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opening game , american tycoon

opening game , american tycoon

author:The fate of the little fish

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-23 23:18

Latest chapter:Chapter 1601 Destiny Manifested

Is it fun to travel across South America? Zhu Xianhai’s answer is very cool. After all, South America in the 19th century was still a group of cowards fighting for hegemony, or full of old hats, and the pampas prairie was still a virgin land... The arrival of a Chinese labor ship made Zhu Xianhai go A road that has never been imagined. The big bosses of America, your grandpa Huagong is here...

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《opening game , american tycoon》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1601 Destiny Manifested
Chapter 1600 Ordinary World
Chapter 1599 A World Without America
Chapter 1598 Liberator
Chapter 1597 The Fallen Stars and Stripes
Chapter 1597 The Road to Destruction
Chapter 1596 New York under the guns
Chapter 1595 Victory Echo
Chapter 1594: The Great Miracle Day (Part 2)
《opening game , american tycoon》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Opening a game of chess, please spray)
Chapter 2 Do you know the keel? Please spray)
Chapter 3 Buffett is a Mascot
Chapter 4 Leeks are for cutting, wool is for squeezing)
Chapter 5 Stud is a kind of wisdom
Chapter 6: You Can't Die If You Don't Die
Chapter 7 Biandilian
Chapter 8 Beauty Plan
Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Night Party Monica
Chapter 11 The Butcher? No, He's a Doctor
Chapter 12 Wild World
Chapter 13: Using Knowledge to Benefit Europe and America
Chapter 14 The First Step to Benefit Europe and America
Chapter 15 Taking medicine does not kill people, is that still medicine?
Chapter 16 The correct way of life for travelers
Chapter 17 You Are Dead Again
Chapter 18 Article 1 of the Code of Travellers
Chapter 19 The only way to win
Chapter 20 I'm Chinese
Chapter 21 Who's Fat
Chapter 22 I, God's Chosen Son
Chapter 23 Big killer, magnifying move
Chapter 24
Chapter 25: Life and death are bearish
Chapter 26
Chapter 27 Night too beautiful
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 Absolute Power
Chapter 31 Chinese People in Buenos Aires
Chapter 32 They are from the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
Chapter 33 To save yourself first, save others (various requests)
Chapter 34 Heaven has no way, I'll look through all kinds of requests)
Chapter 35: Boss Zhu's various banknote abilities
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 The Husband Should Do Something
Chapter 38 Pre-War Simulation
Chapter 39
Chapter 40: The Attack Beyond the Times
Chapter 41 These robbers are too cruel
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 I, the Barbarian
Chapter 44 Revenge from Chinese workers
Chapter 45 System Upgrade
Chapter 46 Laying the foundation, China in South America
Chapter 47
Chapter 48 The Countess's Noble
Chapter 49 The gun is the foundation of a foothold
Chapter 50 Nanhua Great Killer
Chapter 51 Drive the wolf and hurt the tiger, the fisherman benefits
Chapter 52 Political Marriage
Chapter 53 Mall Express, Unlimited Potential
Chapter 54 Tractor is also a black technology
Chapter 55 The land of South China, a thousand miles of fertile soil
Chapter 56 He's here, he's here
Chapter 57 Tractor driver is the most beautiful boy
Chapter 58 This is the real dimensionality reduction blow
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 Steel Monster
Chapter 61 Steam Tank, Advance
Chapter 62 Boss, this is a misunderstanding
Chapter 63 The Miracle of South China
Chapter 64 Talent is the foundation
Chapter 65 The Promised Land of China
Chapter 66 Ender Cannon Xiping Quartet
Chapter 67 The world speaks with strength
Chapter 68 Industrial Preliminary
Chapter 69 Light of Industry
Chapter 70 The cannon shoots at him*
Chapter 71 Congenital Insufficiency
Chapter 72 Second Lieutenant Philip's Suspicion
Chapter 73
Chapter 74 Advance, South China Grenadiers
Chapter 75 Hit it, Steam Tank
Chapter 76 New Crisis
Chapter 77 The Pretender Game
Chapter 78 Smuggler's Banknote Ability
Chapter 79 Arrival
Chapter 80 The First Intimate Contact
Chapter 81 Nanhua is there
Chapter 82 They Are Here
Chapter 83 Great Victory
Chapter 84 The Jackal Comes With Swords And Guns
Chapter 85
Chapter 86 The Armed Pickup of 1861
Chapter 87 Run, Chariot
Chapter 88
Chapter 89 Black and white are used to reverse
Chapter 90 The Winner's Harvest
Chapter 91
Chapter 92 Information Network
Chapter 93 Nanhua's Future
Chapter 94 Militarized Management
Chapter 95
Chapter 96: Lianzhu Gun is the Future Explosion)
Chapter 98 Destruction is the most profitable business
Chapter 99
Chapter 100 On the Andes
Chapter 101 Where is my Italian gun, please support)
Chapter 102 Seeing the coffin without crying and asking for support)
Chapter 103 Chilean Army, that is also a dish for support)
Chapter 104 Accidental support on the battlefield)
Chapter 105 I, the son of the plane, ask for support)
Chapter 106 Your Majesty, Take My Knee
Chapter 107: Grab Money, Grab Food, Grab Women (For Support)
Chapter 108 Thieves can go, so can I ask for support)
Chapter 109 Entry, Entry
Chapter 110
Chapter 111
Chapter 112 The Children of the Father of the Nation
Chapter 113 The King's Cossack
Chapter 114 Go Forward, Cossacks of South America
Chapter 115 Life is the most important thing
Chapter 116 Ao Guanhai and Jingwei
Chapter 117 The winner makes the rules
Chapter 118 I Have Buffett
Chapter 119
Chapter 120 Use gold coins to hit the water and float
Chapter 121 Chinese workers are here
Chapter 122 Punishment with the Emperor
Chapter 123 The advantage is in me
Chapter 124 The Andean Hot Springs
Chapter 125 Nanhua's Future
Chapter 126 Entrepreneurship is difficult
Chapter 127 The first step of an engineer
Chapter 128
Chapter 129 Oriental leeks are good leeks
Chapter 130 Standing on the shoulders of giants
Chapter 131 The ambition of farm workers
Chapter 132 Seize the opportunity
Chapter 133 Miracle, that is impossible
Chapter 134 England and France are all leeks
Chapter 135 The Golden Age of Nanhua
Chapter 136: The Battle for Survival
Chapter 137 What can I do? He is the best at colluding with foreigners
Chapter 138 Aid to Heaven
Chapter 139 Blank Set of White Wolf
Chapter 140 We are also experts in arch fire
Chapter 141
Chapter 142 They will definitely come back
Chapter 143 Entering New York to Catch Strong Men
Chapter 144 Cheap Labor
Chapter 145 Big Gold Mine in Nanhua
Chapter 146 Nanhua's Third-Line Construction
Chapter 147 Greatness is nothing but scrap iron
Chapter 148 Churchill, God of Investment
Chapter 149 The introduction of talents in Nanhua
Chapter 150: It's Better To Come To South China
Chapter 151 Whaling and the Navy
Chapter 152 Military Nationalism
Chapter 153 Bones are no match for sticks
Chapter 154
Chapter 155 Tianzi No. 1 Ironclad Ship
Chapter 156 Ironclad ships are invincible
Chapter 157
Chapter 158 Threat from Argentina
Chapter 159 Armstrong Cannon
Chapter 160 Explain what a surprise is
Chapter 161 Surprise is coming
Chapter 162
Chapter 163 The British are the best tool people
Chapter 164 This is the threat
Chapter 165
Chapter 166 Is it too late to die now?
Chapter 167
Chapter 168 Nanhua Foreign Legion
Chapter 169 Consumables are the Best Use of Everything
Chapter 170 Agricultural Reclamation Plan
Chapter 171 Guests at the Louvre
Chapter 172 The Emperor of France is a Big Tender
Chapter 173 Earn him 100 million francs
Chapter 174 Draw a few circles in the Pacific
Chapter 175: Advance the layout of the world
Chapter 176 Arms Dealer in the Far East
Chapter 177 Prince, this thing is invincible
Chapter 178 Hit it, Ironclad
Chapter 179 Iron Armor Invincible
Chapter 180
Chapter 181 Master Zuo's Curiosity
Chapter 182 Railway Construction Site
Chapter 183 Naturalization
Chapter 184
Chapter 185 Three-expansion steam engine
Chapter 186 Another Governor
Chapter 187
Chapter 188: Bright Blind Visit
Chapter 189 The earl is the dog skin plaster
Chapter 190 I will never do business at a loss
Chapter 191: My Great Russia's Credit First
Chapter 192 Who is the real snub
Chapter 193 Imposing manner
Chapter 194 Alaska is worth a penny
Chapter 195 Flexible Payment
Chapter 196
Chapter 197 Tang Poems and Song Poems and Qing Treaty
Chapter 198 Caribbean Ghost
Chapter 199 The Conscience of Smugglers
Chapter 200
Chapter 201: Players Behind the Scenes
Chapter 202 General Robert Lee's New Toy
Chapter 203 The Confederate Flag Flying Over Gettysburg
Chapter 204 Protests in the Oval Office
Chapter 205 The chaos on Pennsylvania Avenue
Chapter 206 Conscience Buyer
Chapter 207 Guan Dao is Black Technology
Chapter 208 The Era of Ironclad Ships
Chapter 209 Krupp Cannon
Chapter 210 Breakthrough
Chapter 211 Goal, Chile
Chapter 212: The First Step of Revenge
Chapter 213 Pacific Railroad
Chapter 214 Devil's Nose
Chapter 215
Chapter 216 The decision of the Peruvians
Chapter 217 Interests Are Eternal
Chapter 218 The soldier without braids
Chapter 219 Huagong
Chapter 220 Gunboat Diplomacy
Chapter 221 Help, Master Qingtian
Chapter 222 Might Is Axiom
Chapter 223 So Land, So Times
Chapter 224 How to solve worries? Only
Chapter 225: Reverie
Chapter 226 Leader Zuo's Talent Trip
Chapter 227 Inventors in the slums (I wish everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival!)
Chapter 228 Shocking change
Chapter 229 Killing the Six Nations in South America
Chapter 230 Beheading
Chapter 231 Nanhua Needs Wu Sangui
Chapter 232 Armored Train
Chapter 234: The Era of Profiteering
Chapter 235
Chapter 236 Absorbing Advanced Experience
Chapter 237 The Liberator Zhu Dashuai
Chapter 238: Fortification, Combat Readiness
Chapter 239 The special product of the commander
Chapter 240 Sugar-coated Cannonballs
Chapter 241 Our people are in Vienna
Chapter 242 Japanese Maid
Chapter 243: The Good News Continues
Chapter 244: The Battle of Destruction
Chapter 245 Pacific Railway
Chapter 246 City of Heroes
Chapter 247 The Choice of Sangui Riquelme
Chapter 248 Unequal Treaty
Chapter 249 Beheading
Chapter 250 Fighting Night
Chapter 251 Destruction
Chapter 252: Attack Behind the Enemy
Chapter 253 The surprise attack on San Diego
Chapter 254 Invasion? No, this is a military coup
Chapter 255 Who launched the coup?
Chapter 256 annexation also needs to be disguised
Chapter 257: Dark Night
Chapter 258 Experiment of annexation
Chapter 259 The man is the man who grabs the land and the family business
Chapter 260 Threat from Britain
Chapter 261 - Fire Expert Britain
Chapter 262 The Patriots of San Diego
Chapter 263 Dig a hole for the president
Chapter 264 Nanhua's Screw American Blood
Chapter 265: The Blessing of Science
Chapter 266 The Princess of Bonaparte
Chapter 267 Zhu Daguan Ren, Your Wife is Here
Chapter 268 Destiny is but an excuse
Chapter 269 Sanctions by foreign powers are also opportunities
Chapter 270
Chapter 270
Chapter 272
Chapter 273
Chapter 274 Refugee Si Dongli
Chapter 275
Chapter 276
Chapter 277
Chapter 278 The world's first steel production complex
279 Bigger and Stronger
Chapter 280 Loyal Officials and Righteous Men
Chapter 281 Bullying is the kingly way
Chapter 282 The heart is in Tangshan, the home is in Nanhua
Chapter 283 The valley leading to death
Chapter 284 The Great Fusion of South America
Chapter 285 Verne's Impression of South China
Chapter 286 Future City
Chapter 287 The era of automatic cars
Chapter 288 Dimensionality Reduction from the Sky
Chapter 289 Descends from the sky
Chapter 290 The Buried Person
Chapter 291 Talent is a good leek
Chapter 292 Europe and the United States are double standard dogs
Chapter 293 Public Opinion War
Chapter 294 People in anger
Chapter 295
Chapter 296
Chapter 297 Smokeless Gunpowder is the Future
Chapter 298 Quiet Eve
Chapter 299 Negotiation
Chapter 300 Pull the list and calculate compensation
Chapter 301 France is also a big snag
Chapter 302 Naval School
Chapter 303 The Spirit of the Navy
Chapter 304 We are going to defeat the Royal Navy
Chapter 305 Miracles at Sea
Chapter 306 Submarine, Assassin at Sea
Chapter 307: Inside and Outside the Great Wall
Chapter 308 Conflict
Chapter 309 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 310 Ultimatum
Chapter 311 Britain is the final winner
Chapter 312 Nanhua Loves Peace
Chapter 313 General Mobilization
Chapter 314 Bandit Logic
Chapter 315
Chapter 316 War Is Killing
Chapter 317
Chapter 318
Chapter 319 Either Defend or Die
Chapter 320: Purgatory on Earth
Chapter 321 Killing prisoners is unknown, then
Chapter 322 The Conqueror's Advantage
Chapter 323 From the sky to the land
Chapter 324 The Iron Rain Falling from the Sky
Chapter 325 Death is singing
Chapter 326 The legend of the devil
Chapter 327 The Great Powers with Ghosts
Chapter 328 The Era of Air Battleships
Chapter 329 The low-end version of the Star Wars plan
Chapter 330
Chapter 331 Death of the President
Chapter 332 Who is the real murderer
Chapter 333 interests first
Chapter 334 Frontline
Chapter 333 The storm sweeping the earth
Chapter 334 Buried Alive
Chapter 337 Nanhua Army is the Devil
Chapter 338 Hell Battlefield
Chapter 339 Surrender? I don't understand
Chapter 340 Cannonballs Are the Cheapest
Chapter 341 Pickup is also a truck
Chapter 342 The road to liberation
Chapter 343 Thor's Stick
Chapter 344 Despair under the blow of dimensionality reduction
Chapter 345 General Arsina's Choice
Chapter 346 The Surrender Agreement Between Civilized People
Chapter 347 Destruction is also an advertisement
Chapter 348 The Value of Utilization
Chapter 349 Gone with the Wind
Chapter 350 Hero Saves Beauty
Chapter 351 People in troubled times
Chapter 352 Nan ??Hua won't be so shameless
Chapter 353 The Feast of the Giants
Chapter 354 The will is used to ravage
Chapter 355: The Destroyed Hope
Chapter 356: Aftermath of the Airship
Chapter 357
Chapter 358
Chapter 359 Britain, that is the friend of Nanhua
Chapter 360 Lost American Ambassador
Chapter 361
Chapter 362 Argentine Wrath
Chapter 363 The Poet's Romance
Chapter 364
Chapter 365 Nanhua Swordsman Team
Chapter 366 Blood can be betrayed
Chapter 367 Argentina Don't Cry For Me
Chapter 368 Argentine Tears
Chapter 369 Attack from the bottom of the sea
Chapter 370 Friendly Sponsor
Chapter 371 The ambition of a powerful warship
Chapter 372 Gunshots in the Headquarters
Chapter 373 Nanhua's Determination and Courage
Chapter 374 Tuition 4 million
Chapter 375
Chapter 376 The French who was scared to pee
Chapter 377 Airship Nemesis
Chapter 378 Hunger is also a weapon
Chapter 379
Chapter 380 The Glory of the Victor
Chapter 381: Entering the City Ceremony
Chapter 382 Dragon is showing off
Chapter 383: Captives Are Colonial Pioneers
Chapter 384 Sugar-coated Cannonballs
Chapter 385 The troubled times of the ladies
Chapter 386 Winner
Chapter 387
Chapter 388 The lifeblood of Nanhua
Chapter 389 Central Iron Fortress
Chapter 391: The British Conspiracy
Chapter 392 Nanhua is also a foreign power
Chapter 393 The Landlord is the Troubled One
Chapter 394
Chapter 395 The road to rise, eat big first
Chapter 396 Shoot yourself in the foot
Chapter 397 The Ambitious Brazilian
Chapter 398 The Protector of Paraguay
Chapter 399
Chapter 400 The Boiling Parana River
Chapter 402 Mortars can also wash decks
Chapter 401: River of Regions
Chapter 403 Please take my knee
Chapter 404: The Strong Wants to Bully the Weak
Chapter 405 The Brazilian Emperor with Internal and External Troubles
Chapter 406 South China Munich
Chapter 407 The world where the weak eat the strong
Chapter 408 The Blessing of the Paraguayans (Today
Chapter 409 Phoenix Army
Chapter 410 Daughter Country
Chapter 411
Chapter 412 The patron saint of Paraguayan women
Chapter 413: The Commanding Heights of Public Opinion
Chapter 414 The hidden danger of the second empire
Chapter 415
Chapter 416 Nanhua in Ryukyu
417 Times have changed
Chapter 418
Chapter 419 Bullying me, Nanhua has no boy
Chapter 420: Shimadzu's Ambition
Chapter 421 Provoked by the enemy ship, our ship is forced to defend itself
Chapter 422 Japanese Traditions
Chapter 423 Nanhua is a role model for Japan
Chapter 424 We are friendly and friendly together
Chapter 425 Nanhua Mercenary Togo Heihachiro
Chapter 426 Gold River in Alaska
Chapter 427: Zhu Xianhai's Big Plan
Chapter 428 Eat a piece of meat on the UK
Chapter 429 The planned economy is the road to a strong country
Chapter 430: The Power of Persuasion
Chapter 431 In the name of the country
Chapter 432 Paraguay Without Paraguayans
Chapter 433: Willing to Die for Nanhua
Chapter 434 The end of the universe is Kao Gong
Chapter 435
Chapter 436: Military Weapons
Chapter 437 England Plays the French Card
Chapter 438 We want to save France
Chapter 439
Chapter 440: A Powerful Country Is Coming Out
Chapter 441 Our goal is the sea of ??stars
Chapter 442 Strategic bombing is a dimensionality reduction strike
Chapter 443 French meat must be eaten
Chapter 444 The land of Nanhua has no end
Chapter 445 White Gold
Chapter 446: God descends to earth
Chapter 447: Wang Taisheng's Happy Life
Chapter 448 Bismarck's Iron and Blood
Chapter 449 Declare war! In the name of France
Chapter 450 Want to stimulate, fight Prussia
Chapter 451 The emperor wants to escape
Chapter 452 The British are all double-standard dogs
Chapter 453 We are going to go to Europa
Chapter 454 Europa, Your Uncle Huaxia Is Here
Chapter 455 Bismarck's Dead Face
Chapter 456 Sedang! Sedang!
Chapter 457 Surrender is the ancestral craftsmanship of the Napoleon family
Chapter 458: The God of Death over Sedan
Chapter 459 Target airship, fire!
Chapter 460
Chapter 461: The Jagged Prime Minister Who Wants to Cry
Chapter 462 The Dragon Over Sedan
Chapter 463
Chapter 464: Delicious but Dumplings
Chapter 465
Chapter 466 The court fears nothing but foreigners
Chapter 467
Chapter 468: The Journey of a New Era
Chapter 469 Let's Sign a Treaty
Chapter 470 Expeditionary Force, Target Europa
Chapter 471 Iron boots set foot on France
Chapter 472 Mao Qi Wants to Duel
Chapter 473: Looking forward to the arrival of the emperor in Paris
Chapter 474 The emperor also likes to hold revenge
Chapter 475 The first fight with the Prussian army
Chapter 476 The collision between Nanhua and Prussia
Chapter 477 Iron and Fire in Prussia
Chapter 478: Looking for the Prussian Army
Chapter 479 Bombardment in the Cross-domain Era
Chapter 480
Chapter 481 The disaster of the Prussians
Chapter 482 Burning the Palace of Versailles
Chapter 484 German Song
Chapter 485 Prussian blood and tears
Chapter 486 Armored Soldiers Outside Rouen City
Chapter 487 Armored, Attack
Chapter 488 Cavalry Chariot
Chapter 489 The First Armored Battle
Chapter 490 Iron Armored Slaughterhouse
Chapter 491 The Prime Minister's Iron and Blood
Chapter 492 Bismarck is a lover of peace
Chapter 493 Negotiations between the Emperor and the Prime Minister
Chapter 494 The Emperor's Sugar-Coated Cannonballs
Chapter 495: Your Majesty's Faithful Paris
Chapter 496 The fragrance of the Louvre
Chapter 497 The Queen's Spring
Chapter 498 Counterattack, take three
Chapter 499 Farewell, Argentina
Chapter 500 The worries of Buckingham Palace
Chapter 501 The British who want to cut meat
Chapter 502 The Ultimate Winner
Chapter 503 The Emperor's Dialogue with the Emperor
Chapter 504 The Emperor's Wrath
Chapter 505 Where is the loyal minister
Chapter 506: Daming urges all nations to ask for a book)
Chapter 507 Havana
Chapter 508 Gunboat Diplomacy
Chapter 509 Returning home in good clothes, taking revenge
Chapter 510 Treasures of the Caribbean Sea
Chapter 511 The emperor who returned in triumph
Chapter 512 Create conditions for beheading and raiding
Chapter 513 Survival of the Fittest
Chapter 514 Sing a Song Dou E For You
Chapter 515
Chapter 516
Chapter 517: The Great Uprising of Collapse
Chapter 518 Phoenix
Chapter 519 The Emperor's Appointment Altar
Chapter 520
Chapter 521 How can this Ming live again
Chapter 522 The big business of the governors
Chapter 523
Chapter 524 Daming Fleet, Our Pride
Chapter 525
Chapter 526 Daming is here to support you (today
Chapter 527 They are from the Ming Dynasty after all
Chapter 528
Chapter 529 There are thousands of mistakes, all the faults of the local chiefs
Chapter 530 Who Gives the Courage to the Sultan
Chapter 531: The Late Cannonball
Chapter 532: Awe in the Sound of Cannons
Chapter 334 Dialogue between civilized people
Chapter 554
Chapter 335
Chapter 536
Chapter 537 The British want to kill me, Daming
Chapter 538 Let Britain continue to move stones
Chapter 539 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey (today
Chapter 540 America is a joke
Chapter 541 There can be two Americas in the world
Chapter 542 Mr. Li is here
Chapter 543: This Ming Dynasty is the Real Prosperity
Chapter 544 American Exclusion Act
Chapter 545 Emperor Zhu's Reverse Scale
Chapter 545 Nanhua University is a bit difficult
Chapter 547: Daming's Monsanto
Chapter 548 Daming's Energy Crisis
Chapter 549 Big infrastructure is the way to build a strong country
Chapter 549 The foundation of the rise of the empire
Chapter 551 The Heart of the Virgin and the World of Tigers and Wolves
Chapter 551 The country of the military
Chapter 553 The soul of the military
Chapter 554 Cheating is always fun
Chapter 555 Nanhua Shockwave
Chapter 556 Movie
Chapter 557
Chapter 558 The Imprint of China
Chapter 559 The queen is the top king
Chapter 560 The secret of the rise of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 561 Los Angeles Chinatown
Chapter 562
Chapter 563 Los Angeles Massacre
Chapter 564 Sending troops to the United States
Chapter 565 Old British Traditions
Chapter 566 American Law is a Joke
Chapter 567 War Threat
Chapter 568 Barbarism and Civilization
Chapter 569 What foreigners want are good things
Chapter 570 Wing King is still alive
Chapter 571
Chapter 572 Tsar Cannon
Chapter 573: Playing a Movie at the White House
Chapter 574 The Daming Fleet in Los Angeles
Chapter 575: The sound of the cannon rumbles and spreads its name (4000 words chapter)
Chapter 576 Operation Los Angeles
Chapter 577 The American Emperor is unbearable to fight
Chapter 578: When you are counseled, you are counseled (4000 words chapter)
Chapter 579 Ah, Hawaii
Chapter 580 Daming accepts the challenge
Chapter 581: Strangling America in the Cradle (4400 words)
Chapter 582 England's wishful thinking
Chapter 583
Chapter 584 Daming's Contractor
Chapter 585
Chapter 586 Shocked, My Daming
Chapter 587 Emperor Zhu gives gifts
Chapter 588 Japan has been a place since ancient times
Chapter 589 Paraguayan is also what the people want
Chapter 590 Paraguay is also a Ming Dynasty
Chapter 591 Merger! Who agrees and who disagrees
Chapter 592 Civilized World, Civilized Conquest
Chapter 593
Chapter 594
Chapter 595
Chapter 596 Nanhua's Ironclad
Chapter 597 The Three Emperors Alliance of the Great Emperor Zhu
Chapter 598 Napoleon's Imperialism
Chapter 599
Chapter 600 Queen, drink medicine
Chapter 601: Going the way of others, leaving others without a way
Chapter 602 Leading industries in the 19th century
Chapter 603 Daming's Five-Year Plan
Chapter 604 Nanhua of St. Petersburg
Chapter 605 Take it from Russia and use it in Russia (today
Chapter 606 Can they control France?
Chapter 607 Everyone has a place since ancient times
Chapter 608 - Extremely Happy Begets Sadness
Chapter 609
Chapter 610 Foundation of the Millennium Empire
Chapter 612 New Success Islands
Chapter 611 The emperor is their old club
Chapter 613 A New Market for Coolie Trade
Chapter 614 Death of Emperor Napoleon
Chapter 615 The emperor meets the emperor
Chapter 616 The liberated area of ??the forest hut
Chapter 617 Queen and Empress Dowager
Chapter 618 The State Funeral of Emperor Napoleon
Chapter 619 Yafu wants to keep the throne for his son
Chapter 620 Become an Emperor Like Napoleon
Chapter 621 The first step to kill Ying and eat meat
Chapter 622 The Emperor is a Specialist in Beating Mandarin Ducks
Chapter 623 Emperor Zhu is also a great scientist
Chapter 624 The happy life of the workers
Chapter 625 Features of the Colony (Ask for a monthly ticket today)
Chapter 626: Daming's Road to War Preparation for a Monthly Pass
Chapter 627 The day that decides the fate
Chapter 628
Chapter 629
Chapter 630 The happy life of middlemen
Chapter 631 Daming's passport, a magic weapon to save lives
Chapter 632 Da Yuanjun's Decision
Chapter 633 Isn't this Ming Dynasty out of nothing?
Chapter 634: Daming Unfilial Son
Chapter 635 Daming's Second Five-Year Plan
Chapter 636 Ming Dynasty wants to share it with the people
Chapter 637
Chapter 638 How did Daming become like this
Chapter 639
Chapter 640 Attention! Armor!
Chapter 641 The Dragon of Daming
Chapter 642 There is no sea of ??people, then there is a sea of ??tanks
Chapter 643 Attack from the bottom of the sea
Chapter 644 The Happy Time of the Planter
Chapter 645 Apprentice
Chapter 646 Imperial Consumables
Chapter 647 Imperial consumables are the greatest honor
Chapter 648 Daming's sons, roll up
Chapter 649 Death of the Emperor
Chapter 650 God does not bless Japan
Chapter 651 Arch Fire, Japanese Civil War
652 Daming's Good Opportunity
Chapter 653 Dad Ming loves me again
Chapter 654 The Special Hobbies of the Cosmic Powers
Chapter 655
Chapter 656 Friedrich's Letter
Chapter 657 Daming is the future
Chapter 658
Chapter 659
Chapter 660: Burning Incense and Worshiping Buddha
Chapter 661 Arrested
Chapter 662 Daming's Iron Fist
Chapter 663 Capture Sassoon
Chapter 664
Chapter 665 Tomorrow's Empire Is Just a Dream
Chapter 666 Ascend! Empress
Chapter 667: Rangers Attack
Chapter 668 Special Operations in Paradise
Chapter 669 Sassoon caught you
Chapter 670 Who dares to challenge the British Empire
Chapter 672 Zhan Tianyou's Choice
Chapter 671 This Daming Is A Little Complicated
Chapter 673 Choice
Chapter 674 Stepping on the corpse of a big country to rise
Chapter 675 Great Power Game
Chapter 676 Vienna Secret Talk
Chapter 677 Daming's Vienna Conference on Dividing the Loot
Chapter 678 Trouble with Governor Li
Chapter 679: Killing Chickens Is To Wake Up The Monkeys
Chapter 680
Chapter 681 Stop Daming's Expansion
Chapter 682 Happy new life with a girl
Chapter 683 The happy life of ordinary people
Chapter 684 The real combat power
Chapter 685
Chapter 686 Japan's Unpredictable Disaster
Chapter 687 The brave and loyal little Japan
Chapter 688 Witness of the Times
Chapter 689 The first generation of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 690 Father and Son
Chapter 691
Chapter 692 Hiroshima's Ming Fleet
Chapter 693 Hiroshima's Great Ming Iron Boots
Chapter 694 Gunshots at Sea
Chapter 695 This is a misunderstanding
Chapter 696 The sorrow of a small country
Chapter 697
Chapter 698
Chapter 699: The Fury of the Gentry
Chapter 700: It's Not So Easy to Recognize Your Father
Chapter 701 Daming's Pacific Island Chain
Chapter 702 The Flower of the North Country
Chapter 703 New Daming New Youth
Chapter 704 Parting
Chapter 705 Coal Eats People
Chapter 706 Mahan's Three Questions
Chapter 707 America's Preparations
Chapter 708 Lurkers
Chapter 709 It is impossible to get stuck
Chapter 710 The sun and the moon are all illuminated by the bright soil
Chapter 711: Anti-Qing Fu Tomorrow's Ground Conference
Chapter 712: This Ming is Different
Chapter 713 Shocked Lincoln
Chapter 714: Lincoln Entering the Grand View Garden
Chapter 715 Edison who was killed on the road
Chapter 716 Edison Living in the Shadows
Chapter 717 Mastering the World's Public Opinion Tool
Chapter 718 To conquer the world must conquer its spirit
Chapter 719: The Birth of a Nation
Chapter 720 How can a foreigner pull a cart
Chapter 721: You can't get an inch in front of your benefactor
Chapter 722
Chapter 723 New Year on the Warship
Chapter 724 Dongying Characteristic Industry
Chapter 725 Chaos in Hiroshima
Chapter 726: The Hiroshima Rebellion
Chapter 727: Target Hiroshima
Chapter 728: Shoot the Cannon, Zhenyuan
Chapter 730 Taming the loyal dog
Chapter 729: Destroy Hiroshima
Chapter 731 Special Military Operation to Save Japan
Chapter 732
Chapter 733
Chapter 734
Chapter 735: Divide Japan
Chapter 736 The big man of the big era
Chapter 737 Do you know how Japan died?
Chapter 738: Cannonballing Tokyo
Chapter 739
Chapter 740 How Can You Do Well With These Insects
Chapter 741: No Japan in the World
Chapter 742
Chapter 743: This Ming is Different
Chapter 744
Chapter 745 The Conspiracy of Prime Minister Zuo
Chapter 746: The Ming Dynasty's Manifest Destiny
Chapter 747 International Security Zone
Chapter 748 Happy time for profiteers
Chapter 749 Daming who picks peaches
Chapter 750 Dad is here
Chapter 751 Blood-stained Sun and Moon Flag
Chapter 752 Be careful, I will sue you for defamation
Chapter 753 Do you know what the Quadruple Alliance is?
Chapter 754: The Conqueror's First Step
Chapter 755 The United Kingdom Starts Playing Cards
Chapter 756 Imperial House of Cards
Chapter 651: Arch Fire, Japanese Civil War
Chapter 758 Not only did not surrender but dared to fight back
Chapter 759 The shortest war in the world
Chapter 760 Daming is also a foreign power
Chapter 761 Look Good, Daming Only Demonstrates Once
Chapter 654 The Special Hobbies of the Cosmic Powers
Chapter 762
Chapter 655
Chapter 763
Chapter 656 Friedrich's Letter
Chapter 764: Ming's Samurai Sword
Chapter 657 Daming is the future
Chapter 765: Daming's Protectorate of the Western Regions
Chapter 766 Japan? That Never Existed
Chapter 658
Chapter 767 Tokugawa is just a chicken
Chapter 659
Chapter 768 Make full use of the advantages of the Japanese
Chapter 660: Burning Incense and Worshiping Buddha
Chapter 769 Your ancestors went to Ximen Qing
Chapter 770 Tesla has become a fan
Chapter 661 Arrested
Chapter 771
Chapter 772: The Secret of Ming Dynasty's Rise
Chapter 662 Daming's Iron Fist
Chapter 773: Daming's Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 774: The King of Scroll Kings
Chapter 663 Capture Sassoon
Chapter 664
Chapter 665 Tomorrow's Empire Is Just a Dream
Chapter 666 Ascend! Empress
Chapter 667: Rangers Attack
Chapter 668 Special Operations in Paradise
Chapter 669 Sassoon, You Are the One Who Arrested
Chapter 670 Who dares to challenge the British Empire
Chapter 672 Zhan Tianyou's Choice
Chapter 671 This Daming Is A Little Complicated
Chapter 775: Ming-style enjoyment
Chapter 776 Daming's Air Is Sweet
Chapter 778 Stepping on the technology accelerator a bit hard
Chapter 778 Defeating MADE IN DAMING
Chapter 779: Ming's Industrial System
Chapter 780
Chapter 781 Graduation Ceremony
Chapter 782: The Talent Reserve of the World War
Chapter 783 Draining Anza's Blood to Fat Ming
Chapter 784 Inventor and Spy
Chapter 785 West Bingku Hotel
Chapter 786: The Future of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 787 Create a crime, give the money to the poor
Chapter 788 Venture Capital
Chapter 789 For the future of all mankind
Chapter 790 The Spring of Consumables
Chapter 791
Chapter 792 When the African Legion is in progress
Chapter 793 The Theoretical Basis for Destroying the Country
Chapter 794
Chapter 795: The Deadliest Slash to Britain
Chapter 796 Britain launches a challenge to Ming Dynasty
Chapter 797: Code 007
Chapter 798 Carnegie in the Grand View Garden
Chapter 799: Ming's Steel Empire
Chapter 800 Capital also has a motherland
Chapter 801: A New Era for the Navy
Chapter 802 The sky is big and the earth is big, the compatriots are the biggest
Chapter 803: Xintiandi
Chapter 804 The world is impermanent and unpredictable
Chapter 805 The people here can actually eat meat
Chapter 806 The Prodigal Son of the Navy
Chapter 807 The Prodigal Emperor
Chapter 808 The Glorious Moment of the British Empire
Chapter 809 You have an advance army, I have high technology
Chapter 810: An Epic Expedition
Chapter 811 Scared Musk
Chapter 812 Of course you can do whatever you want with technology
Chapter 813 Civilization Conquers Barbarism
Chapter 814: Education Determines National Destiny
Chapter 815 Daming is dying
Chapter 816 Industrial Upgrade
Chapter 817 Spring of Industrialists
Chapter 818: Ship King
Chapter 819: Ming Dynasty's Nationwide System
Chapter 820 Daming's moon is the roundest
Chapter 821 Meet Da Ming's Father Again
Chapter 822
Chapter 823: Emperor Zhu Is So Domineering
Chapter 824 Fanning the flames of the first place
Chapter 825: The Capital of Ming Dynasty is in Brazil
Chapter 826 The Empire’s Circle of Absolute Interest
Chapter 827: The Scenery of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 828
Chapter 829 Consumables for the Rise of the Empire
Chapter 830 The price of conquest
Chapter 831: Declaring War
Chapter 832 Imperial Alliance Fleet
Chapter 833: The Horn of the Empire
Chapter 834: Arms Merchant's Feast
Chapter 835 The Most Powerful Force in History
Chapter 836 Bond, James Bond
Chapter 837: The Spring of Military Officers
Chapter 838 The Dragon in the Eagle's Nest
Chapter 839 The Bonus of War
Chapter 840 It's a Japanese conspiracy to serve a noble girl as a servant
Chapter 841 Daming, this father is very strong
Chapter 842 Sword Pointing at Brazil
Chapter 843 The Treaty Is Made To Be Teared Up
Chapter 844 Daming, that is the enemy of all nations
Chapter 845 Great Britain, times have changed
Chapter 846 Daming, that's all
Chapter 847: Crushing from the Sky
Chapter 848 The Era Belonging to the Ming Dynasty
Chapter 849
Chapter 850 Surprise and Joy of the Imperial Navy
Chapter 851 The Awakening of the New Citizens of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 852
Chapter 853 The life of the Royal Navy was changed
Chapter 854
Chapter 855 The Father of World Aviation
Chapter 856
Chapter 857: The British Dream
Chapter 858 Salted fish also have dreams
Chapter 859 Give Humans Wings
Chapter 860 Take off, Daming
Chapter 861 Emperor Zhu Has Golden Fingers
Chapter 862: Ming's Strategic Deception
Chapter 863 The Confrontation Between Two Great Empires
Chapter 864 The Liberator
Chapter 865 Daming is an Enemy of Civilization!
Chapter 866 British Traditional Skills
Chapter 867: Daming's Steel Torrent
Chapter 868: The Foundation of the Millennium Empire
Chapter 869 Fighting on the Plateau
Chapter 870 Daming Beggar Chicken
Chapter 871: The First Air Battle in History
Chapter 872 Montevideo Doesn't Believe in Tears
Chapter 873 God Bless Great Britain
Chapter 874 America, Dad Loves You Again
Chapter 875 True love is sacrificed
Chapter 876 Heaven Belongs to Ming Dynasty, Hell Belongs to Europe
Chapter 877 Discrimination from Ming Dynasty
Chapter 878 Daming Sparta
Chapter 875 The Fathers Go to Conquer the Sons to Guard
Chapter 876 Consumables from America
Chapter 881 The Dutiful Son of Britain Has Arrived
Chapter 882
Chapter 883 Cocktails from Russia
Chapter 880 Hellfire Vodka
Chapter 881: Emperor Zhu's Miraculous Calculation
Chapter 882 Difficulty Finding Yafu
Chapter 883
Chapter 884 Never Counseling With Yafu
Chapter 885 The emperor is a big fool
Chapter 886 The British Empire Has Become a Cabbage
Chapter 887
Chapter 892 The British Empire Has Won
Chapter 889 The Emperor's Great Chess
Chapter 894 Dimensionality reduction and dimensionality reduction
Chapter 895 Father and Son
Chapter 896 Saving people is equal to the rise of the empire
Chapter 897: Hegemony Acceleration
Chapter 898 Strategic Bombing
Chapter 895: The Sky Is Falling (4600 Chapters)
Chapter 896 Rain of Iron and Blood
Chapter 897 The British Empire Wants to Move Stones Again
Chapter 898 Do you know the role of a banker?
Chapter 899 Ming Imperialism
Chapter 900: Ming's Mexico
Chapter 901 Queen's Wish
Chapter 902 They will get used to destroying two more countries
Chapter 907: Banner
Chapter 908
Chapter 909: Ming’s Aircraft Carrier
Chapter 910 Daming is not strong enough
Chapter 911 Get Rich by Fighting
Chapter 912: Conqueror's Welfare
Chapter 913 The vast ocean is a casino
Chapter 914
Chapter 915
Chapter 916 My lord, now is the era of cars
Chapter 917
Chapter 918 Inventor
Chapter 919
Chapter 920 Daming's Sky Eye
Chapter 921: Wolves in the Sky
Chapter 922 When the Great Emperor is in Progress
Chapter 923 Lawrence is a big fool
Chapter 924
Chapter 925 Chickens Don't Believe in Tears
Chapter 926 The Airship Is Destruction
Chapter 927 Gray Cattle of the Roman Empire
Chapter 928
Chapter 929
Chapter 930 Prey
Chapter 931 The Road to Death
Chapter 932 America is the Loser
Chapter 933
Chapter 934 We Meet Again
Chapter 935 Imperial Central Laboratory
Chapter 936 Tesla Rhapsody
Chapter 937: The Roots of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 938 The Sun and Moon Flag of the Persian Gulf
Chapter 939 The Imperial Family of the Ming Dynasty Becomes a Local Tyrant
Chapter 940 Joining forces of the African Legion
Chapter 941: Emperor Zhu's Small Circle
Chapter 942: Daming Village
Chapter 939 Battlefield Labor Corps
Chapter 940 Battle Front
Chapter 941: The Unavoidable
Chapter 942 The Eternal Life of a Warrior
Chapter 943
Chapter 944 Unscrupulous
Chapter 945
Chapter 946 The Fog of Death
Chapter 947: Hell
Chapter 948 The End of the Empire
Chapter 953 The Rise of the Ming Empire
Chapter 954 The Conspiracy of the Queens
Chapter 955 Zhu Family's Mexican Empire
Chapter 952 Change blood for the Habsburgs
Chapter 953 Jerusalem
Chapter 954: Glory to the Emperor
Chapter 955 Greatness and Glory
Chapter 956 God's filial son France
Chapter 957 The Road to Heaven
Chapter 958: Emperor Zhu is Melancholy
Chapter 959 Begins Here and Ends Here
Chapter 960 Bragging is taxed
Chapter 961
Chapter 962 The Colonial Department's Ambition
Chapter 963
Chapter 964
Chapter 965 Ming's Population Crisis
Chapter 970: Central Capital of the Empire
Chapter 967 All Great Powers Miss My Qing Dynasty
Chapter 972: When the Empire's Dark War Is in Progress
Chapter 973: Gunshots in Paris
Chapter 974 Paradise Kingdom
Chapter 975: The Dream of Paris
Chapter 976 The Conspiracy of the Ming Emperor
Chapter 977 The emperor is the most cunning and asks for support)
Chapter 978 The Miracle Ship
Chapter 979 Emperor Zhu is a Great Saint
Chapter 980: Emperor Zhu's House of Cards
Chapter 981
Chapter 982 The Brit Is Moving Stones Again
Chapter 983 Kang Nanhai Wants to Be an Official
Chapter 984
Chapter 985: Integration of China
Chapter 986 Emperor Zhu's Great Chess
Chapter 987 Where is Home?
Chapter 988 This is Paradise
Chapter 989 The Colonial Era of the Empire
Chapter 990 The Conquest of Civilization
Chapter 991
Chapter 992: Imperial Teacher
Chapter 993 Daming is also building a temple
Chapter 994 The Story of Huizhou
Chapter 995 Resistance Organization
Chapter 996 Open the door and read the water meter
Chapter 997 Detective Ma Rulong
Chapter 997: Collaborator's Return
Chapter 999
Chapter 1000
Chapter 1001 Chance to Change Fate
Chapter 1002: Mr. Qiao's Trip to Ming Dynasty
Chapter 1003 Tools to Master the World
Chapter 1000 Prelude to the expansion of the high-speed rail empire
Chapter 1001 The Lady on the High Speed ??Rail
Chapter 1002 The Divine Beast of South America
Chapter 1003 Prepare for a rainy day
Chapter 1004 Big Event
Chapter 1005: The Chess Game of Chief Zuo
Chapter 1006 Different Minds
Chapter 1007 Master Zuo's support
Chapter 1008 Steel Feet in the Mud
Chapter 1013 Inventor's Reward
Chapter 1010 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 1011 The old man's ambition
Chapter 1016
Chapter 1013 kill that butcher
Chapter 1014 Operation Codenamed Demon Hunter
Chapter 1019 Peace of the people under the rule of the empire
Chapter 1016 Chinese First
Chapter 1017 The Emperor's Thoughts
Chapter 1022 Reconcile
Chapter 1023 The Era of Automatic Guns
Chapter 1024 Join forces
Chapter 1025: Military-civilian Combination of the Ming Empire
Chapter 1026 Ma Keqin whose road was blocked
Chapter 1027 Enemies of Enemies Are Not Necessarily Friends (Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!)
Chapter 1028 Border Guards
Chapter 1029 Teach them to be good at singing and dancing (Happy New Year's Eve!)
Chapter 1030
Chapter 1031 Daming and Britain are the same, Happy New Year!)
Chapter 1032 New Era, New Choice
Chapter 1033 Wings for the infantry
Chapter 1034 Assassin's Creed
Chapter 1035 Attack from the Seabed
Chapter 1036: Ming's Secret Weapon
Chapter 1037 The Greedy Frenchman
Chapter 1038 France Under the Rule of Women
Chapter 1039 Queen Mother and Empress
Chapter 1040 The Emperor's Delayed Great Inventor
Chapter 1041 Prequel to the Tyrant Empire
Chapter 1042 My Great Ming has its own national conditions
Chapter 1043 Exposed
Chapter 1040
Chapter 1041: Ming Dynasty's Three-Step Strategy
Chapter 1042 Tesla's new toy
Chapter 1047 Tesla's Inspiration
Chapter 1048 Midsummer of arms dealers
Chapter 1049: Transactions Between Imperialist Powers
Chapter 1050 The Brit's wishful thinking
Chapter 1051 The future of Ming depends on the emperor
Chapter 1052 Sleeping with the Empress Dowager and Helping Her Son
Chapter 1053
Chapter 1054 The Emperor's Huizhou
Chapter 1055: The Spectacle of Emperor Zhu
Chapter 1056 The Emperor Is the Great Saint
Chapter 1057 Why do I need an endorsement for the righteousness of my country?
Chapter 1058 The Merit of an Emperor, Zepi Wanshi
Chapter 1059 Target, Hawaii
Chapter 1060 The Imperial Fleet Arrives
Chapter 1061 Daming who stole the American script
Chapter 1062 The true face of the imperialist powers
Chapter 1063 Stormy Night in Hawaii
Chapter 1064 The Notorious Ming Dynasty
Chapter 1065 The sun and the moon are shining
Chapter 1062 Praying Mantis Catchers Cicada and Oriole Behind
Chapter 1067 Special Attack, Special Attack!
Chapter 1068 The Birth of a Nation (Today
Chapter 1069: Ming's Light of Technology
Chapter 1070 Dynamite Award, no, the Emperor Award is here
Chapter 1071: Scientists are traffic stars
Chapter 1072 For All Humanity
Chapter 1069: Scientists Are the Great Confucians of the World
Chapter 1070 Model Colony of the Empire
Chapter 1071 When domestication is in progress
Chapter 1072 The Sun and the Moon Eternally Shine Guozuo Yongchang
Chapter 1073
Chapter 1074
Chapter 1079 Caribbean Assassin
Chapter 1076 Daming's blood cannot be shed in vain
Chapter 1077 Emergency
Chapter 1078 Retaliation? Don't Expand
Chapter 1079
Chapter 1080 The Empire Needs an Account
Chapter 1081 Confronting the Caribbean
Chapter 1086
Chapter 1087 The Conqueror's Carnival of Wealth
Chapter 1088: Fool
Chapter 1089 Daming Is the Beacon of Humanity
Chapter 1090 The Age of Adults Has Changed
Chapter 1091
Chapter 1092
Chapter 1093 The Atlantic Fleet of the Empire
Chapter 1094 The secret battle of the admirals
Chapter 1095 Frame the first place
Chapter 1096 The Dignity of Peru
Chapter 1097 War Is Gambling
Chapter 1098 The Dining Table of the Imperialist Powers
Chapter 1099 The First Step of Empire Expansion
Chapter 1100 Beheading
Chapter 1101: The Dark Moon and High Winds Kill the Night
Chapter 1098 Raid on Tacna
Chapter 1099 Protest is invalid
Chapter 1100 Tough Guy
Chapter 1101
Chapter 1102 Dashanyan's ambition (please support
Chapter 1103 Let's Surrender For The People
Chapter 1104: Peru Will Not Surrender
Chapter 1105 The advantage lies in the enemy
Chapter 1106 The Last Letter
Chapter 1107 The Great Battle in the South Pacific
Chapter 1108 Lightning Strike! Lightning Strike
Chapter 1109 Eternal Benefits
Chapter 1110 The Scared Royal Navy
Chapter 1111 Daying Wants to Move Stones Again
Chapter 1112 Emperor Zhu's Cheat Device
Chapter 1113: The Technology Tree Being Distorted
Chapter 1114
Chapter 1115 Curse
Chapter 1116 The Gilded Age of the Empire
Chapter 1117 The Road to Change
Chapter 1118 One Factory Enemy One Country
Chapter 1123 Akemi secret
Chapter 1124 Tears of the Weak
Chapter 1125 Bismarck's Conspiracy
Chapter 1126 Roman Empire
Chapter 1127 The Fuse of War
Chapter 1128 The Way of Civilization in the Civilized World
Chapter 1129 The land flowing with milk and honey
Chapter 1130 New Changes
Chapter 1131 Benefiting all mankind
Chapter 1132 Non-citizen and Good Citizen Certificate
Chapter 1133 Everyone loves to learn Mandarin
Chapter 1134 Demolition of the Shrine to Worship Emperor Guan
Chapter 1135
Chapter 1136
Chapter 1137 My Lord, I Have One
Chapter 1138 The Empire is the Liberator
Chapter 1139 A Completely Different Empire
Chapter 1140 Age of Empires, New World
Chapter 1141: Advantages of Civilization (Today
Chapter 1142 The Holy Empire
Chapter 1143 There must be light, so there is light
Chapter 1144 The Leek Harvester of the Empire
Chapter 1145: Pasteur's Appeal
Chapter 1146: Ming Xunzong
Chapter 1147 The Emperor's Lost Sister
Chapter 1148 The waves on the beach are huge
Chapter 1149 The Naive Allied State
Chapter 1150 Master Ma's ambition
Chapter 1151 Ming Imperialists
Chapter 1152 The Empire's Proxy War
Chapter 1153 Another Side of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 1154 Conqueror? Liberator
Chapter 1155 Intelligence War
Chapter 1156 The way to make a fortune
Chapter 1157 Traitor
Chapter 1158: When the Empire's Secret War is in progress
Chapter 1159 Bismarck is also a shit stirrer
Chapter 1160 Lurker
Chapter 1161 Bismarck Moves Stones
Chapter 1162 Li Tang Empire
Chapter 1163
Chapter 1164
Chapter 1165 I Can Only Suffer First
Chapter 1166 Idealist
Chapter 1167
Chapter 1168 Second Class Citizen of the Empire
Chapter 1169
Chapter 1170 The New Generation of the Empire
Chapter 1171 Zhan Tianyou's ambition
Chapter 1172 Talent introduction in progress
Chapter 1173 Imperial Self-Defense Theory
Chapter 1174: Daming Shockwave
Chapter 1175 Aid
Chapter 1176 Boolean Raiders
Chapter 1177 Jinshan
Chapter 1178 Secret Service School
Chapter 1179
Chapter 1180: The New Era of the Navy (Seventh)
Chapter 1181 Giant Cannon Ship
Chapter 1182 Tesla's New Toy
Chapter 1183 Public Opinion and Propaganda
Chapter 1184 From Land to Sky
Chapter 1185 Dive Bombing
Chapter 1186 The Royal Navy Still Wants to Be Sea King
Chapter 1187
Chapter 1188 Killing the Anza people's road to technology
Chapter 1189 Daming's Leek Harvester
Chapter 1190 The Golden Age of Scientists
Chapter 1191 Wind in Central Asia
Chapter 1192 Dilemma
Chapter 1193
Chapter 1194 Standing for a Thousand Years
Chapter 1195
Chapter 1196
Chapter 1197
Chapter 1198 New Era of Air Combat
Chapter 1199 Windfall
Chapter 1200 Kingly Dominance
Chapter 1201 Rise Up, Royal Navy
Chapter 1202 Kill the British and let the blood out, and then let the blood out
Chapter 1203 British Sponsorship
Chapter 1204
Chapter 1205 The Peak of Empire Technology
Chapter 1206 The arms race is also a bloodletting machine
Chapter 1207 New Land, New Era
Chapter 1208
Chapter 1209 Adventurer's Paradise
Chapter 1206 The Poisonous Snake of the Empire
Chapter 1207 Everyone Has Skills
Chapter 1208 Big Event
Chapter 1209 The Poisonous Snake in the Dark
Chapter 1210 Imperialist oppression
Chapter 1211
Chapter 1212 The Lost Dog
Chapter 1213 Eight Riders' Daughters Are Ambitious
Chapter 1214 Breaking the Chains of Humanity
Chapter 1215 The Lighthouse of the World Is Daming
Chapter 1216 Anti-Ming is for Living
Chapter 1217 Civilization Controversy
Chapter 1218 Sugar-coated Cannonballs of the Empire
Chapter 1219 Emperor of Hundred Families
Chapter 1220
Chapter 1221 The Giant Beast of the Empire
Chapter 1222 Currency War
Chapter 1223 The Jewish banker's wishful thinking
Chapter 1224 The Weakness of the Empire
Chapter 1225 Crucified on a Golden Cross
Chapter 1226 The national team makes a move
Chapter 1227 National Team vs Roth Chawood
Chapter 1228 Snowball
Chapter 1229 Empire's Submarine
Chapter 1230 King of the World
Chapter 1231 This is Daming
Chapter 1232 Progressive Youth in South America
Chapter 1233 Hello, This is Daming
Chapter 1234 Heaven is too far away
Chapter 1235 One Thought of Hell
Chapter 1236 The First Step of Annexation
Chapter 1237 American Community
Chapter 1238 When the oppression of the great powers is in progress
Chapter 1239
Chapter 1240 Empire Expansion Club
Chapter 1241 Expansion is not for poverty alleviation
Chapter 1242 The Ruthless Dutton
Chapter 1243 The Western Strategy of the Empire
Chapter 1244 Fair Place
Chapter 1245 The Great Chemical Era of the Empire
Chapter 1246 Dupont's Conspiracy
Chapter 1247 Card Daying's Neck
Chapter 1248 The Dreadnought Ship of the Empire
Chapter 1249 Great Britain Doesn't Cry
Chapter 1250 The future of the Anglo-Saxons
Chapter 1251 The Masonic Conspiracy
Chapter 1252 The Illuminati are in Action
Chapter 1253: A New Era of Air and Land Integration
Chapter 1254 Daming is an expert in fighting fire
Chapter 1255
Chapter 1256 Robbery, That's Daying's Old Business
Chapter 1257 Landing Day
Chapter 1258
Chapter 1259 Betrayal
Chapter 1260 Secret Exposure
Chapter 1261 Irreversible War
Chapter 1262 The Eve of the Storm
Chapter 1263 Preparation for war requires education first
Chapter 1264
Chapter 1265
Chapter 1266 The Empire's Aircraft Carrier Rhapsody
Chapter 1267
Chapter 1268 Daming can do it, so can I
Chapter 1269 The Eve of the Storm
Chapter 1270 Napoleon V
Chapter 1271 French Emperor, My Son
Chapter 1272 Expedition, Expedition
Chapter 1273 Surrender, we surrender
Chapter 1274 Penalize the British Empire
Chapter 1275
Chapter 1276: Fire, Fire Again
Chapter 1277 Imperial Fortress
Chapter 1278 Fight to the last Boer
Chapter 1279 The King of War
Chapter 1280 South African Situation
Chapter 1281 Ying lost its deer, and the world pursued it. Seeking
Chapter 1282 Boer War
Chapter 1283 The Song of the Guerrillas
Chapter 1284 Diamonds are Persuasion
Chapter 1285 France's Position
Chapter 1286 Daming's Help Comes at a Price
Chapter 1287 The Empire's Aircraft Carrier
Chapter 1288 The Empire's Aircraft Carrier Era
Chapter 1289
Chapter 1290 Kajiu kills the rocket
Chapter 1291 The Fall of Diamond City
Chapter 1292 Daming's Innocence
Chapter 1293 The King of War of the Empire
Chapter 1294 Lurker
Chapter 1295: The Archer
Chapter 1296 International Volunteers
Chapter 1297 Rome's Choice
Chapter 1298 Daming, let's carve up the world together
Chapter 1299 The Driving Force of the Nation
Chapter 1300 An old friend is here
Chapter 1301 Daming Wants to Play the Irish Card
Chapter 1302 The Republic of Ireland
Chapter 1303 Give Them A Hope
Chapter 1304 Ambush Circle
Chapter 1305 The Winner
Chapter 1306 Making Cannons With Slideshows
Chapter 1307 The concept is used to collect money
Chapter 1308 War Is Business
Chapter 1309 Kickbacks are also required when doing business with foreigners (Part 1
Chapter 1310 Fire, and fire again
Chapter 1311 The Jackal Attacks
Chapter 1312
Chapter 1313 Carve up Great Britain
Chapter 1314 The Empire Needs a Divided India
Chapter 1315 Hit Ying and eat meat instead
Chapter 1316 Heart in the Empire
Chapter 1317 The Empire's Winner
Chapter 1318 The Empire Is the Hope of Humanity
Chapter 1319 March of Empire Expansion
Chapter 1320 Feast of Capital
Chapter 1321 The Road to Liberation in South America
Chapter 1322 The Money Is Here The Loyalty Is Here
Chapter 1323 Big Fireworks at the Presidential Palace
Chapter 1324 electrifying the whole country
Chapter 1325 Repercussions of Expansion
Chapter 1326 Lurker
Chapter 1327
Chapter 1328 The Golden City of the Boers
Chapter 1329 The Road to Expansion
Chapter 1330 War Initiative
Chapter 1331 Feudal princes
Chapter 1332 The Era Belonging to China
Chapter 1333 The People's Choice
Chapter 1334 The Empire kills without blood
Chapter 1335 Unchanging Soul
Chapter 1336 Clan Soul
Chapter 1337 Bully, I have a father
Chapter 1338 The Dazzling Great White Fleet
Chapter 1339 The Future of the Imperial Navy
Chapter 1340 Churchill is a Great Prophet
Chapter 1341 The Empire's Thunderstorm Plan
Chapter 1342 Change Your Way of Thinking
Chapter 1343 Investors in the British Empire
Chapter 1344 The Millennium Empire
Chapter 1345 Let Daying return to the palace with a knife
Chapter 1346 Sea and Air Era
Chapter 1347 Hunter and Prey
Chapter 1348 The Manifest Destiny of the Empire
Chapter 1349 Make Rome Great Again
Chapter 1350 Target, Persia
Chapter 1351 Cut off the polar bear's bear claw
Chapter 1352 My Daying is a Paper Tiger
Chapter 1353 The Orient Express That Determines Destiny
Chapter 1354 The world is all about strength
Chapter 1355 The Man behind the World War
Chapter 1356 The Allies' Choice
Chapter 1357 Crusade
Chapter 1358 Civilization Controversy
Chapter 1359 The Empire's Aircraft Carrier Battlegroup
Chapter 1360 Daying also wants to make a kiss
Chapter 1361 Father's Responsibility
Chapter 1362 Construction
Chapter 1363 The Era of the Giant Cannon Ship
Chapter 1364 Aircraft Carriers Are the Future
Chapter 1365
Chapter 1366 The Storm in the Persian Gulf
Chapter 1367 Naval Battle in the Persian Gulf
Chapter 1368 The Revenge of Napoleon V
Chapter 1369: General Mobilization in Europe
Chapter 1370 Start
Chapter 1371 Bismarck can't stop
Chapter 1372 Discipline is the taboo
Chapter 1373 The Brit's Conspiracy
Chapter 1374 Sneak Attack on Kuwait Port
Chapter 1375 This Is Not War, It's Peace
Chapter 1376 The Final Long-Term Simulation
Chapter 1377 The Fate of the Empire
Chapter 1378 The Second Empire in the Storm
Chapter 1379 Burn, Baguette
Chapter 1380 mobilization, for the empire
Chapter 1381: The Second Order of the Colony
Chapter 1382: The Last Moment for Beauty
Chapter 1383 The Millennium Empire Dream
Chapter 1384 Special Mobile Fleet
Chapter 1385 The First Battle That Determined the National Destiny
Chapter 1386 Declare War
Chapter 1387 Surprise Attack on Hampton
Chapter 1388 Declare war? You don’t want money anymore! Please!
Chapter 1389 Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!
Chapter 1390 Hunters over Hampton
Chapter 1391: Choice
Chapter 1392 Take advantage of his illness to kill him
Chapter 1393 The Empire Has No Captured Soldiers
Chapter 1394 Global War
Chapter 1395 Divine Soldiers Descended from Heaven
Chapter 1396 Who are they?
Chapter 1397 The Empire Doesn't Love Money
Chapter 1398 Shelling New York
Chapter 1399 New York's First Blood
Chapter 1400 Cuba Raiders
Chapter 1401 Feed the Pot of Syrup to Welcome the Master Wang
Chapter 1402 Air-Land Battle
Chapter 1403 The American emperor is also a good student
Chapter 1404 Newborn
Chapter 1405 Flying Devil
Chapter 1406 Thor's Hammer
Chapter 1407
Chapter 1408 One minute person
Chapter 1409 Simple and rude
Chapter 1410 It's king to be neither arrogant nor impetuous
Chapter 1411 Living in Blessings and Knowing Blessings
Chapter 1412 The time of the lintel of glory
Chapter 1413 Dutiful Son of the Empire
Chapter 1414 Fight hard and make money
Chapter 1415
Chapter 1416 Set a trap for the British
Chapter 1417 The General Trend of the World
Chapter 1418 Follow the trend
Chapter 1419 The First Step to Disintegrate the West
Chapter 1420 It's Hip Pulling Franchi
Chapter 1421 The Battle of the Marne River
Chapter 1422 Airship vs Plane
Chapter 1431 Melon Eaters vs Melon Eaters
Chapter 1586 Expedition
Chapter 1587
Chapter 1588 Quiet at midnight
Chapter 1589 Torpedo boat vs battleship released, please support)
Chapter 1590 The Great Miracle Day is released, please support)
Chapter 1594: The Great Miracle Day (Part 2)
Chapter 1595 Victory Echo
Chapter 1596 New York under the guns
Chapter 1597 The Fallen Star-Spangled Banner
Chapter 1598 The Liberator
Chapter 1600 Ordinary World
Chapter 1601 Destiny Manifested
Chapter 1445 Difficulties and dangers on the way home
Chapter 1446 Good Days
Chapter 1447: Raze their defenses to the ground
Chapter 1448 Verdun Trench War
Chapter 1449 Poison gas and shelling
Chapter 1450: Total silence
Chapter 1451 Verdun Meat Grinder
Chapter 1452 The Real Fighter
Chapter 1454 Bottom Line
Chapter 1455 Responsibility
Chapter 1456 The Empire’s Total War
Chapter 1457 The secret of the empire’s victory
Chapter 1458 Tank, where is our tank?
Chapter 1459 Tank, Monster
Chapter 1460 Tank March
Chapter 1461 The Fall of Portland
Chapter 1462 Resistors
Chapter 1463 Africa Warning
Chapter 1464 MacArthur’s Lament
Chapter 1465 Where is this tank?
Chapter 1466 The weakness of human nature
Chapter 1467 Shadow (Dragon Boat Festival Ankang)
Chapter 1468 Open the door and check your health during the Dragon Boat Festival)
Chapter 1469 The mantis stalks the cicada (Dragon Boat Festival (Dragon Boat Festival))
Chapter 1470 Private Conversation
Chapter 1471 Trojan Horse
Chapter 1472 Infinite
Chapter 1473 The Midsummer of Arms Dealers
Chapter 1474 Loyal to the Emperor and Patriotic Tesla
Chapter 1475 The Big Fish Comes to the Door
Chapter 1476 Glory Moment
Chapter 1477 I, Daying, must rise up
Chapter 1478 United Fleet
Chapter 1479 Backstab!
Chapter 1481 Werther’s Troubles
Chapter 1481 Winner takes all, winner takes all
Chapter 1482 Special Envoy Visits
Chapter 1483 Half-hearted Rome
Chapter 1484 Anti-Tank Rifle
Chapter 1485 MacArthur’s new weapons
Chapter 1486 Big Bombing
Chapter 1487 New York Nightmare
Chapter 1488 Fire Tornado in New York
Chapter 1489 Damei needs a victory
Chapter 1490 Emperor Zhu’s Gift
Chapter 1491 The sincere Roman Empire
Chapter 1492 Spring in Moscow
Chapter 1493 The Shield of the British Empire
Chapter 1494 Opportunities for the British Empire
Chapter 1495 The way to conquer the world
Chapter 1496 The Prince’s California
Chapter 1497 The poisonous snake in the shadows
Chapter 1498 Headquarters Meeting
Chapter 1499 Ambush
Chapter 1499 Security War
Chapter 1500 Captain Jia’s ambition
Chapter 1501 The tank troops are advancing
Chapter 1502 Tank vs. Tank
Chapter 1503 The First Tank Battle in History
Chapter 1504 Complete Victory
Chapter 1505 Cutting corners
Chapter 1506
Chapter 1507 Big Plane
Chapter 1508 New gadgets of the Imperial Air Force
Chapter 1509 The rear
Chapter 1510 We are all the same
Chapter 1511 We are all the same
Chapter 1512 Fairies in War
Chapter 1513 Captain Jia is proud of the spring breeze
Chapter 1514 Infernal Affairs
Chapter 1515 The skirt of the golden goddess
Chapter 1516 Attack Day
Chapter 1517 A blow beyond the times
Chapter 1518 The worries of the post-Victory
Chapter 1519 The empire is ahead of the system
Chapter 1520 Einstein’s tangle
Chapter 1521 Ming loyalist Tesla
Chapter 1522: Bow down for five buckets of rice
Chapter 1522 The Welfare of the Empire
Chapter 1523 The Human World
Chapter 1524 The Problem of the Thousand-Year Empire
Chapter 1525: Bureau Member Joins the Army
Chapter 1526 Business opportunities in war
Chapter 1527 Aircraft Carrier
Chapter 1528 Prelude to the future
Chapter 1529 Certification from the enemy
Chapter 1530 A sudden whim
Chapter 1531 Talking about business
Chapter 1532 Powerless Mike
Chapter 1533 Aerial Hunting
Chapter 1534 God’s Roar
Chapter 1535 Collapse
Chapter 1536 The hen that lays eggs
Chapter 41 Too cruel
Chapter 20
Chapter 41 Too cruel
Chapter 20
Chapter 41 Too cruel
Chapter 46 The Foundation Laying Place
Chapter 636 Ming Dynasty wants to share it with the people
Chapter 653 Dad Ming loves me again
Chapter 963 It starts here and ends here
Chapter 1537 Double Happiness
Chapter 1538 Assassination
Chapter 1539 I saved blood for Da Mo
Chapter 1540 The Ambition of the Imperialists
Chapter 1541 The King of Ecuador’s Worries
Chapter 1542 All living things
Chapter 1543 The Director’s Rebirth
Chapter 1544 All Quiet on the Northern Front
Chapter 1545 Stanford with Nothing
Chapter 1546 The choice of the railway king
Chapter 1547 The mission of a generation
Chapter 1548 Black Gold
Chapter 1549 A worthless oil field
Chapter 1550 Cunning guy
Chapter 1551 Target, San Francisco
Chapter 1552 Angry Soldier
Chapter 1553 The Road to Berkeley
Chapter 1554 Berkeley
Chapter 1555 I am willing to die for you
Chapter 1556 The price of a happy life
Chapter 1557 The Last Face
Chapter 1558 Wen Zheng
Chapter 1559 Target, Bay Area
Chapter 1560 Goodbye at the Martyrs’ Shrine
Chapter 1561 The oath is silent
Chapter 1562 The storm is precarious, I am Great Britain
Chapter 1563 No matter the cost
Chapter 1564 Launch
Chapter 1565 The Angsa people are not so shameless, right?
Chapter 1566 Go to English, big cents
Chapter 1567 You don’t see the Han Dynasty’s army
Chapter 1568 South Pacific
Chapter 1569 Big Red Man
Chapter 1570 The Battle of Tasman
Chapter 1571 Winner
Chapter 1572 Chance of Victory
Chapter 1573 Why are you a bandit?
Chapter 1574 Attack, Pacific Fleet
Chapter 1575 Landing in Australia
Chapter 1576 Emperor Zhu Da’s Troubles
Chapter 1577 Between Brothers
Chapter 1578 The Responsibility of a Generation
Chapter 1579 For California
Chapter 1580 Real Americans
Chapter 1581 The Future of America
Chapter 1582 Tai'ao Iron Cavalry
Chapter 1583 The Age of Empire
Chapter 1584 The vast ocean is a casino
Chapter 1585: Changing the soup without changing the medicine
Chapter 1586 Departure
Chapter 1587 The picture appears
Chapter 1588 Quiet at Midnight
Chapter 1589 Torpedo Boats vs. Battleships released, please support)
Chapter 1590 The Great Miracle Day is released, please support)
Chapter 1592 The Great Miracle Day (Part 2)
Chapter 1593 The Great Miracle Day (Part 1)
Chapter 1594: The Great Miracle Day (Part 2)
Chapter 1595 Victory Echo
Chapter 1596 New York under the guns
Chapter 1597 The Road to Destruction
Chapter 1597 The Fallen Stars and Stripes
Chapter 1598 Liberator
Chapter 1599 A World Without America
Chapter 1600 Ordinary World
Chapter 1601 Destiny Manifested