Chapter 906 Extra 3

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Endless Zen Garden.

If what shook the world of Jinyuan in the past hundred years was the return of the Wuji Immortal Sect and the truth from a hundred thousand years ago, then for Wuji Zenyuan, a Buddhist holy land that has little connection with the immortal monks, its own Buddha

The fact that their son is about to ascend after birth is their greatest joy.

Because they received the words of Senior Zhu Fu of the Wuji Immortal Sect a hundred years ago, everyone knew that there was a Buddhist kingdom waiting for Sheng to join in the Fang Ying Immortal World, so everyone in Wuji Chanyuan was not worried about the problems after Sheng arrived in the Immortal World. What they need to worry about now is,

Apart from whether he can ascend smoothly, there is only one thing left.

The host of Wuwu Zenyuan sat across from Sheng with a serious look on his face and banged the wooden fish for an hour, almost knocking him to sleep.

Finally, the sound of the wooden fish being presided over stopped, and Liao Sheng immediately came back to his senses from his drowsiness, looking at the elder with a very serious face.

"What a life..."

The host of Wuwu Zenyuan suddenly let out a long sigh, looked helplessly at Sheng's waist-length hair, and didn't know what to say.

"What a life..."

"... If nothing happens to you, Master, I will leave first. The disciples still have to prepare for the tribulation."

The implication is that if you are fine, can you please stop wasting my time?

The host of Wuwu Chanyuan was choked for a moment. That was why he was worried! As the host of Wuwu Chanyuan, he could also be regarded as the elder who taught Sheng. Seeing that Sheng was about to ascend, he felt really uneasy.

Jun Qinglun smiled slightly, and then introduced the two people in front of him.

"...I am still the same as before, but you have changed."

The man stood tall and tall under the pillar of heaven, looking at the people in front of him quietly, as if listening to their words. Although he was just a figure from behind, his figure was tall and straight, and his temperament was outstanding. Even though he had not seen him for many years, he was still alive.

He also recognized this person at a glance.

Seeing the three of them leaving just like that, Ruoshe Buddha weakly chased after them and asked.

The people in the Buddhist country who received the news were also a little confused, especially Ruoshe Buddha. He clearly expected that there would be a Buddhist cultivator who ascended today, and he was also a disciple of the Buddha. What? Is the Wuji Immortal Sect also recruiting Buddhist cultivators now?


Speaking of which, Pei Mingzhi seems to be Ling Junqian's second disciple. Thinking of this, I took another look at them. But the focus is still on Jun Qinglun.

"I've met Senior Sister!"

Jun Qinglun couldn't help but smile. A hundred years apart, the two of them had a feeling of letting go of their grudges with a smile. But at this time, someone happened to break this tacit understanding of laughter.

Laosheng didn't know how to comfort this man. After all, these were his own choices. However, she remembered what Ling Junqian said a hundred years ago.

Now that he is about to ascend, the abbot is not worried about anything else, but he is worried about harming those disciples in the Buddhist kingdom who are unconcerned with the world! When he thinks of this, the abbot of Wuwu Chanyuan feels that he can't do anything to his Buddhist kingdom.

"...That's good."

Naturally, Liao Sheng knows. Since Zhu Fu and others left, the entire Jinyuan world has been eager to collect all the information about them. Naturally, Liao Sheng knows about the Pei family in the Qingzhengzhong world. Because of their outstanding talents, these two were also

Everyone had a heated discussion for a long time. She looked at them and didn't know why they appeared here and why they wanted to talk to Jun Qinglun.

"Are you going to ascend too?"

"But you have fulfilled your agreement with Ling Junqian."

"That's natural."

"Don't worry, host, the disciples know what they are doing."

Liao Shengjun and Qinglun had a good relationship, and they both needed to overcome the tribulation and ascend at the same time, so they felt a little bit more sympathetic to each other. After bidding farewell to the Pei family friends, the two of them went through the tribulation one after another.

Looking at Jun Qinglun, who had almost been reborn, he smiled with emotion. If it hadn't happened one hundred thousand years ago, Jun Qinglun, as the senior brother of Ling Yun Sect, and Ling Junqian, as the senior disciple of Wuji Sect, would be the same young and the same

Outstanding, the same genius, equally loved by their masters and elders, respected by their junior brothers and sisters, and both have open-minded and open-minded personalities. Even though there are slight differences in personality, I think their relationship will not be bad.

After leaving the house, the disciples of the Endless Zen Temple lined up neatly outside gave a loud greeting to him.

"Fellow Immortal, go ahead and know the Yingxian world very well. Why don't you explain it to us?"

Those excited immortals who wanted to recruit disciples for their family did not come forward at this time. They looked at the figure of the Wuji Immortal Sect disciple waiting next to the Tianmen, and they all muttered in their hearts. Could this be another one who wants to join the Wuji Immortal Sect?


At this time, she nodded to these well-behaved juniors and juniors, and went to the vicinity of the Tianzhu with a thought. She was about to overcome the tribulation. But before the tribulation, she saw an unexpected figure.

"You, after you arrive in the Buddhist Kingdom, you have to be careful in your words and deeds, and don't treat others like you treat your junior brothers. You have to remember that it is not the Endless Zen Temple, it is the place where Buddhism is practiced in the entire Fangying Immortal World.


After staring at Jun Qinglun for a long time, Liao Sheng showed an appreciative smile.

Jun Qinglun smiled and nodded.

"Thank you Buddha."


Especially Jun Qinglun, he saluted to the forbidden area, and a faint light flashed in his eyes.

Stepping onto the golden light, the two of them arrived at Fang Yingxian Realm smoothly.

The host has good intentions and is aware of it, but there is no need for the host to worry about this.

"But it has gotten better."

The director of Wuwu Zenyuan felt that this child had lost her talent in cultivating Buddhism. No matter what she did, she had to be the first person in the immortal way! Although she was already the first person in the Buddhist way, it was obvious that she was not satisfied with this in her lifetime.

Thinking of this man's experience, even after he died, he couldn't help but sigh. Jun Qinglun was really a very good person, but he was born in the Lingyun Sect, and this was probably the only bad thing about him.

Jun Qinglun could hardly control the light in his eyes, but when he finally raised his eyes, they were as calm as ever.

Jun Qinglun turned around and saw Sheng, and couldn't help but smile. In a daze, it seemed that he was still the immortal Taoist elder brother who had a noble character like Zhi Rulan. At that time, as a Buddhist and Taoist elder sister, Jun Qinglun had a lot of respect for him.

Jun Qinglun, who is the senior brother of Immortal Dao, is naturally also paying attention. She has always known that this is a formidable opponent. Ordinary people may only focus on one thing in their lives, but Jun Qinglun, whether he is practicing, managing the internal affairs of the sect, or teaching

Junior brothers and sisters are among the best in cultivation, handling relationships with other sects, etc.

After saying this, he left. Only the host was left feeling uneasy behind him. You know what you have in mind! Why don’t you make it clear? You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you don’t want to beat me


"What's the matter? The immortal friend only saw the good gentleman, the immortal friend, and didn't see a big person like me?"

He has a lot to do, but he can do each one so well, so it makes people feel terrible. Horrible in every sense of the word.

"Um, after rebirth, you won't go to the Buddhist country?"

At this time, Pei Mingrui smiled and spoke.

It's not like they haven't tried it over the years, but they didn't disclose this idea at all when they were outmatched. They only faintly revealed this idea when they were almost able to fight against the invincible opponents of the Endless Chanyuan. At that time, the elders and the host were unable to do anything.

It's up to her to do it.

"Is the Buddha about to ascend? Then I wish the Buddha a smooth ascension and a bright future."

Pei Mingyu on the side glanced at Sheng with a smile. He had long known the name of the senior sister of Wuwu Chanyuan, but he didn't expect to meet unexpectedly today. She was indeed a Wuxu scholar with a great reputation, and she was really outstanding.


The key is whether Liao Sheng can suppress his true temperament!

The disciples of the Wuji Immortal Sect stationed in the forbidden area glanced at these two young talents and showed approval. Although Lingyun Sect has done something wrong, they have been looking at this young man named Jun Qinglun over the years and know what he is.

Such a person, even though he may not be completely free of grudges, does not dislike him, but feels a little sorry for him.

Let’s not talk about the hair. After all, Buddhists are full of eminent monks, and most of them have become Buddhas. They probably won’t get angry over trivial things. But is this the crux of the problem? No!

Jun Qinglun smiled helplessly. Although he was curious about the life in the fairy world, he was more at peace with himself. During the hundred years in the forbidden land, Jun Qinglun wanted to understand many things. Some things, if you do it wrong, you do it wrong.

There is no room for refutation, but he can use his best efforts to atone for the wrong things done by his ancestors.

Why was he reborn? Although Ling Junqian had some vague suspicions when he saw Ruoshe Buddha, but when he actually saw this immortal friend, Ling Junqian felt a little uncomfortable for some reason.

Ruo She Buddha: “…”

He looked at Jun Qinglun and showed a sincere smile.

Seemingly sensing Sheng's doubts, Jun Qinglun gave a gentle explanation.

"These two want me to bring some items to Fellow Taoist Pei Mingzhi."

Only then did Ling Sheng let Ling Junqian go, and walked ahead very unceremoniously.

"I have made arrangements. Many years ago, there was no Lingyun Sect in the world of Jinyuan. They are now just ordinary casual cultivators with their own futures." Only by forgetting the name of Lingyun Sect can they get better and better.


To put it bluntly, although I have always been superficial in my life, at first glance, others would like to congratulate Wuwu Chanyuan for having such a disciple who can inherit the mantle. He is both a disciple of the Buddha and an 'immortal glazed body'. He is simply a Buddhist.

The future!

It is useless to blindly avoid it. Only by facing the past can we move towards the future better.

Liao Sheng waved his hand casually. The elders of the Endless Zen Temple who took compassion as their mission and were independent of the world couldn't help but cover their aching chests when they saw this scene. Is this a disciple of the Endless Zen Institute or someone from outside?

A gangster traveling as a hooligan?

"Your junior brothers and sisters..."

"……I am coming."

"Mingrui has met Buddha. My sister has been away for such a long time, and Mingrui is really worried about her, so she specially asked fellow Taoist Jun who is about to ascend for help."

'Master, please take good care of me. Farewell, my disciple.'

At this time, although Jun Qinglun's appearance has not changed, the long hair between his temples has turned completely white. The eyes that were always warm and clear before are still warm now, but there is a trace of vicissitudes that is difficult to conceal. After all the events in the world,

Jun Qinglun has undoubtedly grown a lot since then, but he is still the Jun Qinglun who is as gentle as a jade.

Liao Sheng took a step forward and accidentally blocked half of Jun Qinglun's body.

So will this disciple go to the Buddhist Kingdom?

A hundred years passed in a hurry, and the anger in Ling Junqian's heart had subsided. Looking at Jun Qinglun at this time, he could do better.

The two of them will be like-minded friends and lifelong rivals. It would be great if that were the case.

"Jun Qinglun."

"Oh, of course I have to go. Senior, wait a moment, I will go later."

When Jun Qinglun and Liao Sheng completely stepped on the ground of Fang Yingxian Realm, the figure who had been holding the folding fan and shaking slowly finally opened his eyes and looked at the friend and enemy destined for him.

But only the disciples of Wuwu Chanyuan know how powerful this senior sister is. Let’s not talk about the beatings that were given to the juniors during the seniority ranking, but let’s talk about her almost undisguised and unrestrained temperament...

"These two are fellow Taoist Mingyu Mingrui of the Pei family. Fellow Taoist Pei Mingzhi of the Wuji Immortal Sect is their sister."


"You finally came."

"Son of the Buddha, please come back and be well."

With these two sentences, the difference in personality between the two people was vividly displayed. Although I don't know how the two people became such good friends, but I was not familiar with them, so I smiled slightly and pretended that I knew each other.

"We also welcome the successful ascension of the Buddhist disciples."

Both Liao Sheng and Jun Qinglun were top-notch geniuses, so they could easily survive the ascension calamity. In the golden light of the sky, the two of them looked at the land beneath their feet and looked at the teachers, relatives and friends who cared about them.

A salute was made.

'...Have a safe journey.'

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