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Super Cultivation Abandoned Young Master

Super Cultivation Abandoned Young Master

author:Mumuyu cat

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-23 01:09

Latest chapter:Chapter 4060 Suppression

Su Bai, the tribulation-transcending Immortal Lord of the Great World of Cultivation, suddenly woke up and found that he had become an abandoned son of a wealthy family on earth! He also discovered that he was not only abandoned by a wealthy family, but also lived under the influence of others and was coldly ridiculed by relatives and even his cousin. ... This is the story of a generation of immortals who rise up in the city, sweep across aristocratic families, and enjoy grudges!

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《Super Cultivation Abandoned Young Master》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 4060 Suppression
Chapter 4059 Curse
Chapter 4058 Jiuzhen’s true identity!
Chapter 4057 The Fusion of Life and Death
Chapter 4056 Take action
Chapter 4055: No. 1 on the Tianguan Holy List
Chapter 4054 Truth
Chapter 4053 The Twenty-Third Heaven
Chapter 4052 The Nine-Life Serpent
《Super Cultivation Abandoned Young Master》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Abandoned
Chapter 2 Cousin
Chapter 3 The Realm of Cultivation
Chapter 4 Cultivation
Chapter 5 Medicinal Materials
Chapter 6 Miracle Doctor
Chapter 7 Rescue
Chapter 8 Cedar Zhiwang
Chapter 9 Attack
Chapter 10 Martial Arts Grandmaster!
Chapter 11 Body Tempering Fluid!
Chapter 12 Similar flowers!
Chapter Thirteen Establishing Prestige
Chapter 14 Challenge
Chapter 15 Fight
Chapter 16 Defeat the enemy in one strike!
Chapter 17 Xiao Pei Yuan Dan
Chapter 18 Xia Qianyu!
Chapter 19 Birthday gift?
Chapter 20 Gambling
Chapter 21 Victory!
Chapter 22 Inviting someone?
Chapter 23 Lord Wu!
Chapter 24 Pills!
Chapter 25 Su Bai takes action!
Chapter 26 Fighting Nine Styles!
Chapter 27: Keep people under your command!
Chapter 28 Thunder is coming!
Chapter 29 Treatment
Chapter 30 Martial Arts Realm
Chapter 31 Value
Chapter 32 Strange Disease
Chapter 33: Invite someone!
Chapter 34 Taiyin Essence Stone
Chapter 35 Su Qingyao returns
Chapter 36 Little Miracle Doctor?
Chapter 37: Come and invite me in person!
Chapter 38 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 39 Liquid of Life?
Chapter 40 Life Sciences?
Chapter 41 Murderous Intention!
Chapter 42 Tang Qiubais invitation
Chapter 43 Ancient Jade
Chapter 44 Lightning Strikes Wood
Chapter 45: Kill with one move!
Chapter 46 The eldest son of the Zheng family
Chapter 47: Teach you how to apologize!
Chapter 48 Apology and Survival
Chapter 49: The Grandmaster cannot be insulted!
Chapter 50 The middle stage of Qi Condensation
Chapter 51 A visitor from the Su family
Chapter 52 The jade talisman shows off its power!
Chapter 53 Xia Qianyus request
Chapter 54 Misty Valley
Chapter 55 Mr. Yin
Chapter 56 Take action
Chapter 57 Abandoned Young Master?
Chapter 58 The shopping mall is like a battlefield!
Chapter 59 Means
Chapter 60 Miracle!
Chapter 61 Who dares to move?
Chapter 62 Bow!
Chapter 63: Remaining Picture!
Chapter 64 Seven-Leaf Thunder Fruit
Chapter 65 Heading to Linzhou
Chapter 66 Tang Qiubais great opportunity!
Chapter 67: Hiding evil intentions?
Chapter 68: The Place of Magnetic Chaos
Chapter 69 Arriving at the Misty Valley (first update)
Chapter 70 White Ape! (Second update)
Chapter 71: Demon-proofing Thunder (Third update)
Chapter 72 The Bloodline of the Ancient Thunder Ape
Chapter 73 Surrender or die!
Chapter 74 Conquer
Chapter 75 Thunder Fruit
Chapter 76 Razer
Chapter 77: Kill the Razer!
Chapter 78 Killing in public!
Chapter 79 Armor and Jingyuan Dan!
Chapter 80: The Order of Immortality and the Transmission of Dharma!
Chapter 81 The Immortal Body of Heavenly Thunder
Chapter 82 You are looking for death!
Chapter 83: Battle with the Half-Step God!
Chapter 84 Behead!
Chapter 85: Attacking the magical realm!
Chapter 86 Cute white monkey?
Chapter 87 Forced buying and selling?
Chapter 88 Tang Qiubais Transformation
Chapter 89 Acquaintance!
Chapter 90: The Dragon Crossing the River
Chapter 91 Revenge
Chapter 92 Threat?
Chapter 93 Someone from the Zhuo family is coming!
Chapter 94 The hospital is over
Chapter 95 Zhuo Tianhu!
Chapter 96 Zhuo Tianhus shock!
Chapter 97: Not accurate enough!
Chapter 98 Take my punch!
Chapter 99: Conquer Zhuo Tianhu!
Chapter 100: Help you break through!
Chapter 101: Meet the Master!
Chapter 102 The mysterious Taoist
Chapter 103 Send the bell!
Chapter 104: The picture shows the dagger
Chapter 105 Yellow Bird!
Chapter 106 The Power of the Grandmaster
Chapter 107 Su Bai comes out of seclusion!
Chapter 108 Battle against the God of War!
Chapter 109 Forbidden Technique
Chapter 110: Killing the God with the Sword!
Chapter 111 Changes in Jiangzhou!
Chapter 112 Xia Qianyu is angry!
Chapter 113 Xia Qianyus decision!
Chapter 114 The clown!
Chapter 115 Kill!
Chapter 116: Decisive killing!
Chapter 117 The Power of the Thunder Ape
Chapter 118 Su Baizhi!
Chapter 119 Su Cheng dies!
Chapter 120 Save people!
Chapter 121: Catch them all in one fell swoop?
Chapter 122 Gather together!
Chapter 123 Anyone who touches my family---die!
Chapter 124: The Zhou Family in Xishan (Second Update)
Chapter 125: Behead! (Third update)
Chapter 126 Everyone bows their heads! (Fourth update)
Chapter 127 Shen Daoru! (Fifth update)
Chapter 128
Chapter 129: Divine knowledge breaks the law! (Seventh update)
Chapter 130: The Secret of Immortal Sect (Eighth Update!)
Chapter 131 Conquer Lian Jinglun!
Chapter 132: Do I let you go?
Chapter 133: Blackmail!
Chapter 134 The storm is stirring!
Chapter 135 The generals final trump card!
Chapter 136 Take action!
Chapter 137 Another Grandmaster!
Chapter 138: Go there in person?
Chapter 139 The Secret of Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 140 The Mu family’s father and daughter were shocked!
Chapter 141: Talk broke down?
Chapter 142 Overseas Dragon Hall! (1)
Chapter 142 Overseas Dragon Hall! (2)
Chapter 143 to Chapter 144 The road to martial arts cannot be retreated!
Chapter 145 Tang Qiubai’s breakthrough!
Chapter 146 Exploding Bones!
Chapter 147 Su Bai takes action!
Chapter 148 Battle!
Chapter 149: Making an attack in the east and attacking in the west
Chapter 150 Variables? (First update)
Chapter 151 The power of one kick! (Second update)
Chapter 152: Heavenly Thunder Immortal Body, open!
Chapter 153: A dead Taoist friend is not a poor Taoist!
Chapter 154 Im waiting for him to kill me!
Chapter 155 Apologize immediately!
Chapter 156: Cutting out the roots
Chapter 157 Su Bais strength!
Chapter 158: Destroy the family
Chapter 159 Special Envoy of Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 160 Invitation
Chapter 161: Fight
Chapter 162 Breakthrough, mid-stage supernatural power!
Chapter 163 The Su family in the capital!
Chapter 164 The secret back then!
Chapter 165 The liquid of life is hot!
Chapter 166 The Lord of Jiangzhou!
Chapter 167 My rules!
Chapter 168 An unexpected visitor!
Chapter 169 Bai Feiyan!
Chapter 170 Heading to Jinling (End of Volume 1)
Chapter 171 The hero saves the beauty!
Chapter 172 The eldest son of the Shen family!
Chapter 173 Its up to you!
Chapter 174 Cousin?
Chapter 175 Shen Daorus anger
Chapter 176 Meet Xue Pinghai!
Chapter 177: Trouble in the bar
Chapter 178 A loud slap!
Chapter 179 Bet!
Chapter 180 Martial Arts Master?
Chapter 181 One hundred million bets!
Chapter 182 Boxing Champion Buakaw!
Chapter 183: Killed with one move!
Chapter 184 Strong
Chapter 185 The Shen familys decision
Chapter 186 Jiang Ningyus request
Chapter 187 The developer of the liquid of life?
Chapter 188 Poisoned?
Chapter 189 Rescue
Chapter 190 Take action!
Chapter 191 Killer
Chapter 192 Im going to kill someone!
Chapter 193 Its too late!
Chapter 194 Exposed?
Chapter 195: Settlement of accounts!
Chapter 196 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 197 The Jiang family is over!
Chapter 198 Bai Feiyan’s visit (first update)
Chapter 199 Banquet (Second update)
Chapter 200 What can you do? (Third update)
Chapter 201: The situation is tense (first update)
Chapter 202 Spiral Power! (Second update)
Chapter 203 You are not worthy! (Third update)
Chapter 204 Five Thunder Dharma!
Chapter 205 Shenxiao Xuanlei!
Chapter 206 Threat
Chapter 207: No intention of giving up?
Chapter 208 Wu Anjun!
Chapter 209 Su Bai is injured!
Chapter 210 Kill!
Chapter 211 Divine consciousness turns into a sword to kill the gods!
Chapter 212 Choice and Killing!
Chapter 213 Chen Xiu arrives!
Chapter 214 What do you want?
Chapter 215 The domineering Xia Qianyu!
Chapter 216 Did I say, let you go?
Chapter 217: Kill in public!
Chapter 218 A bloody story?
Chapter 219 Cangming Sword Immortal?
Chapter 220 Wu Zhantian!
Chapter 221: Zhan Wu Zhan Tian!
Chapter 222: Seven Kills in the Sun!
Chapter 223 Chen Xiuqi’s invitation!
Chapter 224 Taking office!
Chapter 225 Attack
Chapter 226: Eight hundred million for one face?
Chapter 227 One hundred million a day!
Chapter 228 Sword Qi turns into the sea?
Chapter 229 Rain Man Sword!
Chapter 230: Take my move!
Chapter 231 Sky-shaking Finger
Chapter 232 Undercurrent
Chapter 233: Got teased!
Chapter 234: Netherworld Bagua Array!
Chapter 235: The Art of Spirit Refining!
Chapter 236 Behead!
Chapter 237 Threat
Chapter 238: Heavenly Thunder Sword!
Chapter 239: The road to immortality is difficult!
Chapter 240: Detoxification
Chapter 241 Crisis!
Chapter 242 The group is destroyed!
Chapter 243: Kill your people!
Chapter 244: Massacre!
Chapter 245 Secret!
Chapter 246 Lin Boren
Chapter 247 Battle with Lin Boren!
Chapter 248 The final trump card!
Chapter 249 The Art of Five Elements!
Chapter 250 Cooperation?
Chapter 251: The Power of the Five Elements VS the Heavenly Thunder Sword
Chapter 252 Bugs
Chapter 253 The map is obtained!
Chapter 254 Plants and Spirit Vine?
Chapter 255 Its over
Chapter 256 The Great Sword Master!
Chapter 257 Shen Daorus plan!
Chapter 258 Su Chengyan!
Chapter 259 Looking for trouble!
Chapter 260 Disgusting people? (Third update)
Chapter 261 Su Baizhi! (Fourth update)
Chapter 262 Shen Daorus decision
Chapter 263 Su Qingyaos Crisis
Chapter 264 Take action
Chapter 265 The End
Chapter 266 Escape
Chapter 267 Are you looking for death?
Chapter 268: Beheading
Chapter 269 Duan Yus arrival!
Chapter 270: Was it you who hurt my sister?
Chapter 271: Fight
Chapter 272 Duan Yurens shock
Chapter 273 Battle with Duan Yuren!
Chapter 274 Broken Sword!
Chapter 275 Duan Yurens breakthrough!
Chapter 276 The battle begins!
Chapter 277
Chapter 278 The power of the immortal body of thunder!
Chapter 279 Bait?
Chapter 280 Yan Jidao!
Chapter 281: The art of swallowing souls?
Chapter 282: Spirit Snake Transformation!
Chapter 283 Begging for mercy?
Chapter 284 Backhand!
Chapter 285
Chapter 286: Ten Thousand Dharma Curse Seal!
Chapter 287 The mysterious old man!
Chapter 288 Shangguan Hong (Third update)
Chapter 289 Five Thunder Dharma!
Chapter 290 Trump Card!
Chapter 291 The power of the talisman! (Third update)
Chapter 292 Mutation!
Chapter 293: God Realm Distraction!
Chapter 294: Distraction in the God of War Realm! (Third update)
Chapter 295: Behead!
Chapter 296 The mastermind behind the scenes!
Chapter 297 Pecans!
Chapter 298 Conditions
Chapter 299 Healing
Chapter 300 Liquidation!
Chapter 301 Killing!
Chapter 302 Jinling Shock
Chapter 303 Departure
Chapter 304 Jade Spirit Essence
Chapter 305: Overwhelming luck?
Chapter 306 Invitation
Chapter 307 Gu Insect
Chapter 308 Appearance
Chapter 309 Evil Cultivator!
Chapter 310 Spirit Sword!
Chapter 311 Beheading
Chapter 312 Illusion
Chapter 313 Breaking the Illusion
Chapter 314 Stone Statue
Chapter 315 Smoke and Cloud Beast
Chapter 316 Sky Thunder Sword Intent
Chapter 317: Array of murderous intent!
Chapter 318: There is a bright future in the dark (Wan Geng Geng asks for support)
Chapter 319 The mysterious old man
Chapter 320: Draw the sword!
Chapter 321: Guarding the Sword Intent
Chapter 322: Behead!
Chapter 323: The Witch God Cult
Chapter 324 Behead!
Chapter 325 Purple Thunder Bead
Chapter 326 Taking the initiative
Chapter 327 Cangmings Double Swords
Chapter 328 Trump Card
Chapter 329 (Part 1) Accident
Chapter 329 (Part 2) Qiu Yuan
Chapter 330: Secret Technique of Sky Eye
Chapter 331: Killing
Chapter 332: The Great Elder of the Witch God Sect!
Chapter 333 Blood Kirin
Chapter 334: Ming Yuan Pearl
Chapter 335: Killing
Chapter 336 Sweep
Chapter 337: The Leader of the Witch God!
Chapter 338 Battle!
Chapter 339 Behead!
Chapter 340: Please take action, Ancestor!
Chapter 341: Ancestor of the Witch God!
Chapter 342: The Knife of Divine Mind!
Chapter 343 The Blood Seal of the Witch God
Chapter 344 Return to Jinling
Chapter 345: Someone coming from Longtang
Chapter 346 Take action
Chapter 347 Rejection
Chapter 348 Conflict
Chapter 349 Su Bai returns
Chapter 350 Killing!
Chapter 351 Solution
Chapter 352: Get rid of the curse!
Chapter 353 Xing Xiushen
Chapter 354
Chapter 355 Su Qingyao wakes up!
Chapter 356: Admonition
Chapter 357: Fusion of Flying Swords!
Chapter 358 Breakthrough, late stage of magical power!
Chapter 359 Apprenticeship and Teaching the Dharma
Chapter 360 Bai Feiyans decision!
Chapter 361 Baiyao Hall!
Chapter 362: Is the distinguished guest coming?
Chapter 363 Take action!
Chapter 364 Battle with Fang Yu!
Chapter 365 Split the sky!
Chapter 366 Xing Xiu Shen arrives!
Chapter 367: Fight
Chapter 368 Soul Forging Lotus!
Chapter 369 Auction
Chapter 370
Chapter 371 The Nine-Subs Ginseng King!
Chapter 372
Chapter 373 Lin Ruoxi
Chapter 374: Bet?
Chapter 375 Ten times the price?
Chapter 376: I am willing to admit defeat!
Chapter 377: Robbery?
Chapter 378: Killing Fang Yu
Chapter 379 Battle!
Chapter 380 The mysterious man
Chapter 381: Refining the elixir
Chapter 382
Chapter 383 Cleansing and Cutting Out the Marrow
Chapter 384
Chapter 385 A chance encounter in the hotel?
Chapter 386 Scared away?
Chapter 387 You can leave!
Chapter 388 You guessed wrong again!
Chapter 389 Killing!
Chapter 390 Yu Guangsheng!
Chapter 391 Bagua Sect!
Chapter 392
Chapter 393: Defeated with one punch!
Chapter 394 The remaining power!
Chapter 395 Before the war!
Chapter 396 Undercurrent
Chapter 397 Going up the mountain!
Chapter 398 Mu Xiyus surprise!
Chapter 399 Su Bai appears
Chapter 400: Battle with Xing Xiushen!
Chapter 401 Tiangang Silk Screen!
Chapter 402: Magical Powers!
Chapter 403: Fooled?
Chapter 404: Are you going to lose?
Chapter 405 Xing Xiushens confidence!
Chapter 406: Kill the Grandmaster with Sword!
Chapter 407 Xing Xiushens final trump card!
Chapter 408 Soul-Destroying Nail!
Chapter 409
Chapter 410 Xing Xiushen is in trance!
Chapter 411: Kill the God!
Chapter 412 The mysterious old man!
Chapter 413 The country of China is shocked!
Chapter 414: The Western Worlds Reaction
Chapter 415 Dragon Hall Meeting!
Chapter 416 Death Tarot!
Chapter 417 Lin Ruoxi comes to visit!
Chapter 418 Killer
Chapter 419 Behead!
Chapter 420: Closing the net!
Chapter 421: Hunting begins!
Chapter 422 The Night of Killing!
Chapter 423: Locking down the saber-toothed tiger!
Chapter 424: Master of Divine Mind?
Chapter 425 Encounter
Chapter 426 Take action!
Chapter 427 Battle on the river!
Chapter 428 Battle
Chapter 429: Deified Blood?
Chapter 430: Sabre-toothed tiger, die!
Chapter 431 Tarot arrives!
Chapter 432 The terrifying Death Tarot!
Chapter 433 Su Bai returns!
Chapter 434: Spiritual Mystery
Chapter 435 Threat!
Chapter 436 Tiankui appears
Chapter 437 Ambush
Chapter 438 Phantom Lanhe!
Chapter 439 Persuasion
Chapter 440 Take action
Chapter 441 Siege
Chapter 442 Bloodline Talent
Chapter 443: Attack with all your strength!
Chapter 444: Attack with all your strength
Chapter 445 Massacre!
Chapter 446 Invincible!
Chapter 447: Witch Gods Magical Weapon?
Chapter 448 Destruction of light!
Chapter 449 Lanhe takes action!
Chapter 450: The end of the road
Chapter 451: Turn soil into gold!
Chapter 452
Chapter 453 Solution!
Chapter 454 God Realm?
Chapter 455 The God Realm takes action!
Chapter 456 False God!
Chapter 457 Gong Changxues strength!
Chapter 458 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 459 Immortal Taoism!
Chapter 460 Five Elements Magic!
Chapter 461: Burning the soul, destroying both spirit and form!
Chapter 462 The End
Chapter 463
Chapter 464 Shock
Chapter 465: Longtang surrenders!
Chapter 466: Number one on the secret list!
Chapter 467: Battle!
Chapter 468 Before the battle
Chapter 469 Lets go together!
Chapter 470 Transformation between dragon and tiger!
Chapter 471: Break the sound barrier with one sword!
Chapter 472 Su Bai is angry!
Chapter 473 Divine Origin Fruit!
Chapter 474: Plot?
Chapter 475 The Su familys plan!
Chapter 476 Arriving at the port city!
Chapter 477 Trouble is coming!
Chapter 478: The eldest son of the Xie family?
Chapter 479 Six Extreme Yin Evil!
Chapter 480 Crush
Chapter 481 Kneel down!
Chapter 482 Xie Anqis Thoughts
Chapter 483 Wu Zixu!
Chapter 484: The Mysterious Cutting Sword!
Chapter 485: Cut off one of your arms as punishment!
Chapter 486
Chapter 487 Void Crystal!
Chapter 488: Ship King Liu Family!
Chapter 489 Invitation?
Chapter 490
Chapter 491 Take action
Chapter 492 Master Wu has arrived!
Chapter 493
Chapter 494: Fighting
Chapter 495: Kill one first!
Chapter 496: Fight hard!
Chapter 497: Behead!
Chapter 498 Liquidation!
Chapter 499 Kneel down!
Chapter 500: Control God!
Chapter 501 Zhou Tian Sancai Sword Formation!
Chapter 502 Attack!
Chapter 503: Kill the octopus monster!
Chapter 504: Killer Whale Mount!
Chapter 505 The special team is coming!
Chapter 506 Torpedo!
Chapter 507: Landing on the Island (please collect it!)
Chapter 508 Explosion! (Please collect)
Chapter 509 Wu Xingyuns back-up plan!
Chapter 510 Purple Mountain
Chapter 511: Ice Muscles and Jade Bones
Chapter 512 Purple Light Thunder Crystal
Chapter 513: The Secret of the Immortal Sect World
Chapter 514
Chapter 515 Tianyuan Four Phase Array!
Chapter 516 The truth, the fateful showdown!
Chapter 517
Chapter 518: Tianlong Yin
Chapter 519 The sword formation appears!
Chapter 520 Escape!
Chapter 521: The Fetal Yuan Fruit is obtained!
Chapter 522 Cooperation!
Chapter 523 Su Bai is entranced!
Chapter 524 Micro Missiles!
Chapter 525 Supersonic Missile!
Chapter 526 Life Signal!
Chapter 527 Su Bai comes out of seclusion!
Chapter 528: The killing is in progress!
Chapter 529 Kill!
Chapter 530: Movements in the Great Shrine!
Chapter 531 The peerless beast wakes up!
Chapter 532: Purple Black Dragon Turtle!
Chapter 533 The Secret of Penglai!
Chapter 534 The late oriole!
Chapter 535: Liquidation!
Chapter 536 Token
Chapter 537: Su family news
Chapter 538 The Xie family is in crisis!
Chapter 539 Su Bai returns!
Chapter 540 Take action
Chapter 541 Its coming!
Chapter 542: Kill with one palm!
Chapter 543: Senior Brother!
Chapter 544: The storm is stirring!
Chapter 545 Thunder Ape sneak attack!
Chapter 546 Lian Jingluns strength!
Chapter 547 Su Bai returns!
Chapter 548
Chapter 549 Xia Qianyu arrives!
Chapter 550 The final farewell!
Chapter 551 Taoist Idiot Li Xianyu!
Chapter 552 The ancestor of Tianshi Dao reappears!
Chapter 553: Take you to fight!
Chapter 554: Defeat Zikang!
Chapter 555 Su Bai’s terrifying strength!
Chapter 556: The best spiritual weapon! (Third update)
Chapter 557 Su Pojun’s preparations!
Chapter 558 The gods gather together!
Chapter 559: Longtangs choice!
Chapter 560: Storm is coming!
Chapter 561: Calculation!
Chapter 562: Rush to die!
Chapter 563: Kill with one word!
Chapter 564 Choice!
Chapter 565: It’s rude to not reciprocate!
Chapter 566: Enemies gather?
Chapter 567: Father-in-law is here!
Chapter 568: A sky-high birthday gift!
Chapter 569: High-rollers gather!
Chapter 570: Gifts like rain!
Chapter 571: Someone from Heaven!
Chapter 572: Prodigies emerge in large numbers!
Chapter 573: Outstanding People from China!
Chapter 574 Breakthrough?
Chapter 575: Defeat the enemy in one strike!
Chapter 576 The Fall of the Divine Realm
Chapter 577 Yin and Yang break!
Chapter 578 The Immortal Thunder Dharma!
Chapter 579: The end of the old Dragon Lord!
Chapter 580 Let’s go together!
Chapter 581 Invincible!
Chapter 582: Old Witch God, die!
Chapter 583: Send you on your way!
Chapter 584 The surrogate talisman!
Chapter 585: Ying Zikang, die!
Chapter 586: Show mercy
Chapter 587 Liquidation!
Chapter 588: Movements from all sides!
Chapter 589 Archangel, Raphael!
Chapter 590: Blood Clan!
Chapter 591 Battle with Raphael!
Chapter 592 Return to the ancestors!
Chapter 593: Spirit Cauldron Refining God!
Chapter 594 Meeting the Lord Gong!
Chapter 595: The Ancestor of Tiangong!
Chapter 596: Ancestor of Zhantian Palace!
Chapter 597: Changes in the Xia Family
Chapter 598 Entering the Xia family!
Chapter 599 Goodbye Xia Qianyu
Chapter 600 The battle between two women!
Chapter 601: Tianhuang Sect, Hua Qianlan!
Chapter 602: Fight! (Third update)
Chapter 603: Taking people by force?
Chapter 604: Really popular!
Chapter 605: Phantom of the Sky Phoenix!
Chapter 606: The secret of Xia Qianyu’s bloodline!
Chapter 607: Something happened to the Xia family?
Chapter 608 The show begins!
Chapter 609: Who do you think you are?
Chapter 610: Bai Shifeng, the master of success!
Chapter 611: Heavenly Sword Sect! (Third update)
Chapter 612 Su Family Hongmen Banquet!
Chapter 613: Southwest Liang Family!
Chapter 614 Kneel down!
Chapter 615: Conspirator!
Chapter 616 Take action!
Chapter 617: Tianjianmen, Jianyi!
Chapter 618: Kill the God Realm Again!
Chapter 619: The ancestor of the Liang family, the Heavenly Slayer Sword Immortal!
Chapter 620 Everyone surrenders!
Chapter 621: The storm is stirring
Chapter 622: Finally meeting Su Xingkong!
Chapter 623: Reinforcements?
Chapter 624: Take action at the slightest disagreement!
Chapter 625: Massacre!
Chapter 626: Fight hard!
Chapter 627
Chapter 628: The strength of Master Hidden Sword!
Chapter 629 The truth is revealed!
Chapter 630: The killing begins!
Chapter 631: Liquidation!
Chapter 632 Su Bai is here!
Chapter 633 Kill!
Chapter 634 Punishment!
Chapter 635: Threesome!
Chapter 636: Kill Yin!
Chapter 637 Arrival!
Chapter 638 The battle begins!
Chapter 639: Winning over!
Chapter 640 Fierce battle!
Chapter 641: Kill one person first!
Chapter 642
Chapter 643: Kill the Immortal with One Sword!
Chapter 644 Heavenly Being!
Chapter 645: Red Flame God Refining!
Chapter 646 The Earth Immortal is born! (First update)
Chapter 647: The Ambition of the Invincible Earth Immortal (Second Update)
Chapter 648: The Earth-Destroying Immortal is distracted! (Third update)
Chapter 649 Uninvited Guest! (Fourth update)
Chapter 650
Chapter 651: Grand Shrine, Miyamoto Shoichi!
Chapter 652 Su Bai returns!
Chapter 653: Earth Core Chalcedony!
Chapter 654 Bait and Trap!
Chapter 655 Are there any masters?
Chapter 656 Blue-faced demon god!
Chapter 657 Aviation Accident!
Chapter 658: God comes to the world!
Chapter 659: Pingshan Ghosts and Gods!
Chapter 660
Chapter 661: Killing in the street!
Chapter 662 The Watanabe familys decision!
Chapter 663 Xia Qianyu wants to reverse the theory!
Chapter 664: Kill with one move!
Chapter 665: Kill at the door!
Chapter 666: Massacre!
Chapter 667
Chapter 668: Kill ghosts and gods!
Chapter 669: Collecting Pingshan ghosts and gods!
Chapter 670: Netherworld Formation!
Chapter 671: Raise your hand to suppress!
Chapter 672 The mysterious old man!
Chapter 673 The Japanese Sword Master!
Chapter 674: Xia Qianyus accident!
Chapter 675: Reaching Baqi Mountain!
Chapter 676 The powerful forces of Japan arrive!
Chapter 677: Raise your hand to kill!
Chapter 678 Nagai Takubu!
Chapter 679: Knock it out with one punch!
Chapter 680: Attack the Great Shrine!
Chapter 681 Ghosts and gods gather together!
Chapter 682: Fight hard!
Chapter 683 Trump Card?
Chapter 684 The black dog appears!
Chapter 685: Miyamoto Masaichis strength!
Chapter 686: Explode with one palm!
Chapter 687 Yamata no Orochi, wake up!
Chapter 688: One against two!
Chapter 689 The secret of Baqi Mountain!
Chapter 690: Kill the Yamata no Orochi!
Chapter 691 The secret in the crack!
Chapter 692 Nine dragons nourish the soul!
Chapter 693: Earth Core Chalcedony, Obtained (Fourth Update)
Chapter 694 Cobra Legion!
Chapter 695: Movements from all sides!
Chapter 696: Launching ground bombs!
Chapter 697: Shocking the Legion!
Chapter 698: Kill a thousand armies with one sword!
Chapter 699: Defeat a thousand armies with one strike!
Chapter 700: Supersonic fighter jets dispatched!
Chapter 701 Beyond visual range strike!
Chapter 702 Battle!
Chapter 703: Sword Killing Fighter
Chapter 704 Invincible!
Chapter 705 Shock!
Chapter 706 The End
Chapter 707 Xia Qianyus strength!
Chapter 708 Leaving Japan!
Chapter 709: Xuan appointed, Qin family!
Chapter 710 Auction!
Chapter 711 Bartering!
Chapter 712 Bidding!
Chapter 713 Auction
Chapter 714: Fighting
Chapter 715 Modern Technology!
Chapter 716 Super Soldier, Vulnerable!
Chapter 717 Sword-cutting fighter!
Chapter 718 Destructive attack!
Chapter 719: Kill the warship with one sword!
Chapter 720 Su Bais methods!
Chapter 721: Destruction No. 1!
Chapter 722: The Ninth Fleet, destroyed!
Chapter 723 Shock!
Chapter 724 The Dilemma of the Earth Master Sect!
Chapter 725: Xuans choice!
Chapter 726 Save people!
Chapter 727 Su Bai returns!
Chapter 728: Hit the iron plate!
Chapter 729 Take action
Chapter 730: One against two!
Chapter 731: All dispatched!
Chapter 732: The Sword-Holding Elder!
Chapter 733 Ge San died!
Chapter 734
Chapter 735 Li Xianyu is entranced!
Chapter 736 The mysterious divine realm!
Chapter 737 Su Bai takes action!
Chapter 738: Give you a chance!
Chapter 739 Huayuan Immortal Mansion!
Chapter 740 A shocking secret!
Chapter 741 Li Zhen wakes up!
Chapter 742: Acquaintance
Chapter 743: Martial arts exchange meeting?
Chapter 744: The palm shakes the giant cauldron!
Chapter 745: The warrior exchange meeting begins!
Chapter 746: Qi-Building Pill!
Chapter 747: Seeking Death!
Chapter 748 Someone from Tianjian Sect is coming!
Chapter 749 Tianjianmen, Wan Zibai!
Chapter 750: Kill Wan Zibai!
Chapter 751: The Heavenly Sword Sword Immortal awakens!
Chapter 752: Heavenly Slayer Sword Immortal!
Chapter 753 Return to Jinling
Chapter 754: Crisis of Qingfeng Group!
Chapter 755 The enemy is coming!
Chapter 756: The terror of the Heavenly Sword Immortal!
Chapter 757 Gong Changxue arrives!
Chapter 758 Battle!
Chapter 759 Su Baizhi!
Chapter 760 Su Bai and Liang Tiantu!
Chapter 761 The battle begins!
Chapter 762: Heavenly Sword, unsheathed!
Chapter 763 Yin Yang Sword Formation!
Chapter 764: Show your true skills!
Chapter 765 Earth Immortal?
Chapter 766 The power of the Earthly Immortal!
Chapter 767
Chapter 768 The Three Talents Sword Formation appears!
Chapter 769 The last sword!
Chapter 770 I lost!
Chapter 771 The End
Chapter 772 The old monsters are coming out one after another!
Chapter 773 The storm is rising!
Chapter 774: One More Divine Realm!
Chapter 775 No one answered!
Chapter 776 Trouble is coming!
Chapter 777 Bloodline Curse Killing!
Chapter 778 Counterattack!
Chapter 779: Come up and die!
Chapter 780: All the mechanisms are exhausted
Chapter 781: Kill the old witch god with a sword!
Chapter 782: Death and Tao disappear!
Chapter 783 Goodbye Mu Xiyu
Chapter 784 Kunlun, hard work!
Chapter 785: The entrance to the Immortal Gate?
Chapter 786: Taoist Ji!
Chapter 787: Kill someone if they disagree!
Chapter 788 Illusion?
Chapter 789: Show mercy?
Chapter 790: Kill Taoist Ji!
Chapter 791 The Immortal Sect is born!
Chapter 792: Looking for fairy seedlings?
Chapter 793: Hitting the wall!
Chapter 794 Please stay!
Chapter 795 Xia Qianyu VS Xianmen
Chapter 796
Chapter 797 Su Bai takes action!
Chapter 798: Formation Breaking Stone!
Chapter 799 Transaction!
Chapter 800 He is here!
Chapter 801: Kill Lei Shan!
Chapter 802: Kill Chang Yue again!
Chapter 803: Be my servant and spare your life!
Chapter 804: Fooled?
Chapter 805: Kill Yu Rouzi!
Chapter 806 Yuanhua Heavenly Man!
Chapter 807 Golden Thunder Light Wings!
Chapter 808 Trump Card?!
Chapter 809 Yuanhua Tianren dies!
Chapter 810 Conquer Yu Rouzi!
Chapter 811 Movements in the Immortal Sect World!
Chapter 812 Heading to Kunlun!
Chapter 813 Immortal Burial Valley!
Chapter 814 Phoenix Blood Fruit?
Chapter 815 Strange beast!
Chapter 816 Going deeper!
Chapter 817 Lightning Leopard!
Chapter 818: Chase!
Chapter 819 The Immortal Sect has arrived!
Chapter 820 Five Earth Immortals!
Chapter 821 Taking the initiative?
Chapter 822 Red Flame Wolf!
Chapter 823 Su Bais power!
Chapter 824 Looking for the treasure!
Chapter 825: Kill the Black Dragon!
Chapter 826 Yuanci Mountain!
Chapter 827 Four Spiritual Beasts!
Chapter 828 Desperate situation?
Chapter 829 Su Bais strength!
Chapter 830: Kill the flying snake spirit beast!
Chapter 831 Great supernatural power, space freezing!
Chapter 832: Unlucky hard life!
Chapter 833 Encounter
Chapter 834 Awakening!
Chapter 835 Alchemy!
Chapter 836 Refining!
Chapter 837 Breakthrough (1)!
Chapter 838: Building the foundation of the Dao body, completed!
Chapter 839: Breakthrough in Foundation Building (1)!
Chapter 840 Breaking through the foundation building! (2)
Chapter 841: Breakthrough in Foundation Building! (3)
Chapter 842 Is someone coming?
Chapter 843 The Immortals Arrive!
Chapter 844 Su Bais strength!
Chapter 845: Kill on the spot?
Chapter 846: Defeat the Earth Immortal with one punch!
Chapter 847 Join forces!
Chapter 848: Heavenly Ming Dharma Pearl!
Chapter 849 The Divine Eye Sword Immortal takes action!
Chapter 850 The strength of the Divine Eye Sword Immortal!
Chapter 851 Battle with Yuan Hong Earth Immortal!
Chapter 852: Defeat Yuan Hong Earth Immortal with one palm!
Chapter 853 The final trump card!
Chapter 854: Kill the Immortal with Divine Eyes!
Chapter 855: Kill the Immortal Yuan Hong!
Chapter 856 The power beyond the earthly immortal!
Chapter 857 Test
Chapter 858 Immortal Sect
Chapter 859: Heavenly Phoenix Realm
Chapter 860: Disaster does not affect the common people!
Chapter 861 Guidance
Chapter 862 Earth Immortals Gather!
Chapter 863: Dont worry!
Chapter 864 Goodbye Bai Feiyan
Chapter 865: Candle Yin Beast!
Chapter 866 Tianjun Cave!
Chapter 867: A hidden corner of the ancient earth
Chapter 868 The Heavenly Phoenix Sects Immortal Arrives!
Chapter 869 A touch of the power of illusion!
Chapter 870: Obliterate with one palm!
Chapter 871 The last one!
Chapter 872: Ancestor Qitian!
Chapter 873 The Nine Demons!
Chapter 874 The mysterious space!
Chapter 875: Chess Game and Heaven and Earth
Chapter 876: Return to nature
Chapter 877 Time
Chapter 878 Arrival at Tianhuang Sect
Chapter 879 Invincible!
Chapter 880 The Three Ancestors!
Chapter 881 The Sword of the Fallen Immortal!
Chapter 882 Swallowing the Sky and the Earth
Chapter 883 Divine Soul Attack!
Chapter 884: Headmaster level battle!
Chapter 885: Heavenly Ancestor?
Chapter 886: Fly away with one palm!
Chapter 887 Tianhuang Blood Pool!
Chapter 888 Old Friend
Chapter 889 The position of the saint!
Chapter 890 Half Spiritual Treasure!
Chapter 891: Immortal Ascension Conference!
Chapter 892 Attacked!
Chapter 893 Arrival
Chapter 894 Su Bai comes forward
Chapter 895: Suppressing the Saint
Chapter 896 Three Rings
Chapter 897: Secret Exploration of the Medicine God Sect
Chapter 898: The Ascension Conference begins!
Chapter 899 Ghost Monk
Chapter 900: Big Gift
Chapter 901 The power of one sword!
Chapter 902 The thief shouts to catch the thief
Chapter 903 Demon?
Chapter 904: Middle Stage of Earth Immortal?
Chapter 905 Su Pojun reappears!
Chapter 906: Cultivation of the Golden Lotus Buddha Body
Chapter 907 The plan is huge
Chapter 908 Nine Yin Reincarnation
Chapter 909: Fighting the Jiao Corpse
Chapter 910 Fierce Battle
Chapter 911 Lei Fa
Chapter 912 Bai Feiyans desperate situation
Chapter 913: I take action
Chapter 914 Kill!
Chapter 915 Battle with Ye Hao
Chapter 916: Headmaster level strength!
Chapter 917 Bodhisattva
Chapter 918 Blood Moon Demon King!
Chapter 919 Battle against the Blood Moon Demon King
Chapter 920: Formation restraint!
Chapter 921 Demon and Buddha are in the same body
Chapter 922: The Demon Clan Arrives
Chapter 923: Young Lord of the Demon Clan
Chapter 924 He is Su Bai!
Chapter 925: Killing the Son of God is like chopping vegetables!
Chapter 926 The whole place was shocked!
Chapter 927: Arriving at Yaoshen Sect
Chapter 928: The foundation of Yaoshen Sect
Chapter 929 Luo Chuqiu
Chapter 930: Transform into a demon!
Chapter 931: The Head of the Medicine God Sect
Chapter 932 Invincible
Chapter 933: Medicine God Sects Trump Card
Chapter 934 Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 935: Seeing the Candle Yin Beast Again
Chapter 936: I, the Zhuyin Beast, even if I die...
Chapter 937 Mysterious Lolita
Chapter 938: Suppressing the Zhuyin Beast
Chapter 939 Exposed
Chapter 940 Seven Star Guards
Chapter 941 The Furious Lord of the Demon Palace!
Chapter 942: The Immortal Arrives!
Chapter 943 Ten Yan Sword Formation
Chapter 944: Sword Way of Time
Chapter 945 Mr. Peacock!
Chapter 946 Yuanci God Tower
Chapter 947: Defeating the Immortals
Chapter 948: Kill the headmaster level!
Chapter 949 Become a legend!
Chapter 950 Gathering in the Ancient Demon Realm!
Chapter 951: Cultivating the magical powers of the demon clan
Chapter 952 The younger generation of the demon clan!
Chapter 953: I appear
Chapter 954: Weak Water River
Chapter 955: Burying an Era
Chapter 956 Secret
Chapter 957: Attack in groups!
Chapter 958: One against a group!
Chapter 959: Gift Pill
Chapter 960 The Tao Discussion Conference begins!
Chapter 961 The battle between the human race and the demon race!
Chapter 962 The Blood Moon Demon King reappears!
Chapter 963 Hu Meier
Chapter 964: Degree
Chapter 965 Dao Feitian
Chapter 966 Challenge Su Bai!
Chapter 967 Su Bai VS Dao Feitian
Chapter 968: Don’t look directly, don’t listen!
Chapter 969 Weird Mo Xin
Chapter 970 The immortal dies!
Chapter 971: Buddha body, demon body, thunder body!
Chapter 972 The frightened Blood Moon Demon Lord
Chapter 973 The siege of immortals
Chapter 974 Breakout
Chapter 975 Fox Clan
Chapter 976 Taiyin Bloodline
Chapter 977: Telling the truth
Chapter 978 Please enter the urn
Chapter 979 Overwhelm the whole audience
Chapter 980 The lucky young peacock
Chapter 981: Broken Sky Cliff
Chapter 982 Triple Suppression
Chapter 983: The magical power comes out (please give me monthly votes for rewards)
Chapter 984 The terrifying power of destruction!
Chapter 985 The power of Taiyin!
Chapter 986 Killing Immortals in a Row!
Chapter 987: The Flame of Senluo
Chapter 988 Accident
Chapter 989 Counterattack
Chapter 990: Confrontation between humans and monsters!
Chapter 991 Escape
Chapter 992 Escape
Chapter 993: Wolf Clan
Chapter 994: Invincible!
Chapter 995: The Strongest Earth Immortal in History
Chapter 996: Return to Tianhuang Sect
Chapter 997: Tianhuang Sects Opportunity!
Chapter 998 Three Days Deadline
Chapter 999: The Immortals Reunite
Chapter 1000: Kill only one person!
Chapter 1001: Kill with one sword
Chapter 1002: The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind
Chapter 1003 Lingdu Taoist
Chapter 1004: Consumed to Death
Chapter 1005 The nine realms of the Immortal Realm share the same respect
Chapter 1006: Change of Heaven
Chapter 1007 The Forbidden War
Chapter 1008 A Past Event
Chapter 1009: Great changes in the secular world
Chapter 1010
Chapter 1011 Putuo Buddha Sect
Chapter 1012 What is a demon?
Chapter 1013 Yingzhou
Chapter 1014: Inheritance
Chapter 1015 Fallen Demonic Dragon
Chapter 1016 Crisis
Chapter 1017 Return
Chapter 1018 When I was born, there was no God in the world!
Chapter 1019 Powerful!
Chapter 1020 Saint
Chapter 1021: Kill the Saint!
Chapter 1022: Raise your hand to kill!
Chapter 1023: Showing His Power
Chapter 1024 Queen Zikui
Chapter 1025 Visitors from Penglai
Chapter 1026: War?
Chapter 1027
Chapter 1028 Corpse Raising Ground
Chapter 1029 Zombies
Chapter 1030: Departing Abroad
Chapter 1031
Chapter 1032 Kill
Chapter 1,033: Stepping on hell, looking up to heaven
Chapter 1034 Lord of Hell
Chapter 1035 Too weak
Chapter 1,036 Xia Qianyus Changes
Chapter 1037 Bermuda
Chapter 1,038 The Truth about Bermuda
Chapter 1,039 The secret of the year
Chapter 1040 From the Canglan Star Territory
Chapter 1041 Taiyin Holy Sect
Chapter 1042: Goodbye Hard Life
Chapter 1043 The Secret Technique of Taiyin
Chapter 1044 Kill!
Chapter 1045 Visitors from Penglai and Yingzhou
Chapter 1046 Anger
Chapter 1047: Killing the Immortal!
Chapter 1048: Overpowering
Chapter 1,049 The Middle Stage of the Immortal Stage
Chapter 1050 Kunlun Immortal Sect
Chapter 1051: Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 1,052 Nine Levels of Immortal Tribulation
Chapter 1,053 Unprecedented in ancient and modern times!
Chapter 1054 Immortal?
Chapter 1055 Kunlun
Chapter 1,056 Conquering the Dragon Veins
Chapter 1057 Surrender
Chapter 1058 Kunlun Wonderland
Chapter 1059 The Ten Immortals of Kunlun
Chapter 1060 Beheading
Chapter 1061 Secret
Chapter 1062: Nascent Soul Clone
Chapter 1063 Messiah
Chapter 1,064 Battle!
Chapter 1065: Lord Divine Wisdom Buddha
Chapter 1066: Explode!
Chapter 1,067 Another meaning in Xia Qianyus body
Chapter 1068: Block the door
Chapter 1,069 Nascent Soul Level Battle
Chapter 1070 Another Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1071 Shroud
Chapter 1,072 The Spiritual Veins of the Earth
Chapter 1073 Penglai
Chapter 1074 The Third Eye
Chapter 1,075 Powerful!
Chapter 1,076: The Late Stage of the Aged Immortal
Chapter 1,077 The Secret
Chapter 1078 Something is wrong
Chapter 1,079 The earth is the way of heaven, and the heaven and earth are the tomb!
Chapter 1,080 The Death of Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1081 Golden Ancient Crocodile
Chapter 1082 Taiyin Holy Sect
Chapter 1083 Mother?
Chapter 1084 Flag
Chapter 1085 The Ancient God of War Reappears
Chapter 1086: Shocking change, Cangyou Tianjun!
Chapter 1,087 Time is running out
Chapter 1,088 The Golden Ancient Crocodile Escapes from Trouble
Chapter 1,089 Catastrophe
Chapter 1,090 Nuclear Bomb Attack
Chapter 1091: The Death of Lingdu
Chapter 1,092 The Ruins of Ten Thousand Immortals
Chapter 1,093 The Age of Immortals
Chapter 1,094 Become a member of this era
Chapter 1,095 Nine Levels of Immortal and Demonic Platform
Chapter 1,996 The Last Resistance
Chapter 1,097 Unacceptable Result
Chapter 1098: Lord Divine Wisdom Buddha
Chapter 1,099 Mid-stage Heavenly Immortal Stage
Chapter 1,100 The Future
Chapter 1101 Fire Fairy Star
Chapter 1,102 Heaven and Earth are intolerable
Chapter 1,103 Kill
Chapter 1,104 The great sorrow of the world
Chapter 1,105 The Great Terror
Chapter 1,106 Please invite Xuanyuan Sword!
Chapter 1,107 Han Bao and Ying Gou
Chapter 1,108 Resurrection
Chapter 1,109 The Last Illusion
Chapter 1,110 The world is beautiful in white, and the ancient books are mutated
Chapter 1111 Despair
Chapter 1,112 Cangyou Tianjun
Chapter 1,113 Xia Qianyus heel
Chapter 1,114 Immortal!
Chapter 1115 Su Baizhi!
Chapter 1,116 A fair fight?
Chapter 1,117 Beheading
Chapter 1,118 Taiyan Divine Clan
Chapter 1,119 Nine-leaf Holy Lotus
Chapter 1,120 Shura Consciousness
Chapter 1,121 Two Hundred Years Time
Chapter 1,122 Settle the funeral arrangements
Chapter 1123: The ancient road in the starry sky is broken?
Chapter 1,124 The Third Ancient Road to the Starry Sky
Chapter 1,125 Leaving Earth
Chapter 1126: Racial Division in the Starry Sky
Chapter 1,127 The Demonic Sect of Delusion
Chapter 1,128 The Demonic Body of Delusion
Chapter 1,129 Canglan Star Territory
Chapter 1130 Luo Clan, Qin Clan
Chapter 1131 This is fake
Chapter 1,132: Angry from Humiliation
Chapter 1,133 God Luo Fu
Chapter 1,134: The crime of having a jade
Chapter 1,135 Yuanying Tianjun is very powerful
Chapter 1,136 Suanni
Chapter 1,137 Miasma Demon
Chapter 1,138 The trash that deceived everyone
Chapter 1,139 Underground Black Market
Chapter 1,140 Deception
Chapter 1,141 Xiao Yusheng is kind to others
Chapter 1,142 Looting
Chapter 1,143 Floating Life
Chapter 1144: Compassionate
Chapter 1,145 The Demonic Body Against Cang
Chapter 1,146 Recruitment
Chapter 1147: Changes on Feilong Planet
Chapter 1,148 Arrogance
Chapter 1,149 Luo Tianshen
Chapter 1,150 Betting on Life
Chapter 1,151 Nine Yang Divine Realm
Chapter 1,152 Taiyin
Chapter 1,153 Nine Yang Divine Body
Chapter 1,154 The Old Man
Chapter 1,155 Crossing the Buddha Sect
Chapter 1,156 Young Wilderness Lord
Chapter 1,157 The Buddhist Monk
Chapter 1,158 Earth-shaking battle
Chapter 1,159 Gathering
Chapter 1,160 Dragon and Tiger List
Chapter 1,161 True Dragon Ruins
Chapter 1,162 Buddha and Demon
Chapter 1,163 Entering the True Dragon Ruins
Chapter 1,164 Mutated Blood Fruit
Chapter 1,165 The Battle for the Bloodline Fruit
Chapter 1,166 Flame Phoenix
Chapter 1,167 Conquer
Chapter 1,168 Young Wilderness Lord
Chapter 1,169 The Sun is True Fire
Chapter 1,170 The Great War
Chapter 1,171 The Bloodline of the Ancient Star Wolf
Chapter 1,172 The Law of Death!
Chapter 1,173 God Burial Valley
Chapter 1,174 The Weird Underground Palace
Chapter 1,175: Mother and son rush into trouble!
Chapter 1,176 The Old Man
Chapter 1,177 Corpse Evil
Chapter 1,178 Big Melee
Chapter 1,179
Chapter 1,180: Dao Heart Seeds Demon
Chapter 1,181 Beheading
Chapter 1,182: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 1,183 Conquer
Chapter 1,184 The Blue Divine Blood
Chapter 1,185 Speak with your fists
Chapter 1,186 Accepting a Disciple (Update)
Chapter 1,187 Sky Poison Beast
Chapter 1,188 The ninth in the starry sky, the ancient Yuexi tree!
Chapter 1,189 Fighting
Chapter 1,190 Surrender
Chapter 1,191 Killed with one palm
Chapter 1,192 Half-Step to Great Power
Chapter 1,193 The Master of the Underground Black Market
Chapter 1,194 Life is like a play, it all depends on acting skills
Chapter 1,195 The Roar of the True Dragon
Chapter 1,196 Tenglong
Chapter 1,197 Reunion
Chapter 1,198 Gathering
Chapter 1,199 Taiyin Immortal Sutra
Chapter 1,200 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1,201 Snatching
Chapter 1,202 The Truth
Chapter 1,203 Half-Step to Great Power
Chapter 1,204 The terrifying figure
Chapter 1,205 Fighting
Chapter 1,206 The situation is tense
Chapter 1,207 All trump cards revealed!
Chapter 1,208 A half-step powerful move
Chapter 1,209 Hao Weiren
Chapter 1,210 Disappeared
Chapter 1,211 Three Laws
Chapter 1,212 The Man Who Abandoned Heaven
Chapter 1,213 Going one step further
Chapter 1,214 Leaving
Chapter 1,215 Crush
Chapter 1,216 Auction
Chapter 1,217 Scrap Iron
Chapter 1,218 Nine Immortal-Slaying Swords
Chapter 1,219 I want to auction something
Chapter 1,220 The Sword Cuts the Wilderness
Chapter 1,221 Killing the Demon Sect of Delusion
Chapter 1,222 Kill
Chapter 1,223 Shura Consciousness
Chapter 1,224 The Great War
Chapter 1,225 Fishing?
Chapter 1,226 Looting
Chapter 1,227 Trapped
Chapter 1,228 The Starry Sky Vibrates
Chapter 1,229 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 1,230 Undercurrent
Chapter 1,231 Didnt hide away
Chapter 1,232 Battle
Chapter 1,233 Crush
Chapter 1,234 Devastated
Chapter 1,235 Yuanying Tianjun
Chapter 1,236 Nine Slashes of Immortals and Gods
Chapter 1,237 Great Time Kendo
Chapter 1,238 The end of forced masturbation
Chapter 1,239 Attack
Chapter 1,240 Abandoned Heaven
Chapter 1,241 The Battle of Mighty Powers
Chapter 1,242 Taiyin Holy Sect
Chapter 1,243 The God Burial Valley was stolen
Chapter 1,244 Guest Guest
Chapter 1,245 The Abyss of Canglan
Chapter 1,246 Tai Cang Pavilion
Chapter 1,247 Dispute
Chapter 1,248 The Tenth Level Dao Palace
Chapter 1,249: Passed twice in a row
Chapter 1,250
Chapter 1,251 Making things difficult
Chapter 1,252 Demon Clan
Chapter 1,253 The Blood-Eyed Demon Martial
Chapter 1,254 Sixth Level Dao Palace
Chapter 1,255 The Past
Chapter 1,256 Haotian Immortal Lord!
Chapter 1,257 The Weak Sea
Chapter 1,258 Sun Star
Chapter 1,259 Nine Divine Lights
Chapter 1,260 Don’t look directly, don’t listen!
Chapter 1,261 A severed hand
Chapter 1,262 The Breath of the Forbidden Zone in the Universe
Chapter 1,263 Giant
Chapter 1,264
Chapter 1,265 Support
Chapter 1,266 Suppression
Chapter 1,267 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 1,268 Ning Feng
Chapter 1,269
Chapter 1,270 Collapse
Chapter 1,271
Chapter 1,272 Luochen Divine Wind
Chapter 1,273 Half-Step Immortal Treasure
Chapter 1,274 Luo Clan
Chapter 1,275 The Third Lineage of the Luo Clan
Chapter 1,276 Luo Rulong
Chapter 1,277 Taiyin—Sealing the Sky
Chapter 1,278 Forced Marriage
Chapter 1279: Refining Human Medicine
Chapter 1,280 The middle stage of the Heavenly Thunder Immortal Body
Chapter 1,281
Chapter 1,282 Chase
Chapter 1,283 Kendo
Chapter 1,284 Inside the Sun Star
Chapter 1,285 Another unknown meeting
Chapter 1,286 Ominous Place
Chapter 1,287 Qilin Ancestral Land
Chapter 1,288 Divine Martial Immortal Lord
Chapter 1,289 Taiyin Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1,290 Imperial War
Chapter 1,291 Haotian Immortal Lord!
Chapter 1,292 Fire Immortal Star, Xuanhuo Sect
Chapter 1,293 Suzaku Cub
Chapter 1,294
Chapter 1,295 Awakening
Chapter 1,296 Mom
Chapter 1297: Follow the law
Chapter 1,298 Xing Wuya
Chapter 1,299 The Immortal Thief
Chapter 1,300 Not Dead
Chapter 1301 Hao Weiren
Chapter 1,302 Immortal Treasure
Chapter 1,303 The Power of Laws
Chapter 1,304 Trishaped Halberd
Chapter 1,305
Chapter 1,306 A powerful move
Chapter 1,307 The Law of Gifting
Chapter 1,308 Royal Family
Chapter 1309: Zhu Xian
Chapter 1,310 Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 1,311 Ancient God Tribulation
Chapter 1,312 The Five Decline of Heaven and Man
Chapter 1313 Ancient God
Chapter 1314: Golden Lotus Buddha Body, Overcoming Tribulation!
Chapter 1315 Breakthrough
Chapter 1,316 The Thirty-Third Heavenly Tribulation!
Chapter 1317 The Golden Winged Dapeng
Chapter 1,318 The Law of Killing
Chapter 1,319 Zhuyin Ancestral Beast
Chapter 1,320 Weiyang Buddha Emperor
Chapter 1,321 The law of heaven is lacking
Chapter 1,322: Overcoming the Tribulation Successfully!
Chapter 1,323 The first battle!
Chapter 1,324 Behead!
Chapter 1,325 The Ten-Day Appointment
Chapter 1,326 Hope
Chapter 1,327 Heading to the Sky Demon Realm
Chapter 1,328 The Golden Ancient Crocodile Clan
Chapter 1,329 Goodbye Dao Feitian
Chapter 1,330 The Testing Ground of the Immortality Method
Chapter 1,331 Looking for a burial cave
Chapter 1,332 The Ten Demonic Demons
Chapter 1,333 The Endless Sea
Chapter 1,334: Changes in the Mutilated Ancient Book
Chapter 1,335 Unprecedented in Ancient and Modern Times
Chapter 1,336 Nether Flower
Chapter 1,337 Mr. Bai
Chapter 1,338 Suppression
Chapter 1,339: Powerful Confrontation
Chapter 1,340 Small World
Chapter 1341: Calculation
Chapter 1,342 A battle in the past!
Chapter 1343 Alicorn
Chapter 1,344 Immortal Emperor Wuyang
Chapter 1,345 The complete version of the Great Dao Jue
Chapter 1346: Heavenly Demon Body!
Chapter 1,347 Shock
Chapter 1,348 An Eternal Moment
Chapter 1,349 The Ultimate Immortal Treasure
Chapter 1,350 A melee of heroes
Chapter 1351 Refining
Chapter 1,352 Born to Death
Chapter 1,353 The True Immortal Will Arrives!
Chapter 1,354 The Power of the True Immortal
Chapter 1,355 True Immortal Will
Chapter 1,356 The Corpse of the Demon God
Chapter 1,357 Sweep
Chapter 1,358 Fighting the Great Power
Chapter 1,359 The Sword of Time
Chapter 1,360 From the Blood God Clan
Chapter 1,361 Demon God Sea
Chapter 1,362 The Ancestral Land of the Golden Ancient Crocodile Clan
Chapter 1,363 Heavenly Nascent Soul
Chapter 1,364: Half-Step to Great Power
Chapter 1,365 Suppression
Chapter 1,366 The terrifying corpse of the demon god
Chapter 1,367 Immortal Blood
Chapter 1,368 A visitor from the Heavenly Demon Palace
Chapter 1,369 True Immortal Level Will
Chapter 1,370 The Secret of the Ancient Earth
Chapter 1371 Ancestor of Tianyao Palace
Chapter 1372 Bai Yiwei
Chapter 1,373
Chapter 1,374 Discussion
Chapter 1,375 The Day of War
Chapter 1,376 Battle
Chapter 1,377
Chapter 1,378 Perfect
Chapter 1,379 Great Time Kendo
Chapter 1,380 The Spear of Doom
Chapter 1,381 The king has great power and dies!
Chapter 1,382 Zai Da Neng
Chapter 1,383 The Fall of the Mighty One
Chapter 1,384 Things have changed
Chapter 1,385 Ancestor of the Heavenly Demon Palace
Chapter 1,386 The Battle of True Immortals
Chapter 1,387: One Qi Transforms Three Pure Ones
Chapter 1,388 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 1,389 The Little Demon Changes
Chapter 1,390 Previous Suzaku
Chapter 1,391 The new overlord of the Demon God Sea
Chapter 1,392 The End
Chapter 1,393: Sucking All Living Beings
Chapter 1,394 The True Immortal Will Arrives
Chapter 1,395 Reincarnation System
Chapter 1,396 The Sky-Eating Dog King
Chapter 1,397 Six Realms of Reincarnation
Chapter 1,398 One vs. Two
Chapter 1,399 Suppression
Chapter 1,400 The disaster is coming
Chapter 1401 The wind rises!
Chapter 1,402 Traitor
Chapter 1,403 Tai Cang Pavilion
Chapter 1,404 Secret
Chapter 1405 Ghost Night
Chapter 1,406 The Origin of the Great Dao Jue
Chapter 1,407 The Disaster at Tai Cang Pavilion
Chapter 1408: Strong rhyme and whip whip
Chapter 1,409 Heavenly Demon Palace
Chapter 1,410 Gravekeeper
Chapter 1411 Fox Demon
Chapter 1412 Zhou Ziheng
Chapter 1,413
Chapter 1,414 Palace Change
Chapter 1415: Wan Sheng Chess Game
Chapter 1,416 Blood Nightmare
Chapter 1,417
Chapter 1,418 Concentration Bead
Chapter 1,419 Judgment!
Chapter 1420: Dissatisfied
Chapter 1421 Asked
Chapter 1,422 The Third Heavenly Thunder
Chapter 1,423 Fourteen True Immortals
Chapter 1,424 The Fourth Level of Thunder
Chapter 1,425: True Immortal of God Burial Valley
Chapter 1,426 The Great Dark Technique
Chapter 1,427 Its better to be in pieces than in ruins
Chapter 1,428 Breakthrough
Chapter 1,429 News about the Nine-leaf Holy Lotus
Chapter 1,430
Chapter 1431 Sphenoid Beauty
Chapter 1,432 Fake?
Chapter 1,433 Scam?
Chapter 1,434 Nine Analysis of the Giant Python
Chapter 1,435
Chapter 1,436 The Top of the Snow Mountain
Chapter 1,437 Abyss Snow Snake
Chapter 1,438 Snow Demon Valley
Chapter 1,439 Goodbye Chess Game
Chapter 1,440 A mountain of corpses
Chapter 1,441 The Man in Black Robe
Chapter 1442: Strange Movement
Chapter 1,443 Take action
Chapter 1,444 The Breath of the Supreme Power
Chapter 1,445 Going against the will of heaven
Chapter 1,446 The Catastrophe of the Canglan Star Region
Chapter 1,447 Sacrifice to Heaven
Chapter 1,448 New Life?
Chapter 1,449 Dao Feitian
Chapter 1,450 Things have changed
Chapter 1,451 Trouble
Chapter 1,452 Return
Chapter 1,453 Dont let out a single fly
Chapter 1,454 The House of Representatives
Chapter 1,455 Awakening
Chapter 1,456 Lingshan Competition
Chapter 1,457 Confucianism Cultivator
Chapter 1,458 Fight
Chapter 1,459 Wen Jiangming
Chapter 1,460 Powerful
Chapter 1,461 Hunyuan Sword
Chapter 1,462 Battle
Chapter 1,463 The Qingtian Star Territory
Chapter 1,464 Wood Spirit Tribe
Chapter 1,465 Request
Chapter 1,466 Wood Spirit Tribe
Chapter 1,467 Soul Sea
Chapter 1,468 Got it
Chapter 1,469 Grave Sweeper
Chapter 1,470 Choice
Chapter 1471 Savior
Chapter 1,472 The Sky-Splitting Sword Technique
Chapter 1,473 Joining the Wood Spirit Clan
Chapter 1,474: Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 1,475 Take action
Chapter 1,476 Bei Cha Clan
Chapter 1,477 Qin Yu
Chapter 1,478 Four Marks
Chapter 1,479 Murderous Intent
Chapter 1,480 Sea of Blood
Chapter 1,481 Split the Space
Chapter 1,482 The Sixth Spirit Tribe
Chapter 1,483 Asking the Palace
Chapter 1,484 Central Star Territory
Chapter 1,485 Holy Spirit City
Chapter 1,486 The Holy Mountain Test
Chapter 1,487 Holy Spirit Bead
Chapter 1,488 Collision
Chapter 1,489 Blood God Statue
Chapter 1,490 Flaws
Chapter 1,491: The Oblivion Monster
Chapter 1,492 Destroying the Blood Spirit Clan
Chapter 1,493 Whereabouts
Chapter 1,494 Dragon Bone
Chapter 1,495 Value
Chapter 1,496 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 1,497 Bone Spirit Clan
Chapter 1498: Anger
Chapter 1,499 Tianxuan Mountain
Chapter 1500 Bamboo Feather
Chapter 1501 Fusion
Chapter 1502 Suspicion
Chapter 1,503 The battle for seats
Chapter 1504: Omen of Disaster
Chapter 1505 The Rebellion of the Bone Spirit Clan
Chapter 1506 The Truth
Chapter 1507: Die with eyes open
Chapter 1508: Confrontation
Chapter 1509 Mysterious Stone Statue
Chapter 1510
Chapter 1511 Rescue Beixuan
Chapter 1512 Thunder
Chapter 1513 Kill
Chapter 1514 Trouble
Chapter 1515 Taiyuan Sword Formation
Chapter 1,516 The God-Refining Demon Cauldron
Chapter 1517 Control
Chapter 1518 Retreat
Chapter 1519 Clues
Chapter 1520 Nine Spirit Clan
Chapter 1521 Treatment
Chapter 1522 Tianfu Divine Point
Chapter 1523 Bronze Gate
Chapter 1524 Burning Lotus Golden Flame
Chapter 1525 Qiankun Sword Formation
Chapter 1526 Sword Moves
Chapter 1527 Killing and Seizing the Sword
Chapter 1528 Shadow Pavilion
Chapter 1529: The Old Man Keeping the Tomb
Chapter 1530 Wind Palace
Chapter 1531: Guardian
Chapter 1532 Demonization
Chapter 1533 Master Pudu
Chapter 1534 Tianxie Palace
Chapter 1535 Gathering
Chapter 1536 The mysterious master of the palace
Chapter 1537: A palm across the ages
Chapter 1538 Zuoqiu Family
Chapter 1539 Stupid Behavior
Chapter 1540 The Evil Emperor and the Palace Master
Chapter 1541 Half inheritance
Chapter 1542 The Land of Scarlet Flame
Chapter 1543 Appearance
Chapter 1544 Return
Chapter 1545 In front of Xuankong Palace
Chapter 1546 Humiliation
Chapter 1547 Sword Pupil
Chapter 1548 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1549: Crisis Resolved
Chapter 1550 Big move
Chapter 1551 Union
Chapter 1,552 Strange
Chapter 1553: Rampant Junior
Chapter 1,554 The Power of the God-Refining Demon Cauldron
Chapter 1555: Calculation
Chapter 1556 Heading to Star Pavilion
Chapter 1557 Opportunity
Chapter 1558 Ancient Star Monument
Chapter 1559 Star Energy
Chapter 1560: Body of Stars
Chapter 1561 Shock
Chapter 1562 Luo Yin
Chapter 1563 Weird
Chapter 1564 The Price
Chapter 1565 The Man in the Mirror
Chapter 1,566: Repaying Kindness with Revenge
Chapter 1567 Appearance
Chapter 1568 Making trouble in secret
Chapter 1569: Chaos Suppression of Demons
Chapter 1570 Dispute
Chapter 1571 The right candidate
Chapter 1572 Chaos Monster
Chapter 1573 Eye of Chaos
Chapter 1574: Demon Locking Pavilion
Chapter 1575 Demon King
Chapter 1576 Qiu Qianmeng
Chapter 1577 Looking for a fight
Chapter 1578 Threat
Chapter 1579: Just you?
Chapter 1580 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1581 Tianji Disk
Chapter 1582: Conversation over the Air
Chapter 1583 Purple Winged Flame Liger
Chapter 1584 Little Suzaku Evolution
Chapter 1585 New World
Chapter 1,586 Rule Evolution
Chapter 1587 Shock (Happy New Year)
Chapter 1588 Candidate of Secret
Chapter 1589 Inheritance
Chapter 1590: Crusade
Chapter 1591: Defeating Six Immortals in a Row
Chapter 1592 The Power of Tai Cang
Chapter 1593 Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1594: Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 1595 The True Immortals Gather
Chapter 1596: Become famous in one battle
Chapter 1597 True Immortal Black Lotus
Chapter 1598 Return
Chapter 1599 The Battle of True Immortals
Chapter 1,600 The Light of the Avenue!
Chapter 1601 Accident
Chapter 1,602
Chapter 1,603 Apocalypse
Chapter 1604 First Entry
Chapter 1605 Conflict
Chapter 1,606
Chapter 1607: Fight!
Chapter 1,608 Shenwu Continent
Chapter 1609 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 1610 Bloodline
Chapter 1611: Broken Pearl
Chapter 1612: Fighting
Chapter 1,613 Nine-leaf Holy Lotus!
Chapter 1614 The Ancient Moonlight Tree wakes up!
Chapter 1615 The Dark Abyss!
Chapter 1,616 The sky-swallowing giant beast!
Chapter 1,617 Fierce Fight!
Chapter 1,618 The great era of swordsmanship reappears!
Chapter 1,619 The Divine Martial Immortal Lord appears again!
Chapter 1,620 The Cunning Sky-Swallowing Beast
Chapter 1621 Crisis
Chapter 1,622 Xuanhuang Mother Qi!
Chapter 1,623 Under the Dark Abyss!
Chapter 1,624 The Mark of the Divine Martial Immortal!
Chapter 1,625 Clues!
Chapter 1,626 Ancestral Land!
Chapter 1,627 Fierce battle!
Chapter 1,628 The power of swordsmanship in the great time!
Chapter 1,629 Hall of Heroes
Chapter 1,630 The Soul-Suppressing Stone
Chapter 1,631 Black Lotus Holy Mountain!
Chapter 1,632 Black Lotus Immortal!
Chapter 1,633 Goodbye Zuoqiu Yiren!
Chapter 1634: Changes in the Canglan Star Region!
Chapter 1,635 Comeback!
Chapter 1,636 A critical moment!
Chapter 1,637 Tragic
Chapter 1,638 Return!
Chapter 1639: Furious
Chapter 1,640 Threat!
Chapter 1641: Peace!
Chapter 1,642 Enemies from previous lives!
Chapter 1,643 The power of swordsmanship in the great time!
Chapter 1,644 Taiyin Holy Sect!
Chapter 1,645 The terrifying Su Bai!
Chapter 1,646 Battle!
Chapter 1,647 Taiyin Sect Master!
Chapter 1,648 Cooperation?
Chapter 1,649 Planning!
Chapter 1,650 Lets go!
Chapter 1,651 The City of Origin!
Chapter 1,652 Weird!
Chapter 1,653 Prey
Chapter 1,654 Identity Change!
Chapter 1,655 Encounter
Chapter 1,656 Chaotic battle!
Chapter 1,657 Behead!
Chapter 1,658 Powerful!
Chapter 1,659 Donghuang Bell!
Chapter 1,660 The Fourth Sector!
Chapter 1,661 The old man!
Chapter 1,662: The Great Technique of Incarnation and Soul Transfer
Chapter 1,663 Pushing all the way!
Chapter 1,664 Nine Nether Dragons
Chapter 1,665 Changes in the Situation
Chapter 1,666 The terrifying Jiuyouzhao!
Chapter 1,667 The ultimate strength!
Chapter 1,668 Nine Nether Purgatory
Chapter 1,669 The Furnace Tempering the Tao Body!
Chapter 1,670 Against the Heavens
Chapter 1671 Invincible!
Chapter 1,672 The Enemy Arrives
Chapter 1,673 Powerful Enemy
Chapter 1,674 The Inhumans!
Chapter 1,675: Don’t read, don’t think!
Chapter 1,676 Forbidden Land!
Chapter 1,677 The Power of Law!
Chapter 1,678 Try!
Chapter 1,679 The law enters the body!
Chapter 1,680 Go!
Chapter 1,681 Zhongtian Star Territory
Chapter 1,682: Immortal Killing Sword Formation!
Chapter 1,683 The Immortal World
Chapter 1,684 Trump Card!
Chapter 1,685 The Breath of an Old Friend
Chapter 1,686 Enter!
Chapter 1,687 The Eastern Wasteland Dynasty!
Chapter 1,688 Donghuang City!
Chapter 1,689 Plan!
Chapter 1,690 Big Yellow Moves
Chapter 1,691 King of the East Wilderness
Chapter 1,692 Inside Story
Chapter 1,693 Tao Discussion Conference!
Chapter 1,694 Gathering
Chapter 1,695 Nanling Witch Clan
Chapter 1,696 Weird!
Chapter 1,697 Melee!
Chapter 1,698 Witch War
Chapter 1,699 Chi Yous Blood
Chapter 1,700 Ambition
Chapter 1,701 Wujizi!
Chapter 1,702 False Immortal!
Chapter 1,703 Refining the Heroes!
Chapter 1,704 Su Bai takes action!
Chapter 1,705 Lost
Chapter 1,706 Invincible!
Chapter 1,707 Join forces?
Chapter 1708: Kill it with one sword!
Chapter 1,709 Battle!
Chapter 1,710 Conflict!
Chapter 1,711 Taiyan Divine Clan
Chapter 1,712 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1,713 Taiyan Order!
Chapter 1,714 Puppet
Chapter 1,715 Son of God Taiyan!
Chapter 1716: Cut off the Taiyin and divide the Holy Lotus!
Chapter 1717 Arrival!
Chapter 1,718 I would rather die!
Chapter 1,719 Su Baizhi!
Chapter 1,720 Chaos Divine Body!
Chapter 1,721 Suppression!
Chapter 1,722 Defeated!
Chapter 1,723 Fury!
Chapter 1,724 Battle with the Great Elder!
Chapter 1,725 Win!
Chapter 1,726 Patriarch!
Chapter 1727: Kill the source?
Chapter 1728: Stripping away the origin!
Chapter 1729: Destroy and then build?
Chapter 1,730 The conspiracy succeeded!
Chapter 1,731 Mortal body!
Chapter 1,732 Recruiting a son-in-law?
Chapter 1,733 Fight
Chapter 1,734 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 1,735 Behead!
Chapter 1,736 An explanation?
Chapter 1,737 Demon Sect?
Chapter 1,738 Behead!
Chapter 1,739 The Demon Summoning Sutra!
Chapter 1,740 Demon Sect!
Chapter 1,741 Crisis!
Chapter 1,742 Battle!
Chapter 1,743 Healing
Chapter 1,744: Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 1,745 Is the spiritual vein dry?
Chapter 1,746 Xiao Family!
Chapter 1,747 Xiao Changtian
Chapter 1,748 Arrogant!
Chapter 1,749 Fight
Chapter 1,750 Brahma Battle Body!
Chapter 1,751 Return!
Chapter 1,752 Battle!
Chapter 1,753 Accident!
Chapter 1,754 Crisis!
Chapter 1,755 Su Bais strength!
Chapter 1,756 The power of one sword!
Chapter 1,757 Ancestor!
Chapter 1,758 True Immortal!
Chapter 1,759 The Darkest Hour!
Chapter 1,760 Desperate Situation
Chapter 1,761 Suppression
Chapter 1,762 Fairy!
Chapter 1,763 Suppression!
Chapter 1,764 Solution
Chapter 1,765 Searching
Chapter 1,766 Central Imperial Territory
Chapter 1,767 Coming!
Chapter 1,768 Dark Duel!
Chapter 1,769 The battle between the geniuses!
Chapter 1,770 The mysterious master!
Chapter 1,771 Southern Emperor!
Chapter 1,772 Immortal Lords Projection
Chapter 1,773 The Wuji Immortal!
Chapter 1,774 Anu
Chapter 1,775 Strange Movement
Chapter 1,776 Chaos Divine Thunder!
Chapter 1,777 Take action
Chapter 1,778 Battle!
Chapter 1,779 Terrifying Strength!
Chapter 1,780 Defeated!
Chapter 1,781 Challenge!
Chapter 1,782: Battle against the geniuses from all directions!
Chapter 1,783 Someone is coming from the inner city!
Chapter 1,784 Unexpected!
Chapter 1,785
Chapter 1,786 The Southern Emperor takes action!
Chapter 1,787: Follow your words?
Chapter 1,788 Humiliation
Chapter 1,789 Xuanhuang Mother Qi!
Chapter 1,790 The ancient ferocious beast is Qiongqi!
Chapter 1,791 Defeat!
Chapter 1,792 The storm is surging
Chapter 1,793 Defending!
Chapter 1,794 Feng Changqing
Chapter 1,795 Xuanwu Bloodline!
Chapter 1,796 Abnormal Defense
Chapter 1,797 Victory!
Chapter 1,798 Who can be undefeated?
Chapter 1,799 Li Xiaoxiao
Chapter 1800: Powerful (Supplement 1)
Chapter 1801 Death? (Supplement 2)
Chapter 1802
Chapter 1803: Fighting
Chapter 1804: Re-Entering God
Chapter 1805 Invincible!
Chapter 1806 Victory!
Chapter 1807: Historical Monument
Chapter 1808 Disciple!
Chapter 1809 The Emperors Son
Chapter 1810 Stone Tablet
Chapter 1811 Looking for Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1812 The Emperor's Son Comes Out of Seclusion
Chapter 1813 The Emperors Son Emerged from the Tomb
Chapter 1814: The Emperor’s Son Appears, The Heavens Are Shocked
Chapter 1815 Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1816 Heavenly Palace Inheritance
Chapter 1817 The Heavenly Palace recognizes its master!
Chapter 1818: The broken road!
Chapter 1819 The Powerful Emperor's Son
Chapter 1820 Provocation
Chapter 1821 Powerful
Chapter 1822: Fight!
Chapter 1823: Fighting against the Emperors Son
Chapter 1824 Unparalleled Power
Chapter 1825: Enemy!
Chapter 1826 Ascension to Immortality
Chapter 1827 Defeated?
Chapter 1828 My Way is Eternal
Chapter 1829 The Strongest Sword
Chapter 1830 Killing the Emperors Son
Chapter 1831 Wake up!
Chapter 1832 Memory awakens!
Chapter 1833 The Great Elder Appears
Chapter 1834 Battle!
Chapter 1835 Immortal Lord’s Projection!
Chapter 1836: God Emperor War General
Chapter 1837 Suppression
Chapter 1838 The Taiyin Sect Master has arrived!
Chapter 1839 Take action
Chapter 1840 The Arrogant Taiyin Sect Master
Chapter 1841: The Power of the Immortal Lord
Chapter 1842 Seven Generals!
Chapter 1843: Asking for guilt!
Chapter 1844 The Great War
Chapter 1845 The Immortal Lord takes action
Chapter 1846 Desperate Situation
Chapter 1847 Ancient Qianqiu!
Chapter 1848 Bloody Battle!
Chapter 1849 The Emperors Son!
Chapter 1850 Summoning the Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1851 Suppression
Chapter 1852 The God Emperors finger!
Chapter 1853 There is no more Immortal Lord in the world!
Chapter 1854 The Immortal Lord Manifests
Chapter 1855 Desperate Situation!
Chapter 1856: Cant be read or thought!
Chapter 1857: Retreating the Enemy
Chapter 1858 Battle against Taiyin
Chapter 1859 Taiyin God Clan!
Chapter 1860 Return
Chapter 1861 The truth
Chapter 1862 Exposed
Chapter 1863 Crisis!
Chapter 1864 Escape
Chapter 1865 Life and Death Crisis!
Chapter 1866 Memory Awakens
Chapter 1867: Plunge into darkness
Chapter 1868 Suppression
Chapter 1869 My name is Haotian!
Chapter 1870 Refining
Chapter 1871 Searching
Chapter 1872 The Mountain of Immortality
Chapter 1873
Chapter 1874 The Wilderness Barbarians
Chapter 1875 Attack
Chapter 1876 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 1877 Beheading
Chapter 1878 The Great Wilderness
Chapter 1879 Leaving
Chapter 1880 Dragon Soul
Chapter 1881 Massacre
Chapter 1882 Fusion
Chapter 1883: Dahuang Houfu
Chapter 1884: Sideways Push
Chapter 1885: Breaking the Sky
Chapter 1886 The truth about the wilderness
Chapter 1887: Destroy with one sword!
Chapter 1888 Famous!
Chapter 1889: Killing Two Hous in a Row!
Chapter 1890 The Source of Darkness
Chapter 1891 Shocking the wilderness!
Chapter 1892: Defeating the Source of Heaven
Chapter 1893 Gathering
Chapter 1894: Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 1895 Shock
Chapter 1896 He is finally here!
Chapter 1897 Baiduan Mountains
Chapter 1898: Son of God Taiyan takes action
Chapter 1899 The Great War
Chapter 1900 Crisis
Chapter 1901 Siege
Chapter 1902 Immortal Cauldron
Chapter 1903 Su Baizhi!
Chapter 1904 Powerful
Chapter 1905: Horizontal Push! (Fourth update)
Chapter 1906 Go
Chapter 1907 The Great Wilderness King appears!
Chapter 1908: Darkening All Beings (Third update)
Chapter 1909 The Great War
Chapter 1910: Old Enemy
Chapter 1911: Cut through the darkness! (Update 2)
Chapter 1912 The Secret of Baiduan Mountains
Chapter 1913 The Original Gate
Chapter 1914 Darkness Comes
Chapter 1915 Dark Creatures!
Chapter 1916: Repeat the Great Dao Jue!
Chapter 1917 Behead!
Chapter 1918 The sky is falling and the earth is falling
Chapter 1919 The mountains and rivers are broken
Chapter 1920: Deterrence
Chapter 1921 Battle against dark creatures!
Chapter 1922 Son of Taiyin God
Chapter 1923 The Prince of Darkness
Chapter 1924 Descendants of the Phoenix
Chapter 1925 Imperial Law
Chapter 1926 Dragon Soul Helps
Chapter 1927
Chapter 1928 Behead!
Chapter 1929 Arrival
Chapter 1930 Dark Source Power
Chapter 1931 Conflict
Chapter 1932 The Seal of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1933 The battle between immortals!
Chapter 1934 Real person!
Chapter 1935 Confrontation
Chapter 1936 Conflict
Chapter 1937 Battle!
Chapter 1938 Chaos Stone
Chapter 1939 Crisis
Chapter 1940: Chaos!
Chapter 1941 King Wushang!
Chapter 1942 The kings come together!
Chapter 1943: War?
Chapter 1944: Target!
Chapter 1945 Internal Fighting
Chapter 1946 Despair!
Chapter 1947 Battle!
Chapter 1948 The Immortal Lord strikes!
Chapter 1949 Entering another world!
Chapter 1950 Big change in rules!
Chapter 1951 Becoming an Immortal?
Chapter 1952: The End of Dharma Era!
Chapter 1953 Obliteration!
Chapter 1954 Two Prodigies
Chapter 1955 The Dark World
Chapter 1956 The Beast of Time!
Chapter 1957 Secret
Chapter 1958 Emperor Corpse
Chapter 1959: Breaking through the barrier and getting out of the mountains
Chapter 1960: Arrive at the True Immortal!
Chapter 1961 Invincible!
Chapter 1962 Ghost Lis Secret
Chapter 1963 Fighting Ghost Li!
Chapter 1964 The Fallen Phoenix King
Chapter 1965 Undercurrent
Chapter 1966 The Universe Time Sea
Chapter 1967 Unable to cross
Chapter 1968 Enlightenment
Chapter 1969 Nine Nether Holy Fire
Chapter 1970 Obliteration
Chapter 1971 The birth of a strange treasure
Chapter 1972 Time Wheel
Chapter 1973: Fighting
Chapter 1974: Chase!
Chapter 1975 The Origin of Another World!
Chapter 1976 Catastrophe!
Chapter 1977 Exile
Chapter 1978 The Emperors World!
Chapter 1979 News
Chapter 1980 Fierce battle!
Chapter 1981 Feng Family!
Chapter 1982 The Son of God comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1983: Disaster falls from the sky
Chapter 1984 Provocation
Chapter 1985 Fengyun Bo
Chapter 1986 Suppression
Chapter 1987 Leaving
Chapter 1988 Selection
Chapter 1989 Nine Extremes of Light
Chapter 1990 The outside world is shocked
Chapter 1991 Searching
Chapter 1992 Inquiry
Chapter 1993 The ancient moon tree wakes up!
Chapter 1994 Transaction
Chapter 1995 Zixiao True Dragon Bone Sword
Chapter 1996 Kill!
Chapter 1997 Kill them all!
Chapter 1998 Become a public enemy!
Chapter 1999: Taking the initiative to come to the door
Chapter 2000 Forbidden Palace
Chapter 2001 Sin City
Chapter 2002
Chapter 2003 Ambition
Chapter 2004 Demon City
Chapter 2005: Young Lord Demon
Chapter 2006 The Old Man
Chapter 2007: Kill until no one dares to claim the title!
Chapter 2008 The Four Demonic Generals!
Chapter 2009 Beheading
Chapter 2010 Demon
Chapter 2011: Kill!
Chapter 2012: Shaken!
Chapter 2013 Battle!
Chapter 2014 A fierce battle!
Chapter 2015 Great Changes
Chapter 2016: Suppress and Kill
Chapter 2017 Extremely cold place!
Chapter 2018 The Warrior is Real!
Chapter 2019: Teaching the Dharma
Chapter 2020 Breakthrough!
Chapter 2021 Spiritual Veins
Chapter 2022 Conflict!
Chapter 2023 Challenge
Chapter 2024: Luring the wolf into the house
Chapter 2025 Yunlan Sect
Chapter 2026: Chase
Chapter 2027: Kill!
Chapter 2028
Chapter 2029 The Light of Origin!
Chapter 2030 The Truth
Chapter 2031 Encounter
Chapter 2032 Save people!
Chapter 2033 Retreat!
Chapter 2034 Fame
Chapter 2035 Big changes!
Chapter 2036 The Seven Elders!
Chapter 2037 Going down the mountain
Chapter 2038 Tragic
Chapter 2039 Battle!
Chapter 2040 Battle with the Seven Elders!
Chapter 2041 The sky changes!
Chapter 2042 Ten Thousand Dao Divine Rabbit
Chapter 2043: Battle with the Lord of the Forbidden Palace!
Chapter 2044 Ten Thousand Dao Divine Rabbit
Chapter 2045 Secret
Chapter 2046 Conquer
Chapter 2047 Origin
Chapter 2048: Burial Abyss
Chapter 2049 Secret Place
Chapter 2050 The Battle of the Immortals
Chapter 2051 Solution
Chapter 2052 Enlightenment
Chapter 2053 Arrival
Chapter 2054: Restoration of Cultivation!
Chapter 2055 The Ancient Secret Realm
Chapter 2056 Beheading
Chapter 2057 One Hundred Thousand Years in the World
Chapter 2058: Breaking the Sky with One Sword
Chapter 2059 The Glorious Age
Chapter 2060 Great Change
Chapter 2061 Take action
Chapter 2062 Beheading
Chapter 2063 Battle against the Great Elder!
Chapter 2064 Powerful!
Chapter 2065 The Emperors Son Reappears
Chapter 2066 Imperial Weapon
Chapter 2067 The power of the imperial weapon!
Chapter 2068 The terrifying imperial weapon!
Chapter 2069: Imperial Weapon vs. Imperial Corpse!
Chapter 2070 Return!
Chapter 2071 Imperial Medicine
Chapter 2072: Looking for the Imperial Medicine
Chapter 2073 The Emperors Corpse Hair
Chapter 2074 Fall
Chapter 2075 Rescue
Chapter 2076 The war is about to begin
Chapter 2077 Battle!
Chapter 2078 The Power of the Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 2079 Nine-Headed Lion
Chapter 2080 The powerful Su Bai!
Chapter 2081 The terrifying power of swordsmanship in the great time!
Chapter 2082: Who can compete with me?
Chapter 2083 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2084: Siege and Killing
Chapter 2085 The Immortal Emperor takes action!
Chapter 2086: Forbidden Land Immortal!
Chapter 2087 Big Event!
Chapter 2088 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 2089 New World!
Chapter 2090 Taixuanzongs heritage
Chapter 2091 The Immortal Emperor strikes!
Chapter 2092 Attack!
Chapter 2093 Emperors Blood!
Chapter 2094 Opportunity!
Chapter 2095 Mutation!
Chapter 2096 The God Emperor!
Chapter 2097 Suppression and Refining!
Chapter 2098 Big Crisis!
Chapter 2099 Immortal Emperor Weiyang, revives!
Chapter 2100 Weiyang Battle Armor!
Chapter 2101 The Power of the Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 2102 Imperial Power!
Chapter 2103 Reversal of time!
Chapter 2104 Across the Universe!
Chapter 2105 Coming to a dark alien land!
Chapter 2106 Shocking the Dark Alien World!
Chapter 2107 Suppressing the Emperors Corpse!
Chapter 2108 The Ancestor from Another World! (Big Chapter)
Chapter 2109: Showdown between Immortal Emperors
Chapter 2110 The Origin of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2111 New World!
Chapter 2112 Siege
Chapter 2113 A chaotic battle!
Chapter 2114 Siege
Chapter 2115 Su Bai!
Chapter 2116 Change! (First update added)
Chapter 2117 All the Heroes Arrive (Supplement 2)
Chapter 2118 The Ancestor of the Yin-Eating Beast!
Chapter 2119 Big news! (Supplement 4)
Chapter 2120 Secret!
Chapter 2121 Gift from Immortal Emperor Weiyang
Chapter 2122 Promise
Chapter 2123 Opening
Chapter 2124 Backhand
Chapter 2125 Take action
Chapter 2126 Powerful!
Chapter 2127 Darkness is coming!
Chapter 2128 Weiyang Sword!
Chapter 2129: A thing from heaven!
Chapter 2130 Lost?
Chapter 2131 Weiyang Battle Armor!
Chapter 2132 Crush!
Chapter 2133 Entering the New World
Chapter 2134 Encountering a crisis!
Chapter 2135
Chapter 2136 The powerful Su Bai!
Chapter 2137 Kunlan!
Chapter 2138 A powerful opponent
Chapter 2139 Pretending?
Chapter 2140: Facing a Strong Enemy Again
Chapter 2141 Absolute Realm
Chapter 2142 The Immortal Weapon!
Chapter 2143 Siege
Chapter 2144 Endless Fire Domain
Chapter 2145 Cave
Chapter 2146 The Lava Beast!
Chapter 2147: Calculation
Chapter 2148 Phoenix Nest
Chapter 2149: Finding wealth in danger
Chapter 2150 The Middle Stage of True Immortal
Chapter 2151
Chapter 2152: Beheading (3 updates)
Chapter 2153 Tianming True Flame
Chapter 2154: Fire State Chronicles
Chapter 2155 Tianhuofang
Chapter 2156: Young Master of Tianyan Mansion
Chapter 2157 Secret
Chapter 2158 Cooperation
Chapter 2159: Cultivation
Chapter 2160 Star Map
Chapter 2161 Gate of Flames
Chapter 2162 The Follower
Chapter 2163 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2164 Powerful
Chapter 2165
Chapter 2166 Soul Search
Chapter 2167 Opening
Chapter 2168 Black Celestial Object
Chapter 2169 Xu Luoshan
Chapter 2170 Return
Chapter 2171 Cause and Effect
Chapter 2172 Preparation
Chapter 2173 Meeting Bai Qi again
Chapter 2174 Su Bai reappears
Chapter 2175 Destiny World
Chapter 2176 The Secret of the Origin
Chapter 2177 Deduction
Chapter 2178 Underground Palace
Chapter 2179 Evil Object
Chapter 2180 Opening the Seal
Chapter 2181 Emperor Xuan
Chapter 2182 Suppression
Chapter 2183 The Powerful Su Bai
Chapter 2184: Full Strength
Chapter 2185 Purification
Chapter 2186 The End
Chapter 2187 Ancient Jade that Prevents Fire
Chapter 2188 Red Channel
Chapter 2189 Holy Son of the Blue Sky
Chapter 2190 Appearance
Chapter 2191 The Innate Nightmare-Swallowing Beast
Chapter 2192 Unknown Sea
Chapter 2193 The Mysterious Giant Ship
Chapter 2194 The danger of the secret space
Chapter 2195 Stone Tablet
Chapter 2196 White-haired Man
Chapter 2197 Beheading
Chapter 2198 Tianshan Fire!
Chapter 2199 The strong gather together
Chapter 2200 Testing
Chapter 2201 Competition
Chapter 2202 Melee
Chapter 2203 Battle!
Chapter 2204 Tacit understanding
Chapter 2205 Tragic!
Chapter 2206 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 2207 Battle with the Holy Son of Blue Sky
Chapter 2208 Cut in half!
Chapter 2209: Killing the Holy Son of Blue Sky
Chapter 2210 The Origin of Fire Dao
Chapter 2211 Chaos
Chapter 2212 Giant Corpse
Chapter 2213 Suppression
Chapter 2214: Go and come back
Chapter 2215 The Innate Nightmare Swallowing Beast
Chapter 2216 Conquer
Chapter 2217 Encounter
Chapter 2218 Venerable Xiangyun
Chapter 2219: Resonance of the Great Dao Jue
Chapter 2220: 70% sure!
Chapter 2221: Oak Leaf Sulfur
Chapter 2222 Strong Enemy
Chapter 2223 The Great War
Chapter 2224 Injured
Chapter 2225 Strong Enemy
Chapter 2226: Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 2227: Cutting out the roots!
Chapter 2228 The Ghost Kings Handwriting
Chapter 2229: Sky Star Territory
Chapter 2230 Siege of the Immortal Mountain
Chapter 2231 Crush
Chapter 2232 The Forger!
Chapter 2233 Gongshu Family
Chapter 2234 The Forging Immortal Master
Chapter 2235 Transaction
Chapter 2236 The Prodigal Son
Chapter 2237 Lei Ze
Chapter 2238 The origin of Thunder Dao awakens!
Chapter 2239 Join forces
Chapter 2240 Hard Fight
Chapter 2241: Defeating the Origin of Thunder Road
Chapter 2242 Refining
Chapter 2243 Fusion (Supplement 1)
Chapter 2244 Shameless (Supplement 2)
Chapter 2245 Joke
Chapter 2246 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 2247 Two monsters!
Chapter 2248 Show off your power!
Chapter 2249 Asking for help?
Chapter 2250 Sword Immortal
Chapter 2251 Leaving
Chapter 2252 The Law of Origin of Time
Chapter 2253 Qingtian
Chapter 2254 Garuda City!
Chapter 2255 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 2256 All parties gather together
Chapter 2257 Blindfold
Chapter 2258 The Ancient Road in the Starry Sky
Chapter 2259 Temple of Time
Chapter 2260 Battle
Chapter 2261 Shura Sword
Chapter 2262 Strong Enemy
Chapter 2263 Crisis!
Chapter 2264 The Late Stage of True Immortal
Chapter 2265 Time and Space Coincidence
Chapter 2266 Thats it!
Chapter 2267 Coincidence
Chapter 2268 Instant Kill!
Chapter 2269 Powerful!
Chapter 2270 One man is in charge!
Chapter 2271 King of Night City!
Chapter 2272 Fighting Qingtian!
Chapter 2273 All means are used
Chapter 2274 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2275 Great Time Kendo!
Chapter 2276 Immortal Lords blow
Chapter 2277 Serious Injury
Chapter 2278 Temple of Time
Chapter 2279: The Long River of the Law of Time
Chapter 2280 Time Rules
Chapter 2281 Time Controller
Chapter 2282 The Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 2283 Time Gourd
Chapter 2284: Walking out of the river of time
Chapter 2285 The power of time!
Chapter 2286 Kill them all
Chapter 2287 Reunion
Chapter 2288 The whereabouts of the origin of darkness
Chapter 2289 Entering the restricted area
Chapter 2290 Powerful
Chapter 2291 Destroy the restricted area
Chapter 2292 Time Sword Technique
Chapter 2293 Meeting Qingtian again
Chapter 2294 The Power of the Time Sword
Chapter 2295 Illusion Master
Chapter 2296 Chase
Chapter 2297 Trap
Chapter 2298 Courage
Chapter 2299 Puppet
Chapter 2300 Liuhe Sky-Mending Formation
Chapter 2301 The Nine Nether King Appears
Chapter 2302 Asking for advice
Chapter 2303 Battle against the Nine Nether King
Chapter 2304 Hard Fight
Chapter 2305 Seizing the Body
Chapter 2306 Escape!
Chapter 2307 Dark Abyss
Chapter 2308 Healing
Chapter 2309 Mysterious Passage
Chapter 2310 Teleportation Array
Chapter 2311
Chapter 2312 Ruins Space (3 updates)
Chapter 2313 Altar
Chapter 2314 The last step
Chapter 2315 A withered skeleton
Chapter 2316 Dark Demon Lord
Chapter 2317 Gift
Chapter 2318 Immortal Masters Physique
Chapter 2319 Dark Taoism
Chapter 2320 Reunion
Chapter 2321 The Gate of Taixu (3 updates)
Chapter 2322 Compass
Chapter 2323 Dark Demon Lord
Chapter 2324 Dark Demonic Soul
Chapter 2325 Fighting the Demonic Soul
Chapter 2326 Powerful!
Chapter 2327 Its too late
Chapter 2328: Sit back and wait.
Chapter 2329 The Surprise of the Nine Nether King
Chapter 2330 Confidence
Chapter 2331 Evenly matched
Chapter 2332 The Nine Nether Kings unique move
Chapter 2333 God Emperor
Chapter 2334 Join forces
Chapter 2335: One vs. Two
Chapter 2336 Fierce battle!
Chapter 2337: Calculation
Chapter 2338 The Power of Light
Chapter 2339 Beheading
Chapter 2340: Kill the God Emperors clone!
Chapter 2341 Chasing Qingtian
Chapter 2342 Star Map
Chapter 2343 Refining
Chapter 2344 The Way of Wuji
Chapter 2345 Breakthrough
Chapter 2346 Baizi Star Territory
Chapter 2347 Yin Yang Dao Sect
Chapter 2348: Trampled to death
Chapter 2349 Powerful
Chapter 2350 Interrogation
Chapter 2351 Death Star Sea
Chapter 2352 Hu Yanhao
Chapter 2353 Su Bai arrives
Chapter 2354 The Limit of True Immortal!
Chapter 2355 Tianjiao!
Chapter 2356: The fish is dead and the net is broken?
Chapter 2357 Leaving
Chapter 2358 Lord Black Fur
Chapter 2359 One Sword!
Chapter 2360: Zhan and Liu
Chapter 2361 Uncovering the inner ghost
Chapter 2362 The Mystery of Jade Yu
Chapter 2363 Secret
Chapter 2364 Records
Chapter 2365 Entering the Death Star Sea
Chapter 2366 The Seed of Death
Chapter 2367 The Wheel of Life and Death
Chapter 2368 God Lord
Chapter 2369 God's Nest
Chapter 2370 Wuji Movement
Chapter 2371 Challenge
Chapter 2372 Show off your power!
Chapter 2373 Battle
Chapter 2374 God Lord
Chapter 2375 Illusion
Chapter 2376 War God Lord
Chapter 2377 Powerful
Chapter 2378 Grand Formation
Chapter 2379 Defeat the God Lord!
Chapter 2380 Trap
Chapter 2381 Soul Search!
Chapter 2382 Shura Hall
Chapter 2383 Shura Emperor
Chapter 2384 The Wheel of Life and Death
Chapter 2385: Protecting the Way
Chapter 2386 Refining the Wheel of Life and Death
Chapter 2387 The Origin of Space
Chapter 2388 Gift
Chapter 2389 Xing Wuya
Chapter 2390 The Emperors Fallen Heavenly Domain
Chapter 2391 The Land of Chaos
Chapter 2392 A Domain of Fire
Chapter 2393 Fire Spirit
Chapter 2394 The Essence of Innate Fire Source
Chapter 2395 Bathing in Fire
Chapter 2396 Fire Python
Chapter 2397 The Great War
Chapter 2398 Peak Taoism
Chapter 2399 Great Divine Power
Chapter 2400 Nirvana
Chapter 2401 Heavenly Domain
Chapter 2402 Tiansheng Divine Realm
Chapter 2403 Meeting
Chapter 2404 Testing Strength
Chapter 2405: God Tiansheng
Chapter 2406 Tiandaotai
Chapter 2407 Shock
Chapter 2408 The position of deputy palace master!
Chapter 2409 Internal Trouble
Chapter 2410 North Hall Master
Chapter 2411 Strength is respected
Chapter 2412 Three Moves
Chapter 2413: Convinced
Chapter 2414 The secret of the border wilderness
Chapter 2415
Chapter 2416 Entering the border wilderness
Chapter 2417 Poison Master
Chapter 2418 Behead!
Chapter 2419: Great Movement Talisman
Chapter 2420 Untouchable
Chapter 2421: Illusion of Nothingness
Chapter 2422: God Tiansheng
Chapter 2423 Intelligence
Chapter 2424 Immortal Killing Pavilion
Chapter 2425 The Fifth Immortal Lord
Chapter 2426 Peerless Character
Chapter 2427 Deer Beast
Chapter 2428 Entering the Tomb
Chapter 2429 Prism Space
Chapter 2430 Qianmen
Chapter 2431 Robbery
Chapter 2432 Invincible
Chapter 2433 Demon Corpse Puppet
Chapter 2434 Dabei Xuanshui Tower
Chapter 2435 Seizing the Origin
Chapter 2436 Confinement
Chapter 2437 Dust
Chapter 2438 The Forbidden Abyss
Chapter 2439 Space Coordinates
Chapter 2440 Night Talk
Chapter 2441 Unification
Chapter 2442 Layout
Chapter 2443 Secret
Chapter 2444 Attitude
Chapter 2445 Tianqing Palace
Chapter 2446 Angry
Chapter 2447: Wanting to impose a crime
Chapter 2448 The Battle of the Palace Master
Chapter 2449: Soft Persimmon
Chapter 2450 The Second Traitor
Chapter 2451 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2452 Overwhelming the South Palace
Chapter 2453: Hall Master!
Chapter 2454: God Tiansheng
Chapter 2455 Solution
Chapter 2456: The Position of the Palace Master
Chapter 2457 Ambition
Chapter 2458 Tiansheng Divine Realm
Chapter 2459 Bai Jue
Chapter 2460 Internal Trouble
Chapter 2461 The Law of the Origin of the Earth
Chapter 2462 Visit
Chapter 2463 Soul Suppressing Platform
Chapter 2464 Restriction
Chapter 2465: Border Blackpool
Chapter 2466: Strange beasts from heaven
Chapter 2467 Xuan Shu Divine Map
Chapter 2468 Ghost King!
Chapter 2469 Take action
Chapter 2470 Fighting the Ghost King!
Chapter 2471 Fierce battle!
Chapter 2472 The Ghost Kings Determination
Chapter 2473 Defeat the Ghost King!
Chapter 2474 Defection
Chapter 2475 Conquer
Chapter 2476 The Land of Chaos
Chapter 2477 Qingwu Cold Gold
Chapter 2478 Mitsubishi Taoist
Chapter 2479 Ten Thousand Treasures Divine Sea
Chapter 2480
Chapter 2481 Forging Weapons
Chapter 2482: Extreme Yang Dao Pattern!
Chapter 2483 Perfect work!
Chapter 2484 Shenwan Immortal Lord
Chapter 2485: Great increase in power
Chapter 2486 The Last Origin
Chapter 2487 Evil Cloud
Chapter 2488 Immortal Lord
Chapter 2489
Chapter 2490 Great Divine Power
Chapter 2491 Trump Card
Chapter 2492 Emperor Weiyang
Chapter 2493 The Second Realm of Immortal Lord!
Chapter 2494 Powerful
Chapter 2495 Soul Search
Chapter 2496 Good Fortune
Chapter 2497: Repairing the Origin of the Wind Channel
Chapter 2498
Chapter 2499 Female Immortal Sovereign
Chapter 2500 Plan
Chapter 2501 Guidance
Chapter 2502 Help
Chapter 2503: Appointment
Chapter 2504 The storm is rising
Chapter 2505 Fusion Road
Chapter 2506
Chapter 2507 Breaking the Demonic Obstacle
Chapter 2508: The Tribulation of the Golden Immortal!
Chapter 2509 Ninety-Nine Tribulations!
Chapter 2510: Concealing the truth
Chapter 2511 The Last Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 2512 Three Immortals!
Chapter 2513 The Fallen Phoenix King
Chapter 2514 Big News
Chapter 2515 Golden Needle
Chapter 2516 Before departure
Chapter 2517 Leaving
Chapter 2518 Beiminghai
Chapter 2519 Demonic Whale
Chapter 2520: Sea Human Race
Chapter 2521 Beiming Clan
Chapter 2522 Bei Minglian
Chapter 2523 Liangyi Tao Fei
Chapter 2524: Recruiting Disciples
Chapter 2525 Showing Strength
Chapter 2526 One Sword!
Chapter 2527: Recruiting Disciples
Chapter 2528 Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 2529 Tianjiyi
Chapter 2530 Attack!
Chapter 2531 Powerful!
Chapter 2532 Seizing the Heavenly Secret Instrument
Chapter 2533
Chapter 2534 Troubled Times
Chapter 2535 The breath of bronze fragments
Chapter 2536: Evil spirits in the chaotic realm
Chapter 2537 Bai Chu!
Chapter 2538 Bai Chuyuexian
Chapter 2539: Witch
Chapter 2540: Hypocrisy
Chapter 2541 Space Wormhole
Chapter 2542 Dark Heavenly Palace
Chapter 2543 Nine Evil Beings
Chapter 2544 The Great Disciple of Emperor Xuan
Chapter 2545 Light Washing
Chapter 2546 Sword Formation
Chapter 2547 The terrifying war hammer!
Chapter 2548: Warhammers Internal Space
Chapter 2549 Dark General!
Chapter 2550 The devils heart is on the same frequency
Chapter 2551: Flesh Immortal Realm!
Chapter 2552 Emperor Xuan
Chapter 2553 Obliterate!
Chapter 2554 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 2555 Ancient Prose in the Starry Sky
Chapter 2556: Its better to block than to open up!
Chapter 2557 Massacre Palm
Chapter 2558 Divine Power!
Chapter 2559 Tianxuan God Emperor
Chapter 2560 Nine Dragon Seal
Chapter 2561 Seventy-two Stars
Chapter 2562 Succeed
Chapter 2563 Immortal Tribulation
Chapter 2564 Return
Chapter 2565: Golden Crow Demon Lord!
Chapter 2566: Kill them all
Chapter 2567 Chaos
Chapter 2568 Tai Cang Secret Realm
Chapter 2569 Arrival
Chapter 2570 Golden Crow Demon Lord
Chapter 2571 Tai Cang Ling
Chapter 2572 Golden Crow Divine Ancestor
Chapter 2573 The Great War
Chapter 2574 The Golden Crow Divine Ancestor Escapes
Chapter 2575: Genocide
Chapter 2576 A bone hand!
Chapter 2577 From the future!
Chapter 2578 Dark Era!
Chapter 2579 Gu Qianqiu
Chapter 2580 Plan
Chapter 2581 The Universe Time Sea
Chapter 2582 Ghosts in the Sea
Chapter 2583 The Power of Time and Space
Chapter 2584 Nirvana Realm
Chapter 2585 Snow White War Spear
Chapter 2586 Panmo Palace
Chapter 2587 Borrowing an Identity
Chapter 2588 The Tianhe River is weak
Chapter 2589 Tianhe Guardsman
Chapter 2590 Big shot
Chapter 2591: Weak Water Sword Intent
Chapter 2592 Our Lady of Tianxuan
Chapter 2593 The True Meaning of Tianhe
Chapter 2594 Heavenly Palace
Chapter 2595 The Dark Palace
Chapter 2596 Golden Lotus in the Sea of Bitterness
Chapter 2597 The Emperor!
Chapter 2598 Emperor Tianhe
Chapter 2599 Gift
Chapter 2600 Instructions
Chapter 2601 Big Dream Three Thousand
Chapter 2602 Leaving
Chapter 2603 The Ancient Divine Mine
Chapter 2604 Dark Ore
Chapter 2605: Afterimages spanning time and space
Chapter 2606 Chaos Light Gate
Chapter 2607 Shock
Chapter 2608: Talisman to Heaven
Chapter 2609 Crisis in Fengyu Palace
Chapter 2610 Fan Deng Ghost Lord
Chapter 2611 Tian Xuanzi
Chapter 2612 Suppression
Chapter 2613 The Immortals Gather
Chapter 2614 Corpse Iron Divine Weapon
Chapter 2615 Return to the New World
Chapter 2616 Fight to the Death
Chapter 2617: Reversing the Tide of the War
Chapter 2618 Su Bai returns
Chapter 2619 Crush
Chapter 2620 Victory
Chapter 2621: Tiansheng Gods Weighing
Chapter 2622 Sharing Divine Marks
Chapter 2623 See Bai Jue!
Chapter 2624 The whereabouts of the Lord of the Killing Temple!
Chapter 2625: Changes in the Borderlands
Chapter 2626 Deduction
Chapter 2627: Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 2628 Accident
Chapter 2629: Su Bai Overcomes Tribulation
Chapter 2630: Together to the New World
Chapter 2631 Another breakthrough!
Chapter 2632 Guarding
Chapter 2633: Overcoming both calamities
Chapter 2634 Shura Emperor
Chapter 2635 Su Bai VS God Emperor
Chapter 2636 Sneak Attack
Chapter 2637: Divide and break
Chapter 2638 Li Guiyis method
Chapter 2639 Means
Chapter 2640 The Power of Heaven
Chapter 2641: Open and Honest
Chapter 2642 Plan
Chapter 2643: Emperor Pattern Divine Formation
Chapter 2644 The request of Shenwan Immortal Lord
Chapter 2645 Broken Gun
Chapter 2646 Weirdness
Chapter 2647: Border Conspiracy
Chapter 2648: Extremely Poisonous!
Chapter 2649 Death of An Yunhao!
Chapter 2650 Killing Nanfeng
Chapter 2651 Tao Seed Egg
Chapter 2652 The Origin of the Imperial Way
Chapter 2653 Gathering
Chapter 2654 Luo Wuxian
Chapter 2655: The target of public criticism
Chapter 2656: Seizing the Great Thousand Mirror
Chapter 2657: The method of adventure
Chapter 2658 One Thousandth of a Moment
Chapter 2659: The Fake Origin of Imperial Dao
Chapter 2660: Past Grudges
Chapter 2661 The strength of God Tiansheng
Chapter 2662 Suppression
Chapter 2663 Restriction
Chapter 2664 Immortal Emperor Level
Chapter 2665 The devastated heaven
Chapter 2666 Shen Wuque
Chapter 2667 Tianyu Alliance
Chapter 2668 Linyuan
Chapter 2669 Emperors Projection
Chapter 2670 Another fight
Chapter 2671 The power of the emperor!
Chapter 2672 The frustrated Li Guiyi!
Chapter 2673 Immortal Emperor Weiyang!
Chapter 2674 The Third World!
Chapter 2675: Oath of Destiny
Chapter 2676 Blood Shadow Heavenly Lord
Chapter 2677 Powerful!
Chapter 2678 Suppression!
Chapter 2679 The Edge of the Universe
Chapter 2680 The immortals gather together
Chapter 2681: Three Years of Retreat
Chapter 2682: Plan before departure
Chapter 2683 Tiangang Formation
Chapter 2684 Heading to the Third World
Chapter 2685 Changes in the Heavens
Chapter 2686 Dark Alien Race
Chapter 2687: Kill with one punch!
Chapter 2688 Thunderous Means
Chapter 2689 Suppression of All
Chapter 2690 The Third World
Chapter 2691 Eliminating the Threat
Chapter 2692 Fantasy City
Chapter 2693: Fantasy City
Chapter 2695 Suppression
Chapter 2695: Suppression in the God Realm World
Chapter 2696 Accident
Chapter 2697: Fengzu has passed away?
Chapter 2698 Mutation
Chapter 2699 The Second Life
Chapter 2700 Dark Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 2701 Nine turns!
Chapter 2702 The Worst Situation
Chapter 2703 A Last Stand
Chapter 2704: Suppress and Kill
Chapter 2705: Turning the Tide
Chapter 2706 The brief ending
Chapter 2707 Clues
Chapter 2708 Massacre
Chapter 2709 The City of Niehai
Chapter 2710 The Sea of Niece
Chapter 2711 Li Taixuan
Chapter 2712 Its All False
Chapter 2713 Cutting through the illusion
Chapter 2714 The Ancient City
Chapter 2715 Chongyun Stone Tablet
Chapter 2716 The prison is empty
Chapter 2717 Traitor Li Taixuan
Chapter 2718 A million-year plan
Chapter 2719 The Ninth Level of Tao Tower
Chapter 2720 God is Wuque!
Chapter 2721 Suppression!
Chapter 2722 The path to perfection
Chapter 2723 Mutation
Chapter 2724 Nightmare Ruins
Chapter 2725 Return to the world of heavens!
Chapter 2726 Return to the Universe and Time Sea
Chapter 2727 The Red Dragon Supreme
Chapter 2728: Duel between Emperors
Chapter 2729 Red Demon He
Chapter 2730 Bait
Chapter 2731 Black Flame Blood Scythe
Chapter 2732 Su Bais Thoughts
Chapter 2733
Chapter 2734 Bei Hao Tianjun
Chapter 2735 Ill kill you today!
Chapter 2736 Blood Moon Swallowing Heaven Formation
Chapter 2737 Beheading
Chapter 2738 Suspicion
Chapter 2739 Bahuang Liuhe Hall
Chapter 2740 Gods and Demons Mine
Chapter 2741: Worship the Mountain!
Chapter 2742: One person against one world
Chapter 2743: Martial Lord in White
Chapter 2744 Questions
Chapter 2745 Alliance
Chapter 2746 Disciple Order
Chapter 2747 Bei Minglian
Chapter 2748 Bahuang Liuhe Hall
Chapter 2749 Mustard Seed World
Chapter 2750 No loans allowed!
Chapter 2751 The Emperor takes action!
Chapter 2752 A Voice
Chapter 2753 Betting!
Chapter 2754 Suppression
Chapter 2755 Dungeon
Chapter 2756 Feng Yunxiao
Chapter 2757 Bahuang Liuhe Treasure Book
Chapter 2758 Nine-story Mountain of Books!
Chapter 2759 Climbing the Book Mountain!
Chapter 2760 The Sixth Floor!
Chapter 2761 Tianjiyi movement
Chapter 2762 Beiminghai
Chapter 2763 Tai Yan Sword
Chapter 2764 Sea Spirit Holy Beast
Chapter 2765 Ancient Mirror
Chapter 2766 Absolute Reconstruction
Chapter 2767 The Eighth Floor!
Chapter 2768 Dried Blood Pool
Chapter 2769 Yan Xin
Chapter 2770 Demand
Chapter 2771 A Bronze Gate
Chapter 2772 Passage to the Alien World
Chapter 2773 Raising Time Crystals
Chapter 2774
Chapter 2775 Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 2776 Talking about Cooperation
Chapter 2777 Leaving
Chapter 2778 The Underworld Continent
Chapter 2779 Blood-haired Man
Chapter 2780 Bloodthirsty Ability
Chapter 2781 Suppression
Chapter 2782 The Secret of the Gate of Hell
Chapter 2783 Underworld
Chapter 2784 Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 2785: Erasure of Will
Chapter 2786 Fengdu
Chapter 2787 The War Begins
Chapter 2788 Line of Defense
Chapter 2789 Su Baizhi!
Chapter 2790 Planning
Chapter 2791 The period of decay
Chapter 2792 Savage World
Chapter 2793: Protecting Weaknesses
Chapter 2794: Grinding Fruit
Chapter 2795 Obsession
Chapter 2796 Conditions
Chapter 2797: Dragon Transformation
Chapter 2798 Dragon Emperor
Chapter 2799: Strong Measures
Chapter 2800 The World of Scrolls
Chapter 2801: Establishing the Teleportation Array
Chapter 2802: Perfecting the Starry Sky Defense
Chapter 2803 Indelible Will
Chapter 2804 Dragon Emperor!
Chapter 2805 Soaring Snake Clan!
Chapter 2806 Shock
Chapter 2807 Alliance
Chapter 2808 Ten years!
Chapter 2809: The Secret Changes
Chapter 2810 Alien Purpose!
Chapter 2811 Layout
Chapter 2812 Battle!
Chapter 2813 Old Friend!
Chapter 2814 Li Taixuan
Chapter 2815 Inner Demon!
Chapter 2816 Red Mohe
Chapter 2817: Death?
Chapter 2818: Dismantling the Troops
Chapter 2819 The Sorrow of All Heavens
Chapter 2820 Sayetuo
Chapter 2821: Outer Incarnation
Chapter 2822 Starting from scratch?
Chapter 2823 Emperor Xuanji
Chapter 2824 Beyond the Heavens
Chapter 2825: All Worlds of Sara
Chapter 2826: Destruction of the Star Sea
Chapter 2827 Trouble
Chapter 2828 Cultivation
Chapter 2829 Return to the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 2830 Seriously injured!
Chapter 2831 Soul Bead
Chapter 2832: Flowers in the Mirror and Moon in the Water
Chapter 2833 I can help you!
Chapter 2834 Su Bai takes action!
Chapter 2835 Hidden Taoist!
Chapter 2836 Are there any strong ones?
Chapter 2837 The Supreme Palace Master
Chapter 2838 Seven Colored Divine Feathers
Chapter 2839 The First Saint
Chapter 2840 Ice Phoenix Divine Body
Chapter 2841 Leave
Chapter 2842 Within the Divine Feather!
Chapter 2843 Fudo Ming King!
Chapter 2844 Demon Clan
Chapter 2845 An identity!
Chapter 2846 Bounty Mission
Chapter 2847 The Flame-Free Realm
Chapter 2848: 100% sure
Chapter 2849 Domain Princes Mansion
Chapter 2850
Chapter 2851 The power of divine magic!
Chapter 2852 Killing!
Chapter 2853: Swimming Fish Pearl
Chapter 2854 Flame Ruins
Chapter 2855 The Origin Spirit!
Chapter 2856
Chapter 2857: The Dead Leaf Demon Lord
Chapter 2858 Destiny
Chapter 2859 Destiny!
Chapter 2860 Blocker!
Chapter 2861 Demon Suppressing Sword
Chapter 2862 Baidi Tower
Chapter 2863: Ruined Mountains
Chapter 2864: Qin Duo
Chapter 2865 An Immortal Song!
Chapter 2866 White Tombstone
Chapter 2867 The Remains of the Supreme
Chapter 2868 Chaotic Divine Sea
Chapter 2869 The first confrontation
Chapter 2870 Divine Magic!
Chapter 2871 The Mirror of the Heavenly King
Chapter 2872 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 2873 The Power of the Demon-Suppressing Sword
Chapter 2874 Ming Zu and Demon Zu
Chapter 2875: Terrifying Killing Formation!
Chapter 2876 Demon Ancestor
Chapter 2877: Fight!
Chapter 2878 Battle!
Chapter 2879 True Strength!
Chapter 2880 The Phoenix of Annihilation
Chapter 2881 Demon Ancestor
Chapter 2882 Gift of Sword
Chapter 2883 The Demon-Suppressing Sword!
Chapter 2884 Wordless Divine Guide
Chapter 2885 Searching for Opportunities
Chapter 2886 The Supreme Star
Chapter 2887 Seven Colored Divine Stone
Chapter 2888 Di Ke
Chapter 2889: Attack with all your strength!
Chapter 2890: Search
Chapter 2891 Uproar
Chapter 2892 Wordless Divine Guide
Chapter 2893 Dark Triangle Universe
Chapter 2894 A shocking battle!
Chapter 2895 Answer
Chapter 2896 Azure forged flint
Chapter 2897 The Man in Black Robe
Chapter 2898 Que Huangzhu
Chapter 2899 A battle!
Chapter 2900 Blood Cloud Tower
Chapter 2901 The Divine Power of Dharma!
Chapter 2902: Memory of Blood Cloud Tower
Chapter 2903 Blood Refining
Chapter 2904 New Identity
Chapter 2905 Brutal
Chapter 2906 Xue Bihai
Chapter 2907 Take action
Chapter 2908 Behead!
Chapter 2909 King Yunjiu
Chapter 2910 The Blue Wave Realm
Chapter 2911 Snow Scenery
Chapter 2912 Twelve Evil Generals
Chapter 2913 Wheel War
Chapter 2914 Divine General Zui Kun
Chapter 2915 The First Divine General!
Chapter 2916 The Sin Saint General
Chapter 2917 Flaws in the Way of the Sword
Chapter 2918 Blood Palace
Chapter 2919 Bloody Vengeance
Chapter 2920 Coping
Chapter 2921 Follow
Chapter 2922: Rebuilding the Way of the Sword
Chapter 2923 Victory!
Chapter 2924 New List
Chapter 2925 Eighty-nine Mysterious Techniques!
Chapter 2926: Imperial Blood City
Chapter 2927
Chapter 2928
Chapter 2929 Mysterious Tile?
Chapter 2930 Open!
Chapter 2931 Supreme!
Chapter 2932 Spirit Girl
Chapter 2933: Win the challenge!
Chapter 2934 Invincible
Chapter 2935: Continuous fierce battles!
Chapter 2936
Chapter 2937 First Round
Chapter 2938 Sword Cultivator!
Chapter 2939 Sword Emperor Qing Shi
Chapter 2940: Xue Hanhou
Chapter 2941 Suppression
Chapter 2942 Pei Ying, Luo Shang
Chapter 2943: War with Lu Jian
Chapter 2944 Victory!
Chapter 2945 Anyue Mountain
Chapter 2946: Stop here?
Chapter 2947 A strange battle situation
Chapter 2948: Take the initiative to admit defeat
Chapter 2949 Cloud Dove Catfish
Chapter 2950: Illusion Killing!
Chapter 2951 The Battle of the Three Strongmen
Chapter 2952 The Peak Battle
Chapter 2953 Killing Formation!
Chapter 2954 Take action
Chapter 2955 Complete suppression!
Chapter 2956 Victory or defeat!
Chapter 2957 Defeat
Chapter 2958 The Arrival of the Supreme
Chapter 2959 Celestial Clan
Chapter 2960: One death and one madness
Chapter 2961 White Feather Supreme
Chapter 2962: Formation problem!
Chapter 2963 The Secret of Dark Source Qi
Chapter 2964: Immortal Lords Nine Transformations!
Chapter 2965 Im not dead yet!
Chapter 2966 News!
Chapter 2967 Cultivation!
Chapter 2968 Bad News from Bibo City
Chapter 2969
Chapter 2970 Fear
Chapter 2971 Dan Cheng
Chapter 2972: Seizing the Pill
Chapter 2973 Revealing Identity
Chapter 2974 Suppress with one sword!
Chapter 2975: Being a slave, a servant
Chapter 2976 Xuanjian Mountain
Chapter 2977 Rumors
Chapter 2978 The Mystery of the Ancient Cauldron
Chapter 2979 Punishment (Happy New Year!)
Chapter 2980
Chapter 2981 The First Generation Sword Master
Chapter 2982: Completion of the Supreme Sword Dao!
Chapter 2983 Tianshu Xingyuan
Chapter 2984: Searching to no avail
Chapter 2985: Blood Clan Temple
Chapter 2986: No Shadow
Chapter 2987 The mysterious figure
Chapter 2988 Return to Shengtian Palace
Chapter 2989 The whereabouts of Linglong
Chapter 2990 The Secret
Chapter 2991 Xuanhuang Secret Key
Chapter 2992: Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 2993: Return to Fluctlight
Chapter 2994: Borrowing Formation
Chapter 2995 Repairing the Magic Circle
Chapter 2996 Luoxia Mountain
Chapter 2997 Eight-Winged Blood Kirin
Chapter 2998 Void Passage
Chapter 2999 The Lost Land
Chapter 3000: Sword Intent Altar
Chapter 3001 Sword cultivators gather together
Chapter 3002: The Leader of Sword Cultivators Millions of Years Ago
Chapter 3003 Sword Washing Pool
Chapter 3004: Changes in the Sword Washing Pond
Chapter 3005: The power of swordsmanship
Chapter 3006: After Qingmen
Chapter 3007: What is Dacheng?
Chapter 3008: Evil Thoughts
Chapter 3009: Evil Spirit
Chapter 3010 Sword Soul Evil
Chapter 3011 Thousand-Destroying Emperor Pattern Strength
Chapter 3012 Join forces
Chapter 3013: Fighting
Chapter 3014 The Sword Swallowing Ancestor
Chapter 3015: The Battle of the Stars and the Broken Sword Sword Formation
Chapter 3016 Purpose
Chapter 3017 Odds of Winning
Chapter 3018 Nine-color Sacred Mountain
Chapter 3019 Take action
Chapter 3020 Endless Heaven
Chapter 3021: Join forces to fight
Chapter 3022: Falling behind
Chapter 3023: Heaven-Severing Sword Seal
Chapter 3024 Everyone Shows Their Magical Powers
Chapter 3025 The situation changes again!
Chapter 3026: Promise of One Sword
Chapter 3027 Battle!
Chapter 3028: Sword Holder
Chapter 3029 A stronger trump card
Chapter 3030: Unlocking the Seal
Chapter 3031: Control the situation
Chapter 3032 Choice
Chapter 3033: Refining Sword Tomb
Chapter 3034 Leaving
Chapter 3035: Gifting the Remnant Soul
Chapter 3036 Recovering the Lost Land
Chapter 3037: Trapped in a whirlpool
Chapter 3038 Return to Half-Step Supreme!
Chapter 3039 Battle Gathering Order
Chapter 3040 Palace of Heavenly Kings
Chapter 3041: General
Chapter 3042 Tantai Beacon
Chapter 3043: Those in Power
Chapter 3044 Demon Phoenix Ancient Domain
Chapter 3045 Contempt
Chapter 3046 Battle
Chapter 3047 Shock
Chapter 3048 Banquet
Chapter 3049: The Galaxy Tomorrow
Chapter 3050 Holy Edict
Chapter 3051 Tantai Beacon
Chapter 3052
Chapter 3053 Discussion
Chapter 3054: War Letter
Chapter 3055 The battle begins!
Chapter 3056: Shocking Battle
Chapter 3057: The Sin Saint Generals Methods!
Chapter 3058 Total Suppression!
Chapter 3059 Conflict
Chapter 3060: Retreat!
Chapter 3061 Take the initiative to fight
Chapter 3062 Courage
Chapter 3063 Puppet
Chapter 3064 Showdown!
Chapter 3065: Light God Realm
Chapter 3066 Senluos Death Array
Chapter 3067 Behead!
Chapter 3068: Kill!
Chapter 3069 The End
Chapter 3070: Famous throughout the world
Chapter 3071: Crimson Pearl Divine Grass
Chapter 3072 The Supreme Word of God
Chapter 3073 White Feather Supreme
Chapter 3074 Hunyuan Dao Fruit
Chapter 3075: Re-entering the Divine Sea
Chapter 3076: Walking Alone
Chapter 3077 Aboriginal
Chapter 3078 Massacre!
Chapter 3079 Sui Jingtian
Chapter 3080: Fantasy Nest
Chapter 3081 The Devil Swallowing Bird
Chapter 3082 The whereabouts of the source crystal
Chapter 3083: Mid-range Sacred Land
Chapter 3084 Entering the Divine Land
Chapter 3085 Eight-armed Kui Niu
Chapter 3086 Fierce battle!
Chapter 3087 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 3088: Collecting the Mysterious Soul Source Crystal
Chapter 3089: A world will be destroyed
Chapter 3090 The Divine Corpse is in turmoil!
Chapter 3091 Hua Guan Jade
Chapter 3092 Ambush
Chapter 3093 A fair fight
Chapter 3094 Water Realm!
Chapter 3095: Pagoda of Pagoda and Plutos Deadpool
Chapter 3096 Crazy Anyue Mountain
Chapter 3097 Sneak Attack
Chapter 3098: Supreme Instrument
Chapter 3099: Retreat!
Chapter 3100 Leaving
Chapter 3101 Gods Word Takes Action
Chapter 3102 The Mysterious Supreme
Chapter 3103 Goodbye Dead Leaves!
Chapter 3104: Sotuo Ancient Divine Realm
Chapter 3105: Fractured Snow Mountain
Chapter 3106: Killing Sword Intent
Chapter 3107 Endless Heaven
Chapter 3108 Frost Pavilion
Chapter 3109
Chapter 3110 Lets discuss important matters together!
Chapter 3111 Ancient Secrets
Chapter 3112 Xuan Bing Qi
Chapter 3113 Star Sword Pavilion
Chapter 3114: Position of Pavilion Master
Chapter 3115 Yuguang Pavilion
Chapter 3116 Five Sword Masters
Chapter 3117: Exchange of Sword Techniques
Chapter 3118: Cooking wine and discussing swords
Chapter 3119 Battle against Yu Baiwei
Chapter 3120 Victory!
Chapter 3121: Killing Intent Sword Way
Chapter 3122 Reflecting Mirror
Chapter 3123 Seven Paths into the Sword!
Chapter 3124 Ark
Chapter 3125 Enlightenment
Chapter 3126 Invisible and Formless
Chapter 3127 Breaking the Barrier
Chapter 3128: Tongtian Divine General!
Chapter 3129: One against three
Chapter 3130: Burning Divine Blood!
Chapter 3131: The Heavenly Rhinoceros Demon
Chapter 3132: Fight
Chapter 3133 Suppression
Chapter 3134 Suppression
Chapter 3135: Questioning!
Chapter 3136 Netherworld Ghost Bird
Chapter 3137 Beheading
Chapter 3138 Recommendation
Chapter 3139
Chapter 3140 Thousand Emperor Patterns!
Chapter 3141 Sword Refining Pond
Chapter 3142 Thunder Tempering!
Chapter 3143 Undead Cemetery
Chapter 3144 Opportunity
Chapter 3145 Spiritual Sky Divine Mirror
Chapter 3146 The Long Family
Chapter 3147 Three Young Masters
Chapter 3148 The strong ones gather together
Chapter 3149 The Long Familys Plan!
Chapter 3150 Undead
Chapter 3151 Suppression
Chapter 3152 Emperor Chenyu
Chapter 3153 Shura Cemetery
Chapter 3154 Maya
Chapter 3155
Chapter 3156 Suppression
Chapter 3157 Secret
Chapter 3158: The Pool of Murderous Intent
Chapter 3159 Five Years
Chapter 3160: Entering the Deep Pool
Chapter 3161: Incomplete Sword Formation
Chapter 3162 The God of Killing!
Chapter 3163 Tianyuan
Chapter 3164 The Blade of Sanctions
Chapter 3165 Vine Dragon
Chapter 3166 The ultimate formation!
Chapter 3167 Shackles
Chapter 3168 Dragon Ball
Chapter 3169 An Ruchen
Chapter 3170 The Power of the Supreme!
Chapter 3171 Amazing combat power!
Chapter 3172 The Supreme Talisman
Chapter 3173 Another Supreme!
Chapter 3174 The Fall of Fu Changqing
Chapter 3175 Deduction!
Chapter 3176 Beheading
Chapter 3177 Necessary revenge!
Chapter 3178 Dragon Bones of Gods
Chapter 3179 Luo Yan
Chapter 3180 Sky Pass
Chapter 3181 Marriage
Chapter 3182 Entering the city!
Chapter 3183 Ten Thousand Dao Emperor Patterns
Chapter 3184 Battle!
Chapter 3185 The Dao Haunting Demon Sword
Chapter 3186: Bow
Chapter 3187: Battle of the Supreme Gods!
Chapter 3188: Genocide
Chapter 3189: Fight to the death
Chapter 3190 The Long Familys Heritage
Chapter 3191: The Ten Thousand Destroying Emperor's Pattern Strength
Chapter 3192 Destruction
Chapter 3193 Interrogation!
Chapter 3194: Ancient Futu Clan
Chapter 3195 Golden Ancient Text!
Chapter 3196 The Ancient True Phoenix
Chapter 3197 The Supreme Word of God
Chapter 3198 Battle
Chapter 3199 The Cenotaph
Chapter 3200 The new Suibing Sword Master
Chapter 3201 Variables
Chapter 3202 Sword Awarding Ceremony
Chapter 3203 Moving the Universe
Chapter 3204 Zhouhai God Emperor
Chapter 3205 Return to the Vampire Clan
Chapter 3206: Meeting with God’s Word
Chapter 3207 Tiannan Death Realm
Chapter 3208: Changes in the Tower
Chapter 3209 Take action
Chapter 3210 Weird Monster!
Chapter 3211 Suppression
Chapter 3212 Blood Wing Shura
Chapter 3213: Ten Thousand Miles of Territory
Chapter 3214: Young Master Quan
Chapter 3215 Weirdness!
Chapter 3216 The Lost Corridor
Chapter 3217 The Ancient World
Chapter 3218 Entropy Clan
Chapter 3219 Encounter
Chapter 3220 The Kingdom of Death
Chapter 3221: Enemy!
Chapter 3222: Hard to Match
Chapter 3223 The Sword of Death
Chapter 3224 Backlash!
Chapter 3225 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 3226: The Remnant Soul of the True Phoenix
Chapter 3227: True Phoenix Death Spirit
Chapter 3228 Shen Ze
Chapter 3229 Dao Yun increases greatly
Chapter 3230: Ghost Sword Corpse Emperor
Chapter 3231 Return
Chapter 3232 The Divine Source of Nirvana
Chapter 3233: Can be met but not sought
Chapter 3234 Transaction
Chapter 3235 Watch
Chapter 3236 Gu Liufang
Chapter 3237 Discussion
Chapter 3238: Sacrifice
Chapter 3239 Three Great Successes
Chapter 3240: Boundary Monument
Chapter 3241 Sword Formation Diagram
Chapter 3242 The Secret of the Corpse Clan
Chapter 3243 Nine twists and turns
Chapter 3244 Curse Seal
Chapter 3245: Bow down
Chapter 3246 Please fight!
Chapter 3247 Jing Tianyi
Chapter 3248 Nine swords come out at once!
Chapter 3249 Battle
Chapter 3250 Nine Swords Return to One
Chapter 3251 Pavilion Master
Chapter 3252 Undercurrent
Chapter 3253 The Supreme Being
Chapter 3254 Origin
Chapter 3255: The Power of the Divine Word Supreme
Chapter 3256 Invitation
Chapter 3257 Yunyitian Tower
Chapter 3258 Yunzhongxian
Chapter 3259 The Divine Banquet
Chapter 3260 Cooperation
Chapter 3261 Lord Minghao
Chapter 3262 Powerful
Chapter 3263 Corpse River
Chapter 3264 News
Chapter 3265 The Background of Blood Wing Shura
Chapter 3266 Breaking the Realm
Chapter 3267 The Great Wall of Bones
Chapter 3268 Jing Tianzun
Chapter 3269: Seeking death!
Chapter 3270 Fierce Battle
Chapter 3271 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 3272 Turbulence
Chapter 3273 The turbulent flow of the river of corpses
Chapter 3274: The Body of Corpse River
Chapter 3275 Ten Thousand Swords Attack!
Chapter 3276: Death Situation
Chapter 3277 The Celestial Clan’s Arrangement
Chapter 3278: Changes in the Blood Clan
Chapter 3279 Red Ten Heavenly Lord
Chapter 3280 An unprecedented situation
Chapter 3281 Invincible
Chapter 3282 Three Major Branches
Chapter 3283 Different Time and Space Battlefield
Chapter 3284: War Emperor Luan
Chapter 3285: Kill them all
Chapter 3286 The Yin-Yang Jue of Creation
Chapter 3287: Clone
Chapter 3288 Ouyang Wei
Chapter 3289 Hongdu Proterozoic Realm
Chapter 3290: Outside the Territory
Chapter 3291 The strength of the ancient tribe
Chapter 3292 Cursed Ancestral Marks
Chapter 3293: Divine Words of Liberation
Chapter 3294 Supreme Tribulation
Chapter 3295: Heavens Tolerance
Chapter 3296 Arrival!
Chapter 3297 Seeking a way out
Chapter 3298 Invincible!
Chapter 3299 Blood Wind Chime
Chapter 3300 Sacred Artifact
Chapter 3301: Invitation from Blood Cloud Immortal
Chapter 3302 The Sword Manual of the Saint Sword Master
Chapter 3303 The World of Divine Words
Chapter 3304 Controlling Curse Marks
Chapter 3305 Cooperation
Chapter 3306 Maple Spirit City
Chapter 3307 Turmoil
Chapter 3308 Escape!
Chapter 3309 Sacrifice to the Demonic Abyss
Chapter 3310 All Demons Gather
Chapter 3311: Ability to stretch and bend
Chapter 3312 Ancient World
Chapter 3313 The Crack in the Opposite World
Chapter 3314: True Lord Haoyang
Chapter 3315 His Highness Chi
Chapter 3316 Tianyu Guards
Chapter 3317 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 3318 Gap
Chapter 3319 Crush
Chapter 3320: Space-time Vortex
Chapter 3321 Cross-examination
Chapter 3322 Arrival
Chapter 3323 Time difference
Chapter 3324 Reunion
Chapter 3325 One Hundred and Seventy Years
Chapter 3326 Immortal Tomb
Chapter 3327 Alliance
Chapter 3328 Tree God Realm
Chapter 3329: Holy Weapon vs. Holy Weapon
Chapter 3330 Suppression
Chapter 3331 Hell Fire
Chapter 3332 Two Conditions
Chapter 3333: Heavenly Secret Induction
Chapter 3334 Shuyun Pavilion
Chapter 3335 Immortal Palace
Chapter 3336: No Arrogance
Chapter 3337 Eye Technique
Chapter 3338 Turning virtuality into reality
Chapter 3339
Chapter 3340: Burning together
Chapter 3341 Suppression
Chapter 3342: The Immortal Palace is Furious
Chapter 3343 Tianxi Imperial City
Chapter 3344 Auction
Chapter 3345 Tianbaoyuan Tower
Chapter 3346 Building Momentum
Chapter 3347 Gray Clothes
Chapter 3348: Blood Halberd Figure
Chapter 3349 Shocking all parties
Chapter 3350 Xingyuan
Chapter 3351 Eight Wastelands
Chapter 3352: Mere Pseudo-Supreme
Chapter 3353 Registered Disciple
Chapter 3354 Fate
Chapter 3355 The Vampire Clan has a problem!
Chapter 3356 The Supremes of All Parties
Chapter 3357 Divine Envoy
Chapter 3358 Supreme Arena
Chapter 3359 Luo Heng appears
Chapter 3360 Instant Kill
Chapter 3361 Lord of the Star Abyss
Chapter 3362 Rules
Chapter 3363: The Iron List of Heavens Way
Chapter 3364 The war begins
Chapter 3365 Sword Intent
Chapter 3366 Second Round
Chapter 3367 Lord of the Forbidden Territory
Chapter 3368 Battle with the Lord of the Forbidden Territory!
Chapter 3369: Admit Defeat
Chapter 3370: Transferring Starlight
Chapter 3371 The Battle of Demons
Chapter 3372 Ten Directions Demonic Soul Array
Chapter 3373 The Third Round
Chapter 3374 The Celestial Clan has no courage
Chapter 3375 Moon Immortal Supreme
Chapter 3376 Battle with Yuexian
Chapter 3377 Victory!
Chapter 3378 Yuehua Treasure Clothes
Chapter 3379 The Final Battle
Chapter 3380 Tiansi Ding
Chapter 3381 Forbidden Supreme
Chapter 3382 Belonging
Chapter 3383: Time and Space Teleportation Array
Chapter 3384 Descendants of the Ancient Futu Clan
Chapter 3385 What is the Holy Realm?
Chapter 3386 The Law of the Holy Realm
Chapter 3387 Comprehension
Chapter 3388 Strength improvement
Chapter 3389 Life Restricted Area
Chapter 3390 Tianbao Divine City
Chapter 3391 Poseidon Master
Chapter 3392 The Supreme Godhead
Chapter 3393 The Ancient Demon-Slaying Formation
Chapter 3394: Entering the restricted area
Chapter 3395 Blood Cold Ice Crystal
Chapter 3396 The Divine Corpse in the Starry Sky
Chapter 3397 The second thing
Chapter 3398: Making a Covenant
Chapter 3399 The Heavenly Thunder Method of the Ten Directions
Chapter 3400 Thunder Bird
Chapter 3401: Borrowing the Thunder Pool
Chapter 3402 Thunder Pond
Chapter 3403 Blazing Feather Supreme
Chapter 3404: Avenging past shame?
Chapter 3405 Suppression
Chapter 3406 Fury
Chapter 3407 Tianya Sword
Chapter 3408 Hunting!
Chapter 3409: Purifying Spiritual Roots
Chapter 3410 Star Road
Chapter 3411 The World of Pagoda
Chapter 3412: The strong man of the ancient Futu clan!
Chapter 3413 No choice
Chapter 3414 The Gate of the Underground Palace
Chapter 3415: The Underground Palace Divine Treasure
Chapter 3416 Dry Bones
Chapter 3417 Li Yue
Chapter 3418: Time Lamp
Chapter 3419: Great increase in cultivation
Chapter 3420: Forget the Wind City
Chapter 3421 Evil Sword
Chapter 3422 The Ancient God Formation of the Twelve Phase Palace
Chapter 3423 Blood Sacrifice to the Common People
Chapter 3424 The Origin of Auction
Chapter 3425 Familiar Breath
Chapter 3426 Hellfire
Chapter 3427: Blockage
Chapter 3428: A Favor
Chapter 3429 Chaos of all laws
Chapter 3430: The Way of Destruction
Chapter 3431 Evil Soul
Chapter 3432 The End of Life and Death
Chapter 3433 Gods Cemetery
Chapter 3434 Yellow Bird
Chapter 3435 Cangsongyin
Chapter 3436 Pei Shulian
Chapter 3437 The Immortal Clans Residence
Chapter 3438 Planning
Chapter 3439 Chixia
Chapter 3440: Kowloon facing the sky
Chapter 3441 Things change and heaven changes
Chapter 3442 Death Brand
Chapter 3443 Fighting the Moon Immortal Again
Chapter 3444 The Lord of the Immortal Palace
Chapter 3445: One Sword of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3446 Ming Gu
Chapter 3447: Battle with Minggu
Chapter 3448: The Strongest Sword
Chapter 3449 Decision
Chapter 3450: Opening up a passage
Chapter 3451 The inevitable battle
Chapter 3452: Emperor Level Heaven
Chapter 3453 Strong Enemy
Chapter 3454: Divine Appearance Transformation
Chapter 3455 Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 3456: Defeated Emperor Tiedian
Chapter 3457: Retreating the Enemy
Chapter 3458 The Second Palace Master
Chapter 3459: Business
Chapter 3460: Changes in Immortal Tomb
Chapter 3461 The Immortal Tomb sinks
Chapter 3462 Another battle with Emperor Tiertian
Chapter 3463: The Art of Yin and Yang of Creation
Chapter 3464 Nothing more than that!
Chapter 3465 The Immortal Tomb is about to open!
Chapter 3466 Goddess
Chapter 3467: Blood Clan
Chapter 3468: The Holy Lord’s Methods
Chapter 3469: Battle
Chapter 3470 Limit
Chapter 3471 Threat
Chapter 3472 Praying to the Holy Emperor of Light
Chapter 3473: The Strongest Person of the Celestial Clan
Chapter 3474: Fight to the Death!!
Chapter 3475 The Power of Demon Ancestor
Chapter 3476 The power of one sword
Chapter 3477 The Taoist Talisman of Destruction
Chapter 3478 Destruction of the World!
Chapter 3479 The world is destroyed
Chapter 3480 Must die!
Chapter 3481 The Seal of Reincarnation and Death
Chapter 3482: The Fall of Emperor Tiantian
Chapter 3483 Time and Space Channel
Chapter 3484 Return to All Realms
Chapter 3485: Planning
Chapter 3486 Bloody Qianyue
Chapter 3487 The Saint of the Vampire Clan
Chapter 3488: The Ancient Jade of Tongming
Chapter 3489 Gathering
Chapter 3490 Weirdness
Chapter 3491 Sword Intent
Chapter 3492 Suppression
Chapter 3493 Beyond Dongshan
Chapter 3494 Dongshan Sword Emperor
Chapter 3495 The power of the sword!
Chapter 3496 Lord Tongming
Chapter 3497 The Holy Lord Awakens
Chapter 3498 Buddha
Chapter 3499 Yinming Finger
Chapter 3500: Desolate Ye City
Chapter 3501 The ancient jade of Tongming
Chapter 3502 Refining
Chapter 3503 The Holy Lords Arrive
Chapter 3504: Duel with the Lord!
Chapter 3505: Physically Invincible
Chapter 3506 The World of Sword Martial Arts
Chapter 3507 Times have changed
Chapter 3508 The Dharmakaya of the Holy Path
Chapter 3509 Beheading
Chapter 3510: God of Feathers
Chapter 3511 Dominate the Realm
Chapter 3512 Unwilling to try
Chapter 3513 The extraordinary realm!
Chapter 3514 Dominate the Realm
Chapter 3515 Endless Wilderness
Chapter 3516: Comprehensive Supreme God War
Chapter 3517 Guidance
Chapter 3518 Hongcheng
Chapter 3519 Alliance of All Races
Chapter 3520 Night Shura
Chapter 3521: Discussion
Chapter 3522 Restriction
Chapter 3523 Hulao Abyss
Chapter 3524 Opponent
Chapter 3525 Killing two statues in a row
Chapter 3526 Battle of Emperor Pass
Chapter 3527 Tianmen Eight Escapes
Chapter 3528: Killing the Emperor Pass
Chapter 3529: Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 3530: Reincarnation is Complete
Chapter 3531: Open eight more doors
Chapter 3532 Crush again
Chapter 3533: God of Feathers
Chapter 3534 Under the sky!
Chapter 3535: Negotiating the Barrier
Chapter 3536 Fierce Battle
Chapter 3537: Holy Lord Xuanshui
Chapter 3538 Take action
Chapter 3539 Leaving
Chapter 3540 A tragic victory
Chapter 3541: The End of the World
Chapter 3542 Thirty-nine Thousand Cities
Chapter 3543 Xiao Family
Chapter 3544 Tianyi Pavilion
Chapter 3545 Xiao Quan
Chapter 3546 Awakening
Chapter 3547: Holy Realm Sword Intent
Chapter 3548: Beheading
Chapter 3549 The Xiao Family Ancestor
Chapter 3550 Innate Qi
Chapter 3551 Chaos Tribulation
Chapter 3552 The Path of Darkness
Chapter 3553 Zhang Family
Chapter 3554: The Infinite Peeping Seal
Chapter 3555 Searching
Chapter 3556 Ouyang Jie
Chapter 3557: Entering into Chaos
Chapter 3558 Oppression
Chapter 3559 The Two Paths of Time
Chapter 3560 The Ancient Corpse of the Holy Lord
Chapter 3561 Taoist Temple
Chapter 3562 Breaking the Law
Chapter 3563: Dragon of Alchemy Qi
Chapter 3564: Sword Killing Taiqing
Chapter 3565 The Infinite Book of Heaven
Chapter 3566 The World of Ancient Books
Chapter 3567 Yuqing Palace
Chapter 3568 Sarcophagus
Chapter 3569: The Dark Seal of the Ten Directions
Chapter 3570: Fighting
Chapter 3571 Nine-headed Demon King
Chapter 3572 One Sword
Chapter 3573: Refining into a Soul Servant
Chapter 3574 No Quantum
Chapter 3575 Transaction
Chapter 3576 Infinite Heaven
Chapter 3577 Chaos Prison Clan
Chapter 3578 Leaving Chaos Heaven
Chapter 3579 Anger
Chapter 3580 Three Saints
Chapter 3581 Yuan Tiansheng
Chapter 3582 Choice
Chapter 3583 Eleven Holy Lords
Chapter 3584 Siege
Chapter 3585 Counterattack!
Chapter 3586 Zhuge Zhenping
Chapter 3587 Suppression of All
Chapter 3588: The Reaction of the Family
Chapter 3589 The Three Saints Pursue
Chapter 3590: Hard Fight
Chapter 3591: Losing
Chapter 3592 Demonic Creatures
Chapter 3593: The Abyss Takes Advantage
Chapter 3594 Suppression
Chapter 3595 Nine Transformations of Heavenly Demon Skill
Chapter 3596: Powerful Physical Body
Chapter 3597 Feng Family!
Chapter 3598 Becoming a guest
Chapter 3599 Temptation
Chapter 3600: The Power of Destruction
Chapter 3601 Feng Family Heavenly Domain
Chapter 3602 Five Hundred Years
Chapter 3603 Da Mingchuan
Chapter 3604: The Old Man with Ghouls
Chapter 3605 Lord Rama
Chapter 3606: Middle Realm Saint
Chapter 3607 Mr. Ling
Chapter 3608 Tantai Family?
Chapter 3609 The three major families
Chapter 3610 Boundary Breaking Talisman
Chapter 3611 Ghost Realm
Chapter 3612 The Army of the Undead
Chapter 3613 Kill
Chapter 3614: One vs. Two
Chapter 3615 Fight again
Chapter 3616 Reversal
Chapter 3617 Chaos Monster
Chapter 3618 Identity
Chapter 3619 The Secret
Chapter 3620 Kill
Chapter 3621 Shen Ming Dao Zang
Chapter 3622 Return to the Central Territory
Chapter 3623 I am the only one who dominates
Chapter 3624: Kill the Underworld Army with Sword?
Chapter 3625 Surrender
Chapter 3626: Drawing the Ground into Formation
Chapter 3627: Divine Armor
Chapter 3628 Fierce Battle
Chapter 3629 Atonement
Chapter 3630: Divine Treasure
Chapter 3631 Return to the Eastern Region
Chapter 3632 Abyss?
Chapter 3633 Bone Knife
Chapter 3634 The Source of Darkness
Chapter 3635: Destiny Fire Territory
Chapter 3636 Seven Regions
Chapter 3637 Dongshan Sword Emperor
Chapter 3638 A Hundred Years of Good Fortune
Chapter 3639 Leaving
Chapter 3640 Chaos Tribulation
Chapter 3641 Destruction of Heaven
Chapter 3642 Tianyun Dao Domain
Chapter 3643: Divine Machine Dao Sect
Chapter 3644 Princess Cangyue
Chapter 3645 Transaction
Chapter 3646: Burying an old person in Huguan?
Chapter 3647 Suppression
Chapter 3648: The Heaven-Slaying Dao Sword
Chapter 3649: Lifting the Curse
Chapter 3650 King Zhentian
Chapter 3651: Sky God Emperor
Chapter 3652 Reincarnation
Chapter 3653 Accumulation
Chapter 3654 All Saints Pilgrimage
Chapter 3655 Prince Haoyang
Chapter 3656 Two women compete
Chapter 3657 Opening
Chapter 3658: Battle
Chapter 3659 The Death of the Witch God Son
Chapter 3660: The wind rustles?
Chapter 3661 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 3662 Accident
Chapter 3663: Black Hole of Space and Time
Chapter 3664 Dong Changbo
Chapter 3665: The Holy Lord of the Upper Realm
Chapter 3666 Declaration of War
Chapter 3667 Three Moves
Chapter 3668 Breaking through the Prison
Chapter 3669 Internal and external troubles
Chapter 3670 The Return of King Zhentian
Chapter 3671: Fight again with Feng Sa
Chapter 3672 Withdrawal
Chapter 3673 Discussion
Chapter 3674 Cursed Divine Eyes
Chapter 3675 Biyun Palace
Chapter 3676 Negotiation
Chapter 3677 Take action
Chapter 3678 Tianyin’s Soulless Formation
Chapter 3679 Devouring the Demonic Heart
Chapter 3680 Lord Shen Chang
Chapter 3681 Determination
Chapter 3682 Serious Injury
Chapter 3683 Comeback
Chapter 3684: The Holy Lord of the Upper Realm
Chapter 3685: Facing the Two Lords
Chapter 3686 Invincible Defense
Chapter 3687 Alarming everyone
Chapter 3688 Emperor Shiyue takes action
Chapter 3689 Undefeated
Chapter 3690 The God Emperor comes out of seclusion
Chapter 3691: Heading towards the future!
Chapter 3692 The Curtain Comes to an End
Chapter 3693 An opportunity
Chapter 3694 Time Array
Chapter 3695: Ten Thousand Years of Time
Chapter 3696 Leaving Yunbuzhou
Chapter 3697 Ximen Imperial City
Chapter 3698 Channel Fluctuation
Chapter 3699 Chaos Undead
Chapter 3700 The Undead Monarch
Chapter 3701 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 3702 Star Nest
Chapter 3703 Hanging Coffin
Chapter 3704 Origin
Chapter 3705 The Corpse of the Chaos Prison Clan
Chapter 3706 Strengthening the Seal
Chapter 3707 Jin Zhaoyang?
Chapter 3708 Cloud Sea Dome City
Chapter 3709 Dongshan Sword Emperor
Chapter 3710: The Method of Pilgrimage
Chapter 3711 Mountaineering
Chapter 3712 The Ninth Gradient
Chapter 3713 Meeting the Dongshan Sword Emperor!
Chapter 3714 The Battle of the Gods
Chapter 3715 Disciples of the Sword Emperor
Chapter 3716 Death Mining Area
Chapter 3717 Su Hanyue
Chapter 3718: A place filled with heavenly law
Chapter 3719 Wuwu Taoist Master
Chapter 3720 Arrogance
Chapter 3721: Suppress and Kill
Chapter 3722 The Natural Spiritual Land
Chapter 3723: Innate Divine Pool of Creation
Chapter 3724: Powerful
Chapter 3725 Yin Spirit
Chapter 3726 Suppression
Chapter 3727 The True Array
Chapter 3728: Combat Power Estimation
Chapter 3729 Holy Lord Hanyi
Chapter 3730: Feiyue Immortal Pavilion
Chapter 3731 Leaving
Chapter 3732 Return to Dongshan
Chapter 3733 Departure
Chapter 3734 Feixian Ancient City
Chapter 3735: The Power of the Demon-Suppressing Sword
Chapter 3736 Heaven and Earth Taoist Platform
Chapter 3737: Soft Persimmon
Chapter 3738
Chapter 3739 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 3740 Taking the initiative to challenge
Chapter 3741 Holy Lord Hanyi
Chapter 3742 Powerful
Chapter 3743: Admit Defeat
Chapter 3744: Purple-clothed God Lord
Chapter 3745 Battle
Chapter 3746 Years are endless
Chapter 3747: Nothingness and Reincarnation
Chapter 3748: Two Gods in One
Chapter 3749 Battle!
Chapter 3750 The True Fire Seal of the Ten Directions
Chapter 3751: Admit defeat?
Chapter 3752 Return to the Ancient World
Chapter 3753 Golden Bodhisattva
Chapter 3754 Xuanfang Universe
Chapter 3755 Within 50,000 years
Chapter 3756 The Peak Saint
Chapter 3757 Han Emperor Ancient Territory
Chapter 3758 Revenge
Chapter 3759 Cause and Effect
Chapter 3760 Hongyuan Heavenly Domain
Chapter 3761 Meeting the Word of God Again
Chapter 3762 Gift
Chapter 3763 Endless Heaven
Chapter 3764 Tips Bag
Chapter 3765: Civil strife in the Vampire Clan
Chapter 3766: The Position of Alliance Leader
Chapter 3767 Take action
Chapter 3768: Putting down civil strife
Chapter 3769: Fu City
Chapter 3770 Han Cao Zun
Chapter 3771 Bone Clan and Corpse Clan
Chapter 3772 Bone City
Chapter 3773 Silver Lian Tianzun
Chapter 3774 Three Bone Puppets
Chapter 3775 One Sword
Chapter 3776 Oppression
Chapter 3777 Compromise
Chapter 3778: Extracting Divine Bones
Chapter 3779 Chaos Corpse Riot
Chapter 3780 Return to the Demonic Abyss
Chapter 3781 See you again
Chapter 3782 A Knife
Chapter 3783: Impacting the Realm
Chapter 3784 Jing Tianyi Returns
Chapter 3785 Everything is ready
Chapter 3786 The wind and snow are an edict
Chapter 3787: Turmoil in all worlds
Chapter 3788 Yueji Mountain
Chapter 3789: Persuading War
Chapter 3790: All races come to meet
Chapter 3791 Ancient Demon Hall
Chapter 3792 Huang Wuji invades
Chapter 3793: Spiritual Silence in the End of the World
Chapter 3794 Raise your hand to suppress
Chapter 3795: Demon Clan Ancestral Land
Chapter 3796: Eight Phases of Demonic Way
Chapter 3797 Huge Flaw
Chapter 3798 Ancient Road Yancheng
Chapter 3799: Evil Demon Xuanmen
Chapter 3800 Demon God Yijiang
Chapter 3801 Above Xuancheng?
Chapter 3802: Evil Demon Xuanmen
Chapter 3803 Birds of a feather
Chapter 3804: The power of the Demon God Ruins Realm?
Chapter 3805 Terrifying Strength
Chapter 3806 Cang Yao Ancient Formation
Chapter 3807 Ten Thousand Demons Tower
Chapter 3808 Tower destroyed!
Chapter 3809 Treasure Book of Ten Thousand Beasts
Chapter 3810: Life and Death
Chapter 3811 The Origin of the Divine Ship
Chapter 3812 The Demonic Holy Army
Chapter 3813: Prepare with both hands
Chapter 3814: War preparation!
Chapter 3815 Celestial Clan Announcement
Chapter 3816 The Heavenly Clan takes action
Chapter 3817 The army presses the territory
Chapter 3818 The World-Destroying Bow
Chapter 3819 Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 3820: Suppress with one hand!
Chapter 3821 Suppression
Chapter 3822 Huang Wuji
Chapter 3823 Accident
Chapter 3824: The Celestial Clan Withdraws its Troops
Chapter 3825 Suppression
Chapter 3826 Self-destruction
Chapter 3827 A short victory
Chapter 3828: Order troops
Chapter 3829: Heavenly Eclipse City
Chapter 3830 Yuan Demon
Chapter 3831 The plane of time and space
Chapter 3832 Under the Divine Lotus
Chapter 3833 Establishing a Channel
Chapter 3834 Jue Tian
Chapter 3835: Borrowing Demonic Qi
Chapter 3836: The Test of the Eight Elements of Demonic Path?
Chapter 3837 Testing Cultivation
Chapter 3838: Fight
Chapter 3839: Absorbing Demonic Qi
Chapter 3840 Haoyue City
Chapter 3841 The ups and downs of the sea of stars
Chapter 3842 Moon Clan
Chapter 3843: The Pagoda of All Living Beings
Chapter 3844 Blood Shadow on the Altar
Chapter 3845: The Great Golden Demon
Chapter 3846 The Bloody Giant Sword
Chapter 3847 Time is like a song
Chapter 3848 Determined to fight
Chapter 3849 Edict
Chapter 3850 All races respond
Chapter 3851: Want to leave
Chapter 3852 New Variables
Chapter 3853 Battle
Chapter 3854 Xuan Ye appears
Chapter 3855 Time is like a song
Chapter 3856: Dividing Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3857 Chaos Demon
Chapter 3858 The Absolute Sound Divine Qin
Chapter 3859 Huang Wuji reappears!
Chapter 3860 Invincible Battle Body
Chapter 3861 Emperor Level Heaven!
Chapter 3862: One vs. Two
Chapter 3863 The Sword of the Common People Refined with Blood
Chapter 3864: Two Gods in One
Chapter 3865 Horror
Chapter 3866 Heaven and Earth are Swords
Chapter 3867 Suppression
Chapter 3868 Self-destruction
Chapter 3869 Extraordinary Appearance
Chapter 3870 Confronting the Extraordinary
Chapter 3871: Under the extraordinary, invincible!
Chapter 3872 Beheading
Chapter 3873 The God Emperor of Copper City
Chapter 3874 Battle against the God Emperor of Copper City!
Chapter 3875 Extraordinary means
Chapter 3876 Limit
Chapter 3877 The Power of the Silent Piano
Chapter 3878 Five Elements Forbidden Spirit Array
Chapter 3879 The Infinite Book of Heaven
Chapter 3880 Suppression
Chapter 3881 God
Chapter 3882 The Demon Ancestor’s Thoughts
Chapter 3883 Yucang Realm
Chapter 3884 Water Prison
Chapter 3885 Underground World
Chapter 3886 Unscathed!
Chapter 3887 Soul Search
Chapter 3888 Ping Songzi
Chapter 3889 The Yin Realm and the Yang Realm!
Chapter 3890 Leaving
Chapter 3891 Tragic Ending
Chapter 3892: Eight Million Years on the River of Time
Chapter 3893: Destroying the Extraordinary
Chapter 3894: Reflection of Reincarnation
Chapter 3895 Taixuan Tianyu
Chapter 3896 Soul Search
Chapter 3897 Emperor Huangquan
Chapter 3898 Xu Chen
Chapter 3899: Coma for 100,000 Years
Chapter 3900 Underworld
Chapter 3901 Self-certification of identity
Chapter 3902 Father and Daughter Meet
Chapter 3903 Imperial Mausoleum
Chapter 3904 The Emperors Son Resurrects
Chapter 3905 Spiritual Energy Tide
Chapter 3906 The Twelve Phases Shrine
Chapter 3907 Lets talk about cooperation again
Chapter 3908 Sincerity
Chapter 3909 King Biqiong
Chapter 3910: Suppress and Kill
Chapter 3911: Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 3912 Reunion
Chapter 3913 The Emperor’s Son Awakens
Chapter 3914 Arrival
Chapter 3915 The war has arrived
Chapter 3916: Grand Formation!
Chapter 3917: On the verge of battle
Chapter 3918 Artifact of Order
Chapter 3919 The War Begins
Chapter 3920 Another fight against the extraordinary
Chapter 3921 Suppression
Chapter 3922: War
Chapter 3923: Kill without mercy
Chapter 3924 Beheading
Chapter 3925 Inquiry
Chapter 3926: Rebuilding the world of the heavens!
Chapter 3927 Killing Li Taixuan
Chapter 3928 Weak Water Heavenly Palace
Chapter 3929: Reconstruction of Reincarnation
Chapter 3930 Preparation
Chapter 3931 Formation
Chapter 3932: Release Shantideva to the North
Chapter 3933 Attack
Chapter 3934 Su Bai takes action
Chapter 3935 Chaos Law
Chapter 3936: Teaching Taoism
Chapter 3937 Green Ox Carrying the Coffin!
Chapter 3938: Freeing Shantideva to the North
Chapter 3939 Bamboo Slips
Chapter 3940: Ruins of the Ancient World
Chapter 3941: Qingxu One Hundred Thousand Buildings
Chapter 3942: Ghoul
Chapter 3943: The Divine Pill of Creation
Chapter 3944 Painting Cake!
Chapter 3945 Smoke and Sand Picture Scroll
Chapter 3946 Waste of natural resources
Chapter 3947 Behead!
Chapter 3948 Clues
Chapter 3949 Tianguan Holy List
Chapter 3950: All kinds of things
Chapter 3951: Boat of the Dead
Chapter 3952 Azure Bull Python
Chapter 3953 Lingan
Chapter 3954 Luohe Heavenly Palace
Chapter 3955 Arrogance
Chapter 3956: Those who cultivate the way of heaven are not allowed to be friends
Chapter 3957: The Ancient Era
Chapter 3958 Reflecting the Sky Mirror
Chapter 3959 Invitation from Heavenly Palace
Chapter 3960 Luohe River
Chapter 3961 Su Yuwei
Chapter 3962: Try to protect
Chapter 3963 The frosty moon reaches the sky
Chapter 3964 The body has been destroyed
Chapter 3965 Trap
Chapter 3966: The Prodigy on the Holy List
Chapter 3967 Uncle Master
Chapter 3968: The Temple of Taoism
Chapter 3969 Nine Heavens Sword Manual
Chapter 3970 Taichu Ancient Yuan
Chapter 3971 Unlocking the Seal
Chapter 3972 Shura Field
Chapter 3973 Undead Riots
Chapter 3974 The entrance is open!
Chapter 3975 The Power of Sword Talisman!
Chapter 3976 A prophecy
Chapter 3977 The Frozen Palace
Chapter 3978 The Ancient Law
Chapter 3979 Ancient Corpse with Dragon Head
Chapter 3980 Evil Spirit
Chapter 3981: Out of Control
Chapter 3982 Taiqing Order
Chapter 3983 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 3984 Fight again!
Chapter 3985 Hero
Chapter 3986: The Dharma of Emperor Xuanwu
Chapter 3987 Self-destruction
Chapter 3988 The Ancient Divine Mine
Chapter 3989 Cold Soul Meteor Iron
Chapter 3990 Hengshu Empire
Chapter 3991 Thunderous Means
Chapter 3992 Nine Swords
Chapter 3993 Beidou Heavenly Road
Chapter 3994: Road to Heaven!
Chapter 3995 Extraordinary Ancient Corpse
Chapter 3996 Black and White Divine Moon
Chapter 3997: The Ultimate Sword
Chapter 3998 Battle
Chapter 3999 The Fourth Sword
Chapter 4000 Challenge
Chapter 4001: The Unity of Man and Sword
Chapter 4002 Taiqing Order
Chapter 4003 Immortal throne!
Chapter 4004 Nie Buping
Chapter 4005 Inheritance
Chapter 4006 The Palm of Great Destruction
Chapter 4007 Gaining Recognition
Chapter 4008 Heresy
Chapter 4009 Immortal Xuandu
Chapter 4010 Cut off the chains!
Chapter 4011: Fight against Xuandu
Chapter 4012: Heavenly Killing Sword
Chapter 4013 Kill!
Chapter 4014: The Book of Heaven is Damaged
Chapter 4015: Collecting the Black and White Divine Moon!
Chapter 4016 Harvest
Chapter 4017 Nine turns in half a step
Chapter 4018 Evil Spirit
Chapter 4019 The person blocking the road
Chapter 4020 Zhu Yuheng
Chapter 4021 Crush
Chapter 4022: The Great Destruction of the Space-Time Vortex
Chapter 4023 Blood Sacrifice!
Chapter 4024: The vicious method!
Chapter 4025 The Divine Pillar Suppresses the Sky
Chapter 4026 Nine Truths
Chapter 4027 Not Simple
Chapter 4028: Miracle Medicine Garden
Chapter 4029: Picking the Magic Medicine
Chapter 4030: Ghoul
Chapter 4031: Gate of Life and Gate of Death
Chapter 4032: Metal and Stone Essence
Chapter 4033 Illusion
Chapter 4034 Infinite Thoughts
Chapter 4035 Chaos Blue Thunder
Chapter 4036 Hell
Chapter 4037 Nine Palaces and Twelve Phases
Chapter 4038 Sutra of Life and Death
Chapter 4039 Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 4040 Heavenly Sword
Chapter 4041: Feeding the Tao with one’s body
Chapter 4042 Swallowed by the Void
Chapter 4043: Scale Ghost Insect
Chapter 4044 Wei Liye
Chapter 4045: The Mother Queen of Scaled Ghost Insects
Chapter 4046 Array World
Chapter 4047 The Second Formation
Chapter 4048: Sky-Swallowing Crocodile
Chapter 4049: Three Corpses Method
Chapter 4050 Suppression
Chapter 4051 Multiple Spaces
Chapter 4052 The Nine-Life Serpent
Chapter 4053 The Twenty-Third Heaven
Chapter 4054 Truth
Chapter 4055: No. 1 on the Tianguan Holy List
Chapter 4056 Take action
Chapter 4057 The Fusion of Life and Death
Chapter 4058 Jiuzhen’s true identity!
Chapter 4059 Curse
Chapter 4060 Suppression