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deduction paradise

deduction paradise

author:I'm very dedicated

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 238 Breaking

Power! 'Welcome to deduction paradise.'

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《deduction paradise》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 238 Breaking
Chapter 237: Camp Store
Chapter 236 Target
Chapter 235 Spirit
Chapter 234 Bridge
Chapter 233 Is this Class D?
Chapter 232 Scientific Research Group
Chapter 231 D Class?
Chapter 230 Level
《deduction paradise》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The deduction begins
Chapter 2 War begins
Chapter 3 Are you all playing me?
Chapter 4 Newcomer World Competition
Chapter 5 Tribe
Chapter 6 The Master
Chapter 7 Bloodbath
Chapter 8 Are you a bandit?
Chapter 9 Awakened Camp
Chapter 10: What do you say about the dominator at the beginning?
Chapter 11 Vision
Chapter 12 Breakout
Chapter Thirteen Bloody Battle
Chapter 14 The End
Chapter 15 World Main Mission
Chapter 16 The Interference of the Awakened
Chapter 17 Restricted Area
Chapter 18 The conspiracy of outsiders
Chapter 19 Main Mission Guidance
Chapter 20 Destroy the world coordinates
Chapter 21 Riot
Chapter 22 Skill Book
Chapter 23 The Worst Evil God Projection in History
Chapter 24 Soul Binding Liquid
Chapter 25 New Main Line
Chapter 26 The Origin of the Black Moon
Chapter 27 The second main mission
Chapter 28 The Immortal Dark Wizard
Chapter 29 Behead!
Chapter 30 Reward
Chapter 31 Organizing
Chapter 32 Guild
Chapter 33: Ring Cutting
Chapter 34 Xiaoyi
Chapter 35 Main World
Chapter 36 Master
Chapter 37 Qixing Continent
Chapter 38 Camp
Chapter 39 Refuge
Chapter 40 Mutants
Chapter 41 Resistance Agent
Chapter 42 The Four Gods of Chaos
Chapter 43 Void Main Mission
Chapter 44 Awakening
Chapter 45 Legion
Chapter 46 Strategy
Chapter 47 Massacre of the City
Chapter 48: Power Disruptor
Chapter 49 Absolute Defense
Chapter 50 Corpse Tide
Chapter 51 Neurotoxins
Chapter 52 Third Party
Chapter 53 Why are you so persistent?
Chapter 54: People with superpowers are nothing more than that
Chapter 55 Lockdown
Chapter 56 Yu Family
Chapter 57 Heart of the Swarm
Chapter 58 Strong Enemy
Chapter 59 Betting on Life
Chapter 60 Behead!
Chapter 61: A lot of money
Chapter 62: I am weak just because I have to upgrade the ring!
Chapter 63 Nectar
Chapter 64: Same level PK match
Chapter 65 Conspiracy?
Chapter 66 Escape
Chapter 67: Leaving
Chapter 68 Anger
Chapter 69: All members of the Black Iron Order
Chapter 70 Officer
Chapter 71 Attack
Chapter 72 Tranquility
Chapter 73 Your name
Chapter 74 You look like a god of war
Chapter 75 What are you pretending to be?
Chapter 76: Energy Robe
Chapter 77 Gift
Chapter 78 Making trouble
Chapter 79 Elimination
Chapter 80 True Intention
Chapter 81 The Envoy of Light
Chapter 82 Two people who hate each other
Chapter 83 Extreme Blade·Frost
Chapter 84 Freeze!
Chapter 85: Breaking through
Chapter 86 Four Realm Monsters
Chapter 87 Bloodline Awakening: Void Demon!
Chapter 88 Exit
Chapter 89 Trial
Chapter 90 Evolution
Chapter 91 A world-class disaster
Chapter 92 Nether Warrior
Chapter 93 Unshakable Power
Chapter 94: Justice Two Against One
Chapter 95 Extreme Blade·Virtual Flame
Chapter 96 The Conjurer
Chapter 97 Dihua
Chapter 98 This world must have a *demon king
Chapter 99 Building the City
Chapter 100 The Weakest Race and the Weakest Paradise
Chapter 101: Follow your heart
Chapter 102 One-on-one
Chapter 103 Bi Bo Xuan
Chapter 104: Hundred Ember Dragon Armor!
Chapter 105 Who is the Summoner?
Chapter 106 Bu Xiang is having fun!
Chapter 107 Are they all the sixth child?
Chapter 108: Human or Elf?
Chapter 109 The difficulty is starting to go wrong
Chapter 110 The strongest genius Shangguan Haitai!
Chapter 111 Ascension to Immortality
Chapter 112 Earth Immortal
Chapter 113: Have a good journey
Chapter 114 The First and Last Humans
Chapter 115 The Sword of Heaven
Chapter 116: Optional
Chapter 117 Strengthening
Chapter 118 Another Crazy One
Chapter 119 Becoming poor again
Chapter 120: What a pie in the sky
Chapter 121 The trial begins
Chapter 122 Broken Star
Chapter 123 The Mystery of Withering
Chapter 124: The Malicious Troops
Chapter 125 Strange Disease
Chapter 126: Witch
Chapter 127 Sky Thunder
Chapter 128 Scam
Chapter 129 Rialto
Chapter 130 Duke
Chapter 131 Hunting
Chapter 132 Hurd
Chapter 133 Target
Chapter 134 The God of Blight and Death
Chapter 135 Soft Fire
Chapter 136 The Witch of Disaster
Chapter 137 Harvest
Extra: New Year’s greetings
Extra chapter: Heresy (contributed by book friends)
Chapter 138 The Fuse
Chapter 139: Extreme One Minute
Chapter 140 Game
Chapter 141 Contract
Chapter 142 Dissipation
Chapter 143 Return
Chapter 144: Arrangement and Confusion
Chapter 145 Ugly
Chapter 146 The Truth
Chapter 147: So annoying!
Chapter 148 Trial Space
Chapter 149: Death
Chapter 150 Nerves on the verge of collapse
Chapter 151 The bond buried deep in the heart
Chapter 152 The Hunter in the Dark
Chapter 153: Encirclement and Encirclement
Chapter 154 The Invisible Enemy
Chapter 155 Heart
Chapter 156 The beginning of the counterattack by both sides
Chapter 157 Candlelight
Chapter 158 The Rain of Death
Chapter 159 The Past
Chapter 160 Choice
Chapter 161: Past, Present, Family and Friendship
Chapter 162 Blank
Chapter 163: Just a few hundred million dollars
Chapter 164 Wow ~ Golden Legend!
Chapter 165: I sat up in shock while dying of illness, the swordsman was actually me?
Chapter 166: Battle for Coordinates
Chapter 167 Testing
Chapter 168 Lady Luck is Smiling
Chapter 169 The Dragon Knight of Black Flame
Chapter 170 Something seems wrong?
Chapter 171 Let’s just say, is this game a bit unbalanced?
Chapter 172 Dwarf! It’s useless to give you a chance!
Chapter 173 Arrival
Chapter 174 Mirror Reflection
Chapter 175: Spiritual Candle Dragon
Chapter 176 Mutation
Chapter 177 Demon
Chapter 178 Distortion
Chapter 179: Unique
Chapter 180 Emperor Hao Lingbing
Chapter 181 Demon Crusade
Chapter 182 Three Demons Fight Three Parties
Chapter 183 The evil demon retreats!
Chapter 184: One for one
Chapter 185 One person fights three parties
Chapter 186 Just a little god
Chapter 187 Ji Cezheng
Chapter 188 The Incomprehensible Man
Chapter 189 If there is an afterlife
Chapter 190 Light Mayfly
Chapter 191: The thing about my all-round development of attribute values ??and my crazy career development
Chapter 192 Pharmacist
Extra: Shenduan’s birthday
Chapter 193 Special World
Chapter 194 Development
Chapter 195 Ethnic Group
Chapter 196: What is clan?
Chapter 197 Sticky, Explosive, Disgusting
Chapter 198 Team of Ten
Chapter 199 Angelo Ye Ming
Chapter 200 Two-front crisis
Chapter 201: Storm Strike
Chapter 202: The Blessed of Knowledge
Chapter 203 Three Parties
Chapter 204 Self
Chapter 205: War Machines
Chapter 206: New Beginning
Chapter 207 Main Continent
Chapter 208: Only the second level
Chapter 209 The Land Made by God
Chapter 210 Sword Spirit
Chapter 211 Seal
Chapter 212: Misfortunes never come singly
A New Year's sketch of my big promotion
Chapter 213 Queen
Chapter 214 Responsibility
Chapter 215: Light Spirit Clan
Chapter 216 Humans
Chapter 217 The war begins
Chapter 218: Defeat
Chapter 219 Return!
Chapter 220: Open the Sky!
Chapter 221 Cracked version?
Chapter 222: About the fact that I had just entered the second level and was inexplicably close to the third level.
Chapter 223: Why are you opening a biological park?
Chapter 224 Long Step
Chapter 225: All second-level members
Chapter 226: Dark Night Swordsman? Dark Night Sword God!
Chapter 227: Team of eight, assembled
Chapter 228 Mist
Chapter 229 Stronghold
Chapter 230 Level
Chapter 231 D Class?
Chapter 232 Scientific Research Group
Chapter 233 Is this Class D?
Chapter 234 Bridge
Chapter 235 Spirit
Chapter 236 Target
Chapter 237: Camp Store
Chapter 238 Breaking