Chapter 416 Him

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 "What's wrong! What's wrong!" Dou Sprout was frightened and woke up.


I ran quickly, and Brother Yu and Baotou also hurriedly followed.

Turning the corner with the flashlight on, I saw Xiaoxuan's face turned pale, her fingers trembling, pointing at the corner.

"What's wrong! What's going on with you!" Dou Sprout hurriedly took photos with his flashlight.

Xiaoxuan was really frightened. She trembled and said, "People, people are blowing me."

"Someone blew you?"

"Where are you? Who flattered you?" ??

"There's no one there," Dou Sprout said, turning around and looking around.

"That there!"

Xiaoxuan pointed at the pile of big rocks in the corner.

My heart skipped a beat.

Because when I was relieving myself just now, I felt a cool breeze under my feet.

I helped Xiaoxuan up and told Brother Yu what happened just now.

"Hold it for me."

After hearing this, Brother Yu frowned and immediately handed the flashlight to Dou Sprout.

"Be careful Wen Bin." Tuotou reminded.

Brother Yu walked to the stone pile and bent down. He grabbed the stone with both hands like a vise, and gradually exerted force, and the big blood vessels on the back of his hands protruded.

Brother Yu moved the big stone away bit by bit and pushed it aside.

Douyazai immediately took a flashlight and said, "There's nothing here. Who's bragging you? Zhao Xuanxuan, you didn't mean to tease us, did you?"

Xiaoxuan said anxiously: "What I said is true! Someone really blew it!"


Achun's eyes were sharp, as if she had discovered something. She walked up to him, squatted down, slowly stretched out her hand, and pulled out a leather pipe from the crack in the stone.

The leather tube grew longer and longer, and everyone was shocked when they saw this thing.

This slender little leather tube looks familiar, but upon closer inspection, it’s the kind of tube used to connect a gas bottle to a diving suit!

Pulling away the remaining pile of small stones, I saw a foot first.

Then, we made a shocking discovery.

Behind this pile of stones, a person was buried!


After clearing away the surrounding rubble, the buried man was gradually revealed in full.

"Old Tian?"
"What the hell. Isn't this fucking Lao Tian?" Dou Yazai exclaimed instantly.

I really didn’t recognize it, not only me, but also my head.

The man who was pulled out had his head covered in dust and blood clots on his face mixed with mud, as if he was wearing a mask.

He was wearing a tattered lurking suit, the gas cylinder was lost somewhere, and his legs and trousers were bloody and bloody, looking like they had been hit by stones.

Dou Sprout said it was Lao Tian, ​​and the more I looked at it, the more he looked like him. Also, although this diving suit was in tatters, judging from the color and style, it was the one I borrowed my head from in the first place.

"Old Tian? Old Tian! Wake up!"

Dou Sprout slapped him hard on the face.

The man barely opened his eyes just a slit.

Now I and I recognized him, it was him!

Lao Tian moved his mouth and raised his head to ask Xiaoxuan to give him some water.

When feeding him water, Xiaoxuan didn't pay attention and stepped on his bloody right leg.

But he had no obvious reaction and didn't even cry out in pain.

I thought to myself, this person is probably in danger.


The reason why I felt wind under my feet just now was because Lao Tian was biting the hose of the diving suit tank and he was blowing air out to ask for help!

Because I am a man and I relieve myself while standing, while Xiaoxuan relieves herself while squatting. The force-bearing areas are different, so Xiaoxuan can clearly feel that someone is blowing on her.

After feeding him some water, Lao Tian's condition improved a little. He wanted to open his mouth to speak, but his voice was very low and he had to get very close to hear him clearly.

"What did he say?" Tou asked.

When I got closer and listened, his chest rose and fell slightly, and I heard him say intermittently: "Hu Hu Hu"

"What are you talking about? Please speak clearly!"

He suddenly grabbed my hand, opened his eyes with all his strength, and stared at me!

There was a movement in the throat, as if he was trying hard to say a certain name.

It's like a rubber ball that is deflated and exhausted.

Lao Tian slowly let go of my hand and closed his eyes.

From beginning to end, he only said the word "Hu".

Brother Yu checked his breathing and withdrew his hand.

"Dead?" Dou Sprout asked.

Brother Yu shook his head: "There is still one breath left. This person is just holding on. It is almost like death. There is no hope and he will not wake up."

It has been at least half a month since Lao Tian stole our diving suits and came down alone.

He walked here just like us, but he didn't know what happened later. This pile of rocks seemed to be a man-made cover, with the purpose of burying him inside.

There was no package found next to Lao Tian. He only had a diving suit hose. He didn't know what he had eaten and drank before, and how he persisted.

"Boss, what should I do?" Brother Yu asked.

He glanced at Lao Tian, ​​frowned and said, "Don't worry about him, just search him to see if there's anything on him."

We searched him and found that Lao Tian only had three empty biscuit bags and a lighter, and nothing else.

After hesitating for a moment, he raised his head and ordered: "Carry him over and throw him into the river."

"Thrown into the river"

"Head, this old Tian seems to still be breathing," I said.

"He can't wake up anymore. Listen to me and go ahead."

Brother Yu looked at me, immediately picked up Lao Tian, ​​supported him and walked out.

When I came to the edge of the cave I had just walked through, I looked down and saw endless darkness at the bottom of the cave.

"one two three."


Brother Yu and I threw Lao Tian into the hole.

After more than ten seconds, a faint popping sound was heard.

Brother Yu patted me and said, "Stop looking and let's go. Let's go back. He should also thank us. We can help him get out of trouble in advance."

Such an incident happened suddenly, and we were not in the mood to rest anymore, so we all sat cross-legged together.

Dou Sprout said: "Look, there must be a big tomb nearby. Think about the mural we just saw. A small house is soaked in water. This means it is an underwater tomb."

Ah Chun yawned and said: "Wang Boss, your line of work is really interesting. You can meet acquaintances in this environment. I am
did not expect."

Xiaoxuan glanced at Ah Chun and said, "We are not familiar with that person just now, we just met him once. He also stole our things, so he deserves this end."

At this time, Dou Sprout took out the waterproof bag, took out a plastic bag from the waterproof bag, carefully opened the plastic bag, and found two packs of 47 cigarettes inside.

Dou Sprouts handed one to Brother Yu, who waved his hand and said no.

The bean sprouts lit it for me, and I quickly reached out to cover it.


Dou Sprouts smoked a cigarette and leaned against the wall and said: "Oh, I want to have a bowl of noodles, add two meatballs, two eggs, and two tofu skins, tsk tsk."

"The head? The head?"

I saw the serious expression on his head, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Ignoring me, he stood up suddenly, picked up a stone, and walked quickly towards the cave wall.

He used his head as a writing brush with a stone to write and draw on the walls of Nuo Da's cave.

Sometimes he paused for a few seconds, and sometimes he wrote faster and faster. The stone wrote words one after another on the cave wall.

The handwriting is illegible but legible.

Guizailing, clay statues, Tang Gui’s wife, Junior Brother Xue, Lao Tian, ​​Li Tiecheng, looking at the temple girls, Yin Yang Cave, temple stele,

Chen surnamed stone tablet, Hu, Taoist priest, mural, coffin, underwater house, four-eyed god,

"Head! Head! Don't scare us!" Dou Sprout shouted.

The more I wrote, the more I wrote. Soon, the wall was densely covered with words.

The head's eyes were now bloodshot.

He was sweating profusely and kept turning his head back and forth, looking at a bunch of words on the wall. He seemed to have entered a certain state and couldn't hear us.

Dou Yazai wanted to wake up the head, but Ah Chun stopped him with his hand.

"No. It's not right. It's almost something. It's almost something."

Holding a stone in his hand, Tou Tou slowly wrote the word "Man" on the wall.


The stone in his hand fell to the ground, he took two steps back with his head, his eyes were full of horror, and he said to himself: "So that's how it is, so that's how it is."

"I see."

"It's him."

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