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The Evil King Loves Pets: The Ghost Doctor and the Crazy Concubine

The Evil King Loves Pets: The Ghost Doctor and the Crazy Concubine

author:Nalan Fengjin

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-13 04:57

Latest chapter:Chapter 4841 Lord of Death

She is a sinister and ruthless ghost doctor in the night. Once she traveled through time, she became a good-for-nothing woman who was despised by everyone. She made a contract with an ancient divine beast, practiced the God-defying Art, and blinded everyone. With the poisonous erysipelas in hand, anyone who dared to bully her People are looking for death! What is a ninth-grade elixir? Her...

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《The Evil King Loves Pets: The Ghost Doctor and the Crazy Concubine》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 4841 Lord of Death
Chapter 4836 It’s hard to distinguish between true and false
Chapter 4839: Same as human race
Chapter 4840 Emperor Yama appears
Chapter 4830 Brother returns
Chapter 4829 Tied for first place
Chapter 4828 Not allowed to exist
Chapter 4827 You deserve it
Chapter 4831 Three Geniuses
《The Evil King Loves Pets: The Ghost Doctor and the Crazy Concubine》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Transmigration into a local tyrant
Chapter 2 Bite a beautiful boy
Chapter 3: Suppressing a cold and handsome man
Chapter 4 The Weird Skeleton Mansion
Chapter 5 Leng Yan Shura's Apology
Chapter 6 The Funeral Meets a Scumbag
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Waste meets genius
Chapter 9 She is a Water Elemental Spirit
Chapter 10 Lost but refuses to admit it
Chapter 11 The Strongest Protector Mu Sanye
Chapter 12 This Threat Is Too Ridiculous
Chapter 13 The best tacit understanding of the uncle and nephew
Chapter 14 The Enhanced Version of the Broken Marriage
Chapter 15 Send it all to the parade
Chapter 16 Give gifts to decorate the room
Chapter 17 The pharmacist is very arrogant
Chapter 18
Chapter 19 Delivering medicine to the little uncle
Chapter 20 Night Breaks into Shura Night Palace
Chapter 21 I hope you grow up quickly
Chapter 22
Chapter 23 Let You Do Nothing
Chapter 24: Making trouble for nothing
Chapter 25 Want to be the second generation ancestor
Chapter 26
Chapter 27 The Incredible Potion
Chapter 28: Coincidence or Coincidence
Chapter 29 Hot potion auction
Chapter 30 How can I bully you
Chapter 31 This Becomes a Wholesale Market
Chapter 32 Mocking the young master Nalan
Chapter 33 It really happened to pass by
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36 The Grumpy Refiner
Chapter 37 Patriarch is about to be expelled
Chapter 38 Become roommates with Shura
Chapter 39 The scene that leads to crime
Chapter 40 The Night Lord Helps Cheating
Chapter 41 The Price of Touching the Reverse Scale
chapter 42
Chapter 43 Ghost Doctor's Poison War Killer
Chapter 44 It's You Who Was Killed Now
Chapter 45: Holding on but not letting go
Chapter 46 I am the only one invincible meow
Chapter 47 The Invincible Great Dream
Chapter 48 The Woman Protected by Ben Jun
Chapter 49 The seventh challenge of the genius list
Chapter 50 The Mu family wants him to join the family
Chapter 51 This Family Is Too Blackhearted
Chapter 52: Arrogant like coming to the palace
chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55
Chapter 56 The Mu family is too sturdy
Chapter 57 Can a contract beast win?
Chapter 58 The little cute thing is too sturdy
Chapter 59: The Autumn Aftermath Comes
Chapter 60 The emperor and his son are too shameless
Chapter 61
Chapter 62
Chapter 63 Don't Want To Defile My Lake
Chapter 64
Chapter 65 Unbearable End
Chapter 66
Chapter 67
Chapter 68
Chapter 69 Nine Nights with Killing Intent
Chapter 70
Chapter 71 Dress for him
Chapter 72
Chapter 73
Chapter 74
Chapter 75 Deadly Hidden Weapon
Chapter 76 Strange Man
Chapter 77
Chapter 78
Chapter 79
Chapter 80
Chapter 81 The first genius
Chapter 82 So Genius
Chapter 83
Chapter 84
Chapter 85
Chapter 86
Chapter 87
Chapter 88
Chapter 89
Chapter 90 The First Bandit
Chapter 91 Ghost Doctor Means
Chapter 92 Who is it?
Chapter 93 Special Talent
Chapter 94 The moonlight is good
Chapter 95
Chapter 96
Chapter 97 Treatment of both eyes
Chapter 98 Eyes Sealed
Chapter 99
Chapter 100
Chapter 101 The Emperor Borrows Money
Chapter 102 The Night King
Chapter 103 The Fiancée
Chapter 104
Chapter 105 Just add a little
Chapter 106 The Night King's Favorite
Chapter 107 Abnormal Spirit Vein
Chapter 108 Nine Nights Arrives
Chapter 109
Chapter 110
Chapter 111 The Power of the Night King
Chapter 112 Genius Ranking
Chapter 113
Chapter 114 Take a bath together
Chapter 115 Fighting the White Lotus
Chapter 116: Hidden Too Deeply
Chapter 117 The First Genius
Chapter 118
Chapter 119 It's Her People
Chapter 120 Death's Wrath
Chapter 121
Chapter 122
Chapter 123 Black Shadow
Chapter 124 Tyrannical Slaughter
Chapter 125 Crazy Strong Kiss
Chapter 126 Kissing and Injection
Chapter 127 Eight More Times
Chapter 128
Chapter 129 The Royal Family
Chapter 130 The Demon Queen
Chapter 131 His Graveyard
Chapter 132 Ask her for treatment
Chapter 133
Chapter 134
Chapter 135 The chance is slim
Chapter 136
Chapter 137 Divert the enemy away
Chapter 138
Chapter 139 He Comes For A Walk
Chapter 140
Chapter 141 To Live Together
Chapter 142 Ghost Doctor Mu Xi
Chapter 143
Chapter 144 Her Boyfriend
Chapter 145
Chapter 146
Chapter 147 I Hate Her
Chapter 148
Chapter 149 Gold Hanging Coffin
Chapter 150 A Rusty Sword
Chapter 151
Chapter 152 You Care About Me
Chapter 153
Chapter 154
Chapter 155 The Power of Rusty Sword
Chapter 156 Controlling the soul poison
Chapter 157
Chapter 158
Chapter 159: The Bizarre Recognizing the Lord
Chapter 160 Natural Emperor
Chapter 161
Chapter 162
Chapter 163: One Kiss Every Seven Days
Chapter 164 Nine Nights Tangled
Chapter 165 The Four Powers
Chapter 166 Assassinations Continue
Chapter 167 Mysterious Ice Cave
Chapter 168
Chapter 169 Take the initiative to kiss
Chapter 170 You are the only one
Chapter 171
Chapter 172 Fighting for the Divine Cauldron
Chapter 173 Killing and Saving People
Chapter 174 Strong buy and strong sell
Chapter 175
Chapter 176 Special Rewards
Chapter 177 The secret of imitation
Chapter 178
Chapter 179 Take it all away
Chapter 180 I miss you
Chapter 181 I owe it twice
Chapter 182 Plan Failed
Chapter 183 Disgusting Gu poison
Chapter 184
Chapter 185
Chapter 186 Coming of Age Ceremony
Chapter 187
Chapter 188 Marriage Proposal
Chapter 189 Downgrade me
Chapter 190 Sanctioning the Elder
Chapter 191 Ziyou Gifts
Chapter 192 A feast
Chapter 193 Come Every Night
Chapter 194
Chapter 195
Chapter 196
Chapter 197
Chapter 198 So Crazy
Chapter 199 Daddy Charm
Chapter 200 The Change of Enthronement
Chapter 201 The King of Hundred Gus
Chapter 202 Conversation with the White Lotus
Chapter 203: A Water Mirror
Chapter 204: Joining forces to fight Gu
Chapter 205
Chapter 206
Chapter 207 A nest of snakes and rats
Chapter 208 Ghost Doctor Appears
Chapter 209 New love and old love
Chapter 210
Chapter 211 The Last Time
Chapter 212
Chapter 213 He is looking for someone
Chapter 214 Jun Mo Farewell
Chapter 215 Immortal Soul Cauldron
Chapter 216 Two Attitudes
Chapter 217 Muscle recovery
Chapter 218 Hunting Forest
Chapter 219 Bloody Battle Experience
Chapter 220: Encountering Poachers
Chapter 221 Nalan Confession
Chapter 222 Ask her to hide
Chapter 223
Chapter 224
Chapter 225
Chapter 226 Trading event
Chapter 227
Chapter 228 Wanling Tianmu
Chapter 229 Emperor-level Treatment
Chapter 230 I care about her the most
Chapter 231 Too Insidious
Chapter 232 Disaster arrives
Chapter 234 Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 235 Snatching the elixir
Chapter 236 Fighting the Queen Again
Chapter 237 Solve one
Chapter 238 Love House and Crow
Chapter 239 The young boy emerging from the dust
Chapter 240 Arrogant than you
Chapter 241 Call her Qian
Chapter 242 Battle Puppet
Chapter 243 Amazing Jackpot
Chapter 244 Dig your own pit
Chapter 245 Everyone cheats
Chapter 246 You cry when you lose
Chapter 247 Ancient Bamboo Slips
Chapter 248 Mysterious Enemy
Chapter 249 Jedi Counterattack
Chapter 250 The Blue Contract
Chapter 251 Another confrontation
Chapter 251 Another confrontation chapter
Chapter 252 What a coincidence
Chapter 253 Poisonous Lake
Chapter 254 Weird laughter
Chapter 255 Harsh Test
Chapter 256 The Last Level
Chapter 257 Being beaten to death
Chapter 258 Important clues
Chapter 259 Poison you to death
Chapter 260 Two Star Sect
Chapter 261 Its the head of the Mu family
Chapter 262 Where is Jun Mo?
Chapter 263 Black Cloud Desert
Chapter 264 Too Abnormal
Chapter 265 The evil star is coming
Chapter 266 Suspicious by nature
Chapter 267 Stunning Beauty
Chapter 268 Save the Starving Ghost
Chapter 269 Please enter the urn
Chapter 270 Farewell Again
Chapter 271 Sect Competition
Chapter 272 A winning streak
Chapter 273 Come and deliver the elixir
Chapter 274 Like a Human
Chapter 275 Battle with Ice Beauty
Chapter 276 Who is more vicious
Chapter 277 Shameless
Chapter 278 The Arrival of Xuanbing Sect
Chapter 279 Bitten by a snake
Chapter 280 Return of Nine Nights
Chapter 281 Ignite the fire and extinguish the fire
Chapter 282: Settlement of Accounts after Autumn
Chapter 283 Let me do you a favor
Chapter 284 Waiting for the rabbit
Chapter 285 Working together
Chapter 286 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 287 Brutal and cruel
Chapter 288 Ziyou is hateful
Chapter 289 Xi is different
Chapter 290 Arriving at Shu City
Chapter 291 Growing old together
Chapter 292 Hunting Conference
Chapter 293 Banquet Provocation
Chapter 294 Crazy Fighting Madman
Chapter 295 The horn blows
Emperor Chapter 296 Humanoid Weapons
Chapter 297 No trace
Chapter 298 Learning to Tame Beasts
Chapter 299 Someone is manipulating
Chapter 300 Special Abilities
Chapter 301 I will accompany you
Chapter 302 Drinking with you
Chapter 303 Drunk again
Chapter 304 Completely Enraged
Chapter 305 Yanlong is greedy
Chapter 306 Im waiting for you
Chapter 307 Confronting Langtian
Chapter 308: Surrounded by Ghost Vine
Chapter 309 Gentle Healing
Chapter 310 Playing with fire and burning yourself
Chapter 311 After showing off
Chapter 312 This is the habit
Chapter 313 You Luo Xuan Seal
Chapter 314 Want more
Chapter 315 The body of the evil spirit
Chapter 316 Sword of Killing
Chapter 317 Encountering a Mad Dog Again
Chapter 318 Two escapes
Chapter 319 Yunyan Waizong
Chapter 320 Underground Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 321 Sweeping the Second District
Chapter 322 Repeated battles and defeats
Chapter 323 War King Level Area
Chapter 324 The sect leader comes to meet
Chapter 325 Death Mission
Chapter 326 Deliberately deceiving people
Chapter 327 Dark Bird
Chapter 328 A big gift
Chapter 329 Stealing Masters in Secret
Chapter 330 Cliff Excitement
Chapter 331 Map Land
Chapter 332 Extreme Test
Chapter 333 No relationship with cubs
Chapter 334: Im so stupid
Chapter 335 Start to torture the scum
Chapter 336 To be accepted as a disciple
Chapter 337 Ranked Second
Chapter 338 Want to plot against her
Chapter 339 Proposing in the Street
Chapter 340 Stalking
Chapter 341 Call me Snow
Chapter 342 Promise with ones body
Chapter 343 Game World
Chapter 344 Called Xiao Xixi
Chapter 345: Taking action to block the wine
Chapter 346 Innocence remains
Chapter 347 Pretending to be stupid
Chapter 348 It hurts so much
Chapter 349 Ice and Snow Spirit Emperor
Chapter 350 I am better
Chapter 351 The legs are broken
Chapter 352 Giving birth to a child
Chapter 353 Suicide Threat
Chapter 354 Heart throbbing
Chapter 355 Born to be kicked
Chapter 356 Businessmans Profits
Chapter 357 Taking off clothes
Chapter 358 Devils Treatment
Chapter 359 Life extension for three years
Chapter 360 Do you believe me?
Chapter 361 Same goal
Chapter 362 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 363 Annihilation in one fell swoop
Chapter 364 Give a big gift
Chapter 365 Im crazy
Chapter 366 Stealing a Kiss for Nine Nights
Chapter 367 Be her follower
Chapter 368 Let you pretend
Chapter 369 Domineering
Chapter 370 Playing with fire and burning yourself
Chapter 371 Greedy People
Chapter 372 Secret Skill of Hundred Gu
Chapter 373 He has a holy beast
Chapter 374 Deep and touching love
Chapter 375 Refused
Chapter 376 Taking risks
Chapter 377 Attack again
Chapter 378: Making you crazy
Chapter 379 Shura Hidden Weapon
Chapter 380 Cant beat her
Chapter 381 Pure man
Chapter 382 Bloody Feud
Chapter 383 Transparent Octopus
Chapter 384 Love you forever
Chapter 385 Meeting Yunhui
Chapter 386 Complete torture and beating
Chapter 387 Because of beauty
Chapter 388 Meeting Master Yunyan
Chapter 389 If you have the guts, go ahead
Chapter 390 Be beautiful
Chapter 391 A disgusting name
Chapter 392 Snow Emperor Nine Nights
Chapter 393 Ah Ting wakes up
Chapter 394 Do something
Chapter 395 Arrogant Breakthrough
Chapter 396 The Mu Family Master Arrives
Chapter 397 Confronting the Demon Concubine
Chapter 398 I am lovelorn
Chapter 399 Completely crazy
Chapter 400 Xuanyuan Nine Nights
Chapter 401 Give up
Chapter 402 She is my wife
Chapter 403 Candidate for Emperor
Chapter 404 A Ting Jiuye
Chapter 405 Dangerous Route
Chapter 406 Sick Woman
Chapter 407 Cant practice
Chapter 408 Southern Mist God Clan
Chapter 409 Rescued
Chapter 410 Dressed Beast
Chapter 411 Hero saves beauty
Chapter 412 Peerless Genius
Chapter 413 The emperor wants her
Chapter 414 Not Relatives
Chapter 415 Im unhappy with you
Chapter 416 Future Sect Master
Chapter 417 Demon Flower Sleeping
Chapter 418 Yunzha is furious
Chapter 419 Breaking the Face
Chapter 420 Desolate Holy Land
Chapter 421 Lamb to the Slaughter
Chapter 422 Southern Mist Tower
Chapter 423 Self-created spiritual skills
Chapter 424 Mental Test
Chapter 425 In the seventh level
Chapter 426 Dreaming back to the past
Chapter 427 The inner demon is too weak
Chapter 428 Obviously being tricked
Chapter 429 The Clouds Shang Qionglou
Chapter 430 Start destroying slag
Chapter 431 I want to see you
Chapter 432 Not as good as you
Chapter 433 I've always been there
Chapter 434 The girl who escaped from marriage
Chapter 435 Asking her for help
Chapter 436 The Royal Secret Realm
Chapter 437 The Medicine Refining Genius
Chapter 438 Poaching again
Chapter 439 Got into big trouble
Chapter 440 Selling Hue
Chapter 441 Her Honor
Chapter 442 Beating the Mandarin Ducks
Chapter 443 Xuesao Bao arrives
Chapter 444 The First Male God
Chapter 445 Will not give up
Chapter 446 The First Dandy
Chapter 447 Romantic Reunion
Chapter 448 Suspected
Chapter 449 The Holy Doctor is coming to the Valley
Chapter 450 See through at a glance
Chapter 451 Fair Competition
Chapter 452 A moth flies into the flame
Chapter 453 Refuse to Become a Disciple
Chapter 454 Murderous intention arises again
Chapter 455 Foodies Save Beauty
Chapter 456 Make an appointment
Chapter 457 Become famous
Chapter 458 The leader pleases
Chapter 459 Youre welcome
Chapter 460 Chamber of Commerce Storm
Chapter 461 The ghost doctor is here
Chapter 462: Using the Beauty Trap
Chapter 463 Weird Father and Son
Chapter 464 From inheritance
Chapter 465 He decided to go
Chapter 466 Useless materials to challenge
Chapter 467 Perverted Lolita
Chapter 468 The two prides of Yunyan
Chapter 469: Kill instantly with one move
Chapter 470 Shura comes to the world
Chapter 471 Pay Off Debt
Chapter 472: Stealing the Snow Prince
Chapter 473 There is a contracted beast
Chapter 474 Whose Beauty?
Chapter 475 Love Rival Attacks
Chapter 476 Ah Ting takes action
Chapter 477 Contractual Relationship
Chapter 478 Ten Thousand Years Old Tree
Chapter 479 Very good acting skills
Chapter 480 Why are you angry?
Chapter 481 More like humans
Chapter 482 Something big happened
Chapter 483 Intercepting Sniper
Chapter 484 Visiting to celebrate birthday
Chapter 485 Birthday Ceremony of Vomiting Blood
Chapter 486 Its Time to Collect Debt
Chapter 487 Refusing to Give Up
Chapter 488 Hidden Strength
Chapter 489 Stepping into the Quagmire
Chapter 490 Ghost Doctors Feast
Chapter 491 Snow is exposed
Chapter 492 A trivial trick
Chapter 493 Too Naive
Chapter 494 Xi'er rests
Chapter 495 The savior is coming
Chapter 496 A good solicitor
Chapter 497 Expose yourself
Chapter 498 Im not afraid of you
Chapter 499 Just a trivial matter
Chapter 501 Sacrifice of the Son of God
Chapter 502 Boarding the Qiong Tower
Chapter 503 Maximum Difficulty
Chapter 504 Delicious Soul
Chapter 505 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 506: Terrified
Chapter 507 Stupid and hopeless
Chapter 508: Saving people and deceiving others
Chapter 509 Chasing the old monster
Chapter 510 Enemies meet
Chapter 511 Ah Ting goes berserk
Chapter 512 The sacrifice begins
Chapter 513 Obtaining the Divine Key
Chapter 514 The Guardian
Chapter 515 I’m late
Chapter 516 Dangerous Message
Chapter 517 Unparalleled Awakening
Chapter 518 Lord of Nine Nights
Chapter 519 Aoxue Jueshang
Chapter 520 She did it
Chapter 521 There is a turning point
Chapter 522 Return to the ghost world
Chapter 523 Xi and I
Chapter 524 Challenge the Big Gambling
Chapter 525 Red Nightmare
Chapter 526 You are a dog
Chapter 527 When to fall in love
Chapter 528 Work hard together
Chapter 529: Hands off the shopkeeper
Chapter 530 Nine Nights Seeking Treatment
Chapter 531 So used to it
Chapter 532 The Abnormal Spirit King
Chapter 533: Angry at night
Chapter 534 The most beautiful man
Chapter 535 Grass is everywhere
Chapter 536 Ugly hurts eyes
Chapter 537 Appetizers
Chapter 538 The rules need to be changed
Chapter 539 Peak Melee
Chapter 540 Alone
Chapter 541 Guardian Elder
Chapter 542 Can hold it
Chapter 543 A lot of familiarity
Chapter 544 I’m here
Chapter 545 I’m afraid of ghosts
Chapter 546 Poor vision
Chapter 547 It’s useless to ask for help
Chapter 548 Find the secret hand
Chapter 549 Prison Passage
Chapter 550 Always there
Chapter 551 I’m looking for you when I’m sick
Chapter 552 Meeting a Good Friend
Chapter 553 Coming out of Canghai Mansion
Chapter 554 Release the bait
Chapter 555 Just one move
Chapter 556 The most difficult level
Chapter 557 Eternal Artifact
Chapter 558 The Complete Collection of Ten Thousand Curses
Chapter 559 Take them all away
Chapter 560: Poaching
Chapter 561 Generous Rewards
Chapter 561 Generous Prizes
Chapter 562 The Ghost Doctor Appears
Chapter 563: Earn mercy
Chapter 564 A trivial trick
Chapter 565 Warm Reminder
Chapter 566 Shameless Forced Marriage
Chapter 567 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 568 Who is the real murderer?
Chapter 569: Digging out the mastermind
Chapter 570 Mo Jin was beaten
Chapter 571 Two Murderous Intentions
Chapter 572 Building the Sword Body
Chapter 573 Bullying the Goddess
Chapter 574 One level left
Chapter 575 Mysterious Sword Tip
Chapter 576 Bad Mood
Chapter 577 Principal Xuanxia
Chapter 578 Other Parts
Chapter 579 Foodie Arrives
Chapter 580 The scumbag invites you
Chapter 581 Three people walking together
Chapter 582 Two Fat Sheep
Chapter 583 Very difficult to mess with
Chapter 584 Contracted
Chapter 585 Challenge the Strongest
Chapter 586 Perverted Madman
Chapter 587 Set an example
Chapter 588 Seeking death by oneself
Chapter 589 Ghost Doctors Methods
Chapter 590 Finally baked
Chapter 591 Disqualification
Chapter 592 Personal grudges
Chapter 593 Blackmailing the Principal
Chapter 594 Officially begins
Chapter 595 Threat Effect
Chapter 596 Jiuye Proposal
Chapter 597 The Last Round
Chapter 598 Attention
Chapter 599 Even if you die, dont give up
Chapter 600: Sprinting and Refining
Chapter 601 Its so scary
Chapter 602 Too fierce
Chapter 603 Changing Strategy
Chapter 604 The group fight begins
Chapter 605 Exclusive Teacher
Chapter 606 Helping students
Chapter 607 Give sincerity
Chapter 608 Better looking than me
Chapter 609: Taking the wrong medicine
Chapter 610 Becoming a Teacher
Chapter 611 Surprise and fright
Chapter 612 Help Xi take a bath
Chapter 613 No distinction between each other
Chapter 614 The Medical and Poison Family
Chapter 615 Fight back
Chapter 616 Crazy Climbing the Ranking
Chapter 617 Empty Soul Body
Chapter 618 Monthly Assessment
Chapter 619 Breakthrough to the Imperial Level
Chapter 620 Chatting with beautiful women
Chapter 621 Thinking about Jiuye
Chapter 622 Becoming a Public Enemy
Chapter 623 Become famous
Chapter 624 Whose Fire is Stronger?
Chapter 625 Ill be there if you want me
Chapter 626 Always gentle
Chapter 627 Revealing the True Identity
Chapter 628 Go and move reinforcements
Chapter 629 Arrogant Student
Chapter 630 Crazy proposal
Chapter 631 Master of Alchemy
Chapter 632 A misunderstanding
Chapter 633 A winning streak
Chapter 634 Distress Signal
Chapter 635 Being followed
Chapter 636 Pursuit in the dark night
Chapter 637 A strong man appears
Chapter 638 Taking risks
Chapter 639 Strange Feeling
Chapter 640 Familiarity and Similarity
Chapter 641 Not a child
Chapter 642 Call me second uncle
Chapter 643 Too jealous
Chapter 644 Set goals
Chapter 645 Try a new sword
Chapter 646 Entering the Trap
Chapter 647 The oriole is behind
Chapter 648 Chief Poison Master
Chapter 649 Bringing Danger
Chapter 650 Cant bear to say goodbye
Chapter 651 No choice
Chapter 652: Used to save people
Chapter 653 Requesting to form a team
Chapter 654 Dark Night Harvest
Chapter 655 Besieged
Chapter 656 Fighting Three Brothers
Chapter 657 Someone is waiting
Chapter 658 Second First
Chapter 659 A thrilling victory
Chapter 660 Sneaking in late at night
Chapter 661 Go back to sleep
Chapter 662 Perverted Monster
Chapter 663 Xuan Yis Challenge
Chapter 664 Final Result
Chapter 665 Demonic Sword
Chapter 666 Medicine Valley Medicine Tower
Chapter 667 Being beaten to death
Chapter 668 Becoming a Woman
Chapter 669 Personal Disciple
Chapter 670 Revealing True Nature
Chapter 671 Gathering of Geniuses
Chapter 672 The first to arrive
Chapter 673 Bad Luck
Chapter 674: Look at it differently
Chapter 675 The last moment
Chapter 676 Get first place
Chapter 677 Sanctimonious
Chapter 678 Broken record
Chapter 679 Unable to pass
Chapter 680 Kings Flame
Chapter 681 Too noble
Chapter 682: Hold on for ten years
Chapter 683 Unable to complete
Chapter 684 Ive been waiting for you
Chapter 685 Jealousy attacks the heart
Chapter 686 Borrowing but never repaying
Chapter 687 Foodie Reminder
Chapter 688: Borrowing a fake tripod
Chapter 689 Medicine Valley is attacked
Chapter 690 Heavenly Colorful Colors
Chapter 691 Qingying wakes up
Chapter 692 Obtaining the Poison Cauldron
Chapter 693: Be ruthless
Chapter 694 Dont accept the burden
Chapter 695 The Valley Master Begs People
Chapter 696: Give up to her
Chapter 697 Long-term Meal Ticket
Chapter 698 The principal is back
Chapter 699 Piles of Bones
Chapter 700 Whose Woman
Chapter 701 The Real Killer
Chapter 702 Who provokes it first?
Chapter 703 Feeding yourself
Chapter 704 Dark Cuisine
Chapter 705 Help with taking a bath
Chapter 706 After recovering from the injury
Chapter 707 The danger of killing souls
Chapter 708 Sword Soul Killing Souls
Chapter 709 Destroying the Black Demon Sect
Chapter 710 The power of protection
Chapter 711 The Hundred Academy Competition
Chapter 712 Deliberately Targeting
Chapter 713: Invoking jealousy
Chapter 714 Come to rob the inn
Chapter 715 Rich College
Chapter 716 Snake soup stew
Chapter 717 Suffering from being dumb
Chapter 718 Who gets out?
Chapter 719 Xuan Yi is in danger
Chapter 720 Speeding up to catch up
Chapter 721 Venomous Snake Kills the Lord
Chapter 722 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 723 Treasure Hunting Expert
Chapter 724: Unable to grab gold
Chapter 725 Her request
Chapter 726 Catch him dreaming
Chapter 727 Holy Medical College
Chapter 728 Useless
Chapter 729 Ancient Sword Tomb
Chapter 730 Becoming the Sword Master
Chapter 731 Trembling with fear
Chapter 732 Finding clues
Chapter 733 Best to me
Chapter 734 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 735: Win the game
Chapter 736 Shocking Results
Chapter 737 Weird Genius
Chapter 738 The target is her
Chapter 739 Discussing Countermeasures Together
Chapter 740 Battle against Wan Wutian
Chapter 741 Poisoning in Public
Chapter 742 The sneak attack failed
Chapter 743 Economic Sources
Chapter 744 Two Conditions
Chapter 745: Put a guard in
Chapter 746 Guess what?
Chapter 747 The same person
Chapter 748 Dont give up on your life
Chapter 749 Nervous Father and Daughter
Chapter 750 Clothes burned out
Chapter 751 About to be exposed
Chapter 752 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 753 Cant live alone
Chapter 754 Someone save her
Chapter 755 Blood Prison in Hell Realm
Chapter 756 Savior
Chapter 757 Because of similarity
Chapter 758 Just looking for death
Chapter 759 Are you threatening me?
Chapter 760 A way to survive
Chapter 761 Goodbye Second Uncle
Chapter 762 Dont want to lie to him
Chapter 763 Cold-blooded Protector
Chapter 764 Second Uncle Comes to Meet
Chapter 765 Absolute Trust
Chapter 766 Unique
Chapter 767: Keep the distance
Chapter 768 No longer together
Chapter 769 Space Transformation
Chapter 770 Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 771 A momentary mistake
Chapter 772 Follow her
Chapter 773 The Eternal Sword
Chapter 774 Nothing will happen
Chapter 775 I suffer for you
Chapter 776 I dislike you very much
Chapter 777 Lord of Nine Nights
Chapter 778 Throw it away after use
Chapter 779 Be responsible for me
Chapter 780 Whats so good about it?
Chapter 781 Fighting for you
Chapter 782 Youre a foodie
Chapter 783: Tough and hard work
Chapter 784 Won a round
Chapter 785 Crush by strength
Chapter 786 Being tripped up
Chapter 787: Sneak attack to steal everything
Chapter 788 All passed
Chapter 789 Correct Answer
Chapter 790 Confession Rejected
Chapter 791 Entering the Inner Valley
Chapter 792 Spiritual Medicine Formation
Chapter 793 Foodie Benefits
Chapter 794 Extravagance and Waste
Chapter 795 Paving the way for her
Chapter 796 Jade King Marrow
Chapter 797 Who is holding back?
Chapter 798 Theres a good show to watch
Chapter 799 Take advantage of the chaos to strike
Chapter 800 You guessed it right
Chapter 801 What the Master Wants
Chapter 802 Internal fighting begins
Chapter 803 The only advantage
Chapter 804: Being a shield
Chapter 805 Killer
Chapter 806 Muscle King Kong
Chapter 807 I hate the two of them
Chapter 808 Closed Disciple
Chapter 809 Jun Mo is angry
Chapter 810 Underground Prison
Chapter 811 Destroy it for you
Chapter 812 Final Steps
Chapter 813 Always with you
Chapter 814 Going crazy with alcohol
Chapter 815 A gift
Chapter 816 Which one is missing?
Chapter 817 Needing Space Stone
Chapter 818 Space Element
Chapter 819 Spend money as much as you want
Chapter 820 The remnant of Shaogus master
Chapter 821 Fiery Thorns
Chapter 822 Dont die
Chapter 823 Qians Puppet
Chapter 824 Fire Tiger Guard
Chapter 825: Going to Pumice Island
Chapter 826 Completely destroyed
Chapter 827 Sacred Object of Fire
Chapter 828 Mysterious Stone Tower
Chapter 829 The Power of Space
Chapter 830 Banditry
Chapter 831 Want to protect Qian
Chapter 832 Protecting Qingying
Chapter 833 Killing the Demonic Dragon in the Sky
Chapter 834 His determination
Chapter 835 Sister is ruthless
Chapter 836 Cauldron Refining Demonic Dragon
Chapter 837 Squeezed dry
Chapter 838 The snipe and the clam fight
Chapter 839 Taking the wrong medicine
Chapter 840 This fool
Chapter 841 Dont believe the truth
Chapter 842 Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 843 Identity Exposed
Chapter 844 Re-entering the maze
Chapter 845: Make people crazy
Chapter 846 Breaking the Holy Medical Valley
Chapter 847 Seven-Star Xuanding
Chapter 848 Chaste and Martyred Woman
Chapter 849 The destruction begins
Chapter 850 Duel with the Ancestor
Chapter 851 The Secret Method of Soul Sacrifice
Chapter 852 The Divine Cauldron Backlash
Chapter 853 Active Summoning
Chapter 854 Heartbeat Action
Chapter 855 Dont die a good death
Chapter 856 Celebration Banquet
Chapter 857 Drunk and Crazy
Chapter 858 Who is more beastly?
Chapter 859 She cares most
Chapter 860 Thrilling Moment
Chapter 861 Sent to Hell
Chapter 862 is the first
Chapter 863 Jiuye is jealous
Chapter 864 Greedy and Stubborn
Chapter 865 Space Spirit Master
Chapter 867 Assisting in Repair
Chapter 867 The lotus opens with two petals
Chapter 868 Space Turbulence
Chapter 869 Yunxiu Young Hall
Chapter 870 Tryst with a man and a woman
Chapter 871 Moving into the Ye Family
Chapter 872 Amazing financial resources
Chapter 873 Nine Heavenly Thunders
Chapter 874 Cool and luxurious
Chapter 875 Falling into the mortal world
Chapter 876 Rough Healing
Chapter 877 Stunning Face
Chapter 878 Beautiful and delicious
Chapter 879 Too naughty
Chapter 880 I admire you
Chapter 881 Fire of Death
Chapter 882 Find the whereabouts
Chapter 883 Thank you very much
Chapter 884 Been Waiting
Chapter 885 Three Major Medicine Clans
Chapter 886 Xi misses me
Chapter 887 Curse Mutation
Chapter 888 Another advantage
Chapter 889 Sacred Heart of Buddha Bones
Chapter 890 What she wants
Chapter 891 Be her housekeeper
Chapter 892 Tacky birthday gift
Chapter 893 Bring your brain
Chapter 894 One move and its gone in seconds
Chapter 897 Chop the old cock
Chapter 896 Who is so presumptuous?
Chapter 899 There are still advantages
Chapter 898: Beginning with Chaos and Ending with Abandonment
Chapter 901: Bullying the Master and Destroying the Ancestor
Chapter 900 White Clothes Recovery
Chapter 903 Don’t believe it
Chapter 902 Naming the Sword
Chapter 905 Emotion in white clothes
Chapter 904 Get your dirty hands off
Chapter 907 Giving Poison Pill
Chapter 906 The sword understands him better
Chapter 909 A Shocking Sword
Chapter 908 Not doing business properly
Chapter 911 Overwhelming Jiuye
Chapter 910 The two have a tacit understanding
Chapter 913 Jiuye Narcissism
Chapter 912 Two men meet
Chapter 915 Let Xi take revenge
Chapter 914 Bullying
Chapter 917 Close Relationship
Chapter 916 The mood is wrong
Chapter 919 Such a reminder
Chapter 918 Dare not admit it
Chapter 921 Unable to restrain
Chapter 920 You did it on purpose
Chapter 923 Throw it away after use
Chapter 922 What a beautiful thought
Chapter 925 Looking down on others
Chapter 924 Night of Bloodshed
Chapter 927 Such garbage
Chapter 926 The poisonous woman appears again
Chapter 929 Nine Nights’ Means
Chapter 928: Evil magic
Chapter 931 Come when he is tired
Chapter 930 Im good at it
Chapter 933 Attacking Love Rival
Chapter 932 Confirming Identity
Chapter 935 Dark Cuisine
Chapter 934 Trapped
Chapter 937 Only one survives
Chapter 936 Feed you personally
Chapter 939 Black City Sniper
Chapter 938 That Place
Chapter 941 Possessive
Chapter 940 The Wrath of Lord Han
Chapter 943 Dragon has reverse scales
Chapter 942 Because I will die
Chapter 945 Brother in White
Chapter 944 Cant keep me
Chapter 947 Daydreaming
Chapter 946 Unique Interest
Chapter 949 Boarding the Blood Pavilion
Chapter 948 The Abandoned Person
Chapter 951 Preventing Leaving
Chapter 950 Hiding the treasure
Chapter 953 Being manipulated by you
Chapter 952 Baiyi is angry
Chapter 955 Twelve Positions
Chapter 954 Special Treatment
Chapter 957: Exit from Dragon Burial Cave
Chapter 956 Achieving Honorable Status
Chapter 959 Frozen Elixir
Chapter 958 A narrow escape from death
Chapter 961 Get Together
Chapter 960 Give it back to you
Chapter 963 It’s just partiality
Chapter 962 Fight to the Death
Chapter 965: Seeing lust and forgetting one's righteousness
Chapter 964 What she fears
Chapter 967: Amazed
Chapter 966 Ah Tings Means
Chapter 969 I just want to kiss you
Chapter 968 In a pool of blood
Chapter 971 Feeling stomachache
Chapter 970 Full Comfort
Chapter 973 Xi Wo is fed
Chapter 972 Grandpa Donghuang
Chapter 975 Until Death
Chapter 974 Got it right
Chapter 977 Being disgusted
Chapter 976 Fish caught in the net
Chapter 979 Nosy
Chapter 978 Exposing them
Chapter 981 One person is enough
Chapter 980 Cutting off both arms
Chapter 983 Willing to do it for you
Chapter 982 Peace is the most precious thing
Chapter 985 Rabies Vaccine
Chapter 984: Ruining his good deeds
Chapter 985 Rabies Vaccine
Chapter 986: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 987 Invincible Show of Power
Chapter 988 Who to ask for help
Chapter 989 Really not
Chapter 990 Blood-stained Western Conference Finals
Chapter 991 Im willing to kill you
Chapter 992 Using ones body as bait
Chapter 993 No new tricks
Chapter 994 Is it romantic?
Chapter 995 Fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 996 A famous woman has her own owner
Chapter 997 Bai Yi is jealous
Chapter 998 The bully arrives
Chapter 999 Lady Saint
Chapter 1000 Insulting the Saint
Chapter 1001 Even worse
Chapter 1002 You will regret it
Chapter 1003 The cursed person
Chapter 1004 The person who exterminated the clan
Chapter 1005 Blackmailing the Boss
Chapter 1006 Meet again
Chapter 1007 Its Beihan Palace
Chapter 1008 Always clingy
Chapter 1009: Scared off directly
Chapter 1010 Absolutely not allowed
Chapter 1011 Dont be rude
Chapter 1012: Guard the rear
Chapter 1013 Order me
Chapter 1014 This bastard
Chapter 1015 He is here
Chapter 1016 The spirit of a bastard
Chapter 1017 The Wrath of the Tyrannosaurus
Chapter 1018 High-profile concubinage
Chapter 1019 Love at first sight
Chapter 1020 Burned completely
Chapter 1021 Unable to resist
Chapter 1022 Give you some water
Chapter 1023 Surprise you
Chapter 1024 Become famous in one battle
Chapter 1025 White Clothes Recovery
Chapter 1026 Distract him
Chapter 1027 Qingying takes action
Chapter 1028 Only for Qian Yong
Chapter 1029 Want to drive me away
Chapter 1030 I love you so much
Chapter 1031 Why are you here?
Chapter 1032 It will be yours
Chapter 1033 I am Xis
Chapter 1034 Kiss until willing
Chapter 1035 Giving it away to myself
Chapter 1036 Save his life
Chapter 1037 How about sharing
Chapter 1038 A clue
Chapter 1039 Two people are persistent
Chapter 1040 Will be the enemy
Chapter 1041 Being deceived
Chapter 1042 Determined to Win
Chapter 1043 Poke a small hole
Chapter 1044 Shrimp Soldiers and Crab Generals
Chapter 1045 Too much nonsense
Chapter 1046 On me
Chapter 1047 The arrival of the saint
Chapter 1048 Your Sweetheart
Chapter 1049 Shut up, everyone
Chapter 1050 Too weak and too slow
Chapter 1051 Come first
Chapter 1052 Worrying about life
Chapter 1053 Helpless
Chapter 1054: Eating on the sidelines
Chapter 1055 A catastrophe
Chapter 1056 I wont let you kick
Chapter 1057: Trapped here
Chapter 1058 The Saint Cries
Chapter 1059 Believe in the Saint
Chapter 1060 Listen clearly
Chapter 1061 Bai Wuhai arrives
Chapter 1062 Similar Woman
Chapter 1063 Stupid and Blind
Chapter 1064: Deep affection
Chapter 1065 The fox pretends to be the tigers power
Chapter 1066 Will not let go
Chapter 1067 Who is the sign?
Chapter 1068 Just wanton
Chapter 1069 Always humble
Chapter 1070 Just incompetent
Chapter 1071 Presbyopia
Chapter 1072 Looting the Medicine Palace
Chapter 1073 Shameless Complaint
Chapter 1074 Dont be stupid from the cold
Chapter 1075 Qingying is lost
Chapter 1076 Teach you how to chase people
Chapter 1077 Difference in Identity
Chapter 1078 Someone snitched
Chapter 1079 Qingying fights
Chapter 1080 Falling in love with Qingying
Chapter 1081 Kneel down and ask for medicine
Chapter 1082 Made into a Puppet
Chapter 1083 Wishful Thinking
Chapter 1084: Using local materials
Chapter 1085 Similar Appearance
Chapter 1086 The puppet has intentions
Chapter 1087: To dig out the heart
Chapter 1088 Came very quickly
Chapter 1089 Easy instant kill
Chapter 1090 Want to see the poster
Chapter 1091: Forcing the Palace Master to Retreat
Chapter 1092 Master and Disciple Companions
Chapter 1093 Affectionate and Domineering
Chapter 1094 Jealousy of Ah Ting
Chapter 1095 The ghost doctor shows up
Chapter 1096 A Ting Yunxiu
Chapter 1097 A life of severity
Chapter 1100 Who bullied you?
Chapter 1099 Three views are broken
Chapter 1102 Sneak attack blocked
Chapter 1101 I am yours
Chapter 1104 Not as good as her
Chapter 1103 The Reincarnation of Life
Chapter 1106 Goal First
Chapter 1105 Too good at pretending to be young
Chapter 1108 A monster
Chapter 1107 Attracting the whole audience
Chapter 1110 Restoring freedom
Chapter 1109 Losing control of emotions
Chapter 1112 Wanting credit
Chapter 1111 Puppet Nemesis
Chapter 1115 I can’t bear it
Chapter 1113 Bad things
Chapter 1114 Its time to come back
Chapter 1118 Real Thoughts
Chapter 1116 Cant afford to offend
Chapter 1117 Dont get the wrong person
Chapter 1121 Kissing in Thunder
Chapter 1119 I want to embezzle it for myself
Chapter 1120 Accidental
Chapter 1124 Don’t lie to me
Chapter 1122 Becoming a Wife Slave
Chapter 1123 Xi calls her husband
Chapter 1127 Not even leaving
Chapter 1125 Awakening Curse
Chapter 1126 Lord Water Dragon
Chapter 1130: Misty atmosphere
Chapter 1128 Rejection of Transaction
Chapter 1129: Scared away with one move
Chapter 1133 The ferocious beast
Chapter 1131 Falling into a trap
Chapter 1132: Kidnapped
Chapter 1136 I just want to help you
Chapter 1134 Horrible Abnormality
Chapter 1135 Royal pressure
Chapter 1139 It’s hard to protect yourself
Chapter 1137 The Wood Dragon Clan
Chapter 1138 Defeat You
Chapter 1142 Young Master’s Wife
Chapter 1140 New Force
Chapter 1141 Taking a Hostage
Chapter 1145 Two Monsters
Chapter 1143 Qian Xi is strong
Chapter 1144 Nine Nights Debt Collection
Chapter 1149 Conquer them
Chapter 1146 Cut some meat
Chapter 1147 Should I change it?
Chapter 1148 Yao Xi confesses
Chapter 1153 Admiration
Chapter 1150 Water Dragon Clan Leader
Chapter 1151 His body
Chapter 1152 The Strongest Combat Power
Chapter 1157 The scourge
Chapter 1154 Your Man
Chapter 1155 Opening Dragon King Island
Chapter 1156 The Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon
Chapter 1161 Pure Golden Dragon
Chapter 1158 Crazy
Chapter 1159 Backwater Dragon Island
Chapter 1160 Refuse to hand over
Chapter 1165 Same mood
Chapter 1162 Dare to admit it
Chapter 1163 I surrender
Chapter 1164 Dragon Tomb Ruins
Chapter 1165 Same mood
Chapter 1166 Becoming a Hostage
Chapter 1167 Stay on guard
Chapter 1168 The Complete Collection of Ten Thousand Curses
Chapter 1169 Ah Ting is sleeping
Chapter 1170 The young master is here
Chapter 1171 The oriole is behind
Chapter 1172: Playing tricks
Chapter 1173 The strong man of the gods
Chapter 1174 His Highness Jiuye
Chapter 1175 Destroy Jiuye
Chapter 1176 About to lose control
Chapter 1177 Killing the Demon God
Chapter 1178 Made her cry
Chapter 1179 Very reluctant to part with you
Chapter 1180 Reflect on yourself
Chapter 1181 Opening the First Curse
Chapter 1182 Does Xi still hurt?
Chapter 1183 Let it be a pillow
Chapter 1184 He is my friend
Chapter 1185 Xiaoyun Palace is in danger
Chapter 1186 Is he a human being?
Chapter 1187 White Lotus Saint
Chapter 1188 Three Geniuses
Chapter 1189 There is a quasi-artifact
Chapter 1190 Femme Woman
Chapter 1191 Temporary Learning
Chapter 1192 Dont be surprised
Chapter 1193 Compensation is due
Chapter 1194 Yun Xius pain
Chapter 1195 Come to say goodbye
Chapter 1196 Love is hard to control
Chapter 1197 Unavoidable
Chapter 1198 So coquettish
Chapter 1199: Cheating as a child
Chapter 1200 Just missed it
Chapter 1201 Stalking
Chapter 1202 Easily broken
Chapter 1203 Firebird Trap
Chapter 1204 The killing move is super cool
Chapter 1205 Listen to Xier
Chapter 1206 Meeting the little guy
Chapter 1207 Crying to collect medicine
Chapter 1208 You are very powerful
Chapter 1209 Sacred Heart of Buddha Bones
Chapter 1210 Fate with her
Chapter 1211 Goodbye Xiaobai
Chapter 1212 Parting ways
Chapter 1213 One step faster
Chapter 1214
Chapter 1215 Lord of Yancheng
Chapter 1216 Guarding the Way of the Sword
Chapter 1217 The partner is too strong
Chapter 1218 Rapid Progress
Chapter 1219 The fighting begins
Chapter 1220 Cant Stop It
Chapter 1221 You will die
Chapter 1222 Battle with Feng Yunxiu
Chapter 1223 Bloodthirsty Sword Slave
Chapter 1224 Exposing the artifact
Chapter 1225 Soul Killing is chasing after you
Chapter 1226 Nine Nights Soul Killing
Chapter 1227 Evil Star and Evil God
Chapter 1228 Take a nap
Chapter 1229 Its a fake
Chapter 1230 What a big deal
Chapter 1231 You are the one who dies
Chapter 1232 Im late
Chapter 1233 Battle between father and daughter
Chapter 1234 Too much of a waste
Chapter 1235 Betrayal of His Highness
Chapter 1236 Why save?
Chapter 1237 Who is he?
Chapter 1238 The fish takes the bait
Chapter 1239 Long time no see
Chapter 1240 Its almost done
Chapter 1241 Pretentious Seventh Young Master
Chapter 1242: Stand up for beauty
Chapter 1243 Its just a shame
Chapter 1244 See His Highness
Chapter 1245 Who should I ask?
Chapter 1246 Trap
Chapter 1247 Are you crazy?
Chapter 1248 The fish takes the bait
Chapter 1249 How dark the heart is
Chapter 1250 The Seventh Young Master of Beihan
Chapter 1251 Pure and Pure
Chapter 1252 The Saints Murderous Intent
Chapter 1253 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 1254 The Saint is defeated
Chapter 1255 Haha, evenly divided
Chapter 1256 Seven Young Masters Challenge
Chapter 1257 Acting in a high profile
Chapter 1258 Its a threat
Chapter 1259: reaping the consequences
Chapter 1260 Palace Masters Token
Chapter 1261 Lord Palace Master
Chapter 1262: Pampered to Heaven
Chapter 1263 The Second Uncle in White
Chapter 1264 Walking on Thin Ice
Chapter 1265 Sinful
Chapter 1266 Defeated in seven moves
Chapter 1267 Zhan Yu Bingqing
Chapter 1268 Wants to torture and kill her
Chapter 1269 Moved the reverse scale
Chapter 1270 Qianye Young Palace
Chapter 1271 Yun Xiu congratulates
Chapter 1272 Punish yourself
Chapter 1273 Give you a ride
Chapter 1274 Useless
Chapter 1275 Tiger Poison Food Seeds
Chapter 1276 Evil Medicine Cauldron
Chapter 1277 I want to eat you
Chapter 1278 Reincarnation is capable
Chapter 1279 Serve Her
Chapter 1280 News leaked
Chapter 1281 Ah Ting wakes up
Chapter 1282 Want to live or die
Chapter 1283 End of life
Chapter 1284 You bite me
Chapter 1285 Holy Son of Sanskrit
Chapter 1286 Take good care of yourself
Chapter 1287 Arrogant Dandy
Chapter 1288: Trapping the Holy Son
Chapter 1289 Rebellion
Chapter 1290 Love at first sight
Chapter 1291 Evened
Chapter 1292 The beauty of Xiao
Chapter 1293 The poison master explodes
Chapter 1294 Promise with ones body
Chapter 1295 Masters Plaything
Chapter 1296 The Young Palaces Male Favorite
Chapter 1297 Asking for Instructions from Your Highness
Chapter 1298 Exchange Conditions
Chapter 1299 The chickens and dogs are restless
Chapter 1300 Loves me the most
Chapter 1301 Yin and Yang Polarities
Chapter 1302 Cooked Rice
Chapter 1303: Also caught
Chapter 1304: Murder and Silence
Chapter 1305 The Pole of Yang
Chapter 1306 Qian Xi is furious
Chapter 1307 Self-recommend pillow mat
Chapter 1308 Taking the initiative to confess
Chapter 1309 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 1310 Zeros Betrayal
Chapter 1311 Zeros Memory
Chapter 1312 Killing and Promotion
Chapter 1313 Too shameless
Chapter 1314 Powerful Nine Nights
Chapter 1315 A lifetime of provocation
Chapter 1316: Falling out of favor sooner or later
Chapter 1317 A Dream of Spring Night
Chapter 1318 No need to be shy
Chapter 1319 No more trouble
Chapter 1320 His Intuition
Chapter 1321 Call him here
Chapter 1322 A clear path
Chapter 1323 Changing Fiance
Chapter 1324: So angry that he breaks his skills
Chapter 1325: White Clothes Life Experience
Chapter 1326 His Highness Sends Pills
Chapter 1327 Lets go together
Chapter 1328 What a mistake
Chapter 1329 Shameless
Chapter 1330 Just beast taming
Chapter 1331 Arrogant Visitor
Chapter 1332 Who is more arrogant?
Chapter 1333 Exchange for life
Chapter 1334 Country bumpkin
Chapter 1335: Fooled to death
Chapter 1336 A late night fight
Chapter 1337 Important Information
Chapter 1338 Dogs eyes look at people
Chapter 1339 One's own strength
Chapter 1340 Everyone who meets you has a share
Chapter 1341 Revenge her
Chapter 1342 Take action directly
Chapter 1343 Asking her to beg for mercy
Chapter 1344 Lets use it as fertilizer
Chapter 1345 Arrogant and seeking death
Chapter 1346 Completely Abandoned
Chapter 1347 Nine Sun Mysterious Fruit
Chapter 1348: Poison you to death
Chapter 1349 Weird Power
Chapter 1350 Thank you so much
Chapter 1351 The Saint Tells the Truth
Chapter 1352 Coming to Xi
Chapter 1353 Nine Nights is insidious
Chapter 1354 Cant sleep tonight
Chapter 1355 Chaos and Visions
Chapter 1356 Not worthy at all
Chapter 1357 Amazing Prize
Chapter 1358 Lost everything
Chapter 1359 Xi Tai is perfunctory
Chapter 1360 Closer
Chapter 1361 True and False News
Chapter 1362 Youcheng Auction
Chapter 1363: People-pleasing
Chapter 1364 Meeting the Soul Killer Again
Chapter 1365 Want to have him
Chapter 1366 Elusive
Chapter 1367 The insidious soul-killing
Chapter 1368 Thousand Fantasy Golden Ni
Chapter 1369 Good figure
Chapter 1370 Qian Xi is angry
Chapter 1371 As low as dust
Chapter 1372 Golden Flame Puppet
Chapter 1373 Weird Request
Chapter 1374 Meeting again
Chapter 1375 Yun Xiu Ruochen
Chapter 1376 Xiaobai is strong
Chapter 1377 Zhan Yin Ruochen
Chapter 1378 A shocking battle
Chapter 1379 Disappoint him
Chapter 1380 God of Killing
Chapter 1381 Soul Killing is Strange
Chapter 1382 The more I want to destroy it
Chapter 1390 Fighting with Life
Chapter 1384 Destroy Beihan Palace
Chapter 1385 Bai Wuhai arrives
Chapter 1386 Sanctions Begin
Chapter 1387 Taking in Nalan
Chapter 1388 Three battles
Chapter 1389 Who is not qualified?
Chapter 1397 Princess Linlang
Chapter 1391 The Shadow of the Feng Family
Chapter 1392 She is very angry
Chapter 1393 Full of flaws
Chapter 1394: Force Ming Ji out
Chapter 1395 She is a ghost doctor
Chapter 1396 Death is imminent
Chapter 1404 Decryption of Life Experience
Chapter 1398 Shio Unmarried Husband
Chapter 1399 The Shadow of War Sealing
Chapter 1400 Tearing the Soul
Chapter 1401 Reward Xi
Chapter 1402 Bad feeling
Chapter 1403 Kirin Bloodline
Chapter 1411 Soul Killing Method
Chapter 1405 Beigong Jue Arrives
Chapter 1406 Fighting to the rescue
Chapter 1407 I wont kill him
Chapter 1408 The Holy Son is possessed by the devil
Chapter 1409: Hunted by the whole people
Chapter 1410 I dont believe you
Chapter 1418: To destroy the entire clan
Chapter 1412: Fight violence with violence
Chapter 1413 Encountering the Evil Spirit Tribe
Chapter 1414 Make a complete set
Chapter 1415 Hurry up and call
Chapter 1416 Fox Tail
Chapter 1417: Coercion and Seduction
Chapter 1425 Stand up for him
Chapter 1419 She is a ghost doctor
Chapter 1420: Unhappy Retribution
Chapter 1421 A narrow escape from death
Chapter 1422 I didnt lie to you
Chapter 1423: The Holy Son Who Tricked People
Chapter 1424 The Holy Son was beaten
Chapter 1432 Escape
Chapter 1426 Its Mu Qianxi
Chapter 1427 Looking for a fiance
Chapter 1428 An unexpected pearl
Chapter 1429 Yinbei Gongjue
Chapter 1430 No one dares to stop
Chapter 1431 Jealousy
Chapter 1439 The host’s wife
Chapter 1433 The head of the family returns
Chapter 1434 The Wrath of the Lord
Chapter 1435 Ill kill you
Chapter 1436 Yin Ruochen arrives
Chapter 1437 Beigongs Defeat
Chapter 1438 Accompany her for nine nights
Chapter 1446 Feeling cordial
Chapter 1440 One Year Cycle
Chapter 1441 Three Thousand Harem
Chapter 1442 Crazy Auction
Chapter 1443 Her name is Luo Miao
Chapter 1444 Complete Indulgence
Chapter 1445 Super Good Dad
Chapter 1453 Fuzzy Memory
Chapter 1447 Cloud Sea Divine Realm
Chapter 1448 Do you still have shame?
Chapter 1449 Take Luo Miao with you
Chapter 1450 This is death
Chapter 1451 Meeting Brothers and Sisters Again
Chapter 1452: Kill them
Chapter 1460 Want to protect
Chapter 1454 Luo Miaos identity
Chapter 1455 Great cause for a long time to come
Chapter 1456 Sea Heart Blue Lotus
Chapter 1457 Soul of Destiny
Chapter 1458 Destiny
Chapter 1459 Where the Fragments Are
Chapter 1467 The Remnant Soul of the Evil God
Chapter 1461 Two come out
Chapter 1462 A beast
Chapter 1463 Im back
Chapter 1464 Rescue Xiaobai
Chapter 1465 Battle with Beigong Jue
Chapter 1466 Cant kill him
Chapter 1474 I’m late
Chapter 1468 The inner demon of the Holy Son
Chapter 1469: Awakening by chanting sutras
Chapter 1470 Soul Killing Attack
Chapter 1471 Take the opportunity to kill him
Chapter 1472: Driving the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 1473 Killing Intention in White Clothes
Chapter 1481 Life is mine
Chapter 1475 Xiaobai disappears
Chapter 1476 You should believe him
Chapter 1477 Operation Yexie
Chapter 1478 Cant Stop It
Chapter 1479 Lifelong Assistance
Chapter 1480 Xuanyuan Qingyun
Chapter 1488 The Soul-killing Holy Son
Chapter 1482 The whole clan takes action
Chapter 1483 Core Battlefield
Chapter 1484 He still has the nerve
Chapter 1485 Ming Ji appears
Chapter 1486 Lord of Nine Nights
Chapter 1487 Soul-killing Yexie
Chapter 1495: All kinds of jealousy
Chapter 1489 Killing Souls to Protect Weaknesses
Chapter 1490 Falling into dormancy
Chapter 1491 The Water Dragon Arrives
Chapter 1492 I dont regret it
Chapter 1493 Complete Disappearance
Chapter 1494 Cat Owner
Chapter 1502 The Eastern Crown Prince
Chapter 1496 Kill at the door
Chapter 1497 I will want to see you
Chapter 1498 Xi is mine
Chapter 1499 of the Qilin Clan
Chapter 1500 Fusion of two parts
Chapter 1501 I believe in Xi
Chapter 1509: Robbery from the rich and giving to the poor
Chapter 1503 Grandpa cooks
Chapter 1504 Only Xi can cure it
Chapter 1505 As a substitute
Chapter 1506 Become the King of the Mountain
Chapter 1507 Sect Disciple
Chapter 1508 The tough boss
Chapter 1516 Both destroy the emperor
Chapter 1510 She is dead
Chapter 1511 Mr. Fengyun
Chapter 1512 News about Dad
Chapter 1513 Strong Junior Sister
Chapter 1514 So perverted
Chapter 1515 Competition Sparring Training
Chapter 1523 Mental Attack
Chapter 1517 Getting angry
Chapter 1518 Too Shocking
Chapter 1519 A small breakthrough
Chapter 1520 Still Very Poor
Chapter 1521 The sickly young master
Chapter 1522 Crisis is everywhere
Chapter 1530 Hitting oneself in the mouth
Chapter 1524 Hidden Strength
Chapter 1525 You are a monster
Chapter 1526 Cooperate with you
Chapter 1527 Waiting for the news
Chapter 1528 The ghost doctor takes action
Chapter 1529 Calling Master Patriarch
Chapter 1537 Getting lucky
Chapter 1531 Who does Xi like?
Chapter 1532 Toast a glass of wine
Chapter 1533 Mo Xuans foster father
Chapter 1534 Power of Life
Chapter 1535 So perverted
Chapter 1536: Grab them all
Chapter 1544 Wonderful Confrontation
Chapter 1538 Its your senior brother
Chapter 1539 Senior Brothers and Junior Sisters
Chapter 1540 Low profile and high profile
Chapter 1541 One move is enough
Chapter 1542 Seven together
Chapter 1543 The face is swollen
Chapter 1551 Qian Xi is swallowed
Chapter 1545 Endless
Chapter 1546 Perverted Senior Brother
Chapter 1547 Ill go with Xi
Chapter 1548 Feeling ashamed of oneself
Chapter 1549 Makes people jealous
Chapter 1550 Talking too much
Chapter 1558 Can help
Chapter 1552 Killing the White-Eyed Wolf
Chapter 1553 Its my turn to fight back
Chapter 1554 Awakening Teleportation
Chapter 1555 Its all hers
Chapter 1556 Supreme Holy Bones
Chapter 1557 Linyue Langxing
Chapter 1565 Sect Crisis
Chapter 1559 Four items left
Chapter 1560 Linlangs lackey
Chapter 1561 Dont save me until you die
Chapter 1562 Special Opponent
Chapter 1563 You must die
Chapter 1564 Senior brother is afraid of pain
Chapter 1572 Sharing Secrets
Chapter 1566 Qingying takes action
Chapter 1567 Want a good morning kiss
Chapter 1568 Soul Killing
Chapter 1569 Soul Fusion
Chapter 1570 I dont allow it
Chapter 1571 Jealousy is terrible
Chapter 1579 Who has more money?
Chapter 1573 Keep running
Chapter 1574 I want to thank you
Chapter 1575 Entering the Miasma Forest
Chapter 1576 Miasma Storm
Chapter 1577 Divine Tree of Life
Chapter 1578 The pervert is dead
Chapter 1586 Even more evil
Chapter 1580 Meeting Ji Sanniang
Chapter 1581 Mr. Bai Ze
Chapter 1582 The chess player
Chapter 1583 Let you die of old age
Chapter 1584 Qian Tai worked hard
Chapter 1585 Xiaohong goes crazy
Chapter 1593 Weird Master and Disciple
Chapter 1587 Mysterious Foster Father
Chapter 1588 Important Friend
Chapter 1589 Revenge is coming
Chapter 1590 Seeking revenge on her
Chapter 1591 Freak and Perversion
Chapter 1592 The Master is Blind
Chapter 1600 Completely ruined
Chapter 1594 Everyone wakes up
Chapter 1595 You are here
Chapter 1596 Step by step
Chapter 1597: Meeting a pervert
Chapter 1598 Super Good Luck
Chapter 1599 Amazing Strength
Chapter 1607 Low-class lackey
Chapter 1601 Show mercy
Chapter 1602 The Abnormal Battle
Chapter 1603 The fish takes the bait
Chapter 1604 Senior brother hates it
Chapter 1605 Already had a plan
Chapter 1606 Qingying is angry
Chapter 1614 The First Reward
Chapter 1608 The Fall of Genius
Chapter 1609 Mo Phoenix breaks his shell
Chapter 1610 Fengqi Wutong
Chapter 1611 Go to Xi first
Chapter 1612 A Cub
Chapter 1613 The main body goes into battle
Chapter 1621 The Strongest Genius
Chapter 1615 The Bloodline of the King
Chapter 1616 The Phoenix Clans Treasure
Chapter 1617 Too Buyable
Chapter 1618 Ziyou guessed it right
Chapter 1619 Not optimistic at all
Chapter 1620 The Strongest State
Chapter 1628 Black Phoenix Clan
Chapter 1622 Powerful Combination
Chapter 1623 Two versus one battle
Chapter 1624 Kings pressure
Chapter 1625 Going to Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 1626: Being his daughter
Chapter 1627: Spying on the secrets of heaven
Chapter 1635 Wait for me
Chapter 1629 Take it all out
Chapter 1630: Want the Thunder Spirit Pearl
Chapter 1631 Red Phoenix Clan
Chapter 1632 Quick decision
Chapter 1633 Fire and Thunder
Chapter 1634 The first to arrive
Chapter 1642 Battle with Chi Luoyu
Chapter 1636 Retrieve memory
Chapter 1637 Transit Inspection
Chapter 1638 Unstoppable
Chapter 1639 Thunder in the Ice
Chapter 1640 She is holding back
Chapter 1641 His Highness Tribulation
Chapter 1649 Not enjoyable
Chapter 1643 Facing Death
Chapter 1644 Exclude a place
Chapter 1645 Hand over the treasure
Chapter 1646 Red Phoenix Clan Leader
Chapter 1647 Reunion of love
Chapter 1648 My people
Chapter 1656 Alarming King Mo
Chapter 1650 Steal something
Chapter 1651 Xi said to support me
Chapter 1652 I cant afford it anymore
Chapter 1653 Mortgage you
Chapter 1654 Take a ride at night
Chapter 1655 biological daughter
Chapter 1663 Next Door Neighbor
Chapter 1657 A hard slap in the face
Chapter 1658 Requesting release
Chapter 1659 Sacrificing Beauty
Chapter 1660 A night of begging for mercy
Chapter 1661 Your Illusion
Chapter 1662 The most worried
Chapter 1670 Immortality
Chapter 1664 Instructors Judgment
Chapter 1665 Nine Nights Guidance
Chapter 1666 Vow not to give up
Chapter 1667 Reversal of the Spell
Chapter 1668 Three-clawed Chilong
Chapter 1669 Return safely
Chapter 1677 One step away
Chapter 1671 Feng Sheng Tomb
Chapter 1672 Evil Soul
Chapter 1673 Rapid Treatment
Chapter 1674 Everyone gathered around
Chapter 1675 Im very disappointed
Chapter 1676 Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 1684: Get tired
Chapter 1678 Grabbing the Credit
Chapter 1679 Sudden Proposal
Chapter 1680 Repairing the Artifact
Chapter 1681 One-sided words
Chapter 1682 Lord Mei protects
Chapter 1683 Very average
Chapter 1691 Self-destruction
Chapter 1685 Peaceful years
Chapter 1686 Expert support
Chapter 1687 Jiuye is awesome
Chapter 1688 Meeting Mo Qingwu
Chapter 1689 This is nothing
Chapter 1690 Go and bring reinforcements
Chapter 1699 Divine Realm Thunder Emperor
Chapter 1692 Dont feel sorry for me
Chapter 1693 The seal is loose
Chapter 1694 Its my fault
Chapter 1695 Dazzling Morning Star
Chapter 1696 Not enough lessons
Chapter 1697 Sea of Golden Thunder
Chapter 1698 Its actually a woman
Chapter 1707 Jiuye catches up
Chapter 1700 Phoenix Sacred Tomb
Chapter 1701 Get out now
Chapter 1702 Confronting Bing Ming
Chapter 1703 Faster than them
Chapter 1704 So talented
Chapter 1705 A gorgeous appearance
Chapter 1706 Looking for Death
Chapter 1715: Jealous
Chapter 1708 Give it a try
Chapter 1709 I really want to
Chapter 1710 Ice Phoenix Betrayal
Chapter 1711 Separating Bloodline
Chapter 1712 Ziyous body
Chapter 1713 I will eat you
Chapter 1714 Idiot Master
Chapter 1723 Fighting Bing Ming Again
Chapter 1716 Poor kissing skills
Chapter 1717 I cant help it anymore
Chapter 1718 Xi can put out the fire
Chapter 1719 Dark Ink Phoenix
Chapter 1720 Want to hold Xi
Chapter 1721 You and I
Chapter 1722 Must be destroyed
Chapter 1731 One meaning
Chapter 1724 No hope of rebirth
Chapter 1725 Eternal Faith
Chapter 1726 Destruction of Destiny
Chapter 1727 Reasons for being single
Chapter 1728 Dont push me away
Chapter 1729 Ambitious
Chapter 1730 The Wrath of the Dragon King
Chapter 1739 The Lustful Turtle Ancestor
Chapter 1732 The Sea of Underworld
Chapter 1733 Abyss Seal
Chapter 1734 Crushing Spell
Chapter 1735 The Underworld Beast
Chapter 1736 Experience cooking skills
Chapter 1737 Promise to finish eating
Chapter 1738 The beauty pageant begins
Chapter 1747: Worry about him
Chapter 1740 Dark Dragon Clan
Chapter 1741 Luring the enemy to the bait
Chapter 1742 Taking the young master hostage
Chapter 1743 Show sincerity
Chapter 1744 Jiuye comes to stop
Chapter 1745 Resurrection of the Queen
Chapter 1746 Leave it to me
Chapter 1755 Excited to meet guests
Chapter 1748 The third reopening
Chapter 1749: Fight and Conquer
Chapter 1750 Know who it is
Chapter 1751 The whereabouts of the Holy Dragon
Chapter 1752 He has a problem
Chapter 1753: The God Clan is in trouble
Chapter 1754 Ice Ban
Chapter 1763 Shadow Honesty
Chapter 1756 Suffering from Gods Punishment
Chapter 1757 A lifetime of teasing
Chapter 1758 Old Vixen
Chapter 1759 Called Mu Chenxi
Chapter 1760 The Island of Demonic Souls
Chapter 1761 Fengyue Wushuang
Chapter 1762 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 1771 Escape into desperate situation
Chapter 1764 Dont know each other again
Chapter 1765 His Highness has an order
Chapter 1766: Tired of playing too
Chapter 1767 Something was discovered
Chapter 1768 Feng Ling Feather Fan
Chapter 1769 Yanlong is hungry
Chapter 1770 Suzaku Demon Sword
Chapter 1779 The show is coming
Chapter 1772 Unwilling ambition
Chapter 1773: Raising the price while sitting on the ground
Chapter 1774 Demon Sword Broken Arm
Chapter 1775 Contempt for the Elders
Chapter 1776 Lower again and again
Chapter 1777 Cant sleep alone
Chapter 1778 Three tasks
Chapter 1787 Too short-sighted
Chapter 1780 Life-saving and soul-saving
Chapter 1781 The island owner invites you
Chapter 1782 Late Night Visit
Chapter 1783 Successful instigation of rebellion
Chapter 1784 Famous Teachers Guidance
Chapter 1785 She wants to go out
Chapter 1786 Want to grab the mount
Chapter 1795 Force her to compete
Chapter 1788 This is mine
Chapter 1789 Apologize to her
Chapter 1790 Suzaku Baize
Chapter 1791 She is back
Chapter 1792 The Ghost Sword comes on stage
Chapter 1793 Waiting for you on the tenth floor
Chapter 1794: Leave after reading this
Chapter 1803: Falling into a trap
Chapter 1796 Dont dare to be careless
Chapter 1797 Making people hate the rich
Chapter 1798 Not doing business properly
Chapter 1799 All Strength
Chapter 1800 Provocation
Chapter 1801 Happy for the Master
Chapter 1802 A guilty conscience
Chapter 1811 Don’t reveal any flaws
Chapter 1804 Im not worried
Chapter 1805: Favoring one and favoring the other
Chapter 1806 Destroy them
Chapter 1807 Magic Puppet
Chapter 1808 Want to grab it
Chapter 1809 Ignoring Confession
Chapter 1810 Linyues invitation
Chapter 1819 Walking Hand in Hand
Chapter 1812: Eradicate the weeds
Chapter 1813 Peak Spirit Saint
Chapter 1814 Hes my brother
Chapter 1815 A lifetime warning
Chapter 1816 This is too shameful
Chapter 1817 Nine Nights in a Lifetime
Chapter 1818 Im not in a hurry
Chapter 1827 Great Disparity in Strength
Chapter 1820 Attracted
Chapter 1821 The Power of Light
Chapter 1822 Terrifying Impact
Chapter 1823: Being Trapped
Chapter 1824 Exhausted
Chapter 1825 Unity and Friendship
Chapter 1826 Enough is Enough
Chapter 1835 Good character
Chapter 1828 Senior Brothers Life
Chapter 1829 The description becomes darker and darker
Chapter 1830 Leave it to Senior Brother
Chapter 1831 Who attacks whom?
Chapter 1832 Good Massage Hands
Chapter 1833 Its intentional
Chapter 1834 Too shameless
Chapter 1843 She likes you
Chapter 1836 Reject Linyue
Chapter 1837 Its about to begin
Chapter 1838 Shrew
Chapter 1839 Kill them
Chapter 1840 What do you want?
Chapter 1841 I want to give it to me
Chapter 1842: Goblin pestering people
Chapter 1851 Chaos
Chapter 1844 The real me
Chapter 1845: Eliminating harm for the people
Chapter 1846 Undead and strange beasts
Chapter 1847 Just be happy
Chapter 1848 Why are you afraid?
Chapter 1849 I was scared to tears
Chapter 1850 Self-Knowledge
Chapter 1859 Suzaku Warning
Chapter 1852 Beauty is natural
Chapter 1853 Still in retreat
Chapter 1854 Its okay
Chapter 1855 Medicine Refining Family
Chapter 1856 Dont want beauty
Chapter 1857 Not a human race
Chapter 1858 More than half
Chapter 1867 Grief and grievance
Chapter 1860 It was my mistake
Chapter 1861 Fighting Fire with Fire
Chapter 1862 Ancient Earth Dragon
Chapter 1863 A two-pronged approach
Chapter 1864 The speed is incredible
Chapter 1873 Don’t, don’t, don’t
Chapter 1866 A lifetime of action
Chapter 1875 You will really die
Chapter 1868 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 1869: Alarming the Snake
Chapter 1870 The target is me
Chapter 1871 Meeting Bei Gongjue
Chapter 1872 Conjecture and Testing
Chapter 1881 The unspeakable secret
Chapter 1874 Qian Xi is angry
Chapter 1883 Miss Dan
Chapter 1876 You need some face
Chapter 1877 Gambling with Life
Chapter 1878 Xiaobai, stop it
Chapter 1879 We want to go together
Chapter 1880 The Queen
Chapter 1889 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 1882 Did a good deed
Chapter 1891 Affectionate Confession
Chapter 1884: Courtesy first, then attack
Chapter 1885 Heart bleeding
Chapter 1886 Vision and courage
Chapter 1887 Dan Family Attacks
Chapter 1888 Dual-purpose
Chapter 1897: Going to the ninth level
Chapter 1890 To make great achievements
Chapter 1899 Just for fun
Chapter 1892 Kneel down and worship for life
Chapter 1893 Nine Turns Divine Pill
Chapter 1894 Im so reluctant to let go
Chapter 1895 Everyone pushes against the wall
Chapter 1896 Become famous
Chapter 1905 Nanchen Challenge
Chapter 1898 A rare encounter in a century
Chapter 1907 Moonlight Devouring Spirit
Chapter 1900 An idea
Chapter 1901 Wrong birth
Chapter 1902 Why not?
Chapter 1903 Defeat in ten moves
Chapter 1904 The Genius List is Out
Chapter 1913 Burned directly
Chapter 1906 Except Junior Sister
Chapter 1915 So much drama
Chapter 1908 The biggest joke
Chapter 1909 Im too lazy to fight
Chapter 1910 Hero saves beauty
Chapter 1911 Ungrateful
Chapter 1912 The seventh level of difficulty
Chapter 1921 Senior Brother Murong
Chapter 1914 Chu Li is trapped
Chapter 1923 Phoenix Dark Feather
Chapter 1916 Never Dreamed
Chapter 1917 Pure Demon Clan
Chapter 1918 Rotten Wood and Uncut Jade
Chapter 1919 New reasons
Chapter 1920: Recovering Sleep and Retreating
Chapter 1929: Braving the old shame
Chapter 1922: Stay with me to the end
Chapter 1931 Let me choose
Chapter 1924 Murong goes berserk
Chapter 1925 Black Cloud Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1926: Touched by Fanfan
Chapter 1927 Its Mu Chenxi
Chapter 1928 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 1937 Burning Gaze
Chapter 1930 Fantasy Fireworks
Chapter 1939 Don’t call me brother
Chapter 1932 Poison Spider Thousand Claws
Chapter 1933 Hidden weapons show their power
Chapter 1934 Kidnapped
Chapter 1935 Chongming is furious
Chapter 1936 Falling into a trap
Chapter 1945 Kill you
Chapter 1938 Praising Chongming
Chapter 1947 Soul Killing Threat
Chapter 1940 Want to express
Chapter 1941 Interception on the Road
Chapter 1942 Not afraid of offending
Chapter 1943: Destroy her
Chapter 1944 Revenge me
Chapter 1953 has a small use
Chapter 1954 Playing with the heartbeat
Chapter 1955 Come to die
Chapter 1948 I want to punish you
Chapter 1949 Fierce Punishment
Chapter 1950 The Pain of Soul Killing
Chapter 1951 Three Divine Beasts
Chapter 1952 The secret method of face changing
Chapter 1961 Mu’s Shadow
Chapter 1962 To destroy the character
Chapter 1963 Dreaming Back to the Divine Palace
Chapter 1956 Revealing the Danger
Chapter 1957 Fierce battle between geniuses
Chapter 1958 The out-of-control shadow
Chapter 1959 Not What He Wants
Chapter 1960 The only survivor
Chapter 1969 The Second Young Master Meng
Chapter 1970 Just cut it off
Chapter 1971 Senior Brother Xiaozhi
Chapter 1964 Junior Sister Chu Li
Chapter 1965 Send invitation
Chapter 1966 Want to see senior brother
Chapter 1967 Coming to seek revenge
Chapter 1968 Blackmailing the Palace Master
Chapter 1977 Chu Li wakes up
Chapter 1978 The Demon Appears
Chapter 1979 Deal with him
Chapter 1972 The upcoming wedding
Chapter 1973 Our luck
Chapter 1974 Already planned
Chapter 1975 Miserably surrendering
Chapter 1976 Snake Bitch
Chapter 1985 Classification
Chapter 1986 Meeting Mu Linlang
Chapter 1987 You are not confident
Chapter 1980 Senior Brother is Tough
Chapter 1981 Thunder Punishment Falls
Chapter 1982 Emergence from the Tomb of the Holy Dragon
Chapter 1983 I miss you too
Chapter 1984 Princess Linlang
Chapter 1993 Making the decision without permission
Chapter 1994 The Holy Dragon’s Fatal Point
Chapter 1995 The arrival of the monarch
Chapter 1988 Leave a last message
Chapter 1989 Ill piss you off
Chapter 1990 Seeing the Dragon Bone
Chapter 1991 Senior Brother is Here
Chapter 2000 It’s hard to bear
Chapter 2001 Believe in Jiuye
Chapter 2002 Wants to run away again
Chapter 2003 Want a reward
Chapter 1996 Thats right
Chapter 1997 Stay with me
Chapter 1998: Distracted and seeking death
Chapter 1999 Better run
Chapter 2008 Defeat one by one
Chapter 2009 Going to the inner circle
Chapter 2010 Because of boredom
Chapter 2011 Forced to join forces
Chapter 2004 We refuse
Chapter 2005 Too awesome
Chapter 2006 I have helpers
Chapter 2007 Weird crystal stone
Chapter 2016 The First Killer
Chapter 2017 Very difficult to deal with
Chapter 2018 Wrong person
Chapter 2019 Ah Ting takes action
Chapter 2012 A hearty battle
Chapter 2013 Send them away
Chapter 2014 Appalling
Chapter 2015 The Young Master Arrives
Chapter 2024 The eldest son
Chapter 2025 Happy to be a father
Chapter 2026 Pressing forward step by step
Chapter 2027 Coming to see my nephew
Chapter 2020 How is it similar?
Chapter 2021 Becoming a Little Slave
Chapter 2022 Baby Yiqing
Chapter 2023 No tacit understanding
Chapter 2032 Send you to explore the road
Chapter 2033 Really black-hearted
Chapter 2034 Littering
Chapter 2035 He won’t do it
Chapter 2028 No No No No
Chapter 2029 Who are you?
Chapter 2030 Dark Breath
Chapter 2031 Dangerous Vortex
Chapter 2041 Use poison on her
Chapter 2042 Too bad
Chapter 2043 Playing with poison and self-destruction
Chapter 2044 It’s not someone else
Chapter 2036 Kill them
Chapter 2037 Really dead
Chapter 2038 The must-kill list
Chapter 2039 Its too fake
Chapter 2040 Becoming popular
Chapter 2050 Decided to give up
Chapter 2051 Not in vain
Chapter 2052 Overestimating Oneself
Chapter 2053 Eat everything
Chapter 2045 Dinner is about to be served
Chapter 2046 Use it as a shield
Chapter 2047 Breaking out
Chapter 2048 A Tings Strength
Chapter 2049 I hate her even more
Chapter 2059 Second Level Divine Beast
Chapter 2060 Taming animals in public
Chapter 2061 I’m obsessed with you
Chapter 2062 Meet again
Chapter 2054 Come and snatch the sacred beast
Chapter 2055 Scare them away
Chapter 2056 Ancient Cemetery
Chapter 2057 Ah Tings Performance
Chapter 2058 Spending a Lot of Money
Chapter 2068 Brutal Elimination
Chapter 2069 Burning the bridge across the river
Chapter 2070 Kick out of here
Chapter 2071 Ungrateful
Chapter 2063 Duplicity
Chapter 2064 Its too late to stop
Chapter 2065 Its you
Chapter 2066 Linyue Evil Girl
Chapter 2067 Outstanding Disciple
Chapter 2077 Don’t touch her
Chapter 2078 Still not giving up
Chapter 2079 Not challenging
Chapter 2080 A little troublesome
Chapter 2072 Revealing Flaws
Chapter 2073 Whimsical
Chapter 2074 Hurry up and get on your way
Chapter 2075 Cant beat her
Chapter 2076 Thank you very much
Chapter 2086 Second Uncle Xiuxiu
Chapter 2087 Overthrow them
Chapter 2088 The mythical beast Qilin
Chapter 2089 Accompany me for a thousand years
Chapter 2081 Someone is coming
Chapter 2082 Super Genius
Chapter 2083 Catching up again
Chapter 2084 Xier complains
Chapter 2085 Will not forgive
Chapter 2095 Double Assassination
Chapter 2096 Come out for air
Chapter 2097 Can Become an Ally
Chapter 2098 Attacking Linyue
Chapter 2090 Blocking the Exit
Chapter 2091 Personal grudges
Chapter 2092 Bring the message back
Chapter 2093 Destroy his minions
Chapter 2094 Catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 2104 Uninvited
Chapter 2105 They are all masks
Chapter 2106 Chenxi Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 2107 I feel good
Chapter 2099: Eliminating harm for the people
Chapter 2100 The Curse Master Attacks
Chapter 2101 Not Qualified
Chapter 2102 Spell Immunity
Chapter 2103 Im leaving first
Chapter 2113 Counterattack against Wanqi
Chapter 2114: Practice with you
Chapter 2115 The fish takes the bait
Chapter 2116 Life is yours
Chapter 2108 Extravagance
Chapter 2109 Super stingy
Chapter 2110 Ice and Snow King
Chapter 2111 I cant stand it anymore
Chapter 2112 Yuxue Clan
Chapter 2122 Burnt Eyebrows
Chapter 2123 Where to learn from
Chapter 2124 Charlatan
Chapter 2125 The result is out
Chapter 2117 I wont regret it
Chapter 2118 Cant do it
Chapter 2119 There is still a scam
Chapter 2120 Entering a haunted house by mistake
Chapter 2121 Wait for me
Chapter 2131 Deduction of Pocket Money
Chapter 2132 Xuanwu Completed the Square
Chapter 2133 What a hell
Chapter 2134: Prosperity and Prosperity
Chapter 2126 Take good care of yourself
Chapter 2127 Have you changed your gender?
Chapter 2128 You read it wrong
Chapter 2129 My name is Agui
Chapter 2130 Lonely Ghost
Chapter 2140 It’s too late to regret
Chapter 2141 Death Ant King
Chapter 2142 How dare you
Chapter 2143 The Water Dragon Awakens
Chapter 2135 Countermeasures
Chapter 2136 Win the battle
Chapter 2137 The Ridge of Death
Chapter 2138 I will destroy you all
Chapter 2139 Death is coming
Chapter 2149 Burning the Ghost Tree
Chapter 2150 The fake tree ran away
Chapter 2151 Becoming a Ghost King
Chapter 2152 The Demonic Tree of Death
Chapter 2144 Serving My Lord
Chapter 2145 Bullying others with power
Chapter 2146 Going and Returning
Chapter 2147 Catching the naughty kid
Chapter 2148 Entering the Ghost Ancestral Tree
Chapter 2158 Corrosion of Will
Chapter 2159 Become the leader
Chapter 2160 Pay the price
Chapter 2161 President of the Imperial Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 2153 Controlling the Ghost King
Chapter 2154 Being swapped
Chapter 2155 Ghost Doctor Exclusive
Chapter 2156 The Ghost Doctor Appears
Chapter 2157 Shuilong hosts
Chapter 2167 The first one to arrive
Chapter 2168 Terrible Person
Chapter 2169 Help her with things
Chapter 2170 Sit back and wait.
Chapter 2162 Its the eldest prince
Chapter 2163 Climb the wall to find her
Chapter 2164 What background
Chapter 2165 Show off bloodline
Chapter 2166 Its really hopeless
Chapter 2176 Lightning strike is ineffective
Chapter 2177 The Wind Shadow Clan
Chapter 2178 Make her angry
Chapter 2179 Two people meet
Chapter 2171 One of the Ten Heroes
Chapter 2172 Entering the second game
Chapter 2173 Old friends get together
Chapter 2174 Picked two teams
Chapter 2175 Comparing with His Highness
Chapter 2186 Qian Xi is injured
Chapter 2187 Thunder Tribulation Arrives Again
Chapter 2188 Just give up.
Chapter 2189 His Majesty the Eastern Emperor
Chapter 2180 The two strongest people
Chapter 2181 Cant use shadows
Chapter 2182 He cant lose
Chapter 2183: Stay with me to the end
Chapter 2184 Battle with Mu Linlang
Chapter 2185 Dual Elements Exposed
Chapter 2196 Taking the Prime Minister hostage
Chapter 2197 Join forces to kill the enemy
Chapter 2198 The face is ugly
Chapter 2199 Beigong Jue comes
Chapter 2190 There is a fifth scene
Chapter 2191 Six people arrived
Chapter 2192 Entering the Eastern Emperor Tower
Chapter 2193 Something is wrong
Chapter 2194 Far ahead
Chapter 2195 Unlimited Potential
Chapter 2206 No need to hide
Chapter 2207 Qian’s Puppet
Chapter 2208 His corpse
Chapter 2209 The Shadow of the Feng Family
Chapter 2200 Working together
Chapter 2201 Who Killed Who?
Chapter 2202 Summoning Contracted Beasts
Chapter 2203 A piece of grassland
Chapter 2204 There must be an affair
Chapter 2205 Qingying wakes up
Chapter 2216 Go to the laboratory
Chapter 2218 Luring the wolf into the house
Chapter 2220 Name Su Yifeng
Chapter 2221 Five Poisonous Creatures
Chapter 2210 Stabbing in the Back
Chapter 2211 His Royal Highness the Crown Prince
Chapter 2212 Check the Feng family
Chapter 2213 Dont lose to him
Chapter 2214 I want to break off the engagement
Chapter 2215 Its not easy to compare
Chapter 2228 The true appearance of Qinglong
Chapter 2217 Perfect Work
Chapter 2230 Can’t be the master
Chapter 2219 He woke up
Chapter 2232 A Miracle
Chapter 2233 Critically ill
Chapter 2222 In big trouble
Chapter 2223 It works
Chapter 2224 Send someone over
Chapter 2225 Why not tell
Chapter 2226 Missed Birthday
Chapter 2227 Physical examination
Chapter 2240 Her Birthday
Chapter 2229 Brother Controls Compromise
Chapter 2242 Qingying farewell
Chapter 2231 Inexplicably close
Chapter 2244 Elders Protection
Chapter 2245 Favorite
Chapter 2234 Who did it?
Chapter 2235 The two have a long chat
Chapter 2236 Jiuye was seriously injured
Chapter 2237 Justified
Chapter 2238 Watch it personally
Chapter 2239 He wants to drink
Chapter 2252 This opponent
Chapter 2241 Send yourself again
Chapter 2254 Temple of Life
Chapter 2243 They Guess
Chapter 2256 The Power of the Curse Master
Chapter 2257 Let’s go together
Chapter 2246 Just as stingy
Chapter 2247 Double curse breaks out
Chapter 2248 Overturning the Vinegar
Chapter 2249 Following Diu Qingying
Chapter 2250 Weird Power
Chapter 2251 Divine Tree of Life
Chapter 2264 There must be a treasure
Chapter 2253 Cut it off directly
Chapter 2266 Shifting Target
Chapter 2255 Mutated Tree Man
Chapter 2268 Not willing to give in
Chapter 2269 It’s too late to meet
Chapter 2258 She wants to see you
Chapter 2259 Will also be angry
Chapter 2260 Unique
Chapter 2261 Human Emotions
Chapter 2262 Bloodthirsty King Luo
Chapter 2263 The Essence of Life
Chapter 2277 Successful Entrapment
Chapter 2265 Meeting the Third Prince
Chapter 2279 Harm yourself
Chapter 2267 Scared
Chapter 2281 Generous bribery
Chapter 2282 The shadow appears
Chapter 2270 Hospitality
Chapter 2271 Earth Wood City
Chapter 2272 Inspiring
Chapter 2273 Successfully Breaking Out
Chapter 2274 Sea of Life
Chapter 2275 Just want to protect
Chapter 2276 Want to help Qian
Chapter 2290 A madman
Chapter 2278 You are the one crying
Chapter 2292 Tragic End
Chapter 2280 Another confrontation
Chapter 2294 Horrible Nightmare
Chapter 2295 Will not give up
Chapter 2283 Shenmu takes action
Chapter 2284 Jealousy
Chapter 2285 The Way of Life
Chapter 2286 Fire and Wood Space
Chapter 2287 Unable to take it away
Chapter 2288 Why are you shaking?
Chapter 2289 Its Mu Qianxi
Chapter 2303 Hold on until she comes
Chapter 2291 Being taken away
Chapter 2305: Thousands of wounded will die
Chapter 2293 Torture by Madman
Chapter 2307 Fusion of Power
Chapter 2308 Take Xi away
Chapter 2296 Being bald
Chapter 2297 Sickness needs treatment
Chapter 2298: Just say something
Chapter 2299 She wont leave
Chapter 2300 Qingyings Heart
Chapter 2301 He only recognizes Qian
Chapter 2302 Battle of Titans
Chapter 2317 She succeeded
Chapter 2304 Mothers Shadow
Chapter 2319 Brothers meet
Chapter 2306 But jealousy
Chapter 2321 Making a choice
Chapter 2322 Savior
Chapter 2309 Good vision
Chapter 2310 The Power of Nine Nights
Chapter 2311 The Demonic Trees Revenge
Chapter 2312 The depth of obsession
Chapter 2313 I ate you
Chapter 2314 Qingyings Wish
Chapter 2315 The smile is beautiful
Chapter 2316 Its up to you
Chapter 2332 Eat satisfactorily
Chapter 2318 Preventing Elopement
Chapter 2335 Lord Wuya
Chapter 2320 His daughter
Chapter 2337 Asking her to bleed
Chapter 2338 The Seal of the Gods
Chapter 2323 The return of the monarch
Chapter 2324 The Monarchs Wife
Chapter 2325 Going on a date
Chapter 2326 Beauty is delicious
Chapter 2327 He wants to kill God
Chapter 2328 Frightened
Chapter 2329 The cute beast takes action
Chapter 2330 Impure Purpose
Chapter 2331 Demonic Woman and Demonic Moon
Chapter 2349 Bloody Thorns
Chapter 2333 Lord Ziyou
Chapter 2334 Amazing Identity
Chapter 2352 Going into the tiger’s den
Chapter 2336 Please stay away from her
Chapter 2354 Silly Cute Foodie
Chapter 2355: Raising exotic plants in captivity
Chapter 2339 The storm is coming
Chapter 2340 The princess is too weak
Chapter 2341 Force her to leave
Chapter 2342 I insist on staying
Chapter 2343 Strong Crush
Chapter 2344 The Lord is coming
Chapter 2345 Give her the city
Chapter 2346 Crazy Idea
Chapter 2347 Old friends from all over the world
Chapter 2348 Farewell at Nine Nights
Chapter 2366 It’s time to thank her
Chapter 2350 Headquarters City
Chapter 2351 Solved
Chapter 2369 The approaching army
Chapter 2353 Transformation and Planting
Chapter 2371 Scaring away foreign aid
Chapter 2372 Entertaining Guests
Chapter 2356 Gentle and Elegant
Chapter 2357 Loyalty and Persistence
Chapter 2358 Lord City Lord
Chapter 2359 Start feeding
Chapter 2360 Leave if you want
Chapter 2361 Come to see Xi
Chapter 2362 Squeezed dry
Chapter 2363 Beauty Arrives
Chapter 2364 Particularly cruel
Chapter 2365 They are innocent
Chapter 2383 Blood Evil Hunting
Chapter 2367 Advance again
Chapter 2368 Direct Provocation
Chapter 2386 Too Abnormal
Chapter 2370 Useless in numbers
Chapter 2388 It’s not over yet
Chapter 2389 Meeting the Holy Lotus Again
Chapter 2373 Mild means
Chapter 2374 Chaos Market
Chapter 2375 Alien Plant Transformation
Chapter 2376 Questioned
Chapter 2377 Powerful Potion
Chapter 2378 Regret is too late
Chapter 2379: Kill with force
Chapter 2380 Lord of Liancheng City
Chapter 2381 Powerful Holy Plant
Chapter 2382 Buying medicine at high prices
Chapter 2402 Want to be locked up
Chapter 2384 The prison door opens
Chapter 2385 Enemy of Nine Nights
Chapter 2405 Fighting for God to Give Spring
Chapter 2387 Its not simple
Chapter 2407 Abducted Xi
Chapter 2408 Dark Demon Prisoner
Chapter 2390 Dangerous Enemy
Chapter 2391 Entering the Thunder Valley
Chapter 2392 The plot laid out
Chapter 2393 A lifetime of knowing each other
Chapter 2394 Collecting Lotus Seeds
Chapter 2395 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 2396 Escape decisively
Chapter 2397 Three battles
Chapter 2398 Surrender as promised
Chapter 2399 You have to pay compensation
Chapter 2400 The prison envoy attacks
Chapter 2401 Ill tell you everything
Chapter 2421 Blood Swamp
Chapter 2403 Six sharp blades
Chapter 2404 A group of idiots
Chapter 2424 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 2406 The monarch is also here
Chapter 2426 Ziwei breaks the army
Chapter 2427 Purgatory Blood Lord
Chapter 2409 Cleaned up
Chapter 2410 Lighting fire to prevent cold
Chapter 2411 The Viper on the Eve
Chapter 2412 Nine Nights Domination
Chapter 2413 Fear spreads
Chapter 2414 The ferocious beast comes out
Chapter 2415 Attracting Attention
Chapter 2416 How bold
Chapter 2417 Two Towers
Chapter 2418 It is a ferocious beast
Chapter 2419 Dangerous Ideas
Chapter 2420 Betrayal of the Prison Master
Chapter 2440 Xiaoxue is special
Chapter 2422 Bad feeling
Chapter 2423 The ultimate plan
Chapter 2443 The scumbag dad is here
Chapter 2425 Bloody Purgatory
Chapter 2445 Becoming beautiful
Chapter 2446 Mutual Induction
Chapter 2428 Go and tell the truth
Chapter 2429 Believe in the City Lord
Chapter 2430 Its name
Chapter 2431 Purgatory Mountain
Chapter 2432 Flame Tempered Body
Chapter 2433 It is male
Chapter 2434 Snatching exotic plants
Chapter 2435 Just arrogant
Chapter 2436 Like to be jealous
Chapter 2437 Who will win?
Chapter 2438 Two Madmen
Chapter 2439 Found you
Chapter 2459 She is a burden
Chapter 2441 Another beating
Chapter 2442 Is that your father?
Chapter 2462 The Three Prisons Rebellion
Chapter 2444 Not his father
Chapter 2464 The Lord of Dark Prison
Chapter 2465 Another plot
Chapter 2447 Meeting Ziwei again
Chapter 2448 Something happened in Fusheng
Chapter 2449 Innocence is not guaranteed
Chapter 2450 The same person
Chapter 2451 Wake up at nine nights
Chapter 2452 The Blood Lord is defeated
Chapter 2453 Coming to pick up Xi
Chapter 2454 Return of the old master
Chapter 2455 Come to kill Wuya
Chapter 2456 Lets talk
Chapter 2457 He becomes the city lord
Chapter 2458 Only two people come
Chapter 2478 Looking for opportunities
Chapter 2460 Former Monarch
Chapter 2461 Two Monarchs
Chapter 2482: Poaching
Chapter 2463 Hundred Battles Cage
Chapter 2484 The Prison Lord Arrives
Chapter 2485: Catch them alive
Chapter 2466 Bird of Death
Chapter 2467 Ziyou is in trouble
Chapter 2468 Meeting the Nemesis
Chapter 2469 Ridiculous misunderstanding
Chapter 2470 A tough battle
Chapter 2471 The Strongest One
Chapter 2472 The Battle of Sharp Blades
Chapter 2473 Deadly understanding
Chapter 2474 Accept the generous gift
Chapter 2475 The bereaved dog
Chapter 2476 His Highness the Dark Prison
Chapter 2477 Dont get relatives
Chapter 2498 Finding an opportunity
Chapter 2479 Protective Object
Chapter 2480 Rakshasa Monarch
Chapter 2481 Hijacking and Threat
Chapter 2503 The Lord of Prison Realm
Chapter 2483 Two Monsters
Chapter 2505 Shura Purgatory
Chapter 2506 Lord Luo
Chapter 2486: Destroy the enemy with a borrowed sword
Chapter 2487 Wuya sneak attack
Chapter 2488 Safe Place
Chapter 2489 Nine nights of protection
Chapter 2490 Xi protects Ye
Chapter 2491 Not yet complete
Chapter 2492 Not enough IQ
Chapter 2493: Acting School
Chapter 2494 She is an obstacle
Chapter 2495 By his side
Chapter 2496 Stupid and ugly
Chapter 2497 Control everything
Chapter 2519 The last time
Chapter 2499 Wuya lied to me
Chapter 2500 Three Branch Towers
Chapter 2501 The Divine Phoenix Clan
Chapter 2502 To kill you
Chapter 2524 The Charm of Food
Chapter 2504 Princess of Prison Realm
Chapter 2526: Stupid people have too much money
Chapter 2527 It’s really high
Chapter 2507 Kings Area
Chapter 2508 A Game
Chapter 2509 Call for reinforcements
Chapter 2510 Instantly frightened
Chapter 2511 Ghost Doctor
Chapter 2512 Let you be convinced
Chapter 2513 Sleeping deeply
Chapter 2514 One City, One Prison
Chapter 2515 Becoming stronger again
Chapter 2516 The Endless Arrow
Chapter 2517 Will not hurt Xi
Chapter 2518 Heading to the Abyss
Chapter 2541 Go to Jiuye
Chapter 2520 Looking for beasts and people
Chapter 2521 Abyss Demon Clan
Chapter 2522 All are blind
Chapter 2523 A fish slipped through the net
Chapter 2547 Do you want to kill him?
Chapter 2525 Crying after eating
Chapter 2549 He wants to stay
Chapter 2550 Qian Xi returns
Chapter 2528 Help you clean up
Chapter 2529 Being targeted
Chapter 2530 Who is monitoring
Chapter 2531 Cant find anyone
Chapter 2532 Qian Xi was robbed
Chapter 2533 He is that person
Chapter 2534 I just dont believe it
Chapter 2535 Joint Hunting
Chapter 2536 Jiuye is chasing after him
Chapter 2537 That Lord
Chapter 2538 Too careless
Chapter 2539 Then Ill accept it
Chapter 2540 He is a good person
Chapter 2566 The pursuit of troops continues
Chapter 2542 Finding Jiuye
Chapter 2543 Becoming more obedient
Chapter 2544 Abyss Kirin
Chapter 2545 Nine Nights War Abyss
Chapter 2546 Xiye joins forces
Chapter 2572 Qian Xi feels distressed
Chapter 2548 The Power of Black Shadow
Chapter 2574 Despicable People
Chapter 2575 Fire of Nirvana
Chapter 2551 Rakshasa Purgatory
Chapter 2552 Hiding
Chapter 2553: Being blasted out
Chapter 2554 Who says it cant be done
Chapter 2555 Going deep into the tigers den
Chapter 2556 Report to Night
Chapter 2557 To the Dark Demon Prison
Chapter 2558 Happy Place
Chapter 2559 Defaming the Prison Master
Chapter 2560 Destruction of Humanity
Chapter 2561 Its time to wake up from the dream
Chapter 2562 Awakening from a dream
Chapter 2563 Masters Protection
Chapter 2564 Discovered
Chapter 2565 Taking great pains
Chapter 2592 The Strongest Beast
Chapter 2567 To the First City
Chapter 2568 Die for him
Chapter 2569 Facing Wuya
Chapter 2570 Revealing the Secret
Chapter 2571 The Protoss Repeats Offenses
Chapter 2599 Begin to break the curse
Chapter 2573 Breaking Through Time
Chapter 2601 I belong to you
Chapter 2575 Fire of Nirvana
Chapter 2576 Your Fiance
Chapter 2577 I dont want to owe you
Chapter 2578 Return of anger
Chapter 2579 Dont come over
Chapter 2580 Im here to save you
Chapter 2581 Sowing discord
Chapter 2582 Even the principal and interest
Chapter 2583 The Ruins of the Fall
Chapter 2584 People from all walks of life
Chapter 2585 Tower of Eternity
Chapter 2586 The beast is the protagonist
Chapter 2587 Meeting the Soul Clan
Chapter 2588 Find another way
Chapter 2589 Meeting Wuya
Chapter 2590 Starry Beast
Chapter 2591 Dark Gift
Chapter 2620 The Ghost Doctor’s Poison
Chapter 2593 Feels good
Chapter 2594 Qian Xi feels guilty
Chapter 2595 Gods War King
Chapter 2596 Last chance
Chapter 2597 Counterattack to destroy the enemy
Chapter 2598 The Beginning of Loss of Control
Chapter 2627 You don’t deserve it
Chapter 2600 Your Father
Chapter 2629 Master vs. Master
Chapter 2602 Come for her
Chapter 2603: Beating Nine Nights
Chapter 2604: Destruction by Heavens Punishment
Chapter 2605 Protecting the Master
Chapter 2606 We are here
Chapter 2607 The Origin of the Three Realms
Chapter 2608 Bone-eroding thoughts
Chapter 2609 Unlocking the Sixth Level
Chapter 2610 The Forbidden Land of the Ghost Realm
Chapter 2611 Meeting the Uncle
Chapter 2612 The little uncle is angry
Chapter 2613 Lord of the Ghost Realm
Chapter 2614 Its a trap
Chapter 2615 The thought is too beautiful
Chapter 2616 One move to solve it
Chapter 2617 Winning the Inheritance
Chapter 2618 Destroy you all
Chapter 2619 The Perverted Ghost King
Chapter 2649 One too few
Chapter 2621 Not pleasing to the eye
Chapter 2622 Come and give someone a head
Chapter 2623 Likes to seek death
Chapter 2624 Killing comes to the door
Chapter 2625 Two brothers
Chapter 2626 is coming
Chapter 2656 Don’t compete with me
Chapter 2628 A piece of cake
Chapter 2658 Never give up
Chapter 2630 I miss her so much
Chapter 2631 Finally meet
Chapter 2632 Beat, beat, beat
Chapter 2633 A World of Two People
Chapter 2634 Its hard to hold it in
Chapter 2635 Enslaving him
Chapter 2636 Her slave
Chapter 2637 Lets fight
Chapter 2638 Just beast taming
Chapter 2639 Qian Xi takes action
Chapter 2640 The habit of being abused
Chapter 2641: Hug me
Chapter 2642 Suppress me
Chapter 2643 Youre okay
Chapter 2644 Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 2645 Dangerous Dragon
Chapter 2646 Enough is Enough
Chapter 2647 Let me show you
Chapter 2648 Ill torture you instead
Chapter 2678 You will lose
Chapter 2650 Nine Nights Guarding the Tide
Chapter 2651 Beating the Mandarin Ducks
Chapter 2652 Talk to the Ghost Lord
Chapter 2653 The pain of lovesickness
Chapter 2654 Accepting small pets
Chapter 2655 Good things come in pairs
Chapter 2685 Long Memory
Chapter 2657 Asking it to sell itself
Chapter 2687 Ghost King’s Secret Realm
Chapter 2659 Youyue Chiyun
Chapter 2660 Special Ghost Bead
Chapter 2661 Guoers ability
Chapter 2662 Very lucky
Chapter 2663 Losing money to the point of vomiting blood
Chapter 2664 Coveting the Fruit
Chapter 2665 The Heart of Ghosts
Chapter 2666 A lifetime of anger
Chapter 2667 Cruelly torture the scum
Chapter 2668 Enemies, not friends
Chapter 2669 Never give up
Chapter 2670 Be fair
Chapter 2671 Leave it to me
Chapter 2672 Super Protection against Weaknesses
Chapter 2673 Fighting Youyuexie
Chapter 2674 Deep Thoughts
Chapter 2675 The Ghost Lord Arrives
Chapter 2676 Look down on them
Chapter 2677 The strongest trump card
Chapter 2707 The Ruthless Ghost Lord
Chapter 2679 Two Major Weapons
Chapter 2680 Black Skull Mountain
Chapter 2681 Stepping into the Trap
Chapter 2682 Four Sacred Flowers
Chapter 2683 Her Partner
Chapter 2684 Alarming the Ghost World
Chapter 2714 Blood Instinct
Chapter 2686 Provoking relationships
Chapter 2716 A scumbag dad
Chapter 2688 Handsome Jiuye
Chapter 2689 Shut up
Chapter 2690 One move to solve the problem
Chapter 2691 Death Squirrel
Chapter 2692 Getting a Big Deal
Chapter 2693 Begging to be killed
Chapter 2694 Grass of Life
Chapter 2695 Forbidden Tower in the Sky
Chapter 2696 Death Beast
Chapter 2697 Climb to the top of the tower
Chapter 2698 Riding the Dragon
Chapter 2699 Powerful Water Dragon
Chapter 2700: Destroy you all
Chapter 2701 Dare to stop him
Chapter 2702 Very handsome and strong
Chapter 2703 The Sword of the Ghost King
Chapter 2704 He guessed it
Chapter 2705: A bigger move
Chapter 2706 Somewhat different
Chapter 2736 Charming and Psychedelic
Chapter 2708 Four Sacred Flowers
Chapter 2709 The new prince
Chapter 2710 Unparalleled Ghost King
Chapter 2711 The return of the monarch
Chapter 2712 Collect them all
Chapter 2713 Weird Twins
Chapter 2743 The Wrath of the Ghost Lord
Chapter 2715 Chiyun recognizes his relatives
Chapter 2745 Dangerous Test
Chapter 2717 Powerful Butler
Chapter 2718 Two Flowers in One Body
Chapter 2719 Its twin flowers
Chapter 2720 Death Beast
Chapter 2721 Waiting for the opportunity
Chapter 2722 One of them must die
Chapter 2723 The seal is released
Chapter 2724 Twin Flower Kings
Chapter 2725 Flowers Feelings
Chapter 2726 Looking for Crystal Orchid
Chapter 2727 Strange Place
Chapter 2728 Encountering Difficulties
Chapter 2729 Terrifying Resentment Ghost
Chapter 2730 Gambling with the Ghost Lord
Chapter 2731 Clean it up again
Chapter 2732 Want to run away and dream
Chapter 2733 Wailing and begging for mercy
Chapter 2734 Announcement of Abdication
Chapter 2735 Daydreaming
Chapter 2765 Her Identity
Chapter 2737 Unparalleled Biological Mother
Chapter 2738 Invitation from the Ghost Queen
Chapter 2739 Secret Experiment
Chapter 2740 Datura Seed
Chapter 2741 Arrogant threats
Chapter 2742 Someone supports me
Chapter 2772 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 2744: Killing relatives for justice
Chapter 2774 Carrying on the Family Lineage
Chapter 2746 Unpredictable Thoughts
Chapter 2747 Unparalleled Danger
Chapter 2748 Eternal Ring
Chapter 2749 Greedy Heart
Chapter 2750: Go out of your way to please
Chapter 2751 The dangerous move of the soldiers
Chapter 2752 Back Mountain Formation
Chapter 2753 Crazy self-destruction
Chapter 2754: Asking for the truth
Chapter 2755 Succession Ceremony
Chapter 2756 The Ghost Lords Conspiracy
Chapter 2757 Soul Crush
Chapter 2758 The conspiracy exposed
Chapter 2759 Im back
Chapter 2760 Fierce Battle with the Ghost Lord
Chapter 2761 Accomplices of the Gods
Chapter 2762 A big gift
Chapter 2763 There are also helpers
Chapter 2764: Terrified
Chapter 2794 You have to listen to me
Chapter 2766 The Origin of the Ghost Realm
Chapter 2767 Try the effect
Chapter 2768 Its time to kiss
Chapter 2769 Human Sandbags
Chapter 2770 I want to see you
Chapter 2771 Heading to the Demon Realm
Chapter 2801 The war between the two tribes
Chapter 2773 How about the adoptive father?
Chapter 2803 Falling into a trap
Chapter 2775 Go to see the clan leader
Chapter 2776 Cant afford to offend
Chapter 2777 She doesnt know
Chapter 2778 Successful Escape
Chapter 2779 Being caught up
Chapter 2780 Stealing the mount
Chapter 2781 Accompanying the Demon Realm
Chapter 2782 Wolf Pirates
Chapter 2783 After Poisoning
Chapter 2784 Ten Thousand Demons Holy Palace
Chapter 2785 Demon Lords body
Chapter 2786 Ans fanboy
Chapter 2787 The Origin of the Demon Realm
Chapter 2788 I just want to see you
Chapter 2789 The leader of the blood clan
Chapter 2790 Xis Man
Chapter 2791 The Vampire Tribe Was Robbed
Chapter 2792 Strange Map
Chapter 2793 The Snake Tribes Back Move
Chapter 2823 Dare to provoke her
Chapter 2795 Take them all away
Chapter 2796 Death Snake
Chapter 2797 Entering the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes
Chapter 2798 Tragic
Chapter 2799 Abyss Dragon Jiao
Chapter 2800 I will miss you very much
Chapter 2830 With a clear conscience
Chapter 2802 The Fox Clan was defeated
Chapter 2832 Demon Clan War
Chapter 2804 Casting Charm
Chapter 2805 Temporary Clan Leader
Chapter 2806 Marriage between Two Clans
Chapter 2807 The fox enters the wolf's mouth
Chapter 2808 Powerful Charm
Chapter 2809 Powerful Helper
Chapter 2810 Suzaku was caught
Chapter 2811 Death Conspiracy
Chapter 2812 Creating the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2813 Darks counterattack
Chapter 2814 The Dream Demon is Trapped
Chapter 2815 I am not God
Chapter 2816 The Sorrow of the Butterfly Demon
Chapter 2817 Comfortable Snow Island
Chapter 2818 Snow Demons Love and Sorrow
Chapter 2819 Betrayal again
Chapter 2820 Return from the dead
Chapter 2821 Unite to Defend the Enemy
Chapter 2822 Deliberate exposure
Chapter 2852 Will not get lost
Chapter 2824 A small one
Chapter 2825 The Nine Infants of the Fierce Beast
Chapter 2826 Map Merger
Chapter 2827 Demon Emperors Tomb
Chapter 2828 Roast Little Fox
Chapter 2829 Dont give it, dont give it
Chapter 2859 The city lord must die
Chapter 2831 The new demon emperor
Chapter 2861 Proud thanks
Chapter 2833 Nine Infants Appear
Chapter 2834 Lets do it together
Chapter 2835 Thunder strikes her
Chapter 2836 Try the results
Chapter 2837 Invitation from the Gods
Chapter 2838 Someone supports me
Chapter 2839 Going to see the adoptive father
Chapter 2840 To be close enough
Chapter 2841 Soul Killing Companion
Chapter 2842 Lord City Lord
Chapter 2843 Conquest of all realms
Chapter 2844 Lazy and Diligent
Chapter 2845 Confronting Original Sin
Chapter 2846 Very welcome
Chapter 2847 Special Abilities
Chapter 2848 Xi was kidnapped
Chapter 2849 Lazy is serious
Chapter 2850 Where is Jiuye?
Chapter 2851 Arrogance and Humility
Chapter 2881 They are back
Chapter 2853 Her man
Chapter 2854 Battle with Ao
Chapter 2855 Powerful Demonic Body
Chapter 2856 There is a trump card
Chapter 2857 Not allowed to like
Chapter 2858 Too lazy to care about you
Chapter 2888 Conquering the Taotie
Chapter 2860 Come for revenge
Chapter 2890 Greedy Night Attack
Chapter 2862 You murder?
Chapter 2863 Hospitality
Chapter 2864 Jealousy and Tolerance
Chapter 2865: Strong medicine is needed
Chapter 2866 Shocking Massacre of the City
Chapter 2867 Ask her for help
Chapter 2868 Divide the odd numbers first
Chapter 2869 Soul Killing Attack
Chapter 2870 Mysterious Opponent
Chapter 2871 No interference allowed
Chapter 2872 You are jealous too
Chapter 2873 City of Greed
Chapter 2874 Greedy and generous
Chapter 2875 Her bottom line
Chapter 2876: A bigger move
Chapter 2877 Who is more evil?
Chapter 2878 I want him
Chapter 2879 Trapped forever
Chapter 2880 Soul Killing Teaches You
Chapter 2910 Save it till the end
Chapter 2882 Will be eaten
Chapter 2883 Gluttony City Lord
Chapter 2884 So hungry
Chapter 2885 Feeding Gluttony
Chapter 2886 Nothing can be done
Chapter 2887 Foodies meet
Chapter 2917 City of Plunder
Chapter 2889 Rich Customers
Chapter 2919 Don’t miss him
Chapter 2891 Destroyed and castrated
Chapter 2892 Greed and hate of sex
Chapter 2893 My Wife
Chapter 2894 Nine Nights Pillow
Chapter 2895 Beauty Ghost Man
Chapter 2896 Psychological shadow
Chapter 2897 The Furious City Lord
Chapter 2898 Not allowed to see Xi
Chapter 2899 Warmer
Chapter 2900 Accompany you
Chapter 2901 Hide the Ghost Medical Building
Chapter 2902 True and False City Lord
Chapter 2903 Dog-Headed Military Advisor
Chapter 2904 The Origin of the Demon World
Chapter 2905: Making up for the situation before it is too late
Chapter 2906 Arrogant and Lost
Chapter 2907 Xi was sent away
Chapter 2908 City of Killing
Chapter 2909 Monster Human
Chapter 2939 She has the final say
Chapter 2911 Enchanting Witch
Chapter 2912 Good Luck
Chapter 2913 Killing the City Lord
Chapter 2914 There is only one master
Chapter 2915 Death Comes
Chapter 2916 Big change in personality
Chapter 2946 Fusion of Origin
Chapter 2918 Dismantling the Puppet
Chapter 2948: Angry Heaven
Chapter 2920 Buying medicine to redeem people
Chapter 2921 Willing to follow
Chapter 2922 The First Thief
Chapter 2923 Dont dare to snatch it anymore
Chapter 2924 Relaxation of relations
Chapter 2925 Bad idea
Chapter 2926 The Boundless Demonic Sea
Chapter 2927 The Ship Under the Sea
Chapter 2928 Demon Ancestors Strong Enemy
Chapter 2929: Be careful when playing tricks
Chapter 2930 City of the Abyss
Chapter 2931 Looking for three days
Chapter 2932 Dont like to talk
Chapter 2933 Buying medicine by yourself
Chapter 2934 Destroying the Origin
Chapter 2935 Looking for the Demon Ancestor
Chapter 2936 Senior brother wakes up
Chapter 2937 Critical moment
Chapter 2938 Demon Ancestor Junior Sister
Chapter 2968 Forced Buying and Selling
Chapter 2940 Im not interested
Chapter 2941 It doesnt want to
Chapter 2942 Bet
Chapter 2943 Defeat Original Sin
Chapter 2944 Stay with her
Chapter 2945 I also want you to accompany me
Chapter 2975 You are too rubbish
Chapter 2947 Domineering Done
Chapter 2977 Who solves who?
Chapter 2949 Directly Break the Saint
Chapter 2950 Three Realms Consciousness
Chapter 2951 The whereabouts of the fragments
Chapter 2952 Announcement of Identity
Chapter 2953 A World of Two People
Chapter 2954 Debt repayment
Chapter 2955 Your prey
Chapter 2956 Pulling out the claws with bare hands
Chapter 2957 Xi is very happy
Chapter 2958: Being tortured miserably
Chapter 2959 Four Elements
Chapter 2960 Western Tiger
Chapter 2961 Captain Yunji
Chapter 2962 Losing both eyes
Chapter 2963 Very interested
Chapter 2964 No kidnapping allowed
Chapter 2965 Just looking for death
Chapter 2966 Looks familiar
Chapter 2967 One Thousandth
Chapter 2997 Ten Thousand Fire Moons
Chapter 2969 The pursuers are coming
Chapter 2970 Amazing Mission
Chapter 2971 I am serious
Chapter 2972 The Mercenary King
Chapter 2973 Catching up
Chapter 2974 Do you still want to buy medicine?
Chapter 3004 Mysterious Battle Formation
Chapter 2976 Target Practice
Chapter 3006 The most dangerous battle
Chapter 2978 Need allies
Chapter 2979 The Weakest
Chapter 2980 The owner of the ruins
Chapter 2981 Four Elements Spiritual Master
Chapter 2982 The winning trump card
Chapter 2983 Complete beating
Chapter 2984 He is Shengzhi
Chapter 2985 He is useful
Chapter 2986 She did it
Chapter 2987 The Emperors Corpse Buried in War
Chapter 2988 Trust wholeheartedly
Chapter 2989 The military advisor is here
Chapter 2990 Same goal
Chapter 2991 Xuantian Beast King
Chapter 2992 Untouchable
Chapter 2993 Return in full
Chapter 2994 Arent you curious?
Chapter 2995 Dont want to lose
Chapter 2996 Sword Spirit Flame Dragon
Chapter 3026 A strong attack
Chapter 2998 Its persistence
Chapter 2999 Come to die
Chapter 3000 Xiaohong is invincible
Chapter 3001 Pocket White Tiger
Chapter 3002 The Beast King Seeks Cover
Chapter 3003 My opponent is me
Chapter 3033 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 3005 You are the only one left
Chapter 3035 I am rebellious
Chapter 3007 Pointed Interest
Chapter 3008 Dont be too impatient
Chapter 3009 She has the final say
Chapter 3010 Holding the Golden Thigh
Chapter 3011 Exchange your body
Chapter 3012 All free of charge
Chapter 3013 Eat enough before leaving
Chapter 3014 Always love him
Chapter 3015 The ghost doctor arrives
Chapter 3016 The Prince Arrives
Chapter 3017 You are not him
Chapter 3018 You hinder me
Chapter 3019 Bring him back
Chapter 3020 Dont give up
Chapter 3021 Containing each other
Chapter 3022 Undercurrent surges
Chapter 3023 Three Personnel Maintenance
Chapter 3024: Angry Scrooge
Chapter 3025 Dont ask for anything else
Chapter 3055 He saw it
Chapter 3027 To avoid future troubles
Chapter 3028 Idiot
Chapter 3029 Thats it
Chapter 3030 Sharp knife in hand
Chapter 3031 Dont want to lose money
Chapter 3032 I want to be the king
Chapter 3062 Go back to the capital
Chapter 3036 Rejection of the Prince
Chapter 3037 Lets see who cries first
Chapter 3038 I really dont listen to advice
Chapter 3039 Fierce Battle with the Prince
Chapter 3040: Lure her over
Chapter 3041 Knowing the Trap
Chapter 3042 Strange Disappearance
Chapter 3043 Hans Obsession
Chapter 3044 How long can it last?
Chapter 3045 Instant change of masters
Chapter 3046 Jedi Reversal
Chapter 3047 The Road Back
Chapter 3048 Already reminded
Chapter 3049 She must die
Chapter 3050 He came to protect
Chapter 3051 The beasts help
Chapter 3052 Saving people and killing people
Chapter 3053 Certain Death
Chapter 3054 Like an ant
Chapter 3082 A new look
Chapter 3056 Get rid of it completely
Chapter 3057 Strong internal response
Chapter 3058 Are you willing to explain it?
Chapter 3059 The general is furious
Chapter 3060 More clever
Chapter 3061 Suspected
Chapter 3091 Only Aoki
Chapter 3063 Unchanging
Chapter 3064 The Trap Ahead
Chapter 3065: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 3066 Make you cry
Chapter 3067 The clever plan is found
Chapter 3068: Angry at the Counterfeit
Chapter 3069 She went in
Chapter 3070 Taking the initiative to appear
Chapter 3071 Meet the Righteous Master
Chapter 3072 Want to meet someone in life
Chapter 3073 A powerful army
Chapter 3074 Choose to go in
Chapter 3075 The divine tripod smashes the door
Chapter 3076: Extracting Soul Power
Chapter 3077 Exploding the Formation
Chapter 3078 No way to escape
Chapter 3079 Fame and fortune
Chapter 3080 Underestimating her
Chapter 3081 Many Unjust Conducts
Chapter 3111 The charming cold peach
Chapter 3083 A Beginning
Chapter 3084 She is confident
Chapter 3086 Compare something else
Chapter 3087 Bai Ze third
Chapter 3088 You are incompetent
Chapter 3090 Do whatever you want
Chapter 3118 The mysterious net descending from the sky
Chapter 3092 Dont dare to see her
Chapter 3093: Born at the wrong time
Chapter 3094 Go all out
Chapter 3095 The real murderer appears
Chapter 3096 Because of jealousy
Chapter 3097 Vicious Scheming
Chapter 3098 Secret push
Chapter 3099 Lao Jiu is crazy
Chapter 3100 Its a super magic pill
Chapter 3101 Are you still human?
Chapter 3102: No. 1 in refining medicine
Chapter 3103 Make a Agreement
Chapter 3104 Visitors from the Holy Land
Chapter 3105 Put her first
Chapter 3106 Nine Transformations Medicine Realm
Chapter 3107 Sharpening the knife
Chapter 3108 Still here
Chapter 3109 Mutation occurs
Chapter 3110 Pretending to understand if you dont understand
Chapter 3138 Suspect
Chapter 3112: Destroying growth and encouraging growth
Chapter 3113 Its time to get into the trap
Chapter 3114 Peach Blossoms Flood
Chapter 3115 Nine-turn Devouring Cauldron
Chapter 3116 Crazy and crazy
Chapter 3117 Peach Blossom Spring Water
Chapter 3145 I can really bear it
Chapter 3119 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 3120 Lord of the Medicine Domain
Chapter 3121 A lifetime of counterattack
Chapter 3122 Nine turns of melting
Chapter 3123 I know I was wrong
Chapter 3124 Soul Killing Refiner
Chapter 3125 Pay special attention to
Chapter 3126 Queen Beigong
Chapter 3127 Distribution of the Army
Chapter 3128 Tens of Thousands of Puppets
Chapter 3129: Getting there in time
Chapter 3130 Lure the enemy into the net
Chapter 3131 Inexplicable disappearance
Chapter 3132 Good luck runs out
Chapter 3161 Tomb of the Great Emperor
Chapter 3134 Came to help secretly
Chapter 3135 Becoming the Strongest
Chapter 3136 The Crown Prince Selects a Concubine
Chapter 3137 Looking for cooperation with you
Chapter 3166 Good Luck
Chapter 3139 Being targeted
Chapter 3140 Learn easily
Chapter 3141 Unless he is blind
Chapter 3142 Nobody
Chapter 3143 Other arrangements
Chapter 3144 The Neglected Person
Chapter 3173 Just acting
Chapter 3146 The heart is so dirty
Chapter 3147 Like a Mad Dog
Chapter 3148 Run away quickly
Chapter 3149 She is helping her
Chapter 3150 The plan failed
Chapter 3151 The Consequences of Watching a Theater
Chapter 3152 Two Crown Princesses
Chapter 3153 Assassination of the Prince
Chapter 3154 Being Dumped Twice
Chapter 3155 Battle with Bei Gongjue
Chapter 3156 The Final Winner
Chapter 3157 Xiaobai wakes up
Chapter 3159 Of course I miss you
Chapter 3160 The ghost doctor sells pills
Chapter 3188 Death Siege
Chapter 3162 Meeting the Second Uncle
Chapter 3163: Tie him here
Chapter 3164 Snow of Death
Chapter 3165 Act separately
Chapter 3193 Sealed Place
Chapter 3167 Seal Relics
Chapter 3168 Five-Star Ancient City
Chapter 3169 Strong connections
Chapter 3170 He has no daughter
Chapter 3171 Nothing
Chapter 3172 Xier is fierce to me
Chapter 3201 Who is mine?
Chapter 3174 Ghost Doctor Her Father
Chapter 3175 Too doting
Chapter 3176 Beautiful Daughter
Chapter 3177 A drop of water penetrates a stone
Chapter 3178 Refining medicine to solve the problem
Chapter 3179 Two Sacred Plants
Chapter 3180 Cant die
Chapter 3181 Six-Star Legion
Chapter 3182 True Appearance
Chapter 3183 Enter the arsenal
Chapter 3184 The Coachs Residence
Chapter 3185 Puppet Army
Chapter 3186 Powerful Command
Chapter 3187 Terrible person
Chapter 3216 The Prince of Wind and Cloud
Chapter 3189 Admirable
Chapter 3190 Xuantians Blessing
Chapter 3191 Fragmentary Breath
Chapter 3192 Xiaobai is still there
Chapter 3221 He wants the throne
Chapter 3194 The Evil Emperors Bewitchment
Chapter 3195 Calm down
Chapter 3196 Three battlefields
Chapter 3198 The Stone of Inheritance
Chapter 3199 Do you dare to stop me?
Chapter 3200 Hurt Mu Linlang
Chapter 3228 There is a big background
Chapter 3202 Brothers join forces
Chapter 3203 Still not working
Chapter 3204 The arrival of the Eastern Emperor
Chapter 3205 Father and daughter recognize each other
Chapter 3206 Stop Time
Chapter 3207 Thrilling Treatment
Chapter 3208 Cannot fail
Chapter 3209 Turn into dust
Chapter 3210 Dad is jealous
Chapter 3211 The Wrath of Heaven
Chapter 3212 Will it be without me?
Chapter 3213 Nine Nights Oath
Chapter 3214 Fragments appear
Chapter 3215 Taken away
Chapter 3243 Senior Brother Mo Li
Chapter 3217 Go with Dad
Chapter 3218 We are a family
Chapter 3219 Dad is suspicious
Chapter 3220 Nine Nights Confession
Chapter 3248 War starts from all directions
Chapter 3222 The Throne Ceremony
Chapter 3223 Please kill me
Chapter 3224 Ambitions are clear
Chapter 3225 Betrayed
Chapter 3226 The Feng Familys Shadow
Chapter 3227 Luoyue is in trouble
Chapter 3255 A bad start
Chapter 3229 Lets see who destroys whom
Chapter 3230 Shadow sneak attack
Chapter 3231 Feng Jiayunxiu
Chapter 3232 Take action personally
Chapter 3233 Everyone is here
Chapter 3234 Difficult to Win
Chapter 3235 Senior Brother is Strong
Chapter 3236 Two people swept across
Chapter 3237 The Strongest Sect
Chapter 3238 Dad is furious
Chapter 3239 Crazy Shadow Kill
Chapter 3240 Hostages are useless
Chapter 3241 Why not love
Chapter 3242 Disobeying the Lords Order
Chapter 3270 Abnormal Father and Daughter
Chapter 3244 Reason for face change
Chapter 3245 Do you really like it?
Chapter 3246 He is sober
Chapter 3247 The Daughter of Storm
Chapter 3275 Went to the Palace
Chapter 3249 Donghuang God of War
Chapter 3250 Departing from the capital
Chapter 3251 The only attachment
Chapter 3252 Returning to the old place
Chapter 3253 Knowing everything
Chapter 3254 Its really him
Chapter 3282 Too little knowledge
Chapter 3256 Whose advantage?
Chapter 3257 Looks like everyone
Chapter 3258 Its bad luck for him
Chapter 3259 Found her
Chapter 3260 Seeking Battle against the Eastern Emperor
Chapter 3261 No helper
Chapter 3262 Thrilling Moment
Chapter 3263 Seriously hurt yourself
Chapter 3264 The Eastern Emperor Tower is coming
Chapter 3265: Kill Xiaobai
Chapter 3266 Dong Huang wakes up
Chapter 3267 The final test
Chapter 3268 Qidong Imperial Tower
Chapter 3269 The Ancestral Land of the Mu Family
Chapter 3297 You are so vain
Chapter 3271 We must advance and retreat together
Chapter 3272 Counterattack and Crush
Chapter 3273 Various ways to die
Chapter 3274 The voice is very loud
Chapter 3302 The injustice of heaven
Chapter 3276 Worshiping Grandfather
Chapter 3277 Extremely cruel
Chapter 3278 Strong physical training
Chapter 3279 Leave it to me
Chapter 3280 Mu Feng arrives
Chapter 3281 There are still dirty tricks
Chapter 3309 The Sword of the Emperor Yi
Chapter 3283 Can live a long time
Chapter 3284 Holy Concubine Helps
Chapter 3285 Qian Xi breaks the queen
Chapter 3286 Its so embarrassing
Chapter 3287 Mutated vicious monster
Chapter 3288 The only value
Chapter 3289 Selling Hue
Chapter 3290 Its a little monster
Chapter 3291 Surrender or die
Chapter 3292 Genius Grandson
Chapter 3293 Hunyuan Tianchi
Chapter 3294 Test the poison on you
Chapter 3295 Besieging Feng Yuandao
Chapter 3296 Entering the Ancestral Palace
Chapter 3324 The battle between emperors
Chapter 3298 A bigger surprise
Chapter 3299 Cant open the door
Chapter 3300 The Supreme Throne
Chapter 3301 My Emperor and My Lord
Chapter 3329 The Holy Concubine’s murderous intention
Chapter 3303 The Three Emperors of the Human Race
Chapter 3304 Daughters Destiny
Chapter 3305 Royal Style
Chapter 3306 Asking for help from the Holy Lord
Chapter 3307 I miss your mother
Chapter 3308 Mutated Monster
Chapter 3336 The arrival of the gods
Chapter 3310 Continue to Persevere
Chapter 3311 He did it
Chapter 3312 Ancient Sky Thunder
Chapter 3313 Disturbing peoples hearts
Chapter 3314 What a genius
Chapter 3315 You are not qualified
Chapter 3316 Born King
Chapter 3317 Turning darkness into light
Chapter 3318 Gathering Strength
Chapter 3319 Asking for help from Beigong
Chapter 3320 Bullying the younger ones
Chapter 3321 Ice Kings Iron Cavalry
Chapter 3322 A tragic defeat
Chapter 3323 Surrounding the Capital
Chapter 3351 Serious damage
Chapter 3325 Donghuang Complains
Chapter 3326 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 3327 Find yourself
Chapter 3328 The Sorrow of Yunxiu
Chapter 3356 The depth of love
Chapter 3330 Mu Wushuang arrives
Chapter 3331 Three brothers gather together
Chapter 3332 Cutting Dong Huang in Half
Chapter 3333 The Curse Master Attacks
Chapter 3334 Tough Grandma
Chapter 3335 Couple Doubles
Chapter 3363 Everyone finds his own
Chapter 3337 The grandson-in-law is here
Chapter 3338 Warning the Gods
Chapter 3339 Dealing with enemies
Chapter 3340 There is no way
Chapter 3341 Xi arrived too late
Chapter 3342 Requesting marriage
Chapter 3343 There is a fianc
Chapter 3344 We want to go together
Chapter 3345: Stealing the Princess
Chapter 3346 Let her be unlucky
Chapter 3347 A bolt from the blue
Chapter 3348 Xis lover
Chapter 3349 Revenge of genocide
Chapter 3350 To the Kirin Realm
Chapter 3378 All destroyed
Chapter 3352 Hug the thigh
Chapter 3353 Devils Nest Forest
Chapter 3354 Too strong
Chapter 3355 Fog of Illusion
Chapter 3383 Secret Arrow Sneak Attack
Chapter 3357 Four Black Dragons
Chapter 3358 Inhaled into the Demon Cave
Chapter 3359 Terrifying Beast
Chapter 3360 Wanting to die
Chapter 3361 Three Parts
Chapter 3362 I feel so wronged to you
Chapter 3390 Plotting against the Ice God
Chapter 3364 Self-defeating
Chapter 3365 Want to join forces
Chapter 3366 Swamp Demon Cave
Chapter 3367 All Power
Chapter 3368 Well done
Chapter 3369 Qilin Main Hall
Chapter 3370: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 3371 Bloodline Awakens
Chapter 3372 He woke up
Chapter 3373 Go and move reinforcements
Chapter 3374 The protective formation collapses
Chapter 3375 Dragon and Phoenix help each other
Chapter 3376 Comprehensive crushing
Chapter 3377 Complete Awakening
Chapter 3405 Battle of Old Enemies
Chapter 3379 The Assassination of Beidi
Chapter 3380 Ice God Realm Opens
Chapter 3381 Never leave
Chapter 3382 Dont pretend to be cute
Chapter 3410 Death Situation
Chapter 3384 Very Courageous
Chapter 3385: Only Recognizing Sword Intent
Chapter 3386 Avalanche Beast Tide
Chapter 3387 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 3388 Ice and Snow Palace
Chapter 3389 Descendants of Ice God
Chapter 3417 Come to propose marriage
Chapter 3391 Ice and Snow Sword Intent
Chapter 3392: Farewell finally
Chapter 3393 Come to die
Chapter 3394 Wants to capture Qian Xi
Chapter 3395 Beigong Juexing
Chapter 3396 Seizing the Mineral Veins
Chapter 3397 Great Disparity in Strength
Chapter 3398 The Supreme Emperor wins
Chapter 3399 Beigongs Escape
Chapter 3400: Stay with me to the end
Chapter 3401 Dynasty War
Chapter 3402 Emperor versus Emperor Battle
Chapter 3403 Fierce fighting all night
Chapter 3404 The two clans fight together
Chapter 3432 Test your strength
Chapter 3406 Endless War
Chapter 3407 Thrilling Death Battle
Chapter 3408 Invading Hokuto
Chapter 3409 A fight to the death
Chapter 3437 Refuse to invite
Chapter 3411 The soul is gone
Chapter 3412 Only one left
Chapter 3413 Farewell to White Clothes Again
Chapter 3414 Forgot the warning
Chapter 3415 Master Xuantian
Chapter 3416 Three Realms Come to Congratulate
Chapter 3444 Ten times the difference
Chapter 3418 Already committed
Chapter 3419 Successful Official Announcement
Chapter 3420 I am hers
Chapter 3421 Qian Xis Beloved Husband
Chapter 3422 Departure to the Holy Realm
Chapter 3423 The Holy Moon Clan
Chapter 3424 Want to see the clan leader
Chapter 3425 No evidence
Chapter 3426 Expecting Miracles
Chapter 3427 Star-Moon Sacred Pool
Chapter 3428 Appointed by the God Emperor
Chapter 3429 Holy Son Qingchen
Chapter 3430 Arrogant Team Leader
Chapter 3431 Weak and helpless
Chapter 3459 Revenge for you
Chapter 3433 Crazy Absorption
Chapter 3434 Fearless
Chapter 3435 Timid but strong
Chapter 3436 Extremely talented
Chapter 3464: Eternal Imprisonment
Chapter 3438 The new saint
Chapter 3439 The enemy is coming
Chapter 3440 War Saint Linlang
Chapter 3441 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 3442 Brother Qingchen
Chapter 3443 Dont give up yet
Chapter 3471 Beyond the Level Monster
Chapter 3445 I am very powerful
Chapter 3446 I have everything
Chapter 3447 Nightmare Night
Chapter 3448 Holy Moon Wins
Chapter 3449 Something big is going to happen
Chapter 3450 Want to teach her a lesson
Chapter 3451 I can win
Chapter 3452 No super artifact
Chapter 3453 She cant die
Chapter 3454 Send you back
Chapter 3455 Testing Bloodline
Chapter 3456 Living together
Chapter 3457 Self-Righteous
Chapter 3458 The Road to Body Refining
Chapter 3486 Murderous Intent Surges
Chapter 3460 Continue to fight again
Chapter 3461 She can do it
Chapter 3462 Help him improve
Chapter 3463 Conditions for assistance
Chapter 3491 Make good use of good opportunities
Chapter 3465 Want to rescue her
Chapter 3466 The selection begins
Chapter 3467 Fierce Battle with Sheng Yan
Chapter 3468 Determined to Win
Chapter 3469 Entering the Holy Sacrifice Tower
Chapter 3470 Who dares to block the road?
Chapter 3498 Come out safely
Chapter 3472 Extremely cautious
Chapter 3473 Finally here
Chapter 3474 Well done
Chapter 3475 Brothers Breakthrough
Chapter 3476 Surprise or not?
Chapter 3477 The Dark Beast
Chapter 3478 The strong man switches sides
Chapter 3479 Two people are out
Chapter 3480 The plan failed
Chapter 3481 Meeting Mother
Chapter 3482 Able to escape
Chapter 3483 Because she is worth it
Chapter 3484 Holy Son and Saint Daughter
Chapter 3485 The Forbidden Land of the Saints
Chapter 3513 Can’t take off clothes
Chapter 3487 The Poisonous Place
Chapter 3488 Its too early to be happy
Chapter 3489: Being tricked to death
Chapter 3490 Too careless
Chapter 3518 Ayu helps
Chapter 3492 Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 3493 Dont resent me
Chapter 3494 Fighting for Sister
Chapter 3495 Ah Ting is back
Chapter 3496 Only protect the Holy Son
Chapter 3497 The outcome is destined
Chapter 3525 Her Men
Chapter 3499 Forbidden Cage
Chapter 3500 Lets go home
Chapter 3501 Brother Dont Cry
Chapter 3502 Heartache and Anger
Chapter 3503 Teach your son a lesson
Chapter 3504 Good vision
Chapter 3505: Attacking the Mother-in-Law
Chapter 3506 Nine Nights Making Noodles
Chapter 3507 Want a beautiful woman to accompany you
Chapter 3508 Send the wedding dress
Chapter 3509 Eternal Feather Clothes
Chapter 3510 Special Aesthetics
Chapter 3511 Xis wedding dress
Chapter 3512 Jiuyes life experience
Chapter 3540 Decided to kill her
Chapter 3514 God of Death
Chapter 3515 Standing aside and watching
Chapter 3516 Death Shroud
Chapter 3517 Spreading to all walks of life
Chapter 3545 Don’t let your wish come true
Chapter 3519 Come out and fight
Chapter 3520 I dont allow it
Chapter 3521 Incredible
Chapter 3522 Its too late
Chapter 3523 Contract with Ayu
Chapter 3524 Crisis on all sides
Chapter 3552 All friends arrive
Chapter 3526 I miss her so much
Chapter 3527 A Monster
Chapter 3528 Delaying the wedding date
Chapter 3529 This is a test
Chapter 3530 Arrow of Life
Chapter 3531 Destiny Trajectory
Chapter 3532 The resonance of life
Chapter 3533 Extremely Shameless
Chapter 3534 Really unworthy
Chapter 3535 Mu also has a heart
Chapter 3536 Dont want to delay
Chapter 3537 The return of Saint Xi
Chapter 3538 I want the antidote
Chapter 3539 Just looking for death
Chapter 3567 Baptism Place
Chapter 3541 Death Struggle
Chapter 3542 Crazy
Chapter 3543 The Holy Lords Last Words
Chapter 3544 Kill the Favorite
Chapter 3572 Super Virgin
Chapter 3546 You can kill at will
Chapter 3547 Confusing the real with the fake
Chapter 3548 The Holy Lords Plan
Chapter 3549 Strong Will
Chapter 3550 Original appearance
Chapter 3551 The New Holy Lord
Chapter 3579 The person you are looking for
Chapter 3553 Wedding Day
Chapter 3554 Go pick up the groom
Chapter 3555 God Emperor of God Realm
Chapter 3556 Who do you want to choose?
Chapter 3557 No Escape from Marriage
Chapter 3558 His Bride
Chapter 3559 Before the wedding
Chapter 3560 Bridal Night
Chapter 3561 The place of first encounter
Chapter 3562 I like it so much
Chapter 3563 Termination of Contract
Chapter 3564 You can feel at ease
Chapter 3565 Gods will is unpredictable
Chapter 3566 Angel on Earth
Chapter 3594 Saved two people
Chapter 3568 White Lotus in the Golden Age
Chapter 3569 Playing a Game
Chapter 3570 There are pitfalls everywhere
Chapter 3571 Deep Malice
Chapter 3599 Competing with the Sword for Favor
Chapter 3573 The wonderful use of plug-ins
Chapter 3574 Want to give a gift in return
Chapter 3575 Open up space
Chapter 3576 She doesnt avoid fighting
Chapter 3577 She has weaknesses
Chapter 3578 Always rely on him
Chapter 3606 Choosing Opportunities
Chapter 3580 The Fourth City Lord
Chapter 3581 Abnormal Rules
Chapter 3582 Good Luck
Chapter 3583: Hijacking and twisting
Chapter 3584 Certain death
Chapter 3585 Uncharacteristic
Chapter 3586 The rules have changed
Chapter 3587 I want him to beg for mercy
Chapter 3588 Seeking Death
Chapter 3589 The Third Area
Chapter 3590 Suspicious identity
Chapter 3591 Brutal Shura
Chapter 3592 Proposing a truce
Chapter 3593 My Intuition
Chapter 3621 Stay safe
Chapter 3595 There is a condition
Chapter 3596 The Power of Light
Chapter 3597 The Contract Formation Appears
Chapter 3598 Eternal Thousand Illusions
Chapter 3626 Horror Freak
Chapter 3600 Control everything
Chapter 3601: Oath to recognize the Lord
Chapter 3602 Backlash against Ah Huan
Chapter 3603 His Highness Jiuye
Chapter 3604 Heaven and Earth are unkind
Chapter 3605 Its the big devil
Chapter 3633 Say it again
Chapter 3607 Occupy a hilltop
Chapter 3608 Called the Prison Emperor Sect
Chapter 3609 The Seventh Realm
Chapter 3610 Medicine Spirit Divine Body
Chapter 3611 Ah Huan is so good
Chapter 3612 A Huan Array
Chapter 3613 Recruitment of Buddhists
Chapter 3614 Too Inhuman
Chapter 3615 The Road to Light
Chapter 3616: Detoxification is not difficult
Chapter 3617 She is super confident
Chapter 3618 How naive
Chapter 3619 There is someone in my heart
Chapter 3620 Who is more fierce?
Chapter 3648: Unable to die
Chapter 3622: Used a stupid trick
Chapter 3623 Capturing the Sect Leader Alive
Chapter 3624 She is the master
Chapter 3625 Defeat one by one
Chapter 3653 A freak
Chapter 3627 Believe in winning
Chapter 3628 Give all your strength
Chapter 3629 Confused and defeated
Chapter 3630 Cant buy it empty
Chapter 3631 Encourage them
Chapter 3632 Holy Potion
Chapter 3660 The evil source of black bones
Chapter 3634 Give her the finale
Chapter 3635 Get rich immediately
Chapter 3636 Potion Auction
Chapter 3637 Too grand
Chapter 3638: Detain her
Chapter 3639 Dont dare to offend
Chapter 3640 Place of condemnation
Chapter 3641 The Place of Death Sin
Chapter 3642 Find an opportunity
Chapter 3643 Kind Helper
Chapter 3644 Yunlian Divine Water
Chapter 3645 Bone Burial Ground
Chapter 3646 Collected a mine
Chapter 3647 Scapegoat
Chapter 3675 Become a pretty boy
Chapter 3649 I have no choice but to obey
Chapter 3650 Not joining in the fun
Chapter 3651 One cat and one pig
Chapter 3652 You cant do it
Chapter 3680 A Nian’s Painting
Chapter 3654 There is a master here
Chapter 3655 Not afraid at all
Chapter 3656 Light as a guide
Chapter 3657 Dont let him go
Chapter 3658 The Gate of Sin
Chapter 3659 Want them to die
Chapter 3687 The Corpse Clan Attacks
Chapter 3661 Too careless
Chapter 3662 The Holy Palace Arrives
Chapter 3663 Meeting Jiuye
Chapter 3664 Save the little prince
Chapter 3665 The bond remains unchanged
Chapter 3666 Preventing Leaving
Chapter 3667 Eating decapitation rice
Chapter 3668 Battle with Young City Lord
Chapter 3669 Crooked ways
Chapter 3670 No one left
Chapter 3671 Its really broken
Chapter 3672: Abducted back to the sect
Chapter 3673 Thunder immunity physique
Chapter 3674 The Ten Evil Clan
Chapter 3702 A big appetite
Chapter 3676 Two faces
Chapter 3677 Dont dare to touch her
Chapter 3678 Related to Thunder Territory
Chapter 3679 Thunder Emperor Disciple
Chapter 3707 Right place
Chapter 3681 Amazing Medical Skills
Chapter 3682: Pay with your life
Chapter 3683 The First False God
Chapter 3684 Torturing each other
Chapter 3685 Tomb of the Human Emperor
Chapter 3686 Seducing Yan Luo
Chapter 3714 A fat sheep
Chapter 3688 Triple Restraint
Chapter 3689 The tombstone is the door
Chapter 3690 The door opens
Chapter 3691 Rich Collection
Chapter 3692 The Southern Emperor
Chapter 3693 Stab each other
Chapter 3694 Never be a slave
Chapter 3695 The routine is too deep
Chapter 3696 Didnt even lift it
Chapter 3697 Beautiful Man in the Moon Palace
Chapter 3698 Want them all
Chapter 3699 Excuse for action
Chapter 3700 I need an explanation
Chapter 3701 I dislike it for being ugly
Chapter 3729: Turn over a sect
Chapter 3703 Ah Huan is cruel
Chapter 3704 Bring a vase
Chapter 3705 Differential Treatment
Chapter 3706 I wont fight with you
Chapter 3734 Joint Siege
Chapter 3708 Ah Huan confesses
Chapter 3709 Flame Sacrifice Formation
Chapter 3710 Evil formation in the air
Chapter 3711 See Jiuye again
Chapter 3712 Time is too short
Chapter 3713 Leave them behind
Chapter 3741 Seventh Class Sect
Chapter 3715 Overestimation and Underestimation
Chapter 3716 Merciless Killing
Chapter 3717 Kill them all
Chapter 3718 Super Poison Pill
Chapter 3719 Buy, buy, buy
Chapter 3720 Exposed news
Chapter 3721 Crisis is everywhere
Chapter 3722: Poison is not a loss
Chapter 3723 Invite her as a guest
Chapter 3724 Cute little deer
Chapter 3725 Kidnapped
Chapter 3726 Must be cured
Chapter 3727 There will be a miracle
Chapter 3728 Fighting with Heaven for Life
Chapter 3756 Destruction of Beast Sacrifice
Chapter 3730 Bright Guidance
Chapter 3731 Everyone will break through
Chapter 3732 Rebellion from the Sect
Chapter 3733: Explode a war alliance
Chapter 3761 Disguise Spell Master
Chapter 3735 Return of the Sect Master
Chapter 3736 The Power of the Killing Formation
Chapter 3737 Go out to fight and fight back
Chapter 3738 Really looking for death
Chapter 3739 Dont dare to go in
Chapter 3740 This battle is completely won
Chapter 3768 Madam of the Sect Master
Chapter 3742 Countless Artifacts
Chapter 3743 Of course we have to grab it
Chapter 3744 Sale at a Loss
Chapter 3745 The Street Stall is Super Profitable
Chapter 3746 The Evil Abyss Opens
Chapter 3747 How shameless
Chapter 3748 Medicine Garden Prohibition
Chapter 3749 Making people pregnant
Chapter 3750 Cant poison her
Chapter 3751 Rescue people
Chapter 3752: Use poison to destroy evil
Chapter 3753 Really fanatical fan
Chapter 3754 Extremely Angry
Chapter 3755 The beasts escape
Chapter 3783 Holy Medicine Master Competition
Chapter 3757 Nine-tailed Fox
Chapter 3758 Everyone has help
Chapter 3759 Extracting Soul
Chapter 3760 Exploding the Soul Tower
Chapter 3788 The Protoss’ Temptation
Chapter 3762 Heading to the Forbidden Land
Chapter 3763 Everyone is here
Chapter 3764 The Lord of All Evil
Chapter 3765 Ah Huan is serious
Chapter 3766 It feels uncomfortable to think about it
Chapter 3767: Recognize the master and see the face
Chapter 3795 Qingying saves her
Chapter 3769 Entering the Holy Palace
Chapter 3770 The Secret of Light
Chapter 3771 Expulsion of Light
Chapter 3772 Ah Ting is here
Chapter 3773 The heart is shaken
Chapter 3774 Soul Clan News
Chapter 3775 The two races join forces
Chapter 3776 Black Lotus of Doom
Chapter 3777 Sacred Golden Lotus
Chapter 3778 Counter-Killing the God Emperor
Chapter 3779 Finally able to hug
Chapter 3780 Which one to fight first?
Chapter 3781 Chance of Survival
Chapter 3782 She said she won
Chapter 3810 Destined
Chapter 3784 Beating Muyue Palace
Chapter 3785 I am
Chapter 3786 Changing the Formation
Chapter 3787 Helped a lot
Chapter 3815 Broken appearance
Chapter 3789: Acknowledging the Wrong Evil Master
Chapter 3790 A thought for a while
Chapter 3791 Ah Huans Identity
Chapter 3792 The ten evils are eliminated
Chapter 3793 Changing the Law
Chapter 3794 Pulled into the black coffin
Chapter 3822 I’m going down
Chapter 3796 Joint Doubles
Chapter 3797 There are other plans
Chapter 3798 Fake Apprentice
Chapter 3799 The sect master is here
Chapter 3800 The Holy Palace Hidden Beauty
Chapter 3801 Want to play big
Chapter 3802 This is a dead end
Chapter 3803 Death Countdown
Chapter 3804 Jiuye was seriously injured
Chapter 3805 God Emperor Nine Nights
Chapter 3806 Ayus Territory
Chapter 3807 The changes are too big
Chapter 3808 Master of Feather Domain
Chapter 3809 The most beautiful
Chapter 3837 Shengzhi ran away
Chapter 3811 Good looks
Chapter 3812 Smashed in hand
Chapter 3813 Daydreaming
Chapter 3814 Falling into her hands
Chapter 3842 Don’t be too greedy
Chapter 3816 The elixir is more fragrant
Chapter 3817 Relying on face to make a living
Chapter 3818 Life is coming soon
Chapter 3819 The Pavilion Master Buys Wine
Chapter 3820 The Bird in the Cage
Chapter 3821 Whimsical
Chapter 3849 The waste tea is about to end
Chapter 3823 Golden-winged Dapeng
Chapter 3824: Poor and useless
Chapter 3825: Going to Heaven
Chapter 3826 Return to old business
Chapter 3827 Shortcomings of the Holy Plant
Chapter 3828 Punishing the Bad Young Man
Chapter 3829 Very defensive
Chapter 3830 Law Enforcement Elder
Chapter 3831 No distinction between right and wrong
Chapter 3832 Little Masters Uncle Teaching
Chapter 3833 Two groups of pursuers
Chapter 3834 Found
Chapter 3835 The edge of life and death
Chapter 3836 She is the sixth element
Chapter 3864 Uncle Master is angry
Chapter 3838 I caught you
Chapter 3839 Complaint and Disposal
Chapter 3840 Cant afford to offend
Chapter 3841 Watching with eager eyes
Chapter 3869 Go to Youyu Mountain
Chapter 3843 A long lesson
Chapter 3844 Want to snatch the body
Chapter 3845 Dont cause trouble
Chapter 3846 He is not afraid of death
Chapter 3847 Leaf Ladder
Chapter 3848 Catch up quickly
Chapter 3876 Feathers Hatching Eggs
Chapter 3850: Forcing others to make things difficult
Chapter 3851 Dont be a killer
Chapter 3852 Theres still next time
Chapter 3853 Super face control
Chapter 3854 Beautiful people and kind hearts
Chapter 3855 Acting righteously
Chapter 3856 Nothing at all
Chapter 3857 Save if you want
Chapter 3858 Entering Qianyu Lake
Chapter 3859 The deadly fish
Chapter 3860 The Terrifying Insect King
Chapter 3861 Violent Ayu
Chapter 3862 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 3863: One piece left
Chapter 3891 The Land of Thousand Evils
Chapter 3865 The visiting son-in-law
Chapter 3866 So shameless
Chapter 3867 Whimsical
Chapter 3868: Untouchable
Chapter 3896 Doubt Qian Xi
Chapter 3870 The situation is not good
Chapter 3871 Practice last-hitting
Chapter 3872 Cliff Jumping Experience
Chapter 3873 Let him talk too much
Chapter 3874 I can still bear it
Chapter 3875 Too dangerous
Chapter 3903 The Wine of Love Spell
Chapter 3877 The Nine-Headed Phoenix Appears
Chapter 3878 Ayu is actually
Chapter 3879 Daddy Hugs
Chapter 3880 Youyu Landslide
Chapter 3881 Entering the Medicine Emperor Valley
Chapter 3882 She was exposed
Chapter 3883 The Irritated Valley Master
Chapter 3884 Fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 3885 Transformation of the Sacred Plant
Chapter 3886 Want to follow her
Chapter 3887 The antidote is ready
Chapter 3888 The evil lord comes out
Chapter 3889 Hunting the Nine-Headed Phoenix
Chapter 3890 Nine Nights is Coming
Chapter 3918: Disgusted and Rejected
Chapter 3892 Mistaken for Love Rival
Chapter 3893 Spider King Trap
Chapter 3894: Blind with poison
Chapter 3895 Mysterious reinforcement
Chapter 3923 The only advantage
Chapter 3897 Cant afford to lose
Chapter 3898 A real loser
Chapter 3899 Master protects the weak
Chapter 3900 The Evil Lords Pampering
Chapter 3901 Complaint 2
Chapter 3902 No drinking allowed
Chapter 3930 Waste Secret Guard
Chapter 3904 Groups of Servants
Chapter 3905 The Evil Lords Apprentice
Chapter 3906 Finally here
Chapter 3907 The one hasnt arrived yet
Chapter 3908 No Enemy
Chapter 3909 Jiuye saves Xi
Chapter 3910 He is Xis husband
Chapter 3911 Its really terrible
Chapter 3912 Eternal Evil Cave
Chapter 3913 Delusion to eat him
Chapter 3914 Easy Purification
Chapter 3915 The Confluence of Evil Springs
Chapter 3916 Counterattack against opponents
Chapter 3917 The Evil Lords Prophecy
Chapter 3945 Ghost Doctor Evil Lord
Chapter 3919 Invading Consciousness
Chapter 3920 Meeting the Nemesis
Chapter 3921 Go rescue the waste tea
Chapter 3922 Qian Xi shows off her husband
Chapter 3950 Scared away
Chapter 3924 Identity is easy to use
Chapter 3925 Looking for a spare tire
Chapter 3926 Its for me
Chapter 3927 Two hours
Chapter 3928 Outstanding Performance
Chapter 3929 He has grown up
Chapter 3957 Kill her with your own hands
Chapter 3931 Shadow Guard Secret Guard
Chapter 3932 Only Shadow
Chapter 3933 Take it out immediately
Chapter 3934 The dispute between the young masters
Chapter 3935 There is no lower limit
Chapter 3936 Kneel down after losing
Chapter 3937 The oriole is behind
Chapter 3938 Confronting Qi Shi
Chapter 3939 Senior Brother and Sister
Chapter 3940 Want to get rid of her
Chapter 3941 Its time to play big
Chapter 3942 You and I
Chapter 3943 The referee is dead
Chapter 3944 Blatant Violation
Chapter 3972 Dark and Ominous Cloud
Chapter 3946 Eight Great Families
Chapter 3947 Returning in disastrous defeat
Chapter 3948 Dare to try it
Chapter 3949 He is confident
Chapter 3977 Invincible Protection of Weaknesses
Chapter 3951 Dont even believe him
Chapter 3952 Life-saving straw
Chapter 3953 Fortunately to see
Chapter 3954 Disciples of the God Emperor
Chapter 3955 Protecting Ayu
Chapter 3956 Nine Nights of Danger
Chapter 3984 Take the exam for use
Chapter 3958 Died from talking too much
Chapter 3959 Time Stops
Chapter 3960 What a mistake
Chapter 3961 Digging a hole and burying it
Chapter 3962 God-Destroying Heavenly Pavilion
Chapter 3963: Move reinforcements
Chapter 3964 Goodbye Nanhuang
Chapter 3965 Rely on yourself
Chapter 3966 Satisfying Xi
Chapter 3967 Just follow her
Chapter 3968 Entering the Dark Realm
Chapter 3969: Human or Beast
Chapter 3970 In dire straits
Chapter 3971 Pretending to be a beast master
Chapter 3999 Bring Nie Zheng with you
Chapter 3973 Captured by Yun
Chapter 3974 Found the right person
Chapter 3975 What can you do?
Chapter 3976 Baby Pimple
Chapter 4004 Then Transformation
Chapter 3978 Second level virtual god
Chapter 3979 She is going out
Chapter 3980 An Awakens
Chapter 3981 Learning to Control Beasts
Chapter 3982: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 3983 Need a map
Chapter 4011 Giving too much
Chapter 3985 Her Master
Chapter 3986 The gap is too big
Chapter 3987 With bad intentions
Chapter 3988 Do you want to destroy the family?
Chapter 3989 White Old Fairy
Chapter 3990 Three Peacocks
Chapter 3991 Paintings drawn in the dark
Chapter 3992 Lao Lan was tricked
Chapter 3993 Need help
Chapter 3994 Identity bluffing
Chapter 3995 Spend money to save your life
Chapter 3996 Assessment of Three Stars
Chapter 3997 Coming to seek revenge
Chapter 3998 Convinced
Chapter 4026 How vicious
Chapter 4000: Grab and run
Chapter 4001 The transformation of the mythical beast
Chapter 4002 Promotion to Four Stars
Chapter 4003 Come out to accompany you
Chapter 4031 Destruction of the Arena
Chapter 4005 Who is more beautiful?
Chapter 4006: See you again by fate
Chapter 4007 Fishing and taking the bait
Chapter 4008 Come to save me
Chapter 4009 Save Little Waste Tea
Chapter 4010 Ah Ting helps out
Chapter 4038 Infinite Possibilities
Chapter 4012 Black Snow
Chapter 4013 Black Flower Blooms
Chapter 4014 Admiring Dark
Chapter 4015 Born for Darkness
Chapter 4016: Face-off
Chapter 4017 Undersea Ruins
Chapter 4018 Kunpeng swallows a shark
Chapter 4019 Strong Taming
Chapter 4020: Arrest people for questioning
Chapter 4021 Spell Skeleton
Chapter 4022 Breaking the Curse with a Curse
Chapter 4023: The Seal of the Human Emperor
Chapter 4024 No doubt
Chapter 4025: The pit is vomiting blood
Chapter 4053 I have made up my mind
Chapter 4027 The Kingdom of Beasts
Chapter 4028 Unreasonable
Chapter 4029 Bloody Death Fight
Chapter 4030 Dead or alive
Chapter 4058 Taking advantage of the beast’s danger
Chapter 4032 A big fuss
Chapter 4033 The Beast King Chases
Chapter 4034 The Realm of Beiqiu
Chapter 4035 Targeting Nine-Tails
Chapter 4036 Ask her for a contract
Chapter 4037 The whole clan opposes
Chapter 4065 Asking for Gifts
Chapter 4039 Deep in the Fox Tomb
Chapter 4040 Black Fox of Doom
Chapter 4041 The truth about death
Chapter 4042 Internal and external troubles
Chapter 4043: Close the door and beat the dog
Chapter 4044 Looking for allies
Chapter 4045 Nine-tailed Civet
Chapter 4046 Lord of the Far East
Chapter 4047 I know a lot
Chapter 4048 Dont want her to leave
Chapter 4049 Alliance Negotiated
Chapter 4050 Assessment of Four Stars
Chapter 4051 Dont believe in lies
Chapter 4052 Super Monster
Chapter 4080 Young Master of the Soul Clan
Chapter 4054 She cant run away
Chapter 4055 The fierce beasts protect each other
Chapter 4056 Opening a ghost doctor building
Chapter 4057: Angry enough to start a war
Chapter 4085: High-profile bluffing
Chapter 4059 Poaching all the bases
Chapter 4060 The Seal of the Ferocious Beast
Chapter 4061 Little Red Bluff
Chapter 4062 Leave it to An
Chapter 4063 Jiuye refuses
Chapter 4064 Giving Dark a Gift
Chapter 4092 Ah Quan is fine
Chapter 4066 Chaotic Space
Chapter 4067 Being favored
Chapter 4068 The two separated
Chapter 4069 Waiting to kill her
Chapter 4070 Must be quick
Chapter 4071 Found you
Chapter 4072 The whereabouts of the fragments
Chapter 4073 The Threat of the God Emperor
Chapter 4074 Brother comes out of confinement
Chapter 4075 Show off and get beaten
Chapter 4076 Find the place
Chapter 4077 Fighting in Dreams
Chapter 4078 You are a soul clan
Chapter 4079 Qian Xi takes action
Chapter 4107 Teach me how to make weapons
Chapter 4081 Ancestor Level
Chapter 4082 Be high-profile
Chapter 4083 Want to catch her
Chapter 4084 Testing Bloodline
Chapter 4112 Sword Domain
Chapter 4086 The deception was successful
Chapter 4087 The Soul Clans Ambition
Chapter 4088 The stars hold the moon
Chapter 4089: Using the Beauty Trap
Chapter 4090 The Ancestral Land of the Curse Master
Chapter 4091 Destroy this place
Chapter 4119 He won’t lose
Chapter 4093 Senshio Rima
Chapter 4094 Obtaining the Fragments
Chapter 4095 Im here to seek revenge
Chapter 4096: Throwing the burden off each other
Chapter 4097 We must separate again
Chapter 4098 Opening up the three domains
Chapter 4099 His Master
Chapter 4100 Xiaobais Sword
Chapter 4101 Save Xiaobai
Chapter 4102 Died again
Chapter 4103: Lie to Big Brother
Chapter 4104 Shura Sword Tower
Chapter 4105 God Emperor Level
Chapter 4106 Flame Dragon Kills Souls
Chapter 4134 Killer Name
Chapter 4108 Im so ugly
Chapter 4109 Quickly climb the tower
Chapter 4110 Taking the Sword Smoothly
Chapter 4111 She wants it all
Chapter 4139 Meeting the Thunder Emperor
Chapter 4113 Assassination of Bai Yi
Chapter 4114 Ignore Level
Chapter 4115 Shura Statue
Chapter 4116 The Road to Soul Cultivation
Chapter 4117 Soul Killing is Jealous
Chapter 4118 Xiaobais promotion
Chapter 4146 Supreme Elder
Chapter 4120 Revenge is coming
Chapter 4121 The killer arrives again
Chapter 4122 Provocation in front of the tower
Chapter 4123 Unstoppable
Chapter 4124: Lure the enemy away
Chapter 4125 Soul Lock
Chapter 4126 Sky-high price mission
Chapter 4127 God Refining King Tool
Chapter 4128 Waste of Talent
Chapter 4129 Chase to the End
Chapter 4130 Represents Death
Chapter 4131 Go to Darkfall Palace
Chapter 4132 Its you
Chapter 4133 Dont want to kill anyone
Chapter 4161 Depend on us
Chapter 4135 Body Refining Stone Realm
Chapter 4136 Bullying is too much
Chapter 4137 Accept her as your father
Chapter 4138: Single for Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 4166 The blood sword is coming
Chapter 4140 The Young Master Killer
Chapter 4141 Whats the connection?
Chapter 4142 Tempting the Palace Master
Chapter 4143 This road is blocked
Chapter 4144 A Crazy Battle
Chapter 4145 Let the old one come on
Chapter 4173 Emperor Xiu’s plan
Chapter 4147 Soul Killing Lord Protector
Chapter 4148 To marry and kill by force
Chapter 4149 Looks a bit familiar
Chapter 4150 You are back
Chapter 4151 Interrogation Secret
Chapter 4152: Dark-hearted
Chapter 4153 Breaking the Holy Killing Palace
Chapter 4154: The blame-shifting soul clan
Chapter 4155 Difficulty Climbing the Tower
Chapter 4156 Xiaobai Broken Sword
Chapter 4157 Fighting for Xiaobai
Chapter 4158 Five Great Sword Masters
Chapter 4159 The way to choose a sword
Chapter 4160 Dont come here
Chapter 4188 So angry
Chapter 4162 Harm them
Chapter 4163 Three people fighting together
Chapter 4164 Master Long is angry
Chapter 4165 Amazing Potential
Chapter 4193 The Demonic Sword Seeks Revenge
Chapter 4167 Forced to surrender
Chapter 4168 Another match
Chapter 4169 Get out of here early
Chapter 4170 Recognizing the Killing Soul
Chapter 4171 The Blood Sword Arrives Again
Chapter 4172 The Blood Sword was defeated
Chapter 4200 Then go die
Chapter 4174 The situation is not good
Chapter 4175 Invincible on the Island
Chapter 4176 Go find the island owner
Chapter 4177 They are all very strong
Chapter 4178 Kill the Blood Sword
Chapter 4179 Leave it to Soul Killer
Chapter 4180 Operation Error
Chapter 4181 Mistaking the Helper
Chapter 4182 Beat hard
Chapter 4183 Return of the Sect Master
Chapter 4184 Dont lie to the gods
Chapter 4185 Replacement
Chapter 4186 A bolt from the blue
Chapter 4187 The evil sword seeks revenge
Chapter 4215 You are the master
Chapter 4189 Invasion of Feather Domain
Chapter 4190 God is in the divine camp
Chapter 4191 Three Evil Stars
Chapter 4192 Being Beaten as a Substitute
Chapter 4220 Divine Wings Legion
Chapter 4194 The tragedy of the magic sword
Chapter 4195 Death Seeking Success
Chapter 4196: Cut you all bald
Chapter 4197: Kill the donkey
Chapter 4198 Bi Fang is a nymphomaniac
Chapter 4199 Continuous Threat
Chapter 4227 Deadly Poison
Chapter 4201 Mo Huang advances
Chapter 4202 The little fox takes shape
Chapter 4203 Shadowless Sword
Chapter 4204 The Secret of Fire
Chapter 4205 The City of Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 4206 Refining Imitation Products
Chapter 4207 Soul Killing
Chapter 4208 Little Troublemaker
Chapter 4209 God Emperor Sword Cultivator
Chapter 4210 Shura Imperial Palace
Chapter 4211 Xiaobai loses his horse
Chapter 4212 Kill Emperor Xiu
Chapter 4213 One sword, two souls
Chapter 4214: Soul Killing Out of Control
Chapter 4242 Ghost Poison Devours Light
Chapter 4216 Xiaobai Jiancheng
Chapter 4217 Returning to the Soul Clan
Chapter 4218 Move in Senior Brother
Chapter 4219 Looking forward to meeting again
Chapter 4247 Big brother comes to protect you
Chapter 4221 Wake up in a lifetime
Chapter 4222 Your Majesty Returns
Chapter 4223 Became a faint king
Chapter 4224 Cooking for a lifetime
Chapter 4225 Countless love debts
Chapter 4226 Dare to call him ugly
Chapter 4254 Don’t want me
Chapter 4228 Given a chance
Chapter 4229 Because I like it
Chapter 4230 Ghost Doctor Beauty
Chapter 4231 Coming to make trouble
Chapter 4232 Everyone wants to know
Chapter 4233 Yunluo Medicine King
Chapter 4234 Big Brother is here
Chapter 4235 Qian Xi enters the hallucination
Chapter 4236 Planted well
Chapter 4237 Performance of the Five Elements
Chapter 4238 Being targeted
Chapter 4239 The flower of empty catkins
Chapter 4240 You want to be mine
Chapter 4241 You deserve to see it
Chapter 4269: Promotion while drinking
Chapter 4243 Exciting to go crazy
Chapter 4244 Who is the most handsome?
Chapter 4245 Surrounded by Holy Plants
Chapter 4246 Jealousy and Difficulty
Chapter 4274: The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 4248 No good intentions
Chapter 4249: Defeating the Roasted Chicken
Chapter 4250 The Master of the Medicine Garden
Chapter 4251 Does he love me?
Chapter 4252 The person he loves
Chapter 4253 Unlovable
Chapter 4281 Target Body
Chapter 4255 Worship for Life
Chapter 4256 Come on, baby
Chapter 4284 Sister Xier
Chapter 4258 Fortunately, he lived up to his fate
Chapter 4259 is about to fail
Chapter 4260 Shadow Cloud Repair
Chapter 4261 Master Recognition Ceremony
Chapter 4262 No body
Chapter 4263 The City of Gourmet Food
Chapter 4264 I like you very much
Chapter 4265 Love Withdrawal
Chapter 4266 Does your face hurt?
Chapter 4267 Talk to him
Chapter 4268 Waiter serves wine
Chapter 4296 Everyone is promoted to the next level
Chapter 4270 Cant see people
Chapter 4271 Eat Overlords Meal
Chapter 4272 The city lord makes a dinner date
Chapter 4273 Voluntarily taking poison
Chapter 4301 Find me
Chapter 4275: Poisoning and collecting money
Chapter 4276 I was wrong
Chapter 4277 Too many fish
Chapter 4278 Summoning the Statue
Chapter 4279 Abnormal Ability
Chapter 4280 Not a monster
Chapter 4308 Violence enters the city
Chapter 4282: Angry to death
Chapter 4283 The man with the knife
Chapter 4311 Three Thousand Male Favorites
Chapter 4285 Puppet Pavilion
Chapter 4286 Take her face away
Chapter 4287 A valuable face
Chapter 4288 Reaching the seventeenth floor
Chapter 4289 Soul Moving Silk
Chapter 4290 Love at first sight
Chapter 4291 I miss you so much
Chapter 4292 Nausea and nausea
Chapter 4293 His Highness Qian Xi
Chapter 4294 Loyal to the God Emperor
Chapter 4295 Super delicious
Chapter 4323: Heaven-defying Medicine
Chapter 4297 Please return to the realm of God
Chapter 4298 Plotting against Jiuye
Chapter 4299 Killing Bei City Lord
Chapter 4300 You are so poisonous
Chapter 4328 Regaining Face
Chapter 4302 Perfect Prediction
Chapter 4303 Time Freezes
Chapter 4304 Summoning Emperor Xiu
Chapter 4305 Master for Life
Chapter 4306: Transference and Love
Chapter 4307 I can do it
Chapter 4335 Beloved of Heaven
Chapter 4309 Nine Love Relationships
Chapter 4310 Robbery of the elder brother
Chapter 4338 Blood of Emperor Luo
Chapter 4312 The relationship is broken
Chapter 4313 A lifetime of heart
Chapter 4314: Too high to reach
Chapter 4315: Cunning and black-hearted
Chapter 4316 Charming Eye Technique
Chapter 4317 Abandoning Martial Arts
Chapter 4318 Going back on one's word
Chapter 4319 No use of poison
Chapter 4320 Want to see Emperor Luo
Chapter 4321 Luo Huangs brainstorming
Chapter 4322 She is waiting for him
Chapter 4350 Peak Refining Medicine
Chapter 4324 Wants an heir
Chapter 4325 I was so wrong
Chapter 4326 Two perverts
Chapter 4327 Send a watchdog
Chapter 4355 Kill the elder brother
Chapter 4329 Holding a tripod meeting
Chapter 4330 Two Imitation Cauldrons
Chapter 4331 Who do you look down on?
Chapter 4332 Unreasonable Request
Chapter 4333 A losing bet
Chapter 4334 Emperor Luo proposes a question
Chapter 4362 The Saint of Hundred Flowers
Chapter 4336 She will definitely lose
Chapter 4337 Jidao Danyun
Chapter 4365: Severe ridicule
Chapter 4339 The Secret Technique of Raising the Pill
Chapter 4367 What are you going to do?
Chapter 4341 Provoke Emperor Xiu
Chapter 4342 Why are you laughing?
Chapter 4343 The Strongest Medicine Cauldron
Chapter 4344 The battle of a lifetime
Chapter 4345 Everyone comes to help
Chapter 4346 The statue opens its mouth
Chapter 4347 She is not jealous
Chapter 4348 Emperor Luo sheds tears
Chapter 4376 Threat and Conspiracy
Chapter 4377 Super hatred
Chapter 4351 Everyone wants to become a disciple
Chapter 4352: Be good all your life
Chapter 4353 The Western Emperor
Chapter 4354 Artifact Kills the Lord
Chapter 4382 Send a lot of poison
Chapter 4356 Leave it to me
Chapter 4357 Avalokitesvara
Chapter 4358 The other side is
Chapter 4359 Slave of the Delicate Flower
Chapter 4360 Destroy the teleportation array
Chapter 4361 God Killing Begins
Chapter 4389 Recycling
Chapter 4363 Testing Value
Chapter 4364 Golden Cage
Chapter 4392 Stimulating the Gods
Chapter 4366 Kill them all
Chapter 4394 Negotiation between the two tribes
Chapter 4368 Perfect Disguise
Chapter 4369 Be cautious
Chapter 4370 Shura mixed blood
Chapter 4371 I am a human race
Chapter 4372 I lost my memory
Chapter 4373 A plan has been made
Chapter 4374 Three Thousand Beauties
Chapter 4375 Her ambition
Chapter 4403 Paint your own face
Chapter 4404 Emperor Luo seeks death
Chapter 4378 Lets start the fight directly
Chapter 4379 Exactly the same
Chapter 4380 Desperate Resistance
Chapter 4381 I can only save myself
Chapter 4408 Leaving the father and leaving the son
Chapter 4383 Change some faces
Chapter 4384: Obeying the rules and violating the rules
Chapter 4385 Loyal
Chapter 4386 Time Management
Chapter 4387 Killing you is enough
Chapter 4388 Kill Xiu Feng
Chapter 4415 The weak and delicate woman
Chapter 4390 Using yourself as bait
Chapter 4391 Gods Plan
Chapter 4418 Everyone is waiting for her
Chapter 4393 God Clan Assassination
Chapter 4420: See through the identity
Chapter 4395 Lets fight and watch the show
Chapter 4396 The face is injured
Chapter 4397 Opening a Plastic Surgery Clinic
Chapter 4398 Emperor Xiu bites the hook
Chapter 4399: Excuse Gods Hate
Chapter 4400 Killing Ten Elders
Chapter 4401 Departure at Nine Nights
Chapter 4402 Meeting Emperor Xiu
Chapter 4429 Luo Zhan’s decisive blow
Chapter 4430 Perfect Partner
Chapter 4405 Kill Countless Times
Chapter 4406: Pregnancy warning
Chapter 4406: Pregnancy warning
Chapter 4407 Becoming a Weak Beauty
Chapter 4435 Delivered to the Door
Chapter 4409 Male Favorite Jiuye
Chapter 4410 Not the time
Chapter 4411 Emperor Luo is pregnant
Chapter 4412 Emperor Xiu is annoying
Chapter 4413 Chief Maid
Chapter 4414 Tit for tat
Chapter 4442 God is fair
Chapter 4416: Muddle through
Chapter 4417 Waiting for an opportunity to capture
Chapter 4445 Divine Sacrifice Failed
Chapter 4419 What a good luck
Chapter 4447 Asking for Two Things
Chapter 4421 Penetrating the Tenth Floor
Chapter 4422 Please open the door
Chapter 4423 The Second Beauty
Chapter 4424 Ridiculously strong
Chapter 4425: Cannibalism in the Ancestral Land
Chapter 4426 Insanity
Chapter 4427 Half of the Soul
Chapter 4428 Luo Man was defeated
Chapter 4456 Angry Emperor Xiu
Chapter 4431 The eighth broken petal
Chapter 4432 Facing the truth
Chapter 4433 Very unwise
Chapter 4434 God Sacrifice Sacrifice
Chapter 4461 I’m looking for the Thunder Emperor
Chapter 4436 Offering the Statue
Chapter 4437 Its all sacrifices
Chapter 4438 Picking the weak persimmon
Chapter 4439 Harvesting the Idols
Chapter 4440 The First Elder
Chapter 4441 Not an opponent
Chapter 4468 Peak Heart Thunder Sea
Chapter 4443 Sending Jiuye away
Chapter 4444 The enemy is desperate
Chapter 4471 Looks like a water dragon
Chapter 4446 Seeing through the disguise
Chapter 4473 Waiting for the water dragon to wake up
Chapter 4448 Doubt Shen Sheng
Chapter 4449 Too conceited
Chapter 4450 Light and shadow appear
Chapter 4451 Protective Instinct
Chapter 4452 Lotus gathers eight petals
Chapter 4453: Acknowledging the Wrong God
Chapter 4454 Emperor Luo is jealous
Chapter 4455 Emperor Xius Plastic Surgery
Chapter 4482 Send a Peak
Chapter 4457 Emperor Xiu is a shadow
Chapter 4458 Heavenly Sanctions
Chapter 4459 Choose to stay alone
Chapter 4460 Endless murderous intent
Chapter 4487 See the strength
Chapter 4462 Thunder Emperor is seriously injured
Chapter 4463 The sound of thunder in the piano
Chapter 4464 Sad and Missing
Chapter 4465 Invitation to play chess
Chapter 4466 No chance of winning
Chapter 4467 Reaching the God King Level
Chapter 4494 You really deserve it
Chapter 4469 Looking for A Nian
Chapter 4470 Send a word
Chapter 4497 ??His curiosity
Chapter 4472 Want to see the water dragon
Chapter 4499 Getting along comfortably
Chapter 4474 Fishing in Leihai
Chapter 4475 Very capable of causing trouble
Chapter 4476 Its indeed fair
Chapter 4477 Discovery of Soul Killing
Chapter 4478 Its the junior sister
Chapter 4479 Opportunity to last a blow
Chapter 4480 The Thunder Dragon Disappears
Chapter 4481 Obtaining the Thunder Element
Chapter 4508 Opening the Dark Thunder Tower
Chapter 4483 Arrive on time
Chapter 4484 He knows
Chapter 4485 Refining Swords with Thunder
Chapter 4486: Let me vent your anger
Chapter 4513 Group Battle Ratio
Chapter 4488 Be a member
Chapter 4489 Delicious Heart
Chapter 4490: Countering Traitors
Chapter 4491 Suppress with Tower
Chapter 4492 Special training in forbidden areas
Chapter 4493 Want to save face
Chapter 4520 Enough recovery
Chapter 4495 Controlling Puppet
Chapter 4496 Jin Clans Revenge
Chapter 4523 They didn’t
Chapter 4498: Being strong is enough
Chapter 4525 Abuse of time
Chapter 4500 Bright Crystal
Chapter 4501 Realm is deceptive
Chapter 4502 Eighty percent of it is thoughts
Chapter 4503: Its a matter of seconds
Chapter 4504: Give up quickly
Chapter 4505 Strong Rival
Chapter 4506: Lets compete again after a tie
Chapter 4507 The God Emperor sneak attack
Chapter 4534 Entering the Realm of Chaos
Chapter 4509 Go straight to the top of the tower
Chapter 4510 The tower disappeared
Chapter 4511 Thunder Cauldron Mutation
Chapter 4512 Crack it immediately
Chapter 4539 The birth of Ah Ting
Chapter 4514 Super Assistance
Chapter 4515 Tree Clan Sacred Tree
Chapter 4516 Eternal Dream
Chapter 4517 Eternal Sorrow
Chapter 4518 Unbearable
Chapter 4519 Ambush in advance
Chapter 4546 Meeting the Young Patriarch
Chapter 4521 Letting the beasts go into battle
Chapter 4522 She tried her best
Chapter 4549 He wants to know
Chapter 4524 Of course I want to
Chapter 4551 Three-year-old salvation
Chapter 4526 Jiuye also goes
Chapter 4527 Actions in Various Domains
Chapter 4528 She hit a wall
Chapter 4529 Meeting Yin Ruochen
Chapter 4530 Black-hearted Monk
Chapter 4531 Life-Saving Buddha Beads
Chapter 4532 City Lord Invitation
Chapter 4533 Under the light
Chapter 4560 Time Lingbao
Chapter 4535 Become the villain
Chapter 4536 She is the only one
Chapter 4537 Wake up A Ting
Chapter 4538 He doesnt care
Chapter 4565 Very easy to deceive
Chapter 4540 Stay here
Chapter 4541 The Power of Time
Chapter 4542 Time Trial
Chapter 4543: Close the small dark room
Chapter 4544: Kill each other by fate
Chapter 4545 The Soul Clan is here
Chapter 4572 Giving too much
Chapter 4547 The same soul
Chapter 4548 Ah Ting comes to the rescue
Chapter 4575 Damn luck
Chapter 4550 Back to three and a half years old
Chapter 4577: Leaving the big picture
Chapter 4552 Time Single System
Chapter 4553 Cruel Mercy
Chapter 4554 Brother and sister join forces
Chapter 4555 Carry her back
Chapter 4556 Became bait
Chapter 4557 Gotta protect her
Chapter 4558 Send her away
Chapter 4559 Cant find him
Chapter 4586 Good luck all the way
Chapter 4561 The Gods were beaten
Chapter 4562 The gods shake people
Chapter 4563 A bunch of trash
Chapter 4564 Collision with the Shura Clan
Chapter 4591 Brutal Obliteration
Chapter 4566 Release the Chain
Chapter 4567 A Ting A Nian
Chapter 4568 A gathering of heroes
Chapter 4569 Lie down and watch the show
Chapter 4570: Good luck and help
Chapter 4571 Spreading Wealth Generously
Chapter 4598: Bullshit
Chapter 4573 The divine quality is too poor
Chapter 4574 Little Ah Ting
Chapter 4601 Lei’s Dominance
Chapter 4576: Being pissed off by stupidity
Chapter 4603 A Nian cooperates
Chapter 4578 Small and large fine points
Chapter 4579 The real end
Chapter 4580 Ninefold Perfection
Chapter 4581 The Water Tribe takes action
Chapter 4582 Fighting against the Aqua Tribe alone
Chapter 4583 Voluntary Elimination
Chapter 4584 Empty the Aquarium
Chapter 4585 White Jade Lotus
Chapter 4612 A Ting A Nian
Chapter 4587 Three Clans Join Forces
Chapter 4588 I really cant beat him
Chapter 4589 Soul Distortion
Chapter 4590 Gods Will
Chapter 4617 Accidental Necessity
Chapter 4592 Brother and sister fight each other
Chapter 4593 Controlling A Ting
Chapter 4594 Dont dare to take risks
Chapter 4595 Escape into Buddhism
Chapter 4596 The contract of waking up
Chapter 4597 Cooperating with a fraud
Chapter 4624 The Thunder of Imprisonment
Chapter 4599 Kill them all
Chapter 4600 Find the name
Chapter 4627 The rumor was successfully spread
Chapter 4602 Everyone is here
Chapter 4629 Opening the Gap
Chapter 4604 A Nian A Ting
Chapter 4605 The arrival of the God Emperor
Chapter 4606 Choose who to sacrifice
Chapter 4607 Fear of panic
Chapter 4608: Kill yourself to clear the way
Chapter 4609 They are coming
Chapter 4610 Destroy the God Emperor
Chapter 4611 Offer to terminate the contract
Chapter 4638: Beat me if you’re bored
Chapter 4613 Who do you choose to save?
Chapter 4614 The Law of Obliteration
Chapter 4615 Brother takes action
Chapter 4616 Solve the shackles
Chapter 4643 Double breakthrough
Chapter 4618 Maybe found
Chapter 4619 Agony Tenpaku
Chapter 4620 The Thunder Emperor appears
Chapter 4621 No opportunity to invite
Chapter 4622 Reply to the War Letter
Chapter 4623 Rejection of Contract
Chapter 4650 Xuantian Crisis
Chapter 4625 Qian Xi goes to battle
Chapter 4626 She is super strong
Chapter 4653 Chain of Order
Chapter 4628 The most precious thunder stone
Chapter 4655 Destroy Ji Tianbai
Chapter 4630 Emperor level kill
Chapter 4631 Cant kill her
Chapter 4632 She wont run away
Chapter 4633 She was poisoned
Chapter 4634 Still Poisoned
Chapter 4635 Continue to poison him
Chapter 4636: Respond to requests
Chapter 4637 The God Clans Plan
Chapter 4664 Two scumbags
Chapter 4639 Battle with Ji Tianjiao
Chapter 4666 Soul Poison
Chapter 4667 Underground Tentacles
Chapter 4642 Try your best to delay
Chapter 4669 Three Soul Techniques
Chapter 4644 Finally waiting
Chapter 4645 The decisive battle begins
Chapter 4646 Fighting Ji Tianbai
Chapter 4647 The Thunder Emperor comes to fight
Chapter 4648 Abuse Ji Tianjiao
Chapter 4649 Self-destruction
Chapter 4676 Meeting Xiaobai
Chapter 4651 Five Realms Help
Chapter 4652 A Nian fills the gap
Chapter 4679 No need to compare
Chapter 4654 Dad is super handsome
Chapter 4681 Meeting the Patriarch
Chapter 4656 Im back
Chapter 4657 Letter from the Monk
Chapter 4658 Soul Clan Invitation
Chapter 4659 A Nians request
Chapter 4660 The clan leader arrives in person
Chapter 4661 Going to the Soul Clan
Chapter 4662 Arriving at the Soul Clan
Chapter 4663 You can be arrogant
Chapter 4690 Face Control Phoenix
Chapter 4665 Kill Countless Times
Chapter 4692 Darkness out of control
Chapter 4693 The Sacrifice of Heaven
Chapter 4668 Original Soul Method
Chapter 4695 A Nian’s Sacrifice
Chapter 4670 The soul is injured
Chapter 4671 Nightmare and Ghost Thread
Chapter 4672 Her Soul
Chapter 4673 Released the Nightmare
Chapter 4674 Xiaobais Dream
Chapter 4675 Cross River Soul Lotus
Chapter 4702 Xiaobai returns
Chapter 4677 Must leave
Chapter 4678 Heaven releases water
Chapter 4705 Go to retire
Chapter 4680: Just grab it
Chapter 4707 Thirteen moves to defeat
Chapter 4682 A whole ten
Chapter 4683 Breaking through the God Emperor
Chapter 4684 Xiaobai wakes up
Chapter 4685 Sacrificial Host
Chapter 4686 Being used
Chapter 4687: Grab them all
Chapter 4688 Soul-turning Ancestral Tree
Chapter 4689 She is different
Chapter 4716: Stimulating Nine Nights
Chapter 4691 Seeing the sacrifice
Chapter 4718 Not considered causing trouble
Chapter 4719 Unwilling to become a disciple
Chapter 4694 Let me kill you
Chapter 4721 Go find Wuya
Chapter 4696 The sacrifice was successful
Chapter 4697: Heavens Beaten
Chapter 4698 Qian Xi can save
Chapter 4699 Forced Contract
Chapter 4700 Contract A Nian
Chapter 4701 Unable to protect
Chapter 4728 She felt so good beating her
Chapter 4703 Heaven vents its anger
Chapter 4704 Goodbye Qingying
Chapter 4731 Beyond the Limit
Chapter 4706 Dont kill Xier
Chapter 4733 Who do you want to die?
Chapter 4708 How strong is it?
Chapter 4709 Senior Brother Demon Ancestor
Chapter 4710 Go to the Gods
Chapter 4711 Divine Phoenix Nirvana
Chapter 4712 Im waiting for you to die
Chapter 4713: Praying for the Clan
Chapter 4714 The leader of the Qi tribe
Chapter 4715 Qian Xis wish
Chapter 4742 Bloodthirsty Madman
Chapter 4717 Scared them to death
Chapter 4744 Silk Soul Puppet
Chapter 4745 Pray for the Western Emperor
Chapter 4720: Respond to requests
Chapter 4747 Wuya invites you
Chapter 4722 Beat up Wuya
Chapter 4723 Identity Exchange
Chapter 4724 Big Brother and Prayer
Chapter 4725 Qi hates him
Chapter 4726 Invitation to tea
Chapter 4727 The God Emperor retreats
Chapter 4754 Protecting the Sweetheart
Chapter 4729: Come to the door
Chapter 4730 Qi is angry
Chapter 4757 He is very weak
Chapter 4732 Cant escape
Chapter 4759 Taking care of junior sister
Chapter 4734 Who cares about her?
Chapter 4735 Digging a hole for her
Chapter 4736 Extreme Level
Chapter 4737 He wants to compete again
Chapter 4738 Building a ghost doctor building
Chapter 4739 If you lose
Chapter 4740 Sneak attack is useless
Chapter 4741 Catch yourself
Chapter 4768 A little mention
Chapter 4743: Kill her
Chapter 4770 They are too weak
Chapter 4771 Water Dragon Scales
Chapter 4746 Kill Qian Xi
Chapter 4773 Promotion to Six Stars
Chapter 4748 He helped her escape
Chapter 4749 Return of Nine Nights
Chapter 4750 Eternal Wish
Chapter 4751 Water Dragon Wakes Up
Chapter 4752 Fathers Kindness
Chapter 4753 Gods preference
Chapter 4780 Gift in the air
Chapter 4755 Lets see who loses miserably
Chapter 4756: So angry at losing
Chapter 4783 The speed of light
Chapter 4758 Be careful with Qin Mu
Chapter 4785 Where is the danger?
Chapter 4760: Plundering Luck
Chapter 4761 She has no luck
Chapter 4762 Believe them
Chapter 4763 All wishes come true
Chapter 4764: Understand a little bit
Chapter 4765 Well Supported
Chapter 4766 Super caring
Chapter 4767 Dare to assassinate her
Chapter 4794 Her in the painting
Chapter 4769 Come to help
Chapter 4796 Pure white and black heart
Chapter 4797 Secret Realm Gate
Chapter 4772: Respond to requests
Chapter 4799 Feeling Authority
Chapter 4774 Stepping into the Trap
Chapter 4775: Taking out luck
Chapter 4776 Used by the whole system
Chapter 4777 Please enter the urn
Chapter 4778 Kick him out
Chapter 4779 Lets let it go for now
Chapter 4806 I really can’t beat him
Chapter 4781 The Cloud Clan descends from the sky
Chapter 4782 This is Shengzhi
Chapter 4809 Afraid of pain and death
Chapter 4784 Hard to understand
Chapter 4811 Qingchen falls
Chapter 4786: Curious about people
Chapter 4787 Very opinionated
Chapter 4788 Just chewed it
Chapter 4789: Deformed with anger
Chapter 4790 Identity exposed
Chapter 4791 Annihilation of the Cloud Coffin
Chapter 4792 Protecting the Master
Chapter 4793 Go get the gift
Chapter 4820 Black crow pecks eyes
Chapter 4795 New Contract Beast
Chapter 4822 The Final Winner
Chapter 4823 Temple Suppression
Chapter 4798 Master goes first
Chapter 4825 To win her
Chapter 4800 It is seriously ill
Chapter 4801 Replacement
Chapter 4802 Unbridled scolding
Chapter 4803 Slaughtering the fat sheep
Chapter 4804 Invincible in this domain
Chapter 4805 Arrogant invitation to fight
Chapter 4832 Qin Mu’s clone
Chapter 4807: Carefree
Chapter 4808 Shameless anger
Chapter 4835 Brother’s Revenge
Chapter 4810 Extracting Luck
Chapter 4816 Sun God Tree
Chapter 4812 She can’t be saved
Chapter 4813 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 4814: Elder Mu
Chapter 4815 The Miracle of the Desolate Emperor
Chapter 4833 Layers of trump cards
Chapter 4817 Keep them all
Chapter 4818 Temple of the Wild Emperor
Chapter 4819 Three layers of seals
Chapter 4826 Cheating if you lose
Chapter 4821 Qin Mu descends from heaven
Chapter 4837: Take off his vest
Chapter 4824 Peak Ratio
Chapter 4834 Win the first game
Chapter 4838 God Clan Slave Seal
Chapter 4831 Three Geniuses
Chapter 4827 You deserve it
Chapter 4828 Not allowed to exist
Chapter 4829 Tied for first place
Chapter 4830 Brother returns
Chapter 4840 Emperor Yama appears
Chapter 4839: Same as human race
Chapter 4836 It’s hard to distinguish between true and false
Chapter 4841 Lord of Death