chapter 5579 Medicine Ancestor! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5580 Warning Qu Chenyun (1st update)
Chapter 5581 Choice and memory! (Second update)
Chapter 5582 Senior Fengs breakthrough! (Third update)
Chapter 5583 Qingxuan (fourth update)
Chapter 5584 Layout, introduction! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5585 The dusty snow mountain (sixth update)
Chapter 5586 No way out! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5587 I have no way out! (1st update)
Chapter 5588 Xuanhan Jades warmth! (Second update)
Chapter 5589: Thousands of Destroyed Snow Heart Lotuses (Third Update)
Chapter 5590 The layout behind the scenes! (fourth update)
Chapter 5591 The past is unbearable! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5592 Comeback (sixth update)
Chapter 5563 The Hundred Days Period (seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5564 The Change of Xuanji Yue (1st update)
Chapter 5565 I will not sit still and wait for death (second update)
Chapter 5566 Donghuang Tiandian makes a comeback! (Third update)
Chapter 5567 Dragon Gate (fourth update)
Chapter 5568 Shame! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5569 Despair! (sixth update)
Chapter 5570 Dealing with Evil Old Man! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5571 Boy, get out of the way (1st update)
Chapter 5572 The Way of the Witch Clan (Second Update)
Chapter 5573: Emphasis on love and justice? (Third update)
Chapter 5574 Betrayal and Execution (fourth update)
Chapter 5575 Donghuang Bell! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5576 The underestimated Xuan Lingzhu (sixth update)
Chapter 5577 What is fighting for hegemony! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5608 Senior Brother Li is back (first update)
Chapter 5609 Ren Feifans concerns (second update)
Chapter 5610 Open (third update)
Chapter 5611 What is evil (fourth update)
Chapter 5612: That place of ultimate freedom (fifth update)
Chapter 5613 Are you Ye Chen? (sixth update)
Chapter 5614 The so-called pride? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5615 What a terrifying poison (1st update)
Chapter 5616 I want your protection! (Second update)
Chapter 5617 Save people! (Third update)
Chapter 5618 What is Taoist Heart and What is Surrender (fourth update)
Chapter 5619 The real evil (fifth update)
Chapter 5620: Defeat or layout? (sixth update)
Chapter 5621 Should die in my hands (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5622 Extremely wonderful (first update)
Chapter 5623 Insight into the past and present! (Second update)
Chapter 5624 Hantian Divine Sword, destroy the world! (Third update)
Chapter 5625 Artwork! (fourth update)
Chapter 5626 This is enough (fifth update)
Chapter 5627 The breath of death! (sixth update)
Chapter 5628 A strange scene! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5629 The dark shadow (first update)
Chapter 5630 Enough to Obliterate (Second Update)
Chapter 5631 So strong! (Third update)
Chapter 5632 What to do? (fourth update)
Chapter 5633 You disappoint me (fifth update)
Chapter 5634 Isnt it the pinnacle (sixth update)
Chapter 5635: Frightened and flinched! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5636 Weird Monster Clan (1st update)
Chapter 5637 The Layout (Second Update)
Chapter 5638: Just this little strength? (Third update)
Chapter 5639 Tomb of the Spiritual King (fourth update)
Chapter 5640 Why! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5641 The oriole is behind (sixth update)
Chapter 5642 The location of the map! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5643 Eternal Secret (Update 1)
Chapter 5644 The door is open (second update)
Chapter 5645 Ye Linyuan (third update)
Chapter 5646 Zhixuan (fourth update)
Chapter 5647 Another vision! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5648 Transaction (sixth update)
Chapter 5649 Hongmen Banquet! The organizer! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5650 Watching Fire (1st update)
Chapter 5651 What is she waiting for? (Second update)
Chapter 5652 True Identity (Third Update)
Chapter 5653: Watch a play with me (fourth update)
Chapter 5654 Ahead of schedule? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5655 The Earths Core Destruction Pearl (sixth update)
Chapter 5656 The trial of destroying the Dao Seal? (seventh update)
Chapter 5657 Emperor Wenqu (first update)
Chapter 5658: Tangled in Cause and Effect (Second Update)
Chapter 5659 What is the power of the Heavenly Sword (third update)
Chapter 5660: There is a spirit in destroying the pearl (fourth update)
Chapter 5661 Is this opportunity? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5662 Vulnerable! (sixth update)
Chapter 5663 The legendary last star! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5664 Sun Immortal Glory? (1st update)
Chapter 5665 Wanxus conspiracy (second update)
Chapter 5666 Chess pieces and game winning (third update)
Chapter 5667 Endless voyeurism (fourth update)
Chapter 5668 Gongye Peak (fifth update)
Chapter 5669 The Returned Sword Spirit (sixth update)
Chapter 5670 Life and death crisis! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5671 The key to breaking the situation (first update)
Chapter 5672 Jiu Dians life and death crisis (second update)
Chapter 5673 Opportunity! (Third update)
Chapter 5674: Feeling Clear (Fourth Update)
Chapter 5675 The temperature of the world (fifth update)
Chapter 5676 Cause and effect, sin (sixth update)
Chapter 5677 Ren Feifans attitude! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5678 Ren Feifan is indeed a troublesome person (first update)
Chapter 5679 One of the Gods (Second update)
Chapter 5680: An old friends wonderful method (third update)
Chapter 5681 Thunder Nightmare (fourth update)
Chapter 5682 Taiyi Thunder Sand (Fifth update)
Chapter 5683 Everyone has a choice (sixth update)
Chapter 5684: Powerful help! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5685: A mortal? (1st update)
Chapter 5686: Destruction of Wuji (second update)
Chapter 5687 Are there ten levels of the seal of the path of destruction? (Third update)
Chapter 5688 Ordinary and Extraordinary (fourth update)
Chapter 5689 Will the Longyuan Heavenly Sword come out? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5690 The big devil is back! (sixth update)
Chapter 5691 My sword, the sword of memory! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5692 The Sword of the Past (1st update)
Chapter 5693 The Will of the Blood God (Second Update)
Chapter 5694: Your help (third update)
Chapter 5695 Tianwu Wolong Sutra (fourth update)
Chapter 5696 Phantom Dust (Fifth update)
Chapter 5697 How is it possible! (sixth update)
Chapter 5698: Misty Dream Technique (seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5699 Ten Thousand Years (1st update)
Chapter 5700 The Cause and Effect of the Past (Second Update)
Chapter 5701: Enemies from Thousands of Years Ago (3rd update)
Chapter 5702 A drop in the ocean (fourth update)
Chapter 5703 Disappointment and Choice (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5704 Black Sun! (sixth update)
Chapter 5705 The Power of the Dao Seal! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5706 The opportunity of the blood dragon? (first update)
Chapter 5707 Races in the Ancient Era (Second Update)
Chapter 5708 Star Pattern (Third Update)
Chapter 5709 Weird! (fourth update)
Chapter 5710 Powerful help! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5711 The Years of Catastrophe (sixth update)
Chapter 5712 Time is running out! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5713 Xuan Hanyus reminder! (1st update)
Chapter 5714 The Cause and Effect of the Supreme Goddess (Second Update)
Chapter 5715: Seizing the Body and Opportunity (Third Update)
Chapter 5716 Deduction and Fog (fourth update)
Chapter 5717 Entering the Burial Ground (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5718 See you again! (sixth update)
Chapter 5719 I cant hold on any longer! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5720 Master, Im sorry! (1st update)
Chapter 5721 Prisoner of Demon Gorge (second update)
Chapter 5722 Dragon Souls Way Out (Third Update)
Chapter 5723 Han Qianmin (fourth update)
Chapter 5725 Shen Yan, its you! (sixth update)
Chapter 5726 Su Mohans protection! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5724 Confucianisms wish! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5727 Confucian Ancestors Preparations (First Update)
Chapter 5728 The Blood Gods Invitation (Second Update)
Chapter 5729 Something is weird! (Third update)
Chapter 5730 Breakthrough! (fourth update)
Chapter 5731 The backlash of cause and effect! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5732 Hong Tianjings cause and effect? (sixth update)
Chapter 5733 Is it a nightmare or an opportunity? (Seventh update! Please start the month!)
Chapter 5734 The will of the goddess? (1st update)
Chapter 5735 Cause and effect that should not be contaminated (second update)
Chapter 5736 Disciples of Wanxu (third update)
Chapter 5737 Can it be blocked? (fourth update)
Chapter 5738 Your life is mine (fifth update)
Chapter 5739 A slap! (sixth update)
Chapter 5740 The cause and effect behind it! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5741 The Secret of Shenyuan (1st update)
Chapter 5742 The Tower of Ten Tribulations Gods and Demons (Second update)
Chapter 5743 Her suggestion (third update)
Chapter 5744: Misty Rain Immortal (fourth update)
Chapter 5745 Lord! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5746: Offended! (sixth update)
Chapter 5747 True and False Ending! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5748 Pseudo Nine Heavens Magic (1st update)
Chapter 5749: One for one (second update)
Chapter 5750 Ren and reincarnation love (third update)
Chapter 5751 The Origin of White Lotus (fourth update)
Chapter 5752 Violation (fifth update)
Chapter 5753 Strengthen the power of the Blood Hell God! (sixth update)
Chapter 5754 is on the verge of breaking out! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5755 A shocking battle (first update)
Chapter 5756 You must die today! (Second update)
Chapter 5757 Cause and effect and fate (third update)
Chapter 5758 As long as you live! (fourth update)
Chapter 5759 Breaking the situation! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5760 Revenge for me! (sixth update)
Chapter 5761 I am the master! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5762 The Demon Devours the Sun and the Moon (1st update)
Chapter 5763 What to do! (Second update)
Chapter 5764 Will not interfere (third update)
Chapter 5765 No choice (fourth update)
Chapter 5766 Fall! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5767 Ren Feifan (sixth update)
Chapter 5768: Funeral! How about it? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5769 Ye Chens whereabouts (first update)
Chapter 5770 Unknown Area (Second Update)
Chapter 5771 Vitality and Entrance (Third update)
Chapter 5772 Changes in the Divine Seal! (Fourth update)
Chapter 5773 The opportunity of the dust monument! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5774 Ten Layers of Destruction Seal? (sixth update)
Chapter 5775 Ultimate destruction! Life and death! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5776 Escape from the tigers mouth! (1st update)
Chapter 5777 Lord, wait! (Second update)
Chapter 5778 The mysterious girl (third update)
Chapter 5779 Judgment of the Seventy-two Heavenly Formation (fourth update)
Chapter 5780 The voice of the divine seal! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5781 The identity of the Lord of Judgment (sixth update)
Chapter 5782 Ye Chen, the breaker? (Seventh update!)
Chapter 5783 Blood as a guide (first update)
Chapter 5784 Stranger? (Second update)
Chapter 5785 The Spirit of the Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation! (Third update)
Chapter 5786 Deep misunderstanding! (fourth update)
Chapter 5787 Never live! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5788 The Transformation of the Flame Monument! (Sixth update)
Chapter 5789 People from the Ye family? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5790 Xiao Heis movements (first update)
Chapter 5791: Thousands of blood clots! (Second update)
Chapter 5792 Heading towards destruction! (Third update)
Chapter 5793 The origin of the Judgment Temple (fourth update)
Chapter 5794 Qinglong Secret Realm (fifth update)
Chapter 5795 Breaking the lock! (sixth update)
Chapter 5796 Mutated murderous intent! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5797 The Power of Dragon Flame! (Update 1)
Chapter 5798 The Secret of the Holy Emperor! (Second update)
Chapter 5799 Divine Tree Talisman (Third update)
Chapter 5800 Investigation from the Supreme Being! (Fourth update)
Chapter 5801 Natural Disaster of the Undead (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5802 The sword of history! (sixth update)
Chapter 5803 Ruoxues determination! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5804 Ren Feifans guess (first update)
Chapter 5805 Changes in the Earth's Core Realm (Second Update)
Chapter 5806 Unforgivable! (Third update)
Chapter 5807: Extreme or Weak (fourth update)
Chapter 5808 Divine Tree Talisman (Fifth update)
Chapter 5809 Something bad happened! (sixth update)
Chapter 5810 The Mo familys big gamble! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5811 Qinglong! (1st update)
Chapter 5812 She is waiting for Ye Chen (second update)
Chapter 5813 The disc is an evil object (third update)
Chapter 5814 The terrifying Lin Tianxiao (fourth update)
Chapter 5815 Ringing the Bell (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5816 Cleaning up the door (sixth update)
Chapter 5817 An unreserved sword! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5818 Lin Tianxiao (first update)
Chapter 5819 Calmness and Strength (Second Update)
Chapter 5820 The Lin Familys Imperial Master! (Third update)
Chapter 5821 Losing and winning (fourth update)
Chapter 5822 Divine Tree Talisman (Fifth update)
Chapter 5823 Xue Ning Qians request (sixth update)
Chapter 5824 General! Emperor! Empress! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5825 Who are you! (1st update)
Chapter 5826 The Secret of the Three Swords (Second Update)
Chapter 5827 Huang Laos ambition! (Third update)
Chapter 5828 People in the Blood Gate! (fourth update)
Chapter 5829 Mo Hanxis crisis? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5830 The weather of crape myrtle (sixth update)
Chapter 5831 The Desolate Demon Heavenly Sword! Hongmen Banquet! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5832 Only one year! (1st update)
Chapter 5833: Sword! (Second update)
Chapter 5834 The mysterious man! (Third update)
Chapter 5835 The galaxy nurtures a charming girl (fourth update)
Chapter 5836 What you want! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5837 Another stranger? (sixth update)
Chapter 5838 The Divine Tree of the Universe! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5839 The strong men of the Five Holy Lands (first update)
Chapter 5840 The gap is too big! (Second update)
Chapter 5841: The Heavenly Sword is surrendered? (Third update)
Chapter 5842 The price of life! (fourth update)
Chapter 5843 Ye Chens trump card! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5844: Compete with me? (sixth update)
Chapter 5845 What do you mean! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5846: Human relationships, reality! (Update 1)
Chapter 5847 Mutation (Second update)
Chapter 5848 Instant crisis! (Third update)
Chapter 5849 The Lord of Reincarnation is a Cancer (fourth update)
Chapter 5850 Enough! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5851: The Realm of Death in the Clouds (sixth update)
Chapter 5852 Destiny lies in one person! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5853 Something happened! (1st update)
Chapter 5854 Shocking! (Second update)
Chapter 5855 Death? (Third update)
Chapter 5856 Bloody Wounds (fourth update)
Chapter 5857 Sword World! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5858 Determination! (sixth update)
Chapter 5859 Clues! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5860 Ye Lingtians speculation (first update)
Chapter 5861 Plain Cloud Realm (Second update)
Chapter 5862 Clues to the Ye family? (Third update)
Chapter 5863 Luck and breaking the situation (fourth update)
Chapter 5864 The Strongest Nine Heavens Magic (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5865 Feng Yu returns to the spirit and enters my underworld (sixth update)
Chapter 5866 Rejection and Cause and Effect (seventh update)
Chapter 5867 This guy is crazy! (1st update)
Chapter 5868 The power of the three ancestors! (Second update)
Chapter 5869 Cause and effect and anger! (Third update)
Chapter 5870 Ren Feifans choice (fourth update)
Chapter 5871 How long will it last? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5872 The power of the ancestors! (sixth update)
Chapter 5873 No matter what it takes! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5874 Sins of the Temple! (First update)
Chapter 5875 The Promise at the Earth Center Temple (Second Update)
Chapter 5876 Wind Monument Upgrade! (Third update)
Chapter 5877 Hong Beichens plan! (fourth update)
Chapter 5878 The cause and effect of the three families (fifth update)
Chapter 5879 Changes in the Lin family! (sixth update)
Chapter 5880 Breaking the situation and breaking up! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 5881 Qinglong Qingyun, the underworld sweeps across! (1st update)
Chapter 5882: This life is not in vain (second update)
Chapter 5883 The dissipated divine thoughts (third update)
Chapter 5884 The whereabouts of the clues (fourth update)
Chapter 5885 Sacrificial chess pieces (fifth update)
Chapter 5886 Huang Laos confidence (sixth update)
Chapter 5887 The Battle of the Desolate Old Witch Ancestor! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5888 How about you and I cooperating? (1st update)
Chapter 5889 Crying in the sword! (Second update)
Chapter 5890 The World in the Sword! (Third update)
Chapter 5891 Xiao Huang and Xiao Hei! (fourth update)
Chapter 5892 An unexpected person! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5893 The price of death (sixth update)
Chapter 5894 I want them all! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5895 The ultimate of Tao, nothingness (first update)
Chapter 5896 Rens strength! (Second update)
Chapter 5897 Life and Death Crisis (Third Update)
Chapter 5898 Gambling! (fourth update)
Chapter 5899 You seem to be injured? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5900 Ye Chens attitude (sixth update)
Chapter 5901 Destiny! Ren Feifan! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 5902 The transformation of the demon monument (first update)
Chapter 5903 Ren Feifans shocking opportunity (second update)
Chapter 5904 Not contaminated with cause and effect (third update)
Chapter 5905 I wont leave (fourth update)
Chapter 5906 Henggu! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5907 Mysterious Woman (sixth update)
Chapter 5908 The Cause and Effect of the Disaster Heavenly Sword? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5909: Can you help me with this game of chess? (1st update)
Chapter 5910 Sword Fusion! (Second update)
Chapter 5911 A new power comes out! (Third update)
Chapter 5912 Goodbye acquaintance! (fourth update)
Chapter 5913 The Book of Ten Thousand Appearances! Blood Dragon! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5914 The battle of revenge! (sixth update)
Chapter 5915: Who suppresses whom! (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5916 Struggle? (1st update)
Chapter 5917 Something happened to Li Feixue? (Second update)
Chapter 5918 Game! (Third update)
Chapter 5919 Ye Chens Heaven-burning Wrath! (Fourth update)
Chapter 5920 Reincarnation, coming! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5921 What is madness (sixth update)
Chapter 5922 Yaoguang Purple Technique! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5923 Something big happened! (1st update)
Chapter 5924 Whats going on! (Second update)
Chapter 5925 Sea of Blood (third update)
Chapter 5926 Trapped! (fourth update)
Chapter 5927 Breaking the situation! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5928 The Bloody Spirit Lord! (sixth update)
Chapter 5929 The reason why its worth it! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5930 Yan Xuan'er's changes (first update)
Chapter 5931 Ye Chens thoughts (second update)
Chapter 5932: Looting resources! (Third update)
Chapter 5933 Lies (fourth update)
Chapter 5934 See through? (Fifth update)
Chapter 5935 Breaking the situation! (sixth update)
Chapter 5936 Who is quibbling! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5937 Opportunity! (eighth update)
Chapter 5938 The plot of the formation soul! (Ninth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5939 Rule Maker (1st update)
Chapter 5940 Disaster? (Second update)
Chapter 5941 The Breath of the Sky Demon (Third Update)
Chapter 5942 The mysterious horn (fourth update)
Chapter 5943 Death Threat (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5944 Despicable! (sixth update)
Chapter 5945 Ye Chens anger! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5946 Sacrifice (1st update)
Chapter 5947 The First Soul of the Sky Demon (Second Update)
Chapter 5948 The Past of the Sky Demon (Third Update)
Chapter 5949 The Northern Sky Sea! (fourth update)
Chapter 5950 Wei Yings cause and effect (fifth update)
Chapter 5951 The mysterious young man! (sixth update)
Chapter 5952 Help me kill someone! (Seventh update)
Chapter 5953 The invisible cause and effect! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5954 Eight Heavenly Swords (first update)
Chapter 5955 The Yuhuang Ethnic Group (Second Update)
Chapter 5956: Evil Spirit Martial Arts (Third update)
Chapter 5957 The enemy in the darkness (fourth update)
Chapter 5958 The Guardian of the Disaster Sword (Fifth update)
Chapter 5959 The whole story (sixth update)
Chapter 5960 Forgot the past (seventh update)
Chapter 5961 Get out! (Eight more updates! Please vote for additional updates!)
Chapter 5962 A chess piece (first update)
Chapter 5963 Crimson Chalcedony (Second Update)
Chapter 5964 The Queens people? (Third update)
Chapter 5965 Trap layout! (fourth update)
Chapter 5966 The Power of Reincarnation (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5967 The best choice (sixth update)
Chapter 5968 Seventh Level of Opportunity! (Seventh update coming, please vote for me!)
Chapter 5969 The realm of nothingness! (1st update)
Chapter 5970 Such a Evil Door (Second Update)
Chapter 5971 The Son and the Saint (Third update)
Chapter 5972 The transformation of the dark monument? (fourth update)
Chapter 5973 Dark Abyss (fifth update)
Chapter 5974 A bereaved dog? (sixth update)
Chapter 5975 Flowers bloom on the other side of the world! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5976 The second-ranked nine-day magic! (1st update)
Chapter 5977 Lin Zi Jue (second update)
Chapter 5978 Fall! (Third update)
Chapter 5979 comes out! Great fight! (Fourth update)
Chapter 5980 A heaven-defying opportunity! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5981 Xiao Qingyan? Who is it? (sixth update)
Chapter 5982: Heavenly principles, nothing! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5983 See the Lord of Reincarnation (first update)
Chapter 5984 White Emperor Golden Emperor Pattern (Second update)
Chapter 5985: Get drunk (3rd update)
Chapter 5986 The advent of the Heavenly Sword (fourth update)
Chapter 5987 Clues Chase (Fifth Update)
Chapter 5988 The real son of destiny! (sixth update)
Chapter 5989 Ren Feifans Promise! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5990 The origin of Wutian! (1st update)
Chapter 5991 Ye Luoers changes (second update)
Chapter 5992 Mission (third update)
Chapter 5993 Crazy move! (fourth update)
Chapter 5994 Flower of the Other Shore! (Fifth update)
Chapter 5995 The old Taoism! (sixth update)
Chapter 5996 Does the injury still hurt? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 5997 Wu Wu Tian Shu? (1st update)
Chapter 5998 The phase of heaven and earth, Ten Thousand Mountains! (Second update)
Chapter 5999 New Realm! (Third update)
Chapter 6000 Blood Dragon and Ye Chen reunite! (fourth update)
Chapter 6001 Flowers bloom on the other side of the world (fifth update)
Chapter 6002 Something happened! (sixth update)
Chapter 6003: Cut off cause and effect! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6004 The vitality of the blood dragon! (1st update)
Chapter 6005 Seize the Sword? (Second update)
Chapter 6006 Long Yuan! Open! (Third update)
Chapter 6007 Hong Tianjings seal! (fourth update)
Chapter 6008 Cooperation! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6009 No fight, no acquaintance! (sixth update)
Chapter 6010 Little Brahma Kung Fu? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6011 Xuan Jiyue! (1st update)
Chapter 6012 Cooperation (Second update)
Chapter 6013 Immortal Talisman Heavenly Book (Third update)
Chapter 6014 The trial of inner demons? (fourth update)
Chapter 6015 The Supreme Artifact (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6016 Crush everything (sixth update)
Chapter 6017 Life and Death! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6018 The Devils Death Talisman (1st update)
Chapter 6020 Reincarnation! Destiny! (Third update)
Chapter 6021 The inner demon arrives (fourth update)
Chapter 6022 Ambition! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6023 Lost Time and Space (sixth update)
Chapter 6024 Ji Siqings request! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6025: Breaking out of the sky! (1st update)
Chapter 6026: Falling short of success (second update)
Chapter 6027 This game of chess! (Third update)
Chapter 6028 Six Paths of Reincarnation (fourth update)
Chapter 6029 Ye Chen, died? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6030 Crazy! (sixth update)
Chapter 6031 Resonance! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6032 What Im afraid of is losing you (first update)
Chapter 6033 Recovery of memory (second update)
Chapter 6034 The Secret of Heavenly Sword (Third Update)
Chapter 6035 Dragon Bone Pill (fourth update)
Chapter 6036 The sudden arrival of Shentu Tianyin! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6037 At least five calamities? (sixth update)
Chapter 6038 The misunderstanding! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6039: A calamity (first update)
Chapter 6040: Regardless of life and death (second update)
Chapter 6041 The flowers on the other side bloom, time to welcome you! (Third update)
Chapter 6042 Wuzu City? (fourth update)
Chapter 6043 Only when we are both invincible can we break the situation! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6044 I lost (sixth update)
Chapter 6045: The Tribulation of White Lotus? (Seventh update coming! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6046 Game within a game (first update)
Chapter 6047 Play with them (second update)
Chapter 6048 The fun begins! (Third update)
Chapter 6049: What will happen after the five calamities? (Fourth update)
Chapter 6050 Common people! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6051 Void! (sixth update)
Chapter 6052 Destroy the Reincarnation Cemetery? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6053 Fighting God Dzi Bead (1st update)
Chapter 6054 The secret of Heavenly Sword! (Second update)
Chapter 6055 The Book of Wuwu (Third update)
Chapter 6056 Ancestral Land, Threat (fourth update)
Chapter 6057 Transaction (fifth update)
Chapter 6058 Goodbye Chen Zuiyue (sixth update)
Chapter 6059 Ark Dzi Bead! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6060 Another breakthrough! (1st update)
Chapter 6061 Goodbye acquaintance! (Second update)
Chapter 6062 Flowers are not flowers! (Third update)
Chapter 6063 The power of Long Yuan! (fourth update)
You Chapter 6064: Fall! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6065 The enemy is wiped out! (sixth update)
Chapter 6066 Oh no! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6067 The last of the top ten Tianjun families! (First update)
Chapter 6068: Opportunity of Ancestral Land (Second Update)
Chapter 6069 The Statue of the Ancestor (Third Update)
Chapter 6070: Judgment Killing (fourth update)
Chapter 6071 Awkward Situation (5th update)
Chapter 6072 The choice of reincarnation (sixth update)
Chapter 6073 The Heavenly Sword of Reincarnation! Whereabouts! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6074: Bing Zi Jue (1st update)
Chapter 6075 Unbelievable (second update)
Chapter 6076 Feng Family (third update)
Chapter 6077 The Sacred Tree of the Yellow Emperor (fourth update)
Chapter 6078 Nine Heavens Broken Way (Fifth update)
Chapter 6079 The crisis in the dark (sixth update)
Chapter 6080 Shocking secret? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6081 The Power of Nine Heavens Magic (1st update)
Chapter 6082 Face to face! (Second update)
Chapter 6083 Lets set off immediately! (Third update)
Chapter 6084 Xuan Jiyue! (fourth update)
Chapter 6085 Strengthen my orthodoxy! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6086 Cooperation! (sixth update)
Chapter 6087 The danger of blood coagulation! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6088 Preparing for a Breakthrough (Update 1)
Chapter 6089: Thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow! (Second update)
Chapter 6090 Nine Heavens Broken Way! (Third update)
Chapter 6091 Breakthrough in crisis (fourth update)
Chapter 6092 Sacrifice (fifth update)
Chapter 6093 The Kingdom of Reincarnation (sixth update)
Chapter 6094 The Ultimate of the Desolate Demon Heavenly Sword! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6095 Meeting Hong Tianjing (1st update)
Chapter 6096 Face to face (second update)
Chapter 6097 The real magic (third update)
Chapter 6098 Yin Yang Temple! (fourth update)
Chapter 6099 Tianwu Wolong Sutra (fifth update)
Chapter 6100 Whereabouts (sixth update)
Chapter 6101 Goodbye at the peak of reincarnation! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6102: Ten thousand ruins are coming? (1st update)
Chapter 6103 The Shentu Familys Transaction (Second Update)
Chapter 6104 Dead End! Suggestions! (Third update)
Chapter 6105 Wishing Pool! (fourth update)
Chapter 6106 The Abyss (fifth update)
Chapter 6107 Layout and response! (sixth update)
Chapter 6108 The dead souls of the past! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6109 Mysterious Woman (1st update)
Chapter 6110 Transaction (Second update)
Chapter 6111 Mystery (third update)
Chapter 6112 Falling together (fourth update)
Chapter 6113 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6114 The opportunity for trial (sixth update)
Chapter 6115 How dare you! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6116 How to contend! (1st update)
Chapter 6117 Kingdom of Heaven (Second update)
Chapter 6118 Crush (third update)
Chapter 6119 Decision (fourth update)
Chapter 6120 Absolute revenge (fifth update)
Chapter 6121 Qian Zi Jue (sixth update)
Chapter 6122 The Ancient Emperor! (Seventh update! Please vote for me)
Chapter 6123 Are you willing to say it? (1st update)
Chapter 6124 Dark Forbidden Sea (Second update)
Chapter 6125 The Demon Emperors Debt (Third Update)
Chapter 6126 Dou Zi Jue (fourth update)
Chapter 6127 The Way of the Sword (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6128 Hurt yourself (sixth update)
Chapter 6129 Goodbye Feng Dijun! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6130 Negotiation? (first update)
Chapter 6131 The Transformation of the Poison Monument (Second Update)
Chapter 6132 Allies (third update)
Chapter 6133 Ancient Demon God (fourth update)
Chapter 6134 Choice, killing? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6135 The huge gap! (sixth update)
Chapter 6136 Xiao Hei and Xiao Huang fight side by side! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6137 The Power of the Sky Demon (1st update)
Chapter 6138: Destroying the Demonic Stone (Second Update)
Chapter 6139 Give everything (three updates)
Chapter 6140 How long can I hide? (Fourth update)
Chapter 6141 The mission must be achieved (fifth update)
Chapter 6142 The Old Japanese Alliance (sixth update)
Chapter 6143 The Demon Emperors choice! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6144 Container, layout (first update)
Chapter 6145 The Ultimate Inner Demon (Second Update)
Chapter 6146 Su Mohans request (third update)
Chapter 6147 Failure to cut off the shackles (fourth update)
Chapter 6148 Domination! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6149 The Holy Son (sixth update)
Chapter 6150 Layout, start! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6151 Lingyun Ancient Ruins (1st update)
Chapter 6152 A showdown (second update)
Chapter 6153 Not as good as you (third update)
Chapter 6154 Execution (fourth update)
Chapter 6155 Defeated after all (fifth update)
Chapter 6156 Just Today (Sixth Update)
Chapter 6157 I need you (seventh update)
Chapter 6158 Three Sword Rules (first update)
Chapter 6159 Mission (Second update)
Chapter 6160 The Wrath of the Third Ancestor! (Third update)
Chapter 6161 Awakening! (fourth update)
Chapter 6162 Ye Chens doubts (fifth update)
Chapter 6163 Long time no see (sixth update)
Chapter 6164 I am qualified! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6165 Bet (1st update)
Chapter 6166: At any cost (second update)
Chapter 6167 The death of Ye Chen? (Third update)
Chapter 6168 Lifted! (fourth update)
Chapter 6169 Qualifications for Breaking the Door (5th update)
Chapter 6170 Zhenyuan Demon Lord (sixth update)
Chapter 6171 Extremely powerful! (Seventh update!)
Chapter 6172 Absolutely impossible (first update)
Chapter 6173 Ren Feifans Talisman (Second update)
Chapter 6174 Unfavorable (third update)
Chapter 6175 Ye Chens chances of winning! (fourth update)
Chapter 6176 Traitor (fifth update)
Chapter 6177 Qualification (sixth update)
Chapter 6178 An unexpected invitation! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6179 Despair and Fear (1st update)
Chapter 6180 Clues to the Heavenly Sword of Reincarnation (Second Update)
Chapter 6181 Qianhan Jade Meteor Crystal (third update)
Chapter 6182 Getting more serious (fourth update)
Chapter 6183 A complete win, right? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6184 Jingzhe (sixth update)
Chapter 6185 It doesnt hurt to try! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6186 Ren Feifans conditions (first update)
Chapter 6187 Its you! (Second update)
Chapter 6188 The Power of Nine Heavens Magic (Third Update)
Chapter 6189 Ninth Heaven Sword???(fourth update)
Chapter 6190 Its not a one-person battle (fifth update)
Chapter 6191 The man in the dark (sixth update)
Chapter 6192 The Secret of the Heavenly Sword! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6193 Eternal Sinner (1st update)
Chapter 6194 Situation (second update)
Chapter 6195 Trump Card? (Third update)
Chapter 6196 Crazy move! (fourth update)
Chapter 6197 Sacrifice (fifth update)
Chapter 6198 Earth Explosion and Heavenly Soldiers (Sixth Update)
Chapter 6199 The Wrath of Burning Heaven! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6200 Huge Change (First Update)
Chapter 6201 The so-called natural principle (second update)
Chapter 6202 Jiuding (third update)
Chapter 6203 Breaking the Cauldron? (fourth update)
Chapter 6204 Breathing time (fifth update)
Chapter 6205 Jingxin Pool (sixth update)
Chapter 6206 Relics! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6207 The truth (first update)
Chapter 6208 Goodbye Ren Feifan (second update)
Chapter 6209 Ren Feifans terror! (Third update)
Chapter 6210 Lingxu Dao Stone (fourth update)
Chapter 6211 Blood Fusion (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6212 Genting chessboard, starting (sixth update)
Chapter 6213 Torture and Destruction (seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6214 Heading to China? (1st update)
Chapter 6215 Mr. Ren (second update)
Chapter 6216 Familiar Place (Third Update)
Chapter 6217 Long time no see (fourth update)
Chapter 6218 The change of the girl (fifth update)
Chapter 6219 The mysterious young man (sixth update)
Chapter 6220 Weird layout (seventh update)
Chapter 6221 This footprint (first update)
Chapter 6222: Helpless (Second update)
Chapter 6223 Miracle! (Third update)
Chapter 6224: Taking Life (fourth update)
Chapter 6225 Continue to climb the stairs! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6226 Surprise (sixth update)
Chapter 6227 Why? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6228 Backhand (1st update)
Chapter 6229 Xuan Beis words (second update)
Chapter 6230 Being targeted (third update)
Chapter 6231 The words of tiger and wolf? (fourth update)
Chapter 6232 Will, Heavenly Law? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6233 Mr. Ye (sixth update)
Chapter 6234 You shouldnt! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6235: Supreme Medical Skills (1st update)
Chapter 6236 It all depends on people (second update)
Chapter 6237 Absolute strength (third update)
You Chapter 6238 Mortal, God! (fourth update)
Chapter 6239 News about Yuan Daofeng (fifth update)
Chapter 6240 Accident (sixth update)
Chapter 6241 Convergence and accident! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6242 Dangerous Person (1st update)
Chapter 6243 The truth behind it (second update)
Chapter 6244 A helpless move (third update)
Chapter 6245 Guests (fourth update)
Chapter 6246 Take action again (fifth update)
Chapter 6247 Clues (sixth update)
Chapter 6248 Whats the relationship! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6249 Is this still a human being? (1st update)
Chapter 6250 Answer (Second update)
Chapter 6251 How about this game of chess? (Third update)
Chapter 6252 A game within a game! (fourth update)
Chapter 6253 What? Courtship? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6254 Once and now! (sixth update)
Chapter 6255 Ye Chens determination! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6256: Incarnation (1st update)
Chapter 6257 Lets disperse (second update)
Chapter 6258 Old friend? (Third update)
Chapter 6259 In your body! (fourth update)
Chapter 6260 Interception (fifth update)
Chapter 6261 The fastest speed! (sixth update)
Chapter 6262 I dont plan to hold back! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6263 Solved (first update)
Chapter 6264 The black hand appears? (Second update)
Chapter 6265 Me too! (Third update)
Chapter 6266 Return to the world! (fourth update)
Chapter 6267 Shocking Identity (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6268 Strong? (sixth update)
Chapter 6269 Just do it! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6270 Identity (eighth update!)
Chapter 6271 I am Ye Chen! (Nine updates!)
Chapter 6272 Contrast (first update)
Chapter 6273 The essence of life! (Second update)
Chapter 6274 Black Hand (third update)
Chapter 6275 Wei Xiong! (fourth update)
Chapter 6276 Ridiculous! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6277 A good show! (sixth update)
Chapter 6278 What is heaven! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6279: Handover of the pendant (first update)
Chapter 6280 Price (Second update)
Chapter 6281 A God-like Man (Third Update)
Chapter 6282: Land of Mutation (fourth update)
Chapter 6283 What is it? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6284: Chinas Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation! (sixth update)
Chapter 6285 Its hard to fly with wings! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6286 Donglan (first update)
Chapter 6287 Never Let Go (Second Update)
Chapter 6288 Must be resolved as soon as possible! (Third update)
Chapter 6289 Accident or Yin Demon Sky Stone? (fourth update)
Chapter 6290 Rejection (fifth update)
Chapter 6291 Shocking Identity (sixth update)
Chapter 6292 Attitude (seventh update)
Chapter 6293 Sleepless Night! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6294 The dusty memory (first update)
Chapter 6295 Gamer (Second update)
Chapter 6296: Keeping an Appointment (Third Update)
Chapter 6297: Defeated for the first time (fourth update)
Chapter 6298 Iceberg Beauty (Fifth update)
Chapter 6299 Is it more serious? (sixth update)
Chapter 6300 Ye Chens plan! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6301 Preparation (first update)
Chapter 6302 The strongest martial arts? (Second update)
Chapter 6303 The immortal is alive (third update)
Chapter 6304 Kneeling (fourth update)
Chapter 6305 Demon? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6306 The original plan is cancelled! (sixth update)
Chapter 6307 The mysterious master! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6308 The power of two fingers (first update)
Chapter 6309 Ye Chens arrangements (second update)
Chapter 6310 Doesnt belong here (third update)
Chapter 6311 The last battle (fourth update)
Chapter 6312 Counterattack (fifth update)
Chapter 6313 This game of chess (sixth update)
Chapter 6314 Chips? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6315 The war in troubled times is raging! (1st update)
Chapter 6316 Conquest (Second update)
Chapter 6317 Unusual (third update)
Chapter 6318 Monument of the Void (fourth update)
Chapter 6319 Accidentally possessed by a demon (fifth update)
Chapter 6320 Hometown! (sixth update)
Chapter 6321 Funeral arrangements? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6322 General trend (first update)
Chapter 6323 Please (second update)
Chapter 6324 The body of Xuanbei (third update)
Chapter 6325 Discussing Tao (fourth update)
Chapter 6326: Pill leads the way (fifth update)
Chapter 6327 Layout (sixth update)
Chapter 6328 Begins! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6329 Nine turns! (1st update)
Chapter 6330 Invitation (second update)
Chapter 6331 Unable to take action! (Third update)
Chapter 6332 The Spirit of the Mysterious Tablet (fourth update)
Chapter 6333 Block a blow! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6334 Ill help you! (sixth update)
Chapter 6335 The mysterious monument enters the body? (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6336 Parents favor (first update)
Chapter 6337 The Promise between Old Friends (Second Update)
Chapter 6338 Hells Resentment (Third Update)
Chapter 6339 Ancient battlefield (fourth update)
Chapter 6340 The secret book of Nine Heavens Magic! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6341 The Power of Three Swords! (Sixth update)
Chapter 6342 Cut off the shackles! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6343 Ye Chens Heaven-burning Wrath (1st update)
Chapter 6344: Destroy everything (second update)
Chapter 6345: Use the other persons way to repay the other person! (Third update)
Chapter 6346 The key to the game (fourth update)
Chapter 6347 The Sword Saint of Ten Directions (fifth update)
Chapter 6348 The First Person in Swordsmanship (Sixth Update)
Chapter 6349 Extremely crazy! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6350 The Ultimate Sword (First Update)
Chapter 6351 Do you want to keep me? (Second update)
Chapter 6352 Holy! (Third update)
Chapter 6353 The combination of yin and yang, the blending of eight trigrams (fourth update)
Chapter 6354 Hongjuns Secret Realm (fifth update)
Chapter 6355 Wan Xus intention (sixth update)
Chapter 6356 Karma Lock! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6357 Luo Er takes action (first update)
Chapter 6358 Zhe Zi Jue! (Second update)
Chapter 6359 Yuhuang's God-killing Sword (third update)
Chapter 6360: Death (fourth update)
Chapter 6361 Worth It (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6362 Hatred and common enemies (sixth update)
Chapter 6363 Determination to die! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6364 The Tribulation of Life and Death (Update 1)
Chapter 6365 All kinds of trump cards (second update)
Chapter 6366 The Sword Masters Plan (Third Update)
Chapter 6367 Sacrifice (fourth update)
Chapter 6368 The last wish (fifth update)
Chapter 6369 Acacia (sixth update)
Chapter 6370 Xiahou Zhenglong (seventh update! Please vote)
Chapter 6371 Wangshu (Additional update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6372 The man with the seventh level of halo! (1st update)
Chapter 6373 Instant Kill! (Second update)
Chapter 6374 The cause and effect of the past (third update)
Chapter 6375 Green Bamboo Fairy Island (fourth update)
Chapter 6376: Monk in ruined temple (fifth update)
Chapter 6377 Will you die with a broken arm? (sixth update)
Chapter 6378 Suppression! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6379 Goodbye Zhe Tian! (1st update)
Chapter 6380 Get the Wangshu Dzi Bead! (Second update)
Chapter 6381 The furious ancient emperor! (Third update)
Chapter 6382 The Lost Land! (fourth update)
Chapter 6383 Familiar Sword! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6384 Do you remember? (sixth update)
Chapter 6385 Cant wait any longer! (Seventh update! Please vote for me)
Chapter 6386 The situation is not good (first update)
Chapter 6387 Chess pieces and layout (second update)
Chapter 6388 Wutian (third update)
Chapter 6389 The transaction to suppress the demon stone (fourth update)
Chapter 6390 This is the gap (fifth update)
Chapter 6391 Leaving and Obsession (sixth update)
Chapter 6392 Hongjun Qibao (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6393 Demon Saint Han Yin! (1st update)
Chapter 6394 Funeral (Second update)
Chapter 6395 Pay it back with your life! (Third update)
Chapter 6396 Goodbye Nine Heavens Magic (fourth update)
Chapter 6397 The Origin of the Imperial Family (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6398 Shocking Methods (Sixth Update)
Chapter 6399 The situation is not good! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6400 Life and death are only between one thought (first update)
Chapter 6401 Nameless Crime (Second Update)
Chapter 6402 Dou Di Heavenly Sword Formation (third update)
Chapter 6403 King of the Sky (fourth update)
Chapter 6404 Xiao Huangs shocking world (fifth update)
Chapter 6405 Samsara Wild Star (sixth update)
Chapter 6406 Jiuding Killing Formation? (Seventh update! Please vote)
Chapter 6407 The Belonging of the Demonic Stone (Update 1)
Chapter 6408 A move against heaven (second update)
Chapter 6409 The power of Lingxu (third update)
Chapter 6410 Ye Chens opportunity (fourth update)
Chapter 6411 Nightmare (fifth update)
Chapter 6412 The Law of Reincarnation (sixth update)
Chapter 6413 The second level of Yin Yang Temple! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6414 Past life and present life (first update)
Chapter 6415 Completely Failed (Second Update)
Chapter 6416 The will of Wanxu! (Third update)
Chapter 6417 Its not your turn to get involved yet! (fourth update)
Chapter 6418 A shocking breakthrough! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6419 The Devouring King (sixth update)
Chapter 6420 Beimang! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6421 Tianli and Yuhuang (first update)
Chapter 6422 The Bloodline of the Ancestor King (Second Update)
Chapter 6423 Northern Mang Zhou (third update)
Chapter 6424 Shocking Identity (fourth update)
Chapter 6425 Thousand Butterfly Dzi Beads (fifth update)
Chapter 6426 Two Nine-Heaven Magic (sixth update)
Chapter 6427 The dead game of fate! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6428 Tianwu Wolong Sutra (first update)
Chapter 6429 Xuanhai!! (Second update)
Chapter 6430 The power of reincarnation! (Third update)
Chapter 6431 The familiar Ye Shitian (fourth update)
Chapter 6432 Chi Bone Demon Sword! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6433 Life and death! (sixth update)
Chapter 6434 What can you do to me? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6435 Hunting God Order (first update)
Chapter 6436 Fairy Jade Toad (Second update)
Chapter 6437 Wang Zhas Ye Shitian! (Third update)
Chapter 6438 The Lord of the Old Days Wu Jueshen (fourth update)
Chapter 6439 Tianjuns God-conferring Monument (fifth update)
Chapter 6440 The power of reincarnation! Coming (sixth update)
Chapter 6441 Descendants of Tianwu Xianmen! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6442 Jiuyou Star Stone (first update)
Chapter 6443 Descendants of Yin Yang Temple (Second update)
Chapter 6444 Betrayal (third update)
Chapter 6445 The advent of the Heavenly Sword of Reincarnation (fourth update)
Chapter 6446 True Identity (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6447 Wutians gaze (sixth update)
Chapter 6448 Shock! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6449 An old friend of Beiling Tiandian? (1st update)
Chapter 6450 The power of the evil eye (second update)
Chapter 6451 Tianwu Wolong Sutra (third update)
Chapter 6452 The terrifying true form (fourth update)
Chapter 6453 Looking back (fifth update)
Chapter 6454 Familiar breath (sixth update)
Chapter 6455: Dont act rashly (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6456 Fengji Sword Killing (1st update)
Chapter 6457 Zhisuis Kendo (Second update)
Chapter 6458 Its you! (Third update)
Chapter 6459 The True Interpretation of the Taoist Monument (fourth update)
Chapter 6460: Get there first (fifth update)
Chapter 6461: Not compatible with my martial arts (sixth update)
Chapter 6462: Ghostly! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6463 Snake-hearted (first update)
Chapter 6464 Ye Chens life and death limit (second update)
Chapter 6465 Breaking the situation (third update)
Chapter 6466 Ye Shitian, nice to meet you (fourth update)
Chapter 6467 True Identity! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6468 The unexpected person (sixth update)
Chapter 6469 Xia Xuanshengs identity (seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6470 People from Yin Yang Temple! (1st update)
Chapter 6471 Rapid progress! (Second update)
Chapter 6472 Danger in the Dark (Third Update)
Chapter 6473 Chang Mojun (fourth update)
Chapter 6474: The mysterious stele of reincarnation, the virtual stele! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6475 Bloodthirsty Underworld Kung Fu (sixth update)
Chapter 6476 The strange crown! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6477: Sacrifice and Suppress Evil Plate (1st update)
Chapter 6478 Absolutely Impossible (Second Update)
Chapter 6479 The advent of evil (third update)
Chapter 6480 Everything is over (fourth update)
Chapter 6481 The Heaven-shaking Seal (Fifth update)
Chapter 6482 The name of fake death (sixth update)
Chapter 6483 Another breakthrough! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6484 Battle (first update)
Chapter 6485 The Crisis of the Sword World (Second Update)
Chapter 6486 Too bad (third update)
Chapter 6487 Thoroughly (fourth update)
Chapter 6488 The Emperors Swords Choice (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6489 The cause and effect behind the sword (sixth update)
Chapter 6490 What happened? (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6491 The Past of Evil Sword (1st update)
Chapter 6492 Layout? (Second update)
Chapter 6493 Who is watching? (Third update)
Chapter 6494 Wu Yao (fourth update)
Chapter 6495 Reliance (fifth update)
Chapter 6496 Desolate Demon, Rebirth (sixth update)
Chapter 6497 The horror of the old days! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6498 Opportunities for cooperation? (1st update)
Chapter 6499: Creation Formation (Second Update)
Chapter 6500: The Palm of the Thousand Layers Tower (Third update)
Chapter 6501 Decisive Battle (fourth update)
Chapter 6502 Are you determined to cause trouble? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6503: Heavenly Talisman and Taoism (sixth update)
Chapter 6504 The Divine Light from the Earth Mother (seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6505 Something happened (first update)
Chapter 6506 Rescue (Second update)
Chapter 6507 Opportunity or danger (third update)
Chapter 6508 The dark layout (fourth update)
Chapter 6509 Seniors from the past (fifth update)
Chapter 6510: Virtual Monument Test! (sixth update)
Chapter 6511 The Supreme Book! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6512 Reincarnation Holy Soul Heaven (1st update)
Chapter 6513 The Power of the Void Spirit Divine Veins (Second Update)
Chapter 6514 Xiaoyao (third update)
Chapter 6515 What is the Emperor of Heaven? (fourth update)
Chapter 6516 The power of fragments! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6517 Who is behind the plan? (sixth update)
Chapter 6518 Appearance! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6519 Jiang Chenzi (first update)
Chapter 6520 Miss Wu Yao, Im sorry (second update)
Chapter 6521 Seeking the Avenue (Third Update)
Chapter 6522 The Misty Land (fourth update)
Chapter 6523 The young man (fifth update)
Chapter 6524 The Ancestors Instructions (Sixth Update)
Chapter 6528 Ambition and Desire! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6529 The arrival of Emperor Shi Wanye (first update)
Chapter 6530 Ren Feifans strength (second update)
Chapter 6531 Rens explanation (third update)
Chapter 6532 Youtian Palace (fourth update)
Chapter 6533 The power of evil spirits (fifth update)
Chapter 6534 Reason (sixth update)
Chapter 6535 Who are you (seventh update)
Chapter 6536 Darkness and Light (first update)
Chapter 6537 Betrayal (Second update)
Chapter 6538 Failure (third update)
Chapter 6539 Threat (fourth update)
Chapter 6540 Emperor Panwu (fifth update)
Chapter 6541 Snow Burial Stardust (sixth update)
Chapter 6542 Lighthouse! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6543: Gate of Sky Burial (1st update)
Chapter 6544 Dugu Tianjun (second update)
Chapter 6545 Indifference or kindness (third update)
Chapter 6546: Reincarnation and Battle with Heavenly Lord (fourth update)
Chapter 6547 The Great Sun Golden Wheel (fifth update)
Chapter 6548: All thoughts are lost (sixth update)
Chapter 6549 The light of the lighthouse (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6549 I will give you half of the snow burial stardust (first update)
Chapter 6550 Lost Monster Clan? (Second update)
Chapter 6551 The Demon in the Sky Stone (Third Update)
Chapter 6552 Crisis (fourth update)
Chapter 6553 The truth (fifth update)
Chapter 6554 Youtian Ancient City (sixth update)
Chapter 6555 What! Shisuis sword! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6556 Swordsmanship? (1st update)
Chapter 6557 Who are you? (Second update)
Chapter 6558: A loser and a genius? (Third update)
Chapter 6559 Reason! (fourth update)
Chapter 6560 The Secret of the Martial Arts Reincarnation Diagram (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6561 Sowing discord (sixth update)
Chapter 6562: Help against Yu Huang? (seventh update)
Chapter 6563 The Martial Arts Reincarnation Diagram was born (first update)
Chapter 6564 The terrifying master? (Second update)
Chapter 6565: Refining Snow Burial Stardust and Breakthrough Again! (Third update)
Chapter 6566 The secret of the body (fourth update)
Chapter 6567 Save people! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6568 The true purpose (sixth update)
Chapter 6569 The Key to the Martial Arts Reincarnation Map (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6570: Living an ignoble existence (first update)
Chapter 6571 Ye Chens layout (second update)
Chapter 6572 The Past Era (Third Update)
Chapter 6573 Identity exposed! (fourth update)
Chapter 6574 Starry Sky Gate (fifth update)
Chapter 6575 The terror of the Void Spirit Divine Veins (sixth update)
Chapter 6576 The final desperate situation! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6577 Three tokens (first update)
Chapter 6578: Above the peak, when you become a god! (Second update)
Chapter 6579 Frost screams, accompanying the Lord ups and downs (third update)
Chapter 6580 Ancestor! (fourth update)
Chapter 6581 The battlefield of the past (fifth update)
Chapter 6582 Martial Arts Reincarnation Diagram (sixth update)
Chapter 6583 Can it be contained? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6584 Not enough! (1st update)
Chapter 6585 The Shocking Sword (Second Update)
Chapter 6586: Pave the way for me (third update)
Chapter 6587 Broken Picture (fourth update)
Chapter 6588 Whereabouts (fifth update)
Chapter 6589 Celebration (sixth update)
Chapter 6590: Suzaku Gate (seventh update)
Chapter 6591 Holy Soul Fragments! (Eighth update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6592 Integration (first update)
Chapter 6593 Goodbye Siqing (second update)
Chapter 6594: Bullying goes too far (third update)
Chapter 6595: Suzaku Gate (fourth update)
Chapter 6596 Xuanhais opportunity (fifth update)
Chapter 6597 Ye Chens method (sixth update)
Chapter 6598 Absolutely no way (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6599 Ye Chens layout (first update)
Chapter 6600 Exposed (Second update)
Chapter 6601 The Dao Heart is Broken (Third Update)
Chapter 6602: Demonic Compass Scripture Building (fourth update)
Chapter 6603: Cutting out the roots (fifth update)
Chapter 6604 The entrance to the mysterious sea (sixth update)
Chapter 6605: Black Dragon Gate! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6603 Empress (1st update)
Chapter 6604 The Orthodoxy of Sea Emperor (Second Update)
Chapter 6605 Tianlong Immortal Pond (third update)
Chapter 6606 Breaking the situation (fourth update)
Chapter 6607 Dark Ancient Dragon (fifth update)
Chapter 6608 Heart of Stone (sixth update)
Chapter 6609 Soul Dao Fragments! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6610 Your Love Luck (1st update)
Chapter 6611 Killing Wanchen Peak (Second update)
Chapter 6612 Thorn Island (third update)
Chapter 6613 Qingtian Spear Way (fourth update)
Chapter 6614 Yu Huangs Edict (fifth update)
Chapter 6615 Poxu Island (sixth update)
Chapter 6616 The ultimate collision! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6616 The Lord of Reincarnation is you (first update)
Chapter 6617 A fatal blow (second update)
Chapter 6618: Natural disaster fighting spirit, destroying everything! (Third update)
Chapter 6619: Breaking the Dao Heart (fourth update)
Chapter 6620 Three Ancient Tribes (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6621 Arrival! (sixth update)
Chapter 6622 Mysterious Statue! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6623 The whereabouts of the Holy Son (first update)
Chapter 6624 Cause and effect in past lives (second update)
Chapter 6625 Three Opportunities (Third Update)
Chapter 6626 The abyss of the earth hangs deep (fourth update)
Chapter 6627 The dusty secret (fifth update)
Chapter 6628 Weapon Spirit (sixth update)
Chapter 6629 The truth! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6630 Green Rainbow True Yang (first update)
Chapter 6631 God Tower (Second update)
Chapter 6632 Reshaping (third update)
Chapter 6633 Completely boiling (fourth update)
Chapter 6634 Ye Chens confidence (fifth update)
Chapter 6635 Ye Chens will? (sixth update)
Chapter 6636 The Double Eyes of Reincarnation! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6637 The power of reincarnation (first update)
Chapter 6638 Where are your double pupils? (Second update)
Chapter 6639 The Protector of Reincarnation (Third Update)
Chapter 6640 Invite someone! (fourth update)
Chapter 6641 What is invincibility! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6642 Determined! (sixth update)
Chapter 6643 The stars change! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6646 The Holy Emperor of Destiny (first update)
Chapter 6645 No small matter (second update)
You Chapter 6646 The Underworld Bell (third update)
Chapter 6647 Avenue of Stars (fourth update)
Chapter 6648 Invincible Dao Heart (Fifth update)
Chapter 6649 The whereabouts of reincarnation (sixth update)
Chapter 6652 Star Core (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6653 The whereabouts of the Heavenly Sword of Samsara (first update)
Chapter 6654 Return (second update)
Chapter 6655 Nothing more than that (third update)
Chapter 6656 Open! (fourth update)
Chapter 6657 The Ultimate (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6658 Limit (sixth update)
Chapter 6659 The last part (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6660 Ren Feifans attitude (first update)
Chapter 6661 Wutian and Ren Feifan (second update)
Chapter 6662 Nine Dark Forbidden Formations (Third Update)
Chapter 6663: Gratitude (fourth update)
Chapter 6664 A Hundred Ghosts Walking at Night! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6665 Xuanzhen (sixth update)
Chapter 6666 Thorn Blood Sword (seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6667 Worth it (1st update)
Chapter 6668 Who is behind the divine realm? (Second update)
Chapter 6669 The whereabouts of Xuanhai (third update)
Chapter 6670 The reincarnation diagram is very crucial (fourth update)
Chapter 6671 She is out of seclusion (fifth update)
Chapter 6672 The Regret of the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang (sixth update)
Chapter 6673 Lets give you a try (Seventh update! Please vote for me)
Chapter 6674 Presumptuous! (1st update)
Chapter 6675 To save you! (Second update)
Chapter 6676 The truth about the Tiangong Divine Cult (third update)
Chapter 6677: How to calculate my revenge? (Fourth update)
Chapter 6678: Kill them all (fifth update)
Chapter 6679 Ye Chens madness (sixth update)
Chapter 6680 What kind of monster is it! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6681 This is the only chance! (1st update)
Chapter 6682 He doesnt deserve to die (second update)
Chapter 6683 Familiar back figure (third update)
Chapter 6684 The one from the Sumeru Realm (fourth update)
Chapter 6685 Ye Chens request (fifth update)
Chapter 6686 The cause and effect of the past (sixth update)
Chapter 6687 Huang Laos gift! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6688 Amazing (1st update)
Chapter 6689 Alarming the Ancestor (Second update)
Chapter 6690 What is attitude (third update)
Chapter 6691 What kind of perversion is this! (fourth update)
Chapter 6692 Not worthy? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6693 So confident? (sixth update)
Chapter 6694 Cause and effect and answer! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6695 All Gods Snow Mountain! (1st update)
Chapter 6696 Crisis (Second update)
Chapter 6697 Desperate Situation (Third Update)
Chapter 6698 Fall? (fourth update)
Chapter 6699 This feeling (fifth update)
Chapter 6700 Crazy (sixth update)
Chapter 6701 Homecoming! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6702 Tianxuexin! (1st update)
Chapter 6703 Preparing to leave (second update)
Chapter 6704: Losing big for small reasons (third update)
Chapter 6705 Dont you believe it? (fourth update)
Chapter 6706 Shadow in the Dark (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6707 Do you want to take action? (sixth update)
Chapter 6708 Troublesome! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6709 Ji Lins thoughts (first update)
Chapter 6710 Sword Fetus (Second Update)
Chapter 6711 Break it for me (third update)
Chapter 6712: Murderous intention (fourth update)
Chapter 6713 Ye Chens methods (fifth update)
Chapter 6714 Get out! (sixth update)
Chapter 6715 Xuan Hanyus voice! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6716 Sins in the Supreme World? (1st update)
Chapter 6717: Destruction of the family? (Second update)
Chapter 6718 Ill help you once too (third update)
Chapter 6719 Special Perception (fourth update)
Chapter 6720 Mysterious Box (fifth update)
Chapter 6721 Breakthrough? (sixth update)
Chapter 6722 Wuhen (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6723 Ten Thousand Poisons Divine Art (1st update)
Chapter 6724 Breaking through the shackles (second update)
Chapter 6725 Dzi Beads (Third Update)
Chapter 6726 Horror Picture (fourth update)
Chapter 6727 Deep Sea Blue Dragon (fifth update)
Chapter 6728: Fulfilled? (sixth update)
Chapter 6729: Anyone who commits unjust acts will be punished by his own death! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6730 What happened to me? (1st update)
Chapter 6731 Request (second update)
Chapter 6732 Ren Feifans calamity (third update)
Chapter 6733 Face to face with Hong Tianjing (fourth update)
Chapter 6734 The Eternal Flag of the Sky (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6735 Ren Feifans battle! (sixth update)
Chapter 6736 Ambition! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6737 A battle between the four strongest men in the world (first update)
Chapter 6738 The intention of the goddess (second update)
Chapter 6739 Her anger (third update)
Chapter 6740 Crisis (fourth update)
Chapter 6741 Who can save? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6742 Light (sixth update)
Chapter 6743 The Way of Reincarnation! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6744 No way! (1st update)
Chapter 6745 Something big happened (second update)
Chapter 6746 Shocking Crisis (Third Update)
Chapter 6747 The Second Nintendo (fourth update)
Chapter 6748 The power of one finger (fifth update)
Chapter 6749 The Battle of Brahma (sixth update)
Chapter 6750 Ye Chens plan! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6751 Lighthouse? (1st update)
Chapter 6752 Lost (Second update)
Chapter 6753 Void Beast (Third update)
Chapter 6754 Deep (fourth update)
Chapter 6755 The Mysterious Throne (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6756 The Cause and Effect of Eternal Age? (Sixth update)
Chapter 6757 Why break in? (seventh update)
Chapter 6758 The mysterious girl (first update)
Chapter 6759 Life and death (second update)
Chapter 6760 The secret behind it (third update)
Chapter 6761 Eternal Perception (fourth update)
Chapter 6762 whereabouts (fifth update)
Chapter 6763 The Tribulation of Life and Death (sixth update)
Chapter 6764 Familiar breath! (Seventh update)
Chapter 6765 One hundred thousand years ago (first update)
Chapter 6766 Help me! (Second update)
Chapter 6767 All souls mourn together (third update)
Chapter 6768 Collapse (fourth update)
Chapter 6769 The Secret of the Xuanhai (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6770 The Gate of Xuanzun (sixth update)
Chapter 6771 What a divine object? (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6772 Divine Bridge (first update)
Chapter 6773 What is it? (Second update)
Chapter 6774 King Yongshuang (third update)
Chapter 6775 Yonglaos stubbornness (fourth update)
Chapter 6776 The so-called gift (fifth update)
Chapter 6777 Indifference and the Temple (sixth update)
Chapter 6778 Nangong Yaqing (seventh update)
Chapter 6779 Whose game (1st update)
Chapter 6780 Method (Second update)
Chapter 6781 Scarlet Blood Moon (third update)
Chapter 6782 The secret (fourth update)
Chapter 6783 Stone tablet, ten people (fifth update)
Chapter 6784 Eternal Cause and Effect? (sixth update)
Chapter 6785 What is strength? (seventh update)
Chapter 6786 Phoenix and Dragon (first update)
Chapter 6787 Do you want to try (second update)
Chapter 6788 I need you (third update)
Chapter 6789 Let go of your hand (fourth update)
Chapter 6790 Ren Feifans heart (fifth update)
Chapter 6791 Shura (sixth update)
Chapter 6792 Attitude (seventh update)
Chapter 6793 Sacrifice (1st update)
Chapter 6794 One thought is eternal (second update)
Chapter 6795 Mutation (third update)
Chapter 6796 The dusty bloodline memory (fourth update)
Chapter 6797 Murderous Intent (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6798 Return to original form (sixth update)
Chapter 6799 The overwhelming anger! (Seventh update)
Chapter 6800 Undercurrent (1st update)
Chapter 6801 Shaking the Heaven and Earth (Second Update)
Chapter 6802 Seeing Old Friends Again (Third Update)
Chapter 6803 Hope (fourth update)
Chapter 6804 Former Enemies (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6805 Ancient Road (sixth update)
Chapter 6806 Ren Feifans Wuwu (seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6807 In my name (first update)
Chapter 6808 Kill them all! (Second update)
Chapter 6809 Behind the Door (Third Update)
Chapter 6810 How to help you (fourth update)
Chapter 6811 Its the body (fifth update)
Chapter 6812 Xuan Yao and Tian Yao? (sixth update)
Chapter 6813 Mu Qing (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6814 Your camp (first update)
Chapter 6815 True Identity (Second Update)
Chapter 6816: The layout of the palace master (third update)
Chapter 6817 Promise (fourth update)
Chapter 6818 The Goddess Plan (5th update)
Chapter 6819: Mysterious and mysterious (sixth update)
Chapter 6820 Hands in the Dark! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6821 Reincarnation Diagram (first update)
Chapter 6822 Recall of the Holy Order (Second Update)
Chapter 6823 The mysterious old man (third update)
Chapter 6824: Absolutely no room for error (first update)
Chapter 6825 There is no return (second update)
Chapter 6826: Respecting the Elderly (Third Update)
Chapter 6827: Offended (fourth update)
Chapter 6828 The future (fifth update)
Chapter 6829 The last moment (sixth update)
Chapter 6830 A moment of life and death! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6831 Promise (1st update)
Chapter 6832 Heaven and Earth (Second update)
Chapter 6833 The smell of gunpowder smoke (third update)
Chapter 6834 Confirmation (fourth update)
Chapter 6835 Complex chess, complex Mohism (fifth update)
Chapter 6836 White Bones (sixth update)
Chapter 6837 Jedi? Dusty history? (Seventh update)
Chapter 6838 Irreversible (first update)
Chapter 6839 Gap (second update)
Chapter 6840 Blood feud (third update)
Chapter 6841 Ancient Memory (fourth update)
Chapter 6842 Magic Order (fifth update)
Chapter 6843 A sense of oppression! (sixth update)
Chapter 6844 Whereabouts! (seventh update)
Chapter 6845 Where to go (1st update)
Chapter 6846 Crisis (Second update)
Chapter 6847 Heart of the Demonic Sword (third update)
Chapter 6848 I accept it! (fourth update)
Chapter 6849 Demon Sword, or Ye Chen? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6850 There must be a demon! (sixth update)
Chapter 6851 Face to face with the goddess! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6852 The Heavenly Ladys Account (1st update)
Chapter 6853 The secret in the mysterious sea (second update)
Chapter 6854: The Demon Emperor finally becomes a container? (Third update)
Chapter 6855 Farewell (fourth update)
Chapter 6856 Breakthrough! (Fifth update)
Chapter 6857 The Trust of the Past (sixth update)
Chapter 6858 Tragedy or mercy? (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6859 The secret in the dark (first update)
Chapter 6860 Green Bamboo Immortal Pond (Second Update)
Chapter 6861 Four Seas Compass (third update)
Chapter 6862 Yuhuangs obsession (fourth update)
Chapter 6863 Wutians layout? (Fifth update)
Chapter 6864: Deduction in the Land of Nothingness (sixth update)
Chapter 6865 is too shocking! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6866 Eye (first update)
Chapter 6867 Wuwus will (second update)
Chapter 6868 Surrender (third update)
Chapter 6869 Ready to go (fourth update)
Chapter 6870 Barrier (fifth update)
Chapter 6871: Chase immediately (sixth update)
Chapter 6872 The power of darkness! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6873 Demonic Accumulation (1st update)
Chapter 6874 Lost (Second update)
Chapter 6875 Phoenix Heavenly Way (third update)
Chapter 6876 Mysterious Stone Tablet (fourth update)
Chapter 6877 Ancient Emperor Yuhuangs awareness (fifth update)
Chapter 6878 Wutians Hand (sixth update)
Chapter 6879 The Wrath of Burning Heaven! (Seventh update! Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6880 Send you into reincarnation (first update)
Chapter 6881 The Demon Emperor rebelled? (Second update)
Chapter 6882 Super Ancient Era (Third Update)
Chapter 6883 Jiuding is completed? (fourth update)
Chapter 6884 Public Outrage (Fifth Update)
Chapter 6885 The Power of the Supreme (sixth update)
Chapter 6886 Hong Tianjings tripod! (Seventh update! Please vote)
Chapter 6887 The darkest side
Chapter 6888 Ancient Emperor Yus back-up plan!
Chapter 6889 Insignificant
Chapter 6890 Crisis of annihilation!
Chapter 6891 Ye Chens death?
Chapter 6892 Many shocks!
Chapter 6893 Sky Dragon Soul! (Seventh update coming!)
Chapter 6894 A visitor from the Supreme World
Chapter 6895 Heaven and Earth Prove the Way
Chapter 6896 Sky Dragon Soul
Chapter 6897 The word reincarnation
Chapter 6898 The visitor has arrived
Chapter 6899: Long-term plan
Chapter 6900 The storm is coming! (Seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 6901 Crisis!
Chapter 6902 No fear!
Chapter 6903 Thats it!
Chapter 6904 A glimmer of hope!
Chapter 6905 The Way of Ten Thousand Ruins
Chapter 6906 Killing everywhere!
Chapter 6907 The Power of the Dragon Soul in the Sky! (Seventh update, please vote!)
Chapter 6908 Dark night is coming
Chapter 6909 His madness
Chapter 6910 Ghost Cave Hell
Chapter 6911 Fighting against each other
Chapter 6912 Fight to the end!
Chapter 6913 The limit!
Chapter 6914 The Lord of Reincarnation, its you again! (Seventh update! Please vote for me)
Chapter 6915 The Lone Star of Heavenly Evil
Chapter 6916 Yuhuangs Negotiations
Chapter 6917 The layout of the goddess
Chapter 6918 Heavy Heart
Chapter 6919 Endless pressure!
Chapter 6920 Dispersed!
Chapter 6921 What about me? (Seventh update, please vote!)
Chapter 6922 Transaction
Chapter 6923 Torture
Chapter 6924 Clone?
Chapter 6925 The dust is gone and the light is born!
Chapter 6926 The Lost Road!
Chapter 6927 Still alive!
Chapter 6928 Decision! (Seventh update, please vote!)
Chapter 6929 The layout of reincarnation
Chapter 6930 The original thing
Chapter 6931 Yanyang Barrier
Chapter 6932 More pure
Chapter 6933 Something happened!
Chapter 6934 What is the evil of the past!
Chapter 6936 Trial! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6937 Purple Hongmeng
Chapter 6938 Is this hell?
Chapter 6939 Rejection!
Chapter 6940 Endless cause and effect!
Chapter 6941 Open!
Chapter 6942 Control!
Chapter 6943 Deprived of reincarnation? (Seventh update, please vote!)
Chapter 6943 This kindness
Chapter 6944 The Demon Emperors Turnaround
Chapter 6945 Entrance to the Abyss
Chapter 6946 Mist
Chapter 6947 Mysterious Grass
Chapter 6948 Ancient Method
Chapter 6949 Ren Feifans perception! (seventh update)
Chapter 6950 Extreme majesty!
Chapter 6951 Struggle?
Chapter 6952 Finally here
Chapter 6953 Transformation
Chapter 6954 Nine Gates of Prehistoric Times
Chapter 6955 Crisis is coming!
Chapter 6956 The ultimate in survival! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6957 Between life and death
Chapter 6958 Ren Feifans anger!
Chapter 6959 Genkai Entrance
Chapter 6960 The whereabouts of Jianjia Sword Sect!
Chapter 6961 Origin
Chapter 6962 Hongjuns thoughts?
Chapter 6963 The Beauty of Adults (Seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 6964 A sword that destroys the sky!
Chapter 6965 Bluffing
Chapter 6966 There is no way to win but there are ways to win!
Chapter 6967 Prehistoric Treasure?
Chapter 6968 Nothingness or reality?
Chapter 6969 Meeting Hongjun?
Chapter 6970 Hongjuns game! (Seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 6971 The body-stealing demon emperor!
Chapter 6972 Farewell
Chapter 6973 Agree or disagree!
Chapter 6974 This game of chess is affected
Chapter 6975 Crown of Thorns
Chapter 6976 See Xiaocao again!
Chapter 6977 Inner Demon! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6978 Total blockade!
Chapter 6979 Ice and Snow Wasteland
Chapter 6980 Goodbye Xuan Jiyue
Chapter 6981 Darkness, unknown!
Chapter 6982 What happened?
Chapter 6983 Abyss
Chapter 6984 Waste is also a treasure! (Seventh update! Please vote!)
Chapter 6985 Behind the Lotus!
Chapter 6986 This throne!
Chapter 6987 Shakes the sky!
Chapter 6988 Threat!
Chapter 6989 What is a genius!
Chapter 6990 Thunder is coming!
Chapter 6991 Is reincarnation about to perish? (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 6992 Mysterious Girl
Chapter 6993 Goodwill?
Chapter 6994 Evil Thoughts
Chapter 6995 Nine Evils
Chapter 6996 Blockade
Chapter 6997 Death and Murderous Intent
Chapter 6998 Desperate situation?
Chapter 6999 Horror Situation
Chapter 7000 Ye Chens Way
Chapter 7001 Common Game
Chapter 7002 Coming to the World
Chapter 7003 Dream Eater
Chapter 7004 The glowing fire hits the bright moon
Chapter 7005 Iron of the scorching sun! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 7006 Crown of Thorns
Chapter 7007 Gap
Chapter 7008 What is Tao!
Chapter 7009 The indifference of fate
Chapter 7010 Destiny and Reincarnation
Chapter 7011 Mirror Flowers and Moon in the Water
Chapter 7012 Sacrifice! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 7013 Is this Hongjuns pursuit?
Chapter 7014 The Mother Sword Art of All Things
Chapter 7015 Unexpected News
Chapter 7016 Tribulation!
Chapter 7017 Are you sure you want to challenge?
Chapter 7018 Qingfeng Swordsman
Chapter 7019 Huang Laos game! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 7020: Concealing the truth
Chapter 7021 Another Road
Chapter 7022 The weirdness in the depths
Chapter 7023 The way of rules?
Chapter 7024 What is anger!
Chapter 7025 This is Wuwu!
Chapter 7026 An unexpected gain! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 7027 The Power of Reincarnation
Chapter 7028 Seal
Chapter 7029 The story in the depths
Chapter 7030 Love and Cause and Effect
Chapter 7031 The Existence of Suppression
Chapter 7032 Unbelievable
Chapter 7033 Defects! (Seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 7034 Accidental Grass
Chapter 7035 This blood
Chapter 7036 The breath of ancient trees
Chapter 7037 Terrified!
Chapter 7038 Suppression
Chapter 7039 Taboo
Chapter 7040 Cruel means! (Seventh update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 7041 Endless Fury
Chapter 7042 The second time
Chapter 7043 The power of the gods!
Chapter 7044 I lend my strength to you
Chapter 7045 Who is he?
Chapter 7046 Seed
Chapter 7047 Return! (Please vote!)
Chapter 6019 Do you dare to snatch it? (Second update)
Chapter 7048 Return
Chapter 7049 One body!
Chapter 7050 Choice
Chapter 7051: Bullying the Master and Destroying the Ancestor
Chapter 7052 Determination
Chapter 7053 Qinglian
Chapter 7054 Faith in death! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 7055 Swear to Death
Chapter 7056 Burning Heaven
Chapter 7057 No matter what
Chapter 7058 Unimaginable
Chapter 7059 Ye Chens attitude
Chapter 7060 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 7061 You are thinking too much!
Chapter 7062 Comprehension
Chapter 7063 Hongjuns Secret
Chapter 7064 Killing Intention
Chapter 7065 Ultimate Power
Chapter 7066 You shouldnt!
Chapter 7067 Who is it?
Chapter 7068 Invincible in the world
Chapter 7069 Mixed flavors
Chapter 7070 Behind the mystery
Chapter 7071 The magical effect of the Crown of Thorns!
Chapter 7072 Discussion!
Chapter 7073 Take advantage of luck!
Chapter 7074 The layout of the layout
Chapter 7075 The power of reincarnation! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7076 Why dont you tell me!
Chapter 7077 Strange Place
Chapter 7078 Demon Ancestor Wutian
Chapter 7079 What kind of relationship?
Chapter 7080 How Far
Chapter 7081 Broken paper!
Chapter 7082 Battle Body (please vote!)
Chapter 7083 Im late
Chapter 7084 Its just an illusion
Chapter 7085 Go quickly!
Chapter 7086 Black Wheel
Chapter 7087 The Eternal Demonic Disk
Chapter 7088 What monster?
Chapter 7089 See you again, old friend!
Chapter 7090 Help me
Chapter 7091 Dont struggle
Chapter 7092 Decisive
Chapter 7093 Creepy
Chapter 7094 Allies
Chapter 7095 Goodbye Ancestor Tianxi
Chapter 7096 Ruling! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7097 Whereabouts
Chapter 7098 What is the Supreme God?
Chapter 7099 Weird Formation
Chapter 7100 Please come out
Chapter 7101 New reincarnation monument?
Chapter 7102: The Mysterious Monument of Reincarnation, Six Paths of Reincarnation! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7103 Entering Reincarnation
Chapter 7104 Breaking the situation
Chapter 7105 Horrible Talent
Chapter 7106 Undercurrent
Chapter 7107 The soul is destroyed
Chapter 7108 The Shock of Nine Heavens Magic
Chapter 7109 The conditions for one strike!
Chapter 7110 Striving for a wisp of good fruit
Chapter 7111 Layout
Chapter 7112 Destruction?
Chapter 7113 To no avail
Chapter 7114 Determination
Chapter 7115 Dreamlike
Chapter 7116 Who is the master? (please vote)
Chapter 7117 How can it be unclear?
Chapter 7118 Another protector
Chapter 7119 Zhu Yuan!
Chapter 7120 Young Master
Chapter 7121 True or False
Chapter 7122 You are distracted!
Chapter 7123 Backhand! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7124 Confrontation!
Chapter 7125 Just one finger is needed!
Chapter 7126 Terrifying Potential
Chapter 7127 Entrusted
Chapter 7128 What! A desperate situation!
Chapter 7129 Reconstruction!
Chapter 7130 What is abandonment of the world! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7131 The Jade Talisman of Judgment
Chapter 7132 Immortality
Chapter 7133 Yuqing
Chapter 7134 The True Emperor of Benevolence and Righteousness
Chapter 7135 Cooperation
Chapter 7136 Do you dare?
Chapter 7137 The power of one word! (Please vote)
Chapter 7138 Snow Wind Divine Sword!
Chapter 7139 Beiluo Wilderness
Chapter 7140 There is only one condition
Chapter 7141 I am Ren Feifan
Chapter 7142 Face Wutian!
Chapter 7143 The Way of the Dragon!
Chapter 7144 Its a promise (please vote for me!)
Chapter 7145 The Blood Dragons Fighting Will
Chapter 7146 Feat!
Chapter 7147 Demon Ancestor and Ren Feifan
Chapter 7148 Soul Seed
Chapter 7149 Mutation!
Chapter 7150 Blessing or Disaster?
Chapter 7151 Mysterious Sword Hilt? (Please vote~)
Chapter 7152 Tianhunzi
Chapter 7153 Eight Sufferings
Chapter 7154 Escape from the sea of suffering?
Chapter 7155 Xiaocaos mutation
Chapter 7156 Ancient scenes
Chapter 7157 Behind the Voice
Chapter 7158 The terrifying origin of Xiaocao! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7159 See you again
Chapter 7160 That is the Tao!
Chapter 7161 The breath of reincarnation
Chapter 7162 The Art of Heavenly Control
Chapter 7163 Rebirth and Reincarnation
Chapter 7164 Mutation!
Chapter 7165 Who are you! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7166 The Heart of Killing
Chapter 7167: Going to die?
Chapter 7168 Goodbye Ye Luoer
Chapter 7169 What happened
Chapter 7170 Tenderness
Chapter 7171 Wutians trump card
Chapter 7172 What exactly is it! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7173 The layout of Nine Heavens Magic
Chapter 7174 The first person in eternity?
Chapter 7175 The Conditions of the Goddess
Chapter 7176 Owe too much
Chapter 7177 Enough to look up to
Chapter 7178 The Power of God
Chapter 7179 A sudden change! (Please vote)
Chapter 7180 Demonic Grass?
Chapter 7181 The Phoenix
Chapter 7182 Pool of Tears
Chapter 7183 Defend
Chapter 7184 Can I get closer?
Chapter 7185 The remaining soul?
Chapter 7186 Reincarnation and the Great Thousand (please vote)
Chapter 7187 Xiaocaos Protection
Chapter 7188 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 7189 Losing Reason
Chapter 7190 True Identity
Chapter 7191 Phoenix flames start a prairie fire
Chapter 7192 Feat!
Chapter 7193 The resurrected Qinglian?
Chapter 7194 Ancient Recovery
Chapter 7195 The so-called power
Chapter 7196 The deep fear
Chapter 7197 Crazy meaning
Chapter 7198 Situation Changes
Chapter 7199 Have you seen eternity?
Chapter 7200 Who are you?
Chapter 7201 Cooperation and Killing
Chapter 7202 See you again
Chapter 7203 Accurate
Chapter 7204 What is the real sun!
Chapter 7205 The End! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7206 Reincarnation and Destiny!
Chapter 7207 Surrender or die
Chapter 7208 Then lets try it
Chapter 7209 Gods, Buddhas and Demons
Chapter 7210 The Origin of Darkness
Chapter 7211 Something is wrong! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7212 Whatever is supposed to come, it will come sooner or later!
Chapter 7213 I cant hold it anymore
Chapter 7214 A lotus grows every step of the way!
Chapter 7215 Conditions and Agreements
Chapter 7216 Absolute strength
Chapter 7217 Going one step further! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7218 Breaking every inch
Chapter 7219 Ji Siqing, died?
Chapter 7220 Why not?
Chapter 7221 True Madness
Chapter 7222 No complaints
Chapter 7223 Who has the last laugh? (Please vote!)
Chapter 7224 Roulette of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 7225 Behead!
Chapter 7226 Tangled Cause and Effect
Chapter 7227 The End
Chapter 7228 The theory of life and death!
Chapter 7229 Hope of resurrection? (Please vote!)
Chapter 7230 The new master
Chapter 7231 Destiny Blockade
Chapter 7232 Goodbye Hongjun
Chapter 7233 Shameless words!
Chapter 7234 The gain outweighs the loss!
Chapter 7235 What is the center! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7236 Divine Sword of Heaven
Chapter 7237 A helping hand
Chapter 7238 The secret
Chapter 7239: Abandoning the world and facing eternal disaster
Chapter 7240 Killing Reincarnation
Chapter 7241 Breaking the back and standing up!
Chapter 7242 That page of scripture
Chapter 7243 Breaking the Limit
Chapter 7244 Seeking answers
Chapter 7245 Ye Chens Way
Chapter 7246 A new power awakens!
Chapter 7247 Ye Chens attitude! (please vote)
Chapter 7248 I am the master of the reincarnation cemetery
Chapter 7249 Lei, come!
Chapter 7250 Buddha appears!
Chapter 7251 More than one
Chapter 7252 Time of Terror
Chapter 7253 The terror of Xiaocao! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7254 Is this the whereabouts?
Chapter 7255 The person of prophecy?
Chapter 7256 Mysterious Man
Chapter 7257 Be mine today!
Chapter 7258 Taishens layout?
Chapter 7259 What a coincidence? (Please vote!)
Chapter 7260 The test of reincarnation and death?
Chapter 7261 The real desperate situation?
Chapter 7262 The trapped evil people in the world?
Chapter 7263 Good or bad?
Chapter 7264 Thats it!
Chapter 7265 Conspiracy and Protection (please vote!)
Chapter 7566 Mysterious Man
Chapter 7567 Die together
Chapter 7568 This is a dead end
Chapter 7569 Life and death in the physical body?
Chapter 7570 Open that power again
Chapter 7571 Life hangs on a thread
Chapter 7572 Invitation! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7573 The deep malice
Chapter 7574 How much potential does your body contain?
Chapter 7575 Emperor Yanzun
Chapter 7576 Violent Destruction
Chapter 7577 Absolutely impossible!
Chapter 7578 The layout behind the scenes! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7279 Killing the Great Emperor
Chapter 7280 Reincarnation Sunset Slash
Chapter 7281 The only way
Chapter 7282 The person behind it?
Chapter 7283 Thunder, honor!
Chapter 7284 The Thunder Road of Reincarnation! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7285 Ye Chens talent
Chapter 7286 The universe is thundering
Chapter 7287 Repairing Thunder in One Day!
Chapter 7288 Desolate Thunder Bead
Chapter 7289 Holy Land?
Chapter 7290 The so-called baptism! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7291 Genius or mediocrity?
Chapter 7292 Tai Lei Divine Sect
Chapter 7293 Old acquaintance
Chapter 7294 The layout of the goddess!
Chapter 7295 Another breakthrough?
Chapter 7296 What is against heaven! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7297 Mysterious Object
Chapter 7298: Worshiped by Billions of People
Chapter 7299 Shenzong
Chapter 7300 Denial
Chapter 7301 True Face
Chapter 7302 Ye Luoer (please vote!)
Chapter 7303 Retreat
Chapter 7304 Field
Chapter 7305 Terrifying Numerical Values
Chapter 7306 Thunder Ancient Star
Chapter 7307 The so-called myth
Chapter 7308 Ten Thousand Methods of Thunder (please vote!)
Chapter 7309 Hunting Target
Chapter 7310 Ying Hongyan
Chapter 7311 Hard to guard against
Chapter 7312 Just click it
Chapter 7313 The explosion came
Chapter 7314 Such power (please vote)
Chapter 7315 Quota
Chapter 7316 The situation is tense
Chapter 7317 The weak and the strong
Chapter 7318 Invitation
Chapter 7319 The connection between the Chaos Thunder Emperor
Chapter 7320 How could this happen? (Please vote!)
Chapter 7321 Familiar Voice
Chapter 7322 Absolute strength
Chapter 7323 Remnant Soul
Chapter 7324 The remaining body
Chapter 7325 This is absolutely impossible
Chapter 7326 This era (please vote!)
Chapter 7327 True or False
Chapter 7328 Whoever gets it can command thousands of thunders
Chapter 7329 Dont make people angry when you compare them to each other!
Chapter 7330 Broken inch by inch!
Chapter 7331 shines brightly
Chapter 7332 How terrifying! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7333 Just say it casually
Chapter 7334 The reputation of the Lord of Reincarnation
Chapter 7335 The so-called faith!
Chapter 7336 Brother Ye?
Chapter 7337 Public Outrage
Chapter 7338 The so-called turning point! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7339 How dazzling
Chapter 7340 All retreats
Chapter 7341 Buddha is the Tao!
Chapter 7342 Posture
Chapter 7343 Ye Chens way!
Chapter 7344 The Limit! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7345 What is talent? This is
Chapter 7346 The real goal
Chapter 7347 Then come, everyone!
Chapter 7348 What a surprise!
Chapter 7349 Is this still a human being?
Chapter 7350 Rule an era! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7351 Still alive?
Chapter 7352 A helping hand?
Chapter 7353 The past era!
Chapter 7354 Forbidden Land
Chapter 7355 That will
Chapter 7356 The Seven Saints of the Ancient World (please vote!)
Chapter 7357 The Chosen Son
Chapter 7358 Wanmu Pilgrimage
Chapter 7359 Unparalleled Peak
Chapter 7360 Crisis
Chapter 7361 Exposed
Chapter 7362 The real reason! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7363 Why not?
Chapter 7364 A fight between male and female!
Chapter 7365 Extreme
Chapter 7366 Seven Saints of Reincarnation
Chapter 7367 Reincarnation Seed
Chapter 7368 Dawn in the darkness! (please vote)
Chapter 7369 Backhand
Chapter 7370 So cunning!
Chapter 7371 What level?
Chapter 7372 The last step
Chapter 7373 Robbery?
Chapter 7374 is too scary! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7375 The mysterious depths
Chapter 7376 Women are hard to lie to!
Chapter 7377 Fire Spirit
Chapter 7378 Sublimation of oneself
Chapter 7379 Twin Guardians!
Chapter 7380 Shock! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7381 Have you ever regretted it?
Chapter 7382 His methods
Chapter 7383 The layout of the goddess
Chapter 7384 Joy and Sadness
Chapter 7385 More than one sword
Chapter 7386 Take action personally! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7387 The Strongest Man
Chapter 7388 Far from ordinary things!
Chapter 7389 Just go with it!
Chapter 7390 The sword of the lower realm
Chapter 7391 Whereabouts
Chapter 7392 The Heavenly Sword of Reincarnation! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7393 Killing the Lord of Reincarnation
Chapter 7394 Taboo
Chapter 7395 Do you still remember me?
Chapter 7396 Disperse!
Chapter 7397 How to break the situation?
Chapter 7398 Another new power! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7399 Reincarnation Qualification
Chapter 7400 Destructive Power
Chapter 7401 Who are you?
Chapter 7402 Giant Ship
Chapter 7403 The trouble to come
Chapter 7404 Obsession! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7405 Will is immortal, obsession will last forever
Chapter 7406 Ancient Ship
Chapter 7407 Heaven and Earth
Chapter 7408 My Way
Chapter 7409 One step away
Chapter 7410 Ten Thousand Beasts Come to Life! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7411 Follow me
Chapter 7412 The connection between reincarnation and bloodline
Chapter 7413 Yin Yang Temple?
Chapter 7414 Chaos
Chapter 7415 There is an echo!
Chapter 7416 The Feather Emperors Thousands of Troops! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7417 Who are you?
Chapter 7418 The sharp sword breaks the sky!
Chapter 7419 War
Chapter 7420 Bloody!
Chapter 7421 Just fell!
Chapter 7422 Ye Chens limit! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7423 Savior!
Chapter 7424 Chaos Begins
Chapter 7425 The spirit behind it
Chapter 7426: Dominate the world and stand out from the crowd!
Chapter 7427: Live up to the beauty and live up to the prince!
Chapter 7428 Its not an unjust loss! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7429 The advent of the Heavenly Sword of Reincarnation
Chapter 7430 The Way of the Goddess
Chapter 7431 Moving in all directions
Chapter 7432 What kind of existence is it?
Chapter 7433 Its really terrifying!
Chapter 7434 The terrifying blood dragon! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7435 Vulnerable
Chapter 7436 What qualifications do you have!
Chapter 7437 What a huge insult!
Chapter 7438 Turtle Spirit Armor
Chapter 7439 The so-called thunder!
Chapter 7440 Endless obstacles! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7441 Destruction
Chapter 7442 Are you looking for me?
Chapter 7443 is finally opened!
Chapter 7444 The Calm of the Storm
Chapter 7445 The Way of Reincarnation
Chapter 7446 What does it mean!
Chapter 7447 The so-called throne
Chapter 7448 Breakthrough on the spot?
Chapter 7449 Mysterious Man
Chapter 7450 Identity
Chapter 7451 Dont let down
Chapter 7452 Holding reincarnation in hand! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7453 Bloodthirsty Moment
Chapter 7454 Crisis
Chapter 7455 Backhand
Chapter 7456 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 7457 Sweeping thousands of armies, moving forward indomitably!
Chapter 7458 Take action decisively! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7459 Who gave you the qualifications?
Chapter 7460 To cover up!
Chapter 7461 Black Flame
Chapter 7462 Wash away the lead
Chapter 7463 Unified opinion
Chapter 7464 The power of divine veins!
Chapter 7465 Thunder Monument, the Power of Thunder
Chapter 7466 Take the first step
Chapter 7467 Allies
Chapter 7468 Shura Soul Dao!
Chapter 7469 Invite ghosts and gods
Chapter 7470 The Way of Heaven and Ghost (please vote!)
Chapter 7471 Reincarnation Holy Soul Heaven
Chapter 7472 The Sky-Defying Star Beast
Chapter 7473 Layout
Chapter 7474 Game
Chapter 7475 The bloodline of reincarnation is mine!
Chapter 7476 Life and Death! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7477 Killing the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang?
Chapter 7478 Account
Chapter 7479 Life or death?
Chapter 7480 Xiao Prison!
Chapter 7481 The City of Kintai
Chapter 7482 Whereabouts! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7483 This game of chess
Chapter 7484 Who!
Chapter 7485 Meeting
Chapter 7486 Holy Fire!
Chapter 7487 Who will win the flower?
Chapter 7488 Coming to the world! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7489 Never see you again!
Chapter 7490 The only hope
Chapter 7491 Frozen for thousands of miles!
Chapter 7492 Escape!
Chapter 7493 Enlighten me with the Babel Chain!
Chapter 7494 Life and Death Crisis
Chapter 7495 Refining and Refining!
Chapter 7496 Exposed!
Chapter 7497 The so-called backer!
Chapter 7498 Doubts
Chapter 7499 This breath
Chapter 7500 Eye of Fire Phoenix
Chapter 7501 Dont be my enemy!
Chapter 7502 The answer he wants!
Chapter 7503 Goodbye, the spirit that abandoned the world and was in desperate situation
Chapter 7504 Everyone gets what they need
Chapter 7505: What can you argue with me about?
Chapter 7506 Layout, start! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7507 The layout begins
Chapter 7508 The hidden behind
Chapter 7509 Crazy
Chapter 7510 Asking Ancestor
Chapter 7511 Overestimating one's capabilities
Chapter 7512 Out of Control (please vote)
Chapter 7513 The Mysterious Emperor
Chapter 7514 The so-called purpose
Chapter 7515 Something weird
Chapter 7516 Identity
Chapter 7517 Giant Sword
Chapter 7518 The last chance! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7519 Gilded Halberd!
Chapter 7520 The storm is surging
Chapter 7521 The so-called responsibility
Chapter 7522: Verbal and written criticism
Chapter 7523 A glimmer of hope!
Chapter 7524 Game! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7525 Self-blame
Chapter 7526 The current situation
Chapter 7527 The Secret of the Reincarnation Heavenly Sword
Chapter 7528 The World of Reincarnation
Chapter 7529 Sheep entering tiger's mouth
Chapter 7530 The mysterious strong man! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7531 Xiaolou Tingyu
Chapter 7532 Sword Soul
Chapter 7533 Sword Gate
Chapter 7534 The Gate of Jingnan
Chapter 7535 The Heavenly Swords Gather
Chapter 7536 The layout begins! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7537 Wishful Thinking
Chapter 7538 Thunder Road
Chapter 7539 Exposed
Chapter 7540 Endless
Chapter 7541 Attack from behind
Chapter 7542 Just want a fight!
Chapter 7543 Taishang Chaosyu Dao
Chapter 7544 Happy
Chapter 7545 Battle of Geniuses
Chapter 7546 The realm of nothingness!
Chapter 7547 Li Huo
Chapter 7548 Disaster or blessing? (please vote)
Chapter 7549 Human Slaughter of the Holy Grail
Chapter 7550 The Realm of Lihuo
Chapter 7551 Never betray
Chapter 7552 The property returns to its original owner
Chapter 7553 Danqing Immortal Sect
Chapter 7554 No secrets!
Chapter 7555 Is this unnecessary?
Chapter 7556 Enemy?
Chapter 7557 I will protect you
Chapter 7558 The power of Wanxu
Chapter 7559 Nothing can be done
Chapter 7560 Tianjun’s God-conferring Monument! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7561 Human Slaughter of the Holy Grail
Chapter 7562 I can withstand it!
Chapter 7563 The end of Xiaocao
Chapter 7564 The Ultimate Killing
Chapter 7565 Goodwill and Cause and Effect
Chapter 7566 The whereabouts of the Iron Throne! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7567 Merciless Killing
Chapter 7568 Iron Throne Clone
Chapter 7569 Yu Huang’s Game
Chapter 7570 Frustrated
Chapter 7571 The attitude of the goddess
Chapter 7572 Ruoxue’s breath (please vote)
Chapter 7573 My Mantle
Chapter 7574 Future Leader
Chapter 7575 Bright Moon Vision
Chapter 7576 Taishang Xingxi said
Chapter 7577 Quick decision!
Chapter 7578 Healing (asking for votes)
Chapter 7579 Strange things
Chapter 7580 The storm is rising
Chapter 7581 Dilemma
Chapter 7582 Peering into the Iron Throne
Chapter 7583 Tianjun, Tianxuan
Chapter 7584 Whereabouts (please vote)
Chapter 7585 The Power of Reincarnation
Chapter 7586 One person is enough
Chapter 7587 Battle!
Chapter 7588 Open it for me!
Chapter 7589 Lost the bet
Chapter 7590 Crazy absorption! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 7591 Ancient Tomb
Chapter 7592 Gu Qingxuan
Chapter 7593 Sorry
Chapter 7594 Rainbowless Sword
Chapter 7595 The depths of inner demons
Chapter 7596 Negotiation! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7597 Divine Text
Chapter 7598 Ye Chen cuts off the shackles?
Chapter 7599 I will marry you
Chapter 7600 Three flowers gather at the top, five qi rise to the top
Chapter 7601 The World Without Nothing
Chapter 7602 A gentleman strives for self-improvement! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7603 Shaoling Martial Field
Chapter 7604 Statue of Martial Ancestor
Chapter 7605 Murderous Intent
Chapter 7606 So what?
Chapter 7607 Secret Picture
Chapter 7608 The ultimate in martial arts (please vote!)
Chapter 7609 The arrival of Martial Ancestor
Chapter 7610 At a loss
Chapter 7611 The Supreme Being has no ego
Chapter 7612 Breakthrough
Chapter 7613 Shackles of the Heart
Chapter 7614 All kinds of weather! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7615 Alarm
Chapter 7616 Emperor Shi Wanye
Chapter 7617 There is a wolf in front and a tiger in the back
Chapter 7618 See you later
Chapter 7619 Demon Suppression Forest!
Chapter 7620 Zhouguang Divine Technique!
Chapter 7621 New power awakens
Chapter 7622 What a weird power
Chapter 7623 Emperor Shitian
Chapter 7624 Dugu
Chapter 7625 I heard a little bit about it
Chapter 7626 Every hundred days is like hell
Chapter 7627 Good Fortune
Chapter 7628 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 7629 The whereabouts of the hell soul path
Chapter 7630 Awakening
Chapter 7631 Awakening because of me
Chapter 7632 The purpose of the goddess!
Chapter 7633 Hell Weather
Chapter 7634 Whereabouts
Chapter 7635 Coordinates
Chapter 7636 Heavenly Prison Soul Crystal
Chapter 7637 Hold Pu Shouyi
Chapter 7638 The Desolate Clan! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7639 Desolate Han
Chapter 7640 Taboo in all realms!
Chapter 7641 The Mark of Reincarnation
Chapter 7642 Destiny Witch
Chapter 7643 Supreme Will
Chapter 7644 Rebellion? (Please vote!)
Chapter 7645 Underworld
Chapter 7646 Martial Arts Shackles
Chapter 7647 A flower next to the Iron Throne
Chapter 7648 Zhouguang Divine Technique
Chapter 7649 Star Sky Water Mirror
Chapter 7650 Who are you?
Chapter 7651 Witch Weather
Chapter 7652 Tattoo
Chapter 7653: The Great Wilderness
Chapter 7654 The Desolate Clan Heavenly Sect
Chapter 7655 Blockade
Chapter 7656 Huang Lao’s breakthrough!
Chapter 7657 The regrets of the past
Chapter 7658: The Great Wilderness
Chapter 7659 Huang Xinche
Chapter 7660 What is talent?
Chapter 7661 Flaws in Taoist Heart
Chapter 7662 The so-called gift! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7663 Parting
Chapter 7664 Corroding the Bones and Corroding the Heart
Chapter 7665 Ancient Nebula
Chapter 7666 Bloody Eyes
Chapter 7667 Ancient Face Cleansing Technique
Chapter 7668 The whereabouts of the Rainbow Divine Sword
Chapter 7669 Mutation!
Chapter 7670 Get out!
Chapter 7671 I will kill you with my own hands
Chapter 7672 What’s the use?
Chapter 7673 The Ancient Bell of the Emperor
Chapter 7674 Let’s fight! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7675 Extreme
Chapter 7676 The traitor returns?
Chapter 7677 The Light of the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword
Chapter 7678 Means
Chapter 7679 Is there anyone else?
Chapter 7680 Wait! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7681 Black Stone
Chapter 7682 Blockade
Chapter 7683 Hatred
Chapter 7684 Take action personally
Chapter 7685 Destruction
Chapter 7686 Fengshenhui
Chapter 7687 Breakthrough
Chapter 7688: Covering others’ eyes and ears
Chapter 7689 Difficulties
Chapter 7690 Layout
Chapter 7691 The biggest variable
Chapter 7692 It’s you! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7693 Stop me!
Chapter 7694 Pressure
Chapter 7695 The Demon Emperor’s Choice
Chapter 7696 Wutian comes to the Supreme Being
Chapter 7697 Stop reincarnation!
Chapter 7698 Cut off the shackles? (Please vote!)
Chapter 7699 Forbidden Area
Chapter 7700 Starting Point
Chapter 7701 The sleeping place
Chapter 7702: Ethereal
Chapter 7703 Goodwill
Chapter 7704 Returning in failure?
Chapter 7705 Wasteland
Chapter 7706 The Four Forbidden Elders
Chapter 7707 Open
Chapter 7708 New Power
Chapter 7709 Blood Moon
Chapter 7710 Summoning the Iron Throne?
Chapter 7711 A terrifying and powerful enemy!
Chapter 7712 Death?
Chapter 7713 Tooth for tooth
Chapter 7714 Ten years
Chapter 7715 Rock Heart Method
Chapter 7716 Behead! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7717 Hell’s Destiny
Chapter 7718 The World of Reincarnation
Chapter 7719 The power of steel
Chapter 7720 Reincarnation Crazy
Chapter 7721 Are you going to die?
Chapter 7722 The ultimate Wuwu! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7723 Arrival
Chapter 7724 Emperor Shitian
Chapter 7725 The inner demon cancer
Chapter 7726 Control
Chapter 7727 Layout
Chapter 7728 Unexpected visitor! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7729 Means
Chapter 7730 The final mysterious monument of reincarnation
Chapter 7731 Holy Sword
Chapter 7732 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 7733 Mission
Chapter 7734 Supreme!
Chapter 7735 Who can break the situation?
Chapter 7736 Sustenance
Chapter 7737 The key point
Chapter 7738 Clues
Chapter 7739 Half of the Rainbowless Broken Sword
Chapter 7740 Suppression! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7741 Ren Feifan’s breakthrough?
Chapter 7742 Guardian
Chapter 7743 Your Majesty
Chapter 7744 Star-Moon God Sect
Chapter 7745 Too similar
Chapter 7746 Solution!
Chapter 7747 Heavenly Blood Pill
Chapter 7748 The whereabouts of the Tianjun God-conferring Monument
Chapter 7749 Helping Hand
Chapter 7750 Lost
Chapter 7751 The Legendary Staff
Chapter 7752: Ye Chen’s death? (Please vote!)
Chapter 7753 The other side of the goddess
Chapter 7754 Return to the place of death
Chapter 7755 The Door to Wonders
Chapter 7756 Dreamlike
Chapter 7757 Ren Feifan
Chapter 7758 Crisis! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7759 Ultimate Breakthrough
Chapter 7760 Surrender
Chapter 7761: Same Geng and Same Life
Chapter 7762 Threat
Chapter 7763 A fight to the death!
Chapter 7764 Who can disrupt reincarnation and cut off the shackles! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7765 Fighting
Chapter 7766 The majesty of reincarnation bloodline!
Chapter 7767 Changes in the Demon Emperor
Chapter 7768 You dare!
Chapter 7769 Secret
Chapter 7770 Coordinates!
Chapter 7771 Hearing Ye Linyuan Again
Chapter 7772 Truth Buddha
Chapter 7773 Heavenly Prison Soul Crystal
Chapter 7774 The Divine Book of the Earth Emperor
Chapter 7775 Protect me
Chapter 7776 Is there any way?
Chapter 7776 Who is he?
Chapter 7777 Personal Apprentice
Chapter 7778 Qualifications
Chapter 7779 Is it nearby?
Chapter 7780 Guidance
Chapter 7781 Naked (asking for votes!)
Chapter 7782 Ye Linyuan’s Sword
Chapter 7783 Buddha’s help
Chapter 7784 Opportunity
Chapter 7785 Help me destroy reincarnation!
Chapter 7786 Three Rays of Light
Chapter 7787 Gift! (please vote)
Chapter 7789 Across time and space?
Chapter 7790 Soul-Destroying Seed
Chapter 7791 Sin
Chapter 7792 Dead Face
Chapter 7793 Roaring
Chapter 7794 Reconstruction (asking for votes)
Chapter 7795 Buddha’s reminder
Chapter 7796 You are finally here
Chapter 7797 Keep away from strangers!
Chapter 7798 Wutian’s plan?
Chapter 7799 The Sin Ship Transaction
Chapter 7800 No destruction, no establishment!
Chapter 7801 Evil Sect
Chapter 7802 Memories of the Past
Chapter 7803 Force us to show up!
Chapter 7804 Nemesis
Chapter 7805 Insult?
Chapter 7806 Absolute reason
Chapter 7807 Looking for death!
Chapter 7808 The End of the Crossbow
Chapter 7809 His Taoist body cannot be tolerated!
Chapter 7810 Who is he?
Chapter 7811 Isn’t it a pity!
Chapter 7812 Coming out of seclusion!
Chapter 7813 Ren Feifan’s explanation
Chapter 7814 Little Qilin
Chapter 7815 Ten Clans
Chapter 7816 Kill
Chapter 7817 Leave it to me
Chapter 7818 Luo Que
Chapter 7819 Withdraw
Chapter 7820 Fall?
Chapter 7821 Mysterious Place
Chapter 7822 Great Way to Simplicity
Chapter 7823 Ye Chen’s breath
Chapter 7824 Doubts
Chapter 7825 Layout
Chapter 7826 Why is it you!
Chapter 7827 Brahma Divine Power?
Chapter 7828 The world of the past
Chapter 7829 Mysterious Power
Chapter 7830 Guard!
Chapter 7831 The breath of desolation
Chapter 7832 Recovery
Chapter 7833: The Holy Sword of the Human Emperor is ineffective?
Chapter 7834 It’s almost done
Chapter 7835 I hope so
Chapter 7836 End!
Chapter 7837 Leave it to me
Chapter 7838 Siege!
Chapter 7839 Waiting
Chapter 7840 Bloody Killing
Chapter 7841 The Realm of the Mysterious Monument
Chapter 7842 It doesn’t matter
Chapter 7843 All fell?
Chapter 7844 A war is about to begin!
Chapter 7845 The human heart is even more ancient!
Chapter 7846 This is your way!
Chapter 7847: Give me the power of recovery!
Chapter 7848 Tianquan!
Chapter 7849 Try your best to find
Chapter 7850 Something happened!
Chapter 7851 Is it you?
Chapter 7852 Life or death is uncertain!
Chapter 7853 Talent!
Chapter 7854 The reputation of reincarnation!
Chapter 7855 Return to Hell!
Chapter 7856 Goodbye Ye Xieshen
Chapter 7857 The Danger of Ruoxue
Chapter 7858 Ren Feifan will die?
Chapter 7859 Thousands of Difficulties
Chapter 7860 Crisis is everywhere!
Chapter 7861 Formation created in the future
Chapter 7862 Backhand
Chapter 7863 Fairy Xuan!
Chapter 7864 The Majesty of Reincarnation
Chapter 7865 Heart
Chapter 7866 It doesn’t matter!
Chapter 7867 Guard
Chapter 7868 Inner Demon
Chapter 7869 Spare your life!
Chapter 7870 I will protect you
Chapter 7871 Decision
Chapter 7872 Still Dare
Chapter 7873 New Heavenly Law
Chapter 7874 Shock
Chapter 7875 I lost
Chapter 7876 Solve everything!
Chapter 7877 The last chance
Chapter 7878 Martial Ancestor!
Chapter 7879 Taking charge
Chapter 7880 Holy Dragon Heavenly Lord
Chapter 7881 Resurrection of grass
Chapter 7882 Reincarnation Heaven
Chapter 7883 Old Days
Chapter 7884 Means!
Chapter 7885 Mercy
Chapter 7886 Escape?
Chapter 7887 Nine Heaven-Severing Swords
Chapter 7888 The so-called treasure
Chapter 7889 Taking charge
Chapter 7890 Mysterious Power
Chapter 7891 Beheading
Chapter 7892 Time
Chapter 7893 Backhand
Chapter 7894 Forgiveness
Chapter 7895 Wu Yao’s methods
Chapter 7896 Epic
Chapter 7897 Sheng Juetian
Chapter 7898 Epic Heavenly King
Chapter 7899 Nine Sky-Severing Swords
Chapter 7900 Which sword?
Chapter 7901 Meeting
Chapter 7902 The location of the Tianjun God-conferring Monument
Chapter 7903 Checked out
Chapter 7904 Goodbye and return to dust
Chapter 7905 The Tao in the Heart
Chapter 7906 The Gamble of Reincarnation
Chapter 7907 Iron Throne Artifact Spirit
Chapter 7908 Determination to protect! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7909 No room for error
Chapter 7910 Dream Lord
Chapter 7911 Soul Devouring Bead
Chapter 7912 Mo Caidi
Chapter 7913 Familiar Voice
Chapter 7914 Pursuit
Chapter 7915 Once
Chapter 7916 Ye Chen and Ye Linyuan
Chapter 7917 Divine Elephant Breath
Chapter 7918 Heart of the Universe
Chapter 7919 Killing Intention!
Chapter 7920 Three Swords!
Chapter 7921 Ancient God Tuodi
Chapter 7922 The Wuwu Race
Chapter 7923 Assassination
Chapter 7924 Past
Chapter 7925 Reality?
Chapter 7926 Means!
Chapter 7927 Tribulation in Dreams
Chapter 7928 Death Crisis
Chapter 7929 It’s hard to deal with
Chapter 7930 Will
Chapter 7931 The rest of life
Chapter 7932 Tianjun’s God-conferring Monument
Chapter 7933 Reincarnation, immortality?
Chapter 7934 Martial Ancestor’s Will
Chapter 7935 Reversal
Chapter 7936 Reality
Chapter 7937 The situation worsens
Chapter 7938 Let down!
Chapter 7939 Broken Nirvana
Chapter 7940 The whereabouts of the monument
Chapter 7941 The Compassionate Lord
Chapter 7942 Breaking out of the cocoon
Chapter 7943 Are you scared?
Chapter 7944 Rules!
Chapter 7945 The Power of the Empress
Chapter 7946 Soul Devouring Bead
Chapter 7947 The artistic conception of Wuwu
Chapter 7948 It doesn’t matter
Chapter 7949 Sin
Chapter 7950 The truth behind it! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7951 Future, now?
Chapter 7952: Substitution of flowers and trees
Chapter 7953 Wavering
Chapter 7954: Fight to the death
Chapter 7955 Want to see you
Chapter 7956 War begins!
Chapter 7957 Life and Death
Chapter 7958 Different beliefs
Chapter 7959 The cause and effect of the Demon Lord
Chapter 7960 Horizontal push
Chapter 7961 Easily done!
Chapter 7962 Calm and Calm
Chapter 7963 Tian Canghai
Chapter 7964 Immortal Lord!
Chapter 7965 An unexpected visitor
Chapter 7966 Lost
Chapter 7967 Neutral
Chapter 7968 Xuantian Killing Spirits
Chapter 7969 The power of Wuwu artifact
Chapter 7970 Secret
Chapter 7971 Cutting off love
Chapter 7972 Future Body
Chapter 7973 Dominator!
Chapter 7974 The world is not worth it
Chapter 7975 Zihuang Immortal Palace
Chapter 7976 Shura Sword Soul
Chapter 7977 Meet again
Chapter 7978 Emperor Star
Chapter 7979 Confidence!
Chapter 7980 Let’s meet for a while!
Chapter 7981 Peeping into the secrets
Chapter 7982 Qingqiu Lige
Chapter 7983 Sword Meteor
Chapter 7984 Old Friend
Chapter 7985 No acquaintance without fighting
Chapter 7986 One Sword
Chapter 7987 Stubborn!
Chapter 7988 The sound of the emperor’s ancient bell
Chapter 7989 It’s dangerous here
Chapter 7990 Confused Taoist Heart
Chapter 7991 The phantom of the Golden Wheel of the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 7992 Not dead?
Chapter 7993 A drop of blood
Chapter 7994 Broken!
Chapter 7995 Darkness Comes
Chapter 7996 Lost People
Chapter 7997 This is the Tao
Chapter 7998 He is back! (Please vote!)
Chapter 7999 My Experience
Chapter 8000 A higher level of power
Chapter 8001 Gourd of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 8002 Hint
Chapter 8003 Extreme Sword
Chapter 8004 Heavenly Sin
Chapter 8005 Heavenly Sin Sword Intent
Chapter 8006 Invitation
Chapter 8007 Why choose
Chapter 8008 Eternal Law
Chapter 8009 I want it all
Chapter 8010 Stop!
Chapter 8011 Holy King Overlord
Chapter 8012 A friend
Chapter 8013 Qing Lai
Chapter 8014 The so-called transaction
Chapter 8015 Price
Chapter 8016 Demon Star Sea
Chapter 8017 Negotiation
Chapter 8018 Whereabouts
Chapter 8019 Tianjing Pavilion
Chapter 8020 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 8021 Reconciliation
Chapter 8022 Right and evil
Chapter 8023 Me too!
Chapter 8024 Death?
Chapter 8025 Star Sea
Chapter 8026 I advise you to give up on this idea
Chapter 8027 Morality
Chapter 8028 I can’t believe it
Chapter 8029 Unstoppable!
Chapter 8030 Hongjun
Chapter 8031 ??Be careful!
Chapter 8032 Ice Phoenix Realm
Chapter 8033 The goddess is dead?
Chapter 8034 The only chance
Chapter 8035 Grandpa Crisis
Chapter 8036 Ancient Secret
Chapter 8037 Heavenly Demon and Mysterious Demon
Chapter 8038 Merit
Chapter 8039 Past
Chapter 8040 He is
Chapter 8041 Quota
Chapter 8042 The whereabouts of the Rainbow Broken Sword
Chapter 8043: More danger than good
Chapter 8044 Teaching
Chapter 8045 Zheng Kong
Chapter 8046 Half an hour
Chapter 8047 Demon Armor Guard
Chapter 8048 Wu Hong
Chapter 8049 Aftermath
Chapter 8050 Panlong Star
Chapter 8051 The fighting spirit left behind
Chapter 8052 A unique existence (please vote!)
Chapter 8053 Duobao Tianjun
Chapter 8054 Sword of Judgment
Chapter 8055 Confrontation
Chapter 8056 Emperor!
Chapter 8057 Be careful with this woman
Chapter 8058 Speechless!
Chapter 8059 Guidance
Chapter 8060 True Identity
Chapter 8061: Killing Reincarnation
Chapter 8062 The Ninth Sword
Chapter 8063 The so-called protection
Chapter 8064 The mantis stalks the cicada!
Chapter 8065 Evil Sword Way!
Chapter 8066 Fantasy, Sun Yi?
Chapter 8067 Transaction
Chapter 8068 comes out
Chapter 8069 Extreme Destruction
Chapter 8070 Layout?
Chapter 8071 You are not qualified yet!
Chapter 8072 Weird
Chapter 8073 The Way of Formation
Chapter 8074 The truth
Chapter 8075 Flower of Hope
Chapter 8076 Mark
Chapter 8077 Betrayal
Chapter 8078 Dream
Chapter 8079: Kill Shangji and destroy the palace
Chapter 8080 Ren Feifei’s domineering power
Chapter 8081 One move
Chapter 8082 Grudges!
Chapter 8083 The Demon Emperor will die?
Chapter 8084 Negotiation
Chapter 8085 Hongmen Banquet?
Chapter 8086: Furious
Chapter 8087 Purify the Heart
Chapter 8088 Wedding?
Chapter 8089 Decisive Battle
Chapter 8090 Don’t want to fight?
Chapter 8091 Attack and Kill
Chapter 8092 Your Shackles
Chapter 8093 Vision
Chapter 8094 The meaning behind it
Chapter 8095 A drop of water
Chapter 8096 The Goddess Awakens
Chapter 8097 Master?
Chapter 8098 Not enough
Chapter 8099 Qualifications
Chapter 8100 Frost Leaves
Chapter 8101 Winter’s Wrath
Chapter 8102 Help me!
Chapter 8103 Realm King Yan Xingtian
Chapter 8104 Drinking
Chapter 8105 First
Chapter 8106 Chi Xiaozi
Chapter 8107 Murderous Intent
Chapter 8108 Kill at the door
Chapter 8109 Strategy
Chapter 8110 Breaking the Waves
Chapter 8111 Emperor Yan’s Seal
Chapter 8112 Descendants of the Black Demon
Chapter 8113 Who is it?
Chapter 8114 Open your mouth
Chapter 8115 Purpose
Chapter 8116 Purple Immortal Mountain
Chapter 8117 Morning Wind
Chapter 8118 The Shadow of the Ancient Sword of Heavenly Sin
Chapter 8119 Attitude
Chapter 8120 Requirements
Chapter 8121 I am in the painting
Chapter 8122 Chongyang Master
Chapter 8123 More than enough
Chapter 8124 Ran away
Chapter 8125 is just around the corner!
Chapter 8126 Mutation
Chapter 8127 Price
Chapter 8128 Bright Star Sea
Chapter 8129 Fan Xingyan
Chapter 8130 Arrogant
Chapter 8131 Appeared
Chapter 8132 Second
Chapter 8133 The Seventh Peak
Chapter 8134 Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Sea
Chapter 8135 Layout
Chapter 8136 Amazing
Chapter 8137 Two months
Chapter 8138 Still here
Chapter 8139 Damn it
Chapter 8140 Where to go?
Chapter 8141 Reincarnation borrows the future
Chapter 8142 Killing Intention
Chapter 8143 Do you dare
Chapter 8144 Ren Feifan in the dark
Chapter 8145 Trap
Chapter 8146 Wu Xuan Realm
Chapter 8147 Mysterious Eyes
Chapter 8148 The power of reincarnation
Chapter 8149 No results
Chapter 8150 Youth Body
Chapter 8151 Mysterious Voice
Chapter 8152 Mysterious Man
Chapter 8153 Xue Ji
Chapter 8154 Mutation!
Chapter 8155 Failed
Chapter 8156 No Breath
Chapter 8157 Who are you?
Chapter 8158 No, change again
Chapter 8159 Reality and Illusion
Chapter 8160 Wuwu Killing Formation
Chapter 8161 Nine Divine Swords
Chapter 8162 Mysterious Beads
Chapter 8163 The Tradition of Tianling Sect
Chapter 8164 Borrowing Strength
Chapter 8165 Broken
Chapter 8166 Draw the ground as a prison
Chapter 8167 Is it true or false?
Chapter 8168 The so-called inheritance
Chapter 8169 Close at hand
Chapter 8170 The truth
Chapter 8171 The Disappeared Master
Chapter 8172 Found you!
Chapter 8173 The arrival of the God
Chapter 8174 The Mystery of the Jade Seal
Chapter 8175 Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!
Chapter 8176 Evil Dragon Soul-killing Sword!
Chapter 8177 Something is wrong
Chapter 8178 Use the world as a furnace!
Chapter 8179 The truth behind it
Chapter 8180 Feeding the sword with one’s body
Chapter 8181 Buddha is the Tao
Chapter 8182 Not good
Chapter 8183 It’s up to you
Chapter 8184 The Agreement of the Blood Phoenix Clan
Chapter 8185 Thousand Chong Tower
Chapter 8186 Someone is coming
Chapter 8187 Initiative
Chapter 8188 Zihuo
Chapter 8189 The promise of one blow
Chapter 8190 Little guy!
Chapter 8191 Nine Fire Order
Chapter 8192 Murderous Intent
Chapter 8193 Breaking the Secret
Chapter 8194 Tai Shen’s Life Experience
Chapter 8195 Attitude
Chapter 8196 Do you want to live?
Chapter 8197 The shame of the past
Chapter 8198 Mysterious Ceremony
Chapter 8199 Whereabouts
Chapter 8200 Time is running out
Chapter 8201 Establishing Prestige
Chapter 8202 Seizing the Body
Chapter 8203 Steel Star Dome, open
Chapter 8204 Darkness
Chapter 8205 Domineering!
Chapter 8206 Flame Slave
Chapter 8207 Emperor!
Chapter 8208 An unexpected visitor
Chapter 8209 Seize the Flame!
Chapter 8210 Identity
Chapter 8211 Determined!
Chapter 8212 It’s too late
Chapter 8213 Imperial Power
Chapter 8214 Backhand
Chapter 8215 Appeal
Chapter 8216 Delivered to the Door
Chapter 8217 The conspiracy behind it
Chapter 8218 Pride!
Chapter 8219 Wuwu’s breath?
Chapter 8220 is coming!
Chapter 8221 Transparent Martial Spirit
Chapter 8222 Hidden
Chapter 8223 Shock
Chapter 8224 Netherworld Jianyuan
Chapter 8225 Not good
Chapter 8226 Dreaming back to eternity
Chapter 8227 Extremely Dangerous
Chapter 8228 Everyone, concentrate
Chapter 8229 Awakening the Emperor's Seal
Chapter 8230 You have to do it
Chapter 8231 Taishen’s Determination
Chapter 8232 Under the mask
Chapter 8236 Qilin Domain
Chapter 8237 Get out!
Chapter 8238 Mysterious Temple
Chapter 8233 Unthinkable!
Chapter 8234 Past
Chapter 8235 Concession layout
Chapter 8236 Qilin Domain
Chapter 8237 Get out!
Chapter 8238 Mysterious Temple
Chapter 8239 Unbelievable
Chapter 8240 Discussing Tao
Chapter 8241 Eternal Layout
Chapter 8242 How is it different from evil?
Chapter 8243 Shengtian Banzi
Chapter 8244 Let’s fight
Chapter 8245 Battle against the sky?
Chapter 8246 Belonging
Chapter 8247 Seeing old friends again?
Chapter 8248 The real entrance!
Chapter 8249 Sheng Ming
Chapter 8250 The body is buried in a sea of ??blood
Chapter 8251 Acting
Chapter 8252 The power of the wooden comb
Chapter 8253 Kirin Blood Grass
Chapter 8254 Autumn Wind My Son
Chapter 8255 Yin Yang Thunder Method
Chapter 8256 Sky Swallowing Technique
Chapter 8257 Absolute Power
Chapter 8258 All living beings in all directions will be destroyed!
Chapter 8259 Give me strength!
Chapter 8260 Reincarnation?
Chapter 8261 Reduced to the past
Chapter 8262 Ambition
Chapter 8263 Kill without mercy!
Chapter 8264 Goodbye
Chapter 8265 Holy Qi Scroll
Chapter 8266 Coming out of the mountain
Chapter 8267 Mysterious Space!
Chapter 8268 The trapped Martial Ancestor?
Chapter 8269 Past and Future
Chapter 8270 Mysterious Man
Chapter 8271 Wash away everything
Chapter 8272 The one who broke the formation
Chapter 8273 Attitude
Chapter 8274 Exposed
Chapter 8275 Cause and effect contamination
Chapter 8276 Restricted Cage
Chapter 8277 The fear of the soul
Chapter 8278 Is this your plan?
Chapter 8279 The battle of supreme merit begins!
Chapter 8280 Bright Star Sea
Chapter 8281 Fire God Realm
Chapter 8282 Black Hand
Chapter 8283 Vestments
Chapter 8284 Acquaintance
Chapter 8285 Mutation!
Chapter 8286 Rock God Tianzun
Chapter 8287 The Tradition of Rock God Tianzun
Chapter 8288 Sanshen True Blood
Chapter 8289 Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 8290 Despicable
Chapter 8291 Blackhand and backhand
Chapter 8292 Frost Leaves
Chapter 8293 The whereabouts of the Tianjun God-conferring Monument
Chapter 8294 Once
Chapter 8295 Death Cult
Chapter 8296 I have it too
Chapter 8297 Shura
Chapter 8298 Mysterious Man
Chapter 8299 A higher level of power!
Chapter 8300 The betrayal of Wanxu Temple
Chapter 8301 Sacrifice your life
Chapter 8302 Doomsday
Chapter 8303 Accident
Chapter 8304 The Grace of Death
Chapter 8305 Come to die?
Chapter 8306 The pain of death
Chapter 8307 Despair
Chapter 8308 Injury
Chapter 8309 Can’t Die
Chapter 8310 God’s will!
Chapter 8311 Beneficiaries
Chapter 8312 Recovery
Chapter 8313 Ice God
Chapter 8314 Kai
Chapter 8315 Battlefield
Chapter 8316 The Breath of the Heavenly Emperor’s Golden Wheel
Chapter 8317 Darkness and Phoenix
Chapter 8318 The Divine Blood of the Ice God
Chapter 8319 Black Hand
Chapter 8320 The so-called order
Chapter 8321 Vulcan Heavenly Lord
Chapter 8322 The change of returning to the dust
Chapter 8323 The light of heaven
Chapter 8324 Wuyou
Chapter 8325 Crisis
Chapter 8326 Red Flame Creation Pill
Chapter 8327 Back then
Chapter 8328 Ancestral Artifact
Chapter 8329 Terrifying Reincarnation
Chapter 8330 Vulcan Heavenly Lord
Chapter 8331 Moon Soul
Chapter 8332 Father, are you unhappy?
Chapter 8333 Critical Moment
Chapter 8334 Save people! (please vote)
Chapter 8335
Chapter 8336: Fight violence with violence
Chapter 8337 Grudges
Chapter 8338 Red Flame Immortal Grass
Chapter 8339 Breaking in by force
Chapter 8340 Let’s go!
Chapter 8341 You Now
Chapter 8342 Block!
Chapter 8343 Who are you?
Chapter 8344 Goodbye Shen Tu Wan'er
Chapter 8345 The brand in the bloodline
Chapter 8346 Supreme Glory
Chapter 8347 Resurrection of the Moon Soul
Chapter 8348 Darkness and Light
Chapter 8349 The End of the Deep Blue Kingdom
Chapter 8350 The so-called inheritance
Chapter 8351 The Origin of Fire
Chapter 8352 The era of hegemony!
Chapter 8353 Good intentions
Chapter 8354 Union
Chapter 8355 The lingering ghost
Chapter 8356 Heavenly Enemy
Chapter 8357: Team up to make fire
Chapter 8358 Extreme Formation!
Chapter 8359 The Majesty of the Demon God
Chapter 8360 Extreme Attitude
Chapter 8361 No less than me
Chapter 8362 Jin Zhang
Chapter 8363 Accidental inheritance
Chapter 8364 Huang Lao, Fengshen!
Chapter 8365 Wings of Freedom
Chapter 8366 Dark Sacrifice
Chapter 8367 It’s you
Chapter 8368 Dusk
Chapter 8369 Chaos Demon
Chapter 8370 Open!
Chapter 8371 War
Chapter 8372 Cruel
Chapter 8373 Moral God’s counterattack
Chapter 8374 The Death of Reincarnation?
Chapter 8375 Nothingness
Chapter 8376 Shen Xi breaks through three times
Chapter 8377 The power of reincarnation!
Chapter 8378 Sacred Book
Chapter 8379 Ascension
Chapter 8380 Heart-shaking
Chapter 8381 Sarcophagus
Chapter 8382 Dream Sky Silkworm
Chapter 8383 Are you sure you want to take him away?
Chapter 8384 Game
Chapter 8385 Panic
Chapter 8386 Three Gods
Chapter 8387 Limit
Chapter 8388 Crazy
Chapter 8389 Your Blood
Chapter 8390 District 5!
Chapter 8391 Huang Lao’s Agreement
Chapter 8392 Darkness and Reunion
Chapter 8393 Martial Ancestor
Chapter 8394 Miracles of the World
Chapter 8395 Who should you listen to?
Chapter 8396 Golden Crow
Chapter 8397 Xiaoyaoyou
Chapter 8398 Xiaoqing
Chapter 8399 Liquidation
Chapter 8400 Part of Reincarnation
Chapter 8401 Tied for first place
Chapter 8402 It’s Harder to Climb to Heaven
Chapter 8403 Witch of Darkness
Chapter 8404 Repaying a Favor
Chapter 8405 You and I choose
Chapter 8406 Another breakthrough!
Chapter 8407 Whereabouts
Chapter 8408 Awakening
Chapter 8409 Decisive Battle
Chapter 8410 is of great benefit
Chapter 8411 The Method of Mist
Chapter 8412 Layout
Chapter 8413 The Grace of Death
Chapter 8414 Whereabouts
Chapter 8415 Bright Breath
Chapter 8416 Weird Things
Chapter 8417 Reconciliation?
Chapter 8418 Three days’ answer
Chapter 8419 Puppet Secret Technique
Chapter 8420 Endless Fury
Chapter 8421 Farewell
Chapter 8422 Seven Stars of Reincarnation
Chapter 8423 Crisis
Chapter 8424 Totem
Chapter 8425 Light God Blood
Chapter 8426 The darkness of Dantian
Chapter 8427 Jingxi
Chapter 8428 Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 8429 Sacred Mountain
Chapter 8430 Clear Road
Chapter 8431 Statue
Chapter 8432 Exposed
Chapter 8433 Qualifications
Chapter 8434 Bad News
Chapter 8435 Blue and White
Chapter 8436: Owned
Chapter 8437 Ancestral God King
Chapter 8438 Dispute
Chapter 8439 True Attitude
Chapter 8440 Ancestor Heavenly Will
Chapter 8441 Crisis
Chapter 8442 Mother-in-law’s purpose
Chapter 8443 Conquer as soon as possible!
Chapter 8444 Decisive Battle
Chapter 8445 Cooperation
Chapter 8446 The revelation of truth
Chapter 8447 We won
Chapter 8448 Transformed into an Immortal
Chapter 8449 Ancestral God Order
Chapter 8450 Battlefield
Chapter 8451 Bingyun Ancient Lamp
Chapter 8452 Do you regret it?
Chapter 8453 Opportunity
Chapter 8454 Identity! (Please vote!)
Chapter 8455 Cannot be violated
Chapter 8456 Thirty-three days of magic
Chapter 8457 Palm of the Mother of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 8458 A showdown of life and death
Chapter 8459 What is terror
Chapter 8460 Hongjun’s murderous intention
Chapter 8461 The oriole is behind
Chapter 8462 Tianjun’s God-conferring Monument
Chapter 8463 Please!
Chapter 8464 A dead end
Chapter 8465 Hongjun’s warning
Chapter 8466 People in the Dark
Chapter 8467 Transaction
Chapter 8468 Choice
Chapter 8469 Taking charge
Chapter 8470 disperse
Chapter 8471 Black Hand
Chapter 8472 Crisis
Chapter 8473 Draw the sword
Chapter 8474 Reappearance of the Double Ninth Festival
Chapter 8475 Room for redemption
Chapter 8476 Opportunity
Chapter 8477 Juyuan
Chapter 8478 Accident
Chapter 8479 Qing Lai Ceremony
Chapter 8480 Wutian’s heart!
Chapter 8481 I will come out
Chapter 8482 Dark Layout
Chapter 8483 Dark Power
Chapter 8484 Blood feud in the past!
Chapter 8485 Everything returns to ruins
Chapter 8486 Chess pieces? Layout?
Chapter 8487 The Relics of Death
Chapter 8488 He is very strong
Chapter 8489 Do you dare
Chapter 8490 Mysterious Identity (please vote)
Chapter 8491 Transaction
Chapter 8492 The layout enters the game
Chapter 8493 The earthworm shakes the tree
Chapter 8494 Means
Chapter 8495 A shocking battle!
Chapter 8496 I accept Fei Fei as my destiny
Chapter 8497 Immortal Existence
Chapter 8498 Use my blood as a sacrificial weapon!
Chapter 8499 Shackles
Chapter 8500 Opportunity
Chapter 8501 Goodbye Luo'er
Chapter 8502 Reincarnation and the Heavenly Girl Camp
Chapter 8503 Repaying favor
Chapter 8504 Divine Bones
Chapter 8505 Listener
Chapter 8506 Behind the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword
Chapter 8507 Answer
Chapter 8508 Darkness is Coming
Chapter 8509 Crisis
Chapter 8510 Backhand
Chapter 8511 Mingwu
Chapter 8512 Black Mist
Chapter 8513 Breaking the situation
Chapter 8514 Weird
Chapter 8515 Huatian Sect
Chapter 8516 Night Mother Listener
Chapter 8517 Who will win?
Chapter 8518 Wake up
Chapter 8519 Soaring Dragon
Chapter 8520 Yu Huangye
Chapter 8521 The mystery of death
Chapter 8522 Coming out of the mountains
Chapter 8523 The Mist World
Chapter 8524 The Secret of the Ancestral Xuantu
Chapter 8525 Not good
Chapter 8526 The moment of death
Chapter 8527 The God of Death was suppressed
Chapter 8528 New Power!
Chapter 8529 Gap
Chapter 8530 Throne of Thorns
Chapter 8531 Eternal Night
Chapter 8532 Apocalypse Demonic Sword
Chapter 8533 Retreat?
Chapter 8534 Breaking the situation
Chapter 8535 Collapse inch by inch
Chapter 8536 Domineering
Chapter 8537 Dark Dao Heart
Chapter 8538 Eternal night covers the sky
Chapter 8539 Limit
Chapter 8540 Decisive battle?
Chapter 8541 Fighting
Chapter 8542 Ren Feifan’s sword
Chapter 8543 Remembered
Chapter 8544 This battle begins
Chapter 8545 The so-called transaction
Chapter 8546 Killing Intention
Chapter 8547 Lost
Chapter 8548 Night Mother
Chapter 8549 Gods
Chapter 8550 Qinxuan
Chapter 8551 God Destroying Amaterasu Kung Fu
Chapter 8552 Cause and Effect
Chapter 8553 The Battle of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 8554 Three moves
Chapter 8555 Listen to my orders!
Chapter 8556 Yixinliu
Chapter 8557 Ren Feifan ascends?
Chapter 8558 The layout behind
Chapter 8559 The plot behind the scenes
Chapter 8560 Secret Place
Chapter 8561 Blood Moon, to
Chapter 8562 Idiot’s dream
Chapter 8563 What is the Heavenly Sword of Reincarnation?
Chapter 8564 Reincarnation Belief
Chapter 8565 Dusk
Chapter 8566 Thunder, protect!
Chapter 8567 Eight Wastelands
Chapter 8568 Things are different now
Chapter 8569 The Injury of Protecting the Way
Chapter 8570 Method
Chapter 8571 Mysterious Realm
Chapter 8572 A fatal blow
Chapter 8573 Three Deities
Chapter 8574 Why?
Chapter 8575 Ji Shen
Chapter 8576 Defeat?
Chapter 8577 Destiny
Chapter 8578 Acquaintance?
Chapter 8579 The Heaven-Slaying Golden List
Chapter 8580 Behind the Divine Coffin
Chapter 8581 Crush by Strength
Chapter 8582: Hatred of Heaven for Tens of Thousand Years
Chapter 8583 Destiny
Chapter 8584 Gate of the Lonely City
Chapter 8585 Loss of Territory
Chapter 8586 Redemption
Chapter 8587 Take action
Chapter 8588 Mr. Ghost
Chapter 8589 The Fantasy of Emperor Cangxuan
Chapter 8590 Believers in Reincarnation
Chapter 8591 Tiannu and Hongjun
Chapter 8592 Thunder God Tianzun’s sword
Chapter 8593 Thunder Sea World
Chapter 8594 The power of the mysterious monument
Chapter 8595 Belonging
Chapter 8596 A possibility for the future
Chapter 8597 Block
Chapter 8598 The Way of Thunder (please vote)
Chapter 8599 The Ancestral Mystic Picture is Lost
Chapter 8600 Weird
Chapter 8601 What to do?
Chapter 8602 Lost
Chapter 8603 The secret of Xuanhan Jade?
Chapter 8604 Broken!
Chapter 8605 Heavenly Palace
Chapter 8606 Thundergod’s Soldiers
Chapter 8607 Power
Chapter 8608 What a pity
Chapter 8609 Recovery
Chapter 8610 No retreat
Chapter 8611 The person I want to protect
Chapter 8612 Arrival
Chapter 8613 Recovery?
Chapter 8614 Gathering
Chapter 8615 Chess Piece
Chapter 8616 Gathering
Chapter 8617 Sky Monument?
Chapter 8618 Within reach
Chapter 8619 How many lives?
Chapter 8620 Return the favor
Chapter 8621 Luan Tianzun
Chapter 8622 Will
Chapter 8623 The power of cause and effect
Chapter 8624 Ominous
Chapter 8625 Close everything
Chapter 8626 The key to breaking the situation
Chapter 8627 An unexpected person
Chapter 8628 Gate of the Heavenly King
Chapter 8629 The so-called attitude
Chapter 8630 Attack Tianxuan
Chapter 8631 Breaking Everything
Chapter 8632 Resistance
Chapter 8633 Tomb Sword
Chapter 8634 Proof!
Chapter 8635 Spirit Ancestor
Chapter 8636 Xuan Xin
Chapter 8637 Wink
Chapter 8638 Alarm
Chapter 8639 Good luck
Chapter 8640 Apprenticeship
Chapter 8640 Apprenticeship
Chapter 8641 Obsession
Chapter 8642 The so-called curse
Chapter 8643 Water God Tianzun
Chapter 8644 No reservations
Chapter 8645 The Supreme Heart
Chapter 8646 A terrifying secret! (please vote)
Chapter 8647 Fake Death
Chapter 8648 Ancestor Tianxin
Chapter 8649 The only chance
Chapter 8650 One Sword
Chapter 8651 Crazy Devouring
Chapter 8652: Killing the Blood and Slaughtering the Heavens
Chapter 8653 You dare to bury it
Chapter 8654 Sacrifice
Chapter 8655 Cracks
Chapter 8656 Second Method
Chapter 8657 Hidden Saint
Chapter 8658 Past Cause and Effect
Chapter 8659 A wisp
Chapter 8660 Storm
Chapter 8661 Sense of Crisis
Chapter 8662 Trump Card
Chapter 8663 Fantasy
Chapter 8664 Tianzhou
Chapter 8665 Price
Chapter 8666 Many acquaintances
Chapter 8667 Fantasy Secret Technique
Chapter 8668 Reincarnation Heaven
Chapter 8669 Pressure
Chapter 8670 Opportunity
Chapter 8671 Death Crisis
Chapter 8672 What is destiny
Chapter 8673 Heart knot
Chapter 8674 Goddess
Chapter 8675 The truth
Chapter 8676 See you again Sun Yi? (please vote)
Chapter 8677 Lost
Chapter 8678 Sword Technique
Chapter 8679 Recovery?
Chapter 8680 The dusty history
Chapter 8681 The so-called hatred
Chapter 8682 The past!
Chapter 8683 Still here
Chapter 8684 Killing
Chapter 8685 Tianxin
Chapter 8686 Out of Control
Chapter 8687 Follow
Chapter 8688 Wu Tian
Chapter 8689 Other masters
Chapter 8690 Demon Ancestor?
Chapter 8691 Ancient Star Gate
Chapter 8692 The Era of Demons
Chapter 8693 Bone Emperor
Chapter 8694 Qingli
Chapter 8695: Enemy or Friend?
Chapter 8696 The fifth item
Chapter 8697 Samsara Purana
Chapter 8698 White Bones
Chapter 8699 Ren Feifei’s obsession
Chapter 8700 Please advise
Chapter 8701 Heavenly Emperor Star Gate
Chapter 8702 The outcome is uncertain
Chapter 8703 The so-called promise
Chapter 8704 Two methods
Chapter 8705 Touching the secret
Chapter 8706 Impact?
Chapter 8707 Samsara Purana
Chapter 8708 Two questions
Chapter 8709 Transaction
Chapter 8710 Eight Wild Void Beasts
Chapter 8711 A dead end
Chapter 8712 This sword!
Chapter 8713 Unexpected Shadow
Chapter 8714 Transaction?
Chapter 8715 Voice in the Dark
Chapter 8716 Surrender
Chapter 8717 Good thing?
Chapter 8718: Cultivation?
Chapter 8719 Mysterious Man
Chapter 8720 Xiu Xuan God
Chapter 8721 Fight alone!
Chapter 8722 Take action
Chapter 8723 Nine Symbols of Tianmen
Chapter 8724 Ten Thousand Monuments
Chapter 8725 Desolation?
Chapter 8726 Still alive
Chapter 8727 Six Styles
Chapter 8728 Royal Realm
Chapter 8729 Witness
Chapter 8730 Not that easy
Chapter 8731 Changes in God and Heaven
Chapter 8732 Ren Feifan’s old enemy?
Chapter 8733 Behind the Reincarnation Cemetery?
Chapter 8734 Emperor Yuantian
Chapter 8735 Annihilation
Chapter 8736 Zhan Wutian
Chapter 8737 Do you dare to be distracted?
Chapter 8738 Rescue
Chapter 8739: The Book of Reincarnation is ashes
Chapter 8740 Martyr?
Chapter 8741 Green Lotus Casting Saint
Chapter 8742 Forbidden Land
Chapter 8743 Doubt
Chapter 8744 Casting Saint
Chapter 8745 Who
Chapter 8746 Just in case
Chapter 8747 Past
Chapter 8748 Xiaolian
Chapter 8749 Crazy, madman!
Chapter 8750 Recovery
Chapter 8751 Mysterious Mural
Chapter 8752 Future You
Chapter 8753 Why is this necessary?
Chapter 8754 Reincarnation of Destiny
Chapter 8755 The Majesty of the Sky Monument
Chapter 8756 Backlash
Chapter 8757 Qinglian Sword World
Chapter 8758 Face to face
Chapter 8759 Moral Power
Chapter 8760 Invitation!
Chapter 8761 Impact
Chapter 8762 Origin of Qinglian
Chapter 8763 Moral Heavenly Lord and Yuantian Emperor
Chapter 8764 Gaining Divine Magic Again
Chapter 8765 Powerful trump card
Chapter 8766 Incredible!
Chapter 8767 Ashes
Chapter 8768 Breakthrough
Chapter 8769 Starry Sky Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 8770 Ancient Star Thunder
Chapter 8771 Danger?
Chapter 8772 Submerged
Chapter 8773 Still not taking action?
Chapter 8774 Lineup
Chapter 8775 Betrayal
Chapter 8776 The coming of heavenly sin
Chapter 8777 Blockade
Chapter 8778 Ren Feifan’s trump card!
Chapter 8779 Invincible Ren Feifan
Chapter 8780 The other side of the starry sky
Chapter 8781 Confrontation
Chapter 8782 Impossible
Chapter 8783 The Death of Reincarnation
Chapter 8784 Life and Death
Chapter 8785 Ashes
Chapter 8786 Weather
Chapter 8787 This sword comes from Ren Feifan!
Chapter 8788 Can you beat me?
Chapter 8789 Heartbreaking
Chapter 8790 Zhan Wutian?
Chapter 8791 This deal
Chapter 8792 My future
Chapter 8793 The Great Wilderness Heaven Stealing Technique
Chapter 8794 Immortality
Chapter 8795 Darkness
Chapter 8796 It’s you!
Chapter 8797 Rescue
Chapter 8798 The Will of the Witch
Chapter 8799 Listener
Chapter 8800 Nine Yang Immortal Emperor
Chapter 8801 Destruction
Chapter 8802 Is it you?
Chapter 8803 Fierce Sun Life Star, Fusion
Chapter 8804 Immortal Dragon
Chapter 8805 True or False
Chapter 8806 Don’t overstep your bounds
Chapter 8807 Confrontation
Chapter 8808 Undercurrent
Chapter 8809 Crazy Resources
Chapter 8810 Murderous Intent
Chapter 8811 The Power of the Sky Monument
Chapter 8812 Mist
Chapter 8813 Rock God
Chapter 8814 Breakup!
Chapter 8815 Killing Intention
Chapter 8816 The majesty of the emperor
Chapter 8817 Nine Suns Arrive
Chapter 8818 Demon Star
Chapter 8819 Witch’s Knife
Chapter 8820 The scorching sun wakes up?
Chapter 8821 Gu Yongxiao
Chapter 8822 Goodbye Water God
Chapter 8823 Ancient Fantasy
Chapter 8824 Crazy
Chapter 8825 Confronting Ren Feifan
Chapter 8826 Mysterious Heavenly Disk
Chapter 8827 Xuanshi Tianpan
Chapter 8828 Crisis
Chapter 8829 Resolution
Chapter 8830 Shock
Chapter 8831 Promise
Chapter 8832 Killing the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 8833 Red Moon
Chapter 8834 Samsara Star Sun
Chapter 8835 Breakthrough
Chapter 8835 Breakthrough
Chapter 8836 Yuhuang Heaven Realm
Chapter 8837 Attitude
Chapter 8838 For Dan
Chapter 8839 Jiang Xiaoyun
Chapter 8840 Decisive
Chapter 8841 Result
Chapter 8842 Die together?
Chapter 8843 The power of terror
Chapter 8844 Stop!
Chapter 8845 One arrow!
Chapter 8846 Full Strength
Chapter 8847 What is reincarnation?
Chapter 8848 Completely dead?
Chapter 8849 Escape from death?
Chapter 8850 Lord
Chapter 8851 The Second Life Star
Chapter 8852 Potential enemies
Chapter 8853 White-haired Guard
Chapter 8854 Destiny Tianchi
Chapter 8855 Situation
Chapter 8856 A move against heaven
Chapter 8857 Stealing!
Chapter 8858 Strength and Weakness
Chapter 8859 Battle
Chapter 8860 The pressure doubles
Chapter 8861 Cause and Effect
Chapter 8862 The fate of reincarnation
Chapter 8863 Demonic Emperor
Chapter 8864 Xiao Xuanting
Chapter 8865 The flower of reincarnation
Chapter 8866 Ice Queen
Chapter 8867 Don’t force me
Chapter 8868 Chess Piece
Chapter 8869 Why not take action
Chapter 8870 Seven days
Chapter 8871 Crisis
Chapter 8872 One Eye
Chapter 8873 The Book of Heaven Suppresses the Enemy
Chapter 8874 Fighting Side by Side
Chapter 8875 Evil Sect
Chapter 8876 Jue Ren
Chapter 8877 Ultimate Killing
Chapter 8878 Past Incarnation
Chapter 8879 Bloodline of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 8880 Ji Lin’s future?
Chapter 8881 The Will of the Demonic Emperor
Chapter 8882 Master, it’s you!
Chapter 8883 Release
Chapter 8884 Panic
Chapter 8885 Beheading
Chapter 8886: Punish the world
Chapter 8887 The voice of the Demonic Emperor
Chapter 8888 Ye Chen’s determination
Chapter 8889 Stop!
Chapter 8890 Punch
Chapter 8891 Your cultivation is not enough
Chapter 8892 Wu Ji Tianxia
Chapter 8893 Breakup
Chapter 8894 Girl’s Heart, Choice
Chapter 8895 Ren Feifan’s tyranny!
Chapter 8896 Game
Chapter 8897 Sorry
Chapter 8898 Spiritual Combination
Chapter 8899 Martyrdom?
Chapter 8900 Ice God’s Ambition
Chapter 8901 How to break the situation
Chapter 8902 Refining
Chapter 8903 Commitment
Chapter 8904 Her Thoughts
Chapter 8905 So-called friends
Chapter 8906 Transforming the Sky
Chapter 8907 The three parties of demons
Chapter 8908 The cause and effect behind it
Chapter 8909 Crisis
Chapter 8910 Source
Chapter 8911 The frightened undead
Chapter 8912 Jiang Fusheng
Chapter 8913 Descendants
Chapter 8914 Thousands of Difficulties
Chapter 8915 Suppression
Chapter 8916 Skeletons
Chapter 8917 Pressure
Chapter 8918 Former Enemies
Chapter 8919 Killing
Chapter 8920 Bone Fragments
Chapter 8921 The power of death
Chapter 8922 Turnaround
Chapter 8923 A helping hand
Chapter 8924: Solving the Demonic Emperor
Chapter 8925 Master Spirit Eater
Chapter 8926 How did you get it?
Chapter 8927 Take the First Step
Chapter 8928 Destroying Demons
Chapter 8929 Emperor Sakyamuni
Chapter 8930 Illusion
Chapter 8931 Wedding Dress
Chapter 8932 Demon Slaying
Chapter 8933 Awakening
Chapter 8934 Result
Chapter 8935 Crisis
Chapter 8936 Proving the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 8937 Ancient Buddha Holy Land
Chapter 8938 Empty
Chapter 8939: Heaven outside the sky
Chapter 8940 Buddha for Everyone
Chapter 8941 Buddha’s True Sutra
Chapter 8942 That’s all
Chapter 8943 Arrangements of Supreme Apocalypse
Chapter 8944 Enlightenment
Chapter 8945 Decisive Battle
Chapter 8946 Who is it?
Chapter 8947 Timing
Chapter 8948 Qinglian
Chapter 8949 Opportunity
Chapter 8950 Chaos Demon
Chapter 8951 Relics
Chapter 8952 Cracks
Chapter 8953 Waiting for you
Chapter 8954 Test
Chapter 8955 Substitute
Chapter 8956 Appearance
Chapter 8957 Appearance
Chapter 8958 Past
Chapter 8959 Crazy
Chapter 8960: Punishing Reincarnation
Chapter 8961 Break it for me!
Chapter 8962 Ice and Snow Albizia
Chapter 8963 Ren Feifan’s words
Chapter 8964 World Tree
Chapter 8965 Zichuan Fei
Chapter 8966 Resurrection
Chapter 8967 Retreat!
Chapter 8968 How could you miss it?
Chapter 8969 Heaven?
Chapter 8970 The scorching sun, a sword
Chapter 8971 Disappearance
Chapter 8972 Eight people
Chapter 8973 The truth
Chapter 8974 You are crazy
Chapter 8975 Wedding Dress
Chapter 8976 Murderous Intent
Chapter 8977 Buddha Bone Relics
Chapter 8978 His confidence
Chapter 8979 Wrong World
Chapter 8980 Xiao Shuihan?
Chapter 8981 Do you still dare to rob?
Chapter 8982 Balance
Chapter 8983 The Way of Death
Chapter 8984 New Power
Chapter 8985 Venerable Lotus
Chapter 8986 So far
Chapter 8987 Open Eyes
Chapter 8988 Buddha’s Dharma
Chapter 8989 The so-called transaction
Chapter 8990 Just for Ren Feifan
Chapter 8991 Seal
Chapter 8992 Reach the sky in one step
Chapter 8993 Dark Land
Chapter 8994 How about giving it a try?
Chapter 8995 Milo Palace!
Chapter 8996 Secret Hand
Chapter 8997 Old Friend
Chapter 8998 An inch of strength opens the sky!
Chapter 8999 Crisis
Chapter 9000 Big Secret
Chapter 9001 Ancient Xuan
Chapter 9002 Surge
Chapter 9003 Rescue
Chapter 9004 Rock God
Chapter 9005 Li Jueyun
Chapter 9006 Three Guardians!
Chapter 9007 Li Jueyun’s attitude
Chapter 9008 The truth comes to light
Chapter 9009 Oracle
Chapter 9010 Grass God
Chapter 9011 Means
Chapter 9012 Awe
Chapter 9013 The Purpose of the King of Realms
Chapter 9014 Underground
Chapter 9015 Demon-Slaying Buddha Sword
Chapter 9016 Evil spirit, Buddha’s heart
Chapter 9017 Secret Crisis
Chapter 9018 Exposed?
Chapter 9019 Chen Ye, Ye Chen
Chapter 9020 Starry Sky’s Rejection
Chapter 9021 Hell
Chapter 9022 Who are you?
Chapter 9023 Black Hand
Chapter 9024 Slave
Chapter 9025 Identity
Chapter 9026 Killing Intention
Chapter 9027 Buddha’s Intention
Chapter 9028 The Majesty of the Lord God
Chapter 9029 The truth
Chapter 9030 Sitting alone
Chapter 9031 Grasp
Chapter 9032 Domineering
Chapter 9033 Incredible
Chapter 9034 In Danger
Chapter 9035 Respond to me!
Chapter 9036 Jin Zhang Emperor Sword, broken
Chapter 9037 This guy is crazy
Chapter 9038 Still here
Chapter 9039 The last chance
Chapter 9040 The Will of the Goddess
Chapter 9041 Reincarnation?
Chapter 9042 Injury
Chapter 9043 Ancient Xuan
Chapter 9044 Tribe?
Chapter 9045 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 9046 Weird
Chapter 9047 Crazy?
Chapter 9048 Fantasy Gate
Chapter 9049 Who is that guy?
Chapter 9050 Shen Xi Sword Breaks
Chapter 9051 Troubles
Chapter 9052 I’ll kill you today
Chapter 9053 Origin
Chapter 9054 Crazy
Chapter 9055 The power of the ancestral seal
Chapter 9056 Come in person
Chapter 9057 Vision
Chapter 9058 There is a long way to go
Chapter 9059 The Mustard Seed in the Dark
Chapter 9060 The truth lies with him
Chapter 9061 Let’s give it a try
Chapter 9062 Communication!
Chapter 9063 Don’t die!
Chapter 9064 Alive?
Chapter 9065 The road ahead will be cut off
Chapter 9066 The power of darkness
Chapter 9067 Identity
Chapter 9068 The Blood Phoenix Empress reappears
Chapter 9069 Breaking the situation
Chapter 9070 Fight Again
Chapter 9071 Fearless
Chapter 9072 The truth
Chapter 9073 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 9074 Ancient Xuan Sword Way
Chapter 9075 Persistence
Chapter 9076 Easy to get
Chapter 9077 It’s too late
Chapter 9078 True and False Reincarnation?
Chapter 9079 Devouring
Chapter 9080 Death?
Chapter 9081 Horrifying Scene
Chapter 9082: Be the enemy of the world?
Chapter 9083 Puzzle
Chapter 9084 Coming?
Chapter 9085 No more debts
Chapter 9086 Completely over
Chapter 9087 Farewell
Chapter 9088 The Grass God’s Dream
Chapter 9089 The Reincarnation Heaven in Your Heart
Chapter 9090 Human Heart
Chapter 9091 Besieged on all sides
Chapter 9092 New Power?
Chapter 9093 Invitation
Chapter 9094 Conditions
Chapter 9095 Destiny
Chapter 9096 The attitude of reincarnation!
Chapter 9097 Terrifying Monster
Chapter 9098 New Power
Chapter 9099 Recovery
Chapter 9100 Blood River
Chapter 9101 The moment of killing
Chapter 9102 Means
Chapter 9103 Sun Yi’s whereabouts
Chapter 9104 Phoenix Lineage
Chapter 9105 The Guidance of Destiny
Chapter 9106 Sinner
Chapter 9107 Attitude
Chapter 9108 Reality and Nothingness!
Chapter 9109 Identity Exposed
Chapter 9110 Resonance of the Gods
Chapter 9111 The truth
Chapter 9112 Stealing
Chapter 9113 Luck
Chapter 9114 Life and Death Crisis
Chapter 9115 The Proud Nine Heavens
Chapter 9116 Influence on Taoist Heart
Chapter 9117 Attitude
Chapter 9118 Orthodoxy
Chapter 9119 Shock
Chapter 9120 Black Blood Cult
Chapter 9121 Terrifying murderous intention
Chapter 9122 Ren Feifan, you dare!
Chapter 9123 Battle!
Chapter 9124 Intervene
Chapter 9125 Wutian’s layout
Chapter 9126 Crisis
Chapter 9127 The coming darkness
Chapter 9128 The Power of the Nine Gods
Chapter 9129 Heavenly Sin Sword Massacre
Chapter 9130 Let’s go!
Chapter 9131 Fight! Never retreat!
Chapter 9132 Reality and Nothingness
Chapter 9133 The storm is coming
Chapter 9134 Trust
Chapter 9135 Cold-killing Order
Chapter 9136 Big Secret
Chapter 9137 Ten Tails
Chapter 9138 Huge Crisis
Chapter 9139 Chess piece, Wutian?
Chapter 9140 Loser
Chapter 9141 The moment of killing
Chapter 9142 Unprecedented Crisis
Chapter 9143 Tips
Chapter 9144 Mysterious Man
Chapter 9145 An ominous premonition
Chapter 9146 Go
Chapter 9147 Goodbye Li Jueyun
Chapter 9148 Precious Things
Chapter 9149 Secret?
Chapter 9150 Clone
Chapter 9151 The legendary existence
Chapter 9152 One tail?
Chapter 9153 Crisis
Chapter 9154 So far
Chapter 9155 Beheading
Chapter 9156 Town!
Chapter 9157 Favor
Chapter 9158 Endless Anger
Chapter 9159 Holy Fire Palace
Chapter 9160 Sky Fire Seal
Chapter 9161 Take action!
Chapter 9162 My territory
Chapter 9163 Are you calling me?
Chapter 9164 Reversal of life and death
Chapter 9165 Coming quickly
Chapter 9166 You also want to leave
Chapter 9167 Seal
Chapter 9168 Shock
Chapter 9169 Clever
Chapter 9170 Thor
Chapter 9171 Sword of the Heavenly Emperor, Heavenly Dou Massacre Sword?
Chapter 9172 The Price of Conveying Magical Powers
Chapter 9173 Dead End
Chapter 9174 Ascension
Chapter 9175 Ascending to Heaven
Chapter 9176: Stowaways will be killed without mercy
Chapter 9177 Memory
Chapter 9178: Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 9179 Showdown
Chapter 9180 The power of the sky monument
Chapter 9181 Concept
Chapter 9182 Qingyun Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 9183 Starry Sky
Chapter 9184 Who is it?
Chapter 9185 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 9186 Arrival
Chapter 9187 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 9188 The terrifying concept of space
Chapter 9189 Extremely Dangerous
Chapter 9190 Fragments
Chapter 9191 Whereabouts
Chapter 9192 Hourglass
Chapter 9193 Ancient God and Feather Emperor
Chapter 9194 Two tails
Chapter 9195 Eternal Talisman
Chapter 9196 Faith
Chapter 9197 Union
Chapter 9198 Can you practice?
Chapter 9199: Hold on for a moment longer
Chapter 9200 Fantasy Dream World
Chapter 9201 Your contribution
Chapter 9202 Glazed Sky
Chapter 9203 Not enough
Chapter 9204 Behead!
Chapter 9205 Koi Sky Talisman
Chapter 9206 Loser
Chapter 9207 Agreement
Chapter 9208 Can you stop me?
Chapter 9209 The Gate of Sword Dao
Chapter 9210 The Test of the Heart
Chapter 9211 The river of time is coming!
Chapter 9212 The other side of the world?
Chapter 9213 Impossible!
Chapter 9214 The crisis is coming
Chapter 9215 The Power of Heaven
Chapter 9216 Sacrifice to Zhaowu Lingyu
Chapter 9217 Vulcan’s Choice
Chapter 9218 Crack
Chapter 9219 Taiyu Bloodline
Chapter 9220 Breaking into the Holy Fire Palace
Chapter 9221 Choice
Chapter 9222 Each trump card
Chapter 9223 The power of the Golden Wheel of the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 9224 Negotiation
Chapter 9225 High five as an oath
Chapter 9226 Fantasy Gate
Chapter 9227 Black Hand
Chapter 9228 Empty Qingtang
Chapter 9229 Good things and bad things
Chapter 9230: Evil people have their own trials and tribulations
Chapter 9231 Fantasy Tower
Chapter 9232 War
Chapter 9233 Crazy
Chapter 9234 All laws are destroyed!
Chapter 9235 Attitude
Chapter 9236 Open
Chapter 9237 Golden Jade Slips
Chapter 9238: Alarming the Snake
Chapter 9239 Broken?
Chapter 9240 Something happened
Chapter 9241 Dead Face
Chapter 9242 Divine Bow
Chapter 9243 Sword as Arrow
Chapter 9244 Broken
Chapter 9245 A hundred years
Chapter 9246 has a great background
Chapter 9247 How about giving you a chance?
Chapter 9248 The Five Decline of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 9249 It’s a matter of course
Chapter 9250 The layout of the Moral God
Chapter 9251 The Ancestral Court of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 9252 Ye Chen’s attitude!
Chapter 9253 The Power of Time
Chapter 9254 The dusty past
Chapter 9255 Transgression
Chapter 9256 Smuggling?
Chapter 9257 Face to face
Chapter 9258 Discovery
Chapter 9259 I have a way
Chapter 9260 Break it for me!
Chapter 9261 Trump Card
Chapter 9262 Crisis moment
Chapter 9263 Ren Feifei’s voice
Chapter 9264 Power reduction!
Chapter 9265 Green Rainbow Star
Chapter 9266 Seeing the Void
Chapter 9267 Red Cloud
Chapter 9268 Nine Heavens Fulong Seal
Chapter 9269 Darkness Comes
Chapter 9270 Soul Immortal Zhi
Chapter 9271 Book of Reincarnation
Chapter 9272 is opened
Chapter 9273 The Art of Fantasy
Chapter 9274 There is something else
Chapter 9275 Otherwise, die!
Chapter 9276 Nine Flame Demonic Falcon
Chapter 9277 Ye Chen’s opportunity
Chapter 9278 All the upper space?
Chapter 9279 Layout
Chapter 9280 It’s death anyway
Chapter 9281 The mysterious old man
Chapter 9282 How to do it!
Chapter 9283 Layout
Chapter 9284 Fusion!
Chapter 9285 Virtual and Real
Chapter 9286 Cut the sky apart with one sword!
Chapter 9287 Monument of Destiny
Chapter 9288 The countercurrent of heaven and earth
Chapter 9289 The Phantom Emperor’s Order
Chapter 9290 Arrival
Chapter 9291 Questioning
Chapter 9292 Layout
Chapter 9293 Whereabouts
Chapter 9294 Goodbye Yishen
Chapter 9295 Rock God’s Request
Chapter 9296 Ye Chen’s attitude
Chapter 9297 Opportunity
Chapter 9298 Return a hundredfold
Chapter 9299 Gusu Yu
Chapter 9300 Orthodoxy and Ascension
Chapter 9301 The future Vulcan
Chapter 9302 The true whereabouts
Chapter 9303 Resurrection
Chapter 9304 Meeting the Wind God
Chapter 9405 True Body
Chapter 9406 Strength is the key
Chapter 9407 Save people!
Chapter 9408 The so-called curse
Chapter 9409 Dry Bones
Chapter 9410 Half portion
Chapter 9411 Falling into the sky
Chapter 9412 Reversal of life and death?
Chapter 9413 Division
Chapter 9414 The best time
Chapter 9415 Rescue
Chapter 9416 Waiting for you
Chapter 9417 Crisis
Chapter 9418 The Wrath of Burning Heaven
Chapter 9419 Breaking the shackles
Chapter 9420 One Arrow
Chapter 9421 The power of the ancient body
Chapter 9422 The price is huge
Chapter 9423 The so-called battlefield
Chapter 9424 Soul Source
Chapter 9425 The Relived Past
Chapter 9426 Are you willing?
Chapter 9427 Zilan’s ambition
Chapter 9428 Former Morality
Chapter 9429 Means
Chapter 9430 Fight!
Chapter 9431 The rules of the world
Chapter 9432 A heaven-defying event!
Chapter 9433 Resurrection of Qinglian
Chapter 9434 The Tribulation of Life and Death
Chapter 9435 Killing the Master
Chapter 9436 Wuwu Perception
Chapter 9437 Nine Gods Taoism
Chapter 9438 The so-called cooperation
Chapter 9439 First meeting!
Chapter 9440 Conflict
Chapter 9441 Three choices
Chapter 9442 Tough attitude
Chapter 9443 Against God
Chapter 9444 Endless Darkness
Chapter 9445 The Sword of the Sword Emperor
Chapter 9446 Secret Protection
Chapter 9447 Ninth Grade Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 9448 Dusty
Chapter 9449 The Divine Power Platform
Chapter 9450 Transcendence
Chapter 9451 Coercion
Chapter 9452 Breaking the Rules
Chapter 9453 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 9454 Endless murderous intent is coming!
Chapter 9355 Aging
Chapter 9356 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 9357 Fighting
Chapter 9358 Whose battlefield?
Chapter 9359 The scorching sun revives
Chapter 9360 Dusty Thoughts
Chapter 9361 New Power
Chapter 9362 Opportunity
Chapter 9363 You are!
Chapter 9364 Don’t get involved
Chapter 9365 The so-called miracle?
Chapter 9366 My way!
Chapter 9367 Protecting the Way of Reincarnation
Chapter 9368 Looking for the body
Chapter 9369 Watcher
Chapter 9470 Result
Chapter 9371 Need help
Chapter 9372 Acceptance
Chapter 9373 Kind reminder
Chapter 9374 End
Chapter 9375 Black Hand
Chapter 9376 Don’t be afraid!
Chapter 9377 An unexpected gain
Chapter 9378 Are you sure?
Chapter 9379 Means
Chapter 9380 Ancestors
Chapter 9381 Change
Chapter 9382 No one comes?
Chapter 9383 Mu Lingxi
Chapter 9384: Survival
Chapter 9385 That sword
Chapter 9386 To save or not to save?
Chapter 9387 Awakening the Source Body
Chapter 9388 Sword of Destruction
Chapter 9389 Watch
Chapter 9390 Is faith really important?
Chapter 9391 Yuhuang Faction?
Chapter 9392 Why go?
Chapter 9393 The Way of Reincarnation
Chapter 9394 The key to the night
Chapter 9395 Watch
Chapter 9396 What is fear?
Chapter 9397 What is supposed to come has come.
Chapter 9398 I will protect you
Chapter 9399 Regardless of everything
Chapter 9400 Irresistible
Chapter 9401 Blessing
Chapter 9402 Me too!
Chapter 9403 Endless Anger
Chapter 9404 I changed my mind
Chapter 9405 Never compromise
Chapter 9406 Holy Fruit
Chapter 9407 Martial Battle
Chapter 9408 Past
Chapter 9409 Choice
Chapter 9410 The promised asylum
Chapter 9411 The power of super quality!
Chapter 9412 Darkest
Chapter 9413 Reincarnation disappears
Chapter 9414 Invitation
Chapter 9415 The smell of death
Chapter 9416 Deduction
Chapter 9417 Strange
Chapter 9418 Mu Zhu
Chapter 9419 Too dangerous
Chapter 9420 Blood will awaken
Chapter 9421 The second most powerful magic
Chapter 9422 Cause and effect
Chapter 9423 The fog of identity
Chapter 9424 Stealing
Chapter 9425 Weakness
Chapter 9426 Desperate situation?
Chapter 9427 The trump card of reincarnation
Chapter 9428 Unable to borrow power
Chapter 9429 Perception
Chapter 9430 Return to the forest
Chapter 9431 Recovery
Chapter 9432 Refining
Chapter 9433 The Identity of the New Power
Chapter 9434 Humiliation
Chapter 9435 Means
Chapter 9436 Comprehension
Chapter 9437 Backhand
Chapter 9438 The storm is coming
Chapter 9439 Preparing for War
Chapter 9440 Accident
Chapter 9441 Where to go?
Chapter 9442 Death
Chapter 9443 Open!
Chapter 9444 Qualifications
Chapter 9451 Full Strength
Chapter 9452 The Peak Battle
Chapter 9453 My way!
Chapter 9456 The Power of God
Chapter 9460 Whose game?
Chapter 9463 Are you sure?
Chapter 9467 Crisis in the Dark
Chapter 9479 Take action
Chapter 9493 Who are you!
Chapter 9494 Devouring
Chapter 9502: Cutting out the roots
Chapter 9503 Former Enemies
Chapter 9507 The property returns to its original owner
Chapter 9515 Take action
Chapter 9517 Blood of Reincarnation
Chapter 9518 Breaking in by force
Chapter 9519 Never stop!
Chapter 9520 Confusion
Chapter 9521 One person achieves enlightenment!
Chapter 9522 Damn it!
Chapter 9523 Qinghong
Chapter 9524 Crisis is everywhere
Chapter 9525 I believe you
Chapter 9526 Taiyi
Chapter 9527 Howling Nebula
Chapter 9528 Divine Sakura
Chapter 9529 The so-called legend
Chapter 9530 How to break the situation
Chapter 9531 Freedom
Chapter 9532 Tai Yin and Yang
Chapter 9533 Method of conversion
Chapter 9534 The Ice God ascends the throne
Chapter 9535 Suspended
Chapter 9536 Can you understand?
Chapter 9537 Ren Feifei’s invitation
Chapter 9538 Come to the door
Chapter 9539 Invincible posture
Chapter 9540 is here!
Chapter 9541 Unfriendly
Chapter 9542 How to solve
Chapter 9543 Killing the Dragon
Chapter 9544 Layout
Chapter 9545 Chase
Chapter 9546 Execution restricted by rules
Chapter 9547 The Transformation of the Dragon
Chapter 9548 The memory of Emperor Yantian
Chapter 9549 Once
Chapter 9550 Final Goal
Chapter 9551 The Arm of the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 9552 Rise?
Chapter 9568 Being an enemy
Chapter 9569 Are you scared?
Chapter 9574 Something bad happened
Chapter 9578 Return
Chapter 9579 Tai Yin and Yang
Chapter 9583 is coming
Chapter 9586 Be careful!
Chapter 9587 This sword will destroy everything
Chapter 9588 The Broken Monument
Chapter 9589 Sky Monument, Heavenly Rebellion
Chapter 9590 Dark night falls
Chapter 9591 Madman!!
Chapter 9592 Buried in Dusk
Chapter 9593 Crisis moment
Chapter 9594 The Attitude of Reincarnation
Chapter 9595 The Emperor’s Heavenly Palace
Chapter 9596 News about time and space
Chapter 9597 Monument Keeper
Chapter 9598: Those who obey me will prosper, and those who go against me will perish.
Chapter 9599 Dao Sect
Chapter 9600 The Source of Reincarnation
Chapter 9601 The so-called ascension
Chapter 9602 Go
Chapter 9603 Expectation
Chapter 9604 Not allowed
Chapter 9605 Situation
Chapter 9606 Safe Zone
Chapter 9607 Crisis
Chapter 9608: Reincarnation is dead?
Chapter 9609 I am Chenye
Chapter 9610 Are the Nine Sky-Destroying Swords so domineering?
Chapter 9611 The so-called essence
Chapter 9612 My Way
Chapter 9613 The so-called traceless
Chapter 9614 Grandpa’s past
Chapter 9615 Origin
Chapter 9616 Transferring Hatred
Chapter 9617 Taking charge of the future
Chapter 9618 Listed
Chapter 9619: Layout Killing
Chapter 9620 Unexpected Means
Chapter 9621 Huang Lao wakes up
Chapter 9622 Bondage
Chapter 9623 The Great Way to Seek Saints
Chapter 9624 The final battle
Chapter 9625 Daodao Order
Chapter 9626 The Origin of the New Power
Chapter 9627 Past
Chapter 9628 True Identity
Chapter 9629 Camp
Chapter 9630 The reincarnation of the witch?
Chapter 9631 Backhand
Chapter 9632 To do or not to do?
Chapter 9633 Goodbye Ren Feifan
Chapter 9634 Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 9635 Do you dare
Chapter 9636 Ren Feifan’s attitude
Chapter 9637 Source Body’s Method
Chapter 9638 Dark Forbidden Land
Chapter 9639 Tears of the Dragon Ancestor
Chapter 9640 Dark Man
Chapter 9641 Transaction
Chapter 9642 The so-called master
Chapter 9643 The Master of Buddha
Chapter 9644 Awakening
Chapter 9645 Is it a blessing or a curse?
Chapter 9646 Piaomiao Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 9647 What exactly is it?
Chapter 9648 Dark Source
Chapter 9649 Hongjun takes action
Chapter 9650 Ancestor Touching Gold
Chapter 9651 Making Friends
Chapter 9652 Dark Forest
Chapter 9653 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 9654 Act on orders
Chapter 9655 Tragic
Chapter 9656 Super Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 9657 With a clear conscience
Chapter 9658 Creating a Immortal Pond
Chapter 9659 The breath of dusk
Chapter 9660 Arrival
Chapter 9661 Nosy
Chapter 9662 The Wrath of Burning Heaven!
Chapter 9663 The figure of Soul Emperor
Chapter 9664 Dark Demon Clan
Chapter 9665 Mysterious Demon Cause and Effect
Chapter 9666 Attitude
Chapter 9667 Daodao Order
Chapter 9668 The Golden Wheel of the Heavenly Emperor is given to you
Chapter 9669 Oath
Chapter 9670 Domineering Ren Feifan
Chapter 9671 The lighthouse is possessed
Chapter 9672 The storm is surging
Chapter 9673 The purpose behind it
Chapter 9674 The God of Beauty or Who?
Chapter 9675 Her plan
Chapter 9676 Pictures of the Past
Chapter 9677 Reinvitation
Chapter 9678 Scramble
Chapter 9679 Invitation
Chapter 9680 It has nothing to do with me
Chapter 9681 The so-called competition
Chapter 9682 The whereabouts of the mysterious demon
Chapter 9683 Unthinkable
Chapter 9684 Ugly God
Chapter 9685 Commission
Chapter 9686 Goodbye acquaintance
Chapter 9687 Must get it!
Chapter 9688 Lair
Chapter 9689 Why struggle?
Chapter 9690 Can it still be resurrected?
Chapter 9691 The crisis is coming
Chapter 9692 Hand of Moon God
Chapter 9693 The Taboo in the Stone Egg
Chapter 9694 Tomb Palace
Chapter 9695 The so-called threat
Chapter 9696 Negotiation between you and me
Chapter 9697 Sand Sea
Chapter 9698 A dead end
Chapter 9699 Ugly God Believers
Chapter 9700 Your Identity
9704. Chapter 9701 The so-called ominous
9705. Chapter 9702 A different world
9706. Chapter 9703 Goodbye Martial Ancestor?
9707. Chapter 9704 Let’s go
9708. Chapter 9705 Reasons for objection
9709. Chapter 9706 A gift for you
9710. Chapter 9707 Something has changed
9711. Chapter 9708 Darkness is coming
9712. Chapter 9709 You are looking for death!
9713. Chapter 9710 The so-called sacrifice
9714. Chapter 9711 The remaining tips
9715. Chapter 9712 The Laws of the Past
9716. Chapter 9713 Goodbye Broken Eyebrow
9717. Chapter 9714 Blood Knife
9718. Chapter 9715 Changes in the Forbidden Demon
9719. Chapter 9716 Ye Chen’s choice
9720. Chapter 9717 Meeting Gift
9721. Chapter 9718 Green Floating Snow
9722. Chapter 9719 I am optimistic about him
9723. Chapter 9720 What is Dan Qi?
9724. Chapter 9721 Take action
9725. Chapter 9722 Peace talks
9726. Chapter 9723 The real reason
9727. Chapter 9724 Dark Death Place
9728. Chapter 9725 I will go with you
9729. Chapter 9726 The so-called sword
9730. Chapter 9727 Still here
9731. Chapter 9728 I’ll give you face
9732. Chapter 9729 Undercurrent surges
9733. Chapter 9730 The so-called attitude
9734. Chapter 9731 I promise you that
9735. Chapter 9732 The only way
9736. Chapter 9733 Blood Pill
9737. Chapter 9734 The so-called conspiracy
9738. Chapter 9735 The meaning of the moon god
9739. Chapter 9736 Supreme Glory
9740. Chapter 9737 The terrifying power of medicine
9741. Chapter 9738 Goodbye acquaintance
9742. Chapter 9739 You have gone too far
9743. Chapter 9740 This cause and effect
9744. Chapter 9741 After the promise
9745.Chapter 9742 Amatsuki Takaya
9746. Chapter 9743 The so-called treasure
9747. Chapter 9744 Yin Dan
9748. Chapter 9745 A different world
9749. Chapter 9746 I want it
9750. Chapter 9747 Who has the last laugh?
9751. Chapter 9748 The Source of Terror
9752. Chapter 9749 Totem
9753. Chapter 9750 Quick decision
9754. Chapter 9751 Resonance
9755. Chapter 9752 Crisis
9756. Chapter 9753 What to do?
9757. Chapter 9754 I will take action
9758. Chapter 9755 Hands in the Dark
9759. Chapter 9756 The only chance
9760. Chapter 9757 The advent of the Forbidden Demon?
9761. Chapter 9758 The so-called father?
9762. Chapter 9759 Moon Guard
9763. Chapter 9760 Terrorist Power
9764. Chapter 9761 Recasting the body
9765. Chapter 9762 Innate Dragon Escape Stake
9766. Chapter 9763 You are really insignificant
9767. Chapter 9764 The power of forbidden demons
9768. Chapter 9765 Powerful Cause and Effect
9769. Chapter 9766 Meet again
9770. Chapter 9767 Devotion
9771. Chapter 9768 Cang Lei Mountain
9772. Chapter 9769 Seal the Demon
9773. Chapter 9770 Things in memory
9774. Chapter 9771 Endless greed
9775. Chapter 9772 Shouldn’t come
9776. Chapter 9773 I have to be possessed by the devil
9777. Chapter 9774 Han Yan’s choice
9778. Chapter 9775 Mottled means
9779. Chapter 9776 The whereabouts of Huang Lao
9780. Chapter 9777 The whereabouts of Daodao Order
9781. Chapter 9778 So that’s it
9782. Chapter 9779 Tianqian Palace intervenes
9783.Chapter 9780 The odds are stacked against the odds
9784. Chapter 9781 Sword Fairy Dust
9785. Chapter 9782 Clues
9786. Chapter 9783 Incredible
9787. Chapter 9784 is effective
9788. Chapter 9785 Fighting the Goddess Again
9789. Chapter 9786 Mysteries are endless
9790. Chapter 9787 Sun Yi’s whereabouts
9791. Chapter 9788 Keep it a secret for me
9792. Chapter 9789 Chu Bingyu
9793. Chapter 9790 Three moves?
9794. Chapter 9791 The so-called restraint
9795. Chapter 9792 Opportunity in death
9796. Chapter 9793 The terror of the source body
9797. Chapter 9794 The game begins
9798. Chapter 9795 New Power?
9799. Chapter 9796 What can you do to me?
9800. Chapter 9797 A song!
9801. Chapter 9798 A song to wake up
9802. Chapter 9799 The so-called cruelty
9803. Chapter 9800 There is a chance!
9804. Chapter 9801 Strange Black Hand
9805. Chapter 9802 Breaking the Formation
9806. Chapter 9803 The Power of One Song
9807. Chapter 9804 Fortunately
9808. Chapter 9805 Poison Hand Medicine God
9809. Chapter 9806 Divine Qin
9810. Chapter 9807 Bad News
9811. Chapter 9808 The so-called cause and effect!
9812. Chapter 9809 Do you think my elder brother does not exist?
9813. Chapter 9810 Blood Wings
9814. Chapter 9811 Protector?
9815. Chapter 9812 God of Grass and Trees
9816. Chapter 9813 A helpless move
9817. Chapter 9814 Identity of traitor
9818. Chapter 9815 Suppress everything
9819. Chapter 9816 Go quickly
9820. Chapter 9817 Arrival
9821. Chapter 9818 Is it really a misunderstanding?
9822. Chapter 9819 The road travels alone
9823. Chapter 9820 God’s response
9824. Chapter 9821 Qingyan’s Faith
9825. Chapter 9822 The end of the camp
9826. Chapter 9823 Do you have any idea?
9827. Chapter 9824 The so-called gods
9828. Chapter 9825 Please come out
9829. Chapter 9826 Now?
9830. Chapter 9827 I’ll tell you a song
9831. Chapter 9828 Her anger
9832. Chapter 9829 One person is enough
9833. Chapter 9830 Qibao
9834. Chapter 9831 Discovered
9835. Chapter 9832 Trading Tempered Pills
9836. Chapter 9833 Disaster
9837. Chapter 9834 The power of the artifact
9838. Chapter 9835 Bearing anger?
9839. Chapter 9836 Help me
9840. Chapter 9837 Play the piano for me
9841. Chapter 9838 Bullying goes too far
9842. Chapter 9839 The so-called ultimate
9843. Chapter 9840 The power of one finger
9844. Chapter 9841 May you wish for more blessings
9845. Chapter 9842 Take action personally?
9846. Chapter 9843 Ye Chen’s yearning
9847. Chapter 9844 Resurrection
9848. Chapter 9845 You dare! Ren Feifan!
9849. Chapter 9846 Devouring of Darkness
9850. Chapter 9847 Determination
9851. Chapter 9848 I’m drunk
9852. Chapter 9849 Heartbeat
9853. Chapter 9850 Breaking Cause and Effect
9854. Chapter 9851 Gu
9855. Chapter 9852 Terrible power
9856. Chapter 9853 Invitation
9857. Chapter 9854 Limit and Tao
9858. Chapter 9855 The Eve of the Storm
9859. Chapter 9856 Sun Yi’s whereabouts
9860. Chapter 9857 Replacement
Chapter 9858 You are threatening me
Chapter 9859 How is it possible!
Chapter 9860 Old Friend
Chapter 9861 Totem
Chapter 9862 The real crisis
Chapter 9863 Loop
Chapter 9864 It’s done
Chapter 9865 Mission
Chapter 9866 Dilemma
Chapter 9867 Endless Years
Chapter 9868 Big Dream Chunxiao
Chapter 9869 Awakening
Chapter 9870 Danger
Chapter 9871 Rise sooner or later
Chapter 9872 Send Away
Chapter 9873 So far
Chapter 9874 Impossible
Chapter 9875 Who is the ant?
Chapter 9876 riddled with holes
Chapter 9877 What a courage!
Chapter 9878: Old
Chapter 9879 Farewell
Chapter 9880 The root of everything
Chapter 9881 Disagreement
Chapter 9882 Hidden existence
Chapter 9883 Hidden murderous intent
Chapter 9884 Danger, layout!
Chapter 9885 Disposal
Chapter 9886 The whereabouts of Qin
Chapter 9887 The so-called taboo
Chapter 9888 Don’t force me
Chapter 9889 Former Servant
Chapter 9890 Ye Chen’s methods
Chapter 9891 Take action
Chapter 9892 Huang Lao’s idea
Chapter 9893 The so-called ultimate
Chapter 9894 How about a gift?
Chapter 9895 Disciple?
Chapter 9896 Qing Shanyan
Chapter 9897 The power of reincarnation?
Chapter 9898 Source Spirit Explosion
Chapter 9899 Memory
Chapter 9900 The Teeth of the Soul Emperor
Chapter 9901 Han Yan’s Father
Chapter 9902 Impact, breakthrough!
Chapter 9903 A breakthrough is finally coming?
Chapter 9904 Demon Soul Devouring
Chapter 9905 Rescue
Chapter 9906 The Gu of the Forbidden Demon
Chapter 9907 I must meet
Chapter 9908 Huang Guxi
Chapter 9909 The cause and effect behind it
Chapter 9910 Darkness Comes
Chapter 9911 What is a devil?
Chapter 9912 Awakening?
Chapter 9913 Double reincarnation?
Chapter 9914 The whereabouts of the beheaded soul
Chapter 9915 New Totem
Chapter 9916 Encounter with grudges
Chapter 9917 What is perfection!
Chapter 9918 What is perfection! What is nobility!
Chapter 9919 Mistake!!
Chapter 9920 Dawn in the Dark
Chapter 9921 Taking charge
Chapter 9922 My power!
Chapter 9923 The death of Han Yan?
Chapter 9924 Wait for my good news
Chapter 9925 Trial
Chapter 9926 Crime and Punishment
Chapter 9927 Order
Chapter 9928 Requirements
Chapter 9929: Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 9930 Dongfang Shuo
Chapter 9931 Star Sea
Chapter 9932 Acquaintance
Chapter 9933 The power of blessing
Chapter 9934 Self-destruction and reincarnation
Chapter 9935 Her methods
Chapter 9936 A hexagram
Chapter 9937 What is luck? This is it!
Chapter 9938 A hexagram
Chapter 9942 What is a monster?
Chapter 9945 The goddess is dead?
Chapter 9951 Sin
Chapter 9959 Hongmen Banquet?
Chapter 9970 Life and death crisis?
Chapter 9976 Resonance
Chapter 9977 Gathering
9981. Chapter 9978 My Lighthouse
9982. Chapter 9979 Open
9983. Chapter 9980 Meteor World
9984. Chapter 9981 The struggle between camps
9985. Chapter 9982 Long time no see
9986. Chapter 9983 Representative Trial
9987. Chapter 9984 You have suffered
9988. Chapter 9985 Good Luck
9989. Chapter 9986 Tao Monument
9990. Chapter 9987 The so-called restrictions!
9991. Chapter 9988 Break it for me
9992. Chapter 9989 Talisman in the Dark!
9993. Chapter 9990 Finally changed
9994. Chapter 9991 The Danger of Alliance
9995. Chapter 9992 Death is not a pity?
9996. Chapter 9993 The Witch Reappears
9997. Chapter 9994 Crisis lurks everywhere
9998. Chapter 9995 The so-called trump card
9999. Chapter 9996 It takes time
10000. Chapter 9997 What to do?
10001. Chapter 9998 Please protect me
10002. Chapter 9999 I won’t eat you
10003. Chapter 10000 The legendary existence
10004. Chapter 10001 You are a good person
10005. Chapter 10002 Destroy everything
10006. Chapter 10003 You will regret it!
Chapter 10004 What kind of chess?
Chapter 10005 Rescue
Chapter 10006 is difficult to deal with
Chapter 10007 The Great Disaster
Chapter 10008 Oath and Cooperation
Chapter 10009 Named Immortal
Chapter 10010 Price
Chapter 10011 Mark
Chapter 10012 Dominate all realms
Chapter 10013 The so-called tower
Chapter 10014 Shine
Chapter 10015 I wish you good luck
Chapter 10016 Get ready
Chapter 10017 Opportunities and Risks
Chapter 10018 Luck disappears?
Chapter 10019 Such an opportunity is so unexpected
Chapter 10020 Some ability
Chapter 10021 Murderous Intent in the Dark
Chapter 10022 The temptation to swallow
Chapter 10023 Your Blood
Chapter 10024 Not allowed
Chapter 10025 Agree
Chapter 10026 I will take action
Chapter 10027 Circulation
Chapter 10028 A Palm
Chapter 10029 Ye is still here
Chapter 10030 How about transaction?
Chapter 10031 The heaven-defying power of this technique
Chapter 10032 Backhand
Chapter 10033 What is Xiao Xiao Rui?
Chapter 10034 Fighting Demons
Chapter 10035 Immortal Lizard
Chapter 10036 Sacrifice to Heaven and Yanku
Chapter 10037 Breakthrough
Chapter 10038 What I want
Chapter 10039 This person is! Toilet 襘蜜鐜
Chapter 10040 Relics
Chapter 10041 Open
Chapter 10042 Guard
Chapter 10043 Yin and Yang
Chapter 10044 For you
Chapter 10045 It’s my fault
Chapter 10046 The means of reincarnation
Chapter 10047 Darkness should not exist
Chapter 10048 What are you doing here?
Chapter 10049 Half an hour
Chapter 10050 The so-called wisdom
Chapter 10051 Casting Stars
Chapter 10052 Full Strength
Chapter 10053 Are you worthy?
Chapter 10054 The so-called selfishness
Chapter 10055 General Outline
Chapter 10056 Dare not?
Chapter 10057 The dusty relationship
Chapter 10058 The power awakens?
Chapter 10059 Not afraid of anything
Chapter 10060 Cannot be crossed
Chapter 10061: Teach you the magic
Chapter 10062 Opening up Chaos
Chapter 10063 Take action
Chapter 10064 Useless to me
Chapter 10065 The choice given to you
Chapter 10066 What is arrogance?
Chapter 10067 Doom?
Chapter 10068 Can I do it?
Chapter 10069: Despicable Means
Chapter 10070: Taking risks to gain the spoils
Chapter 10071 Modify the past to shake the falcon
Chapter 10072 I don’t know life or death.
Chapter 10073 The powerful murderous ostrich
Chapter 10074 Change everything
Chapter 10075 The battle begins
Chapter 10076 Death of Ye Qiu
Chapter 10077 Curse and Darkness
Chapter 10078 It must be me, Fei Wing Germanium
Chapter 10079: Surrender to Xu Crocodile
Chapter 10080 Enter the dragon and fight the tiger with Hong Xiangbi
Chapter 10081 The Last Battle of Birchberry
Chapter 10082 Death!
Chapter 10083 Do you dare?
Chapter 10084: The Great Wilderness steals everything and dies in pursuit of success
Chapter 10085 Crisis Moment
Chapter 10086 Destroy all evil and sweep Dun Falcon
Chapter 10087 Battle of Trump Cards
Chapter 10088 Ultimate Killing
Chapter 10089 Heavenly sin, coming to Xuanyuqiu
Chapter 10090 I dare! Damn it
Chapter 10091 Divine Source
Chapter 10092 How ridiculous?
Chapter 10093 How terrifying Kai Ni
Chapter 10094 Do you want revenge?
Chapter 10095 Arrangement of formations
Chapter 10096 The real nightmare
Chapter 10097 Be careful of the hands in the dark
Chapter 10098 Ren Feifan’s situation is so complicated
Chapter 10099 The funeral is over
Chapter 10100 Shocking changes
Chapter 10101 Everyone is here to slander him
Chapter 10102 One word, endure
Chapter 10103 Jiuxiao Huan Peiqin
Chapter 10104 Wolong Yuzhi
Chapter 10105 It’s over
Chapter 10106 Identity discovery?
Chapter 10107 The Face of the Ugly God
Chapter 10108 Indestructible, immortal!
Chapter 10109 The sword energy of the Tiandou Massacre Sword!
Chapter 10110 Do you want to kill me?
Chapter 10111 Is the identity going to be exposed?
Chapter 10112 The hawk was discovered
Chapter 10113 Killing people who are not from our clan
Chapter 10114 Ren Feifan’s old friend?
Chapter 10115 Mark
Chapter 10116 I will protect you
Chapter 10117 Trust me!
Chapter 10118: Blood Sacrifice Flag
Chapter 10119 Too strange
Chapter 10120 Are you worthy? Sen
Chapter 10121: Receive the cylindrical deed for your own use
Chapter 10122 Take action
Chapter 10123 Not afraid of death?
Chapter 10124 Ghost Realm
Chapter 10125 Body Casting
Chapter 10126 Battle of Cause and Effect
Chapter 10127 Evil Law
Chapter 10128 The cause and effect of the past
Chapter 10129 Recasting the body
Chapter 10130 Cang Lei Mountain
Chapter 10131 Be careful
Chapter 10132 It’s not him
Chapter 10133 Giving Opportunities
Chapter 10134 Thoughts of Resurrection
Chapter 10135 Inner Changes
Chapter 10136 Debate and Tao
Chapter 10137 True Perfection
Chapter 10138 The so-called Nine Yins
Chapter 10139 The battle of contradictions
Chapter 10140 Questioning
Chapter 10141 Call Sister
Chapter 10142 Why is he here?
Chapter 10143 Pregnancy
Chapter 10144 Windfall
Chapter 10145 Effect
Chapter 10146 Reality and Fantasy
Chapter 10147 My strength
Chapter 10148 Black Yin
Chapter 10149 Moonlight Symbol
Chapter 10150 Changing Destiny
Chapter 10151 Crime and Difficulty
Chapter 10152 A song to save people
Chapter 10153 Take action
Chapter 10154 Fountain of Resurrection
Chapter 10155 The Terrible Sword
Chapter 10156 Does reincarnation have a destiny?
Chapter 10157 Her identity!
Chapter 10158 Turning false into true
Chapter 10159 Shocking
Chapter 10160 Past Cause and Effect
Chapter 10161 The Decision of Fate
Chapter 10162 Conflict breaks out
Chapter 10163 Unfavorable
Chapter 10164 This knife
Chapter 10165 The Power of Ice God
Chapter 10166 Done
Chapter 10167 Fall?
Chapter 10168 The legacy of reincarnation
Chapter 10169 Origin
Chapter 10170 Can you still live?
Chapter 10171 The means of formation
Chapter 10172 Admonition
Chapter 10173 The battle has ended with Xie Juan
Chapter 10174 The Power of the Blood Dragon
Chapter 10175 I’m here
Chapter 10176 Sacrifice
Chapter 10177 The Cause and Effect Behind
Chapter 10178 Identity exposed?
Chapter 10179 The virtual fog ends
Chapter 10180 Traitor
Chapter 10181 Dao Ancestor Statue
Chapter 10182 Negotiation
Chapter 10183 Darkness
Chapter 10184 Wulian
Chapter 10185 Don’t come close
Chapter 10186 Pursuit
Chapter 10187 Who are you?
Chapter 10188 Meeting people
Chapter 10189 Please take action again
Chapter 10190 Leave it to me
Chapter 10191 Cut off everything
Chapter 10192 It’s still here!
Chapter 10193 Closing the door
Chapter 10194 Evil Power
Chapter 10195 Endless troubles
Chapter 10196 Let the tiger return to the mountain
Chapter 10197 The truth behind it
Chapter 10198 Recovery
Chapter 10199 The erosion of will
Chapter 10200 Are you resentful?
Chapter 10201 I will try
Chapter 10202 Heart of Darkness
Chapter 10203 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 10204 The secret of the seal
Chapter 10205 The darkness dispelled
Chapter 10206 Not worthy
Chapter 10207 Wake up
Chapter 10208 Bizarre
Chapter 10209 I will treat you
Chapter 10210 The truth behind it
Chapter 10211 That Jiulian
Chapter 10212 Like a dream but not a dream
Chapter 10213 The Way of Qinglian!
Chapter 10214 One Knife
Chapter 10215 Take the initiative
Chapter 10216 So what?
Chapter 10217 Record
Chapter 10218 The Taboo
Chapter 10219 Dream Master
Chapter 10220 My Lord
Chapter 10221 Vitality
Chapter 10222 Dawn in the Dark
Chapter 10223 The last piece
Chapter 10224: Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 10225 Fantasy Transformation
Chapter 10226 Must know
Chapter 10227 New Power?
Chapter 10228 Meeting the Ancestor
Chapter 10229 Resolution
Chapter 10230 Identity exposed?
Chapter 10231 Rejection
Chapter 10232 Price
Chapter 10233 Coronation
Chapter 10234 Invitation
Chapter 10235: Falling apart
Chapter 10236 Sign
Chapter 10237 Identity
Chapter 10238 Fight to the death
Chapter 10239 Die together
Chapter 10240 Wake up
Chapter 10241 Regrouping
Chapter 10242 Ghost Realm
Chapter 10243 There is always a way
Chapter 10244 Taking in
Chapter 10245 It’s saved
Chapter 10246 You admitted the wrong person
Chapter 10247 The final goal!
Chapter 10248 The only way
Chapter 10249 Blood Owl
Chapter 10250 Black Hand
Chapter 10251 Crisis
Chapter 10252 Awakening
Chapter 10253 Shock
Chapter 10254 His troubles
Chapter 10255 Opportunity
Chapter 10256 The past of physical destruction
Chapter 10257 Get out of here!
Chapter 10258 No Fear
Chapter 10259 The Edge of Danger
Chapter 10260 Summoning
Chapter 10261 The Worst Result
Chapter 10262 Blessing
Chapter 10263 Asking for a meeting
Chapter 10264 Cruel Rules
Chapter 10265 Asylum
Chapter 10266 I don’t want to hurt you
Chapter 10267 My Means
Chapter 10268 Can we talk now?
Chapter 10269: Forced
Chapter 10270 Block
Chapter 10271 Where are you?
Chapter 10272 Cost and Cause and Effect
Chapter 10273 It’s never easy
Chapter 10274 The power of restriction
Chapter 10275 Bloodthirsty
Chapter 10276 Siblings?
Chapter 10277 Hunting Time
Chapter 10278 Means
Chapter 10279 Who!
Chapter 10280 You decide
Chapter 10281 The End
Chapter 10282 Divine Monument
Chapter 10283 The Stunning Monument Statue
Chapter 10284 Fight with dreams
Chapter 10285 Cause and effect behind the scenes
Chapter 10286 Dark Erosion
Chapter 10287 Still here
Chapter 10288 I have a way
Chapter 10289 Special breath
Chapter 10290 Attending the Banquet
Chapter 10291 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 10292 The so-called gift
Chapter 10293 The value of containers
Chapter 10294 Just click it
Chapter 10295 The Man in the Painting
Chapter 10296 Control
Chapter 10297 Abandonment
Chapter 10298 The method of taking control
Chapter 10299 Room for maneuver
Chapter 10300 Those who understand current affairs
Chapter 10301 Method of Suppression
Chapter 10302 Anger forced the palace
Chapter 10303 Shut down soon
Chapter 10304 The birth gate was destroyed
Chapter 10305 Unthinkable
Chapter 10306 It takes time
Chapter 10307 The Fall
Chapter 10308 True Madness
Chapter 10309 Stealing? Refining?
Chapter 10310 Identity exposed
Chapter 10311 The world is shaken
Chapter 10312 Suppression of the Huangtian Martial Monument
Chapter 10313 A stick of incense
Chapter 10314 The last chance
Chapter 10315 The power of the heart of light
Chapter 10316 Means
Chapter 10317 Time and Space of the Dead
Chapter 10318 Death in the Night
Chapter 10319 Seal
Chapter 10320 Do you dare to threaten me?
Chapter 10321 The power of recovery
Chapter 10322 Abandoned Memory
Chapter 10323 The price of containers
Chapter 10324 The storm is coming
Chapter 10325 Transactions and Prices
Chapter 10326 I also have a backup plan
Chapter 10327 My physical body
Chapter 10328 Awakening
Chapter 10329 The second golden lotus
Chapter 10330 See the light of day again
Chapter 10331 Behind the Seven Evils
Chapter 10332 A harsh place
Chapter 10333 Meeting Gift
Chapter 10334 Hunting, fighting arena!
Chapter 10335 Goodbye Han Yan
Chapter 10336 Are you scared?
Chapter 10337 The divine light behind
Chapter 10338 Descendants of Ghost Face?
Chapter 10339 Unreasonable Anger
Chapter 10340 I don’t believe it!
Chapter 10341 What about your disciples?
Chapter 10342 An ugly defeat
Chapter 10343 True Identity
Chapter 10344 Things are different now!
Chapter 10345 The real record
Chapter 10346 Result
Chapter 10347 Robbery
Chapter 10348 True Identity
Chapter 10349 Something is wrong
Chapter 10350 Replicated Memory
Chapter 10351 Can’t trap me
Chapter 10352 Not to be underestimated
Chapter 10353 Are you willing to take supplements?
Chapter 10354 In the dark
Chapter 10355 The Undefeated King
Chapter 10356 Your magical powers
Chapter 10357 Impossible!
Chapter 10358 Weird means
Chapter 10359 Opportunism
Chapter 10360 Surrender or die!
Chapter 10361 The Origin of Destiny
Chapter 10362 The real terror
Chapter 10363 You can
Chapter 10364 A glimpse of cause and effect
Chapter 10365 Hunting Time
Chapter 10366: Reincarnation and Death
Chapter 10367 The beginning of the war
Chapter 10368 Still here
Chapter 10369 I am in charge
Chapter 10370 The chess is broken
Chapter 10371 The thought of life and death
Chapter 10372 Buying time
Chapter 10373 Trump Card Sacrifice
Chapter 10374 Hope in Despair
Chapter 10375 Completely crazy
Chapter 10376 The disaster of abandoning the sky
Chapter 10377 Leaving
Chapter 10378 Price
Chapter 10379 The new grass god
Chapter 10380 True Face
Chapter 10381 The deal of fate
Chapter 10382 Price and Conditions
Chapter 10383 The key to breaking the situation?
Chapter 10384 Three major families
Chapter 10385 Beware of the Ugly God
Chapter 10386 This place is dangerous
Chapter 10387 Eighth Floor
Chapter 10388 Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 10389 Cause and effect behind the scenes
Chapter 10390 Incredible
Chapter 10391 Awakening everything
Chapter 10392 Bewitchment and Betrayal
Chapter 10393 Not afraid of anything
Chapter 10394 Don’t kill me!
Chapter 10395 Awakening?
Chapter 10396 The Art of Resurrection
Chapter 10397 The consequences of abandonment
Chapter 10398 Hitting a wall