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Global Awakening: Unlock the Asura template at the beginning

Global Awakening: Unlock the Asura template at the beginning

author:Braised Sprite

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-24 02:54

Latest chapter:Chapter 447 Waiting and Watching

Su Ye has traveled to an extraordinary world where evil spirits are rampant. In order to fight against evil spirits, human beings need to awaken their supernatural powers at the age of eighteen! Su Ye, who was born blind and was raised by his sister-in-law for eighteen years, thought that his life would be the same as awakening. When there is no fate, the template system is activated, and you can unlock some well-known and powerful character templates in the previous life for your own use! Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining one of the four ghost swordsmen in the Arad continent, Asura unlocks the template! , the power of fluctuations in one hand, the SSS-level ability shocked the audience! As the unlocking progress reached 50%, comprehending the mind, the dark sky fluctuated, and the night completely enveloped the world! 75%,

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《Global Awakening: Unlock the Asura template at the beginning》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 447 Waiting and Watching
Chapter 446 High-end game, what a coincidence, sister
Chapter 445 Fighting with the sky, what the hell is this!
Chapter 444 Turning against each other fails, start the formation! Is this a formation?
Chapter 443 Keep one hand, the bloody divine light, explode!
Chapter 442 Beaten until vomiting blood
Chapter 441: Rescue, Ghost Liao vs Vanduoyin (2 in 1)
Chapter 440 It’s soaring and can’t stop!
Chapter 439 Let time go by, but the stars will last forever!
《Global Awakening: Unlock the Asura template at the beginning》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Asura Template
Chapter 2 His Stubborn Temper, Ten Bulls Can't Pull Back
Chapter 3 The Awakening Ceremony Begins
Chapter 4 Let the children in front of you act as cushions
Chapter 5 Sister Ziyun is pretending to be crazy
Chapter 6 Is there something wrong with this boy's eyes?
Chapter 7 Tantai Xuan'er
Chapter 8 Awakening, Golden Waves
Chapter 9 I remembered, it's a god-level talent
Chapter 10 Must Heal His Eyes
Chapter 11 Special Department SSS Level
Chapter 12 Well, I Can See It
Chapter 13 Controlling the fluctuations of all things
Chapter 14 Heading to the Federal University of St.
Chapter 15 Very Interested in Mr. Su Ye
Chapter 16 Psionic Channeling
Chapter 17 Twenty Seconds, Unlock
Chapter 18 Breaking the record, unprecedented
Chapter 19 What the hell is this not a pervert?
Chapter 20 People who are more like Xie Chong than Xie Chong
Chapter 21 That little guy might be able to take that step
Chapter 22 You Make Me Feel Stressed, So I Challenge You
Chapter 23 The gap is too big, next time
Chapter 24 Space shock, the biggest culprit for human beings to face evil
Chapter 25 Uncontrollable Killing Intent
Chapter 26 Crazy
Chapter 27: Newborn Trial Begins, Abandoned City No. 9527
Chapter 28 Departure
Chapter 29 Qualifications to act alone
Chapter 30 First Kill Achievement
Chapter 31 Random task, the wisher takes the bait
Chapter 32 The strange evil that has never been seen before
Chapter 33 Ominous Omen
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 I will do what I can
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 Rich rewards, is Ziyun in danger?
Chapter 38 Human Nature, Rescue
Chapter 39 Mission Advancement, Mysterious Figure
Chapter 40 Evil Light Instant Second, This Envoy Calls You The Strongest
Chapter 41 Evil Temple, Extremely Distorted Concept
Chapter 42 The Sword That Brightens the Night Sky
Chapter 43 The Bull Enough to Kill God, Seraphim Blood Angel
Chapter 44 Sword Out, Cut Three Wings
Chapter 45
Chapter 46 Become stronger! Promoted to the gold level
Chapter 47 Heaven and Earth Phenomena, Psionic Tide
Chapter 48
Chapter 49 Breaking the limit, the tenth spring
Chapter 50 A Unique Phenomenon, Thousand Blades of the Demon Sword
Chapter 51 This Damn Can Cultivate Automatically
Chapter 52 Qualifications of the Sixth Arrogant in Martial Arts
Chapter 53 So Do You Think I'm Afraid Of Him?
Chapter 54 Don't worry, I'm still in good shape
Chapter 55: Furious Fighting, Fist to Flesh
Chapter 56 Convinced, is it true that you are not convinced?
Chapter 57
Chapter 58 It's all flashy
Chapter 59 The condition of the second template, in the final analysis, is caused by poverty
Chapter 60 Entrusted tasks, strange things
Chapter 61 Trigger, the first vigil
Chapter 62 Weird scene, restless ghost hands
Chapter 63 He wants to kill me
Chapter 64 Strong suppression, what's going on
Chapter 65 Ghost Hand Wants to Swallow People?
Chapter 66 Crazy
Chapter 67 That girl was eaten by you?
Chapter 68 Now, I Just Want You To Die
Chapter 69 The Witch's Tears Collapse, Mysterious Phantom
Chapter 70 Evil God's Substitute Fighter? The Crazy Wave Swordsman
Chapter 71 Dare to touch my Dragon Kingdom Tianjiao, seek death
Chapter 72 Rewards, Killing Intent Fluctuations
Chapter 73: The Late Stage of the Golden Realm, the Venue of Tianjiao's Discussion of Martial Arts
Chapter 74
Chapter 75 It Wasn't Su Ye, Could It Be You Two?
Chapter 76
Chapter 77
Chapter 78
Chapter 79 Enemy's Road is Narrow, Metaphysics Protects the Body
Chapter 80 Bloom of Ice, Frozen Hundred Meters
Chapter 81 Terrifying Mimic Mastery
Chapter 82 Crushing Victory
Chapter 83 Touching the power of special bloodlines, the outcome is tilted
Chapter 84 One God Brings Four Pitfalls
Chapter 85 One mistake, I'm afraid the whole army will be wiped out on the spot
Chapter 86
Chapter 87
Chapter 88 The Praise and Promise of the Two Gods
Chapter 89 Why? Just because you two are not as good as Su Ye
Chapter 90 Obviously, you don't have the capital to be arrogant
Chapter 91 There is also a gap between the SS class and the god class
Chapter 92
Chapter 93 The fish enter the sea and go to the trial camp
Chapter 94 Night
Chapter 95 I have my own way to go
Chapter 96: Eternal Night
Chapter 97 Retriggering Achievements
Chapter 98 Team Mode
Chapter 99
Chapter 100 I request with special armed power
Chapter 101 Don't dare to move
Chapter 102 City of Fog, You Seize the Opportunity
Chapter 103 Great Collective Improvement
Chapter 104 Spirit Level Evil Realm
Chapter 105 Three-Star Random Mission
Chapter 106 Ice and Fire Singer, Strongly Suppress Ghosts and Sword Embryos
Chapter 107 We also want to pretend to be a fourth-order slasher
Chapter 108 Two scumbags who don't talk about martial arts
Chapter 109 Are you not afraid of death?
Chapter 110 True Enemy Meets, Extremely Jealous
Chapter 111 Sudden Bold Idea
Chapter 112 Brother Ye is so warm and great, I cried to death
Chapter 113 You do whatever you want, I earn money
Chapter 114 Cursed Thing in Human Form, General Cui
Chapter 115 Ghost Hand, Control Him For Me
Chapter 116 Is it really a back garden?
Chapter 117 Shit, Playing Too Big
Chapter 118 Don't be so stubborn
Chapter 119 Three-Star Perfect Reward
Chapter 120 G,S,D
Chapter 121 Against the Heavens! Demonic Sword
Chapter 122 Ghost Liao, above
Chapter 123 The Alliance of Heretics, Return to the Trial Camp
Chapter 124 Want to censor Su Ye?
Chapter 125
Chapter 126 Further promotion, the first stage
Chapter 127 Small Reward, Experience Card
Chapter 128 With my foundation, nine times is normal, right?
Chapter 129 First Trial of Evil Light Wave Formation
Chapter 130 The well-deserved first person
Chapter 131 Accepting the Double Ghost Level Trial
Chapter 132 Demon Mist Appears, Hundred Ghosts Tour
Chapter 133 Evil spirit saves people?
Chapter 134 Brother Cuckold, I Ask You Something
Chapter 135 Purifying Spirit Priestess, Saori Ono
Chapter 136 Sister Lianxin, I'll Help You
Chapter 137 The origin, the shocking news
Chapter 138 How Much Energy Points Should This Nima Be?
Chapter 139
Chapter 140 You must jump out and make trouble first, right?
Chapter 141 Run Away, Apophis
Chapter 142: Demon Flame Rages to the Sky, The Phantom of the Fifth Apostle
Chapter 143 Desperate
Chapter 144 Responses from various countries, Abe Shouyi couldn't sit still
Chapter 145 A Dragon's Cry, Everything Stands Still
Chapter 146 Abe Juichi
Chapter 147 Boss at the beginning?
Chapter 148 Dragon Qi Domain VS Dark Sky Fluctuating Eyes
Chapter 149 The Door
Chapter 150 Explosion, the old man went berserk
Chapter 151 No way, no one against three?
Chapter 152 Fancy Dark Sky Thunder Eyes, Sky Thunder Demonic Pestle
Chapter 153 Old Man, You Are Really Pretending
Chapter 154 God's Fall, Vision of the Whole Territory
Chapter 155 The Cherry Blossom Country Completely Falls
Chapter 156 Bad News
Chapter 157
Chapter 158 You Are Too Selfish
Chapter 159 Incomplete Heavenly Godhead
Chapter 160 Powerless, two months outside
Chapter 161 Only become stronger
Chapter 162 Promotion, Gu Luo
Chapter 163 Eighth Line of Defense, Qiongtian Peak
Chapter 164
Chapter 165 Destroy Strike, All Counterattack
Chapter 166 Ghost Liao Explosion Seed
Chapter 167: There is still a huge gap, leave the rest to me
Chapter 168 Senior, Do You Think I'm Simple?
Chapter 169: Absolute Power, King Fudo Ming Forcefully Counterattacks
Chapter 170 Ming Wang Flame Orb
Chapter 171 The crack on the forehead
Chapter 172: The Combat Power That Approaches the Peak of the Extraordinary
Chapter 173 Runaway, what does this mean?
Chapter 174 I'm posing, what are you doing?
Chapter 175 This is the domain? Defeated
Chapter 176 Can't do it
Chapter 177 Great Darkness, Second Template
Chapter 178 In the sky and on the earth, I am the only one
Chapter 179 No lower limit, the mysterious fleet beyond the starry sky
Chapter 180 Major decision, take the initiative
Chapter 181 Long-lost mission
Chapter 182 Frightened and paralyzed
Chapter 183: King Arthur's Spear, Stargazer
Chapter 184 Life and Stars
Chapter 185 Quickly turn the camera, this kid is not simple
Chapter 186 Salute to our king
Chapter 187: Very Steady
Chapter 188 No Solution, No Lower Limit, I Beg Death
Chapter 189 First Trial of Dark Sky Eyes
Chapter 190: Heaven and Earth Are Murderous Intent
Chapter 191 First kill eighth level
Chapter 192 Gray light reappears, covering the solar system
Chapter 193 Block it as much as possible
Chapter 194 Heavenly Sword Law, Why?
Chapter 195: Playing and Exploring for a Hundred Years
Chapter 196 Strange
Chapter 197 God Kingdom, Deep in the Starry Sky
Chapter 198 Cosmic Skynet, the second world of the human race
Chapter 199 What do you want to do
Chapter 200 Terran Starfield, Kurosawa Galaxy
Chapter 201: Representatives of the Stars Visit
Chapter 202 The Will of the Empire, Lord of the Earth Alliance
Chapter 203 Mission Rewards
Chapter 204 Big Yellow Dog, Saint Level Talent
Chapter 205 The seventh realm, the embryonic form of the domain
Chapter 206 Rising Dragon Academy
Chapter 207: There are as many mortal levels as dogs, and prefecture levels are everywhere
Chapter 208: One Star, One Academy
Chapter 209 No food or lodging included, sign up for a kennel with bare feet
Chapter 210 Dragon Dou Valley
Chapter 211 The Girl Is Too Simple
Chapter 212 Sturdy, look at brother Ye pretending to be loud
Chapter 213 The Battle of the Top Kings
Chapter 214: Ice to Ice
Chapter 215 Defeated
Chapter 216 Wanyu Chamber of Commerce, worthy of being on the list
Chapter 217: Famous Xiaguang
Chapter 218 The Effect of the Level 5 Team Mode
Chapter 219 Keep accumulating, sooner or later it will shine brighter
Chapter 220: The Next One
Chapter 221 Boxing Ceremony, Black Flash
Chapter 222 The scene cannot be loaded
Chapter 223 Let's show off with you
Chapter 224 Strongly enter the top 100
Chapter 225
Chapter 226 Artificial spirit star, a sparring between swordsmen?
Chapter 227 Take That Step, The Power of Heavenly Sword Reappears
Chapter 228 Unexpected reward
Chapter 229 It was agreed to only look at it and not rub it?
Chapter 230 Starry Sky God Arena, Six-Eared Protoss
Chapter 231 Assessment
Chapter 232 Extreme Darkness
Chapter 233
Chapter 234 Instinct Skill, One Shot Into the Soul
Chapter 235 Blood Fiend Star Members
Chapter 236 Wisdom and Martial Arts
Chapter 237 Peerless Mode, Overstar
Chapter 238 Dragon Slayer Swordsman
Chapter 239: The 80th District has a lot of good people
Chapter 240 In order to save everyone's time
Chapter 241 It's You! Su Ye
Chapter 242 Don't give a chance
Chapter 243 Four minutes and fifty-six seconds
Chapter 244 Fame, Small Achievement, Fusion
Chapter 245 Remnant Fire Demon Knife, The Golden Spear Doesn't Fall
Chapter 246 Promotion, Uncle Summoning Card
Chapter 247: Twin Saints, Arrive at the Hundred Flowers Starfield
Chapter 248 Intervention of the Sea Clan and the Yanjia Clan
Chapter 249
Chapter 250 Radar, Shadows
Chapter 251 Everyone Says I'm Not Whoring For Free
Chapter 252 NPC Wild Monster-like Afterimage of Time
Chapter 253 Get Out! Or Die
Chapter 254 One against four, the solution begins!
Chapter 255 Evil Storm Style
Chapter 256 Still want to kill Lao Tzu
Chapter 257 Arthur is Seriously Injured
Chapter 258 The Palace of Time, Don't Take Overnight Revenge
Chapter 259 Unhappy
Chapter 260 This demigod alien race is a lunatic
Chapter 261 Submissive, full of rhubarb
Chapter 262 Hatching, Tianhai Linggu
Chapter 263 Please please me, woman
Chapter 264 As long as it is not completely destroyed, it is equivalent to not making a move
Chapter 265 Gods fight, mortals suffer
Chapter 266 Convergence, Kirin Leads the Way
Chapter 267 Over 65 million
Chapter 268 Cut it up, it will be moist enough
Chapter 269: The Head of the Flower Clan, You Cairou
Chapter 270
Chapter 271 What is this? Collective promotion
Chapter 272 You should drink water and eat!
Chapter 273 Heaven Emperor Thunder Breath, Hacking Himself?
Chapter 274 Complete Purple! Unknown Gold!
Chapter 275 Ten Thousand Clans Will Not Allow the Second Emperor Xihe to Come to the World
Chapter 276 Attitude of Two Clans
Chapter 277: Chamber of Commerce Guge, Big Melon
Chapter 278 It's up to you
Chapter 279: Transformation of a Beautiful Boy, Ghost Clan
Chapter 280 Become the New Co-Lord of the Monster Clan, Priest Jiger
Chapter 281 The will of the nine ghosts and gods, isn't it good to be on two boats?
Chapter 282 With Ultimate Strength, Su Ye Also Participates?
Chapter 283 Warm up before the battle, under the stars should be invincible, right?
Chapter 284 He is worth it
Chapter 285 Interlude news, super dark horse
Chapter 286 Xihe became emperor ten thousand years ago, and Su Ye proclaimed emperor ten thousand years later!
Chapter 287 The Battle Begins, Su Ye Really Intervened in the Battle
Chapter 288 It's useless to shout out your throat if you come into my place
Chapter 289 Showdown
Chapter 290 Brazen, No. 1 Ghost Kazan
Chapter 291 The Wrath of the Corpse Clan
Chapter 292
Chapter 293 Kazan
Chapter 294: The Attitude of the Temple of Evil Elimination
Chapter 295 - One Axe
Chapter 296 Jia Kuang, kill him
Chapter 297 All-out war
Chapter 298 Wherever the killing intent passes, the sky thunders endlessly!
Chapter 299 Against the background of the stars
Chapter 300 Long-planned, four-armed sword demon, heavenly demon forbidden army!
Chapter 301 Predicament, try the Emperor mode for the first time!
Chapter 302 Not Enough
Chapter 303 Go to Nima's Ninth Realm
Chapter 304 Full firepower, blast and kill the stars!
Chapter 305: The New Eternal Unique, Simple
Chapter 306 Destroying Flowers With Difficult Hands, The Second Ghost!
Chapter 307 Ghost Shadow, Shocked
Chapter 308 Weird
Chapter 309 Shaying clone, eight-armed Shura!
Chapter 310 One Person Stabilizes the Battle Situation
Chapter 311 Be tough!
Chapter 312
Chapter 313 The Rhythm of BUFF Stacks
Chapter 314 Yao Jing Becomes the Main Battlefield
Chapter 315 Silver Light Lion, Body of Weather!
Chapter 316 The first ally, the weather demon body?
Chapter 317: Suppression, Hundreds of Millions of Blood Fiend Army Souls!
Chapter 318: The Drum of Strong Songs, Galaxy Diva
Chapter 319 The army is defeated, and if you lose a thousand, you will kill Su Ye!
Chapter 320 Drugs
Chapter 321: The Eye of Corruption, the Ice of Love and Resentment!
Chapter 322 Fulfilling the mission and cutting off the boy's arm
Chapter 323 The picture is interrupted, who will double-team whom?
Chapter 324 Massacre, Forcibly Awakened, So It Was You!
Chapter 325: Ruthless enough
Chapter 326 The overall situation has been decided, the king of heaven is in the sea!
Chapter 327 High and mighty!
Chapter 328 Raise your hand to Zhenhai, come for real!
Chapter 329 The Second Palm
Chapter 330 God's Fall, Slaves
Chapter 331 Harvest, turn against each other
Chapter 332 The Curtain Comes to an End
Chapter 333 Not too peaceful, rewards for killing enemies
Chapter 334: Face Random Summoning Order, Shura Face!
Chapter 335 Summon, Golden Wheel Shura!
Chapter 336: Naming, Full Loyalty, Ambition
Chapter 337: Double the Happiness, Difficulty of Multi-element Transformation
Chapter 338 Shared Perspective, Extreme Abyss Divine Mountain
Chapter 339 Fluctuate the Chaos Orb, Then Fill the Peak
Chapter 340 It's a tragedy, but it's an honor, god level!
Chapter 341 Spatial fluctuations, not so good
Chapter 342 Spirit Dragon Fruit
Chapter 343 The Young Master Occupies the Mountain, Please Take the Way Down
Chapter 344 The Flaming Sacred Tiger, My Master Doesn't Agree
Chapter 345 The Tiger Whip Is Too Stinky, The Qilin Is Angry!
Chapter 346 Existence Beyond the Bloodline of the Demon Lord, Great World!
Chapter 347 Suddenly Unknowingly Fragrant, Jiulong Mountain in the Center of Jiyuan
Chapter 348 Unprecedented, tied for the top spot, wonderful
Chapter 349 Exiting the customs, it may be a blind spot of knowledge
Chapter 350 Sincerity
Chapter 351 Invitation to the Ten Thousand Clans Auction Conference
Chapter 352 Flowers are doing well, Blood Shura calls, thirty!
Chapter 353 The Order of the Asura Realm Takes Preliminary Formation
Chapter 354 It's You, Bone Kachu!
Chapter 355 Calamity, a large real incense scene
Chapter 356 How to do business without black heart?
Chapter 357 Commercial Domain, Don't Step into the Tower of Gods!
Chapter 358 Incomplete Godhead of the Wood Element
Chapter 359 The dog on the side of the road barks at you, do you want to bark back?
Chapter 360 Easter eggs, the auction is about to start
Chapter 361: Entering the Sky Mall
Chapter 362
Chapter 363 The puppy is just protecting the master, temporarily changed
Chapter 364: Natural Selection
Chapter 365 Fuck! Kneel down!
Chapter 366
Chapter 367
Chapter 368 One Hundred Pills, Are Those Potions Yours?!
Chapter 369 Pretend, keep pretending, is the dream love medicine good?
Chapter 370 Love This Place, Tinder Battleship
Chapter 371
Chapter 372 Is the face of the young emperor really so great?
Chapter 373 Adjustment
Chapter 374 Stuck, mid-term, what level
Chapter 375 This face is a real foul, there are really easter eggs
Chapter 376 As long as it wasn't Su Ye's Ice Thunder Fire
Chapter 377 The Elves Are Excited, Coincidentally
Chapter 378: Zero damage to the enemy, 10,000 self-damage, fluctuations in decay
Chapter 438 Template Capacity Offset Scroll, Formation
Chapter 439 Let time go by, but the stars will last forever!
Chapter 441: Rescue, Ghost Liao vs Vanduoyin (2 in 1)
Chapter 443 Keep one hand, the bloody divine light, explode!
Chapter 383 Danger!
Chapter 384 He is definitely a powerful man in the divine realm who has descended to earth and must not be trampled upon.
Chapter 385: Decline politely and eliminate evil along the way
Chapter 386 Evolution, dark gold poison
Chapter 387 Not simple, ghost fetus
Chapter 388 It’s okay
Chapter 389: Poking into the hornet's nest, task generation
Chapter 390 Terrifying Troops, Kamei Statue Observation Deck
Chapter 391 You did the right thing, take the initiative
Chapter 392 The cage gives you a chance to perform
Chapter 393: Unchanged, double-faced
Chapter 394 If you really can’t show off, then be arrogant
Chapter 395 All the demigods were slaughtered!
Chapter 396 Everyone is trying to grab the top spot, right? The fifth and sixth ghosts and gods
Chapter 397 Ghosts and gods come, storing ghost fetuses
Chapter 398 Kazan gains, collective combat power soars again!
Chapter 399 No need to practice martial ethics, transform into a harvester
Chapter 400 Is it polite? The mysterious organization comes to give advice in person
Chapter 401 Do you have faith? A world where gods eat gods
Chapter 402 Mission accomplished, Wanyu Chamber of Commerce panics
Chapter 403 Is Xiaguang going to repeat the dark blood era? It’s not a surprise
Chapter 404 Just come over and finish the work, give names and rewards collectively
Chapter 405 The hourglass skeleton of time and space, the legendary creature, crowding out the star field group
Chapter 406 The hope of cross-border, Su Shaodi is the most suspicious (two-in-one)
Chapter 407 (Unity) The sealed super-ancient ghosts and gods, promoted, this wool must be harvested
Chapter 408 Xiaoye colludes with evil creatures from outside the territory? Absolutely impossible!
Chapter 409 Opening up the brain domain in the later stage? Goddess Kuchiki
Chapter 410 It’s all my brother’s fault for being so lovable. He’s gone astray.
Chapter 411 Ultimatum
Chapter 412 The wasteland is gone, the dawn is shining, and he is back
Chapter 413 We may have to move
Chapter 414 (Unity) Earth Star is indeed a bit old, the team mode will be improved
Chapter 415 (Unity) Doubling, are you really a black man and showing off your power?
Chapter 416 Outside the boundary wall, can we take action?
Chapter 417 The power of wind and thunder suppresses the three gods!
Chapter 418: There is a gap when you go down to earth, and you have to fight back into the cracks
Chapter 419 So what if you act like a fool once in a while? You are playing with fire.
Chapter 420: Transformation is over, use your ability with caution
Chapter 421 Are you confident? Start conquering the nightmare ghosts!
Chapter 422 The power of dreams
Chapter 423 I need you
Chapter 424 Play hard to get, go to the Wool Tower
Chapter 425 Wanyu Chamber of Commerce didn’t report the news, little Karami
Chapter 426 They are just the epitome of ugliness
Chapter 427 You don’t understand my happiness, swallow it
Chapter 428 Why is there no movement at all? The afterimage of the gods
Chapter 429 Farewell to the Five Elements’ Killing Moves, Heart of the God Tower
Chapter 430 A bold idea
Chapter 431 Seal the tower spirit and forcefully control the Tower of God
Chapter 432 The recliner shakes and pies fall from the sky
Chapter 433: The ancestral land of Jingtun is under attack. Do you want to kill me?
Chapter 434 Space Bombardment, Capture
Chapter 435 Can't feel the shackles and limits
Chapter 436 I would rather be the head of a phoenix than a dragon, and the earth and stars have undergone tremendous changes, is that all?
Chapter 437 The Shenyan Immortal Army breaks through the boundary and goes away!
Chapter 438 Template capacity offset scroll, formation type
Chapter 439 Let time go by, but the stars will last forever!
Chapter 440 It’s soaring and can’t stop!
Chapter 441: Rescue, Ghost Liao vs Vanduoyin (2 in 1)
Chapter 442 Beaten until vomiting blood
Chapter 443 Keep one hand, the bloody divine light, explode!
Chapter 444 Turning against each other fails, start the formation! Is this a formation?
Chapter 445 Fighting with the sky, what the hell is this!
Chapter 446 High-end game, what a coincidence, sister
Chapter 447 Waiting and Watching