Chapter 457 Battle

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 Since ancient times, heroes have loved beauties.

People who run around in the world have today and no tomorrow, so these people are free and easy to see the little things between men and women. There is never any saying that no one is responsible. When they meet for the first time, it is common for them to be a couple for a night.

After some money was spent, everyone went their separate ways at sunrise, traveling far and wide, just waiting to meet again by chance.

One thing I want to point out is that although I adhere to this point of view, I am not fond of it. I have always kept my head clean, and I follow him on this point.

At midnight, the bungalow was dark, and the battlefield was on that little bed.

I got angry and had a nosebleed. I tore some toilet paper to block my nose, and secretly peeked into the room through the crack in the curtain.

According to my preliminary observation, Master Yu and Mrs. Xianshui have fought for at least fifty rounds.

Yu Keluo used the Ox Plowing move on one side, while Xianshui's sister-in-law on the other side was as steady as a mountain. She turned around and pushed Yu Keluo over, and then used the Phoenix Returning Move.

Master Yu frowned, and he immediately used a hard move called Iron Banqiao.

Seeing the ferocity of this move, Mrs. Xianshui didn't panic. Instead, she used the "sticky" technique in Tai Chi. Her hands and feet were like dog-skin plasters sticking to Master Yu's body, letting you go in and out at any time.

Standing tall and motionless.

After being unable to attack for a long time, Master Yu became a little panicked.

He changed his moves again and used a Taishan move to overwhelm her! The Xianshui sister-in-law was overwhelmed! Seeing the first signs of defeat on the woman's face, Master Yu was overjoyed and thought of ending the battle with this Taishan move.

Who knew!

Sister-in-law Xianshui exposed her flaw on purpose! In fact, she wanted to lure Master Yu into taking the bait!

Seeing that the other party was really fooled, Mrs. Xianshui immediately counterattacked!

She directly used her ultimate move Thousand Jin Falling! At that moment, I felt like the ground was sinking!

Master Yu clenched his teeth! He bared his teeth and grinned! He struggled to hold on!

Sister Xianshui knew that this was the best opportunity! He stood up and immediately used the final move!

"Big waves rolling into the sky"!

It was like the power of the Yellow River, unstoppable! Master Yu was immediately swept to pieces!

At this time, the burdens have been divided.

Yu Kelong was defeated.

My forehead was sweating when I saw it. This was so scary. Every move could kill a man. If I went up, I would probably be able to last for one round at most.

Another quarter of an hour later, Master Yu came out neatly dressed, and Mrs. Xianshui came out to see him off. She wore less clothes and was not afraid of being seen.
> Master Yu smiled bitterly, "I didn't expect there to be such a master in this small place. My sister, you have a strong family background. This skill should probably be passed down from the Xiaohongmen lineage in Shanghai. Today I failed. I will come to ask for advice another day."

Mrs. Xianshui leaned against the door, holding a lady's cigarette in her left hand. With her charming eyes, she blew a smoke ring on Master Yu's face elegantly and said with a smile, "If you can force me to use my special skills, you are not bad at all."

, I remember you, most young people can’t go two rounds with me, so give me a name.”

Master Yu immediately clasped his fists and said, "Jiangxi, Yu Keluan."

When I went out to the street, it was already late at night. Master Yu said he was hungry and asked me to treat him to dinner.

He ate three bowls of noodles, two plates of vegetables, and ordered two bottles of high-strength liquor by himself. I only drank half a cup, and he drank the rest by himself.

After having enough wine and food, Master Yu wiped his mouth and said, "Boy, I don't eat for free. I promise you what you asked me for."

"Very good!"

I was so excited that I slammed the table.

If I can recruit such a master as a bodyguard, my personal safety will definitely be greatly improved! At least I don't have to worry about people like Chu Xiaotian who seek revenge from me.

He asked, "When are you leaving? How long will it take?"

I thought about it and said, "I'll call him later and see how things are going with him. If possible, we can leave tomorrow. It won't take long. I guess seven or eight days will be enough for this round trip."


Yu Keruan nodded, then stretched out his hand and called the boss loudly, "Bring me a bottle of wine!"

He drank by himself while I went out to call the little Taoist priest.

After hearing what I said, the little Taoist priest said on the phone, "I haven't finished my work here yet. Why don't you come to my place? Anyway, Huangshi is not far from Shiyan. Let's go directly from here when we finish the work."

"Don't you mean just visiting an elder? What are you doing there? It takes so long?" I asked.

"Hey, Xiao Xiangzi, I don't want to delay! The problem is that the elder I am visiting this time is not an ordinary Taoist priest! He is the Taoist leader of Yiguandao! The Taoist leader said that there may be news about my master! That's why I am waiting here for news!"

"Yiguandao?" I don't understand.

The Taoist priest at the other end said, "You don't understand! Let me put it this way!"

The Daoshou of Yiguandao is like the Bill Gates of our Taoist world! Come on! The house here at Daoshou is full of antiques! Let me know if you like any of them! Maybe I can let you take one or two pieces back to play with!


"Okay, give me your address and I'll go there tomorrow morning."

Master Yu is really happy today. His steps are a little light when he walks.

I could tell at a glance that he was a bit tall. After all, he weighed three pounds of 56-degree white, which even I couldn’t bear. .??.

Suddenly, a group of men, about six or seven in number, passed us, drinking and cursing each other. They all had local accents. I heard one man scolding Mrs. Xianshui for what was wrong.

Yu Ke frowned, obviously he heard it too.

He was about to go over, but I held him back. After all, I didn't know what was going on.

I hurriedly asked Lao Gui, and Lao Gui told us, "A bunch of grandsons. The local gang collects commission. Every store in this alley has to pay commission. I guess someone told them that Mrs. Xianshui made a pen today."

It's a big deal, they're here to ask for money, don't worry about it, there are hundreds of people in these local gangs, you can't afford to offend them."

Master Yu didn't care about this, he walked quickly towards the depths of the alley.

When I got there, I saw that, sure enough, Mrs. Xianshui was quarreling with these six or seven young men.

Mrs. Xianshui was very excited and said loudly, "You guys don't follow the rules! You forced me to come to this corner to do business! What more! I still have to pay the rent! I still have to pay the monthly protection fee! I still have to pay the rent."

You have to eat! Can’t you give people a way to survive? You have to take 50%! A hundred years ago! Even the largest Yihongyuan in Shanghai didn’t have this rule!”

A short-haired man with cold eyes and a cigarette in his mouth said, "Smelly x, I didn't expect someone to play with you, an old onion. What are the rules? You are selling on our territory! Then you have to abide by our rules! 50% is not enough."

?I’ll give you an increase of 70% tomorrow! Why do you think no one here comes to check! It’s because we spend money to manage the relationship!”

"Here you go! Give it all to you!"

Mrs. Xianshui's eyes were red. She took out a handful of hundred-dollar bills from her chest and threw them all on the ground!

The money was scattered all over the floor. This is what I just gave her.

"pick it up."

"I told you to pick it up! Don't you understand? Brothers, they asked us to pick up the money? What do you think we should do?"

"Brother, this old chicken has repeatedly disobeyed discipline! How about killing her? Throw her into the river
Go inside!"

Another person sneered and said, "Isn't it easy to kill her? If you want me to suggest, you should cut her face into flowers and see how she sells her in the future."

"Haha, I think this is a good idea."

Suddenly, the smile disappeared from this man's face.

Because Yu Keluan didn't know when he stood in front of him.

Yu Kerong reached out and took out the cigarette in his mouth.

This man is furious!

The next second, Yu Ke closed his right thumb and struck the man's temple like lightning!

The man lay dead on the spot with his eyes rolled back, drool drooling from his mouth, and his calves kept shaking, just like the symptoms of an epileptic seizure.

"Fuck! Big brother!"

Several other people took out their fruit knives and rushed over! Although these people are gangsters, they dare to kill people!

Yu Ke's body movement was flexible. He pointed at the opponent's arm and the knife fell! Then he pointed at the opponent's chest and he lay down!

In less than a minute, five of the six people were lying on the ground! When the remaining man saw this, he didn’t want the knife and ran away!

Mrs. Xianshui put on her clothes and said in a panic, "You two, leave quickly! They are calling for help right away!"

Yu Kerong didn't panic or scold him. He picked up the money on the ground and handed it to Mrs. Xianshui. He grinned and said, "Don't be afraid, sister. I just want to say this for you today. It's the same as calling ten people. It's not like calling a hundred people."


Mrs. Xianshui opened her mouth wide, obviously shocked and speechless.

"Boy, if you're scared, you can go back first."

"Damn! Master Yu, don't underestimate me! Am I afraid? The last thing I'm not afraid of is fighting!" I said loudly.

"Haha! Okay! You've got the talent! You don't need to take action! Just watch and it'll be fine!"

Yu Kron's eyes grew colder.

He took out a plate of black cloth from the cloth bag he carried with him. He always carried this yellow cloth bag with him.

Yu Kerou used the black cloth to wrap his hands tightly, leaving only ten fingers exposed. Then, he tied the waistband and legs of his trousers tightly.

"Why are you looking at me like this? Do you think I'm drunk now?"

I nodded.

He laughed, pointed his index finger at me and said, "I'm half drunk, which is just right."

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