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Rise from eight hundred

Rise from eight hundred

author:Romance of Han and Tang Dynasties 1

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-12 00:04

Latest chapter:Chapter 1273 Two of your teeth will fly off if you meet me.

The special forces Tang Dao unexpectedly returned to the eve of the Battle of Sihang Warehouse in the Battle of Songhu in 1937. The Eight Hundreds once fought bloody battles for the last dignity of Chinese soldiers. But what will happen this time with the addition of Tang Dao? Death Wish I am a ghost on the battlefield, and I will never be a native of my hometown! This is the soldier's answer. The great country is picturesque, but there are wars and wars everywhere. The soldiers have shed their blood in hundreds of battles, and they have shed tears all the way, and there are graves of heroes everywhere!

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《Rise from eight hundred》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1273 Two of your teeth will fly off if you meet me.
Chapter 1272 Sad Ridge
Chapter 1271 Itagaki Shiro’s final redemption!
Chapter 1270 We don’t want a grain of rice!
Chapter 1269 The troops are pointing directly!
Chapter 1268: Top ambition, unrewarded!
Chapter 1267 Decisive victory at the rear
Chapter 1266 The battle to break the wall (Part 2)
Chapter 1265 The battle to break the wall (Part 2)
《Rise from eight hundred》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Hell and Heaven
Chapter 2 Veteran Oil
Chapter 3 The Once Eight Hundred
Chapter 4 Nominations
Chapter 5 The Reason I'm Here
Chapter 6 The Real Bait
Chapter 7 Moonlit Night
Chapter 8 Touch the head to kill!
Chapter 9 It's Just an Appetizer
Chapter 10 Ferocious Opponents
Chapter 11 This is the answer
Chapter 12 Appointments
Chapter 13 Lieutenant Colonel's Expectations
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17 Rich Materials
Chapter 18 Use me in the first battle
Chapter 19 Perfect Design
Chapter 20 The Hibernating Hedgehog
Chapter 21 Take the initiative to attack
Chapter 22 The night gave me black eyes
Chapter 23 There are pig teammates!
Chapter 24 We are not to blame! (Please recommend votes, monthly votes, and rewards!)
Chapter 25 The Japanese Army Is Just a Walnut
Chapter 26
Chapter 27 Veteran's Mourning!
Chapter 28 Integrating into this era
Chapter 29 Unconventional Operations
Chapter 30 Hope!
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33 Talented Recruits
Chapter 34 Make a Bet
Chapter 35 What a ‘hot-blooded’ young man
Chapter 36 Unprecedented forces
Chapter 37 Impossible Mission?
Chapter 38 I invite you to eat sugar cake
Chapter 39 Japanese Invaders Fierce
Chapter 40 Someone Wants to Witness History
Chapter 41 The role of seeds
Chapter 42 It turns out that there is a shield
Chapter 43 The Simplest Answer
Chapter 44 Smoking 'Stone'
Chapter 45 Execution is so strong
Chapter 46
Chapter 47 Black Humor
Chapter 48
Chapter 49
Chapter 50 The Japanese army is also crazy
Chapter 51 Copper Pea (Double monthly ticket, please buy it!)
Chapter 52 The killing weapon is a little timid (double monthly ticket, please vote!)
Chapter 53: Alarming the Snake (Part 1) (Double monthly ticket! Please vote!)
Chapter 54: Alarming the Snake (Part 2) (Double monthly ticket, please vote!)
Chapter 55: Take advantage of the situation (New January, please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket!)
Chapter 56 The Japanese suddenly became calmer (it’s the beginning of the month, please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket!)
Chapter 57 The second place is not rewarded
Chapter 58 Open the God's Perspective
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 The reason for fear of death!
Chapter 61 The Drums of War Match
Chapter 62 The Great Wall
Chapter 63 The Dance of Life
Chapter 64 I'm Your Fan
Chapter 65 The Victory Has Been Lost?
Chapter 66
Chapter 67: Forced into a big pit (please ask for monthly votes!)
Chapter 68 This is a trap (please vote for me!)
Chapter 69 Gunshots exploded
Chapter 70 Massacre
Chapter 71
Chapter 72: Is This Pretending To Be Tough?
Chapter 73 Actually, you are thinking too much
Chapter 74 True Killing God
Chapter 75 Killing a few Japanese pirates as paper money
Chapter 76 Rewards and Punishments
Chapter 77 What an old yinbi
Chapter 78 Under China's Sky (Part 1)
Chapter 79 Under China's Sky (Part 2)
Chapter 80 The happiness of ‘Hammer’
Chapter 81 Snail in the Dark
Chapter 82 Even if the wind is not high, it is also a day for arson (please vote! Monthly and recommended votes are required!)
Chapter 83 You are so poisonous (vote, vote!)
Chapter 84 Visitors from the Concession (recommended tickets! Monthly tickets! Book reviews! Chapter reviews! All)
Chapter 85
Chapter 86 Your disaster is also your glory! (Still asking for votes!)
Chapter 87 Eight hundred!
Chapter 88 The Reporter's Gift
Chapter 89 Returning to the Ruins
Chapter 90 Explosives from Hell
Chapter 91 The battlefield belonging to the special forces
Chapter 92 What a clever little guy (please vote on Monday, all kinds of votes!)
Chapter 93 Moonlight Killing Night
Chapter 94 Just One?
Chapter 95 He deserves it
Chapter 96 Devil's Means
Chapter 97 Record of Shame
Chapter 98
Chapter 99 The pen is a little hot!
Chapter 100 I would rather die! (please vote for me!)
Chapter 101 Raising the Flag
Chapter 102 Chief Tang wants to sit in the village
Chapter 103 Fighting poison with poison
Chapter 104 Someone is going to play tunnel warfare
Chapter 105 Another new strategy?
Chapter 106 A life-threatening war of attrition! (Please vote on Monday, all kinds of votes!)
Chapter 107 Homemade Reactive Armor
Chapter 108 I almost doubted my life
Chapter 109 Small goals are more effective
Chapter 110: Changing Strategy
Chapter 111 Crazy for a long time
Chapter 112 The Unaccustomed Goodbye
Chapter 113 Who to fight for!
Chapter 114 Let’s play tunnel battle together! (Please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 115
Chapter 116 Positive attitude towards life (At the beginning of the month, please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket.)
Chapter 117 The plan is revealed (please vote for me!)
Chapter 118 Destined to become an outcast? (Please give me monthly votes! Please give me monthly votes! Please give me monthly votes!)
Chapter 119 Big Brother Chainsaw
Chapter 120 Arrogance
Chapter 121 Tool Man
Chapter 122 The military rank cursed by the devil (please vote for me!)
Chapter 123 Warrior's Sorrow
Chapter 124 Disrespectful and confused military orders
Chapter 125
Chapter 126
Chapter 127
Chapter 128 Naughty Child (please vote for me!)
Chapter 129
Chapter 130 Order
Chapter 131: Preparing for Battle
Chapter 132: Insidious Strategies
Chapter 133: The Companion Is Hard to Return (Part 1)
Chapter 134: The Companion Is Hard to Return (2)
Chapter 135 Lieutenant Colonel's Pride
Chapter 136 General's praise
Chapter 137 You have the confidence and the amulet
Chapter 138 Representing the Army of the Future
139 Imperative
Chapter 140 Eyebrows are frost
Chapter 141
Chapter 142 Kikuta is so sour
Chapter 143 If that’s the case, don’t build an archway!
Chapter 144 The little clever is going to become a ghost
Chapter 145 Cannon Shooting Explosives
Chapter 146 The Showdown of Cannons and Cannons
Chapter 147 See who is lucky
Chapter 148 The tenacity of being brutally defeated
Chapter 149 Death's Scythe
Chapter 150 It’s so close, but it’s so far away! (Let’s get some monthly tickets!)
Chapter 151 The arena
Chapter 152 The answer in the trembling
Chapter 153 Breaking Their Backbone
Chapter 154: Dark Blue Going Upstream
Chapter 155 Soul Battle
Chapter 156
Chapter 157 Super Big Hammer
Chapter 158 Kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred
Chapter 159 Sunny day, why is there rain?
Chapter 160 The battle recorded in the annals of history
Chapter 161 Matches that can't be wiped
Chapter 162 A hero can die, and so can I!
Chapter 163 See Who's Crazy
Chapter 164 China's Backbone
Chapter 165 Continued Silence
Chapter 166 Spiritual Totem
Chapter 167
Chapter 168 Absolutely!
Chapter 169 Heavenly Punishment?
Chapter 170
Chapter 171
Chapter 172 Secret
Chapter 173 The destined life will not be missed
Chapter 174 The New Year Pig Delivered to Your Door
Chapter 175: Arranged properly
Chapter 176 Not having a gun is a man’s deepest fear!
Chapter 177 An unexpected arrival
Chapter 178 It will always come back
Chapter 179 I lied to you
Chapter 180 Farewell!
Chapter 181 Seeing the old rival again
Chapter 182 Get up from where you fall!
Chapter 183
Chapter 184 Another blood debt!
Chapter 185 Worry
Chapter 186 Turning to the South
Chapter 187: The Fierce Land
Chapter 188 Cowardice is not wrong
Chapter 189 I have never seen such a bully
Chapter 190 The sharpest knife in China
Chapter 191 The hammer is very vigilant
Chapter 192 A little confused
Chapter 193 The Bad News Ends
Chapter 194 Mutual Persuasion
Chapter 195 The thoughts of the uncles
Chapter 196 We have a tender face
Chapter 197 Once hurt (1)
Chapter 198 Once hurt (2)
Chapter 199 The gap between reality and imagination
Chapter 200 Important town
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Chapter 201 A new position is given (first update, please subscribe!)
Chapter 202: Going shirtless? (2nd update, please subscribe)
Chapter 203: Then we have no choice but to risk it (3rd update, please subscribe!)
Chapter 204 What a big construction site (4th update, please subscribe!)
Chapter 205 Forgotten? (1st update, please subscribe.)
Chapter 206 The secret mission of Si Xing Camp (2nd update, please subscribe!)
Chapter 207 Curved eyebrows (3rd update, please subscribe!)
Chapter 208 It’s rude to not reciprocate!
Chapter 209 Need to adapt
Chapter 210 It’s impossible without some stimulation
Chapter 211 The Battalion Commander who is afraid of death
Chapter 212 Battlefield Broadcast (Part 1)
Chapter 213 Battlefield Live Broadcast (Part 2)
Chapter 214 The new mission of the Four Elements Camp
Chapter 215 The mill about to take shape
Chapter 216 The sound of hooves is like thunder
Chapter 217 Message from Jinshan
Chapter 218 Farewell Letter Home
Chapter 219 Zeng Zhaocaiyun returns
Chapter 220 Big Stick Plan
Chapter 221 The base-level commander
Chapter 222 The first battle in Songjiang
Chapter 223 Proud RB Navy
Chapter 224 Weird choice
Chapter 225 The most handsome boy
Chapter 226 Destroy! Pikachu
Chapter 227 I’m so frustrated (Subscribe! Monthly ticket!)
Chapter 228 Everyone is here
Chapter 229: You get used to being beaten too many times (please subscribe! Get a monthly pass at the end of the month!)
Chapter 230 Cavalry Pursuit
Chapter 231 The Beginning of the Riding Battle (Please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 232 Something is wrong with you!
Chapter 233 Riding Battle! (Subscribe! Monthly ticket!)
Chapter 234 The sword is as bright as practice
Chapter 235 Want to know the answer? (Subscribe! Monthly ticket!)
Chapter 236 The Wrath of the Lieutenant General
Chapter 237 The Hope of the Japanese Major (First day of July, subscribe! Monthly ticket!)
Chapter 238 The most dangerous position
Chapter 239 Young ‘Veteran’
Chapter 240 The terrifying 105 howitzer
Chapter 241 Turbulent Waves
Chapter 242 No distinction between each other
Chapter 243 Inner Demon
Chapter 244: The commander of the gunner
Chapter 245 The little hoe didn’t dance well
Chapter 246 I’m not scared
Chapter 247 Pain for both sides
Chapter 248 Someone is scared
Chapter 249 The security team actively participating in the war
Chapter 250 The unexpected protagonist
Chapter 251 Good words don’t work, bad words work
Chapter 252 A pot of porridge
Chapter 253 I’m afraid of seeing you die
Chapter 254 Give you my last card
Chapter 255 Crazy Lieutenant Colonel
Chapter 236 It will hurt if you hit someone with your egg
Chapter 257 The whole army invades
Chapter 258 The Japanese Army is Cautious
Chapter 259 It has nothing to do with tactics
Chapter 260 Guarding your return journey
Chapter 261 I know it’s you
Chapter 262 Streets of Southern Hunan
Chapter 263 Please forget me
Chapter 264 The word ‘righteousness’ comes first
Chapter 265 Big Man (please subscribe, please vote monthly!)
Chapter 266 Charming eyes with random flowers
Chapter 267 Crow
Chapter 268 You ‘trash’
Chapter 269 Training ‘Garbage’
Chapter 270 The Beginning of Street Fighting
Chapter 271 The difference between bravery and stability
Chapter 272 When LOW Seer met a rich man
Chapter 273 The Japanese Army’s Sharp Knife (please vote for me, please subscribe!)
Chapter 274 Wang Laoshi
Chapter 275 Fresh Bait
Chapter 276 Use every possible means
Chapter 277 Burning into an Iron Coffin (Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 278 Beat up the drowned dog
Chapter 279 I’ll give you some shoes
Chapter 280 Silent Contest
Chapter 281 The Runaway Security Team (Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 282 The devil shows off his power
Chapter 283 Amitabha
Chapter 284 The Japanese need to learn
Chapter 285 The Hero Is Unknown (It’s the end of the month, please subscribe and vote!)
Chapter 286 Misty Rain
Chapter 287 When the wolves meet Brother Flathead
Chapter 288 I am a Buddhist
Chapter 289 Find out the truth
Chapter 290 To save or not to save (Double monthly ticket, please vote!)
Chapter 291 One person, one team (double monthly votes, brothers vote monthly!)
Chapter 292 Weeds
Chapter 293 How can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain (It’s the end of the month, please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 294 I request, shoot me
Chapter 295: Only One in a Hundred (On the last day of this month, please subscribe!)
Chapter 296: Respect means killing you (on the first day of August, please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket!)
Chapter 297 Desperate Rescue (Please vote for me! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 298: Surrounding soldiers for reinforcements? (Double monthly votes, please give me monthly votes!)
Chapter 299 Here comes a colorful tiger (ask for double monthly votes at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 300 Red with green, it disgusts you (double monthly ticket, please give me a monthly ticket!)
Chapter 301 Reduced? (Double monthly votes, please vote!)
Chapter 302 Don’t mess with me, I will splash blood on your face
Chapter 303: The land is poured with blood, just to keep the mountains and rivers intact (please give me a monthly vote!)
Chapter 304 The Fall of Cangcheng
Chapter 305 There are still some people who don’t believe in evil
Chapter 306 Bad Fate
Chapter 307 Highest Honor
Chapter 308 Directly Affiliated Guard Battalion
Chapter 309 Important Officials
Chapter 310 Farewell
Chapter 311 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 312 Wielding a small hoe
Chapter 313 Poaching is not easy either
Chapter 314: Bringing the pot together
Chapter 315: We are professionals in painting the pie
Chapter 316 Nirvana
Chapter 317 The power of heavy artillery (please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 318 ‘Rubber’ Balloon
Chapter 319 RB people also show their swords
Chapter 320 The Rabbit in Spring
Chapter 321 The most handsome boy in the Sixth Division
Chapter 322 Death Scroll
Chapter 323 The person who attracted Tang Dao
Chapter 324 Why is it such a show?
Chapter 325 Collapsed Idol?
Chapter 326 Calmness and Excitement
Chapter 327 Victory, comes so suddenly?
Chapter 328: Headed up
Chapter 329: Open the door and confront the thief (please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 330: No more use of troops
Chapter 331 Wine
Chapter 332 It’s still a waste of time
Chapter 333 Psychological Victory
Chapter 334: Close the door and kill the tiger?
Chapter 335 Picturesque scenery!
Chapter 336 The Butcher Dies
Chapter 337 Disguise
Chapter 338: Fighting behind enemy lines
Chapter 339 The ‘Devil’ returns to the city
Chapter 340 I won’t let go
Chapter 341 Painful and Ironic
Chapter 342 Your taste!
Chapter 343 Come, take a gamble!
Chapter 344 Chinese Answer
Chapter 345 There are still friends
Chapter 346 Someone is waiting (Part 1)
Chapter 347 Someone is waiting (Part 2)
Chapter 348 Big gift!
Chapter 349 Destiny!
Chapter 350 The blind cat is destined to encounter a dead mouse
Chapter 351 Behind the Greatness (Please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 352 Super Unlucky Ball! (Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 353 A dilemma! (Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 354 Learn to be cruel
Chapter 355 The hunting ground of ‘Eagle’?
Chapter 356 Roaring! Proud! (Please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 357 The ancestors appeared (please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 358: Headed up
Chapter 359 Bloody Dusk
Chapter 360: Crossing Eyes (Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 361 The situation is too small (please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 362 Worth it
Chapter 363 The ultimate emotion (please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 364 Black Question Mark Face
Chapter 365 Details are important
Chapter 366 The touchstone of ‘bravery’!
Chapter 367 Firepower Crushing
Chapter 368 The decisive battle is the decisive battle
Chapter 369 That’s it?
Chapter 370 Working hard to stay alive (please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 371 Close and Close (Please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 372 Don’t hesitate to die
Chapter 373 Assembly Order
Chapter 374 Follow me
Chapter 375 Persuasion
Chapter 376 Consumables
Chapter 377 Reappearance of Bravery
Chapter 378 No!
Chapter 379 Sculpture
Chapter 380 I don’t want to die, but I’m not afraid of death!
Chapter 381 I will kill you!
Chapter 382 The Helmet of Jiangnan (Part 1)
Chapter 383 The Helmet of Jiangnan (Part 2)
Chapter 384 The Helmet of Jiangnan (Part 2)
Chapter 385 I didn't let you down
Chapter 386 No Return!
Chapter 387 The battle will continue until the enemy is defeated!
Chapter 388
Chapter 389 The madness of the Chinese Air Force
Chapter 390 The eyes are red!
Chapter 391 In the name of a comrade-in-arms
Chapter 392 Victory belonging to the Chinese soldiers
Chapter 393: Side by Side with Destiny
Chapter 394 Violating the Order!
Chapter 395 Killing chickens and scaring monkeys?
Chapter 396
Chapter 397 So melancholy!
Chapter 398 According to Intuition
Chapter 399 Niu Dao's stubbornness
Chapter 400
Chapter 401
Chapter 402: Bad luck to explode
Chapter 403 Audacious (Double monthly tickets at the end of the month, please vote!)
Chapter 404 The best way to get rid of the pursuers (please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 405: Hard Steel for Special Operations
Chapter 406 The result of wrong judgment (Please subscribe! Please vote!)
No. 407 RB Style ‘King Ba Fist’
Chapter 408: Darkness before my eyes (Double monthly tickets at the beginning of the month, please subscribe, please vote!)
Chapter 409: Tired, destroy it! (Double monthly ticket, please vote!)
Chapter 410: Rod Army
Chapter 411 So bitter (double monthly ticket, please vote!)
Chapter 412 What a big lump! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 413 Passing Line
Chapter 414 Scared the dog to death!
Chapter 415 You can't wake up!
Chapter 416 The Devil From Hell
Chapter 417 The flat-headed brother from RB
Chapter 418 Dispute
Chapter 419 Despair!
Chapter 420 Rabbits and dogs, both suffer!
Chapter 421 There are Xiao Jiujiu!
Chapter 422 is the myth
Chapter 423 No one laughs!
Chapter 424 Farewell!
Chapter 425: Younger Sister!
Chapter 426 The Feast of Uncle Death
Chapter 427: Panda Gets Fans
Chapter 428 What happened?
Chapter 429: Central Breakthrough
Chapter 430 Forward!
Chapter 431 Crazy Artillery
Chapter 432: Parallel Stupidity
Chapter 433 Warrior's Heart
Chapter 434 Bah your face!
Chapter 435 Almost wiped out!
Chapter 436: The Fate Changed by War
Chapter 437
Chapter 438
Chapter 439 Japanese Bravery
Chapter 440 Chinese-style brutality
Chapter 441
Chapter 442
Chapter 443 Ferocious artillery fire
Chapter 444: Lonely Tomb
Chapter 445 Air Bomb
Chapter 446 The final trump card
Chapter 447: The Eyes of Death
Chapter 448 The Heartbroken Major
Chapter 449 The Last Bullet
Chapter 450: Once Precious
Chapter 451 The Devil's Respect
Chapter 452 The decisive battle is coming
Chapter 453 Worry!
Chapter 454 She smiled and the sky became bright!
Chapter 455 Distance, three kilometers!
Chapter 457: No Winner
Chapter 456: Battle of Tragedy
Chapter 457: No Winner
Chapter 458 The Waiting of Life (Double monthly votes, I hope everyone will vote enthusiastically, please!)
Chapter 459 It’s still too late (double monthly ticket, please vote!)
Chapter 460: Not Too Late (Part 1)
Chapter 461 Not Too Late (Part 2)
Chapter 462 The unreliable Amaterasu (The last day of this month, please vote for me!)
Chapter 463 The evolution of the battlefield (please vote for me!)
Chapter 464 The difference between the Chinese and Japanese armies (please vote for me at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 465: An outstanding and hard-working Army Lieutenant Colonel (at the beginning of the month, please vote for me!)
Chapter 466 The Sword That Can't Be Sheathed
Chapter 467 Evil Wolf!
Chapter 468
Chapter 469 I've been paying tea lately!
Chapter 470 Riding a white horse without a knife
Chapter 471
Chapter 472
Chapter 473 The ‘original intention’ of the Japanese second lieutenant
Chapter 474: Traces of Sacrifice
Chapter 475 Alive! (Please give me a monthly vote! Please!)
Chapter 476
Chapter 477
Chapter 478 The third name
Chapter 479 Scare!
Chapter 480 Unfair
Chapter 481 Steal!
Chapter 482 The boiling city
Chapter 483 Potatoes See Potatoes Again
Chapter 484 Tang Dao's Gift
Chapter 485 Not a good person!
Chapter 486 Can we all be ‘sincere’?
Chapter 487 Murder and Overtake!
Chapter 488 The real scheming BOY
Chapter 489 The ‘darkness’ of uncles
Chapter 490 Killing the Year of the Pig!
Chapter 491 The wine field is like a battlefield
Chapter 492
Chapter 493 This is the real pit!
Chapter 494
495 Venture Capital (Part 1)
Chapter 496 Venture Capital (Part 2)
Chapter 497 Venture Capital (Part 2)
Chapter 498 You are my hero!
Chapter 499
Chapter 500 The Last Piece of the Puzzle of the Independent Camp
Chapter 501
Chapter 502 This is a pure person
Chapter 503 Reorganization of the Independent Battalion (1)
Chapter 504 Reorganization of the Independent Battalion (Part 2)
Chapter 505: Reorganizing the Independent Battalion (2)
Chapter 506 Breaking the comfort zone
Chapter 507: ‘Recruit Danzi’ Company Commander’s Problem (Part 1)
Chapter 508: The Problem of the ‘Recruit Danzi’ Company Commander (Part 2)
Chapter 509 The old abacus's small abacus
Chapter 510: Team or Individual?
Chapter 511 Veteran's Stubbornness
Chapter 512 Twist the brave into a rope!
Chapter 513 New Infantry Squad
Chapter 514 Small episode (asking for a monthly ticket at the end of the month!)
Chapter 515
Chapter 516
Chapter 517 Talent Show of the Special Forces Team (1)
Chapter 518 Talent Show of the Special Forces Team (2)
Chapter 519 The Freshest Ingredients
Chapter 520 Good Mood (Chapter 520, of course you have to be in a good mood, please vote for me!)
Chapter 521 The melancholy Japanese division commander
Chapter 522 The thoughts of the seniors!
Chapter 523 Failure theory! (Please vote for me, please subscribe!)
Chapter 524: The plan to wipe out the household (please vote for me, please subscribe!)
Chapter 525 The Little Secret of the Northeast Army
Chapter 526
Chapter 527 What a coincidence!
Chapter 528 Dogs can scare people to death!
Chapter 529 Hanging (Part 1)
Chapter 530 Hanging (Last Part)
Chapter 531
Chapter 532 Da Ze blows up Lao Tzu!
Chapter 533 The sound is broken!
Chapter 534: Those Who Want To Die And Those Who Don't Want To Die
Chapter 535 Who is the spoil
Chapter 536 Excellent enemy
Chapter 537 Even calling ‘Dad’ doesn’t work!
Chapter 538 Iron Head Company Commander (1)
Chapter 539 Iron Head Company Commander (2)
Chapter 540 This guy is actually training?
Chapter 541 Growth given by the battlefield
Chapter 542 The biggest gain
Chapter 543
Chapter 544: The Insidious Mind of the Old Devil
Chapter 545 The ‘little person’ who died unexpectedly
Chapter 546: Moving Retreat
Chapter 547 This is the power of side by side
Chapter 548 A word to wake up the dreamer!
Chapter 549
Chapter 550 Seeing the Capital of Old Taishan in the Future
Chapter 551 Thunderbolt
Chapter 552 The little padded jacket is leaking
Chapter 553: Able to bend and stretch to achieve great things
Chapter 554 Taishan meets ‘Taishan’
Chapter 555 How far is the distance from Big Brother
Chapter 556 Hunting Ground
Chapter 557 Get support!
Chapter 558
Chapter 559 Hunting Prelude
Chapter 561
Chapter 562 One, two, three, let’s go!
Chapter 563 The sun is about to rise
Chapter 564 Underestimate?
Chapter 565: On Courage
Chapter 566 You are very bad old man
Chapter 567
Chapter 568 The Iron Head ‘Steel Army’ is coming!
Chapter 569 A piece of golden light
Chapter 570
Chapter 571 Deserters (1)
Chapter 572 Deserters (Part 2)
Chapter 573 This is not a reason! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 574 Here comes an angel?
Chapter 576: The First Brigade of the Jing’an Army (Please vote for the New Year!)
Chapter 577 Boots waiting to fall
Chapter 578 If you want it, give it to you!
Chapter 579 Unreasonable?
Chapter 580 The Traitor's Logic
Chapter 581 Bright and cheap!
Chapter 582 Looking for a new breakthrough
Chapter 583 Battle of the Right Wing
Chapter 584 But the outside is strong and the middle is hard!
Chapter 585 Perfect Blockade
Chapter 586
Chapter 587 Fight for 24 hours for you
Chapter 588
Chapter 589 Bloody!
Chapter 590 Hot Pot Battle!
Chapter 591 Boiling water
Chapter 592
Chapter 593 A mouthful of old blood!
Chapter 594 Miracle (1)
Chapter 595 Miracles (2)
Chapter 596 Pre-war deployment
Chapter 597 No choice!
Chapter 598 Proud of you
Chapter 599 I look up at the starry sky you have seen
Chapter 600 When arrogance meets more arrogance!
Chapter 601 There is a ‘lucky man’
Chapter 602 The cherry blossoms in my hometown have withered!
Chapter 603 Navy Iron Head
Chapter 604
Chapter 605 The Role of Veterans
Chapter 606 Silly dog!
Chapter 607 ‘Details determine success or failure’
Chapter 608 The real intention?
Chapter 609 This is the battlefield for snipers
Chapter 610 Warrior's Heart (1)
Chapter 611 Warrior's Heart (2)
Chapter 612 Shortcomings
Chapter 613
Chapter 614 No one laughs at!
Chapter 616 ‘Dog’ style bravery!
Chapter 617 Courage and Wisdom
Chapter 618
619 The only thing we can do
Chapter 620 Dangerous Light
Chapter 621 Specially dug pit
Chapter 622 Small Dessert Before the Dinner
Chapter 623 The Ancestor Plays The Rest
624 This is the truth
Chapter 625
Chapter 626
Chapter 627 Underrated madness!
Chapter 628
Chapter 629 Classic battles?
Chapter 630 Do You Blame Me?
Chapter 631 Fury!
Chapter 632 More tragic bravery!
Chapter 633
Chapter 634 So Crazy
Chapter 635 Fight!
Chapter 636 The Price of Growth
Chapter 637
Chapter 638 Named Dare to Die
Chapter 639 Daring to die turns into ‘rushing’ to death!
Chapter 640 Ranking has risen like this
641 Serial Explosion
Chapter 642: A Desperate Choice
Chapter 643 Magic
Chapter 644 This is in line with temperament
Chapter 645 The Heart of a Warrior!
Chapter 646: Hunting the Wind
Chapter 647 Death Oil Painting
Chapter 648
Chapter 649 There is a miracle
Chapter 650 Generous and heroic!
Chapter 651: Be Careful
Chapter 652 The harassment is endless!
Chapter 653 Of course I'm in a good mood when you hold back!
Chapter 654 Earn Military Merit!
Chapter 655 This is a real dog!
Chapter 656 Flying Thunder Cannon (1)
Chapter 657 Flying Thunder Cannon (Part 2)
Chapter 658
Chapter 659
Chapter 660 The ‘regretful’ major general!
Chapter 661 The battlefield is not a chessboard
Chapter 663 Cry and Laugh!
Chapter 664 What kind of crooked thoughts can a child have!
Chapter 665 Soldier's Life and Honor
Chapter 666
Chapter 667 A brutal shot!
Chapter 668 Survival is also a science!
Chapter 669 Coming!
Chapter 670 Cowardly!
Chapter 671 I'm afraid the thief will miss!
Chapter 672 Is this a trebuchet?
Chapter 673 Blow up your soul!
Chapter 674 The world is sober
Chapter 675 The Japanese army is tenacious
Chapter 676
Chapter 677 Potential Stimulation
Chapter 678 Last Hope (Ask for a monthly ticket at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 679 Hellfire!
Chapter 680 There are prodigal sons!
Chapter 681 Hope in Despair
Chapter 682 The ancestors said that you can strike later!
Chapter 683 Important Traits of a Commander
Chapter 684
Chapter 685 Not a good bird!
Chapter 686 Fighting feats on the forehead!
Chapter 687
Chapter 688 Sniper Cannon!
Chapter 690 The pride of being chipped away!
Chapter 691 Turtle in the fishing net
Chapter 692 It's popular to grab jobs now!
Chapter 693 The beginning of the general attack
Chapter 694 Chief's sense of crisis!
Chapter 695 Build a dam to fish!
Chapter 696 Don't use the chief as a dry food!
Chapter 697 White Fat White Fat Dowry!
Chapter 698 The Fruit of Victory (1)
Chapter 699 The Fruit of Victory (Part 2)
Chapter 700 The Fruit of Victory (2)
Chapter 701: The Sky Is Asking The Price And Not Paying It Back!
Chapter 702 Who is the dog!
Chapter 703
Chapter 704 Witness of History!
Chapter 705 There must be a first time in life!
Chapter 706 Retreat without fighting?
Chapter 707
Chapter 708 This is really not a narrow-minded thing!
Chapter 709 Light that breaks the ice
Chapter 710 Breathe out a bad breath!
Chapter 711 Rejection!
Chapter 712 Weakness!
Chapter 713 Wake Up!
Chapter 714 Thunder's Wrath
Chapter 715 The First Impression of the Pride of the Heavens!
Chapter 716: Ruthless Military Law (1)
Chapter 717: Ruthless Military Law (2)
Chapter 718 Tang Demon's Little Abacus!
Chapter 719 We have read a lot of books
Chapter 720 Have a baby?
Chapter 721 Convinced!
Chapter 722: Another Unfortunate Child
Chapter 723 Small Village
Chapter 724
Chapter 725 No shortage!
Chapter 726 This is Father's Battlefield
Chapter 727 The silver carp whose fate was restrained
Chapter 728 Recruiting new soldiers
Chapter 729 Familiar Posture
Chapter 730 Unexpected Gains
Chapter 731 Please let me say goodbye!
Chapter 732 The Four Elements Regiment!
Chapter 733 The troubles of happiness!
Chapter 734
Chapter 735 Want to go through the back door!
Chapter 736 The Difficulties of a Great Family!
Chapter 737: Each is Safe (Part 1)
Chapter 738: Each is Safe (Part 2)
Chapter 739: Each is Safe (Last Part)
Chapter 740 See you all!
Chapter 741 Just call me Xiao Tang!
Chapter 742 Super Fool!
Chapter 743
Chapter 744
Chapter 745 Destined to be Great!
Chapter 746
Chapter 747
Chapter 748 Familiar Taste
Chapter 749
Chapter 750 Who is Stronger!
Chapter 751 There will be a visit!
Chapter 753 See who's gift is sincere!
Chapter 754 Pies that fall from the sky are poisonous!
Chapter 755 Dowry!
Chapter 756 The Thoughts of ‘Father-in-law’
Chapter 757: Mingxin's Path (Part 1)
Chapter 758: Mingxin's Path (Part 2)
Chapter 759 The fist is hard!
Chapter 760 A lot of backstage
Chapter 761 There is light!
Chapter 762 Domineering!
Chapter 763 The tiger’s answer! (Double monthly votes requested!)
Chapter 764 Heroic Generals (Double monthly votes requested!)
Chapter 765: Spiritual communication (ask for double monthly votes!)
Chapter 766 Big Brother Zhang (1)
Chapter 767 Big Brother Zhang (Part 2)
Chapter 768 Big Brother Zhang (Part 2)
Chapter 769 The young man who has gone through thousands of sails
Chapter 770 Local Tyrants Also Fishing
771 The most correct investment
Chapter 772 Unexpected surprise!
Chapter 773 This is my dear!
Chapter 774
Chapter 775 Begging!
Chapter 776 A kiss!
Chapter 777 The whole group rejoices!
Chapter 778 Secret Arsenal (1)
Chapter 779 Secret Arsenal (Part 2)
Chapter 780 The competition caused by the gun test
Chapter 781 Soldier's Character
Chapter 782 The amazing sixth
Chapter 783 Mysterious Gift!
Chapter 784 Heavy Cannon
Chapter 785 No surprises!
Chapter 786
Chapter 787 Encountered a lunatic!
Chapter 788 Crazy Muscle Show!
Chapter 789 Hongmen Banquet!
Chapter 790 gentle and domineering
Chapter 791 Jealousy is superfluous!
Chapter 792 It's So Hard!
Chapter 793 Crazy but not arrogant!
Chapter 794 Contest of Wisdom!
Chapter 795 Only I can fight my soldiers!
Chapter 796 Tang Dao's Fist
Chapter 797 An embarrassment full of glory! (The last day of May, please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket for June!)
Chapter 798 The real killer of the four-line regiment!
Chapter 799 Difficulty heading north!
Chapter 800 Squeeze!
Chapter 801 Tang Dao's Anxiety!
Chapter 802 The New Year's Eve Party Comes!
Chapter 803 Prodigal consumption!
Chapter 804 There are rivers and lakes everywhere!
Chapter 805 Everything is ready!
Chapter 806 Appetizers!
Chapter 807 New Year's Parade (1)
Chapter 808 New Year's Parade (Part 2)
Chapter 809 New Year's Parade (Part 2)
Chapter 810 The consequences of being handsome!
Chapter 811 The thoughts of Battalion Stone!
Chapter 812
Chapter 813
Chapter 814: Chess Pieces
Chapter 815: Destroying Owl (1)
Chapter 816: Destroying the Owl (Part 2)
Chapter 817 Celebrating the New Year!
Chapter 818 buy you insurance
Chapter 819 Drunk!
Chapter 820 Everyone is happy!
Chapter 821 A visitor comes (please vote for me!)
Chapter 822 The Sorrow of Visitors! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 823 Assassin Tang Dynasty! (Please vote for the first month of the month!)
Chapter 824 Confrontation! (Please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket!)
Chapter 825 Don’t hide, Dutliang! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 826 Mars Brings Lightning (please vote for me!)
Chapter 827 Brave!
Chapter 828 Run as fast as you come!
Chapter 829 Lost the wife and lost the army!
Chapter 830 Listen to me, thank you!
Chapter 831 Eyes like copper bells!
Chapter 832 Silver Mountain
Chapter 833 Young after all!
Chapter 834: The Destination of the Four Elements
Chapter 835 Self-righteous
Chapter 836 Sad Iron Dragon!
Chapter 837 Rookie Combination!
Chapter 838 Shen Lao Liu is very depressed
Chapter 839 Under the sword, there are all dead souls!
Chapter 840 Want to run? It's too late!
Chapter 841 The most brutal destruction!
Chapter 842 The eager dawn!
Chapter 843 If you are not crazy, you will die!
Chapter 844 When madness meets madness!
Chapter 845 Calmness may also be poison
Chapter 846 Heavy artillery!
Chapter 847 Nightmare!
Chapter 848 Waiting for the move!
Chapter 849 Beyond Shooting! (Please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 850 The toxicity is too strong! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 851 Lu, Air and Horse!
Chapter 852 The last hole card (1)
Chapter 853 The last hole card (2)
Chapter 854 The Last Card (Part 2)
Chapter 855 Strength determines fortune!
Chapter 856 Accidental Death!
Chapter 857 Stupid at home!
858 Complete Destruction!
Chapter 859 Happiness after the war!
Chapter 860
Chapter 861 Someone is taking the blame!
Chapter 862 This Is Really Literal
863 The Great Injustice!
Chapter 864 Empiricism is bad!
Chapter 865 Hanging the sliding rod!
Chapter 866 Do a little exercise!
Chapter 867 Crazy!
Chapter 868 A gunshot!
Chapter 869 The beginning of suffering!
Chapter 870 A touch of light!
Chapter 871 I Can't Go Back!
Chapter 872 Quietly!
Chapter 873 It's Dry!
Chapter 874 Madman Warrior
Chapter 875 Xiao Tang and Xiao Wang! (Please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 876 See you in the picture!
Chapter 877 The script is broken!
Chapter 878 Show your strength (please vote for the first month of the month!)
Chapter 879 The first meeting!
Chapter 880 Exchange Conditions
Chapter 881 It's such a surprise!
Chapter 882 That's how people break the defense!
Chapter 883 The big event has been decided!
Chapter 884 There is a foothold!
Chapter 885 The fight is about to begin!
Chapter 886
Chapter 887 The time of the prairie fire!
Chapter 888 Burning hot!
Chapter 889 It's You Who Scares You!
Chapter 890 Those who are not afraid of death and those who are afraid of death!
Chapter 891 Choice!
Chapter 892 The road is narrow!
Chapter 893 Fighting with the head?
Chapter 894 Destroy the group!
Chapter 895 Mindless and unhappy!
Chapter 896: The Danger of West City
Chapter 897 Who is the prey
Chapter 898 Really refreshing!
Chapter 899 Evil nature!
Chapter 900 The excitement of the bloody smell!
Chapter 901 It's not the same as I imagined!
Chapter 902 Very bald!
Chapter 903: You have a chance to win! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 904 Different!
Chapter 905 The pattern is so big! (Ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 906 Mobilization Order (Part 1) (Ask for a monthly ticket at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 907 Mobilization Order (2)
Chapter 908 Motorized Camp (Double monthly tickets requested!)
Chapter 909 Heart to Heart!
Chapter 910 Recover Dongyang Pass!
Chapter 911 Welcome contributions!
Chapter 912 This is war!
Chapter 913 Simple old hole!
Chapter 914: Hard bones (1)
Chapter 915 Hard bones (2)
Chapter 916: Hard bones (2)
Chapter 917
Chapter 918 No Prelude!
Chapter 919 Is it great to have a tank?
Chapter 920 This is cause and effect!
Chapter 921 Jumping out again!
Chapter 922 The missed cornfield!
Chapter 923 Finally, I didn't lose face to the group seat!
Chapter 924 Red eyes!
Chapter 925 Difficulties!
Chapter 925 Fat and Deadly
Chapter 926 The style of painting turns so fast!
Chapter 927 The shattered humbleness!
Chapter 928 Tang Tuanzuo blatantly violated the rules!
Chapter 929 Running wildly? (Please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 930: Just throw yourself at the moth and into the fire! (Please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 931 There are still flowers?
Chapter 932 The devil will turn into a devil!
Chapter 933 This is the glory of the whole army!
Chapter 934 Great victory!
Chapter 935 After all, it's still superficial!
Chapter 936: Robbed an ‘arsenal’!
Chapter 937 Everyone is so excited about poetry!
Chapter 938 The intelligence oolong incident!
Chapter 939 Someone Wants to See You!
Chapter 940 Nan Yin's Intuition!
Chapter 941: Like a Star!
Chapter 942 This Is the Taste of Victory!
Chapter 943 One Regiment Singles Out One Division!
Chapter 944 The No. 1 Warlord in Eastern Jin!
Chapter 945 Heavenly Wizards?
Chapter 946 Genius is just a foreshadowing!
Chapter 947 Pick up a big hoe!
Chapter 948 Too monstrous!
Chapter 949: Willing!
Chapter 951: Rich and willful!
Chapter 952 Happiness in Hands
Chapter 953 Homecoming is as fast as an arrow!
Chapter 954: Wandered astray!
Chapter 955 Rewards for combat achievements!
Chapter 956 Tang Tuanzuo’s baked cakes! (Please vote for me)
Chapter 957 Cemetery (Part 1) (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 958 Cemetery (Part 2) (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 959 Big Construction!
Chapter 960 Thousands of miles away! (Please vote for me at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 961 Extreme Courtesy!
Chapter 962 Envy drools down!
Chapter 963 Balanced Wisdom!
Chapter 964 Game!
Chapter 965 The so-called friendly forces are meant to be used as a trap!
Chapter 966 One-word long snake formation!
Chapter 967 Tie!
Chapter 968 The light of ‘wisdom’!
Chapter 969 A house-style battle!
Chapter 970 The gate to hell opens!
Chapter 971 The battle between wisdom and toughness!
Chapter 972 Men are also fickle!
Chapter 973 Too toxic!
Chapter 974: I just love hindsight!
Chapter 975 Hello, Hello, Hello, Everyone!
Chapter 976 It’s time to divide the fruit again!
Chapter 977 Everyone has their own thoughts!
Chapter 978 It’s still the same sergeant squad leader!
Chapter 979 A bold move (Part 1)
Chapter 980 Drastic (Part 2) (Please vote for me at the end of the month!)
Chapter 981 Drastic Measures (Part 2) (Happy New Year to everyone!
Chapter 982 is in full swing! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 983 Excellence is the original sin!
Chapter 984 No insult allowed!
Chapter 985 Tough!
Chapter 986: The shortcomings exposed by eating noodles!
Chapter 987 The century-old fox!
Chapter 988 This is a jackal!
Chapter 989 The old man is determined not to be a villain!
Chapter 990 The lower the bottom line, the happier you are!
Chapter 991 Magical Man!
Chapter 992 Working silently!
Chapter 993 Give me more of this contempt!
Chapter 994 Japan changes generals (Part 1)
Chapter 995 Japan changes generals (Part 2)
Chapter 996 The bright moon was there at that time!
Chapter 997 Never go home again (It’s New Year, I wish everyone a Happy New Year
Chapter 998 Three Generals Arrive (Happy New Year’s Eve!)
Chapter 999 This is what I bought for you!
Chapter 1000 The scorching fire!
Chapter 1001: Defeat? (Chapter 1000 Commemoration)
Chapter 1002 Battle of Starfall
Chapter 1003 ‘Biochemical’ War!
Chapter 1004 Blood-sucking mosquitoes are more than just annoying!
Chapter 1005 It’s so sticky
Chapter 1006: Angry Lu!
Chapter 1007 Paranoia of persecution! (Last day of January, please
Chapter 1008 Unsolvable question! (First day of February, please subscribe)
Chapter 1009 You should be laughing!
Chapter 1010 It turns out that the target is me!
Chapter 1011 Yamashita’s best strategy!
Chapter 1012 Fighting for the feet!
Chapter 1013 Take this as a warning!
Chapter 1014 Things are different now!
Chapter 1015: I will serve you with a big stick!
Chapter 1016 Drinking poison to quench thirst
Chapter 1017 The second mixed brigade lost the initiative!
Chapter 1018 You have to make a nest when fishing!
Chapter 1019 A game within a game!
Chapter 1020 Naughty!
Chapter 1020 A good time to kill Japanese!
Chapter 1021 Was it predicted by the Japanese?
Chapter 1022 Growth!
Chapter 1023 The cook who became famous in one battle!
Chapter 1024 Brilliant Fireworks!
Chapter 1025 The general attack begins (Part 1)
Chapter 1026 The general attack begins (Part 2)
Chapter 1027 Stop pretending, show your true colors!
Chapter 1028 The idol was shot!
Chapter 1029 An unexpected fighter plane!
Chapter 1030 Jungle Battle! (In the last two days, please vote for me)
Chapter 1031 A starless night! (It’s the beginning of the month, please vote for me!)
Chapter 1032 A chain reaction caused by a pig! (Please vote for me at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 1033 How can you live if you want face?
Chapter 1034 No matter how attached you are, you will die!
Chapter 1035 Fight to death!
Chapter 1036 Does the enemy have the initiative?
Chapter 1037 Bait and Fisherman!
Chapter 1038 Smile at Death!
Chapter 1039 Wail!
Chapter 1040 Be good!
Chapter 1041 If you work hard, there will be a miracle!
Chapter 1042 Shock in all directions!
Chapter 1043 Secret mission!
Chapter 1044 Gunshots are everywhere!
Chapter 1045 Kamikaze Agent Team!
Chapter 1046 Hitting the nemesis!
Chapter 1047 Enemy Traces!
Chapter 1048 The wrath of heaven!
Chapter 1049 Come on, you idiot!
Chapter 1050 Fujiwara Sentio’s bargaining chip!
Chapter 1051 The so-called scumbag touches green tea!
Chapter 1052 Tang Tuanzuo’s game!
Chapter 1053 If you insist on me, then go ahead and welcome the man!
Chapter 1054 There is no good bird!
Chapter 1056 Sorry, I lied to you again!
Chapter 1057 Scarab!
Chapter 1058 The Japanese want to negotiate!
Chapter 1059 The blue-eyed man who changed his destiny!
Chapter 1060: A notorious reputation!
Chapter 1061: Specializing in sand sculpture negotiation table!
Chapter 1062: Be good, let me talk!
Chapter 1063 Fighting is not for nothing!
Chapter 1064 Major Qingshui was stoned!
Chapter 1065: Asking for a high price, pay back on the spot!
Chapter 1066 Two men who will eventually meet!
Chapter 1067 A friend as fierce as a tiger or a wolf!
Chapter 1068 The smell of money permeates the air!
Chapter 1069 Completely ‘blackened’ blue eyes!
Chapter 1070 A golden pie falling from the sky!
Chapter 1071 Only academic masters can attract academic masters!
Chapter 1072 Future weapons arsenal planning!
Chapter 1073: Someone wants to default on their debt?
Chapter 1074 Come, let’s have an in-depth discussion!
Chapter 1075 Good and Evil!
Chapter 1076 He’s about to get a heart attack!
Chapter 1077 Become a female knight who controls the dragon!
Chapter 1078 Tang Dao’s ambition!
Chapter 1079 The ‘scumbag’ is suddenly affectionate!
Chapter 1080 A spy with ideals!
Chapter 1081 Comrades reunited!
Chapter 1082: Substitution!
Chapter 1083 Win-win cooperation!
Chapter 1084 Changed destiny!
Chapter 1085 Welcome home!
Chapter 1086 Harmony!
Chapter 1087 Special Training Camp (Part 1)
Chapter 1088 Special Training Camp (Part 2) (Double monthly pass, please give me a monthly pass!)
Chapter 1089 Special Training Camp (Part 2) (Please double your monthly votes!)
Chapter 1090 I am proud of you!
Chapter 1091 The prodigal group training plan!
Chapter 1092 Sweat more in peacetime and bleed less in war!
Chapter 1093: A trio of three fighting against the local tyrants!
Chapter 1094 The local tyrants are no longer rich, only the ‘tycoons’ are left!
Chapter 1095 Farewell!
Chapter 1096 Crow’s Mouth!
Chapter 1097 Net!
Chapter 1098 Smell!
Chapter 1099 Battle!
Chapter 1100 The fire in the hearts of veterans!
Chapter 1101 Take care!
Chapter 1102 Yeyue Village
Chapter 1103 Thick eyebrows and big eyes!
Chapter 1104 You still have to fight to see the truth!
Chapter 1105 The Japs are coming!
Chapter 1106 The first battle in Eastern Jin Dynasty!
Chapter 1107 What a mob!
Chapter 1108 The home ground of the mountain people!
Chapter 1109 Blooming Blood Flower
Chapter 1110 Japanese Army, I am super calm!
Chapter 1111 Kill him while he is sick!
Chapter 1112 Jiuli Fighting Sword! (Please vote for me at the end of the month and subscribe!)
Chapter 1113 The mountain rhododendron blooms in advance!
Chapter 1114 Loyal bones are buried everywhere in Qingshan!
Chapter 1115 Underwear becomes a spirit! (Please vote for the first month of the month! Please)
Chapter 1116: Roasted a division leader! (Please vote for the first month of the month!)
Chapter 1117 The Virtue Mechanic appears unexpectedly! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1118 The Japanese hold back their ultimate move!
Chapter 1119 What a 'seven-injury punch'!
Chapter 1120 The Sorrow of Snowflake!
Chapter 1121 Eternal!
Chapter 1122 Human nature burned in the flames of war!
Chapter 1123 Everyone here is rubbish!
Chapter 1124: There’s no discussion about blowing you up!
Chapter 1125 Empty City Strategy?
Chapter 1126 Heavy artillery clears the ground!
Chapter 1127 The danger of the unknown highland!
Chapter 1128 Brutal!
Chapter 1129 The Colonel above!
Chapter 1130 Looking forward to the light!
Chapter 1131 Sacrifice!
Chapter 1132 Artillery Showdown!
Chapter 1133 Medicine for heartache!
Chapter 1134 The earth shook!
Chapter 1135 For the sake of brothers, stop pretending and let’s show off!
Chapter 1136 You are my eyes!
Chapter 1137 Current Situation!
Chapter 1138 Battle of Qingshiyan (1)
Chapter 1139 Battle of Qingshiyan (2)
Chapter 1140 The Battle of Qingshiyan (3) (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1141 Battle of Qingshiyan (4)
Chapter 1142 Battle of Qingshiyan (5)
Chapter 1143 Battle of Qingshiyan (6)
Chapter 1144 Famous in North China
Chapter 1145 Blossom War!
Chapter 1146 A ‘cruel’ encounter!
Chapter 1147 makes a brilliant debut!
Chapter 1148 A head that cannot be defined is worthless!
Chapter 1149 Stop talking about Cao Cao!
Chapter 1150 The night is as cold as water!
Chapter 1151 Boundless fear!
Chapter 1152 Baggage train, set off!
Chapter 1153 Success is never easy!
Chapter 1154 Cute little porcupine!
Chapter 1155 The little man’s changed destiny!
Chapter 1156 A phoenix that has lost its feathers is worse than a chicken!
Chapter 1157 Isn’t this just a tractor?
Chapter 1158 Sold out teammates!
Chapter 1159 Blocking out the sky and the sun
Chapter 1160 Prelude to Death!
Chapter 1161 Aren’t all those who can fly the same as birds?
Chapter 1162 The battle starts in 20 seconds!
Chapter 1163 The party almost started!
Chapter 1164 If you are not crazy, you will not survive!
Chapter 1165 You are watching the scenery on the mountain!
Chapter 1166 Still the same boy!
Chapter 1167 Ace versus Ace! (Please vote for the first month of the month!)
Chapter 1168 The waiting while staring!
Chapter 1169 Monument in the Sky!
Chapter 1170 Slash in the air!
Chapter 1171 Sorry!
Chapter 1172 Crush!
Chapter 1173 Eight Kills! (Part 1)
Chapter 1174 Eight Kills (Part 2)
Chapter 1175 A match made in heaven!
Chapter 1176 I can’t scare you to death!
Chapter 1177 Fighting spirit!
Chapter 1178 A Glorious Battle
Chapter 1179 Cruel Silhouette
Chapter 1180 Breaking the City
Chapter 1181 The End
Chapter 1182 Eat until your belly is full (Part 1)
Chapter 1183 Eat until your belly is full (Part 2)
Chapter 1184 Eat until your belly is full (Part 2)
Chapter 1185 Thunder
Chapter 1186 There are distinguished guests
Chapter 1187 Returning with support (Part 1)
Chapter 1188 Returning with support (Part 2)
Chapter 1189 What a big meal
Chapter 1190 Goodbye Lao Guo
Chapter 1191 Suggestions for another battle
Chapter 1192 Fat intestines and hundreds of knots
Chapter 1193 Codename ‘Big Trouble’
Chapter 1194 When the elite meets the elite
Chapter 1195 When the elite meets the elite (Part 2)
Chapter 1196 You can’t know any more
Chapter 1197 The unlucky child is even more unlucky this time
Chapter 1198 Let’s play differently this time
Chapter 1199 The hemp rope is really cut at the smallest points
Chapter 1200 Airborne Reverie
Chapter 1201 A day of bloody battle
Chapter 1202 The brilliance created by little people
Chapter 1203: Enemy Captured
Chapter 1204 A generous move
Chapter 1205 The queue leader is very happy
Chapter 1206 Returning home after a thousand miles (Part 1)
Chapter 1207 Returning Home after a Thousand Miles (Part 2)
Chapter 1208 Returning home after a thousand miles (Part 2)
Chapter 1209 Someone is guarding the house for free
Chapter 1210 The hard-working Tang family
Chapter 1211 Training for new recruits (Part 1)
Chapter 1212 Training for new recruits (Part 2)
Chapter 1213 Don’t forget to hit the iron when marching!
Chapter 1214 The pass is in danger!
Chapter 1215 Hey, robbery!
Chapter 1216 Colonel Xinke, deputy chief of staff!
Chapter 1217 Peak Moment
Chapter 1218 Deadly ‘Raindrops’
Chapter 1219 How fat can the Yellow River carp be?
Chapter 1220 The ugly human nature after defeat
Chapter 1221 The moon is dark and the wind is high
Chapter 1222 Are you cold?
Chapter 1223 A real man must learn to accept weakness!
Chapter 1224 The fish in the net may also be a crocodile!
Chapter 1225 Tang Tuanzuo is really an iron man! (Double monthly ticket is the best
Chapter 1226 When viciousness meets fate! (Last one with double monthly ticket
Chapter 1227 A bit extravagant!
Chapter 1228 It’s just a daddy!
Chapter 1229 If you want to be a monster, you must have the strength
Chapter 1230 New Year’s Day Offensive
Chapter 1231 You are so superficial
Chapter 1232 Head-to-Head Beat
Chapter 1233 Resignation!
Chapter 1234 It’s better not to meet!
Chapter 1235 Because there is a little cutie!
Chapter 1236 I am fighting the elites!
Chapter 1237 Every family has its own sutras that are difficult to recite
Chapter 1238 The Japanese also have prodigal sons!
Chapter 1239 The long wait is finally here!
Chapter 1240 Honey, the smell of Japanese is so strong!
Chapter 1241 Mood
Chapter 1242 A profiteer is here!
Chapter 1243: So that the tadpole can find its mother!
Chapter 1244 Life has to be spiced up
Chapter 1245 Run away at the beginning!
Chapter 1246: If you don’t chase me, will you wait for Mao?
Chapter 1247 Steel, cracked! (Please vote for the end of the month!)
Chapter 1248 Don’t tremble!
Chapter 1249 Cyclone Explosives!
Chapter 1250 The real battle begins (Part 1)
Chapter 1251 The real battle has just begun (Part 2) (Please ask the moon at the beginning of the month
Chapter 1252 The real battle has just begun (Part 2) (Please vote for me!
Chapter 1253 No one understands!
Chapter 1254 Everyone has pig teammates!
Chapter 1255 The Japs are going to steal the house!
Chapter 1256 Machine Gun God of War (Part 1)
Chapter 1257 Machine Gun God of War (Part 2)
Chapter 1258 Machine Gun God of War (Part 2)
Chapter 1259 Beat one down and scare the other away!
Chapter 1260 The killing spree!
Chapter 1261 I’m all numb!
Chapter 1262 The brilliant brilliance forced out!
Chapter 1263 Raising the Death Flag
Chapter 1264 The battle to break the wall (Part 1)
Chapter 1265 The battle to break the wall (Part 2)
Chapter 1266 The battle to break the wall (Part 2)
Chapter 1267 Decisive victory at the rear
Chapter 1268: Top ambition, unrewarded!
Chapter 1269 The troops are pointing directly!
Chapter 1270 We don’t want a grain of rice!
Chapter 1271 Itagaki Shiro’s final redemption!
Chapter 1272 Sad Ridge
Chapter 1273 Two of your teeth will fly off if you meet me.