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Pillar of Ita

Pillar of Ita

author:Scarlet Flame

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-18 21:54

Latest chapter:Chapter 401: The Philosopher's Stone and the Forger

Welcome to Aitaria, the country above the floating clouds. Let us open the door, pick up the walking stick, and the adventure will start from here - through the hills of clouds and seas, like floating grass, shallow rivers shining ; The fields flowing with gold and honey, full of laughter, under the low house of Rodel, the singing is melodious. Through the ancient forest of Egonen, the branches are overgrown in the darkness, and the whispers are lingering; Across the high mountains and mountains, The underground world is filled with dark shadows, dangers abound, and swords refract light. The story of a boy chasing his dream. Above the sky and cloud ridges, the shadow of a giant dragon soars and spreads its wings. But after the dust of time has passed, the fire in the hearth is still bright.

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《Pillar of Ita》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 401: The Philosopher's Stone and the Forger
Scene 400 The work of genius
Scene 399: Broken, the plan is exposed
Scene 398 A Coin
Act 397 Mineralogy of Etalia
Scene 396: Got rich?
Scene 395: Saying Goodbye to the Past
Scene 394 Two ladies
Scene 393: On the other side of the storm
《Pillar of Ita》Chapter Contents
Prologue: The Alchemist in the Expedition
Chapter 1 The story of the boy, the girl and the wolf
Chapter 2 Mercenary Motto: Take money to do things
Chapter 3 The Disgraceful Grenadier and the Line Infantry
Chapter 4 The Insignificant Pieces
Chapter 6 The Uninvited Guest Behind the Mist
Chapter 7 The door, the beginning of the legend
Chapter 8 The Invisible Hand
Chapter 9 Dragon Knight, attack
Chapter 10 Don't Guess a Woman's Mind
Chapter Eleven Mia's Whereabouts
Chapter 12 There is no tenderness under the crown
Chapter 13 The Resurrection Point Under the Ruins
Chapter 14: Behind the door, the starting point of a world
Extra Story Saving Private Ed
Prologue The first side of the craftsman system
Chapter 1 Sword Plover and Battle Artisan
Chapter 2 Trainee's Dagger
Chapter 3 Attila and Parker
Chapter 4 It’s a battle craftsman, run!
Chapter 5 The Legend of the Holy Grail
Chapter 6 The Adventure Group of Life Occupation
Chapter 7 Welcome back to the newbie zone
Chapter VIII The Traveler's Rest
Chapter 9 Replacing the Magic Furnace
Chapter 10 Apprentice Battle Craftsman of the Spear of the Silver Forest
Chapter 11 Master and Servant, Dark Dragon and Artisan Challenge
Chapter Twelve Exposed?
Chapter Thirteen My goal is victory
Chapter 14 The first stage, four scattered wings
Chapter 15 I, Fang Plover, feel good
Chapter 16 The Paparals would rather die than surrender
Chapter 17 The Target Appears
Chapter 18 Contestant No. 12 cheated, I protest!
Chapter Nineteen My Eternal Worm Is Helpful
Chapter 20 The Land of Dragons
Chapter 21 I want to continue to participate in the competition, Mr. Referee!
Chapter 22 Invitation from the Business Alliance
Chapter 23 Overload Current
Chapter 24 The first round, the end
Chapter 25 The second round, the end
Chapter 26 Dragon Song
Chapter 27 Temporary Squad and Fairy Construct
Chapter 28 I can give it a try
Chapter 29 Dominant Dragon Soul
Chapter 30: The Complete Form of the Fairy
Chapter 31 The Great Escape
Chapter 32: Run away, we will break up the rear
Chapter 33 The Legendary Dragon-Slaying Sword, Jalapea
Chapter 34: The Bonfire and the Beginning of the Ancient Story
Chapter 35: Past Events, The Last Dragon Slayer
Chapter 36 The Giant Beast and the Big Cat
Chapter 37 Daily life on the road
Chapter 38 The Strange Brooch
Chapter 39 Common Destination
Chapter 40 The First Round of Shooting
Chapter 41 This is not ____
Chapter 42 Female Passengers
Chapter 43 I know who you are
Chapter 44 A training system from the second world?
Chapter 45: The Moon and the Sea, the Girl and Elpaxin
Chapter 46 Special Live Streaming Missions
Chapter 47 Magic Shop, Owl and Designs
Chapter 48 Important Events
Chapter 49 Overdue teams
Chapter 50 Not All Dwarves Are Loyal
Chapter 51 Old Acquaintance
Chapter 52 Multiple Parallelism
Chapter 53: The Open Net
Chapter 54 I'm really here to participate in the craftsman assessment
Chapter 55 Beauty saves the ‘hero’
Chapter 56 Will Mr. Ed come with me?
Chapter 57 Capable Ship Officer
Chapter 58: Suspension of Action and Mysterious Attack
Chapter 59 The prototype of the adventure group
Chapter 60 The Mysterious Attack and Fang Plover's Plan
Chapter 61 The Uninvited Guest from the Rainy Night
Chapter 62 Battle Line
Chapter 63: The Chess Game of the Past I
Chapter 64 The Chess Game of the Past II
Chapter 65 The Chess Game of the Past III
Chapter 66 The Chess Game of the Past IV
Chapter 67 The Chess Game of the Past V
Chapter 68 The Chess Game of the Past VI
Chapter 69 The Chess Game of the Past VII
Chapter 70 The old chess game VIII
Chapter 71 The old chess game IX
Chapter 72 The Old Chess Game X
Chapter 73: The old chess game XI
Chapter 74 The Chess Game of the Past XII
Chapter 75 The Chess Game of the Past XIII
Chapter 76 The Chess Game of the Past XIV
Chapter 77 The Chess Game of the Past V
Chapter 78 The Chess Game of the Past XVI
Chapter 79 The Chess Game of the Past XVII
Chapter 80 The Chess Game of the Past XVIII
Chapter 81 The Chess Game of the Past XIX
Chapter 82 The old chess game XX
Chapter 83 Changes and resumption I
Chapter 84 Upgrade, Rematch II
Chapter 85 Changes, resumption III
Chapter 86 Upgrade, Rematch IV
Chapter 87 Breaking the game I
Chapter 88 The Battle of Breaking the Game II
Chapter 89 Breaking the Game III
Chapter 90 The Battle of Breaking the Game IV
Chapter 91 The Battle of Breaking the Game V
Chapter 92 The Battle of Breaking the Game VI
Chapter 93 The Battle of Breaking the Game VII
Chapter 94 The Battle of Breaking the Game VIII
Chapter 95 Breaking the Game IX
Chapter 96 Breaking the Game X
Chapter 97 Breaking the Game XI
Chapter 98 Breaking the Game XII
Chapter 99 Breaking the game XIII
Chapter 100 Breaking the Game IX
Chapter 101: The Battle of Breaking the Game X
Chapter 102 Breaking the Game XVI
Chapter 103 Breaking the Game XVII
Chapter 104 Breaking the game XVIII
Chapter 105 Breaking the game XIX
Chapter 106 Breaking the game XX
Chapter 107 Breaking the game XXI
Chapter 108 Breaking the game XXII
Chapter 109 Breaking the game XXIII
Chapter 110 Breaking the game XXIV
Chapter 111 will die
Chapter 112 Dolifin's Will
Chapter 113 Cut off the chain
Chapter 114 Return to the origin, the sword left behind
One hundred and fifteenth the end of the fantasy
Chapter 117 The Perfect Recorder
Chapter 117 Choice and Growth
Chapter 118 Door
Chapter 119 The Beautiful Lady and the Gun
Chapter 120 Monitor
Chapter 121: Puppet or Armor?
Chapter 122 parting
Chapter 123 Want to become stronger?
Chapter 124 I reported him, he cheated!
Chapter 125 The Legend of the Five Sacred Objects
Chapter 126 β
Chapter 127 Through the Storm
Chapter 128 Constructing the Lord and the Supreme Choice
Chapter 129: A boxing technique that falls from the sky
Chapter 130 ‘Captain’s’ Skills
Chapter 131 Reply
Chapter 132: Not seeing each other for one day is like three autumns
Chapter 133 The strange situation
Chapter 134 Margin
Chapter 135: Twelfth Order
Chapter 136: Forests, Mushrooms and Night Lizards
Chapter 137 Fang Plover's Shipbuilding Plan
Chapter 138 Professional Alchemist?
Chapter 139 Quick Repair Means
Chapter 140 Old Acquaintance
Chapter 141 Twins
Chapter 142 The Legendary Road
Chapter 143: The Completed Work
Chapter 144 The story of the men
Chapter 145 The haunted military
Chapter 146: Raid Justice
Chapter 147 Captain's Decision
Chapter 148 Night Battle
Chapter 149: The re-encounter between geniuses
Chapter 150 The fight between the brigade
Chapter 151 Global Vision
Chapter 152 Arrival
Chapter 153 Fairy Wall
Chapter 154 The twin sisters' rescue operation
Chapter 155 The puppet master and the breakout battle
Chapter 156 Past
Chapter 157 The Gone Empire
Chapter 158 The story of the past, the dagger and a favor
Chapter 159 Inheritance of Faith and Will
Chapter 160 Two sides
Chapter 161 Golden Clouds, Spirit of Fire
Chapter 162 Transformation
Chapter 163 Dragon's Choice
Chapter 164: Formation of the Trial Team
Chapter 165: New member, an emotionless killer
Chapter 166 Captain
Chapter 167 Rose and Princess
Chapter 168 Invitation
Chapter 169 The elect
Chapter 170 Dark Blessing
Chapter 171 The second blessing, the language of the stars
Chapter 172 Trials and Changes
Chapter 173: Chaotic situation, nanny-type captain
Chapter 174 Plan
Chapter 175: The plight of those who listen to the rain
Chapter 176: First-level preparation of the cannons in the world
Chapter 177 XB-1, NATO code name ‘Dove Knight’
Chapter 178 Unique Flight
Chapter 179 Ritual Spells
Chapter 180 Arrive
Chapter 181 Missing Persons
Chapter 182 The first floor
Chapter 183 encounter
Chapter 184 Labyrinth
Chapter 185 Shadow Monster
Chapter 186 Mysterious Summoning
Chapter 187 Tears
Chapter 188 Omen of Erosion
Chapter 189: Guardian Golem, activated
Chapter 190 Showdown
Chapter 191 Eternals
Chapter 192 Ban No. 7
Chapter 193 Hunting Trombone
Chapter 194 Literal meaning
One hundred and ninetieth chapters fierce battle
Chapter 196 Cybernetics
Chapter 197 Oolong
Chapter 198: Her Royal Highness's First Time
Chapter 199 Alien Body——‘Angel of Power’
Chapter 200 Murals
Chapter 201 The Mystery of the Misfortune Star
Chapter 202 Ender's Underground World
Chapter 203 The deceased
Chapter 204: Underground River
Chapter 205 Rapids Ferry
Chapter 206 The ninth floor?
Chapter 207 The close answer
Chapter 208 Hunter I
Chapter 209 Hunter II
Chapter 210 Hunter III
Chapter 211 Hunter IV
Chapter 212 Hunter V
Chapter 213 Hunter VI
Chapter 214 Hunter VII
Chapter 215 Hunter VIII
Chapter 216 Hunter IX
Chapter 217 Sacrificial Field I
Chapter 218 Sacrificial Field II
Chapter 219 The Sacrificial Field III
Chapter 220 The Sacrificial Field IV
Chapter 221 The Sacrificial Field V
Chapter 222 The Sacrificial Field VI
Chapter 223 The Sacrificial Field VII
Chapter 234 The Sacrificial Field VIII
Chapter 225 The Sacrificial Field IX
Chapter 226 The Sacrificial Field X
Chapter 217 The Unicorn and the Handgun
Chapter two hundred and eighteen surfaced
Chapter 219 Legend I
Chapter 220 Legend II
Chapter 221 Legend III
Chapter 222 Legend IV
Chapter 223 Legend V
Chapter 234 Legend VI
Chapter 235 Legend VII
Chapter 236 Legend VIII
Chapter 237 Legend IX
Chapter 238 The Legend X
Chapter 239 Legend XI
Chapter 240 Legend XII
Chapter 241 Legend XIII
Chapter 242 Legend XIV
Chapter 243 Legend XV
Chapter 344 Legend XVI
Chapter 345 Legend XVII
Chapter 246 Legend XVIII
Chapter 247 Legend XIX
Chapter 248 Legend XX
Chapter 249 Dawn
Chapter 250 Results?
Chapter 251 The end
outside encounter
Prologue Growth
Chapter 1 Daughter
Chapter 2 Stories and decisions, the way forward and the future
Chapter 3 Adventure Plan
Chapter 4 Arrival in Collins
Chapter 5 Port Information
Chapter 6 Fang Plover's New Toy
Chapter 7 Level Fourteen
Chapter VIII Special Titles
Chapter 9 The Unexpected Battle
Chapter 10 Brother
Chapter 11 Human Trafficking
Chapter 12 New Members
Chapter 13 The Clue of Interruption Again
Chapter 14 Eternity and Friendship
Chapter 15 The Seven Seas in the Distance
Chapter 16 Completion
Chapter 17 The Naturalist and a Message
Chapter 18 Past History
Chapter 19 Southbound
Chapter 20 The Mysterious Cat
Chapter 21 Snow Night
Chapter 22: Justice descends from heaven
Chapter 23 The Third Alchemist
Chapter 24 The Durun School
Chapter 25 A mission?
Chapter 26 The Castle
Chapter 27 Mr. Knight
Chapter 28 The Girl in the Painting
Chapter 29 Vampires
Chapter 30 The Shadow of the Dragon and the Strange Fragment
Chapter 31: The First of the Five Swords, the Dragon Slayer
Chapter 32 The Rogersell Family?
Chapter 33 Booty
Chapter 34 The Girl
Chapter 35: The Fugitive and the Chaser
Chapter Thirty-six
Chapter 37 Arrangement
Chapter 38 Confrontation
Chapter 39 Trap
Chapter 40 Guess Who Is Me?
Chapter 41 The Sun
Chapter 42 Two teams
Chapter 43 Mission Completion
Chapter 44 Bewildering
Chapter 45 The messenger
Chapter 46 Blizzard
Chapter 47: Sudden martial law
Chapter 48 The Missing Squad
Chapter 49 Involved in the whirlpool
Chapter 50: Teams below level 20 are easy to win
Chapter 51 Little Tail
Chapter 52 Shesta
Chapter 53 The Maid and the Sailor
Chapter 54: Surrender, you are surrounded
Chapter 55 Fighting in the Snow
Chapter 56 You may not believe it, but it flew
Chapter 57: Her Royal Highness The Princess Cut It All Black
Chapter 58 Two Heads
Chapter 59 Rose
Chapter 60 I, Fang Gugu, am underage
Chapter 61 The Times
Chapter 62 Antecedents and Consequences
Chapter 63 Intervention Excuses
Chapter 64: Mind and Pocket Watch
Chapter 65 Feos
Chapter 66 Two Worlds
Chapter 67 Deja Vu Training
Chapter 68 Sylvede's opponent
Chapter 69 The imitator
Chapter 70 The Stake and the Clockwork Fairy
Chapter 71 The real usage of margin
Chapter 72 Shipyard
Chapter 73 Seven days in the manor
Chapter 74 How far is forever
Chapter 75 Hijacking
Chapter 76 A Pursuit
Chapter 77 Undercurrent
Chapter 78 The Beginning of Chaos
Chapter 79 Winter, Celebrations and Pine Branches
Chapter 80 ‘Ritual’
Chapter 81 Interrogation
Chapter 82 The Door of Freedom
Chapter 83 Confrontation
Chapter 84 Escorting ‘NPC’
Chapter 85 Finding the target
Chapter 86 The battle before the bar
Chapter 87: Justice descends from heaven
Chapter 88 Recognition
Chapter 89 Why is it a breakthrough again?
Chapter 90 The boss and his followers
Chapter 91 Half Moon Travel
Chapter 92 Arriving at Stargate Port
Chapter 93 The Tower of Silver
Chapter 94 A small condition
Chapter 95: The Hall of Thousand Doors
Chapter 96 ‘Consultation’
Chapter 97 Special Training
Chapter 98 One week
Chapter 99: Starlight, Purpose
Chapter 100 The first door
Chapter 101 The Scale of Time
Chapter 102 Red Gate
Chapter 103 Fang Gugu of the attack
Chapter 104 Two Clockwork Fairies and the Theory of Playing More with More
Chapter 105 Ranking
Chapter 106 Speculation about the Almighty
Chapter 107 The long challenge
Chapter 108 Casting the Legend
Chapter 109: The Pride of the Lonely King
Chapter 110 Ten Months
Chapter 111 Taboos and Problems
Chapter 112 Interrupt
Chapter 113 The battle outside the tower
Chapter 114 The owner of the inn
Chapter 115 Masterpiece
Chapter 116 About the Second Dragon Soul
Chapter 117 Miss Ship Officer's Report
Chapter 118 South of the South
Chapter 119 No. 2 and No. 3 trestle
Chapter 120 The sixth person
Chapter 121 Examination
Chapter 122 The whereabouts of the target and the extension of the star gate
Chapter 123 Enchantment
Act 124: Acquaintances?
Act 125: An Identity
Chapter 126 Notes under the Dust
Chapter 127 The Duke's Daughter
Chapter 128: Reunion and Meeting
Chapter 129 Is it really just a stowaways?
Chapter 130 I can take you to drink tea
Chapter 131 The first day of the competition
Chapter 132 About a few months ago?
Chapter 133 The Heir
Chapter 134 Chips
Chapter 135 Banquet
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Sixth Undercurrent
Chapter 137 Turning Point
Chapter 138: True and False Oaths?
Chapter 139 Accidents on the field
Chapter 140: Full
Chapter 141: Wisdom is mistaken by wisdom
Chapter 142: A Thrilling Victory
Chapter 143 Central Bureau
Chapter 144 Teaching Art
Chapter 145 is a ruthless man
Chapter 146 Legacy
Chapter 147 Technology Promotion?
Chapter 148 Admission
Chapter 149 Outside the arena
Chapter 150 Final
Chapter 151 Title
Chapter 152 The nature of the main core crystal
Chapter 153 ‘If criticism is not free, praise is meaningless’
Chapter 154 What kind of inheritance
Chapter 155 Undisputed
Chapter 156 The Covenant Mountain Incident?
Chapter 157 Contestants please listen to the question
Chapter 158: The Road to Creation
Chapter 159 Main Construct?
Chapter 160 ‘The Arena’
Chapter 161 Enchantment
Chapter 162 The Sunken Lower City
Chapter 163 The missing key person
Chapter 164 Dragon Claw
Chapter 165 Surveyor
Chapter 166 The chosen road
Chapter 167: Wings that cover the sky
Chapter 168 The intersection of fate
Chapter 169: The Past Reappears
Chapter 170 Rehabilitation and Situation Changes
Chapter 171 Fang Gugu's Doomsday
Chapter 172 The choice of the road ahead
Chapter 173 Stargate Era
Chapter 174 May
Chapter 175: The Weight of Decision
Chapter 176 Ancient Fighting Craftsmen
Chapter 177 Bait
Chapter 178: Set sail again
Chapter 179 Heading west, ruins and gray-spotted lizards
Chapter 180 One night
Chapter 181: A meeting on the Seven Seas Traveler
Chapter 182: Going deep into the spider nest
Chapter 183 Peers are enemies
Chapter 184 The ‘big scene’ of the Dragon Fire Union
Chapter 185 Return of the Fighting Fairy
Chapter 186 Plan it
Chapter 187 Battle of the Brigade (1)
Chapter 188 Battle of the Brigade (Part 2)
Chapter 189 Mage Fang Gugu
Chapter 190: Nicole Boras, super fierce
Chapter 191 A ‘Negotiation’
Chapter 192 ending
Chapter 193 Past
Chapter 194 Hijacker
Chapter 195: The Situation of Idos
Chapter 196 Investigation and Infiltration
Chapter 197 The Trace of the Dragon
Chapter 198 The first excavation point
Chapter 199: The Mystery of the Birthplace
Chapter 200 Map
Chapter 201 The secret door
Chapter 202 Ghost?
Chapter 203 R
Chapter 204 Mysterious identity and past?
Chapter 205 Black Crystal
Chapter 206 Fang Gugu’s ‘professional’ analysis
Chapter 207 Seal
Chapter 108 Sudden
Chapter 209 Ring, Attacker in the Dark
Chapter 210 Airborne
Chapter 211: Going back in time and facing the battle
Chapter 212 Flame Light
Chapter 213 The Fate of the Dragon
Chapter 114 Man and Dragon
Chapter 115 The first contact
Chapter 116 Breaking the Space
Chapter 217 The Nameless Sword Saint and Contact Restoration
Chapter 218 Behind the Seal
Chapter 219 Blood and Curse
Chapter 224 The Fourth Party
Chapter 221 Another type of ring
Chapter 222 Flash
Chapter 223 Another Line
Chapter 224 Cooperation ‘win-win’
Chapter 225 The Kingdom of Sand and the Ancient Story
Chapter 226 Rollin and the contract
Chapter 227 Hatred
Chapter 228 Entering the City Hall
Chapter 229: Reflections of the Past
Chapter 230 The Past of the Dragon Witch (1)
Chapter 231 The Past of the Dragon Witch (Part 2)
Chapter 232 Double-sided
Chapter 233 Historical Overlap
Chapter 234 The Wanderer
Chapter 235 ‘The End’ and ‘Dragon’
Chapter 236 Bone Dragon
Chapter 237 The Fall of the Stars
Chapter 238 Qualifications
Chapter 239 The Avengers
Chapter 240 The Meaning of Waiting
Chapter 241 Between the enemies
Chapter 242 The Secret of the Holy Object
Chapter 243 Star
Chapter 244 Coincidence is still inevitable
Chapter 245 tonight
Chapter 246 Promise
Chapter 247 The Captain's Daily Life and Those on Duty
Chapter 248 Meeting with the Military
Chapter 249: A Sudden Meeting Invitation
Chapter 250: A Foreign Land and Parker Falling in Love
Chapter 251 Talks (1)
Chapter 152 Talk (2)
Chapter 153 The Mysterious Craftsman
Chapter 254 A battle at the Sand Lodge
Chapter 255 Pioneer
Chapter 256 How do you know?
Chapter 257 Another responsibility of the captain
Chapter 258 Unexpected assessment
Chapter 259 The new president
Chapter 260 Fang Plover’s new harvest
Chapter 261: The opened door, the alchemy created by Fang Plover
Chapter 262 Conspiracy
Chapter 263 Princess
Chapter 264 Star Dew
Chapter 265 Sand Pirates, Air Pirates and Smugglers
Chapter 266 Read
Chapter 267 Material formula
Chapter 268: Investigating the Slave Trade
Chapter 269 The old man
Chapter 170 New puzzles
Chapter 271 Secret and Blood
Chapter 272 God descends
Chapter 173 On Negotiation and Reasoning
Chapter two hundred and seventy fourth blood-stained letterhead
Chapter 175: The Promised Date
Chapter 276 Journey to the Seven Seas
Chapter 277 Daily life in the shipyard
Chapter two hundred and seventy-eight turns sharply down
Chapter 279: Butterfly Wings
Chapter 280 Notes
Chapter two hundred and eighty first three communications
Chapter 282 Natural History Inheritance
Chapter 283 The Birth of the Swarm
Chapter 284 Frozen property
Chapter 285 sets of intelligence and search strategies
Chapter 286 Nightingale
Chapter 287 Yuanhai Slate
Chapter 288 Big Brother
Chapter 289: Meet Lufu's Shield Again
Chapter 290 Flying Over
Chapter 291 Exploratory Investigation
Chapter 292 The first battle of the swarm
Chapter two hundred and ninety third underground cave
Chapter 294 Smugglers Harbor
Chapter 295 Booty
Chapter 296 The plan has changed
Chapter 297 Suspicious Bureau
Chapter two hundred and ninety-eight of the beard?
Chapter 299 Position
Chapter 300 The Wind Rises
Chapter 301: Underground Prison
Chapter 302 Are you also Afifa?
Chapter 303 Prisoners in the Dungeon
Chapter 304: Delan's Magic Recovery
Chapter 305 escape
Chapter 306 Fang Plover's Great Adventure
Chapter 307 Another windfall?
Chapter 308 Rescue Plan
Chapter 309: Allegiance
Chapter 310 Mirror Image
Chapter 311: Plans and Rewards
Chapter 312 Miss Lavalie-Ige-Imoyben (Part 1)
Chapter 313 Miss Lavalie-Ige-Imoyben (Part 2)
Chapter 314 Miss Lavalie-Ige-Imoyben (Part 2)
Chapter 315 Sneak into the inner city
Chapter 315 Sneak into the inner city
Chapter 316 A little accident
Chapter 317 The Mission of the Southern Alliance
Chapter 318 A ‘hijacking’
Chapter 319 Are we tricked?
Chapter 320 Weird Situation
Chapter three hundred and twenty first well prepared
Chapter 322: Boarding the Ship
Chapter 323 The only person left
Chapter 324: Desperate Encirclement
Chapter 325 The Temple (1)
Chapter 326 The Temple (Part 2)
Chapter 327 God's Choice
Three hundred and twentieth eight chapters in the storm
Chapter 329 The struggle for authority
Chapter 330 Starfall I
Chapter 331 Starfall II
Chapter 332 Starfall III
Chapter 333 Starfall IV
Chapter 334 Starfall V
Chapter 335 Starfall VI
Chapter 336 Falling Star VII
Chapter 337 Starfall VIII
Chapter 338 Starfall IX
Chapter 339 Starfall X
Chapter 340 Starfall XI
Chapter 341 Starfall XII
Chapter 342 Starfall XIII
Chapter 343 Starfall XV
Chapter 344 Bridge I
Chapter 345 Bridge II
Chapter 346 Bridge III
Chapter 347 Bridge IV
Chapter 348 Bridge V
Chapter 349 Bridge VI
Chapter 350 Bridge VII
Chapter 351 Bridge VIII
Chapter 352 Bridge IX
Chapter 353 The Bridge X
Chapter 354 Bridge XI
Chapter 3455 Bridge XII
Chapter 356 Bridge XIII
Chapter 357 Bridge XIV
Chapter 358 Bridge XV
Chapter 359 Bridge XVI
Chapter 360 Bridge XVII
Chapter 361 Bridge XVIII
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Two The Distance I Pursue
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty-Three The Distant Place It Pursues II
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty-Four The Distance It Seeks III
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Five The Distant It Seeks IV
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Sixth The Distant V
Chapter 367 The Distant Place It Seeks VI
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty-Eight The Distant Place It Seeks VII
Chapter three hundred and sixty-ninth the distance it seeks VIII
The three hundred and seventieth chapter its pursuit of the distance IX
Chapter 371: The Distant Place It Seeks X
The three hundred and seventieth chapters of its pursuit of the distance XI
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy-Three The Distant Place It Seeks XII
The three hundred and seventieth chapters of its pursuit of the distant XIII
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Five The Distance XIV
Chapter 376 The Distant It Seeks XV
Chapter 377 The Distant Place It Seeks XVI
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy-Eight The Distant Place It Seeks XVII
Chapter three hundred and seventy-ninth its pursuit of the distant XVIII
Chapter 380 The Distant Place It Seeks XIX
Chapter 381 The distance it seeks XX
Chapter 382 The distant place it seeks XXI
The 383rd chapter is the distance it seeks XXII
Chapter three hundred and eighty-four the distance it seeks XXIII
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty-Fifth The Long Distance XXIV
Chapter 386 The distance it seeks XXV
Chapter three hundred and eighty seventh the distant place it seeks XXVI
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty-Eight The Distant It Seeks XXVII
Chapter 389 The distance it seeks XXVIII
The three hundred and ninetieth chapters of the distance they are looking for XXIX
Chapter three hundred and ninety-first the distant place it seeks XXX
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two the distance it seeks XXXI
The three hundred and ninetieth chapters of its pursuit of the distance XXXII
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four the distance it seeks XXXIII
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety-Five The Distant It Seeks XXXIV
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six the distance it seeks XXXV
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety-Seven The Long Distance XXXVI
Outside the distance
Prologue Star, Seven Seas Troupe and Daily Life
Chapter 1 Missions
Chapter 2: Set sail and set sail
Chapter 3 An Assault Report
Chapter 4 ‘Affairs’ related to docking and rest
Chapter 5 The Battleship of Eternal Sleep
Chapter 6 Dragon Hunters
Chapter 7 My Heir
Chapter 8 Starburst
Chapter 9 Back to the Seven Seas Traveler
Chapter 10 Moonlight in the Foggy Gorge
Chapter 11 Standard Ways of Entry
Chapter 12 Ed the Prophet
Chapter Thirteen Difficulties
Chapter 14 Anecdote about the local guild
Chapter 15 The Floating Island Whale (1)
Chapter 16 The Floating Island Whale (Part 2)
Chapter 17 The Floating Island Whale (Part 2)
Chapter 18 The Pursuit Over Orenze
Chapter 19 Gray Wanted I
Chapter 20 Grey Wanted Order II
Chapter 21 Gray Wanted Order III
Chapter 22 News from the Military
Chapter 23 Research on Dragon Hunters
Chapter 24: Path of Exile I
Chapter 25: Path of Exile II
Chapter 26: Path of Exile III
Chapter 27 Path of Exile IV
Chapter 28 The Path of Exile V
Chapter 29 Path of Exile VI
Chapter Thirty: Path of Exile VII
Chapter 31: Path of Exile VIII
Chapter 32 Not too smart
Chapter 33 Lake, Sword and Distant Mountains
Chapter 34 The Heart of the Mountain I
Chapter 35 The Heart of the Mountain II
Chapter 36 The Heart of the Mountain III
Chapter 37 The Heart of the Mountain IV
Chapter 38 The Heart of the Mountain V
Chapter 39 The Heart of the Mountain VI
Chapter 40 The Heart of the Mountain VII
Chapter 41 The Heart of the Mountain VIII
Chapter 42 The Heart of the Mountain IX
Chapter 43 - Frontline of Thorns
Chapter 44: A Temptation (1)
Chapter 45: A Trial (Part 2)
Chapter 46 Midfielder
Chapter 47 Miners and Clues
Chapter 48 Conflict in the Hall of Trees
Chapter 49 In the deep forest
Chapter 50 The Ecology of the Tarun Region
Chapter 51 Nose Bone Warning
Chapter 52 Secret Path and Conflict
Chapter 53: A Gunshot
Chapter 54 Friends, we fight side by side
Chapter 55 Return
Chapter fifty-six rekindled flame
Chapter 57 Gifts
Chapter 58 The Realm of Life and Death
Chapter fifty-ninth the time to leave
Chapter 60 The Last Expedition
Chapter 61: Reflection of the Stars
Chapter 62: The Underground Puzzle
Chapter 63 Miss Knight
Chapter 64 Support from the military
Chapter 65 The Second World
Chapter 66: The Battle of the Air and Sea in History
Chapter 67 Unseen tactics
Chapter 68 Secret Meeting
Chapter 69 Arriving at Crosswind Harbor
Chapter 70: Goodbye
Chapter 71 Empty
Chapter 72 Star and Flame
Chapter 73 Two Sides
Chapter 74 Family
Chapter 75 Ten years ago
Chapter 76 The Left Behind
Chapter 77 The distinguished guest
Chapter 78 Blood Ship
Chapter 79 The Black Goat
Chapter 80 Badges and Geography
Chapter 81 Eternal Life
Chapter 82 Return to Traveler's Rest
Chapter 83 At the end of the mission
Chapter 84 Two Worlds
Chapter 85: The Golden Flame Reignites (1)
Chapter 86: The Golden Flame Reignites (Part 2)
Chapter 87 Luo Yu's Parents
Chapter 88 Crow's Claw
Chapter 89 Hijacker
Chapter 90 Dead Believers
Chapter 91 A Search
Chapter 92 The Abandoned Monastery
Chapter 93 Ghosts?
Chapter 94 Armor
Chapter 95: The Legend of the North
Chapter 96 An ‘invitation’
Chapter 97: Meet the Knights Again
Chapter 98 The Raven Prophecy I
Chapter 99 The Raven Prophecy II
Chapter 100 The Raven Prophecy III
Chapter 101 The Raven Prophecy IV
Chapter 102 The Raven Prophecy V
Chapter 103 The Raven Prophecy VI
Chapter 104 The Raven Prophecy VII
Chapter 105 The Raven Prophecy VIII
Chapter 106 The Raven Prophecy IX
Chapter 107 The Raven Prophecy X
Chapter 108 Raven Prophecy XI
Chapter 109 Raven Prophecy XII
Chapter 110 Magic Sword (1)
Chapter 111 Magic Sword (Part 2)
Chapter 112 Crows
Chapter 113 What is justice? I
Chapter 114 What is justice? II
Chapter 115 What is justice? III
Chapter 116 What is justice? IV
Chapter 117 What is justice? V
Chapter 118 What is justice? VI
Chapter 119 What is justice? VII
Chapter 120 What is justice? VIII
Chapter 121 What is justice? IX
Chapter 122 What is justice? X
Chapter 123 What is justice? XI
Chapter 124 What is justice? XII
Chapter 125 What is justice? XIII
Chapter 126 What is justice? XIV
Chapter 127 Continue to attack
Chapter 128: The Missing Companion (1)
Chapter 129 The Missing Companion (Part 2)
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Scrolls
Chapter 131 Storm Gathering I
Chapter 132 Storm Gathering II
Chapter 133 Storm Gathering III
Chapter 134 Storm Gathering IV
Chapter 135 Storm Gathering V
Chapter 136 Storm Gathering VI
Chapter 137 Storm Gathering VII
Chapter 138 Storm Gathering VIII
Chapter 139 Storm Gathering IX
Chapter 140: The Gathering of Storms X
Chapter 141 Storm Gathering XI
Chapter 142 Storm Gathering XII
Chapter 143 State of Emergency
Chapter 144 The ‘Action’ of the Descendants of Flor
Chapter 145 Reply
Chapter 146: Where the Bing Front is Going
Chapter 147 Two worlds
Chapter 148 Two fleets
Chapter 149 confrontation
Chapter 150: Here again?
Chapter 151: Cause and Effect I
Chapter 152: Cause and Effect II
Chapter 153: Cause and Effect III
Chapter 154: Cause and Effect IV
Chapter 155 Cause and Effect V
Chapter 156 Cause and Effect VI
Chapter 157: Cause and Effect VII
Chapter 158: Cause and Effect VIII
Chapter 159 Cause and Effect IX
Chapter 160 Choice I
Chapter 161 Choice II
Chapter 162: Choice III
Chapter 163: Choice IV
Chapter 164 Choice V
Chapter 165 Choice VI
Chapter 166 Choice VII
Chapter 167 Choice VIII
Chapter 168 Choice IX
Chapter 169 Choice X
Chapter 170 Choice XI
Chapter 171: Next Steps
Chapter 172 The Flame of Shadows (1)
Chapter 173 The Flame of Shadows (Part 2)
Chapter 174 Stargate Battle I
Chapter 175 Stargate Battle II
Chapter 176 Stargate Battle III
Chapter 177 Stargate Battle IV
Chapter 178 Stargate Battle V
Chapter 179 Stargate Battle VI
Chapter 180 Stargate Battle VII
Chapter 181 Stargate Battle VIII
Chapter 182 Stargate Battle IX
Chapter 183 Stargate Battle X
Chapter 184 Stargate Battle XI
Chapter 185 Stargate Battle XII
Chapter 186 Stargate Battle XIII
Chapter 187 Stargate Battle XIV
Chapter 188 Stargate Battle XV
Chapter 189 Stargate Battle XVI
Chapter 190 Stargate Battle XVII
Chapter 191 Stargate Battle XVIII
Chapter 192 Stargate Battle XIX
Chapter 193 Stargate Battle XX
Chapter 194: The moment of decisive battle
Chapter 195 Magic Sword
Chapter 196 The Scarlet Fleet
Chapter 197 Interception
Chapter 198: Moment
Chapter 199: Seeking Winning Opportunities
Chapter 200: The Flames Over El Pashin I
Chapter 201 The flames over El Pashin II
Chapter 202 The Flames Over El Pashin III
Chapter 203 The Flames Over El Pashin IV
Chapter 204: The Flame Over El Pashin V
Chapter 205 The Flames Over El Pashin VI
Chapter 206 The Flames Over El Pashin VII
Chapter 207 The Flames Over El Pashin VIII
Chapter 208: The Flame Over El Pashin IX
Chapter 209 The last moment
Chapter 210 From the Nightmare
Chapter 211 The Embers of the World
Chapter 212 Dragon's Language
Chapter 213 The stars rise and the stars set
Scene 214: Witness the Last Meteor
Chapter 215 Written at the end of the battle
Chapter 216 News brought by winter
Chapter 217 Farewell, another news
Act 218: What is the Nightmare Realm?
Scene 219 Category F quota
Act Two Hundred and Twenty Goals and Plans
Scene Two Hundred and Twenty-One, Mistress?
Chapter 222: Chapter of the Key
Scene 223: Set sail and arrive at the empire
Act Two Hundred and Twenty-Fourth The Land of the Stag and the Sorcerers
Scene 225: Holfin Academy
Scene 226 The old servant
Act 227 A Story
Scene 228 The other party's reaction
Act 229: Soul Magic Crystal
Act 230 The Weird Ship
Scene 231 The legendary city
Act 232: Laila
Act Two Hundred and Thirty-Three: The First Experience of the Empire
Act 234: Fairy Envoy
Chapter 235 New Construct
Act 236: Imperial Workshop
Scene 237 Account books, sources of funds and college students
Act 238: Britta and the Sorcerer Theory
Act 239: Magic Furnace without Crystal
Scene Two Hundred and Fortieth It's Better To Be Famous
Scene 241 The Arrival of the El Pashin Craftsmen Association
Act 242: Competition Format
Act 243: Opponents and Teammates
Act 244 The Ship to Bavarian
Act 245 The first round
Act 246: Four titles
Scene 247 See also Almighty Plug-in
Scene 248 Faster and Stronger
Scene 249 Extremely fast and extremely slow
Scene 250 What exactly are you guarding?
Chapter 251: Reprimands, Rewards, and the Bavarian Race
Scene 252: Amethyst
Act 253: The Old Man
Scene 254: A riot of gears and magic books
Scene 255 Seven Seas Brigade in action
Scene 256: Silver makeup
Scene 257 The knight is here
Act 258 A story can tell everything
Scene 259 Return to Ayn ??Bullock
Act 260: The reason?
Scene 261 Big News
Scene 162: Storms of the Empire
Scene 263: The origin of the star installation
Scene 164: Gwanghae's Blessing
Scene 265: The Scroll Knight
Scene 266: A trap
Scene 267: Witnesses of the Saints
Scene 268: A communication
Scene 269 Twins
Scene 270 Natural Dragon Soul
Scene 271 Hailin Crystal
Scene 272 Wolf Girl
Scene 273: The beginning of change in that era (Part 1)
Scene 274: The Beginning of Change in That Era (Part 2)
Scene 275: The beginning of change in that era (Part 2)
Scene 276: Farewell and New Members
Scene 277 Mining Area
Scene 278 The strange mining area
Scene 279: The Imperial People’s Plan
Scene 280 Earth Elemental and Imperial Army
Scene 281 The World of Rocks
Scene 282 ‘Snooping’?
Scene 283 Trial
Scene 284 Replica?
Scene 285: Magic Book Induction
Scene 286: The ancient revival
Scene 287: Open the channel
Scene 288 Elemental Blessing
Scene 290 Underground World
Scene 292 The ancient story
Scene 293 Madam, we are the chosen ones
Scene 294 Like stars
Scene 295 Necklace
Scene 296: Mechanical Soul
Scene 297 Alix
Scene 298: Time Stands Still
Scene 299 Contract
Chapter 301: Holy Selection
Scene 302 Letter, Yuliang and Alix
Act 303: Harvest from the Underground
Scene 304 Lilac Alliance
Scene 305 Demonstration Teaching
Act 306: New competition format
Scene 307: The Alchemist and the Battle Craftsman
Scene 308 Change of mentality
Scene 309 Before the Trial
Scene 310 Nini Bank is officially established
Scene 311: Entering the Tower
Scene 312 Reappearing in the world
Scene 313 When everything seems destined
Scene 314: Survival Guide to the Sea of ??Trees
Scene 315: How to guide and organize production under magic skills
Scene 316 I'm going to speed up, Imperial Man
Scene 317: One for each
Act 318: Entering the midfield
Act 319 Proving Ground
Scene 320: Life and Death Parallel
Chapter 321 Gray branches in the forest
Act 322 Wisdom and Courage
Scene 323: Recorded on the Stone Tablet (Part 1)
Scene 324: Recorded on the Stone Tablet (Part 2)
Scene 325: Recorded on the Stone Tablet (Part 2)
Scene 326 Tower No. 5
Act 327 Undercurrent
Scene 328: By quantity, against quantity I
Scene 329: Quantity versus Quantity II
Scene 330: By quantity, against quantity III
Chapter 331: By Quantity, Against Quantity IV
Act 332: By quantity, versus quantity V
Act 333: By quantity, against quantity VI
Scene 334 The ending leading to the sea of ??trees
Scene 335 How to open the door
Scene 336 Chapter of the Holy Tree
Scene 337: Things promised
Scene 338: Each other’s arrival
Act 339: The Eternal Proposition
Scene 340: Through the Sea of ??Clouds
Chapter 341 The Edge of the World
Scene 342: Behemoth
Scene 343: Habits of legendary creatures
Scene 344: What is a Dragon Knight?
Scene 345: The Activated Continent
Scene 346: Reunion
Scene 457: The Holy Tree and the Secret
Scene 348: Stars
Scene 349: The Moving Front
Scene 350 The Road to Victory
Chapter 351: Flash, this is the Flash
Scene 352 The tower is evaluated as
Act 353: Become famous
Scene 354: Causes and Consequences
Scene 355: An invitation letter
Scene 356: Small changes in gathering
Scene 357: Leaving Apenander
Scene 358: The Empire’s Plan, and the Answer
Scene 359 Tower and Sea of ??Fire
Scene 360 ??Question
Scene 361 The choice behind the red door
Scene 362 How will you know if you don’t try?
Scene 363 It’s not impossible
Scene 364: Inside and Outside the Tower
Scene 361 The final question
Act 362: Academy Competition
Scene 363: Inside the Academy
Scene 364 The Rust Foundation
Scene 365 Soul
Scene 366 Imperial Rainstorm I
Scene 367 Imperial Rainstorm II
Scene 368: Imperial Rainstorm III
Act 369: Imperial Rainstorm IV
Scene 370: Imperial Rainstorm V
Scene 371 Imperial Rainstorm VI
Act 372: Imperial Rainstorm VII
Act 373: Imperial Rainstorm VIII
Scene 374 Imperial Rainstorm IX
Scene 375 Imperial Rainstorm X
Scene 376 The choice between two routes I
Scene 377 The choice between two routes II
Scene 378 The choice between two routes III
Act 379: The choice between two routes IV
Scene 380 The choice between two routes V
Scene 381 The choice between two routes VI
Scene 382 World-famous I
Act 383: Fame to the World II
Act 383: Fame to the World III
Scene 384: Fame to the World IV
Scene 385: World-famous V
Scene 386: Fame to the World VI
Act 387: Fame to the World VII
Act 389: Fame to the World VIII
Act 390: Fame to the World IX
Scene 391 Andreus
Scene 392 Preparation
Scene 392 Preparation
Scene 393: On the other side of the storm
Scene 394 Two ladies
Scene 395: Saying Goodbye to the Past
Scene 396: Got rich?
Act 397 Mineralogy of Etalia
Scene 398 A Coin
Scene 399: Broken, the plan is exposed
Scene 400 The work of genius
Chapter 401: The Philosopher's Stone and the Forger