Chapter 515 New Goal

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 In fact, I didn’t sleep at all. I left early before dawn and stared in the car for a while.

Lao Ka's wife, the mute girl and her daughter who couldn't speak, when I found them, they were still setting up a stall at the gate of the community to help others steal pots.

I gave her the black plastic bag without saying anything, and she understood immediately. The mute woman covered her mouth and choked with sobs, her eyes full of tears. I guess she must know what kind of job Lao Ka used to do.


Without Lao Ka's skills, we would not be able to cut open the underwater iron coffin. This is money to buy your life. I, Xiang Yunfeng, have never cheated with this kind of money, and neither did Tian Sanjiu.

I couldn't communicate with the mute girl either, so I dropped the money and left.

I went to Guiziling at noon, and guess who I saw?

Lao Hu!

"Master Hu, where have you been these two days?"

I lowered my head and looked at the shoes on his feet. They were a pair of new cloth shoes.

Lao Hu held the bowl and said: "I went to the county seat and stayed at my nephew's house for two days. He just got married for the second time. I went to help him. What's wrong?"

"It's okay, where is your big yellow dog?" I asked.


Lao Hu was suddenly stunned when I asked him, and he cursed angrily: "Damn it, I'm so angry when you mention this! Some bastard stole my dog! Let me know who it is! He has to leg it.

Give me a discount!”


"Would you like to stay for lunch? Stir-fried meat with lettuce."

"No, I have to leave. I have something to do in the afternoon, so you can be busy."

When I left, I looked back and saw Lao Hu holding a bowl, listening to the old radio, and eating at the door with his legs crossed.

We left almost at the end of March. If we check the construction time now, the closed guardrail of Guizailing was built in June of this year. In the third month after we left, the entire Guizailing was sealed with barbed wire.

, two big locks, preventing anyone from entering.

As for Lao Hu, whether he really exists or not, you can find out by going to Tianguangdong and asking the elderly people.

Xiao Tang is a few years younger than me. He is at least in his thirties now. We cannot call him Xiao Tang when we meet again.

I don’t know if that talisman made her become a dragon or a phoenix among people, but I know that don’t mess with Xiao Tang, don’t mess with Lao Hu, don’t mess with Ya Po, and don’t mess with Tang Gui’s wife, they are all bullshit.
than characters.

There were a few questions that I regretted at the time because I really didn’t know.

Everything started because of him. What does the face under the mask of "Uncle Xue" look like? Who chopped off the tin-nosed feet? Where did Qin Eryuan hide his white-haired head?

After the incident, Red Eyes and Monkey went to the mountains and stayed for three months. Later, they were reported by the villagers of Xiadong Village, saying that a savage was found in the cave, possibly a caveman from the top of the mountain. Dozens of people were dispatched to catch him, but nothing happened.

He was caught because Luojiashan sent people to pick him up in the end. If he drank monkey urine, I estimate that he would be much stronger than Xie Qirong. It is a pity that he has no brains.

I looked up a lot of information about the tomb owner's history and made guesses about the various historical relationships of the tomb owner. I got a rough guess, which involved many names of people, places, and legends with rare characters. I wrote them endlessly, and then I took the opportunity to talk about them.


Li Tiecheng left a jeep and borrowed a battery to drive the car. Brother Yu drove the car and pulled us away from Tianguangdong Village.

By the way, let me tell you one more thing. It is impossible to steal the stone carvings in Guiziling now. It is a key cultural protection unit newly evaluated after 2002. Even if Lao Hu is gone, the hut is still occupied by people all year round. The stone carvings are somewhat

It's worth a lot of money now.

The stone sculpture that Dou Sprout picked up from the bottom of the water was quite special compared to the ones in the woods. The nose was carved into a triangle, there were no ears, and the mouth was very big.

Shi Xiuping didn’t want this thing. It was still heavy and weighed more than thirty kilograms. I left it behind the water tank in the courtyard of the female village doctor A Fang’s house and did not take it away. If someone had taken it at that time, the most it would have been given to me.

My 500 yuan is not worth it.

"Blue white clouds, galloping horses."

"I love you!"

"My home!"

"My home! My paradise"

"You can't sit still! Can you stop singing? It's so unpleasant and annoying!"

As the car was driving on the national highway, Dou Sprout leaned against the window and turned around and said, "Give me back the 20,000 yuan you stole from me yesterday, and I will stop singing."

Xiaoxuan said angrily: "I won't pay you back! What can you do to me?


"My home! My paradise."

Dou Sprouts sang again.

"No, no, no! I won't sing anymore, I won't sing anymore!"

A five-inch dagger was pressed directly against Dou Sprout's belly button, making him turn pale with fright.

Promise the boss that things should be done quickly, so that we appear professional and efficient, and the boss will be happy.

At that time, the Quannan Expressway and the Guangji Expressway were not yet open to traffic. You had to take the national highway, which was about 700 kilometers? Anyway, it was much slower than now. Basically, Brother Yu was driving. Sometimes I would take his place in places with few people.

I took the wrong route this time and wasted half a day.

It wasn't until the evening of the third day that we arrived at Nanping City, at the foot of Wuyi Mountain. .??.

The car ride is exhausting. I have a day off today and tomorrow. I will inquire about the spot and start digging the day after tomorrow.

"Boss, how much does it cost for three rooms?"


"250? Why is it so expensive!" Dou Sprout said.

The proprietress of the small hotel rolled her eyes at him and said, "Little pigeon, why don't you look at what time of year it is? Where is this place? You want to stay here, and the price is already very cheap."

It's a dialect. She calls Dou Sprouts, Little Pigeon, and Boss Old Pigeon. She says it's very cheap or very good, which sounds like "very cheap" or "very good".

There is no distinction between right and wrong.

"I think your little pigeon is expensive. Can you make it cheaper? Let's go for 200, so let's go for 50." Dou Sprout said while bargaining.

The proprietress was happy and said: "You are so funny, little pigeon. The new rock tea from Wuyi Mountain will be released soon this year, and people from all over the country who are engaged in tea business will live everywhere. If you don't stay, people will come to live here soon."

"Okay, okay, let's drive." Feeling tired, he handed over the money.

After settling in, around 7pm, Douyazai and I went out to buy food.

There are many beauties in Nanping, including tea-picking girls. Most of them are not very tall, and their facial features are very beautiful, but I like those with long legs.

Across the street and opposite the hotel is Huaguang Road, where the Experimental Primary School is.

There are food vendors on the roadside. The school is a boarding school, and students in sixth grade have to study in the evening.

"Fengzi, what are you doing?
Why are there so many primary school students?"

I walked over and saw that it was a woman in her early twenties, selling chicks in a frame on the ground.

At this time, during the evening self-study break, the students from the experimental primary school all ran out and gathered around to buy chickens.

This woman is also good-looking. She is a beauty, with slim facial features and figure, and is only a little over 1.5 meters tall.

When the light shined on them, I saw that the chickens in her basket were all colorful, red, green, yellow, and white. It looked like they were dyed intentionally.

"I want it! I want it! I'll buy one!"

"I want it too! I want a green chick!"

"Don't grab it! We have everything! You haven't paid me yet, it's only 50 cents each."

The children rushed to buy it.

"Jingle Bell."

The bell rang in the experimental elementary school and the children dispersed. The girl stood there with some saliva on her fingers and began to count the money.

She only had one-fifty-cent ones, and two-cent ones, and the bigger ones were gone.


She raised her head: "You adults want to buy it too? This is for children to play with. The chickens will die in two or three days after being dyed. They cannot be fed."

She was honest, so I asked the girl: "Why do you sell them so cheaply, only 50 cents each?"

She was a little wary, "Are you a fellow traveler?"

I shook my head no and asked.

Hearing that I was not a colleague, the girl put the money in her apron and said with a smile: "Everyone can make money from this. If someone sells one piece, they will sell it, so I will sell it for 50 cents. The experimental elementary school has a radius of five miles, and I want to lower the price of the chicks."

Come down!" she waved.

"Beauty, are you from the city or somewhere?" Dou Sprout asked casually.

When she smiled, her eyes turned into two crescents.

"What, you want to chase me? Is your family rich? I want a gift of 100,000 yuan."

"Good guy," Douyazai said. We have just met in less than three minutes, and you have already thought of our child's name. But I'm sorry, I have no money and am very poor.

This girl has a lively personality and covered her mouth and giggled after hearing this.

After laughing for a while, she told me that her name was Ma Fengfeng and her family lived in Houjing Village, Shuiji Town.

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