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Super Soldier King

Super Soldier King

author:The moon is not drunk

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-08 20:44

Latest chapter:Chapter 6060 Return (finale)

The super soldier king returns to the city and unexpectedly falls into a bloody storm. There are endless conspiracies and conspiracies. Let’s see how he cuts through the thorns and reaches the top.

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《Super Soldier King》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 6060 Return (finale)
Chapter 6059 The Last Battle
Chapter 6058: Taoist Master of the Stars, Fallen
Chapter 6057 Nine Emperor Rhymes
Chapter 6056 The Royal Charm is added
Chapter 6055 Changes in Giant Pine City
Chapter 6054 Got it
Chapter 6053 Targeting
Chapter 6052 Insidious
《Super Soldier King》Chapter Contents
Chapter 0 The storm is rising
Chapter 1 The beauty who was robbed
Chapter 2 Meeting the Little Witch at Night
Chapter 3 The appearance of an angel and the heart of a devil
Chapter 4 Your physical fitness is not good enough
Chapter 5: Offending Brothers
Chapter 6 Domineering Beauty
Chapter 7 So spineless
Chapter 8 Beating the Pigs Head
Chapter 9 A look of frost
Chapter 10 Meeting Parents
Chapter 11 Gao Mingyang
Chapter 12 A million dollars worth of money
Chapter 13 Enemies never get together
Chapter 14 Famous Revenge
Chapter 15 Conflict?
Chapter 16 Treating guests
Chapter 17 Slap in the face
Chapter 18 Killing people and setting fires
Chapter 19 Scum
Chapter 20 Interrogation
Chapter 21 Stepping to Death
Chapter 22 Meeting Sister Ying Again
Chapter 23 Summoned by the CEO
Chapter 24 Something happened to Dai Yuying
Chapter 25 Beating up the rogue
Chapter 26 If you dont accept it, do it
Chapter 27 Beauty Killer
Chapter 28 Chasing Thirty Streets
Chapter 29 The toad wants to eat swan meat
Chapter 30 IQ is urgent
Chapter 31 Blow hard
Chapter 32 Crazy Battle
Chapter 33 Meeting Gao Mingyang again
Chapter 34 Stepping to Death
Chapter 35 Frame-up
Chapter 36 Treat it calmly
Chapter 37 Meeting classmates by chance
Chapter 38 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 39 Beauty Master
Chapter 40 Mr. Yang
Chapter 41 Arrogant and domineering Young Master Chu
Chapter 42 Dont mess with her
Chapter 43 Shameless people are invincible in the world
Chapter 44 Shameless Quack
Chapter 45 Tiezhu was humiliated
Chapter 46 Domineering
Chapter 47 Her name is Mo Wenrou
Chapter 48 Brutal Young Man
Chapter 49 Undercurrent
Chapter 50 Jealousy
Chapter 51 Buy One Get One Free
Chapter 52 You are my biological father
Chapter 53: I like helping others the most
Chapter 54 Lots of Doubts
Chapter 55 Mysterious Man
Chapter 56 The majesty of Young Master Chu
Chapter 57 Mr. Lin
Chapter 58 Crazy Revenge
Chapter 59 Terrified
Chapter 60 Wang Fans anger
Chapter 61 Bian Longwei
Chapter 62 Anti-wolf spray
Chapter 63 You have to be responsible for me
Chapter 64 The killer appears unexpectedly
Chapter 65 I am the best soldier king
Chapter 66 Perverted Murderer
Chapter 67 Top Party
Chapter 68 You cant die
Chapter 69 You think Im ugly
Chapter 70 Brother Fan is a rich man
Chapter 71 What is charm?
Chapter 72 Superb driving skills
Chapter 73 Trapeze
Chapter 74 You Shameless
Chapter 75 Invincible Chili Powder
Chapter 76 Get out of Jinzhou City
Chapter 77 Zhen Qianruns Revenge
Chapter 78 Thank you for reminding me
Chapter 79 Do you know you were cheated?
Chapter 80 Mr. Song was assassinated
Chapter 81 The Terrifying Gunman
Chapter 82 Promoted to Minister of Security
Chapter 83 The sarcastic secretary to the minister
Chapter 84 Strong words
Chapter 85 If you dont accept it, stand up
Chapter 86 High morale
Chapter 87 Liu Yanyan
Chapter 88 Come on, come on, come on
Chapter 89 Ill scare you to death if I say it
Chapter 90 North Street Pu San
Chapter 91 Who else?
Chapter 92: Defeat
Chapter 93 Please call me Minister Wang
Chapter 94: Having sex means scratching both ears
Chapter 95 Li Dali II
Chapter 96 Chatting with the Rich Second Generation
Chapter 97 The terrifying three swords
Chapter 98 You are so cruel
Chapter 99 Rogue Means
Chapter 100 Step by Step
Chapter 101 Millions of wealth scattered
Chapter 102 Asking for help
Chapter 103 Ill stab you to death
Chapter 104 Black Master
Chapter 105 The Five Fierce Tigers
Chapter 106: A soldier never tires of deceit
Chapter 107 Encountering a fierce man on the road
Chapter 108 Beauty is also fierce
Chapter 109 Its hard to be a good person
Chapter 110 Involved in Disputes
Chapter 111 What is his ability?
Chapter 112 Another Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 113 Dont bully young people into poverty
Chapter 114 Zhu Mingyan was beaten
Chapter 115 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 116 Favorite slap in the face
Chapter 117: Anger turns beauty into beauty
Chapter 118 The fierce man Langyan
Chapter 119 Hei Ye invites you
Chapter 120 Terrifying Langjiang
Chapter 121 Fighting Langjiang
Chapter 122 The entire army was wiped out
Chapter 123 Dog bites dog
Chapter 124 The Wolf Kings Deterrence
Chapter 125 The Fierce Wolf King
Chapter 126 Playing with Applause
Chapter 127 The Wrath of the Wolf King
Chapter 128 Rich and Rich
Chapter 129 Left hand and right hand
Chapter 130 Dirty Uncle
Chapter 131 Fox Tail
Chapter 132 Why are you so awesome?
Chapter 133 Meeting Mr. Hei
Chapter 134 Dog Beating Stick Technique
Chapter 135 Ten slaps
Chapter 136 Boxing Champion A Biao
Chapter 137 Battle with Mr. Hei
Chapter 138 Taking in the A Biao brothers and sisters
Chapter 139 Sensation
Chapter 140 Should I be so straightforward?
Chapter 141 Why is she here?
Chapter 142 Buying a Villa
Chapter 143 Brother Fan has deep tricks
Chapter 144 Fart
Chapter 145 This is more awesome than boasting
Chapter 146 Ruthless Brother Fan
Chapter 147 Car Dealer Ambush
Chapter 148 One vs. Eight
Chapter 149: Cutting out the roots
Chapter 150 Mo Wenrous identity
Chapter 151 Arrogant
Chapter 152 How are you thinking?
Chapter 153 I want to accuse
Chapter 154 Black Rakshasa Surrenders
Chapter 155 Rose with thorns
Chapter 156 Sneaking in alone
Chapter 157 At any cost
Chapter 158 Encircled
Chapter 159 Competition of marksmanship
Chapter 160 Blood-stained Thousands of Miles
Chapter 161 Cant Die
Chapter 162 Injured
Chapter 163 Black Girl VS Feixue
Chapter 164 Song Shaojun
Chapter 165 The Arrogant Little Sister
Chapter 166 Brother Fan makes his debut
Chapter 167 A Biao pretends to be better
Chapter 168 A Biao is angry
Chapter 169 What do you mean?
Chapter 170 Zhang Ergou
Chapter 171 Hit me, hit me, hit me
Chapter 172 Encounter at the Car Dealer
Chapter 173 Arrogant
Chapter 174 Who is poor?
Chapter 175 Provocation at the door
Chapter 176 The abandoned daughter of the Song family?
Chapter 177 Things got big
Chapter 178 Dogs eyes look at people
Chapter 179 Teach you a lesson
Chapter 180 Arrogant Young Master Liu
Chapter 181 I still want to thank you
Chapter 182 You cant enter
Chapter 183 The sneak attack is fair and just
Chapter 184 Who has the final say?
Chapter 185 A fierce horse tramples people
Chapter 186 I am a genius
Chapter 187 Brother Fan learns to ride a horse
Chapter 188 Horse Racing
Chapter 189 Twists and turns
Chapter 190 Battle with Ma Yong
Chapter 191 Kill instantly with one punch
Chapter 192 Arrogant Dog Legs
Chapter 193 Slap yourself in the face
Chapter 194 Whose dog leg is it?
Chapter 195 Adding fuel to the fire
Chapter 196 Sister Lin fell from the sky
Chapter 197 Wang Fans anger
Chapter 198 The young and old gather together
Chapter 199 Breaking the Game Easily
Chapter 200 Give you a reward
Chapter 201 Trampled to death one by one
Chapter 202 Pervert
Chapter 203 Arrogant Bodyguard
Chapter 204 Arrogant
Chapter 205 Killer
Chapter 206 Furious
Chapter 207 Todays Headlines
Chapter 208 The black girl has changed
Chapter 209 Hospital Troubles
Chapter 210 Hateful Face
Chapter 211 Rakshasa takes action
Chapter 212 Bastard Doctor
Chapter 213 I cant hold it back anymore
Chapter 214 Weird means
Chapter 215 Being disrespectful to the elderly
Chapter 216 Too polite
Chapter 217 The fighting spirit between two women
Chapter 218 Pretending to risk your life
Chapter 219 Who is he?
Chapter 220 Warm Campus
Chapter 221 Im not a gold digger
Chapter 222 Such a scumbag
Chapter 223 Beat up the scumbag
Chapter 224 The crowd is excited
Chapter 225 Start cumming
Chapter 226 Humiliated
Chapter 227 Todays humiliation will be repaid a hundredfold tomorrow.
Chapter 228 Want Wang Fan to Die
Chapter 229 Lin Qingfeng
Chapter 230 Beicheng Prison
Chapter 231 You are infertile
Chapter 232 The First Night
Chapter 233 Release
Chapter 234 Provocation
Chapter 235 Is it over or not?
Chapter 236 Who takes care of who?
Chapter 237 Slap
Chapter 238 Is it you?
Chapter 239 Conspiracy
Chapter 240 Release from Prison
Chapter 241 This is terrible
Chapter 242 Before the Storm
Chapter 243 Sniper on the way
Chapter 244 We still need to erect an archway
Chapter 245 Strategy
Chapter 246 Confrontation
Chapter 247 Headshot with Wine Bottle
Chapter 248 Revenge
Chapter 249 Stampede
Chapter 250 The Song Familys Anger
Chapter 251 Wang Fans Anger
Chapter 252 Dong Pengde
Chapter 253 Scary Woman
Chapter 254 Xu Ruyun
Chapter 255 What is a ruthless person?
Chapter 256 Exposed
Chapter 257 Decisive Killing
Chapter 258 Battle against the sword-carrying youth
Chapter 259 Crazy fierce battle
Chapter 260 Beheading
Chapter 261 Dong Pengde ran away
Chapter 262 Who dares to provoke
Chapter 263 Sister Nurse
Chapter 264 Stepping on a few boats
Chapter 265: Kill you with money
Chapter 266 You can do it
Chapter 267 Do you want anyone left alive?
Chapter 268 Silence
Chapter 269 You are so arrogant
Chapter 270 Mr. Gong appears
Chapter 271 Murderous Intent
Chapter 272 Perverted Mr. Gong
Chapter 273 I am Wang Fan
Chapter 274 Blood debt paid with blood
Chapter 275 Flee in panic
Chapter 276 Give you a chance
Chapter 277 So brave
Chapter 278 Show off
Chapter 279 Senior Brother Dai
Chapter 280 Wang Fan goes to battle
Chapter 281 Feeling proud
Chapter 282 Xiaoqian asks for help
Chapter 283 Where can you hide?
Chapter 284 Begging for mercy
Chapter 285 Laughing at your ignorance
Chapter 286 You have a good boyfriend
Chapter 287 How dare you, a three-legged cat, show your embarrassment?
Chapter 288 Two minutes of bone setting
Chapter 289 Leaving in despair
Chapter 290 Blow me out
Chapter 291 Mr. Yes birthday
Chapter 292 Goodbye Sister Feixue
Chapter 293: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 294 No one can save you
Chapter 295 Song Family Young Dragon
Chapter 296 Are you blind?
Chapter 297 Be cruel
Chapter 298 Are you staying here to die?
Chapter 299 Wait for me to come back
Chapter 300 Those Years
Chapter 301 The thorn in the heart
Chapter 302 Call him
Chapter 303 You succeeded in irritating me
Chapter 304 Means
Chapter 305 Indifferent
Chapter 306 A chance encounter with Xu Ruyun
Chapter 307 Dong Pengdes nervousness
Chapter 308 Recruitment
Chapter 309 Crazy Taxi
Chapter 310 Serial Assassination
Chapter 311 Kill at the Door
Chapter 312 Beat him up
Chapter 313 Powerful
Chapter 314 Not finished with you
Chapter 315 Song Family Meeting
Chapter 316 Famous in the Capital
Chapter 317 Too lazy to pay attention to you
Chapter 318 Do you want to be so bloody?
Chapter 319 Entering Mos house at night
Chapter 320 Seeing Scum Again
Chapter 321 Qi Shiren
Chapter 322 Chaotic City
Chapter 323 Narcissistic Woman
Chapter 324 Qiao Sandao
Chapter 325 Are you worthy of playing with a knife?
Chapter 326 Meeting Mo Feifei again
Chapter 327 Little people also have fights
Chapter 328 Wait for me
Chapter 329: Revenge Comes to the Door
Chapter 330 Arrogant Lianxing
Chapter 331 Battle with Lian Xing
Chapter 332 Mr. Huo shows his teeth and claws
Chapter 333 Are you willing?
Chapter 334 Calculation
Chapter 335 Conspiracy
Chapter 336 Framing the blame
Chapter 337 The whole city is surging
Chapter 338: Nowhere to be found after wearing iron shoes
Chapter 339 Containment
Chapter 340 Unexpected madness
Chapter 341 The oriole is behind
Chapter 342 I am very clean
Chapter 343 Finding a foothold
Chapter 344: Provocation at the door
Chapter 345: Enough of stepping on you
Chapter 346 Revenge
Chapter 347 Shouting at Duan Changkong
Chapter 348 Wang Fans guilt
Chapter 349 Lets dance together
Chapter 350 Qi Shiren invites you
Chapter 351 Bai Family Green Tiger
Chapter 352 The feeling of dating
Chapter 353 Shameless old man
Chapter 354 Watching a Movie
Chapter 355 Zhang Huo asks for help
Chapter 356 Because Im here
Chapter 357 Come to the door
Chapter 358 Attending the meeting
Chapter 359 Provocation
Chapter 360 Senior Liu
Chapter 361 How big is it?
Chapter 362 IOU
Chapter 363 Who are you going to cripple?
Chapter 364 Slap in the face
Chapter 365 Qi Shiren comes to Beijing
Chapter 366 Zhao Rongguang
Chapter 367 You have to resist
Chapter 368 Zhao Rongguangs Identity
Chapter 369 Manhunt
Chapter 370 You need to be released
Chapter 371 One persons stage
Chapter 372 He is a big star
Chapter 373 Trouble
Chapter 374 I am a scoundrel and I am proud
Chapter 375 Who gave you the courage?
Chapter 376 Not bad
Chapter 377 Discussion
Chapter 378 Murong Yuer
Chapter 379 Take the initiative
Chapter 380 I want to see Qi Shiren
Chapter 381 Hiding deeply
Chapter 382 Withered like a rose
Chapter 383 Are you going to die?
Chapter 384 A bright future
Chapter 385 The mysterious princess
Chapter 386 Keep cutting
Chapter 387 Film School
Chapter 388 Get out of here
Chapter 389 Strong Bai Piaoyun
Chapter 390 Arrogant and Domineering Zhao Fugui
Chapter 391 Shameless slap in the face
Chapter 392 Zhao Rongguang is so angry
Chapter 393 Give you three moves
Chapter 394 Return to Jinzhou
Chapter 395 Things change and people change
Chapter 396 Arrogant Secretary
Chapter 397 Im going to make a bigger move
Chapter 398 This smells so strong
Chapter 399 Wang Fan Security
Chapter 400 Zhong Pinde
Chapter 401 Chase in the Night
Chapter 402 Battle
Chapter 403 Pretend to be crazy, act stupid, pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger
Chapter 404 The Five Tigers of Hanzhong
Chapter 405 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 406 Ten Million
Chapter 407 Bastard, its you
Chapter 408 Kill him for me
Chapter 409: Enemies from both sides
Chapter 410 Horror
Chapter 411 Big List
Chapter 412 Provocations one after another
Chapter 413 Shameless forced uterus
Chapter 414 Two Tigers Appear
Chapter 415 I am Wang Fan
Chapter 416 Who are you threatening?
Chapter 417 Do you know medical skills?
Chapter 418 Another wave of crazy attacks
Chapter 419 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 420 Arrogant and Domineering Zhong Daliang
Chapter 421 Waste
Chapter 422: Pandemic
Chapter 423 Zhong San
Chapter 424 Life is like a play, it all depends on acting skills
Chapter 425 Superb acting skills
Chapter 426 Lin Ruoxue
Chapter 427 Are you in love with me?
Chapter 428 Another slap in the face
Chapter 429 Dark Shopping Mall
Chapter 430 Anxious
Chapter 431: Forced into a blind corner
Chapter 432 Kneel down
Chapter 433 Dead, Dead
Chapter 434 Fairy Sister
Chapter 435 The Sorrow of the Master
Chapter 436 Mr. Kongs invitation
Chapter 437 A sound of sarcasm
Chapter 438 Hidden Needle in Cotton
Chapter 439 I am the ball king
Chapter 440 Ball Game
Chapter 441 Hole-in-one
Chapter 442 Two vicious dogs
Chapter 443: Driving the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 444 Come and celebrate together
Chapter 445 How to let me die?
Chapter 446 Killing Two Dogs
Chapter 447 Another wave of assassinations
Chapter 448 Tyrannosaurus Sister
Chapter 449 Happiness
Chapter 450 Setting up a trap
Chapter 451 Entering the game
Chapter 452 Arrogant Dog Legs
Chapter 453 Do I dare to touch you?
Chapter 454 Cut off an arm
Chapter 455 Anger
Chapter 456 Crack
Chapter 457 Dead Soldiers of the Zhong Family
Chapter 458 Pick up my dart
Chapter 459 The group is destroyed
Chapter 460 Goodbye Ruoxue
Chapter 461 Falling into the trap again
Chapter 462 Heartbroken
Chapter 463 Getting Drunk
Chapter 464 The World on the Sea
Chapter 465 A furious Lu Qiaoqiao
Chapter 466 A young man with a flat head
Chapter 467 Three hits to the head
Chapter 468 The fish is dead and the net is broken
Chapter 469 I want a lady
Chapter 470 I wish your dreams come true
Chapter 471 Bullets have no eyes
Chapter 472 Hijacking and Threat
Chapter 473 Shuangshuang, help me
Chapter 474 Domineering Li Wuji
Chapter 475 Smoke filled the air
Chapter 476 Li Wuji escaped
Chapter 477 Miss Su
Chapter 478 Beauty Trap
Chapter 479 Fire me quickly
Chapter 480 Killing without blood
Chapter 481 Domineering Lin Ruoxue
Chapter 482 Bian Hui
Chapter 483 Jealousy
Chapter 484 Im not that kind of person
Chapter 485 Competition
Chapter 486 Come up here
Chapter 487 Dancing or wrestling?
Chapter 488 Arrogant Bian Hui
Chapter 489 Slap in the face
Chapter 490 Crush
Chapter 491 Promise me to destroy him
Chapter 492 Did you kill Dongben Dalang?
Chapter 493 Waste Bianhui
Chapter 494 I admire you so much
Chapter 495 Black Wolf
Chapter 496 Bian Hui
Chapter 497 Ruining the place
Chapter 498 Brother, help me
Chapter 499 Immortal Jump
Chapter 500 Iron-Blooded Tenderness
Chapter 501 The fish takes the bait
Chapter 502 Battle
Chapter 503 Coming
Chapter 504 Let him know his dignity and inferiority
Chapter 505: Beat you every minute
Chapter 506 Climb out
Chapter 507 Kang Yangzhong
Chapter 508 Lin Ruoxues Confession
Chapter 509 Bai Xiaoren
Chapter 510 Attacked
Chapter 511 Falling into the trap
Chapter 512 A Biao VS Vampire
Chapter 513 Lure the enemy with your body
Chapter 514 Beautiful Misunderstanding
Chapter 515 Mr. Wang
Chapter 516 The bigger things get, the better
Chapter 517 Show me the marriage certificate
Chapter 518 Ugly face
Chapter 519 Pink Clothes Sect
Chapter 520 Goddess, my goddess
Chapter 521 Just once
Chapter 522 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 523 Revenge
Chapter 524 Action
Chapter 525 Alarm
Chapter 526: God-like marksmanship
Chapter 527 The end of the road
Chapter 528 Dont move
Chapter 529 Mu Qianxin is killed
Chapter 530 Hold your head and squat down
Chapter 531 Sorry
Chapter 532 Iron Arhat
Chapter 533: Stand up for me
Chapter 534 Who are you going to kill?
Chapter 535 Besieged on all sides
Chapter 536 Is this crazy?
Chapter 537 Sniper
Chapter 538 Another sniper attack
Chapter 539 Meeting Yi Xue Again
Chapter 540 Wang Fans anger
Chapter 541 Dominate the world
Chapter 542 If you have something to say, say it nicely
Chapter 543 The oriole is behind
Chapter 544 Escape
Chapter 545 Counterattack
Chapter 546 Extremely evil
Chapter 547 Even if a tiger falls in peace, he will not be bullied by a dog
Chapter 548: Explosive
Chapter 549 Difficult Steps
Chapter 550 Another big drama
Chapter 551 I am the ancestor if you take action
Chapter 552 Furious
Chapter 553 Death without a complete body
Chapter 554 Fairy in White
Chapter 555 What has she experienced?
Chapter 556 Restaurant Killer
Chapter 557 Invincible Chili Powder
Chapter 558: Cartilage
Chapter 559 The knife is unsheathed again
Chapter 560 Injured
Chapter 561 Undercurrent
Chapter 562 Station Incident
Chapter 563 Awkwardness in the car
Chapter 564 The wretched man
Chapter 565 Are you convinced?
Chapter 566 Goodbye Ning Yao
Chapter 567 Acting with life
Chapter 568: Too much bullying?
Chapter 569 Hengyang Real Estate
Chapter 570 Wang Fan, save me
Chapter 571 Something happened
Chapter 572 Robbery of wealth or robbery of sex
Chapter 573 Honghu Garden
Chapter 574 Are you betraying me?
Chapter 575 Stab
Chapter 576 You can only die
Chapter 577 Ning Yao is missing
Chapter 578 Pentakill Black Screen
Chapter 579 Take me flying
Chapter 580 Who is the black hand?
Chapter 581 Live Broadcast
Chapter 582 Ma Tengyan
Chapter 583 Group fight?
Chapter 584 The rabbit dies and the fox grieves
Chapter 585 Reincarnation of Daji
Chapter 586 Mr. Du
Chapter 587 There is a problem
Chapter 588 Angry
Chapter 589 Step on it together
Chapter 590 Green Wolf
Chapter 591 What a loud tone
Chapter 592 Good marksmanship
Chapter 593 The Ubiquitous Dream Pavilion
Chapter 594 Pei Qingcheng
Chapter 595 Desperate Pei Qingcheng
Chapter 596 The terrifying Yuanmeng Pavilion
Chapter 597 Conquer
Chapter 598 Someone is coming from above
Chapter 599 Who kills whom?
Chapter 600 Arrogant Second Generation
Chapter 601 Havent given up yet
Chapter 602 There is a sky outside the sky
Chapter 603 Now, do you believe it?
Chapter 604 Are you sure you have the strength to challenge?
Chapter 605 Too much of a spendthrift
Chapter 606 Company Party
Chapter 607 Revenge
Chapter 608 You are really awesome
Chapter 609 Two punches
Chapter 610 Can you mess with him?
Chapter 611 Its him, its him
Chapter 612 I dont believe it
Chapter 613 Love at first sight
Chapter 614: The road is rough (already corrected)
Chapter 615: Stirring up a big trap
Chapter 616 I just kicked him again
Chapter 617 Ill do this little thing
Chapter 618 Another wish
Chapter 619 Domineering
Chapter 620 You are dead
Chapter 621 Get out of here
Chapter 622 Three Wine Bottles
Chapter 623 Cant afford to offend
Chapter 624 Please do me a favor
Chapter 625 Murderer
Chapter 626 The powerful murderer
Chapter 627 Fighting against the murderer
Chapter 628 Are you leaving?
Chapter 629 Defeating the murderer
Chapter 630 Ji Wushuang
Chapter 631 Locator
Chapter 632 Blackmail
Chapter 633 Please come in, big brother
Chapter 634 Feixue was humiliated
Chapter 635 You are not qualified
Chapter 636 I feel good here
Chapter 637 I still want to beat you up
Chapter 638 Her news
Chapter 639 I will definitely come back safely
Chapter 640 Mountain climbing fee
Chapter 641 What is despair?
Chapter 642 Five punches
Chapter 643 Im just a soy saucer
Chapter 644 Fierce Battle with Dong Kui
Chapter 645 Dong Kui
Chapter 646 Jealousy
Chapter 647 Poignant and charming
Chapter 648 If there is an afterlife
Chapter 649 Snatching
Chapter 650 Speed
Chapter 651 Xiao Wu, Princess?
Chapter 652 The sorrow of not having strength
Chapter 653 Boy, come here
Chapter 654 Shameless old dog
Chapter 655 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 656 Song Rumeis tangle
Chapter 657: Messy
Chapter 658: Angry from Humiliation
Chapter 659 Cannibalism
Chapter 660 Unlucky Zhong Lan
Chapter 661 Are you looking for me?
Chapter 662 Give you another kick
Chapter 663 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 664 The Liao family was destroyed
Chapter 665 News about Liao Dongheng
Chapter 666 No one is in the car
Chapter 667 The news is exposed
Chapter 668 Crazy Liao Dongheng
Chapter 669 Seizing food from the tigers mouth
Chapter 670 Grab it
Chapter 671 Square-faced Man
Chapter 672 Powerful Killing
Chapter 673 Lu Qianqian
Chapter 674 Black Wolf Society
Chapter 675 If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will get stuck on you
Chapter 676 You cant leave
Chapter 677 For the Goddess
Chapter 678 How to write the word 'death'
Chapter 679 Black Wolf
Chapter 680 Humiliation
Chapter 681 Kick the door
Chapter 682 So hospitable
Chapter 683 Wolf and Tiger
Chapter 684 Beating the Dog
Chapter 685 Dehumanization
Chapter 686 Mr. Huis contempt
Chapter 687 Hijacking
Chapter 688 The power of one punch
Chapter 689 Lets go together
Chapter 690 The fish takes the bait
Chapter 691 No stimulation, no money
Chapter 692 Underground Arena
Chapter 693 Crazy Auction
Chapter 694 The unhappy upstart
Chapter 695 Funny Competition
Chapter 696 Crazy Battle
Chapter 697 Ran away
Chapter 698 Strong promotion
Chapter 699 Decent
Chapter 700: Fight to the death? Are you qualified?
Chapter 701 You are not worthy yet
Chapter 702 Im afraid you cant do it
Chapter 703 Song Rumeis tenderness
Chapter 704 Mission
Chapter 705 Miracle Medicine No. 1
Chapter 706 The fierce men gather together
Chapter 707 Conspiracy, use
Chapter 708 Chaos
Chapter 709 Crazy Rocket Launcher
Chapter 710 The mantis stalks the cicada, the oriole follows behind
Chapter 711 Meng Qingmings Strength
Chapter 712 Lan Mingzi
Chapter 713 The ashamed and angry Lan Mingzi
Chapter 714 Black Hand Group, Wild Cat
Chapter 715 Change of Owners
Chapter 716 Five-Headed Demon King
Chapter 717 Voldemort Appears
Chapter 718 Boss, hold on
Chapter 719 A mere ant
Chapter 720 Three powerful men gather together
Chapter 721 Besieged by three masters
Chapter 722 Five-Headed Demon King, Death
Chapter 723 Bluffing?
Chapter 724 Killing you is like killing a chicken
Chapter 725 Maid
Chapter 726: Thousands of people point the finger at each other
Chapter 727 A good night of killing
Chapter 728: Falling out
Chapter 729: Relying on the old and betraying the old
Chapter 730 Kneel down and call the master
Chapter 731 Sorry, I cant do it
Chapter 732 The Big Devil Wang Fan
Chapter 733 Undercurrent
Chapter 734 Brothers
Chapter 735 Invincible Fenghuotan
Chapter 736 I dont think Im shameless
Chapter 737 The entire army was wiped out
Chapter 738 Meng Qingming, who was born rebellious
Chapter 739 Ridicule
Chapter 740 Hope
Chapter 741 The Meng Familys Grief
Chapter 742: Hating iron but not steel
Chapter 743 The No. 1 Miracle Doctor in the Capital
Chapter 744 The Elders Mansion
Chapter 745 Young people dont know how high the sky is and how high it is
Chapter 746 Miracle Doctor or Miracle Doctor?
Chapter 747 Its not a disease
Chapter 748 Dont be rude
Chapter 749 Emperor Card
Chapter 750 Forklift
Chapter 751 Mansion No. 1
Chapter 752 Join forces to deal with Wang Fan
Chapter 753 The powerful Kong Wucheng
Chapter 754 The young man with a garlic nose
Chapter 755 Mr. Meng, are you still satisfied?
Chapter 756 The powerful night
Chapter 757 A powerful headshot
Chapter 758 Bai Xiaorens frustration
Chapter 759 Fishing
Chapter 760 Wang Fans Thoughts
Chapter 761 Li Taizhen
Chapter 762 I want to kill him
Chapter 763 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 764 Do you want me to give you ten minutes to call someone?
Chapter 765 Your chance to show off has arrived
Chapter 766 Ask Mr. Wang to take you in
Chapter 767 Three Questions
Chapter 768 The mad dog survives the river
Chapter 769 Do you want to kill me?
Chapter 770 Charming Woman
Chapter 771 Zhuo Yiqiang
Chapter 772 Sharpshooter?
Chapter 773 Shattering Confidence
Chapter 774: Vengeance must be avenged
Chapter 775 Questioning Bai Xiaoren
Chapter 776 I was framed
Chapter 777 The Sinister
Chapter 778 Get Out
Chapter 779 Smash me hard
Chapter 780 Smashed to pieces
Chapter 781 To kneel or not to kneel?
Chapter 782 Now tell me, who will die?
Chapter 783 Acting for Heaven
Chapter 784 Last Strike
Chapter 785 He moved into Nantian Mansion
Chapter 786 Slender Man
Chapter 787 Good people really cant do it
Chapter 788 Goodbye Shiya
Chapter 789 Are you going to break my legs?
Chapter 790 Bei Jingui
Chapter 791 Wang Fans anger
Chapter 792 Ill trample you to death in minutes
Chapter 793 The down-and-out phoenix is worse than a chicken
Chapter 794 The Arrogant Bei Jingui
Chapter 795 Are you Bei Jingui, Mr. Bei?
Chapter 796 Call Mr. Zhao quickly
Chapter 797 Ill wait for him for half an hour
Chapter 798 Are you Wang Fan?
Chapter 799 Spend money to buy your life
Chapter 800 Action
Chapter 801 Ambush
Chapter 802 Bloody Battle
Chapter 803 Meng Wei is not afraid of death
Chapter 804 The God of Death in the Dark Night
Chapter 805 The game has just begun
Chapter 806: Throwing dirty water
Chapter 807 Sorry, I'm late
Chapter 808 Angry Meng Duzhong
Chapter 809 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 810: Stand up and slap in the face
Chapter 811 King versus King
Chapter 812 This is my trump card
Chapter 813 burst into tears
Chapter 814 Sorry
Chapter 815 Ten billion bounty, Menghu people
Chapter 816 Lets break up, please forgive me
Chapter 817 No one dares to come up, no one dares to sing
Chapter 818 Sensation
Chapter 819 Xu Ruyun comes to Beijing
Chapter 820 Accident
Chapter 821 Kidnapping
Chapter 822 Decided to counterattack
Chapter 823 Justified
Chapter 824 Breaking into the Meng Family
Chapter 825 A big family dinner
Chapter 826 A hard slap in the face
Chapter 827 Let you know clearly
Chapter 828 Fighting against the Menghu people
Chapter 829 Killing someone under the pretext of drinking
Chapter 830 A complete defeat
Chapter 831 Meng Tuolin, Death
Chapter 832 Young Master Chus Girlfriend
Chapter 833 Meimei, Rourou, Cancan
Chapter 834 The arrogant young man
Chapter 835 Ill help you settle it
Chapter 836 Xie Xiliu
Chapter 837 I am Wang Fan, Mr. Wang
Chapter 838 Young Master Li appears
Chapter 839 Mr. Li, so majestic
Chapter 840 Kneel on the ground
Chapter 841 Come up and sit down
Chapter 842 The killer arrives
Chapter 843 You can go to see God gloriously
Chapter 844 Heavy wind and heavy rain
Chapter 845 Lynx
Chapter 846 Inhumane
Chapter 847 A worldwide sensation
Chapter 848 Shameful waste
Chapter 849 Park Attack
Chapter 850 Blood Skeleton, Li Tianying
Chapter 851 Murder everywhere
Chapter 852 Visual Feast
Chapter 853 The BOSS appears
Chapter 854 Come if you dare
Chapter 855 The terrifying snake staff
Chapter 856 Powerful Blood Skeleton
Chapter 857 Blood Skeleton, Death
Chapter 858 Become famous
Chapter 859 Serious Injury
Chapter 860 Taking the bait
Chapter 861 Substitute
Chapter 862 Daji Enchantress
Chapter 863 Femme Fatale
Chapter 864 Two slaps
Chapter 865 Fuck him for me
Chapter 866 Wang Fan, we were beaten
Chapter 867 Mr. Wang Arrives
Chapter 868 Im waiting for your doom
Chapter 869 Whose whole family died?
Chapter 870 Poisonous Scorpion VS Song Rumei
Chapter 871 Reverse Scale
Chapter 872 Poisonous Scorpion, Death
Chapter 873 Wang Fan is inviolable
Chapter 874 Participation
Chapter 875 Old Friend
Chapter 876 Seeking Death
Chapter 877 No hidden rules
Chapter 878 Who are you going to tear apart?
Chapter 879 Come here now
Chapter 880 Auction
Chapter 881 Bloody Disaster
Chapter 882 Dont get into my hands
Chapter 883 You wont recognize anyone if you put on pants
Chapter 884 Sister, help me
Chapter 885 Its so insulting
Chapter 886 Ill beat you until you cant get up.
Chapter 887 The ruthless Wang Fan
Chapter 888 Kuang Long
Chapter 889 Country bumpkin
Chapter 890 Ambush
Chapter 891 Fist to Fist
Chapter 892 Because you slept with his woman
Chapter 893 Ou Yanmao
Chapter 894 I just like to be nosy
Chapter 895 Destroying corpses and eradicating traces
Chapter 896 Three Red Flowers
Chapter 897 Why pretend to be an uncle if you dont have money?
Chapter 898 Jealousy
Chapter 899 Chasing Wang Fan
Chapter 900 Fighting Huang Shilang
Chapter 901 Huang Shilang, Death
Chapter 902 Disaster
Chapter 903 Yu Family
Chapter 904 Siege and Killing
Chapter 905 Kill one person in one step
Chapter 906 Continuous Killing
Chapter 907 Dont even dare to step on an ant
Chapter 908 What do you want your name to be?
Chapter 909 Blood debt must be paid with blood
Chapter 910 Good luck all the way
Chapter 911 The ancient martial arts world is shocked
Chapter 912 What a big pit
Chapter 913 Angry Kuanglong
Chapter 914 Ou Yan Changhong
Chapter 915 Digging three feet into the ground
Chapter 916 Battle
Chapter 917 Kneel or not?
Chapter 918 Kill them all
Chapter 919 Bloody Battle
Chapter 920 Madman
Chapter 921 Sad and beautiful
Chapter 922 Ou Yan Changhong was scared away
Chapter 923 Lets kill him with a thunderbolt
Chapter 924 Wrath Fist Sect
Chapter 925: Who do you want to kneel down?
Chapter 926: Pack up and run away
Chapter 927 Something happened
Chapter 928: Fight once you see him
Chapter 929 I dont know him
Chapter 930 Brother, can you please stop slapping me in the face?
Chapter 931 Strong A Biao
Chapter 932 The kowtow must be loud and the applause must be loud
Chapter 933 Slap in the face
Chapter 934 Become an internet celebrity in seconds
Chapter 935 Mrs. Wens Strength
Chapter 936 Asking for help
Chapter 937 Thank you, Master Wen, for leading the way
Chapter 938 Why not?
Chapter 939 A river of blood
Chapter 940: Genocide
Chapter 941 Chase
Chapter 942 Bloody Man
Chapter 943 Im really not a bad person
Chapter 944 Furious A Biao
Chapter 945 Despair, Hope
Chapter 946 Wen Baisheng, Death
Chapter 947 The eldest son of the Wen family
Chapter 948 Should I kneel myself or force you to kneel?
Chapter 949 Fury
Chapter 950 Kill at the Door
Chapter 951 Killing the Prodigy
Chapter 952 Now, I am the strong one
Chapter 953 The Wen Family Changes Owners
Chapter 954: Are your hands cramped?
Chapter 955 Car Crash
Chapter 956 Dont mess with people you cant afford to mess with
Chapter 957 Do you want to treat me to dinner?
Chapter 958 Too Immodest
Chapter 959 Mrs. Wens plan
Chapter 960 Be sure to attend the banquet
Chapter 961: Stop pestering me, okay?
Chapter 962 Qiu Huafei
Chapter 963 Who do you want to kill?
Chapter 964 Do you have the right to speak?
Chapter 965 He is not qualified enough to stop me from being arrogant
Chapter 966 What a big show
Chapter 967 Welcome Young Master Song
Chapter 968 Destroy your entire clan
Chapter 969 Who else?
Chapter 970 Its my turn to settle the score
Chapter 971 Tell me, how to kill me?
Chapter 972 Give me a slap in the face
Chapter 973: Change your mind and be a new person
Chapter 974 Dont disgrace yourself
Chapter 975 Showing Beauty
Chapter 976 The out-of-control car
Chapter 977 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 978 Arrogant
Chapter 979 Reasonable
Chapter 980 Endless
Chapter 981 Mu Tiancheng
Chapter 982 Make it disappear within three days
Chapter 983 Bai Meng, Qiu Meng
Chapter 984 Life is full of traps
Chapter 985 Can you finally bear it no longer?
Chapter 986 Certain Death
Chapter 987 Seeing Death as Homecoming
Chapter 988 Jiujiang Society, destroyed
Chapter 989 If you dont commit suicide, you will die.
Chapter 990 Do you know
Chapter 991 Dont bother me
Chapter 992 What does it mean to be a mere god?
Chapter 993 Xue Hongtian
Chapter 994 Why are you so nice to me?
Chapter 995 Dont know whether to live or die
Chapter 996: He who knows the current affairs is a hero
Chapter 997 Iron Tower Man, Bear War
Chapter 998 Anger arises from the heart
Chapter 999 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 1000 Xiong Zhan appears
Chapter 1001 Who is the prey?
Chapter 1002 Xiong Zhan, Death
Chapter 1003 Dong Qinghu
Chapter 1004 Losing Money
Chapter 1005 You are really a bitch
Chapter 1006 White-Eyed Wolf
Chapter 1007 Bite back
Chapter 1008 Poor people must be hateful
Chapter 1009 You cant do this
Chapter 1010 Provocation
Chapter 1011 Where does the courage come from?
Chapter 1012 Treat
Chapter 1013 Crisis
Chapter 1014 Get Out
Chapter 1015 Anyone who stands in my way will die
Chapter 1016 Battle
Chapter 1017 Dong Qinghu, now
Chapter 1018 The insidious villain
Chapter 1019 Fierce Battle with Dong Qinghu
Chapter 1020 Chase
Chapter 1021 The only chance
Chapter 1022 Empty
Chapter 1023 He is injured
Chapter 1024 The dream come true reappears
Chapter 1025 You fell into the trap
Chapter 1026 Entering Li Mansion
Chapter 1027 Who is your friend?
Chapter 1028 Do you want to take a gamble?
Chapter 1029 Besieged
Chapter 1030 Do you want to challenge me?
Chapter 1031 Bloody Battle
Chapter 1032 Serious Injury
Chapter 1033 What are you still hesitating about?
Chapter 1034 The storm is getting worse
Chapter 1035 The battle begins
Chapter 1036 A river of blood
Chapter 1037 Turning sides
Chapter 1038 Big brother, one of our own
Chapter 1039 Thank you for bringing me here
Chapter 1040 Heba
Chapter 1041 King versus King
Chapter 1042 You didnt kill me
Chapter 1043 Chi Lan
Chapter 1044 Huo Gui
Chapter 1045: Poking a big trap
Chapter 1046 Huo Yaos Wrath
Chapter 1047 Who is it?
Chapter 1048 So bold
Chapter 1049 No matter life or death
Chapter 1050 Blinded his dog eyes
Chapter 1051 Kneel down
Chapter 1052 The Chi family is in danger
Chapter 1053 Unstoppable
Chapter 1054 Its not good
Chapter 1055 Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 1056 Bad news one after another
Chapter 1057 Huo family, death
Chapter 1058 I really want to see him
Chapter 1059 Dont lie to me
Chapter 1060 The fight started
Chapter 1061: Thousands of people point the finger at each other
Chapter 1062 Its hard to be kind
Chapter 1063 A brazen debut
Chapter 1064: Come forward
Chapter 1065 Take action
Chapter 1066 The oriole is behind
Chapter 1067 Exposed
Chapter 1068 Fiery Horse
Chapter 1069 A lot of courage
Chapter 1070 Meet again
Chapter 1071 Too Able to Run
Chapter 1072 The remains of an expert
Chapter 1073 Servant
Chapter 1074 Whipping
Chapter 1075 Dont treat people as human beings
Chapter 1076: Hiding secrets
Chapter 1077 How dare you hide your strength?
Chapter 1078 I dont want to serve you anymore
Chapter 1079 Hump
Chapter 1080 I am the hunter and you are the prey
Chapter 1081 Are you a hump?
Chapter 1082 Battle against Hump
Chapter 1083 Fighting
Chapter 1084 Late Night Revenge
Chapter 1085 Do you still dare to come here?
Chapter 1086 A cruel woman
Chapter 1087 I am willing to surrender
Chapter 1088 Two moves
Chapter 1089 How dare you take advantage of me?
Chapter 1090 Dont be blind in your next life
Chapter 1091 Hot Eyes
Chapter 1092: Killing the Tiger
Chapter 1093 Audacious
Chapter 1094 Can you give me a way to survive?
Chapter 1095: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1096 How to save?
Chapter 1097 Why dont I dare to come?
Chapter 1098 Go quickly
Chapter 1099 Instant Madness
Chapter 1100 Dilemma
Chapter 1101 Love Park
Chapter 1102 The crowd is excited
Chapter 1103 The lion opens its mouth wide
Chapter 1104 Who is dead?
Chapter 1105 Gloom and gloom
Chapter 1106 Find someone to kill him
Chapter 1107 I am not a casual person
Chapter 1108 You cant do this
Chapter 1109 Meeting again
Chapter 1110 Sanjiang Meeting
Chapter 1111 Blind
Chapter 1112 The storm is coming
Chapter 1113 Two choices
Chapter 1114 Mr. Wang Arrives
Chapter 1115 Dont Kill the Nameless Ghost
Chapter 1116 No bottom line
Chapter 1117 Ning Jie asks for help
Chapter 1118 Arrogance
Chapter 1119 Carjacking
Chapter 1120 I am very rich
Chapter 1121 I never brag
Chapter 1122 Senior Wang
Chapter 1123 Who are you looking down on?
Chapter 1124 Slap in the face
Chapter 1125 There is no need for this
Chapter 1126: Kill them, quickly
Chapter 1127 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 1128. If you dont eat the toast, you will be punished by drinking wine.
Chapter 1129 Its your turn
Chapter 1130 The initial use of martial arts
Chapter 1131 Hao Qingqing
Chapter 1132 Domineering
Chapter 1133: Shot while lying down
Chapter 1134 Repaying kindness with hatred
Chapter 1135 Regret
Chapter 1136 Begging for mercy
Chapter 1137 Its not what you think
Chapter 1138 What a loud tone
Chapter 1139 So what if Im just being presumptuous?
Chapter 1140 Arent you going to kneel?
Chapter 1141 A call from Mu Qianxin
Chapter 1142 I dont mind killing you first
Chapter 1143: Can you chop one off and let me see?
Chapter 1144 Chu Xiaosheng, Qinghua
Chapter 1145 Do you have any objections?
Chapter 1146 Strong
Chapter 1147 Questioning
Chapter 1148 Punishment
Chapter 1149 Mo Longtou
Chapter 1150 Rescue
Chapter 1151 The turtle has entered the urn
Chapter 1152: Step by Step
Chapter 1153 Enemies gather together
Chapter 1154 Tragic
Chapter 1155 Being stepped on
Chapter 1156 Give me a reason
Chapter 1157 Shameless as always
Chapter 1158 Rebellion
Chapter 1159 Mo Dabao, Li Qingxue
Chapter 1160 Questioning
Chapter 1161 Return the gift
Chapter 1162 You must avenge me
Chapter 1163 Backhand
Chapter 1164 Bald Beard
Chapter 1165 Did you have fun?
Chapter 1166 Do you have any objections?
Chapter 1167 Goodbye Qinghua
Chapter 1168 Means
Chapter 1169 Funeral
Chapter 1170 Burial
Chapter 1171 Wang Fan appears
Chapter 1172 Mo Qingyao, death
Chapter 1173 Sir, help
Chapter 1174 Nosy
Chapter 1175 Opportunity
Chapter 1176 Dont force me to do it
Chapter 1177 I will kill you
Chapter 1178 Difficulties in Entering the Mortal World
Chapter 1179 You are looking for death
Chapter 1180 Leaving
Chapter 1181 Account
Chapter 1182 Mr. Liang
Chapter 1183 Conspiracy
Chapter 1184: Seat Giving Up Troubles
Chapter 1185 Marriage on behalf of others
Chapter 1186 Mother
Chapter 1187 A show of force
Chapter 1188 Shooting yourself in the foot
Chapter 1189 Looking in the mirror
Chapter 1190 Incident
Chapter 1191 Crippled
Chapter 1192 The Terrible Mr. Liang
Chapter 1193 Awesome! Awesome
Chapter 1194 Anger
Chapter 1195 Ambush
Chapter 1196 Huo Laogui
Chapter 1197 If you touch her, you will die
Chapter 1198 Three Elders
Chapter 1199 Who is it?
Chapter 1200 Revenge
Chapter 1201 Killing people and setting fires
Chapter 1202 Reluctance
Chapter 1203 Conspiracy, Night Attack
Chapter 1204 I have been waiting for you for a long time
Chapter 1205 Death of Liang Shaojiang
Chapter 1206 Big Basket
Chapter 1207 Framed
Chapter 1208 Falling short of success
Chapter 1209 Three Guns
Chapter 1210 Nie Qingqing
Chapter 1211 Tracking
Chapter 1212 The powerful Nie Wuqing
Chapter 1213 Who are you?
Chapter 1214 Liang Hongbo feels the crisis
Chapter 1215 What are you afraid of?
Chapter 1216 Humiliation
Chapter 1217 Who?
Chapter 1218 Pang Qians revenge
Chapter 1219 Meeting an old friend at the airport
Chapter 1220 Family Infighting
Chapter 1221 Get Out
Chapter 1222 Ill chop you up
Chapter 1223 People who help you
Chapter 1224 Strong lineup
Chapter 1225: Surrounding and Killing Wang Fan
Chapter 1226 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1227 Escape
Chapter 1228 Deserve to be beaten
Chapter 1229 Comprehensive Search
Chapter 1230 Lock
Chapter 1231 Arrogant
Chapter 1232: Fire
Chapter 1233 Who goes to hell
Chapter 1234 Regret
Chapter 1235 Breakthrough
Chapter 1236 Furious
Chapter 1237 There is news
Chapter 1238 Coming to Kill
Chapter 1239 You are the ones to be killed
Chapter 1240 Looking at everything
Chapter 1241 Its your turn
Chapter 1242 The mountain seal reappears
Chapter 1243 Sensation
Chapter 1244 Wrath Fist Gate Meeting
Chapter 1245 Qiao is domineering
Chapter 1246 The killing intent expands
Chapter 1247 Who destroyed whom?
Chapter 1248 Arrangement
Chapter 1249 Backhand
Chapter 1250 Isnt this too loud?
Chapter 1251 Who let you in?
Chapter 1252 Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 1253 Qiao Zhengs anger
Chapter 1254 I want him dead
Chapter 1255 Chill
Chapter 1256 Serial Killing Moves
Chapter 1257 He Fang Xiaoxiao?
Chapter 1258 Shang Qingdiao
Chapter 1259 Death
Chapter 1260 The bad roots of human nature
Chapter 1261 Not good
Chapter 1262 Its over
Chapter 1263 The End
Chapter 1264 A generous move
Chapter 1265 Mo Xiaogang
Chapter 1266: No Good Death
Chapter 1267 Mr. Meng
Chapter 1268 Mr. Wang, Im sorry
Chapter 1269 Account
Chapter 1270 You are really arrogant
Chapter 1271 Disgraced
Chapter 1272 Your thousand yuan
Chapter 1273 The Young Master of Hong Kong City
Chapter 1274 What do you want?
Chapter 1275 Arrows and crossbows drawn
Chapter 1276 The smell of conspiracy
Chapter 1277 Shooting yourself in the foot
Chapter 1278 If you dont do one thing, you wont stop.
Chapter 1279 Leave no one behind
Chapter 1280 Putting the blame on
Chapter 1281 Wang Gujin
Chapter 1282 Purpose
Chapter 1283 Tigers and Wolves
Chapter 1284 How do you want to die?
Chapter 1285 Is this what you rely on?
Chapter 1286 Trapped
Chapter 1287 Wang Gujins anger
Chapter 1288 Thrilling
Chapter 1289 Dog
Chapter 1290 Unreasonable
Chapter 1291 Gong Jingyun
Chapter 1292 Please get out
Chapter 1293 Scumbag
Chapter 1294 Xie Huan
Chapter 1295 I am nothing
Chapter 1296 Mr. Wang calms down his anger
Chapter 1297 Teng Lingzhi
Chapter 1298 Cut off the beard
Chapter 1299 Appearance
Chapter 1300 The next martial skill
Chapter 1301 Got it
Chapter 1302 Crazy
Chapter 1303 No money for a ride
Chapter 1304 The smell of blood
Chapter 1305 You pay with your life
Chapter 1306 Destroy your whole family
Chapter 1307 Fear
Chapter 1308 Forcing him to appear
Chapter 1309 Really?
Chapter 1310 What a loud tone
Chapter 1311 Anger
Chapter 1312 Sin City
Chapter 1313 Big Trouble
Chapter 1314 Nas Family
Chapter 1315 John Jack
Chapter 1316 The frustrated John Jack
Chapter 1317 Overestimating Wang Fan
Chapter 1318 Crisis
Chapter 1319 Meeting
Chapter 1320 We are already here
Chapter 1321 Vulnerable
Chapter 1322 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 1323 I hate it so much
Chapter 1324 The terrifying Nas family
Chapter 1325 Luni
Chapter 1326 Angry Killing
Chapter 1327 I will kill you now
Chapter 1328 Boarding the Ship
Chapter 1329 Breakthrough
Chapter 1330 Beauty is a disaster, killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 1331 Cheating
Chapter 1332 No one can save you
Chapter 1333 Speak in a different tone
Chapter 1334 Catching up
Chapter 1335 The Eighth Level of Transcendence, Thane
Chapter 1336 Dilis
Chapter 1337 The mind is like a demon
Chapter 1338 Missing one after another
Chapter 1339 Heavy losses
Chapter 1340 Lost the direction
Chapter 1341 Appearance restored
Chapter 1342 An ugly monster
Chapter 1343 Provocation
Chapter 1344 Get out of here
Chapter 1345 Never Lost
Chapter 1346 Cheating
Chapter 1347 The wonderful use of mental power
Chapter 1348 Master Pumi
Chapter 1349 Leopard
Chapter 1350 The anxious Doro
Chapter 1351 The storm is coming
Chapter 1352 The road is rough
Chapter 1353 Hand over the person to me
Chapter 1354: Human or dragon
Chapter 1355 Kneel down and speak
Chapter 1356 Ashore
Chapter 1357 Exposed
Chapter 1358 Hot pursuit
Chapter 1359 Waiting for opportunity
Chapter 1360 As you wish
Chapter 1361 Hunting
Chapter 1362 Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 1363 The Skeleton Old Man
Chapter 1364 Separation
Chapter 1365 Chloe
Chapter 1366 I will repay you for this great kindness
Chapter 1367 Waiting for opportunity
Chapter 1368 Krelembe
Chapter 1369 Ambush
Chapter 1370 Counterattack
Chapter 1371 Audacious
Chapter 1372 Meeting Sion again
Chapter 1373 Breaking into Nas Castle
Chapter 1374 Protecting the Head of the Family
Chapter 1375 Eat the Masters Seal
Chapter 1376 Crazy Sion
Chapter 1377 Where is Wang Fan?
Chapter 1378 You look down on me, Wang Fan, too much
Chapter 1379 Feeling proud
Chapter 1380 The world is in trouble
Chapter 1381 Battle against Sion
Chapter 1382 Praying for an end to the war
Chapter 1383 Blood Capital
Chapter 1384 The End
Chapter 1385 Blind
Chapter 1386 Things are different now
Chapter 1387 Old Friend
Chapter 1388 Dilemma
Chapter 1389 So terrifying
Chapter 1390 Xue Yongrong
Chapter 1391 If you want to take action, hurry up
Chapter 1392 Delivering food
Chapter 1393 Luo Wuhen
Chapter 1394 The auction begins
Chapter 1395 Bloody Three-flowered Grass
Chapter 1396 If you have the guts, just raise the price again
Chapter 1397 Not Afraid of Threats
Chapter 1398 Escape
Chapter 1399: Get as far as you can
Chapter 1400 Deep Mountain
Chapter 1401 Three Seals in One
Chapter 1402 Shock
Chapter 1403 Breakthrough
Chapter 1404 You are right, I am just arrogant
Chapter 1405 Battle with Luo Wuhen
Chapter 1406 Practicing Ganglei Fist
Chapter 1407 Penance
Chapter 1408 How dare you come back?
Chapter 1409: So lenient
Chapter 1410 Liang Yunshan
Chapter 1411 The game begins
Chapter 1412: Card Grabbing Competition
Chapter 1413 Arrogant Guy
Chapter 1414 The Third Round
Chapter 1415 Points Ranking
Chapter 1416 Cooperation
Chapter 1417 Jealousy
Chapter 1418 Liang Yunshan, Mi Tao
Chapter 1419 Shameless
Chapter 1420 Stomping almost to the point of vomiting blood
Chapter 1421 It exploded
Chapter 1422 Temporarily No. 1
Chapter 1423 Jiang Tu
Chapter 1424 Get out of here
Chapter 1425 The siege of five masters
Chapter 1426 One against five
Chapter 1427 Top Five
Chapter 1428 Battle of Champions
Chapter 1429 Everyones Attention
Chapter 1430 Naughty Child
Chapter 1431 Slap in the face
Chapter 1432 Bai Yan
Chapter 1433 What am I afraid of?
Chapter 1434 Bai Shaokang
Chapter 1435 Which Mr. Wang?
Chapter 1436 An unforgettable name
Chapter 1437 Genius turns into waste
Chapter 1438 Strength is respected
Chapter 1439 Captured
Chapter 1440 Pretending
Chapter 1441 Framed
Chapter 1442 Violent Ape Wolf
Chapter 1443 Escape
Chapter 1444 Femme Woman
Chapter 1445: Framed and silenced
Chapter 1446 Ink City
Chapter 1447 Wanted
Chapter 1448 Its better to kill than to indulge
Chapter 1449 Arrogant and Domineering Guard
Chapter 1450 Anger
Chapter 1451 The crime deserves to be punished
Chapter 1452 Despicable Shen Wanglun
Chapter 1453 You are thinking too much
Chapter 1454 Battle with Shen Wanglun
Chapter 1455 The Shen family was shocked
Chapter 1456 Late night siege
Chapter 1457 Invincible and unstoppable
Chapter 1458 Gong Hao
Chapter 1459: Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 1460 The terrifying Gong Hao
Chapter 1461 Self-inflicted evil
Chapter 1462: betrayal and separation
Chapter 1463 Tracking
Chapter 1464 Battle with Gong Hao
Chapter 1465 Robbery
Chapter 1466 The scary young man
Chapter 1467 Questioning the Elder
Chapter 1468 Climbing the Peak
Chapter 1469 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 1470 Getting Started
Chapter 1471 Who robs whom?
Chapter 1472 Yuan Hong
Chapter 1473 Get Out
Chapter 1474 You are trash
Chapter 1475 First Place
Chapter 1476 Team formation
Chapter 1477 Burden
Chapter 1478 Insidious Intentions
Chapter 1479 Sure enough, he was tricked
Chapter 1480 Colorful Lotus
Chapter 1481 Beast
Chapter 1482 Give you a ride
Chapter 1483 Continuous Breakthroughs
Chapter 1484 Cold and Cruel
Chapter 1485 Fat Sheep
Chapter 1486 You are all going to die
Chapter 1487 Furious
Chapter 1488 A dog with no eyes
Chapter 1489: Banging the Door
Chapter 1490 Bai Cheng
Chapter 1491 Do you dare to kill me?
Chapter 1492 Idiot
Chapter 1493 Three Sins
Chapter 1494 Becoming Famous
Chapter 1495 Get out of here
Chapter 1496 Challenge
Chapter 1497 Why dont you come up here?
Chapter 1498 Are you going to lose?
Chapter 1499 One death and one waste
Chapter 1500 Everyones Attention
Chapter 1501 Tantai Tian
Chapter 1502 Get Out
Chapter 1503 Attention
Chapter 1504 Tantaitian Challenge
Chapter 1505 Success and Failure
Chapter 1506 Let him wait
Chapter 1507 Elder Dog
Chapter 1508 The powerful Tantaitian
Chapter 1509 Who wins and who loses?
Chapter 1510 Escape quickly
Chapter 1511 Critical Situation
Chapter 1512 Wang Fan is over there
Chapter 1513 Jedi Counterattack
Chapter 1514 The Arrogant City Guard
Chapter 1515 Unscrupulous
Chapter 1516 His name is Wang Fan
Chapter 1517 An Unquiet Night
Chapter 1518 Cooperation
Chapter 1519 Trap
Chapter 1520 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1521 The powerful Tantai Ming
Chapter 1522 Heartache
Chapter 1523 Cloud Splitting Sword Technique
Chapter 1524 Reverse Scale
Chapter 1525 Counterattack
Chapter 1526 Kill without mercy
Chapter 1527 Iron Cavalry
Chapter 1528 Take action
Chapter 1529 Get Out
Chapter 1530 Sense of Crisis
Chapter 1531 A fierce battle
Chapter 1532 Shocked Retreat
Chapter 1533 Who is the spy?
Chapter 1534 So shameless
Chapter 1535 Madam
Chapter 1536 Monta
Chapter 1537 Crazy Fight
Chapter 1538 Its over
Chapter 1539 Entering the City
Chapter 1540 Are you here to die?
Chapter 1541 Furious Meng Chong
Chapter 1542 Zhan Meng Chong
Chapter 1543 Meng Chong, death
Chapter 1544: Not appreciative
Chapter 1545 Why should I save her?
Chapter 1546 Weird Mist
Chapter 1547 Danger
Chapter 1548 Want to rob?
Chapter 1549 Sima Yunyi
Chapter 1550 Finding Wealth in Danger
Chapter 1551 The Bold Ant
Chapter 1552 The anger of two powerful men
Chapter 1553 Wake up
Chapter 1554 The terrifying Master Dead Leaf
Chapter 1555 One Knife
Chapter 1556 Unwilling
Chapter 1557 Tranquility
Chapter 1558 The Royal Family Visits
Chapter 1559 Hunter
Chapter 1560 Dragon Locking Formation
Chapter 1561 Suppression
Chapter 1562 Nie Tianlang
Chapter 1563 One Year
Chapter 1564 Zongyuan Secret Realm
Chapter 1565 Not enough
Chapter 1566 Nothing
Chapter 1567 Who is the ant?
Chapter 1568 Get rich
Chapter 1569 Big Business
Chapter 1570 The Second Ancestor
Chapter 1571 No one wants to rob me
Chapter 1572 Gritting teeth with hatred
Chapter 1573 The quota is born
Chapter 1574 You are looking for death
Chapter 1575 The Heaven-Slaying Realm
Chapter 1576 One against five
Chapter 1577 Another sensation
Chapter 1578 The secret realm is difficult to enter
Chapter 1579 The Disaster of Killing
Chapter 1580 Battle for quotas
Chapter 1581 Get out
Chapter 1582 Lucky Guy
Chapter 1583 Because you are the weakest
Chapter 1584 Beheading
Chapter 1585 Fear
Chapter 1586 Rejection
Chapter 1587 Something that knows no good from evil
Chapter 1588 Identity Exposed
Chapter 1589 Monster
Chapter 1590 Friends, etc.
Chapter 1591 Snatching
Chapter 1592 The killing intent is overwhelming
Chapter 1593 Is the Nie family great?
Chapter 1594 Rush
Chapter 1595 Crazy Battle
Chapter 1596 The cultivation level skyrocketed
Chapter 1597 Besieged
Chapter 1598 You are not qualified
Chapter 1599 Fighting alone against the heroes
Chapter 1600 The storm is rising
Chapter 1601 The road is rough
Chapter 1602 Shameless and despicable
Chapter 1603 The secret master
Chapter 1604 Master Qibao
Chapter 1605 Good things should be done more often
Chapter 1606 Entering the Channel
Chapter 1607 Conflict
Chapter 1608 Barrier
Chapter 1609: Use whatever means you have
Chapter 1610 The trump cards emerge one after another
Chapter 1611 Lets see if you die
Chapter 1612 Race against time
Chapter 1613 Wake up
Chapter 1614 Vulnerable
Chapter 1615 Identity Exposed
Chapter 1616 No chance
Chapter 1617 Shameless old guy
Chapter 1618 Overwhelm the old monster
Chapter 1619 Humiliation
Chapter 1620 Getting rich
Chapter 1621 Seven Ultimate Swords
Chapter 1622 Control
Chapter 1623 The aftermath of the disaster
Chapter 1624 Hong Yi
Chapter 1625 Heavy casualties
Chapter 1626 Murderous Roar
Chapter 1627 Wang Fanyu Party
Chapter 1628 Are you considered a genius?
Chapter 1629 Chase
Chapter 1630: Battle Mysterious Realm
Chapter 1631 Bombing and Killing
Chapter 1632 Four Dead and One Escape
Chapter 1633 Dead City
Chapter 1634 Wen Qingfeng
Chapter 1635 Boldness
Chapter 1636 The truth of the matter
Chapter 1637 Interest
Chapter 1638 Unstoppable
Chapter 1639 Meeting withered leaves again
Chapter 1640 The Terror of Master Dead Leaf
Chapter 1641 Bears heart and leopards courage
Chapter 1642 Entering the Imperial City
Chapter 1643 Wen Qiaoyue
Chapter 1644 Servant Assessment
Chapter 1645 Dont be so useless
Chapter 1646 You cant
Chapter 1647 Entering the Wen Mansion
Chapter 1648 I want this house
Chapter 1649 Fang Jian
Chapter 1650 Who is it?
Chapter 1651 Fairy Qiaoyue was snatched away
Chapter 1652 Chaos in the Wen Mansion
Chapter 1653 Rescue
Chapter 1654 Where to go
Chapter 1655 Black Lotuss Special Skill
Chapter 1656 Depressed Fang Jian
Chapter 1657 The angry eldest lady
Chapter 1658 He is Hanfeng
Chapter 1659 Its hard to fly with wings
Chapter 1660 Raise your head
Chapter 1661 Anyone who stands in my way will die
Chapter 1662 Madness
Chapter 1663 The Seventh Level of the Mysterious Slayer Realm
Chapter 1664 Myth
Chapter 1665 Crazy
Chapter 1666 Zixia Sect
Chapter 1667 Arrogant Guard
Chapter 1668 Disappointment
Chapter 1669 Say it again if you dare
Chapter 1670 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 1671 Genius Exchange Meeting
Chapter 1672 The geniuses gather together
Chapter 1673 Demonic Rain
Chapter 1674 Challenge
Chapter 1675 Good-for-nothing coward
Chapter 1676 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 1677 Things get big
Chapter 1678 Battle against Luo Han
Chapter 1679 Banned Drugs
Chapter 1680 Reap the consequences
Chapter 1681 The powerful Mo Yaoyu
Chapter 1682 Dead at Night
Chapter 1683: Stealing chicken but losing rice
Chapter 1684 The Competition Begins
Chapter 1685 Luo Qianqiu
Chapter 1686 Threat
Chapter 1687 Wen Yizhan, died
Chapter 1688 Nie Xiong, Nie Mei
Chapter 1689 Slap the Nie family in the face
Chapter 1690 Zhan Yue Chong Yun
Chapter 1691 No mercy
Chapter 1692 All beasts roar together
Chapter 1693 The final showdown
Chapter 1694 Battle with Nie Mei
Chapter 1695 Vulnerable
Chapter 1696 Champion
Chapter 1697 Kneel down and speak
Chapter 1698 Uneasiness
Chapter 1699 Identity Exposed
Chapter 1700 Ancestor of the Nie Family
Chapter 1701 Control
Chapter 1702 Grudges
Chapter 1703 Leave no one behind
Chapter 1704: Genocide
Chapter 1705 Beast
Chapter 1706 Waste
Chapter 1707 Reversing the Situation
Chapter 1708 As small as an ant
Chapter 1709 Breaking into the Palace at Night
Chapter 1710 Escape
Chapter 1711 Vicious feats
Chapter 1712 Crisis
Chapter 1713 If you dont eat the toast, you will be punished by drinking wine
Chapter 1714 Crisis looms
Chapter 1715 Its better not to meet each other
Chapter 1716 The First Business
Chapter 1717 You said you wont practice if you dont want to practice?
Chapter 1718 Triangular Eyes
Chapter 1719 An angry Xu Zhengyi
Chapter 1720 Demonic Leader
Chapter 1721 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1722 A worthy death
Chapter 1723 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1724 Beauty is a disaster
Chapter 1725 Slap in the face
Chapter 1726 Are you Wang Fan?
Chapter 1727 Strategy
Chapter 1728 Yang Tianhao
Chapter 1729 Something bad happened
Chapter 1730 Here
Chapter 1731 Crazy
Chapter 1732 Escape
Chapter 1733 Forbidden Land
Chapter 1734 Dense Fog Forest
Chapter 1735 Despair
Chapter 1736 Strange existence
Chapter 1737 Furious
Chapter 1738 Intrigue and deception
Chapter 1739 Leaving
Chapter 1740 Give you three breaths and get out
Chapter 1741 Waste of natural resources
Chapter 1742 Soaring Strength
Chapter 1743 Raging Flames
Chapter 1744 Kill
Chapter 1745 Uneasy
Chapter 1746 Ancient Vine
Chapter 1747 Position, Gu Qing
Chapter 1748 Comforting the Wrong Soul
Chapter 1749 Battle with Gu Qing
Chapter 1750 Shameless fighting style
Chapter 1751 A passing cloud
Chapter 1752 Sky-high Price Spaceship
Chapter 1753 Someone attacks the ship
Chapter 1754 Black Ship
Chapter 1755 Extraction
Chapter 1756 Something happened
Chapter 1757 Greed
Chapter 1758 Try touching him
Chapter 1759 Thrilling
Chapter 1760 The Bold Monk
Chapter 1761 A visitor comes to the door
Chapter 1762 Tacit understanding
Chapter 1763 What is the purpose?
Chapter 1764 Young Master
Chapter 1765 The Terror War
Chapter 1766 No one can escape
Chapter 1767 Join forces
Chapter 1768 So defiant
Chapter 1769 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 1770 Kill
Chapter 1771 Ants
Chapter 1772 Red Flame City
Chapter 1773 Fat Sheep
Chapter 1774: Wrong Look
Chapter 1775 Chaos
Chapter 1776 Means
Chapter 1777 Get rich
Chapter 1778 Reminder
Chapter 1779 Is it possible that you have a crush on this servant?
Chapter 1780 Murong Hens anger
Chapter 1781 You are the real one
Chapter 1782 The bold servant
Chapter 1783 Search
Chapter 1784 Exposed
Chapter 1785 King Huanmi
Chapter 1786 Accepting Disciples
Chapter 1787 How to leave
Chapter 1788 Terrorist Spaceship
Chapter 1789 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 1790 Passing by
Chapter 1791 Nine Kingdoms Competition
Chapter 1792 Get out of here
Chapter 1793 Because you are the weakest
Chapter 1794 Candidate confirmed
Chapter 1795 Heading to the Imperial Capital
Chapter 1796 Provocation
Chapter 1797 Why fear a battle?
Chapter 1798 Vulnerable
Chapter 1799 Rescue
Chapter 1800 I wont give you an excuse
Chapter 1801 Something bad happened
Chapter 1802 The game begins
Chapter 1803 Targeting
Chapter 1804 Battle against Ge Liang
Chapter 1805 Defeat is decided
Chapter 1806 Counterattack
Chapter 1807: Breaking the cauldron with a physical fist
Chapter 1808 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1809 The King of Horror and Joy
Chapter 1810 Bad Luck
Chapter 1811 Who is seeking death?
Chapter 1812 Nie Yun
Chapter 1813 The Crisis of Mo Yaoyu
Chapter 1814 Send you on your way
Chapter 1815 Anyone who dares to step within 100 meters will die
Chapter 1816 Ouyang Zhi
Chapter 1817 Give way
Chapter 1818: Vengeance must be retaliated
Chapter 1819 First
Chapter 1820 Reward
Chapter 1821 Dissatisfaction
Chapter 1822 Destruction of the Palace
Chapter 1823 There is a girl Nie Xun
Chapter 1824 Old man, get out of here
Chapter 1825 Reason
Chapter 1826 Fog
Chapter 1827 No chance
Chapter 1828 The vicissitudes of life, old friend
Chapter 1829 Chen Family
Chapter 1830 Endless
Chapter 1831 Farewell
Chapter 1832 Inland Sea
Chapter 1833 Vicious Girl
Chapter 1834 Ill-gotten gains
Chapter 1835 Be careful and you wont make a big mistake
Chapter 1836 Sitting in a well and looking at the sky, Yelang is arrogant
Chapter 1837 Dangerous Battle
Chapter 1838 Void Palm
Chapter 1839 The auction begins
Chapter 1840 Conflict
Chapter 1841 Wu Likun
Chapter 1842 Chase
Chapter 1843 Ring
Chapter 1844 Old City
Chapter 1845 Cruel Man
Chapter 1846 City Protection Formation
Chapter 1847 Im not leaving yet
Chapter 1848 Seven Kills Flowing Cloud Sword
Chapter 1849 The wrath of heaven
Chapter 1850 Miserable
Chapter 1851 You are despicable
Chapter 1852 The most ruthless
Chapter 1853 Yang Family Meeting
Chapter 1854 Murong Qing, Yang Shui
Chapter 1855 The terrifying Murong Qing
Chapter 1856 You must die
Chapter 1857 Its rude to come and not reciprocate
Chapter 1858 Slap
Chapter 1859 Open
Chapter 1860 Kneel down and apologize
Chapter 1861 You have no chance
Chapter 1862 I was scared to death
Chapter 1863: Being attentive
Chapter 1864 There is a road to heaven, but dont take it
Chapter 1865 Kill
Chapter 1866 Breaking the Restriction
Chapter 1867: Targeted by Everyone
Chapter 1868: Death without surprising words
Chapter 1869 Black and white evil spirits
Chapter 1870 Anxious to seek death
Chapter 1871 You are despicable
Chapter 1872 Crazy decision
Chapter 1873 Thank you for the gift
Chapter 1874 Harvest
Chapter 1875 Bottomless Pit
Chapter 1876 Breakthrough
Chapter 1877 The First
Chapter 1878 No harm to the family
Chapter 1879 Asking for help
Chapter 1880 Are you looking for me?
Chapter 1881 Dont blame me for being cruel
Chapter 1882 Uneasy
Chapter 1883 One move, two people defeated
Chapter 1884 The crowd is excited
Chapter 1885 Contempt of the heroes
Chapter 1886 Crush
Chapter 1887 Shameless person
Chapter 1888 Dragon Flame Fruit
Chapter 1889 Let the three of you breathe, get out
Chapter 1890 Obtained
Chapter 1891 Demon Mirror
Chapter 1892 Demonic Fire Red Flame
Chapter 1893 Short Spear
Chapter 1894 Vicious Woman
Chapter 1895 It seems you need help
Chapter 1896 Come on together
Chapter 1897: Chickens and Dogs
Chapter 1898 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 1899 Anyone who insults me, Shi Kun, will die.
Chapter 1900 The Terrible Yan Qingshan
Chapter 1901 Its hard to resist
Chapter 1902 The power of short spear
Chapter 1903 What happened?
Chapter 1904 Return
Chapter 1905 Royal Capital Holy Court
Chapter 1906 How dare you show up?
Chapter 1907 The Sword of Destruction
Chapter 1908 The arrival of King Wu Pluto
Chapter 1909 The Furious King Wu Ping
Chapter 1910 Sharp counterattack
Chapter 1911 Killing the King of Hades
Chapter 1912 Crisis
Chapter 1913 A minute of oppressive silence
Chapter 1914 Furious
Chapter 1915 The fish slipped through the net
Chapter 1916 Messenger
Chapter 1917 Big shot
Chapter 1918 Princes and Nobles
Chapter 1919 Challenge
Chapter 1920 One move
Chapter 1921 Princess
Chapter 1922 Huang Hu
Chapter 1923 Battle with Huang Hu
Chapter 1924 Who sent you here?
Chapter 1925 Arrangement
Chapter 1926 Murong Tian
Chapter 1927 The power of one punch
Chapter 1928 Decisive Continuous Killings
Chapter 1929 Death of Murong Tian
Chapter 1930 Wang Fan is here
Chapter 1931 Come out
Chapter 1932 The insidious Mr. Hong
Chapter 1933 Unconscious
Chapter 1934 Farewell
Chapter 1935 Chaos Mountains
Chapter 1936 The First Battle
Chapter 1937 The road is rough
Chapter 1938 Draw a sword to help
Chapter 1939 Villain
Chapter 1940 Zhao Heng
Chapter 1941 Who is looking for death?
Chapter 1942 Deep in the Mountains
Chapter 1943 Terrifying Woman
Chapter 1944 Curiosity killed the cat
Chapter 1945 Furious
Chapter 1946 Three Kills in a Row
Chapter 1947 Yun Lings Induction
Chapter 1948 Wen Ruyu
Chapter 1949 The jealous treasure
Chapter 1950 Got it
Chapter 1951 Negotiating Conditions
Chapter 1952 Trouble
Chapter 1953 Lurking
Chapter 1954 Its over
Chapter 1955 Dragnet
Chapter 1956 Partnering
Chapter 1957 Counterattack
Chapter 1958 Kill
Chapter 1959 Come on hard
Chapter 1960 Royal Capital Holy City
Chapter 1961 Coward
Chapter 1962 Looking for trouble
Chapter 1963 I give up
Chapter 1964 Dantian is broken and cultivation is ruined
Chapter 1965 Dont know whether to live or die
Chapter 1966 Battle with Chu Heng
Chapter 1967 Master
Chapter 1968 Assessment
Chapter 1969 Harsh Academy System
Chapter 1970 Request
Chapter 1971 A generous move
Chapter 1972 Trouble comes to your door
Chapter 1973 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 1974 The Great Desolation of the Sky
Chapter 1975 Lian Kui
Chapter 1976 A Dog
Chapter 1977 A battle determines life and death
Chapter 1978 Even worse than a dog
Chapter 1979 Take action
Chapter 1980 Major Events
Chapter 1981 You will regret it soon
Chapter 1982 Zhan Liankui
Chapter 1983 The trump card
Chapter 1984 The mentor comes forward
Chapter 1985 Collision between mentors
Chapter 1986 Vice Dean
Chapter 1987 The End
Chapter 1988 Incentives
Chapter 1989 Black Mulberry Cliff
Chapter 1990 Killing
Chapter 1991 Riot
Chapter 1992 Crazy
Chapter 1993 King Beast
Chapter 1994 Space Blockade Formation
Chapter 1995 Trapped Beast
Chapter 1996 Serious Injury
Chapter 1997 The Big Secret
Chapter 1998 Generous Rewards
Chapter 1999 Six Dogs
Chapter 2000 Complete Defeat
Chapter 2001 Breakthrough
Chapter 2002 Yong Ronglan
Chapter 2003 Humiliation
Chapter 2004 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 2005: Inspiring Generals
Chapter 2006 Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 2007: Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 2008 The Competition Begins
Chapter 2009 News about Han Qingyi
Chapter 2010 Appearance
Chapter 2011 Battle against Wen Ruyu
Chapter 2012 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2013 Defeat?
Chapter 2014 Completely wiped out
Chapter 2015 Shameless Yong Ronglan
Chapter 2016 Leaving
Chapter 2017 Too weak
Chapter 2018 Mo Feng
Chapter 2019 Annihilation Blow
Chapter 2020 The oriole is behind
Chapter 2021 Chase
Chapter 2022 Killing Yang Wu
Chapter 2023 Stop those who come
Chapter 2024 Breaking into the Night
Chapter 2025 Someone is coming
Chapter 2026 The whole situation
Chapter 2027 The whole sect is hunted down
Chapter 2028 Will come again
Chapter 2029 Entering the Capital City
Chapter 2030 Yushan Xiyue
Chapter 2031 Are you mentally ill?
Chapter 2032 Get out
Chapter 2033 Heite
Chapter 2034 The Undefeated God of War
Chapter 2035 Fifty-one consecutive wins
Chapter 2036 Illusion Pill
Chapter 2037 The Great Desolation and Sky Destruction
Chapter 2038 Arent you going to abstain?
Chapter 2039 Beating up Yushan
Chapter 2040 Final Victory
Chapter 2041 The Messenger Attacks
Chapter 2042 Rampant Messenger
Chapter 2043 Who comes to die?
Chapter 2044 Stupid
Chapter 2045 Invincible
Chapter 2046 Wang Fan goes to battle
Chapter 2047 The power of two punches
Chapter 2048 The Second Battle
Chapter 2049: Climb the waves and turn things around
Chapter 2050 Rejection
Chapter 2051 Stirring up a big trap
Chapter 2052 Get Out
Chapter 2053 Dragnet
Chapter 2054 Killing the Bloody Path
Chapter 2055 A powerful person with respect
Chapter 2056 Battle with Master Xiuyun
Chapter 2057 Sensation
Chapter 2058 Crisis
Chapter 2059 Meng Chong
Chapter 2060 Interception halfway
Chapter 2061 Ruthless
Chapter 2062 Ambush
Chapter 2063 Action
Chapter 2064 Zhan Meng Chong
Chapter 2065 Killing Meng Chong
Chapter 2066 Something bad happened
Chapter 2067 Han Qingyi is captured
Chapter 2068 Fall
Chapter 2069 Anyone who stops me will die
Chapter 2070 Follow your words
Chapter 2071 Snake Control
Chapter 2072 Interception
Chapter 2073 Fighting the Snake
Chapter 2074 Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 2075: Snake, Death
Chapter 2076 Return to the Chaos Mountains
Chapter 2077 Black Li City without Rules
Chapter 2078 Deterrence
Chapter 2079 The young man in red robe
Chapter 2080 Silk Treasure Clothes
Chapter 2081 Just a poor guy
Chapter 2082: Supreme Martial Arts: Cutting with One Sword
Chapter 2083 Revenge
Chapter 2084 Killing and stealing goods
Chapter 2085 The mantis stalks the cicada, the oriole follows behind
Chapter 2086 Design enters the game
Chapter 2087 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2088 Even if it takes nine heavens and ten earths, I will kill you
Chapter 2089 Strong Enemy
Chapter 2090 The flames of war
Chapter 2091 Humiliation
Chapter 2092 Rescue
Chapter 2093 Korean violence
Chapter 2094 Get Out
Chapter 2095 War with South Korea
Chapter 2096 Pseudo-Son Realm
Chapter 2097 The warmth and warmth of human relationships
Chapter 2098 Law Enforcement Team
Chapter 2099 No distinction between right and wrong
Chapter 2100 Retreat
Chapter 2101 Weird and dangerous place
Chapter 2102 Eternal Mountains
Chapter 2103 Discovering clues
Chapter 2104 The monster that eats people
Chapter 2105 Prey? Food?
Chapter 2106 The monk without sanity
Chapter 2107 Beheading
Chapter 2108 Worth a fortune
Chapter 2109 The old man in gray
Chapter 2110 City
Chapter 2111 Breaking a Taboo
Chapter 2112 Terrifying Means
Chapter 2113 Shocking Conspiracy
Chapter 2114 Lu Di
Chapter 2115 Entering the city again
Chapter 2116 Why are you so rude?
Chapter 2117 Provocation
Chapter 2118 Deputy Leader
Chapter 2119 Fiery Blow
Chapter 2120 Deputy Commander, Death
Chapter 2121 Which eye saw me escaping?
Chapter 2122 The leader takes action
Chapter 2123 Fierce Battle with the Captain
Chapter 2124 Go to hell
Chapter 2125 Leader of the Wild Wolf Regiment, Dies
Chapter 2126 Sensation from all sides
Chapter 2127 Jade Girl Pavilion Master
Chapter 2128 Two Gate Masters
Chapter 2129 Come on together
Chapter 2130 Kill them all
Chapter 2131 Recruitment
Chapter 2132 The Secret of Jade Girl Pavilion
Chapter 2133 Choice
Chapter 2134 You deserve to die
Chapter 2135 The man behind the scenes appears
Chapter 2136 The powerful third level of respect
Chapter 2137 Falling flowers and flowing water
Chapter 2138 Good fortune and misfortune depend on each other
Chapter 2139 Hunters Prey Position Switching
Chapter 2140 Self-destruction
Chapter 2141 The terrible back-up plan
Chapter 2142 Worry
Chapter 2143 A powerful enemy invades
Chapter 2144 Wang Fan takes action
Chapter 2145 Now that youre here, dont leave
Chapter 2146 You are not worthy yet
Chapter 2147 Choice
Chapter 2148 Accident
Chapter 2149 Furious
Chapter 2150: Moving mountains to fill the courtyard
Chapter 2151 Strong men from the border area
Chapter 2152 Not only do I have a loud voice
Chapter 2153 A fierce battle with the strong men in the border areas
Chapter 2154 Civil strife
Chapter 2155 Crazy Master Yu
Chapter 2156 Critical moment
Chapter 2157 Unstoppable
Chapter 2158 No mercy
Chapter 2159 An army of tens of millions
Chapter 2160 Crazy artillery fire
Chapter 2161 Chopping melons and vegetables
Chapter 2162 The frustrated monks from the Huri Empire
Chapter 2163 The madness of tens of thousands of people
Chapter 2164 The war begins
Chapter 2165 No one can stop
Chapter 2166 Peak Battle
Chapter 2167 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2168 A great victory
Chapter 2169 Meeting an old friend in the Demonic Abyss Sea
Chapter 2170 Its really a bit weak
Chapter 2171 Bad News
Chapter 2172 Worry
Chapter 2173 Threat
Chapter 2174 Arrive
Chapter 2175 In that case, then you all kneel down
Chapter 2176 Surrender
Chapter 2177 Three Envoys
Chapter 2178 Go straight to the point
Chapter 2179 Stay safe
Chapter 2180 Exposed
Chapter 2181 Surrounding and Contempt
Chapter 2182 Idiot
Chapter 2183 Crazy Blow
Chapter 2184 Pursuit
Chapter 2185 The Ninth Level of King Realm
Chapter 2186 Naturally incompatible
Chapter 2187 The overall situation has been decided
Chapter 2188 Oppression
Chapter 2189 Domineering
Chapter 2190 Intolerable
Chapter 2191 Devastated
Chapter 2192 Who is the waste?
Chapter 2193 Entering the border area
Chapter 2194 The ruthless man in the border area
Chapter 2195 Follow me if you can
Chapter 2196 If you dont believe it, you can give it a try
Chapter 2197 Inquiry
Chapter 2198 Hidden Cultivation
Chapter 2199 Breakthrough
Chapter 2200 Chase
Chapter 2201 Anger, Counterattack
Chapter 2202 Siege
Chapter 2203 Rush out
Chapter 2204 Wuhai City
Chapter 2205 Kneel down and apologize
Chapter 2206 Overestimating ones capabilities
Chapter 2207 Battle with Powerful Tyrant
Chapter 2208 A frustrating battle
Chapter 2209 Lets see who can outplay whom
Chapter 2210 Arrogance
Chapter 2211 The test begins
Chapter 2212 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 2213 Unexpected
Chapter 2214 Choice
Chapter 2215 Opportunity
Chapter 2216 Who is it?
Chapter 2217 Falling into the trap
Chapter 2218 Just Four Wastes
Chapter 2219 Are you planning to leave like this?
Chapter 2220 Bian Yun Chapter
Chapter 2221 Luo Fan is back
Chapter 2222 Give up early
Chapter 2223 Compliment
Chapter 2224: First level of respect
Chapter 2225 Ill take you away
Chapter 2226 You are not timid either
Chapter 2227 Escape
Chapter 2228 Counterattack
Chapter 2229 The game has just begun
Chapter 2230 The leader takes action
Chapter 2231 Why dont you run away?
Chapter 2232 The strength of the fifth level expert
Chapter 2233 Forbidden Land
Chapter 2234 Bad breath
Chapter 2235 Serious Injury
Chapter 2236 Leave it to me
Chapter 2237 Killing the Demon
Chapter 2238 Help
Chapter 2239: Only the first level of respect
Chapter 2240 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 2241 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 2242 Powerful Formation
Chapter 2243 Hiding Fee
Chapter 2244 Luoxia City
Chapter 2245 Auction
Chapter 2246 Provocation
Chapter 2247 Who doesnt have eyes?
Chapter 2248 What a terrifying first level of respect
Chapter 2249 Give me a private room
Chapter 2250 Three Holy Orders
Chapter 2251 Sky-high Price
Chapter 2252 Who are you?
Chapter 2253 Interception
Chapter 2254 Sneak attack from behind
Chapter 2255 Old Man
Chapter 2256 Horror
Chapter 2257 Retreat
Chapter 2258 Urgent Urgency
Chapter 2259 Wudao Sect
Chapter 2260 Border Territory Division
Chapter 2261 Luo Ru breaks through
Chapter 2262 Arrogance
Chapter 2263 This is called arrogance
Chapter 2264 Despair
Chapter 2265 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 2266 I hope you can always be lucky
Chapter 2267 Lost the pursuit
Chapter 2268 Exposed
Chapter 2269 Shocked Retreat
Chapter 2270 Monuments
Chapter 2271 Bad intentions
Chapter 2272 Everyone gathers
Chapter 2273 Fog Area
Chapter 2274 Why is this?
Chapter 2275 Vicious
Chapter 2276 The terrifying scissors
Chapter 2277 Weird place
Chapter 2278 No turning back
Chapter 2279 Getting rich
Chapter 2280 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 2281 Harvest
Chapter 2282 Yu Honghou
Chapter 2283 Come forward
Chapter 2284 The powerful Yu Honghou
Chapter 2285 Strong
Chapter 2286 Shameless
Chapter 2287 Jealousy
Chapter 2288 Crazy
Chapter 2289 Soaring Strength
Chapter 2290 Anger
Chapter 2291 Accident
Chapter 2292 The existence of terror
Chapter 2293 Crazy self-destruction
Chapter 2294 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 2295 Escape quickly
Chapter 2296: A near miss
Chapter 2297 Arrest Order
Chapter 2298 Luo Rus worries
Chapter 2299 Yuntian City
Chapter 2300 Meeting an old friend
Chapter 2301 Meeting Luo Ru
Chapter 2302 The frightened Lou Yaobei
Chapter 2303 Major Events
Chapter 2304 Siege and Kill Wang Fan
Chapter 2305 Go as far as you can
Chapter 2306 Anti-Crime Team
Chapter 2307 I would rather kill by mistake than let go
Chapter 2308 What a great prestige
Chapter 2309 Ninth level of respect, Que Lanmao
Chapter 2310 Loss of all skills
Chapter 2311 One Year
Chapter 2312 Hunting
Chapter 2313: Fire
Chapter 2314 Found Liulan Town
Chapter 2315 Texture
Chapter 2316 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 2317 Anger
Chapter 2318 Scum
Chapter 2319 Wu Shaohou
Chapter 2320 Leave now
Chapter 2321 Zinc Sand City
Chapter 2322 I blinded you
Chapter 2323 Anger
Chapter 2324 Let me go and see
Chapter 2325 What, do you have any objections?
Chapter 2326 A visitor from the sect
Chapter 2327 Returning to the old place
Chapter 2328 Take action
Chapter 2329 Deputy Palace Master
Chapter 2330 What is arrogance?
Chapter 2331 The Palace Master takes action
Chapter 2332 Battle with the Palace Master
Chapter 2333 Two major events
Chapter 2334 Zhenhong Space
Chapter 2335 Crazy Wang Fan
Chapter 2336 Broken Peak
Chapter 2337 The terrifying mixed pattern marks
Chapter 2338 Enclosure Blockade
Chapter 2339 What to do?
Chapter 2340 Please be accommodating
Chapter 2341 Who has any opinions?
Chapter 2342 Done
Chapter 2343 Just a piece of trash
Chapter 2344 Two slaps flying away
Chapter 2345 Slaughtered?
Chapter 2346 Yue Hongyi
Chapter 2347 Cooperation
Chapter 2348 The monk seeking death
Chapter 2349 Outrage
Chapter 2350 Closing the Door
Chapter 2351 The mysterious Yue Hongyi
Chapter 2352 Wang Fans displeasure
Chapter 2353 Killing Ax
Chapter 2354 Flowing Sand Gold
Chapter 2355 Crazy
Chapter 2356 The cunning Nan Wenhou
Chapter 2357 Are you deaf or blind?
Chapter 2358 Yue Hongyis strength
Chapter 2359 The competition begins
Chapter 2360 Competition System
Chapter 2361 Just garbage
Chapter 2362 If you are not convinced, then get out
Chapter 2363 Provocation
Chapter 2364 Another two punches
Chapter 2365 Targeting
Chapter 2366 The number one genius of the Nan family
Chapter 2367 If you have the guts, come up here
Chapter 2368 Lost?
Chapter 2369 Advancement in advance
Chapter 2370 Wang Fans uneasiness
Chapter 2371 Entrance
Chapter 2372 The monk without seed
Chapter 2373 Rushing in
Chapter 2374 The insidious person behind the scenes
Chapter 2375 The trembling Shang Sanghong
Chapter 2376 The soul is gone
Chapter 2377 Who attacks whom?
Chapter 2378 The insidious Mango
Chapter 2379 The anger of Master Jiyun Dao
Chapter 2380 Uncontrolled
Chapter 2381 Soaring Strength
Chapter 2382 Anger
Chapter 2383 The Power of a Sword
Chapter 2384 Vulnerable
Chapter 2385 Who lives and who dies?
Chapter 2386 Changes in the Man family
Chapter 2387 Decisive
Chapter 2388 Glacier Wood Valley
Chapter 2389 Already had a plan
Chapter 2390 Luo Ru was humiliated
Chapter 2391 Jiyun Dao is nothing
Chapter 2392 Strong
Chapter 2393 Strangling Whirlpool
Chapter 2394 Beautiful woman
Chapter 2395 Lightning
Chapter 2396 News from Yue Hongyi
Chapter 2397 Crazy Battle
Chapter 2398 The Power of the Falling Sand Ax
Chapter 2399 Quicksand Storm
Chapter 2400 Awakening
Chapter 2401 Great Sage Yiyun
Chapter 2402 The dangerous Liusha River
Chapter 2403 Epiphany
Chapter 2404 Desperate Situation
Chapter 2405 Crossing
Chapter 2406 Disappointment
Chapter 2407 Yun Palace destroys the sect
Chapter 2408 Siege and Killing
Chapter 2409 Fierce battle between seven powerful sects
Chapter 2410 Ji Wuliu was seriously injured and escaped
Chapter 2411 Dont resist, Ill take you away
Chapter 2412 Jiao Yunfang
Chapter 2413 Identity Exposed
Chapter 2414 Spiritual Energy Fluctuation
Chapter 2415 Jealousy
Chapter 2416 Are you Wang Fan?
Chapter 2417 The same slap
Chapter 2418 Long time no see
Chapter 2419 My name is Wang Fan
Chapter 2420 Two Sects Bullied
Chapter 2421 Should I change it?
Chapter 2422 Absolute Suppression
Chapter 2423 The Heaven-defying Body Technique
Chapter 2424 The second talent test
Chapter 2425 Goodbye Taoist Master
Chapter 2426 Blood Coagulation Body
Chapter 2427 I dont know how high the sky is and how high it is
Chapter 2428: Vengeance must be avenged
Chapter 2429 The Path of Silence, Destruction
Chapter 2430 Please show mercy
Chapter 2431 Im afraid you cant do it yet
Chapter 2432 Luo Ru takes over
Chapter 2433 News about Yue Hongyi
Chapter 2434 Duan Wuyong
Chapter 2435 Opportunity
Chapter 2436 Acquaintances in Goat City
Chapter 2437 The whereabouts of Liao Wuqing and his daughter
Chapter 2438 Feng Qianshui
Chapter 2439 Arrogant Wei Tianwen
Chapter 2440 Im coming
Chapter 2441 Rush back to Yun Palace
Chapter 2442 You are so brave
Chapter 2443 Leaving
Chapter 2444 A city in the vast forest
Chapter 2445 The noble and upright city lord
Chapter 2446 I, Qingyue Palace, want this person
Chapter 2447 The powerful Qingyue Palace
Chapter 2448 Blind your dog eyes
Chapter 2449 What to do?
Chapter 2450 Now that you are here, come out
Chapter 2451 Arrogance
Chapter 2452 Arena
Chapter 2453 Where can I escape?
Chapter 2454 Ten consecutive victories
Chapter 2455 Invincible
Chapter 2456 The Rising Strong
Chapter 2457 The strong gather together
Chapter 2458 The monk who is easily afraid
Chapter 2459 No one dares to fight
Chapter 2460 The Holy Realm Arrives
Chapter 2461 Arrogance
Chapter 2462 Lets go together
Chapter 2463 One vs. Two
Chapter 2464 Everyones Attention
Chapter 2465 Its hard to escape even if you have wings
Chapter 2466 The lingering ghost
Chapter 2467 Emperor Nantian
Chapter 2468 Banquet
Chapter 2469 The Sorrow of a Tiger Falling in Pingyang
Chapter 2470 I want to follow you
Chapter 2471 Crazy
Chapter 2472 I will take you out
Chapter 2473 Thousands of arrows pierce the body
Chapter 2474 Why do you have to be so nice to me?
Chapter 2475 Sky-Suppressing Tower
Chapter 2476 Entering the Tower
Chapter 2477 The monster who climbed to the ninth floor
Chapter 2478 Unlimited scenery
Chapter 2479: Immortal disability, lifelong companionship
Chapter 2480 One Year
Chapter 2481 Trouble is coming
Chapter 2482 Three Knives and Six Holes
Chapter 2483 How dare you kill someone?
Chapter 2484 Contempt
Chapter 2485 Climb the Sky Tower again
Chapter 2486 Seventeenth Floor
Chapter 2487 The terrifying guardian of the seventeenth floor
Chapter 2488 Leaving
Chapter 2489 Missing
Chapter 2490 A show of force
Chapter 2491 Qingyue Palace
Chapter 2492 Goodbye Xing Guanyue
Chapter 2493 Battle with Xing Guanyue
Chapter 2494 Suppression
Chapter 2495 Playing field
Chapter 2496 The majesty cannot be violated
Chapter 2497 The Second Battle
Chapter 2498 I want to behead the saint
Chapter 2499 Strong
Chapter 2500 The incident happened
Chapter 2501 Giants gather together
Chapter 2502: Palace Extermination Operation
Chapter 2503 Kill
Chapter 2504 How could this happen?
Chapter 2505 Yun Qianxing
Chapter 2506 The Great Escape
Chapter 2507 Pressing forward step by step
Chapter 2508 Wang Fan Beheads the Saint
Chapter 2509 Position Exchange
Chapter 2510 Im going to chop you alive
Chapter 2511 Strong lineup
Chapter 2512 Leaving
Chapter 2513 Crazy plunder
Chapter 2514 Getting rich
Chapter 2515 Greed
Chapter 2516 Duel of Life and Death
Chapter 2517 Who is the ant?
Chapter 2518 The tough monk
Chapter 2519 Seeking Death
Chapter 2520 Business is business
Chapter 2521 Rapid Progress
Chapter 2522 The Terrifying Beast King
Chapter 2523 Borrowing a Knife
Chapter 2524 Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 2525 Breakthrough, Holy Realm
Chapter 2526 Finding Wealth in Danger
Chapter 2527 Peerless Battle
Chapter 2528 The terrifying Hu Qi
Chapter 2529 There is no way to heaven
Chapter 2530 Place of Trial
Chapter 2531 What are you?
Chapter 2532 Please help me
Chapter 2533 Take action
Chapter 2534 The oriole is behind
Chapter 2535 Who is seeking death?
Chapter 2536 Battle with Xiao Ran
Chapter 2537 There is a long way to go
Chapter 2538 Sense of Crisis
Chapter 2539 The enemy is coming
Chapter 2540 The shaking dark forest
Chapter 2541 Hunting the murderer
Chapter 2542 Big Chase
Chapter 2543 Kill back
Chapter 2544 The taste of despair
Chapter 2545 The Geniuses Gather
Chapter 2546 Challenge
Chapter 2547 Public Humiliation
Chapter 2548 The young master is here
Chapter 2549 Battle with Jiang Yi
Chapter 2550 Brutal Battle
Chapter 2551 Waste
Chapter 2552 Join forces to fight Gu Xin
Chapter 2553 Beheading
Chapter 2554 Entering the City
Chapter 2555 Angry from shame
Chapter 2556 The smell is also personal.
Chapter 2557 Angry Dai Kun
Chapter 2558 Its finally out
Chapter 2559 Cruel Man
Chapter 2560 High-Stakes Team Task
Chapter 2561 What a bad luck
Chapter 2562 Revenge
Chapter 2563 Heavy casualties
Chapter 2564 Breaking in
Chapter 2565 Shameless Autumn Water
Chapter 2566 Autumn water, death
Chapter 2567 Spy
Chapter 2568 Powerful Woman
Chapter 2569 Become my slave
Chapter 2570 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 2571 Rats, seeking death
Chapter 2572 The Thin Line of Life and Death
Chapter 2573 Heavy damage
Chapter 2574 Servant
Chapter 2575 Vitriol
Chapter 2576 Baiyao Pavilion
Chapter 2577 Refining Venom
Chapter 2578 Vent your anger
Chapter 2579 I make the decision for you
Chapter 2580 Ancient Book
Chapter 2581 Lost
Chapter 2582 Opportunity
Chapter 2583 Got it
Chapter 2584 What a good beast
Chapter 2585 Black Wind Village
Chapter 2586 I think you are looking for death
Chapter 2587 Scar, Death
Chapter 2588 You leave immediately
Chapter 2589 Fulfill your wish
Chapter 2590 The person you dont want to see
Chapter 2591 I will not insult a dog
Chapter 2592 Stepped underfoot
Chapter 2593 Xiaoman was sold
Chapter 2594 Like falling into an ice cave
Chapter 2595 Boarding the Ship
Chapter 2596 Get out of here
Chapter 2597 You dont have to go and see it
Chapter 2598 I really dont believe it
Chapter 2599 Investigation
Chapter 2600 What a courage
Chapter 2601 Jingwu City
Chapter 2602 Han Yu
Chapter 2603 If you have the guts, do it
Chapter 2604 Severe Punishment
Chapter 2605 Entering the sect
Chapter 2606 A bunch of trash
Chapter 2607 Who is trash?
Chapter 2608 Dont provoke people with higher cultivation than you
Chapter 2609: Intolerable
Chapter 2610 Who killed Gu Ranyun?
Chapter 2611 Investigation
Chapter 2612 Woman in Palace Dress
Chapter 2613 Battle with Guxiao
Chapter 2614 Wuliang Mountain
Chapter 2615 Zhong Wuhua
Chapter 2616 Breath Mark
Chapter 2617 Traps everywhere
Chapter 2618 Get out of here
Chapter 2619 Crazy grabbing
Chapter 2620 Bad luck
Chapter 2621 Peng Yuans trump card
Chapter 2622 Killing White Eyebrow
Chapter 2623 The Insect Demon Army
Chapter 2624 Female Insect
Chapter 2625 Dry Bones
Chapter 2626 The power of the killing spear
Chapter 2627 Acquaintances in Wuliang City
Chapter 2628 Treasure Hunting Ship
Chapter 2629 Black Ship
Chapter 2630 True Disciple
Chapter 2631 Take action
Chapter 2632 Evil Thoughts
Chapter 2633 Vulnerable
Chapter 2634 Weird Ship
Chapter 2635 Sea Wind and Giant Waves
Chapter 2636 Land
Chapter 2637 Join the team
Chapter 2638 If you dont seek death, you wont die.
Chapter 2639 Melee
Chapter 2640 Thats because youre not mature enough
Chapter 2641 Leave the ring and get out
Chapter 2642 Crazy practice
Chapter 2643 Garbage
Chapter 2644 Zhenzhenzhuan
Chapter 2645 Creepy
Chapter 2646 Huge Arm
Chapter 2647 Strong lineup
Chapter 2648 Monster
Chapter 2649 Breakthrough in adversity
Chapter 2650 Meteor Gold
Chapter 2651 Enemies meet
Chapter 2652: Not a good death
Chapter 2653 Beheading
Chapter 2654 The atmosphere is tense
Chapter 2655 Kill me if you dare
Chapter 2656 Bullying the weak and fearing the strong
Chapter 2657 Zhong Wuliang
Chapter 2658 Implicating the Nine Clans
Chapter 2659 Provocation
Chapter 2660 Shame
Chapter 2661 Punch
Chapter 2662 Kaihui
Chapter 2663 Not qualified to speak
Chapter 2664 Attack
Chapter 2665 Holy Order
Chapter 2666 Trampling on dignity
Chapter 2667 Meeting the Beautiful Woman in Palace Dress Again
Chapter 2668 Xia Family
Chapter 2669 Three Entries into the Sect
Chapter 2670 I told you to get lost
Chapter 2671 Every word is heartbreaking
Chapter 2672 What are you going to do?
Chapter 2673 Vicious Woman
Chapter 2674 This is what will destroy you
Chapter 2675 Accident
Chapter 2676 Anger
Chapter 2677 Kill Han Zhong
Chapter 2678 Haunted Soul Sword
Chapter 2679 You are all going to die
Chapter 2680 Vulnerable
Chapter 2681 Not worthy of being called a genius
Chapter 2682 I have admired you for a long time
Chapter 2683 Are you satisfied?
Chapter 2684 Destruction of the Peak
Chapter 2685 Storm
Chapter 2686 Wudaozi
Chapter 2687 War
Chapter 2688 Wudaozi, fallen
Chapter 2689 Breakthrough
Chapter 2690 What do you think?
Chapter 2691 Mountain closure
Chapter 2692 Yunqing Academy
Chapter 2693 Extremely Ridiculous
Chapter 2694 Strong
Chapter 2695 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 2696 Want to be alone
Chapter 2697 Its rude to come and not return.
Chapter 2698 Meeting
Chapter 2699 One blow, both prides are destroyed
Chapter 2700 Are you worthy?
Chapter 2701 The assessment begins
Chapter 2702 Where does the hostility come from?
Chapter 2703 The first round of assessment
Chapter 2704 Wang Fan takes action
Chapter 2705 Second Round
Chapter 2706 A battle shocked the heroes
Chapter 2707 Zhong Houji
Chapter 2708 Shock and Kill
Chapter 2709 Heavenly Domain
Chapter 2710 Despised
Chapter 2711 Han Qing
Chapter 2712 War
Chapter 2713 You cant
Chapter 2714 Its my turn
Chapter 2715 Where does the confidence and courage come from?
Chapter 2716 The eldest lady
Chapter 2717 Invitation
Chapter 2718 The Lone Walker, Zhuo Feng
Chapter 2719 Are you satisfied?
Chapter 2720 Conflict
Chapter 2721 Deliberate provocation
Chapter 2722 Are you looking for death?
Chapter 2723 Ridicule
Chapter 2724 Vulnerable
Chapter 2725 Shameless
Chapter 2726 Competition Rules
Chapter 2727 The First Battle
Chapter 2728 Who is out?
Chapter 2729 The terrifying Ye Jun
Chapter 2730 Zhuge Kai
Chapter 2731 Furious Mountain
Chapter 2732 Strong defeat
Chapter 2733 One word decides everything
Chapter 2734 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 2735: Getting there first
Chapter 2736 Enter
Chapter 2737 Relics
Chapter 2738 Invincible in the Same Situation
Chapter 2739 Public Outrage
Chapter 2740 Gathering
Chapter 2741 Stepped underfoot
Chapter 2742 The ruins collapse
Chapter 2743 The Terror Demon King
Chapter 2744 Peerless Beauty
Chapter 2745 Coming out of the mountain
Chapter 2746 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 2747 Strong Suppression
Chapter 2748 Slander
Chapter 2749 You dont deserve it
Chapter 2750 Crush
Chapter 2751 Goodbye Senior Sister
Chapter 2752 Some pitfalls
Chapter 2753 Before the Assessment
Chapter 2754 Efficient Assessment Method
Chapter 2755 Unexpected
Chapter 2756 Robbery
Chapter 2757 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 2758 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 2759 Public Outrage
Chapter 2760 One persons stage
Chapter 2761 Sweep
Chapter 2762 North Courtyard
Chapter 2763 Third on the Holy List
Chapter 2764 Please enlighten me
Chapter 2765 Is this the so-called genius?
Chapter 2766 Victory or defeat
Chapter 2767 Luo Chong goes to battle
Chapter 2768 A battle to become a god
Chapter 2769 Shura Seal
Chapter 2770 Trial Stand
Chapter 2771 Fighting for Seats
Chapter 2772 I want this position
Chapter 2773 Crazy
Chapter 2774 Join forces with the beauty
Chapter 2775 Yun Wudi
Chapter 2776 A War Statement
Chapter 2777 Not interested
Chapter 2778 Arrival
Chapter 2779 Zhan Yun Invincible
Chapter 2780 Crush
Chapter 2781 Tracking
Chapter 2782 Xia Family
Chapter 2783 Furious
Chapter 2784 The strong man from the Xia family arrives
Chapter 2785 Lin Mansion
Chapter 2786 Im not that kind of person
Chapter 2787 Xia Han
Chapter 2788 Yun Wudi is also here
Chapter 2789 The powerful Xia Leng
Chapter 2790 Targeted
Chapter 2791 Another humiliation
Chapter 2792 Provocation and Ignorance
Chapter 2793 Arrogant
Chapter 2794 Slap
Chapter 2795 Battle with Xia Han
Chapter 2796 Shura Seal
Chapter 2797 Trampling
Chapter 2798 Taking someone
Chapter 2799 It makes no sense
Chapter 2800 Yunqing Academys Attitude
Chapter 2801 Physical Training Field
Chapter 2802 Ma Mu
Chapter 2803 Explosion of Power
Chapter 2804 Want to break the limit
Chapter 2805 Holy Body
Chapter 2806 Sensation on the training ground
Chapter 2807 Yun Wudi breaks through
Chapter 2808 Come hand in hand
Chapter 2809 Wen Yanfeng
Chapter 2810 A great shame and humiliation
Chapter 2811 Its really unpleasant
Chapter 2812 Luo Yan takes action
Chapter 2813 Su Luoyans strength
Chapter 2814 Sword Power
Chapter 2815 Cruel
Chapter 2816 Who is too weak?
Chapter 2817 Total defeat
Chapter 2818 Sword falls, arm cuts
Chapter 2819 The battle to destroy the palace
Chapter 2820 Tragic
Chapter 2821 One man is in charge
Chapter 2822 Tragic
Chapter 2823 No regrets despite death
Chapter 2824 I just hate the injustice of heaven
Chapter 2825 Betrayal
Chapter 2826 As humble as an ant
Chapter 2827 On the verge of despair
Chapter 2828 Hate
Chapter 2829 You are all going to die
Chapter 2830 Shock
Chapter 2831 Half a Year
Chapter 2832 City Lords Mansion Order
Chapter 2833 Thrilling
Chapter 2834 Crazy Sword
Chapter 2835 The Gathering of Powers
Chapter 2836 Grandstanding
Chapter 2837 One finger
Chapter 2838 The Second Battle
Chapter 2839 What is madness?
Chapter 2840 Show Yao
Chapter 2841 Who is the clown?
Chapter 2842 Before departure
Chapter 2843 Dont use a knife in front of me
Chapter 2844 Strong response
Chapter 2845 Battle with Ye Zhao
Chapter 2846 Outside Xuanyun City
Chapter 2847 A meeting between wind and clouds
Chapter 2848 Oppression
Chapter 2849 Zhaoyang Tower
Chapter 2850 Noisy
Chapter 2851 So violent
Chapter 2852 All the way up
Chapter 2853 Mang Hu
Chapter 2854 Seventh Floor
Chapter 2855: Reaching the eighth level
Chapter 2856 Do you know now?
Chapter 2857 Reap the consequences
Chapter 2858 Baiyun Citys First Prodigy
Chapter 2859 Battle with Xia Yuntian
Chapter 2860 Is this your confidence?
Chapter 2861 Please come to the battle tower
Chapter 2862 Soul Resurrection Tower
Chapter 2863 One sword, three lives
Chapter 2864 Powerful Sword Cultivator
Chapter 2865 You know the truth
Chapter 2866 Are you pretending to be arrogant?
Chapter 2867 Climbing to the top
Chapter 2868 One knife in seconds
Chapter 2869 What can you do?
Chapter 2870 Miserable Xia Yuntian
Chapter 2871 One to six
Chapter 2872 Get Out
Chapter 2873 Who is the weak?
Chapter 2874 Top Five
Chapter 2875 Who is ungrateful?
Chapter 2876 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 2877 Acquaintance
Chapter 2878 Shameless talk
Chapter 2879 Sloppy old man
Chapter 2880 Interest
Chapter 2881 Lots of doubts
Chapter 2882 Domineering Chu Kuangtian
Chapter 2883 Battle with Xiao Junyan
Chapter 2884: Get out or not?
Chapter 2885 The End
Chapter 2886 Heading to Wenyan Mansion
Chapter 2887 Contradiction
Chapter 2888 Invitation to Battle
Chapter 2889 Repeated Beating
Chapter 2890 Arrogant
Chapter 2891 What is madness?
Chapter 2892 War
Chapter 2893 Sweeping everything
Chapter 2894 Interception
Chapter 2895 Tragic
Chapter 2896 Scattering and Escape
Chapter 2897 Troubles
Chapter 2898 Xia Shichuans anger
Chapter 2899 Night Attack
Chapter 2900 Hypocrisy
Chapter 2901 Reciprocity
Chapter 2902 Death of Xia Han
Chapter 2903 Cooperation
Chapter 2904 Ambush
Chapter 2905 Cant live either
Chapter 2906 Thank you for reminding me
Chapter 2907 Liuzhou City
Chapter 2908 Miss Wen
Chapter 2909 Declined
Chapter 2910 Unreasonable
Chapter 2911 Too much?
Chapter 2912 Bullying others with power
Chapter 2913 Cant afford to offend?
Chapter 2914: Get as far as you can
Chapter 2915 Wu Yuns decision
Chapter 2916 Senior Sister Wen
Chapter 2917 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 2918 I am also very strong
Chapter 2919 Disciple
Chapter 2920 Five Palaces
Chapter 2921 Self-Righteous
Chapter 2922 Entering the Immortal Refining Tower
Chapter 2923 Is it necessary to threaten you?
Chapter 2924 Not qualified
Chapter 2925 Challenge
Chapter 2926 Blocking the door
Chapter 2927 Something bad happened
Chapter 2928 Return
Chapter 2929 Teaching
Chapter 2930 Xing Wujian
Chapter 2931 Its not your turn yet
Chapter 2932 Its your turn
Chapter 2933 Battle with Lu Qiaosan
Chapter 2934 Leaving in despair
Chapter 2935 Three-day appointment
Chapter 2936 No rush
Chapter 2937 Departing from the Sword Emperor Palace
Chapter 2938 Ning Xian
Chapter 2939 Ashamed
Chapter 2940: Use force to defeat force
Chapter 2941 Liao Chengyuan
Chapter 2942 Battle with Liao Chengyuan
Chapter 2943 Cruelty
Chapter 2944 Elder Interference
Chapter 2945 Request
Chapter 2946 Set foot in the imperial city
Chapter 2947 Pharmacist Assessment
Chapter 2948 Seventh Level of Death
Chapter 2949: Open your eyes wide and see clearly
Chapter 2950 Wang Fan Assessment
Chapter 2951 Want to escape?
Chapter 2952 Beheading
Chapter 2953 Running dog?
Chapter 2954 Departure
Chapter 2955 I wont kill you
Chapter 2956 A terrifying and dangerous place
Chapter 2957 Harvest
Chapter 2958 Threat and coercion
Chapter 2959 Return
Chapter 2960 Nine Fire Flowers
Chapter 2961 Killer
Chapter 2962 Palm Print
Chapter 2963 Crazy
Chapter 2964 Killing
Chapter 2965 Appearance
Chapter 2966 Battle
Chapter 2967 Extreme Speed
Chapter 2968 Returning to the old place
Chapter 2969 Entrapment
Chapter 2970 Crazy Yao Gu
Chapter 2971 Meeting Gai Ji again
Chapter 2972 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2973 I want to follow you
Chapter 2974 Who is it?
Chapter 2975 Coming out of the valley
Chapter 2976 The Great Evil
Chapter 2977 Expulsion
Chapter 2978 Incident
Chapter 2979 Crisis
Chapter 2980 He is Wang Fan
Chapter 2981 Kill
Chapter 2982 Zhuotian Sword
Chapter 2983 Despair and Insignificance
Chapter 2984 Its hard to escape even if you have wings
Chapter 2985 Method
Chapter 2986 Do you hate me that much?
Chapter 2987 Deterrence
Chapter 2988 Go to protect the formation and open the city gate
Chapter 2989 Leaving the city
Chapter 2990 The Emperors Will
Chapter 2991 Mirror
Chapter 2992 Punch
Chapter 2993 Emperor Chu
Chapter 2994 Breakthrough
Chapter 2995 Help
Chapter 2996 Kill
Chapter 2997 Drug War
Chapter 2998 No bottom line
Chapter 2999 Fengyun Empire
Chapter 3000 Young man named Shi
Chapter 3001 Waste
Chapter 3002 Ancestor
Chapter 3003: Stand up for yourself
Chapter 3004 Li Yuns Talent
Chapter 3005 Look down on
Chapter 3006 Triangular Eyes
Chapter 3007 Provocation
Chapter 3008 Endless
Chapter 3009 Explosion with one punch
Chapter 3010 Do you know your guilt?
Chapter 3011 Not worthy
Chapter 3012 Invitation
Chapter 3013 Wind and Cloud Ladder
Chapter 3014 The genius breaks into the ladder
Chapter 3015 The Desolate Minghaozong
Chapter 3016 Who is the cat and the dog?
Chapter 3017 Entering the Wind and Cloud Ladder
Chapter 3018 Dark Horse
Chapter 3019 I disappoint you
Chapter 3020 Vulnerable
Chapter 3021 Unrivaled
Chapter 3022 Conflict
Chapter 3023 Ten-man battle
Chapter 3024 Fierce Battle
Chapter 3025 Defeat Nine Powerful Men
Chapter 3026: Top 100 Finalists
Chapter 3027 The emperor comes in person
Chapter 3028 The First Battle
Chapter 3029 Unparalleled Murderous Intent
Chapter 3030 Yin Yang Shovel
Chapter 3031 Battle with the Unparalleled Heaven
Chapter 3032 The Power of the Human King
Chapter 3033 Battle of the top five
Chapter 3034 Death Qi
Chapter 3035 The End
Chapter 3036: Suffer death
Chapter 3037 The Thin Line of Life and Death
Chapter 3038 Return to Wushuang Empire
Chapter 3039 Do you dare to swear?
Chapter 3040 Get out
Chapter 3041 Goodbye Yaoxuan
Chapter 3042 Farewell
Chapter 3043 Peak Battle
Chapter 3044 Let me do it
Chapter 3045 I give up
Chapter 3046 Shameless
Chapter 3047 Anger
Chapter 3048 The Dead Soldiers Arrive
Chapter 3049 The Terrible Death Soldier
Chapter 3050 Wangs Orphan
Chapter 3051 Falling into the Canyon
Chapter 3052 Helpless retreat
Chapter 3053 What a scary monk
Chapter 3054 Jealousy
Chapter 3055 The embarrassed Feng Jiurou
Chapter 3056 Human King Pill
Chapter 3057 You go first
Chapter 3058: Seizing food from the tigers mouth
Chapter 3059 Coming out of the valley
Chapter 3060 Senior brother kills well
Chapter 3061 Luozhou Gate
Chapter 3062 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 3063 Arriving in time
Chapter 3064 Meeting
Chapter 3065 Human Emperor
Chapter 3066 High Plane
Chapter 3067 Messenger
Chapter 3068 Not as good as an ant
Chapter 3069 Servants
Chapter 3070 Mojia Fort
Chapter 3071 Remuneration
Chapter 3072 Black Elemental Stone
Chapter 3073 Snatching
Chapter 3074 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 3075 Picking up leaks
Chapter 3076 Leave no one behind
Chapter 3077 Get Out
Chapter 3078 Battlefield Immortal
Chapter 3079 None of your business
Chapter 3080 Fierce Monk
Chapter 3081 Audacious
Chapter 3082 Escape
Chapter 3083 Make an offer
Chapter 3084 Seizing food from the tigers mouth
Chapter 3085 How do you want to die?
Chapter 3086 Mojiapu Incident
Chapter 3087 The remnants?
Chapter 3088 A fierce battle
Chapter 3089 If you dare to sneak attack me, go to hell.
Chapter 3090 The frustrated Earth Immortal strongman
Chapter 3091 Vomiting blood
Chapter 3092 Counterattack
Chapter 3093 Breaking into the village
Chapter 3094 Everyone owes nothing to each other
Chapter 3095 Who is so brave?
Chapter 3096 Beast
Chapter 3097 You are looking for death
Chapter 3098 Imperial City
Chapter 3099 No profit, no early start
Chapter 3100 Ill give you the chance to strike first
Chapter 3101 I dont mind killing you first
Chapter 3102 Who threatens whom?
Chapter 3103 Murderer
Chapter 3104 Death Mining Area
Chapter 3105 Get rich
Chapter 3106 Earth-killing Immortal
Chapter 3107 Zhaojia Incident
Chapter 3108 Anger
Chapter 3109 Rescue
Chapter 3110 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 3111 Keep running away
Chapter 3112 Revenge does not last overnight
Chapter 3113 Where are the rats?
Chapter 3114 A bunch of garbage
Chapter 3115 Return to Hometown
Chapter 3116 Instant Kill
Chapter 3117 Besieged
Chapter 3118 Wuyao Auction House
Chapter 3119 Yakuza, youre a little too young
Chapter 3120 Are you Wang Fan?
Chapter 3121 Things are different and people are different
Chapter 3122 Do you have any objections?
Chapter 3123 Get out of here
Chapter 3124 Who dares to be presumptuous?
Chapter 3125 Fury
Chapter 3126 Where to go?
Chapter 3127 Something bad happened
Chapter 3128 Earth Immortal Fifth Level
Chapter 3129 Fighting the Immortal
Chapter 3130 Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 3131 What to do
Chapter 3132 Debt Collection
Chapter 3133 One Knife and One Punch
Chapter 3134 Really disappoints me
Chapter 3135 Total Destruction
Chapter 3136 Green Robe Messenger of the Loose Cultivator Alliance
Chapter 3137 Heavenly Immortal, Red Clothes
Chapter 3138 Mission
Chapter 3139 Who is the soft persimmon?
Chapter 3140 The storm is rising
Chapter 3141 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 3142 The target of public criticism
Chapter 3143 Pie from the sky
Chapter 3144 Its scary to think about it carefully
Chapter 3145 Harvest
Chapter 3146 Three parties join forces
Chapter 3147: Go your own way
Chapter 3148 If you dont pull it out, you wont be quick.
Chapter 3149 Destroying the Station
Chapter 3150 There is no return
Chapter 3151 Destruction
Chapter 3152 Fierce Mo River
Chapter 3153 Entering the River
Chapter 3154 Parting ways
Chapter 3155 Paradise
Chapter 3156 The vicious formation
Chapter 3157 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 3158: Crushing bones and ashes
Chapter 3159 Kill him
Chapter 3160 The terrifying female nun
Chapter 3161 Breaking through the Immortal
Chapter 3162 The Second Ancestor
Chapter 3163 Beauty Assessment
Chapter 3164 Todays young people
Chapter 3165 War of words
Chapter 3166 Dont dare to fight, you coward
Chapter 3167 Class
Chapter 3168 Enemies
Chapter 3169 Do you want to be so shameless?
Chapter 3170 I give up
Chapter 3171 Fighting the Fourth Level of Tianxian
Chapter 3172 Must Kill
Chapter 3173 The Incident in Fierce Mohe River
Chapter 3174 Killing
Chapter 3175 Riot
Chapter 3176 A familiar scene
Chapter 3177 Who kills whom?
Chapter 3178 Kill
Chapter 3179 Someone coming from the main courtyard
Chapter 3180 Contempt
Chapter 3181 Senior Brother Wang Fan
Chapter 3182 Can you bear my punch?
Chapter 3183 One move in seconds
Chapter 3184 Losing streak
Chapter 3185 Do you still need to continue?
Chapter 3186: Breaking through all means
Chapter 3187 Please enlighten me
Chapter 3188 Can you afford the price?
Chapter 3189 Paying Life
Chapter 3190 Life and Death Crisis
Chapter 3191 Intimidating the Murong Family
Chapter 3192 Destruction
Chapter 3193 Leaving
Chapter 3194 Evil Cultivator
Chapter 3195 Rescue
Chapter 3196 You wont be lonely
Chapter 3197 Cell
Chapter 3198 Puppet
Chapter 3199 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 3200 Yin Lao Mo
Chapter 3201 Kill
Chapter 3202: God cannot tolerate it
Chapter 3203 Rescue
Chapter 3204 Puppet Array
Chapter 3205 Sorry
Chapter 3206 Dragon Shadow
Chapter 3207 Yunfeis opportunity
Chapter 3208 Kill
Chapter 3209 Battle Immortal Level 1
Chapter 3210 Escape
Chapter 3211 Yunfei recovers
Chapter 3212 Despicable means
Chapter 3213 Kill them all
Chapter 3214 The highly competitive college
Chapter 3215 Kneel down and become a disciple
Chapter 3216 You dont deserve it
Chapter 3217 Nothing can be done more than three times
Chapter 3218 Crazy Xue Tong
Chapter 3219 Four years
Chapter 3220 Challenge
Chapter 3221 Shameless talk
Chapter 3222 Get Out
Chapter 3223 Cruel Man
Chapter 3224 Get out
Chapter 3225 Life and Death Battle
Chapter 3226: Just the end of the crane
Chapter 3227 Instant Kill
Chapter 3228 Kill the Immortal
Chapter 3229 Insidious
Chapter 3230 Dont rush to admit defeat yet
Chapter 3231 Strong Crush
Chapter 3232 Why bother?
Chapter 3233 The strong man arrives
Chapter 3234 Yang Yue
Chapter 3235 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 3236 Arrogant
Chapter 3237 Proud Duan Qiao
Chapter 3238 Do you have this much strength?
Chapter 3239 Crush
Chapter 3240 Opportunity given to you
Chapter 3241 The vulnerable Duan Qiao
Chapter 3242 Another instant kill?
Chapter 3243 The Yang family was defeated
Chapter 3244 Visitors from Prince Hans Mansion
Chapter 3245 Forced
Chapter 3246 Departure
Chapter 3247 Cannon Fodder
Chapter 3248 Dragon Palace
Chapter 3249 Dragon Twelve Styles
Chapter 3250 Self-Destruction
Chapter 3251 Everything has changed
Chapter 3252 Presumptuous
Chapter 3253 There is no need to live anymore
Chapter 3254 Then go die
Chapter 3255 Battle with Qiu Muxian
Chapter 3256 Total Destruction
Chapter 3257 Island
Chapter 3258 The deceptive island
Chapter 3259 Break out
Chapter 3260 Zhuo Island Master
Chapter 3261 Unwilling
Chapter 3262 Northern Territory
Chapter 3263 Yang Xiao
Chapter 3264 Give you a chance
Chapter 3265 Do you want me to go down alone?
Chapter 3266 Junior Sister, take action first
Chapter 3267 Too arrogant
Chapter 3268 Passed
Chapter 3269 Good Luck
Chapter 3270 You dont deserve it
Chapter 3271 Is the choice wrong?
Chapter 3272 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 3273 Shameless advice
Chapter 3274 One knife is enough
Chapter 3275 I really learned a lesson
Chapter 3276 Murong
Chapter 3277 Blocking the door and humiliating
Chapter 3278 Very Courageous
Chapter 3279 Get Out
Chapter 3280 Are they idiots?
Chapter 3281 Please enlighten me
Chapter 3282 Slap
Chapter 3283 What a genius
Chapter 3284 Yan Yun
Chapter 3285 Prince Hans Mansion
Chapter 3286 Birthday Banquet
Chapter 3287 Tragic
Chapter 3288 Embarrassing
Chapter 3289 Provocation
Chapter 3290 Arrogant?
Chapter 3291 Instant Kill
Chapter 3292 Attack
Chapter 3293 The arrival of the sect leader
Chapter 3294 No one dares to stop
Chapter 3295: Enemies dont get together
Chapter 3296 Sword Formation
Chapter 3297 Penance
Chapter 3298 Haotian Secret Realm
Chapter 3299 Haotian City
Chapter 3300 Seal the throat with one sword
Chapter 3301 The Name of Wang Fan
Chapter 3302 Isnt it great?
Chapter 3303 Shame
Chapter 3304 Screening
Chapter 3305 Breakthrough
Chapter 3306 Who is number one?
Chapter 3307 The winner and the loser
Chapter 3308 Trampling
Chapter 3309 Come up here
Chapter 3310 Domain Space
Chapter 3311 I challenge you
Chapter 3312 Attack
Chapter 3313 Not interested
Chapter 3314 Climbing Haotian Ladder Again
Chapter 3315 Are you an idiot?
Chapter 3316 Bullying others with power
Chapter 3317 The Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 3318 Disappointment
Chapter 3319 Cruel
Chapter 3320 Mo Li
Chapter 3321 Madman
Chapter 3322 Yunxiandan
Chapter 3323 Crazy snatching
Chapter 3324 Playing
Chapter 3325 War Madness
Chapter 3326 Continuous Breakthroughs
Chapter 3327 Disaster of Divine Sword Sect Disciples
Chapter 3328 The First Prodigy of Jiuxiao City
Chapter 3329 Cruel means
Chapter 3330 What a fast sword
Chapter 3331 Siege
Chapter 3332 Invincible posture
Chapter 3333 Excited Yellow Phosphorus
Chapter 3334 Fighting Yellow Phosphorus
Chapter 3335 Dead?
Chapter 3336 Harvest
Chapter 3337 Immortal King
Chapter 3338 Are you still alive?
Chapter 3339 Gu Yaoyaos choice
Chapter 3340 Vulnerable
Chapter 3341 Such a monster
Chapter 3342 Two slaps
Chapter 3343 Clearing the Place
Chapter 3344 Collapse
Chapter 3345 Vicious means
Chapter 3346 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 3347 Vulnerable
Chapter 3348 Fight?
Chapter 3349 The secret realm is closed
Chapter 3350 The Bingfa Divine Sword Sect
Chapter 3351 Opportunity
Chapter 3352 Infighting
Chapter 3353 Despair
Chapter 3354 Take action
Chapter 3355 Battle of Sword Dao
Chapter 3356 Difficult to handle
Chapter 3357 Exposed
Chapter 3358 Brutal Battle
Chapter 3359 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 3360 Who is it?
Chapter 3361 Zong Mu
Chapter 3362 Surrounded
Chapter 3363 Want to escape?
Chapter 3364 Shameless
Chapter 3365 Senior Sister is Mighty
Chapter 3366 Call someone quickly
Chapter 3367 Waste of my time
Chapter 3368 Borrowing a Knife
Chapter 3369 Choosing a son-in-law
Chapter 3370 Are you not convinced?
Chapter 3371 A fellow-minded person
Chapter 3372 Aggressive
Chapter 3373 Is it enough?
Chapter 3374 Who can defeat me?
Chapter 3375 Entering Haotian Gate
Chapter 3376 Are you dissatisfied?
Chapter 3377 Is it okay now?
Chapter 3378 Leaving
Chapter 3379 Wangyun Palace
Chapter 3380 Provocation
Chapter 3381 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 3382 Do you still want to accept me as a servant?
Chapter 3383 Reminder
Chapter 3384 Ling Xuan
Chapter 3385 Cruel Competition System
Chapter 3386 Plunder
Chapter 3387 Take action
Chapter 3388 Farmer and Snake
Chapter 3389 Join forces
Chapter 3390 Cooperation
Chapter 3391 Yan Jiu
Chapter 3392 Another one comes to die
Chapter 3393 Invincible
Chapter 3394 The End
Chapter 3395 Heavy losses
Chapter 3396 Entering the Palace
Chapter 3397 Crazy
Chapter 3398 The vicious Heisha Sect
Chapter 3399 Provocation
Chapter 3400 Surprise
Chapter 3401 Awakening of Bloodline
Chapter 3402 Mr. Yan
Chapter 3403 Accepting a disciple?
Chapter 3404 One move
Chapter 3405 Battle with Chiyang
Chapter 3406: Being tricked again
Chapter 3407 Senior sister, dont be like this
Chapter 3408 Why are you here?
Chapter 3409 Beheading
Chapter 3410 Total Destruction
Chapter 3411 Black Evil Sect, Immortal Lord
Chapter 3412 Too much bullying
Chapter 3413 One month
Chapter 3414 Taking someone
Chapter 3415 I, Wang Fan, am not convinced
Chapter 3416 Ironclad evidence?
Chapter 3417 The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 3418: Self-destruction of cultivation
Chapter 3419 Iron-blooded means
Chapter 3420 Law Enforcement Hall dispatched
Chapter 3421: Punished for crime
Chapter 3422 Martial Arts Pavilion
Chapter 3423 The winner lives, the loser dies
Chapter 3424 Luo Yans strength is sensational
Chapter 3425 A weird eighteen-game winning streak
Chapter 3426 Unprecedented
Chapter 3427 Luo
Chapter 3428 Bloodline Power
Chapter 3429 Martial Pavilion High-Level Meeting
Chapter 3430 Lets end it here
Chapter 3431 I give up
Chapter 3432 One move determines victory or defeat
Chapter 3433 Dark Alliance
Chapter 3434 Do you want to go in and sit down?
Chapter 3435 Incomprehensible style
Chapter 3436 What a courage
Chapter 3437 Dark Alliance, Ninth Lord
Chapter 3438 Shocking Change
Chapter 3439 Serious Injury
Chapter 3440 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 3441 Get out
Chapter 3442 Dont force me
Chapter 3443 The bloody storm
Chapter 3444 Tyrannical Sword
Chapter 3445 Anyone who stops me will die
Chapter 3446 Crown Prince?
Chapter 3447 Situation
Chapter 3448 Conspiracy
Chapter 3449 Get out
Chapter 3450: Putting blame on others?
Chapter 3451 Attack
Chapter 3452 Visit
Chapter 3453 Battle
Chapter 3454 Do you want to kill me?
Chapter 3455 The Palace Master Appears
Chapter 3456 Prison Fighting Field
Chapter 3457 Terrifying Sword Cultivator
Chapter 3458 Killing Thoughts
Chapter 3459 Are you provoking me?
Chapter 3460 Winning over
Chapter 3461 The most beautiful woman in the Chu Dynasty
Chapter 3462 Lin Haoyue
Chapter 3463 Contrived
Chapter 3464 Passing the test
Chapter 3465 Tianyue Tower
Chapter 3466 The Geniuses Gather
Chapter 3467 Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 3468 Looking for trouble
Chapter 3469 Can people kill people here?
Chapter 3470 Come up here
Chapter 3471 Forgive me
Chapter 3472 Forced War
Chapter 3473 Kill
Chapter 3474 Counterattack
Chapter 3475 Collusion
Chapter 3476 Take the move
Chapter 3477 Death of Prince
Chapter 3478: Crown Prince, Executed
Chapter 3479 Hunting
Chapter 3480 The prince leaves the city
Chapter 3481 Leaving
Chapter 3482 Who are you?
Chapter 3483 Why go out and die?
Chapter 3484 Appearance
Chapter 3485 You didnt escape?
Chapter 3486 You still cant stop me
Chapter 3487 Timing
Chapter 3488 In Danger
Chapter 3489 Middle-aged Scholar
Chapter 3490 Yan Yues dark side
Chapter 3491 Cold Sweat
Chapter 3492 Registered Disciple
Chapter 3493 Bogami Ikeshita
Chapter 3494 Get out
Chapter 3495 Chu Dynasty
Chapter 3496 Disgraced
Chapter 3497 Successive Breakthroughs
Chapter 3498 I let you go
Chapter 3499 One move
Chapter 3500 Visit
Chapter 3501 Invitation
Chapter 3502 Mr. Yans strength
Chapter 3503 Fang Zhan
Chapter 3504 I want to borrow your head
Chapter 3505 Bloody Torture
Chapter 3506 Attitude
Chapter 3507 Fire in the backyard
Chapter 3508 Half-Emperor Level Magical Weapon
Chapter 3509 Palace Protection Formation, Broken
Chapter 3510 Mr. Yan enters the palace
Chapter 3511 Melee
Chapter 3512 It only takes one sword to kill you
Chapter 3513 The Crisis of the Chu Dynasty
Chapter 3514 Destruction
Chapter 3515 Coercion at Wangyun Palace
Chapter 3516 Terror War
Chapter 3517 Fengtian Tower
Chapter 3518 Uninvited
Chapter 3519 Invincible
Chapter 3520 Sweep
Chapter 3521 The powerful young prince
Chapter 3522 Fierce Battle
Chapter 3523 What a courage
Chapter 3524 Sensation
Chapter 3525 Marriage
Chapter 3526: Cruel attack
Chapter 3527: Raising troops and mobilizing crowds
Chapter 3528 Aggressive
Chapter 3529 Battle
Chapter 3530 One move
Chapter 3531 Kuwu Sword
Chapter 3532 Interception
Chapter 3533 The terrifying Kuwu sword
Chapter 3534 Cant be killed
Chapter 3535 At the foot of Taishen Mountain
Chapter 3536 Yu Qingtian
Chapter 3537 Conflict
Chapter 3538 Entering the city
Chapter 3539 Ancient Miracle
Chapter 3540 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 3541 Enter
Chapter 3542 Yin Jiuyi
Chapter 3543 You are lucky
Chapter 3544 Mountaineering
Chapter 3545 Suppression
Chapter 3546 Old Friend
Chapter 3547 Crazy
Chapter 3548 The terrifying sword
Chapter 3549 The identity of the mysterious woman
Chapter 3550 Xuan Yiyi
Chapter 3551 Invitation
Chapter 3552 Attending the Banquet
Chapter 3553 No. 1 on the Immortal King List
Chapter 3554 Taichu Overlord
Chapter 3555 Killing Game
Chapter 3556 Siege
Chapter 3557 Counterattack
Chapter 3558 Taichu Ba takes action
Chapter 3559 Taishen Ancient Sword
Chapter 3560 Beheading
Chapter 3561 Whoever stops will die
Chapter 3562 The conspiracy behind it
Chapter 3563 The arrival of the sect leader
Chapter 3564 Escape
Chapter 3565 To fight or not to fight?
Chapter 3566 Yuan Dao
Chapter 3567 Action
Chapter 3568 Internal Change
Chapter 3569 Where to go?
Chapter 3570 We want to go out
Chapter 3571 Tragic
Chapter 3572 Deputy Palace Master, Death
Chapter 3573 Breakthrough
Chapter 3574 Despair
Chapter 3575 Rescue
Chapter 3576 Kill you with three swords
Chapter 3577 Yuan Daos strength
Chapter 3578 Anger
Chapter 3579 Interception
Chapter 3580 Luxurious lineup
Chapter 3581 Not good, murderous
Chapter 3582 Cant be saved
Chapter 3583 Cant Beat
Chapter 3584 Entrustment
Chapter 3585 Fighting for the Sect
Chapter 3586 A lifeless battle
Chapter 3587 Entering the Royal City
Chapter 3588 Plan to Kill
Chapter 3589 Do you want to break in?
Chapter 3590 Tracking
Chapter 3591 Entering the Palace
Chapter 3592 Kill
Chapter 3593 Digging a hole
Chapter 3594 Where the Immortal Veins Are
Chapter 3595 Stirring a hornets nest
Chapter 3596 Diving Underground
Chapter 3597 Chaos
Chapter 3598 Rescue
Chapter 3599 Scarred
Chapter 3600 Traitor Nangong Cheng
Chapter 3601 Ran away?
Chapter 3602 A great victory
Chapter 3603 Hateful
Chapter 3604 Who is it?
Chapter 3605 Sky-high ticket price
Chapter 3606 Dont force us to take action
Chapter 3607 Shocking News
Chapter 3608 Looking for someone
Chapter 3609 The winged siren
Chapter 3610 Take action at the slightest disagreement
Chapter 3611 Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 3612 The Edge of the Deep Sea
Chapter 3613 The situation is tense
Chapter 3614 Scalpers are everywhere
Chapter 3615 What do you mean?
Chapter 3616 Is this going to start a fight?
Chapter 3617 Overcoming the crisis
Chapter 3618 Monster Army
Chapter 3619 Shocking Scam
Chapter 3620 Shame
Chapter 3621 Who kills whom?
Chapter 3622 Chaos
Chapter 3623 Is it exposed?
Chapter 3624 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 3625 So brave
Chapter 3626 Kill him
Chapter 3627 Kill that beast
Chapter 3628 Blending in
Chapter 3629 Pumi City
Chapter 3630 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 3631 Creating Conflict
Chapter 3632 Wind Dry Secret Realm
Chapter 3633 Blood Fairy
Chapter 3634 The shop bullies customers
Chapter 3635 Three punches to the ground
Chapter 3636 Chen Family
Chapter 3637 Just a fluke
Chapter 3638 Beaten into a pigs head
Chapter 3639 Settlement
Chapter 3640 Lets go together then
Chapter 3641 Eight Beauties
Chapter 3642: Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet
Chapter 3643 Rampant
Chapter 3644 Despicable and shameless
Chapter 3645 Get out of my way
Chapter 3646 Lucky
Chapter 3647 Rematch
Chapter 3648 A little crazy
Chapter 3649 The end of the first round
Chapter 3650 Plan
Chapter 3651 Before the finals
Chapter 3652 The final begins
Chapter 3653 I want to be the first to fight, is it possible?
Chapter 3654 Wang Fans first battle
Chapter 3655 Yang Qing VS Luo Tian
Chapter 3656 Yang Qing, death
Chapter 3657 I can do it too
Chapter 3658 Beheading the Lord
Chapter 3659 Wu Zhen is out
Chapter 3660 Bewitched during the battle
Chapter 3661 Big Melee
Chapter 3662 Crazy killing
Chapter 3663: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 3664 The End
Chapter 3665 booby trap
Chapter 3666 Ready
Chapter 3667 The arrival of the top ten powerful men
Chapter 3668 No one cares
Chapter 3669 Crazy
Chapter 3670 The frustrated Yang family
Chapter 3671 Conspiracy
Chapter 3672 A terrifying scene
Chapter 3673 Too much consumption
Chapter 3674 Heartbreaking
Chapter 3675 Heavy losses
Chapter 3676 Three families join forces
Chapter 3677 Its terrible
Chapter 3678 Hunting
Chapter 3679 Heavenly Palace
Chapter 3680 Promotion
Chapter 3681 Breakthrough
Chapter 3682 Eight Hundred Levels
Chapter 3683 God Refining Emperor
Chapter 3684 Crazy guy
Chapter 3685 Climbing to the top
Chapter 3686 Crisis
Chapter 3687 Trialist
Chapter 3688 Senior brother, save me
Chapter 3689: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 3690 Huang Qing
Chapter 3691 Im just borrowing a way
Chapter 3692 The more chaotic the better
Chapter 3693 Beheading
Chapter 3694 Purple gauze woman
Chapter 3695: Refine your tactics
Chapter 3696 Violent Yunfei
Chapter 3697 Beheading
Chapter 3698 Go and kill someone
Chapter 3699: Fighting for people
Chapter 3700 Resources depend on grabbing
Chapter 3701 Leaving the Martial Palace
Chapter 3702 Are you here to die?
Chapter 3703 Frustrated
Chapter 3704 Fighting the Ancient Killer
Chapter 3705 Give in?
Chapter 3706 The Expanding Yellow Sign
Chapter 3707 Why?
Chapter 3708 Thankless
Chapter 3709 There is something wrong with the brain
Chapter 3710 Mad Dragon Roar
Chapter 3711 If you dare to hit me, you are blind.
Chapter 3712 Cultivation
Chapter 3713 Do you still dare to appear here?
Chapter 3714 Whetstone
Chapter 3715 Seeking Survival
Chapter 3716 Debt Collection
Chapter 3717 Harvest
Chapter 3718 Instant
Chapter 3719 Strange Mountain
Chapter 3720 I hope nothing will happen
Chapter 3721 Entering the Mountain
Chapter 3722 Killed
Chapter 3723 Small Town
Chapter 3724 Caught
Chapter 3725 Murong Xian
Chapter 3726 Revenge when there is a grudge, revenge when there is a grudge
Chapter 3727 Growth
Chapter 3728 The desire to kill
Chapter 3729 A bunch of trash
Chapter 3730 Seventy-five consecutive wins
Chapter 3731 Oppression
Chapter 3732 Thats the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3733 Shaking the Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3734 Yum
Chapter 3735 Chaotic War
Chapter 3736 Come and kill me if you have the guts
Chapter 3737 Spiritual Cultivation Lineage
Chapter 3738 Red Devil
Chapter 3739 Running in circles
Chapter 3740 One-on-three
Chapter 3741 Five Immortal Emperors
Chapter 3742 Murong Xians strength
Chapter 3743 Anyone who offends my martial arts palace will die.
Chapter 3744 Fighting Ancient Jade
Chapter 3745 Sword Test
Chapter 3746 Look down on you
Chapter 3747 Killing the Emperor
Chapter 3748 Declaration of War
Chapter 3749 Retreat
Chapter 3750 Blocking the door and humiliating
Chapter 3751 One Sword
Chapter 3752 Gu Qingyang
Chapter 3753 Thunder Sword
Chapter 3754 Strong Kill
Chapter 3755 One step further
Chapter 3756 Why not?
Chapter 3757 Huang Chengge
Chapter 3758 Nothing more than that
Chapter 3759 Come on, lets continue
Chapter 3760 Apology
Chapter 3761 Alliance
Chapter 3762 Yes, I am Wang Fan
Chapter 3763 Accident
Chapter 3764 Ning Xuanyuan
Chapter 3765 Strategy
Chapter 3766 Three slashes come out simultaneously
Chapter 3767 The end of the road
Chapter 3768 Not willing to die
Chapter 3769 Killing Yuan Zhan with Six Swords
Chapter 3770 Something happened
Chapter 3771 Anger
Chapter 3772 Eighth on the Most Popular List, Zhao Xian
Chapter 3773 The Terrible Zhao Xian
Chapter 3774: Die with eyes closed
Chapter 3775 Booby Plan
Chapter 3776 The Six Immortal Emperors Besieged
Chapter 3777 If you dont accept it, fight
Chapter 3778 Murong Xian is gone
Chapter 3779 One Year
Chapter 3780 Leaving
Chapter 3781 The Yun Familys Dilemma
Chapter 3782 Surrounded
Chapter 3783 Huo Family
Chapter 3784 Li Fei
Chapter 3785: Dogs look down on people
Chapter 3786 Yun Tianzun
Chapter 3787 The Sword Points at the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3788 Seeking Death
Chapter 3789 Face
Chapter 3790 Two moves
Chapter 3791 Proposal
Chapter 3792 Why are you targeting me again?
Chapter 3793 Retreat
Chapter 3794 Retreat
Chapter 3795 Arent you afraid of being beaten to death?
Chapter 3796 Public Outrage
Chapter 3797 Fight against the powerful alone
Chapter 3798 Poison Cultivator
Chapter 3799 Powerless
Chapter 3800 Words that hurt the heart
Chapter 3801 Cant leave
Chapter 3802 Fighting Two Monsters
Chapter 3803 Fighting for the Yun Family
Chapter 3804 Two monsters of despair
Chapter 3805 Recruitment
Chapter 3806 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 3807 Gu Chengfeng appears
Chapter 3808 Life and Death Crisis
Chapter 3809 Endless Abyss
Chapter 3810 Desperate Gu Chengfeng
Chapter 3811 City
Chapter 3812 Jedi
Chapter 3813 He is mine
Chapter 3814 Do you dare to escape?
Chapter 3815 Audacious
Chapter 3816 Are you often hunted down?
Chapter 3817 Chaos Sword
Chapter 3818 Becoming a spirit?
Chapter 3819 The frustrated endless city lord
Chapter 3820 Got it
Chapter 3821 Fighting the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3822 Entering the City Lords Mansion
Chapter 3823 Vicious and cruel
Chapter 3824 Anger
Chapter 3825 Leaving
Chapter 3826 The family was destroyed
Chapter 3827 Who is looking for death?
Chapter 3828 Divine Blue Island
Chapter 3829 Entering the Island
Chapter 3830 Cruel
Chapter 3831 Weird long knife
Chapter 3832 You are not at a loss
Chapter 3833 You can get out
Chapter 3834 The powerful fat man
Chapter 3835 Lychee Fairy Branch
Chapter 3836 Blind your dog eyes
Chapter 3837 Battle
Chapter 3838 Die for me
Chapter 3839 Blood Pool
Chapter 3840 Terrifying Bones
Chapter 3841 Killing the Bloody Path
Chapter 3842 Goodbye Alian
Chapter 3843 Fighting the Fat Monk
Chapter 3844 Dedao
Chapter 3845 Entering the ancient battlefield
Chapter 3846 Wu Kuangtian
Chapter 3847 I dare not kill you?
Chapter 3848 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 3849 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 3850 Battle with Lin Hao
Chapter 3851 One Hundred and Eight Sword Steles
Chapter 3852 Get out
Chapter 3853 Do you want to die?
Chapter 3854 The same sword move
Chapter 3855 Amazing speed of understanding
Chapter 3856 The Coercive Sword Valley
Chapter 3857 Crazy
Chapter 3858 Self-destruction
Chapter 3859 Destroy Sword Valley
Chapter 3860 Formation
Chapter 3861 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 3862 I am willing to follow you to the death
Chapter 3863 Destroying the Station
Chapter 3864 Defend the enemy with array
Chapter 3865 Practice
Chapter 3866 Beheading
Chapter 3867 Big trouble
Chapter 3868 Yan Ao
Chapter 3869 Fall
Chapter 3870 Come then
Chapter 3871 The Ninth City
Chapter 3872 Arrogant Princess
Chapter 3873 Who dares to make trouble?
Chapter 3874 Harvest
Chapter 3875 Use tricks
Chapter 3876 Lets go together
Chapter 3877 Entering the battle
Chapter 3878 The terrible magic weapon
Chapter 3879 Too young
Chapter 3880 Conference on Taoism
Chapter 3881 Yong-Qian
Chapter 3882 Despicable
Chapter 3883 Young Master Yong is in a good mood
Chapter 3884 Who is so bold?
Chapter 3885 How to break the curse mark
Chapter 3886 Helplessness without strength
Chapter 3887 The Tao Discussion Conference Begins
Chapter 3888 The First Battle
Chapter 3889 Cruel Competition
Chapter 3890 Senior Brother Wang Fan
Chapter 3891 Yan Jue
Chapter 3892 Take action
Chapter 3893 Battle with Yan Jue
Chapter 3894 The opportunity comes to your door
Chapter 3895 Disaster
Chapter 3896 Take action
Chapter 3897 Fighting the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3898 Killing the Emperor
Chapter 3899 Anyone who commits any injustice will be punished by his own death.
Chapter 3900 Yongdaoshui comes out of seclusion
Chapter 3901 The Lan Family Crisis
Chapter 3902: Genocide War
Chapter 3903 Breaking into Yongs house at night
Chapter 3904 Rescue
Chapter 3905 Vicious
Chapter 3906 Instant Kill
Chapter 3907 The Immortal Emperor chases and kills
Chapter 3908 Escape before your eyes
Chapter 3909 Butler Lan
Chapter 3910 Escape
Chapter 3911 Fighting the Immortal Emperor Again
Chapter 3912 The Yong Familys Anger
Chapter 3913 Feeling proud
Chapter 3914 A bunch of rookies
Chapter 3915 The Twenty-eighth City
Chapter 3916 Cruel Competition
Chapter 3917 Yongdao Water Arrives
Chapter 3918 Too weak
Chapter 3919 Yongdao Water, Fall
Chapter 3920 City Lords Mansion, Heavenly Blood
Chapter 3921 Battle against Heavenly Blood
Chapter 3922 Heavenly Blood, Death
Chapter 3923 Challenge
Chapter 3924 Zhao Tian
Chapter 3925: Strongly on the list
Chapter 3926 Unstoppable
Chapter 3927 Thirty-Six Cities
Chapter 3928 Eight Rings
Chapter 3929 The Saint of the Temple Gate
Chapter 3930 Saint and Witch
Chapter 3931 Choice
Chapter 3932 Rise
Chapter 3933 Entering the Temple Gate
Chapter 3934 The storm rises again
Chapter 3935 Provocation
Chapter 3936 The power of one sword
Chapter 3937 Two Saints
Chapter 3938 Saint Invitation
Chapter 3939 The mysterious big hand
Chapter 3940 Genius Exchange Conference
Chapter 3941 Tianshen Sects genius, Killing Daoqing
Chapter 3942 Shameless trash
Chapter 3943 Fearless
Chapter 3944 Wang Fans anger
Chapter 3945 The Immortal Emperor chases and kills
Chapter 3946 Killing the Emperor
Chapter 3947 The Eve of the Canonization Ceremony
Chapter 3948 Disciples of Shenyi Academy
Chapter 3949 Invite the Holy Son
Chapter 3950 I dont accept it
Chapter 3951 Please enlighten me
Chapter 3952 A bunch of trash
Chapter 3953 Shameless Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3954 The End
Chapter 3955 The Name of Wang Fan
Chapter 3956 Holy Arena
Chapter 3957 Preparation before taking action
Chapter 3958: Grab and run
Chapter 3959 Crazy Idea
Chapter 3960 A generous move
Chapter 3961 Big Discovery
Chapter 3962 Ask for help
Chapter 3963 Slap
Chapter 3964 Are you going to die?
Chapter 3965 Demon Invasion
Chapter 3966 God Refining Dynasty
Chapter 3967 Aduo
Chapter 3968 Help
Chapter 3969 Unyielding Will
Chapter 3970 Tribal War
Chapter 3971 A great victory
Chapter 3972 Five Years
Chapter 3973 The Son of God of the Five Tribes
Chapter 3974 Punch
Chapter 3975 Conflict
Chapter 3976 Something happened to Shen Yao
Chapter 3977 Royal Princess
Chapter 3978 Extermination
Chapter 3979 Shock
Chapter 3980 The Second Inheritor
Chapter 3981 Forging the Divine Body
Chapter 3982 Leaving
Chapter 3983 Anger
Chapter 3984 Sensation
Chapter 3985 Sucheng
Chapter 3986 Destroy a City
Chapter 3987 Interception
Chapter 3988 Chaos
Chapter 3989 Yuan Bai
Chapter 3990 Powerful Yuan Bai
Chapter 3991 Kill
Chapter 3992 Meeting of the Three Sects
Chapter 3993 Something happened to Shen Yao
Chapter 3994 Rescue
Chapter 3995 Opportunity
Chapter 3996 Crazy escape
Chapter 3997 Demon Sect Holy City
Chapter 3998: Making Trouble in the Demon Sect
Chapter 3999 Rushing into the vortex
Chapter 4000 Enemies meet
Chapter 4001 The Terrifying Guard
Chapter 4002 Cant let him run away
Chapter 4003 Downfall
Chapter 4004 Sanctuary, Wutian City
Chapter 4005 Buying road money
Chapter 4006 Lu Wujiu
Chapter 4007 Iriya
Chapter 4008 Picking Peaches
Chapter 4009 Outrage
Chapter 4010 Killing the Seventh Level Immortal Emperor
Chapter 4011 A difficult battle
Chapter 4012 Difficult Killing
Chapter 4013 Crisis
Chapter 4014 Divine Alchemist
Chapter 4015 Smashing the Store
Chapter 4016 Get Out
Chapter 4017 Waste
Chapter 4018 Holy Palace Selection
Chapter 4019 Bloody Preliminary Match
Chapter 4020 Lu Wujius Strength
Chapter 4021 Crisis
Chapter 4022 Do you want to take action?
Chapter 4023 Poor excuse
Chapter 4024 Audacious
Chapter 4025 Wasted
Chapter 4026 Fighting the Emperors
Chapter 4027 Kill another person
Chapter 4028 Quota
Chapter 4029 Shen Bao
Chapter 4030 Who gets out?
Chapter 4031 Strong Kill
Chapter 4032 Humiliation
Chapter 4033 Dont you think its embarrassing?
Chapter 4034 Get Out
Chapter 4035 The powerful Pang Fei
Chapter 4036 A difficult battle
Chapter 4037 Beheading
Chapter 4038 Departure
Chapter 4039 Enemies meet
Chapter 4040 The moon is like a shadow
Chapter 4041 The First Game
Chapter 4042 Its your turn
Chapter 4043 Fierce Battle with Yue Ruying
Chapter 4044 Beheading
Chapter 4045 The Second Battle
Chapter 4046 Battle with Nie Kun
Chapter 4047 Passed Selection
Chapter 4048 The Fifth Academy
Chapter 4049 Branching
Chapter 4050 Are you going to die?
Chapter 4051 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 4052: Take action at the slightest disagreement
Chapter 4053 Join forces to fight
Chapter 4054 Is it intentional?
Chapter 4055 Practice quietly
Chapter 4056 Temple
Chapter 4057 Anger
Chapter 4058 Punch
Chapter 4059 Its your turn
Chapter 4060 Victory in both battles
Chapter 4061 Entering the Temple
Chapter 4062 Temple Cultivation
Chapter 4063 Challenge
Chapter 4064 Who comes first?
Chapter 4065 Vulnerable
Chapter 4066 More money is needed
Chapter 4067 If you cant do it, go down
Chapter 4068 Victory
Chapter 4069: Refining Sect
Chapter 4070 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 4071: Taking Advantage and Still Being Obedient
Chapter 4072 Zhuo Hong
Chapter 4073 Disastrous defeat
Chapter 4074 Name Challenge
Chapter 4075 Senior brother, please
Chapter 4076 Only one punch
Chapter 4077 Get down
Chapter 4078 Thirteen Heaven-shaking Fists
Chapter 4079 Wheel battle?
Chapter 4080 Holy Emperor sneak attack
Chapter 4081 Senior sister takes action
Chapter 4082 Liu Yueyings strength
Chapter 4083 Kill
Chapter 4084 Killing Lu Wujiu
Chapter 4085 The strong masters of Lianzong are dispatched
Chapter 4086 Senior Sister’s Plan
Chapter 4087: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 4088 Unstoppable
Chapter 4089 You know too much
Chapter 4090 Despair
Chapter 4091 Purgatory Shock
Chapter 4092 The arrival of the deputy sect leader
Chapter 4093 Huo Ming’s Fear
Chapter 4094 Plan
Chapter 4095 Provocation
Chapter 4096 Sweep
Chapter 4097 Inner Disciple
Chapter 4098 Dong Ran
Chapter 4099 Kill Dong Ran
Chapter 4100 Elder
Chapter 4101 It’s so realistic
Chapter 4102 Mu Qing
Chapter 4103 I want to challenge
Chapter 4104 The secret realm opens
Chapter 4105 The secret realm is dangerous
Chapter 4106 Murder
Chapter 4107 Is there someone looking for death again?
Chapter 4108 Killing
Chapter 4109 What a bad luck
Chapter 4110 Shock
Chapter 4111 Thunder Tribulation Landing
Chapter 4112 Breakthrough
Chapter 4113 Seizing the Body
Chapter 4114 Human Nature
Chapter 4115 Who kills whom?
Chapter 4116 Kill and silence
Chapter 4117 Senior brother, please stay.
Chapter 4118 What a novice
Chapter 4119 Are you threatening me?
Chapter 4120 Shame
Chapter 4121 Huang Yao, Death
Chapter 4122 Incompetent Fury
Chapter 4123 Too Shameless
Chapter 4124 Injured
Chapter 4125 Make the decision for me
Chapter 4126 Where is Lin Bai?
Chapter 4127 Liu Xians anger
Chapter 4128 Escape
Chapter 4129 Dragnet
Chapter 4130 Something happened
Chapter 4131: Who can stop a sword?
Chapter 4132 Secretly Helping
Chapter 4133 Difficulties
Chapter 4134 Sin City
Chapter 4135 This emperor is a disciple of Lian Zong
Chapter 4136: Run for your life quickly
Chapter 4137 Not ordinary arrogance
Chapter 4138 Blood Shadow Xue Hai
Chapter 4139 Nangong Demon
Chapter 4140 What do the disciples of Lian Zong want to do?
Chapter 4141 Xu An
Chapter 4142 Fengshan Ruins
Chapter 4143 Heart palpitations
Chapter 4144 Shocking Discovery
Chapter 4145 Altar
Chapter 4146 Its impossible to escape death
Chapter 4147 Escape
Chapter 4148 Holy Emperor War
Chapter 4149 Ancient Secret Realm
Chapter 4150 To grab or not to grab
Chapter 4151: The wild goose plucking its feathers
Chapter 4152 Red Sleeves
Chapter 4153 Who got the Chaos Treasure?
Chapter 4154 Inspection
Chapter 4155 Excuse
Chapter 4156 Take them all away
Chapter 4157 Kill
Chapter 4158 Hong Xiu takes action
Chapter 4159 A bloody plot
Chapter 4160 Pure Sword Cultivator
Chapter 4161 Saint
Chapter 4162 Sword Saint Villa
Chapter 4163 Defeat with one sword
Chapter 4164 Punch one at a time
Chapter 4165 Sweep
Chapter 4166 Are you satisfied?
Chapter 4167 Nine Great Swords
Chapter 4168 Owner
Chapter 4169 Cunning
Chapter 4170 Senior sister, you must protect me.
Chapter 4171 Rules
Chapter 4172 Just do it
Chapter 4173 Ill piss you off
Chapter 4174 The people from Daomen are coming
Chapter 4175 Enlightenment
Chapter 4176 Attitude
Chapter 4177 Establishing authority?
Chapter 4178 Get Out
Chapter 4179 I will help you
Chapter 4180 Battle with the Great Emperor
Chapter 4181 Incompetent Fury
Chapter 4182 The Challenge of the Holy Son
Chapter 4183 Accept the challenge
Chapter 4184 Knife, break
Chapter 4185 This child cannot be kept
Chapter 4186 Defeating the Holy Son
Chapter 4187 Become Famous
Chapter 4188 Wedding
Chapter 4189 Challenge
Chapter 4190 Do you want me to help you?
Chapter 4191 Third on the Immortal Emperor List, Manghuang
Chapter 4192 Who is stronger?
Chapter 4193 Not giving face
Chapter 4194 Leaving
Chapter 4195 Grass Bandits
Chapter 4196 Behind the Robbers
Chapter 4197: After one wave, another wave arises
Chapter 4198 The Great Emperor Chases
Chapter 4199 See you later
Chapter 4200 Red sleeves become a demon?
Chapter 4201 Fighting the Great Emperors Peak
Chapter 4202 Breakthrough
Chapter 4203 Young Master
Chapter 4204 Five Disabilities
Chapter 4205 Battle
Chapter 4206 Kill two people with one sword
Chapter 4207 Close Combat
Chapter 4208 Man in Black
Chapter 4209 Endless Sea of Demons
Chapter 4210 Who is the beauty?
Chapter 4211 The wilderness breaks through
Chapter 4212 Siren Palace
Chapter 4213 The enemy is coming
Chapter 4214 Angry
Chapter 4215 Battle of the Ninth Level of the Great Emperor
Chapter 4216 Despair
Chapter 4217 Embarrassment
Chapter 4218 Hong Xiu takes action
Chapter 4219 Beheading the Saint
Chapter 4220 Haicheng
Chapter 4221 Break out
Chapter 4222 Red Sleeve Breakthrough
Chapter 4223 Man in Black
Chapter 4224 Calm
Chapter 4225 Killing the Sixth Level of the Great Emperor
Chapter 4226 You are the beast
Chapter 4227 Tactics
Chapter 4228 Sword Enlightenment
Chapter 4229 Precipitation
Chapter 4230 Emperor Dao Pill
Chapter 4231 Finding Wealth in Danger
Chapter 4232 Got it
Chapter 4233 Terrifying Power
Chapter 4234 Everyone is crazy
Chapter 4235 Killing
Chapter 4236 Blood and Tears
Chapter 4237 How to fish without bait
Chapter 4238: Beasts in Clothes
Chapter 4239: Furious
Chapter 4240 Killing in all directions
Chapter 4241 Fierce battle with Lian Zong disciples
Chapter 4242 Thousands of Monk Army
Chapter 4243 Rats
Chapter 4244 Killing
Chapter 4245 Lianzong commits a crime
Chapter 4246 Rescue
Chapter 4247 If you die, I will accompany you
Chapter 4248 Winning over
Chapter 4249 Walking the dog
Chapter 4250 Counterattack
Chapter 4251 The second one
Chapter 4252 The power of the divine body
Chapter 4253 The Seventh Form of the Divine Sword
Chapter 4254 Two Emperors in One Sword
Chapter 4255 Defeat one by one
Chapter 4256 Heavy losses
Chapter 4257 Qin Ges anger
Chapter 4258 Humiliation
Chapter 4259 Lianzong Black Family Monk Army
Chapter 4260 Kill and run
Chapter 4261 Planning
Chapter 4262 Action
Chapter 4263 Target
Chapter 4264 Give you a good time
Chapter 4265 Whats going on?
Chapter 4266 Who is stronger?
Chapter 4267 Heart-killing
Chapter 4268 The strength of the dean
Chapter 4269 Arrangement
Chapter 4270 Provoking the Holy Emperor
Chapter 4271 Human Heart
Chapter 4272 Limit Breakthrough
Chapter 4273 Return to the Holy Palace
Chapter 4274 A battle of wits and courage
Chapter 4275 The changing situation
Chapter 4276 Leaving the Clan
Chapter 4277 Testing
Chapter 4278 Instant Kill
Chapter 4279 Old Enemies
Chapter 4280 The miserable Holy Emperor
Chapter 4281 A strange place
Chapter 4282 Magical Village
Chapter 4283 Medicinal Bath
Chapter 4284 There are so many Holy Emperors
Chapter 4285 Public Outrage
Chapter 4286 Fighting the Holy Demon
Chapter 4287 Doubts
Chapter 4288 Murderous Intent
Chapter 4289 Night Attack
Chapter 4290 Above the Holy Emperor
Chapter 4291 Destruction
Chapter 4292 News
Chapter 4293 Anti-wolf spray
Chapter 4294 Terrible Poison
Chapter 4295 Someone died again
Chapter 4296 Where is the old dog Qin Ge?
Chapter 4297 Its such a coincidence
Chapter 4298 Killing the Eighth Level Saint Emperor
Chapter 4299 Dispatching in large numbers
Chapter 4300 Prey and Hunter
Chapter 4301 Who is the beast?
Chapter 4302 Poison Killing
Chapter 4303 Battle with Qin Ge
Chapter 4304 Kill Qin Ge
Chapter 4305 Situation
Chapter 4306 Leaving
Chapter 4307 Is it reliable?
Chapter 4308 The Land of China
Chapter 4309 Who is invincible?
Chapter 4310 The Second Game
Chapter 4311 Easily break through
Chapter 4312 Banquet Conflict
Chapter 4313 Sharp words
Chapter 4314 Who is trash?
Chapter 4315 Stormy and Lonely
Chapter 4316 Taking the initiative to challenge
Chapter 4317 Kill Mo Xian
Chapter 4318 Territory City
Chapter 4319 Entering the City
Chapter 4320 Draw the sword
Chapter 4321 Nangong Hai
Chapter 4322 Wang Fan takes the sword
Chapter 4323 Really shameless
Chapter 4324 Cant afford to lose
Chapter 4325 List of Top 100 Holy Emperors
Chapter 4326 Battle with Mogao
Chapter 4327 Refuse the special move
Chapter 4328 Become Famous
Chapter 4329 Who Kills Who?
Chapter 4330 Tragic
Chapter 4331 The means of the Domain Lords Mansion
Chapter 4332 Manghuang goes to battle
Chapter 4333 Manghuangs strength
Chapter 4334 Roadblock
Chapter 4335 The heart of the sword is clear
Chapter 4336 Man and Sword Unity
Chapter 4337 Foreign Land
Chapter 4338 First Kill
Chapter 4339 Meritorious Service
Chapter 4340 Dont bother me
Chapter 4341 Killing Silver Five
Chapter 4342 The castle shook
Chapter 4343 Angies
Chapter 4344 Strategy
Chapter 4345 Adversity
Chapter 4346 Monument of Merit
Chapter 4347 Ghost Forest
Chapter 4348 The perverted black shadow
Chapter 4349 The Abandoned Daughter of the Ancient Yin Clan
Chapter 4350 Kill back
Chapter 4351 The strength of the woman in white
Chapter 4352 Tianling Plain
Chapter 4353 The First Battle on the Plains
Chapter 4354 The rhyme of the inscription
Chapter 4355 Manghuang takes the blame
Chapter 4356 Counterattack
Chapter 4357 The Peak of the Eight Holy Emperors
Chapter 4358 Fierce Battle
Chapter 4359 Looking for Death
Chapter 4360 Blood Massacre
Chapter 4361 Help you
Chapter 4362 Battle of Bloody Massacre
Chapter 4363 Strategic Recovery
Chapter 4364 The strong man attacks
Chapter 4365 Gods Prodigy
Chapter 4366 I am the Blood Slaughter
Chapter 4367 News
Chapter 4368 Get Out
Chapter 4369 Fighting the Five Saints
Chapter 4370 All parties are surging
Chapter 4371 Zhao Zhutian
Chapter 4372 Zhao Zhutians Day of Shame
Chapter 4373 Wang Fans sense of crisis
Chapter 4374 Huang Teng
Chapter 4375 Kill Huang Teng
Chapter 4376 Weird Water Demon
Chapter 4377 Changes in Foreign Land
Chapter 4378 Deployment
Chapter 4379 Undercurrent
Chapter 4380 The stone tablet is broken
Chapter 4381 Ancient Clan Blood Pool
Chapter 4382 Meeting again
Chapter 4383 Sacrifice Array
Chapter 4384 Identity Exposed
Chapter 4385 Movement Competition
Chapter 4386 The man who stirs up trouble
Chapter 4387 What to do
Chapter 4388 One Arrow
Chapter 4389 Breakthrough
Chapter 4390 Killed another one
Chapter 4391 Its my turn
Chapter 4392 Kill Ningtian
Chapter 4393 Refining
Chapter 4394 The Ninth Level of the Great Emperor
Chapter 4395 Talk about life
Chapter 4396 The power of one sword
Chapter 4397 Duan Wuji
Chapter 4398 Big Sword
Chapter 4399 Angry
Chapter 4400 Violence
Chapter 4401 Killing
Chapter 4402 Sequelae
Chapter 4403 Chaos
Chapter 4404 Meeting old friends again
Chapter 4405 Give me a bottle
Chapter 4406 The foreign master appears
Chapter 4407 The woman in white takes action
Chapter 4408 Seize the body?
Chapter 4409: Get out or not?
Chapter 4410 Goodbye Linger
Chapter 4411 Zi Huiran
Chapter 4412 A chance encounter in the market
Chapter 4413 Strict
Chapter 4414 Re-entering a foreign land
Chapter 4415 Broken Valley
Chapter 4416 Sword Intent
Chapter 4417 Huang Realm God
Chapter 4418 Big Pit
Chapter 4419 Fierce Battle
Chapter 4420 Breakthrough
Chapter 4421 Holy Emperor
Chapter 4422 The Big Villain Manghuang
Chapter 4423 Decision
Chapter 4424 Meeting Cai'er again
Chapter 4425: Commit suicide
Chapter 4426: Drag oil bottle
Chapter 4427 News
Chapter 4428 Are you looking for death?
Chapter 4429 Kill Pang Xiong
Chapter 4430 Killing Wang Teng
Chapter 4431 Encountering the Blood Massacre Again
Chapter 4432 Public Enemy
Chapter 4433 Kill Wang Fan
Chapter 4434 Take action
Chapter 4435 Burning Essence and Blood
Chapter 4436 Escape
Chapter 4437 Must die
Chapter 4438 Lure the enemy away
Chapter 4439 The middle stage of slaying the Yellow Realm God
Chapter 4440 Ancient Creatures
Chapter 4441 Fangshi
Chapter 4442 Different Thunder Technique
Chapter 4443 Provocation
Chapter 4444 Meeting Argus again
Chapter 4445 Natural Thunder Body
Chapter 4446 Lu Caier disappears
Chapter 4447 Meeting again
Chapter 4448 Battle with Zi Huiran
Chapter 4449 The powerful Zi Huiran
Chapter 4450 Where am I?
Chapter 4451 Crisis
Chapter 4452 Forced into despair
Chapter 4453 Raging Flames
Chapter 4454 Powerful Argus
Chapter 4455 Physical collapse
Chapter 4456 A ray of light
Chapter 4457 Ancient Seal
Chapter 4458 How to get out
Chapter 4459 The Domineering Wang Family
Chapter 4460 Meng Hu
Chapter 4461 Colluding with foreign monks
Chapter 4462 Departure
Chapter 4463 Dark night falls
Chapter 4464 Breaking in
Chapter 4465 Wang Huang
Chapter 4466 The lingering ghost
Chapter 4467 Earth Realm God
Chapter 4468 A shocking palm
Chapter 4469 Escape quickly
Chapter 4470 Isnt it nice to live well?
Chapter 4471 The Kings Anger
Chapter 4472 Team up and leave the city
Chapter 4473 Extremely thrilling
Chapter 4474 Take action
Chapter 4475 Senior
Chapter 4476 Deep in the Cave
Chapter 4477: Stop when youre ready
Chapter 4478 Yin Baiyi
Chapter 4479 She was then
Chapter 4480 So brave
Chapter 4481 Killing Sword Technique
Chapter 4482 Comprehension
Chapter 4483 Golden Robe Monk
Chapter 4484 The snipe and the clam fight
Chapter 4485 The strength of the giant ape
Chapter 4486 Conspiracy
Chapter 4487: Sit back and reap the benefits
Chapter 4488 Seizing food from the tigers mouth
Chapter 4489 Killing the Bloody Path
Chapter 4490 Wang Huang leaves the city
Chapter 4491 I hope youre not really that stupid
Chapter 4492 Anxin Inn
Chapter 4493 Two years
Chapter 4494 The King Comes
Chapter 4495 Confrontation
Chapter 4496 Bai Yis identity exposed
Chapter 4497 Leaving
Chapter 4498 Take action
Chapter 4499 Obsession
Chapter 4500 The counterattack begins
Chapter 4501 Panic
Chapter 4502: Fell into a trap
Chapter 4503 Kill another person
Chapter 4504 Cant Kill
Chapter 4505: Refining the Heart
Chapter 4506 Breakthrough
Chapter 4507 Soul-Destroying Castle
Chapter 4508 Ancient Secrets
Chapter 4509 Weird place
Chapter 4510 Demonic Shadow
Chapter 4511 Monster
Chapter 4512 Horror
Chapter 4513 The real devil
Chapter 4514 Non-stop fighting
Chapter 4515 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 4516 Death Level
Chapter 4517 Where is the end?
Chapter 4518 Teenager
Chapter 4519 Female Demon
Chapter 4520 Eight Steps
Chapter 4521 Meet again
Chapter 4522 Goodbye Bai Yi
Chapter 4523 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 4524 Huangtian Temple
Chapter 4525 Little Girl
Chapter 4526 Conditions
Chapter 4527 Nosy
Chapter 4528 Holy Emperor Tower
Chapter 4529 Registration Fee
Chapter 4530 The First Game
Chapter 4531 Attention
Chapter 4532 Winning streak
Chapter 4533 Zhou Wu
Chapter 4534 Yum
Chapter 4535 Defeated
Chapter 4536 Become Famous
Chapter 4537 Do you know who I am?
Chapter 4538 Kill
Chapter 4539 Apology
Chapter 4540 The style of the seminary
Chapter 4541 Are you meeting an enemy now?
Chapter 4542 Wu Lan
Chapter 4543 Humiliation
Chapter 4544 Conspiracy
Chapter 4545 The last scene
Chapter 4546 Slap yourself in the face
Chapter 4547 Bloody Torture
Chapter 4548 Lingtian Peak
Chapter 4549 Four Pavilions
Chapter 4550 Choosing a Cabinet
Chapter 4551 Tianlang Pavilion
Chapter 4552 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 4553 Take action
Chapter 4554 Dao Battle Life and Death Platform
Chapter 4555 Undercurrent
Chapter 4556 Unexpected
Chapter 4557 Mr. Jiangs warning
Chapter 4558 Life and Death Battle
Chapter 4559 Battle with Wu Lan
Chapter 4560 Killing Wu Lan
Chapter 4561 Dispute
Chapter 4562 Wu family interference
Chapter 4563 Shameless Wu Laogou
Chapter 4564 The Domineering God
Chapter 4565 Breaking into Lingtian Peak at Night
Chapter 4566 Alert Mr. Jiang
Chapter 4567 Things are getting serious
Chapter 4568 Adventure
Chapter 4569 Kill out
Chapter 4570 Breakthrough Opportunity
Chapter 4571 Conditions
Chapter 4572 The Blood Pattern Sect takes action
Chapter 4573 Fierce Battle
Chapter 4574 Encirclement and Killing
Chapter 4575 Cunning
Chapter 4576 The group is destroyed
Chapter 4577 Huang Xiaoran
Chapter 4578: Not appreciative
Chapter 4579 The storm is rising
Chapter 4580 Wang Huang Arrives
Chapter 4581: Lost in vain
Chapter 4582 Arriving at Tianlong City
Chapter 4583 Arrogant Youth
Chapter 4584 Luo Tong
Chapter 4585 Pressure and Beating
Chapter 4586: One wave comes after another
Chapter 4587 Hidden Danger
Chapter 4588 Bai Yi takes action
Chapter 4589 The old man is furious
Chapter 4590: Regret for being the former Lord of Tianlong City
Chapter 4591 Convergence
Chapter 4592 Ji Wushuang
Chapter 4593 Ninth
Chapter 4594 The Last Battle
Chapter 4595 Goodbye Manghuang
Chapter 4596 Fighting the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 4597 Fight
Chapter 4598 Madness
Chapter 4599 Night Attack
Chapter 4600 Crisis
Chapter 4601 Lets all wait to die
Chapter 4602: Frustrated
Chapter 4603 The frustrated Ji Wushuang
Chapter 4604 The arrival of a strong man from the Zhan family
Chapter 4605 What exactly do you want to do?
Chapter 4606 Target
Chapter 4607 Tempering
Chapter 4608 Breakthrough
Chapter 4609 Terrifying Thunder Arc
Chapter 4610 Huang Realm God
Chapter 4611 Secret Talk
Chapter 4612 Action
Chapter 4613 Breaking into Jis house at night
Chapter 4614 Furious Wang Fan
Chapter 4615 Fighting Ji Wushuang
Chapter 4616 Beheading
Chapter 4617 Shock
Chapter 4618 Who is the murderer?
Chapter 4619 Lu meets Jis family
Chapter 4620 Kill them all
Chapter 4621 Pressure
Chapter 4622 Beishan City
Chapter 4623 Talented man and beautiful woman
Chapter 4624 The powerful Qiu Long
Chapter 4625 Blockade
Chapter 4626 Kagetsu
Chapter 4627 Do you know why the Wang family closed the city?
Chapter 4628 Plan
Chapter 4629 Request for reinforcements
Chapter 4630 Provoking trouble
Chapter 4631 Fierce Battle
Chapter 4632 Shocking news
Chapter 4633 Entering Xue Mansion
Chapter 4634 Weird Restrictions
Chapter 4635: Big Trouble in Xue Mansion
Chapter 4636 Three Corpses
Chapter 4637 The atmosphere is heavy
Chapter 4638 Burning with anger
Chapter 4639 Hatred
Chapter 4640 Surges from all directions
Chapter 4641 The Fall of Wang Feng
Chapter 4642 Someone coming from Batian City
Chapter 4643 You are not a seminary student
Chapter 4644 Expulsion
Chapter 4645 Big Change
Chapter 4646 Siege and Killing
Chapter 4647 Phantom
Chapter 4648 Big news
Chapter 4649 Powerful Yin Baiyi
Chapter 4650 Earth Realm Gods Gather
Chapter 4651 Evil King Tiger
Chapter 4652 Dean
Chapter 4653 Desperate Situation
Chapter 4654 The illusory strength
Chapter 4655 Was it really given by the gods of the land for free?
Chapter 4656 The Breath of the Chaos Sword
Chapter 4657 Do whatever you want
Chapter 4658 White clothes become a devil
Chapter 4659 Hibernation
Chapter 4660 Gravity Tower
Chapter 4661 Dog Servant
Chapter 4662 Sword Power
Chapter 4663 Cruelty
Chapter 4664 Registration
Chapter 4665 Blood is burning
Chapter 4666 Victory
Chapter 4667 Cruel Man
Chapter 4668 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 4669 Old acquaintance
Chapter 4670 Enemies meet
Chapter 4671 Fierce Battle
Chapter 4672 Insidious
Chapter 4673 Huang Tian Finger
Chapter 4674 Wang Huangyun
Chapter 4675 Devils Palm
Chapter 4676 Being targeted
Chapter 4677 Excitement and Heat
Chapter 4678 Give you a chance to survive
Chapter 4679 Siege and Killing
Chapter 4680 A false alarm
Chapter 4681 The Ninth Level of the Yellow Realm God
Chapter 4682 The Battle of the Ancient Clan
Chapter 4683 Chaos
Chapter 4684 Blood Pattern City
Chapter 4685 The strong foundation of the Blood Pattern Sect
Chapter 4686 The more chaotic the better
Chapter 4687 Dora the Demon King
Chapter 4688 Im going to call someone
Chapter 4689 Cooperating with the Devil
Chapter 4690 Kill the Demon
Chapter 4691 Anger in heart
Chapter 4692 Killing the Earth Realm God
Chapter 4693 Enlightenment Breakthrough
Chapter 4694 Do whatever you want
Chapter 4695 Tyrant Returns
Chapter 4696 Meeting the Young City Lord Again
Chapter 4697 Provocation
Chapter 4698 Something big is going to happen
Chapter 4699 I will never be at the mercy of others again
Chapter 4700 Goodbye Baiyi
Chapter 4701 Nine Magical Steps
Chapter 4702 Signs of troubled times
Chapter 4703 Exchange Meeting
Chapter 4704 Moon Smoke
Chapter 4705 Who is the evil young man?
Chapter 4706: Avoiding the surname Wang
Chapter 4707 The sinister young master
Chapter 4708 Wang Wudao
Chapter 4709: Killed
Chapter 4710 Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 4711 Wang Wudaos helplessness
Chapter 4712 Who did it?
Chapter 4713 Chaos
Chapter 4714 Kamakura Castle
Chapter 4715 Acquaintance
Chapter 4716 Are you bullying me, the demon clan has no one?
Chapter 4717 White clothes reappear
Chapter 4718 We are also people with a backing
Chapter 4719 He is Wang Fan
Chapter 4720 Quota Jade Card
Chapter 4721 Demon Immortal Powerful Man
Chapter 4722 Dont follow the rules
Chapter 4723 Slaying Demons and Immortals
Chapter 4724 Who did it?
Chapter 4725 Please invite the God of Heaven to come over
Chapter 4726 Is your fairy clan the master?
Chapter 4727 Envoy
Chapter 4728 Goodbye Wang Batian
Chapter 4729 The Divine Jump
Chapter 4730 Wang Batians generosity
Chapter 4731 Conspiracy
Chapter 4732 The Two Evils of the Earth Demon
Chapter 4733 Too weak
Chapter 4734 Sense of Crisis
Chapter 4735 Save me
Chapter 4736 Beheading
Chapter 4737 Storm
Chapter 4738 Cracks
Chapter 4739 The Void Bird
Chapter 4740 Savage
Chapter 4741 Tribe
Chapter 4742 Crystal Stone
Chapter 4743 Death Place
Chapter 4744 Breaking in
Chapter 4745 Statue
Chapter 4746 Harvest
Chapter 4747 The statue asks for help
Chapter 4748 Deified Pond
Chapter 4749 Totem Mountain
Chapter 4750 White-Eyed Wolf
Chapter 4751 Strange Land
Chapter 4752 God Emperor Mountain
Chapter 4753 The arrival of Emperor Xuanhuang
Chapter 4754 Breaking through the Earth Realm God
Chapter 4755 Anger
Chapter 4756 I think its you whos going to die
Chapter 4757: What is magic virtue?
Chapter 4758 Dont love fighting
Chapter 4759 Your cultivation is too poor
Chapter 4760 Ruining the place
Chapter 4761 Killing
Chapter 4762 Harvest
Chapter 4763 Demon Palace
Chapter 4764 Tearing the Protective Formation
Chapter 4765: Shock the heroes
Chapter 4766 Of course I dare
Chapter 4767 Invincible Sword Cutting
Chapter 4768 The Fury of Demon De
Chapter 4769 You cant leave
Chapter 4770 Teasing
Chapter 4771 Serious Injury
Chapter 4772 Reinforcements
Chapter 4773 The Tragedy of Evil
Chapter 4774 Its not him
Chapter 4775 Everyone shouts for beating
Chapter 4776 Breath Mark
Chapter 4777 Insidious means
Chapter 4778 Please lead the way
Chapter 4779 Are you Wang Fan?
Chapter 4780 Sword kills Hongyu
Chapter 4781 Its really dangerous this time
Chapter 4782 Crazy
Chapter 4783 Irreconcilable
Chapter 4784 The situation changes
Chapter 4785 Thief God
Chapter 4786 Big loss
Chapter 4787 Wutianfang City
Chapter 4788 Threesome
Chapter 4789 The thief god is here again
Chapter 4790 One vs Three
Chapter 4791 Killing in all directions
Chapter 4792 The bloody storm
Chapter 4793 Meeting Emperor Xuanhuang Again
Chapter 4794 A great shame and humiliation
Chapter 4795 Crystal Ball
Chapter 4796 I cant hold it anymore
Chapter 4797 Danger
Chapter 4798 Returning to the old place
Chapter 4799 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 4800: Before and after the saddle
Chapter 4801 The Situation in China
Chapter 4802 Meeting the Demon King Again
Chapter 4803 Revenge does not last overnight
Chapter 4804 Entering the Wang Family
Chapter 4805 Lan Ya escaped
Chapter 4806 Chaos
Chapter 4807 Wang Wudao Returns
Chapter 4808 The King of War has no way
Chapter 4809 Leaving
Chapter 4810 Fox Green
Chapter 4811 Arrival
Chapter 4812 So powerful
Chapter 4813 Captive
Chapter 4814 Bear War
Chapter 4815 Do you dare to fight?
Chapter 4816 Do you want to challenge me?
Chapter 4817 Killing the Bear Ancestor
Chapter 4818 Inaccessible within a radius of thousands of miles
Chapter 4819 The ancestor of the demon clan comes out of seclusion
Chapter 4820 Weird Calmness
Chapter 4821 Demon Clan Rebellion
Chapter 4822 Demon Temple
Chapter 4823 Great Harvest
Chapter 4824 Destroying the Demon Clan
Chapter 4825 Chaos
Chapter 4826: Invincible with punches
Chapter 4827 Entering the Divine Void Again
Chapter 4828 Crazy Wang Wudao
Chapter 4829 Muddy Waters
Chapter 4830 He is back again
Chapter 4831 Internal strife
Chapter 4832 Son of God Xia Longqing
Chapter 4833 Hod
Chapter 4834: Things turn out differently
Chapter 4835 Master Huo
Chapter 4836 Succeed
Chapter 4837 The Ninth Level of Earth Realm God
Chapter 4838 Disputes between the Sons of God
Chapter 4839 Enemy attack
Chapter 4840 Angry Zhao Tong
Chapter 4841 Fury
Chapter 4842 Who is it?
Chapter 4843: Putting the blame on
Chapter 4844 Every word is like a knife
Chapter 4845 Expelled from the Family
Chapter 4846 Welcome to Xia Shenzi
Chapter 4847 Provocation
Chapter 4848 King Huos Madness
Chapter 4849 Cruel
Chapter 4850: Riding the tiger away from the mountain?
Chapter 4851 Accountability
Chapter 4852 Destruction of the family
Chapter 4853 Traitor
Chapter 4854 Disbandment of the Alliance
Chapter 4855 Kill
Chapter 4856 Fighting Heaven Realm God
Chapter 4857 Fierce Battle
Chapter 4858 Beheading
Chapter 4859 Auction
Chapter 4860 Fishing?
Chapter 4861 Uneasy
Chapter 4862 Goodbye Hu Lang
Chapter 4863 Leaving
Chapter 4864 Origin
Chapter 4865 Tiger King of Humen
Chapter 4866 Action
Chapter 4867 Cruel
Chapter 4868 Chaotic War
Chapter 4869 Tiger King chases and kills
Chapter 4870 One against nine
Chapter 4871 Tragic
Chapter 4872 The Tiger King is furious
Chapter 4873 Obtained the Map Jade Slip
Chapter 4874 Meeting Zhao Tong again
Chapter 4875 Zhali
Chapter 4876 Was discovered?
Chapter 4877 Entering the God Emperor City
Chapter 4878 Where to go?
Chapter 4879 Xuan Yu
Chapter 4880 Entering North City
Chapter 4881 Chen Shan
Chapter 4882 Rules
Chapter 4883: Bad character
Chapter 4884 Shenyi
Chapter 4885 Coming
Chapter 4886 The battle begins
Chapter 4887 Fighting with the top four
Chapter 4888 Five battles and five deaths
Chapter 4889 Kill the Six Gods
Chapter 4890 Inciting rebellion
Chapter 4891 Reward a mansion
Chapter 4892 Beicheng first became famous
Chapter 4893 Killing the Dao
Chapter 4894 Enlightenment
Chapter 4895 Conditions
Chapter 4896 Yuner
Chapter 4897 True Love
Chapter 4898 Everyone deserves to die
Chapter 4899 The whole world is the enemy
Chapter 4900 Desperate Situation
Chapter 4901 The storm rises again
Chapter 4902 Hu Lang arrives
Chapter 4903 Cooperation
Chapter 4904 Decision
Chapter 4905 The miserable Xuan Spear
Chapter 4906: Stay safe
Chapter 4907 Domineering
Chapter 4908 Survival from desperate situation
Chapter 4909 Do you dare to kill me?
Chapter 4910 Domineering Xuan Yu
Chapter 4911 How sad
Chapter 4912 Shen Yun Poison Pill
Chapter 4913 Entering the Xuan family
Chapter 4914 Take action
Chapter 4915 Strong
Chapter 4916 Beheading
Chapter 4917 The God of Heaven takes action
Chapter 4918 Gai Shenzi
Chapter 4919 Why
Chapter 4920 Sharp words
Chapter 4921 As you wish
Chapter 4922: Self-inflicted evil will lead to death
Chapter 4923 Domineering
Chapter 4924 Deterrence
Chapter 4925 War Xuan Talisman
Chapter 4926 Send you on your way
Chapter 4927 Winning a Place
Chapter 4928 Wuya Immortal Mansion
Chapter 4929 Do you really want to die?
Chapter 4930 The Boundless Sea of Suffering
Chapter 4931 Ba family
Chapter 4932 Entering the sea
Chapter 4933 Hunting Operation
Chapter 4934 Sea of Bitter Killing
Chapter 4935: Killed
Chapter 4936 Riots in the Sea of Bitterness
Chapter 4937 Shocking the God Emperor City
Chapter 4938 Sea Wall
Chapter 4939 Entering the Island
Chapter 4940 Sheng Wu
Chapter 4941 Show off your power
Chapter 4942 Entering the Immortal Mansion
Chapter 4943 Threat
Chapter 4944 Beheading
Chapter 4945 Heaven Realm God
Chapter 4946 The Son of God Arrives
Chapter 4947 Enter together
Chapter 4948: Crushing bones and ashes
Chapter 4949 Meeting God Son Xia Again
Chapter 4950 Battle with Xia Shenzi
Chapter 4951 Xia Shenzi, died
Chapter 4952 Sense of Crisis
Chapter 4953 The target of public criticism
Chapter 4954 Channel Collapse
Chapter 4955 Kill Xuanyu
Chapter 4956 Monster?
Chapter 4957 Failed to kill
Chapter 4958 Imperial Palace Recruitment Order
Chapter 4959 The arrival of powerful forces
Chapter 4960 Madness
Chapter 4961 Desperate Yuner
Chapter 4962 Do you dare to insult me?
Chapter 4963 War of words
Chapter 4964: Deceiving everyone
Chapter 4965 Killing the Son of God
Chapter 4966 Woman in plain skirt
Chapter 4967 Chaos Qi
Chapter 4968 Crazy
Chapter 4969 The bloody battle in the Immortal Mansion
Chapter 4970 Rescue
Chapter 4971 Meeting Xuan Yi again
Chapter 4972: Killing Evil Thoughts
Chapter 4973 He is over there
Chapter 4974 Creating Chaos
Chapter 4975 Stirring up the situation
Chapter 4976 You know too much
Chapter 4977 The End
Chapter 4978 Recuperation
Chapter 4979 Rare peace
Chapter 4980 The storm is rising
Chapter 4981 Human Nature
Chapter 4982 Trap
Chapter 4983 Compromise?
Chapter 4984 The collapsed Lu Qiu
Chapter 4985 Return of Carriage
Chapter 4986 Get Out
Chapter 4987 Battle with Med
Chapter 4988 The Flowerless Goddess is coming
Chapter 4989 Worry
Chapter 4990 How to break into the imperial palace?
Chapter 4991 The opportunity has come
Chapter 4992 Rescue
Chapter 4993 Do you want to live or die?
Chapter 4994 The Great Elder Arrives
Chapter 4995 Be sure to accept it
Chapter 4996 Yuner is lost
Chapter 4997 You still cant stop me
Chapter 4998 Where am I?
Chapter 4999 Changes
Chapter 5000 Brilliant
Chapter 5001 Substituting one thing for another
Chapter 5002 Willow Demon
Chapter 5003 Dai Yue
Chapter 5004 The First Battle in the Imperial Palace
Chapter 5005: Can you afford to lose or are you still unconvinced?
Chapter 5006 The two goddesses compete
Chapter 5007 Riding a Tiger and Being Difficult to Dismount
Chapter 5008 The arrival of Dai Shenzi
Chapter 5009 Big Trouble
Chapter 5010 The Right Protector Summons
Chapter 5011 Right Protector
Chapter 5012 Conversation
Chapter 5013 Shang Fangs Sword
Chapter 5014 Wu Xiao
Chapter 5015 Arrival
Chapter 5016 Battle with Wu Xiao
Chapter 5017 Who do you look down on?
Chapter 5018 Order
Chapter 5019 Dont dare to fight
Chapter 5020: Shrinking Turtle
Chapter 5021 High-profile publicity
Chapter 5022 Xue Chuan
Chapter 5023 Certain death
Chapter 5024: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 5025 Completely Become Famous
Chapter 5026 On Dao Cliff
Chapter 5027 A lot of courage
Chapter 5028 The strength of the Right Protector
Chapter 5029 Just for revenge
Chapter 5030 Return of the Son of God
Chapter 5031 Conversation
Chapter 5032 Shentong Pavilion
Chapter 5033 God Battle Platform
Chapter 5034 No limit to life or death
Chapter 5035 Bloody God Battle Platform
Chapter 5036: Consume you to death
Chapter 5037 I dont want to
Chapter 5038 Fighting against Dai Shenzi
Chapter 5039 Seriously injured and stepped down
Chapter 5040 The water is too deep
Chapter 5041 Challenge the Son of God
Chapter 5042: Heart-breaking every word
Chapter 5043 Killing the Son of God
Chapter 5044 Its so abnormal
Chapter 5045 The rising sun
Chapter 5046 Its time for you to die
Chapter 5047 Undercurrent
Chapter 5048 The End
Chapter 5049 The quota is obtained
Chapter 5050 Enter
Chapter 5051 Cultivation
Chapter 5052 The monk locked in the divine spring
Chapter 5053 Distress
Chapter 5054 Let you go
Chapter 5055 You are looking for death
Chapter 5056 One dead and one injured
Chapter 5057 Killing the Son of God
Chapter 5058 Endless killing
Chapter 5059 He must be saved
Chapter 5060 The hidden strong man
Chapter 5061 Join forces to fight Nie Yun
Chapter 5062 Death of Nie Yun
Chapter 5063 Leaving the Secret Realm
Chapter 5064 Why is he here?
Chapter 5065 Revealing Identity
Chapter 5066 Messy
Chapter 5067 The breath of Shen Wushuang?
Chapter 5068 Top 100 Building
Chapter 5069 Wilderness
Chapter 5070 Willow Demon fights against Manghuang
Chapter 5071 Chaos
Chapter 5072 The wilderness breaks through
Chapter 5073 Farewell
Chapter 5074 Discussion
Chapter 5075 Anyone who blocks me will die
Chapter 5076 Wutianfang City
Chapter 5077 The Battle of Fangshi
Chapter 5078 Yue Tiankun
Chapter 5079 Yellow Bird
Chapter 5080 Battle
Chapter 5081 One Sword
Chapter 5082 Killing Yue Tiankun
Chapter 5083 Return to China
Chapter 5084 Eight-Winged Snake King
Chapter 5085 Fighting the Eight-Winged Snake King
Chapter 5086 Killing the Eight-Winged Snake King
Chapter 5087 Stirring up the storm
Chapter 5088 Zhuo Wenshan
Chapter 5089 Breakthrough!
Chapter 5090 Hongyue City
Chapter 5091 The sword points at Hongyue City
Chapter 5092 Harvest
Chapter 5093 Yue Tianhong
Chapter 5094 What is arrogance?
Chapter 5095: Scholars can be killed but not humiliated
Chapter 5096 Are you looking for me?
Chapter 5097 Beast
Chapter 5098 Killing the Blood Crocodile with the Sword
Chapter 5099 Scare away Zhuo Wenshan
Chapter 5100 Tiandao Fruit
Chapter 5101 Asking for directions
Chapter 5102 Dead Zone
Chapter 5103 Weird City
Chapter 5104 Desperate situation?
Chapter 5105 Exploding resources?
Chapter 5106 Canglan is born
Chapter 5107 Where did Wang Fan go?
Chapter 5108 Bone Fairy
Chapter 5109 Leaving the city
Chapter 5110 Kill two gods with one sword
Chapter 5111 Who kills whom?
Chapter 5112 One sword is enough
Chapter 5113 Someone is pretending
Chapter 5114 Re-entering Batian City
Chapter 5115 How to make me die
Chapter 5116 Have you finished calling everyone?
Chapter 5117 Dont know what to fear
Chapter 5118 More than just a bully
Chapter 5119 Heart-killing
Chapter 5120 Wang Zhuo
Chapter 5121 Threaten me?
Chapter 5122 Goodbye Wang Batian
Chapter 5123 Battle against Batian
Chapter 5124 Shock
Chapter 5125 Yuexin City
Chapter 5126 Wang Huai
Chapter 5127 Leaving the City
Chapter 5128 Xuan Qi
Chapter 5129 Obtaining the Heavenly Dao Fruit
Chapter 5130 Precarious
Chapter 5131 Swallowing the Heavenly Fruit
Chapter 5132 Breakthrough
Chapter 5133 Yuexin Tower
Chapter 5134 What a courage
Chapter 5135 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 5136 Take a step to speak
Chapter 5137 I want you to be ruined
Chapter 5138 Crystal Ball
Chapter 5139 Idiots Dream
Chapter 5140 Whats the point of hiding?
Chapter 5141 Tragic
Chapter 5142 Killing Wang Mu
Chapter 5143 You chase me
Chapter 5144 Rebellion
Chapter 5145 Peak Showdown
Chapter 5146 The sky is dark and the earth is dark
Chapter 5147 Based on Dao Mark
Chapter 5148 Head as big as an ox
Chapter 5149 Ancient Chaos
Chapter 5150 Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 5151 Encountering Monsters on the Road
Chapter 5152 Are you crazy?
Chapter 5153 Cannot enter the city
Chapter 5154 Dont you dare
Chapter 5155 Cruel
Chapter 5156: Be aware
Chapter 5157: Big talk
Chapter 5158 The Great Elder Arrives
Chapter 5159 Do you dare to take action?
Chapter 5160 Bloody Battle Stage
Chapter 5161 Regret?
Chapter 5162 Battle with the Great Elder
Chapter 5163 Madness
Chapter 5164 Manghuang ascends to power
Chapter 5165 Alliance
Chapter 5166 Anger
Chapter 5167 The Zhan family comes to surrender
Chapter 5168 Entering Xuanhe City
Chapter 5169 Stabbing in the Back
Chapter 5170 Instantly kill two seventh-level gods of heaven
Chapter 5171 Battle with Mozaqi
Chapter 5172 Danger
Chapter 5173 Killing Mozaqi
Chapter 5174 Storm
Chapter 5175 Surges from all directions
Chapter 5176 The Return of the Demonic Old Man
Chapter 5177 The powerful old demon
Chapter 5178 Return to the city
Chapter 5179 The Alliance Leader is Mighty
Chapter 5180 Goodbye Yao Linger
Chapter 5181 Xuan Wuji
Chapter 5182 Fear
Chapter 5183 The tragedy of Xuan Wuji
Chapter 5184 The sword points at Huangyuan City
Chapter 5185 Bloody Fight
Chapter 5186 The Yao family takes action
Chapter 5187 King Tianyuan
Chapter 5188 Uneasy and kind-hearted
Chapter 5189: Trapped and Killed
Chapter 5190 Who kills whom?
Chapter 5191 Battle with Xuan Qingdao
Chapter 5192 Dead End
Chapter 5193 Self-destruction
Chapter 5194 People brought it
Chapter 5195 Distortion
Chapter 5196: Cutting out the roots
Chapter 5197 Death Qi
Chapter 5198 Ji Family
Chapter 5199 Evil
Chapter 5200 Entering the City
Chapter 5201 Evil cultivator murderer
Chapter 5202 There is a problem
Chapter 5203 Internal and external troubles
Chapter 5204 The Ji family gets into trouble
Chapter 5205 Do you want to exterminate the clan?
Chapter 5206 Seal
Chapter 5207 Second Elder
Chapter 5208 Who Kills Who?
Chapter 5209 Election of Alliance Leader
Chapter 5210 Punishment
Chapter 5211 How are you still alive?
Chapter 5212 Killing Ji Wudao
Chapter 5213 I am the leader
Chapter 5214 I am the only one who dominates
Chapter 5215 Disobeying orders
Chapter 5216: Taking the bait
Chapter 5217 Six Heavenly Realm Gods, Eighth Level
Chapter 5218 Unable to rescue
Chapter 5219 Siege and Killing
Chapter 5220 The extremely angry Zhan Tianxu
Chapter 5221 Senior Yin
Chapter 5222 The situation is reversed
Chapter 5223 Kill out
Chapter 5224 Crisis
Chapter 5225 Great Victory
Chapter 5226 Preparing for a general attack
Chapter 5227 Surrender to the enemy
Chapter 5228: Interception on the way
Chapter 5229 The ancestor of the Gu family died
Chapter 5230 Barr leaves the city
Chapter 5231 Battle with Barr
Chapter 5232 The Fall of Baal
Chapter 5233 Great Victory
Chapter 5234 Entering the Divine Void Again
Chapter 5235 Strange Place
Chapter 5236 Goodbye Baiyi
Chapter 5237 Shenzhou Sect
Chapter 5238 Revenge
Chapter 5239 Seriously injured guard
Chapter 5240 Plan
Chapter 5241 Get Out
Chapter 5242 Are you Wang Fan?
Chapter 5243 Beheading
Chapter 5244 The strong man arrives
Chapter 5245 Xuanhuang Emperor
Chapter 5246 Goodbye Wuhua
Chapter 5247 Forced Killing
Chapter 5248 Meeting
Chapter 5249 Crisis
Chapter 5250 Killing Gong Yao
Chapter 5251 Willow Demon
Chapter 5252 Panic
Chapter 5253 Imperial Palace Crisis
Chapter 5254 Death of Emperor Xuanhuang
Chapter 5255 Captivity
Chapter 5256 Fighting God Wushuang
Chapter 5257 Black Lotus Sect Master
Chapter 5258 Escape
Chapter 5259 Re-entering the God Emperor City
Chapter 5260 Chaos
Chapter 5261 The rebellious Wu Tianzun
Chapter 5262 Killing Wu Tianzun
Chapter 5263 The Crazy Black Lotus Sect
Chapter 5264 Confrontation with the Right Protector
Chapter 5265 Fierce Battle with the Right Protector
Chapter 5266 The soul is destroyed
Chapter 5267 Join the battle
Chapter 5268 Die together?
Chapter 5269 Small Town
Chapter 5270: Numb scalp
Chapter 5271 Knock on the door
Chapter 5272 Crazy residents
Chapter 5273 Yuan Yan
Chapter 5274 Weird alley
Chapter 5275 Attacked
Chapter 5276 The statue of the Bone Fairy
Chapter 5277 Mist
Chapter 5278 Crisis
Chapter 5279 Surrounded
Chapter 5280: Stealing chicken but losing rice
Chapter 5281 Coveting
Chapter 5282 Dominoes
Chapter 5283: Driving away tigers and swallowing wolves
Chapter 5284 The village woman in the castle
Chapter 5285 Entering the Taoist Realm
Chapter 5286 Powerful evil cultivator
Chapter 5287 Seeing the fog again
Chapter 5288 Who is it?
Chapter 5289 Entering the Castle
Chapter 5290 Flying Birds
Chapter 5291 The statue is alive
Chapter 5292 Luck is against the heavens
Chapter 5293 Expansion
Chapter 5294 White Lotus Falls
Chapter 5295 Leaving
Chapter 5296 Things are changing
Chapter 5297 Who makes himself weak?
Chapter 5298 Black Mountain Poisonous Woman
Chapter 5299 Bone Tower
Chapter 5300 The third task
Chapter 5301 Conflict
Chapter 5302 Evil Retribution
Chapter 5303 Take action
Chapter 5304: Furious
Chapter 5305 One step away
Chapter 5306 Desperate Situation
Chapter 5307 Tao Body
Chapter 5308 Late Night Attack
Chapter 5309 Whats the use of you?
Chapter 5310 Cleanup
Chapter 5311 Weird
Chapter 5312 Evil Disc
Chapter 5313 Energy Replenishment
Chapter 5314 Take action
Chapter 5315 Female Cultivator
Chapter 5316 Entering the ruins
Chapter 5317 Thriller
Chapter 5318 Eyes
Chapter 5319 Harvest
Chapter 5320 Whats going on?
Chapter 5321 Terrible Legs
Chapter 5322 Snatching
Chapter 5323 Vortex
Chapter 5324 Killing
Chapter 5325 Return of Carriage
Chapter 5326 Black Hole
Chapter 5327 Old Witch
Chapter 5328 The Realm of Tao
Chapter 5329 Cutting into the Dao
Chapter 5330 A rat-throwing weapon
Chapter 5332 Come out and die
Chapter 5333 Cage
Chapter 5334 Leaving
Chapter 5335 The Spirit of Dominoes
Chapter 5336 Reminder
Chapter 5337 Space Devouring Beast
Chapter 5338 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 5339 Demon Core
Chapter 5340 Guerrilla Warfare
Chapter 5341 Harvest
Chapter 5342 Little Perfection
Chapter 5343 Transformation into the Beast King
Chapter 5344 Waste
Chapter 5345 Escaped
Chapter 5346 No trace
Chapter 5347 Baiyun City
Chapter 5348 Mirror
Chapter 5349 Meeting the girl again
Chapter 5350 Arena No. 10
Chapter 5351 Performance is the hard power
Chapter 5352 Pretending to be a pig and eating the tiger
Chapter 5353 Two games
Chapter 5354 Bloody Battle and Skeleton Pickaxe
Chapter 5355 Arrogance
Chapter 5356 Defeat the bloody battle
Chapter 5357 Become Famous
Chapter 5358 Battle Skeleton Pickaxe
Chapter 5359 You forced me
Chapter 5360 Evil Taoist Weapon
Chapter 5361 Decisive
Chapter 5362 Rejection
Chapter 5363 Attack
Chapter 5364 The original poster arrives
Chapter 5365 Leaving
Chapter 5366 How about you try harder?
Chapter 5367 A Tu visits
Chapter 5368 Questioning
Chapter 5369 Departure
Chapter 5370 Ancient Tomb
Chapter 5371 Panic
Chapter 5372 Hunter and Prey
Chapter 5373 Decision
Chapter 5374 Qiao Yis Crisis
Chapter 5375 Do you dare to attack me?
Chapter 5376 Tolls
Chapter 5377 Threat
Chapter 5378 Daoyun Academy
Chapter 5379 The group is destroyed
Chapter 5380 Breakthrough
Chapter 5381 Ive been waiting for you for a long time
Chapter 5382: Exchanging injury for injury
Chapter 5383 Hidden Monk
Chapter 5384 Stone Chamber
Chapter 5385 Infinite Taoist Lord
Chapter 5386 Aggressive
Chapter 5387 Bear the consequences
Chapter 5388 Not protected by rules
Chapter 5389 Ancient Tomb Collapse
Chapter 5390 Danger
Chapter 5391 Chase
Chapter 5392 Red Devil
Chapter 5393 Infinite Fist
Chapter 5394 Going out
Chapter 5395 The sword points at Baiyun City
Chapter 5396 The person who wants your life
Chapter 5397 Do you dare to kill me?
Chapter 5398 Horrible Statue
Chapter 5399 Escape
Chapter 5400 The strong man arrives
Chapter 5402 The Red Devil Appears
Chapter 5403 Red Devil Kills Qingshan
Chapter 5404 Pressure
Chapter 5405: Sinking to the bottom
Chapter 5406 Capture
Chapter 5407 Can you only hide?
Chapter 5408 Who are you?
Chapter 5409 Bone Transformation
Chapter 5410 No mercy
Chapter 5411 Kill Lin Yun
Chapter 5412 The group is destroyed
Chapter 5413 Lin Family
Chapter 5414 Enlightenment
Chapter 5415 Entering the Tao
Chapter 5416 Xue
Chapter 5417 Return
Chapter 5418 Who are you?
Chapter 5419 Sword Palace
Chapter 5420 Destroy Yuan Jian
Chapter 5421 Feast
Chapter 5422 How about it?
Chapter 5423 The light is bright
Chapter 5424 Begin
Chapter 5425 The First Battle
Chapter 5426 Tearing the Dao Realm apart
Chapter 5427 Second Round
Chapter 5428 Tao Tower
Chapter 5429 Devouring
Chapter 5430 The third round
Chapter 5431 The villain dies from talking too much
Chapter 5432 Provocation
Chapter 5433 What does it have to do with you?
Chapter 5434 Threat
Chapter 5435 Humiliation
Chapter 5436 Are you really worthy?
Chapter 5437 Are you convinced?
Chapter 5438 The strong gather together
Chapter 5439 Get Out
Chapter 5440 Suppression
Chapter 5441 Yue Ningshuang
Chapter 5442 Dont think Im bullying you
Chapter 5443 Banquet
Chapter 5444 Reception
Chapter 5445 Luo Feng
Chapter 5446 The Last Battle
Chapter 5447 Lan Ke
Chapter 5448 Damn it
Chapter 5449 Breakthrough
Chapter 5450 Entering the Imperial City
Chapter 5451 Dao Dan
Chapter 5452 Expensive elixir
Chapter 5453 Conflict
Chapter 5454 Battle
Chapter 5455 The Third Prince
Chapter 5456 Rules
Chapter 5457 The First Battle
Chapter 5457 The First Battle
Chapter 5458 Who is out first?
Chapter 5459 Six versus one
Chapter 5460 A fierce battle
Chapter 5461 Capture
Chapter 5462 Very insidious
Chapter 5463 Second Round
Chapter 5464 Who gave you confidence?
Chapter 5465 One Hundred and Fifty Strong
Chapter 5466 Soft Persimmon
Chapter 5467 Disastrous defeat
Chapter 5468 Ning Zhao and Luo Zhan
Chapter 5469 Strong Counterattack
Chapter 5470 Get Out
Chapter 5471 Not worthy
Chapter 5472 Top Thirty
Chapter 5473 Luo Zhan is out
Chapter 5474 Do you want to continue?
Chapter 5475 Mo Yi
Chapter 5476 You lost
Chapter 5477 Zhan Ning Zhao
Chapter 5478 The birth of the top four
Chapter 5479 The top three
Chapter 5480 Peak Showdown
Chapter 5481 First
Chapter 5482 Rejection
Chapter 5483 What is the price?
Chapter 5484: Killing the Way
Chapter 5485 The late stage of Fusion Dao
Chapter 5486 Despair
Chapter 5487 Who is it?
Chapter 5488 Soul Refining Sect
Chapter 5489 Water Prison
Chapter 5490 Young Master
Chapter 5491 White Bone Mountain Range
Chapter 5492 Bones
Chapter 5493 Get out
Chapter 5494 Account?
Chapter 5495 Undercurrent
Chapter 5496 Breakthrough
Chapter 5497 Daojing Mountain
Chapter 5498 Establishing Prestige
Chapter 5499 Amazing Discovery
Chapter 5500 Eight Harmonious Ways
Chapter 5501 Enter
Chapter 5502 Must die
Chapter 5503 Return without success
Chapter 5504 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 5505 Competing Speed
Chapter 5506 Zhan Rongdao
Chapter 5507 Mutation
Chapter 5508 Scepter
Chapter 5509 Martial Law
Chapter 5510 Remember you
Chapter 5511 Great Terror
Chapter 5512 Forced
Chapter 5513 Negotiation
Chapter 5514 Swallow
Chapter 5515 The unity of Tao and momentum
Chapter 5516 Little Prince
Chapter 5517 Breaking the news
Chapter 5518 The city lord is furious
Chapter 5519 Revenge
Chapter 5520 Asking for help
Chapter 5521 Furious
Chapter 5522 Take action
Chapter 5523 Visitors from the Imperial City
Chapter 5524 Situ Feng
Chapter 5525 Suspicious Person
Chapter 5526: Evil intentions
Chapter 5527 Strong
Chapter 5528 The war breaks out
Chapter 5529 Are you training with me?
Chapter 5530 Emperor
Chapter 5531 The desire to die
Chapter 5532 Ancestor of the Mu Family
Chapter 5533: Enemies dont get together
Chapter 5534 Vulnerable
Chapter 5535 Stop him
Chapter 5536 You are nothing
Chapter 5537 Leaving
Chapter 5538 Who to kill first
Chapter 5539 Its time to go
Chapter 5540 Booklet
Chapter 5541 Hypocrite
Chapter 5542 Crystal Image
Chapter 5543 The incident occurred
Chapter 5544 Take action
Chapter 5545 Xing Qianli
Chapter 5546 The miserable Ji Wuyun
Chapter 5547 Soul Search
Chapter 5548 What a courage
Chapter 5549 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 5550 Mr. Ji
Chapter 5551 A bad start
Chapter 5552 The middle stage of Yin Death Fusion Dao Realm
Chapter 5553 Its a big deal
Chapter 5554 Running for your life
Chapter 5555 Angry Ji Tiandao
Chapter 5556 Making wedding clothes
Chapter 5557 The Sword Breaks All Laws
Chapter 5558 Leaving
Chapter 5559 Map
Chapter 5560 The middle stage of Hedao
Chapter 5561 Unbearable
Chapter 5562 Im not so cautious
Chapter 5563 Bone City
Chapter 5564 Fairy Order
Chapter 5565 Strong
Chapter 5566 Rules
Chapter 5567 Registration
Chapter 5568 Are you ready?
Chapter 5569 You are weaker than I thought
Chapter 5570 Disastrous defeat
Chapter 5571 Investigation
Chapter 5572 Saint Liu Ru
Chapter 5573 Dojo
Chapter 5574 Following me?
Chapter 5575 Lost me
Chapter 5576 Fury
Chapter 5577 Counterattack
Chapter 5578 Exposed
Chapter 5579 Kill another person
Chapter 5580 Are you crazy?
Chapter 5581 Zhan Rongdao
Chapter 5582 The liver and gallbladder are about to burst
Chapter 5583 The terrifying strong man
Chapter 5584 Leaving the Dojo
Chapter 5585 Acquaintance
Chapter 5586 Meeting the Saint Again
Chapter 5587 Gift Pill
Chapter 5588 First Round
Chapter 5589 A strange place
Chapter 5590 Cruel plunder
Chapter 5591 Who gets out
Chapter 5592 Counterattack
Chapter 5593 Old acquaintance
Chapter 5594 Cooperation
Chapter 5595 Strategy
Chapter 5596 The deceptive fairy
Chapter 5597 What to do
Chapter 5598 Breaking the Formation Disk
Chapter 5599 Calculation
Chapter 5600 Division of Labor
Chapter 5601 Fighting Martial Arts
Chapter 5602 Beheading
Chapter 5603 Escape
Chapter 5604 Tianzhiya, Xu Ao
Chapter 5605 Roadblock
Chapter 5606 Hidden cultivation?
Chapter 5607 Provocation
Chapter 5608: Angry Xu Ao
Chapter 5609 Opportunity
Chapter 5610 Go out
Chapter 5611 Are you looking for death?
Chapter 5612 The power of fairies
Chapter 5613 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 5614 I really look forward to you being beaten to death
Chapter 5615 Liu Zun
Chapter 5616 Beheading
Chapter 5617 Breakthrough
Chapter 5618 Nie Feng
Chapter 5619: Dont hit someone in the face
Chapter 5620 Killing Martial Arts
Chapter 5621 Instant Kill
Chapter 5622 Join forces
Chapter 5623 Fierce Battle
Chapter 5624 Zheng Ke wants to break through
Chapter 5625: Arrogant
Chapter 5626 Battle with Zheng Ke
Chapter 5627 Reach the sky in one step
Chapter 5628 Dao Womb
Chapter 5629 Heavenly Sword
Chapter 5630 Fairy Past
Chapter 5631 Master and Disciple
Chapter 5632 The storm is rising
Chapter 5633 Mo Gui, Mo Chen
Chapter 5634 Hospitality
Chapter 5635: Executed
Chapter 5636 Threesome
Chapter 5637 Please give me a request
Chapter 5638 Do you dare to fight?
Chapter 5639 Audacious
Chapter 5640 Let’s go together
Chapter 5641 Presumptuous!
Chapter 5643 Are you about to lose?
Chapter 5644 No one dares to fight
Chapter 5645 Mission
Chapter 5646 Qin Feng’s Crisis
Chapter 5647 Yin Corpse Mountain
Chapter 5648 Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 5649 Expensive
Chapter 5650 Black Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 5651: Suppressing Bone City
Chapter 5652 Walking out of the inn
Chapter 5653 Kill
Chapter 5654 Accident
Chapter 5655 Yuexuan
Chapter 5656 The strong man arrives
Chapter 5657 Tragedy
Chapter 5658 Strange things
Chapter 5659 Abandoned
Chapter 5660 Breakthrough
Chapter 5661 Reminder
Chapter 5662 It’s okay to be cannon fodder
Chapter 5663 Ready to go
Chapter 5664 Bandit Cultivator
Chapter 5665: Killing the Rong Dao
Chapter 5666 Self-destruction
Chapter 5667 Infernal Corpse Town
Chapter 5668 Entering the Mountain
Chapter 5669 Acquaintance
Chapter 5670: Evil intentions
Chapter 5671 Weird
Chapter 5672 The game begins
Chapter 5673 Phantom Magical Powers
Chapter 5674 Battle
Chapter 5675 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 5676 Exploration
Chapter 5677 There is someone secretly
Chapter 5678 Exposed
Chapter 5679 Crisis
Chapter 5680 Puppet
Chapter 5681 White Bone Spirit White Bone Spirit
Chapter 5682 Phantom
Chapter 5683 Crazy
Chapter 5684 Evil Reputation
Chapter 5685 The three masters
Chapter 5686 Demon Emperor Palace
Chapter 5687 The lingering ghost
Chapter 5688 Entering the third level
Chapter 5689 Battle
Chapter 5690 The Third Level
Chapter 5691 Divine Bone Flower
Chapter 5692 The terrifying monster
Chapter 5693 We’re in big trouble
Chapter 5694 Yuexuan enters the ruins
Chapter 5695 Encirclement
Chapter 5696 Fourth Floor
Chapter 5697 Arrogant Yuexuan
Chapter 5698 How to get out
Chapter 5699 Shenluo Taoist Master
Chapter 5700 The Tiger Falls in Pingyang
Chapter 5701 Lighting fires everywhere
Chapter 5702: Taoist Shenluo, fallen
Chapter 5703 It’s too big
Chapter 5704 Gu Yu
Chapter 5705 Recruitment
Chapter 5706 Follow
Chapter 5707 News
Chapter 5708 Bone Soldiers
Chapter 5709 Disobedience
Chapter 5710 Temple
Chapter 5711 Remnant Soul
Chapter 5712 Her descendant?
Chapter 5713 The power of the remnant soul
Chapter 5714 Three people died
Chapter 5715 Shameless
Chapter 5716 Savior
Chapter 5717 The Fall of the Immortal River
Chapter 5718 In Danger
Chapter 5719 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 5720 Consciousness dissipates
Chapter 5721 Yuexuan falls?
Chapter 5722 Return
Chapter 5723 Blockade
Chapter 5724 Doubt
Chapter 5725 Action
Chapter 5726 Hunting Time
Chapter 5727 Fairy enters the city
Chapter 5728 Massacre
Chapter 5729 Fusion
Chapter 5730 Entering the Fusion Road
Chapter 5731: Instant Kill and Perfect Harmony
Chapter 5732 A mere ant
Chapter 5733 Qingxuan Continent
Chapter 5734 Weird Village
Chapter 5735 Follow me
Chapter 5736 Xuanyin Zun
Chapter 5737 Mingyu
Chapter 5738 Get Out
Chapter 5739 One Sword
Chapter 5740 Yue Gancheng
Chapter 5741 Poisonous gas enters the body
Chapter 5742 The road to fame
Chapter 5743 Feixue City
Chapter 5744 Zhao Feixue
Chapter 5745 The Divine Whip
Chapter 5746 You lost
Chapter 5747 Another victory
Chapter 5748 First Kill
Chapter 5749 Batu
Chapter 5750 Battle with Batu
Chapter 5751 Taoist Agen
Chapter 5752 Fire Lord
Chapter 5753 Chase
Chapter 5754 The Fairy Arrives
Chapter 5755 God Lord
Chapter 5756 Mingyuan City
Chapter 5757 Invitation
Chapter 5758 Take action
Chapter 5759 Heavy losses
Chapter 5760: Luring the wolf into the house
Chapter 5761 Exposed
Chapter 5762 The Wrath of the God Lord
Chapter 5763 Anger
Chapter 5764 War God Lord
Chapter 5765 Appear one after another
Chapter 5766 Tongxuan Continent
Chapter 5767 Zhaotian City
Chapter 5768 Rules
Chapter 5769 Mo Han
Chapter 5770 Don’t you admit defeat?
Chapter 5771 The Phantom Fairy
Chapter 5772 Scheming
Chapter 5773 Hidden opponent
Chapter 5774 Destruction
Chapter 5775 The third round
Chapter 5776: Being tricked
Chapter 5777 Black Sword Demon Lord
Chapter 5778 I won
Chapter 5779 Promotion
Chapter 5780 Zhuo Hong
Chapter 5781 Not enough
Chapter 5782 What can I do?
Chapter 5783 Demon Fairy
Chapter 5784 Investigation
Chapter 5785 Attitude
Chapter 5786 It all depends on acting skills
Chapter 5787 Tongxuan Holy City
Chapter 5788 Tongxuan Saint
Chapter 5789 Give you a chance to draw your sword
Chapter 5790 Tragic
Chapter 5791 Gift Pill
Chapter 5792 Liao Yu
Chapter 5793 Easily get a quota
Chapter 5794 Calmness
Chapter 5795 Entering the Secret Realm
Chapter 5796 Huang Sha
Chapter 5797 Enough to be proud of
Chapter 5798 The group is destroyed
Chapter 5799 Terror Restriction
Chapter 5800 Opening the Restriction
Chapter 5801 Ladder to Heaven
Chapter 5802 Treasure
Chapter 5803 Blocking the Road
Chapter 5804: Being tricked
Chapter 5805 Never interfere
Chapter 5806 Evil Reputation
Chapter 5807 Public Outrage
Chapter 5808 Hedao Pill
Chapter 5809 I am Jian Yi
Chapter 5810 Great Terror
Chapter 5811 The terrifying monster
Chapter 5812 Anger
Chapter 5813 Killing
Chapter 5814 Tearing the Entrance
Chapter 5815 Seven Powerful Men
Chapter 5816 Hefa Zhenren
Chapter 5817 Perfection
Chapter 5818 Senior Brother Xiao
Chapter 5819 Strong
Chapter 5820 Thriller
Chapter 5821 Pretend to be a ghost
Chapter 5822 Taoist Taixuan
Chapter 5823 Speed of Life and Death
Chapter 5824 Can’t survive more than three days
Chapter 5825 Crazy
Chapter 5826 Main Hall
Chapter 5827 Senior Yuan
Chapter 5828 War Servant
Chapter 5829 No chance
Chapter 5830 Space Turbulence
Chapter 5831 Battle with Taoist Master Taixuan
Chapter 5832 Threat
Chapter 5833 Secret Pattern
Chapter 5834 A Hundred Years
Chapter 5835 Statue
Chapter 5836 Master
Chapter 5837 The secret realm is opened again
Chapter 5838 Re-entry
Chapter 5839 Weak Point
Chapter 5840 Mountains of Swords and Seas of Fire
Chapter 5841 Coming out
Chapter 5842 Don’t provoke
Chapter 5843 Blood God Mountain
Chapter 5844 Meeting an old friend
Chapter 5845 Two choices
Chapter 5846 Fierce Battle
Chapter 5847 Cut off the beard
Chapter 5848 Shameless
Chapter 5849 Devouring Essence and Blood
Chapter 5850 hinterland
Chapter 5851 Excuse
Chapter 5852 Strong
Chapter 5853 Big Demon
Chapter 5854 Blood God Guard
Chapter 5855 Method
Chapter 5856: The Peak of Shahedao Realm
Chapter 5857 Self-destruction
Chapter 5858 Search
Chapter 5859 Crazy
Chapter 5860 Appetite
Chapter 5861 Greed
Chapter 5862 Arrogance
Chapter 5863 Take action
Chapter 5864 Reporting
Chapter 5865 Gu Ba Yun
Chapter 5866 Breakthrough
Chapter 5867 Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 5868 Lord Tianjian
Chapter 5869 Hedao
Chapter 5870 Rampant
Chapter 5871 Mission
Chapter 5872 Action
Chapter 5873 Anger
Chapter 5874 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 5875 Killing the Blood King
Chapter 5876 Two Immortals
Chapter 5877 The arrival of immortality
Chapter 5878 Taking the blame
Chapter 5879 Battle
Chapter 5880 Opportunity
Chapter 5881 The storm is about to rise
Chapter 5882 Blockade
Chapter 5883 Threat
Chapter 5884 The Killing Order
Chapter 5885 Ups and downs
Chapter 5886 Big shot
Chapter 5887 True Disciple
Chapter 5888 Are you convinced?
Chapter 5889 Bullying
Chapter 5890 Information
Chapter 5891 Capture
Chapter 5892 Notoriety
Chapter 5893 Night God City
Chapter 5894 Nangong Sha
Chapter 5895 Guess
Chapter 5896 Lord Yushang
Chapter 5897 Hongge
Chapter 5898 Judgment
Chapter 5899 Uneasy
Chapter 5900 Kill
Chapter 5901 Serious Injury
Chapter 5902 Purchasing Information
Chapter 5903 Sensation
Chapter 5904 Turmoil
Chapter 5905 Invitation to Battle
Chapter 5906 Assassination
Chapter 5907 Bold
Chapter 5908 Blame the blame
Chapter 5909 Following
Chapter 5910 Heaven and earth are helpless
Chapter 5911 Captive
Chapter 5912 Lin Yun
Chapter 5913 Entering the Holy Mountain
Chapter 5914 Nie Shuangsheng
Chapter 5915 Disciples guarding the mountain
Chapter 5916 Framed
Chapter 5917 Making trouble
Chapter 5918 Killing Lin Yun
Chapter 5919 Forced Soul Search
Chapter 5920 The Fairy Enters the City
Chapter 5921 Fighting for a slave
Chapter 5922 Ancient Powerful Man
Chapter 5923 Chaos
Chapter 5924 Helpless
Chapter 5925 Take it away
Chapter 5926 Killing in all directions
Chapter 5927 Free
Chapter 5928 Retreat
Chapter 5929 Three Top Lists
Chapter 5930 Wan Yunfei
Chapter 5931 Meeting old friends again
Chapter 5932 Beheading
Chapter 5933 The storm is rising
Chapter 5934 Cooperation
Chapter 5935 Action
Chapter 5936 Strong Killing
Chapter 5937 Anger
Chapter 5938 The arrival of immortality
Chapter 5939 Dao Sect
Chapter 5940 The miserable sect
Chapter 5941 Entering the sect
Chapter 5942 Ancient God
Chapter 5943 The Ancient God Chases
Chapter 5944 Take action
Chapter 5945 Retreat
Chapter 5946 Parting
Chapter 5947 Star Continent
Chapter 5948 Entering the portal
Chapter 5949 Yuexuan
Chapter 5950 Dao Fruit
Chapter 5951 Rumors
Chapter 5952 Broken Statue
Chapter 5953 Comprehension
Chapter 5954 Ning Yuan
Chapter 5955 One month
Chapter 5956 The statue turns into a sword
Chapter 5957 Take action
Chapter 5958 Control
Chapter 5959 Sect Master’s Order
Chapter 5960 Dao Zun Huanhai
Chapter 5961 The Mouth of the Abyss
Chapter 5962 The existence of terror
Chapter 5963 Play a game
Chapter 5964 Chaos
Chapter 5965 Ancient Existence
Chapter 5966 Nie Shuangsheng
Chapter 5967 Relics
Chapter 5968 Enter
Chapter 5969 Duan Tianyin
Chapter 5970 Injured
Chapter 5971 Alchemy Room
Chapter 5972 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 5973 Who is it?
Chapter 5974: Seize the opportunity and run away
Chapter 5975 Big Face of Rules
Chapter 5976 Alchemy
Chapter 5977 Fifth Floor
Chapter 5978 Enlightenment
Chapter 5979 Sixth Floor
Chapter 5980 Sixth Floor Entrance Seventh Floor Entrance
Chapter 5981 The Zhanhe Dao Realm is Completed
Chapter 5982 News about Yuexuan
Chapter 5983 Senior sister, here I come
Chapter 5984 Meeting
Chapter 5985 Prepare to take action
Chapter 5986 Counterattack
Chapter 5987 Battle with Jian Wuji
Chapter 5988 A great victory
Chapter 5989 Crisis
Chapter 5990 Miraculous elixir
Chapter 5991 Surrender or die
Chapter 5992 Death of Tianyuan Taoist Lord
Chapter 5993 The Expanded Nie Shuangsheng
Chapter 5994 The Bone Fairy Arrives
Chapter 5995 Master Qingyang
Chapter 5996 Monster Youth
Chapter 5997 Accident
Chapter 5998 Rampant
Chapter 5999 Breakout
Chapter 6000 Troubled Times
Chapter 6001 Southern King
Chapter 6002: Powerful Gathering
Chapter 6003 King Nan’s tyranny
Chapter 6004 Choice
Chapter 6005 The Southern King Chases
Chapter 6006 Entering the Royal City
Chapter 6007 Big Change
Chapter 6008 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 6009 Goodbye Nan Wang
Chapter 6010 Rise from here
Chapter 6011 Senior Sister Comes to Surrender
Chapter 6012 Five Major Alliances
Chapter 6013 Black Mountain Castle
Chapter 6014 Attacking the Southern Territory
Chapter 6015 The Wrath of the Southern King
Chapter 6016 The two armies are fighting
Chapter 6017 Rout
Chapter 6018 Second Assault
Chapter 6019 The Sky-Eyed Demon Lord
Chapter 6020 Big move
Chapter 6021 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 6022 Conquering the Southern King
Chapter 6023 The Star Dojo is invaded
Chapter 6024 Kill the Immortal
Chapter 6025 The Fall of Fox Forest
Chapter 6026 Internal strife
Chapter 6027 The Fall of Wushan
Chapter 6028 The Sky-Eyed Demon Lord
Chapter 6029: Estrangement
Chapter 6030 The Fall of Sky Eye
Chapter 6031 The Taoist Lord Arrives
Chapter 6032 Self-destruction
Chapter 6033 Massacre
Chapter 6034 Serious Injury
Chapter 6035 Eastern Holy City
Chapter 6036 The Perfection of Hedao Realm
Chapter 6037 Entering the Holy City
Chapter 6038 The Holy City is Destroyed
Chapter 6039 Conquering the Blood Shadow
Chapter 6040 Return
Chapter 6041 There is something wrong with the Taoist body
Chapter 6042 Self-destruction
Chapter 6043 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 6044 Exploring the Southern Territory
Chapter 6045 The hidden strong man
Chapter 6046 Take the initiative
Chapter 6047 Excited King Nan
Chapter 6048 Siege of Demon Sky
Chapter 6049 Burning Fire
Chapter 6050 Huang Yun
Chapter 6051 Northern Territory Desolate Veins
Chapter 6052 Insidious
Chapter 6053 Targeting
Chapter 6054 Got it
Chapter 6055 Changes in Giant Pine City
Chapter 6056 The Royal Charm is added
Chapter 6057 Nine Emperor Rhymes
Chapter 6058: Taoist Master of the Stars, Fallen
Chapter 6059 The Last Battle
Chapter 6060 Return (finale)