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Douluo: Invincible from the capture of the goddess

Douluo: Invincible from the capture of the goddess

author:lonely bamboo

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 1269 [End of the book] Shocking layout, yin and yang unite! Guard the earth and shock the world!

【Killing decisively, stepping on the sky, rebelling against the gods, invincible text!】Luo Yu traveled through the world of Douluo, met Gu Yuena, and after millions of years of hard work, he finally became a beast god. , Awaken the twin god-level martial souls. [Warrior Soul: Emperor in the Sword, Nine Heavens Punishing Sword!] Excalibur Nine Turns, Hanging the Haotian Hammer, the No. 1 martial soul in the world. [Beast Soul: Ancestor of Dragons, Dragon God!] Power is unrivaled, crushing the world's number one beast Wuhun Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus Rex. Obtaining the extraordinary goddess system, you can get rewards by punching the goddess. Master, want to accept me as a disciple? I'm sorry, you are really unworthy. Tang San , The hidden weapon is unparalleled in the world? Take my sword first and then talk. What evil-eyed white tiger? Why did you fall down before I exerted my strength. Bibi Dong: Brother Yu, the Pope is yours; A few years later, Luo Yu swept Douluo, Jun

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《Douluo: Invincible from the capture of the goddess》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1269 [End of the book] Shocking layout, yin and yang unite! Guard the earth and shock the world!
Chapter 1268 Unrivaled power, the end of the gods! Evil gods appear
Chapter 1267 Zhen Mier, Dajiuer, the spirit of the white-haired goddess, breakthrough, the realm of the gods!
Chapter 1166 Pointing to the general platform, the smoke rises, the return of Yanhuang, the opportunity to become a god
Chapter 1165: Yi shoots for ten days, dominates the world! The tricks of the gods
Chapter 1164 The Son of God leaves the customs, the Eternal Sky Realm!
Chapter 1163 The Last Pillar of Great Xia, Rescue!
Chapter 1162: Luo Yu Exits! One Person Stops the Gods
Chapter 1161 Goddess takes action! Horror gods!
《Douluo: Invincible from the capture of the goddess》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Million Years of Thunder Tribulation, Douluo's First Beast God!
Chapter 2 Casting the strongest divine body, the soft-bone rabbit in the arms
Chapter 3 The appearance caused a sensation, Hu Liena struck up a conversation
Chapter 4 The Queen is my fiancee, as long as the benefactor likes it!
Chapter 5 Step on the Soul King, my wife is the queen, am I proud?
Chapter 6 Dare to insult the queen, this kid is doomed!
Chapter 7 Bibi Dong's trembling heart, a strong longing for love
Chapter 8 Domineering guardian! Capture the queen and reward the world's first beast spirit
Chapter 9 The Ancestor of Ten Thousand Dragons, Dragon God Martial Soul! Hidden Reward: Jiuxiao Heaven Execution Sword
Chapter 10 The jealous Gu Yuena, Queen Bibi Dong's bedroom!
Chapter 11 The Shocked Saint: Why are you in the teacher's bed?
Chapter 12 Prepare to smash a wave of Wuhun Temple wool, on the eve of the shock!
Chapter 13 Earth-shattering awakening, the queen is excited, worthy of my man!
Chapter 14 Mission: Capture Hu Liena! One Hundred Thousand Years Exclusive Soul Ring Reward??
Chapter 15 The record-breaking level of innate soul power! The crystal ball exploded
Chapter 16 How about offering Qian Renxue a betrothal to you? The husband and wife work together to harvest wool!
Chapter 17 The blatantly biased queen, the elders cried with jealousy!
Chapter 18 Hu Liena acts like a spoiled child and calls her father in person! The mad suitor
Chapter 19 The goddess is shy, domineering and awe-inspiring!
Chapter 20 Embracing Beauty in Your Arms, Xieyue: Uncle is on top, let me worship!
Chapter 21 Nana, you have to catch a good man quickly!
Chapter 22 Queen Bibi Dong: Old guy, move my man, try it!
Chapter 23 Qian Renxue's ins and outs, tempting stuff!
Chapter 24 Special punishment!
Chapter 25 The women who vented their anger for Luo Yu, the seven sacrifices are a tragedy
Chapter 26 Surprise or not! Can mother and daughter be better than you?
Chapter 27 A Wu's Special Treatment, Hu Liena Comes to the Door
Chapter 28 The Holy Maiden is really exciting!
Chapter 29 The secret room, the jade bottle torn off the label, the principle of men!
Chapter 30 The tiger is making wine! Hu Liena is secretly promised
Chapter 31 Almost eating a rabbit, the 100,000-year-old red spirit ring is exclusive to the Heaven Punishing Sword!
Chapter 32 Simple Gu Yuena, amazing and magical first soul skill!
Chapter 33 A tender kiss, a gift from a beautiful woman, an artifact: Thousand Illusion Masks!
Chapter 34 Meet the hot beauties in leather clothes and meet Zhu Zhuqing for the first time!
Chapter 35 Beauty under the moon
Chapter 36 Arrogant Zhu Zhuyun, a sudden confession!
Chapter 37 Your scraping service is not in place! Sisters are shocked
Chapter 38 Surprise or not? Surprise or not! One hundred thousand year spirit ring scares the audience
Chapter 39 Heaven-defying soul skills show their divine power, instantly kill the soul king, and disdain the audience!
Chapter 40 Zhu Zhuqing's heart is shaking, the stunning sister knelt down and begged for mercy!
Chapter 41 Remorse and tears, the beautiful Zhu Zhuyun who announced her surrender!
Chapter 42 The two sisters serve intimately, there is only one room left!
Chapter 43 Zhu Zhuyun's mood, a room full of roses!
Chapter 44 The Awakening of Meijiao Niang, the Duplicitous Zhu Zhuqing!
Chapter 45 The psychological game with the girl, the voice from the next door!
Chapter 46 Dai Mubai: Zhu Zhuqing, how dare you find a wild man!
Chapter 47 Arrogant and domineering Dai Mubai, the silent comparison of two men!
Chapter 48: Dragon God Martial Spirit Appears, Explosive Hammer Evil Eyes White Tiger, rubbing against the floor!
Chapter 49: The White Tiger Kneeling Down, Zhu Zhuqing, Who Feels Overwhelmed with Security!
Chapter 50 Sisters ask questions and achieve hidden achievements! Rich rewards
Chapter 51 The mere twin martial arts, the queen is really my woman!
Chapter 52 Amazing skills, can actually help people upgrade their martial arts?
Chapter 53 Beautiful eyes tremble, heart trembles! The girl who begs
Chapter 54 Crazy jealous, Raiders Goddess Progress: 100
Chapter 55 Capture Zhu Zhuqing's heart, reward with a heaven-defying spirit ring!
Chapter 56 The soul bone was just given away by you? The beautiful girl in pink stockings!
Chapter 57 Locking on the little princess Ning Rongrong, Xiao Wu took the initiative to strike up a conversation
Chapter 58 Tang San is jealous and meets three little beauties!
Chapter 59 The confrontation between the two women, Luo Yu: Want to hire me? You have to pay more!
Chapter 60 Turning over to suppress Dugu Yan, Ning Rongrong was stunned!
Chapter 61 Domineering Luo Yu, the suffocating Dugu Yan! Beauty's pleading eyes
Chapter 62 Subduing the proud girl, the charm of a man, the heart-shaking Ye Lingling!
Chapter 63 Ye Lingling Wants To Fall In Love, The Crazy Jealous Zhu Zhuyun!
Chapter 64 Sister Hua Zhengfeng is jealous, Xiao Wu knocks on the door to visit!
Chapter 65 It's really exciting to be sneaky! The incomparably sure Tang San
Chapter 66 Luo Yu, who has attracted the attention of beauties, gathers at Shrek's door!
Chapter 67 The beautiful woman strikes up a conversation, the four beauties gather together, and the eyes of jealousy!
Chapter 68 Beauty is waiting for a good show, the confident Tang San!
Chapter 69 The trembling crowd, Tang San who was slapped in the face in series!
Chapter 70 Blast the test crystal, shocking Shrek's crushing talent!
Chapter 71 Tang San's Perfect Calculation, Open Battle
Chapter 72 Ning Rongrong Rejects Tang San, Team Up!
Chapter 73 Crush the Evil Fire Phoenix, a violent slap! Are you going to lose?
Chapter 74: The Tang San who was brutally crushed by restraining Tang Sect's stunts!
Chapter 75 Shrek geniuses scared by Luo Yu
Chapter 76 A bamboo stick destroys all hidden weapons! Squeeze the neck and smash Tang San's black-robed man attacking
Chapter 77 Suppress Tang Hao! Xiao Wu is shocked when a beautiful woman in palace dress appears!
Chapter 78 The audience trembled! Beautiful woman: Move my man, you die!
Chapter 79 Xiao Wu: Third brother, let's go, I'm afraid my mother will misunderstand!
Chapter 80 Xiao Wu, whose ears were pulled, a bunch of licking dogs are about to be born!
Chapter 81 Xiao Wu, with a sullen expression, threw herself into the man's arms!
Chapter 82 Jealous beautiful young woman, sister Zhu Zhuqing's sense of crisis!
Chapter 83 Tang San thinks he can do it again! A very confident oath
Chapter 84 A Wu came to visit late at night, Gu Yuena sent a message! The girl knocking on the door outside
Chapter 85 Beauty in palace dress: You are my god! Xiao Wu who came to sneak attack at night
Chapter 86 Xiao Wu's Hard-to-Eat
Chapter 87 The room can't be hidden anymore, a thrilling night! Women with different emotions
Chapter 88 Zhu Zhuqing confessed, Luo Yu: I not only like you, but also your sister!
Chapter 89 Moved Zhu Zhuyun, A Wu was jealous and sent the beauties away
Chapter 90 Ning Rongrong, a beautiful young woman who acts as a rogue! (3,110-character chapter)
Chapter 91 Ning Rongrong, who was shocked to the point of doubting his life, is a girl who acts like a spoiled child!
Chapter 92 Ah Wu cooks herself, a peerless genius in Flender's mouth!
Chapter 93 I can't hide my identity as a peerless genius! Do you know me better than me?
Chapter 94 Showdown, I am a peerless genius!
Chapter 95 The three women's hearts collide with the deer, embarrassed to the point of wailing Flanders
Chapter 96 Shrek: Be sure to take good care of the gold master's father! Something went wrong
Chapter 97 Ning Rongrong was kidnapped, Shrek was provoked
Chapter 98 Dugu Yan, who concealed information, looked down on the imperial fighting team in the audience!
Chapter 99 The frustrated Shrek, Flender and Zao Wou-Ki begged Luo Yu to take action!
Chapter 100 Worship Pao Niu's ancestor, a sword swept through, instantly jade Tianheng!
Chapter 101 Dugu Yan with a complicated heart, the secret skills of the last three families!
Chapter 102: The second form of the Heaven Punishing Sword, the Heaven-defying Divine Skill Second Emperor Fight!
Chapter 103 Rescuing Ning Rongrong, the shy girl Tang San vowed to make a comeback!
Chapter 104 My Son, Tang San, Becomes God's Asset
Chapter 105 Ye Lingling, who is like a snow lotus in the mountains, can I help you!
Chapter 106 Ning Rongrong is jealous, is this a public confession?
Chapter 107 The trembling Ye Lingling, the inhuman Luo Yu!
Chapter 108 Xiao Wu: Who stole my stockings!
Chapter 109 Ning Rongrong, who visited the beauty makeup, successfully captured the goddess again
Chapter 110 The new 100,000-year-old soul skill comes with a special god-level reward!
Chapter 111 The titled Douluo is not used to the problem, the dragon god Wuhun suppresses the snake emperor
Chapter 112 Three shocking swords, absolute talent suppression! Your poison is ineffective against me
Chapter 113 The divine pupil of good fortune shatters the falsehood and slashes the Poison Douluo with a sword
Chapter 114 Ye Lingling: I'm already from Brother Yu! Poison Douluo is about to be bullied and cry
Chapter 115 A genius doctor, a real genius doctor! Poison Douluo: Do ??you want a wife or not
Chapter 116 Mom, you took my stockings? Finally conquered the goddess Ning Rongrong
Chapter 117 Poison Douluo: Don't take me if you want to die! The Emperor Dou Academy that was hammered again
Chapter 118 Ning Rongrong's coquettish method to rectify jealous Ah Wu!
Chapter 119 Thanks to the granddaughter sent by the old poison, want to corrupt the brother with beauty?
Chapter 120 The immortal body shows its power, and the eyes of ice and fire are shocking!
Chapter 121 The huge dark shadow lurking under the spring, the sense of security that a man brings to Duguyan!
Chapter 122 The Water and Fire Dragon King shows his true spirit, bows his head and kneels to offer his spirit ring!
Chapter 123 The shocking million-year soul ring, the gift of the soul bone of the Water and Fire Dragon King
Chapter 124 Grandpa taught granddaughter how to fall in love? Crazy search for immortal herbs
Chapter 125 Changes in the realm of the gods, refining two immortal grasses, Yanyan, your chance has come
Chapter 126 Gathering the origins of the nine dragon kings, the bright beauty Duguyan visits the secret room!
Chapter 127 Duguyan's affectionate confession
Chapter 128 Poison Douluo is about to cry: livestock! The evolved martial spirit of Dugu Yan
Chapter 129 New mission, save the goddess: Liu Erlong!
Chapter 130 The beautiful royal sister is in distress, the domineering dragon god soul skill, and smash the ten thousand year monkey king with one hand!
Chapter 131 The Dragon God Destroys the Lion King, Shocking the Goddess Royal Sister!
Chapter 132 Benefactor, you are not going to pursue our President Liu, are you?
Chapter 133 Liu Erlong has a good impression, the sincerity of the goddess
Chapter 134 Perform CPR for Liu Erlong, the old lady is not clean!
Chapter 135 The embarrassing process of inhaling snake venom for Liu Erlong, the group meeting of the girls!
Chapter 136 The tea master goes online, gradually impressing the heart of the goddess Yujie!
Chapter 137 Shocked the audience, Luo Yu is the real master, Liu Erlong is ashamed!
Chapter 138 Full of flirting routines, the beautiful dean is about to fall!
Chapter 139 The ultimate big move, the lost goddess Yujie has completely fallen!
Chapter 140 Sister Zhu Zhuqing Spend the Night Whispering, Damn, Mistaken!
Chapter 141 Zhu Zhuqing's bag capture scene, shy sisters, confident Yu Xiaogang!
Chapter 142 The extremely confident Yu Xiaogang, my apprentice Tang Santian is invincible!
Chapter 143 Yu Xiaogang floated away, and all the girls were surrounded by women to welcome the return!
Chapter 144 Why is your name Yu Xiaogang, you deserve to call yourself a master?
Chapter 145 Not only Bibi Dong, Liu Erlong will soon be my woman!
Chapter 146 My Ning Rongrong, Xiao Wu is jealous, do you want to evolve martial arts?
Chapter 147 Surprise and spoiled Ning Rongrong, Yu Xiaogang's last stubbornness!
Chapter 148 Come to my room tonight, it really evolved? Yu Xiaogang's mentality collapsed
Chapter 149 Nine Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda! Ning Rongrong offered a kiss
Chapter 150 Xiao Wu is just like a lemon, beat Yu Xiaogang violently!
Chapter 151 The blood abuse of Yu Xiaogang, killing the heart! Ye Lingling: I refuse!
Chapter 152 Xiao Wu, borrow two pairs of stockings from her mother! Ning Rongrong acts like a spoiled child
Chapter 153 Ah Wu's Fishing Net With Black Silk, The Bed Is Full of People
Chapter 154 The cabinet can't hide it, the fairy grass is a gift to the beautiful woman
Chapter 155 The well-dressed Ye Lingling is ready to absorb the Dragon King-level soul bone!
Chapter 156 Princess Aojiao dating Luo Yu, Ning Rongrong's costume show
Chapter 157 The Martial Soul of the Two Women Changed, Absorbing the Million Year Dragon King Soul Bone
Chapter 158 Water, fire and dragon roar, the heart of the strong! A god-level martial arts fusion skill!
Chapter 159 The hearts of the two women, the new martial spirit comes into the world, Douluo's strongest auxiliary spirit ability!
Chapter 160 After being frightened by Luo Yu, Zao Wou-Ki, who is faithful! 【】
Chapter 161 Weird transformation, Luo Yu's ever-increasing punching power!
Chapter 162 God Armor, Dragon King Killing God Fist!
Chapter 163: The fusion of self-martial spirit? This guy is too enchanting [Chapter 3]
Mysterious black gauze beauty Chapter 164 Gu Yuena speaks cruel words, special preparations
Chapter 165: Bibi Dong's Missing
Chapter 166 Xiao Wu takes the lead in teasing Luo Yu, the Soul Beast Overlord is really my little brother!
Chapter 167 The beast came to kowtow to Qi, and Sister Zhu Zhuqing was stunned
Chapter 168 Welcome the beast gods home, shocking girls!
Chapter 169 The girls are so jealous, are the beast gods so low-key now?
Chapter 170 Goodbye Gu Yuena
Chapter 171 The Tomb of the Dragon Clan, Gu Yuena's heart beats faster, the splendor in her beautiful eyes!
Chapter 172: The Strongest Torso Soul Bone in History, Shy Queen Ziji
Chapter 173 Gu Yuena: I want to help him in his life, the firmness of the sick beauty!
Chapter 174 The secret method, the goddess is full of jealousy, and successfully absorbed the god-level torso soul bone
Chapter 175 Ziji misses the baby dragon and gathers the amazing mutation of the five dragon king soul bones
Chapter 176 The prototype of the ancient costume, the mysterious gift package reward!
Chapter 177 Flirting, Ning Fengzhi: It would be great if Luo Yu was from my sect!
Chapter 178 Letter from the family, Ning Rongrong is in love
Chapter 179 Unknown loess
Chapter 180 The goddess is intentional, Luo Yu is ruthless, this son will become a great weapon!
Chapter 181: The Sword of Execution of Heaven produces a shocking beast, black and white two qi step on the demon spider, and Contra appears!
Chapter 182 The saint has a crush on me, the queen is my wife, compare my background with me?
Chapter 183 Longwei is unparalleled, the five rings shine, and the three fists suppress Longgong Mengshu!
Chapter 184 God's outfit is possessed, five dragons shake the world!
Chapter 185 The trembling soul Douluo joins the girls
Chapter 186 Seeing Luo Yu's mistaken life, Meng Yifan secretly promised!
Chapter 187 Lost Ziji, Gu Yuena: I want to be the first to give birth to a baby dragon for him!
Chapter 188 A small gift for the queen, a kiss from Xiao Wu's trust!
Chapter 189 Ning Rongrong: Dad, why are you here? This is my boyfriend
Chapter 190 It was your daughter who came to me! Father and daughter confrontation
Chapter 191 The pressure of the top emperor, Ning Rongrong who helped men cheat!
Chapter 192 You are not ordinary, aren't you? I have no opponents within the same level!
Chapter 193 Let's go together, one-on-one Kendo Chen Xin, everyone is mixed!
Chapter 194 Luo Yu's swordsmanship shocked the audience
Chapter 195 One sword smashed ten thousand swords and returned to the ancestors, who told me that this is an ordinary person?
Chapter 196 The heart of the sword is transparent, the incredible mutation, and the sword breaks the heart!
Chapter 197 The first sword in the world
Chapter 198 Divine Fist Shatters the World Bone Shattering Dragon! Isn't he Luo Yu?
Chapter 199 The old man bows, Ning Fengzhi is about to cry with excitement! Slap in the face!
Chapter 200 The enemy of the gods, Bibi Dong's thoughts, three women in one play!
Chapter 201 Favorite, moved female Pope Bibi Dong, A Wu is jealous
Chapter 202 Bibi Dong is looking for her husband from thousands of miles! Ning Fengzhi's mentality has collapsed
Chapter 203 On a date, Xiao Wuyue confesses that the queen has half an hour to reach the battlefield!
Chapter 204 Jealous, the beautiful woman in cheongsam returns, followed by Bibi Dong!
Chapter 205 The Two Goddess Mission! Soul Ring Upgrade, Bibi Dong Appears!
Chapter 206 The Pope's Kiss is a serious hooligan!
Chapter 207 Extremely shocked, this kid has soaked up the female pope?
Chapter 208 Yu Xiaogang owes the hammer, take the queen to the restaurant!
Chapter 209 Is the Pope really his woman?? Go to Heaven Dou City!
Chapter 210 Slap Yu Xiaogang! Luo Yuen is the true master
Chapter 211 Missing of the Goddess Royal Sister, Bibi Dong's Sexy Red Dress!
Chapter 212 Bibi Dong: I just want to be your little girl!
Chapter 213 Missing Beauty, Liu Erlong: Xiaogang, the person I like is Luo Yu!
Chapter 214 Yu Xiaogang's mentality burst with the coldness of the goddess Yujie! The beautiful Bibi Dong
Chapter 215 Liu Erlong: I'm afraid Luo Yu will misunderstand! Bibi Dong: Dong'er is yours
Chapter 216 Yu Xiaogang vomits blood, Liu Erlong: The person I like is Luo Yu!
Chapter 217 Three Requirements, Sister Yu Completely Falls, Bibi Dong looks at it differently,
Chapter 218 The audience is amazing, the tyranny of Yu Xiaogang, the heart trembles!
Chapter 219 Sister Yu's shy and reserved confession, and finally become a family!
Chapter 220 Capturing the Goddess! The Fourth Soul Ring of Jiuxiao Tianzhu Sword
Chapter 221 You Are My Woman! Mutual Respectful Love
Chapter 222 Two women confrontation, Shura field! The audience is grateful
Chapter 223 Bibi Dong: I'm Luo Yu's Woman!
Chapter 224 Late night date with Liu Erlong, the charm of the royal sister
Chapter 225 A Woman's Surprise! Bibi Dong Returns Drunk
Chapter 226 Bold Bibi Dong! Luo Yu will be scared to death
Chapter 227 Thrilling, Tsundere Pope!
Chapter 228 Knock out Liu Erlong and fool the beauty!
Chapter 229 Weird Qin Pavilion, the No. 1 Qin in the World!
Chapter 230 The Legend of Yaoqin, Qian Renxue Visits!
Chapter 231 The girl is stunned, the piano sings five times, shocking the Qin Pavilion!
Chapter 232 Qian Renxue, who loves music, is shocked!
Chapter 233 Miracles, the revival of the guqin, and a divine comedy that shakes the sky!
Chapter 234 Shocked the whole city, the excited Tang Yuehua, paid extra money for the artifact?
Chapter 235 Goddess of frustration, you despise my inheritance??
Chapter 236 Goddess Feeding, I Can Be Your Wife
Chapter 237 The corruption of money and beauty! The sensation caused by Luo Yu
Chapter 238 The prince was beaten on the street, and the civilians were stunned!
Chapter 239 Duel Yuexuan, the three beauties will never forget Luo Yu!
Chapter 240 The unwilling Qian Renxue meets three daughters for the first time!
Chapter 241 The plan to attack the goddess begins, shocking the audience!
Chapter 242 A song of phoenix begging for the phoenix, Qian Renxue who was almost conquered!
Chapter 243 Tang Yuehua, whose heart is trembling, slaps her face like crazy
Chapter 244 The mantra of picking up girls, the avalanche of comeback!
Chapter 245 Slap in the face in the street, Xue Beng is dumbfounded! The poisonous Douluo of seconds!
Chapter 246 Domineering Luo Yu, defeat the prince, and win the respect!
Chapter 247 Charming and enchanting Dugu Yan, sweet hug
Chapter 248 Taking the initiative to please Dugu Yan, Xue Beng wants to be a licking dog!
Chapter 249 Bibi Dong Liu Erlong's thoughts, Tang Yuehua's nervous heart!
Chapter 250 Harvest a group of fans, and there are countless jealous people! The goddess invites
Chapter 251 Tang Yuehua made a confession on the street, the atmosphere of flirting with girls!
Chapter 252 Qian Renxue came to the door to win over! Become my person
Chapter 253 Goddess Qian Renxue: Beat me and be your woman.
Chapter 254 With Tang Yuehua, you are close to me and teach you intimately!
Chapter 255 The rapidly heating up feelings, the beauty complains: You are so bad!
Chapter 256 Princess Xueke is coquettish and clingy, an unresponsive artifact of the country!
Chapter 257 The emperor doesn't give face? Worries about big and small beauties!
Chapter 258 Poison Douluo is dumbfounded, slaps the Great Emperor Xue Ye in the face!
Chapter 259 The artifact of Zhenguo recognizes the master! Stunning audience with beautiful legs
Chapter 260 Look at my daughter, ask Luo Yu to be the concubine!
Chapter 261 Not only a song god, but also a genius doctor? Xue Ke confessed!
Chapter 262 Title: Luo Tianwang! Qian Renxue, who is going to be mad at the man!
Chapter 263 Shocked beauties, angry at Emperor Xue Ye, Xue Qinghe's mentality collapsed!
Chapter 264 Qian Renxue was bullied by Luo Yu and cried
Chapter 265: The Magical Skill That Men Dream About! Qian Renxue is Ready to Take Action
Chapter 266 The truth is revealed, the girl's nervous confession, and the goddess is captured!
Chapter 267 Tang Yuehua, who took the initiative to confess! The mission of the two goddesses is completed
Chapter 268 The spirit ring has been improved for 100,000 years! Mysterious gift package, Qian Renxue fight!
Chapter 269 Five 200,000-year spirit rings, the beauty is shocked!
Chapter 270 Fascinating the princess with her looks, she will fight against Qian Renxue!
Chapter 271 Verbal confrontation, teasing the goddess, surrender to me!
Chapter 272 If you lose, you are my little wife, a soul-shattering saint!
Chapter 273 The heart shakes Qian Renxue! The terrifying 40-meter long sword!
Chapter 274 Defeating the Goddess, Yan Mo Fei Ren! Qian Renxue was bullied and went crazy
Chapter 275 Subduing the proud Qian Renxue, the goddess calls her husband!
Chapter 276 Qian Renxue: Hug me, you're not worthy! At that moment, my heart pounded!
Chapter 277 Domineering Luo Yu, the tears of the goddess! Subduing her heart
Chapter 278 The Two Goddess Mission: Capture Qian Renxue and Save Ah Yin!
Chapter 279 Playing with the gods! Move my man, are you worthy?
Chapter 280 Gu Yuena, the domineering guardian of her husband: I believe in my man!
Chapter 281 Flirting with Gu Yuena, will Nana speak love?
Chapter 282 The love in the beautiful eyes, when did Xiao Nana learn badly!
Chapter 283 Gu Yuena's expectation, Bibi Dong is waiting for her husband late at night!
Chapter 284: Bibi Dong, who loves men, Liu Erlong is cold!
Chapter 285 Two women fighting for husband, two goddesses who are jealous!
Chapter 286 The intimate massage of the two goddesses! The blessing of Qi people
Chapter 287 Capturing the two goddesses, shocking Qian Daoliu!
Chapter 288 Qian Renxue: Grandpa, I am his wife now!
Chapter 289 Liu Erlong begged for mercy, Bibi Dong was frightened!
Chapter 290 Affectionate Tang Yuehua, Showdown! Touched Bibi Dong
Chapter 291 Intimacy whispers, how could she come to hook you up?
Chapter 292 Full of love, Tang Yuehua: I am your woman! A vow of love!
Chapter 293 A docile and well-behaved beautiful woman, with an amazing increase in charm!
Chapter 294 Talent enhancement, sneak attack on the little princess, mysterious green dress royal sister!
Chapter 295 Refining the source of the gods, the wind dragon king, and Brigitte's special assistance!
Chapter 296 Colorful Divine Furnace Alchemy Body, Brigitte's Healing Secret Technique!
Chapter 297: Dragon King Class Attached Soul Bone, Another Million Years Soul Ring!
Chapter 298 Brigitte's unique skills, with spirit bones and wings of the wind dragon!
Chapter 299 Dragon God Martial Soul Can Still Evolve? Six-color Dragon King Armor, Ready to Steal Ah Yin!
Chapter 300 Gu Yuena's Cheats! Jealous Ziji!
Chapter 301 The secret room behind the waterfall, stealing Ah Yin stealthily! Mysterious woman
Chapter 302 Tang San thinks he can do it again, Luo Yu burst out laughing!
Chapter 304 Playing with Tang Hao and his son, a mysterious woman is chasing after him, who is Ah Yin?
Chapter 305 The peerless beauty in blue dress, you are Ah Yin? Doubtful!
Chapter 306 Is Ah Yin my little fan girl for 100,000 years?
Chapter 307 Showdown, I am Luo Yu! The extremely excited Ah Yin
Chapter 308 Shy Ah Yin: Let me press my legs for you!
Chapter 309 A Yin tells it himself, doubts are solved, special golden scales!
Chapter 310 Ah Yin's affectionate confession, the emotional explosion of a hundred thousand years of savings!
Chapter 311 Domineering Luo Yu, babbling affectionately, Ah Yin: Can you hug me!
Chapter 312 A gentle kiss, the lady in the blue dress: call your husband!
Chapter 313 Plastic sisterhood, distressed beauty in blue dress
Chapter 314 Unremarkable Earth Crock Pot, Husband, Do You Call This Wasteland?
Chapter 315 A beating heart, a woman's sixth sense!
Chapter 316 Miracle! The charming sister Ah Yin
Chapter 317 The beauty of the royal sister who reshapes her real body: You are my father
Chapter 318 A Yin wants to train his sister, the crazy Tang Hao father and son!
Chapter 319 Tang San thinks he can do it again, I believe my husband won't mess around!
Chapter 320 The Three Goddesses Hidden Mission! Sisters Shui Binger
Chapter 321 Flirting with Ah Yin, hotel fun! My sister suddenly appeared, embarrassed!
Chapter 322 Blue-haired beauty spoils the bathroom, Tianshui Academy where beautiful women gather!
Chapter 323 There are so many people, I don't believe in Luo Yu's love skills!
Chapter 324 The women's day group, Shui Bing'er sister flowers debut, heroic fire dance!
Chapter 325 Beauties gather, nympho Shuiyue'er! True destiny
Chapter 326 Slap in the face! The beauty takes the initiative to invite
Chapter 327 Emotional master, online flirting, flirting with Shuiyueer!
Chapter 328 Break into the women's team, meet Shui Binger for the first time!
Chapter 329 The crisis of sister Hua's family, sexy little pepper fire dance!
Chapter 330 God's prophecy, shocking the women, is about to debut!
Chapter 331 Shui Yue'er: Stop bragging! Arrogant and unparalleled
Chapter 332 The decadent atmosphere of the women's troupe, Luo Yu quickly rescued the scene!
Chapter 333 Everyone is cowardly, I am alone! Shui Yue'er is stunned
Chapter 334 The trust of the beauties! One punch hit Wushuang, the audience was in an uproar
Chapter 335 The trembling heart, single-handedly abuse Tianjiao, I'll have no problem playing with the seven of you!
Chapter 336 Huo Wu's strange emotions, the ball king suddenly has an idea!
Chapter 337 The overbearing spirit ring shines in the world, and the shocking sword skills are worn seven times! Convince the beauty!
Chapter 338 Don't you believe that the queen is my wife? Huo Wu's heart beat faster!
Chapter 339 The goddess of shock! Slash the sky, draw the sword, and break the fire python with one blow!
Chapter 340 Convince all people, all women are addicted, and the hearts of Huo Wu are beating!
Chapter 341 The jealousy caused by Luo Yu, Shui Yue'er is about to cry!
Chapter 342 Surrounded by Yingying and Yanyan, Huo Wu's unique show of love!
Chapter 343 Huo Wu: Brother, prepare a dowry for me! The seven daughters take Luo Yu to the restaurant!
Chapter 344 The goddesses see Luo Yu's careful thoughts and compete for beauty!
Chapter 345 The Seven Women Fight for Luo Yu, Huo Wu's Amazing Confession!
Chapter 346 Huo Wu is a stalker, why is she more active in rejecting the goddess!
Chapter 347
Chapter 348 The goddess's kind invitation, mysterious surprise, night party Ah Yin!
Chapter 349 The two daughters of Ayin and sisters, sister-in-law debuts, new name!
Chapter 350 The comparison between women, the obedient and sensible sister Ah Yin!
Chapter 351 Beauty eavesdropping, sister Ah Yin who doesn't play cards according to the routine!
Chapter 352 Beauty makes me wise, sister Ah Yin expresses her love!
Chapter 353 The special surprise of the Tianshui girl group, the academy of beautiful women!
Chapter 354 The Tianshui beauties who welcome you, the ruthless are by your side!
Chapter 355 The warm reception of the beauties, the shocking men!
Chapter 356 Shuiyueer and a few women rob people, the bed next to me is bigger! Mysterious Dean!
Chapter 357 The challenge of the beautiful dean is about to conquer an academy!
Chapter 358 The beauty is worried, fight against Contra, and grab the ankle of the beautiful dean with one arm!
Chapter 359 The domineering spirit ring stuns the audience, conquering all the beauties in the hospital with one punch!
Chapter 360 The mysterious origin of the beautiful dean! The male god of the women's college!
Chapter 361 Omniscient and omnipotent, the beautiful dean who was shocked by Luo Yu, the two kings of the extreme north!
Chapter 362 Fanatical fans, considerate service, emperor-level enjoyment!
Chapter 363 Yingge Yanwu, the expectation of beautiful girls, the competition is about to be held!
Chapter 364 The clingy Lan Linger, the expansive Tang Hao father and son!
Chapter 365 The goddess is dressed up to attend, Tang San is wild, and the Tianshui girl group is going to get Luo Yu drunk!
Chapter 366 The careful thoughts of the goddesses, the beauties in the dormitory!
Chapter 367 On the eve of all the women's confession, the blond beauty attacked at night!
Chapter 368 The Goddess's Careful Thoughts, Uncontrollable Emotions! Resentful Fire Dance!
Chapter 369 Huo Wu dared to confess, Shui Yue'er and Xue Wu came one after another!
Chapter 370 Huo Wu is jealous, and Shui Yue'er secretly confesses in the dormitory!
Chapter 371 The mission of the three goddesses is about to be completed! One after another confession!
Chapter 372 Capturing Shui Binger, Mysterious Map Rewards
Chapter 373 The Nurses' Shura Field! The Direction Guided by the Map
Chapter 374 Embarrassing scene, women full of gunpowder!
Chapter 375 Fighting for jealousy, Qian Renxue leaves!
Chapter 376 Qian Renxue: Let you call me my wife this time! Bibi Dong sets off
Chapter 377 Going out with the seven members of the girl group, the provocation of the Elephant Sect!
Chapter 378 Kill eight people in one second, stand up, and come to Heaven Dou City!
Chapter 379 The power of the gods is dazzling, and the leg strength is amazing!
Chapter 380 Goodbye to the beauty of Yuexuan! Tang San and his son enter the city!
Chapter 381 Tang Yuehua's yearning, no one can touch my man!
Chapter 382 This is my woman and my family! Tang Hao and his son were slapped in the face!
Chapter 383 Yuehua Maintenance, Tang San: Blowing up on the uncle I haven't met, it's over!
Chapter 384 The eldest nephew, call me uncle! Tang San's mentality collapsed
Chapter 385 Tang Yuehua, who defends men, blows up Tang San! Qian Renxue, Bibi Dong is on the way!
Chapter 386 Here comes the cheap wife! Tang San: Is it possible that he still wants to be my father?
Chapter 387 Mocking Qian Renxue and calling her husband again!
Chapter 388 Qian Renxue, who loves men, is duplicitous, and Bibi Dong is jealous!
Chapter 389 The Two Goddess Mission is about to be completed, full of jealousy Bibi Dong
Chapter 390 Gentle Pope, Goodbye Sister Ah Yin!
Chapter 391 Sister Ah Yin was preparing for a surprise, the waiter cried with jealousy!
Chapter 392 Asura Field, Sister Ah Yin vs. Bibi Dong!
Chapter 393 Involution between goddesses! Domineering Luo Yu
Chapter 394 Goodbye to Sister Zhu Zhuqing Ye Lingling Little Dance Mother and Daughter!
Chapter 395 Jealous Ah Wu, His Majesty the Pope?
Chapter 396 The spirit rings opened together to shock Shrek! Dai Mubai shivered, Tang San wanted to steal Xiao Wu!
Chapter 397 Three women in one play, what about eight goddesses?
Chapter 398 Jealous infighting among women, what is a surprise!
Chapter 399 Luo Yu is even more handsome, Tang San is mad and stimulated!
Chapter 400 Xiao Wu: Stay away from me, I'm afraid Brother Yu will misunderstand!
Chapter 401 What is Xiao Wu called, this is your other aunt!
Chapter 402 Ah Wu: He is also my husband, what's wrong?
Chapter 403 Shocked Ning Fengzhi, the Shura Field of Tianshui Girl Group and Zhu Zhuqing Sisters!
Chapter 404 Bibi Dong slaps her face, I am his woman!
Chapter 405 Bibi Dong, the domineering protector, who slanders my husband, die!
Chapter 406 Tianxiu's operation, the women who feel sorry for Luo Yu, resolve the disputes between women
Chapter 407 The Shura Field is resolved, and Bibi Dong wants to fight for the post of the family!
Chapter 408 Xue Wu and Zhu Zhuqing's private conversation, kidnapped Liu Erlong!
Chapter 409 Dating Liu Erlong, Xue Wu and Shui Yue'er Confess!
Chapter 410 The beauty of the company, the eight points of the cloud, the continent's advanced soul master competition begins!
Chapter 411 Xue Wu Shui Yue'er is lame, Ye Lingling heals!
Chapter 412 Enthusiastic fire dance, Feng Xiaotian jumped like thunder! The reaction caused by Luo Yu
Chapter 413 Do you think it was bandits who robbed Mrs. Zhai? Feng Xiaotian cried with envy!
Chapter 414 The opening ceremony, the sensation caused by Luo Yu, old acquaintances!
Chapter 415 Big bosses gather, 100,000 viewers, you are all here to fight for second place
Chapter 416 Ning Fengzhi: My son-in-law is number one in the world, Tang San's blatant provocation!
Chapter 417 The geniuses who want to beat Luo Yu, Bibi Dong is angry!
Chapter 418: The Elephant Sect was scared to tears, the advocacy of the Emperor Tiandou! Tang San provoked
Chapter 419 The top power meeting assassinated Luo Yu, is it all an inner ghost?
Chapter 420 Why is Tang San, who was shocked by the hammer, mocking Luo Yu?
Chapter 421 Meng still: My sweetheart will definitely be able to defeat you!
Chapter 422 What? Not enough players, the mentor is warming up???
Chapter 423 Surprised or not, stabbed or not?
Chapter 424 The high-level meeting is all Luo Yu's inner ghost?
Chapter 425: Ning Fengzhi is proud of her son-in-law
Chapter 426: The power of a glance, the audience exclaimed
Chapter 427 Why are you kneeling? Coordinate the power of the origin of the six dragon kings
Chapter 428 Secret meeting, third round!
Chapter 429 Date Bibi Dong, come to me at night!
Chapter 430 Secret meeting, battle against Tang San!
Chapter 431 Holy light shines on the head, green and green!
Chapter 432 Shocked 100,000 viewers, playing Feng Xiaotian and doubting life!
Chapter 433 The audience exclaimed, raising their hands to pierce the 36 consecutive slashes of the Gale Demon Wolf!
Chapter 434 Such a cheap request, of course I have to satisfy you!
Chapter 435 Open your eyes and talk nonsense, all stand on Luo Yu's side
Chapter 436 Ning Fengzhi: Dare to plot against my son-in-law? Tang San is gone again.
Chapter 437 The infighting between the goddesses, Davis found it!
Chapter 438 Davis: I've turned green? Strong suppression!
Chapter 439 Davis questioned Bibi Dong, do you know who I am?
Chapter 440 Davis asks the ghost for help? The final is coming!
Chapter 441 Ning Fengzhi: Let me fuck my son-in-law? Interview Tang San!
Chapter 442 The final begins! Fighting Tang San! This guy wants a string of seven????
Chapter 443 Fighting Tang San! Hundreds of thousands of viewers are watching
Chapter 444 Twin Martial Spirits? Is it a rare thing, Tang San is stunned!
Chapter 445 Only you have a twin martial soul? The second martial soul, the Sword of Execution!
Chapter 446 The spirit rings are open together, stunning the audience! Five red spirit rings? And colored ones???
Chapter 447 Tang Sect's Secret Art: Clear Sky Hammer, Chaos Cloak, Nine Nine Eighty-One Hammers!
Chapter 448 Unarmed toughness, stunned the audience! The dragon king's soul ring shines in the world, and the audience is boiling!
Chapter 449 The power of the world is unparalleled, the fist smashes the big Xumi hammer, shocking the audience!
Chapter 450 Hidden weapon? It's just a trail, show your true face!
Chapter 451 You are so amazing
Chapter 452 Fighting alone against Tang Hao is astonishing, and the combat power is against the sky!
Chapter 453 Weakness? Bibi Dong's trust!
Chapter 454 This guy can still fly? The audience is shocked! Divine power is unparalleled
Chapter 455 Breaking through the Nine Heavens with a Sword! This is an evil star
Chapter 456 The power of fists reaches the sky!
Chapter 457 Breaking the seal, liberating legs, invincible posture, annihilating Tang Hao!
Chapter 458 The cheers of the women, the admiration of all, the mysterious red blood light
Chapter 459 The discovery of Bibi Dong, who is hiding there, changes in the realm of the gods!
Chapter 460 Induction of Shura God, mysterious altar, a group of inner ghosts in action?
Chapter 461 The double reed between the inner ghosts, Qian Renxue leaves!
Chapter 462 Drunk, supported by all the girls! Anti-kill plan
Chapter 463 Davis: You are surrounded by us!
Chapter 464 Old Lover, Luo Yu: No, I surrounded you!
Chapter 465 It's All Inner Ghosts? Yu Yuanzhen Is About To Cry!
Chapter 466 Everyone is shocked! Is the clown actually me?
Chapter 467 Domineering Luo Yu, Liu Erlong righteously destroys relatives!
Chapter 468 Humiliate My Woman, Die! Liu Erlong's Love
Chapter 469 Killing the Heart, Killing Davis, and Facing Qian Renxue!
Chapter 470 You are so nervous about him, is he your man?
Chapter 471 The shock goddess Qian Renxue, the battle of the gods!
Chapter 472 The overbearing defeated the goddess, Qian Renxue cried??
Chapter 473 Beat the crying goddess, tease Qian Renxue, your fiancé is here!
Chapter 474 Hard-to-Eat, Qian Renxue Confess!
Chapter 475 Capture the goddess, a new goddess mission!
Chapter 476 Serial rewards, collective promotion of spirit rings, who is the hunter? Who is the prey
Chapter 477 It's She! Mysterious Gift Package Rewards
Chapter 478 Fighting for the air, the girls are jealous!
Chapter 479 Cheating! Imperial-level enjoyment
Chapter 480 Want to repay the debt? Yujie Bibi Dong is sweet and coquettish!
Chapter 481 I can't escape even one! Zhu Zhuyun and Ah Wu are a little bold
Chapter 482 The village disappears, the mysterious black fog! Qian Daoliu's shock
Chapter 483 Qian Renxue arrives, Shura Field? Ready to go!
Chapter 484
Chapter 485 The three girls meet, the atmosphere freezes, Luo Yu wants to cry!
Chapter 486 The Shura Field is now resolved? Stealing a kiss!
Chapter 487 Empathetic women, busy night!
Chapter 488 Hotel, wake up, hunting time!
Chapter 489 Luo Yu's strategy, defeat them one by one! Capture Qian Renxue
Chapter 490 Qian Renxue: Isn't our progress too fast!
Chapter 491 Introducing the wolf into the room! Teasing Qian Renxue
Chapter 492 Secret affairs in the boudoir, curiosity!
Chapter 493 Bombing the Street with Three Girls, Goodbye Bibi Dong!
Chapter 494 There was a near-missing Shura Field, and the crowd was stunned!
Chapter 495 Qian Renxue was surprised, ready to go to Seagod Island to appease Tang Yuehua!
Chapter 496 Say goodbye to Qian Renxue's three daughters and comfort Tang Yuehua!
Chapter 497 The excited Tang Yuehua is ready to go to sea!
Chapter 498 Xiao Wu acts like a spoiled child, Ning Rongrong: Don't worry about this day~
Chapter 499 Bamboo cloud, call your sister too
Chapter 500 Sneak attack on Xiao Wu at night, fight back!
Chapter 501 Goal: Poseidon Island, Sea God! Rent a boat storm
Chapter 502 Luo Yu is regarded as a big fat sheep?
Chapter 503 You are surrounded by me! The pirates are mentally broken
Chapter 504 Black eats black! Domineering robbery pirates
Chapter 505 The saint in front of the Spirit Hall, the beautiful purple pearl!
Chapter 506 Mocking Purple Pearl, the pirates dropped their jaws!
Chapter 507 It's a showdown, I won't pretend! Instantly kill the audience
Chapter 508 Luo Yu: Want to kiss me? Then you have to beg me!
Chapter 509 Hard-to-Eat, Purple Pearl Heart Was Stolen!
Chapter 510 Purple Pearl's mentality collapsed, husband, wash your feet!
Chapter 511 Arriving at Sea God Island, the test of the titled Douluo? Not worth mentioning
Chapter 512 Secretly Follow the Beauty on the Boat! Is this Love at First Sight?
Chapter 513 Capture the heart of the goddess! The test of the seahorse pillar
Chapter 514 Demon Soul Great White Shark, Just Believe In Your Man!
Chapter 515 Bai Xiuxiu? The test of Sea God Island!
Chapter 516 Purple Pearl's shock, how reckless!
Chapter 517 The test of the seahorse pillar! Detonate the audience
Chapter 518 The test begins, the black level six test, that is your unreachable dream!
Chapter 519: Water release is also the Ninth Test of the Sea God? Everyone is shocked and stupid
Chapter 520 The uproar caused by Luo Yu, Bo Saixi appeared!
Chapter 521 I, Bo Saixi, your faithful servant!
Chapter 522 Bo Saixi dares to flirt? Call her husband!
Chapter 523 Seagod's first test, embrace Bo Saixi? Seagod's Light!
Chapter 524 I still wronged you? Strange Island!
Chapter 525 The Sea God Temple, the extraordinary performance of the explosion!
Chapter 526 The gap between people, it's time for me to perform!
Chapter 527 Understatement of climbing the ladder, stunned the audience, Bo Saixi was stunned!
Chapter 528 Slap in the face, Bo Saixi blushed!
Chapter 529 The shy Bo Saixi, strong to the top! Poseidon's second assessment
Chapter 530 Bo Saixi wants to cry without tears, breakthrough, sensation!
Chapter 531 God-given spirit ring! One hundred thousand years is not the limit? Monster!
Chapter 532 Evolution all the way, God Ring? Everyone was scared
Chapter 533 The ring of the gods exploded?
Chapter 534 Transformation Grass, Excited Bai Xiuxiu!
Chapter 535 Bai Xiuxiu's Worship, I Can Be Your Girlfriend!
Chapter 536: Bai Xiuxiu, who has just changed shape! Isn't this a test for us?
Chapter 537 This is her own, the white shark patriarch's mentality collapsed!
Chapter 538 Patriarch White Shark: Daughter, what have you done! Perverted assessment?
Chapter 539 Passing the test easily, shocking the audience with three assessments
Chapter 540 The third terrifying test, the mentality of being a mother collapsed!
Chapter 541 Daughter, be careful with men! The perverted version of the tidal body training
Chapter 542 Po Saixi's strength, can this hold up?
Chapter 543 Hundred times of tidal body refining, how about scraping me?
Chapter 544 The divine body is amazing, the fourth test of the Ninth Test of the Sea God!
Chapter 545 This is too confident, so crazy?
Chapter 546 Almost Shura Field, sensible purple pearl, not worth mentioning the killer whale king!
Chapter 547 Everyone questioned, do you think the sea is your back garden?
Chapter 548 Bai Xiuxiu is cowardly, and she will draw her sword if she disagrees!
Chapter 549 Killing the Evil Demon Killer Whale King with Sword!
Chapter 550 The Shocked Demon Soul Great White Shark Clan, Is This Guy So Strong?
Chapter 551 The sensational and shocked Bo Saixi of Seagod Island, the fifth test!
Chapter 552 Basic Cao, No Six! Isn't that just killing a vicious beast?
Chapter 553 Unbelievable Bo Saixi, do you want to hit seven??
Chapter 554 Everyone is shocked, I don't mind the seven of you together.
Chapter 555 Sixth Soul Skill: Thousands of Sword Shadows, Mirror Flowers and Water Moon! Kill seven people in one second
Chapter 556 The most special soul skill, how did it come about?
Chapter 557 The mission is completed, the sixth test of the sea god, molesting Bo Saixi?
Chapter 558 Fighting Bo Saixi, a shocking battle!
Chapter 559 Conquering Bo Saixi, the seventh test of the Sea God!
Chapter 560 Bo Saixi: Take a punch from me, what's the harm in being your woman!
Chapter 561 Calling Husband, Unparalleled Power, Stunning Sea God Island!
Chapter 562 This guy doesn't even know what to do with stunning beauties?
Chapter 563 Date Bo Saixi at night, the seventh sea god test!
Chapter 564 Bai Xiuxiu: What voice?
Chapter 565 Weighing 108,000 Jin, Pulling Out the Seagod Trident!
Chapter 566 Bo Saixi's mentality collapsed, I didn't expect you to be such a sea god trident!
Chapter 567 Bo Saixi was stunned, how humble does the dignified super artifact want to recognize the master?
Chapter 568 The Poseidon's affinity is 100%, and the Poseidon's inheritance is in this world!
Chapter 569 Big brother, you don't like the inheritance of gods?
Chapter 570 Bo Sai is numb, give him a chance? The eighth test of the sea god
Chapter 571 Absorbing three god-given spirit rings, Di Yan evolves!
Chapter 572 The mysterious silver-white flame, the first battle with the deep sea devil whale king!
Chapter 573 What is Courage? Bo Saixi is moved!
Chapter 574 A halberd pierces the deep sea devil whale king and harvests a million-year soul bone!
Chapter 575 Demon Whale Domain, Bo Saixi's Trust!
Chapter 576 Killing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King Gets the Heart of Bo Saixi
Chapter 577 Two punches gone? The second and third lotus seeds are about to hatch!
Chapter 578 Bo Saixi's worship is really tempting!
Chapter 579 Two more strange flames, the ninth test of the sea god?
Chapter 580 Luo Yu: Bo Saixi, I will make you surrender in the name of Sea God!
Chapter 581 The Ninth Test of Seagod, Bo Saixi: I will definitely satisfy any test from Lord Seagod!
Chapter 582 The task of successfully capturing the goddess
Chapter 583 Luo Yu, who controls Bo Saixi's mind!
Chapter 584 The spirit ring has been promoted to 300,000 years, a new goddess!
Chapter 585 Bo Saixi deceives the ignorant girl? I can't laugh or cry!
Chapter 586 Mysterious beads, the unknown black mist manifests!
Chapter 587 Grasp Bo Saixi's psychology and prepare to explore the West Coast!
Chapter 588 I'm just a pawn, as for killing me with a big move
Chapter 589 Love rivals meet, Bibi Dong fights Bo Saixi!
Chapter 590 The speculation about the origin of the shadow, brought back three little sisters?
Chapter 591 Qian Daoliu: The granddaughter was deceived, and the goddess was also dug away?
Chapter 592 Domineering, the Shura Field is about to strike, thinking about my woman? No way!
Chapter 593 Bibi Dong vs Bo Saixi! The Spirit Hall exploded
Chapter 594 Shocked the entire Spirit Hall! The elder worshipers panicked
Chapter 595 Qian Daoliu: The granddaughter is gone, the pope is gone, and the goddess is gone?
Chapter 596 The worshipers in the Spirit Hall are stupid! Don't get me wrong, husband
Chapter 597 Conquer the heart! Both of them resist leaving, where are the girls going?
Chapter 598 Bibi Dong and Bo Saixi both want to compete for the first place, a last resort!
Chapter 599 Destroy them one by one! Where the girls go, go to the capital of slaughter!
Chapter 600 Bibi Dong: I must be my sister, she must be my sister
Chapter 601: Embracing Wife Bibi Dong and Returning to the Hall, Shocking the Seniors of Wuhun Hall
Chapter 602 Hu Liena's whereabouts, Bo Saixi and Bibi Dong are jealous!
Chapter 603 Temporarily reconcile, settle down with Bai Xiuxiu, and go to the capital of slaughter!
Chapter 604 Bo Saixi: My husband likes to eat hot dishes! Qian Daoliu's mentality collapsed
Chapter 605 Bibi Dong: Didn't you say to keep a low profile? Hang the knight!
Chapter 606 Beat up the coquettish waitress!
Chapter 607 Domineering and protecting his wife, you dare to look at my woman?
Chapter 608 Bo Saixi: Yelling with my husband, are you worthy?
Chapter 609 Destroy the horror knight with one punch, goodbye Hu Liena!
Chapter 610 Bibi Dong is jealous, goodbye Hu Liena
Chapter 611 One punch blows up the shameless woman! Looking for someone in the inner city
Chapter 612 The Lost Hu Liena!
Chapter 613 Healing, Hu Liena confesses!
Chapter 614 Determining the relationship between lovers and winning streak in the killing field!
Chapter 615 Bibi Dong: What's the matter with you and Nana? Shura Field
Chapter 616 Calm down the Shura Field and temporarily appease the three goddesses!
Chapter 617 Hu Liena's surprise: Brother Yu, are you so strong now?
Chapter 618 So confident? The waitress with beautiful legs is stunned!
Chapter 619 Possessed by the drama, shocked the audience, and became famous as the capital of slaughter!
Chapter 620 The Strongest Pickup King, Oh, Pope!
Chapter 621 Super streak, shocking the audience!
Chapter 622 The provocation of the black gauze woman! Shocking combat power
Chapter 623 Winning a hundred battles in a row! The King of Slaughter Appears
Chapter 624 Pretend to be too pretentious! Stunned the audience
Chapter 625 King of Slaughter? What kind of thing! All together
Chapter 626 The king of slaughter, the unscrupulous Luo Yu!
Chapter 627 Beat the Titled Douluo! The audience is buzzing
Chapter 628 Hu Liena is stunned, she will slap you again with one punch!
Chapter 629 The King of Violence and Killing, the Space Teleportation Channel!
Chapter 630 Your Asura sword, your surname is Luo!
Chapter 631 Tang Chen's mentality collapsed, the goddess ran away with others?
Chapter 632 Sanction the King of Slaughter, Open the Transmission Channel!
Chapter 633 Bo Saixi: Don't do this, I'm afraid Brother Yu will misunderstand!
Chapter 634 Misunderstanding, the ancestor of the Haotian Sect is amazing?
Chapter 635 The goddess empathizes, the ancestor of the Haotian Sect wants to cry!
Chapter 636 Tang Chen is jealous and vomiting blood, the Pope is also a woman of Brother Yu!
Chapter 637 Convince Tang Chen and enter a special Rakshasa secret realm!
Chapter 638 Bo Saixi can't stand it? He's being targeted!
Chapter 639 When attacked, treasures are delivered to the door!
Chapter 640 Enter the strange secret realm! Blow up the Rakshasa Temple
Chapter 641 The inheritance of two gods shocked Tang Chen!
Chapter 642 The Secret Seven Dragon King Remains Under the Sea of ??Blood
Chapter 643 Bibi Dong leads the way, the strange blood-colored lake and the altar of bones!
Chapter 644 Overturning the temple, the seventh dragon king soul bone
Chapter 645 Yan Que An Zhi Hong Hu's ambition, what is sealed under the ground?
Chapter 646 The Seventh Dragon King Appears! The Rakshasa God's Conspiracy
Chapter 647 The Dragon King kneels??? Time Dragon King, meet the adults!
Chapter 648 The conspiracy of the Rakshasa God! Meeting old acquaintances?
Chapter 649 A heavy sense of responsibility, the super soul bone of the Dragon King of Time!
Chapter 650 Sneak attack, Rakshasa, or Tang San?
Chapter 651 The seventh spirit ring! Luo Yu's spirit avatar
Chapter 652 Bibi Dong: That's my man, you're an outsider!
Chapter 653 In Bibi Dong's Time of Crisis, Take Your Inheritance!
Chapter 654 Luo Yu: Move My Woman?
Chapter 655 The Rakshasa conspiracy, the women who guard Luo Yu!
Chapter 656 Martial Soul Real Body, Unparalleled Divine Power
Chapter 657 Luo Yu's Titled Douluo Fighting Power!
Chapter 658 The peculiar real body of the Dragon God, tearing the Rakshasa God by hand!
Chapter 659 Five-clawed Dragon? Seven-color Dragon King Armor
Chapter 660 Divine power is invincible, killing the Rakshasa clone!
Chapter 661 Powerful momentum, Rakshasa asks for a conspiracy!
Chapter 662 The Great Wife Appears!
Chapter 663 With a sword, the color of the world changes!
Chapter 664 Gu Yuena showed up to help! Shura Field
Chapter 665 Gu Yuena Appears!
Chapter 666 Gu Yuena: If you move my man, the god king can't save you!
Chapter 667 In the Shura Field, Gu Yuena's guilt!
Chapter 668 Dissolving the Asura Field and Refining the Rakshasa Divine Source!
Chapter 669 Love is like a battlefield, Bibi Dong and Bo Saixi's sense of crisis!
Chapter 670 The four girls meet, return the carbine, the secret of the Rakshasa God!
Chapter 671 Just kidding you, why not? Surprise!
Chapter 672 The truth of the Wannian plan, a shocking secret!
Chapter 673 Great chance to reach the top!
Chapter 674 The secret is unraveled, the plan to unify the continent
Chapter 675 There are enemies in the realm of the gods! Explore the secret realm of Shura
Chapter 676 Joint exploration, secret!
Chapter 677 Gu Yuena's affectionate sighs!
Chapter 678 Shocked Gu Yuena, a super super divine weapon?
Chapter 679 Gu Yuena's kiss, entering the Shura Temple!
Chapter 680 Space Dragon King Appears, Goddess Mission!
Chapter 681 Separate action! Ready to conquer the world
Chapter 682 Set off, prepare to capture Bai Chenxiang!
Chapter 683 Tang Chen's admiration of the five-body, accompanies the three girls to go shopping!
Chapter 684 Rose Hotel, an extraordinary night!
Chapter 685 Luo Yu takes control of Bibi Dong's psychology!
Chapter 686 The two goddesses dance, the shock of the Clear Sky Sect!
Chapter 687 Tang Yuehua: You are not as good as my husband!
Chapter 688 Tang Chen's return, two-level reversal, slap in the face!
Chapter 689 Tang Chen is a force to be reckoned with, the shocked Clear Sky Sect is up and down!
Chapter 690 Yuehua did a good job, the mentality of the seven elders collapsed!
Chapter 691 Loyalty Tang Yuehua! Seven elders jumping up and down
Chapter 692 The unexpected ending shocked the audience!
Chapter 693 Crazy, is the ancestor going to lead the Clear Sky Sect to surrender?
Chapter 694 The audience was shocked. For the promise, he slaughtered the god???
Chapter 695 Haotian's entire clan surrenders, looking for Bai Chenxiang!
Chapter 696 Pretending to be a god! Crazy gold, fancy pursuit!
Chapter 697 The first time I met Bai Chenxiang, a beautiful girl with two ponytails!
Chapter 698 The poisonous Bai Chenxiang, the god-level operation of flirting with girls!
Chapter 699 Get out of the way, I'm going to start pretending!
Chapter 700 I am a professional in this aspect of pretending!
Chapter 701 The four sects gather, and the feast of pretense begins!
Chapter 702 The top-level flirting routine from Neptune!
Chapter 703 Emotions are heating up rapidly, Wang Bing operation! The power family is here!
Chapter 704 The beating heart of a girl with two ponytails!
Chapter 705 You call this moneyless? I'm here to subdue you!
Chapter 706 Bai Chenxiang's mentality collapsed! Challenge the four sects!
Chapter 707 The audience was shocked, and the three clan chiefs were not confident!
Chapter 708 Isn't one hammer three simple? The audience is shocked!
Chapter 709 Who else is dissatisfied?
Chapter 710 Conquering the three major sects, breaking the clan?
Chapter 711 Another move, Bai Chenxiang confesses!
Chapter 712 Unparalleled elegance, at first glance scared to kneel, Soul Douluo Yang Wudi!
Chapter 713 The capture went smoothly, the Haotian Sect surrendered to the brigade!
Chapter 714
Chapter 715 The experience summed up by Neptune over the years!
Chapter 716: Bai Chenxiang Returns to Her Heart
Chapter 717 After 8,000 miles, the True Clear Sky Sect Brigade is here!
Chapter 718 Subordinate Tang Chen, meet the suzerain! Shocked the four patriarchs
Chapter 719 The Sovereign Is So Awesome?
Chapter 720 What? Is there anyone in the Clear Sky Sect?
Chapter 721 Suppressing the Seven Title Douluos with one sword! Early stage of the Shura Field!
Chapter 722 Exciting! Jealous Bai Chenxiang
Chapter 723 Seven people kneel with one sword! Magical operation
Chapter 724 Intimate beauty in palace dress!
Chapter 725 Hurry up, hurry up! The Qiankun Cover has made great contributions
Chapter 726 Too Scary
Chapter 727 Bai Chenxiang's Surprise!
Chapter 728 The general trend, go to the extreme north!
Chapter 729 The crisis of the Second Emperor of Ice and Snow!
Chapter 730 Save the Second Emperor of Ice and Snow! Divine Might
Chapter 731 You seem to be very arrogant? Shocking combat power
Chapter 732 Shocking combat power!
Chapter 733 Defeat the two emperors of the abyss, the hero saves the beauty!
Chapter 734 Golden fire lotus, I think it is good for nourishment!
Chapter 735 In the abyss plane, two new lotus seeds appear!
Chapter 736 The king's posture, interrogate the two great emperors!
Chapter 737 The God King leaves the customs, the conspiracy of the abyss!
Chapter 738 Hard-to-Eat, Masterful! The Two Girls Are Curious
Chapter 739 The abyss is furious, and the two emperors of ice and snow are moved!
Chapter 740 The favor of the second emperor of ice and snow, the avatar of the tough abyss emperor!
Chapter 741 Unparalleled combat power, Shura God Lower Realm!
Chapter 742 Heroes save beauty!
Chapter 743 The trembling abyss plane, the lower realm of the god king!
Chapter 744 Incarnate as a five-clawed dragon to break the emperor!
Chapter 745 Six Fire Dragons Take Shape!
Chapter 746 The abacus of the abyss emperor!
Chapter 747 The God King's Lower Realm, the Intentions of the Second Emperor Bingxue!
Chapter 748 Beautiful heart, Gu Yuena is here!
Chapter 749 The Second Emperor of Ice and Snow's Detention!
Chapter 750 Confessions of the Ice Emperor under the Moon
Chapter 751 Snow Maiden Comes to Confess? On the Eve of Shura Field
Chapter 752 Hard-to-Eat!
Chapter 753 Confess at the same time, Gu Yuena is here!
Chapter 754 Large-scale Shura Field!
Chapter 755 Dragon King Soul Bone for Face
Chapter 756: The Shura Field is temporarily resolved, a hundred million is a little different!
Chapter 757 Suck eight heaven-defying soul bones! Another special soul bone?
Chapter 758 Breakthrough in strength, eight-color dragon king armor!
Chapter 759 Follow-up plan, successful capture!
Chapter 760 God-level repair method, shocked Gu Yuena!
Chapter 761 Conquering the Second Emperor of Ice and Snow, God-level Gift Package!
Chapter 762 On the top of the iceberg, a beautiful girl visits!
Chapter 763 God-level system rewards, Qian Daoliu is stunned!
Chapter 764 The Douluo Continent is about to be unified!
Chapter 765 Slap in the face!
Chapter 766 Even my granddaughter was robbed! Take sister Zhu Zhuqing to bomb the street
Chapter 767 Are you crazy, the woman who murdered me? Kneel down, emperor!
Chapter 768 Shocked the court!
Chapter 769 I wanted to get along as an ordinary person and crush the entire empire alone!
Chapter 770 The Star Luo Empire surrenders! Iron-blooded means
Chapter 771 Meet Gu Yuena and explore the secret realm of Shura together!
Chapter 772 Gu Yuena's anger! Decoy?
Chapter 773 God Asura Appears! Amazing Oppression
Chapter 774 Fight against Shura God, trump card!
Chapter 775 Gu Yuena's plan, the aggrieved Shura God!
Chapter 776 A ten-year appointment, the excited Lord of the Abyss!
Chapter 777 Breakthrough in strength again, nine divine rings, abyss invasion!
Chapter 778 Nine rings shine in the world, shocking the world!
Chapter 779 Condensing the luck of Douluo, Ziji visits!
Chapter 780: The soldiers are divided into three paths, and the luck will be united
Chapter 781 Success or failure? Gu Yuena's backhand!
Chapter 782 The Demon Empress Ziji Arrives!
Chapter 783 The stubborn Rakshasa God, two supernatural powers!
Chapter 784 Hu Liena, who is waiting by her side, has supernatural powers in space!
Chapter 785 Dividing the soul in ninety-one, looking for Emperor Mei!
Chapter 786 Special discovery, beautiful national teacher!
Chapter 787 The plan of the charming imperial beauty national teacher!
Chapter 788 Seal the void?
Chapter 789 The five great abyss emperors are here, and they all retreat, I'm going to start pretending!
Chapter 790 Ridiculing the Six Titled Douluo!
Chapter 791 A string of five super gods' combat power shocked the Emperor Mei and the beautiful national teacher!
Chapter 792 Two new flames give birth to subdue the Emperor Mei!
Chapter 793 This is only 10% of the combat power, do you believe it?
Chapter 794 Teasing the two women, the Sun and Moon Empire surrenders!
Chapter 795 All the luck has been condensed successfully, the battlefield crisis in the extreme north!
Chapter 796 Change the throne, ascend to the top of the emperor!
Chapter 797 Surrounded by ten dragons, domineering to save the field!
Chapter 798 The tyrannical strength, and then destroy the two emperors!
Chapter 799 Alarmed by the abyss, the emperor of the abyss who was so embarrassed!
Chapter 800 Destroy the eighteen great emperors of the abyss and shake the abyss!
Chapter 801 The abyss plane coming out of the nest, the war on the west coast!
Chapter 802 I am not worthy of the common people, and the common people will not let me down!
Chapter 803 Divine Might, Great War!
Chapter 804 Super Divine Weapon, Heavenly Saint Lieyuan Halberd!
Chapter 805 The abyss emperor who succeeded in comprehension and fled in embarrassment!
Chapter 806 Crushing the Abyss Emperor!
Chapter 807 Guard Douluo and interrogate the Rakshasa God!
Chapter 808 The emperor flees, melting the secret method!
Chapter 809 Deploy the world, call the spirit of the plane!
Chapter 810 Tyrannical Rakshasa God
Chapter 811 This is the spirit of the plane???
Chapter 812 Refused to fuse? The biggest secret is seen through!
Chapter 813 The scheming of the abyss emperor!
Chapter 814 Fourteen flame fusions!
Chapter 815 The choice of the plane spirit! Two-level reversal
Chapter 816 Fusion of the spirit of the plane, bloody abyss emperor!
Chapter 817 Breaking through the abyss, twenty-six flames take shape!
Chapter 818 Refinement of the abyss emperor, flames unite, chaos destroys the world!
Chapter 819 Talk to the spirit of the plane and prepare to rescue Gu Yuena!
Chapter 820 Gu Yuena: I believe in the man I like!
Chapter 821 Nana, I'm here to pick you up, Shura God trembles!
Chapter 822 The man promises, Gu Yuena's heart is throbbing!
Chapter 823 Sword slashing Shura, make a wish today!
Chapter 824 The Sword Immortal is in the world, and the beauty is fascinated!
Chapter 825 Completely impress Gu Yuena's heart, plan!
Chapter 826 The young couple fights, is brother that kind of person?
Chapter 827 Gu Yuena's plan, let me sneak into the realm of the gods?
Chapter 828: Willows and Flowers Bright Another Village!
Chapter 829 Place Gu Yuena and travel through the turbulent flow of time and space!
Chapter 830 Dive into the God Realm!
Chapter 831 The discovery of the King of Life, is it bad to mix with my sister!
Chapter 832 Leshen's Shock!
Chapter 833 The girl in the green dress stands in the way!
Chapter 834 The forbidden land!
Chapter 835 Information flowing out of the forbidden area!
Chapter 836 Knocking the dizzy girl, the inside and the outside should be combined!
Chapter 837 A peerless sword that shocked the world of gods!
Chapter 838 The God of Music was stunned and escaped from the God Realm!
Chapter 839 The killing intent of the gods, there is such a means?
Chapter 840 Slap in the face of the God Realm, Leshen's heart secretly promises!
Chapter 841 Gu Yuena was stunned: Is it so fierce?
Chapter 842 Calculation!
Chapter 843 Suppress the Golden Dragon King and start fusion!
Chapter 844 The girl's complex eyes, isn't it pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?
Chapter 845 The couple joined forces to calculate, the Golden Dragon King collapsed!
Chapter 846 The Golden Dragon King of Boxing Town, husband and wife cooperation!
Chapter 847 Refining the Golden Dragon King, the fusion of ten major sources!
Chapter 848 The arrival of the girls, the frightened golden-eyed black dragon king!
Chapter 849 Almost Shura Field, Hong Yan's concern!
Chapter 850 The worries of the beauties! Qiandaoliu cried after eating dog food
Chapter 851 Soul blood quenching the body, the unprecedented tenth spirit ring!
Chapter 852 Gu Yuena: tui, are you proposing?
Chapter 853 Beauty's awakening, fusion of the spirit of the plane, the eleventh divine ring!
Chapter 854 Gu Yuena sacrificed, the King of Life appeared!
Chapter 855 I exchanged my body for my wife, and the magical thing turned around!
Chapter 856 Beauty after Nirvana, question!
Chapter 857 The ins and outs of the King of Life! Would you like to be your woman?
Chapter 858 The real purpose of the goddess of life is to seek the future for all living beings!
Chapter 859 The goddess is throbbing, Gu Yuena's dislike!
Chapter 860 The three kings of the gods are coming together, and the army of the gods is overwhelmed!
Chapter 861 Gu Yuena and the King of Life join forces to fight against the enemy!
Chapter 862 Thousands of miles of help, coming soon!
Chapter 863 Reflecting the sky, this will be your eternal grave!
Chapter 864 The First World War Three God Kings Shocked the World!
Chapter 865 Gods return to the original formation! Earth-shattering breakthrough
Chapter 866 The ultimate evolution of the martial arts, the mighty world!
Chapter 867 Ancestral Dragon Covering the Sky Seal, Divine Prestige, Unparalleled Elegance!
Chapter 868 Mysterious beam of light! The realm of the gods should fall, Yanhuang should stand!
Chapter 869 Absorbing tens of thousands of artifacts, Divine Source, breakthrough again!
Chapter 870 Earth-shattering aura!
Chapter 871 The marriage proposal that shocked the mainland! A sour and jealous beauty
Chapter 872 Heaven and earth are the match, the sun and the moon are the evidence! The Emperor Mei and the God of Music are jealous
Chapter 873 The real side of Emperor Mei! Shura Field!
Chapter 874 Luo Yu is flustered, it's over!
Chapter 875 tui! Scumbag
Chapter 876 Charming Emperor is crazy and jealous! The operation that shocked ordinary people
Chapter 877 The most afraid of the sudden silence of the air!
Chapter 878 Warning from the King of Life, Hidden Crisis?
Chapter 879 The seeds left behind by the dissipated spirit of the plane!
Chapter 880 Heaven-defying chance, stunning beauty, even you have this?
Chapter 881 Shocked the growth of the whole continent!
Chapter 882 The ultimate evolution of the ancient tree of life?
Chapter 883 Foreign enemies, like being a father!
Chapter 884 Infinite evolution? On the eve of the wedding
Chapter 885 The King of Life can't be green tea, right? A secret fight between two women!
Chapter 886 Netherworld Assault Douluo, Terrifying Ten Heavenly Sovereign!
Chapter 887 The Terrifying Ten Heavenly Monarchs
Chapter 888 What is the name of the dog?
Chapter 889 Unfathomable
Chapter 890 One-man Douluo!
Chapter 891 Sorry, your stunt belongs to me!
Chapter 892 Isn't it fun? Stop in the ghost!
Chapter 893: Underworld God Three Knocks
Chapter 894 Underworld God! Cracked?? What has awakened
Chapter 895 Eight golden shadows, what did you call out?
Chapter 896 The Underworld God kowtows three times? Come, let me show you!
Chapter 897 The Chinese bloodline is awesome! Three emperors and five emperors?
Chapter 898 I also want to keep a low profile, but my ancestors are too awesome!
Chapter 899 The alarmed Nether Saint Heaven, fighting the strongest Heavenly Monarch!
Chapter 900 The Holy Body of the Necromancer, Immortal? Heaven-Defying Cultivation Technique!
Chapter 901 Heaven-defying physique and exercises!
Chapter 902 God King of Life, do you love me? Outrageous operation!
Chapter 903 I like you too! Look good, this sword will be very handsome!
Chapter 904 Nine rings in one, mysterious gift package, the ultimate form of the Heaven Punishing Sword
Chapter 905 Sealed Four Swords God-level Gift Package Rewards!
Chapter 906 The Immortal Execution Sword Formation Slashes Maha, the Nether Holy Heaven's Vibration!
Chapter 907 The system is secret, not serious!
Chapter 908 Preparing for a big wedding, the Nether Holy Heaven shakes!
Chapter 909 The ancestor exploration, the sensation of the Nether Holy Heaven!
Chapter 910 The powerful ancestral realm strikes, and the mysterious little bell is systematically transformed!
Chapter 911 Breakthrough, half-step ancestral realm! Hide the consciousness in the clock
Chapter 912 Wedding, the enemy is attacking
Chapter 913 Explore! The Eve of the Wedding
Chapter 914 The big wedding begins, and the ancestral realm powerhouses come one after another!
Chapter 915
Chapter 916 The wedding begins, the uninvited guests who spoil the situation!
Chapter 917 The mere natives also want to ruin my Taoism?
Chapter 918 The dog bites the dog, Luo Yu takes action! Are you also in the ancestral realm??
Chapter 919 The sky is falling apart, everything is under control!
Chapter 920 Revealing the real fangs, shocking the ancestral realm powerhouses!
Chapter 921 Are you good at fighting?
Chapter 922 Real strength, shocking the audience, fighting against the heroes!
Chapter 923 Shocked the audience, true fighting wisdom!
Chapter 924 Showing their magical powers, Luo Yu's hidden amazing combat power!
Chapter 925 Fighting the starry sky, fighting the ten ancestors!
Chapter 926 Top talent, genius beyond the limitless ancestral realm!
Chapter 927 Calculating each other, what are you waiting for, are you waiting to die?
Chapter 928 The East Emperor shook the heavens, and a sound stunned the heavens!
Chapter 929 Domineering Luo Yu, kill the ancestral realm!
Chapter 930 Murder and torture, one person destroys the ten ancestors! Sneak attack?
Chapter 931: The Immortal Execution Sword Formation Shows Its Might! Please Die
Chapter 932 The Oriole Is Behind? The First Ancestor Comes
Chapter 933 Simple bad breath, the ultimate enjoyment!
Chapter 934 Amazing operation, strength slaps the face!
Chapter 935: Ruthless Decision
Chapter 936 The cautious seven ancestors detonated the five sacred weapons!
Chapter 937 I don't believe that you still have trump cards, this is not dead?
Chapter 938 The Five Great Ancestors Arrive
Chapter 939 The ancestors pressed the realm, when Douluo was in danger!
Chapter 940 Do You Think Only You Have An Ancestor?
Chapter 941 Although We Are Born Ordinary, We Still Know What is Backbone
Chapter 942 Turning the curve, fighting for the ancestors, I have never lost in China!
Chapter 943 Don't you want to see my ancestors?
Chapter 944 Humiliate my Chinese descendants, three knives and six holes!
Chapter 945 The real emperor is coming! The Chinese ancestors who protect the calf
Chapter 946 Support! Domineering Chinese ancestors
Chapter 947: Many Ancient Legends Appear
Chapter 948 The doomsday of the six ancestors, the master of the star field cried!
Chapter 949 Huaxia Luoyu, welcome all the ancestors!
Chapter 950 Those who insult me ??China will be punished even if they are far away!
Chapter 951 Is it too hard to hide?
Chapter 952 Come out to talk about power!
The ninth and fifty-third chapter is appointed to the sky, and longevity is eternal!
Chapter 954 The big secret about the system! Laojun answers
Chapter 955 Hua Xia Dao and the calculations of the ancestors!
Chapter 956 The final winner!
Chapter 957 Waiting for the anxious beauties!
Chapter 958 Huaxia ancestors witness marriage, gift from the Great Sage!
Chapter 959 The Supreme Lord Witnesses the Marriage!
Chapter 960 The Great Sage's Gift Wedding Night
Chapter 961 The surprise of the wedding night!
Chapter 962: The bridal chamber? Surprise, game!
Chapter 963 Madam on the wedding night acts like a spoiled child!
Chapter 964 Life is complete!
Chapter 965 A little game with my sweet wife!
Chapter 966 Warning you, don't provoke your husband!
Chapter 967: It's dawn, the entrustment of the Chinese ancestors
Chapter 968 Three years flies, married life, the evolved Douluo Continent!
Chapter 969 Showdown with the girls!
Chapter 670 Where is the husband going, where are we going!
Chapter 971 The Promise of Taishang Laojun
Chapter 972 The girls follow! The sword of the kingdom, the thief of Cao???
Chapter 973 The gods recover, the building will collapse?
Chapter 974 The arrogance of Daxia will last forever! Those who violate the border will be punished even if they are far away!
Chapter 975 Pretending to be the Son of God? Crazy to search for treasures for Luo Yu!
Chapter 976 The purple energy comes 30,000 miles from the east, and the vision of heaven and earth shocks the world!
Chapter 977 The talent is too ruthless, it is true that I am not worthy of Lao Luo!
Chapter 978 Take the plan, the Daxia God! The beauties in the dark
Chapter 979 Canonization of the Son of God, the decision of the women!
Chapter 980 The girls plan, 18 years later, practice mysterious exercises!
Chapter 981 Pretending to be coercive is the most deadly!
Chapter 982 This dude can survive this wave in the atmosphere!
Chapter 983 Luo Gongzi pays for the whole audience tonight!
Chapter 984 The beauty strikes up a conversation! Shocked the audience
Chapter 985 Attract the special women in the audience!
Chapter 986 What's the matter with the inexplicable jealousy
Chapter 987 Competing with jealousy, what is this woman going to do?
Chapter 988 The request of the beauty in the workplace is a crazy test on the edge of death!
Chapter 989 No one will save you if you shout! Heroes save beauty
Chapter 990 Showdown, I, Daxia God Son!
Chapter 991 Wealthy family?
Chapter 992 Killing decisively, what is the difference between this and confession?
Chapter 993 Women's thoughts, flirting! The eve of awakening
Chapter 994 Video Conference
Chapter Nine hundred and ninety-fifth The movement of all parties, Qingniu Laodao: It's today!
Chapter 996: One person and one sword protect the whole city, the Wanhua Dao leads the way!
Chapter 997 Caused a sensation, who is it?
Chapter Nine hundred and ninety-eight of ten thousand Taos in one!
Chapter Nine hundred and ninety-ninth the capital of my grand emperor? The ecstatic Luo Tiance father and son!
Chapter 1000: Awaken the secrets of ancient heroic spirits!
Chapter 1001 Shocked the universe, earth-shattering awakening!
Chapter 1002 The focus of the audience, is this the realm of Lord God Son?
Chapter 1003 Extraordinary vision, all parties are sensational!
Chapter 104 The gods appear, a grand scene!
Chapter 1105 Foreign forces of sneak attack!
Chapter 1006 Crazy recruitment of major schools! Force Gramman
Chapter 1007 The king of dirty routines! Horror potential?
Chapter 1008 The thoughts of beauties! Emergency meeting!
Chapter 1009 Jealous women!
Chapter 1010 Bringing a beautiful woman home, will you see the elders?
Chapter 1011 Rejuvenation, amazing ability!
Chapter 1012 The shock caused by the follow-up! Dialogue with the gods
Chapter 1013 The god of war, the king of heavy pupils! The arrogance of each family! The panic of the gods outside the country!
Chapter 1014 Daxia traitor, the province's martial arts exam!
Chapter 1015 Versailles? How many girls are in Wuhan University in Sichuan?
Chapter 1016 On the eve of the battle for the champion of martial arts, someone came to strike up a conversation!
Chapter 1017 Dazzling power rankings! Types of geniuses
Chapter 1018 The fist power is shocking, and the audience is sensational!
Chapter 1019 The reaction of the major geniuses, goodbye Diao Lingluo!
Chapter 1020 One punch, terrifying power, sensational shock!
Chapter 1021 The name of Luo Yu! The speed of crushing all the geniuses!
Chapter 1022: No. 1 in the three rankings, breaking through 100,000 points
Chapter 1023 Group battles!
Chapter 1024 One pick nine, Monkey King is born!
Chapter 1025 Champion Hou! Legendary characters of Fenglangjuxu appear one after another!
Chapter 1026 Without Heroic Spirits, You Can Suppress You With One Hand!
Chapter 1027 Exploding performance, causing hundreds of thousands of cheers!
Chapter 1028 Showing their magical powers, the first martial arts champion in Dajing! (Part 1)
Chapter 1029 The first martial arts champion in Dajing (2)
Chapter 1030 The champion and the first, the media interview, the words are amazing!
Chapter 1031 Shocked! Crazy solicitation, pleasing by top bosses!
Chapter 1032 The top geniuses from all sides reacted, Mei Emperor: I don't want my face!
Chapter 1033 Dating! The enraged Charming Emperor?
Chapter 1034 The Son of God was kidnapped? The tough Charming Emperor!
Chapter 1035 Is this a genius? The Emperor Mei can't afford to play!
Chapter 1036: Appearing in front of people, heroes save beauty?
Chapter 1037 The picture is poor and sees the dagger! Man, you can't run away!
Chapter 1038 Bibi Dong: Just wait and see my performance!
Chapter 1039 Encountering mother and daughter, iron-backed silver ape, one-horned giant rhinoceros!
Chapter 1040: Bibi Dong's acting skills!
Chapter 1041 The two beauties are double reeds! The day of enlightenment, the twilight of the gods
Chapter 1042 The shock of the guardian deity of Xia! It belongs to Luo Yu's consciousness
Chapter 1043 Condensed seeds, mother and daughter treat guests to dinner!
Chapter 1044 Romantic dinner, Xiao Wu dances, why are you more excited?
Chapter 1045 The operation that stunned the beauties! Forgive you not to die
Chapter 1046: The Son of Pluto! Summons the ancient god from the underworld!
Chapter 1047 The Pluto to be revived, the two women's farewell!
Chapter 1048: Sister Yu confesses: Master Luo, I like you!
Chapter 1049: Confession one after another, Shura Field! The mother and daughter of Xiao Wu are here too
Chapter 1050 Four women in one play! Xiao Wu acts like a spoiled child
Chapter 1051 Unbearable coquetry! Xiao Wu confessed
Chapter 1052 Black-bellied Pope Bibi Dong! No one wants to touch my man
Chapter 1053 The Shura Field ends, and the school starts!
Chapter 1054 Xiao Wu: Then don't be ashamed! Ultimate Shura Field
Chapter 1055 The sorrow of the three women, the report, the land of abundance!
Chapter 1056 Does the school have a tarmac? Irregular new students!
Chapter 1057 The sensation caused by admission! Special rules
The first thousand and fifty-eight chapters bet, the women who are beginning to show their edge, resentful!
Chapter 1059 The beauty of the beauties, the beauty of the fairy level!
Chapter 1060 Entrance assessment, the moon is dark and the wind is high at night, it is the time of the manifesto!
Chapter 161 I am invincible, the bright performance of the freshman entrance competition
Chapter 1062 Suppressing the heroes, why not talk about martial arts? Earn points with blood!
The first thousand and sixty-three chapters fight against beauties, and use his own way to return to his body!
Chapter 1064: Extraordinary Performance, One Hua Sixteen, Wen Hou Lu Bu, and Emperor Yan Appeared!
Chapter 1065 The first general of the Tang Dynasty! Half-human and half-god?
Chapter 1066 The hole card, Li Tianwang's divine form! Emperor Yan manifests himself
Chapter 1067 Earth rules all things, Shennong is immortal! Please, Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors
Chapter 1068 Beauty is curious, be my little brother? You are not worthy!
Chapter 1069: Demon Immortal, Twin Ancient Heroic Spirit? True Dragon Appears
Chapter 1070 Earn points with blood, pouring money!
Chapter 1071 Domineering response, earned by strength, why should I give you face?
The first thousand and seventy-two chapters are about to fight, and the beautiful woman invites each other. Who is the appointment?
Chapter 1073 Big and small beauties, I don't want my boyfriend to misunderstand!
Chapter One thousand and seventy-four
Chapter 1075: Escape from the Asura Field, powerful replica ability!
Chapter 1076 Xiao Wuyue made a confession, the girls changed their strategies, and the apprenticeship meeting!
Chapter 1077 The supernatural imitation ability shocked the audience!
Chapter 1078 Comprehend the tutor's unique skills in housekeeping!
Chapter 1079 Provocation, Xue Can Yingling! The first military marshal in the world
Chapter 1080 What is the dog's name? A third-rank master, that's all? That's it
Chapter 1081: Got it all? Fighting against the third-rank, shocking combat power shocked the whole school!
Chapter 1082: Emperor Yan's domain, sensational! Domain? You actually own a domain?
Chapter 1083 Famous for Chuanwu, the Qin family kills embryos!
Chapter 1084: People should be proud! Beautiful girl with double ponytail: I like you very much
Chapter 1085 The girl's mind is like a beauty in ancient costumes walking out of a picture!
Chapter 1086: The curiosity of beauties in ancient costumes, the secret realm of hell canyon, the Qin family kills God!
Chapter 1087 The strange ruins are revived, and the beasts attack the city!!
Chapter 1088: Defending the family and the country, the task of defending the city, has been looked down upon?
Chapter 1089 Underestimate the Son of God? Fierce beasts fully invade, sneak attack!
Chapter 1090 The terrifying battle power shocked the audience and turned the tide! Evil beasts, retreat another thirty miles!
Chapter 1091 Double kill and second-rank, famous all over the world! Breakthrough do you call this a new life?
Chapter 1092: Second-grade, or first-grade? It's too enchanting, the gratitude of the people in the audience!
Chapter 1093 The two old-fashioned second-grade powerhouses kneel directly?
Chapter 1094 The shocking and tragic news of the senior officials of Wuhan University!
Chapter 1095 The principal asks Tianjiao to gather to enter the secret realm!
Chapter 1096 Monster pervert! Shocked by the death of the principal
Chapter 1097 Was underestimated? Junior brother, seniors are covering you
Chapter 1098 Weird captain, unknown ancient characters, pre-Qin ruins!
Chapter 1099 Weird Village, Pre-Qin Remnant? Legend of Shanjun!
Chapter 110: Vicious eyesight, you can see at a glance that you are not human!
Chapter 1101 Treat me as an assistant? The mastermind behind the scenes shows up
Chapter 1102 The Legend of the First Emperor! The unparalleled power shocked the audience
Chapter 1103: God Houyi! The terrifying enemy of the first-grade peak, are you Zulong?
Chapter 1104: The First Emperor's Recovery?
Chapter 1105: The might of the emperor, one hundred thousand fierce souls, the sword cuts the first-rank peak mountain monarch!
Chapter 1106 The flood washed the nine bronze cauldrons of the Dragon King Temple video
Chapter 1107: Shocked and weeping, convinced a group of veteran peak powerhouse Daxia Godzi
Chapter 1108 Hundreds of thousands of living beings bow and give gifts!
Chapter 1109 The special breakthrough gods awakened!
Chapter 1110 Come to an end The special induction of the eight young masters of the honorary title!
Chapter 1111: The Treasure of the Pre-Qin Soldiers? A chance encounter with Bibi Dong and Xiao Wu
Chapter 1112: Bibi Dong and Xiao Wu's plan! The Onmyoji of Death
Chapter 1113: Bibi Dong and Xiao Wu's calculations! Is it too quiet to be nervous?
Chapter 1114: The Onmyoji Golden Buddha Comes into the World in Nine Forms! Suppress Shikigami
Chapter 1115 Two weak women? Onmyoji's mentality exploded! Two-level reversal
Chapter 1116 The Tragic Onmyoji, the girls meet, goodbye to the classical beauty
Chapter 1117 Sister, are you tempted? All parties are shocked! Ask for a title!
Chapter 1118 Intense debate, white jade pillar! World Heroic Spirit Competition
Chapter 1119 The terrifying Qin family kills the embryo, and Luo Yu is about to die!
Chapter 1120 The purpose of beauty, everyone is watching, and the appearance is strong and domineering!
Chapter 1121 Invincible capital, every gesture is a great supernatural power! Shocked the audience!
Chapter 1122: Are you worthy of the title of God of Killing? The appearance of the Five Emperors shocked the audience
Chapter 1123: Qin Qi’s Trump Card! The Seven Great Desires, the Power of the Emperor’s Dao
Chapter 1124 Zhuxian Sword Formation, extremely overbearing, you are not worthy of being my subordinates!
Chapter 1125 Who is in favor, who is against! Domineering leak, competition news
Chapter 1126 Get used to your problems? Slap in the face, a beauty in costume visits!
Chapter 1127 Repaying Gratitude, the beauty who has survived from the Han Dynasty to the present!
Chapter 1128: The Secret of the Ancients! The Whereabouts of the Other Half of the Tiger Talisman
Chapter 1129 Beauty, is this how you repay your favor? Transfer students, go to the tomb
Chapter 1130: Big Tomb, Five Strange Stone Gates, Captured by Terracotta Warriors
Chapter 1131 Horror Poisonous Insects, Strange Empty Coffin, Heavy Fog!
Chapter 1132 Mysterious existence in the coffin, a prophecy from two thousand years ago!
Chapter 1133 Bo Yun is treacherous, summoning the gods to show their power, please invite the Great Sage Equaling Heaven!
Chapter 1134 Inside the main tomb, the top-level supernatural power, the gossip mirror that can predict!
Chapter 1135 Terrifying comprehension speed! Treasure confession, terrifying prophecy
Chapter 1136 Strange scene in the main tomb, test, order!
Chapter 1137: A beautiful transfer student!
Chapter 1138 Changes in the Mausoleum of the First Emperor, Guess, Treasure!
Chapter 1139 Psychological game, the treasure that can be invisible, Fan Tianyin!
Chapter 1140 Imitation Immortal Binding Rope? The twin sisters are arrogantly engaged in a battle!
Chapter 1141 Deja vu Yan returns, husband and wife join the ring!
Chapter 1142 Please, Vulcan Zhurong! Zhu Zhuyun and Zhu Zhuqing’s strategy
Chapter 1143 The Twin Sisters' Plan! Luo Yu Was Shocked
Chapter 1144 The sisters attack Jialan's thoughts at night!
Chapter 1145 Hidden in the Mausoleum of the First Emperor, the venue of the Quilt World Competition
Chapter 1146: The epiphany of the past and the transformation of the three cleans!
Chapter 1147 Great Supernatural Power: Earth Movement!
Chapter 1148 The four fierce men repair me and fight the halberd to turn me into a king to suppress the world
Chapter 1149 The origin of the four sages, the great benefit and the strange portal!
Chapter 1150 The special hand on the secret portal of Wanhua Dao Yinjue
Chapter 1151 Unraveling the mystery comes from the deep understanding of the soul!
Chapter 1152 Beware of the incredible things of special ancient gods!
Chapter 1153 Find the trail of the white-haired goddess with hidden clues!
Chapter 1154 The Revenge of the Nine-Tailed Sky Fox Dajiuer Onmyoji
Chapter 1155 Amaterasu threatens another owner of the handprint
Chapter 1156 The eve of Dajiuer's secret contest!
Chapter 1157
Chapter 1158 The Uproar Caused by the Son of God!
Chapter 1159: False Son of God or the True God in the Battle of National Concern
Chapter 1160: The slap in the face shocked the audience in the third round of the competition!
Chapter 1161 The Strongest Four in Daxia
Chapter 1162 Unrivaled Godly Power, the pinnacle of Daxia's youth generation
Chapter 1163 Shocking combat power shakes Kyushu and I have nothing in Daxia
Chapter 1164 Defeated double pupil absorbs the power of the saint!
Chapter 1165: The Undisputed Son of God of the Nation’s Number One Great Xia
Chapter 1166: Clouds from all sides move the clones of the gods!
Chapter 1167 Defending Amaterasu's doppelganger, the legendary Yaqi Dai
Chapter 1168 Slay Yamata no Orochi and fight Amaterasu!
Chapter 1169 The Thirty-Three Layers Realm's Divine Might Gu Yuena Makes a Move!
Chapter 1170 Gu Yuena's Domineering Husband
Chapter 1171 Breakthrough in Personalized Silver Dragon King Acacia Kiss
Chapter 1172: Turmoil in Gao Tianyuan!
Chapter 1173 The Wrath From Gao Tianyuan
Chapter 1174 Breaking the shackles of heaven and earth to advance collectively before the World Series
Chapter 1175 When the weather clears and the rain stops, you think you can do it again?
Chapter 1176 The national live broadcast defeats the challenge of the four super gods
Chapter 1177 The First Person in Great Xia?
Chapter 1178 The declaration of God's son who aspires to win the Great Xia shocked the audience
Chapter 1179: The Anger of the Daxia People, Sister Ayin, The Little Witch Arrives
Chapter 1180 Meet the Beauty Ning Rongrong Again
Chapter 1181 The shy and beautiful woman in palace costume, Ah Yin, the world's most powerful team land
Chapter 1181 The Hidden Crisis World Tournament Opens!
Chapter 1182 The first match of the hottest broadcast event in the world
Chapter 1183 God's descent technique blood abuse Gao Tianyuan Miko
Chapter 1185 Tianyu Shenzi's Hollow Card Cruel Secret Technique Defeats Xiao
Chapter 1186 That Year, God Son Daxia Put His Hands In His Pockets
Chapter 1187 Megatron Gao Tianyuan played powerfully and played elegantly
Chapter 1188 Raising My Big Summer, Breakthrough, Fallen Angel
Chapter 1189 Fight against the Holy City Nine Heavens God Luo Yu Tianwei alone!
Chapter 1190 Destroying the gods in a row!
Chapter 1191: Lei Bu's Righteousness God's Punishment Comes to the World to Show My Divine Power!
Chapter 1192 Squeeze the Holy City of the Sun, Invincible Combat Strength!
Chapter 1193 The contempt of the Son of God, the fourteen archangels of the holy temples!
Chapter 1194 Provocative, fight against the Dark Council!
Chapter 1195: Zhu Xian Sword Formation Refining Evil Bat Sword Immortal Style!
Chapter 1196 Terrifying Physical Power, The Legendary Treasure Purple Gold
Chapter 1197: Yama Ksitigarbha King of the Ten Temples! Shocking the World
Chapter 1198: The Eastern Emperor's Resounding Shocks the World!
Chapter 1199 The Spear of Eternity is Similar to Compatible Breaking the Surprising Operation
Chapter 1200 Defeating the Great Summer Carnival of the Dark Parliament!
Chapter 1201 Dasheng was born invincible, I am sorry!
Chapter 1202: The Sensation Caused by Luo Yu Fights the Temples of the Gods Again!
Chapter 1203 Charming Angel Slays Sister and Demon!
Chapter 1204 Slaying the Two Great Goddesses to Reappear the Great Xia Legendary Treasure!
Chapter 1205: The Strongest Illusion Technique, The Seven Treasure Trees Show Their Supernatural Power and Ultimate God
Chapter 1206 Please Pan Gu angrily smash the Heavenly Emperor Jehovah
Chapter 1207 Crush the temple of the gods and leak the domineering side!
Chapter 1208 The Great Powers Are Approaching the Great Xia Gods Possessed by the God of War Mountain
Chapter 1209 The traitor is summoned! The final battle of the World Series begins
Chapter 1210 The End of Great Summer? One person alone fights the Hundred Gods!
Chapter 1211 The end of the world's number one son of gods!
Chapter 1212 So handsome solo performance!
Chapter 1213 The hole card is revealed, the world is shocked, I am invincible!
Chapter 1214: Terracotta Warriors Appear to Shock the World!
Chapter 1215 The gods are alive?
Chapter 1216 Gods are forbidden in Daxia territory!
Chapter 1217 Opening the Sky and Shocking the World with an Axe, I Killed the Gods in Daxia!
Chapter 1218 God's Sneak Attack! Do You Think I'm Exhausted?
Chapter 1219 The World's No. 1 Exhausted Sublimation Breaks Through Three Realms!
Chapter 1220 Fist Shattering Great Xia Traitor Sweeps Everything!
Chapter 1221 Squeeze the world's enemies! One person conquers the world champion of Daxia
Chapter 1222: Disposal of the traitors with memory fragments of jubilation across the country!
Chapter 1223 The Deduction and Prophecy of the Bagua Bronze Mirror Revisiting the Tomb of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 1224 Heaven-defying fusion of good fortune! Breakthrough again!
Chapter 1225 Meet the White-Haired Goddess for the First Time! Secret
Chapter 1226 The Arrogant Inked Strange Creature, Goddess Impressed
Chapter 1227 Secret, the trial begins!
Chapter 1128: The Shocking Hero, The Judgment Speaks!
Chapter 1229: The Truth Reveals A Generation of Heroes!
Chapter 1230 The Crying and Weeping Daxia Old Man Received Retribution
Chapter 1231 Thousands of personalities guard Daxia!
Chapter 1232 Protecting the Common People
Chapter 1233 Refining all the beasts in the world for your own use! Shocking the world
Chapter 1134 Refining Ten Thousand Beasts, A Realm Above Super Grades!
Chapter 1235 The amazing bronze mirror derivation on the eve of the revival of the gods!
Chapter 1236 The Great Influences Manifest Miracles and Gods Birth
Chapter 1237 The people panicked and ambushed Gao Tianyuan!
Chapter 1238 One Person Overwhelms All Little Baga Amaterasu Is Born
Chapter 1239: Ninety-Nine Levels of Ultima
Chapter 1240 The Hundred War God Armor kills Gao Tianyuan Amaterasu!
Chapter 1241 One Punch Breaks the Panic of the Sun God!
Chapter 1242 Amaterasu's Strength Breakthrough! The Gods Revive
Chapter 1142 Dangers are everywhere, affecting the hearts of the people of Great Xia!
Chapter 1139 Devour the gods, breakthrough in strength, shocking the world
Chapter 1144: Desperate little Bagas, the God of Heaven who died
Chapter 1145 One person challenges the gods! Great summer spirit
Chapter 1146: Fascinating Heaven and Earth, Three Heads and Six Arms Showcasing Godly Power! Challenge the Gods
Chapter 1147 The awe-inspiring spirit shocks the world, unbelievable gods!
Chapter 1148 The people of the world are stunned, the excited Daxia people
Chapter 1149 Shameless gods, angry Daxia people!
Chapter 1150: Luo Yu dies, Da Xia is sad!
Chapter 1151 A woman is sincere, a hero of Great Xia through the ages
Chapter 1152 Luo Yu's resurrection shocked the gods of the world
Chapter 1153: The Death of the Gods
Chapter 1154 Swallow the origin of the gods and shake the world!
Chapter 1155 Overbearing Luo Yu, absorbing the origin of the gods!
Chapter 1156: Exploring the Secrets of Iceland! Horror and Thriller Discoveries
Chapter 1157 Explore the world, the secrets hidden in the red moon!
Chapter 1158 Horror beasts in the blood moon, deduced from the array!
Chapter 1159: Facing the common people with their backs, the responsibility of a man shocked the people of the world!
Chapter 1160 The gods revive and come under pressure!
Chapter 1161 Goddess takes action! Horror gods!
Chapter 1162: Luo Yu Exits! One Person Stops the Gods
Chapter 1163 The Last Pillar of Great Xia, Rescue!
Chapter 1164 The Son of God leaves the customs, the Eternal Sky Realm!
Chapter 1165: Yi shoots for ten days, dominates the world! The tricks of the gods
Chapter 1166 Pointing to the general platform, the smoke rises, the return of Yanhuang, the opportunity to become a god
Chapter 1267 Zhen Mier, Dajiuer, the spirit of the white-haired goddess, breakthrough, the realm of the gods!
Chapter 1268 Unrivaled power, the end of the gods! Evil gods appear
Chapter 1269 [End of the book] Shocking layout, yin and yang unite! Guard the earth and shock the world!