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i vouch for you

i vouch for you

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Latest chapter:'Zhutian Trading Center Station'

The beginning is a snake, and evolution depends on eating. Sooner or later, I will transform into a supreme dragon. Unlimited flow to the heavens and worlds—Kyushu Continent, Origin of White Snake, Wind Curse, Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker, Fighting Qi Continent, Baolian Lamp, Shading the Sky, Overlord, Perfect World, Primordial Space, Chaos Sea. Only readers: 703517301

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《i vouch for you》The latest nine chapters
'Zhutian Trading Center Station'
out again
Chapter 924 He has always been there
Chapter 923: Under the Emperor, all means are useless
Chapter 922 In the eyes of Tai, everything is born from eggs
Chapter 921 The so-called Tai is the Lord of the Chaos Sea
Chapter 920: Sending off Taoist Kong Xuan and welcoming Taoist Taishi
Chapter 919: Terrorist strength, kill the old dragon emperor
Chapter 918 Li Chunyang's Hongyuan Chengdao Tribulation
《i vouch for you》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Snake Egg is Broken
Chapter 2 The bracelet that holds the soul
Chapter 3 Become a Snake Pet
Chapter 4 The mere bamboo basket, I
Chapter 5 Getting to Know the Real Name Lin Jiuzong
Chapter 6 Animal Instincts
Chapter 7 Pure-blooded Black Turtle
Chapter 8 The night is my veil
Chapter 9 The Heart of the Rabbit King
Chapter 10 One punch has a hundred jins of strength
Chapter Eleven Nine Sects Entering the Mountain
Chapter Twelve Tiger King?
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter 14 The Tiger King Throws the Street
Chapter 15 Stone, go home
Chapter 16 Blood bath, medicinal soup
Chapter 17 Absorption and Strengthening
Chapter 18 Fetters
Chapter 19: Flesh and marrow practice kung fu, all great power belongs to oneself
Chapter 20 Knowledge is Power
Chapter 21 Pit Snake, Snake Pit
Chapter 22 The Red Crowned Viper
Chapter 23 Genetic Evolution (Revision)
Chapter 24 Red Crowned Black Tuo Iron-Headed Snake
Chapter 25 The old drama Bone Forest Dazhuang
Chapter 26 There is Wudang Mountain in the south
Chapter 27 Sincerely Do Not Deceive Me
Chapter 28 Xiao Hei changes, then the meal is called
Chapter 29 The food intake is too large to support
Chapter 30: The Bald Young King Prajna
Chapter Thirty-One
Chapter 32 Snake Lovers
Chapter 33 The troupe dare not act like this
Chapter 34 Wang Prajna of Supreme Qualification
Chapter 35: The Nine Sects of the Heavenly Gang's Body
Chapter 36 A hundred questions with a clear conscience
Chapter 37 Wudang Mountain Perseverance Test
Chapter 38 The Old Taoist's Determination
The thirty-ninth chapter grandfather used to fool people
Chapter 40
The forty-first chapter Wudang eighth set of basic boxing
Chapter 42 The snake who wants to practice martial arts
Chapter 43 Sword Sect Sword Saint Lin Muyan
Chapter 44 The Sword
Chapter 45: Mu Chunfeng, a young man from Jianmen
Chapter forty-six knowledgeable but not refined?
Chapter 47: Exposing the world's swords and raising one's strongest swordsmanship
Chapter 48: What is God and what is holy?
Chapter 49 My sword is only inferior
Chapter 50 Daming Peak Snake Farm
Chapter 51 Eat Your Big Baby
Chapter 52 Snakes are so cute, why eat snakes?!
Chapter 53: Practicing martial arts, we must do a good job of martial arts foundation
Chapter 54: Nine-year Basic Education of Civil and Martial Arts
Chapter 55: The Brainless Axe in the Mountains, Monkey Paper is the King
Chapter 56 The Drunk Li Yang, the Wild Snake
Chapter 57: There are mountains outside the mountains, and there are beasts outside the beasts
Chapter 58 Wudang Sect Yongzhen Mountain Pass
Chapter 59 Accidentally ate shit
Chapter 60 Wolf Mountain Riot
Chapter 61 The Wolf King Who Can Hide Clumsy
Chapter 62 Big Black Pig, Poison You
Chapter 63 Xiao Hei, butt for you to eat
Chapter 64 Lin Jiuzong in the Middle Stage of the Flesh Realm
Chapter 65: Imitation of the Fist of Beasts
Chapter 66 The Big Five, Twelve True
Chapter 67 The Long Worm Who Loves to Learn
Chapter 68 Three months later
Chapter 69 Going Home From Holiday
Chapter 70 In Heifeng Village, the strongman locks the man
Chapter 71 The wicked should be punished
Chapter 72 Scared the big and strong baby to death
Chapter 73 Inside and Outside the Circle
Chapter 74 Entering the Outside of the Circle
Chapter 75 Eat It Up!
Chapter 76: Beastmaster Reaper
Chapter 77: The Master Enters the Mountain
Chapter 78: Poisoning and Killing the White Elephant
Chapter 79 Sneak all the way, want to insert a knife
Chapter 80 Man-wolf battle, just now!
Chapter 81 The sneak attack was successful
Chapter 82 Digestion in Progress
Chapter 83: The tragic return
Chapter 84 The King of Snakes
Chapter 85: Getting Close to People, Enemy People
Chapter 86 Ten Ways Locking the Sky Arrow Formation
Chapter 87: The Siege
Chapter 88 No One Survives
Chapter 89 In the ring, the former personality collapsed
Chapter 90 Show mercy under the sword
Chapter 91 Li Yang's Decision
Chapter 92: The Red-eyed Phosphorus Snake in the Crystal
Chapter 93: Red Eyes, Black Scales
Chapter 94 The cup is overflowing, naturally
Chapter 95: Heavenly Gang's Demon Fist
Chapter 96: Just Like the Little Sword God
Chapter 97: Practicing Tiangang's Demon Fist
Chapter 98 Success, at least Lin
Chapter Ninety-ninth Daxiong Hall (Repair)
Chapter 100 Boxing Town Powerful King Kong Palm
Chapter 101 Deja Vu
Chapter 102 Shaolin Dragon Claws
Chapter 103: Nine Sects with Ghosts
Chapter 104 News that shakes the rivers and lakes
Chapter 105 Sword God, Little Sword God
Chapter 106: One Person Suppresses a Generation (For Book Friends)
Chapter 107: The Sea of ??Snakes, Shaolin)
Chapter 108: The King of Pythons Who Brings Despair and Fear
Chapter 109 Shaolin Abbot's Resoluteness
Chapter 110: The Books Are Available
Chapter 111 I want to be fine
Chapter 112: The Five Marrows, the Power of Three Million
Chapter 113: Full Memory Map (Revised)
Chapter 114 The plug-in is turned on, time and space shuttle
Chapter 115: The sea is open to all rivers, and tolerance is great
Chapter 116 Demon Power Field, Attracting Thunder (Repair)
Chapter 117: Law, Heaven and Earth
Chapter 118 A tail throws a huge slash
Chapter 119 The Boy and the Snake (Remastered)
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-One Created the Ultimate Master Edition Xu Xuan
Chapter 122 The Unparalleled Demon, the Snake Mother
Chapter 123 Xeon Flesh
Chapter 124: The real body appears, hand-to-hand combat
Chapter 125 Alien blood, special substances
Chapter 126: The peak of vitality, the marrow is small
Chapter 127: Promotion without calamity, transformation without difficulty
Chapter 128: The Three-Phase Body, the True Body of Yuan Mang (Repair)
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine Young Ah Xuan, Snake Online
Chapter 130: Operation like a tiger, negative record of five (repair)
Chapter 131 Young man, your body...
Chapter 132 Xiaoqing vs. Xu Hanwen
Chapter 133 My Lord A Xuan, no one is afraid!
Chapter 134 Xiaobai: Just be happy...
Chapter 135 Breakthrough, Grass Python Hero
Chapter 136: Take off your clothes first
Chapter 137 The upcoming battle
Chapter 138 Fake - Lose Both
Chapter 139 Want a Hammer
Chapter 140 Wanliu Returns to Yuan, Peak Snake Mother
Chapter 141 The World's Strongest Battle
Chapter 142: Killing the Snake Mother
Chapter 143 Li Yang's Yuanjing, Oversized
Chapter 144 Huge shackles, life is closed
Chapter 145: The Power of the Ring: Sending People, Bringing People, Pulling People (Repair)
Chapter 146 The Myth of Invincibility - Lin Wudi (Remastered)
Chapter 147 Are you fake?
Chapter 148 Hello, little uncle
Chapter 149 The collective journey through
Chapter 150 Li Chunyang's Dominance
Chapter 151 Black Spear Refinement
One hundred and fifty-two chapters gluttonous soul
Chapter 153: The Way of Nature, Control the Wind
Chapter 154 Intercepted the blood of gluttonous gluttons and sealed the primordial spirit of glutton
Chapter one hundred and fifty-fifth worship as a god
The one hundred and fifty-sixth chapter of the perfect circle is a pill and a pearl
Chapter 157: Discovering the Attributes of Yuan Qi
Chapter 158: The essence of Yuan Qi, the limit of Yuan Jing
Chapter 159 Arrived at Jiugong Ridge, black flames
Chapter 160: Daoism is Natural, Wan Qi Returns to the Sect
Chapter 161 The Wind Spell, the Secret of Taoism and Nature
Chapter 162: The Great Evolution of Li Yang
Chapter 163: The top of Yuan, proud of the world, life evolution breaks the sky
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Four Black Flames
Chapter 165: A Yuanzhu is swallowed into the abdomen
Chapter 166 Basic Education, Yuan Mang Incarnation
One hundred and sixty-seventh chapter of one year of practice, their own entry
Chapter 168 Hey, there is a demon
Chapter 169 Passing by a masked man
Chapter 170: The Deep Water World
Chapter 171: The Demon Emperor of the Southern Kingdom
Chapter 172 The power of heaven and earth, the power of the sword
Chapter 173: Facing the Poison Emperor, disagreeing with each other
Chapter 174 The real body of Qiufu and the real body of Yuanman
Chapter 175: Ten Thousand Poison Shocking Palm, Epiphany and Enlightenment
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Taoism is natural, black sun and wind disaster
Chapter 177 Take the spoils, gather the demons into a crowd
Chapter 178 Break through the wall and go straight outside the circle
Chapter 179: The Demon League Plan
Chapter 180 Demon League was established
Chapter 181: The Demon King Comes to Cast and Go to the Blessed Land
Chapter 182: Red Family Paradise, Invasion of Monsters
Chapter 183: Chi Jiafu is Soft, Late Yuanzhu
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Fourth Chapter Killer
Chapter 185 Fatal Interception, Refining God's Blood
Chapter 186 The Five Rules, Glutton is born
Chapter 187: Refining gluttonous food, a breakthrough is imminent
Chapter 188: Three Yuan Tongdao, One Certificate and One Certificate
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Ninth: The Three Yuans and the Same Path are also unified, with no le
Chapter 190: Gathering in Lake Zhongshan
Chapter 191 Building a beautiful homeland and building a peaceful country
Chapter 192: Mei Ran's Daughter-in-law Raiders Plan
Chapter 193 Lang Ming: Girl, go on!
Chapter 194 The name of Fengjun, from today on, belongs to me!
Chapter 195: The magic weapon changes hands, and the intelligent Lang Ming
Chapter 196: The painstaking Li Yang
Chapter 197: The Special Space Law of the New World
Chapter 198 Space Leap, Fighting Saint Powerhouse
Chapter 199: Repression, Refinement, Breakthrough
Chapter 200 Immortal Vision, Space Wormhole
Chapter 201 Snake People King City, Determine the Timeline
Chapter 202 Suppresses the audience, Dou Zun in black
Chapter 203 Capture the different fire, deprive the different fire
Chapter 204 Catch snakes and refine blood to the Black Corner Territory
Chapter 205 Destroy Han Feng, Hai Xinyan
The 206th chapter forcibly broke into Canaan and kidnapped the strange fire
Chapter 207 Eight rules, funny than the strong
Chapter 208 Demon Fire Plain, Saint of Soul Temple
Chapter 209 Refining Soul Purification, Suppressing Soul Hall Great Heavenly Venerate
Chapter 210 Black Robe Powerhouse, Five-Star Fighting Saint
Chapter 211 Cultivation breakthrough, both lose
Chapter 212 Li Yang: What have I experienced physically?
Chapter 213 Forcibly break into the star field, swallow the strange fire
Chapter 214 The late Yuan Palace, to the Burning Flame Valley
Chapter 215 Kowloon Thunder Gang Fire
Chapter 216 Refining different fires, ten flames
The two hundred and seventeenth chapter of the soul hall duo sent to death
The 218th chapter is the top of the Yuan Palace, the gate of life
Chapter 219 Feed Zi Yan and go to Zhongzhou
Chapter 229 Jiuyoudiyuan, subdue the demon
The 221st chapter turns over and suppresses, and the precious blood is in hand
Chapter 222 Huangquan Demon Saint, Huangquan Tianwu
Chapter 223 Obtaining Inheritance, the Patriarch of the Tian Yaohuang Clan
Chapter 224 Huang, what about Huang Tian?!
Chapter 225 Devouring precious blood and opening evolution
Chapter 226: The body of the snake, the wings of scales, feathers, wind and thunder
The 227th chapter of the three yuan is the same card, the strong three body
The 228th chapter of the flame of life, the void thunder pool
Chapter 229 Devouring Thunder Spirit, Destruction Rule
Chapter 230 Refining Thunder Dragon, the Law of Fortune
Chapter 231 Suppressing the saints, three different fires
Chapter 232 Golden Fire Curtain, Eight Star Fighting Saint
The 233rd chapter extreme collision, black flame VS golden flame
Chapter 234: Suppressing Yanjin and Depriving Different Fire
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five gradually become the norm of the unity of man and nature
Chapter 236 Nine-star fighting saint, nothingness swallows flames
Chapter 237 Peace of mind, from the heart
Chapter 238 The deal is reached, the source is in hand
Chapter 239: Purify the lotus fire and suppress the fire
Chapter 240 Refining the demon fire, sneaking into the medicine family
Chapter 241 Plundering the Elders of Ten Thousand Fires
Chapter 242 led the team to block the soul of the emperor
Chapter 243: Medicine Emperor's Remnant Soul, All Powers Come Together
Chapter 244 Swallow
Chapter 245 The fastest man in the world
Chapter two hundred and forty sixth
Chapter 247 The way of cause and effect, the different fires are complete
Chapter 248: The Sublimation of the Inextinguishable Black Flame
Chapter 249: The Peak of Yuanling Realm
Chapter 250 Ask for the ancient jade and kill the two saints
The 251st chapter collects ancient jade, and the harvest is full
Chapter 252: Different Fire Eternal Ancient Ruler, Peeking into the Great Thousand World
Chapter 253 Return to the blessed land and open a small stove
The 254th chapter promotes your promotion, and the Yuanmen is established
Chapter 255 Kill the beasts, Feng Jun goes out
Chapter 256 Capture the black fox, Lang Ming travels
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven, including Fengjun, force through the border
Chapter 258 Outside the circle, soulless creatures
Chapter 259 Burn out the black fox and clear the circle
The 260th chapter burns the sky, the sword cuts the black fox
Chapter 261 Black Fox Goddess, Starry Fire
Chapter 262 Eerie dark space, terrifying dark matter
Chapter 263 The seal fails, call the parents!
Chapter 264 Lang Jing had an epiphany, incarnation shot
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five is extremely high in nature, something outside the sky
Chapter 266 Gathering the power of the world, the two great seals
Chapter 267 The Tree of Sorrow, Reincarnation, Three Ways Fruit
Chapter 268 The Nine Tribulations of the Three Realms, Begins at the Beginning
Chapter 269 The scholar and the goddess, swallowing three dragons
Chapter 270 Devour Ao Bing, evolution begins
The 271st chapter of the mythical beast, the hornless dragon, said: Yuan Chi
Chapter 272 The catastrophe falls from the sky
Chapter 273: Transcend the calamity successfully
Chapter 274: The top of the sky, proud of the world, if there is his Jade Emperor, there will be hea
Chapter 275: The Great Golden Crow, the Battle of Three Tribulations
Chapter 276: Heavenly General Fei Peng, Immortal Official Third Grade
Chapter 277 In charge of two divisions, new ambitions
Chapter 278 Supervise the world's demons
Chapter 279 Suppresses all dissatisfaction
Chapter 280 One hundred thousand heavenly soldiers to suppress Beiju
Chapter two hundred and eighty-first
Chapter 282 Suppressing the demon Tianjun, replenishing manpower
Chapter 283 Correct use of the ring
Chapter 284 Connecting the Four Realms, Time Synchronization
Chapter 285 Practice spells, goodbye Yaoji
Chapter 286 Burn the source power, open the eyes of the sky
Chapter 287: Return the Eyes of Heaven and Open a Noodle Shop
The 288th chapter is about to fight the canopy and control Tiannu
Chapter 289 The Battle of the Starry Sky, the Tragedy of Tiannu
Chapter 290 Tiannu, my shoes seem to be dirty
The 291st chapter is the accident, rescue the Yang family
Chapter 292 Plant a seed of desire
Chapter 293 The power of the strong, the supreme, the supreme heaven
Chapter two hundred and ninety-four choose the eye of the Lord
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Kunlun Mountain Jade Ding real person
The two hundred and ninety-sixth chapter is apprentice to the real person Yuding, and he has to pass
Chapter 297 Krypton Gold Players, Famen Dacheng
Chapter 298: Three Tribulations Extremely Peak, Three Sons' Future
Chapter 299 Yuqing Xianhuo, Shenlei
Chapter 300 Bagua God Furnace, Samadhi True Fire
Chapter 301 Harvest Samadhi True Fire
Chapter 302 The sun is really hot, Yang Jian's siblings are arrested
Chapter 303 Nezha saves people, the Dragon King complains
Chapter 304 The real person of Taiyi in Jinguang Cave, Qianyuan Mountain
Chapter 305 The spirit of trouble, the shadow of the magic lamp
Chapter 306 A life worth a life, the power of love and hate
Chapter 307: Heart Flame Quenching the Soul
Chapter 308: The Way to Enter the Dao Realm
Chapter 309 The Diamond Axe Forged With Hate
Chapter 310 The axe splits the Taoshan Jade Emperor in anger, the gods gather at Nantianmen
Chapter 311: The Golden Crow Great Array, Black Flames Cover the Sky
Chapter 312 Breaking through six calamities, the fickle Jade Emperor
Chapter 313 Tianlei transforms into soldiers, axe cuts Jinwu
Chapter 314 The Nine Great Golden Crows Fall
Chapter 315 The fruit of desire, rooted in the heart of the emperor
Chapter 316 Broken Divine Cauldron, Transcends Tribulation Successfully
The three hundred and seventeenth chapter was awarded the magic power, Li Jing smashed the temple
The 318th chapter beheads the father and sacrifices to the sky, the mana is boundless
Chapter 319: Lotus Lantern, Heavenly King
Chapter 320 The Three Princesses of the West Sea, Ao Cunxin
Chapter 321 The invincible god of war, the unparalleled fierce man
Chapter 322 The fierce battle in the twelfth heaven
Chapter 323 Hate, anger, killing intent, strength soars
Chapter 324 Yang Lao Er, Nima's
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-fifth Chapter Tianhe Opens Gate, Weak Water Exits the Dam
Chapter 326 There is big love but no small love
Chapter 327 Who is the one who saves the sky? Yuding!
Chapter 328 Confuses the Spirit of the Heart, Eliminates the Power of Hatred
Chapter 329 Weak water covers the world, the power of fraternity
Chapter two hundred and thirty
Chapter 231 The truth of the world, the saint appears in front of people
The 232nd chapter of God's decree, send Yang Jian away
Chapter 233 Who can promise this?
Chapter 234 The decree of the temple, restored by Yang Jian
Chapter 335 Everything is ready, send water to the sky
Chapter 336 God's Responsibilities
Chapter 337: Seal the water veins and devour the corpse
Chapter 338 Refining the precious blood and realizing the source of the Dao
The 339th chapter is the world's top, the golden monkey is born
Chapter 340 Jin Chanzi Reincarnation
Chapter 341 Retire Yang Jian and behead the fifth brother
Chapter 342 Jumping out of the Three Realms, reflecting the heavens
Chapter 343: Conferred God List, God Whip, Dao Projection
Chapter 344: Shang Destroys Zhou Sheng, Water Pulse Enters the List
Chapter 345: One of the six royals, promoted to nine robbery
Chapter 346
Chapter 347: The Eighth Heavenly Tribulation of Horror
Chapter 348: God of Fortune
Chapter 349 Reincarnation, the land of the underworld
Chapter 350: Monkey King, Monkey King
Chapter 351 The Secret Technique of Yuan Gong, Ten Rounds of Zhou Tian
Chapter three hundred and fifty second great power
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth chapter slip away
Chapter 354 Xuan Gong is successful, and defeat the heaven again
Chapter 355 You and I go out together, who is your master?
The 356th chapter is a diamond bracelet, which is not broken
Chapter 357: Runes are like scriptures, engraved with divine furnace and holy bow
Chapter 358 Lianyang joins the army, highlighting the signs of westward travel
Chapter 359 Suppression of monkeys for five hundred years
Chapter 360 Five hundred years later, the peak of the Nine Tribulations
Chapter 361 Tang Seng, Tang Sanzang
Chapter three hundred and sixty-two Buddha preaching
Chapter 363 Nirvana, One Way Overpowers Ten Thousand Ways
Chapter 364 Palm Reincarnation
Chapter 365 Pardon the gods of the underworld, and place the children of Yuanmen
Chapter 366 Sifan
Chapter 367 Judicial God, Erlang Xiansheng Zhenjun
Chapter 368 Chenxiang was born, suppressing Yang Chan
Chapter 369 Xueba Chenxiang, sick chicken father
Chapter 370 Silly child, what kind of uncle do you have?
Chapter 371 Day Trip to the Underworld
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two is life before the road, life is before the road
Chapter 373 Chenxiang, don't blame uncle!
Chapter 374 The chase from uncle
Chapter 375 In front of the mountain of books, all the causes and consequences are clear
Chapter 376 Yijin washes the marrow and smashes the beef
Chapter 377 Escape from birth, another chance
Chapter 378 The essence of the gods, there is no man
Chapter 379 General, please respect yourself
Chapter 380 Stay and be my queen
Chapter 381 Blood spills half the sky
Chapter 382 Walk with beauty, all the way to the east
Chapter 383 The Mysterious Ancient Scriptures, Long Jun Ao Chun
Chapter 384 At the end of Mount Hua, Wan Ren unsheathed
Chapter 385 Courage, backbone, loyalty
Chapter three hundred and eighty-six treasure lotus lamp formula, looking for a person
Chapter three hundred and eighty seventh oral agreement to dissolve the marriage contract
Chapter 388 Yangjing
Chapter three hundred and eighty-ninth, looking back and thinking, the back is cold
Chapter three hundred and ninetieth reincarnation on the road to see the true self
Chapter 391 In front of Fengdu City, do not worship the emperor
Chapter 392: Eighteen layers of hell, eighteen volumes of the Bible
Chapter 393 The Five Elements Dao, Yuan Gong Xiaocheng
Chapter 394 Live stewed roaring dog, Bao Lian Deng retreats from the enemy
Chapter three hundred and ninety fifth deception, escape
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six the power of an arrow
Chapter 397 Want to steal Jindan, want to steal Peach
Chapter three hundred and ninety eight
Chapter three hundred and ninety-ninth one stick breaks the gate of heaven
Chapter 400: The Power of Dharma and Instruments
Chapter 401: The body and soul are wounded, and the mana is exhausted
Chapter 402: Extermination
Chapter 403: Thousands of calamities, ten thousand difficulties, all the way to the west
Chapter 404 A shot is fired, the bones pave the way; two people walk, killing countless lives
Chapter 405: The divine bow recovers and arrives at Lingshan
Chapter 406: The Purple-gold Bowl of Sakyamuni's Holy Soldier
Chapter 407: Swallowing the Heavenly Saint Soldier's Seed Sack
Chapter 408: The ancient Bodhi tree, recovering to the fullest
The four hundred and ninth chapter is sublimated to the utmost
Chapter 410 Yesterday I crossed you, today you crossed me
Chapter 411 The monkey wants to create the scriptures
Chapter four hundred and twelve
Chapter 413: Suppress Maitreya and take charge of Lingshan
Chapter 414 The Lord of Lingshan, Fighting Tathagata
Chapter 415: Hold High the Treasure Flag and Strike the God of War
Chapter 416 Against the Heavens
Chapter 417: Rescue arrives, the large army stabs Ling Xiao
Chapter 418: Kunpeng's stunt, divine feather sword furnace
Chapter 419: A shocking reversal, a shot from the back
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty With the gods all over the sky as capital and millions of heavenly s
Chapter 421 The Great Sage Saves Me
Chapter 422: Heterogeneous Enlightenment, Sealing the Magic Lamp
The four hundred and twentieth chapters of the power of the Tao, the strongest and the highest
Chapter 424 The Gamble Begins
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Five God Axe (Big Chapter)
Chapter 426: The road that no one can stop
Chapter 427: The unity of people and lamps, the power of poles
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Eighth, Splitting the Mountain
Chapter 429: The Authority of Heaven
Chapter 430: Abolish the Emperor and Imprison the Jade Emperor
The 431st chapter emperor enters reincarnation, the imprint of Tianxin
Chapter 432: I am the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 433 Complete Source Power, Ancient Yinglong
The four hundred and thirty-fourth chapter of the principle of Tao, Tao has success
Chapter 435 An arrow shoots a black hole
Chapter 436: Towards the Starry Sky
Chapter 437 Unknown substances that still cannot be refined
Chapter 438: The List of the Son of God
Chapter 439: Slashing himself with a knife, wanting to repair the Yin-Yang Avenue
Chapter 440 The invincible figure walking out of the robbery sea
Chapter 441: The Qing Emperor from the Downstream of Time
Chapter 442: The perfect real body, and then fight against the Supreme
Chapter 443: The Ancestral Star of the Snake, the Great Sage
Chapter 444: The Treasure Tree of Magic Medicine
Chapter four hundred and forty fifth five secret realms
The four hundred and fortieth chapters of the five realms are lacking, the quasi emperor kills the a
Chapter 447: Zhundi Killing Array, Ten Thousand Snakes
Chapter 448: Six Secrets of the Snake
Chapter four hundred and forty-ninth re-training magic weapon
Chapter 450: Furnace raising a hundred scriptures, Ding Na Wan Dharma, crossing the starry sky, five
Chapter 451: The Deity of the Holy Emperor of the Sun
Chapter 452: Beihai Tanggu, the Immortal Medicine Hibiscus
Chapter 453 The recovery of the Holy Emperor, a starry sky in the town of human skin
Chapter 454 The descendants of the Holy Queen, thank you!
The 455th chapter is the prototype of the perfect scripture, the Xeon flawless round sea
Chapter 456 One step at a time, fighting the holy law
Chapter 457: Killing Lei Ling and Crossing the Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 458 Peeping into the future
Chapter 459: There is a lack of knowledge in the sea, and I hit the road again
Chapter 460 The Golden Crow Clan
Chapter 461: The Golden Crow Zhundi in his prime
Chapter 462: Battle of the Emperor
The four hundred and sixtieth chapters against opponents, hand-to-hand combat
The four hundred and sixtieth chapters of the poor are good for themselves, and the good is good for
Chapter 465: The Ancient Road of the Monster Race, the Mountain where the Emperor Sitting
Chapter four hundred and sixty sixth one page of the supreme scripture
Chapter 467 The Supreme Law, the True Dragon Mother Sutra
Chapter 468: Survivors of the Dark Ages
Chapter 469 Cross-border suppression of the enemy, soaring combat power
Chapter 470: Yinglongquan, the missing Xeon method
Chapter 471 The head of the ancient road protector
Chapter 472: Joining the Spirit Elimination Plan
Chapter four hundred and seventy-third encirclement and suppression of the Holy Spirit family
Chapter four hundred and seventy fourth dragon pattern black gold sword tire
Chapter 475: Killing Shi Ling, Innate Killing Array
The four hundred and seventieth chapters of the heavens are lacking, the holy sacrifice brother
Chapter 477: Crossing the Killing Array, Suppressing the Fire Spirit
Chapter four hundred and seventy-eight of the successful completion of the spirit removal plan
Chapter 479: Furnace raises the scriptures and casts three furnaces of divine gold
Chapter 480: The Sea of ??Bones Heretic God, and then fight against the Holy Spirit
Chapter 481: The Unseen Peerless Person
Chapter 482: Leave the real name on the monument
Chapter four hundred and eighty-third true dragon quenching blood, true dragon body refining
Chapter 484: The Great Array of Stars in Zhoutian, Casting the Mother Pool of Essence
Chapter 485: A pool of essence, good fortune, contrary to the innate state
Chapter 486 was discovered
Chapter 487: Array Masters, Origin Masters and Quasi-Emperors
Chapter 488: Entry into battle and surprise change
Chapter 489: The transformation will be full, and I want to go out
Chapter 490 Killing the living and taking blood
Chapter 491: The corpse is buried in twelve, the six emperors are invincible
Chapter 492: The transformation is complete and comes out of the shell
Chapter 493 Slaughtering the Holy Spirit, the Secret Treasure of the Great Emperor
Chapter 494: Ji Family Abandoned Son, One Punch Broken Heart
Chapter 495: Exposure of Identity, Response of the Monster Race
Chapter 496: The Holy Blood of the Past, the Eucharist
The four hundred and ninetieth chapter of the Great Completion of the Holy Eucharist
Chapter four hundred and ninety-eight: Dou Zi Mi, Xing Zi Mi and Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth heaven hegemony on the road
Chapter 500: Encountering the Beginningless Hegemony
Chapter 501: If the two poles are set, there will be an equilibrium
Chapter 502: Seeing no beginning, exchanging scriptures
Chapter 503: Hegemony Body Change Owner, Retreat Practice
Chapter 504: The Palace Casts Five Furnaces to Raise the Spirits
Chapter 505 Bathing in the Sea of ??Thunder, the Holy Communion in the Past (Revised)
Chapter 506: Transcending the Heavenly Tribulation, Beginningless Harvest and Ideas
Chapter 507 The most masculine battle in the world
Chapter 508: Battle in the Eighty Domains of the Starry Sky
Chapter Five Hundred and Nine: Beginning: It feels like hitting a disabled person
Chapter 510 In the Dragon's Nest, the True Dragon's Immortal Medicine
Chapter 511 Capture the fruit of the magic medicine
Chapter Five Hundred and Twelfth Bloodline Derived Dragon Pattern, Brand Shape and Spirit
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirteen The Goal Hengyu Sutra
Chapter 514: Hengyu Jingyi, arrived in the southern region
Chapter 515: The Eye of True Dragon Origin Qi
Chapter five hundred and sixteenth face ashen but helpless
Chapter 517: Miaoyuan Qinglian Divine Medicine
Chapter 518: The Holy Master of Fluctuation arrives in the Southern Region
Chapter 519: Wanjin Mother Liquid, Immortal Emperor
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty The Holy Spirit Born from the True Dragon Origin Qi
Chapter 521 Destroy the Holy Master and penetrate the Holy Land
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Second A Blow From Jishui Front
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Three The Ji Family Zhundi, Ji Ba
Chapter 524 The Shadow of the Ancient Mine, the Imperial Soldier Void Mirror
Chapter 525 Borrowing soldiers from the West Emperor Pagoda, there is no shortage of Dragon Fist
Chapter 526: The Emperor's Soldier Returns, Chasing and Killing Ji Ba
Chapter 527 Ji Chang returns home and takes charge of the imperial mirror
Chapter 528 The Meaning of the Void Wheel
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Nine Medicine Locks
Chapter five hundred and thirty buried a furnace in the dragon vein
Chapter 531: The Golden Dragon of the Imperial Road, the Emperor of the Great Xia
Chapter 532 The battle with the emperor of Daxia
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Three Flawless Yangtian Sutra
Chapter five hundred and thirty-four plastic limbs, cast keel
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-fifth Five Gods in One Yuanshen Gathering, Complete and Complete Qua
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Six Nine hits one, terrifying! Terrible!
Chapter five hundred and thirty-seven with one enemy and nine, a battle against the sky
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Eighth
Chapter five hundred and thirty-ninth in the dead and then on the forbidden
Chapter 540 Shadow Me! The Dark Way! Casting Imperial Artifacts!
Chapter 541: No Beginning Crossing the Quasi-Emperor Tribulation
Chapter 542: Shaking the Emperor's Soldiers and Suppressing Evil Enemies
Chapter 543: Waiting for you in the city of darkness
Chapter five hundred and forty-four Jiang Changsheng and Feng Tiansheng want to trade with hundreds
Chapter five hundred and forty-fifth grand event plan, all races come
Chapter 546: The Four Emperors of Zhongzhou, the King Spills Blood
Chapter five hundred and forty seventh killing in the dark
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight of the sublimation of shadow me, the confidence of Taoism
Chapter five hundred and forty-ninth the event begins, all ethnic groups gather
Chapter 550 Xianzhen Auction, Divine Mark Purple Pagoda
Chapter 551: Whoever has the highest price wins, the turmoil in the Western Desert
Chapter 552: The Imperial Array collided with the Imperial Soldiers, arresting the demon pestle
Chapter 553: No Beginning Coincidentally Meets the Sixth Emperor
Chapter 554: A Leap in Destruction
Chapter 555: Above God's Forbidden, Retreat and Transformation
Chapter 556 Hurry up for a hundred years, the imperial gate opens
Chapter five hundred and fifty seventh one's invincible road
Chapter 558: The ancient method of life and death, a gift without beginning
Chapter 559: The fourth extreme transformation
Chapter 560: The Secret Land at the End of the Imperial Pass
Chapter five hundred and sixty-one cracks in the fairy road suppressed by imperial soldiers
Chapter 562: Immortal Qi is like a dragon, entering the fairyland
The five hundred and sixtieth chapters learn from the good fortune, goodbye to the emperor
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-Fourth Chapter Secret Group
Chapter five hundred and sixty-five strong investigation and interception
Chapter 566: Immortal Road Vision, Supreme Travel
The five hundred and sixtieth chapters of the Great Completion of the Eucharist
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight collection and burial for the emperor
Chapter five hundred and sixty-ninth the gods who walked out of the sea of ??bones
Chapter five hundred and seventieth I want to kill the beginningless, the road to immortality
Chapter five hundred and seventy first called the most powerful person
Chapter five hundred and seventy-two backtracking that person, that road
Chapter 573 Intercepting Good Fortune, Hurrying for a Hundred Years
Chapter 574: Supreme Dialogue, True Dragon Destroys Yang
Chapter five hundred and seventy-fifth true dragon seal, identity exposed
Chapter 576 The Golden Holy Dragon
Chapter five hundred and seventy-seventh holy cliff undead ghost, Dacheng corpse corpse
Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight burn yourself, light up your bright road
Chapter five hundred and seventy-ninth break into chaos, avoid all eyes
Chapter 580 Immortal Road Opens, Immortal Road is Different
Chapter five hundred and eighty first
Chapter 582: The Immortal Qi of Longevity
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-Three
Chapter five hundred and eighty-fourth a sword to the west to break the immortal road
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth follow me to fight the supreme
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth karmic fire raging stone emperor
Chapter 587: The Supreme Falls, the Blood Sprinkles in the Starry Sky
Chapter five hundred and eighty eight
Chapter five hundred and eighty-ninth the sky weeps, the great success has no beginning
The five hundred and ninetieth chapter is like the emperor in the world
Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-First Ten Thousand Paths Become Empty, Supreme Bloody
Chapter 592: Darkness Comes Again
Chapter five hundred and ninety-third nine transformations, standing in the supreme sequence
Chapter five hundred and ninety-four the ancient emperor fell, the supreme desperate
Chapter five hundred and ninety-fifth hard against the imperial way to kill and not die
The five hundred and ninety-sixth chapter ends, calming the dark turmoil
Chapter 597: Alternative Enlightenment
Chapter five hundred and ninety-eight casting furnace, sacrificial soldiers, traces, waiting
Chapter 599: Occupy the Dragon Nest, Retreat and Practice
Chapter 600: The Great Emperor Without Beginning
Chapter 601 More than a hundred years later, walking against the sky
Chapter 602: Deng Jiutianzheng Emperor alone, the first glimpse of the holy emperor
Chapter 603 The Correct Use of Nail Head Seven Arrows
Chapter 604: The Emperor bleeds, the body and spirit are destroyed
Chapter 605 Knock on the gate of immortals to see a fairy
Chapter 606: Take the initiative to wake up the Supreme Being in the restricted area
Chapter 607 The Supremes come out together and board the fairyland
Chapter 608 Zhu Xian
Chapter 609 Killing the Heavenly Venerate, demolishing the restricted area, collecting immortality m
Chapter 610: Seeing the Ruthless Emperor and asking for advice on becoming an immortal
Chapter 611 The Thing That Makes Heavenly Emperors Creepy
Chapter 612: Climb the high-pressure heaven, and replace the heaven's heart with one's own heart
Chapter 613: Refining and destroying black blood to get the avenue symbol
Chapter 614: The Dark Remnant of the Execution
Chapter 615 The giant scriptures, blockade the strong
Chapter 616 Banning the will of the world, wanting to cultivate immortals with source power
Chapter six hundred and seventeenth one hundred and eighty thousand years later
Chapter 618: Walk through the blood-stained road and arrive at the starting point of everything
Chapter 619 Mysterious Silver Plate, Tomb of Emperor Qing
Chapter 620: The Great Emperor of Ancient Awakens the Holy Communion
Chapter 621 Ye Fan's leisurely life
Chapter 622: Just out of the wolf's den and into the tiger's den
Chapter 623: Emperor Heart of Shengyin Town, Ji Family God King Body, Xuanhuang Mother Qi Root, Orig
Chapter 624 Black Wolf? Forgive Li? The Emperor Bow!
Chapter 625: The Ancient Emperor Returns to the World
Chapter 626 The Immortal Tibetan Land Left by the Great Emperor
Chapter 627 The Great Sage's Blood Clothes, Their Origins
Chapter 628 Some people return, some people retreat
Chapter 629 After the Darkness Recedes
Chapter 630: Casting Immortal Furnace, Ten Fierce True Dragons, Suppressing God's Coffin, Wanting to
Chapter 631: The Immortal Pass has regrets, the end of chaos, the black territory, the corpse of the
Chapter 632 Liquidation, Immortal Domain, Emperor Return
Chapter 633: Invite Emperor Qing, Save Heavenly Venerate, and Find Beginningless
Chapter 634 White Matter, Strange Creatures
Chapter 635: Step into the Realm Sea and Find Beginning
Chapter 636 Jackdaw Casting Color Is It a Phoenix
Chapter 637: The Bloodstained Soul River in the Front Section
Chapter 638 The soul of the deceased returns, the emperor becomes enlightened
Chapter six hundred and thirty-ninth true immortal road
Chapter 640 How to go forward?
Chapter 641 My sheepfold my sheep
Chapter six hundred and forty second
Chapter six hundred and forty-third seek help to do great things
Chapter 644 Recasting the Immortal Domain
Chapter six hundred and forty-five the world and the underworld
Chapter 646: Emperor Zun Fu and Punishment
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven I melt soil, plant a flower
Chapter 648: Immortal King Tribulation
Chapter six hundred and forty-ninth to re-conquer the soul river
Chapter 650 Ultimate Law
Chapter 651 Elimination
Chapter 652 The body is dead, the bones are immortal, and the imprint is hard to disappear
Chapter 653: Immortal King Cultivation Method
Chapter 654: The dying road of the living, the destination of all spirits
Chapter 655 Duan De: I have a bold idea
Chapter 656: The Ten-Faced Person at the Top
Chapter 657 The end of the moment after the extreme peak
Chapter 658 Whose ashes are flying, dyeing the vast world white
Chapter 659: The Yin-Yang Diagram, the Bagua Furnace, was the ultimate place of creation
Chapter 660 The Peerless Murderer in the Ancient Burial Pit
Chapter 661 The Final Choice and Farewell
Chapter 662 The emperor wants to return, the road is difficult
Chapter 663 Back to the Eternal, Perfect Era
Chapter 664 Cut off the cause and effect, set foot in the fairyland
Chapter 665 The person who cannot be changed
Chapter 666 Darkness is approaching
Chapter 667 My Tao is my law, I am my Taoist law
Chapter 668 The Backstab of Justice
Chapter 669: The Nine Volumes of the Inextinguishable Sutra, the Heavenly Horn Ant Treasure Techniqu
Chapter 670 King Killing Sword Art
Chapter 671 The end of the three-eyed fairy king and the nine-leaf sword grass
Chapter 672 Darkness slams, I am invincible in the world
Chapter 673 Lei Di, Stone Sacrifice Spirit King
Chapter six hundred and seventy-fourth heaven has a unique way
Chapter 675: World Tree, Immortal King Without End
Chapter six hundred and seventy-six immortal ancient ended, sneaked into the exotic
Chapter 677: The Fifth Dao Fruit Transformation
Chapter 678 Practice at the particle level
Chapter six hundred and seventy-ninth all laws return to the true dragon, all phenomena return to th
Chapter 680: Step into the depths of darkness
Chapter 681: Facing the Power of Extreme Peak
Chapter six hundred and eighty second mantis ancestors
Chapter 683 Li Chunyang's Bold Ideas
Chapter 684 Burial Immortal Realm and Shenxu Realm
Chapter 685 Tongtian Road and the Gatekeeper
Chapter 686 Painful and happy beating
Chapter 687: Exotic Knocking
Chapter 688 My Name, Ye Zhetian
Six hundred and eighty-ninth chapter twenty-four immortals town road
Chapter six hundred and ninetieth Anlan's anger
Chapter six hundred and ninety first roll, this road does not work
Chapter 692 The foreign army is defeated and An Lan is captured
Chapter six hundred and ninetieth through the three realms
Chapter 694 Suspected past life
Chapter 695 Xiaomeng's harvest and decision
Chapter six hundred and ninety-six draw the sword from the heart, cut me clear
Chapter 697: The murderer Xiaomeng creates a sensation in the fairyland
Chapter 698 Who is Meng Tianzheng?!
Chapter 699: Xiaomeng breaks through the realm, a person from Xianyu
Chapter 700: Ask My Enemy...
Chapter 701: Old and skinless, and not ashamed
Chapter 702: The Great Fierce Tree, the Great Yuan Heavenly Soldier
Chapter 703 Enemies from all directions
Chapter seven hundred and fourth sword, unsheathed
Chapter 705 The horror of that sword!
Chapter 706 Taitian Emperor Sword
Chapter 707: Anticipation of the Road to Emperor
Chapter 708 World Tree Seeds, Wang Yiqing Jiuchang
Chapter 709: The Descendants of the Immortal Kings
Chapter 710 The Power of Immortal Seeds
Chapter 711 The sword is unsheathed, killing Tianjiao
Chapter seven hundred and twelve rush to kill
Chapter seven hundred and thirteenth bold, calculating fairy king
Chapter 714: A Dharma Body Can Kill You
Chapter 715: Meet the Golden Girl Again
Chapter 716 The generals since ancient times
Chapter 717 Killing God King Born
Chapter 718 Meng Tianzheng and Wang Changsheng
Chapter 719: The Prestige Killed
Chapter 720: The Killing Game from Immortal Domain
Chapter 721: Killing the True Immortal, Immortal Seeds Smashing the Face
Chapter 722: The End of the Heavenly Soldier Tree
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth chapter Hongyan passed away, extremely painful
Chapter 724 That is a miss
Chapter 725 I have an emperor's heart
Chapter 726: Heavenly Emperor Taoism Void Mirror
Chapter 727: Taishi Zhenlong Fist
Chapter 728: Taitian Emperor Sword, unsheathed!
Chapter 729: Pushing All Enemies Horizontally
Chapter 730 The power of the common people
Chapter 731 The following cuts
Chapter 732 Killing the Dark Giant
Chapter seven hundred and thirty third encounter the butcher
Chapter 734: Dao reaches the peak, the strongest fairy king in history
Chapter 735 Success, Little Emperor Domain
Chapter 736: The ultimate leap, learning from the purple qi
Chapter 737: Emperor Fetal Status, Experience Edition Immortal Emperor Realm
Chapter 738: Quanxian Emperor, see the true spirit
Chapter 739: One Wife for All Ages, His Wife's Name is Taisu
Chapter 740: Taishi Furnace, Heavenly Emperor Sword
Chapter 741 Someone is waiting on the river of time
Chapter 742: The Eternal Thought of Emperor Huang Tian
Chapter 743: Through the years, insight into the truth of history
Chapter 744 and the brutal war outside the territory
Chapter seven hundred and forty-five strange and miserable gray creatures
Chapter 746 The backhand of the emperors (seven thousand words)
Chapter 747: A Dragon's Embarrassing Appearance
Chapter 748: The Return of the Emperor
Chapter 749: The Way of Heaven Returns
Chapter 750: The way of heaven is in me, I am domineering
Chapter seven hundred and fifty first Yin tree, Yang tree
Chapter 752: Causal means, the Emperor of Heaven goes on an expedition
Chapter 753 The projection body of the priest
Chapter 754 That is, the Emperor of the Wild
Chapter 755 Suppresses the projection body of the priest
Chapter 756: Gathering the Emperor Array, Sealing the Altar
Chapter 757: He transforms into freedom, he transforms into Li Chunyang
Chapter 758: The Sorrow of the Pirates
Chapter 759: The Comrade-in-arms of Emperor Huangtian
Chapter 760: Fellow Daoists, Please Stay Away
Chapter seven hundred and sixty first I am ten thousand
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-two black blood and white evil
The seven hundred and sixtieth chapters of the real barren emperor go all out
Chapter 764: The Collision of Hongyuan Realm
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-fifth erasing traces, eternity becomes empty
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-six clear the sea of ????the world, and then come to the underworld
Chapter 767 Breaking through the Underworld, Yin Soldiers Take the Way
Chapter 768 Suspected Immortal Emperor's Legacy
Chapter 769: The End of Reincarnation, Hades
Chapter seven hundred and seventieth battle of the quasi-immortal emperor
Chapter 771: Outsiders, leftists, enter the long river of time
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two the truth of the secret of the underworld
Chapter 773: Prison Emperor, Dragon Emperor
Chapter 774: One body, three bodies and three emperors
Chapter 775: Suppressing the Three Quasi-immortal Emperors
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-sixth a sword overwhelms thousands of paths
Chapter seven hundred and seventy seventh recovery of the ancients
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-eight of the division of the yin and yang domain
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-ninth transfer to the underworld
Chapter 780: The Origin of Tao, the Lord of Reincarnation
Chapter seven hundred and eighty first transformed the world
Chapter 782: The Two Shores of the Realm Sea
Chapter 783: Innate Field, Erase the Three Emperors
Chapter 784: A Ding Suppresses the Years
Chapter seven hundred and eighty-fifth chapter I and four emperors
Chapter 786: The Crucified Daluo
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh God King in a strange state
Chapter 788 Kill to the end of the true road
Chapter seven hundred and eighty-ninth clear a true road
Chapter 790: The Endless Universe of the Unknown
Chapter seven hundred and ninety first brother Chang, sleep together
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-two Daoist Taishi
Chapter 793: Hongmeng Space
Chapter 794: Goodbye Emperor Huangmeng, Master of Hongmeng
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-fifth unity, self-destruction
The seven hundred and ninetieth chapter of the first ten me, all of them are Daluo
Chapter 797: Particle Universe, Da Luo Jinxian
Chapter 798: Taishi Tiandi Sword VS Hongmeng Sixiang Sword
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-ninth break the myth of your sword
Chapter 800: One Hundred Eight Hundred Billion Square Multiverses
Chapter 801: Duan Chunyang Daoist
Chapter 802 saw a terrible future
Chapter 803: The Calamity of Light
Chapter 804 Good!
Chapter 805 That's it?
Chapter 806: Natural selection, the strong survive
Chapter 807: Black blood and white evil, and then sacrifice to the heavens
Chapter 808: One sword kills Da Luoxian
Chapter 809 I'm here to kill you
Chapter 810 Although you are strong, you are still short of heat
Chapter 811: Kong Xuan Daoist
Chapter 812: The Battle of Destiny of the Desolate Emperor
Chapter 813 Borrowing Dao Hongyuan, he transforms into ten immortals
The eight hundred and fourteenth chapter obliterates the avenue, Hongyuan falls
Chapter 815: The Mother River of Time and Space
Chapter 816 The River God on the Mother River of Time and Space
Chapter eight hundred and seventeenth cut off all the past
Chapter 818 The most terrifying Daluo battlefield
Chapter 819 Nearly invincible Li Chunyang
Eight hundred and twentieth chapter twelve Pluto Heavenly Hell Road
Chapter 821 Heavenly Prison Suppresses Li Chunyang
Chapter eight hundred and twenty second bright proud disciple
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters indestructible artifacts
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters the master of the ultimate kendo
Chapter eight hundred and twenty-fifth the sword is unsheathed
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters egg hits stone
Chapter 827 The work of a generation of holy kings is not effective
Eight hundred and twentieth eight chapters Tiandi sacrifice
Chapter 829: The Heavenly Emperor Blesses, Sending Troops to the Battlefield
Chapter 830: Destroying the World and Calamity, the Eye of Heaven
Chapter 831: The Emperor of Heaven, the Prodigal Son
Chapter 832 Kill Daluo with a black hole
Chapter eight hundred and thirty third that shrill roar
Chapter 834 World promotion, opening the way for latecomers
Chapter eight hundred and thirty-fifth of the final, the realm of great purity
Chapter 836: Particle Sea, Heavenly Prison Collapse
Chapter 837: Half-step Hongyuan? Daluo is invincible!
Chapter eight hundred and thirty-eight, the beginning of three thousand silks, sweeping away all the
Chapter 839 I am invincible in Daluo
The eight hundred and fortieth chapter Wu Neng Daoist, cut three corpses method
Chapter 841 The power of one punch of the Daluo invincible
Chapter 842: The Great General Offensive! The whole army strikes and destroys the gods!
The eight hundred and fortieth chapter of the big brother's stick
Chapter 844: The calamity erupts, all parties react
Chapter eight hundred and forty-five battle alone one hundred thousand Luoxian
Chapter eight hundred and forty-six bloody battles in the heavens, blood spilled over all worlds
Chapter 847 So I am a pig
Eight hundred and forty-eighth chapter Hongyuan became a robbery
Chapter eight hundred and forty-ninth withdraw from God, cross the robbery
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth, ask the donor to die
Chapter eight hundred and fifty first preaching
Chapter 852: Killing God, Heaven and Earth Chessboard
Chapter 853: Support the Light
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters a sword
Chapter 855: Kill the Darkness
Chapter 856: A retreat for Wei Guangming
Chapter 857: Li Yang's Will, the Origin of the Ring
Eight hundred and fifty-eight chapters the decree of the heavenly deity
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth IX what to do in the future
Chapter 860 Tianzhou Dongfu Realm, the fourth person in Hongmeng
Chapter 861 Splitting the world, the way of heaven returns to its place
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-two light and darkness merge into one
Chapter 863: The Lord of Light and Darkness, Zhao Shitian
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters innate five flags
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-five flags cast great array
Chapter 866 Borrowing Flags, Merit Golden Lotus
Chapter eight hundred and sixty seventh please turn around
Eight hundred and sixty-eighth chapters cut off the road fruit
Chapter 869: The Fourth Hongmeng Controller
Chapter 870: Pioneering the world and shaping the universe
Chapter 871: Hongmeng Shengwei, Hongyuan Weili
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-two Tianzhou Great Array, Zhou Tianxing Dou Great Array
The eight hundred and seventieth chapters are all gods and gods
The eight hundred and seventieth chapters of the two battles, the gods collapse
Chapter 875: The world is destroyed, the battle is destroyed, and people die
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-six games, for fun
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-seventh volume of the holy king's scripture, the seal of Taishi Av
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-eight imitating the idea network domain of heaven
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-ninth Taishi Buddha, Primordial Buddha, Ancient Buddha, All Buddha
Chapter 880: Taishangjie, Daleiyin Temple in West Tianling Mountain
Chapter 881 A new storm has appeared
Chapter 882: The Plan for the Four Seas and One Lineage
Chapter eight hundred and eighty third: the fallen sun supreme god
Chapter eight hundred and eighty fourth supreme god - Zeus
Chapter 885 Great sincerity, cooperation reached
Chapter eight hundred and eighty sixth fishing dragon
Chapter 887: Thunder of Shinto, Spear of Oracle
Chapter 888 Six giants besiege the old dragon emperor
Chapter 889: The Great Array of the Sea of ??Clouds, Thor, the God of Thunder, the gluttonous attack
Chapter 890: The Twelve Supreme Ares of the God Court
Chapter 891 Nine Dragon Prince VS Twelve Supreme God
The eight hundred and ninetieth chapters of the great and infinite imprint
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-third Vientiane oven to destroy gluttonous
Chapter 894: The Great One Seal of Creation and Destruction, Collapse and Collapse
Chapter 895 The first line of defense collapses
Chapter eight hundred and ninety sixth miss
Chapter 897 Hongyuan Strike, Seven Secret Realms, Entering the East China Sea Alone, Return of Kowlo
Chapter 898: East China Sea Dragon Palace, Relics of Ancestral Dragons
Chapter 899: Killing the quasi-sage of the Dragon Palace and pushing open the door of the world
Chapter 900 Hanhai Longmen Array
Chapter 901 Someone wants to take the lead
Chapter 902 Please ask Lin Meng Daojun to come out with a sword
Chapter 903: Mutual jealousy, Ancestral Dragon Monument
Chapter 904: The inheritance of the candle dragon, the same expectation
Chapter 905 A war is inevitable
Chapter 906 The heavens borrow the law, and he becomes free
Chapter 907 Final Winner
Chapter 908 Folds and compresses time and dimension into a small piece of paper
Chapter 909: The Furious Old Dragon Emperor
Chapter 910: Inheritance of Million True Dragons
Chapter 911 The beginning of the dragon seal, the first dragon
Chapter 912: The Seven Seals of the Great Beginning, budding
Chapter 913 You, courting death
The nine hundred and fourteenth chapter Venerable fell into the mortal world
Chapter 915 In one day, the Buddha's blood washed Lingshan, and King Ming rebelled against Buddhism
Chapter 916: Enlightenment Tribulation, Eighth Seal
Chapter 917: Kong Xuan's Will, Buddha and Magic Seal
Chapter 918 Li Chunyang's Hongyuan Chengdao Tribulation
Chapter 919: Terrorist strength, kill the old dragon emperor
Chapter 920: Sending off Taoist Kong Xuan and welcoming Taoist Taishi
Chapter 921 The so-called Tai is the Lord of the Chaos Sea
Chapter 922 In the eyes of Tai, everything is born from eggs
Chapter 923: Under the Emperor, all means are useless
Chapter 924 He has always been there
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