Chapter 778 The identity of the old ghost, turns out to be you!?

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After Jackal took out the rocket launcher, he mounted the cannonball and aimed as hard as he could.

The third uncle shouted to Old Qin: "Old Qin, hold the vehicle steady."

"Okay." Upon hearing this, Lao Qin took control of the steering wheel and tried to stabilize the vehicle in a straight line.

The jackal took aim for a while and then pulled the trigger.


The shells carried starlight and headed straight for the last car seven or eight hundred meters away.


The shell grazed the last car and exploded.

The jackal frowned, quickly changed the cannonball, and took aim again.

The shell flew out, this time without deflection, and accurately hit the last car.

In the explosion, the car was blown away by the artillery shells, and all kinds of iron debris flew out of the broken vehicle.

"Hit." The ant looked at the car that was hit by the jackal, with excitement in his eyes.

"I'll help him." Ant picked up the gun, opened the other cover on the roof of the car, stood firmly in the car with half of his body, and leaned out of the roof with the other half.

A dark sniper rifle was placed on the roof of the car.

There are four cars in front of us.

A jackal just hit one with a rocket launcher, and now there are only three cars ahead.

Although Lao Qin's driving skills are already very good and the car body is as stable as possible, after all, in this high-speed driving situation, the car body will still shake slightly.

After the ant climbed onto the roof of the car, he did not shoot immediately. Instead, he felt the vibrations of the vehicle, looking for and adapting to its rhythm.

After more than ten seconds, the ants were almost accustomed to the rhythm of the vehicle driving at high speed.

Aim at the driving position of the car on the right front.

From their perspective, they can't see the driver directly, but they can rely on experience and the position where the driver usually sits to shoot over there.


The bullet flew past, cunningly passed through the barrier on the car, as if it had eyes, and hit the head of the person sitting in the driver's seat on the right.

The driver was hit in the head and the vehicle lost control and crashed into a nearby field.


Almost at the same time, Jackal also pulled the trigger, and the shell hit the car on the left front with sparks.

What happened after being hit by a shell was the same as the car just now, dismembered on the spot.

The car on the left swayed and fell into a field.


Two people sitting in the back seat opened the car door and got out.

"Xiao Liu, they are left to you." The third uncle took out his walkie-talkie and contacted the vehicle following him.


He quickly passed the two scrapped vehicles. There were car wrecks on the road, making the car body shake a little.

The jackal and the ant tightly held the handle on the roof of the car so as not to be thrown out by the inertia of the car.

After passing the area where the wreckage was located, the old ghost's car running at the front extended the distance by another 200 meters.

After the vehicle was slightly stabilized, Jackal loaded the shells again and bombarded the vehicle in front.


The old ghost looked through the rearview mirror and saw the shells flying towards him with his peripheral vision.

Suddenly turned to the right.


The shell missed Lao Gui's car and hit the left rear of the car.

When the jackal saw this scene, he was not discouraged, loaded the cannonball, and fired in that direction again.

In fact, during pursuit, it is very difficult for the vehicle behind to accurately hit the vehicle in front. This requires prediction and prediction of the position that the vehicle in front will reach two seconds behind.

This time, the jackal moved slightly to the right.


What he didn't expect was that the car suddenly accelerated again, and the shell hit only a few meters behind the car.

"Damn, it was almost." Jackal punched the roof of the car, annoyed.

Ant, who was also half-lying on the roof of the car, carefully observed the car in front of him.

The whole body of the car was covered with steel plates. It was obviously impossible to kill the person sitting in the driver's seat with one shot like just now.

So he targeted the two rear tires of the car.

As long as the tire of that car is hit, the car will easily roll over while driving rapidly.

After making up his mind, Ant lowered the muzzle of the gun slightly and aimed at the tire of the last remaining car.

The range of this sniper rifle can reach up to 2,000 meters. Now it is a little more than a kilometer away from the car in front, so it is not a big problem.


The ant took a breath but did not spit it out.

Then he fired bullets at the tires of the car in front.


The bullet hit the car's left rear tire.


The tire exploded, and the car driven by the old ghost couldn't balance its center of gravity because it was traveling at high speed. It suddenly veered to the left like a deflated balloon.

He was about to run off the road and hit a field ridge on the side of the road.

The car quickly regained its balance and swayed to the right in a strange manner.

"Huh?" Ant looked at the car in surprise.

The reaction ability of ordinary people cannot be like this. It seems that the boss of the motorcycle gang still has two brushes.

Because a tire was punctured, the speed of the car dropped a bit.

The old ghost patted the steering wheel of the car bitterly.

The tires on this car were not bulletproof. If he had been driving his own car, this would never have happened. It was a pity that the car was blown up.

Looking at the turning intersection not far ahead, the old ghost felt happy. As long as he turned there, he could find a way to escape.

Hold on a little longer!

Just when the old ghost was full of hope, the ant shot at another tire in front.


The vehicle suddenly swerved to the side.

"Fuck!" The old ghost struggled to steady the steering wheel and cursed.

But since he had always maintained a relatively high speed, it was extraordinary to be able to hold on even after a flat tire.

At this time, both tires were blown out. No matter how hard the old ghost tried to control the steering wheel, the car body still rolled to the right uncontrollably.

The old ghost watched helplessly as the vehicle overturned and subconsciously leaned back.



The car driven by the old ghost overturned and slid on the road, leaving a spark between the iron sheet and the hard road surface.

The car slid for about twenty meters and finally stopped.

The old ghost was lucky. He was sitting in the driving position on the left side, and the vehicle rolled to the right. The glass on the right side hit the ground and shattered instantly.

Even the seat on the right has been deformed.

The old ghost's whole body was suspended in the car. He took off the mask on his face. The mask just now shielded him from the impact of some broken glass.

But two pieces of broken glass still passed through the mask and hit his face.

The old ghost pushed the left car door open with his left hand, then held the car door with his left hand, and unbuckled the seat belt with his right hand.

His body slid down under the force of gravity, and he climbed out of the car with difficulty.


The car of Third Uncle and others stopped and surrounded him from front to back.

After the old ghost climbed out of the car, he fell on the road. He quickly took out the pistol from his waist and was about to resist.

But at this moment, a deep baritone voice came from behind.

"Don't move. If you move again, I'll blow your head off."

Tap tap tap!

The old ghost listened to the footsteps approaching behind him slowly, with a trace of unwillingness in his eyes.

He was unwilling to give in. He had finally created such a great motorcycle gang. If he was given more time, he would definitely be able to create even greater glory.

But all of this was ruined by this unknown force.

So, he used his right hand on his back to block the man's sight, slowly pointed the muzzle of the gun behind him, and moved slowly.

He can guarantee that as long as he turns his head, he will be able to shoot.

"You can put down the gun in your right hand." Suddenly, Lao Qin appeared in front of the old ghost, pointing the gun at his head and suddenly said.

The old ghost shook his right hand and raised his head.

"It's you!" The old ghost looked at Lao Qin in front of him. The two looked at each other and blurted out at the same time, with shock in their tone.

Lao Qin also looked at the old ghost in front of him in shock.

The old ghost had been wearing a mask before, and they had never been able to see what the old ghost's face looked like.

After blowing up the car, the old ghost finally took off his mask.

Although there was a glass shard on the old ghost's forehead and chin, Lao Qin still recognized the old ghost.

"Shi Pingsheng?!" Lao Qin blurted out.

"Qin Tianle?!"

After hearing this, Uncle San and Ant quickly came over.

The old ghost looked at the third uncle, ants, and jackals who had gathered around him in shock.

Seeing these people, the old ghost smiled bitterly and dropped the gun in his right hand on the ground.

Facing the group of people in front of him, he knew that he was stuck and there was no possibility of escaping.

The third uncle stared at the old ghost in front of him, and memories from many years ago flooded into his mind like a tide.

The first time I met Lao Gui was when he first started to form a special operations team.

He received the task at that time to select some team members.

Lao Qin and the others, including the old ghost in front of him, were all included in the category of candidate team members.

The dozens of people who were included still had to undergo assessments. After rounds of assessments, only ten people remained.

But Uncle San only had six people, so he was selected from these ten people.

In the end, Lao Gui and the other two were wiped out, leaving only Lao Qin and the other six.

Lao Gui's results were not bad back then. Among the ten people, his shooting ability ranked among the top four in all aspects.

However, the third uncle still brushed him off.

Later, the old ghost did not join the special forces team and returned to his original place.

A few years later, after leaving the army, the old ghost was dissatisfied with the distribution and the life in the factory, and his heart was always full of depression.

He began to hate the world and vented his anger on the world to take revenge.

At first, his way of revenge was just petty theft. He left the factory and committed many theft cases.

Until one time he was caught stealing and ran to a dead end in a hurry. Seeing that there was no way out, he simply gave it a try. Using the fighting skills and strong physique he had developed in the army, he injured three people and then escaped.


Later, he applied to be a security guard for a rich man, and then he teamed up with the rich man's mistress to kill the rich man and divide the property. As a result, he ended up killing the rich man and his mistress, and each of them took millions in cash.

Later, he fled outside and ran around committing crimes.

Later, he was wanted all over the world, but this old ghost began to lurk again and seemed to have disappeared.

But I didn't expect to meet him in this apocalyptic world.

The third uncle looked at the familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar man in front of him, and felt sad in his heart when he saw his gray hair.

"Why?" the old ghost said suddenly, staring at the third uncle with his eyes.

"Why didn't you let me join in the first place?"

The old ghost didn't finish his words, but the third uncle and others understood what he meant.

When the third uncle heard this, his face straightened slightly and was full of seriousness.

"Your ability is good, but you are too self-centered. In the original assessment test, I actually wanted to look at not only personal ability, but also teamwork.

That time, your personal score was third, but the guy in the same group as you injured his foot because of you, but you left him in the deep mountains and old forests of the southwest.

You are so ambitious that you can abandon your teammates.

This is why I didn't choose you.

In addition, aren’t the things you committed later enough to prove the reason for not choosing you?”

As the third uncle spoke, his tone became more and more fierce.

At that time when the old ghost committed the crime, the third uncle and the others were about to be laid off, and they had heard about what the old ghost had done.

Later, after the third uncle and others were laid off, no news about the old ghost was heard again.

It seems that this is an arrangement of fate, and it is destined.

The old ghost who had been lurking before the end of the world rose up during the end of the world and built such a huge fleet.

"Ha!" The old ghost sneered after hearing Third Uncle's answer.

He is also in his forties or fifties, but due to his previous lack of restraint, his energy has been severely damaged, leading to premature aging.

The gray hair fluttered freely with the evening wind.

"Don't you think it's funny? I worked so hard and followed the rules completely, but in the end, I said nothing about the spirit of unity and cooperation?

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I paid so much, but in the end I could only screw screws in a factory?

I just want fairness, I just want clear rules and act in full accordance with the rules!

But what?

Who talks about the rules and who talks about reason?

Why do I have to give gifts when I change my position? I still have to bend down and lower my head to beg others.

Even though I have met the requirements, you are not allowed to go?

Why am I working so hard? My mother is sick and cannot afford the surgery, so I can only watch her die!

I, he, his, mother, just want fairness!"

The old ghost roared ferociously, word by word.

Third Uncle and the others were silent. They did not expect that the old ghost had so many stories.

The old ghost sneered.

He stood up slowly, ignoring the guns in the hands of his third uncle and others, and ignoring everything else.

He has been holding in his resentment for too long.

After his mother died, he completely understood.

"Since, this world is unfair.

Since, no one follows the rules.

Since, this world is inherently dominated by the weak and the strong.

Then, I won't abide by any bullshit rules in this world.

I am ambitious because I want to live a better life and live a better life.

What's wrong with this?

Why do some people live in wealth and wealth when they are born?

I'm not convinced, I'm not convinced.

Princes, generals and prime ministers, would you rather have the seed?

Princes, generals and prime ministers, would you rather have the seed?

Princes, generals and prime ministers, would you rather have the seed?"

The old ghost looked up to the sky and roared three times in a row.

It seemed as if he wanted to shout out all the anger in his heart.

In this open field, sound can travel far.

The gentle evening breeze blew the old ghost's gray hair around.

The clothes were blown by the wind and made a sound.

Coupled with his ferocious face and blood-red eyes, he looked like a devil in hell.

The third uncle and the others did not interrupt the old ghost's conversation. They seemed to be infected by the old ghost's emotions and listened and watched quietly.

After a long while, the old ghost lowered his head in despair.

"I'm not convinced..."


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