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Mortals start by seizing the soul of Shequ

Mortals start by seizing the soul of Shequ

author:Not staining the world

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-19 14:21

Latest chapter:Chapter 409: Nine orifices of relics, marrow cleansing with the sound of thunder

Rebirth in the mortal world begins with seizing the soul of Shequ. Traveling across thousands of mountains and rivers, seeking immortality.

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《Mortals start by seizing the soul of Shequ》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 409: Nine orifices of relics, marrow cleansing with the sound of thunder
Chapter 408: Rogue cultivators rush to buy, floating boats come to help
Chapter 407: Mirror Search, Wanfa Tower is Completed
Chapter 406: Brand new elixir, the alchemist comes to give it
Chapter 405: The Eye of Xuanyin, the Blood of All Spirits
Chapter 404: Forbidden Dominoes
Chapter 403: Red Thread and Blood Whip
Chapter 402: Fat Sheep Fishing
Chapter 401 Tianyang Breakthrough, Registered Disciple
《Mortals start by seizing the soul of Shequ》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: Seizing Zhang Tie’s body, rebelling against the assassin
Chapter 2 Taixu Mirror
Chapter 3: Getting the Spiritual Stone for the First Time
Chapter 4 The combination of movement and technique, so close together and so far apart
Chapter 5: Cultivating both internal and external aspects, the Elephant Armor is perfect!
Chapter 6 Master Jin Guang
Chapter 7: Kill people and seize treasures, control cranes and capture dragons!
Chapter 8 The True Explanation of Tempering Gold
Chapter 9: Farewell for a while
Chapter 10 A guest comes to vote
Chapter 11 Giving elixirs and making wishes
Chapter 12 Tainan Xiaohui
Chapter 13: Joining a team, trading
Chapter 14 Shuiyun Sutra, Thick Earth True Gang
Chapter 15 Cloud Exploration Hand, the Way of Immortal Martial Arts
Chapter 16 Notes from Tiannan
Chapter 17 The True Solution to Yanyang, Wan Qingxue
Chapter 18: The Great Technique of Melting Gold
Chapter 19 True Practice
Chapter 20: Introducing Qi into the body, seven ghosts eat the soul!
Chapter 21 Three floors in one night
Chapter 22 New Magical Uses
Chapter 23: Ceremony of Thousand Weapons, Prepare for Rainy Days
Chapter 24: Golden Winged Flower Bee, Hundred Insects Spiritual Art
Chapter 25: The mantis stalks the cicada, with the oriole behind and the slingshot below!
Chapter 26: Parting ways
Chapter 27 Goodbye Xie Chao
Chapter 28 Thick Earth Armor Corpse Technique
Chapter 29 Fire bomb changes
Chapter 30: Killing people and sacrificing corpses
Chapter 31: Refined into a Soldier
Chapter 32: The imperial corpse is ringed up, and the five colors invite you
Chapter 33: Breath Condensation Technique Accomplished
Chapter 34: Ancestors and Grandchildren of the Han Family
Chapter 35 Fire Crow as Reward
Chapter 36 Copper Essence, Heart Refining
Chapter 37: Stealing the Copper Essence
Chapter 38 Three years
Chapter 39: Eighth level of Qi training, parting words
Chapter 40 Mingyi Mountain, Jinghufang City
Chapter 41 Hundred Flowers Honey Wine
Chapter 42: Get rich overnight
Chapter 43 Assessment Rules
Chapter 44 The ceremony begins
Chapter 45 Betting
Chapter 46: Provocation, try your hand
Chapter 47: The Flying Knife is released, the Black Gold Spirit Armor
Chapter 48: Flying knives, flying knives again!
Chapter 49: Red Dragon, First Prize, Round Bead
Chapter 50: Continuous cuts of ice and fire, armor broken and man defeated
Chapter 51 The thunder method is amazing
Chapter 52: Fire Cloud Wing, Rental Spirit Bee
Chapter 53: Second-level Fire Crow, teaching and imparting skills
Chapter 54: Discussing the Tao and arrogantly embracing it
Chapter 55 Taiyin refining, there is a small shop
Chapter 56 Fighting for the Dragon
Chapter 57: Idiot
Chapter 58 Contract concluded, Queen Bee Intermediate
Chapter 59: After two years of practice, I got the Foundation Building Pill
Chapter 60 Demon Fire Refining Tin Essence
Chapter 61 Top Level Spirit Armor
Chapter 62: Received Talisman, Poisonous Snake Comes Out of the Hole
Chapter 63 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 64: Twelve layers of fish soup in one mouthful
Chapter 65: Qi sensing, detecting enemy traces
Chapter 66: Barrier-Breaking Pill, Qingling Water
Chapter 67 The Second Generation of Immortals
Chapter 68: Red Luo Heavenly Furnace
Chapter 69: Revealing identity, three-year promise
Chapter 70 Ending
Chapter 71 It’s good to have a master
Chapter 72: Chase
Chapter 73: Siege? Counter siege
Chapter 74 First Kill
Chapter 75 Kill again
Chapter 76 The final outcome
Chapter 77: Count and divide
Chapter 78: Zhang Tie gets the elixir, Han Li's heart is moved
Chapter 79: The elixir is exchanged for spiritual grass
Chapter 80: Get the Dayan Jue
Chapter 81: Tempering the state of mind
Chapter 82 Returning to the clan to meet the teacher
Chapter 83 Transaction Request
Chapter 84 Blood Chalcedony
Chapter 85 Magical Weapon Channeling
Chapter 86: Backward reasoning, inspiration
Chapter 87 Foundation Building
Chapter 88: Dayan is in its early stages, the fire crow lays eggs
Chapter 89: Melting Gold and Smelting Iron Hands
Chapter 90: Gifting Secret Techniques to Masters
Chapter 91: Volcano Cold Pool, Two Years of Practice
Chapter 92 Cold Pond Refining Technique
Chapter 93: One-level Dacheng, Fairy Yunyan
Chapter 94: Dual Cultivation Proposal, Essence of True Water
Chapter 95: Kuangge retreat, fire crows formed
Chapter 96 The Jade Tablet is Released
Chapter 97: Blood-patterned Steel, Twelve Hour Worms
Chapter 98: Baise Shadowless Armor, copycat version
Chapter 99 Treasure Hunting Conference
Chapter 100: Coming out again
Chapter 101 Goodbye Yunxiao
Chapter 102 The magical effect of Taixu, the reflection of spiritual roots
Chapter 103: The Dragon Roar is Born by Mistake
Chapter 104: Accepting a Disciple
Chapter 105: First Arrival at the Yan Family
Chapter 106 Borrowing the Tower for a View
Chapter 107 There is a woman like Yan
Chapter 108 Meeting an old friend by chance
Chapter 109 Kang Ting has an appointment
Chapter 110 Wan Miao Dharma Book
Chapter 111 Life Talisman
Chapter 112 Invitation to Battle
Chapter 113 Red Rainbow Breaks the Vine
Chapter 114 Who else?
Chapter 115 Junior Brother Han, long time no see
Chapter 116: Asking each other
Chapter 117: Learn from others
Chapter 118 The secret of the ancient treasure, the origin of the two mirrors
Chapter 119: Meeting Hehuan on the Road
Chapter 120 The Quhun is here
Chapter 121: The Possibility of Improving Dayan Jue
Chapter 122: Dingyan Pill, Three Turns of Chongyuan Gong
Chapter 123 Going out at night
Chapter 124: Scheme against Wang Chan
Chapter 125: Blue cloud trapped in blood cloud
Chapter 126: Hundred Poisons and Immortal Killing Sword
Chapter 127 Bloody Clothes Broken Flying Needle
Chapter 128: Collect treasures and escape
Chapter 129 All Souls Scripture
Chapter 130: Promotion to Bronze Corpse
Chapter 131: Bloody Flag, Get Chalcedony Again
Chapter 132: Fellow Daoist Tian, ??you are well!
Chapter 133: Leave this girl behind, you can go now
Chapter 134: Heart-burning
Chapter 135 Broken Black Silk
Chapter 136: The iron-smelting hand shows its power for the first time
Chapter 137: Lingyun’s Eighteen Slashes, Collection of Red Gold True Fire
Chapter 138: Junior Brother Han, let me lend you the cave!
Chapter 139 Thoughts on Refining Alchemy
Chapter 140 Big business is coming
Chapter 141 Bartering
Chapter 142 Establishing a sect and presiding over the wedding
Chapter 143 Mirror Refining
Chapter 144: The inner purity is as bright as the sun and the moon
Chapter 145: Refining Alchemy Is Not Easy
Chapter 146: Successful in controlling fire, lay eggs again
Chapter 147: Mid-term Breakthrough
Chapter 148: Encountering Wanmiao disciple by chance
Chapter 149 The Origin of Spiritual Spring
Chapter 150 Underground River Veins
Chapter 151: Stone Stele, Sword Technique
Chapter 152: Inherited Illusion
Chapter 153 The White Tiger’s Seven Kills
Chapter 154: The South of the Past
Chapter 155 Joining the Army
Chapter 156: The magic weapon goes as expected, and the soldiers become soldiers by sowing beans
Chapter 157 I have a knife
Chapter 158: Spiritual Consciousness Grows Again
Chapter 159: Rowing without oars
Chapter 160 Yuan Wu’s chaos
Chapter 160 Wonderful View
Chapter 161 Hidden Danger of Spirit Talisman
Chapter 162 Void Drawing Talisman
Chapter 163: Opening the Book
Chapter 164 Success
Chapter 165: Mirror Lake Suspended
Chapter 166: Planning for Jin Guyuan
Chapter 167 The evil spirit of war
Chapter 168: Traveling Together
Chapter 169 Fish Skin
Chapter 170: Refining Ink
Chapter 171: Taking Qi and Condensing Form
Chapter 172 White Tiger Taoist Soldier
Chapter 173: Guests are coming
Chapter 174 Business is booming
Chapter 175: Fellow Daoist Zhang, do you want the Foundation Establishment Pill?
Chapter 176 Bone Pills
Chapter 177 Tailor-made opportunity
Chapter 178 Blood Spirit Bone Refining
Chapter 179 Qingyuan True Form Talisman
Chapter 180 The light of the sword breaks the talisman
Chapter 181 Three Avenue Soldiers
Chapter 182 Asking for a fight
Chapter 183: Going deep into the Golden Drum Plains
Chapter 184 Red-clothed Demonic Cultivator
Chapter 185 Qingyang Demonic Fire
Chapter 186: Excited Fire Crow
Chapter 187 Qingyang Demonic Fire Technique
Chapter 188 First Kill
Chapter 189 Fire Crow Technique
Chapter 190: Phantom Leaf Moth
Chapter 191: Flying Red Gold Centipede
Chapter 192 The Fire Crow Formation is showing its power for the first time
Chapter 193 Farewell to Jinguyuan
Chapter 194 Black Jade Gourd
Chapter 195: The Pearl of the Spiritual Eye, the Military Monk
Chapter 196: Cultivating Swordsmanship, Gengjin Yuantai
Chapter 197: Falling down and rebuilding, Fire Crow succeeds
Chapter 200: Collecting the Orb, Xiaomei is Pregnant
Chapter 201 Return to Jiayuan
Chapter 202: Bone Relics, Blood River Flag
Chapter 203: Soul Collection
Chapter 204 Demonic Fire Soul Refining
Chapter 205 Tianlu collects demons
Chapter 206: Enlighten the Black Tiger, Goodbye Han Li
Chapter 207: Junior Brother Han, do you want a magic weapon?
Chapter 208 Three Jade Slips
Chapter 209 Return to the Golden Drum Plains
Chapter 210 Please retreat
Chapter 211 Invisible Needle
Chapter 212 Invisible Escape Method
Chapter 213: Melee in Vietnam
Chapter 214 Painted Skin
Chapter 215 Demon Fire Blood Refining River
Chapter 216: Obsessed?
Chapter 217: The Reincarnation Skill of a Plain Girl, the Record of Jade Planting in the Demon Fetus
Chapter 218 Muddy the water
Chapter 219 Arrangement to entertain guests
Chapter 220 Ru Yan has a request
Chapter 221 Miss Yan, is there anything interesting about the spiritual eye?
Chapter 222: Immortal Killing Flying Knife
Chapter 223: Mad Song Dan is Completed
Chapter 224: The Secret Technique of Presenting Master
Chapter 225: Juling Card
Chapter 226: Teach the demon mantis magic and mass-produce spiritual talismans
Chapter 227: Combining Vertical and Horizontal
Chapter 228 The mantis lays eggs
Chapter 229 Da Luo Qian Huan Jue
Chapter 230: Bright Mirror, Ruyi Shen
Chapter 231 Glazed Jade Box, Late Stage of Foundation Building
Chapter 232: Earth Fiend Fire Marrow, Accompanied by Green Lotus
Chapter 233: To get the spiritual fire again, take Dongyu
Chapter 234: Preparation for dispersion
Chapter 235 Escort
Chapter 236: There is a child with spiritual roots
Chapter 237 Strange Physique
Chapter 238: Map of Mountains and Rivers, Ten Thousand Years Spiritual Bamboo Liquid
Chapter 239 Peach Blossom Miasma, Yaowang Valley, Baihua Mountain
Chapter 240: Yunxiao builds the foundation and divides the treasures among the disciples
Chapter 241 Foundation Building Banquet, ever-changing
Chapter 242: Wandering around the city and meeting old friends by chance
Chapter 243: Old friends meet, Jing Dao is on duty
Chapter 244: It’s just a foundation building pill, but it’s just a slap in the face
Chapter 245 Hundred Flowers Spectrum, Jade-waisted Butterfly, Singing Beast
Chapter 246 Killing people and returning to the mountain
Chapter 247: Changing Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 248 Embedded Mirror Formation
Chapter 249 Loose Cultivator in the World
Chapter 250: The heart of the Fifth Cultivator is moved, the cave is newly built
Chapter 251: Alchemy Examination, True Water Enters Wine
Chapter 252 Hundreds of cultivators worship the mountain
Chapter 253 Duanmu has intentions
Chapter 254: Building Jianfang City, Visitors from Hundred Flowers
Chapter 255: Asking for a high price, paying back the money on the ground
Chapter 256 Qingxue builds the foundation and receives spiritual insects as a gift
Chapter 257 Returning to the later stage, a hundred flowers greet you
Chapter 258: Lingbo Yuanying, watching the ceremony and asking questions
Chapter 259: Spirit Peach Grafting
Chapter 260 Hongqiao Ancient Treasure, Lingbo Recruits Disciple
Chapter 261 Drunken Fairy Peach
Chapter 262: Wonderful Sound Transmission
Chapter 263 The defeat of Hongyu Dan
Chapter 264 Two years of practice
Chapter 265 Xike Dancheng
Chapter 266 Spring Breeze Pill
Chapter 267 Revisiting the old place
Chapter 268: The sword technique breaks the needle, but Caixia remains the same
Chapter 269: Descendants of the Zhang Family
Chapter 270 Qing Wu Feng Ming
Chapter 271 Lure the Demon
Chapter 272: Open the net and wait for the birds
Chapter 273: Capturing Birds
Chapter 274 Obtaining Blood Jade Again
Chapter 275: A stunning blow, instantly turning into an elixir
Chapter 276: The Four Seasons Turn, the Green Wu Tree Heart
Chapter 277: Paradise for Loose Cultivators
Chapter 278 Beekeeper
Chapter 279 The real honey of flowers
Chapter 280 Smuggler
Chapter 281 Bee sting, bookstore
Chapter 282 Market Tour
Chapter 283 Exchange
Chapter 284 Ambush
Chapter 285 The war is about to begin
Chapter 286: Gun success
Chapter 287 Buddhist Relics
Chapter 288 Glazed Light Lamp
Chapter 289 An unexpected storm
Chapter 290: Hundreds of Ghosts Locked in the Yin, Ghost Fire Netherworld
Chapter 291 Fighting Black Mountain
Chapter 292 The Assassin’s Killing
Chapter 293 On the Road
Chapter 294: Spiritual Spring Spiritual Technique
Chapter 295: Lantern Buddha Sect
Chapter 296: Huang Ting Manjuan
Chapter 297 Pegasus Department
Chapter 298: Goshawk Tattoo, Yin Spirit Gu
Chapter 299 Totem Tattoo Method
Chapter 300: Law for Law
Chapter 301 King-marked flying katydid
Chapter 302: The demon mantis returns to its ancestors
Chapter 303 Endless wildfire
Chapter 304 Six Fires Return to Origin
Chapter 305: Golden Flame Burning, Bingxin Pill, Red Fire Liquid
Chapter 306: Falling out once the elixir is completed
Chapter 307 The fire spirit turns into a python and kills it with a knife
Chapter 308: Baolan Zhenling
Chapter 309: The fire in the heart enters the body
Chapter 310: One tripod holds the mountain
Chapter 311 Arrangement to Fish for Fire
Chapter 312 Formation into Li Valley
Chapter 313 The lamp of the heart is about to come out
Chapter 314 Black Feather, Commission
Chapter 315: The red thread creates a network
Chapter 316 Breaking the formation and closing the line
Chapter 317: Exchange Armor for Lines
Chapter 318 Green Wolf Transforms into a Beast
Chapter 319 The blood spirit nourishes the red thread
Chapter 320: Bone and blood, flying snow in the Yinshan Mountains
Chapter 321: Entering the Yinshan Mountains in Cloak and Snow
Chapter 322 Ice and Snow Silkworm
Chapter 323: Breaking the formation is like refining a weapon
Chapter 324: The Spiritual Silkworm Devours the Lord
Chapter 325: The language of animals and beasts, the attack of evil spirits
Chapter 326: The Demonic Sound Seizes the Soul
Chapter 327: Broken flags and bones collected
Chapter 328: Sacrificing Relics
Chapter 329 The plan failed
Chapter 330: Saint Guard
Chapter 331: The first appearance on the silver screen, the appearance of the face and the ceremony
Chapter 332: Gun vs. Knife, Xuanming Ointment, and Bi Liuzhu
Chapter 333: Disaster to Chiyu
Chapter 334: Kill the General and Capture the Flag
Chapter 335: Preparing to leave
Chapter 336 The Great Jin Dynasty is approaching
Chapter 337: On the side of Xiongguan, the light in the heart suddenly lights up
Chapter 337 The heart lamp enters the body
Chapter 338: Refinement of the Heart Lamp
Chapter 339: Dalun Temple, Dharma Protector Elder
Chapter 340: Demonic Elimination of Relics
Chapter 341: One light goes out and the Tao progresses
Chapter 342 Viewing Paintings in the Secret Cave
Chapter 343: Secret Treasury Three Points
Chapter 344 Four-Armed Monster
Chapter 345: All means are used
Chapter 346: Relics Devour Demons, White Bones Grow Flowers
Chapter 347: Ten True Traditions, Mounting the Head and Receiving the Ordination
Chapter 348: Heart Lamp Seal
Chapter 349: Choosing Kung Fu
Chapter 350: Get 'Mingwang Jue'
Chapter 351: Refining Demons with Buddha, the Ming King Begins to Become a King
Chapter 352: The First Trial of King Ming
Chapter 353 Dharma transmission conference, Confucian Academy
Chapter 354: Tiance Courtyard, Eighteen Immortal Masters
Chapter 355: Heavenly Eyes for Insights
Chapter 356 Asking the Heart with the Sword
Chapter 357: The best fire method in Jin Dynasty
Chapter 358: The knife breaks the flying claw
Chapter 359: Redemption
Chapter 360: Close combat
Chapter 361: Visiting Tiance
Chapter 362: Using Water as a Sword, the Ye Family’s Disciples
Chapter 363 Four-Dimensional Ambition
Chapter 364: Eleventh Class Immortal Master
Chapter 365 Immortal Master Treatment
Chapter 366: Harmony with Light, Map of the Great Jin and Kun
Chapter 367: Where to go in the future, planning the talisman
Chapter 368 Pengqiu Sea City
Chapter 369: Old Zhang Tie...
Chapter 370: The furnace starts again
Chapter 370: Directly hanging cloud sails to help the sea
Chapter 371: Tempering the state of mind, hunting monsters on a rainy night
Chapter 372: Sea clams spit out pearls and melt gold to collect treasures
Chapter 373: Two-pronged wrestling, one can be captured
Chapter 374: Exploring each other’s origins
Chapter 375: Melting Gold and Refining Talismans
Chapter 376: Swapping formations with formations, accompanied by corals
Chapter 377: Locking the needle to the earth's fire and using the mountain to refine the treasure
Chapter 378 Stone Pillar Locking Spirit, Water and Fire
Chapter 379: Once the elixir is completed
Chapter 380 Hundred Islands Alliance, Yunshui Envoy
Chapter 381 Ice Soul Fights Leng Yan
Chapter 382: Alchemist, Black Turtle Inner Alchemy
Chapter 383: Ling Tianfei catches the boat and asks for pills
Chapter 380: Name four girls and raise pearls with clams
Chapter 381: The Yin Iron Drawing, the Winter Song Gets the Crow
Chapter 382 The black python transforms into a weapon spirit, and Tingtao presents gull eggs
Chapter 383: Gourd Sword Cultivator, Divide the Squid
Chapter 384 Drinking with the Blood Flag
Chapter 385: Choose your own cave, Zhu Rong’s guest
Chapter 386 Betting and refining weapons
Chapter 387 The gambling battle begins
Chapter 388: Blue Sea Piano Demon, Seven Strings Invisible
Chapter 389: The name of the piano is Seven Evils, and the seals are refined into formations
Chapter 390: Exchange Seal for Qin, Climb the Tower to Tianyi
Chapter 391: Suspicious Traces of Bones
Chapter 392 Thunder River and Sea, Huang Ya is complete
Chapter 393: Underground Trade Fair, Red-trained Python Eggs
Chapter 394: Collecting Alchemy Recipes
Chapter 395 Returning to the Island with Everyone
Chapter 396: Qingwu Cute Buds, successfully captured by flying
Chapter 397 Apprentice Assessment
Chapter 398: The blood river flag is formed, four levels are broken in a row
Chapter 399 Water Method Alchemy, Cold Jade Ice Furnace
Chapter 400: Improve your alchemy skills and listen to the waves coming to the island
Chapter 401 Tianyang Breakthrough, Registered Disciple
Chapter 402: Fat Sheep Fishing
Chapter 403: Red Thread and Blood Whip
Chapter 404: Forbidden Dominoes
Chapter 405: The Eye of Xuanyin, the Blood of All Spirits
Chapter 406: Brand new elixir, the alchemist comes to give it
Chapter 407: Mirror Search, Wanfa Tower is Completed
Chapter 408: Rogue cultivators rush to buy, floating boats come to help
Chapter 409: Nine orifices of relics, marrow cleansing with the sound of thunder