Chapter 1095 Longding Inn (Seventeen)

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"I see!"

Facing Tier's statement, Fu Qian looked back at the already thinning golden rain, with a look of sudden realization on his face.

"I said why am I obsessed with looking at that reflection?"

...You already have water in your head, so don’t rely on getting caught in the rain, okay?

Nora, who was deeply aware of the stiffness in the muscles on her face, couldn't help but complain crazily in her heart.

Did you pretend that we were blind and didn't see the crazy move you made to hide from the rain just now?

Even though he was carrying a heavy anchor, he could actually do it to that extent. If Gerald saw this, he would probably be frightened to death on the spot.

Of course, considering the danger level of the other party, she didn't actually make a sound in the end. Instead, she lowered her head and carefully opened the metal box, forcing herself to divert her attention through the seal.


After all, Mr. Tier was like a general. After listening carefully, he just laughed.

"Mr. Lu's methods really opened our eyes. Some of the things we regard as taboo may be just like games in your eyes."

"But after receiving such an expensive gift, if there is anything else you want to know, Mr. Lu, please feel free to ask and we will tell you everything we know."

When I discovered this person just now, it was impossible to say that I wasn't scared.

It is true that he behaves crazy to begin with, but who would have thought that Mr. Lu could actually travel such a long distance under the constraints of the anchor. The key is that the speed of time is not slow at all.

Of course, this shock has completely turned into numbness after enjoying the other party's leisurely stroll in the rain.

At that time, Tier already knew that this Mr. Lu was far from someone he and his team could speculate on. If he really couldn't escape, it would be best to honestly cooperate with the other party's every request.

I know very well that my own value only lies in certain information. Dealing with smart people will save you worries.

Faced with Tire's sincere speech, he was not polite even though he praised him in advance.

"So the thing above your head outside appears every time?"

"No, the last time there was a similar situation, an ancient dragon appeared later."

Mr. Tire answered the questions very quickly and even pointed to the sky.

"That's where it emerged."


"When the dragon appears, everyone in the blessing can see it?"

"From experience, in most areas, it seems to be in a very special state. However, the dragon is very good at hiding and is not very aggressive, so not many people can really face it."

"Of course, no one who has faced it directly has survived."

"I understand, what kind of way to die?"

The information provided by Mr. Tire was quite detailed. Although he was satisfied before paying, he thought of another question.

"It's like dying at the hands of a soul butterfly, with the body and head in a different place."

This time, it was the craftsman brother who made a gesture to his neck.

"Did you meet anyone else after you came in?"

"No, the place is very big and the structure is chaotic. Even if you enter at the same location, you may appear in different places, so it is not easy to meet people. Of course, we don't want to meet them. We are very self-aware of this.


"The best result is to gain a certain harvest from exploration, then hide in a relatively safe location and wait for the blessing to end."

Till even shared the team's strategic approach.

"It sounds like you can't leave early before the blessing ends?"

Before paying, I quickly came to another conclusion.

"This is also a manifestation of spatial confusion."

Tire confirmed his suspicion.

"Some people have tried it. The moment you enter the blessed moment, even if you walk back in the opposite direction, it is almost impossible to get out again. The only reliable way to leave is to wait for it to end."

"Very good. Thank you three very much for sharing. I hope you can find a perfect hiding place."

Before paying, the consultation finally ended and a rather simple blessing was given.

After carefully checking the sincerity in his words, Tier and the other two secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

At that moment, the group was really afraid that this person would say something like "I wish you good luck on your journey to hell."

"You're welcome. This bit of information can be obtained with a little bit of collection, but its value is far less than what we gain. I hope Mr. Lu can also achieve his goal during this trip."

The exchange of interests ended in such an efficient and favorable way. Mr. Tire was happy and admitted that he had taken advantage.

"Now that the rain outside has stopped, we will try to find a safe hiding place if we explore a little more."

As he spoke, he pointed outside. As expected, the golden rain stopped completely and quietly just as it had at the beginning.

Of course, the river above our heads has no intention of disappearing.


He made a gesture before paying, indicating to the greedy hunters that they could go about their business.

But when Ms. Nola passed by him the next moment, he frowned.

"Wait a moment."

"...Mr. Lu, is there anything else?"

The trio was obviously frightened by the sudden change, but they still did not flee.

"When the ancient dragon appears, are there any special signs?"

He looked at them thoughtfully before paying.

"The ancient dragons don't appear often, and there are no survivors who have experienced them first-hand, so there is no clear conclusion yet..."

The other party just thought of a new problem and did not suddenly have murderous intentions. Tier was thankful that his mind was running at 120% in an instant.

"However, there is a relatively recognized rule, which is that the probability of the soul butterfly appearing is higher near the location where it appears."

"That's it..."

As the three people watched nervously, Fu Qian did not express whether he was satisfied or dissatisfied with the answer.

"Then it seems that your departure efficiency must be higher."

When the three people were thinking about the meaning of this sentence, they found that Mr. Lu in their field of vision actually took another step forward and stretched out two fingers again.

This is……

The next moment, Nora was stunned when she saw what Fu Qian handed over to her again.

The flawless and extremely regular geometric shape is taking shape rapidly, and it is a soul butterfly again.

The other party's look was obviously signaling that he would accept it again.

"You don't think you want to join in the fun?"

"No, thanks for the reminder, we'll try to stay away from here as much as possible now."

As expected of the brains of the team, Mr. Tire was the first to react and directly signaled Nora to accept the second soul butterfly.

Two soul butterflies appeared in succession, coupled with the strange phenomena in the sky. Unless you want to face the ancient dragon, the risk of staying here is too high.

And the three of them are obviously very self-aware and will never get involved in goals beyond their capabilities.

"If you need anything later, please feel free to contact me."

After leaving these words, Tier directly pulled the two team members and left in a hurry.

And out of the corner of his eye, Mr. Lu, who was of mysterious origin, walked into the depths of the hall in the opposite direction and sat on the huge and majestic seat in the middle.

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