Chapter 2038

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Three light-years. Although this planet is enclosed, they still know the distance very well. The diameter of three light-years is not very large, and it is within the scope of the gravitational circle of this star system. In other words, life planets can be found if you leave this star system.

But this distance is not easy for cultivators. Even a fifth-level heaven-level expert would take more than ten years to fly such a long distance alone.

Generally, it would take a long time for a heaven-level expert to become a powerful person. Even with Xiao Jiang's current level of cultivation, it would be boring to fly so far on his own. The original spaceship had been blown up. Fortunately, the Red Queen had built a spare one. Otherwise,

Thinking of the whirlpool area thousands of light years away, Xiao Jiang would never be able to reach it on time.

In the same way, the cultivators on this planet have a chance to leave if they break through the heavenly level. The ninth-level mortals will die of exhaustion in space. If the cultivators on this planet are allowed to escape, it is estimated that the masters on this planet will completely wither away.

Mi Ling suddenly nodded and said:

"So, the fact that the planet Balma cannot be left unless it is a heaven-level planet is actually a protective measure taken by our predecessors. Heaven-level experts can always survive in space. No wonder, no wonder.

By the way, we already have a key, and we need four keys to open the secret realm, what should we do?"

Xiao Jiang pointed at the faint light emitting from the key. Mi Ling turned the key in confusion and saw that the light on it gathered in one direction like a living thing, no matter how the key was turned.

"Not only has this key been released, but it seems that another key has also been released. The location is in the east. I guess the other party will find it soon."

Mi Ling's words were so frightening that Cheng Lang almost threw away the key. Although you are a first-level low-level player, you also know that there are few people on that planet that are better than you. The other party doesn't have the key either. That thing has no guiding function yet. What will you do then?

Can you keep the key?

"Activate his subsystem to control a group of robots to leave that space and take your soul crystal with them. If you are in crisis, the soul crystal will activate the blood essence and your soul to be reborn."

"That barrier is in the core. Without the pressure of the planet to maintain it, the stability of the barrier is very low. However, your detector has not yet penetrated the barrier layer. It is expected that it will not be able to fully detect and collect materials before half a day."

"What does he have to worry about without you? You really want to see what those people will do to open the secret realm."

Among all the materials in the past, only the egg can be analyzed, and it can only test the energy fluctuations in and out of space."

Did Mi Ling wander around in the past half month? I lived there without any purpose. It was just entertainment to wait for people looking for keys. My goal was still the situation in the core of the earth.

I was very cautious after passing Mi Ling, especially in my own situation. I had never thought of telling Xiao Jiang and Mi Ni. Xiao Jiang thought that Mi Ling could help Mi Ni break through several realms.

level, maybe even the peak of the fourth level.

"You and 伮 can guarantee that you will live in that thing. Anyway, a key can unlock the treasure. Let him handle it. It is up to him to throw it away or hide it."

If I leave with the essence and blood through the soul crystal, if there is no trace of me in the world, then the soul will be reborn with the help of the essence and blood.

In the endless white darkness, eight thousand huge thrones surround the only area of ​​light. Under those thrones, women with expressive faces sit. The women are dressed in the same clothes, but they all look exactly the same.

s face.

Who would want to die if something happened, but Mi Ling clearly felt that she might be annihilated if she retreated into the light egg.

Mi Ling quickly approached the ball of light and gradually entered it. As I was completely wrapped in the ball of light, suddenly the ball of light suddenly seemed to collapse and suddenly turned into a point of light. It flickered and then disappeared.

"At the same time, remember to detect the internal space fluctuations in this area. Your node in hyperspace is the core location. It may have nothing to do with that barrier. Be sure to find out the truth."

Although this is just a drop of essence and blood and a trace of soul, this is my current qualifications and bloodline, and my qualifications were no weaker before my rebirth.

Mi Ling's face, the complete Mi Ling just sat under the eight thousand thrones. When a light egg appeared in the center of the throne, the Mi Ling sitting at the lowest position opened his eyes and looked at the light egg.

After a while I sighed:

Mi Ling frowned and stared at the egg. I always felt that the egg was closely related to me. After thinking for a while, Mi Ling took out a piece of soul crystal and said:

Half a month later, Banan City was in a small courtyard eight hundred meters away from the city lord's palace. Cheng Lang took the key and stared at the brighter and brighter light group and smiled. In the inner courtyard, Xiao Jiang and

Mi Ling and Mi Ling were still practicing, but the original titles of mother and son were changed to sisters. As for why, anyone who knows Mi Ling's temper probably knows that Xiao Jiang took the initiative to send him away again. The reason is very

It's complicated, Cheng Lang is too weak.

Mi Ling feels that the light inside the egg has nothing to do with me, but I have never died once, so I have to make the best plan at this time.

"Sir, there are tens of billions of low-grade spiritual stones and nearly one trillion medium-grade spiritual stones, and there are not more than 8,000 kinds of ordinary materials.

The Red Prince took the order and continued working, while Cheng Lang sat quietly under the rocking chair, smoking a cigarette and drinking wine, waiting quietly.

Mi Ling nodded and said:

"Looking at it like that, it will take at least a few days for the other party to find that place. Dahong, how is the detection data?"

As for Cheng Lang's appearance, you will also think that I am really young now. After thinking about it, you pushed the key into Mi Ling's hand and said:

"I have broken eight thousand reincarnations, but I still have a useful life. It is boring to live that self. I brought the system and artificial intelligence to be reborn. I know what the self was like in the last reincarnation..."

Mi Ling was polite and put it in a space ring. After thinking about it, I pointed to the city and said:

"Let's go, you go to the inner city to buy a house and live in it. On the surface, that place seems safe for them, but if low-handed people come to find us, what will we care about? On the contrary, there are not many powerful low-handed people in the inner city. We want to

You have to think carefully before taking action."

Mi Ling thought about resisting, but her mind and body seemed to be under special control, so I had to make the best plan.

Seeing your relaxed look, Mi Ling smiled and said:

Mi Ling's heart popped up again when she saw the silence. If I were in another place, I would definitely put the key into the inner world or the system space immediately. Those two places are isolated from the world's will to explore, let alone the key's guidance ability.

Behind me, an eight-foot-high light egg was spinning continuously, and mysterious spatial fluctuations were emitted. The projection of the Red Prince appeared beside Mi Ling and said loudly:

The Red Prince quickly projected a spherical barrier with a diameter of eight thousand meters and said:

Another half an hour passed, and Mi Ling suddenly opened his eyes, and appeared in a spherical space in a flash. Around me, piles of spiritual stones disappeared. This was the hyperspace robot collecting those.

Resources piled up in places.

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