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Witch stop

Witch stop

author:Rong Xiaorong

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-18 22:27

Latest chapter:Chapter 246 Xuantian Alliance

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《Witch stop》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 246 Xuantian Alliance
Chapter 245 Acceptance
Chapter 244 Compromise
Chapter 243 Confrontation in Tiandao City
Chapter 242 Face
Chapter 241 Good Fortune Pill
Chapter 240 I’m afraid of being misunderstood
Chapter 239 World Changes
Chapter 238 Lingshan Holy Land
《Witch stop》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 White Cloud View
Chapter 2 Undercover Demon Dao
Chapter 3 Pill Breakthrough
Chapter 4 First Shot
Chapter 5 Famous Baiyun Temple
Chapter 6 Exorcising ghosts from the haunted house
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 The Mysterious Censer
Chapter 9 Little White Tiger's Repayment
Chapter 10 The Censer Mutation
Chapter 11 Unfeeling Please
Chapter 12 Jiang Li's Identity
Chapter 13 Scored twice
Chapter 14 Narrow Escaping
Chapter 15 Reminder from Elder Sun
Chapter 16 Heavenly Spirit Vein
Chapter 17 Because They Are Good-Looking
Chapter 18 Immortal Dao Eternity
Chapter 19 Entry Selection
Chapter 20 I Will
Chapter 21
Chapter 22 Li Yu's Choice
Chapter 23 Enrollment
Chapter 24 The Identity of the Demon Girl
Chapter 25 First Alchemy
Chapter 26 The Ultimate Elixir
Chapter 27 The Way to Make Money
Chapter 28 Tongmai Pill
Chapter 29 The Good Man Li Yu
Chapter 30 Strength Breakthrough
Chapter 31 Goodbye Zhou Zixuan
Chapter 32 Deceived
Chapter 33 Elder Sun's gift
Chapter 34 Returning to the sect
Chapter 35 Jiang Li
Chapter 36 Famous in Kunlun [Thanks to the lord Chang Shi]
Chapter 37 Five Elements Spirit Vein
Chapter 38
Chapter 39 Purchase Restriction
Chapter 40 Alchemy Competition
Chapter 41 The Genius Girl
Chapter 42 Promotion
Chapter 43
Chapter 44 The Realm of Heaven and Man
Chapter 45
Chapter 115 Li Yu is in trouble, support from all sides
Chapter 47 Trial of Tier 1 Elixir
Chapter 48 - Junior Sister Zheng
Chapter 49
Chapter 50
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 Promotion
Chapter 53 Famous in the World of Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 54 New Home
Chapter 55 Elder Sun's past
Chapter 56
Chapter 57 - Bewitched
Chapter 127 Senior Sister Qin, Senior Sister
Chapter 59 Miss, are you there?
Chapter 60 Information about the witch
Chapter 61 The Three Emei Sisters
Chapter 62 Visiting the door to thank you【Launch in the early morning】
Chapter 63
Chapter 64 Li Yu's Discovery
Chapter 65 Illusion Trial [Thank you to the leader for ignoring me
Chapter 66 Trial List [Thanks to Alliance Leader Xi Shangque]
Chapter 67: Named on the list [Thanks to the alliance leader, Mr. Su, for the sword]
Chapter 68 The peaks are shocked [Thanks to the leader of the alliance]
Chapter 69 The momentum is overwhelming [Thanks to the leader Wuye for being the most fragrant]
Chapter 70 Everyone’s attention [Thanks to the leader for being a layman]
Chapter 71 Top ten! [Thanks to leader Xueer Gege]
Chapter 72 Asking for advice [Thanks to the leader for getting back to the topic]
Chapter 73 The clear stream in the world of cultivating immortals
Chapter 74 That’s right!
Chapter 75 Pregnancy Pill [Thanks to the leader for banishing the immortal zx]
Chapter 76 Li Yu’s connections
Chapter 77 This wave is stable [1000 months
Chapter 147 Oh, man
Chapter 79: A sudden turn of events, re-entering heaven [8000 words]
Chapter 149 Crush by Strength
Chapter 81 Great reward, good story
Chapter 82 Another trial
Chapter 152 Nangong Chan’s Changes
Chapter 84 Inheritance
Chapter 85 The inner family is really angry
Chapter 86 First Test [Please vote for the new January]
Chapter 87 The Land of Tenderness
Chapter 157 Did you also give her the things you gave me?
Chapter 89 Xuling Cave Heaven, Five Ghosts Capturing Souls
Chapter 90 Trial of Tongmai Dan
Chapter 160 I’m the only one who has it
Chapter 92 Son of Alchemy
Chapter 93 The picture shows the poor dagger
Chapter 94 Fellow Daoist Li, my condolences
Chapter 95 The Witch’s Advice
Chapter 96 Emei asks for help
Chapter 97 Qi Refining Competition
Chapter 98 Weekly News
Chapter 99 Hunter and Prey
Chapter 169 Say I can, say Brother Li can’t!
Chapter 101: Cultivation can still be like this
Chapter 102 The Witch Arrives
Chapter 103 Visiting another courtyard
Chapter 104 Jiang Li’s Kiss
Chapter 105 Expanding Business
Chapter 106 Hehuan Sect Secret Code
Chapter 107 Promotion to Second Grade
Chapter 108 Recycling of Bad Pills
Chapter 109 Foundation Building
Chapter 110 Gift Pill
Chapter 111 Promotion
Chapter 112 The Witch Returns
Chapter 113 Two women meet
Chapter 114 Immortal Conference
Chapter 115 Li Yu is in trouble, support from all sides
Chapter 116 You still know formations
Chapter 117 Cross-Border Competition
Chapter 118 Double Number One
Chapter 119 Door-to-door solicitation
Chapter 120 The Ten Saints of Heaven
Chapter 121 Like a Master, Like a Favor
Chapter 122 Alchemy Exchange
Chapter 123 Just one more thing
Chapter 124 Backstab
Chapter 125 Taking action beyond the level
Chapter 126 First time on the list of geniuses
Chapter 127 Senior Sister Qin, Senior Sister
Chapter 128 Nangongchan’s speculation
Chapter 129 Door-to-door verification
Chapter 130 One Year
Chapter 131 Yin Yang and Five Elements Technique
Chapter 132 Changes in the Alchemy Furnace
Chapter 133 The Power of Faith
Chapter 134 Sue Kunlun
Chapter 135 Pill Formation
Chapter 136 Acting Headmaster
Chapter 137 Nine Transformations of the Golden Pill
Chapter 138 The Belief of Immortal Cultivators
Chapter 139 New Sect Rules
Chapter 140 Five Elements Golden Pill
Chapter 141 The mysterious old man
Chapter 142 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 143 Jealousy
Chapter 144 I read you right
Chapter 145 Do you understand what I mean?
Chapter 146 Do you understand what Master means?
Chapter 147 Oh, man
Chapter 148 I have her in my heart
Chapter 217 It’s fake, it’s all fake!
Chapter 150 Chanchan?
Chapter 151 For your sake
Chapter 220 Sorry, I’m used to it
Chapter 153 Specially chosen for you
Chapter 154 Heartbroken
Chapter 155 Li Yu’s Troubles
Chapter 156 Betrothal gift?
Chapter 157 Did you also give her the things you gave me?
Chapter 158 Angry
Chapter 159 Sincerity is the eternal nirvana
Chapter 228 Passion of throne, marriage
Chapter 161 Nangong Chan Qin Keren
Chapter 162 Bought everything
Chapter 163 Nangong Chan’s Changes
Chapter 164 Acting on orders
Chapter 165 Ordinary Friends
Chapter 166 The Unique Chanchan
Chapter 167 The Demonic Ceremony
Chapter 168 An old friend from the devil’s way
Chapter 169 Say I can, say Brother Li can’t!
Chapter 170 Ideal Friend
Chapter 171 The Prodigy Returns
Chapter 172 Dressing up
Chapter 173 Which Demonic Giant?
Chapter 174 Someone else’s Taoist monk
Chapter 175 My Taoist companion is also a demon
Chapter 176 Husband and wife are of the same mind
Chapter 177 The Taoist couple is deeply in love
Chapter 178 The battle for the top spot
Chapter 179 Rumors
Chapter 180 Recruitment
Chapter 181 Great changes in the demonic path
Chapter 182 Please take me under your wing!
Chapter 183 Cultivation World Nursing Home
Chapter 184 That person’s name
Chapter 185 Xuantian Mirror and Five Immortal Weapons
Chapter 186 The Sect Master and the Sect Master’s Wife
Chapter 187 Face
Chapter 188 Peace Treaty between Good and Evil
Chapter 189 Let’s do it together
Chapter 190 Attacked
Chapter 191 Behind the Scenes
Chapter 192 Men’s Jealousy
Chapter 193 The question of having a baby
Chapter 194 Matchmaker
Chapter 195 Addicted Nangongchan
Chapter 196 Let’s try?
Current situation
Chapter 197 Crash
Chapter 198 Qin Keren’s thoughts
Chapter 199 The new secret realm of cave heaven
Chapter 200 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 201 Mystery
Chapter 202 This person is quite nice
Chapter 203 Crisis
Chapter 204 Choice
Chapter 205 Killing
Chapter 206 Meeting again in the secret realm
Chapter 207 Everyone must die
Chapter 208 Killing
Chapter 209 Please forgive me
Chapter 210 Qin Keren’s Changes
Chapter 211 Wordless Stone Tablet
Chapter 212 Marriage Discussion
Chapter 213 Mountains and Rivers Map
Chapter 214 Illusion
Chapter 215 Deduction
Chapter 216 Choose Again
Chapter 217 It’s fake, it’s all fake!
Chapter 218 Social Death
Chapter 219 Fantasy Experience
Chapter 220 Sorry, I’m used to it
Chapter 221 It’s hard to distinguish between true and false
Chapter 222 What are you doing!
Chapter 223 Angry Nangongchan
Chapter 224 Giving birth to a baby
Chapter 225 Transformation
Chapter 226 I can’t help myself
Chapter 227 Preference
Chapter 228 Passion of throne, marriage
Chapter 229 Chen Ming and Wu Tong
Chapter 230 The mysterious strong man
Chapter 231 The Thousand-Faced Saint
Chapter 232 Keren
Chapter 233 The first visit to the dynasty
Chapter 234 Night Detective
Chapter 235 Apprenticeship
Chapter 236 Three Guardians
Chapter 237 News about the relics
Chapter 238 Lingshan Holy Land
Chapter 239 World Changes
Chapter 240 I’m afraid of being misunderstood
Chapter 241 Good Fortune Pill
Chapter 242 Face
Chapter 243 Confrontation in Tiandao City
Chapter 244 Compromise
Chapter 245 Acceptance
Chapter 246 Xuantian Alliance