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Villain: My brother is the Chosen One

Villain: My brother is the Chosen One

author:The family raised a fat rabbit

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 1538 The tiger is not at home, the monkey is king

'The Despicable Villain's Cool Article with a Black Belly and a Relaxed Sixth Man with No Morality' Qin Feng traveled through the ancient times and became the eldest son of the Qin family. The second twin brother is also the legendary chosen one, and he even has a supreme bone. He thought he could hold it He climbed to the top of his life on the lap of his second brother, but he encountered an unscrupulous system who told him that he had a future as a villain. Ding dong, dig out his brother's supreme bone and get the invincible eyes! ... Qin Feng: Are you kidding me? But my beloved relatives and friends, brothers and sisters... Jie Jie Jie Jie, my stupid Ou Dou Dou, do you feel despair? From then on, the whole ancient times spurned him for doing whatever it takes for power, but when the truth was exposed, countless people Moved to tears, Qin Feng has had a hard time these years...

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《Villain: My brother is the Chosen One》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1538 The tiger is not at home, the monkey is king
Chapter 1537 This can be possible...
Chapter 1536 Lan Baobao vs Lan Baobao
Chapter 1535 I believe him...
Chapter 1534 Qin Laoliu’s Lan Baobao
Chapter 1533 You are not her...
Chapter 1532 No matter what choice you make, you will lose
Chapter 1531: Restoration of Great Yàn
Chapter 1530 Qin Laoliu’s tears...
《Villain: My brother is the Chosen One》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 My brother is the chosen one
Chapter 2 My son has the qualities of an emperor
Chapter 3 There is a mole, trading is prohibited
Chapter 4 Inspiration to become the fastest man
Chapter 5 What bad thoughts can a child have?
Chapter 6 Adults choose, children want them all
Chapter 7 Find a reason to beat your brother
Chapter 8 Don’t listen to the old man’s words and you will be happy for several years
Chapter 9 A group of panicked people
Chapter 10 Prominent people
Chapter 11 The Age of Great Conflict
Chapter 12 If you love him, stab him in the heart
Chapter 13 New uses of the Chosen Son
Chapter 14 The Villain’s Happiness
Chapter 15 The storm is coming
Chapter 16 I almost moved myself to tears
Chapter 17 Supreme Bone, I accept it
Chapter 18 Expelling the Qin Family
Chapter 19 Let go of that girl
Chapter 20 I, Qin Feng, am today all because of myself
Chapter 21 Head-stealing
Chapter 22 Selling Teammates
Chapter 23 Transplantation of Supreme Bone
Chapter 24 Let the bullets fly for a while
Chapter 25 This is a dangerous place
Chapter 26 Don’t be merciful
Chapter 27 I can tell at a glance that you are not human
Chapter 28 Old Liu Qin Feng
Chapter 29 Purely forced by the situation
Chapter 30 Impossible, absolutely impossible
Chapter 31 Do you believe this nonsense?
Chapter 32 Suppression of Contemporary Times
Chapter 33 Big bosses from all sides gathered
Chapter 34 I admit that I am gambling
Chapter 35 The fateful showdown
Chapter 36 Stupid Ou Doudou, are you desperate?
Chapter 37 Then play music and then dance
Chapter 38 Men, there are men
Chapter 39 Change your career to become a flower-picking thief?
Chapter 40 It cracked on the spot
Chapter 41 The sow is also crazy
Chapter 42 Kneel down
Chapter 43 Either kneel or die
Chapter 44 Breaking off the engagement?
Chapter 45: A decent gentleman does not use poison, only love potion
Chapter 46 He is really cheap
Chapter 47 Cao Thief Spirit
Chapter 48 Greedy for other people’s wives
Chapter 49 It’s a dark and windy night, when you’re teasing your wife
Chapter 50 Blackening is ten times stronger
Chapter 51 Replacing shotguns with cannons
Chapter 52 Gathering the Seven Chosen Sons
Chapter 53 We are all adults, what happened last night
Chapter 54 I have never seen such a shameless person
Chapter 55 One thought becomes a Buddha, one thought becomes a devil
Chapter 56 Faster, fiercer, and stronger
Chapter 57 Don’t come over
Chapter 58 Supreme Bone VS Heavenly Sword Body
Chapter 59 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 60 Gay friends last forever
Chapter 61 Discussing a big business worth hundreds of millions with the young lady
Chapter 62 If Qin Xiaobai was not born, my swordsmanship would be as long as the night
Chapter 63 It’s better to have someone else’s wife
Chapter 64 Jianghu is not about killing
Chapter 65 Dragon Slaying
Chapter 66 Qin Laoliu, who has no moral ethics
Chapter 67 Qin Laoliu’s crazy output
Chapter 68 I, Qin Feng, never waste a grain of food
Chapter 69 Call Dad
Chapter 70 Stop talking, kiss me
Chapter 71 Do you also want to dance?
Chapter 72 I will definitely come back
Chapter 73 Spying on the secrets of heaven
Chapter 74 A great creation of heaven and earth
Chapter 75 The future is long
Chapter 76 I want you to help me practice
Chapter 77 From now on, there will be no more white moonlight, only black pearls
Chapter 78 The legendary Xiuer
Chapter 79 Continue to carry forward Qin Laoliu’s spirit
Chapter 80 Qin Feng is dead?
Chapter 81 Can what a scholar does be called stealing?
Chapter 82 Jian'an style, Wei Wu legacy
Chapter 83 It’s no use even shouting.
Chapter 84 He actually believed it
Chapter 85 The Prime Minister’s Lessons of Blood and Tears
Chapter 86 The amount of information is a bit large
Chapter 87 Just actions must be supported
Chapter 88 The Chosen One is in action
Chapter 89 Live, must live
Chapter 90 Qin Hao, the cheater
Chapter 91 Young Master, save me
Chapter 92 I do it for his own good
Chapter 93 Confirmed Eyes
Chapter 94 Kunlun Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 95 Comes in a hurry, leaves in a hurry
Chapter 96 Entering the Kunlun Secret Realm
Chapter 97 Qin Laoliu who sneaked around and attacked
Chapter 98 Familiar taste, familiar recipe
Chapter 99 Very smooth
Chapter 100: Changing destiny against heaven, becoming the great emperor
Chapter 101 Excited heart, trembling hands
Chapter 102 Dao Heart
Chapter 103 The Sewers in The Chosen One
Chapter 104 The indissoluble bond between Qin Laoliu and the sword
Chapter 105 Don’t run away, I’m really not a bad person
Chapter 106: Anger turns beauty into beauty
Chapter 107 Sister, I don’t want to work hard anymore
Chapter 108 This guy is invincible
Chapter 109 What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is still mine
Chapter 110 A cloud-piercing arrow, thousands of troops come to meet each other
Chapter 111 Awesome righteousness, Tao follows nature
Chapter 112 All the Lao Qin family are shameless
Chapter 113 The hunting time begins
Chapter 114 The First Form
Chapter 115 The serious Confucian scholar
Chapter 116 Three old men and one drama
Chapter 117: Many people bully the few
Chapter 118 It hurts, it hurts too much
Chapter 119 The most despicable person in ancient times
Chapter 120 Together, together
Chapter 121 The Dao Fruit matures and the melee begins
Chapter 122 Suppressing the whole audience by oneself
Chapter 123 I only use one sword, you guys can do whatever you want
Chapter 124 The brothers met for the first time after seven years
Chapter 125 Who else?
Chapter 126 The stars in the sky turned into a sword
Chapter 127 It’s the happiness you can’t give
Chapter 128 Don’t force me
Chapter 129 Fang Chang is the number one genius in ancient times
Chapter 130 Qin Laoliu who can even deceive ghosts
Chapter 131 Qin Laoliu who doesn’t even let go of ghosts
Chapter 132 Your wife and I will support ourselves
Chapter 133 Long Aotian’s generosity
Chapter 134 The pit has been dug, please enter it
Chapter 135 The fear of being dominated by Qin Feng
Chapter 136 Don’t meddle in other people’s business
Chapter 137 Jie Jie Jie Jie
Chapter 138 Poor, weak, and helpless
Chapter 139 Female donor, please respect yourself
Chapter 140 Details determine success or failure
Chapter 141 Give me the future
Chapter 142 You can’t grasp this baby
Chapter 143 Justice Qin Feng makes his debut
Chapter 144 It was Qin Feng, Qin Feng did it
Chapter 145 Life is like a play, it all depends on acting skills
Chapter 146 The power to defeat the stupid brother
Chapter 147 Qin Hao VS Millions of Army
Chapter 148 The Kunlun Secret Realm is closed and the war is about to begin
Chapter 149 Sister Lin fell from the sky
Chapter 150 I’ll just rub it in
Chapter 151 Trouble in the world
Chapter 152 The farthest distance in the world
Chapter 153 Times have changed
Chapter 154 Two swords combined
Chapter 155 Tired, destroy it
Chapter 156 Lin San’s Official Wife
Chapter 157 You are not suitable
Chapter 158 Breaking the Darkness with Thunder
Chapter 159 Woman, you successfully attracted my attention
Chapter 160 Relatives sacrifice to heaven, Qin Hao explodes
Chapter 161 Qin Feng is very angry, and the consequences will be serious
Chapter 162 The Youngest Emperor in History
Chapter 163 Think about the problem in a different way
Chapter 164 Brother shows off, brother shows off
Chapter 165: Every injustice has its owner, every debt has its owner
Chapter 166 Qin Laoliu’s help
Chapter 167 Both humans and rabbits are showing off, only Lin San is being beaten
Chapter 168 Professional Bandit Rabbit
Chapter 169 Slave Family Dongfang
Chapter 170 Battle Escalation
Chapter 171 Lin San belongs to me
Chapter 172 The First Person Under the Emperor
Chapter 173 A generation of monsters emerges from the sky
Chapter 174 Qin Feng didn’t lie to me
Chapter 175 Lin San sheds tears knowing the truth
Chapter 176 If you don’t let me down, I will never let you down
Chapter 177 Qin Laoliu attaches great importance to love and justice
Chapter 178 For Justice
Chapter 179: Revenge on the spot
Chapter 180 Brother Qin, goodbye
Chapter 181 Qin Laoliu wants to silence him
Chapter 182 Lin San wants to live, Qin Feng wants to die
Chapter 183 No personal grudges
Chapter 184 The trees are beautiful in the forest, but the wind will destroy them
Chapter 185 Qin Feng wins
Chapter 186 Oh, man
Chapter 187 Oh, woman
Chapter 188 A dead pig is not afraid of boiling water
Chapter 189 A fish slipped through the net
Chapter 190 Killing indiscriminately
Chapter 191 Young people should be more energetic
Chapter 192 Best Friends, Relatives, Brothers
Chapter 193 Young Master’s Righteousness
Chapter 194 Young Hero Qin Laoliu
Chapter 195 Young Yin Xiong Qin Laoliu
Chapter 196 This time and that time
Chapter 197 Groundless rumors
Chapter 198 Too little buff
Chapter 199 As long as the emperor does not die, you will always be the sons of the saint.
Chapter 200 Isn’t this a coincidence?
Chapter 201 Professional Villain
Chapter 202 Not killing Qin Feng is not enough to uphold the law of the country
Chapter 203 For the sake of the overall situation
Chapter 204 Where is justice and where is the law of heaven?
Chapter 205 The slave family is dead
Chapter 206 Sell it at a good price
Chapter 207 Qin Feng has the final say whether there will be chaos in ancient times
Chapter 208 The ancestral spirit of the Qin family
Chapter 209 One vs. Two
Chapter 210 A friend comes from afar
Chapter 211 Xiaobai sprouted
Chapter 212 Prime Minister, I understand
Chapter 213: Heartbroken
Chapter 214 The spring breeze does not understand the style
Chapter 215 There are more people than me
Chapter 216 Eat melon and eat it on your own head
Chapter 217 It’s so hard to wait for you
Chapter 218 The winner is king, the loser is eliminated
Chapter 219 You are amazing, you are noble
Chapter 220: Going deep into the tiger's den, narrowly escape death
Chapter 221 A charming little secret
Chapter 222 Mental collapse
Chapter 223 Miss Hongxing, you don’t want to either
Chapter 224 Willing to ride on the long wind and break through thousands of miles of waves
Chapter 225 The important thing is to say it three times
Chapter 226 Love will disappear
Chapter 227 Only by reaching the top
Chapter 228 The advantage is mine
Chapter 229 The unpredictable Qin Laoliu
Chapter 230 Fifty seals per second
Chapter 231 You are in big trouble
Chapter 232 The Righteousness of the Holy Son
Chapter 233 If he wants it, give it to him
Chapter 234 One Sword to Suppress All Demons
Chapter 235 Harming Qin Laoliu
Chapter 236 There is a new love, forget the old love
Chapter 237 Tired, destroy it
Chapter 238 It’s not good for a person to be too good
Chapter 239 Let the news fly for a while
Chapter 240 The auction begins
Chapter 241 The child is not a fish, and he knows the joy of fish
Chapter 242 A young lady bids for a price
Chapter 243: Don’t miss the opportunity, it will never come back
Chapter 244 Boarding Qin Laoliu’s pirate ship
Chapter 245 Princess Nanfeng, you don’t want to either
Chapter 246 Torture of Princess Nanfeng
Chapter 247 Has a conscience, but not much
Chapter 248 Seize the moral high ground
Chapter 249 Blatant poaching
Chapter 250 I have stories and wine
Chapter 251 Synonymous with appearance and justice
Chapter 252 Poaching was discovered
Chapter 253 Qin Feng’s flexible bottom line
Chapter 254 Can’t ask for it, can’t let it go
Chapter 255 Mother-in-law visits son-in-law
Chapter 256 Convince others with virtue from now on
Chapter 257 What does it mean to have a sinister heart?
Chapter 258 Tactics engraved in DNA
Chapter 259 Qin Laoliu’s Strongest Magical Weapon
Chapter 260 Qin Laoliu who wins people’s hearts
Chapter 261 The sharp-tongued Princess Nanfeng
Chapter 262 Say my name and scare you
Chapter 263: A man is born in heaven and earth, how can he live in depression for a long time?
Chapter 264: Be reserved, you must be reserved
Chapter 265 Going deep behind enemy lines
Chapter 266 The Qin family’s million-strong army
Chapter 267 Doomed
Chapter 268 Believe in science
Chapter 269 Qin Laoliu’s incurable disease
Chapter 270 Convincing people with virtue
Chapter 271 Back to life again
Chapter 272: Giving birth to a child is like growing up
Chapter 273 All his efforts are accomplished in one battle
Chapter 274 Fang Chang rises again
Chapter 275 Qin Laoliu cannot escape
Chapter 276 Fang Chang’s final surprise
Chapter 277 Only widowed, not divorced
Chapter 278 As long as you are not embarrassed, others will be embarrassed
Chapter 279 Lan Baobao, why do you want to harm me?
Chapter 280 A sign of great danger, certain death
Chapter 281 There is no negative review so far
Chapter 282 Sexy day, recognizing father online
Chapter 283 Qin Feng must die
Chapter 284 Delete it quickly, delete it quickly
Chapter 285 The more I think about it, the more I get angrier.
Chapter 286: The knife falls with the hand, the knife falls with the hand
Chapter 287 You laugh at my stupidity, I laugh at your ignorance
Chapter 288 I hope there will be no Qin Feng in the next life
Chapter 289 No regrets in life
Chapter 290 I am a scholar
Chapter 291 Qin Laoliu who loves to snitch
Chapter 292 When Lao Liu smiles, life or death is unpredictable
Chapter 293 Young hero, a battle to become a god
Chapter 294 The Thirteen Taibao of the Qin Family
Chapter 295 Stop pretending, let’s show off your cards
Chapter 296 I like your unruly look
Chapter 297 Qin Laoliu, the villain who complained first
Chapter 298 Be brave enough to admit your mistakes and never change them
Chapter 299: Clearly strong, but too cautious
Chapter 300 I’m here to help you
Chapter 301 Demonic Eyes VS Double Eyes
Chapter 302: The strong melon is not sweet
Chapter 303 Is that okay, thin dog?
Chapter 304 Gambling and drugs and I are inseparable
Chapter 305 Young man, don’t be too arrogant
Chapter 306 It turns out she is a rich woman
Chapter 307: Treatment only for shameless people
Chapter 308 The rise of Wuling Holy Land
Chapter 309 Talent List
Chapter 310 Appearance of the Holy Spirit in front of People and Worshiping All Saints
Chapter 311 I have to examine myself three times every day
Chapter 312 Don’t pull my pants down
Chapter 313 Drunk to death and dream of life are also life and death
Chapter 314 The great horror between life and death
Chapter 315 Qin Laoliu goes down the mountain
Chapter 316 The decisive battle at the top of the Forbidden City
Chapter 317 If you have the guts, give it another try
Chapter 318 Don’t hold grudges, convince others with virtue
Chapter 319: I lose my moral integrity and I am the only one in the world
Chapter 320 Heroic Qualifications
Chapter 321 Let go of that wife
Chapter 322 Young Master, please respect yourself
Chapter 323 Lin San’s luck has come
Chapter 324 Who in the world doesn’t recognize you?
Chapter 325: The upper limit of swordsmanship, the lower limit of cheapness
Chapter 326 The south wind knows what I want and blows my dream to Xizhou
Chapter 327 Three-Year Agreement
Chapter 328 Heaven and earth coexist, and all things are unified
Chapter 329 The joy of beating your brother
Chapter 330 My stupid Ou Doudou, forgive me
Chapter 331 Why are you messing with him?
Chapter 332: Hit my brother’s body, hurt my brother’s heart
Chapter 333 The culprit Qin Laoliu
Chapter 334 This cake is big and round
Chapter 335: Three Thousand Avenues, Eight Hundred Left Paths
Chapter 336: Really accurate at judging people
Chapter 337 The master who sees through the mortal world
Chapter 338 Shameless people are invincible in the world
Chapter 339 The prince can handle this person
Chapter 340 Not a big problem
Chapter 341 The hero is sad about the beauty
Chapter 342 Believe in love
Chapter 343: Dead Taoist Friends Don’t Die Poor Taoists
Chapter 344 Full Moon Night, Top of the Forbidden City
Chapter 345 Happiness comes too suddenly
Chapter 346 Qin Laoliu succeeded in stealing the house
Chapter 347 One person bears all the pain
Chapter 348 The wealth of a son-in-law
Chapter 349 I am willing to be the enemy of the whole world for you
Chapter 350 Two Dutiful Sons
Chapter 351 Brother Lin, don’t be afraid, I’m coming too
Chapter 352 The best in the world, the best here
Chapter 353 The harm will last for thousands of years
Chapter 354 Are you willing to help me practice?
Chapter 355 See you later, the days ahead are long
Chapter 356 Master sacrifices to heaven, his magic power is boundless
Chapter 357 Qin Laoliu, who inherits the Poison King’s legacy
Chapter 358 Losing his wife and losing his troops
Chapter 359 The Crown Princess’s Expectations
Chapter 360 Lin San’s big opportunity
Chapter 361 My heart is so tired
Chapter 362 Daikomyoji Temple
Chapter 363 The bomb disposal expert reappears
Chapter 364 People who have no Buddha in their hearts
Chapter 365 If you are well, it will be sunny
Chapter 366 Buddha Appears
Chapter 367 My Buddha is Merciful
Chapter 368 A big dog is a big dog
Chapter 369: If the money is gone, you can make more, but your conscience is gone
Chapter 370 I’m really not that kind of person
Chapter 371 The only tenderness given to each other
Chapter 372 You are already doomed
Chapter 373 Stop talking and kiss me
Chapter 374 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 375 Qin Laoliu’s thousands of troops
Chapter 376 Medical Miracle
Chapter 377 Qin Laoliu who cried out for injustice
Chapter 378 The first battle is the decisive battle, one battle will determine the outcome
Chapter 379 The pattern, the pattern must be big
Chapter 380 Your Majesty, it’s time to go to court
Chapter 381 I read Spring and Autumn Period
Chapter 382 The world is worthless
Chapter 383 I am upright and aboveboard
Chapter 384 Purple is really charming
Chapter 385 Qin Laoliu fishes, and those who wish will take the bait
Chapter 386 The evil feudal society
Chapter 387 Predicted your prediction
Chapter 388 I didn’t force you
Chapter 389 The battle of world destruction begins
Chapter 390 The performance begins
Chapter 391 Keep someone under the knife
Chapter 392 The cause of yesterday, the effect of today
Chapter 393 Ancestral genes begin to activate
Chapter 394 A man who kills a boy is a teenager
Chapter 395 The young hero falls from the altar
Chapter 396 Qin Laoliu is not a human being
Chapter 397 The Emperor of Six Paths Wants to Rebellion
Chapter 398 Not the first, nor the last
Chapter 399 The new chosen son appears
Chapter 400: Eat melon and eat it on yourself
Chapter 401 Return of the God of War
Chapter 402 The legendary treasure
Chapter 403: Taking advantage of the fact that the chosen one is not at home
Chapter 404 Qin Laoliu who loves doing side jobs
Chapter 405 Qin Laoliu, the chief director of the ancient times
Chapter 406 This thing is destined to my Buddha
Chapter 407 Qin Laoliu, who made a fortune from war
Chapter 408: On a dark and windy night, killing people and setting fires
Chapter 409 Knowledge changes destiny
Chapter 410 Qin Laoliu’s one-stop service
Chapter 411 I don’t know whether to say something or not
Chapter 412 Qin Laoliu’s new business
Chapter 413 The river is declining, and disputes arise
Chapter 414 Must help the situation
Chapter 415 Thanks to Qin Laoliu for a set of thunder tribulations
Chapter 416: Climbing the Great Peak Qin Laoliu
Chapter 417 Qin Laoliu is very disappointed in you
Chapter 418 A day of heavy bleeding
Chapter 419 A little moral, but not much
Chapter 420 The only wish
Chapter 421 If you often walk by the river, how can your shoes not get wet?
Chapter 422 Qin Laoliu’s serious mount
Chapter 423 Do you eat fried cakes?
Chapter 424: Cheating money, cheating sex, cheating feelings
Chapter 425 Personal test, full of praise
Chapter 426 I like his unruly character
Chapter 427 Tea Art Style is online
Chapter 428 Double shot
Chapter 429 Don’t think too much
Chapter 430 Double Happiness
Chapter 431 Pretend to be real
Chapter 432 Of course I chose to forgive him
Chapter 433 The God of War became a big liar
Chapter 434 Justice defeats evil
Chapter 435: He’s anxious, he’s anxious
Chapter 436 Qin Laoliu stands up for you
Chapter 437 The dying Qin Laoliu
Chapter 438 Sister Wu Ling, are you serious?
Chapter 439 The treatment of honest communication
Chapter 440 Yourong, you don’t want to either
Chapter 441 As an incarnation
Chapter 442 There is a fish in the North Ming Dynasty, its name is Kun
Chapter 443 Northern Shark Tribe
Chapter 444 Qin Laoliu jumps repeatedly
Chapter 445 Madam, you have compromised again
Chapter 446 The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Chapter 447 From now on, there are two Qin Laoliu
Chapter 448 Start your performance
Chapter 449 Qin Laoliu’s navy
Chapter 450 Excessive demands
Chapter 451 Yes, it’s me
Chapter 452 I can’t swallow this breath
Chapter 453 Achieving Artifact Freedom
Chapter 454 If you want to play, play big
Chapter 455 Junior Brother Jiang He
Chapter 456 This situation is stable!
Chapter 457 If you bloom, Qin Feng will come
Chapter 458 A tough opponent
Chapter 459 Taking in Homeless Shark’s Wife
Chapter 460 Don’t look at me like that
Chapter 461 Qin Laoliu is hiding in the atmosphere and peeking
Chapter 462 Qin Laoliu’s must-kill list
Chapter 463 Qin Feng is here!
Chapter 464 First meeting
Chapter 465 Qin Laoliu Gong Cabbage
Chapter 466 I am invincible under the emperor
Chapter 467 Princess Nanfeng Arrives
Chapter 468 Fang Chang is exposed
Chapter 469 Qin Laoliu who monopolizes twelve fights
Chapter 470 Teach them how to behave
Chapter 471 Lan Baobao declares sovereignty
Chapter 472 The Young Palace Master is promising!
Chapter 473 Bedwarmer Girl
Chapter 474: Magical Skill Level A
Chapter 475 The only hope
Chapter 476 The hard-to-speak Nanfeng Princess
Chapter 477 Qin Laoliu’s bad words
Chapter 478 The little fairy in the dream
Chapter 479 Have you seen me in my heyday?
Chapter 480 Go, Baby Lan!
Chapter 481 Little Fairy, don’t leave!
Chapter 482 Xiaobai’s moral standards
Chapter 483: Add a buff to you
Chapter 484 The three-year period has arrived
Chapter 485 The Jiang family’s abandoned son-in-law
Chapter 486 We are right, what should we be afraid of?
Chapter 487 The Eve of the Immortal’s Arrival
Chapter 488: Mr. De, like a fish in water
Chapter 489 Brother Qin is saved
Chapter 490: Lan Baobao’s stumbling blocks on the road to success
Chapter 491 The new generation of Northern War God
Chapter 492 The Immortal from the Upper Realm Arrives
Chapter 493: This old man is extremely cautious
Chapter 494 I have a conscience, but not much
Chapter 495: The dead duck has a tough mouth
Chapter 496 I doubt Qin Feng for a day or two.
Chapter 497 The road traveled the most is my brother’s routine
Chapter 498 If you never come back, you will never come back
Chapter 499 The mistress is here
Chapter 500 Qin Hao goes berserk
Chapter 501 Qin Laoliu wins
Chapter 502 Good News and Bad News
Chapter 503 Qin Laoliu is not yet halfway into starting his business
Chapter 504: Ancestral Virtues
Chapter 505: You are unkind, don’t blame me for being unjust
Chapter 506: Introverted and not good at words
Chapter 507 Jie Jie Jie Jie, where is the witch running?
Chapter 508 This is no ordinary red bean
Chapter 509: Will become a great weapon in the future
Chapter 510: Sending the Sheep into the Tiger’s Mouth
Chapter 511: Groundless rumors may not be without reason
Chapter 512 Angel Investors
Chapter 513: Pretending to be reserved and plotting evil intentions
Chapter 514 Revenge of one sword
Chapter 515 Qin Laoliu who fanned the flames
Chapter 516: Two points need to be noted
Chapter 517 What a big pie
Chapter 518: Ancestral Evil Gene
Chapter 519 The Great Music of Yin and Yang of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 520: Punishment as Art
Chapter 521: Big trouble has arisen, she is a sickly lolita
Chapter 522 I wish you this year
Chapter 523 Qin Laoliu who doesn’t care about human affairs
Chapter 524 Destiny
Chapter 525: Destiny adds up
Chapter 526 The purebred of the Qin family
Chapter 527 Don’t care about these details
Chapter 528 A wish before death
Chapter 529 These days are getting more and more decisive
Chapter 530 My stupid Oudou
Chapter 531: Miss Xiaorou is very moist
Chapter 532 Accurate positioning, saving time and effort
Chapter 533 Triggering the villain mission
Chapter 534 Director Qin, I want to add more scenes
Chapter 535 Da baa, da baa, da baa yo
Chapter 536: We won’t do a loss-making business
Chapter 537 Director Qin’s new script
Chapter 538: Fengqing, calm down
Chapter 539 I volunteer
Chapter 540 Try and die
Chapter 541 The feeling of déjà vu
Chapter 542 What does it mean to surrender yourself to a trap?
Chapter 543 Director Qin understands men
Chapter 544 They are all acquaintances
Chapter 545 Killing the Emperor and Proving the Way
Chapter 546 Today is a good day
Chapter 547 Disaster to Chiyu
Chapter 548: Hue can only be sacrificed
Chapter 549: It’s your own fault and you won’t survive
Chapter 550 Men’s Romance
Chapter 551 I advise you not to meddle in other people’s business
Chapter 552 My Master Qin Feng
Chapter 553 The Strongest Sword
Chapter 554: Baby Lan evolves
Chapter 555: If there is cause and effect, it will be done to me
Chapter 556 Ye Chengiegie is not clean anymore
Chapter 557 A failed life
Chapter 558 You are Qin Feng
Chapter 559 All you need is an attitude
Chapter 560 The weak Ye Chengiegie
Chapter 561 Promise not to do anything else
Chapter 562 The Qin family’s ancient artifact
Chapter 563 Sleepless Night
Chapter 564: When the wind comes to pay, the child is innocent
Chapter 565 Prairie Street Liuzi VS Qin Laoliu
Chapter 566 The mastermind behind the scenes is exposed
Chapter 567 Monks don’t lie
Chapter 568 Undying love
Chapter 569 Mu Xiu, you deserve to die!
Chapter 570 Take a step to speak
Chapter 571 Cultural Man Qin Laoliu
Chapter 572: There is no distinction between high and low in work
Chapter 573 Solve the problem from the source
Chapter 574 Childhood Dream
Chapter 575 The master of the third lane rises again
Chapter 576: Clarify the Rumors
Chapter 577 is not difficult at all
Chapter 578: Those who eat the current affairs are heroes
Chapter 579 Crazy hint
Chapter 580 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 581: Extreme exchange for one
Chapter 582: Since ancient times, scumbags have won people’s hearts
Chapter 583: Wait until the day I return to ancient times
Chapter 584 Be careful, I will sue you for defamation
Chapter 585 I hope he can find happiness
Chapter 586 If you never forget it, there will be repercussions
Chapter 587 Time is tight and the task is heavy
Chapter 588 The Crown Princess Can’t Let Go
Chapter 589 We are car repairers
Chapter 590 The immortal comes out of seclusion
Chapter 591: Only fight to the death, An Neng surrenders
Chapter 592: Free others’ money and be generous to yourself
Chapter 593 Pastoral Life
Chapter 594 Focus on training in the future
Chapter 595 The Ancient Savior
Chapter 596 The Artifact Spirit
Chapter 597 Who is this person?
Chapter 598 Harmful Gadgets
Chapter 599 The return of the first genius in ancient times
Chapter 600: All people under the emperor are ants
Chapter 601 Young Master, please stay.
Chapter 602 Read all the beauty of the world
Chapter 603 Finally found you
Chapter 604: A husband who can bend and stretch is a husband
Chapter 605: Fearing that the world will not be in chaos
Chapter 606 We are a professional team
Chapter 607 Heir to the Heavenly Master
Chapter 608: I owe Qin Laoliu a favor
Chapter 609: Be on the same level as me
Chapter 610: The heavens are full of energy, and my way is prosperous.
Chapter 611 I am practicing
Chapter 612 The unreasonable chosen one
Chapter 613 I’m here to test drive
Chapter 614 Sorry Qin Laoliu
Chapter 615: Wait until the storm rises and break through 90,000 miles in one leap
Chapter 616 The green leaf war god
Chapter 617 Always remind yourself that you are trash
Chapter 618 Three heads and six arms
Chapter 619 Thunder Lord, help me!
Chapter 620 If you don’t eat the toast, you will be punished with alcohol
Chapter 621 Powerful Assist
Chapter 622 Protecting the Second Young Master
Chapter 623 It is indeed a high-risk profession
Chapter 624 Return to Beihai
Chapter 625 Unable to Awaken Fatherly Love
Chapter 626 Professional Team
Chapter 627 Our Qin family has simple folk customs
Chapter 628: Steady as always
Chapter 629 The winner is the king, the loser is the bandit
Chapter 630 Thank you Ye Chengiegie
Chapter 631 Heavenly Official’s Blessing, No Taboos
Chapter 632 The Evil Emperor’s Relics
Chapter 633: There is a successor to the Qin family
Chapter 634: The beauty is getting old, the hero is getting old
Chapter 635 I am invincible under the immortals
Chapter 636 Qin Feng is not dead
Chapter 637 I, Qin Feng, am back again
Chapter 638 Big shots appear one after another
Chapter 639 Unfulfilled Wish
Chapter 640 It doesn’t matter, I will take action
Chapter 641: An earthworm can shake a tree
Chapter 642 Forcibly interrupting spell casting
Chapter 643: Experience the real pain
Chapter 644 Jie Jie Jie Jie, who else?
Chapter 645 Qin Laoliu vs. the Immortal from the Upper Realm
Chapter 646: As soon as the Taoist robe is changed, if you don’t accept it, do it
Chapter 647 I also want to keep a low profile, but my strength doesn’t allow it.
Chapter 648: Ancestor Craftsmanship
Chapter 649 The light of justice will surely defeat evil
Chapter 650: Borrow the sword of the world to kill the enemy in the sky
Chapter 651 Qin Laoliu seizes the fruits of victory
Chapter 652 I borrowed it based on my ability, why should I pay it back?
Chapter 653 Heartbroken Lin San
Chapter 654 Second brother listens to my quibbles
Chapter 655: Rescue Mr. Qin in trouble
Chapter 656 Why is Your Majesty laughing?
Chapter 657: The blessing gained in eight lifetimes
Chapter 658: Our people are everywhere
Chapter 659 Showdown with Qin Laoliu
Chapter 660: If you can speak, speak more
Chapter 661 Thanks to you
Chapter 662: A drop of kindness should be repaid by a spring.
Chapter 663 Don’t panic when something happens
Chapter 664: The evildoer complains first
Chapter 665: The Little Medical Fairy Who Doesn’t Know Martial Arts
Chapter 666: It’s about everyone’s welfare
Chapter 667 Have you failed in your studies?
Chapter 668 Twenty-Four Bridges on a Moonlit Night
Chapter 669: Deliberate or accidental?
Chapter 670 They are jealous of me
Chapter 671 Sincerity leads to spiritual success
Chapter 672: Number One on the Talent List
Chapter 673 Qin Laoliu’s character and vision
Chapter 674: A broken heart, where can I find a close friend at the end of the world?
Chapter 675: The one who beat is the Emperor
Chapter 676: Torture should be used to extract confessions
Chapter 677: If you have something to say, say it well
Chapter 678 It’s over here, see you in the world
Chapter 679 The Sword of the Holy Path
Chapter 680 Young Master, please stop talking.
Chapter 681 Qin Feng is back, run!
Chapter 682: Spread the fire sooner or later
Chapter 683 Qin Laoliu sends a congratulatory gift
Chapter 684: Is there any cat in the world who doesn’t steal fish?
Chapter 685 Are you deliberately looking for trouble?
Chapter 686 Master of Exorcism
Chapter 687: Comparing people to each other is so annoying
Chapter 688 A man with a small belly and chicken intestines
Chapter 689 The wronged Qin Laoliu
Chapter 690 Loved!
Chapter 691 I hope he will be a fool
Chapter 692 This is love
Chapter 693 Qin Feng’s chicken feet are about to be exposed
Chapter 694 I’ll keep it for you
Chapter 695: The yellow robe is added to the body, and destiny is fulfilled
Chapter 696 Proclaiming Emperor
Chapter 697 It’s all a shame
Chapter 698 I originally planned to refuse
Chapter 699 Let go of that devil and let me do it
Chapter 700 You are teaching me how to do things
Chapter 701: He wants the goods, but he doesn’t want to give him the money.
Chapter 702 Feeling the suffering of the world
Chapter 703 Only children make choices
Chapter 704 I choose to forgive him
Chapter 705 You still can’t forget him
Chapter 706 Sisters, hold on
Chapter 707 Let’s fight!
Chapter 708 Why does the emperor rebel?
Chapter 709 He just wants to be the emperor
Chapter 710 Where is my son Guangtian?
Chapter 711 Oh, what a shame
Chapter 712: Repay Qin Laoliu for his kindness
Chapter 713 Human Catastrophe Qin Laoliu
Chapter 714 Unwilling to face reality
Chapter 715: Killing the donkey
Chapter 716 focuses on a shameless person
Chapter 717 Take action when it’s time to take action
Chapter 718: Send troops to fight against thieves
Chapter 719 Little Sister, Xiangxiang Drops
Chapter 720: Romance, Snow and Moon
Chapter 721 Qin Laoliu vs. Ye War God
Chapter 722: Look at your face, try hard
Chapter 723 Even if Jesus comes, he can’t stay
Chapter 724 Ninety-nine human emperors, equal to heaven
Chapter 725 Asking for a fight
Chapter 726: The only way to relieve worries is to listen to music
Chapter 727 Be brave again
Chapter 728: Your Majesty, it’s time for court early
Chapter 729 The clever Qin Laoliu
Chapter 730: Qin Laoliu, who focuses on honesty
Chapter 731 Ye Zhanshen is too involved in the drama
Chapter 732 Celebrate
Chapter 733 Qin Feng’s product must be a high-quality product
Chapter 734 The arrangements are clear
Chapter 735 The whole army sets off
Chapter 736: If Mu Xiu does not die, Bao Qin will not perish
Chapter 737 Spring is here, everything revives
Chapter 738 focuses on companionship
Chapter 739 Private Customization
Chapter 740: This hatred is so deep that we are irreconcilable
Chapter 741 The legend about Mu Xiu
Chapter 742 Save Grandpa
Chapter 743 The formation starts
Chapter 744 The ancestral magic sword
Chapter 745 The Ancestral Demonic Sword
Chapter 746 It’s decided that it’s you
Chapter 747 Give you some rules
Chapter 748 The power of Emperor Qin shocked the past and the present
Chapter 749 My Daxia is dead
Chapter 750 My rules are rules
Chapter 751: Happiness requires knowing how to share
Chapter 752 Amazing and Experience
Chapter 753: Trap and kill them all
Chapter 754 Although there are thousands of people, I will go
Chapter 755: Taking Lin San’s path leaves him with nowhere to go
Chapter 756 I am bad, but I never treat him differently
Chapter 757 Xiaosansan’s doubts
Chapter 758 Great Qin Jiuding
Chapter 759: Chance Encounter, Chance Encounter Again
Chapter 760 Color is emptiness, emptiness is color
Chapter 761 Brother, stop talking
Chapter 762 For justice, for peace
Chapter 763: Be lenient to yourself and strict to others
Chapter 764 Xiaobai’s wish
Chapter 765: Slightly injured but unable to leave the line of fire
Chapter 766 The kind man Qin Laoliu
Chapter 767 Accidentally lost a kidney
Chapter 768 The Founding of Qin
Chapter 769 Northern Xinjiang Demon Ye Chen
Chapter 770 The God of War returns again
Chapter 771 Great Qin Library
Chapter 772: Simple folk customs and pure family tradition
Chapter 773: Qin Xiaobai raises the price
Chapter 774 It doesn’t matter, I’ll be fine if I cry for a while
Chapter 775: Building happiness on the pain of others
Chapter 776 Qin Laoliu’s evil hands
Chapter 777 Why did the magic fail?
Chapter 778: The good brother who can’t bear the second brother’s degradation
Chapter 779 I heard his story
Chapter 780 Blatant Preference
Chapter 781 It’s really him
Chapter 782: The struggle for destiny, Lao Liu wins
Chapter 783 makes sense
Chapter 784: Seducing Qin Laoliu
Chapter 785 As long as you are happy
Chapter 786 The confident Qin Laoliu
Chapter 787 Poaching Qin Laoliu
Chapter 788 Living Bodhisattva
Chapter 789 The password is entered correctly
Chapter 790 Anyone who dares to disobey will be killed
Chapter 791 Good News and Bad News
Chapter 792 The little abacus crackles
Chapter 793 The World of Double Eyes
Chapter 794: The third master with a clean face
Chapter 795: They are all thousand-year-old foxes
Chapter 796 Confiscation of All
Chapter 797 The human heart is sinister
Chapter 798: Title for the First Emperor of Qin
Chapter 799: Named Tian Khan
Chapter 800 Brother didn’t lie to me
Chapter 801 Xiaosansan’s Sword Intent
Chapter 802 Gentleman Qin Laoliu
Chapter 803: Hunjun, go to hell!
Chapter 804: Thoughts in the heart must have repercussions
Chapter 805 The wind is too strong to set fire
Chapter 806 A word awakened Qin Laoliu
Chapter 807 The theme has been sublimated
Chapter 808 A branch of red apricot comes out of the wall
Chapter 809: Be soft-spoken and short-handed
Chapter 810 Qin Laoliu who suffered a thousand blows
Chapter 811 No comparison, no harm
Chapter 812 If you say so
Chapter 813 Birth, birth!
Chapter 814 Don’t care about the details
Chapter 815 Mainly about your love and my wish
Chapter 816: Once familiar, twice familiar
Chapter 817 Brother loves you
Chapter 818 The hard and simple Qin Laoliu
Chapter 819 Revenge against a man
Chapter 820 You are really a fool
Chapter 821 Giving you a chance is useless
Chapter 822 No reason to refuse
Chapter 823: Overthrow the violent Qin, now
Chapter 824 Great Qin’s new goal
Chapter 825 The cunning Qin Laoliu
Chapter 826 Don’t fight, don’t fight again
Chapter 827 Girl Xiaorou is very moist
Chapter 828 Nanfeng, I’m late!
Chapter 829 A good man has ambitions everywhere
Chapter 830 What should I do if my younger brother disobeys me?
Chapter 831 The Immortal King is Reborn
Chapter 832 This secret will last a lifetime
Chapter 833 Listen to my explanation
Chapter 834 It’s better to be steady
Chapter 835 Three to Seven Open
Chapter 836 Improving Prestige
Chapter 837: Ask less about social affairs
Chapter 838 I had no choice before
Chapter 839 The Return of the Daqin Study Rabbit
Chapter 840 I can bear it!
Chapter 841 Rabbit Mother Appears
Chapter 842 This problem is really a bit big
Chapter 843 The strong need no fetters
Chapter 844 The first step ashore is to kill the person you like.
Chapter 845 The Qin family’s final integrity
Chapter 846 Find someone to take the blame for
Chapter 847 Qin Laoliu catches big fish
Chapter 848 I need comfort
Chapter 849 Da Qin Study Abroad Rabbit
Chapter 850 Those who have studied abroad are different
Chapter 851 Demon Clan Balong vs. Da Qin Studying Rabbit
Chapter 852 The wisdom of the human race
Chapter 853 Our minds are united
Chapter 854 The passionate boy in the second grade
Chapter 855: Kill relatives for justice and do justice for heaven
Chapter 856 The reason for beating the second brother
Chapter 857 Differential Treatment
Chapter 858 Choose to hold your head high and be a good person
Chapter 859 The second brother was beaten again
Chapter 860 There is another way
Chapter 861 Just to seek justice
Chapter 862: I admire you so much
Chapter 863 President Yuan VS Qin Feng
Chapter 864 I call you, do you dare to agree?
Chapter 865 The happiness of the chosen one
Chapter 866 Literal Meaning
Chapter 867 Don’t be anxious, come one by one
Chapter 868: Say nothing more
Chapter 869 The Second Fairy Mountain
Chapter 870 You are quite nice
Chapter 871: The damage is not enough, I need acting skills to make up for it
Chapter 872 If there is no wind, there will be no waves.
Chapter 873 Qin Family’s Seed
Chapter 874 The demon clan attacks
Chapter 875 A flavorful war
Chapter 876 Stubborn disguise
Chapter 877 The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked
Chapter 878 Xiaobai’s highlight moment
Chapter 879: My rabbit takes action and never misses
Chapter 880 Qin Ersi vs Qin Xiaobai
Chapter 881 My rabbit is here
Chapter 882: Capture the thief first and capture the king first
Chapter 883 If you don’t seek small profits, you must have a big plan
Chapter 884 Unconventional style
Chapter 885 Today’s young people
Chapter 886 King Qin, good luck
Chapter 887 The upright Qin Laoliu
Chapter 888 Mr. Yuan appears
Chapter 889 Everything can be discussed
Chapter 890 Qin Laoliu’s new vest
Chapter 891 Qin Feng’s six suggestions
Chapter 892 It took a lot of effort
Chapter 893 Revisiting the old place
Chapter 894 Sorry, I fell in love with someone else
Chapter 895 The love of three people
Chapter 896: Known for his bad character
Chapter 897 The ulterior conspiracy
Chapter 898: After drinking the chicken soup, eating the flatbread
Chapter 899 Young Master, please stay.
Chapter 900 Touring the Qinhuai River
Chapter 901: Be open-minded about everything
Chapter 902 The number one hero of the Qin Dynasty
Chapter 903 I’m really strong
Chapter 904 You can have as much as you want
Chapter 905 I bet on this game
Chapter 906 Conscience Condemnation
Chapter 907 It’s coming, it’s coming
Chapter 908 The magnanimous Qin Laoliu
Chapter 909 Fang Chang, you don’t want to either
Chapter 910 The personal show of the master of the third lane
Chapter 911 Making a feint to the east and attacking in the west
Chapter 912 Already seen through everything
Chapter 913 I bet on a pack of spicy strips
Chapter 914 She is glowing
Chapter 915 Do it again
Chapter 916 Youth has no price
Chapter 917 This problem is very serious
Chapter 918 This matter is difficult to handle
Chapter 919 Run, young man
Chapter 920 The Little Prince Sprinkling Salt
Chapter 921 Second Grade Fever
Chapter 922 Lao Niu, you beast
Chapter 923 Persecution delusion
Chapter 924 Doesn’t your conscience hurt?
Chapter 925: Beat it up with a rake
Chapter 926 Business matters
Chapter 927 No acting skills, just feelings
Chapter 928: Pure and Great Resentment
Chapter 929 Blood-sucking Parasite
Chapter 930 Still too weak
Chapter 931 When the water is full, it will overflow; when the moon is full, it will be weak.
Chapter 932 Pansi Cave
Chapter 933 Go in and chat slowly
Chapter 934 It can’t work anymore, it can’t work anymore
Chapter 935 Another variable appears
Chapter 936 Bullying the Rabbit Too Much
Chapter 937 Taste the saltiness
Chapter 938: Feed the dog with sincerity
Chapter 939 Sustainable Development
Chapter 940 Peerless Sword Rabbit Qin Xiaobai
Chapter 941 Qin Erdan learned how to hide cards
Chapter 942 Qin Hao VS Mr. Yuan
Chapter 943 Qin Erdan, you are born
Chapter 944 Reward yourself
Chapter 945: Ancient times are not big, creating myths
Chapter 946 Qin Laoliu is serious about his career
Chapter 947 I have a friend
Chapter 948 You may make a profit, but I will never lose.
Chapter 949 The evil rabbit complained first
Chapter 950 The Demon Tribe Returns
Chapter 951 It’s all for your own good
Chapter 952 Give you a piece of advice
Chapter 953 Happiness is doubled
Chapter 954 Xiaobai’s little treasury
Chapter 955 Can I be a human being?
Chapter 956 I still have conscience
Chapter 957 Qin Laoliu whose conscience was awakened
Chapter 958 Tailor-made
Chapter 959 High Risk and High Income
Chapter 960: Resentment without knowing it
Chapter 961 Come to life
Chapter 962 Jiangnan Misty Rain
Chapter 963 Madam, you are moved
Chapter 964 Undercurrent surging
Chapter 965 The relationship in your circle is so chaotic
Chapter 966 A woman’s waist, a deadly knife
Chapter 967 No one is up there
Chapter 968 The main thing is honesty
Chapter 969 Brother Qin, you know so much
Chapter 970 Leading troops to Jiangnan
Chapter 971 Want to make progress too much
Chapter 972 The advantage lies with us
Chapter 973 You must have a conscience
Chapter 974 Kill Mu Xiu and overthrow the Qin Dynasty
Chapter 975 Please enter the urn
Chapter 976 I’m not, I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense
Chapter 977 Emperor Qin’s personal customization
Chapter 978 Everything you do is justice
Chapter 979: Invite God to Come Up
Chapter 980 Opportunities are reserved for those with thick skin
Chapter 981 Dragnet
Chapter 982 So what if I force you?
Chapter 983 Humanity VS Heaven
Chapter 984 A Blow from Heaven
Chapter 985 Human race’s luck
Chapter 986 It’s better to choose a day than to hit it
Chapter 987 After this sword, the human race flourished
Chapter 988 Earn some hard-earned money
Chapter 989 It’s all a coincidence
Chapter 990 Let’s go to hell together!
Chapter 991: How can you be a thief if you are a beautiful lady?
Chapter 992 Good brothers sharing weal and woe
Chapter 993: Scumbag behavior, seriously despised
Chapter 994 Emperor Qin doesn’t keep idle people around him
Chapter 995 Getting ready to pack
Chapter 996 It’s not the right time to come
Chapter 997 You came at the right time
Chapter 998 I want to punish you
Chapter 999 Lip Friendship
Chapter 1000 Find a crime
Chapter 1001: Getting through is a hurdle, failing is a fate
Chapter 1002 Qin Laoliu who never forgets his original intention
Chapter 1003 Oral administration of first aid medicine
Chapter 1004: Kindhearted and Bodhisattva-hearted
Chapter 1005: Exercise courage
Chapter 1006: Man’s calculation is not as good as God’s calculation
Chapter 1007: Smile for Pomeranian
Chapter 1008: Famously indifferent
Chapter 1009 The darkness before dawn
Chapter 1010 Why do people have two faces?
Chapter 1011 A waste of breath
Chapter 1012 Poisoned Milk
Chapter 1013 Did my second brother send you here?
Chapter 1014 You want to rebel!?
Chapter 1015 The first kiss of autumn
Chapter 1016 Beacon Fire Plays with the Princes
Chapter 1017 Innate Great Divine Spirit
Chapter 1018 I can’t stand it, but I can’t kill it
Chapter 1019: One Emperor and One Courtier
Chapter 1020 Rebellion progress bar...
Chapter 1021: Follow public opinion and raise troops to take action
Chapter 1022 What? The second brother rebelled!
Chapter 1023 Put on some clothes in the cold weather
Chapter 1024 He really made me cry to death...
Chapter 1025 Capture half of the country
Chapter 1026 The well-intentioned Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1027: Wrongfully Accusing a Good Man
Chapter 1028 A conscientious boss
Chapter 1029 What kind of thing do you raise?
Chapter 1030 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 1031 Important Information
Chapter 1032 Ten can’t save one
Chapter 1033 Of course I forgive him
Chapter 1034 Xiaobai’s business secrets
Chapter 1035 The Twelve Golden People
Chapter 1036 Defend and attack the city
Chapter 1037 Emperor Qin makes his debut
Chapter 1038 What’s wrong with me!?
Chapter 1039 Brother Lin, you have to believe me!
Chapter 1040 Promise not to fight back
Chapter 1041 Insulting the Gentleman
Chapter 1042 The mistress who realizes her dream
Chapter 1043 Use the sword in your hand to open the way to the future
Chapter 1044 Good intentions make people cry
Chapter 1045 Qin Feng vs Qin Hao
Chapter 1046 I am a human emperor, not an emperor
Chapter 1047 Brother’s Thigh
Chapter 1048 Emperor Qin ascends to stop the storm
Chapter 1049 Aqiu, you have changed
Chapter 1050 Refining the Way of Heaven
Chapter 1051 You also know the truth!?
Chapter 1052 A country cannot live without a king for a day
Chapter 1053 First arrival in the fairy world
Chapter 1054 Second brother, you didn’t expect it!
Chapter 1055 The monster on the talent list
Chapter 1056: You can’t change your name when you work, you can’t change your surname when you sit down
Chapter 1057 Recapture the ancestral kingdom
Chapter 1058 One person, one rabbit and two old people
Chapter 1059 Yes, I am Ye Chen!
Chapter 1060 Something urgent needs to be dealt with
Chapter 1061 The money bag left by Emperor Qin
Chapter 1062 Long Aotian of the Temple of War
Chapter 1063 I am a responsible man
Chapter 1064: Betrayal with gambling and drugs
Chapter 1065 We seek wealth rather than life
Chapter 1066 Lend you something
Chapter 1067 Star City
Chapter 1068 I will only tell you one person
Chapter 1069 Ye Zhanshens back is cold
Chapter 1070 The heart-warming pie
Chapter 1071 People on a Boat
Chapter 1072 Ye War God, famous in the immortal world
Chapter 1073 Men understand men best
Chapter 1074 The Founder of the Qin Family
Chapter 1075 The Progenitor’s Promotion
Chapter 1076 Ill-gotten Gains
Chapter 1077 Where is Ye Chen running away from his son?
Chapter 1078 Say sorry to Long Aotian
Chapter 1079 You know nothing about my strength
Chapter 1080 Qin Laoliu’s trump card
Chapter 1081 The road is narrow
Chapter 1082 Upgrade Buff
Chapter 1083 Keep it up
Chapter 1084 He is a good boy...
Chapter 1085 Long Aotian’s Guards
Chapter 1086 Business blowback
Chapter 1087 Too damn cheap
Chapter 1088 He is Qin Feng...
Chapter 1089 Qin Laoliu’s gift
Chapter 1090 The Great Oath
Chapter 1091 Mr. Yuan doesn’t work hard enough
Chapter 1092 The strange Qin Erdan
Chapter 1093 Ye Chen’s future master
Chapter 1094 Qin Laoliu becomes a disciple
Chapter 1095 Poaching
Chapter 1096 Fighting for Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1097 Qin Laoliu releases his true nature
Chapter 1098 Immortal Emperor Bloodline
Chapter 1099 Ancient Rules, The Loser Stays
Chapter 1100 A habitual criminal with a criminal record
Chapter 1101 Still coming?!
Chapter 1102 What a majesty!
Chapter 1103: They are all thousand-year-old foxes
Chapter 1104: Showing off one’s skills but not one’s body
Chapter 1105 Campus Bullying and Campus Dads
Chapter 1106 One dares to ask for it, the other dares to borrow it
Chapter 1107 All you need is an attitude
Chapter 1108 Shameless Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1109 Qin Laoliu’s good intentions
Chapter 1110 The assessment begins
Chapter 1111 Either great fortune reaches the sky, or cigarettes are handed down from the underworld
Chapter 1112 It’s not just an itch
Chapter 1113 Mission Release
Chapter 1114 Unhealthy Trend
Chapter 1115 I’m coming too...
Chapter 1116 Life is getting harder and harder
Chapter 1117 Ye Chengiegie ascends
Chapter 1118 Divide the spoils on the spot
Chapter 1119 Dare to be Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1120: Strength is ominous, the stronger you are, the stronger you become
Chapter 1121 Finally waiting for Ye Chengiegie’s plot
Chapter 1122 Madam, you don’t want to either...
Chapter 1123 Things are changing
Chapter 1124 Qin Laoliu who sacrifices himself for others
Chapter 1125: Hard to guard against
Chapter 1126 I, Qin Feng, will never surrender until I die!!
Chapter 1127 Yi Bo Yuntian Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1128 The God of War Ye who can only fight in life and death situations
Chapter 1129 This guy is so hard-boned
Chapter 1130 Finally got through the beauty trap
Chapter 1131 A random question
Chapter 1132 The Immortal Alliance is my home
Chapter 1133 Passed the Assessment
Chapter 1134 Feeling sorry for Ye Chengiegie
Chapter 1135 Ye Chengiegie feels like she can do it again
Chapter 1136 Ye Chengiegie knows the truth
Chapter 1137 The Rise of Mu Xiu
Chapter 1138 Let’s talk about apprenticeship
Chapter 1139 Born with wealth and destiny
Chapter 1140 Don’t look back
Chapter 1141 Aotian, I’m sorry
Chapter 1142 Innate Qi Yi
Chapter 1143: It’s not about cigarettes, it’s about human connection
Chapter 1144 I don’t know what politeness is.
Chapter 1145 Ye Chen is in desperate situation giegie
Chapter 1146 Don’t be too arrogant
Chapter 1147 The True Shape Map of the Five Mountains
Chapter 1148 I really don’t want to work hard anymore
Chapter 1149 If you have money, you can really do whatever you want
Chapter 1150 The clingy little goblin
Chapter 1151: Swapping someone else’s ways for someone else’s body
Chapter 1152 This matter is not simple
Chapter 1153 All the benefits
Chapter 1154 The most unpleasant thing is to see others happy
Chapter 1155 Personal Disciple
Chapter 1156 Skyfire Tower
Chapter 1157 Black-hearted Boss Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1158 The conscientious Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1159 Refining Immortal Weapons
Chapter 1160 Finally found him
Chapter 1161 Gou Daoliu’s Chosen Son
Chapter 1162 The eighth floor of the library
Chapter 1163 It’s okay if I have sex with you
Chapter 1164 The gears of fate begin to turn
Chapter 1165 The new chosen son
Chapter 1166 Qin Laoliu humbly asks for advice
Chapter 1167 Qin Laoliu never keeps idle people around him
Chapter 1168 Qin Laoliu’s Inference
Chapter 1169 Let me meet you
Chapter 1170 The smelly clip and the crane
Chapter 1171 The Principle of Being a Rabbit
Chapter 1172 The Villain’s Halo
Chapter 1173 You have to go even if you go, you have to go even if you don’t go
Chapter 1174 Ready to go
Chapter 1175 Both sides take it all
Chapter 1176 Qin Laoliu kidnapped by morality
Chapter 1177 I have become the Taoist Master
Chapter 1178 There is a feeling of déjà vu
Chapter 1179 Qian Duoduo’s Money Making Ability
Chapter 1180 Qin Laoliu corrects his mistakes
Chapter 1181 Qin Laoliu who likes to sum up experience
Chapter 1182 It slanders me, but it connotates me...
Chapter 1183 Only I feel sorry for giegie
Chapter 1184 The Secret Realm of Spirit Opens
Chapter 1185 If I am guilty...
Chapter 1186 Entering the Secret Realm of Spirit
Chapter 1187 Qin Laoliu hugging him from left to right
Chapter 1188 You make me feel sick
Chapter 1189: Forehead drops, forehead drops, all forehead drops
Chapter 1190 The filter is broken
Chapter 1191 Who agrees and who opposes
Chapter 1192 The ruins of the Immortal King are opened
Chapter 1193 The serious weapon refiner Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1194 Entering the Immortal King Ruins
Chapter 1195 He deserves it...
Chapter 1196 The Immortal King’s Inheritance
Chapter 1197 Twelve Stars and Pearls
Chapter 1198 Ye Chen, who doesn’t want to make progress, giegie
Chapter 1199 Senior Brother Qin, what are you going to do?
Chapter 1120 I’m so scared
Chapter 1121 Qin Laoliu came to the rescue
Chapter 1202 There is more and more oil and water
Chapter 1203 You have to rely on me at the critical moment
Chapter 1204: Zhao Changsheng, greedy for life and fearful of death, Qin Laoliu, generous and righteous
Chapter 1205 Immortal Binding Rope
Chapter 1206: Youth has no price, Qin Laoliu is very considerate
Chapter 1207: Killing with a borrowed knife vs. framing the blame
Chapter 1208 Qin Laoliu was hunted down
Chapter 1209 You are just too kind
Chapter 1210 Still not working hard enough
Chapter 1211 No dreams at all
Chapter 1212 Lingyuan City
Chapter 1213 Can’t afford any big waves
Chapter 1214 It doesn’t look like acting
Chapter 1215 Looking for someone to take the blame
Chapter 1216 Repeated offender Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1217 The script is in progress...
Chapter 1218 Releasing good news
Chapter 1219 Qin Laoliu is preparing to ship goods
Chapter 1220 Continue to raise prices
Chapter 1221: Borrow life, but spend it if you don’t have life
Chapter 1222 The wind is tight, pull!
Chapter 1223 Clearing the Prize Pool
Chapter 1224 Victory will definitely belong to us
Chapter 1225 The road goes to the dark side
Chapter 1226 Qin Laoliu starts to blame
Chapter 1227 Let Qin Feng get out
Chapter 1228 Qin Laoliu’s alibi
Chapter 1229 Even though I have words, I can’t explain clearly.
Chapter 1230 Please baby turn around
Chapter 1231 Promoting the privatization process of Xianmeng
Chapter 1232 The face is something external to the body
Chapter 1233 Lao Zhao, you miss me so much
Chapter 1234 I would rather offend a gentleman than a villain
Chapter 1235 Zhao Changsheng was dissed again
Chapter 1236 Help others to the end
Chapter 1237 The thoughtful Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1238 Qin Laoliu who pays wages
Chapter 1239 Mistress Ascends
Chapter 1240 Qin Xiaobai wins by lying down
Chapter 1241 The Fourth Elder who goes crazy every day
Chapter 1242 The hope that Mr. Liu sees
Chapter 1243 The fairy world is no longer peaceful
Chapter 1244 I am all for the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 1245 The Strange Creature Room
Chapter 1246 Killing mistresses everywhere
Chapter 1247 Have you ever given others a chance?
Chapter 1248 I love mistress to death
Chapter 1249: Living in this world, why fear the future?
Chapter 1250 A good harvest day
Chapter 1251 Just spoil him!
Chapter 1252 The Real Lady
Chapter 1253 Report Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1254 Forgave Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1255 Understanding the needs of the rich woman
Chapter 1256 You prodigal bitch
Chapter 1257 If nothing happens, something will happen.
Chapter 1258: Born unworthy of knowing my name
Chapter 1259 Qin Laoliu was squeezed
Chapter 1260 Appointment of the Founder of the Qin Family
Chapter 1261 Zi Yuan will be strong in life
Chapter 1262 The greatest fate arranged by God
Chapter 1263 Life-saving Medicine
Chapter 1264 War begins
Chapter 1265 Just asking if you dare to follow?
Chapter 1266 Qin Laoliu is upset
Chapter 1267 Then fight
Chapter 1268 I know you are at home
Chapter 1269 This is simply too much bullying
Chapter 1270 Reputation Guaranteed
Chapter 1271 Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet
Chapter 1272 Another reason to like him
Chapter 1273 Ye Chengiegie is confused
Chapter 1274 Jealousy changes people beyond recognition
Chapter 1275 Strong Ye Chengiegie
Chapter 1276 A Little Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1277 I want to punish him
Chapter 1278: Still quibbling when death is imminent
Chapter 1279 Living like what I hate the most
Chapter 1280 Go find Mistress
Chapter 1281 Separated as soon as they met
Chapter 1282 Ye Chen’s giegie beeping quietly
Chapter 1283: Ancient times did not support idle people
Chapter 1284 New Scam
Chapter 1285 Two-way love
Chapter 1286 Qin Laoliu takes advantage of the situation
Chapter 1287 Evil prevails over good
Chapter 1288 The duplicitous woman
Chapter 1289 Confirming the target
Chapter 1290: Raise rabbits for a thousand days, use rabbits for a while
Chapter 1291 Qin Laoliu secretly adds to the drama
Chapter 1292 The product produced by the system must be a high-quality product
Chapter 1293 You got the wrong person
Chapter 1294 Ye Chengiegie who has been being hunted
Chapter 1295: Just a weapon refiner
Chapter 1296 Don’t wrongly accuse good people
Chapter 1297 Love Qin Feng’s little brother
Chapter 1298 Have you loved me too?!
Chapter 1299 Qin Laoliu’s declaration of battle
Chapter 1300 The heart of Tao is in spring
Chapter 1301 Believe in Ye Chengiegie
Chapter 1302 Ye Chengiegie’s ranking
Chapter 1303 Ye Chengiegie feels okay again
Chapter 1304 Amazing Everyone
Chapter 1305 Ye Chen becomes a disciple, Lao Liu makes trouble
Chapter 1306 Ye Chen gets out of the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 1307 Ye Chen was given eye drops by giegie
Chapter 1308 Ye Chengiegie got promoted
Chapter 1309: Different ways, no conspiracy
Chapter 1310 Everyone has learned to answer questions
Chapter 1311 Rescue the poor little sister
Chapter 1312 Zi Yuan’s opportunity has come
Chapter 1313 The inheritance of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1314 Qin Laoliu cannot be left idle
Chapter 1315 Qin Laoliu has too many tricks
Chapter 1316 The Last Wish of Evil Emperors of Past Dynasties
Chapter 1317 The First Hero
Chapter 1318 The Arrival of Immortal Emperor Lingxiao
Chapter 1319 Qin Laoliu’s Quotation
Chapter 1320 A stumbling block on the road to love
Chapter 1321 It has nothing to do with me
Chapter 1322 Fairy Mengyao and I are innocent
Chapter 1323 Leader of the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 1324 Qin Laoliu who throws dirty water
Chapter 1325 Edit, keep editing!
Chapter 1326 The caring Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1327: Moon on the willow branches, meeting after dusk
Chapter 1328 The clingy little puppy
Chapter 1329 The death order issued by Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1330 Lao Zhao, I finally found you!
Chapter 1331 The overwhelming blessing
Chapter 1332 I don’t believe it…
Chapter 1333 Life Forbidden Technique
Chapter 1334 The rise of Ye Chengiegie
Chapter 1335 I am Ye Chen from the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 1336 People are forced out...
Chapter 1337 Very stupid and innocent
Chapter 1338: When it’s over, brush off your clothes and go away
Chapter 1339 The Ancient Ascension Season
Chapter 1340 It’s easy to control Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1341 The hungry mistress
Chapter 1342 Don’t understand, but respect
Chapter 1343 Ye Chengiegie learned the truth
Chapter 1344 The injury is on him, the pain is on my heart
Chapter 1345 Raise an army for a thousand days, use it for a while
Chapter 1346 You can always come up with something new
Chapter 1347 Go out to avoid the limelight
Chapter 1348 The ruthless Qin Erdan
Chapter 1349 The dark and windy night
Chapter 1350 The hard worker
Chapter 1351 We are all bandits
Chapter 1352 Daqin Professional Team
Chapter 1353 You don’t have to worry...
Chapter 1354 I love you so much
Chapter 1355 Arriving at the Eastern Border Area
Chapter 1356: Suffering is a blessing
Chapter 1357 In a hurry, the next one
Chapter 1358 A professional team mixed in the crowd
Chapter 1359 It’s either shit or shit
Chapter 1360 They are a professional team
Chapter 1361 Just wait for me...
Chapter 1362 The head-stealing Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1363 Use the most cowardly lines and say the cruelest words
Chapter 1364 Forbearance and Wealth
Chapter 1365 This bitch doesn’t look like a good person!
Chapter 1366 Despicable
Chapter 1367 The breath of an old friend
Chapter 1368: Immorality brings smoking ancestral genes
Chapter 1369 Unkind Invitation
Chapter 1370 Ye Chen, you are very strong, we choose Qin Feng
Chapter 1371: Offended Lao Liu and still wants to leave...
Chapter 1372: The main focus is to spread the rain and dew evenly
Chapter 1373 Your spirit is still there
Chapter 1374: I can’t change my name, but I can’t change my surname
Chapter 1375 The Third Form
Chapter 1376 You are still the worst...
Chapter 1377 Fang Chang’s Reward
Chapter 1378 The uncompromising Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1379 Ledger
Chapter 1380 A grateful heart
Chapter 1381 Jiao Family
Chapter 1382 Lao Liu and Mr. Yuan have a heart-to-heart connection
Chapter 1383 I just want to make progress too much
Chapter 1384 Take me with you to make money
Chapter 1385 Qin Feng’s pigtails
Chapter 1386 Hong Xing in the Five Gods Costume
Chapter 1387 The powerful master of the third lane
Chapter 1388 Fighting for the Seal of the Avenue
Chapter 1389 What a bad luck
Chapter 1390 Hand over Fang Chang
Chapter 1391 Being feared is safer than being loved
Chapter 1392 Qin Laoliu is making trouble
Chapter 1393: You want to run away after provoking us
Chapter 1394 You are in the same group
Chapter 1395 Qin Laoliu’s cold heart
Chapter 1396: Opportunity to commit crimes against the odds
Chapter 1397: Sisters rush to duck!
Chapter 1398 No one can refuse me
Chapter 1399 It’s you, Long Aotian
Chapter 1400: Having fun alone is not as good as having fun with everyone
Chapter 1401 Why are you forcing me?
Chapter 1402: Young girl seduces people, young woman seduces people
Chapter 1403 Alliance leader? Cute leader!
Chapter 1404 Linglong Dao Heart
Chapter 1405 Support Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1406: There must be life in your eyes
Chapter 1407: Searching for Qin Laoliu like a carpet
Chapter 1408 Steady Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1409 Witch Clan Bloodline vs Immortal Emperor Bloodline
Chapter 1410 The Boomerang of Destiny
Chapter 1411 It’s exciting just thinking about it
Chapter 1412 Killing three birds with one stone
Chapter 1413 I feel like I can do it again
Chapter 1414 The third small gourd
Chapter 1415 This emperor has nothing to do with him
Chapter 1416 Gusts of wind
Chapter 1417 Qin Feng is indeed a threat
Chapter 1418 I became a son-in-law
Chapter 1419 A small ancient shock
Chapter 1420 Shock is not enough
Chapter 1421 Qin Feng, you have today too!
Chapter 1422 Blooming Life
Chapter 1423: He chases, he escapes
Chapter 1424 Space Gourd
Chapter 1425: Reluctant to leave the child but unable to trap the wolf
Chapter 1426 You are in big trouble
Chapter 1427: Join if you can’t beat him
Chapter 1428 Just surrender and capture him!
Chapter 1429 It’s not that they are too good, it’s that Qin Feng is too perverted
Chapter 1430 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 1431 Adulterer and adulteress
Chapter 1432 I am the only one with good character...
Chapter 1433 Mr. Yuan’s sword
Chapter 1434 Sister, I am dying
Chapter 1435 Qin Laoliu is supported by others
Chapter 1436 High-end alliance
Chapter 1437 Protect our Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1438 Qin Laoliu’s sense of crisis
Chapter 1439 The cold female bodyguard
Chapter 1440 You are the first
Chapter 1441 The Cauldron of Creation of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1442 Angry Long Aotian
Chapter 1143 There must be a reason
Chapter 1144: Brother and you are connected heart to heart, and the sixth brother is playing tricks with you.
Chapter 1145 There are still many good people in the world
Chapter 1146 Because of love...
Chapter 1147 Professional team in action
Chapter 1148 I just want good love**
Chapter 1149 The Sun is True Fire
Chapter 1450 Qin Laoliu looked aggrieved
Chapter 1451 Victim Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1452 The Blessing of the Avenue
Chapter 1453 I would like to be blindfolded
Chapter 1454 Life-saving Medicine Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1455 No trace of performance
Chapter 1456 Fang Chang is doomed
Chapter 1457 This is my line
Chapter 1458 A young woman has three good qualities
Chapter 1459: Being targeted by dirty things.
Chapter 1460 Help you
Chapter 1461 As long as I am here, don’t even think about it
Chapter 1462 Breaking the Road with Sword
Chapter 1463 Why...
Chapter 1464 A loud noise in the sky
Chapter 1465: Making things more difficult for Long Aotian
Chapter 1466 Is this called fate?
Chapter 1467 Tears flowed from the corners of the mouth
Chapter 1468 Qin Laoliu poaching
Chapter 1469 You hesitated
Chapter 1470 Doesn’t your conscience hurt!?
Chapter 1471 Bullying honest people
Chapter 1472 Seeds of Doubt
Chapter 1473 Five Colors Divine Light
Chapter 1474 It’s not appropriate to put him there
Chapter 1475 Heart to Heart, Playing with Brains
Chapter 1476 The three loudspeakers Qin Laoliu found
Chapter 1477 The Birth of Guyuan Sword
Chapter 1478 You succeeded, let’s go!
Chapter 1479: Talk about defeating the entire region
Chapter 1480 There is no truth in this boy’s mouth
Chapter 1481 Alternative Plan
Chapter 1482 You don’t understand him at all
Chapter 1483 Lao Deng and Huang Mao
Chapter 1484 The mysterious boy
Chapter 1485: The fisherman gains profits and takes advantage of others
Chapter 1486 Mr. Yuan violated the rules of heaven
Chapter 1487 The Wind in Destiny
Chapter 1488 Choice is more important than hard work
Chapter 1489 The Supreme Book
Chapter 1490 The Su Family in the Northern Territory
Chapter 1491 It makes no sense at all
Chapter 1492 All the books went into the dog’s belly
Chapter 1493 Sacrificing Hue
Chapter 1494 Junior Brother Qin, you don’t want to either...
Chapter 1495 Everything is full of vitality
Chapter 1496 I missed you, so I came here
Chapter 1497 Kung Fu summed up in actual combat
Chapter 1498 Be careful there is an assassin behind you
Chapter 1499 Blood Feedback
Chapter 1500 Dad, you lied to me again!
Chapter 1501 What will the naughty kid go through...
Chapter 1502 Deliberate or accidental
Chapter 1503 Good Luck
Chapter 1504 It’s hard to say...
Chapter 1505 Qin Laoliu looking for flaws
Chapter 1506 Obtaining the Supreme Book of Heaven
Chapter 1507 Qin Laoliu educates children
Chapter 1508: Framing the blame
Chapter 1509 Refuse to fish at work
Chapter 1510 Qin Laoliu, a somewhat conscientious person
Chapter 1511 Qin Feng is quiet and must be acting like a monster
Chapter 1512 Lao Zhao makes his debut
Chapter 1513 The sweaty Qin Laoliu
Chapter 1514 I am a screw
Chapter 1515 Baby Lan is here
Chapter 1516 I am guilty, I confess
Chapter 1517 Qin Laoliu is frank and lenient
Chapter 1518 Lao Zhao has nothing to say
Chapter 1519 The world is undecided, you and I are both dark horses
Chapter 1520: Strike first to gain advantage, strike later to suffer disaster
Chapter 1521 Qin Laoliu doesn’t mind watching the fun
Chapter 1522 Qin Laoliu, the troublemaker
Chapter 1523 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 1524 It’s him, it must be him
Chapter 1525 Helping out
Chapter 1526 The Successor of Long Aotian
Chapter 1527 The reason for choosing Qin Laoliu...
Chapter 1528 I’m going to speed up
Chapter 1529 Disobedience, spanking
Chapter 1530 Qin Laoliu’s tears...
Chapter 1531: Restoration of Great Yàn
Chapter 1532 No matter what choice you make, you will lose
Chapter 1533 You are not her...
Chapter 1534 Qin Laoliu’s Lan Baobao
Chapter 1535 I believe him...
Chapter 1536 Lan Baobao vs Lan Baobao
Chapter 1537 This can be possible...
Chapter 1538 The tiger is not at home, the monkey is king