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Why is the Demon King like this?

Why is the Demon King like this?

author:July gourd

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:01-06 23:40

Latest chapter:my confession

Conquer other worlds, beat up brave men, and conquer all nations. The Lord of the Demon Clan's revival, the greatest wizard in the world, and the gravedigger of the gods' girls. I vow to break the scepter of the Supreme Goddess and plant the demon clan's flag throughout the divine world. .From then on, all races were converted and the great cause of unification was achieved! Ah... none of the above will happen. Because the Demon King has been killed by a brave man (sad).·So this is a story about the Demon King traveling through time.·Keywords :Pseudo-Tokyo, Yokai

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《Why is the Demon King like this?》The latest nine chapters
my confession
Chapter 54 Departure
Chapter 53 Phone calls and curses
Chapter 52 Love Letter
Chapter 51 The role of puppets
Chapter 50 Secrecy and Plan
Chapter 49 Teppanyaki
Chapter 48 Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 47 Haircut
《Why is the Demon King like this?》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Qing Keisuke appears like this
Chapter 2 Occupation: Neon High School Student
Chapter 3 Arisu River Asuka
Chapter 4 Abnormal Spirituality
Chapter 5 Spiritual Laws
Chapter 6 Don’t go into the alley late at night
Chapter 7 Naming
Chapter 8 It seems like a chance encounter in the morning
Chapter 9 Literary girls know it very well
Chapter 10 How about eel rice?
Chapter 11 So I’m getting ready to start school
Chapter 12 Accident before going to school
Chapter Thirteen Spiritual Soil
Chapter 14 Miko
Chapter 15 The ramp and conversation in front of Kukai
Chapter 16 Mutual assistance is a human virtue
Chapter 17 Spiritual Sleep
Chapter 18 Hanako
Chapter 19: Believe in the cards and fight!
Chapter 20 What is going to bring is victory
Chapter 21 Chizuru
Chapter 22 Please cheer for me!
Chapter 23 Duel
Chapter 24 After school
Chapter 25 Calling Hanako
Chapter 26 Another distinguished guest in the toilet
Chapter 27 The curse called lies
Chapter 28 oh no, oh yes!
Chapter 29 Ambiguous misunderstanding
Chapter 30: Untimely Holding Hands
Chapter 31 Self-denial and Wildness
Chapter 32 Missing
Chapter 33: Punch freely!
Chapter 34 Thursday will come as usual
Chapter 35 Black Jade
Chapter 36 Take a walk
Chapter 37 Morning Run
Chapter 38 Breakfast
Chapter 39: Exorcism, with Chizuru Shiraishi
Chapter 40 School Doctor’s Home Visit
Chapter 41 Chizuru Shiraishi is attacking
Chapter 42 Appearing as a saint in front of others?
Chapter 43 Forgotten Things
Chapter 44 Swimming Lessons
Chapter 45 The network is slightly delayed
Chapter 46 Let’s have a supper together, three of us
Chapter 47 A pleasant night is about to begin
Chapter 48 It can be even more lively
Chapter 49 There are also sideshows
Chapter 50 The Ghost of Mirage World
Chapter 51: The weapon of control
Chapter 52 A sword flashed by when the wind roared
Chapter 53 Tyrant Sword
Chapter 54 The other side of the night
Chapter 55 Staying Overnight
Chapter 56: Their own plans
Chapter 57 Sausage Omelette
Chapter 58: Related Societies
Chapter 59 The witch who refuses to lag behind tonight
Chapter 60 Kaiseki cuisine and towels
Chapter 61: The witch has to stay overnight
Chapter 62 Looking for Sakana
Chapter 63 The girl sitting by the window
Chapter 64: Hoshino’s first meeting
Chapter 65 Training
Chapter 66: Make a decision
Chapter 67 Danger
Chapter 68: Chizuru Shiraishi is a substitute messenger?
Chapter 69 Looking for Stars
Chapter 70 Joining the Society
Chapter 71 Message at night
Chapter 72 The first club activity
Chapter 73 Wishes and Surprising Files
Chapter 74 Letters from the past
Chapter 75: Set off to the beach
Chapter 76 Book
Chapter 77 Surfing
Chapter 78 Falling into the sea together
Chapter 79 The Second Poem
Chapter 80: Let’s have a cup of coffee in the afternoon
Chapter 81 Three Questions
Chapter 82 Reference Movie
Chapter 83: Chat in the club (coming out tomorrow?!)
Chapter 84 Three wins are like this
Chapter 85 The White Fox Believes
Chapter 86 Kamaba Yui’s letter
Chapter 87 Power Bank
Chapter 88 Conversations with ghosts and girls
Chapter 89: Harassment
Chapter 90 The ball skills competition begins
Chapter 91 The twentieth shot
Chapter 92 Hoshino is smiling
Chapter 93 The rest of the letter
Chapter 94 Competition
Chapter 95 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 96 Hanako No. 1
Chapter 97 Dusk in the Medical Room
Chapter 98 Shadows in Dusk
Chapter 99 Innarius
Pull up the crotch bar
Chapter 100 Rena Kobayashi doesn’t understand
Chapter 101 The last day of the sports competition
Chapter 102 Football Competition (2)
Chapter 103 Football Competition (3)
Chapter 104 Football Competition (4)
Chapter 105 Football Competition (5)
Chapter 106 Football Competition (6)
Chapter 107 Football Conference (7)
Chapter 108 Discussion
Chapter 109 Best Friend
Chapter 110 Confusing Things
Chapter 111 The Price of Desire
Chapter 112 Rejection
Chapter 113 Half a Japanese Song
Chapter 114 Abnormal Love
Chapter 115 Dinner Party
Chapter 116 The promised dinner party!
Chapter 117 The second eel rice
Pull up the crotch bar
Chapter 118 Shopping
Chapter 119 Late Night Snack
Chapter 120 Everyone is here
Chapter 121 It’s about to begin, Friday night
Chapter 122 The master speaks
Chapter 123 Chatting and Divination
Chapter 124 Blood
Chapter 125 Stars attracting each other
Chapter 126 The results of divination
Chapter 127 Early Morning
Chapter 128 The same morning
Chapter 129 Afternoon Study Meeting and Night Tour
Chapter 130 Yuki Lingqi
Chapter 131 On the way to school
Chapter 132 Lunch
Chapter 133 An afternoon tea party for two people
Chapter 134 Favorite Poem
Chapter 135 Visitors in the activity room
Chapter 136 Hoshino’s Dream
Chapter 137 Lunch Break
Chapter 138 The Secret of the Bracelet
Chapter 139 Looking for a way to the Divine Religion
Chapter 140 The exam is coming
Chapter 141 The exam is over
Chapter 142 Standing on the Cobblestones
Chapter 143 Telephone
Chapter 144 Night Chat
Chapter 145 Festival
Chapter 146 Shuangtianliu
Chapter 147 My power flows
Chapter 148 Staying Overnight
Chapter 149 Morning Greetings
Chapter 150 Before Summer Vacation
Chapter 151 A small agreement
Chapter 152 New club activities
Chapter 153 Dinner at the Arisugawa family
Chapter 1 The train is leaving Tokyo
Chapter 2 On the way
Chapter 156 Arrival
Chapter 4 Crane Soup
Chapter 5 Signing the Contract
Chapter 6 Dinner and a walk
Chapter 7 Tit for tat
Chapter 8 Two Postcards
Chapter 9 Hachiman Shrine
Chapter 10 Komachido
Chapter 11 Information in the File
Chapter 12 Bathing and Rain
Chapter 13 Night Drinking
Chapter 14 Going up the mountain
Chapter 15 Vision
Chapter 16 Compromise
Chapter 17 Shiraishi’s Determination
Chapter 18 Ozawa Village
Chapter 19 New Goals
Chapter 20 A Rainy Night Wandering
Chapter 21 Dream
Chapter 22 Sunrise
Chapter 23 Uninvited Guests
Chapter 24: Draw the sword
Chapter 25 Maybe it’s an encounter
Chapter 26 Let the teacher treat you
Chapter 27 Steak should be medium rare
Chapter 28 The second kiss
Chapter 29 Accommodation
Chapter 30 Weeping Son
Chapter 31 Night Dream
Chapter 32 Breakfast in Yuzawa
Chapter 33 Flower Shop
Chapter 34: Revisiting Hachiman Shrine
Chapter 35: Divine Hiddenness
Chapter 36 Another collision
Chapter 37 The stars are bright
Chapter 38 The weird pure realm
Chapter 39 Hesitation
Chapter 40 A night without rain
Chapter 41 Shiraishi is fighting
Chapter 42 Experimental Materials
Chapter 43 The Destiny of the Sword Master
Chapter 44 Drifting
Chapter 45: Starfield Convergence
Chapter 46 Typhoon has landed
Chapter 47 Night Tour
Chapter 48 Let’s go eat udon
Chapter 49 An ordinary night in Yuzawa
Chapter 50 Invitation
Chapter 51 The Dream of Comfort
Chapter 52 Broken String
Chapter 53 The price Qing Keisuke demands
Chapter 54 Wild Strawberries
Chapter 55: Afternoon coffee
Chapter 56 Snowflakes
Chapter 57 Amusement Park
Chapter 58 The unbreakable connection
Chapter 59 The Pure Domain Opens
Chapter 60 The Sword of Shanlan
Chapter 61 Hoshino Shinzo
Chapter 62 The Pure Domain of Daze Mountain
Chapter 63 Red Deer! (4k)
Chapter 64 Battle with Red Deer!
Chapter 65 Death of Red Deer
Chapter 66 Ozawa’s Dream (1)
Chapter 67 Ozawa’s Dream (2)
Chapter 68 Ozawa’s Dream (3)
Chapter 69 Ozawa’s Dream (4)
Chapter 70 Ozawa's Dream (5)
Chapter 71 Ozawa’s Dream (6)
Chapter 72 Ozawa’s Dream (7)
Chapter 73 Ozawa’s Dream (8)
Chapter 74 Ozawa’s Dream (9)
Chapter 75 Ozawa’s Dream (10)
Chapter 76 Ozawa's Dream (11)
Chapter 77 Ozawa's Dream (12)
Chapter 78 Ozawa's Dream (End)
Chapter 79 Core
Chapter 80 The Last Sacrifice
Chapter 81 Battle with Daze
Chapter 82 Mountain Boy
Chapter 83 Sword Test
Chapter 84 Blood of God
Chapter 85 The way back
Chapter 86 The Last Dream
Chapter 87 Early Morning and Music Festival
Chapter 88 Three Postcards
Chapter 89 Taking Photos
Chapter 90 Going down the mountain
Chapter 91 The Flashing Time
Chapter 92 The girl who doesn’t want to sleep
Volume 2 · Epilogue
Chapter 1 The morning comes as expected
Chapter 2 Curse
Chapter 3 Departure, Hokkaido
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Return
Chapter 6 Traces of the Divine Monarchy
Chapter 7 Activities in the Square
Chapter 8 Investigating Hanazono Shrine
Chapter 9 The secret under the shrine
Chapter 10 A late night snack for two
Chapter 11 The night when I tasted the sweet fruit for the first time
Chapter 12 Test
Chapter 13 Dinner at Chuanyan Village
Chapter 14 Rena Kobayashi’s surprise
Chapter 15 Live Broadcast
Chapter 16 Morning Exercise
Chapter 17 Breaking the promise
Chapter 18 Another invitation
Chapter 19 Two people’s morning run
Chapter 20 Breakfast and cakes
Chapter 21 Investigation Plan
Chapter 22 Morning tea organized by the society
Chapter 23 Second Phase Planning
Chapter 24 Divination and Divination
Chapter 25 Travel
Chapter 26 Visiting the Aquarium
Chapter 27 Dusk and Sunset
Chapter 28 Buying Books
Chapter 29 Kukai in the Morning
Chapter 30 Hoshino wants guidance
Chapter 31 Song Hui
Chapter 32 The Melancholy Saury
Chapter 33 Diva
Chapter 34 Early morning rain in Tokyo
Chapter 35 Health Football
Chapter 36 Second Research
Chapter 37 Rena Kobayashi’s Promise
Chapter 38 Departure
Chapter 39 Invalid Perception
Chapter 40 'Z' Love
Chapter 41 Irresistible Order
Chapter 42 Reset
Chapter 43 Yui Kamaba’s view of love
Chapter 44 First time going to Chuanyan Village
Chapter 45 Family Portrait
Chapter 46 Watermelon and Gold
Chapter 47 Haircut
Chapter 48 Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 49 Teppanyaki
Chapter 50 Secrecy and Plan
Chapter 51 The role of puppets
Chapter 52 Love Letter
Chapter 53 Phone calls and curses
Chapter 54 Departure
my confession