Chapter 736 Biker Party, Enemy Guan Chongjin

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Chapter 736: Biker Party, Enemy Guan Zhongjin [Please subscribe and vote monthly]

If it is cloudy, it will rain.

It is more than 900 kilometers away from Dazhangshu Base.

at the same time.

Central Plains.


The Central Plains has many oil fields, a vast territory, rich resources, and a profound history.

This place holds too many stories, and unlike the south, it is mostly plain.

Spring has arrived, and in the last days, there is no human pollution, and many rapeseed flowers are growing in many places.

The scenery is endless and beautiful.

In Nanyang, there are some oil fields, and before the end of the world, it was also a place that produced relatively rich oil.

At this time, there was a large group of convoys, looking eagerly ahead.

They wore helmets on their heads, and the roar of the cars stirred up pieces of dust.

This fleet includes trucks, motorcycles, and forklifts.

Various vehicles have been modified beyond recognition, and some vehicles have sharp thorns stuck on them, making them look sharp.

In the center, a large convertible off-road vehicle was transformed. The chassis and engine were of the highest specifications, and the tires were replaced with four huge ones.

On top of this sits a man wearing a devil's mask.

They are burly, with riveted clothes and weird hair styles, giving them a heavy metal punk style.

What is even more eye-catching is that, sitting next to the male god wearing a devil mask, there is a female star named Liu who was quite famous before the end of the world.

This female star is wearing leather pants, a fox mask on her face, and her thrilling breasts, she looks quite scary.

In the middle of the black leather jacket, the zipper was pulled down to the belly, and there was a deep snow-white ravine in the middle.

Before the end of the world, this female star was known for her amazing figure.

The man wearing a devil mask has white hair and deep eyes that make people tremble when they see him.

The other side.

In the central oil field area, a tall oil shelf stands high, and this place has been producing oil.

Until after the end of the world, zombie chaos also broke out in the oil factory.

As time went by, some nearby residents gathered at this place and based on the original building foundation, they slowly built some protective walls and barbed wire to stop the zombies.

The oil produced in this place has many functions. In the end of the world, fuel is also listed as an extremely important item in addition to food.

It can be used to breathe fire to burn zombies, light fires to keep warm, and can also be used to generate electricity.

After they gathered together, they managed to survive based on the good conditions here.

However, today, they faced a group of strangers who suddenly came and broke their originally peaceful life.

In the middle of the walls made of containers, there is a bus blocking the middle to serve as the gate.

When you want to go out, pull the bus aside.

When it's time to close the door, just drive the bus to the middle.

On both sides of the door, there are two huge homemade flamethrowers. These two flamethrowers can spray as far as ten meters away.

On the container at the door, there were many people holding muskets and blunderbuss that had not been handed over before the end of the world, and even some guns fired with steel bullets.

Among them, there are also people who use homemade huge crossbows, which can only be pulled by the combined efforts of two people. An arrow is as thick as a fist.

On the bus, there was a good-looking woman wearing white paper armor and holding a crossbow in her hand. She had thin lips, a strong nose, and a straight nose.

His face looked a little haggard, and the skin on his face was slightly peeling after being exposed to wind and sun.

She stared at the motorcade in the distance, her eyes full of fear.

Although she is a woman, the aura she exudes is intimidating.

"Sister Chu Chu, look, it seems like it's going to rain today." Next to the woman, there was a woman who was even burlier than the man and said to her.

He was obviously a man of 1.85 meters tall with explosive muscles. There was a red rope tied to his powerful arm. The red rope seemed to be burst by the muscles.

If you look at him from a distance, you would think he is a man, a strong man.

But when she opened her mouth, it was a sweet girl's voice that was so adorable, with a coquettish aura.

This strong contrast shocked everyone who met her for the first time.

After Zhong Chuchu heard Shen Xiaoxiao's voice, even though so long had passed, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

If she hadn't known that Shen Xiaoxiao was born with such a voice, she wouldn't have been able to help but curse a few times.

Shen Xiaoxiao has a small name and a sweet voice.

But he is a 185-year-old, and his muscles are so strong that they explode.

Zhong Chuchu looked up at the sky and saw that the wind was slowly getting stronger.


She turned her head and said to the muscular girl: "It's probably going to rain. Once it rains, those people should leave."

The whispering voice came over again: "Sister Chu Chu, I'm so scared. Where did they come from? Why are they here?"

After hearing her words, Zhong Chuchu tightened her grip on the crossbow in her hand.

Just a few days ago, she saw with her own eyes that Shen Xiaoxiao was shy and used an iron fist as big as a sandbag to hit their car repairman in the chest twice, and he almost didn't save him.

He is not very courageous, but his strength is surprisingly great.

Zhong Chuchu frowned and said, "I heard from a businessman that a motorcycle gang appeared half a month ago. That group of people may be it."

Then, she added: "I heard from businessmen that that group of people has no fixed residence and has been driving. Since arriving at the border of Nanyang half a month ago, they have been looking for fuel and robbing supplies. This group of people is nothing.

Good people."

A middle-aged man on her left, holding a flamethrower and goggles, said to Zhong Chuchu: "Boss, if they dare to come over, we will burn these bastards to death with fire.

By the way, let’s bury the bomb made of petroleum outside, do you want to use it later?”

Zhong Chuchu shook her head and said: "Don't worry, we have to wait until the critical moment to use it. Maybe it won't be used today. It seems to be raining."

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! After speaking, she raised her head and looked at the slowly darkening sky.

A large dark cloud is slowly covering this area.

There are still many survivors in this oil city.

Among them are old and young, male and female,

At this time, all of them picked up their weapons and stared at the motorcycle gang on guard.

With perseverance in their eyes, they vowed to protect this hard-won place to the death.

In the middle surrounded by containers, they even cultivated a small field to grow drought- and high-temperature resistant wheat.

On a large truck, the truck body is filled with soil, and some corn is planted on the soil.

Under the big truck, there are some piglets and ducks.

The duck seemed to sense that it was going to rain and made a quacking sound.

The little pig jumped around in the dust blown up by the wind.

With the wind, raindrops fell.

Raindrops fell on the dry ground, and the dust that was originally picked up by the vehicles also calmed down a lot.

The rain gradually became heavier.

Tick ​​tock!

A drop of rain splashed on the head of the man in the devil mask.

The man wearing a devil mask stood up from the tall chair and looked up at the cloudy sky.

Tick ​​tock!

Raindrops splashed on his mask. He touched the head of the beautiful woman with a stunning figure sitting next to him and slowly exerted force on his palm.

Although the woman with a stunning figure felt pain in her head, she showed an expression of enjoyment because the man next to her was extremely powerful and deeply fascinated her.

The man wearing a devil mask suddenly looked at the man in the car next to him and said:

"Guan Chongjin, your news is good. There is indeed an oil city here. Once we defeat them, we will have a fixed source of fuel."

"I have also fulfilled my previous promise. Now, I will promote you to deputy commander."

"It's just that it looks like there's no way to take them down today. It's going to rain. We have to leave."

His hoarse and thick voice is naturally magnetic.

After Guan Zhongjin heard his words, the joy on his face flashed away.

The speed is so fast that others cannot see it.

He bowed deeply to the man wearing the devil mask and said sincerely: "Thank you, boss. I will continue to dedicate my loyalty to you. Those people are not in trouble. When this rain passes, we will

If we make a comeback, we will definitely be able to take them down."

Guan Zhongjin originally seemed to be a very upright man, with a dignified appearance, a strong sense of righteousness in his body, and straight eyes.

But it seems that in order to integrate into this team, Guan Zhongjin tattooed a drop of blood on his forehead, got earrings and nose studs, and wore leather clothes, leather pants, and Martin boots.

As a result, the whole person's aura changed drastically, and it seemed to be quite consistent with the temperament of a motorcycle gang.

If it were Li Yu here, he would still be recognized at a glance.

Li Yu will never forget him. In his last life, it was precisely because of this critical moment that he was pushed to the zombies.

He once thought that the most trustworthy person was Guan Zhongjin.

Unexpectedly, this person was extremely hidden. If he hadn't died in his hands in the end, Li Yu would never have been able to see through this person.

At this time in the previous life, Li Yuzheng had just met Guan Zhongjin not long ago.

In the last life, after heavy rains and floods, the force that Li Yu and Guan Zhongjin joined collapsed. The food crisis and the zombie crisis caused the force that was originally relatively large in that area to completely collapse.

In the chaos, Li Yu and Guan Zhongjin teamed up by chance and escaped from that place.

Originally, at this time in his last life, Li Yu should have been wandering around Anhui Province with Guan Zhongjin, and then later joined a new force to hang out.

But the reborn little butterfly flapped its wings.

Li Yu did not stay in M ​​City in this life, and naturally he was not in those places. Guan Zhongjin also did not meet Li Yu.

Guan Zhongjin joined the Motorcycle Party after the heavy rain, and through various methods along the way, he slowly climbed to his current position as deputy leader of the Motorcycle Party.

The man in the devil mask watched the rain slowly getting heavier, and then said: "Order to withdraw!"

"Brothers, the boss said, let's withdraw!" Guan Zhongjin nodded, and then shouted to the many members of the motorcycle gang around him.



The boss of the motorcycle gang, I don’t know what to call him.

Do you have any ideas?


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