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Konoha Kizaru: The salary is in place and the Five Shadows will be wasted!

Konoha Kizaru: The salary is in place and the Five Shadows will be wasted!

author:Delicious fat cat

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Latest chapter:Chapter 420 Bet

The fake ninja: went to ninja school at the age of six, joined the Anbu at the age of eleven, died young and died young at the age of twenty-one, becoming the nourishment of the leaves. The real ninja: idle around, fish at work, clock out and clock out, and perform tasks without contributing. Proficient in everything about fishing and health care. The fake Hokage: perfect mouth escape, and a ninja world in his heart. The real Hokage: a terrible mouth, a big tube wood with a kick! ——————This book is also known as 'Naruto 955', 'The Ultimate' 'General Kizaru who doesn't work overtime', 'Salary determines my fighting ability', 'I want to be the man who becomes Hokage'...

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《Konoha Kizaru: The salary is in place and the Five Shadows will be wasted!》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 420 Bet
Chapter 419 Aftermath
Chapter 418 The Biggest Secret
Chapter 417 Secret Mission
Chapter 416 Negotiations before peace talks
Chapter 415 Invitation to Peace Talks
Chapter 414 Im Appears
Chapter 413 The Giant of Light Returns
Chapter 412 The Five Old Stars Arrive
《Konoha Kizaru: The salary is in place and the Five Shadows will be wasted!》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Shimura Kizaru
Chapter 2 Sparkling Fruit
Chapter 3 Three-Year Plan
Chapter 4 Seeds of Hope
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Chapter 5 The first day of school
Chapter 6 The man who wants to become Hokage
Chapter 7 Wind Escape Ninjutsu
Chapter 8 School Test (Part 1)
Chapter 9 School Test (Part 2)
Chapter 10 School Test (Part 2)
Chapter 11 You will die!
Chapter 12 Hokage-sama’s political show
Chapter 13 Graduate early!
Chapter 14 Teacher Candidates
Chapter 15 The Beaten Shan Yan
Chapter 16 Kizaru’s proposal
Chapter 17 The curiosity of the Sannin
Chapter 18 Jiraiya underestimates the enemy
Chapter 19 The Defeated Jiraiya
Chapter 20 Tsunade fights for disciples
Chapter 21 Shocked Naruto
Chapter 22 Hokage’s decision
Chapter 23 Danzo is so angry!
Chapter 24 Sad Jiraiya
Chapter 25 Surprised Danzo
Chapter 26 Passed the Assessment
Chapter 27 Smart Hinata-san
Chapter 28 Minato’s request
Chapter 29 Interesting Training
Chapter 30 An angry Uchiha
Chapter 31 Huang Yuanbo
Chapter 32 The Conquered Sarutobi Hiruzen
Chapter 33 The game behind the scenes
Chapter 34 The final warm-up before graduation assessment!
Chapter 35 Must win today!
Chapter 36 Have you ever been kicked by light?
Chapter 37 Future Hokage
Chapter 38 Cat and Mouse Game
Chapter 39 Little trouble!
Chapter 40 Kizaru’s proposal
Chapter 41 Pacifist Hanzo!
Chapter 42 Battle Plan
Chapter 43 The hunting begins!
Chapter 44 Art is explosion!
Chapter 45 Death on the battlefield
Chapter 46 Kizaru’s Gift
Chapter 47 The coldness in my heart!
Chapter 48 The strategy of flattery and killing
Chapter 49 Taken advantage of!
Chapter 50 Ma!
Chapter 51 More money is needed!
Chapter 52 Tsunade’s Gift
Chapter 53 Jiraiya is dying of soreness
Chapter 54 The Bloom of Mars!
Chapter 55 Sarutobi Hiruzen’s Arrangements
Chapter 56 Raikage’s Strategy
Chapter 57 Big business!
Chapter 58 The birth of a new ninjutsu!
Chapter 59 Kizaru’s Assessment
Chapter 60 Yunyin takes action!
Chapter 61 I really just want to get off work early!
Chapter 62 You are as strong as monsters!
Chapter 63 How terrible!
Chapter 64 The Jinchuuriki appears!
Chapter 65 Conquer the second tail!
Chapter 66 Killing and killing people!
Chapter 67 The general sits down!
Chapter 68 Xi’s decision!
Chapter 69 Kizaru returns to the village
Chapter 70 Shocked the whole audience!
Chapter 71 Kizaru’s tips for reimbursement!
Chapter 72 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 73 Ohnoki takes the blame
Chapter 74 Naruto Guards!
Chapter 75 Danzo’s Gift
Chapter 76 Release Kizaru!
Chapter 77: Courtesy first, then attack!
Chapter 78 The tiger is coming out of the cage!
Chapter 79 Golden Flash
Chapter 80 Tsunade’s Gift
Chapter 81 Chiyo’s Confidence
Chapter 82 Kizaru can still make money!
Chapter 83 Uzumaki Kushina
Chapter 84 Kizaru’s gift!
Chapter 85 Sunagakure comes to your door!
Chapter 86 Shoot him, Tian Cong Yun Sword!
Chapter 87 Where is your loss?
Chapter 88 Madam, you don’t want anything to happen to your child, right?
Chapter 89 Talents abound in Konoha Village!
Chapter 90 Kizaru’s aggression!
Chapter 91 Plan after the war
Chapter 92 Sannin Returns
Chapter 93 Conquer Hiruzen Sarutobi!
Chapter 94 Visiting as a Guest
Chapter 95 Minato’s Teacher Arrangements
Chapter 96 Danzo was persuaded
Chapter 97 So cute!
Chapter 98 Do you want to dance?
Chapter 99 The fifty-meter sword!
Chapter 100 Confused Uchiha Madara!
Chapter 101 The powerful Kizaru! (3000+)
Chapter 102 The man who wants to become the King of Hainan (3600)
Chapter 103 Yahiko Kazukonami!
Chapter 104 Innocent Dream
Chapter 105 The real treasure!
Chapter 106 Please come back!
Chapter 107 International Student Plan
Chapter 108 It seems like it’s too big!
Chapter 109 Kizaru 'sends off' and travels again
Chapter 110 Five Year Agreement (3000)
Chapter 111 Matt Dai (3200)
Chapter 112: Accepting Disciples and Gaining Hearts
Chapter 113 Just Applicable (3000+)
Chapter 114 Danzo was tricked
Chapter 115 Hatake Sakumo’s heart disease (3200)
Chapter 116 Pillar Cells (3400)
Chapter 117 Visiting Uchiha
Chapter 118 Betting on Kizaru
Chapter 119 Sarutobi Hiruzen’s Surprise
Chapter 120 Kizaru’s Pie
Chapter 121 Arms Race
Chapter 122 Teach Orochimaru a lesson
Chapter 123 The first day in office
Chapter 124 Shocked Kushina
Chapter 125 The correct way to convince Kyuubi
Chapter 126 Kyuubi is convinced!
Chapter 127 Tailed Beast Chakra Mode
Chapter 128 Division of Investment Quotas
Chapter 129 The Hyuga clan can’t sit still
Chapter 130 Hinata and Hinata’s Arrangements
Chapter 131 Kizaru’s Assessment
Chapter 132 Failure and Success
Chapter 133 Preparation for the Chunin Exam (4000)
Chapter 134 The Strongest Trio
Chapter 135 If Kizaru doesn’t participate, everyone thinks it’s okay!
Chapter 136 What is the upper limit of Kizaru?
Chapter 137 Big explosion!
Chapter 138 Tsunade Cure Huang
Ask for half leave
Chapter 140 The weak chicken Sunagakure is targeted
Chapter 141 Sunagakure’s trump card: messing up
Chapter 142 Danzo: Kizaru, my nephew, you are suffering!
Chapter 143 The First Round of the Chunin Examination
Chapter 144 The bitter Minato
Chapter 145 Luo Sha, the Head Picker
Chapter 146 The polarity reversal
Chapter 147 Konoha’s great victory
Chapter 148 The deep meaning behind the strategy (3200)
Chapter 149 Yao Jinchuriki
Chapter 150 Kizaru with no injuries on his body and slightly dirty clothes!
Chapter 151 Kakashi’s Godfather
Chapter 152 Let Kakuzu handle the accounts
Chapter 153 The Wise Star Yellow Ape
Chapter 154 Give me some face!
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Chapter 155 Who is the robber? (5000+)
Chapter 156 The deterrent power of Kizaru (4100)
Chapter 157 Scorpion who wants to go to Konoha (6200)
Chapter 158 Shukaku meets Kyuubi (4500)
Chapter 159 The War between Shukaku and Kushina
Chapter 160 Tsunade’s Kiss (4400)
Chapter 161 The water here is very deep (4400)
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Chapter 162 The prosperous Konoha (4000)
Chapter 163 Some people are anxious! (4300)
Chapter 164 The long-awaited Kizaru (4400)
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Chapter 165 Happy New Year!(4400)
Chapter 166 A noisy day (5200)
Chapter 167 The Bond of Birth
Chapter 168 The Use of Uchiha Madara
Chapter 169 Kizaru’s bad taste
Chapter 170 Preparations before the start of the new semester
Chapter 171 The Big Toad Immortal’s New Prophecy
Chapter 172 War and Peace
Chapter 173 The light is coming! (4200)
Chapter 174 Betting on Miaomu Mountain (4100)
Chapter 175 Listen to me, thank you!
Chapter 176 Wood Escape? Grass Escape!
Chapter 177 The essence of the practice system is different, the way to longevity in the immortal model
Chapter 178 Drunk Tsunade
Chapter 179 Rope Tree, come and farm!
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Chapter 180 The reality and cruelty of this world
Chapter 181 Kizaru who cultivates immortality
Chapter 182 School starts
Chapter 183 Nagato’s Diary(4000)
Chapter 184 Kizaru Sennin who has been practicing for two and a half years + more than three months (4300)
Chapter 185 Kakashi wants to defeat Kizaru (4800)
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Chapter 186 (4400)
Chapter 187 Kizaru, become Hokage! (4600)
Chapter 188 Uchiha Fugaku’s anger
Chapter 189 Something is wrong! (4000)
Chapter 190 What a miserable word!
Chapter 191 Sunagakure’s actions
Chapter 192 Depends on the message
Chapter 193 The choice in the heart
Chapter 194 The advantage is mine (4300)
Chapter 195: The Hokage is not my will, I hope he can lie down!
Chapter 196 Kizaru spreads his food, Hinata wag his tail!
Chapter 197 Professional Assistance
Chapter 198 I saw Lin at Kakashi’s house!
Chapter 199 The Completely Transformed Danzo
Chapter 200 Kizaru’s information
Chapter 201 Uchiha Madara’s incomprehension
Chapter 202 A gift for Kizaru!
Chapter 203 The political reform brewing by Kizaru
Chapter 204 Blood-stained information, crippled Zenyan
Chapter 205: A bunch of rubbish can’t be carried away! Uchiha Madara’s helplessness!
Chapter 206 Tailed Beast Mecha
Chapter 207 Keiko’s concerns and worries
Chapter 208
Chapter 209 The weak scorpion
Chapter 210 The smile disappeared from Kizaru’s face
Chapter 211 Kizaru mows the grass
Chapter 212 Kizaru’s heart-breaking plan
Chapter 213 Tsunade and Kizaru
Chapter 214 The Fourth Hokage Kizaru!
Chapter 215 Kizaru’s road to becoming a god
Chapter 216 If Kizaru doesn’t show off, the consultant will feel uncomfortable!
Chapter 217 Kizaru’s plan
Chapter 218 Uncle, let’s unify the world!
Chapter 219 Kizaru develops the villain: Uchiha Madara
Chapter 220 Thunderbolt Method
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Chapter 221 Preparations for War
Chapter 222 Fame and fortune
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Chapter 223 Ohnoki’s family-changing plan
Chapter 224 I really have the advantage!
Chapter 225 Capturing Bai Jue
Chapter 226 This ninja is so stable!
Chapter 227 Konoha sends troops
Chapter 228 Black Zetsu threatened by Kizaru
Chapter 229 Make Uchiha Madara the biggest villain
Chapter 230: Onoki was persuaded by the reckless man to explain the funeral arrangements!
Chapter 231 Ohnoki’s regret!
Chapter 232 The First Hokage Appears
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Chapter 233 The anger of the first generation, Ohnoki’s demonic thoughts! (5200)
Chapter 234 Kizaru's bold guess, 'King of Understanding' Hei Zetsu!
Chapter 235 The first generation’s preparation before returning to Konoha!
Chapter 236 The shock of the first generation! (4500)
Chapter 237 Ninjutsu that brings people back to life, the worries of the first generation!
Chapter 238: Kizaru passes fire, the first generation is about to awaken!
Chapter 239 Let’s fight Uchiha Madara 50-50 together!
Chapter 240 First Generation: Shukaku, you are too dangerous!
Chapter 241: Kizaru digs a pit, Shukaku jumps into a pit, and the first generation fills the pit! (4000)
Chapter 242 Tsunade wants to help grandpa win back the money! (6000)
Chapter 243 Ohnoki and the Third Raikage who cannot contact Kirigakure (4800)
Chapter 244 The first generation learns about the darkness in the village and prepares to investigate!
Chapter 245 The anger of the first generation, the expectations of Mito Menyan!
Chapter 246 The Second Hokage Tobirama appears!
Chapter 247 Senju Tobirama wants to participate in the great goal! (6400)
Chapter 248 Change of attitude, Tobirama prepares to educate his disciples!
Chapter 249 The anger between Thousand Hands!
Chapter 250 Tobirama’s recognition and Danzo’s touch!
Chapter 251 Tobirama's training, the Good Friday of the two advisors. (4400)
Chapter 252 Kizaru’s arrangement!
Chapter 253 Hiruzen Sarutobi was scolded by Tobirama!
Chapter 254 Convincing Hiruzen Sarutobi and Madara Uchiha’s new plan!
Chapter 255 The layout is completed, and the drama brewed by Kizaru is about to begin! (5500)
Chapter 256 A dinner party that changed the ninja world
Chapter 257 The banquet ended perfectly
Chapter 258 Madara Uchiha returns to the top!
Chapter 259 Uchiha Madara is coming, the light of salvation! (8200)
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Chapter 260 The Hope of the Village: The Fourth Hokage Kizaru!
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Chapter 261 Kizaru is back!
Chapter 262 Tobirama’s question!
Chapter 263 The weak have no right to speak!
Chapter 264 Pursuit of victory
Chapter 265 The drama planned by Kizaru
Chapter 266 Orochimaru defected, Sarutobi Hiruzen was kept in the dark
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Chapter 267 The Knife that Kills Without Blood
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Chapter 268 Kill all the daimyo and nobles! (4600)
Chapter 269 Madara’s massacre, Ohnoki’s quick-thinking and quick-thinking to break defense! (4400)
Chapter 270 Suicide to apologize? Kizaru’s life-saving straw! (4200)
Chapter 271 Ohnoki: It turns out that we have been pocketing the price difference by middlemen!
Chapter 272: Kizaru's domineering power wins people's hearts, the last dignity of the nobles!
Chapter 273 Shock! Many major countries have been attacked by unknown wandering ninja gangs! (4200)
Chapter 274 Kizaru, the god descended to earth! The Daimyo of Earth Kingdom who is desperate for survival!
Chapter 275 If you want to sell, sell it at a good price!
Chapter 276: Despicable! Do you do this kind of thing without even turning off the light?
Chapter 277 They don’t want us to live!
Chapter 278 Before the dragon is slain, people are already looking forward to becoming a new evil dragon.
Chapter 279 Poison! A noble seeking death!
Chapter 280 Selling allies is a noble tradition
Chapter 281 Ninja, what do you know about farming?
Chapter 282 This day is really unbearable!
Chapter 283 Let’s play music and dance!
Chapter 284 Tobirama’s reminder, the ghosts of the land of ghosts!
Chapter 285 Uchiha Madara breaks the defense!
Chapter 286 The incident happened! Kizaru took action personally!
Chapter 287 The Immortal of Six Paths Between Life and Death
Chapter 288 From heaven to hell!
Chapter 289 Obito awakens the Sharingan!
Chapter 290 Kizaru’s new idea (4000)
Chapter 291 Set sail for the new era!
Chapter 292 Shocked the whole world!
Chapter 293 Money delivered to your door
Chapter 294
Chapter 295 The Box of Bliss, the last hope of the exiled nobles!
Chapter 296 Visiting the grassroots and listening to public opinions, Hokage-sama was warmly welcomed by the masses!
Chapter 297 The destroyed Kusakure Village! The bet between Madara and Hashirama!
Chapter 298 Hashirama’s awakening and accelerated unification!
Chapter 299 The Third Raikage’s Decision!
Chapter 300 The Great Purge of Yunyin Village!
Chapter 301 The confused Senju Hashirama, the confused people!
Chapter 302 The Kingdom of Light is about to be established!
Chapter 303 The continent is shaken and the Kingdom of Light is established!
Chapter 304 The noble’s eyes turned dark!
Chapter 305 Preparations before the Founding Ceremony
Chapter 306 The chance encounter between Obito and Yunshan!
Chapter 307 The strongest sword skill in the world!
Chapter 308: Kizaru’s bad taste, Obito becomes a disciple of Matt Dai?
Chapter 309 Founding Ceremony!
Chapter 310 Uchiha Madara came to watch the ceremony!
Chapter 311 The truth about Uchiha Madara being cheated, Tobirama’s happiness!
Chapter 312 A story from thousands of years ago!
Chapter 313 Uchiha Madara knows the truth
Chapter 314 The ugliness that was accidentally revealed, the worm in the family!
Chapter 315 Simultaneous internal cleaning!
Chapter 316 Reactions from all parties, Kizaru’s new discovery!
Chapter 317 Wrong things should be corrected!
Chapter 318 Jiraiya was recalled!
Chapter 319 Kizaru was awakened, new inspiration appeared!
Chapter 320 Necessary conditions for public opinion war!
Chapter 321 Public opinion triggered
Chapter 322 Meeting Uchiha Madara, a fateful battle!
Chapter 323 The battle lasted for three days and three nights, and the winner was Kizaru!
Chapter 324: The First Five-Year Plan, the released tailed beasts.
Chapter 325: Five years later, the dragon’s veins changed.
Chapter 326 Huang Yuan going to Loulan
Chapter 327 The first meeting between Kizaru and Naruto
Chapter 328 Can tailed beasts kill people?
Chapter 330 Naruto was shocked to the point of numbness!
Chapter 331 Naruto’s past, guilty Minato!
Chapter 332 Go call Mr. Sarutobi!
Chapter 333 Sarutobi Hiruzen’s Good Friday
Chapter 334 Naruto meets Kakashi
Chapter 335 The first encounter between Naruto and Kushina
Chapter 336 Let Naruto become the perfect Jinchuuriki
Chapter 337 The sealed space in Naruto’s body
Chapter 338 The Fourth Hokage Minato appears
Chapter 339 The meeting of the two Fourth Hokages
Chapter 340 Two Beats Nine-Tails
Chapter 341 Kyuubi, please choose one!
Chapter 342 Sudden explosion and the disappearance of the Third Hokage
Chapter 343 Good news from Loulan
Chapter 344: Technological breakthrough, conditions for time travel are ready!
Chapter 345 Naruto goes home and Kizaru comes!
Chapter 346 Kizaru following Danzo
Chapter 347: Both parties recognize their relatives, and Danzo is played
Chapter 348 Kizaru: Lord Danzo, let us correct Konoha's mistakes!
Chapter 349 The meeting between Kizaru and Tsunade
Chapter 350 Invisible plunder
Chapter 351 Embarrassed Danzo
Chapter 352 Preparation for the Colonization Plan
Chapter 353 Danzo’s plan to assassinate Tsunade!
Chapter 354 Kizaru VS Kakashi
Chapter 355 Assassination and Counter-Assassination
Chapter 356 'Wanhuo' General Store
Chapter 357 Heading to the Akatsuki Organization
Chapter 358 Returning to the main world with Nagato
Chapter 359 Your reincarnation eye comes from Uchiha Madara
Chapter 360 Confused Nagato
Chapter 361 Kizaru-senpai is such a good person!
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Chapter 363 Both Yahiko and Lin can be resurrected
Chapter 363 Kakashi knows the truth
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Chapter 365 Invite Obito to Kakashi’s wedding!
Chapter 366 Obito, long time no see!
Chapter 367 Obito, you coward!
Chapter 368 Completely collapsed Obito
Chapter 369 Public execution of Uchiha Itachi?
Chapter 370 Itachi, you are under arrest.
Chapter 371 Sasuke thinks he is good
Chapter 372 I want to slaughter the Shimura clan!
Chapter 373 Yuyin Village Fair
Chapter 373 The Defeated Ohnoki
Chapter 374 What is professional?
Chapter 375 A huge harvest of massacre
Chapter 376 Itachi formally becomes a disciple
Chapter 377 Kizaru’s child is born
Chapter 378 Smoker appears
Chapter 379 Assassin Brotherhood
Chapter 380 Occupying Cocoa West Village
Chapter 381 Shocked Nami
Chapter 382 Luffy Arrives
Chapter 383 Conversation between Kizaru and Dragon
Chapter 384 The Warring States Period with a Headache
Chapter 385 Winning over Fujitora with a smile
Chapter 386 Fujitora Yixiao’s Journey to the Kingdom of Light
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Chapter 387 Four-pronged approach
Chapter 388 New member Robin!
Chapter 389 Kizaru’s preparation
Chapter 390 'Pluto' design blueprint obtained
Chapter 391 A large number of ninjas descend into the sea
Chapter 392 The Nine-Tailed Pirates
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Chapter 393 The Red-Haired Pirates.
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Chapter 394 The real emperor! The overlord’s domineering energy awakens!
Chapter 395: Get naked and avoid the gods!
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Chapter 396 The Body of God
Chapter 397 The prelude to troubled times!
Chapter 397 The prelude to troubled times!
Chapter 398 Final Discussion
Chapter 399 The Killed Dragon Man
Chapter 400 Kizaru VS Madara Uchiha
Chapter 401 Ace is arrested
Chapter 402 Mirror-like duel
Chapter 403 I am a revolutionary!
Chapter 404 The three generals join forces
Chapter 405 The Collapse of the Old Order
Chapter 406 The Enemy of the World
Chapter 407 Introduction to Kizaru
Chapter 408 Warning of the Warring States Period
Chapter 409 Luffy falling from the sky
Chapter 410 Windmill Village
Chapter 411 The Origin of Pirates
Chapter 412 The Five Old Stars Arrive
Chapter 413 The Giant of Light Returns
Chapter 414 Im Appears
Chapter 415 Invitation to Peace Talks
Chapter 416 Negotiations before peace talks
Chapter 417 Secret Mission
Chapter 418 The Biggest Secret
Chapter 419 Aftermath
Chapter 420 Bet