Chapter 832 Typhoon leaves, causing a lot of trouble

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Watching my wife say such a word of love in an understatement that doesn’t sound like a word of love.

The old man's heart seemed to be grabbed hard by a hand in an instant.

His eyes instantly turned red. With a wife like this, what more could a husband ask for?

He didn't try to persuade her any more, as the old wife's attitude had already made it clear.

He knew very well that if he kept talking, his wife would insist on walking out together.

The old lady slowly took the old man's hand, just like in those days when her feelings were dark.

In an open field, the sun sets.

The dull self did not dare to take the initiative to express her feelings, but she took the initiative to hold her hand.

His eyes were red, and he tightly grabbed his wife's hand with his backhand.

Time seems to become thicker.

One glance for thousands of years.

The exchange of eyes, the violent typhoon outside, the trees, zombies, sand and rocks flying all over the sky, seemed to be nothing.

With each other in each other's world, we are no longer afraid of mountains of swords and seas of fire.

Because, with you by my side, there is nothing to be afraid of.

"Zizhong, open the door." The old man held his wife's hand tightly and said to his son who was walking over.

The middle-aged man is in a very depressed mood.

Looking at my parents, I felt unspeakably sad at this moment.

But he didn't say anything, he just walked to the door with his wife, and then unlocked all the door locks above.

Just pull the handle left and right, and the door to the outside can be completely opened.

"Let's go." The old man had a smile on his face, and there was no trace of fear in his eyes.

The middle-aged man's heart sank, and then he glanced at his wife behind him.

Swing the door down hard.


This long-closed door has been opened.

A staircase appeared ahead.

They can go out by going up the stairs and opening the door on the ground.

The old man held his wife's hand and did not look back or look at his son, daughter-in-law and others.

Instead, he walked directly up the stairs.

The two gray-haired old men had some iron blocks wrapped around their coats and leggings to increase their weight.

It is very difficult for people of their age to carry a heavy burden.

But he and his old wife supported each other and slowly walked up the stairs step by step.

It took them ten minutes to walk this section of less than twenty steps.


When the middle-aged man saw that they were approaching the door outside, he closed the airtight door in front of him.

If this door is not closed in time, zombies may be blown in when they open the door outside.

Through the door, I saw the typhoon dancing wildly outside.

The old man grabbed his wife's hand tightly and asked:

"Are you ready?"


Just like when he proposed, he asked the same questions.

And she only has one um.


The wind outside was very strong. After the door was opened, the strong wind outside instantly blew in.

The old man was almost carried away by the wind.

However, they were firmly grasped by the old wife's hand, and the two of them lowered their weight and lay on the ground.

According to the plan, they were going to climb over.

Facing such a fierce typhoon, we had to climb twenty meters to reach the vent.

A narrow escape from death.

The two of them lay on the ground, keeping their bodies as close to the ground as possible.

The weight of their bodies plus the weight of dozens of kilograms of iron made them less likely to be blown away by the wind as their center of gravity was lowered.

The old man stuck his head out of the door.


The typhoon instantly knocked his breath away.

The two old men crawled out slowly.

While crawling, I was almost blown up at one point.

But they all rely on another person to hold on tightly.

The two people supported each other and slowly approached the vent.

They climbed up the slope from a low place, and the wind was not that strong.

So it will be easier when you go there, but when you come back downhill and faced with a typhoon, it will be extremely difficult to come back.

The speed was very slow, and sand and rocks kept hitting them.

Small thumb-sized rocks, carried by the typhoon, were extremely powerful and seriously injured them.

You can even see some zombies floating in the sky.

Fortunately, these zombies have not fallen around them yet.

Time passed minute by minute.

The two old men crawled and used their willpower to reach the vent.


They arrived at the vent, but the old lady's back was hit by a big rock just now. After arriving at the vent, they didn't have time to hug the foundation stone under the vent pipe.

He passed out.

Release your hands and slowly slide down the slope.

The old man had just grabbed the foundation stone under the vent with one hand, and held his wife's hand tightly with the other hand.

It's a pity that his wife is in a coma, and it's difficult for him to hold his wife's hand with his own strength.

He kept shouting.

But my wife never woke up.

A little bit, a little bit.

He finally couldn't hold on any longer, his arms lost strength, and he watched his wife's body slide down the hillside, and then flew up with the hurricane.

At this moment, he was in agony.

Two seconds later, without any hesitation, he held the foundation stone under the vent with both hands, and then climbed up little by little holding the vent pipe.

Clean out the contents of the ventilation duct.

When he stood up, although he was holding the ventilation pipe with both hands and feet, the wind was too strong. Since he was standing, the area affected by the wind was large and his center of gravity was high.

Every second, it felt like being slapped.

After cleaning up.

He looked at the gray, sandy and dusty sky.

He murmured: "Don't be afraid, I'm coming."

After saying that, he let go of his hand.

Almost at the same time, standing on the top of the slope, he was blown up by the wind.

His body was spinning rapidly in the air, and in a trance, he seemed to see his wife again.


Inside the bunker.

The middle-aged man stood next to the air system and kept trying to turn on the ventilation.

Finally at this moment, the sound of exhaust air sounded.

Boom boom boom——

His face lit up, and he and his wife next to him looked at each other.

"It's done!"

"I'm going to pick up my parents!" The middle-aged man seemed to have a conscience at this time.

Quickly run to the door.

However, the wife at the back suddenly said: "Forget it, they can't come back from this situation."

The man's heart went cold, and he felt inexplicably guilty and angry.

He stood by the door and waited, waiting for the two figures to appear outside.

But he waited for several hours and still didn't get it.

Instead, I saw zombies flying in from the door outside. After getting up, I walked to the sunken steps.

Come to the heavy underground door.

"Why didn't those two immortals close the door outside? All these zombies came in."

"How can you close the door outside when the wind is so strong?" The middle-aged man snorted coldly, then locked several locks on the door in front of him, and then crossed it with a steel pipe.

Although the outside door is open, it is very strong.

Even if a zombie comes to the stairs, the door is very thick and the zombies cannot break it.


Outside Oil City.

That small village two or three kilometers away.

Before the typhoon arrived, Lao Bi sent people over to remind the collaborators who stayed here.

After some people heard the reminder, they began to do everything possible to prepare.

But some people don't take it seriously. It's not like they have never seen typhoons before.

Inland, no matter how strong the typhoon is, it won't blow down all the houses.

Sister Lan, who once had a relationship with the young Taoist priest, is in a group.

After Sister Lan heard the news, she took it very seriously.

The private house they were in was not built with tile roofs, but with red bricks that were common in rural areas.

This kind of house is not very sturdy, but it is not bad.

After they sealed all the doors and windows, Sister Lan still felt panic-stricken.

So we dug several large holes in the four corners of the house day and night.

This large pit is two meters deep, and each pit can hold four or five people.

The typhoon is coming.

Extraordinarily ferocious.

The violence of the typhoon exceeded all of their expectations. This typhoon was the largest typhoon they had ever seen in their lives so far.

The twenty centimeter thick wall was blown down.

Doors and windows that were originally sealed and tied with ropes were also blown open by the wind.

The raging typhoon and rain came, and Sister Lan and the others immediately jumped into the dug hole.

With the obstruction of two walls, there is no wind or rain in the cave.


Some zombies were blown in one after another.

Swinging around in the empty hall.

Some even fell into the cave, causing a burst of exclamations every time they fell.

There was a person in the cave who was bitten by a zombie, and the entire cave slowly collapsed.

But there are also two people in the cave who have better luck. They take turns to rest and watch the zombies flying in from outside. If any zombies fall into the cave, they will be dealt with immediately.

Then throw the zombie's body out and be blown away by the typhoon.

"Sister Lan, how long will this typhoon keep blowing? I can't hold on any longer." Niu Gao had a grimace on his face and his body was trembling slightly.

During the typhoon, along with the rain, after the doors and windows were blown open, the rain also drifted in.

Wet their bodies.

During typhoon weather, the temperature drops quickly.

In addition, they were all wet, and although there was no wind in the cave, they were still very cold.

Although they made various preparations, they still underestimated the power of this typhoon.

Compared with this typhoon, their preparations were not sufficient.

He hurriedly jumped into the cave with the food.

After going down the hole, they can change their hairstyle instantly with just a little nod.

Sister Lan looked at the faint light outside, sighed and said, "Ask me, I'm not a god, how do I know?"


They just have to endure it.

Like the other collaborators who stayed here, they are already very lucky.

At least they are still alive now.


Big camphor tree base.

The typhoon keeps blowing.

One-third of the forest trees in the inner city were destroyed.

These trees all grow on leeward slopes.

The trees on the windward slope were basically uprooted by the violence.

The centuries-old camphor tree in the inner city of Da Zhangshu Base.

Since most of the branches and branches were cut in advance, the wind force withstood was not that strong.

In addition, after living for hundreds of years, its root system is well developed and goes deep into the ground.

The typhoon still didn't uproot the big camphor tree, but the whole tree became a lot crooked.

Some roots even protrude from the ground.

A violent storm.

For the people in Da Zhangshu Base, although safety is not a big problem, they cannot relax.

There is a typhoon raging outside right now.

If the Da Zhangshu Base suffers heavy losses and if crops and food are affected, then as partners of the Da Zhangshu Base, non-staff personnel will also be greatly affected.

After all, they are not from the inner and outer cities. If they don't have enough food.

Maybe no new tasks will be released, and no food will be given to them.

Non-staff personnel may be better off, at least they have some guaranteed food every month, but this food is only enough for them to survive.

The typhoon keeps blowing.

It blew for five days in a row.

In the afternoon five days later.

The typhoon gradually became smaller.

Although it's still there, it's far less impactful than it was before, like it was like being bombarded with cannonballs.

Inner city villa area.

Li Yu sat on a chair, looking at the five surveillance cameras.

Originally, after he returned, he ordered the dismantling of hundreds of cameras, leaving only ten better locations that would not be easily affected by typhoons.

But now, there are only five left.

On the surveillance screen, the camera on the greenhouse side is missing.

I don’t know what the current situation of the greenhouse is.

The last picture that can be seen is that four greenhouses were damaged in the inner city.

The breeding farm is still intact.

Over at the zombie generator, although a door was destroyed, the zombie generator inside was not affected.


As the wind gets smaller.

The zombies, which had been driven around by the wind, were slowly able to gain a foothold in the camphor tree base.

At this time, zombies are wandering around in the Da Zhangshu Base.

There are at least a hundred zombies scattered throughout the inner and outer cities.

After all, the total area of ​​Dazhangshang Base and the inner and outer cities totals seven to eight hundred acres.

The typhoon gradually moved away from Xincheng.

This chapter is not finished yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! But at this time, the Oil City ushered in the most ferocious moment.

The violent wind, scattered objects smashed everywhere, and the sharp whistling kept Lao Bi awake for two days in a row.

As soon as you close your eyes, a picture will appear.

The typhoon blew away the entire building.

It's better to open your eyes.

Lao Bi's eyeballs were filled with bloodshot eyes.

People staying indoors were very anxious. They didn't know if they could hold on and survive until the typhoon was over.


At the tail end of the typhoon, the wind force can reach more than ten levels.

There is a wall outside the Da Zhangshu base, so the wind is much smaller.

Everyone who stayed indoors seemed to have become accustomed to staying in a small space for five or six days in a row.

After all, they were closed for half a month during the previous extremely hot and cold weather.

Just for five or six days, it doesn't have much impact on them.

Lao Qin, Lao Luo and others have applied to Li Yu many times to unlock the closed door and go out to deal with the zombies wandering outside the base.

But they were all stopped by Li Yu.

The wind outside should be strong at Level 10.

Although people can stand firm, this kind of wind force is not good for them to deal with zombies.

Everyone has been waiting for this for a long time, and they have nothing to lose by waiting any longer.

But if you run out rashly now, if you are not careful and a gust of evil wind blows while killing zombies, it will be very bad.

Another half day passed.

Finally, Li Yu saw through the monitoring screen that the wind outside was already weak to level 5 or 6.

So I contacted everyone in the base.

"I am Li Yu, the typhoon has basically passed now.

But don't be too happy, there are zombies scattered in the base now, waiting for us to deal with them.

Don't run out all at once. You must wear explosion-proof clothing and helmets.

Lao Qin, you lead the people to deal with the zombies in the first outer city.

Ju Tianrui, Uncle Ant, Zhou Ran, you guys take care of the zombies in the second outer city.

He Chao, don't move in the third outer city, and ask all collaborators and non-staff members not to come out.

Lao Qin, Lao Luo, Lao Bi... After you have eliminated the zombies in the first and second outer cities, go to support the third outer city and eliminate the zombies in the third outer city..."

"In the inner city, Lao Lu, don't come out. Continue to stay in the breeding farm. Don't open the door. I repeat, don't open the door. Once a zombie enters the breeding farm, it will be a devastating blow.

Third Uncle, later you and Tiezi will go over and clean up the zombies over there.

Song Min, Cannon, you will go and eliminate the zombies around the greenhouse later.

Uncle, please bring some people to deal with the zombies in the forest.


Remember, everyone should not run out all at once, just follow my instructions. Those who have not been called should stay where they are and wait for all the zombies to be eliminated before coming out."

Li Yu looked serious and calmly arranged everything one by one.

Now that the typhoon has passed, there are a lot of troubles left behind.

If not handled carefully, it may lead to a huge disaster for the Da Zhangshu base.

The closer it is to the last moment, the more critical it is.

Under Li Yu's order, people in the inner and outer cities lifted the blockade and slowly walked out of the room.


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