Chapter 254 Millions of Bullets

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At this time, Li Yu was not dazzled by the firearms in front of him. It was now 5:20 pm.

According to the current time when the sun sets in October, it will set in about a quarter of an hour.

So he said to Li Gang, Li Hang and others next to him: "The three of you go down and drive our car up."

As night falls, there may be some zombies outside, so drive the car up first so that they can be transported in time. Everyone can also sleep in the car.

"Okay, brother." Li Gang climbed up without any hesitation. Li Hang greedily touched the sniper rifle in his hand and finally put it down.

Then he followed Li Gang up, and his uncle also went up.

Li Yu checked other boxes inside and found that the other boxes were not empty either. They were full of firearms and bullets.

Just looking at this place of thousands of square meters, although it is not placed very high, it is still a huge problem if it is moved at once.

There is no way the five vehicles they brought could move these things.

What a happy trouble. Too many.

Yutong and others also came down. Ding Jiu and Tianlong were left on guard above. They both wanted to come down and have a look, but there was no one above.

Although I haven't met anyone along the way now, I haven't encountered any zombies on the way up the mountain.

But in the temple in the back mountain just now, we also encountered three zombies.

Staying vigilant is necessary.

"Yutong, Song Min, you two count the number of firearms and bullets here." Li Yu said.

After Yutong and others came down, they were shocked by the huge arsenal of firearms.

There are really too many. How many times will it take to transport them all?

But they were still very happy. With enough firearms, their combat effectiveness jumped to a higher level.

Yutong and others started counting. In order to avoid counting mistakes, Yutong and Song Min separated and counted according to their own rules.


Ten minutes later, Li Tie, who drove up in a car, rushed down excitedly. Looking at the green box filled with firearms, he felt a little dizzy.

"Drove the car?" Li Yu asked.

"It's ready. It will appear in a "pin" shape and surround the entrance of the cave." Li Tie said without looking back.

"Brother Yu, we've finished counting." Yutong said.

"How much?" Li Yu said impatiently.

Song Min looked at Yu Tong, who nodded. They both checked it. Although there were some errors, they were very small.

Song Min said directly: "64 pistols, there are 20 boxes, each box contains 20 guns, a total of 400 guns.

Type 81 automatic rifle. There are 20 boxes, each box contains 10 guns, a total of 200 guns.

03 Automatic rifle. There are 20 boxes, each box contains 10 guns, a total of 200 guns.

Type 85 sniper rifle. There are 10 boxes, each box contains 10 rifles, a total of 100 rifles.

There are 10 boxes of Type 95 squad machine guns, each box contains 10 guns, a total of 100 guns.

There are 10 boxes of Type 69 rockets, each box contains 2 rockets, a total of 20 rockets.


There are also 7.62 bullets, one box contains 1,000 rounds, and there are 300 boxes in total. There are rounds in total. This ammunition box is relatively small.


There are a total of 1,300 firearms of various types and 1 million rounds of bullets. There are a total of 4,000 grenades and other bombs."

Li Yu was overjoyed when he heard this. This is totally the firepower of a group.

Although it lacks heavy firepower, it also has extremely lethal weapons such as machine guns and rocket launchers.

However, these things cannot be transported back with the current vehicles.

It seems that it will have to be transported in multiple batches, but if it needs to be transported, someone must be left here. If someone comes and discovers this place, it will be very troublesome.

Leave all of this behind for now.

Everyone picked up some firearms that they liked, and basically everyone carried two pistols. This thing can always bring people a sense of security in the end of the world.

Li Yu went up the steps and saw that the sky was already dark.

Three heavy trucks, a riot vehicle, and a Unimog surrounded the entrance in a "C" shape.

On the Unimog's rising terrace, Yang Tianlong was standing at the highest point overlooking the surroundings. A lamp was placed above the entrance, illuminating the surroundings of the entrance.

Everyone came up and saw the cars surrounding them, feeling an indescribable sense of security in the night.

"Everyone, come here and have something to eat first." Yutong took out the food placed in the RV, heated it and distributed it to everyone. Everyone sat on the ground around the entrance and ate the food in their hands.

Everyone is very tired, driving continuously, and then searching and digging holes just now are all physical work.

After everyone finished eating, they rested where they were.

The uncle walked up to Li Yu and said, "Xiaoyu, do you think we need to move it now?"

Li Yu looked at the darkness around him and finally said: "Tomorrow, now that night is falling, we have to change the formation of the convoy. Even if we move now, according to our speed, it will only take two hours to fill these vehicles.

, it’s better to wait until tomorrow morning to do this.”

Li Yu paused for a moment, took a sip of water in his hand, and then continued:

"At that time, uncle, you take the iron, steel, and others to transport some of the firearms and bullets back first, and then ask the second uncle and the others to send some people over, so that you go back in the morning and come over in the afternoon, so that you can probably transport one at a time a day.


The uncle nodded and said, "Okay, I'll listen to you. If we can successfully transport all these firearms and bullets back this time, we won't have to worry about this for a long time."

The last time they searched two armed police gun depots, the supplies they found were less than one-twentieth of what they found now.

"Yes, I hope we can transport these firearms back safely and smoothly," Li Yu said.

Suddenly, a cry sounded.

Everyone cast their eyes over, and it turned out to be Song Min. Song Min jumped and ran to the side, and there was the cannon over there.

In Song Min's original position, there was an oversized mouse, which was almost three times the size of a normal mouse. At this time, it was rolling its eyes and looking at everyone.

Under the illumination of the light, this mouse's eyes reflected light, and there was a strange sense of humanity in his eyes.

This is the first time that everyone has seen such a big rat in their lives, and some people are indeed afraid of rats. They are not afraid of zombies, but they are afraid of creatures like rats.

When Cannon saw that Song Min was frightened, he quickly took out the engineer shovel in his hand and swatted at the mouse.


The engineer's shovel was accurately inserted into the mouse. There was a sharp blade at the front of the engineer's shovel. Under gravity, although the mouse wanted to escape, the cannon accurately predicted the mouse's escape location and hit it with one hit.

Immediately, the mouse was cut in half. The cannon, still unwilling to forgive its hatred, held the engineer's shovel horizontally and struck it down with the larger side.

The mouse immediately turned into a piece of meat.

Everyone was speechless, what the hell>

"You'll deal with it later." Li Yu pointed to the bloody thing on the ground. He didn't want to have bloody things around him while sleeping in the car, which would attract zombies.

Cannon scratched his head and then went over to deal with it.

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