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Kowloon Returns to One Jue

Kowloon Returns to One Jue

author:Mo Feng Lie

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-11 18:49

Latest chapter:Chapter 3509: Being calculated

Obtain the treasure of chaos, repair the Nine Dragons and unite them. Cut down the sun, moon and stars, and slay the demons of all ages. When Lu Chen makes a storm, all the ghosts and gods in the world are shocked. The drunken Luan Feng and the beautiful woman laugh, and the three thousand avenues guide all living beings.

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《Kowloon Returns to One Jue》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 3509: Being calculated
Chapter 3508 Canyon Blockage
Chapter 3507 One person with two fists
Chapter 3506 What to use if you don’t have a knife?
Chapter 3505 Fighting to the mouth of the canyon
Chapter 3504: Destroying the Witch Cultivators
Chapter 3503 You are blessed
Chapter 3502 I’m giving you an advantage today
Chapter 3501 Looking for disaster
《Kowloon Returns to One Jue》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Adventures Are Everywhere
Chapter 2 Return to Martial Arts
Chapter 3 Family rules must not be violated
Chapter 4 Awakening Dragon Pill
Chapter 5 Dan Pavilion
Chapter 6 Flying
Chapter 7 Dou Dan
Chapter 8 Seventh-Order Great Alchemist
Chapter 9 Daluo Jinqing Dan
Chapter 10 The first use of ancient runes
Chapter 11 Dividing the medicinal herbs
Chapter 12 Chaos Space
Chapter 13 Spirit Tree Martial Vessel
Chapter 14 One thousand medicinal herbs
Chapter 15 The Young Master Selection Tournament
Chapter 16 Shocking the audience
Chapter 17 The True Disciple of Ziyunmen
Chapter 18 Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 19 Eli Lilly
Chapter 20 Pill King Experience
Chapter 21 Detecting Talent
Chapter 22 Fire Dragon Soaring to the Sky
Chapter 23 Perception Detection
Chapter 24 Rune into the body
Chapter 25
Chapter 26 We don't need a tie
Chapter 27 Qi Rune
Chapter 28 Do I Agree?
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 Half-year appointment
Chapter 31 Feixiamen
Chapter 32 True Essence Turns into Fire
Chapter 33 Burnt
Chapter 34 How did you do it
Chapter 35 I Oppose
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 Shi Lai
Chapter 38 The Most Magical Scene
Chapter 39 The Power Is Not Enough
Chapter 40 Dancing with the Dragon
Chapter 41
Chapter 42 I Lost Me
Chapter 43 Three months to wait
Chapter 44 Pill King Can't Be Humiliated
Chapter 45 Playing Castration
Chapter 46
Chapter 47: Dan Dao Status
Chapter 48
Chapter 49: The Best Spiritual Qi Pill
Chapter 50: Dragon Vein Changes Position
Chapter 51 Sacred Wood Sacred Art
Chapter 52 Introduction to Holy Art
Chapter 53
Chapter 54 The Secret Art of Healing
Chapter 55
Chapter 56 New Gamble
Chapter 57 Sales
Chapter 58
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 Blossom
Chapter 61
Chapter 62
Chapter 63 Elixir must fight
Chapter 64
Chapter 65 The sun comes out from the west
Chapter 66
Chapter 67 Challenge it
Chapter 68 The Power of the Soldiers
Chapter 69 Heaven Slaying Power
Chapter 70 State Lord
Chapter 71
Chapter 72 Who Dare to Treat Me
Chapter 73 Missing a few hundred million
Chapter 74 Yuguang Step Transformation
Chapter 75
Chapter 76 Cause and Effect
Chapter 77
Chapter 78 Departure
Chapter 79 Soul power is like a sea
Chapter 80
Chapter 81
Chapter 82 I'm Still Drilling the Pants
Chapter 83 I am going to practice
Chapter 84: Ziyun Gate Prohibited Area
Chapter 85
Chapter 86 Deep hatred
Chapter 87 Small Teleportation Array
Chapter 88 Rune blessing
Chapter 89: Still Too Slow
Chapter 90 Registration Point
Chapter 91
Chapter 92
Chapter 93
Chapter 94 Dan Zun's Experience
Chapter 95 You are a poor ghost
Chapter 96 You Lie
Chapter 97
Chapter 98 Yunlai Inn
Chapter 99
Chapter 100
Chapter 101
Chapter 102 I Want You To Follow
Chapter 103
Chapter 104 Soul fire crushing
Chapter 105
Chapter 106 Not to be desecrated
Chapter 107 Second-Order Pill King
Chapter 108 Absorb the light before leaving
Chapter 109
Chapter 110
Chapter 111 Pill Pavilion
Chapter 112 The Special Envoy of the Great Pill Pavilion
Chapter 113 Lighting up the Pill King's Robe
Chapter 114
Chapter 115
Chapter 116 Princess Mingyue
Chapter 117 Unparalleled Heroes
Chapter 118
Chapter 119
Chapter 120
Chapter 121 Don't accept men
Chapter 122 Have fun with them
Chapter 123 Dan Wen
Chapter 124: Taking a Picture in the Stone
Chapter 125: The Man in the Stone
Chapter 126 Fighting Beasts
Chapter 127: Angry Heavenly Elephant
Chapter 128
Chapter 129 Domineering real person
Chapter 130 Minimum Standards
Chapter 131
Chapter 132
Chapter 133 Animal Blood Body Refinement Technique
Chapter 134 Spirit Transformation
Chapter 135 The Insidious Extreme
Chapter 136 The Great Array of Trapped Beasts
Chapter 137: Upside Down
Chapter 138 One person kills a hundred people
Chapter 139
Chapter 140: Unpredictable Disaster
Chapter 141 The Lu Family in Splash City
Chapter 142 Three months later
Chapter 143 Killer in disguise
Chapter 144 How to Kill
Chapter 145 Qualified to fight with me
Chapter 146 Four Leaders
Chapter 147
Chapter 148 Blind your dog's eyes
Chapter 149 Can I lick your feet
Chapter 150 Blind Date
Chapter 151 It's Him
Chapter 152 The same
Chapter 153 Cultivation on the spot
Chapter 154: Cramping
Chapter 155: Three Stages of Spirit Transformation
Chapter 156
Chapter 157 He is not him
Chapter 158
Chapter 159 I Was Killed By You
Chapter 160 Hungry for 100,000 Years
Chapter 161 Winner
Chapter 162
Chapter 163
Chapter 164
Chapter 165
Chapter 166 Poison Dragon
Chapter 167
Chapter 168 I will hang and beat you
Chapter 169 Falling Down
Chapter 170 One plus one does not equal two
Chapter 171
Chapter 172
Chapter 173 I'm Courageous
Chapter 174 Soul Eating Scatter
Chapter 175 You don't have to fight anymore
Chapter 176 Pulse Core
Chapter 177
Chapter 178 The old guard
Chapter 179
Chapter 180 The First Powerhouse of the Yongming Dynasty
Chapter 181
Chapter 182 Everyone Has Ambition
Chapter 183 The Nominee Disciple of Poison Sect
Chapter 184 Five Flowers and Red Snakes
Chapter 185 Do You Still Have a Conscience?
Chapter 186
Chapter 187 The Great Change of the Court
Chapter 188 The Real Pill Fruit
Chapter 189 The Mud Can't Support the Wall
Chapter 190 The Great War Begins
Chapter 191
Chapter 192
Chapter 193 Can I Hate You?
Chapter 194 Black-scaled leopard
Chapter 195
Chapter 196 No one can escape
Chapter 197 The sword is silent
Chapter 198
Chapter 199
Chapter 200
Chapter 201 Humiliation
Chapter 202: Conquering the North
Chapter 203
Chapter 204 How could it be the ninth order
Chapter 205 Ten Thousand Green Hats
Chapter 206 The day
Chapter 207 Who is the most perverted in the world
Chapter 208 Border
Chapter 209 Nine nibbling heads
Chapter 210 Let He Xiong take the blame
Chapter 211 Cannibalism
Chapter 212 Drugs are like running water
Chapter 213
Chapter 214 Cloak Man
Chapter 215
Chapter 216 The price of joking
Chapter 217
Chapter 218 The Little Demon Cave Has Changed
Chapter 219
Chapter 220: The Beast of Destiny
Chapter 221
Chapter 222 Hammer
Chapter 223 Dragon Fire
Chapter 224 The battle is coming
Chapter 225 Forced to fight
Chapter 226
Chapter 227
Chapter 228
Chapter 229 Start from here
Chapter 230 Gun Tower
Chapter 231 All-inclusive
Chapter 232 Sun Worm
Chapter 233
Chapter 234 The situation is critical
Chapter 235
Chapter 236 Changes in the Battle Situation
Chapter 237: Die Young
Chapter 238 Nangong Family
Chapter 239 The fortress collapsed
Chapter 240
Chapter 241 Disciple Ranking
Chapter 242 Ten Thousand Points
Chapter 243 Good Helper
Chapter 244 Good Sword
Chapter 245: Pseudo Treasures
Chapter 246 Just Because Senior Brother Is Too Cunning
Chapter 247
Chapter 248 Martial Meridian Leaving
Chapter 249 Two Pots
Chapter 250 Integral Mission
Chapter 251
Chapter 252 My name is Lu Qi
Chapter 253: The Power of Slaying the Heavens
Chapter 254 Soul Power Wounded
Chapter 255 wait for me
Chapter 256
Chapter 257 The cultivation method of Yuandan realm
Chapter 258 Dragon veins enter the pearl
Chapter 259: Using the Reiki Meridian
Chapter 260
Chapter 261
Chapter 262 There is an ambush
Chapter 263
Chapter 264
Chapter 265 Five Demon Heads
Chapter 266 Throwing the Demon Head
267 Too Much
Chapter 268
Chapter 269
Chapter 270
Chapter 271 Eastern Region Map
Chapter 272 The Second Sword
Chapter 273 How to Write the Dead Words
Chapter 274
Chapter 275 Unknown Metal
Chapter 276
Chapter 277
Chapter 278 Sword with Will
Chapter 279
Chapter 280 Streamer
Chapter 281
Chapter 282 Is Your Sword Okay?
Chapter 283 Red Cloud Knife
Chapter 284 City Wall Battle
Chapter 285
Chapter 286 Infighting
Chapter 287
Chapter 288 Normal combat skills
Chapter 289: Heavenly Gang Jiujiu
Chapter 290 Defense Protection
Chapter 291 Dragon Vessel Separation
Chapter 292 Flame Dragon Battle Body
Chapter 293
Chapter 294
Chapter 295 Soul Blade
Chapter 296
Chapter 297: Chasing and Killing
Chapter 298
Chapter 299 I'm in a hurry
Chapter 300 The fifth-order mid-stage beast pill
Chapter 301
Chapter 302: The Peak of Tiangang Three Pole
Chapter 303 Leave it to you
Chapter 304 It's a shame
Chapter 305
Chapter 306: Hate but Powerless
Chapter 307 The highest balance of combat power
Chapter 308 Deep Cultivation
Chapter 309 Departing from the Yuandan Realm
Chapter 310 Sword Vein
Chapter 311 Exercise
Chapter 312
Chapter 313
Chapter 314 Ten Thousand Pairs of Small Shoes
Chapter 315 Two Quotas
Chapter 316
Chapter 317
Chapter 318: The Ownership of the First Branch
Chapter 319 Attack Day
Chapter 320
Chapter 321 The Arrival of Divine Consciousness
Chapter 322 I am afraid of ghosts
Chapter 323 Nine Roars Barbarian Eagle
Chapter 324
Chapter 325 Earth Splitting Leopard
Chapter 326 Half-step Tiangang Realm
Chapter 327 Kirin Roar
Chapter 328
Chapter 329 Drilling Firefox
Chapter 330: The Tail of Firefox
Chapter 331
Chapter 332
Chapter 333
Chapter 334: Perverted Dead Fat Boy
Chapter 335 Destroying the Tunnel
Chapter 336 Black Rock Sect
Chapter 337 Blocking the Sect
Chapter 338
Chapter 339 I'm Locked Up
Chapter 340 Two new pots
Chapter 341 Weapon Classification
Chapter 342 Am I hallucinating?
Chapter 343 Sword repair fights dark boy
Chapter 344
Chapter 345 Fight with you again
Chapter 346
Chapter 347
Chapter 348: Leaving the Branch
Chapter 349 The third option
Chapter 350
Chapter 351: Pill Venerable Assessment
Chapter 352 Let's go to the mall
Chapter 353 Shopping Mall
Chapter 354
Chapter 355 The Auction Begins
Chapter 356
Chapter 357
Chapter 358
Chapter 359: Pill Saint Experience
Chapter 360 I want to cut you off
Chapter 361 Mission to Sacrifice
Chapter 362
Chapter 363 A wave of dog food
Chapter 364 Prosperity
365 Dead Dog
Chapter 366 Cang Feather Dog
Chapter 367
Chapter 368
Chapter 369
Chapter 370 Powerful Fu Long
Chapter 371
Chapter 372 You're done
Chapter 373 The Yang Returning Talisman
Chapter 374
Chapter 375 Don't be envious
Chapter 376
Chapter 377
Chapter 378
Chapter 379
Chapter 380 Heroes are not afraid to touch
Chapter 381 Fifty City Walls
Chapter 382 Feng Shui is not good
Chapter 383 The focus of the battlefield
Chapter 384
Chapter 385 Orcs defeated
Chapter 386 Great Emperor Seal
Chapter 387 Old Orc
Chapter 388 The blood of the divine beast
Chapter 389
Chapter 390 The transaction is successful
Chapter 391 Orc Emperor
Chapter 392
Chapter 393
Chapter 394
Chapter 395
Chapter 396 A dog bites you
Chapter 397
Chapter 398
Chapter 399
Chapter 400 Immersion in the pot world
Chapter 401 He just...
Chapter 402 Opportunity for a comeback
Chapter 403
Chapter 404
Chapter 405 Entry Test
Chapter 406
Chapter 407: It's All Weird Martial Arteries
Chapter 408: Spiritual Qi Problem
Chapter 409 Named Disciple House
Chapter 410 You dare to hit me
Chapter 411
Chapter 412 Fanaticism
Chapter 413
Chapter 414: Broken Star
Chapter 415 Nine-pattern Tiangang Pill
Chapter 416
Chapter 417 Someone is coming
Chapter 418
Chapter 419
Chapter 420
Chapter 421
Chapter 422 Looking for cannon fodder
Chapter 423 Recruitment Order
Chapter 424 Waiting for you to report
Chapter 425
Chapter 426: The Great Demon Cave
Chapter 427: Arranging Firepower
Chapter 428
Chapter 429
Chapter 430
Chapter 431 Illusory Array
Chapter 432
Chapter 433
Chapter 434
Chapter 435
Chapter 436
Chapter 437 Demonic Radiation
Chapter 438: Heaven has no eyes
Chapter 439
Chapter 440
Chapter 441: The Line of Defense Collapses
Chapter 442 Dangerous Fireworks
Chapter 443
444 Unhappy
445 No specific time
Chapter 446 The Lord of the Sharp Wind Empire
Chapter 447 Breaking Through the Heavenly Astral Realm
Chapter 448
Chapter 449: Living in a Dream
Chapter 450
Chapter 451
Chapter 452 Golden Rooster Independence
Chapter 453
Chapter 454
Chapter 455
Chapter 456 Daily Welfare
Chapter 457
Chapter 458
Chapter 459
Chapter 460
Chapter 461 Dark Child Going Crazy
Chapter 462 Group Killing Combat Skills
Chapter 463 Galaxy
Chapter 464
Chapter 465
466 Gone
Chapter 467: A Disaster
Chapter 468 Human spies
Chapter 469: The House of the Cave Lord
Chapter 470
Chapter 471: Spiritual Spring Water
Chapter 472 Idle Treasure
Chapter 473 Demon Nest Map
Chapter 474 Five-pole blood coagulation
Chapter 475: The Power of Will
Chapter 476 Who Saved Me
Chapter 477
Chapter 478 Giant Rock Lizard
Chapter 479
Chapter 480 Farewell
Chapter 481
Chapter 482 Another Giant Rock Lizard
Chapter 483
Chapter 484
Chapter 485 The painting style is too beautiful
Chapter 486
Chapter 487: Lu Chen's Return
Chapter 488
Chapter 489
Chapter 490
Chapter 491: Seriously Think About It
Chapter 492 Rookie
Chapter 493
Chapter 494
Chapter 495 Long live the boss
Chapter 496 The welfare of the fanatical army
Chapter 497: Three Candidates
Chapter 498
Chapter 499 The world has changed
Chapter 500
Chapter 501 The messenger
Chapter 502
Chapter 503
Chapter 504
Chapter 505 I'm Back
Chapter 506 Lighting up the Pill Venerable Robe
Chapter 507
Chapter 508 Too brutal
Chapter 509
Chapter 510 Poison in the palm
Chapter 511 Super Tyrant
Chapter 512
Chapter 513 Poisoning is too deep
Chapter 514: Heaven Falls to Heaven
Chapter 515
Chapter 516 The power of half arm
Chapter 517
Chapter 518 is also a pleasure
Chapter 519 Lai Xiang must die
Chapter 520 Ninth-Order Silver Top Soft Scale Armor
Chapter 521
Chapter 522 Embarrassment to the extreme
Chapter 523
Chapter 524 Sword combat skills
Chapter 525 Help Mingyue
Chapter 526
Chapter 527
Chapter 528 Once and for all
Chapter 529: Spirit Valley Map
Chapter 530: Goodbye Pill Venerable Hall
Chapter 531 The brightest star in the night sky
Chapter 532 Who Signed Up
Chapter 533: Slow to Die
Chapter 534
Chapter 535
Chapter 536 A fox is concocting pills
Chapter 537 Pill Dao Beast Arrogance
Chapter 538
Chapter 539 Conspiracy
Chapter 540
Chapter 541
Chapter 542 Someone else
Chapter 543 Invincible at the same level
Chapter 544
Chapter 545
Chapter 546: Swear in the Name of Zongmen
Chapter 547
Chapter 548
Chapter 549
Chapter 550
Chapter 551
Chapter 552 Lightning
Chapter 553
Chapter 554
Chapter 555 This Sword Cultivator Is Very Perverted
Chapter 556 Sword Cultivator's Advantage
Chapter 557: Galaxy Reappears
Chapter 558: Pushing the Trap Forward
Chapter 559: Falling into a Trap
Chapter 560
Chapter 561 Xuanming Realm Battlefield
Chapter 562 I'm Too Crispy
Chapter 563 The assistant is here
Chapter 564 Let's Continue
Chapter 565: Be merciful
Chapter 566 Fighting the Three Demons
Chapter 567
Chapter 568 Absolute Melon
Chapter 569
Chapter 570
Chapter 571 Half-step Xuanming Realm
Chapter 572
Chapter 573
Chapter 574 Rare Treasure
Chapter 575
Chapter 576
Chapter 577: The First Disciple of the Outer Sect
Chapter 578 I just want to kill you
Chapter 579
Chapter 580 King Kong Broken Mountain Palm
Chapter 581 Because of me
Chapter 582: The Current Situation of the Fanatical Legion
Chapter 583 Hanging the Challenger
Chapter 584
Chapter 585
Chapter 586: Xuanming Three Forgings
Chapter 587
Chapter 588 I have a gift for you
Chapter 589 Shangguan Jin's Challenge
Chapter 590 Envy and jealousy
Chapter 591
Chapter 592
Chapter 593 dead
Chapter 594: The Third Martial Meridian
Chapter 595 Rewards of the Billboard Competition
Chapter 596 Write a line
Chapter 597 Trouble with the Inner Gate Constellation
Chapter 598
Chapter 599
Chapter 600 The cooked duck flew away
Chapter 601
Chapter 602 Let You Have Three Legs
Chapter 603 Just a few more helpers
Chapter 604
Chapter 605
Chapter 606 A lot of opinions
Chapter 607 Peng Shen is a Wonderful
Chapter 608
Chapter 609 Sendai Unitary Realm
Chapter 610 touch the wrong thing
Chapter 611 Topographic Map
Chapter 612
Chapter 613 Four Strange Flowers
Chapter 614: Blue Pattern Spirit Stone
Chapter 615 Dragon and Tiger List
Chapter 616 The ancient magic circle
Chapter 617 Everything is for the bright moon
Chapter 618
Chapter 619 Someone went up the mountain
Chapter 620 A bit strong
Chapter 621 The price of passing by
Chapter 622
Chapter 623 Looking for abuse
Chapter 624 The first shot
Chapter 625
Chapter 626 No One Can Win
Chapter 627: Satisfy You
Chapter 628 Wind and Cloud Valley
Chapter 629
Chapter 630
Chapter 631
Chapter 632 Five Pattern Fire Poison Pill
Chapter 633
Chapter 634: Won the Grand Prize
Chapter 635
Chapter 636 Super Friendship
Chapter 637 Shouyuan Fruit
Chapter 638 Dragon Tiger Ranking Competition
Chapter 639 Half-step Immortal Realm
640 Too Timely
Chapter 641 Desperate Roar
Chapter 642 Calm down
Chapter 643 I will cut it
Chapter 644
Chapter 645 The first contestant
Chapter 646 Booing
Chapter 647 Many people admire me
Chapter 648 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 649
Chapter 650
Chapter 651 An eye-catching product
Chapter 652 Apologize
Chapter 653 The benefits of physical tyranny
Chapter 654
Chapter 655: One More Dragon
Chapter 656: Changing Combat Skills
Chapter 657 You are dying
Chapter 658 See you in the secret realm of Xingluo
Chapter 659
Chapter 660 No One Can Spy On
Chapter 661
Chapter 662
Chapter 663
Chapter 664 How Can I Trust You
Chapter 665
Chapter 666 Entering the Secret Realm
Chapter 667 Star Luo Organization
Chapter 668 Xiaoyu came out to play
Chapter 669 A big river
Chapter 670 Dare to confront each other head-on
Chapter 671
Chapter 672 The big boat crosses the river
Chapter 673
Chapter 674
Chapter 675
Chapter 676: The Lifeless Lake
Chapter 677 Reminder
Chapter 678 Beast Control Ring
Chapter 679 Introducing the Forest
Chapter 680 The direction of leaving the enemy group
Chapter 681
Chapter 682 rubbing the neck
Chapter 683
Chapter 684 Frontal Battlefield
685 Solve only one
Chapter 686: The Demon Head Has Been Beheaded
Chapter 687
Chapter 688 The real big trick
Chapter 689 Eight-armed golden ape
Chapter 690 not recognized by space
Chapter 691 I'm here to find a chance
Chapter 692 Beauty matches the strong
Chapter 693 Glowing and Hot
Chapter 694
Chapter 695: Wild Snake in Water
Chapter 696 Old acquaintance
Chapter 697 Demon God Pearl
Chapter 698: Clone Leaf
Chapter 699: The Third Choice
Chapter 700
Chapter 701: A Stone Gate
Chapter 702
Chapter 703: A Small World
Chapter 704
Chapter 705: The Destined Person
Chapter 706 The Queen of the Spirit Race
Chapter 707 Extreme cold
Chapter 708
Chapter 709
Chapter 710
Chapter 711 Queen Lingwa
Chapter 712 Breaking In
Chapter 713 Heaven and Earth Shrine
Chapter 714 Strong buy and strong sell
Chapter 715 Rejected Ten Fiancées
Chapter 716 A few hairs
Chapter 717
Chapter 718
Chapter 719
Chapter 720 What did God do wrong?
Chapter 721: Hidden Cave in the Water
Chapter 722 Spirit Emperor
Chapter 723
Chapter 724
Chapter 725
Chapter 726 What to do to prevent the queen
Chapter 727: The Ceremony of the Spiritual Race
Chapter 728: Altar Stairs
Chapter 729
Chapter 730 Top Beauty
Chapter 731
Chapter 732 Wind Bamboo Martial Vessel
Chapter 733: Climbing the stairs begins
Chapter 734 Forced to Climb the Ladder
Chapter 735 Fifty-fifth floor
Chapter 736
Chapter 737 High-level group killing combat skills
Chapter 738 Eighty-eighth Floor
Chapter 739 Vision Breaks the Prohibition
Chapter 740
Chapter 741
Chapter 742
Chapter 743 Rotten tea slag
Chapter 744 Glacier
Chapter 745: Obedience to Arrangements
Chapter 746
747 Together
Chapter 748
Chapter 749 The Nine Princes Are Going Crazy
Chapter 750 War Minions
Chapter 751 Help the Queen
Chapter 752 Fighting the Nine Lords
Chapter 753 Who is the most handsome
Chapter 754
Chapter 755
Chapter 756 Spiritual Race Tonic Wine
Chapter 757
Chapter 758 The Spiritual Race Needs Power
Chapter 759
Chapter 760: Use the Nine Marks Spiritual Qi Pill
Chapter 761
Chapter 762: Meet the Three Flower Scorpions Again
Chapter 763 Scorpion Nest
Chapter 764: Returning to the Aura Region
Chapter 765
Chapter 766: Meeting Your Needs
Chapter 767
Chapter 768 Young Madam
Chapter 769 Spare Knife
Chapter 770 Are you blowing me up?
Chapter 771 Who is Jianxiu
Chapter 772 Special Conditions
Chapter 773
Chapter 774 Add some gadgets
Chapter 775
Chapter 776
Chapter 777
Chapter 778
Chapter 779 Black Hairy Legs
Chapter 780
Chapter 781: Pure Spiritual Qi
Chapter 782
Chapter 783
Chapter 784 One thousand catties of spiritual spring water
Chapter 785
Chapter 786 I don't know what to say
Chapter 787
Chapter 788 The time has just come
Chapter 789
Chapter 790 You are not allowed to touch me
Chapter 791 Why are you afraid of him
Chapter 792
Chapter 793
Chapter 794 The person who took your dog's life
Chapter 795
Chapter 796 Tremble
Chapter 797
Chapter 798
Chapter 799
Chapter 800 The abyss
Chapter 801 tea and wine are the same
Chapter 802 Earth Fire
Chapter 803 Inside the Lava Cave
Chapter 804 The Lord's Daughter
Chapter 805
Chapter 806 Blue Scaled Fire Snake
Chapter 807 Where is the Seed of Earth Fire
Chapter 808
Chapter 809
Chapter 810 The Blue Scaled Fire Snake Attacks
Chapter 811 Sand Plains Wilderness
Chapter 812: Being Tracked
Chapter 813 Bloodthirsty Wolf
Chapter 814: The Wild Beasts Are Coming One After Another
Chapter 815
Chapter 816
Chapter 817 Stone Egg
Chapter 818 Sentinel
Chapter 819 Blue Frost Patterned Long Knife
Chapter 820 You can die
Chapter 821
Chapter 822
Chapter 823
Chapter 824
Chapter 825
Chapter 826
Chapter 827: The Blessing of All Ghosts
Chapter 828 Ghost Town
Chapter 829 Two female ghosts
Chapter 830
Chapter 831 The coldness of the land of the dead
Chapter 832 Ghost Peng
Chapter 833 The Central Land
Chapter 834 Weird Power
Chapter 835: Lower Races
Chapter 836: Bloodline Magical Powers
Chapter 837
Chapter 838 Rare Species
Chapter 839 Wind Egg
Chapter 840 The deadline has come
Chapter 841 Still That Cowardly
Chapter 842
Chapter 843
Chapter 844 Getting Married Again
Chapter 845 Planting
Chapter 846: There is such a thing
Chapter 847 The strength of the two men
Chapter 848 Nangong Kaitai's Shock
Chapter 849: Slaying Demons Like Slashing Chickens
Chapter 850 The Venerable Demon Race is a Pustule
Chapter 851 Sword repair without defense
Chapter 852 There is one more
Chapter 853
Chapter 854: Refining God's Two-Shape Powerhouse
Chapter 855
Chapter 856 An acquaintance
Chapter 857
Chapter 858
Chapter 859 A Bad News
Chapter 860
Chapter 861 Loving Elder
Chapter 862
Chapter 863 I haven't paid attention to it for a long time
Chapter 864
Chapter 865
Chapter 866 Support Your Legion
Chapter 867
Chapter 868
Chapter 869
Chapter 870 Treasure Powder
Chapter 871 One thousand places
Chapter 872 Only choose three people
Chapter 873
Chapter 874: Seven-dollar position in Xiantai
Chapter 875
Chapter 876
Chapter 877
Chapter 878
Chapter 879 You still owe me nine articles
Chapter 880
Chapter 881
Chapter 882 I want to kill you
Chapter 883 Doomsday Thunder
Chapter 884 Complete defeat
Chapter 885
Chapter 886 The Sect Master of the Beast Controlling Sect
Chapter 887 Initial Signs
Chapter 888: Kirin Battle Body
Chapter 889
Chapter 890: The Guardian of the Forbidden Land
Chapter 891
Chapter 892
Chapter 893
Chapter 894 Liberation
Chapter 895
Chapter 896
Chapter 897
Chapter 898
Chapter 899 More Disdainful Voice
Chapter 900
Chapter 901
Chapter 902 The young master is back
Chapter 903 Ask the Ancestor to Instruct
Chapter 904: Cang Yuzong's Request
Chapter 905 The docile little sheep
Chapter 906
Chapter 907 still cautious
Chapter 908
Chapter 909
Chapter 910 A wretched fat boy
Chapter 911: The middle vertical on the battlefield
Chapter 912
Chapter 913
Chapter 914
Chapter 915
Chapter 916
Chapter 917 Xuantian Armor
Chapter 918
Chapter 919
Chapter 920 Thunder Basin
Chapter 921 Thunder Creatures
Chapter 922 Super Lightning Absorber
Chapter 923 Thunder Savior
Chapter 924
Chapter 925 Sealing Jiufeng Mountain
Chapter 926 Silence Fire Glass Ball
Chapter 927 Heaven and Earth Niche Box
Chapter 928
Chapter 929 Battle of the Fall of the Emperor
Chapter 930 I'm Really Dan Zun
Chapter 931 The realm is so unbearable
Chapter 932: Shine and Shine
Chapter 933 Nine-pattern refining pill
Chapter 934 Nine-pattern Venerable Pill
Chapter 935
Chapter 936
Chapter 937
Chapter 938 Gather all the true disciples
Chapter 939 Compensation
Chapter 940 A sensation
Chapter 941 Incitement
Chapter 942 You are so beautiful
Chapter 943 The color of admiration
Chapter 944 Even the scum is gone
Chapter 945
Chapter 946 Hatching
Chapter 947: Compare
Chapter 948 The Secret Realm of Dunhuang Opens
Chapter 949 Entering the Secret Realm
Chapter 950 Frost Maiden
Chapter 951
Chapter 952
Chapter 953 A melee
Chapter 954 The first beauty in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 955 I Really Know
Chapter 956 Help me kill the enemy
Chapter 957: An Ally One Hundred Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 958 You are not satisfied
Chapter 959 Moving Dunes
Chapter 960
Chapter 961 You owe me a life
Chapter 962
Chapter 963
Chapter 964 Four teams
Chapter 965
Chapter 966
Chapter 967 The Wild Tiger King
Chapter 968
Chapter 969
Chapter 970 The last big stone gate
Chapter 971
Chapter 972 Can only choose one
Chapter 973: A Wall of Force
Chapter 974 A Skeleton
Chapter 975
Chapter 976 Prepare for a showdown
Chapter 977
Chapter 978
Chapter 979
Chapter 980: Mind Wounded
Chapter 981 Nightmare
Chapter 982: Chaos Sword Mountain
Chapter 983
Chapter 984
Chapter 985
Chapter 986
Chapter 987 desert on the other side
Chapter 988 I want to replace you
Chapter 989 He's My Boss
Chapter 990 Stone Forest
Chapter 991 Grottoes
Chapter 992 Murals
Chapter 993
994 How impolite
Chapter 995
Chapter 996
Chapter 997
Chapter 998 The mentality has changed
Chapter 999
Chapter 1000 Sword repair goes to battle
Chapter 1001 This Sword Cultivation Is Not Normal
Chapter 1002
Chapter 1003 Yan Kee suffers
Chapter 1004 The Last Stone Pillar
Chapter 1005 Words from the Heart
Chapter 1006 Five thousand places
Chapter 1007 The Five Clan Split
Chapter 1008 At most, it's a play grandson
Chapter 1009 The troublemaker is here
Chapter 1010 The Demons Come First
Chapter 1011 Yan Tan asks for help
Chapter 1012 The core members take action
Chapter 1013 It's all monsters
Chapter 1014 Lock the Jade Unicorn
Chapter 1015 Hero's Despair
Chapter 1016 Crazy Attack
Chapter 1017 Turning from Defense to Offense
Chapter 1018 Continue to be neutral
Chapter 1019 Instigation
Chapter 1020 How is it possible
Chapter 1021 Sang Ling falls into the pit
Chapter 1022 I don't care
Chapter 1023 Pursuit
Chapter 1024 is dead
Chapter 1025 No chance of reincarnation
Chapter 1026 A Jade Talisman
Chapter 1027 All kinds of shameless
Chapter 1028 Issue the War Book
Chapter 1029 Difficult decision
Chapter 1030 Born Hercules
Chapter 1031 Ghosts and Demons
Chapter 1032 Ning Shenshui
Chapter 1033: Thunder Strikes the Top
Chapter 1034 The last thousand places
Chapter 1035 Yang Kee's Mind
Chapter 1036: You Played It
Chapter 1037 The Pit of Thousands
Chapter 1038 A sword will set the world
Chapter 1039 Vest and Niu Ding go out of customs
Chapter 1040 full of gratitude
Chapter 1041 Who Comes Out First
Chapter 1042 This secret realm is really pitiful
Chapter 1043 The Great Reminder
Chapter 1044 Unearthly Prodigy
Chapter 1045 Soul Blood
Chapter 1046 Black Hole
Chapter 1047 Beyond the Secret Realm
Chapter 1048 delaying time
Chapter 1049 The boss is stronger again
Chapter 1050 The fourth sword to cut the sky
Chapter 1051 Be cautious
Chapter 1052 Sage's Fist
Chapter 1053 The most difficult person
Chapter 1054 Palace Master of Shenmu Palace
Chapter 1055 Peerless Tianjiao
Chapter 1056 three months
Chapter 1057 Aspiration
Chapter 1058 fell asleep
#1059 nagging mode
Chapter 1060 Air leak
Chapter 1061 Nine Patterns Entering the Sea Pill
Chapter 1062 Mountains in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm
Chapter 1063 First Disciple
Chapter 1064 ask for something
Chapter 1065 Enough Ninth-Order Beast Pills
Chapter 1066 No Air Leak
Chapter 1067 An ancient book
Chapter 1068 The Great Demon Cave Battle
Chapter 1069: Sending Orders
Chapter 1070 Heavenly Tribulation Realm Battlefield
Chapter 1071 Various methods of the legion
Chapter 1072 Want to join Feifei
Chapter 1073 Kill the Sword Cultivator First
#1074 fanatical army has strong
Chapter 1075 Breakers flourish
Chapter 1076 A body of fat
Chapter 1077 Combat Skill Field
Chapter 1078 Legion's trump card
#1079 test pit
Chapter 1080 The big move has not yet come out
Chapter 1081 Four-winged blue-headed bat
Chapter 1082 Sonic Collision
Chapter 1083 The main battlefield of various races
Chapter 1084 Who Killed the Demon Race Powerhouse
Chapter 1085 No loss
Chapter 1086 step by step
Chapter 1087 must go to Central Continent
Chapter 1088 Lei Jiefeng
Chapter 1089 The time has come
Chapter 1090 Central Tribulation
Chapter 1091 The Tribulation Begins
Chapter 1092: Ontology Thunder
Chapter 1093 Soul Sublimation
Chapter 1094 All kinds of congratulations
Chapter 1095 The dry goods are coming
Chapter 1096 rush to kill
Chapter 1097 This technique is a bit shady
Chapter 1098 not too old
Chapter 1099 Resource Elimination
Chapter 1100 Three air conditioners
Chapter 1101 You must be
Chapter 1102 I cheated my grandson
Chapter 1103 The oath is valid
Chapter 1104 Save Worry, Effort and Time
Chapter 1105 A mouthful of divine water
Chapter 1106 The Second Tribulation
Chapter 1107 Tenzhang Tianlei
Chapter 1108 Don't want to lose face outside
Chapter 1109 Chaos Orb is still there
Chapter 1110 The Artifact of Crossing the Tribulation
Chapter 1111 The old man is not dead
Chapter 1112 Battle of the Great Sect Master
#1113 straight into the ground
Chapter 1114 The ancestors of the martyrs
Chapter 1115 Picking up combat skills
Chapter 1116 Five Dragons Fighting Body
Chapter 1117 not so miserable
Chapter 1118 The eyes are bright and black
Chapter 1119 life is really hard
Chapter 1120 Clean up the traitors first
Chapter 1121 The pit of the ancestors of the martyrs
Chapter 1122 Animal Control
Chapter 1123 Rejection
Chapter 1124 Enough is enough
Chapter 1125 Lanxiang Showdown
Chapter 1126 Re-offer
#1127 four complete
Chapter 1128 Don't Enter the Beast Mountain
Chapter 1129 Escort
Chapter 1130: Beast Suppression Weapon
1131. Chapter 1131 Find separately
Chapter 1132 Blue Veined Spirit Stone Mine
Chapter 1133 Start to Divide Dirty
Chapter 1134 Being a Miner
Chapter 1135 Colorful Sulphur Stones
Chapter 1136 Cang Ming Barbarian Python
Chapter 1137 Level suppression
Chapter 1138: Dial the Immortal Silver
Chapter 1139 Someone jumped into the lake
Chapter 1140 Oops
1141 Cultivate me
Chapter 1142 swear in the name of the Dragon God
Chapter 1143 The top-level royal tool
Chapter 1144 A Flock of Stupid Sheep
Chapter 1145 It Still Wants
Chapter 1146 Red-backed Bear
Chapter 1147 salty pig's hand
Chapter 1148 Die on the same day, same month, same year
Chapter 1149 You let go
Chapter 1150 You are a burden
Chapter 1151 The blood of the jade unicorn
Chapter 1152 angering the old beast emperor
Chapter 1153 Be a Fighter
Chapter 1154 Miracles Are Everywhere
Chapter 1155 The most hated thing
Chapter 1156 Sending Immortal Iron
Chapter 1157 Two barrels of medicinal pills
Chapter 1158 Seven Star Snowflake Knife
Chapter 1159 Seriously Injured Person
Chapter 1160 Deciding to Revenge
Chapter 1161 Failed to persuade
Chapter 1162 Gathering Place
Chapter 1163 How did he get in here?
Chapter 1164 Find another path
Chapter 1165 Nine-section Wild Python
Chapter 1166 The Battle of the Python Crocodile
#1167 beheaded crocodile
Chapter 1168 After circumventing the enemy
Chapter 1169 Fanatical Legion
Chapter 1170 One person stops 100,000
Chapter 1171 Black Rock Sect Sect Master
Chapter 1172 The moment
Chapter 1173 flame burning
Chapter 1174 The level of will is not enough
Chapter 1175 Well done
Chapter 1176 I have to go to the battlefield
Chapter 1177
Chapter 1178 Insidious over the dog
Chapter 1179 Drinking blood and taking drugs
Chapter 1180 The Weakest Earth Venerable
Chapter 1181 The combat power is almost the same
Chapter 1182 Killing
Chapter 1183 Someone doesn't respond
Chapter 1184 Quick decision
Chapter 1185
Chapter 1186 The old man is scared
Chapter 1187 The Treasure House of Black Rock Sect
Chapter 1188 Where does the secret road lead
Chapter 1189 Everyone has ambitions
Chapter 1190 Casting Armor
Chapter 1191 Royal Mount
Chapter 1192 The Fourth Tribulation
Chapter 1193 The man in black robe
Chapter 1194 Slaying Venerable Qingtian
Chapter 1195 Two arenas
Chapter 1196 Preparations for the Three Great Sects
Chapter 1197 Hopeless Ancient City
Chapter 1198 Everyone wants to sign up
Chapter 1199 There are many women
Chapter 1200 Fat boy will lose
Chapter 1201 suddenly realized
Chapter 1202 Don't Need Such a Gift
Chapter 1203 Automatic Defense
Chapter 1204 are all small forces
Chapter 1205 Strange Vision
Chapter 1206 The end can be imagined
Chapter 1207 The difference between four realms
Chapter 1208 Force Slash and Shen
Chapter 1209 The dead duck has a tough mouth
Chapter 1210 The second round of competition
Chapter 1211 Jade Qilin goes to battle
Chapter 1212 Why wait for an hour
Chapter 1213 Cangwang Mansion
Chapter 1214 The world knows
Chapter 1215 Left Court Master
Chapter 1216 Poor Power
Chapter 1217 Qingming Palace
Chapter 1218 Spirit Beast Palace
Chapter 1219 The Spirit King is in trouble
Chapter 1220 The Change of the Spiritual Race
Chapter 1221: Wearing the Sun
Chapter 1222 Prettier than me
Chapter 1223 Two Flowers
Chapter 1224 My Holy Bow
Chapter 1225: The Last Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1226 Don't mess with my bed
Chapter 1227 Destruction
Chapter 1228 The Secret Path Opens
#1229 big float
Chapter 1230 I remembered
Chapter 1231 The gate of the dark palace
Chapter 1232: It's not a beast attack, it's a human attack
Chapter 1233 The aftermath of the battle is very powerful
Chapter 1234 Similarity
Chapter 1235 Demon River
Chapter 1236 Demon Statue
Chapter 1237 The Lord is coming
Chapter 1238 Kill directly
Chapter 1239 Tone too much like a person
Chapter 1240 The Last King Saves Me
Chapter 1241 Lord of the Demon Nest
Chapter 1242 Family Law Punishment
Chapter 1243 One Hundred Years of Fortune
Chapter 1244 Emperor Miao's followers
Chapter 1245 The Son of King Ma
Chapter 1246 Sack
Chapter 1247 Asking is Picking Up
Chapter 1248 Fork
Chapter 1249 you come with me
Chapter 1250 Red Sand Blood Earthworm
Chapter 1251 Disgusting blood
Chapter 1252 Underground Battle
Chapter 1253 A bucket of animal blood
Chapter 1254 Qi vortex is a spiritual vortex
Chapter 1255 Find the Qi whirlpool
Chapter 1256 Qi Whirlpool Ban
Chapter 1257 Cut off their Hu
Chapter 1258 Whoever has the highest price wins
Chapter 1259 Joint Strike
Chapter 1260 Qi Qi Zhenfei
Chapter 1261 Purple Space
Chapter 1262 It's none of your business
Chapter 1263 Gardener Jiao
Chapter 1264 The Demon Lord's Reward
Chapter 1265 Crazy Sweeping
Chapter 1266 I will help you see the wind
Chapter 1267 Mineral Vein Core
Chapter 1268
Chapter 1269 There is no restriction in the cave
Chapter 1270 I am lucky
Chapter 1271: Worshiping the Statue of the Demon God is Good Luck
Chapter 1272 Big Bang
Chapter 1273 no doubt
Chapter 1274 can't go back
Chapter 1275 give you a big prize
Chapter 1276 secret investigation
Chapter 1277 Anti-interception
Chapter 1278 The plan to tune the tiger away from the mountain
#1279 through the void
Chapter 1280 Fish Demon Grass
Chapter 1281 Demon River's Different Power
Chapter 1282 Lu Zhengru's Son
Chapter 1283 Premeditated
Chapter 1284 keep sucking
Chapter 1285 Things are screwed up
Chapter 1286 The Walking Dead
Chapter 1287 Strange City
Chapter 1288 Wufang City
Chapter 1289 Where is Lu Chen
Chapter 1290 There is no one around
Chapter 1291: Anxious to Death
Chapter 1292 Human Saint
Chapter 1293 escape
Chapter 1294 The big trouble of the demon clan
Chapter 1295 Dead Man
Chapter 1296 Poisonous River
Chapter 1297 Don't come out of the water
Chapter 1298 Named Junior Brother
Chapter 1299 No Knife
Chapter 1300 This knife accompanies you
Chapter 1301 expensive
Chapter 1302 Packing the Spaceship
Chapter 1303 Octopus
Chapter 1304 The big man is coming
Chapter 1305 Double the pill
Chapter 1306 Blowing water with a sissy
Chapter 1307 I really can't make it up
Chapter 1308 The idea of ??fighting the fanatical army
Chapter 1309 Women's Armor
Chapter 1310 Undress
Chapter 1311 long overdue
Chapter 1312
Chapter 1313 can you do it
Chapter 1314 Arrange Two Great Sect Masters
Chapter 1315 Strange fighting style
Chapter 1316 Ten Thousand Evil Sect Venerables
Chapter 1317 Black Iron Wall
Chapter 1318 Two beauties shot
Chapter 1319 Primordial Spirit Captured
Chapter 1320 Return to the battlefield
Chapter 1321 Slaying the Golden Body Venerable
Chapter 1322 I am a fairy
Chapter 1323 Where Does the Poison Sect Sect Master's Confidence Come From?
Chapter 1324 The Study of the Poison Sect Sect Master
Chapter 1325 no tide
Chapter 1326 Someone Opposes
Chapter 1327 Successful attack and kill
Chapter 1328 Lead the crowd to attack
Chapter 1329 Other sects fight
Chapter 1330 The strong aid of the Poison Sect arrives
Chapter 1331 Four Auxiliaries
Chapter 1332 Head-on impact
Chapter 1333 Three consecutive cuts
Chapter 1334 The big flood
Chapter 1335 A little sad
Chapter 1336 Legion Expansion
Chapter 1337 Dare to fight back
Chapter 1338 In the Clouds
Chapter 1339 The knife cuts the old poison
Chapter 1340 Death Poison
Chapter 1341 Shouting from the heart
Chapter 1342 Epiphany
#1343 congratulations domineering
Chapter 1344 Beast Grabbing Pill
Chapter 1345 do that thing
Chapter 1346 Seriously Shine Shoes
Chapter 1347 Da Jiao is lucky
Chapter 1348 The Block of Jinzun
Chapter 1349 A certain big force
Chapter 1350 The dean is funny
Chapter 1351 busy with makeup
Chapter 1352 Return to the Secret Realm of Star Luo
Chapter 1353 The Elder of the Spiritual Race
Chapter 1354 I have many guards
Chapter 1355 Not Threatened by Anyone
Chapter 1356 Arrangement
Chapter 1357 Daguangmen
Chapter 1358 At the entrance of Linggu
1359 Mirror plastic surgery
Chapter 1360 follow up
Chapter 1361 A few old perverts
Chapter 1362 Venerable Pill of Three Patterns
Chapter 1363 Underground Prison
#1364 dragon dumb water
Chapter 1365 Fan Dang's Body Secret
Chapter 1366 See you or not
Chapter 1367 Lingku Mountain
Chapter 1368 Spirit Withered Barbarian Wolf
Chapter 1369 Block the palm for me
Chapter 1370 Weapons see the true chapter
Chapter 1371 Don't scratch your neck
Chapter 1372 The person who attacked
Chapter 1373 Shu Huo Tong Point
Chapter 1374 Get through the three points
Chapter 1375 scare yourself
Chapter 1376 how about eating Xiang
Chapter 1377 Brilliant Newborn
Chapter 1378 I put it on purposely
Chapter 1379 A bunch of strange people
Chapter 1380 Spiritual Clan Imperial Army
Chapter 1381 Not enough to kill
Chapter 1382 Desperate Imperial Guard
Chapter 1383 six saints
Chapter 1384 The Queen Appears
Chapter 1385 give you in time
Chapter 1386 Fighting Fan Dang Again
Chapter 1387 Ling Rao Saves Me
Chapter 1388 The situation is reversed
Chapter 1389 Don't leave me
Chapter 1390 The end of the battle
Chapter 1391 What is the Prince?
Chapter 1392 The real superpower
Chapter 1393 There are words on the cave wall
Chapter 1394 I don't like sissy
Chapter 1395 There is no free lunch in the world
Chapter 1396 The strongest force in Central Continent
Chapter 1397 Lingyan was trapped
Chapter 1398 The Elder Appears
Chapter 1399 The Secret of the Spring Keeper
Chapter 1400 Challenge the Elder
1401 The body is weak
Chapter 1402 a ball
Chapter 1403 Gift from the Spiritual Race
Chapter 1404 One thousand melting fruit
Chapter 1405 lack of spiritual energy
Chapter 1406 Add slowly
Chapter 1407 The half-year appointment has arrived
Chapter 1408 Farewell to the sect
Chapter 1409 Ling Cang's Arrogance
Chapter 1410 Are you faster than us?
Chapter 1411 The calf after the long run
Chapter 1412 has been disturbed
Chapter 1413 No one treats you as dumb
Chapter 1414 Feiyundu
Chapter 1415 Teahouse
Chapter 1416 Tenfold increase in price
Chapter 1417 I really packed the spaceship
Chapter 1418 Purple Qi coming from the east
Chapter 1419 The idea of ??playing purple
Chapter 1420 A very special octopus
Chapter 1421 Calling the same kind
Chapter 1422 Battle on the Deck
Chapter 1423 The evolution of the eleventh-order sword cut
Chapter 1424 Lao Tzu's Name is Ziyan
Chapter 1425 Shooting Sea Beasts
Chapter 1426 The big dragon drags time
Chapter 1427 The big Jiao is dying
Chapter 1428 The battle on the ship is over
Chapter 1429 Cut off the tentacles
Chapter 1430 The purple smoke beast is cowardly
Chapter 1431 Ling Cang Recruits
Chapter 1432 that is more important
Chapter 1433 fall here
Chapter 1434 Three places
Chapter 1435 can not meet my needs
Chapter 1436 Who stipulated
Chapter 1437 ordinary broom
Chapter 1438 Uninvited people
Chapter 1439 incomplete books
Chapter 1440 Borrowing Books
Chapter 1441 book boy
Chapter 1442 Someone has swelled
Chapter 1443 Congratulations to everyone
Chapter 1444 Five Best Beast Pills
Chapter 1445 Shoot an arrow into a eunuch
Chapter 1446 I don't believe it either
Chapter 1447 must take the first
Chapter 1448 Seventy-two catties of meat
Chapter 1449 Accidents Come One After Another
Chapter 1450 Reaching the top five
Chapter 1451 Pointing
Chapter 1452 Contestants of the Cangwang Mansion
Chapter 1453 Retracting the Sword
Chapter 1454 Sword Xiusheng
Chapter 1455 He Shen is very big
Chapter 1456 Don't dare to default
Chapter 1457 Prizes
Chapter 1458 It's all robbery
Chapter 1459 Not allowed to bully Tianhuang Academy
Chapter 1460 Great Oolong
Chapter 1461 Are you crazy?
Chapter 1462 I really have no regrets
Chapter 1463 Fan Techniques and Tactics
Chapter 1464 Two extreme signs
Chapter 1465 Potential opponent
Chapter 1466
Chapter 1467 Come out and help me carry it
Chapter 1468 Cunning Jiao
Chapter 1469 I don't touch it anymore
Chapter 1470 must be very enjoyable
Chapter 1471 The fan power is not weak
Chapter 1472 Twilight Earth
Chapter 1473 On-Spot Advancement
Chapter 1474 finally entered the honor
Chapter 1475 Shangguan is willing to take risks
Chapter 1476 The opening of the twilight soil
Chapter 1477 Death Soil
Chapter 1478 Female ghost leads the way
Chapter 1479 The body didn't explode
Chapter 1480 Attracting Tens of Thousands of Enemies
Chapter 1481 Establishing a Line of Defense
Chapter 1482 form a strange army
Chapter 1483 Healing All Wounds
Chapter 1484 Let them repair arrows
Chapter 1485 Make a fortune all the way
Chapter 1486 Dead Earth
Chapter 1487 Neutral Attitude
Chapter 1488 On-site breakthrough
Chapter 1489 Dead Earth Pit
Chapter 1490 acquaintances of the underworld
Chapter 1491 The three armies go to war
Chapter 1492 One person, one ghost and one ghost
Chapter 1493 Iron Mantis
Chapter 1494 Can't keep up with the rhythm of treatment
Chapter 1495 take the initiative to attack
Chapter 1496 beat you up empty-handed
Chapter 1497 Shrinking the Front
Chapter 1498 Out of the Twilight Earth
Chapter 1499 Feng Zha Attack
Chapter 1500 can't bear it
Chapter 1501 Three to five months
Chapter 1502 give me the most suitable
Chapter 1503 Unbearable hunger and thirst
Chapter 1504 White Skyfire
Chapter 1505 Pill Saint Appears
Chapter 1506 Skyfire Scope
Chapter 1507 Kong Er Lengzi
Chapter 1508 The least powerful palm
Chapter 1509 Flower Pill
Chapter 1510 Qingming Palace
Chapter 1511 The Spirit King Arrives
Chapter 1512 Little witch
Chapter 1513 Only in the fairy world
Chapter 1514 Two witches
Chapter 1515 I'm here to persuade
Chapter 1516 Prepare for the sixth knife
Chapter 1517 Immortal Lotus
Chapter 1518 don't pit you
Chapter 1519 Cooperation with the Eldar
Chapter 1520 Sin Mountain
1521 Cultivation here for ten days
Chapter 1522 Repairing the Golden Blood
Chapter 1523 Song Man is soft-hearted
Chapter 1524 Golden Body Cultivation
Chapter 1525 Actually made a lot of money
Chapter 1526 A word from the king of spirit
Chapter 1527 Danzhou
Chapter 1528 Registration is required in person
Chapter 1529 The assessment is refined
Chapter 1530 Kong Er's nemesis
Chapter 1531 Super Rice Bucket
Chapter 1532 Increased firepower
Chapter 1533 Continue the Trial
Chapter 1534 Vision Controlling Fire
Chapter 1535 Sooner or later it will become roast chicken
Chapter 1536 Come out quickly
Chapter 1537 came out
Chapter 1538 handsome
Chapter 1539 Proud will of Dan Dao
Chapter 1540 turned into fly ash
Chapter 1541 Granting Robes
Chapter 1542 Public revenge
Chapter 1543 The Undying Wizard of Dan Dao
Chapter 1544 must go
Chapter 1545 close your crow's mouth
Chapter 1546 Lingyan's Mission
Chapter 1547 One hundred million arrows
Chapter 1548 Great change in temperament
Chapter 1549 Absolute caution
Chapter 1550 The sixth knife to cut the sky
Chapter 1551 Presiding over justice
Chapter 1552 is like a hairspring
Chapter 1553 Carry it back again
Chapter 1554 I am a beast
Chapter 1555 Emperor Miao is just like that
Chapter 1556 Forty Jade Bone Saints
Chapter 1557 Depressing the Yan Luo Sect
Chapter 1558 wait, wait
Chapter 1559 Lost and Lost Are Healthier
Chapter 1560 Cangwang's Wrath
Chapter 1561 Borrowing a knife to kill
Chapter 1562 The Recruitment Order of Cangwang's Mansion
Chapter 1563 plan ahead
Chapter 1564 Gou to Victory
Chapter 1565 Gathering Place
Chapter 1566 An Arrow Shoots
Chapter 1567 You can apologize
Chapter 1568 Beacon Fire City
Chapter 1569 Long time no see
Chapter 1570 You want to drive me away
Chapter 1571 What are you looking at?
Chapter 1572 We will not die
Chapter 1573 The smallest city wall
Chapter 1574 not bragging
Chapter 1575 Not enough to plug the teeth
Chapter 1576 one enemy dozens
Chapter 1577 The proud arrow repair
Chapter 1578 Arrow Rain
Chapter 1579 The panic of the strong orcs
Chapter 1580 Report the head count
Chapter 1581 Zuo Xue's sorrow
Chapter 1582 Support the two wings
Chapter 1583 Fight for ten days
Chapter 1584: The Gap Reappears
Chapter 1585 put cold arrows behind
1586 Mature
#1587 desperate run
Chapter 1588 Half-step True King
Chapter 1589 The only place to keep attacking
Chapter 1590 withdraw from the city wall
Chapter 1591 There are reinforcements
Chapter 1592 A small gap
Chapter 1593 can't stand it anymore
Chapter 1594 Lu Chen can't be laid off
Chapter 1595 You have no right to command me
Chapter 1596 we are back
Chapter 1597 Butler Liao Takes It Seriously
Chapter 1598 is free now
Chapter 1599 I won it
Chapter 1600 Young Orc
Chapter 1601 He is Lu Chen
Chapter 1602 There is no reason to die
Chapter 1603 Abyss Lord
Chapter 1604 Lingwa's true combat power
Chapter 1605 The highest combat power of both sides
Chapter 1606 Great rout
Chapter 1607 Drive the enemy out of the city
Chapter 1608 The Meeting Ceremony of King Cang
Chapter 1609 welcome and send me out
Chapter 1610 Command
Chapter 1611 The exclamation of the two
Chapter 1612 Sure enough, I personally sent it out of the city
Chapter 1613: Xianwen Pill Furnace
Chapter 1614 You have gained friendship
Chapter 1615 Alchemy without grass
Chapter 1616 High concentration of animal blood
Chapter 1617 Dou Dantai
Chapter 1618 finally here
Chapter 1619 The first step
Chapter 1620 Yixuan Saint Pill
Chapter 1621 Audiences
Chapter 1622 The Lost Pill Technique
Chapter 1623 Your life is worthless
Chapter 1624 20,000 Beast Pills
Chapter 1625 Entering the Danzong is as deep as the sea
Chapter 1626 The document is fake
Chapter 1627 always left behind
Chapter 1628 joint operations
Chapter 1629 I have to follow
Chapter 1630 Everything is empty
Chapter 1631 Jump into the city
Chapter 1632 A small team
Chapter 1633 pay a little price
Chapter 1634 Why don't you hold me
Chapter 1635
Chapter 1636 only bone jade is the most difficult to cultivate
Chapter 1637: Repairing the Jade Bone in Three Months
Chapter 1638 Young Mingzi
Chapter 1639 the fate of deserters
Chapter 1640 The Vision of Three Grey Lotuses
Chapter 1641 Immortal Weathering Bone Pill
Chapter 1642
Chapter 1643 A Sword Injury
Chapter 1644 Heiro's Plan
Chapter 1645 Four Half-step True Kings of the Enemy Clan
Chapter 1646 Clearing the Field
Chapter 1647 Natural Disaster Field
Chapter 1648 Fat Dragon Can't Clone
Chapter 1649 Thick skin and thick meat
Chapter 1650 Strange Combination
Chapter 1651 The jade bone that has been repaired to the extreme
Chapter 1652 Yan Tuo's death
Chapter 1653 You will be surpassed by me if you don't work hard
Chapter 1654 Internal and External Troubles
Chapter 1655 three months
Chapter 1656 Lu Wang agreed
Chapter 1657 Spare
Chapter 1658 The Demon Race's Investigation
Chapter 1659 Wufang City does not allow infighting
Chapter 1660 is still missing a half-step true king
Chapter 1661 Someone outside the city
Chapter 1662 tip off
Chapter 1663 Encouraging Lu Chen to go to the Underworld
Chapter 1664 The passage to the fairyland
Chapter 1665 Equal treatment
Chapter 1666 A poisonous plan
Chapter 1667 This is a deep pit
Chapter 1668 Eighty Jade Bone Saints
Chapter 1669 Long drive straight in
Chapter 1670 Old Fox
Chapter 1671 Various sneak attacks
Chapter 1672 Infighting
Chapter 1673 The enemy of the enemy is a friend
Chapter 1674 Still afraid of hair
Chapter 1675 Don't slow down
Chapter 1676 Pull people back
Chapter 1677 Underwater Sneak
Chapter 1678 Special Person
Chapter 1679 Various temptations
Chapter 1680 Jiu Xuan Gong
Chapter 1681 Dingyanhua
Chapter 1682 Lu Wang has a headache
Chapter 1683 Enlightenment
Chapter 1684 Lu Chen Appears
Chapter 1685 Don't show up
Chapter 1686 Three consecutive cuts
Chapter 1687 no time
Chapter 1688 Return to Beacon Fire City
Chapter 1689 The real king is not Chinese cabbage
Chapter 1690 The rivalry between Jianxiu and Jianxiu
Chapter 1691 He was just an accident
Chapter 1692 Where is my top king sword?
Chapter 1693 Dividing the King
Chapter 1694 City Wall 5000 zhang
Chapter 1695 Don't guard the city head and guard the army road
Chapter 1696 Intercepting Power in the Air
Chapter 1697 The Power of Arrow Rain
Chapter 1698 Seeking Support
Chapter 1699 Lu Wang is responsible
Chapter 1700 The strong enemy appears
Chapter 1701 Lu Wang is guilty
Chapter 1702 The new battle commander
Chapter 1703 One dozen thirty
Chapter 1704 The second set of battle plans
Chapter 1705 Half-step True King Battlefield Opens
Chapter 1706 That's the tail
Chapter 1707 very capable
Chapter 1708 playing hard
Chapter 1709 full blood resurrection
Chapter 1710 Want me to play three more
Chapter 1711 Legion Out of the City
Chapter 1712 A small roundworm
Chapter 1713 Legion Out of the City
Chapter 1714 Appetizers
Chapter 1715 Big Jiao Air Defense
Chapter 1716 My sister, your sister
Chapter 1717 Attack the enemy group
Chapter 1718 Master Lu is a miracle
Chapter 1719 Can't be chaotic inside
Chapter 1720 Professional scavenger hunt
Chapter 1721 Da Jiao takes a break
Chapter 1722 One cut and another cut
Chapter 1723 The third batch is the last batch
Chapter 1724 I'm breathing a bit fast
Chapter 1725 Consecutive sacrifice of a hundred swords
Chapter 1726 The enemy's counterattack
Chapter 1727 Battle in the Sky
Chapter 1728 Sassy Operation
Chapter 1729 I don't do this kind of hard work
Chapter 1730 The defeat is like a mountain
Chapter 1731 Soldiers approach Wufang City
Chapter 1732 Wuwen Mine Cave
Chapter 1733 Mine
Chapter 1734 Find the ore vein
Chapter 1735 Yu Li has no choice
Chapter 1736 Ask yourself for leave
Chapter 1737 Three choices
Chapter 1738 Offended the True King
Chapter 1739 Then I will make a big deal
Chapter 1740 Return to Zhenming Mountain
Chapter 1741 nine nine eighty one
Chapter 1742 Hurry up and leave
Chapter 1743 A Nether City
Chapter 1744 There is a treasury
Chapter 1745 A lot of coins
Chapter 1746 tip tens of millions
Chapter 1747 The never-ending war
Chapter 1748 The problem of the underworld
Chapter 1749 Upper Styx
Chapter 1750 Immortals
Chapter 1751 Sales
Chapter 1752 Integrity-based
Chapter 1753 sincerity can be added
Chapter 1754 hit the wall
Chapter 1755 The principle is sold
Chapter 1756 Counterfeit goods
Chapter 1757 Die Naturally
Chapter 1758 Downstream and Downstream
Chapter 1759 Transmission of the magic weapon
Chapter 1760 Big Black Hole
Chapter 1761 Yin Yang Storm
Chapter 1762 River King
Chapter 1763 When the Emperor Spirit Died
Chapter 1764 Fengdu City
Chapter 1765 Defense outside the city
Chapter 1766 Ximen Patriarch
Chapter 1767 meet again
Chapter 1768 Eight Kings Go Down to the Ghost Cave
Chapter 1768 Eight Kings Go Down to the Ghost Cave
Chapter 1769 Five dead and three wounded
Chapter 1770 Announcement of Ximen Hero
Chapter 1768 Eight Kings Go Down to the Ghost Cave
Chapter 1768 Eight Kings Go Down to the Ghost Cave
Chapter 1769 Five dead and three wounded
Chapter 1770 Announcement of Ximen Hero
Chapter 1771 The phantom of consciousness
Chapter 1772 The tone of Yuan Wang
Chapter 1773 not at ease
Chapter 1774 see who flies high
Chapter 1775 Braised Octopus
Chapter 1776 I want your head
Chapter 1777 The more the better
Chapter 1778 Can you be civilized
Chapter 1779 The chase ends here
Chapter 1780 Can I afford it?
Chapter 1781 Big Jiao Drinks Too Much
Chapter 1782 Slowly fight
Chapter 1783 Octopus Beastmaster
Chapter 1784 each shows his supernatural powers
Chapter 1785 Clearing the field
Chapter 1786 Peerless Divine Pill
Chapter 1787 An accident happened to Wan'er
Chapter 1788 Waiting for dark
Chapter 1789 A small ban
Chapter 1790 The hole collapsed
Chapter 1791 three guards
Chapter 1792 related to Xiao Ying
Chapter 1793 Old Goddess
Chapter 1794 Make trouble at the Qingming Palace
Chapter 1795 The head blossoms
Chapter 1796 The Great Flood Dragon Runs Away
Chapter 1797 Coupling
Chapter 1798 dragged in place
Chapter 1799 Ten people and ten beasts
Chapter 1800 The power of a finger
Chapter 1801 Lingwa's Statement
Chapter 1802 Spirit Beast Palace Mountain
Chapter 1803 Listed as secret
Chapter 1804 The coward is still the coward
Chapter 1805 A good trick
Chapter 1806 Kneeling to finish the fight
Chapter 1807 Stay alive
Chapter 1808 You pick someone to do it yourself
Chapter 1809 Massacre
Chapter 1810 A ghost is a ghost
Chapter 1811 Immortal Weathering Bone Pill
Chapter 1812 Bubbles together
Chapter 1813 add
Chapter 1814 Specially resistant to foam
Chapter 1815 Can't be rumored
Chapter 1816 Passionate
Chapter 1817 guests
Chapter 1818 The protagonist is not there
Chapter 1819 One Whip Broken Sword
Chapter 1820 Wall Maze
Chapter 1821 Mr. Lu is here
Chapter 1822 The power is great
Chapter 1823 A thousand pigs
Chapter 1824 too capable
Chapter 1825 One sing and one harmony
Chapter 1826 vulnerable
Chapter 1827 You are too good at running
Chapter 1828 A ray of light
Chapter 1829 The Secret of Slaying the Heavens
Chapter 1830 A deadly knife
Chapter 1831 Five years without war
Chapter 1832 When can I go
Chapter 1833 One Hundred Thousand Saints
Chapter 1834 The biggest problem
Chapter 1835
Chapter 1836 Someone in the Book Pavilion
Chapter 1837 Great achievements
Chapter 1838 Stop Emperor Fengyao from being destroyed
1839 Absolutely not
Chapter 1840 King Qi enters the pit
Chapter 1841 You have to live
Chapter 1842 The beast tide changes
Chapter 1843 Sword Practice
Chapter 1844 Aiming at Tianhuang Academy
Chapter 1845 Casting two thousand battle walls
Chapter 1846 Arranging Auxiliary Forces
Chapter 1847 Running to Thunder Valley
Chapter 1848 Water King
Chapter 1849 Towards Buddhism
Chapter 1850 Murder and Punishment
Chapter 1851 We must respect the Spirit King
Chapter 1852 Choose a garrison point
Chapter 1853 triple
Chapter 1854 I like ruthless people
Chapter 1855 The beast tide arrives
Chapter 1856 Fighting alone
Chapter 1857 The Purple Smoke Beast is here again
Chapter 1858 The Seventh Sword of Slaying the Heavens
Chapter 1859 Retreat thousands of miles
Chapter 1860 There are too many talented people
Chapter 1861 Sea Beast King goes to battle
Chapter 1862 cut water lotus
Chapter 1863 The sewer capsized
Chapter 1864 Taniguchi's defense is stable
Chapter 1865 withdraw
Chapter 1866 look at the scenery
Chapter 1867 Large-scale beast tide
Chapter 1868 Contain King Qi
Chapter 1869 fly higher
Chapter 1870 Supercharging
Chapter 1871 exchange of enemies
Chapter 1872 There is a tricky existence
Chapter 1873 come up to help me
Chapter 1874 Lao Tzu wants to slaughter the beast
Chapter 1875 Help Cang King
Chapter 1876 Village Bazai
Chapter 1877 take you as a meat shield
Chapter 1878 King Qi's power
Chapter 1879 The once-in-a-million-year wizard
Chapter 1880 That's a lot of stuff
Chapter 1881 reinforcements arrive
Chapter 1882 Xiao Ying asks for help
Chapter 1883 reluctantly accept
Chapter 1884 Completely shattered
Chapter 1885 The person who came out of the void
Chapter 1886 Please report to the king
Chapter 1887 You must come
Chapter 1888 transactions on the battlefield
Chapter 1889 Yuan Wang goes to battle
Chapter 1890 the power of the emperor
Chapter 1891 Soul Slaughter
Chapter 1892 Grab the spoils
Chapter 1893 Garbage in Garbage
Chapter 1894 King Zhan Cang
Chapter 1895 This duel is unfair
Chapter 1896 finally smart
Chapter 1897 Flashing Walk
Chapter 1898 has been fair
Chapter 1899 The king is dissatisfied
Chapter 1900 can't help
Chapter 1901 Return the favor
1902 Response sound
Chapter 1903 Heavy losses
Chapter 1904 The real inner ghost
Chapter 1905 Fighting King's Sincerity
Chapter 1905 Fighting King's Sincerity
Chapter 1905 Fighting King's Sincerity
Chapter 1906 The secret of Haixin Cave
Chapter 1907 New Sea Beast King
Chapter 1908 Do not put out the mountain
Chapter 1909 Ignite the sea of ??fire
Chapter 1910 The real branch
Chapter 1911 Dan Emperor knows the goods
Chapter 1912 Trap in the sky
Chapter 1913 Irregularities
Chapter 1914 three days
Chapter 1915 The food looks ugly
Chapter 1916 Crater
Chapter 1917 A group of people
Chapter 1918 Human Fire Spirit Body
Chapter 1919 There's only so much left
Chapter 1920 Seed of Skyfire
Chapter 1921 Don't cast a net if you don't see a rabbit
Chapter 1922 Sanxuan Zhen Wangdan
Chapter 1923 Fire Pattern Spirit Stone
Chapter 1924 Failed to close the fire
Chapter 1925 ten furnaces together
Chapter 1926 all into the pit
Chapter 1927 Low Purity Fire Pattern Spirit Stone
Chapter 1928 King Yan owes favor
Chapter 1929 Raising
Chapter 1930 call
Chapter 1931 follow again
Chapter 1932 The power of continuous
Chapter 1933 Extinguishing the Pill Emperor Pattern
Chapter 1934 The place of cultivation
Chapter 1935 Cultivation in the back mountain
Chapter 1936 I will not forget you
Chapter 1937 You are my man
Chapter 1938 neither Yin nor Yang
Chapter 1939 Increase the forging body
Chapter 1940: The Strange Art of the Machine Cricket
Chapter 1941 Generous
Chapter 1942 How did you become the boss
Chapter 1943 Zhanshan is King
Chapter 1944 No mountains to occupy
Chapter 1945 Ascension to the Emperor Stage
Chapter 1946 dummy
Chapter 1947 What a Wonderful True King Pill
Chapter 1948 Sign up all
Chapter 1949 Detecting Talent
Chapter 1950 Nine-star talent
Chapter 1951 Changing Talent Stones
Chapter 1952 I don't know this king
Chapter 1953 Opening the stage
Chapter 1954 Reunion
Chapter 1955 Someone is very strange
Chapter 1956 waiting for you here
Chapter 1957 Shocking to ascend to the throne
Chapter 1958 climb up
Chapter 1959 all kinds of monsters appeared
Chapter 1960 Eventful
Chapter 1961 Why don't you try
Chapter 1962 I will come first
Chapter 1963 as if undefended
Chapter 1964 I didn't see anything
Chapter 1965 Impossible
Chapter 1966 I am your queen
Chapter 1967 the needle
Chapter 1968 Who is it?
Chapter 1969 The great scourge
Chapter 1970 Six Dragons Fighting Body
Chapter 1971 The Breath of Battle
Chapter 1972 hurried tour
Chapter 1973 full harvest
Chapter 1974 The enemy's road is narrow
Chapter 1975 friends who haven't seen for a long time
Chapter 1976 The collapse of King Jia
Chapter 1977 Yulou Gathering
Chapter 1978 Immortal directly
Chapter 1979 Receiving gifts with a smile
Chapter 1980 The purpose of Lian Jin
Chapter 1981 Yulou Shakes
Chapter 1982 The two bodyguards couldn't bear it anymore
Chapter 1983 I need bodyguards
Chapter 1984 prevent harassment
Chapter 1985 Drinking wine for three months
Chapter 1986 almost suffocated
Chapter 1987 Fighting King Robbery
Chapter 1988 Four pots together
Chapter 1989 The challenge of sword repair
Chapter 1990 Oops
Chapter 1991 Half Imperial Item
Chapter 1992 Twenty places
Chapter 1993 The referee comes on the court
Chapter 1994 The king doesn't care
Chapter 1995 Martial Arts Showdown
Chapter 1996 Internal mutual test
Chapter 1997 The final is over
Chapter 1998 Final match
Chapter 1999 Dragon Attack
Chapter 2000 Two lines are restrained
Chapter 2001 The final will not end
Chapter 2002 Combat skills of the same rank
Chapter 2003 Prohibition Organs
Chapter 2004 Retaining people under the knife
Chapter 2005 Human Leader
Chapter 2006 Nie Wang Kai special case
Chapter 2007 The real king is in an emergency on the battlefield
Chapter 2008 The person with the worst combat power
Chapter 2009 All cultivation
Chapter 2010 The end of the practice
Chapter 2011 You try a few buckets of chicken blood
Chapter 2012 The bad guy's nemesis
Chapter 2013 Trust Lu Chen
Chapter 2014 Battle Arrangement
Chapter 2015 The most dangerous forbidden area
Chapter 2016 The battle ahead
Chapter 2017 Seeing Heiro Again
Chapter 2018 The combat power is so low
Chapter 2019 Rescue the scum
Chapter 2020 You try
Chapter 2021 three and a half
Chapter 2022 life-saving straw
Chapter 2023 run separately
Chapter 2024 how did it go
Chapter 2025 What kind of pit did Lu Chen dug?
Chapter 2026 suction appears
Chapter 2027 Corrosive poison
Chapter 2028 Skeletons at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 2029 Need to wait for an opportunity
Chapter 2030 Digging Combat Skills
Chapter 2031 Including Dragon Balls
Chapter 2032 Comparison of the number of super true kings
Chapter 2033 The king does not take action
Chapter 2034 Double Kings Fight
Chapter 2035 can not guarantee an hour
Chapter 2036 Strange Young Monster
Chapter 2037 Orcs will never let you go
Chapter 2038 must fight
Chapter 2039 Dilemma
Chapter 2040 The three armies go to war on their own
Chapter 2041 The true power of the galaxy
Chapter 2042 you can go
Chapter 2043 Treasure of the town
Chapter 2044 Shura
Chapter 2045 Up to seven days
Chapter 2046 The man riding the white tiger
Chapter 2047 Skeletons with unique posture
Chapter 2048 let me let loose
Chapter 2049 In situ Defense
Chapter 2050 Shura was born
Chapter 2051 The auxiliary force is too awesome
Chapter 2052 go out to find people
Chapter 2053 Beheading the leader
Chapter 2054 left alone
Chapter 2055 Delicious Savage Meat
Chapter 2056 Feeding Shura
Chapter 2057 must kill
Chapter 2058 Who can kill him
Chapter 2059 vomit blood
Chapter 2060 I stay
Chapter 2061 I'll come back to deliver meat to you
Chapter 2062 Where is Lu Chen
Chapter 2063 Old Beast Emperor
Chapter 2064 He is the Emperor Wing
Chapter 2065 Provocation of the old beast emperor
Chapter 2066 You can be crowned emperor
Chapter 2067 the fruit of gathering luck
Chapter 2068 cup of poison
Chapter 2069 The Gate of Light Fluctuates
Chapter 2070 Cangyuan Tower
Chapter 2071 Treasures dug out
Chapter 2072 King Nie's plan
Chapter 2073 I want two lucky fruit
Chapter 2074 is not the time to be crowned emperor
Chapter 2075 Stupid King
Chapter 2076 none other than the Wing Emperor
Chapter 2077 Distribution of the Fruits of Fortune
Chapter 2078 Are we still married?
Chapter 2079 I have not broken my trust
Chapter 2080 Immediately Death
Chapter 2081 Return to Beacon Fire City
Chapter 2082 Difficult to urge the eighth knife
Chapter 2083 for an oath
Chapter 2084 ghostly answer
Chapter 2085 Dark Imperial Palace
Chapter 2086 Don't scare the Dark King
Chapter 2087 Dark King
Chapter 2088 not friends at any time
Chapter 2089 what to do with me
Chapter 2090 straight in
Chapter 2091 How many super true kings does the devil have
Chapter 2092 Dark Emperor
Chapter 2093 Old Demon Emperor
Chapter 2094 An hour's time
Chapter 2095 Continuous comprehension
Chapter 2096 both
Chapter 2097 Checked out the loneliness
Chapter 2098 dark words hold grudges
Chapter 2099 A group of bastards
Chapter 2100 Wuhuang decree
Chapter 2101 Private subscription for life
Chapter 2102 Enrollment
Chapter 2103 Demon Lord Hall
Chapter 2104 Half of both sides
Chapter 2105 Command power based on combat power
Chapter 2106 Unable to keep a low profile
Chapter 2107 the arrival of the enemy emperor
Chapter 2108 I really picked it up
Chapter 2109 you send
Chapter 2110 Order
Chapter 2111 Linfeng City
Chapter 2112 King Yuan Runaway
Chapter 2113 Achievement of the true king
Chapter 2114 Eastern Ferry
Chapter 2115 The forbidden sea is abnormal
Chapter 2116 looking for a master
Chapter 2117 Lu Chen's chips
Chapter 2118 Elder Peak
Chapter 2119 The words of the ancestors
Chapter 2120 a time limit
Chapter 2121 Lu Chen's Promise
Chapter 2122 It turns out that you are a local tyrant
Chapter 2123 The forbidden sea has the power of the beast emperor
Chapter 2124 A sea tower
Chapter 2125 Follow the East Sea Lord
Chapter 2126 Not Approved by Heaven
Chapter 2127 Beast Emperor Abolishes Pill
Chapter 2128 Reminder of Dajiao
Chapter 2129 blow up
Chapter 2130 This is Lu Chen
Chapter 2131 How long until you die
Chapter 2132 wait until forever
Chapter 2133 hug one
Chapter 2134 I'm going to do a side business
Chapter 2135 Destroy the beast tide
Chapter 2136 The Lord of the North Sea is very calm
Chapter 2137 Please believe in Lu Chen
Chapter 2138 Can't clean up
Chapter 2139 Take advantage of Lu Chen
Chapter 2140 Don't Care About Details
Chapter 2141 Can't let the figure get out of shape
Chapter 2142 Rejecting Lingyan
Chapter 2143 The Spiritual Qi of Emperor Miao Mountain
Chapter 2144 Adjusting the aura
Chapter 2145 upgrade the battle wall
Chapter 2146 Cultivation cover
Chapter 2147 Xuan Tianzong's dismounting power
Chapter 2148 Is he normal?
Chapter 2149 not as amazing as Lu Chen
Chapter 2150 Everyone is yin out of oil
Chapter 2151 I'm not sure I won't kill you
Chapter 2152 Fat Dragon helps the battle
Chapter 2153 was pitted again
Chapter 2154 Do it or not
Chapter 2155 temporarily stationed
Chapter 2156 Lian Jin is gone
Chapter 2157 Are you sure the sea beast is coming?
Chapter 2158 Human Skin Mask
Chapter 2159 The big hole has been dug long ago
Chapter 2160 Xuan Tianzong is lying on the arrow
Chapter 2161 Brother is here
Chapter 2162 pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger
Chapter 2163 The sword cuts the half emperor beast
Chapter 2164 The battle wall can also be upgraded
Chapter 2165 Xuan Tianzong has Dan Xiu
Chapter 2166 Ninth-Order Great Pill Emperor
Chapter 2167 Want Xianxiancao
Chapter 2168 It's the same when you fall into the pit
Chapter 2169 Great Dan Emperor wants to hit the wall
Chapter 2170 This is called despair
Chapter 2171 This is a game
Chapter 2172 Breaking the game
Chapter 2173 Peerless Inheritance
Chapter 2174 absolutely no pit
Chapter 2175 stay to practice
Chapter 2176 Erhe True King
Chapter 2177 The meaning passed by the master
Chapter 2178 Demons are hidden
Chapter 2179 A battle that can't kill anyone
Chapter 2180 You are not allowed to play
Chapter 2181 I'll play for you
Chapter 2182 Water Mist Field
Chapter 2183 The powerful advantage of the animal master
Chapter 2184 news of the underworld
Chapter 2185 Your master is counting on me again
Chapter 2186 I don't calculate you too much
Chapter 2187 The battle sequence is messed up
Chapter 2188 Breaking the ambush
Chapter 2189 The battle wall was attacked
Chapter 2190 two small gaps
Chapter 2191 What kind of monster is he?
Chapter 2192 This cow must be blowing up
Chapter 2193 Upheaval on the battlefield
Chapter 2194 Free labor
Chapter 2195 Flexibility
Chapter 2196 break out
Chapter 2197 War of Attrition
Chapter 2198 Flanking before and after
Chapter 2199 Xiaodie lied
Chapter 2200 Any reward can be mentioned
Chapter 2201 The bane of Yuanwu Continent
Chapter 2202 Someone is first
Chapter 2203 Future Competitors
Chapter 2204 He is still useful
Chapter 2205 Unable to satisfy everyone
Chapter 2206 now fulfill the promise
Chapter 2207 wait again
Chapter 2208 The nickname is charming
Chapter 2209 Looking for a vicious real person to cheat
Chapter 2210 The Gate of Three Focus
Chapter 2211 Anti-thief
Chapter 2212 You ordered me
Chapter 2213 Daluo's Soul Soup
Chapter 2214 only ten feet away
Chapter 2215 Yuanhuang is here
Chapter 2216 see death
Chapter 2217 The entire Demon Race under the pit
Chapter 2218 The person who blocks me dies
Chapter 2219 The wife is strong
Chapter 2220 I only owe the Emperor Wing
Chapter 2221 can stay for a long time
Chapter 2222 Demon Lord repents
2223. Chapter 2223 I have done it too
Chapter 2224 Where is the Primordial Spirit?
Chapter 2225 I also start work
Chapter 2226 It's not too much to rob a tomb
Chapter 2227 The iron rooster also needs to be plucked
Chapter 2228 beat the devil
Chapter 2229 A big man has come to Central Continent
Chapter 2230 Come to Liuhe True King
Chapter 2231 disturbed again
Chapter 2232 Emperor Talisman
Chapter 2233 critical enemy situation
Chapter 2234 Go to the Devil's Nest
Chapter 2235 Doomsday Abyss
Chapter 2236 fuck
Chapter 2237 Don't have any intentions
Chapter 2238 Lure the devil out of the hole
Chapter 2239 Humans and Demons Can't Accept It
Chapter 2240 Two thousand seeds of spiritual energy
Chapter 2241 secretly leaving the magic cave
Chapter 2242 dug a magic pit
Chapter 2243 Demon God Oath
Chapter 2244 Deja Vu
Chapter 2245 Coffin keeper
Chapter 2246 Innate Soul Power
Chapter 2247 return the favor
Chapter 2248 I know Wing Emperor's Achilles heel
Chapter 2249 The last words of the old blind man
Chapter 2250 Relying on Scare to Save People
Chapter 2251 Leading to Immortal Domain
Chapter 2252 The enemy's road is narrow
Chapter 2253 Immortal Domain Guard
Chapter 2254 Comparable to Dan Emperor
Chapter 2255 This is the fairyland
Chapter 2256 Duhuang wants to cry but has no tears
Chapter 2257 the emperor stays
Chapter 2258 Slaying the Emperor
Chapter 2259 You must prove the Dao Emperor
Chapter 2260 The racial situation of Xianyu
Chapter 2261 smuggling
Chapter 2262 Immortal Stone
Chapter 2263 my chance
Chapter 2264 Heavenly Volcano
Chapter 2265 Collecting Skyfire
Chapter 2266 You have made a big disaster
Chapter 2267 Immortal soil is also soil
Chapter 2268 Born not afraid of earth pressure
Chapter 2269 Dan Dao Branch
Chapter 2270 Dan Xiu does not kill Dan Xiu
Chapter 2271 Firefox has no culture
Chapter 2272 Pill Emperor Palace
Chapter 2273 The boss is too sinister
Chapter 2274 Blood Recognition Robe
Chapter 2275 is to run
Chapter 2276 Third-Order Pill Emperor
Chapter 2277 It's so fun
Chapter 2278 Yingzhou
Chapter 2279 Become a half-human half-immortal
Chapter 2280 breaking an ancient precedent
Chapter 2281 Difficulty of the Pill Emperor Assessment
Chapter 2282 Collective hallucinations
Chapter 2283 Quickly flash people
Chapter 2284 Third-Order Pill Immortal
Chapter 2285 Are you rich?
Chapter 2286 I owe favors everywhere
Chapter 2287 Five Thousand Great Emperor Luck
Chapter 2288 Dan Emperor Experience
Chapter 2289 Da Jiao has suggestions
Chapter 2290 you want whatever you want
Chapter 2291 I'm tight-lipped
Chapter 2292 Dragon Snake Continent
Chapter 2293 Chaos Qi
Chapter 2294 Achievement of Five Harmonies
Chapter 2295 Looking for opportunities to scare Jiao
Chapter 2296 take the opportunity to step down
Chapter 2297 Achievement of Liuhe
Chapter 2298 Seeking fortune in danger
Chapter 2299 deep background
Chapter 2300 Emperor Lu Dadan
Chapter 2301 Unobstructed in and out of the fairyland
Chapter 2302 It's just a fluke
Chapter 2303 One-day tour of the cave
Chapter 2304 Lu Chen leads the way
Chapter 2305 Ming Ze
Chapter 2306 A worm
Chapter 2307 water hole
Chapter 2308 The middle section of the maze
Chapter 2309 Super Huge Pool
Chapter 2310 It's time to ascend to heaven
Chapter 2311 never be the enemy
Chapter 2312 destroy the channel
Chapter 2313 Return to Jiufeng Mountain
Chapter 2314 What a coincidence
Chapter 2315 coercion and inducement
Chapter 2316 give up going up the mountain
Chapter 2317 Three Emperors Battlefield
Chapter 2318 Knife Chopping Eggs
Chapter 2319 Lu Chen runs fast
Chapter 2320 all battle
Chapter 2321 virtual door stuck
Chapter 2322 delivery
Chapter 2323 the arrival of the emperor
Chapter 2324 Forbidden Cracks
Chapter 2325 in my arms
Chapter 2326 Wing Emperor does not want
Chapter 2327 Little Witch
Chapter 2328 go in all the pits
Chapter 2329 Mozu Light Gate
Chapter 2330 High-level Beast Emperor Pill
Chapter 2331 the power of the emperor
Chapter 2332 A sharp knife
Chapter 2333 The call of the emperor's luck
Chapter 2334 old rival
Chapter 2335 give me desperately suck
Chapter 2336 The last time
Chapter 2337 six against four
Chapter 2338 Adversity Comes
Chapter 2339 Legion Attack
Chapter 2340 the war started
Chapter 2341 attack to find people
Chapter 2342 Forcible Attack
Chapter 2343 the father of the emperor
Chapter 2344 the emperor's luck is just a mass of gas
Chapter 2345 Emperor Sword
Chapter 2346 Go to the forefront of the defense line
Chapter 2347 Dou Huang is by his side
Chapter 2348 the emperor chooses people
Chapter 2349 Wing Emperor's Challenge
Chapter 2350 grab the moon
Chapter 2351 let go of the emperor
Chapter 2352 Master of the Spirit Emperor
Chapter 2353 no one to help
Chapter 2354 successful selection
Chapter 2355 all protect the law
Chapter 2356 drink ten pounds first
Chapter 2357 the rampant Qinglong Jiao
Chapter 2358 The rhythm of delivering food
Chapter 2359 Double Moon Slash
Chapter 2360 all come out to fight
Chapter 2361 Lao Tzu would rather not be emperor
Chapter 2362 the emperor's luck continues
Chapter 2363 Kirin Rider
Chapter 2364 closing the door too fast
Chapter 2365 I'm here to give you nightmares
Chapter 2366 kill it
Chapter 2367 The last madness
Chapter 2368 Ziyan dies
Chapter 2369 Qianhuang Qiandan
Chapter 2370 there is one more
Chapter 2371 end of life
Chapter 2372 10,000 Fortune-gathering Fruits
Chapter 2373 Discriminating Orcs
Chapter 2374 pit small beast emperor
Chapter 2375 Hades
Chapter 2376 Tired
Chapter 2377 Phoenix Nirvana
Chapter 2378 Rebirth from ashes
Chapter 2379 more than half emperor
Chapter 2380 Broken Land
Chapter 2381 A sword skewered
Chapter 2382 Priority resurrection
Chapter 2383 Slaying the Emperor
Chapter 2384 West Gate Fortress
Chapter 2385 The treasure of the Simon family
Chapter 2386 counseling the emperor
Chapter 2387 Evacuate all
Chapter 2388 The conspiracy of the Ming family
Chapter 2389 Supreme Defense
Chapter 2390 it's you again
Chapter 2391 not a rival in love
Chapter 2392 Feng Changkong
Chapter 2393 very happy
Chapter 2394 Everyone is a scumbag
Chapter 2395 There are still disasters
Chapter 2396 The normal state of the shield emperor
Chapter 2397 the emperor leaves
Chapter 2398 Guanfan Stone
Chapter 2399 Ancestor of Mingnan
Chapter 2400 The Rat Throwing Device
Chapter 2401 Unable to sneak in
Chapter 2402 Handling Method
Chapter 2403 all net worth
Chapter 2404 He is here again
Chapter 2405 long-awaited
Chapter 2406 The Great Emperor's Fortune Exclusive to the Snake Flood Dragon
Chapter 2407 Suspended Death
Chapter 2408 It vindicates you too
Chapter 2409 The emperor was named Emperor Jiaozheng
Chapter 2410 Fifty Hades
Chapter 2411 residual luck
Chapter 2412 Shield Emperor's Shield Array
Chapter 2413 The last person to prove the emperor's success
Chapter 2414 The Emperor of the Beast
Chapter 2415 one enemy ten
Chapter 2416 The collapse of the Hades
Chapter 2417 A devastating disaster
Chapter 2418 Thousands
Chapter 2419 Zuzhou Mansion
Chapter 2420 never back down
Chapter 2421 Arrogant Ming Li
Chapter 2422 Substitution
Chapter 2423 one enemy five
Chapter 2424 lose face
Chapter 2425 came back early
Chapter 2426 let you go to the sky
Chapter 2427 Dragon Emperor mighty
Chapter 2428 One against ten thousand
Chapter 2429 turn the tide
Chapter 2430 True Yuan does not continue
Chapter 2431 beat the disaster
Chapter 2432 Blocking the entrance of the cave
Chapter 2433 The old blind man was fooled
Chapter 2434 Entering the channel
Chapter 2435 block the hole
Chapter 2436 set of secrets
Chapter 2437 ignorant girl
Chapter 2438 You can go to Xianyu
Chapter 2439 Can you cast a magic knife?
Chapter 2440 Entering the fairyland is as deep as the sea
Chapter 2441 Cut the meat
Chapter 2442 see you if you have a predestined relationship
Chapter 2443 Uncle Man
Chapter 2444 Transport Mirror
Chapter 2445 Perfect Merit
Chapter 2446 Where is the wife
Chapter 2447 Chicken and Dog Ascension
Chapter 2448 Man's identity
Chapter 2449 Gorgeous and spectacular picture
Chapter 2450 Collective Witnessing Emperor
Chapter 2451 wedding day
Chapter 2452 Two maiden families
Chapter 2453 The last salute
Chapter 2454 Immortal Array
Chapter 2455 go down to the mortal calamity
Chapter 2456 I don't want to fight today
Chapter 2457 direct charge
Chapter 2458 Skill Type
Chapter 2459 go back to get the family
Chapter 2460 Five Thousand Emperor Suan
Chapter 2461 Routine Lord
Chapter 2462 natural disaster
Chapter 2463 kill all
Chapter 2464 The human race wants to rule the Mingyuan Continent
Chapter 2465 The inferior pill
Chapter 2466 I'm lazy
Chapter 2467 three repairs together
Chapter 2468 Cultivation to destroy the world
Chapter 2469 Lao Tzu is the second rich generation
Chapter 2470 fled
Chapter 2471 no benefit
Chapter 2472 Officially Entering Immortals
Chapter 2473 Nine Brilliant Yellow Immortal Pills
Chapter 2474 The Awakening Timing of the Sixth Dragon Vein
Chapter 2475 an evil dragon
Chapter 2476 Immortal power of low-level immortals
Chapter 2477 only fight the basic strength
Chapter 2478 Become a disabled person again
Chapter 2479 must be an accident
Chapter 2480 open the killing ring
Chapter 2481 Broken Cloud Sect Master
Chapter 2482 The other party is an old fox
Chapter 2483 Deadly Backhand Punch
Chapter 2484 The transaction of rich flowers
Chapter 2485 The legendary trick black body
Chapter 2486 Broken Dragon Immortal Gate
Chapter 2487 Big Brother
Chapter 2488 waiting for you to grow
Chapter 2489 I want to see chrysanthemum
Chapter 2490 take whatever you want
Chapter 2491 The liver hurts a bit
Chapter 2492 too late
Chapter 2493 Dan Immortal Hall
Chapter 2494 almost made a mistake
Chapter 2495 too young
Chapter 2496 one person and one beast
Chapter 2497 still not open the furnace
Chapter 2498 super elixir
Chapter 2499 he is not a big brother
Chapter 2500 The third topic
Chapter 2501 Exploding Immortal Lei Dan
Chapter 2502 Ice Soul Water Soul Pill
Chapter 2503 two materials
Chapter 2504 a furnace of eighteen pills
Chapter 2505 what about the deputy hall master
Chapter 2506 something happened
Chapter 2507 hostility stems from jealousy
Chapter 2508 ranked first
Chapter 2509 I've never heard of Broken Dragon Immortal Gate
Chapter 2510 Supreme Pill Immortal
Chapter 2511 Senior Guard
Chapter 2512 I have a showdown
Chapter 2513 five-year appointment
Chapter 2514 Lu Chen's request
Chapter 2515 Flying without looking at the road
Chapter 2516 accepting disciples
Chapter 2517 can't get down
Chapter 2518 finally negotiated
Chapter 2519 Tiangang Void Art
Chapter 2520 special disciple
Chapter 2521 Xuanlei Immortal Gate
Chapter 2522 Did someone beat you
Chapter 2523 Experience the taste of being beaten to death
Chapter 2524 Calling a fairy doctor in Xianyu
Chapter 2525 Book Academy
Chapter 2526 a treasure
Chapter 2527 Cultivation is very troublesome
Chapter 2528 playing cards out of common sense
Chapter 2529 layers of battle
Chapter 2530 Turned out to be a fool
Chapter 2531 There are pits in this practice
Chapter 2532 all swords go sideways
Chapter 2533 pure basic strength
Chapter 2534 make you three punches
Chapter 2535 Immortal spirit on the mountain
Chapter 2536 more immortal pools
Chapter 2537 Ruthless
Chapter 2538 Xianlei Cave
Chapter 2539 Continue to break through
Chapter 2540 Go to the inner disciple's courtyard
Chapter 2541 test a punch
Chapter 2542 The second punch
Chapter 2543 solve it in advance
Chapter 2544 The strongest person is not you
Chapter 2545 was successfully overcast
Chapter 2546 The question of the great elder
Chapter 2547 Slaying the Forest Wheel
Chapter 2548 Breaking Through Heavenly Immortals
Chapter 2549 Xia Bulai is defeated
Chapter 2550 gutter capsize
Chapter 2551 escape
Chapter 2552 fight with you
Chapter 2553 Ten Ten Immortal Gates avenge me
Chapter 2554 The Back Mountain of the Great Branch of Yingzhou
Chapter 2555 Dan Xiu can't enter the secret realm
Chapter 2556 Entrance to the Secret Realm
Chapter 2557 The Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 2558 Shui Valley
Chapter 2559 The biggest treasure in the water-absorbing valley
Chapter 2560 Immortal Bone Mountain
Chapter 2561 Evil
Chapter 2562 Bone Beast Pill
Chapter 2563 reunion
Chapter 2564 Combat skills need to be upgraded
Chapter 2565 very ancient elders
Chapter 2566 Immortal Heart Forest
Chapter 2567 Where is your head?
Chapter 2568 blood dyed fairy heart forest
Chapter 2569 Chess Player
Chapter 2570 give you a chance
Chapter 2571 Biqing Fairy Zard
Chapter 2572 hidden fairy fruit
Chapter 2573 Temporary truce
Chapter 2574 Punishing the Ten Great Immortal Gates
Chapter 2575 The cliff is here
Chapter 2576 narrow hole at the bottom of the cliff
Chapter 2577 Metal Channel
Chapter 2578 Yingzhou Palace Master doesn't care
Chapter 2579 Magic Blue Divine Iron
Chapter 2580 smashed the channel
Chapter 2581 Master is angry
Chapter 2582 Chaotian Forest
Chapter 2583 encounter an acquaintance
Chapter 2584 The face of the old man
Chapter 2585 The channel is broken
Chapter 2586 three years later
Chapter 2587 Combat Skills Return
Chapter 2588 A person who makes you psychedelic
Chapter 2589 Frost Snow Mountain
Chapter 2590 trial knife
Chapter 2591 pressure box bottom combat skills
Chapter 2592 Xie incompetent couple
Chapter 2593 Immortal Slaying Combat Skills
Chapter 2594 Benchmarking Feng Changkong
Chapter 2595 move
Chapter 2596 The site of Mingzhou
Chapter 2597 Let's go together
Chapter 2598 looting
Chapter 2599 Big Brother Breakthrough
Chapter 2600 Stationed Place
Chapter 2601 only suck a little
Chapter 2602 Find Immortal Gold
Chapter 2603 Immortal Chaos
Chapter 2604 Pointing
Chapter 2605 Four Palace Masters
Chapter 2606 roll
Chapter 2607 Soldiers approaching the city
Chapter 2608 Monster girl
Chapter 2609 The super peerless genius of the demon clan
Chapter 2610 Important news
Chapter 2611 Fight casually
Chapter 2612 inheritance completed
Chapter 2613 Still your own legion is reliable
Chapter 2614 First Battle of the Legion
Chapter 2615 Great Counterattack
Chapter 2616 Settlement now
Chapter 2617 rhetoric
Chapter 2618 The middle stage of punching Yuanxian
Chapter 2619 Ending the Yuanxian Battlefield
Chapter 2620 The strength of the four immortals
Chapter 2621 Mingku Mountain
Chapter 2622 Breakthrough together
Chapter 2623 the abyss
Chapter 2624 Important Information
Chapter 2625 waiting for water
Chapter 2626 Who is the mantis
Chapter 2627 set of messages
Chapter 2628 Kill them all
Chapter 2629 Dashangou
Chapter 2630 the pinnacle of the real fairy
Chapter 2631 burn me
Chapter 2632 was tricked
Chapter 2633 I am a man
Chapter 2634 Liuhe Dynasty Yuan Gong
Chapter 2635 within the ancestral continent
Chapter 2636 Tianxing Xianmen
Chapter 2637 recruitment point
Chapter 2638 Lovely chrysanthemum
Chapter 2639 Tianxing Mountain
Chapter 2640 childish game
Chapter 2641 clubbing together
Chapter 2642 the surname is not the surname Bao
Chapter 2643 The basement of Yinhuan Xianmen
Chapter 2644 You soak first
Chapter 2645 Refreshing Pill
Chapter 2646 continue to practice
Chapter 2647 no such person
Chapter 2648 Mingxian Great Elder
Chapter 2649 White-faced Shura tribe
Chapter 2650 disappointment
Chapter 2651 I don't fight with children
Chapter 2652 True Immortal Early Stage
Chapter 2653 Lu Chen's goal
Chapter 2654 I carry you
Chapter 2655 Inverse Blood Peak
Chapter 2656 Battle Commander
Chapter 2657 Forward to Back
Chapter 2658 sound of battle
Chapter 2659 I'll go first
Chapter 2660 Adjusting the forward troops
Chapter 2661 melee started
Chapter 2662 the time is just right
Chapter 2663 The person who plots against
Chapter 2664 The Nightmare Comes Again
Chapter 2665 chase
Chapter 2666 Kill the Heisha disciple
Chapter 2667 Erotic
Chapter 2668 Muye's Escape
Chapter 2669 Battlefield Upgrade
Chapter 2670 Inside the Immortal Forest
Chapter 2671 like a shadow
Chapter 2672 I haven't tried my best
Chapter 2673 Punching Muye
Chapter 2674 can't go back
Chapter 2675 Deep into the Wonderland of Ten Thousand Caves
Chapter 2676 Outside the Fairy Hall
Chapter 2677 Unspeakable Concealment
Chapter 2678 impatient
Chapter 2679 Pill Immortal Pagoda
Chapter 2680 Heaven Prison
Chapter 2681 The Upper Floor of the Demon Palace
Chapter 2682 Blocking
Chapter 2683 Entrance to Heaven Prison
Chapter 2684 Battlefield of Daluo Jinxian
Chapter 2685 Lost God
Chapter 2686 special cell
Chapter 2687 fooling the old demon
Chapter 2688 shocking place
Chapter 2689 go back to refining
Chapter 2690 fly south
Chapter 2691 strange power
Chapter 2692 death is inevitable
Chapter 2693 The Ring of the Dead
Chapter 2694 Attraction
Chapter 2695 three fairy boxes
Chapter 2696 Destroy all channels
Chapter 2697 Dark Arrows Are Hard to Defend
Chapter 2698 wide stone stairs
Chapter 2699 stalactite cave
Chapter 2700 That person
Chapter 2701 Destroying the middle stage of Jinxian
Chapter 2702 The most perverted
Chapter 2703 The late stage of the battle of Jinxian
Chapter 2704 stone is hard
Chapter 2705 rough stone gate
Chapter 2706 organ soil
Chapter 2707 dummy
Chapter 2708 powerful organs
Chapter 2709 Tactics remain unchanged
Chapter 2710 Sealer
Chapter 2711 Wind
Chapter 2712 The Profound Truth of Wind
Chapter 2713 Treasure of the tomb owner
Chapter 2714 monster reinforcements
Chapter 2715 love jade pendant
Chapter 2716 stay
Chapter 2717 Is there such a coincidence?
Chapter 2718 digging soil
Chapter 2719 lucky burst
Chapter 2720 Upper Realm
Chapter 2721 want everything
Chapter 2722 Ordinary Creatures in the Upper Realm
Chapter 2723 The Breath of Divine Land
Chapter 2724 Defense Line Vulnerability
Chapter 2725 Showdown
Chapter 2726 Let Jianxiu leave
Chapter 2727 let go of his primordial spirit
Chapter 2728 Missed Killing
Chapter 2729 Fighting
Chapter 2730 how do you carry it
Chapter 2731 big move
Chapter 2732 It's not you
Chapter 2733 someone helps
Chapter 2734 Eighth-Order Immortal Beast Pill
Chapter 2735 important tasks
Chapter 2736 Entering the city
Chapter 2737 must go to Mingku Mountain
Chapter 2738 only you
Chapter 2739 someone behind
Chapter 2740 three old men
Chapter 2741 a person you don't know
Chapter 2742 best friend
Chapter 2743 mission completed
Chapter 2744 Research on the Upper Realm Channel
Chapter 2745 Fat Dragon Falls
Chapter 2746 landing point
Chapter 2747 there is something under the god stone
Chapter 2748 Spiritual God is questionable
Chapter 2749 Casting God's Sword
Chapter 2750 Uninvited guests
Chapter 2751 Broken Mist Peak
Chapter 2752 One tops an army
Chapter 2753 Test the combat power
Chapter 2754 click here
Chapter 2755 Command Power
Chapter 2756 the main road of Broken Mist Peak
Chapter 2757 must be handed in
Chapter 2758 successful bet
Chapter 2759 Change a bet
Chapter 2760 True Immortal Late Stage
Chapter 2761 The enemy re-offends
Chapter 2762 Broken Mist Fortress
Chapter 2763 The rear of the Shura army
Chapter 2764 Evil Human Race
Chapter 2765 Prepare to flash people
Chapter 2766 Additional conditions
Chapter 2767 stay at the peak
Chapter 2768 break the peace
Chapter 2769 Devil Daluo Jinxian
Chapter 2770 Hell Bell
Chapter 2771 must be fast
Chapter 2772 Great change in temperament
Chapter 2773 just know
Chapter 2774 Mute eats yellow lotus
Chapter 2775 try it
Chapter 2776 Great pressure
Chapter 2777 There is an ambush
Chapter 2778 Siege of Broken Mist Fortress
Chapter 2779 Kaishan Immortal Elephant
Chapter 2780 Crash fortress
Chapter 2781 skewered three consecutive cuts
Chapter 2782 Knife in the back
Chapter 2783 Fifty-third sword of killing immortals
Chapter 2784 Fool
Chapter 2785 see far
Chapter 2786 One shot into the soul
Chapter 2787 Boxing is my main business
Chapter 2788 I don't want to follow behind women
Chapter 2789 I don't want to fight
Chapter 2790 not yet
Chapter 2791 Fight with me
Chapter 2792
Chapter 2793 Special Magic Eye
Chapter 2794 secret card
Chapter 2795 Acupuncture
Chapter 2796 murder case
Chapter 2797 I will not let the tiger go back to the mountain
Chapter 2798 You Can't Kill Lu Chen
Chapter 2799
Chapter 2800 Demon God Oath
Chapter 2801
Chapter 2802 Chaotic Interlude
Chapter 2803
Chapter 2804 grabbing the loot
Chapter 2805 The New Supreme
Chapter 2806 Compensating the oath
Chapter 2807 the great elder Mingxian is gone
Chapter 2808 final preparation
Chapter 2809 Mingnan old fairy catches up
Chapter 2810 black ring
Chapter 2811 I'm sobbing
Chapter 2812 A Little Regret
Chapter 2813 Mingyue Didn't Come
Chapter 2814 Goodbye Spirit God
Chapter 2815 Spirit God Breaks His Promise
Chapter 2816 the most beautiful woman in the Spirit Race
Chapter 2817 someone intercepted
Chapter 2818 Shishin Sengoku
Chapter 2819 Slapped in the face
Chapter 2820 try hard to push people into the pit
Chapter 2821 Fifty-fourth Knife
Chapter 2822 combat skills at the bottom of the box
Chapter 2823 two books
Chapter 2824 A New Upper Boundary Passage
Chapter 2825 Zuzhou Fuwei
Chapter 2826 Lu Chen doesn't make a move
Chapter 2827 Not casting a demi-artifact
Chapter 2828
Chapter 2829 thick fog in the valley
Chapter 2830 unlock the field of vision
Chapter 2831 The technique of covering eyes with water mist
Chapter 2832 fairy shield comes in handy
Chapter 2833 Three swords and one punch
Chapter 2834 bloody battle
Chapter 2835 hidden in the box
Chapter 2836 the last person
Chapter 2837 the last order
Chapter 2838 big trouble
Chapter 2839 capable people of the human race
Chapter 2840 Conceited and Brainless
Chapter 2841 You don't match your horoscope
Chapter 2842 sitting together
Chapter 2843 If you lose your melon today
Chapter 2844 Three Guarantees
Chapter 2845 Lost Asylum
Chapter 2846 The Yaozu can't let go of the descendants of Kowloon
Chapter 2847 continue to attack
Chapter 2848 I want thousands of viewers
Chapter 2849 the door owner's small thoughts
Chapter 2850 Entering the Golden Fairy
Chapter 2851 Comeback
Chapter 2852 can't kill Daluo Jinxian late stage
Chapter 2853 cut slowly
Chapter 2854 just enter the pit
Chapter 2855
Chapter 2856
Chapter 2857 There are reinforcements to call
Chapter 2858 no leave
Chapter 2859 a look
Chapter 2860 Downhill Attack
Chapter 2861 three hundred knives in a row
Chapter 2862 It takes a long time to recover
Chapter 2863 win numb
Chapter 2864 hold a big event
Chapter 2865 two months
Chapter 2866 Abyss of Death
Chapter 2867 Sea of ??Fire Garden
Chapter 2868 The Coercion of the Demon God Statue
Chapter 2869 one shot into the soul
Chapter 2870 ten times the coercion
Chapter 2871 a wonderful way of worshiping God
Chapter 2872 worship God for two months
Chapter 2873 no way to catch people
Chapter 2874 Immortal Qi Can't Be Exhausted
Chapter 2875 Golden Immortal Middle Stage
Chapter 2876
Chapter 2877 the situation of Anyu
Chapter 2878 the warehouse of the Danxian Palace
Chapter 2879 Zuzhou City Contest Opens
Chapter 2880 Contestants of the Phantom Sound Immortal Gate
Chapter 2881 Temperament Genius
Chapter 2882 dare to see me not
Chapter 2883 The Lord of Lingxiao Sect is defeated
Chapter 2884 Temperament genius has a brain
Chapter 2885 let you with one hand
Chapter 2886 two waste
Chapter 2887 secondary part
Chapter 2888 the best music
Chapter 2889
Chapter 2890 No need for a knife
Chapter 2891 Sound waves enter the body
Chapter 2892 Not enough sonic energy
Chapter 2893 Sword of Notes
Chapter 2894 speed crushing
Chapter 2895 give me a reason not to kill you
Chapter 2896 the road is closed
Chapter 2897 who is someone
Chapter 2898 the knife is very gentle
Chapter 2899 correct play
Chapter 2900 Last Stand
Chapter 2901 High Level Knife Style
Chapter 2902 keep people under the sword
Chapter 2903 Surrounding Lu Chen
Chapter 2904 You dare to rebel
Chapter 2905
Chapter 2906 what to do
Chapter 2907 Cut Mushou
Chapter 2908 no place to stay
Chapter 2909 You can't leave Zuzhou
Chapter 2910 Liuhe Interconnection
Chapter 2911 Zuzhou Mansion
Chapter 2912 Ambush Circle of Death Abyss
Chapter 2913 witch blocking the way
Chapter 2914 enter the core of the ambush circle
Chapter 2915
Chapter 2916 The broken pot is of high quality
Chapter 2917 Orc Patrol
Chapter 2918 heavy ceremony
Chapter 2919 one pot is enough
Chapter 2920 no commitment
Chapter 2921 Sitting in the Mist Fortress
Chapter 2922 You are still ready to fight
Chapter 2923 don't talk about evidence
Chapter 2924 ask you for the answer directly
Chapter 2925 fight in reverse
Chapter 2926 subordinates dead light
Chapter 2927 miss beheading one person
Chapter 2928 a heartfelt word
Chapter 2929 Blackwater Swamp
Chapter 2930 Lightning Fairy Eel
Chapter 2931 stupid method
Chapter 2932 Dalong refuses to accept
Chapter 2933 Lu Chen has something to say
Chapter 2934 A bunch of fairy flowers
Chapter 2935 The Central Land of Bad Water
Chapter 2936 Mountains and Rivers Hinterland
Chapter 2937 the only race of concern
Chapter 2938 Demon Race Cannot Be Abandoned
Chapter 2939 kill back
Chapter 2940 the calmness of the death master
Chapter 2941 please enter the urn
Chapter 2942 smooth journey
Chapter 2943 Dedicated to beheading the late stage of Daluo Jinxian
Chapter 2944 has to withdraw
Chapter 2945 the method of sneaking into Shura Village
Chapter 2946 The Edge of Wonderland
Chapter 2947 There Are More Solutions Than Difficulties
Chapter 2948 fairy elephant leader
Chapter 2949 Old Shura
Chapter 2950 Bone Broken Plain
Chapter 2951 another path
Chapter 2952 the left hand listens to me
Chapter 2953 Primordial Spirit Problem
Chapter 2954 core area
Chapter 2955 piled up like a mountain
Chapter 2956 sleeping like a suspended animation
Chapter 2957 one into two
Chapter 2958 earthworms all over the mountain
Chapter 2959 Spit
Chapter 2960 Slime Attack
Chapter 2961 finally afraid
Chapter 2962 The Last Echelon
Chapter 2963 Deadwood Hill
Chapter 2964 Large Cemetery
Chapter 2965 Burning Claw Prints
Chapter 2966 The opponent is very powerful
Chapter 2967 Here is the border
Chapter 2968 no clue
Chapter 2969 Perverted Character
Chapter 2970 two immortals
Chapter 2971 can't take risks
Chapter 2972 ??Kangshan Guard
Chapter 2973 pearls are not so real
Chapter 2974 Kangshan ban
Chapter 2975
Chapter 2976 give enough face
Chapter 2977 Who hugs me
Chapter 2978 Encouragement from Elder Sang
Chapter 2979 Cow skin Fukiageten
Chapter 2980 new species of unicorn
Chapter 2981 The Secret Art of the Monster Race
Chapter 2982 There is a problem with the guards of Kangshan
Chapter 2983
Chapter 2984 only seven days
Chapter 2985 Hunting Ground
Chapter 2986 don't make an egg
Chapter 2987 there is no wood in one place
Chapter 2988 Root Maze
Chapter 2989 Siege
Chapter 2990 someone is coming
Chapter 2991 Dimension Ascension Challenge
Chapter 2992 Do not accept softening
Chapter 2993 subdue the small wooden unicorn
Chapter 2994 Who is the inner ghost
Chapter 2995 Wood Spirit Body
Chapter 2996 It's useless to silence
Chapter 2997 Goal Conversion
Chapter 2998 not enough pot
Chapter 2999 Rear Stability
Chapter 3000 Forced Killing
Chapter 3001 Both sides adjust tactics
Chapter 3002 Increased blade power
Chapter 3003 Don't enter the weak period
Chapter 3004 Accelerated Killing
Chapter 3005 Fight Another Day
Chapter 3006 Unable to upgrade
Chapter 3007 Pork Knife
Chapter 3008 Elder Sang's Strange Behavior
Chapter 3009
Chapter 3010 Lack of Dan
Chapter 3011 you go first
Chapter 3012 Off the peak
Chapter 3013 fat dragon is taken care of
Chapter 3014 Waiting for Primordial Spirit
Chapter 3015 full effect
Chapter 3016 Outer Chaotian Forest
Chapter 3017 We were fooled
Chapter 3018 Not for nothing
Chapter 3019 Bilateral Ambush Plan
Chapter 3020 share the loss
Chapter 3021 Adding fuel to the fire
Chapter 3022
Chapter 3023 You can only bring Yuanshen
Chapter 3024 Spirit Race Main Force
Chapter 3025 Spirit Race Joins the War
Chapter 3026 three battle points
Chapter 3027 alone block
Chapter 3028 Blade Turning
Chapter 3029 the peak speed of Daluo Jinxian
Chapter 3030 the speed of the dragon
Chapter 3031 Shield Broken
Chapter 3032 born with
Chapter 3033 a map
Chapter 3034 I'm still here
Chapter 3035 finally willing to come
Chapter 3036 No one needs to leave
Chapter 3037 give advice
Chapter 3038 Spirit God's Support
Chapter 3039 Yes, No
Chapter 3040 The Upper Realm Passage Is Missing
Chapter 3041 Yuanshen Crown
Chapter 3042 all used
Chapter 3043 Divine Fire
Chapter 3044 a doppelg?nger
Chapter 3045 before leaving
Chapter 3046 The state and timing are wrong
Chapter 3047 The background of the demon clan
Chapter 3048 Only One Hour
Chapter 3049 the strength of the broken dragon patriarch
Chapter 3050
Chapter 3051 Can't wait
Chapter 3052 the plan to behead the enemy failed
Chapter 3053 betting on the future
Chapter 3054 let the tiger go back to the mountain
Chapter 3055 The Holy Water of the Fairy Temple
Chapter 3056 time agreed
Chapter 3057
Chapter 3058
Chapter 3059 Golden Immortal Late Stage
Chapter 3060 everyone is improving
Chapter 3061 Fat Dragon's House
Chapter 3062 there is a fierce battle to fight
Chapter 3063 I am a Lone Ranger
Chapter 3064 preconceived
Chapter 3065 Galaxy Reappearance
Chapter 3066 Take the initiative to deliver it to your door
Chapter 3067 chase all the way
Chapter 3068 the helplessness of the deputy hall master
Chapter 3069 come out and welcome me
Chapter 3070 inspection
Chapter 3071
Chapter 3072 The person who broke the contract
Chapter 3073 Tongtian Immortal Spring
Chapter 3074
Chapter 3075 Traps
Chapter 3076 The Battle Plan of the Deputy Palace Master
Chapter 3077 one knife four
Chapter 3078 Strong Ladder
Chapter 3079 Early Decisive Battle
Chapter 3080 everything is over
Chapter 3081 Three Useless Woods
Chapter 3082 The Immortal Venerable Of The Weakest Chicken
Chapter 3083
Chapter 3084 Manipulating the Channel
Chapter 3085 A Drop of Reminder
Chapter 3086 The top secret of the monster clan
Chapter 3087 Became Lu Chen's Ghost
Chapter 3088 Terran Hero
Chapter 3089 people just died
Chapter 3090 Battle in the North Courtyard
Chapter 3091 Shield Attack
Chapter 3092 the treasure of the town gate is gone
Chapter 3093 Either you die or I die
Chapter 3094 immortal pot is not broken
Chapter 3095 ten people join forces
Chapter 3096 How many pots does the fat boy control
Chapter 3097 Unstoppable
Chapter 3098 Kirin Arm Reappearance
Chapter 3099 I was forced
Chapter 3100 Desperate to kill
Chapter 3101 I can let you go
Chapter 3102 I have a problem
Chapter 3103 Annihilation Of The Whole Army
Chapter 3104
Chapter 3105 Removal
Chapter 3106 Emergency
Chapter 3107 wait again
Chapter 3108 Levels Of Consciousness
Chapter 3109 A few pieces a day
Chapter 3110 Aid Troops
Chapter 3111 No one dares to lie to God
Chapter 3112 depends on the mood
Chapter 3113 Bird Oath
Chapter 3114 Unknown
Chapter 3115 old lady to carry
Chapter 3116
Chapter 3117 Going down to the abyss again
Chapter 3118 Energy of Divine Sense
Chapter 3119 Improper use of words
Chapter 3120 Blood Camp
Chapter 3121 Wanli Stone Forest Wanli Dangerous
Chapter 3122 Fairy Thunder
Chapter 3123
Chapter 3124 The Horrific Strength of the Immortal Beast Army
Chapter 3125 he can
Chapter 3126 Lei Dao Sang Elder
Chapter 3127 Tactical Command
Chapter 3128 five battlefields
Chapter 3129 The existence of the bottom
Chapter 3130 Bring Your Own Arrow Rain
Chapter 3131 five clans withdraw
Chapter 3132 Five Clans Cooperating
Chapter 3133 Hexagonal Immortal Bull
Chapter 3134 Unfavorable start
Chapter 3135 Entering the Battle Wall
Chapter 3136
Chapter 3137 Thunderstorm
Chapter 3138 Fairy Lightning Area
Chapter 3139
Chapter 3140 Thunder Explosion
Chapter 3141 Thunder Knife
Chapter 3142 Return to the Blood Stone Forest
Chapter 3143 buy one get one free
Chapter 3144 Entrance
Chapter 3145 The main force of the fairy beast
Chapter 3146 Carrying Private Goods
Chapter 3147 Reckless
Chapter 3148 rushing to skewer
Chapter 3149 Misunderstanding of Fat Dragon
Chapter 3150 Frost Beast
Chapter 3151 Two against one
Chapter 3150 Beasts attack
Chapter 3151 One Arrow
Chapter 3152 Shi Qilin is back
Chapter 3153 a fun place
Chapter 3154 needs reinforcements
Chapter 3155 A ghost
Chapter 3156 tough
Chapter 3157
Chapter 3158 up to an hour
Chapter 3159 continue parading
Chapter 3160 Training Yunlu
Chapter 3161
Chapter 3162 Destroying the Immortal Elephant Troop
Chapter 3163 Good news again and again
Chapter 3164 Arrow repair show power
Chapter 3165 Comprehensive Counterattack
Chapter 3166 Edge of Thunder Sea
Chapter 3167 The Lightning Resistance Ability Of The Divine Beast
Chapter 3168 What kind of freak are you
Chapter 3169 very unfair
Chapter 3170 can't escape
Chapter 3171 two Kangshan guards
Chapter 3172 The War Is Over
Chapter 3173 Distribution of spoils
Chapter 3174 Persuasion
Chapter 3175
Chapter 3176 it is willing
Chapter 3177 God Pot
Chapter 3178 precious gift in return
Chapter 3179 The voice of the fairy beast cemetery
Chapter 3180 tree destruction is still there
Chapter 3181 came over
Chapter 3182 ready for a showdown
Chapter 3183 all dead
Chapter 3184 Only Worship the Demon God and Not the Sky
Chapter 3185 You can die
Chapter 3186 Don't dare to underestimate
Chapter 3187 What a big pit
Chapter 3188 too many valleys
Chapter 3189 Let's clear up
Chapter 3190 Can you eat it?
Chapter 3191 break the silence
Chapter 3192 He Yi tried his best
Chapter 3193 going ashore is death
Chapter 3194 never stop fighting
Chapter 3195
Chapter 3196 Fort Of Immortals
Chapter 3197 Danzong VIP
Chapter 3198
Chapter 3199
Chapter 3200 Tongtian Immortal Spring has dried up
Chapter 3201 Continuous Breakthrough
Chapter 3202 four stupid monsters
Chapter 3203
Chapter 3204 I don't like abuse
Chapter 3205 I don't believe in personality
Chapter 3206
Chapter 3207 The Hard Currency of Tongtianxian Road
Chapter 3208 One Hundred Nine Pattern Pill Furnaces
Chapter 3209 Your situation is very bad
Chapter 3210 increase knowledge
Chapter 3211 Knocked out
Chapter 3212 Monster Race Deputy Lord
Chapter 3213 breaking the peace of thousands of years
Chapter 3214 Strange meeting
Chapter 3215 Black Musk Elixir
Chapter 3216 trailing all the way
Chapter 3217 transplant failure
Chapter 3218 needs more
Chapter 3219
Chapter 3220 everything is negotiable
Chapter 3221 everything is negotiable
Chapter 3222 a lot of chips
Chapter 3223 The Messenger Of The Immortal Beast
Chapter 3224 share of red baby fruit
Chapter 3225 more surprised
Chapter 3226 throw one out to feed the dog
Chapter 3227 the red-eyed dog wants to rob
Chapter 3228 Divine Opportunity
Chapter 3229 The Secret Realm Has Been Opened
Chapter 3230 Missing
Chapter 3231 Mirage
Chapter 3234 A Sand Valley
Chapter 3235 Scorpion
Chapter 3236 rare genius land treasure
Chapter 3237 Energy Wind Ball
Chapter 3238 must take
Chapter 3239 ten people attract each other
Chapter 3240 The special energy of the river
Chapter 3241 You really are from Danzong
Chapter 3242 You are so stingy
Chapter 3243 Can only pick up leaks
Chapter 3244 Reserve price of wolf
Chapter 3245 The end of the end
Chapter 3246 Unconvincing
Chapter 3247 It's all about interests
Chapter 3248 Can only bet
Chapter 3249 Mechanism Whip
Chapter 3250 Impossible To Make Two Special Cases
Chapter 3251 Thirty-six layers of rings
Chapter 3252 Reset
Chapter 3253 beautiful forehead
Chapter 3254 monkeys release water
Chapter 3255 fat dragon is very confident
Chapter 3256 character problem
Chapter 3257 super eyesight
Chapter 3258 The old fairy lion wants to disrupt the situation
Chapter 3259 successful betting
Chapter 3260 Mysterious ginkgo fruit
Chapter 3261 Kirin fart
Chapter 3262
Chapter 3263 sneak attack
Chapter 3264 The Other Side
Chapter 3265 Condensed Primordial Immortal Root
Chapter 3266 greedy goods
Chapter 3267 work first and then collect money
Chapter 3268 rush out
Chapter 3269 Great Melee
Chapter 3270 best farewell
Chapter 3271 Harvesting Ninth-Stage Early Immortal Beast Pill
Chapter 3272 ready for battle
Chapter 3273 come too fast
Chapter 3274 A Space Ring
Chapter 3275 Dig Lu Chen Out
Chapter 3276 sticking to the ground
Chapter 3277 really crawling
Chapter 3278 Lu Chen's Weakness
Chapter 3279 Layered Pursuit
Chapter 3280 The Firmness Of The Battle Wall
Chapter 3281 Lightning Troops
Chapter 3282 Battle Wall Blocking
Chapter 3283 Sealing the Wall and Killing the Enemy
Chapter 3284 escape in embarrassment
Chapter 3285 Sao Operation
Chapter 3286
Chapter 3287 Auxiliary Characters
Chapter 3288 fiercer battle
Chapter 3289 Unprotected
Chapter 3290 Disadvantages Of War Wall
Chapter 3291 must move
Chapter 3292 The murderer is Lu Chen
Chapter 3293
Chapter 3294 Deputy Lord of the Spirit Race
Chapter 3295 An emergency in the lower reaches of the mountains
Chapter 3296
Chapter 3297 two fairy beasts
Chapter 3298 two water fish
Chapter 3299 Benefits of Cooperation
Chapter 3300 Exchange Conditions
Chapter 3301 Alchemy Exceeded
Chapter 3302 Not afraid to drag the wine bottle
Chapter 3303 real purpose
Chapter 3304 Who is the leader
Chapter 3305 The last bargaining chip
Chapter 3306 release the pigeons
Chapter 3307 just quit
Chapter 3308 The first auxiliary force
Chapter 3309 The Number One Strongman in Ten Thousand Immortals Fort
Chapter 3310 Who will hold back
Chapter 3311 must add some material
Chapter 3312 Easy exit
Chapter 3313 breath is not strong
Chapter 3314 Empty Behind
Chapter 3315 Please come again
Chapter 3316 Run faster
Chapter 3317 Go to hell and complain
Chapter 3318 Invite the Immortal Saint
Chapter 3319 Endure the pain
Chapter 3320 Don’t fight internally
Chapter 3321 All handed over
Chapter 3322 Weak shackles
Chapter 3323 The state of neither going up nor down
Chapter 3324 No end
Chapter 3325 Forced
Chapter 3326 Trying to enter the fort
Chapter 3327 It’s too late
Chapter 3328 Response
Chapter 3329 Ten Thousand Immortals Castle Battlefield
Chapter 3330 There is still a clan that has not participated in the war
Chapter 3331 Guarding the Tower Gate
Chapter 3332 The Fortress Killer
Chapter 3333 Dengbao Tower
Chapter 3334 Jump
Chapter 3335 All obey
Chapter 3336 Border Guard
Chapter 3337 Escape from the gunpoint
Chapter 3338 No Weaknesses
Chapter 3339: Not silenced
Chapter 3340 Beheaded
Chapter 3341 Promoted to Lord of the Fortress
Chapter 3342 Limit
Chapter 3343 Not going to Ten Thousand Immortals Castle
Chapter 3344 The City Lord is Wise
Chapter 3345 A Yi Na Team
Chapter 3346 Not to be messed with
Chapter 3347 I would rather see ghosts than demons
Chapter 3348 Call Grandpa
Chapter 3349 The grandson is good
Chapter 3350 Come up
Chapter 3351 The righteousness of heaven and earth
Chapter 3352 Undead
Chapter 3353 Crow’s Mouth
Chapter 3354 Let me try
Chapter 3355 Ghost Immortal Kills the Dead Soul
Chapter 3356 Zhongyin Qi
Chapter 3357 More Undead
Chapter 3358 Hiding and Tucking
Chapter 3359 No need to leave anymore
Chapter 3360 Blue Marked Undead
Chapter 3361 I’m just an evil dragon
Chapter 3362 Soul pressure
Chapter 3363 A generation of soul cultivators
Chapter 3364 I’m not afraid of trouble
Chapter 3365 We are separated again
Chapter 3366 Artificial Crypt
Chapter 3367 A human beauty
Chapter 3368 Broken Dragon Alliance
Chapter 3369 Do not accept bribes
Chapter 3370 Jealousy rising
Chapter 3371 The Lord of the Supreme Hall
Chapter 3372 Leading away the arrest team
Chapter 3373 My name is Sha Deng
Chapter 3374: Trapping the Supreme Palace Master
Chapter 3375 Compromise
Chapter 3376 Three days and three nights
Chapter 3377 Should we kill Lu Chen in advance?
Chapter 3378 A little cold
Chapter 3379 Evil Dragon Island
Chapter 3380 A flute sound
Chapter 3381 The old voice
Chapter 3382 Go to the third floor
Chapter 3383 Your mouth is very sweet
Chapter 3384 Another psychedelic master
Chapter 3385 Four Demons
Chapter 3386 Silly Lantern
Chapter 3387 It’s really abnormal
Chapter 3388 Playing with ghosts
Chapter 3389 It’s all deception
Chapter 3390 Knocked on the door
Chapter 3391 Rejected
Chapter 3392 Something happened again
Chapter 3393 You attack me
Chapter 3394 A unique entrance
Chapter 3395 The Abyss of the River
Chapter 3396 A living picture
Chapter 3397 A Dragon Pill
Chapter 3398 Oasis Dragon Island
Chapter 3399 The territory of the evil dragon
Chapter 3400 The Great Evil Dragon
Chapter 3401 Dragon Suppressing Artifact
Chapter 3402 One Dragon and One Mountain
Chapter 3403 The last descendant of Kowloon
Chapter 3404 A deep valley
Chapter 3405 The end of the Evil Dragon Valley
Chapter 3406 The big evil dragon wants benefits
Chapter 3407: There is no free benefit in the world
Chapter 3408 Casting of Non-Immortal Things
Chapter 3409 The terrifying power
Chapter 3410 Time is running out
Chapter 3411 A Chicken
Chapter 3412 The jade unicorn with nimble hands and feet
Chapter 3413 Sneak attack failed
Chapter 3414 Return alive
Chapter 3415 She can’t die
Chapter 3416 I imitated it
Chapter 3417 There is absolutely no next time
Chapter 3418 Changing Tools
Chapter 3419 After one move
Chapter 3420 Hidden Combat Power
Chapter 3421 Ten Thousand Level 10 Immortal Beast Pills
Chapter 3422 Kidnapping
Chapter 3423 The head monkey must go
Chapter 3424 A Monkey Hair
Chapter 3425 Two major forces
Chapter 3426 Pawnshop Owner
Chapter 3427 I know Uncle Man
Chapter 3428 I rely on a hunch
Chapter 3429 Beast Tide Erupts
Chapter 3430 Return to the city
Chapter 3431 Drag the city lord into the water
Chapter 3432 Few Manpower
Chapter 3433 Kill five with one sword
Chapter 3434 Entering the big house
Chapter 3435 Deliberately showing weakness
Chapter 3436 Turns out to be a big scumbag
Chapter 3437 The door is narrow
Chapter 3438 Let me tell you a secret
Chapter 3439: Antidote to Immortal Poison
Chapter 3440 The visit ends here
Chapter 3441 The plan went wrong
Chapter 3442 Stop the Raid
Chapter 3443 Duan Qingyan’s cry
Chapter 3444 Covet my beauty
Chapter 3445: Evil Barrier
Chapter 3446 The Undead Descends from the Mountain
Chapter 3447 No room for negotiation
Chapter 3448 No turning point
Chapter 3449 Soul-Destroying Sand
Chapter 3450 Up to five days
Chapter 3451 Leaving the city
Chapter 3452 There are strong and weak soul cultivators
Chapter 3453: Release the City and Enlarge the Move
Chapter 3454 Find a new way
Chapter 3455 Breakout
Chapter 3456 The Undead King
Chapter 3457 Yin Qi weakens
Chapter 3458 Shielding the Soul
Chapter 3459 I am a beautiful woman
Chapter 3460 Psychedelic
Chapter 3461 Gentle Township
Chapter 3462 The highest level
Chapter 3463 Giant Thorn Peak Forbidden Land
Chapter 3464 The sixth dragon vein awakens
Chapter 3465 The competition begins
Chapter 3466 Six Dragons Fighting Body
Chapter 3467 The witch is not bad
Chapter 3468 Lu Chen Xiaosheng
Chapter 3469 Concrete Lu Chen
Chapter 3470 Psychedelic and Soul Attack
Chapter 3471 Unable to save each other
Chapter 3472 Give me a blow
Chapter 3473 It’s all dirty stuff
Chapter 3474 The Seventy-second Immortal Killing Sword
Chapter 3475 The Bastard Broken Dragon Alliance
Chapter 3476 Confirmation of the Star List
Chapter 3477 Two Prizes
Chapter 3478 I am also a member of the Legion
Chapter 3479 Various Instigations
Chapter 3480 Immortal Saint Legion
Chapter 3481 The Other Half Xumi Xianzhi
Chapter 3482 The last watershed
Chapter 3483 Assessment Day
Chapter 3484 Assessment Hall
Chapter 3485 Assessment Contents
Chapter 3486 Unable to keep a low profile
Chapter 3487 Six Articles
Chapter 3488 Extremely Harsh Conditions
Chapter 3489 Eight Waste Pills
Chapter 3490 Recognizing the robe with blood
Chapter 3491 Stop lighting up
Chapter 3492 Activating the third condition
Chapter 3493 Give me the Firefox
Chapter 3494 An Yu is missing
Chapter 3495 Not accepting your challenge
Chapter 3496 The last time
Chapter 3497: Abandon your cultivation
Chapter 3498 The first time
Chapter 3499 Witchcraft brings down the head
Chapter 3500 Each has its own traps
Chapter 3501 Looking for disaster
Chapter 3502 I’m giving you an advantage today
Chapter 3503 You are blessed
Chapter 3504: Destroying the Witch Cultivators
Chapter 3505 Fighting to the mouth of the canyon
Chapter 3506 What to use if you don’t have a knife?
Chapter 3507 One person with two fists
Chapter 3508 Canyon Blockage
Chapter 3509: Being calculated