Chapter 164 Three days to reach death level

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In the alley late at night, in the small courtyard where Liu Chuanyu lives.

"Okay, I understand. I'm at my friend's place. I'll go back after finishing my work in the past two days. Be careful over there."

After hanging up the phone, I looked back and couldn't help but frown.

I just lost a competition. Is it really necessary to push myself to this level?

All the doors and windows are sealed, the water and electricity in the house are cut off, and there is no food left for yourself. Is this what martial arts practitioners call a retreat? If you don't succeed, you will become a benevolent person.

"Sister Song, I don't quite understand. My sister-in-law said she wanted to take the first step. What did she mean when she said that the Qi rushed into the Ming Gate? Does it affect the Ren and Du Second Meridians?"

Dr. Song shook his head and explained, "No, Xiaojialan Temple has a seven-wheel qi secret technique. From bottom to top, it has to go through seven levels, namely the root chakra, the navel chakra, the heart chakra, the stomach chakra, the throat chakra, and the ajna chakra.

, the crown chakra, if these seven chakras can be completely opened, you can reach a profound state that the master has said before."

"What realm?" I asked.

Today is the 12th, and it will be the 15th day of the month in three days, so the moon looks big and round in the sky tonight. .??.??

Doctor Song raised his eyes and looked at Da Yue, and said calmly, "The White Bones Flowing Light Realm."

"White Bone Flowing Light Realm?"

"Has anyone succeeded before?"

"No one has ever succeeded. This kind of skill is more dangerous than the one you practice. The master only passed it on to his junior sister before his death, and only her junior sister understands it."

Doctor Song also said, "Before entering the barrier, practitioners must find ways to close their six senses and six senses. This step alone has stumped countless people. In that state, because they no longer accept external information, their thinking will become extremely active."

, past events will come to mind one by one, and the mind will start to turn upside down. The junior sister may remember her past experiences, fifty years old, forty years old, thirty years old until she remembers what she looked like when she was a baby."

After listening to her explanation, I still couldn't understand it, but I felt it was very good.

"Xiao Xiangzi, my junior sister is a genius in her life. She learned the Qijue Palm at the age of ten, and mastered Xiaoxiang at the age of fifteen.

Jin Shixiang Taoism of Jialan Temple, but her character is stronger than anyone else. No matter what the final result is now, since she has made up her mind, all we can do is give our full support."

"She appointed you as the guardian before retreating. Do you know what this means?"

I shook my head.

"This means that she trusts you unconditionally and entrusts her life to you, so you must guard this door for these three days! No matter what happens! Don't let the outside world interfere with her retreat!"

As soon as I heard how important I was, I immediately said seriously and loudly

"Don't worry, Sister Song! Even if I don't eat, drink or sleep, I will still be a good guardian! I won't let anyone disturb my little aunt's retreat! What if someone who doesn't have the foresight dares to break into this place! I still have


After saying that, I lifted up my shirt and revealed the Venomous Bee pistol attached to my belt. This was an imported product bought from Zhuji Bookstore and had not been fired yet.

When she saw it, she asked me in surprise, "Is this a gun? Why is it so small?"

"Sister Song, don't look at my gun. It's small, but it's very powerful. It's commonly known as a small steel cannon. It can hit the head of a tiger within ten meters!"

After saying that, I quickly pulled out the gun, threw it into the air and spun around, then caught it, turned around and pointed towards the darkness.

"handsome or not?"

"A little bit," she said.

At this moment, my confidence increased greatly. Standing in front of me were Xie Qirong and Shi Wuchang, so what? I shot them one by one.

Even if the master is strong, he is still made of flesh and blood, even if he is stronger than Xie Qirong! Facts have proved that he will still be afraid of the powerful Tiger God Lotus handed down from Master Yu's ancestors.


I was playing with my gun when I suddenly heard something moving outside. I immediately raised my gun and ran out.

Go, turn sideways and look outside.

It turned out that the neighbor next door was back, and I was a little disappointed.

The first day was normal, nothing unexpected happened.

At noon the next day, with the scorching sun in the sky, I was sitting in the courtyard having lunch when I suddenly heard something moving in the house. Since the doors and windows were sealed, I couldn’t see what was going on inside the house, so I tried to call out, “Sister-in-law, do you have any orders?”

Do you want some water?"

No reply.

Because Dr. Song had told me not to go in, I turned around and was about to continue eating when I suddenly heard another strange sound.

It's like scratching a wooden board or glass with your fingernails. The sound is very uncomfortable for people to hear.

Liu Chuanyu was the only one in the room, so the sound must have come from her. I immediately reported the situation to Dr. Song. ??

She told me to leave it alone and ask no questions, as long as I guard the door and don't let anyone come near.

Just like that, three days passed in the blink of an eye.

It was 11:30 that night, half an hour before leaving customs.

Dr. Song kept pacing in the hospital, and you could see that she looked anxious.

When the time is up, we will call the door. If someone inside the house responds, it may have been successful.

If no one responds, it means failure, and the price of failure is most likely death.

As soon as the time came, Dr. Song immediately knocked on the door and shouted, "Junior sister! Junior sister! Junior sister, can you hear me?"

I also shouted into the room, "Sister-in-law! Time is up!"

We shouted outside the door for five minutes.

no respond.

Dr. Song took a deep breath, clenched her fists, and her eyes turned slightly red.

I feel bad at the moment. Although we have not known each other for a long time, I like Liu Chuanyu's free and easy personality very much. She also taught me powerful power-increasing skills and grounding skills, so I am in harmony with emotions and reasons.

I hope she is okay.

But hope cannot change reality, and no one can change the outcome.

I looked up and saw that the night sky over Qiandao Lake was filled with stars. Today happened to be the fifteenth day of the full moon. The huge moon hung in the sky as if it was very close, and it seemed that I could reach it by climbing up a tree and stretching out my hand.

Suddenly, Dr. Song changed her depressed mood and shouted excitedly, "Junior Sister!"

The next second, only a bang was heard!

The originally sealed door was blown open! It was as if someone inside had kicked it open!

Liu Chuanyu walked out expressionlessly and looked up at the full moon tonight.

I was shocked to see her now!

Almost half of her original black hair has turned white! Her eyes are cold and her expression is solemn, and her hair is fluttering up and down in the wind, like a witch!

I subconsciously thought of an adjective that only appears in martial arts movies.

"Full Moon Witch."

She looked at the moon for a while, then looked down at her hands, clenching her fists fiercely.

Dr. Song said excitedly, "Junior sister! You succeeded! You really succeeded in passing the test! Master, she will be proud in heaven! You can be called the first person in our Xiaojialan Temple in the past three hundred years!"

Liu Chuanyu just glanced at Dr. Song, then turned to me and asked, "Where is that person?"

"Shi Wu Chang should be at the Chengxi Hotel, with his apprentice. His cabinet is over there."

"Take me there."

"Should we go now?" I asked.

"What do you think?"

I couldn't help but shudder.

Her eyes were cold, and there was a domineering air in her indifference. It felt like she had become another person.

I wiped my sweat and thought, "Shi Wu Chang may be in big trouble this time!"

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