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Mortals: Mo Juren wins at the beginning

Mortals: Mo Juren wins at the beginning


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Latest chapter:Chapter 796 Escape

I am Mo Juren, and I traveled to the mortal world with the auxiliary equipment of the mobile game Hunting Demon Continent. Without spiritual roots, I can’t cultivate immortals? It doesn’t matter, I can go another way, hunting demons to get blood, merging blood, and gaining extraordinary power. With The bloodline is continuously strengthened, and the level is getting higher and higher. In the end, even the true spirits of heaven and earth are inferior. In the end, I suddenly found that I had already stood on the top of the fairy world.

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《Mortals: Mo Juren wins at the beginning》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 796 Escape
Chapter 795: Ancient Nether Bird
Chapter 794: The Origin of the Five Elements
Chapter 793: Lend me your body
Chapter 792 Strange Woman
Chapter 791 The Monk and the Monster
Chapter 790: Falling Soul Pond and Taking Action
Chapter 789 Super Teleportation Array and Conspiracy
Chapter 788 Armistice and Invitation
《Mortals: Mo Juren wins at the beginning》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Mo Juren and Bloodline Transformation
Chapter 2 Half-Monster and Bloodline Collection
Chapter 3 Weird Doctor Mo
Chapter 4 Planning and Sudden Return
Chapter 5 Transformation Begins and Tells
Chapter 6 Apprentice again
Chapter 7 Cloud-winged bird and departure
Chapter 8 The Master of Sending Treasures
Chapter 9 The Fourth Lady and the Ink Ring
Chapter 10 The Reunion of the Mo House and the Horror
Chapter 11 The Situation and Controversy
Chapter 12 The Blood Fusion Test and Han Li's Troubles
Chapter 13 Anti-kill and concern
Chapter 14 Data Derivation and Marriage
Chapter 15 Tainan Valley and the Magic Talisman
Chapter 16 Spiritual Talismans and Fire
Chapter 17 Giant Man and Girl
Chapter 18 Deliberate Friendship
Chapter 19 The Immortal Ascension Order and Han Li's Shock
Chapter 20 Interception
Chapter 21 Costly Battle
Chapter 22 Introduction and Professional Talisman
Chapter 23 Parting Teaching
Chapter 24 Spirit Beast Mountain, Lingfu Pavilion
Chapter 25 The speciality of runes
Chapter 26 Value and Invitation
Chapter 27 Wanfu Building
Chapter 28 Wealth is like flowing water
Chapter 29 Wanling Hall and Bai Xuan
Chapter 30 Disappointment and Turnaround
Chapter 31 Success and Young Carving
Chapter 32 Difficulties and twists and turns
Chapter 33 Accidents and Decisions
Chapter 34 Conversion and Request
Chapter 35: Farewell to Master and Disciple
Chapter 36 Will Master Kill Me?
Chapter 37 This master is really good
Chapter 38 The Body of the Five Elements
Chapter 39 Foundation Establishment and Visit
Chapter 40 The choice of the cave
Chapter 41: Underground Ruins
Chapter 42 Ghost Cultivation Mysterious Soul
Chapter 43 Ice Soul Profound Art
Chapter 44: The Liquid of Mysterious Yin
Chapter 45 Mutations and Letters from Home
Chapter 46 Pride
Chapter 47 Elimination of Diseases and Returning Home
Chapter 48 Take advantage of the situation to kill
Chapter forty-ninth lingering fear and thinking
Chapter 50 Five-color door
Chapter 51: The Blood Melting Begins
Chapter 52 The Flying Snake and the Black-robed Old Man
Chapter 53 Invitation and Formation
Chapter 54: Han Yunzhi's Disturbed Heart
Chapter 55: Tune the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 56 Trapped enemies and giant snakes
Chapter fifty-seven death in humiliation
Chapter 58 Leaving and Tianxing Zongfang City
Chapter 59: Meeting with Strangers
Chapter 60: Secret Voice Transmission
Chapter 61 Qi Yunxiao
Chapter 62 Teleportation Array
Chapter 63 Senior, what a coincidence
Chapter 64 Xin Ruyin
Chapter 65: Dragon Yin's Body and the Solution
Chapter 66 Despair and Hope
Chapter 67 Decision and Purpose
Chapter 68 Old Han's Warning
Chapter 69 Netting and Family
Chapter 70 Big Purchases
Chapter 71 Unexpected encounter
Chapter 72 Gifts and Inquiries
Chapter 73 Questions and Answers and Reflections
Chapter 74 Heart Disorder and Linger
Chapter 75: Password and Transmission
Chapter 76 Success and Decoy
Chapter 77 Seduction and Killing
Chapter 78 Feng Rui and Fei Yu
Chapter 79 Qianji Hall and Missions
Chapter 80 Wasteland Spirit Mine and Underground Cave
Chapter 81 Harvest and Ethereal Illusion
Chapter 82 Puppet and Message
Chapter 83 Conspiracy and Return
Chapter 84 Repair and Conspiracy
Chapter 85 Blood Myeloid
Chapter 86 Teleportation and Pathfinder
Chapter 87 Lu Yu
Chapter 88 Akabane Island and Fang City
Chapter 89 Demon blood? These are all
Chapter 90 Leaving and Chasing
Chapter 91: Ruby Island and the Ambush
Chapter 92 Conspiracy and Poison
Chapter 93 Indifference and the derivation of blood essence
Chapter 94 Self-destruction
Chapter 95 Demon Pill and Return
Chapter 96 Yan Family
Chapter 97 Resolving with Xiaomei
Chapter 98 Brain hole and thinking
Chapter 99 Han Lao's Speechless and Proposal
Chapter 100 Deputy Pavilion Master
Chapter 101 Magical Injury and Secret Technique
Chapter 102 Two years and the wind
Chapter 103 Goodbye Han Li and Transsion
Chapter 104 Secret and Lu Tianmeng
Chapter 105 I need your help for the teacher
Chapter 106: Dark Movement and Enemy Attack
Chapter 107 Despair and Breakthrough
Chapter 108: Fierce and Willful
Chapter 109 Dark Son
Chapter 110 Mutation and Choice
Chapter 111 Return and Mission
Chapter 112 Golden Feather Fairy
Chapter 113 Mysterious materials and old friends meet
Chapter 114: Lu Tianmeng and his purpose
Chapter 115 Separation and Arrival
Chapter 116 Tianhua Building and High Profits
Chapter 117 Thinking and Apprenticeship
Chapter 118 Invitation and Bai Xuan's Helplessness
Chapter 119 Elder Wang and scolding
Chapter 120 Wang Tong
Chapter 121 Banquets and Gifts
Chapter 122 Treasure Car and Beauty
Chapter 123 Conspiracy and sudden war
Chapter 124: Going and Fighting
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Five The Magic Weapon
Chapter 126 Revenge and Blood Soul Banner
Chapter 127 Feather Blade Storm and Relief
Chapter 128: The hasty end and Su Laner
Chapter 129 Subsidies and Procurement
Chapter 130 Selfishness and Preparation
Chapter 131 Reunion and the Secret of the Wang Family
Chapter 132 Planning and Benefit Distribution
Chapter 133 Completion and the Su Family
Chapter 134: The Father-Daughter Theory and Arguments
Chapter 135: Teacher Li Huayuan
Chapter 136 Indifference and Nangong's invitation
Chapter 137 Heart Disorder and Xin Ruyin's Letter
Chapter 138 Xin Ruyin's worries
Chapter 139 Reunion and Han Li’s ‘Terror’
Chapter 140: Decision and Return to Spirit Mine
Chapter 141 Xianyun Restaurant and Disclosure
Chapter 142: I have no choice but to meet you
Chapter 143 Xiao Cuier
Chapter 144 Conjectures and emergencies
Chapter 145: Qiaoqian and saving lives
Chapter 146 Killing and Determination
Chapter 147 Rejection and Accident
Chapter 148: Invading the Imperial City
Chapter 149 Easy Killing and Acting
Chapter 150 Confuse the enemy into the Internet
Chapter 151 Despair and Doubt
Chapter 152 Killing and Tracking
Chapter 153: Message and Message
Chapter 154 Abnormal Han Lao
Chapter 155: Reasons and Thoughts
Chapter 156 Evacuation and Return
Chapter 157 Xin Ruyin's Surprise
Chapter 158: Instructing and Late Han Li
Chapter 159 Message and Transmission
Chapter 160: Decision and Xiaohuan Island
Chapter 161 Gold-devouring insects?
Chapter 162 Fengle City and Confidence
Chapter 163 Golden Winged Peng and Choice
Chapter 164 Conflict and Extreme Yin Island
Chapter 165: Meet Nangong and the Sandstone World Again
Chapter 166: Disclosure of Negotiations with Spirit Mine
Chapter 167 Gu Yushan and Teaching
Chapter 168 Yang Conspiracy and New Pattern
Chapter 169 Shocked Xin Ruyin and the descendants of Tiansha
Chapter 170 Big Brother and Little Brother
Chapter 171: Lian Feihua
Chapter 172 Cooperation and Planning
Chapter 173 Thousand Immortal Sect and Zhou Ying
Chapter 174 Uninvited guests and business alliances
Chapter 175 Reminder and Return
Chapter 176: Three Years and Mysterious Soul's Conjecture
Chapter 177: The Resurrection of the War and the Mission
Chapter 178: Spiritual Warning
Chapter 179 Trap and cultivator of pill formation
Chapter 180 Xiaosheng and Disha break the flag
Chapter 181 Breaking the Formation and Escape
Chapter 182: Entry and Rejection
Chapter 183: Temporary Avoidance and Extreme Love Sect
Chapter 184 Bad News
Chapter 185: Arrangements and Soil Bats
Chapter 186 Tracking and Watching the Ceremony
Chapter 187: Murong Yue? Chen Qiaoqian?
Chapter 188: Love and Request
Chapter 189: Forgetting Love
Chapter 190: Three Lives Curse and Mutation
Chapter 191 Out of Control and Absurd
Chapter 192: Disappearing People and Destruction
Chapter 193: Help and the warmth of the world
Chapter 194: Shura and Heart Death
Chapter 195 Torture and Return
Chapter 196: Qiling Mountain, Tongtian Hall
Chapter 197 Communication
Chapter 198: Underground Karst Cave
Chapter 199 Unexpected visitor
Chapter 200 Gu Yushan and Gu Shuangpu
Chapter 201: Infant formation and temporary shelter
Chapter 202 Sky Star City and Goodbye Han Li
Chapter 203 The Problem and Settlement of the Gold Devourer
Chapter 204: Wonderful Sound Gate and Wang Ying
Chapter 205 The thoughts of Jinmu Bingli and Wang Ying
Chapter 206 Accidents and Preparations
Chapter 207 Fengle Auction House and Han Li's Decision
Chapter 208 The girl who is upside down
Chapter 209 Borrowing Spirit Stones and Competing
Chapter two hundred and ten: grievance and separation
Chapter 211 Tracking and Tianyun Dan
Chapter 212: The third eye of the Eye of Destruction?
Chapter 213 Formation! Another one!
Chapter 214 The Edict of the Five Elements
Chapter 215 Virtual Heaven Sword Formation
Chapter 216 Ling Yuling
Chapter 217 Invitation and full-time talisman
Chapter 218: Han Li's Meeting and Preparations
Chapter 219 Goodbye Wang Ying and Binglu Island
Chapter 220 Choice and Ugly
Chapter 221 Wind and Snow City
Chapter 222 Invitation and War Suspicion
Chapter 223 Sixth-level monsters and the North Pole Profound Fiend Formation
Chapter 224 Magnetic Field and Sneak Attack
Chapter 225 Another one
Chapter 226 Xuansha and Edict
Chapter 227 Sea Swallowing Lizard and Colorful Hills
Chapter 228: Neon clothes and separation
Chapter 229: Extreme Xuan Bingyan and Wu Chou Reappear
Chapter 230 The Forbidden Abyss and the Girl
Chapter 231 God-given opportunity and surprise
Chapter 232 Seven-colored deer and the poison of transforming the soul
Chapter 233 Subdued and Trapped
Chapter 234 Serious Injury and Rescue
Chapter 235: Transforming Spirit Pets and Ten Years
Chapter 236 Xiao Qi and Ji Xuan Bingyan
Chapter 237 stabbed the centipede nest
Chapter 238 Taking advantage of the situation and secret hand
Chapter 239 Quick Kill and Harvest
Chapter 240 Goodbye Ling Yuling and Being a Guest
Chapter 241 Uncle is so rich!
Chapter 242 Fairy Xue Qing
Chapter 243 Five Elements Magnetic Mother
Chapter 244 Han Li and Ideas
Chapter 245: Lightning Edict and Red Light Shenzhou
Chapter 246: Jie Dao and Wang Chan
Chapter 247 A raccoon dog on a hill?
Chapter 248 Stealing the Dragon and Turning the Phoenix
Chapter 249 Forbidden God Card
Chapter 250 Changes in the situation
Chapter 251: Fascinated Gu
Chapter 252 Comfort and Appearance
Chapter 253 Reasons and Choices
Chapter 254: Hit the God Armament Pavilion
Chapter 255 Ruyi Gold Rod and Illusory Thunder
Chapter 256 Swallowing Thunder and Persecution
Chapter 257 Jinxiagu and Goodbye Bai Xuan
Chapter 258: Liaoqingzhen is very concerned about junior and junior high school students
Chapter 259 Gifts and Analysis
Chapter 260 The Patriarch's Voice Transmission and Yang Xiong's Self-Saving
Chapter 261 Xin Ruyin and huge profits
Chapter 262 The ink talisman and the blue-crowned eagle
Chapter 263 The idea and secret of the auction
Chapter 264: Furnace Ding and Chi Ling Patriarch
Chapter 265: Cloud Swallowing Toad and Tiandao Alliance
Chapter 266 Publicly expose and support the ancestors
Chapter 267 Persecution and surrender
Chapter 268 Compensation and promotion to elder
Chapter 269 Interest Binding and Request
Chapter 270 Zizhi Order and Poisonous Bee
Chapter 271 The Way of Refining
Chapter 272 Preparation and Ge Mingyue
Chapter 273 Farewell and Generosity
Chapter 274 Extreme Love Sect is a little haunted
Chapter 275 Wang Chan and his wife
Chapter 276 Guessing and Raising Prices
Chapter 277 Doubts and Analysis
Chapter 278 Yan Song
Chapter 279 Yan Wanxi and the Bingyu Body
Chapter 280 Leaving and Memories
Chapter 281 Aunt Han, Liu Niang?
Chapter 282 Gathering and Yunzhi's Mind
Chapter 283 Linger understands uncle very well
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth frightened little gold and invitation
Chapter 285 Gu Family Invitation and King Kong
Chapter 286 Visits and Gifts
Chapter 287: Tianxing Peak and Shuguang Shooting Cloud Formation
Chapter 288 Han Zhuo's joy
Chapter 289 Banquet and Warning
Chapter 290 Preparation and Refinement of Magic Weapons
Chapter 291 Jiancheng and Monster Beast Information
Chapter 292: Breakthrough and Soul Recovery Pill
Chapter 293: Congealing the Demons and the Magic Array
Chapter 294: Completing and Going to Zizhi Peak
Chapter 295 The Great Five Elements Sealing Magic Array
Chapter 296 Tian Buping
Chapter 297 Gu Ying and the Fourth Son of Taiyue
Chapter 298: Thunder Seal and Red Jade Pill
Chapter 299 East Gate Leap
Chapter 300 Meeting and Reminder
Chapter Three Hundred and One Swordsmanship Formation and Lian Feihua
Chapter 302 'Ink Tales' and Tasks
Chapter 303 Burial Valley and Chen Qiaoqian
Chapter 304 Fairy Guanghui and Magic Cloud Sect
Chapter 305: Arrive and Mo Juren's Worries
Chapter 306 The Jade Slip and the Demon
Chapter 307: Sun-breaking boat and backhand
Chapter 308 Intelligence and Ten Thousand Blood Ponds
Chapter 309 Liu Chengfeng and Yuan Ying are now
Chapter 310 Procrastination and the Depression of the Yuanying monk
Chapter 311 Sun and Moon Qihui
Chapter 312: Ling Xuan Jue and Worry
Chapter 313: Repair and resumption of war
Chapter 314 The situation suddenly changes
Chapter 315 The Temptation of Ancient Treasures
Chapter 316 Wu Guangpei and the dove-faced old man
Chapter 317 God-eating Gu and the pursuit
Chapter 318: Chase and Entering the Battle
Chapter 319: Challenge and Evil Soul Silk
Chapter 320: Hard fighting and bad luck
Chapter 321: Falling in love
Chapter 322: Valley and Enrage
Chapter 323: Falling out and using force
Chapter 324 Discussion and Return
Chapter 325: Reveal and Shock
Chapter 326 Taiyin Marrow Cleansing Method
Chapter 327 Return of the Original and Ten Years
Chapter 328: Leaving the Nine-Nation Alliance
Chapter 329 Liu Jing and his wife
Chapter 330: Mu Lan’s Changes and Acquaintances
Chapter 331: Come to the Rescue
Chapter 332 Nangong Wan’s visit
Chapter 333 Summoning
Chapter 334 Wei Yurou
Chapter 335: The name spreads far and wide
Chapter 336 Blood Lady Palace
Chapter 337: Transaction and Jinyue Tower
Chapter 338 The eve of the decisive battle
Chapter 339: Party and Arrangements
Chapter 340 Preparation and Confrontation
Chapter 341: Fighting and pursuit
Chapter 342 Demonic Qi and Anxiety
Chapter 343: Sudden Situation and Defeat
Chapter 344 Leaving
Chapter 345 Luoxue Mountains
Chapter 346 Moonlight Imbues the Body
Chapter 347 Goodbye Wei Yurou
Chapter 348 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 349 Taixuan Divine Forbidden
Chapter 350 Breaking the Ban and Choice
Chapter 351 Accident and Execution
Chapter 352: Reason and fake ruins?
Chapter 353: Storage Room and Nine-Headed Fox
Chapter 354 Chi Shui and the depressed Gu Shuangpu
Chapter 355 Leaving and Taixuan Bagua Diagram
Chapter 356 Mustard Seed Space and Fox Corpse
Chapter 357 Breakthroughs and Changes
Chapter 358 Re-entering the sea of ????stars and meeting old friends
Chapter 359 Wang Ying’s invitation
Chapter 360 Tianyuan Pan
Chapter 361 Lantern Festival and Accident
Chapter 362 Cheng Yang’s Gift
Chapter 363 Temporary departure
Chapter 364 Testing and Choice
Chapter 365: Corpse Jade Sect Master
Chapter 366: Evil Son
Chapter 367 Situation Changes and Arrivals
Chapter 368: Corpses everywhere
Chapter 369 Weird Monster Insect
Chapter 370: Anger
Chapter 371 Nine-story Black Tower
Chapter 372: Painting the Wall
Chapter 373: Holy Land of Bliss
Chapter 374 Tan Yang’s thoughts
Chapter 375: Wonderful as a Saint
Chapter 376 Toughness and confusion
Chapter 377 Sharing the same bed and the Hall of Ecstasy
Chapter 378 Lively and fragrant
Chapter 379 Dual Cultivation and Falling out
Chapter 380: Determination and Giving Up
Chapter 381 The Demon Lord of Six Desires
Chapter 382 Demon Destruction and Harvest
Chapter 383 The Heart of the Holy Demon
Chapter 384: Breaking the Formation and Blood Ban
Chapter 385: One Year and Clarification
Chapter 386 Phantom Tower
Chapter 387: Leaving the Tower and the Angry Cheng Songting
Chapter 388 Sun-Moon Mirror and Soul-Desolating Abyss
Chapter 389: The big demon who takes the initiative to bring it to his mouth
Chapter 390 Star Reaching Conference and Return to Star City
Chapter 391 Ling Yuling’s visit
Chapter 392 Traveling together and wearing a double-destined pendant
Chapter 393 Gifts and Han Li
Chapter 394 Everyone has a secret
Chapter 395
thank god
Chapter 396 Blood Fusion and Desert Island
Chapter 397 Zhuo Ruting
Chapter 398: Heavenly Thunder Bamboo and Identity Exposed
Chapter 399: If you fail to seize the body, you will die.
Chapter 400: Luck and Reveal
Chapter 401: Golden Phoenix Ring and Linglong Pavilion
Chapter 402 The Beautiful Woman in Blue Dress and Thousand Fantasy Beast Skins
Chapter 403: Blood Soul Milk and All Souls Sealing Formation
Chapter 404 Chromium Crystal and Shengyun Pill
Chapter 405: Huge Gains and the End
Chapter 406 Xu Qingcheng Arrives
Chapter 407: The Lord of the Immortal Palace and the Feast of the Wind
Chapter 408 Twenty years later, Fan Jingmei’s summons
Chapter 409 Miaoyin Island
Chapter 410: Conspiracy and Speculation
Chapter 411 Analysis and getting what you want
Chapter 412 Plan adjustment and friendship with Wang Ying
Chapter 413: Exposed and murderous intent
Chapter 414 Ambush and Action
Chapter 415 The extremely sinister old monster
Chapter 416: Helpless
Chapter 417 The mother-daughter argument
Chapter 418: Of course I have to guard against you
Chapter 419 Purple Spirit Fairy?
Chapter 420 This is your wife
Chapter 421 Golden Thunder Bamboo and Instructions
Chapter 422 Ancient Jade Talisman and Conversation
Chapter 423: Gold-Eating Insects and Thoughts
Chapter 424: Revealing Xu Qingcheng’s background
Chapter 425 Young Master Wu is unparalleled in his wit and scheming
Chapter 426 ‘Severe Injury’ and Ghost Mist
Chapter 427: The guess comes true and the destruction
Chapter 428: Change of Destiny and Blood Invisibility Technique
Chapter 429 Prey and Hunter
Chapter 430: Reality is false
Chapter 431 Desperate Situation
Chapter 432: Seizing the Body and Ending
Chapter 433 Jiuquling’s request to participate in the transaction
Chapter 434: Vigilance and the Way of Ice and Fire
Chapter 435 Yuan Yao
Chapter 436 Soul Crying and Crystal Refining
Chapter 437 Friendship and Eyes of Cangming
Chapter 438: The Psychedelic Mirror and the Soul-Drumming Drum
Chapter 439: Heart-Eating Evil Soul
Chapter 440 The mysterious token reappears
Chapter 441 The unknown road map
Chapter 442 Mysterious Space and Altar Array
Chapter 443: Starry Map and Magic Movement in the Void Sky
Chapter 444 Demon Destruction and Shocking Changes
Chapter 445 Desperate situation and vitality
Chapter 446: The Heart of the Holy Demon and the Starry Map of the Void Sky
Chapter 447 Devouring, Evolution and Departure
Chapter 448: The Illusory God Jade Talisman and the Golden-Eyed Sable
Chapter 449: Barbarian Beard and Deal
Chapter 450 Two-Headed Fire Wolf
Chapter 451: Receiving the Cauldron and the Silver Moon
Chapter 452 Doubt and Departure
Chapter 453 Jin Ming Tower
Chapter 454: Understanding and Difference
Chapter 455 Return to Tiannan
Chapter 456 Soul Searching and Guessing
Chapter 457: Response and Rumors
Chapter 458 Undercurrent
Chapter 459: Silver Moon is so angry that she shuts herself down
Chapter 460 Xin Ruyin and Xiaomei
Chapter 461: The Master and Disciple of Love and the Valley of Forgetfulness
Chapter 462 Melting Blood
Chapter 463 Goodbye Murong Yue
Chapter 464: Burning the boy on fire?
Chapter 465 The Seven Emotions Divine Fire and the Six Desires Furnace
Chapter 466 Dan Cheng and Ten Thousand Years Xuan Jade
Chapter 467: Fierce Battle and Mutated Spiritual Beasts
Chapter 469: Magic Knife and Mutation
Chapter 470: Silver Moon’s Reminder and True Spirit
Chapter 471 Seven emotions backfire
Chapter 472 The marriage between two lives and its breakdown
Chapter 473: Underground Palace
Chapter 474 The succubus and miscalculation?
Chapter 475: Calculating step by step
Chapter 476: Harvest and Map
Chapter 477 Crisis and Escape
Chapter 478 The Red Dust Fairy
Chapter 479 Ye Xiyue and the transaction
Chapter 480: Jinyue Valley and Old Friends
Chapter 481 Goodbye Nangong Wan
Chapter 482 Star Chart Sacrifice
Chapter 483: The Power of Stars and the Water of Starlight
Chapter 484: The Oath of Nirvana and Departure
Chapter 485: Dumbfounded and Entered
Chapter 486 Jiuyou
Chapter 487 Jiuyou Xuanshui participates in the mysterious mirror
Chapter 488 Grave and robbery
Chapter 489: Trash, won’t you rob it?
Chapter 490 Distribution and Collapse
Chapter 491: Defects and Return to Khotan
Chapter 492: Plan and Feng Xin'er
Chapter 493 An Yuru
Chapter 494: Golden silkworms and gold-eating insects
Chapter 495: The position of elder
Chapter 496 Wang Tiangu
Chapter 497 Wang Tiangu’s Nephew and Goodbye Lian Feihua
Chapter 498 VIP Invitation Letter
Chapter 499 Soul Cleansing Bell
Chapter 500 Demon Pill
Chapter 501: The shooting of the elixir begins
Chapter 502 The End and Other Plans
Chapter 503 Return and Secret Technique
Chapter 504: Vigilance and Arrangement
Chapter 505: Murderous intent on each other
Chapter 506: Goodbye Han Lao and Burial Talisman Valley
Chapter 507: Ten Thousand Years Corpse Turtle and Blood Moon Mirror
Chapter 508: Human Face and Talisman Saint
Chapter 509: Return and Yuehua Palace
Chapter 510: Master Tianmiao and his instructions
Chapter 511: The Soul-Destroying Bell Rings and Xiao Qi
Chapter 512: Picture of the East Gate of the Great Elder
Chapter 513 Provocation and gathering
Chapter 514: Attacks and routines
Chapter 515 Liuli Yuanguang and Liyang Valley
Chapter 516 Purple Pearl and Disguise
Chapter 517 Ruins and Entry
Chapter 518 Baichi Mountain and Falling into the Trap
Chapter 519 Elder Gu, long time no see
Chapter 520 Showdown and Jedi
Chapter 521: Despair and Spiritual Possession
Chapter 522: Feel like you are scolding me?
Chapter 523: Perception and Analysis
Chapter 524: Being stabbed
Chapter 525: The Sutra Pavilion and Speculations
Chapter 526 Five Elements Spiritual Infant
Chapter 527 Nanming Island and the Situation
Chapter 528 Han Li comes at night
Chapter 529 Han Li’s plan
Chapter 530: Reunion and Trust
Chapter 531 Exposure and Blackstone City
Chapter 532 Cunjin Pavilion
Chapter 533: Reintegration of Plan and Bloodline
Chapter 534 Different Choices and Negotiations
Chapter 535: Split operations and experience
Chapter 536: Are you crazy, girl?
Chapter 537: Preparation and the Red Island
Chapter 538: Chase and Escape
Chapter 539: Golden Energy and Crocodile Cow Puppet
Chapter 540 Bee Island
Chapter 541: Wind Splitting Beast and Golden Spirit Son
Chapter 542 Final preparations
Chapter 543: Babies, Marks and Mutation
Chapter 544: Thunder Tribulation of Nirvana
Chapter 545: Spiritual Honey and Dry Blue Ice Flame
Chapter 546 Three Great Cold Flames
Chapter 547 Leaving and Meeting
Chapter 548: Jie Tianshu Xin
Chapter 549 Mutation
Chapter 550 New Goal
Chapter 551 There is a story!
Chapter 552 Accident and Beautiful Woman
Chapter 553: Jade Flame Wine and Blood Crystal
Chapter 554: Three Years and Meeting
Chapter 555 All the demons gather together
Chapter 556: Beginning and Consumption
Chapter 557: Ruthless and terrifying strength
Chapter 558 ‘Surprise’ and Backstab
Chapter 559 Conflict and Plan
Chapter 560: Blood Shadow Bead, Heavenly Disk and Sudden Death
Chapter 561 Joining forces and chance encounter
Chapter 562: The True Film of the Brahma Saint
Chapter 563: False Alarm and Temporary Escape
Chapter 564 Banquet
Chapter 565: Characteristics of Black Rock City
Chapter 566 Panlonghai and Soul-Destroying Pill
Chapter 567 Death of Miaohe
Chapter 568 Ice Prison, Birthday
Chapter 569 Yuanxing Island and Princess Biluo
Chapter 570 Princess Li Shu and the dangerous situation
Chapter 571: Blocking the Road and Being Tough
Chapter 572: Entering the Island and Shenglong City
Chapter 573: Traveling Alone in Cold Iceland
Chapter 574 Cold Flame and Demonic Cultivator
Chapter 575: Substitution and Execution
Chapter 576: Nailing Soul Curse
Chapter 577: Sky-Splitting Thunder Wave
Chapter 578 Golden Eyes
Chapter 579: Burial in Longyuan
Chapter 580: Secret Hand
Chapter 581: Netherworld Valley and Sea of ??Bones
Chapter 582 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 583: Golden Bone Spirit
Chapter 584: Ancestor tricked me to death
Chapter 585: Ancestor Killing
Chapter 586 Reactions and farewells from all parties
Chapter 587 Two women trapped
Chapter 588 Gifts and Final Return to Tianxing City
Chapter 589: Two Saints
Chapter 589 Two Saints
Chapter 590 Ling Yulings Decision
Chapter 591 Visit and disclosure
Chapter 592: Discussion of marriage
Chapter 593: Opening the Cauldron
Chapter 594: Giving pills and killing intent
Chapter 595 Chen Yuting
Chapter 596 Abnormality and Underworld Dew
Chapter 597: Xu Yunzi and Huang Quans Reincarnation Formation
Chapter 598: Four-pole Sky-cutting Sword
Chapter 599 Ending and Shock
Chapter 600 Yuanci Divine Light
Chapter 601: She-male love and bizarre life
Chapter 602: Disappointment and Plan
Chapter 603: Suzaku Sword Immortal
Chapter 604: Suzaku Divine Sword and Interruption
Chapter 605 First meeting
Chapter 606 Conversation and Rekindled Hope
Chapter 607 Heart-to-heart talk and test
Chapter 608: The Shock and Final Decision of the Two Saints
Chapter 609: Phoenix Magic Piano, Lovesickness Song
Chapter 610 Ending and Summons
Chapter 611: Revisiting the Old Land and Changes
Chapter 612: Unexpected Gain and Yuehua Academy
Chapter 613: Heart-to-heart night talk
Chapter 614 Troll
Chapter 615: Stalemate and the Nine-tailed Heart-Eating Centipede
Chapter 616 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 617 Return and Goodbye Fairy Biyue
Chapter 618: Injury and Surprise
Chapter 619 Caihuans thoughts
Chapter 620: Leaving with Fairy Yunxia
Chapter 621: Great disparity in strength and peers
Chapter 623 Secretly entering the bridal chamber
Chapter 623 Secretly entering the bridal chamber
Chapter 624: Robbery
Chapter 625 The Death of the Golden Flower Ancestor
Chapter 626: Return to Tiannan and the shocked elders
Chapter 627: News about Han Li
Chapter 628: The Golden Palace Jade Book and the Art of Clear Heart
Chapter 629 Mu Peiling
Chapter 630: Disclosure and Plan
Chapter 631 Mei Ning and Apprenticeship
Chapter 632: Beautiful woman in black dress and killing
Chapter 633: Seizing the body and scraping the ground three feet away
Chapter 634: Baishan and Cheng Wan'er
Chapter 635: Deal Reaching and Frustration
Chapter 636 Goodbye Xiaomei
Chapter 637 Xin Ruyins Problem
Chapter 638 Han Lis return and Li Huayuan
Chapter 639 Return and Proposal
Chapter 640: Letter of Love and Nangong Wan
Chapter 641: Nangong Wans crisis and Dongmen Tus visit
Chapter 642: Mission and Han Lis marriage
Chapter 643: God hates the old monster
Chapter 644: Arrival and Fengyuanjing Base
Chapter 645 Situation and Arrangements
Chapter 646: The Zhimu Spirit Infant
Chapter 647 Han Lis anxiety and rescue
Chapter 648: Shocking Change
Chapter 649 Huge Gap
Chapter 650: Sansheng Lakeside
Chapter 651: Conversation and Leaving
Chapter 652: The war started and the border was lost
Chapter 653: Black Blood Demon Flame and Ancient Red Bronze Mirror
Chapter 654: Offensive Blocked and Decision
Chapter 655 Huanglong Mountain Base
Chapter 656: Acceptance and Saint Mulan
Chapter 657: Transaction and Confrontation
Chapter 658 You are Mo Juren!
Chapter 659: Battle and teasing
Chapter 660: Master Mulans shock
Chapter 661 Accident and Escape
Chapter 662: Revealing and Thinking
Chapter 663: Discussion and arrival of guests
Chapter 664 Wei Yurous purpose of coming
Chapter 665 Wei Wuya and the unconscious Yueyao
Chapter 666: The Eve of the War
Chapter 667 The war begins
Chapter 668: Lingbao Showdown
Chapter 669: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 670 Exploding Tiannan
Chapter 671 Li Huayuan
Chapter 672: Master Tian and Old Grudges
Chapter 673: Heavy Injury and Wei Wuyas Thoughts
Chapter 674: City Breakdown and Siege
Chapter 675: Rescue and Tianyicheng
Chapter 676: Meeting of the Yuling Sect
Chapter 677: Liuli Qixiang Dan and Tianhens Letter
Chapter 678: Punishment and Wei Yurous visit
Chapter 679: Blood Hell Heavenly Lord and the pre-war meeting
Chapter 680 Geng Jing and Xuantian Immortal Vine
Chapter 681 Song Qingyao
Chapter 682 The two womens requests
Chapter 683: Each preparation
Chapter 684 Han Lis surprise
Chapter 685 The war begins
Chapter 686: Gambling Battle and Being Trapped
Chapter 687 The flames of war rage
Chapter 688: Tianxie Pearl and Blood-Transforming Blade
Chapter 689: The Holy Bird is Fierce
Chapter 690: Seizing the Lamp and Letter
Chapter 691 Armistice and Goodbye Wang Chan
Chapter 692 Worries and Arrangements
Chapter 693: Fulfillment and Counterattack
Chapter 694: Invitation from Dongmentu
Chapter 695 Liu Yu and the Six-Winged Frost Centipede
Chapter 696: God Lord Dayan
Chapter 697: Gathering and Plan
Chapter 698 Nanlong Marquis
Chapter 699: Dark Hand and Wei Wuya
Chapter 700: Start teleportation
Chapter 701 Many crises
Chapter 702: Following
Chapter 703: Voltage Mirror and Evolved Gold-eating Insect
Chapter 704: The poison of the sky hook and the purple-striped scorpion
Chapter 705 Appearance and Robbery
Chapter 706: Transaction and Scroll
Chapter 707: Successful rendezvous and alchemy
Chapter 708 The Demon Appears and Seizes the Body
Chapter 709 The passage is opened
Chapter 710: Huge Demonic Body and Seven Flame Fan
Chapter 711 Yuan Xuelian and the Immortal Body
Chapter 712: Surprises and Accidents
Chapter 713: Dumbfounded Han Li
Chapter 714 Two Heads and Four Arms
Chapter 715 Han Lis idea
Chapter 716 Two Demons
Chapter 717 Entering the battle
Chapter 718 Self-destruction and Mutation
Chapter 719 Arrangement and Escape
Chapter 720: Wood Lingzi and Spiritual Root Derivatives
Chapter 721: Island Capture Conference
Chapter 722 Yunzhi leaves
Chapter 723: Soul Sacrifice Festival and Flower Blossom Party
Chapter 724: Holiness and Blessing
Chapter 725 Sala Tree
Chapter 726 Qingfeng Tribe
Chapter 727: Killing and Spiritual Medicine
Chapter 728: Accident and big fight
Chapter 729: Speculation and Exposure
Chapter 730: Instant Kill and the Great Five Elements Divine Light Method
Chapter 731: The Power of the Order
Chapter 732 Control and Five Elements Inheritance
Chapter 733: Agreement with Liaozhou
Chapter 734 Accident and
Chapter 735 Guanning Mansion and the Four Great Families
Chapter 736 Kong Cheng
Chapter 737 An Dun and Feng Kun
Chapter 738 The Secret Meeting in the Mountains and the Blood Lipids of All Spirits
Chapter 739 Breakthrough and Thoughts
Chapter 740: Taking advantage of the situation and intercepting it
Chapter 741: Rooting out the roots and the news about Yuehua Academy
Chapter 742 Tianji Pavilion
Chapter 743: Departure and the Buddha Sects Formation
Chapter 744: Yamantaka and the Thousand-Turn Soul Locking Hand
Chapter 745 Alarm
Chapter 746: Fantasy Demonic Blood Array
Chapter 747: Breaking Two Formations in a Row and the Horror of the Three Elders of Leiyin Sect
Chapter 748 Accident and Meeting
Chapter 749: Taking action with the Vajra Dharma
Chapter 750: Death?
Chapter 751 Tianxuan Pill
Chapter 752: Full of Conditions and Gains
Chapter 753: Dividing treasures and becoming disciples
Chapter 754 Wei Yurous panic
Chapter 755 Ye Qingxue
Chapter 756 Royal Family and Companions
Chapter 757 Fairy Sanghua
Chapter 758: Four Loose Cultivators
Chapter 759 Ye Yunge and Abnormality
Chapter 760: The Ancient Demons Terror
Chapter 761 Tai Su Yin Qi
Chapter 762 The Road to Ghost Cultivation
Chapter 763 Big Auction
Chapter 764 Its her!
Chapter 765: Old Enemy and Yufeng Valley
Chapter 766 Five-Colored Pheasant and Seeking Death
Chapter 767 Instant Kill
Chapter 768: The True Spirit Peacock and the Secret Realm of Pagoda
Chapter 769 Soul Liquid and Blood Cloud Jiao
Chapter 770: Show off
Chapter 771 Surprises and hidden tricks
Chapter 772 Kun Wuji
Chapter 773 Surprise and another transaction
Chapter 774 The opening of the secret realm and the five-color lake
Chapter 775: Space Vortex and the Palace of Ten Thousand Buddhas
Chapter 776 The Lost Soul Fruit and the Mother Tree
Chapter 777: Ten Thousand Years of Tree Heart and Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 778 Kun Wuji’s Arrival and Appearance
Chapter 779 Compromise and Introduction
Chapter 780: Walking Alone and Hidden Hands
Chapter 781: Bodhi Meditation Light and Heart Piercer
Chapter 782: Compromise and Massive Elixirs
Chapter 783: The Valley and the Strange City
Chapter 784: Five Immortals Realm
Chapter 785: Spiritual Prison and Goodbye Ye Yunge
Chapter 786: Fire Lotus Sealing Formation
Chapter 787 Can’t leave?
Chapter 788 Armistice and Invitation
Chapter 789 Super Teleportation Array and Conspiracy
Chapter 790: Falling Soul Pond and Taking Action
Chapter 791 The Monk and the Monster
Chapter 792 Strange Woman
Chapter 793: Lend me your body
Chapter 794: The Origin of the Five Elements
Chapter 795: Ancient Nether Bird
Chapter 796 Escape