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National investment: Start investing in Zhu Yuanzhang!

National investment: Start investing in Zhu Yuanzhang!

author:angry george

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Latest chapter:Chapter 1139 Don’t order

Ye Xiao traveled through time! This is a world where everyone has an investment system! But only Ye Xiao knows the history! Who to invest in the last years of the Yuan Dynasty? Invest in Zhu Chongba! Make progress all the way! Who to invest in the last years of the Sui Dynasty? Invest in Li Er ! Go all the way! Others lose all their money, but Ye Xiao makes a lot of money! Ye Xiao is the well-deserved king of investment!

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《National investment: Start investing in Zhu Yuanzhang!》The latest nine chapters
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Chapter 1137 Don’t order and continue
Chapter 1136 Don’t order
Chapter 1135 Don’t order for now
Chapter 1134 Don’t order
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《National investment: Start investing in Zhu Yuanzhang!》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Universal Investment
Chapter 2 Zhu Zhongba who is herding cattle
Chapter 3 Zhu Chongba ascended the throne and became emperor
Chapter 4 Chong Starling canonized civil and military officials
Chapter 5 Chongmyna kills cows and eats meat
Chapter 6 Yuan Dynasty officials who have nothing!
Chapter 7 The kind-hearted Yuan Dynasty officials!
Chapter 8 Zhu Chongba is thinking about life
Chapter 9 The Yuan Shun Emperor Who Didn't Want to Be an Emperor
Chapter 10 The Great Yuan Emperor
Chapter 11 Tutemur is such a good man
Chapter 12 Emperor Yuanshun is the Son of Heaven
Chapter 13 Zhu Chongba is doing farm work
Chapter 14 Zhu Chongba's Sky Falls
Chapter 15 A Clear Stream in the Landlord Realm
Chapter 16 Mr. Liu who took advantage of the fire
Chapter 17 The Benevolent Liu Jizu
Chapter 18 Fortune Teller Liu Rixin
Chapter 19 The Sea Hegemon Fang Guozhen
Chapter 20 The Strongest Ruthless Fang Guozhen
Chapter 21 Warm Hospitality Fang Guozhen
Chapter 22 The Yuanshun Emperor, who was keen on governing the country
Chapter 23 Comminuted fractures
Chapter 24 This is the end of the matter
Chapter 25 Luban Emperor Yuanshun Emperor
Chapter 26: Boyan, the Powerful Official of the Yuan Dynasty, Is Finished
Chapter 27 Running away is a cowardly act
Chapter 28 The Buddha Can't Help Me
Chapter 29 Zhu Chongba, who was assigned to the Buddha
Chapter 30 King-like aura
Chapter 31 Nightblade Queen
Chapter 32 I Won't Choose Back
Chapter 33 The king of the abyss is lazy
Chapter 34 Zhu Chongba's Fate Reversal
Chapter 35 How Much Red Crystal I Lost
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 Zhu Chongba who just wants to be a monk
Chapter 38 Number 610 To Dream Card
Chapter 39 The Only Guarantee
Chapter 40
Chapter 41
Chapter 42 The family is about to reunite
Chapter 43 Zhang Shicheng becomes king and Zhu Yuanzhang appears
Chapter 44 What is Investment?
Chapter 45 The True Investor
Chapter 46 The Dragon Slayer Zhang Jiusi
Chapter 47 Number 86 Risk Dice
Chapter 48 Promoted to One-Star Extraordinary Investor
Chapter 49 Lucky Ye Xiao
Chapter 50 Is It Fair?
Chapter 51 The Battle of Gaoyou
Chapter 52
Chapter 53 God Helps Zhang Shicheng
Chapter 54 Personality Determines Destiny
Chapter 55 Ambitious Chen Youliang
Chapter 56 Welcome the commander-in-chief and return home with honor
Chapter 57 You will die with a thousand arrows piercing your heart!
Chapter 58 Fatal lever, two bodies and one life
Chapter 59 A nursery rhyme made everyone in the world rebel against Yuanting!
Chapter 60 Fighting Zhu Yuanzhang steadily
Chapter 61 Fang Guozhen, the investment stock soars!
Chapter 62
Chapter 63 Liu Ji is looking for death, the butterfly effect
Chapter 64 Liu Ji's Two Tips
Chapter 65 If we take over the world, we must kill all the corrupt officials in the world!
Chapter 66
Chapter 67 Strategy to pacify the world, random red crystal card
Chapter 68 Unlocking the Card Book
Chapter 69 Krypton Gold Can Become Stronger
Chapter 70 Zhang Shicheng surrenders
Chapter 71 I went home to write a book
Chapter 72 Dawn Palace
Chapter 73 The Yuan Court God of War Richard
Chapter 74 Sacrifice yourself for your country and die without regrets!
Chapter 75 World Acceleration
Chapter 76
Chapter 77 The king of the abyss is lazy - mind body
Chapter 78 Extraordinary Warden
Chapter 79 With Liu Ji’s help, everything will be safe!
Chapter 80 Shen Wansan, the richest man in the south of the Yangtze River
Chapter 81 Pearl Jade White Jade Soup
Chapter 82 The world freezes briefly
Chapter 83 New Investment World——Da Sui!
Chapter 84 The easiest person to win the world is Yang Jian
Chapter 85: The Powerful Minister Above Ten Thousand People
Chapter 86 The Prosperous Dynasty - The Great Sui Dynasty
Chapter 87
Chapter 88
Chapter 89 Yang Guang can’t become a climate figure
Chapter 90 'End of Yuan Dynasty' runs normally
Chapter 91
Chapter 92 'The End of Yuan Dynasty'
Chapter 93 Double Return Rate
Chapter 94 The genius military strategist Zhu Wenzheng
Chapter 95 The Four Elements of Victory
Chapter 96 The winner lives, the loser dies!
Chapter 97 Iron Chain Warship
Chapter 98 Fire Attack Strategy
Chapter 99 Poyang Lake Water Battle
Chapter 100 The lake water surges, destiny is at hand
Chapter 101 The investment world 'Da Ming' is offline
Chapter 102 The King of Investment Ranking List
Chapter 103 Limited Card Type——Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter 104 The Divine Guard in Imperial Clothes
Chapter 105 The Invincible General Shi Long live
Chapter 106: There is no difference in this life
Chapter 107 Shi Wansui retreated from Hu alone, shocking the world!
Chapter 108 Hope, the land of hope!
Chapter 109 Yang Jian, you stupid king!
Chapter 110 Yang Guang succeeds to the throne and Li Shimin appears
Chapter 111 I want to be the emperor through the ages, I am the lord of the world!
Chapter 112 Bronze Level Investment World
Chapter 113 Wagang Village was established, Zhai Rang wanted to save the world
Chapter 114 Sui Dynasty Singer Wang Bo
Chapter 115 Li Shimin shows his talents for the first time
Chapter 116: Six people against 20,000, just ask who else is there!
Chapter 117 Zhang Xutuo, Qin Qiong, Luo Shixin
Chapter 118 This investment stock is too stable
Chapter 119 Zhang Xutuo was killed in battle, and Li Yuan rebelled against the Sui Dynasty in Taiyuan!
Chapter 120 The heroes are proclaiming themselves kings and emperors one after another, and the bronze-level investment world is proud of it!
Chapter 121 Dongfang Bubai, who is going to chop off such a good head like mine?
Chapter 122 Dongfang Bai joins the Sun Moon God Sect and Li Yuan becomes emperor
Chapter 123 Li Shimin was defeated and Xue Ju became seriously ill
Chapter 124 Li Shimin won a great victory and Xue Ju was killed in battle!
Chapter 125 Dongfang Bai destroys the four top performers in Qingcheng, the Detachment of Women Li Xiuning!
Chapter 126 Who says women are inferior to men? Dongfang Invincible destroys Yu Canghai!
Chapter 127 Cleaning the robe, Li Shimin regains Taiyuan
Chapter 128 God helps Li Shimin, burn the steamed buns!
Chapter 129 Dongfang Bai is injured, Li Tang’s fierce generals are like clouds, and his advisers are like rain
Chapter 130: Escorted to Shuguang Mansion, Li Tang, the Lord of the World!
Chapter 131 The power of the whole country
Chapter 132 'The Late Sui Dynasty' Closure
Chapter 133 Li Shimin is in danger!
Chapter 134 Li Shimin is in danger, Dou Jiande is short-sighted
Chapter 135 Dongfang Bai’s sneak attack is up to me
Chapter 136 The invincible Eastern leader, Dou Jiande leads an army of 100,000!
Chapter 137 General Tiance—Li Shimin!
Chapter 138 The new investment world—Wu Zhou!
Chapter 139 The palms and backs of the hands are full of flesh, Kunming Pool Project
Chapter 140 A strange phenomenon appears in the sky and a decisive battle of life and death
Chapter 141 The Battle of Xuanwu Gate, Two Li Shimin
Chapter 142 Li Shimin ascends the throne and proclaims himself emperor
Chapter 143 Massive rewards, making hundreds of billions
Chapter 144 From now on, I will name you Wu Mei!
Chapter 145 Xuanzang went westward and earned 100 million red crystals at the beginning!
Chapter 146 Buying 'Datang'
Chapter 147 There are gods in heaven and earth, and I will never get along with you!
Chapter 148 Qin Qiong fights the tiger, see you on the battlefield in Songzhou!
Chapter 149 I wish there would be no Buddha in the world
Chapter 150 Anti-Buddhist fighter Fu Yi, this Tang Dynasty is a little different
Chapter 151 Li Xuanba is resurrected and Turkic troops arrive in Chang'an
Chapter 152 The most powerful general in the world, Li Xuanba
Chapter 153 Jieli Khan performs a dance, and Li Jing decides the outcome in a battle!
Chapter 154: Tubo is willing to surrender to the Tang Dynasty forever, Lu Dongzan solves the problem three times!
Chapter 155 Eight-year-old prodigy Di Renjie VS Tubo Prime Minister Lu Dongzan
Chapter 156 The benevolent Emperor of Tang Dynasty
Chapter 157 A weak country has no diplomacy, kill this [Jianghu]
Chapter 158 The story Wu Mei and King Jin have to tell
Chapter 159 Scumbag Li Shimin, Prince Li Chengqian’s foot disease was cured by a doctor!
Chapter 160 Number 79 White Angel Card
Chapter 161 Li Chengqian was so wronged, don’t judge heroes based on success or failure!
Chapter 162 Wei Zheng has been seeking death, Dongfang Bai Mie Feng Qingyang
Chapter 163 The prince was deposed and teammates were like pigs
Chapter 164 Wu Mei’s fate is reversed, Xue Rengui is in the emperor’s heart
Chapter 165 Longmen Xue Rengui and wealthy Ye Xiao
Chapter 166: Holy Land for Hanging Up, Freshman Representative Spokesperson
Chapter 167 Mushroom King
Chapter 168: Strive to reach the 999th floor of Babel Tower, military training begins
Chapter 169 The iron-walled tree stump monster
Chapter 170 Brother Ye treats guests to dinner
Chapter 171 The Creation of Tang Sanzang and the Return of Xuanzang
Chapter 172 Li Shimin personally conquered Goguryeo, and the white-robed fierce general Xue Rengui
Chapter 173 Military God Li Jing arrives, [Jianghu] is about to come to an end
Chapter 174 Needle of Life and Death, Bronze Level Investment World [Tianlong]
Chapter 175 Earn millions of orange crystals, reward information one after another
Chapter 176 A different Master Tripitaka
Chapter 177 Enter [Tianlong] and invest in Xu Zhu
Chapter 178 The honest man Xu Zhu is angry
Chapter 179 Prison Soldier, Li Shimin, the Kindhearted Woman
Chapter 180 Li Shimin was blinded by an arrow, Yang Wanchun was extremely brave
Chapter 181 Capture Anshi City, Xu Zhu goes down the mountain
Chapter 182 Qiao Feng appears, Xu Zhu cracks the Zhenlong chess game
Chapter 183 Xu Zhu becomes the leader of the Xiaoyao Sect, and Goguryeo is destroyed!
Chapter 184 Li Chunfeng observes the sky at night, and his income explodes
Chapter 185 The Era of the Emperor, the Land and Water Conference
Chapter 186 Preparing to go west, Li Shimin dies
Chapter 187 After Wu Meifeng, the next investment world 'Three Kingdoms'
Chapter 188 The most poisonous woman’s heart
Chapter 189 Xue Rengui’s three arrows fixed the Tianshan Mountains
Chapter 190 Dark Sun Wukong, income exceeds 100 billion red crystals
Chapter 191 'Three Kingdoms' welcomes the king of investment!
Chapter 192 Selling dates, pork, and straw sandals
Chapter 193 The heroes see the same thing
Chapter 194 Dong Zhuo is a jackal, Xue Rengui goes to Dafeichuan
Chapter 195 The powerful actors Wu Mei and Xue Rengui defeated Dafeichuan
Chapter 196 Crimes other than war
Chapter 197 Dong Zhuo: I must help the Han Dynasty!
Chapter 198 Bu is willing to worship the general as his adoptive father, number 60, a powerful minister card
Chapter 199 It doesn’t matter if this official is inappropriate
Chapter 200 The Straight Man Cao Cao
Chapter 201 Cao Cao presents his treasured sword, 'Wu Zhou' is closed
Chapter 202 If Li Zhi doesn’t die, she will be the queen after all
Chapter 203: Drunk for a thousand days, undefeated for ten years
Chapter 204: Surviving a catastrophe will bring blessings later
Chapter 205 Yin Emperor Wu Mei, 300 billion profit
Chapter 206: The King of Investors, Promoted to Samsung’s Extraordinary Investor
Chapter 207 I would rather teach me to betray the world than teach the world to betray me
Chapter 208 Cao Cao scored eight kills in a row
Chapter 209 Xu Shu’s reminder, the confident Hua Xiong
Chapter 210 Guan Yu warms the wine and kills Hua Xiong
Chapter 211 Lu Bu: The most powerful general in the world!
Chapter 212 Three Heroes Fight Lu Bu
Chapter 213 Bad money drives out good money, Xu Shu leaves
Chapter 214 The crusade against Dong Zhuo failed, and the coalition of princes disbanded!
Chapter 215: Losing hundreds of billions of red crystals, Sun Jian swears a poisonous oath to the sky
Chapter 216 Wang Yun’s serial plan
Chapter 217 We all died at the hands of women
Chapter 218 Injecting 200 billion red crystals, Lu Bu wants to kill someone!
Chapter 219 Dong Zhuo dies, Sun Jian is in danger
Chapter 220 Sun Hu from the Sun Family
Chapter 221 Liu Bei made three concessions to Xuzhou, and Cao Cao held the emperor hostage to order the princes
Chapter 222 Lu Bu is dead and Cao Cao is defeated!
Chapter 223 I, Lu Bu, would like to worship Duke Cao as my adoptive father!
Chapter 224 Lu Bu is not dead yet, let’s talk about heroes over wine!
Chapter 225 The only heroes in the world are you and me!
Chapter 226 Your wife and I will support each other on our own, but they are no better than a village man.
Chapter 227 Sun Wukong kills Tathagata Buddha with one stick
Chapter 228 My head wind is cured, I will surrender to Han but not to Cao!
Chapter 229 Guan Yu beheads Yan Liang and Wen Chou, leaving Dian Wei in danger!
Chapter 230 Guo Jia’s alienation plan
Chapter 231: He is called the Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty, but he is actually a traitor to the Han Dynasty!
Chapter 232 Cao Cao falls into the trap, Yuan Shao wants to win!
Chapter 233 God Lu Bu descends to earth to kill Cao Cao and Yuan Shao
Chapter 234 Profit of 300 billion red crystals, dividing the world by Zhuge Liang!
Chapter 235 The dramatist Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang’s two letters
Chapter 236 Wolong Zhuge Liang comes out of the mountain, Guo Jia dies and lives again
Chapter 237 Xiahou Dun leads his troops into battle, and he will never be defeated!
Chapter 238 Zhongdu Investment City, Emperor Member!
Chapter 239 The Hundred Billion Club, Zhuge Liang is strategizing!
Chapter 240 Zhuge Liang’s first plan is to burn Bowang Slope!
Chapter 241 Zhuge Liang is as wise as a demon
Chapter 242 Zhuge Liang’s new official takes office with three things in mind!
Chapter 243 Heavy rain extinguishes the fire, Zhuge Liang will be defeated!
Chapter 244: Bright but slightly understanding
Chapter 245 Zhuge Liang, the son of destiny, rushes to Jiangdong alone!
Chapter 246 Lu Lang bets 800 billion red crystals and hides oranges in his arms!
Chapter 247 Sun Hu intimidates everyone and Sun Liu forms an alliance!
Chapter 248 Jiangdong Optimus Prime Zhou Yu, this person is ten times more knowledgeable than me!
Chapter 249 The Three Kingdoms are in turmoil again, Zhou Yu’s plan to kill with a borrowed knife!
Chapter 250 Jiang Qian stole the book, both merit and demerit!
Chapter 251 One hundred thousand arrows can be made in three days of light!
Chapter 252 The classic straw boat borrowing arrows, the strategy failed?
Chapter 253 Huang Gai’s bitter plan!
Chapter 254 Feng Chu and Pang Tong offer a plan, a serial warship plan!
Chapter 255: Drinking and singing, what is life like?
Chapter 256 Everything is ready, all we need is the east wind!
Chapter 257 Cao Cao will only lose, Cao Cao’s defeat is determined!
Chapter 258 Set a small goal, earn one trillion red crystals first!
Chapter 259: Capture Huang Gai alive, destiny lies with Han!
Chapter 260: Profit of Trillions of Red Crystals, 'Journey to the West' Successfully Listed!
Chapter 261 'Journey to the West' is officially open, seize the code of wealth!
Chapter 262: Becoming the Lord of the World in 'Journey to the West', darkness is about to fall!
Chapter 263 The hunting begins, Liucheng falls!
Chapter 264 Summon King Yama and lift the shield of heaven!
Chapter 265 The people of Liucheng came back from the dead and made a profit of 10 trillion red crystals!
Chapter 266 Color is emptiness, emptiness is color!
Chapter 267 Tang Sanzang enjoying life and observing the Jade Emperor!
Chapter 268 The Supreme Being in Heaven follows his words!
Chapter 269 My Lord is the immortal king of a foreign land, and the Tathagata destroys the enemy with one palm!
Chapter 270 Human Race Strongman Jiang Ye, Burning Sword!
Chapter 271 I will kill the ten cities of your Dragon Kingdom, your allies!
Chapter 272 No one can save you, the Jade Emperor got into the table!
Chapter 273 Crisis for all living beings in the three realms, failure to create a prehistoric saint!
Chapter 274 Who claims to be invincible? Who dares to claim to be invincible?
Chapter 275 It’s time to sacrifice!
Chapter 276 Death is liberation, death is the beginning!
Chapter 277 Alien beast attacks, tonight!
Chapter 278 Alex’s prediction comes true and he transforms into a journey to the west!
Chapter 279 He seems to have become light! Looking down at the earth!
Chapter 280 Doctor Strange Stephen, Time Magic!
Chapter 281 May death free us all, [Level 7 Cold Wave] is coming!
Chapter 282 The Tathagata Buddha passes away, and the most powerful person in all heavens and realms, Emperor Huangtian!
Chapter 283 It’s not that they are not afraid of death, it’s that they are too selfless!
Chapter 284 Heading to the Raging Hell, Twelve Zodiac Horse Talismans!
Chapter 285 The first front of the Raging Flame Hell—Flame City!
Chapter 286 Angela, the daughter of hell, super large cemetery!
Chapter 287 Who can know my heart? How many people can become emperors and how many can become kings!
Chapter 288 Seven Heroes Struggle for Hegemony, Character Card No. 10!
Chapter 289 Profit of trillions of red crystals, 'Three Kingdoms' closed!
Chapter 290 Mysterious Taotie enters the 'Seven Heroes Contest'!
Chapter 291 The founder of Wei’s century-old hegemony—Weiss!
Chapter 292 The 'Three Kingdoms' collapsed, and Ying Yiren went to Zhao State as a hostage!
Chapter 293 Fan Ju offers advice, Lian Po is old!
Chapter 294 The slaughter of Bai Qi became world-famous!
Chapter 295 You are the monarch and I am the prime minister, Ying Zheng is born!
Chapter 296 Bai Qi, I will give you a glass of wine!
Chapter 297: Trillions of red crystals, this world is too far away from me!
Chapter 298 Lu Buwei, who has squandered all his family wealth, and Ying Xi, who aspires to be the king!
Chapter 299 Summoning Black and White Impermanence!
Chapter 300 This figure is his lingering nightmare!
Chapter 301 Congratulations to the host, you randomly obtained 1 glory crystal!
Chapter 302: Those who treat others with sex will lose their sex and lose their love!
Chapter 303 There is always someone who wants to stay, right?
Chapter 304 Three Magatama Sharingan, Student Council President Long Yanli!
Chapter 305: How to open the Mangekyou Sharingan, the student union of the rising and falling of yin and yang!
Chapter 306 Strength comes first, wealth comes first!
Chapter 307 Ying Zichu is the future King of Qin!
Chapter 308 Ying Zichu will only die without knowing it!
Chapter 309 Wei Wuji, the great hero of the Zhao Kingdom!
Chapter 310 I have no money, and the King of Qin is seeking death!
Chapter 311 The four-star world 'Wind and Cloud'!
Chapter 312 Become a billionaire, Shuguang Academy officially opens!
Chapter 313 Teacher Ji who controls telepathy
Chapter 314 'Wind and Cloud' officially begins!
Chapter 315 Snow Drinking Sword, Ice Giant!
Chapter 316 Snow Drinking Ice Sword - The most powerful one that can freeze for thousands of miles!
Chapter 317 Nine-star extraordinary investor, trillions of combat power points!
Chapter 318 International Special 'The Conqueror'!
Chapter 319 The devil lives in everyone’s heart!
Chapter 320 Promoted to a four-star extraordinary investor!
Chapter 321 Your king will come back!
Chapter 322 Dragon Kingdom gathers millions of extraordinary people!
Chapter 323 The mysterious bald young man is chasing 1000 trillion red crystals!
Chapter 324 The super species of alien beasts-Bat Demon and the Eight Wilds Fire Dragon are coming!
Chapter 325 The three world lords of the Dragon Kingdom take action!
Chapter 326 [Tianlong] is about to come to an end, Xiao Feng is a Khitan sinner!
Chapter 327: Trillions of orange crystals are surplus, and the silver-level investment world is open!
Chapter 328 Obtaining [Tianlong] Bronze Level Investment World Purchase Rights
Chapter 329 [Midnight] is about to begin!
Chapter 330 Urban LegendMysterious Videotape!
Chapter 331 Death Videotape!
Chapter 332: After a wave of harvest, the system easily earns trillions of orange crystals!
Chapter 333: Chase 1 billion orange crystals and summon 3,000 Yin soldiers!
Chapter 334 The second act of Hundred Ghosts’ Night Parade is about to begin!
Chapter 335 What a ruthless Lu Buwei, the world belongs to Qin!
Chapter 336 It turns out that the clown is myself, [Midnight] Sadako goes crazy!
Chapter 337 A call from a ghost!
Chapter 338 Congratulations to the host, sitting on the Crown Chair!
Chapter 339 The reason why the investment world of 'Three Kingdoms' collapsed!
Chapter 340 So, do you think I’m beautiful?
Chapter 341 Kill the cracked girl, the ghost doll Hanako!
Chapter 342 The ghost of the ancient house, the woman with blood on her face!
Chapter 343: Throw tens of billions of orange crystals in pursuit and summon 30,000 Yin soldiers!
Chapter 344 The King of Ghosts—Slippery Ghost!
Chapter 345 Resurrection from the dead, the unkillable!
Chapter 346 Thirty thousand Yin soldiers went into battle and made a profit of 20 billion orange crystals in one night!
Chapter 347: Chase hundreds of billions of orange crystals and summon a bull-headed horse face!
Chapter 348 I am the one who dies, but you are the one who lives!
Chapter 349 [Midnight] The third act of the Kingdom of Death!
Chapter 350: Chasing trillions of orange crystals, silver SS rank!
Chapter 351 Shoot it, the magic gun! Send Tathagata Buddha to fight!
Chapter 352: Tathagata Buddha’s wise eyes, the war is coming!
Chapter 353 Death God Aizen, this sky is colorless!
Chapter 354 The world is unkind and treats all things as stupid dogs! The Immortal-killing Sword Formation!
Chapter 355 Tathagata Buddha appears, and the hunting king is killed!
Chapter 356 A greater disaster is coming to the world!
Chapter 357 Donating hundreds of billions of red crystals, isn’t that amazing?
Chapter 358 A little bit more than you, so rich!
Chapter 359 The mysterious black ball in the night sky!
Chapter 360 Poppies are beautiful, but they are deadly poison!
Chapter 361 Summons the ears of heaven and the clairvoyance!
Chapter 362 Ying Zichu’s kingly demeanor!
Chapter 363 Qin Ying, you, a domestic servant who raises horses!
Chapter 364 Legend Qiyuan Martial Arts!
Chapter 365 Qi cultivation talent—unparalleled!
Chapter 366 The storm is mine! Dominate the world!
Chapter 367 The crisis is coming!
Chapter 368 [Midnight] The third act of the Kingdom of Death begins!
Chapter 369 Surrender or die!
Chapter 370 The yin-laden Kamikawa City, the mysterious death bar!
Chapter 371 Death is with us!
Chapter 372: Not even a drop of wine, but already drunk!
Chapter 373 The Master of the Kingdom of Death!
Chapter 374 There are ghosts in this world!
Chapter 375 If a woman is not drunk, a man has no chance!
Chapter 376 The faceless nurse kills the ghost king Yamamura Sadako!
Chapter 377 Summon Zhong Kui from the underworld and save Junxiong!
Chapter 378 Death ticket, another trillion orange crystals!
Chapter 379 The gate to the Kingdom of Death is about to open!
Chapter 380 Broken ancient well, Shikigami Yuki-onna!
Chapter 381 The highest level channel, high risk and high return!
Chapter 382 [Midnight] The final act—the decisive battle!
Chapter 383 In the misty world, King Yama of the underworld is killed in battle!
Chapter 384 Unless hell is empty, I will never become a Buddha!
Chapter 385: Survive the nine-tailed demon fox Tamamo Mae and make a profit of 10 trillion orange crystals!
Chapter 386 Climb the ladder to heaven and cross the gate of heaven!
Chapter 387 The Emperor of the Underworld—Emperor Fengdu!
Chapter 388 Successfully cleansed the world and made a profit of one hundred billion orange crystals!
Chapter 389 An Lunde—The Silver King!
Chapter 390 [Midnight] Profit Ranking List!
Chapter 391 This round of Silver King comes from the Dragon Kingdom!
Chapter 392 If I am a clown, then what kind of noble species are you?
Chapter 393 Thank you all for your generous donation!
Chapter 395 Do you know how many years the Song Dynasty has left for its national destiny?
Chapter 396: Establish a supreme divine dynasty, live forever, and live as long as heaven!
Chapter 397: Advancing and retreating together in adversity, a sub-class alien beast!
Chapter 398 A wise king during the day, a dim king at night!
Chapter 399 Sub-health state, Priest Bao Zheng!
Chapter 400: Punish evil and eradicate evil, and vindicate the injustice of the people!
Chapter 401 Even if the Song Dynasty tolerated it, heaven and earth would not tolerate it!
Chapter 402 The world is shocked, Bao Zheng is alive!
Chapter 403 Others’ end point is his starting point!
Chapter 404 The mysterious black moon, double moons in the sky!
Chapter 405 Amitabha, monks are compassionate!
Chapter 406 The Great Bone Demon, Mysterious Black Qi!
Chapter 407 As the Emperor of Heaven, I should suppress all enemies in the world!
Chapter 408 [Level 10 Cold Wave] is coming, and the sky is dyed black!
Chapter 409 The Holy Son of Shaking Light attacks the Imperial Realm, and Emperor Ye Tian arrives!
Chapter 410 Invincible in heaven and earth, all nine heavens and ten earths surrender!
Chapter 411 Emperor Ye Tian was defeated, and the sky was filled with bright golden light!
Chapter 412 No one can stop me. If you stop me, kill them with one punch!
Chapter 413 'Journey to the West' is promoted to the nine-star world, and the sacred beast Qilin governs the country!
Chapter 414 Cultivation of world seeds, pet mythical beast Qilin!
Chapter 415 The one who will dominate the world must be King Chu of Qin, and the 'Great Song Dynasty' is critically ill!
Chapter 416 The Ridiculous King, the Marquis of Stone!
Chapter 417 Enter 'The Song Dynasty' and prepare to slay the dragon!
Chapter 418 The crazy Zhao Ji, a new era of the Song Dynasty is coming!
Chapter 419 Become a five-star extraordinary investor and open the Mortal Mirror!
Chapter 420 Summon three thousand black armor troops and unlock the physique of the ace soldier!
Chapter 421 Ranking list of wealth plundered by No. 1 Fanjing 'Crisis'!
Chapter 422 A group of mysterious men in black filed in!
Chapter 423 Looking for Alice, Spencer, killing people and grabbing treasures!
Chapter 424: Locking in the target person, the turbulent Raccoon City!
Chapter 425 The artificial intelligence queen is worth 10 trillion US dollars!
Chapter 426 [Current plunder progress: 40%]
Chapter 427: Successfully plundered 10 trillion U.S. dollars of wealth, and stood out from the crowd!
Chapter 428 They want to kill people and seize the treasure! They are being targeted!
Chapter 429 Long Jingtian Family, kill again!
Chapter 430 The power of capital, you will regret it!
Chapter 431 Investigate the hospital and purchase supplies!
Chapter 432: The ear-eating incident, the mysterious King Ada!
Chapter 433 Leaving 'Crisis' and investing in the world of national war!
Chapter 434: Crying grave-weeper, are you teaching me how to do things?
Chapter 435 The secret of Ye Xiao, the mysterious black moon shackles break!
Chapter 436 The Twelve-clawed Blood Spider Emperor joins the Dragon Guard to serve the country!
Chapter 437: Using force to suppress others, pests appear!
Chapter 438 Perfect Pesticide, Invitation to Join Hope!
Chapter 439 The interests of the country are above all else, legal identity!
Chapter 440 Entering 'Mystery', the non-existent person!
Chapter 441 That damn post, Ye Xiao, who was absent from class!
Chapter 442 Eight people survived, he will kill me!
Chapter 443 Operator Liu Xiaoyu, mysterious Ye Xiao!
Chapter 444 Your father is a ghost and invests in gold!
Chapter 445 There are no ghosts in the world, Zhang Xiangui deceives himself!
Chapter 446 There is a fierce ghost living inside the body, like a bird in a cage!
Chapter 447 Investing 1 billion in gold, will we like it?
Chapter 448 He is very dangerous, earning 100 million at the beginning!
Chapter 449 Controlling the second ghost, Ye Xiao took away my parchment!
Chapter 450 There is a ghost in the mall, discuss cooperation!
Chapter 451 Checking into the mall, another ghost controller!
Chapter 452 Successfully imprisoned the intelligence collector!
Chapter 453: Pay 100 million, charlatan Master Luo!
Chapter 454 This shouldn’t be like this, look for the ghost head!
Chapter 455: Become your girlfriend, a stinky man who doesn’t understand amorous feelings!
Chapter 456 The mysterious Ye Xiao, the boss of the supernatural forum Ye Zhen!
Chapter 457 Ranking list of intelligence collection by country, leaving soon!
Chapter 458 Go to Shangtong Daxia and start the action!
Chapter 459 Generous loot, mysterious aliens!
Chapter 460 Profit of nearly 10 billion, he is too scary!
Chapter 461 Leaving 'Mystery', sub-class alien beasts are about to be born!
Chapter 462 Cursed Coffin, Beam Barrier!
Chapter 463 Dragon Kingdom has no comment, worth 1 million international coins!
Chapter 464: The 'Crisis' survival is about to begin, I will never laugh at you!
Chapter 465 Exclusive card type, roast chicken Tang Sanzang!
Chapter 466 The Golden Horned Silver Horned King, Zhu Bajie is dead!
Chapter 467: Melon-eating Zhu Bajie, this matter has been revealed!
Chapter 468 Monks have the virtue of living a good life, but life is like a piece of grass in this world!
Chapter 469 Information exchange, battle barrier!
Chapter 470 Upgrade items, audio files!
Chapter 471 Ying Zichu dies of illness and Ying Zheng succeeds to the throne!
Chapter 472 'Seven Heroes' is closed, crazy investors!
Chapter 473 Re-entering 'Crisis', three peerless generals!
Chapter 474 King Ada comes to visit, Boss Ye, you are so awesome!
Chapter 475: Building a survival base, 'Naruto' Konoha Village ninja!
Chapter 476 'Naruto' Kabuto Yakushi, the enemy is attacking!
Chapter 477 The power of ninja, kill Yakushi Kabuto!
Chapter 478 Unable to query, good luck Ye Xiao!
Chapter 479 Butterfly Effect, Unlucky Leon!
Chapter 480 Vehicle Killer, what a madman!
Chapter 481 Kill the prey and become a loser!
Chapter 482 A pair of dogs and men, weapons and equipment!
Chapter 483 The final countdown, the taste of blood!
Chapter 484 Monster appears and becomes the occupier!
Chapter 485 Hatake Kakashi makes a fortune in silence and likes reading!
Chapter 486 Rasengan harvests the zombies and arrives at Joburg Hospital!
Chapter 487 Zombie cats attack and occupy Joburg Hospital!
Chapter 488 Looking for Alice, the mysterious Mr. Ye!
Chapter 489 Lost Kakashi, official press conference!
Chapter 490 These are all rumors, get ready for a big fight!
Chapter 491 Everyone must die, crazy plundering of wealth!
Chapter 492: Loot hundreds of billions of dollars and obtain the magic weapon of 'Journey to the West'!
Chapter 493: Don’t retreat from this battle, the Red Queen appears!
Chapter 494: Hiding the logic of the supreme command, becoming the Lord of Raccoon City!
Chapter 495: Chaos, Kakashi attacks!
Chapter 496 The blood-red sky, Kakashi blames himself!
Chapter 497 Kakashi was killed in battle, and he will absolutely swear allegiance to Mr. Ye to the death!
Chapter 498 Continue to kill Tian Yiming, but Jiraiya cannot appear!
Chapter 499 Completely defeated, ready to occupy the entire Raccoon City!
Chapter 500 Alice arrives, hell on earth!
Chapter 501 Permanent title—Occupier of Raccoon City!
Chapter 502: That bill, blockade Raccoon City!
Chapter 503: All for the sake of the people, prepare to leave Raccoon City!
Chapter 504 Biochemical Weapons—The Chaser!
Chapter 505 Follow me and enjoy life!
Chapter 506 Dominate No. 009 Mortal Mirror 'Crisis', the Arbiter of Crisis!
Chapter 507 Ye Xiao is about to leave, panting like an ox!
Chapter 508 Massive Rewards, What Are Zombies?
Chapter 509: [Zombies] are about to enter, stay away from Renjia Town!
Chapter 510 Entering [Zombie], weird photos!
Chapter 511 For the people of this era, the matter of relocation and burial is left to Uncle Jiu!
Chapter 512 Maoshan Taoist Uncle Jiu, a life-saving talisman!
Chapter 513 The mortality rate of the people in the black and white photos is 99%!
Chapter 514 Captain Ah Wei, ghosts kill people!
Chapter 515 Five Camps of Divine Generals, this is a curse!
Chapter 516 A strange coughing sound, the third prince Nezha appears!
Chapter 517 Master Ren Renfa is preparing to move and bury him!
Chapter 518 What kind of toad are you?
Chapter 519 The most taboo thing about a fragrance is two short and one long. You have to live up to your expectations!
Chapter 520: Hundreds of people died in the Ren family town overnight!
Chapter 521 We are afraid that we will all die, the zombie king is about to be born!
Chapter 522 The confrontation between good and evil, a lifelong struggle!
Chapter 523 [Zombies] The top ten zombie kings in the second act!
Chapter 524 The only talisman in the world comes from this family!
Chapter 525: Zombie Ancestor General, Lost Sea!
Chapter 526 The era of national adventure begins!
Chapter 527 The zombie king’s third ability awakens consciousness!
Chapter 528: Yin soldiers cross the border, nine out of ten people die!
Chapter 529 Zombies are an ominous thing!
Chapter 530 What, you want to teach your father how to do things?
Chapter 531 The Zombie King is too cruel, God Haotian!
Chapter 532 The mysterious woman in green, the female ghost Dong Xiaoyu!
Chapter 533 The ancient zombie king Hanba!
Chapter 534 The Tianshi Mansion in Longhu Mountain is destroyed, and the world will perish!
Chapter 535 There are gods in this world!
Chapter 536: Invest 10 billion amethysts and summon the Black Rakshasa!
Chapter 537 I would rather be a peace dog than a person in troubled times!
Chapter 538: The old ghost is naughty, and the four-eyed Taoist priest is running for his life!
Chapter 539 Profit of hundreds of billions of amethyst, noble help!
Chapter 540 The power of faith surges, the scene of mountains of corpses and seas of blood!
Chapter 541: The face of a human, the body of an ox, and the legs of a horse—the ancient zombie king Yuqi!
Chapter 542: With the power of ten thousand points of faith, summon the Eighth Lord of the Underworld!
Chapter 543 Celestial Master Zhong Kui vows to kill all evil spirits in the world!
Chapter 544 Profit of 10 trillion amethyst, God of War Xingtian!
Chapter 545 I came from reincarnation just to destroy you - Haotian!
Chapter 546 Return to reality, the door to wealth!
Chapter 547 The devil gives you benefits, but he will deprive you of your freedom!
Chapter 548 Xing Tian goes all the way east, Dr. Banner!
Chapter 549 Savage Hulk, the Mountain of Changyang!
Chapter 550 Descendants of Yan and Huang, a long road of cultivation!
Chapter 551 My future self will only get better and better!
Chapter 552 Super heavy rain, angering Poseidon!
Chapter 553 Sharpshooter theory, the master was bitten to death!
Chapter 554 Everyone died unexpectedly, the divine weapon Xuanyuan Sword!
Chapter 555 The legend of Renjia Town, looking for the Xuanyuan Arrow!
Chapter 556 There is no free lunch in this world!
Chapter 557 The Divine Purification Curse, dark clouds envelope Renjia Town!
Chapter 558: Hard work pays off, let it see the light of day again!
Chapter 559 The ancient Zombie King is dispatched and will surely destroy Renjia Town!
Chapter 560 The dark night sky, those scarlet eyes!
Chapter 561 The golden dragon appears and devours King Zombie!
Chapter 562: The world is saved, and the people are given a peaceful world!
Chapter 563 Uncle Jiu had a nightmare, the sun was disappearing!
Chapter 564 The sun disappears, leaving 100 trillion amethysts!
Chapter 565 In the fifth year of the Divine Dynasty, the sixteen states of Yanyun were recovered!
Chapter 566 The Jurchens are invincible and arrive in the Kingdom of Jin!
Chapter 567 Two Hundred Years of Song Dynasty, Wolf Totem!
Chapter 568 The world’s first nine-star extraordinary investor!
Chapter 569 Sacrifice for the country, death is an honor!
Chapter 570: System vulnerability repaired, extraordinary warden appears!
Chapter 571 Jian, the creator of the ancient zombie king, seeks wealth in danger!
Chapter 572 Profit of 100 million international currency, Ghost Festival of the Ghost Festival!
Chapter 573: Dong Xiaoyu, a brothel girl in Renjia Town, a disaster-ridden city!
Chapter 574 Ghost Festival is coming, blank wedding invitation!
Chapter 575 Weird wedding invitation!
Chapter 576 Mysterious zombie bride, don’t miss the wedding banquet!
Chapter 577: Ten Thousand Fires Are as Urgent as Laws and Orders, a Wedding Banquet with a Narrow Bike of Death!
Chapter 578 The team is coming in huge numbers!
Chapter 579 Ye Xiao gets married and the groom gets on the sedan!
Chapter 580 The black-hearted shopkeeper Wu, headless corpse!
Chapter 581 Horror Wedding Banquet, Ghost World!
Chapter 582 Start listening to the music, a woman in white wearing sackcloth and mourning!
Chapter 583 Everyone turned into ghosts and summoned Emperor Fengdu!
Chapter 584 Obtaining the ghost card, [Zombies] is over!
Chapter 585 Dark Barrier, Profit Ranking!
Chapter 586 Silver Double Champion, buy [Zombie]!
Chapter 587 Eight mysterious buildings!
Chapter 588 The national war is about to begin!
Chapter 589 Someone has to step forward, your death is about to come!
Chapter 590 Desert God of Death, death is with me!
Chapter 591 Participate in the national war, victory belongs to us!
Chapter 592: Understand the energy and sprint to the six-star extraordinary!
Chapter 593 Promoted to six-star extraordinary, with a combat power of hundreds of billions!
Chapter 594 Practical lesson, Flame City!
Chapter 595 The Sea of ??Raging Flames, a terrifying existence!
Chapter 596 The King of Hell is angry and summons the extraordinary warden!
Chapter 597 Ye Xiao’s secret, the terrifying flame!
Chapter 598: Fallen King Lucifer, is the king in love?
Chapter 599 The Eight Realms are coming, disaster is coming!
Chapter 600 The horror is about to unfold!
Chapter 601 The national war begins and a ghost calls!
Chapter 602 Special Ghost Candle, heading to Huanggang Village!
Chapter 603 Arriving at Huanggang Village, long time no see!
Chapter 604 Five billion, you can’t grasp it!
Chapter 605 Ye Xiao confuses the public and the outsider’s plan!
Chapter 606 The third stage of the ghost infant, forcing the young ghost infant back!
Chapter 607: Its really hard to live, 10 billion transfer!
Chapter 608: One phone call makes you unable to be the person in charge!
Chapter 609 Special ghost money, recruiting evil ghosts to kill people!
Chapter 610 The golden ghost gun and the ghost mirror are reborn!
Chapter 611 Becoming more and more like a human, encountering calls from ghosts!
Chapter 612 Old red mobile phone, tens of billions of clones!
Chapter 613 Yang Jian, the person in charge of Dachang, the mobile phone upgrade permission has been unlocked!
Chapter 614: Super ghost phone, disappearing wooden door!
Chapter 615: Talk to the Lord of Ghost Eyes, everyone will die!
Chapter 616 What a farce, never happen again!
Chapter 617 A false alarm, allocating gold!
Chapter 618 It’s a snake that feels cold, but a wolf that feels fishy!
Chapter 619: Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, disband the club!
Chapter 620 There is not much time left for them!
Chapter 621 Black haze, werewolf killing!
Chapter 622 Creating a file—Ghost Moon Incident!
Chapter 623 Tonight - Staying behind closed doors!
Chapter 624 The ghost moon rises, 100,000 points!
Chapter 625 The horror is still happening!
Chapter 626 The fourth stage of werewolf!
Chapter 627 The golden safe house is built!
Chapter 628 You died and became a werewolf!
Chapter 629 Hongfa Temple, the source!
Chapter 630 Time reset, everyone in despair!
Chapter 631: Money can make the world go round, not martial ethics!
Chapter 632 Ranking NO.5, earning 100 billion!
Chapter 633 Non-staff captain, the road to controlling ghosts!
Chapter 634: Beauty trap, not suitable for drinking tea!
Chapter 635 Ghost Controller Ye Xiao, I will be the biggest winner!
Chapter 636: An annual salary of one million, this is impossible!
Chapter 637 If you don’t seek death, there will be no enthusiasm!
Chapter 638: Ghost Football, I’m afraid it will never come back!
Chapter 639 You - prepare to collect the body for yourself!
Chapter 640: Imprisoned Ghost Football and arrived in Ling Town!
Chapter 641: Can he bear the burden of billions of lives?
Chapter 642 X-rated ghost taxi!
Chapter 643 The little kid Xiong Wenwen was sent a thousand meters underground!
Chapter 644 If you don’t serve yourself, you will be punished by heaven and earth!
Chapter 645 A man without facial features, a ghost newspaper!
Chapter 646 I’ll give you a bed, a god-level ghost bed!
Chapter 647 Controlling the third ghost feels great!
Chapter 648 Successfully exceed 100,000 points, special reward!
Chapter 649 The ceiling of the ghost controller, the captain’s plan is implemented!
Chapter 650 A-level supernatural event, Ghost Road!
Chapter 651: Peaceful Summer, Yang Jian must be afraid of the circle of friends!
Chapter 652: Made a lot of money, Peace Talisman!
Chapter 653 Buddha’s blessing, ghost Buddha!
Chapter 654: Supernatural events broke out, countdown to departure!
Chapter 655 Ghost Cambodian, activated successfully!
Chapter 656 The world is turned upside down!
Chapter 657 Ghost Scissors, Fang Shiming died suddenly!
Chapter 658 Recruiting ghosts to kill people!
Chapter 659: The circle of friends was destroyed overnight, he is going to decide on this hatchet!
Chapter 660 Caesar Hotel, golden ghost soldiers!
Chapter 661: The points exceeded 900,000, and there are only 24 hours left!
Chapter 662 How glorious it is to die for your country!
Chapter 663 The world is like a prison, there is no escape!
Chapter 664 He is not welcome in this world!
Chapter 665 'Mystery' ends, the king of national war!
Chapter 666 Massive rewards and extraordinary protection!
Chapter 667: The dead rest in peace, the living work hard!
Chapter 668 The Nian Beast attacks the country, invitation letter!
Chapter 669 Confusing right and wrong, adults do not remember the faults of villains!
Chapter 670 The matchmaker’s words, Black Dragon, the deputy leader of the Dragon Guard!
Chapter 671 'Flowers of the Other Shore', the trio of captains touching gold!
Chapter 672: If you don’t take action, it’s fine. If you do, you’ll be the king!
Chapter 673: Enter 'Flower of the Other Side' and look for Colonel Mojin!
Chapter 674 Touch the gold captain, if you unite, you will live, if you divide, you will die!
Chapter 675 You have to go even if you dont want to, dont test my patience!
Chapter 676 No comment! They are my people!
Chapter 677: Obey me and you can live!
Chapter 678 Ninja appears, huge secret!
Chapter 679 Ninja Zabuza, this is a massacre!
Chapter 680 Zabuza is killed in battle, the rooster crows and the lanterns are extinguished without touching the gold!
Chapter 681 Phosphorus Fire Bridge, Uninvited Guest!
Chapter 682: Sit in the frosty sky, Princess Augu’s coffin!
Chapter 683: Sleeping for a thousand years, a chess piece!
Chapter 684 Successfully plundered the Bianhua flower and headed north!
Chapter 685 In the land of the underworld, the living are forbidden to travel!
Chapter 686 Triggering the hidden reward, the martial arts myth Dongfang Bai!
Chapter 687 How could he be a weakling, the land god Dongfang Bai!
Chapter 688: If there is a way to heaven, don’t take it; if there is no door to hell, you will throw yourself into it!
Chapter 689: If I can’t afford to offend, my soul lamp will be extinguished!
Chapter 690 Black light and shadow, He is the devil!
Chapter 691 Massive rewards, bloody disaster!
Chapter 692 Justice and punishment, until death!
Chapter 693 Lord Dragon Emperor, your heart is bleeding!
Chapter 694 Above the legend, there is a miracle!
Chapter 695 The Ring of Red Flame, as strong as the clouds!
Chapter 696 Black Magic Girl, the arrival of God!
Chapter 697 The Demonic Monk Tang Sanzang, Eight Hundred Miles of Lion Camel Ridge!
Chapter 698 A mountain of corpses and a sea of ??blood, white elephants and green lions!
Chapter 699: The world is as black as crows, Buddha’s uncle!
Chapter 700 Buddha protects his shortcomings and Dapeng dies!
Chapter 701: Does what you see and believe really exist?
Chapter 702 Entering the [Soul] Wealth Zone!
Chapter 703: A poor start, Convenience Store No. 444!
Chapter 704 You are in trouble, ghosts from the underworld!
Chapter 705 There is something wrong with your soul, lonely Pluto!
Chapter 706 The dragon gave birth to nine sons, and the fifth son was gluttonous!
Chapter 707: You will never be reincarnated, and your shocking words will never stop!
Chapter 708 This was an accident, the gold belt of murder and arson!
Chapter 709: Super magic weapon binding fairy rope, tool man Pluto Chacha!
Chapter 710 Breaking into Tiewei Mountain, where are you from?
Chapter 711 You are human, but you are not human!
Chapter 712 The dragon slayer eventually becomes an evil dragon, humans don’t need gods!
Chapter 713 Countless evil ghosts, the grace of not killing them!
Chapter 714 Abnormal place, summon the red boy!
Chapter 715 Undersea Crystal Palace, Samadhi True Fire!
Chapter 716 Cafeteria, Ghost Butcher!
Chapter 717: Breaking the fast and eating souls, Yin soldiers take advantage of it!
Chapter 718 A mortal, the Dragon King of the Four Seas!
Chapter 719 God has passed, and humans have become new gods!
Chapter 720 The demons are dancing wildly, are you the reinforcements invited by the evil spirits?
Chapter 721 [Soul] Entering the end, the final exam!
Chapter 722 Lu Buwei’s death, I am the son of destiny!
Chapter 723 The one who killed King Qin, Jing Ke!
Chapter 724: Veterans are born in vain. If you are old and do not die, you are a thief!
Chapter 725 The number one hero, Wang Jian, is a hot old man who is the God of War!
Chapter 726 The fate of the royal children, the king is suspicious!
Chapter 727 My good grandson, King Qin has won!
Chapter 728 I wish to be a Qin person in life, and a Qin ghost in death!
Chapter 729 The King of Qin unified the world, and 'Da Qin' was permanently offline!
Chapter 730 Super Investment King, Horrible Profits!
Chapter 731 The phantom beast clan, Osiris!
Chapter 732 Mortal, you are not worthy, Osiris’s weakness!
Chapter 733 I call you, do you dare to agree?
Chapter 734 Enter [Soul] and chase one hundred million trillion amethysts!
Chapter 735: Summoning Maitreya Buddha, the Red Luan star moves!
Chapter 736 Horror Cinema, everyone must be blamed for death!
Chapter 737 The devil appears and Maitreya Buddha seeks death!
Chapter 738 Maitreya Pure Land, Xia Dongqing’s past life!
Chapter 739 Assassination of God, God is angry!
Chapter 740: Zhen Yuanzi, the ancestor of the Earth Immortal, has everything in his sleeves!
Chapter 741 God said there should be light, so there was light!
Chapter 742 One Buddha, one Tathagata, the Buddha said everything is illusion!
Chapter 743 Buddha was injured and married for three years!
Chapter 744 Domineering kiss, the mansion is haunted!
Chapter 745 You can’t look directly at Pluto, Chacha is pregnant!
Chapter 746 God is dead, [Soul] is permanently offline!
Chapter 747 The gold-level investment world, 'Three-Year Agreement'!
Chapter 748 Fighting Continent, Supreme Dragon Crystal!
Chapter 749 Investing in the Kingdom of God, Xiao Waste!
Chapter 750 The fall of genius, distinguished guest of the Xiao family!
Chapter 751: Defeat you in one year, times have changed!
Chapter 752 One-star fighter teaches the Burning Technique!
Chapter 753 You know nothing about our soul clan!
Chapter 754 He wants to protect this prosperous age!
Chapter 755: The Big Bell, Peeping Eyes!
Chapter 756 The Wuji Sword Master Yi, the Nian Beast attack on the country officially begins!
Chapter 757: At the hands of Noxus, Nian Beast will regret being my enemy!
Chapter 758 The final wave of the mutated beast king, Sona, the fairy of the piano!
Chapter 759 The oldest Nian Beast King, mutated Nian Beast King’s blood!
Chapter 760: Qi cultivation talent reaches unparalleled level, protect this lovely motherland!
Chapter 761 Dragon Kingdom ranks 693112th, the choice is in your hands!
Chapter 762 There is no such thing as bright sunshine, it’s just that someone blocks the darkness for you!
Chapter 763 Xiao Yan’s cultivation has skyrocketed again, and a new world is about to be born!
Chapter 764 Ten-star world 'Prehistoric', national combat power rankings!
Chapter 765: There is no more real dragon or phoenix in the ancient world, 'Prehistoric' is on the market!
Chapter 766 The prehistoric world must be destroyed!
Chapter 767 Nightmare level cold wave, the strongest universe emperor Frieza!
Chapter 768 The Great Sun Golden Crow, Black Frieza!
Chapter 769: Under the saints, all are ants!
Chapter 770 The innate treasure Chaos Bell, the ultimate self-consciousness skill!
Chapter 771 Purgatory-level cold wave, the invincible strongman Chen Nan!
Chapter 772 Intruder Tiandao, black-haired young man!
Chapter 773 The road against heaven, invading the world!
Chapter 774 Intruder Pangu, the strongest in the plane!
Chapter 775 The nine-star world 'The Lich King' is destroyed, we are not worthy!
Chapter 776 'Journey to the West' is about to be released. We are all Buddhas!
Chapter 777 Tang Sanzang’s plan to burn scriptures and obtain scriptures!
Chapter 778 Sage Hongjun preaches, six futons!
Chapter 779 Those who are not of my race must have different hearts!
Chapter 780: Promoted to an eight-star extraordinary investor, shocking countless universes!
Chapter 781 Eastern Gods VS Western Gods
Chapter 782 God King Zeus and Father God Pangu face off!
Chapter 783 No one can save the prehistoric world, I’m laughing at your ignorance!
Chapter 784 I am willing to help my king, and no one can provoke the prehistoric world again!
Chapter 785 Eye of Thunder, Hongjun accepts a disciple!
Chapter 786 Two shameless Taoists invest in the world's 'Fairy Sword'!
Chapter 787 Entering 'Sword of Immortality', Li Xiaoyao dreams of becoming a hero!
Chapter 788: Predicting the future requires guarding against others!
Chapter 789 Anyone who is not familiar with evil magic will not be harmed by the formation on the island!
Chapter 790: Becoming a disciple of Jiujianxian, Aunt Li has no breath at all!
Chapter 791 You are such a good person, go to Fairy Island!
Chapter 792 After the benefactor, travel through time and space!
Chapter 793 Zhao Linger and Li Xiaoyao get married, and the Fairy Island formation is broken!
Chapter 794: Summon Zhu Bajie, don’t accuse someone’s innocence out of thin air!
Chapter 795 Purify the world and reshape the earth!
Chapter 796 The immortal reincarnated and summoned the immortal soldiers!
Chapter 797 The number one master in the world, the honest and honest Sha Wujing!
Chapter 798 Liu Zhuangyuan parades through the streets, and the unruly daughter Miss Lin!
Chapter 799 Good and evil confront each other, humans and monsters have different paths!
Chapter 800: The Red Ghost King who doesn’t want to be a human being, don’t come out to harm the common people!
Chapter 801: Heaven and earth are unkind and treat all things as stupid dogs. The strongest swordsman in this world!
Chapter 802: Erlang shows his true sage, and is the master of heaven and earth!
Chapter 803 Good intentions are not rewarded, Li Xiaoyao touched the corpse!
Chapter 804: Golden Toad Ghost Mother Liu Meiniang, the Wine Fairy Sword with a story!
Chapter 805 The coming God’s Card, Ice Dragon Skatha!
Chapter 806 Flying Gourd, Immortal Sword God!
Chapter 807 Xu Changqing, the leader of Shushan, the clown swordsman!
Chapter 808 Erlang Shen’s Heavenly Eye, Lord of the Three Realms!
Chapter 809 Everything is fate, travel back to the past!
Chapter 810 The fate of the past cannot be changed, the Buddha, the Supreme Tathagata of Buddhism!
Chapter 811 One drink and one peck, could it be a predestined decision!
Chapter 812 The Witch Queen comes back from the dead, and the winner is the Blue Star Dragon Kingdom!
Chapter 813 Massive rewards, buy the revenue rights of 'Sword of Immortality'!
Chapter 814 The impending disaster, the king cultivates his talent!
Chapter 815 The Red Giant Divine Weapon, the most advanced divine winged dragon!
Chapter 816 The world is filthy again, the Emperor in Black!
Chapter 817 Sun God Phoenix, the powerful creator god of light!
Chapter 818 I am invincible, the Great Evil God of Darkness!
Chapter 819 Saint Hongjun VS Dark Evil God!
Chapter 820 The third sermon, seven rays of purple energy!
Chapter 821 The good old man Hongyun, Hongjun gives a treasure!
Chapter 822 The shameless Western Taoist, Hongyun is about to fall!
Chapter 823: Hongyun, the super potential stock, Zeus, the powerful god of all worlds!
Chapter 824 Saiyan Sun Wukong and God King Zeus arrive!
Chapter 825 The terrifyingly powerful God King Zeus, Super Saiyan Blue!
Chapter 826 God King Zeus incarnates as thunder, perfecting the ultimate will power!
Chapter 827 The magical fairy bean, the fall of God King Zeus!
Chapter 828 Odin, the King of Gods, faces the prehistoric world with only destruction!
Chapter 829: Destroy Odin’s clone in one move, turtle style Qigong!
Chapter 830 Loving God, Chat Group of All Heavens and Worlds!
Chapter 831 Emperor Shitian, please leave early and have peace of mind!
Chapter 832 I am ashamed to be the Emperor of Heaven, a terrible enemy is coming!
Chapter 833 Odin’s magic, the furious sun god Ra!
Chapter 834 The Seven Heaven-Defying Demon Swords, God said there must be light!
Chapter 835 Hypocritical God, God is an invincible existence!
Chapter 836 Emperor Ye Tian arrives and kills God with one punch!
Chapter 837 Brahma, the God of Creation, is promoted to the fifteen-star world!
Chapter 838 Nobi Nobita joins the chat group, the most powerful and invincible Electric Princess!
Chapter 839 You have no afterlife to speak of, stop the Desert Death from getting stronger!
Chapter 840 In the Dragon Kingdom ahead, the gods are forbidden!
Chapter 841 Life is part of reincarnation!
Chapter 842 The Lord of the World in Prehistoric and Journey to the West is the same person!
Chapter 843 Ye Xiao, the Lord of the Journey to the West, the ultimate fear of the universe!
Chapter 844 The law of the jungle is the eternal law of the world!
Chapter 845 The ancient wizard spirit Zerath, the universe enters a countdown to destruction!
Chapter 846: If you are not careful, you will become the savior of the universe!
Chapter 847 The Emperor’s Fall Era has disappeared, and Xerath has seen the light of day again!
Chapter 848: The Glory of the Super Magic Fairy, Xerath’s death is coming soon!
Chapter 849: Promoted to Nine-Star Extraordinary Investor, the ultimate fear of the universe can be wiped out easily!
Chapter 850 Blocking the world passage, I am a miracle under this starry sky!
Chapter 851 I am destined to be invincible in this world!
Chapter 852 The Emperor of Heaven cannot be humiliated, and Nobita has also encountered a powerful enemy!
Chapter 853 Misaka Mikoto comes to 'Dora', Fat Tiger is going to hold another concert!
Chapter 854 Nobita is bullied again by the fat tiger who sings terribly!
Chapter 855 There is good and evil in the world, the Evil Sword Immortal must be a good person!
Chapter 856 Emperor Ye Tian comes to 'Sword and Fairy 3', are you teaching me how to do things?
Chapter 857 The fate cannot be violated, the super ancient monster Golzan!
Chapter 858 Golzan is about to wake up, and the members of the chat group in all worlds are building a team!
Chapter 859 Magical props, Golzan’s strength has skyrocketed!
Chapter 860 Emperor Shitian was injured, the real Golzan!
Chapter 861 It starts with Blue Star and ends with Blue Star!
Chapter 862: Consider the worst outcome in everything, and the strong will come!
Chapter 863 The gods come to the world and darkness descends!
Chapter 864 The Dark God is sure of victory!
Chapter 865 Blue Star’s savior, the Prince of God!
Chapter 866 As time goes by, the destruction of the universe is irreversible!
Chapter 867 Restart the universe and invest in the world 'Da Ming'!
Chapter 868 Do I need to kneel down? If I see the Buddha, I won’t bow to him!
Chapter 869 Zhu Yuanzhang tries Xu Da three times, accompanying him is like accompanying a tiger!
Chapter 870 You really don’t understand investing, I have a cornucopia!
Chapter 871 A magical cornucopia, doing business with people all over the world!
Chapter 872 The wealth of the world, the agent of the universe!
Chapter 873 Super Universe, I will name you Lingshuang Hou!
Chapter 874 The road is boundless, the cautious Zhu Yuanzhang!
Chapter 875 Chang Yuchun fell ill, my life is at stake!
Chapter 876: The great hero, Liu Ji refused Zhu Yuanzhang three times!
Chapter 877 The emperor’s heart is unpredictable and he is destined to die in party strife!
Chapter 878 Mysterious Tips, E-Class Universe Crisis Event
Chapter 879 The extremely wealthy Shen Wansan repairs the city wall!
Chapter 880 Liu Bowens clever calculation, you cant have your cake and eat it too!
Chapter 881 Yang Xian has the talent of prime minister, three-year plan!
Chapter 882: Peeling skin, picking up grass, and traveling in the starry sky!
Chapter 883 Endless Universe, Dark Horse Stock Yang Xian!
Chapter 884: Reaching the sky in one step, your life will be short-lived!
Chapter 885 Yang Xian becomes Prime Minister Zuo, and Hu Weiyong visits late at night!
Chapter 886 Things must turn against each other at the extreme, I will tear you into pieces!
Chapter 887 Bloody disaster, the prince of God is resurrected!
Chapter 888: Promote the prestige of the Kingdom of God and be promoted to the Ten-Star Extraordinary Investment King!
Chapter 889 The king-level investment world 'Yellow Spring', Shen Wansan lost all his wealth!
Chapter 890 Farming is the foundation of the world, take care of it yourself!
Chapter 891 The king-level investment world 'Yellow Spring' is officially open!
Chapter 892 Congratulations to the host, for obtaining 1 King's Crystal!
Chapter 893: The eminent monk Wuming summons the Ten Kings of Hell!
Chapter 894: Become a god in one step, and the living will go to hell!
Chapter 895 Po Meng cannot be killed, summon Pluto Chacha!
Chapter 896 You heartless man, the real and fake Pluto!
Chapter 897 Giving up is also a kind of gain, Po Meng is the most beautiful woman in Huangquan!
Chapter 898 A wisp of soul, come out and die!
Chapter 899 The Lexian Formation, the Lexian Sect is destroyed!
Chapter 900 The birth of Changsheng is destined!
Chapter 901 King Qin Guang died in battle, fear magic!
Chapter 902 Dharma God Ross, they are dead!
Chapter 903: Give me some face, Arcane Kingdom!
Chapter 904: Summon the saint Houtu, don’t be rude to the Lord!
Chapter 905 You are worthy of it, mystical space!
Chapter 906 The mysterious space collapses, and the first scene of 'Underworld' ends!
Chapter 907 Leaving 'Yellow Spring' and realizing the true source!
Chapter 908 Everything is just starting over again, Mr. Teacher Liu Ji!
Chapter 909 Liu Bowen’s life hangs on a thread, a life-saving poem!
Chapter 910: I became a father all of a sudden, but the development of 'Soul' has stagnated!
Chapter 911 Development route, weird and rampant!
Chapter 912 Weird recovery, super blood moon!
Chapter 913 The world in the mirror, the world becomes more dangerous!
Chapter 914 Chi You returns to rule the world!
Chapter 915 Time alone, strange times!
Chapter 916 Ghost bus, three weird people!
Chapter 917 Tiandi Bank, desperate to save you!
Chapter 918 Red Wedding Dress, 'Underworld' begins its finale!
Chapter 919 Empress Houtu appears, Emperor Li Xian of the Tang Dynasty!
Chapter 920: Changing fate against fate, Po Meng disappears!
Chapter 921 The Immortal Killing Sword Formation, summoning the Saint Tongtian Cult Leader!
Chapter 922: Shielding the Secret of Heaven, Mr. Taishan Mansion!
Chapter 923 The ignorant are fearless and kill the Lord of Taishan Mansion!
Chapter 924 Wu Zu Lin Dong, flatly recommends 'Underworld'!
Chapter 925 Tenth Level Ghost Realm, Martial Ancestor takes action!
Chapter 926 Goodbye, the game is over!
Chapter 927 Unlimited investment, summoning the true form of Saint Hongjun!
Chapter 928: Summon the demon god Rahu and make a profit of 2 billion king crystals!
Chapter 929 The god who pretends to be a god and a ghost, and the long river of time!
Chapter 930 Refining World, King of Profit!
Chapter 931 Give up the purchase, it’s an empty shell!
Chapter 932 Wanjie Communication Card, Im waiting for you!
Chapter 933 I’m showing off my cards, I don’t want to rebel!
Chapter 934: Play against the sky and beat the sky!
Chapter 935 We have no regrets, abolish the prime minister system!
Chapter 936 Investment stocks Hu Weiyong plummets, Zhu Yuanzhang is the emperor through the ages!
Chapter 937 The most solid prince, I have a cheating son!
Chapter 938 The pleasure of revenge, Hu Weiyong takes the blame!
Chapter 939: Hiding the truth, the eighteen deadly sins!
Chapter 940 I am not Hu Weiyong, the day we met!
Chapter 941 'Sword and Sword 3' is about to start, Queen Ma is offline!
Chapter 942 Don’t offend the immortals, save our universe!
Chapter 943: The feudal king rebels and enters 'Sword and Fairy 3'!
Chapter 944 Third-rate master, you loser!
Chapter 945 Demon Possession, the plot begins!
Chapter 946 The unruly young lady Tang Xuejian summons three thousand ordinary soldiers!
Chapter 947 You are the savior, the mysterious man in black!
Chapter 948 The mysterious man Li Xiaoyao, the relic beads!
Chapter 949 A neat family, weird shopkeeper Ye!
Chapter 950 The poisonous man with red eyes, Xu Changqing of Shushan Sect!
Chapter 951 Summon Bao Zheng and Di Qing, the Red Mist Ghost King!
Chapter 952: Kill the Red Mist Ghost King, the number one general in the God Realm!
Chapter 953 Zombie Tang Tai, the incarnation of evil thoughts!
Chapter 954 There is corpse energy in the pawnshop, and the devil respects the building!
Chapter 955 This battle is a draw, Investors Alliance!
Chapter 956 Forging the magic sword, Lankui Hongkui!
Chapter 957 If you like it, pursue it, and the world will change!
Chapter 958: Immortal means, using dreams as a medium!
Chapter 959 Successfully summoned the Evil Sword Immortal!
Chapter 960 The King of Profit, Investment Ticket to the Kingdom of God!
Chapter 961 The system is being peeled off, an A-level cosmic crisis event!
Chapter 962 Heavenly Emperor Fist, obtain A-level training increase!
Chapter 963: I will never establish a queen in this life and lose the entire country!
Chapter 964 Unexpectedly, today, the destined son Zhu Yunwen!
Chapter 965 Investing in Divine Coins
Chapter 966: The world of mortgage investment, enter 'Dragon King'!
Chapter 967 Pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger, and come to depose your son-in-law Ye Tian!
Chapter 968: The heroine was poisoned and Han Shiwen was deposed!
Chapter 969 The heroine turns black and assassinates Ye Tian!
Chapter 970 While others practice martial arts, you practice immortality!
Chapter 971 Crocodile Tears, the Dragon King is very tough!
Chapter 972 The protagonist Ye Tian is killed in battle and becomes the investment king of 'Dragon King'!
Chapter 973 'Dragon King' exclusive price of 100,000 investment coins
Chapter 974 Emperor Ye Tian's big rush to pay parking fees and enter 'The Gambler'!
Chapter 975 Invest in Zuo Songxing and earn millions of Hong Kong dollars!
Chapter 976 The casino shows its power and the peerless beauty Qimeng!
Chapter 977: The villain Billy is killed, and the third uncle, the black-faced Cai, is kidnapped!
Chapter 978 World Gambling King Competition, capture Qimeng’s heart!
Chapter 979: Special function restored, won the World Gambling King Championship!
Chapter 980 'The Gambler' ends, become the investment king of 'The Gambler'!
Chapter 981 Master Hong Guang Yan Zhen, unpredictable Ye Xiao!
Chapter 982 Ten Thousand Realms Spaceship, Wealth Is Supreme!
Chapter 983 Mortgage 'Journey to the West', Admission to 'The Condor Shooting'
Chapter 984 Inject 100 million investment coins into the famous Song Dynasty general Yue Fei!
Chapter 985 Yue Fei dies, a land god!
Chapter 986 Assassination of Zhao Jiumei, unparalleled archery skills!
Chapter 987 Beauty and white hair, Guo Jing and Huang Rong!
Chapter 988: Obsessed, the Seventh Duke of Beiqihong!
Chapter 989 Wan Yankang, the body dies and the Tao disappears!
Chapter 990 Wanyan Honglie, five thousand soldiers!
Chapter 991 The number one master in the world, the supernatural king Chongyang!
Chapter 992 Emperor Wanyan Jing of the Jin Kingdom, the turtle in the jar!
Chapter 993 Shattering the Void, Thirty Thousand Soldiers!
Chapter 994: Kill Guo Jing and earn 10 billion investment coins!
Chapter 995 'The Condor' is over, become the king of investment in 'The Condor'!
Chapter 996 Mortgage 'Prehistoric' and enter 'Red Eyes'!
Chapter 997 The Virgins Heart Tazmi, the noble girl Arya!
Chapter 998: See through the conspiracy and attack the killer group at night!
Chapter 999 Esdeath, strength rating A-level!
Chapter 1000 Kill Sailiu, the strength rating is S level!
Chapter 1001 Chitong apologizes and makes a profit of 1 trillion investment coins!
Chapter 1002: Kill Sheila, the strength is rated SS!
Chapter 1003: Fighting Madwoman, Ask the Minister to Die!
Chapter 1004: I’ll give you a fortune, and your strength rating will surpass SSS level!
Chapter 1005: Marshal Jeffrey, a new type of imperial weapon!
Chapter 1006 Undead soldiers, countless undead!
Chapter 1007: Kill Tazmi and earn 100 trillion investment coins!
Chapter 1008: Super dangerous dragon, kill the dragon!
Chapter 1009 Fighting Esdeath, life countdown!
Chapter 1010 'The Crimson Eye' is over, the investment magic card!
Chapter 1011 I can surpass you and enter the Kingdom of Investment!
Chapter 1012 Kill Li Cheng, the head of the Jin family, Jin Zhenghua!
Chapter 1013 Destroy his planet and enter 'Giant'!
Chapter 1014 Investment stock Lawson, the power of giants!
Chapter 1015 Kill the giant and earn 5000 trillion investment coins!
Chapter 1016 Chasing 1000 trillion investment coins, the savior Ye Xiao!
Chapter 1017 This must be a rumor, a pile of mud!
Chapter 1018 The recruit’s nightmare, the super giant is coming!
Chapter 1019 Profit of 1 Million Trillion Invested in Divine Coin, the Armored Giant!
Chapter 1020 Kill the armored giant and the beast giant arrives!
Chapter 1021 Warhammer Giant, Daiba Family!
Chapter 1022 Lala Deba, the savior returns!
Chapter 1023 Marais spy, the giant disappears!
Chapter 1024 Countless giants, eight giants!
Chapter 1025 The ancestor giant Ymir, destroys the world!
Chapter 1026 Eren turns into a giant and seriously injures the ancestor giant Ymir!
Chapter 1027 'Giant' is over, become the king of 'Giant' investment!
Chapter 1028 Invest in Divine Jade and enter 'The Brave'!
Chapter 1029: Breathing also becomes stronger, team up with Shield Hero!
Chapter 1030 The Rabbit Skin King, it turns out that the clown is himself!
Chapter 1031 Ye Xiao’s whereabouts are unknown, the brave man defiled the princess!
Chapter 1032 King Otto Clay, the Shield Hero is not guilty!
Chapter 1033: Tracy McGrady was seriously injured and he reached level 100!
Chapter 1034 Reaching level 120, the wave is about to come!
Chapter 1035 Defeat Sanyong, he is so strong and scary!
Chapter 1036: The Warrior of the Staff, the wave is coming!
Chapter 1037 The Brave Fan, the truth of the wave!
Chapter 1038 The level reached level 200, and the wave came again!
Chapter 1039 Asura, the demon cultivator, meets Glass again!
Chapter 1040: Severely injured Glass, profit of 100,000 invested in divine jade!
Chapter 1041 Not worthy of sympathy, the hero of the book!
Chapter 1042 The level reaches level 500, the wave is coming again!
Chapter 1043 Death Array, Kill Kitamura Motoyasu!
Chapter 1044 Killing Jian Yong and Gong Yong, making a profit of 1.5 million and investing in divine jade!
Chapter 1045 They killed Glass in vain!
Chapter 1046 Spirit Turtle, Divine Book!
Chapter 1047 In the book world, I am a god!
Chapter 1048 'The Brave' is over, become the investment king of 'The Brave'!
Chapter 1049: First-grade Supreme Realm, entering the 'Catastrophe'!
Chapter 1050 Grandmaster realm warrior, reborn Chu Feng!
Chapter 1051 Profit of 30 million invested in divine jade, Shattered Void Realm warrior!
Chapter 1052 The world changes suddenly, the strongest person in Tianlan City!
Chapter 1053 Resurrection from the dead, Chu Feng appears!
Chapter 1054: Disable Chu Feng’s arms and break through before the battle!
Chapter 1055: Kill the zombie king and the undead return!
Chapter 1056 Ninth-level evolver, superpower field!
Chapter 1057 Mr. Ye invites you to die alone!
Chapter 1058: Tell me your last words, what can you do to me!
Chapter 1059 He is the king, Chu Feng falls!
Chapter 1060 Chu Feng returns, the Thunder Giant!
Chapter 1061 The end of 'Catastrophe', SS-level cosmic crisis event!
Chapter 1062: Kill SS-level space monsters and practice one hundred thousand times faster!
Chapter 1063 The King of the Abyss is lazy, Zhu Yuanzhang returns to the light!
Chapter 1064: The attempt to reduce the vassal status is doomed to fail, Zhu Yunwen, the son of destiny!
Chapter 1065 I want to reduce the vassal state. It is imperative to reduce the vassal state!
Chapter 1066 The indecisive Zhu Yunqi kills the King of Zhou for the first time!
Chapter 1067 King Zhou rebelled, three nerds!
Chapter 1068 It’s always fun to keep cutting down the feudal vassal, what a crazy word!
Chapter 1069 Use madness to control madness, pretending to be crazy but not crazy!
Chapter 1070 King Yàn’s performance, popular investment stock Zhu Di!
Chapter 1071 'The Ming Dynasty' is closed, Zhu Di rebels!
Chapter 1072 No-Kill Order, King Yàn is my Great Ming Martial God!
Chapter 1073: Taking charge of the world, changing the commander before the battle!
Chapter 1074 Five hundred thousand troops, Li Jinglong takes command!
Chapter 1075 Victory or defeat is a matter of military strategist, Ming God of War!
Chapter 1076 Zhangye Gate was breached, and Li Jinglong acted brilliantly!
Chapter 1077 The siege will continue tomorrow, King Ning Zhu Quan!
Chapter 1078 King Zhu Di of Yàn entered the city and captured Daning City!
Chapter 1079: Cooperate inside and outside, the Northern Army is coming!
Chapter 1080 The body is the foundation of great undertakings, the confused Zhu Yunwen!
Chapter 1081 Pig-like teammates, the college entrance examination is coming!
Chapter 1082: Just a few hundred million points better than you, surrender letter!
Chapter 1083 Something bad happened, the succession edict!
Chapter 1084: Kill your ten tribes and come to see me with your head raised!
Chapter 1085 The investment world 'Da Ming' is permanently offline!
Chapter 1086 The Broken Heavenly Emperor Sutra, the powerful men in the world!
Chapter 1087 A million times the speed of cultivation, the eleven-star world 'Soul'!
Chapter 1088: Xia Dongqing is in a coma!
Chapter 1089 Mysterious parchment, recording future information!
Chapter 1090 Weirdness was killed, it was so scary!
Chapter 1091 Train G444, the train of death!
Chapter 1092 Weird steward, rules on the train!
Chapter 1093 It’s coming, unfathomable!
Chapter 1094 The terrifying cemetery, that woman is not a human being!
Chapter 1095 Cemetery, grave old man!
Chapter 1096: Disappearance of train passengers, very strong and invincible!
Chapter 1097 The miserable official Zhao, the aggrieved baby!
Chapter 1098 I will find you, greedy Sheng Nantian!
Chapter 1099 Ordinary investors, bloody fingerprints!
Chapter 1100 Ghost Candle, let’s go home!
Chapter 1101 Ghost Mirror, the baby is really filial!
Chapter 1102. Knock on the door, old man in Chinese tunic!
Chapter 1103 Weird text message, where is my head!
Chapter 1104 Superman Dad, Death Hospital!
Chapter 1105 The blood-red sky, a strange thing is being born!
Chapter 1106: The strange phone, the monster is so weak!
Chapter 1107 Mr. Ye takes action, one book, one world!
Chapter 1108 The world of extraordinary investors, the love Shura field!
Chapter 1109 The college entrance examination is coming, and there is a quarrel!
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