Chapter 2200 Run! If you don’t run, you will die!

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The Beast Cup Spirit is anxious. This town is the result of countless years of hard work, and there is basically no possibility of replicating it.

We can't let Su Yu destroy the town!

The Cup of Ten Thousand Beasts flashed, and a large number of golden threads shot out from the mouth of the cup.

More and more golden threads wrap the Sage Fruit into a big ball.



The Saint's Dao Fruit was stimulated again and exploded with even stronger power.

All the golden threads exploded! The town was torn apart!

The power of Dao Fruit turned into a storm and swept through the town. In an instant, the town was almost destroyed!

"How dare you do this!" The beast cup spirit was furious.

"Cause and effect, cause and effect, I, Su Yu, will definitely become a taboo in the world in the future! No one dares to talk about cause and effect in front of me!" Su Yu said firmly.

outside world

The divine armor weapon spirit of destruction is waiting for Su Yu's return.

"Old Yu, what you did was so irregular. Even if you deceive others, you also deceived the people I brought. You have caused great karma." said the Divine Armor Weapon Spirit.

Silver Fish said nonchalantly: "It's just cause and effect, I'm not afraid."

If others don’t know, doesn’t it still know?

That town is a place where there is no return. From ancient times to the present, the only person who can walk out of the town alive is the Emperor of Destruction in his youth.

And the Emperor of Destruction came out by luck!

If that master hadn't fallen into deep sleep back then, there wouldn't have been the Emperor of Destruction!

It’s not like the town has never buried the Young Emperor before!

After the Ancient Emperor of Ten Thousand Beasts disappeared, the demon tribe sent many powerful men to search for the Cup of Ten Thousand Beasts. There were gods, immortals, and saints, but finally no demon came out!

Suddenly, waves of severe pain erupted from the body of the silverfish. Before the fish could scream in surprise, its body cracked. Large scales shattered and sputtered, and flesh and blood were mixed with bones flying around.

Massive amounts of blood were lost, and the dark creatures in the abyss went crazy. They swarmed on the silverfish and sucked the blood and flesh of the fish.

"Go away! You little dark creature! You dare to suck my flesh and blood!" The silverfish roared, and with a movement of its magic, time and space were shattered, and countless dark creatures fell.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

There are countless creatures in the Tianyuan. Normally, they would not dare to provoke the silverfish, but now that the silverfish is seriously injured, its flesh and blood is exposed. The dark creatures can no longer suppress their desire for blood, and they attack like moths to the flames.

Silver fish.

"Damn it!" Silver Fish Town killed wave after wave of dark creatures, but the number of dark creatures attacking it did not decrease.

The Holy King Herring was startled by the sight in front of him and backed away repeatedly, "Senior Qi Ling, let's run away. I feel something is wrong. If we stay, we will suffer disaster."

The Divine Armor Weapon Spirit was speechless. Su Yu abducted the Herring Saint King in order to let the Herring Saint King shed blood, but the Herring Saint King wanted to abduct it?

"No need to run, it's a small scene." Divine Armor Spirit said.

The Holy King Qingyu was helpless. The Divine Armor Weapon Spirit had followed the emperor to see the big scene. He was just a little Holy King.

"Why do you feel that Silver Flower Fish has not exerted its great saint-level combat power?" The Blue Fish Holy King was puzzled.

The combat power shown by Silver Flower Fish is probably only a little stronger than that of the Holy King. It is very easy to beat him, but he does not think that this is the combat power that a great saint should have.

If the Great Sage is really like this, he would dare to declare to the outside world that he can fight against the Great Sage!

"There's something wrong inside his body!" The Divine Armor Weapon Spirit said in a deep voice.

An unspeakable momentum rose, breaking through the world inside the silver fish, and manifesting the goddess's dharma in the abyss of the sky.

The Divine Armor Weapon Spirit sensed the level of the goddess's Dharma and immediately said: "Quick! Qingyu! It's time for us to run away! This brat has created a great existence! Even I can't handle it!"

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