Chapter 3272 Identification

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"Huh?" As soon as he said this, even Ji Chengfeng looked at Changsun Wu in surprise.

He really didn't expect Changsun Wuhui to be able to do this. The oath of heaven is not something that can be made casually. Even if what he said is 100% true, this kind of thing that leaves scratches on the Taoist heart is not something that can be made casually.

For those who can do it, especially monks like them who have reached a certain level of strength, the Tao Heart becomes even more important.

At this moment, even he himself had doubts. At first, he thought it was Xuanji Sect who wanted to take this opportunity to deal with their Dao Palace, but with the current situation, he was a little confused again. Because if it was really Xuanji Sect who wanted to do it,

If this is the case, Changsun Wuhui would never do it.

It is impossible for the Xuanji Sect to falsely accuse their Taoist palace under the oath of heaven. If they really have any conspiracy, they obviously can't hide it. As Linton said, the plan can be hidden from others, but how is it possible?

It was impossible to hide it from Heaven. If he was really the mastermind of a certain empress, he would never dare to mention this matter.

Obviously, no one present questioned the verification method proposed by Linton. Even Ji Chengfeng himself could not say anything. Everyone looked in the direction of Aizen, wanting to see if he would swear this oath.


"Okay." Aran nodded, of course he instantly understood what Linton meant. He stood up and raised the fingers of his right hand very cooperatively, "My eldest grandson, Wuhui, swears by the heart of the Tao, and there is evidence that the Tao Palace colluded with the Blood Demon.

, and I have verified that it is true. If there is even half a lie in what I say, I will be willing to have my heart eaten by thousands of poisons and be destroyed by heaven and earth."

This oath that cannot be more poisonous is no longer a case of heartbreak, but the kind of direct annihilation. To be honest, most people don't dare to think about this kind of oath, okay?

But now that Aizen swore on the spot, everyone who had been extremely suspicious before suddenly leaned towards Changsun Wuhui. From their knowledge, this could never be false.

"You... pfft..." Ji Chengfeng next to him wanted to say something, but the next second he opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood. The current situation really made him want to vomit blood, and for a moment he felt like he couldn't even say anything.


"Haha, everyone saw it. This old guy was exposed on the spot and became angry." Linton pointed at Ji Chengfeng and said.

"Shut up!" Although Ji Chengfeng was so angry that he vomited blood, it was not a big deal. There was no problem with his body, he was just suffocated. Hearing Linton's words, he roared angrily.

"It's you who should shut up!" Linton's voice was louder than his. "Shameless old thief, you live in vain... Forget it, no matter how many years you live, I have never seen such a shameless person."

"You little..." Ji Chengfeng was almost forced to curse by Linton, but at this time he calmed down again and did not continue to waste time by scolding Linton. Instead, he turned to Aizen and said, "

Head Changsun, you are confused, you have been plotted against."

Yes, Ji Chengfeng seemed to have figured it out at this time. At first, he thought that Changsun Wuhui was the mastermind behind everything and that he planned everything. But now after seeing that he really made the oath of heaven, even he believed Changsun Wuhui.

I didn't lie again.

So since he didn't lie, what went wrong? The oath that Zhangsun Wuhui just swore just proved that the evidence exists and is all true. Now Ji Chengfeng also feels that there is really so-called evidence, but the evidence is certain

It was false evidence, but Changsun Wuhui thought it was real evidence, so he testified.

Yes, the current situation is obvious. Changsun Wuhui is not the mastermind behind the scenes. Otherwise, he would definitely not swear this oath. After all, if he knew that the evidence was false, he would definitely not swear it.

Obviously there was someone else behind the scenes, and Changsun Wuhui was used as a gun. What evidence did the other party provide to make Changsun Wuhui believe that this incident was indeed true? This was because they were both plotted against.

In that case, what he needs to do most now is not to argue with Linton here. Although the little beast is really annoying, arguing with him will not solve any problems. The most important thing now is to argue with his eldest grandson.

Wu Hui explained the situation clearly and let him know that he had also been plotted against.

"Scheming? I was indeed plotted by you, Ji Chengfeng." Of course Aizen didn't accept this at all. "I felt strange at the beginning. Why did the Dao Palace say that it would fully support this time, but

In fact, with this little fighting power, now I understand that you colluded with that side from the beginning, so naturally you had other plans."

"You..." When it comes to this matter, Ji Chengfeng also doesn't know how to answer it. Their Dao Palace does not have full support. Full support is just a slogan. It must retain its strength. This is not your mysterious

If Ji Sect wants to use this force, they will wait for this war to kill Xuan Ji Sect and consume all the sect's wealth, and then wait for their Dao Palace to collect the peaches after the war is over.

But the question is, can this be said openly? If you say this, you will see how insidious they are in Daogong and how disregarded the overall situation.

However, now this matter has become another evidence that he colluded with the Blood Demon. He can't even accept this. How can you ask him to accept this?

"Master Changsun, listen to me carefully. This matter is a conspiracy." Ji Chengfeng obviously could only ignore this topic and said quickly, "No matter what you see, it is false. We said

The palace has not colluded with the Blood Demon at all. All this should be the conspiracy of the Blood Demon. He just wants to see a break between our Dao Palace and your Xuanji Sect. As long as we break up, the entire coalition will be greatly affected. This is a

It’s a conspiracy.”

These words have been said with the utmost sincerity. Under normal circumstances, Changsun Wuhui himself would definitely have to be suspicious, right? But the problem is that the person in front of him is not Changsun Wuhui, and you can't wake up someone who is pretending to sleep.

"I only believe what I see." Aran here said directly, "Ji Chengfeng, it is true that you colluded with the Blood Demon. The evidence cannot be released now. After the Blood Demon War, your ugly face will be revealed.

Spread it all over the world. But now no matter how you quibble, it's all in vain."

"You..." Ji Chengfeng almost vomited blood again. What happened to the eldest grandson Wuhui? He never thought that this guy would be so arrogant. Did the other party really not doubt what he said? He saw this

Ji Chengfeng was curious about what the irrefutable evidence was.

Of course, now is not the time to be curious. Ji Chengfeng obviously did not expect the current situation. He thought he was exposing a clown, but as he said it, he really fell into it. He was really caught off guard.

For a while, he couldn't think of how to prove himself.

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