Chapter 26 Immortal

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 Chapter 755 Immortal

Discrimination is for sure. Bailang and Zhou Xianda, the Qianshan master, are the same. Black-skinned and white-skinned people are not considered human beings at all in their eyes. "The Yi Di people can still be considered human beings, but Bai Di is not like this gang."

Angsa has nothing to do with the Germanic Gauls. They are just lower-level forest beasts. As for the black-skinned ones, they are not as good as the southern barbarians. They are also a generation of beasts. Except for me, the descendants of China, there are no people who can be regarded as human beings.

Even the barbarians are considered uncivilized people, and the others are not considered human beings."

In fact, if the ancient Qin Dynasty, that is, the Roman Empire, were still around, they would be considered civilized people, while Gaul could only be considered monkeys. And now those who are fluttering in the sea outside the island are black and white monkeys, not considered human beings. They are considered

The little book called Dongyi managed to reach the shore and lay down on the beach exhausted.

Bailang looked at these barbarians and didn't do anything, because other strange beasts had already arrived - it was a huge white fox that looked like a bus, with nine tails spread out behind it like a tail. "I think they were probably shouting.

Tamamo-mae." Anyway, it was quite interesting to watch these Japanese soldiers kneel there and kowtow, but no one really wanted to take out a gun and shoot them.

"This fox looks really beautiful." Bai Lang was not afraid of these strange beasts. He couldn't beat him anyway, at least not with the ones in front of him. "Hey, he's back." Bai Lang looked up at the sky and saw a man wearing a Taoist robe sitting there.

On the clouds, he chanted in his mouth, "Lying on nine layers of clouds, the truth is on the futon." Bai Lang was shocked when he heard it, "This person is really bold and has no shame! How can he sing casually?"

Fortunately, the Taoist didn't sing anymore in the end, instead he jabbered and said some nonsense about the Great Enlightenment Golden Immortal Bu Er. Anyway, the last sentence was about breaking the stubborn sky, Wukong. Bailang didn't even want to hear it. Anyway, this guy's head fell.

At first glance, he really looks like a real immortal with the appearance of a human and a dog. This week Xianda now has five thin long beards, a bun on his head and a Taoist crown, which is a lotus crown inlaid with gold and jade.

The Bagua Taoist robe on his body was blue and full of fairy spirit. However, Bai Lang knew that there was a vacuum inside. This real man was probably not even wearing pants. When Bai Lang saw this man coming in the posture of a fairy, he immediately said, "The master is here, this time

You can handle the trouble yourself. By the way, if you have any elixirs, give them to me first!" After saying that, he started to pick them up.

"Don't be impatient." Zhou Xianda looked solemn and quickly took out a gourd. Master Qianshan directly poured out two small jade bottles from the gourd, "A bottle of Qi Restoring Pill, based on your skill,

You can fill it up by taking three or five pills of it. There is no erysipelas, so you can eat it as you like. I won’t give you rubbish like Bigu Pill, which is not as useful as fairy beans. The other one is Intermittent Ointment, which is the kind that is poured out

Cut it in half, take half orally and dissolve the other half with water and apply it on the wound, the kind that will heal immediately.”

"That's it?" Bai Lang was quite dissatisfied, "Okay? Do you want to stretch your legs and stare at the pills? Take one and you will become an immortal!" Zhou Xianda pretended to reach out to rub the old mud under the creaking nest. "Go and rest, rest!" Bai Lang did the same.

After saying this, he walked directly on the waves.

"I don't care how much this thief is trying to deceive people." Bailang thought on the way back. "I don't like it anyway." He looked at the amphibious warfare ship of Chou Country in the distance and really rubbed his chin, wondering if he should do it.

A fucking vote. In the end, considering the mythical beast, I spit in that direction and left.

"I think the masters in the world are all members of the same family." Bai Lang thought it would be better for him to be the enemy of the masters. Now that he was back on land, he was going to start killing.

Bailang jumped into the sky, and within half an hour he had returned to his rented apartment after performing the real Qinggong of Thousands of Miles Alone. "As expected, people from the yamen were monitoring everything." Bailang took a casual look and said.

He can sense that dozens of people are monitoring him nearby, and those private individuals are probably inaccessible now.

The higher-ups should be having a meeting as to how to deal with masters like Bai Lang, "I think they have to deal with it." Because now even Zhou Xianda has appeared, and the Zhou Xianda-Bailang system is really going to give the relevant departments a headache.

For Bailang, it's mostly Yingzi - that is, watch what Bailang is going to do, and then consider how to react.

For example, if Bailang goes out to rent a house now, he is 100% sure that he will rent a cheap one in Dabieye, and most of the time it will even come with housekeeping services. And if he still wants to be on any show, this is unlikely. Bailang himself

I'm afraid he may not be able to pull off this face after becoming a saint - of course, if he insists, there will also be a 100% chance that a major martial arts production will find him as the leading actor.

In short, as long as Bai Lang doesn't cause trouble, his superiors will definitely make his "wishful wishes come true", and even just ask for money directly. Bai Lang's previous martial arts display is almost miraculous, and it can be regarded as one of the five unique types in martial arts fairy tales.

A master, and Bai Lang is at the same level as the supernatural power.

As for what kind of treatment the immortal Zhou Xianda will receive? Bai Lang thinks that counting up, there is probably no upper limit for positions except for the elders, right? After all, this person really has the means of immortality, and practicing martial arts requires immortality. From the novel

It seems that it is definitely not as good as cultivating Taoism and living forever.

Bailang did as he said, and immediately walked to the agency store and asked, "Rent a house, are there any good houses?" The man who received him, Bailang could sense that this was someone from the relevant department. The house Bailang wanted was big, relatively quiet, but

The transportation should be convenient, and it is best to go to a lively place when you go out - it is quite tricky. Of course, the other party knew it, and directly recommended a quiet villa to him.

This man pretended to be an agent for those who admired martial arts masters like Bai Lang. He said that he wanted Bai Lang to help him see if he wanted Bai Lang to help him without paying the agent's fee. If not, could his "family" do it? Of course he requested it.

It doesn't matter if the tone is not good, there is still no agency fee. "It's a small favor, who are you looking down on?" Bai Lang thought, but he didn't want to make a fuss, "It's not easy to find food."

Bailang really pretended to take a serious look - the other party also called a young man and said that this was his nephew, "No, it would be good to practice karate or something like that, but internal martial arts will definitely not work, hahaha. Hey,

It's not that I don't teach." Bailang winked and rubbed his fingers to show his approval.

Of course he was just having fun. If he really taught it, people in this world wouldn't be able to practice it. He had already said that the vitality of heaven and earth was very solidified. It was necessary for Bai Lang to personally take action to directly dredge the students' meridians and open the bridge between heaven and earth.

, send him directly to the innate realm - how troublesome is this? What kind of price is worth Bailang's doing this?


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