0159,The biggest challenge

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 "Big news, big news, the league's hegemon Duxing High School has capsized in the gutter."

"In the just-concluded five-game single-player mode with Qishen Academy, Duxing High School lost an unprecedented four games. Only captain Xiong Zhigang successfully defeated the opponent and won the first victory."

"Super big news."

"The king of the high school league actually capsized in the gutter."

"If you are tall and middle-aged, you are not weak at all. You can't say that you are a gutter, right?"

"The main reason is that before Duxing High School, I didn't even lose a small game. I was the undefeated king in the league, with a winning streak of 64 games. Today I lost four games in a row."

"In the past ten years of the league history of Duxing High School, it seems that they have never lost so miserably."

"The Qishen Academy team has actually become so strong?"

"Fortunately, Xiong Zhigang easily defeated his opponent and saved the game."

"Yes, otherwise it would be a shame to lose five games in a row."

"Isn't it now?"

"Principal Ye Xilan is probably going to go crazy."

Countless anchors, commentators and industry insiders who were following this game were all talking and marveling.

This result is really amazing.

Duxing High School is the well-deserved overlord of the Liuhe Base City High School League.

Winning consecutive championships is their daily routine.

But today, in the single-player mode, it was completely defeated.

The shock caused can be imagined.

At the same time, in another arena, incredible news came.

The super dark horse Quanye High School actually exploded.

They miraculously won four out of five games in single-player mode, knocking the old famous school Petroleum to the ground.

It’s just that the ace players of Quanye High School, Yue Huaren and Mizutani Hikaru, performed very well.

Unexpectedly, the other two substitutes Wang Qiong and Cao Rui rose up strongly and showed incredible strength. They each defeated Sun Bo and Nie Hong, the star students of Petroleum No. 1 Middle School, and won the single-player mode.

"This weekend is a little crazy."

"These two girls, Wang Qiong and Cao Rui, were only substitutes for the Quanye High School team before. Their respective cultivation levels of seven levels were only unsatisfactory. I didn't expect that they could defeat an opponent of ten levels today. What happened?

"That's right, through the game video, we can observe that they did not undergo new martial arts surgery or have the inscribed bones transplanted. It was purely an improvement in strength. It is hard to imagine how they did it."

"Is this season destined to be a miraculous journey for the dark horse?"

"It's a little too early to say that now."

News in the league is communicated immediately.

Li Xiaofei and others in the preparation area also immediately learned about the progress of several other focus battles.

"If we win this game, we can move further up the league standings."

Such thoughts came into everyone's mind.

But suddenly another question came to mind——

How to win?

Hongye High School is not a pseudo-strong team like Longteng High School.

Every one of its players is a top star in the league.

It would undoubtedly be unrealistic to ask Li Xiaofei to turn the situation around on his own.

The reason why the league's competition system is divided into single-player mode and team mode is to avoid the appearance of a one-person team.

"We have no special tactics for the next team mode."

Principal Chen Bie with peach blossom eyes said with a relaxed expression, "Just treat it as daily training. Being able to play against a top team like Hongye High School is a rare opportunity for actual combat. Just learn from the other side's strengths. Winning or losing is not important."

The team members all nodded.

But as a warrior, how can we curb our desire to win with all our strength?

"Principal, let me fight."

Yan Chiyu suddenly took the initiative to ask for help.

This suggestion moved many people's hearts.


If Yan Chiyu joins the fight, and Li Xiaofei, the big devil, joins forces, the strength of the school team will increase dramatically.

There may be hope of overthrowing Hongye High School in team battle mode.

Chen Bandit looked thoughtful.

He looked at Li Xiaofei and said, "Xiaofei, what do you think?"

What do I think?

I see with my eyes.

I'm not Yuanfang.

Li Xiaofei looked calm and said, "Principal, you can make your own decision."

Chen Bandit looked at 'Qin Wudi' again.

The latter shook his head slightly.

Chen Pi then said, "The school doctor only said that you can participate in training, but did not say that you can play... let's go to the next round."

Yan Chiyu's face showed a look of unwillingness.

What else did she want to say.

Chen Tie waved his hand directly, "That's it."

Soon, the players for the team mode were determined.

It's still Li Xiaofei, Fang Buyi, Lonicera, Bai Qiqi and Bai Longfei.

Regular lineup.

Five people stand together in a circle facing each other.

Fang Busuo stretched out his palm.

Bang bang bang.

The five palms are tightly held together.

"come on."

Everyone shouted loudly to cheer for themselves and their teammates.

Amid cheers like a roaring tsunami from the audience, the five people entered the cockpit of the optical brain host.

Everyone understood that this cheer was not for them.

But give it to your opponent.

The glory of victory and defeat can only be obtained in battle.

Game start.

"The map randomly selected by the system is 'Storm Polar Region'."

"This is Li Xiaofei's blessed place."

"In the match against Aoba High School, Li Xiaofei scored five kills in a one-on-one match. He came out of nowhere and won the first round of the league among the students. His glory was endless."

"This is a developmental map."

"Of course, Hongye High School definitely has the strength and capital to choose rh charge tactics."

"Both team members have been teleported to the venue..."

"Oh, Hongye High School did not choose rh tactics. They gave Hongqi High School enough respect and decided to develop peacefully for a period of time.

"The next half hour is the most precious time for Hongqi High School."

"The beast masters, doctors, and weapons masters must perform at their best and create the most combat readiness resources for their own team before they can hope to defeat Hongye High School... Of course, this is difficult because the opponent's beast masters, doctors, and weapon masters are stronger."

In the live broadcast room, Ana Shen was analyzing the game with a solemn expression.

More than 20 large screens in the stadium, as well as countless small screens throughout the base city, were broadcasting the game live.

But few thought Red Flag High School could win.

The focus of this game is how high Li Xiaofei can push this Hongqi High School team.

Even people who don’t usually care about Hongqi High School know that there is only one reason why Hongqi High School can remain undefeated in team mode——

Li Xiaofei.

It was this young man who, relying on his own efforts, brought Hongqi High School to a level that did not belong to him.

Now, Li Xiaofei himself faces a huge challenge.

He and his team, the myth of being undefeated, are about to end.

Under the gaze of countless eyes inside and outside the arena, half an hour passed quickly.

During this period, both parties completed all development preparations.

The three major professions have achieved the limit of what they can achieve.

Both sides started taking action at the same time.

As expected, Hongqi High School, the weaker side, chose to defend. Using its own temporary camp as a base, it sealed the area within a radius of 500 meters and arranged various traps, mechanisms, poisonous caves, animal baits and other defenses. Measures, relying on geographical advantages to offset the gap in each other's strength.

Hongye High School chose to attack.

The five powerful men were like five sharp arrows flying off the string, rushing towards the base of Hongqi High School in the shape of a pin.

The air seemed to be filled with smoke.

A hand-to-hand battle is about to break out.

at this time--

"Huh? We discovered a strange phenomenon at Hongqi High School."

Ana Shen's eyes suddenly lit up and he said, "I wonder if the audience has noticed? What is the difference between the states of Li Xiaofei and his teammates at this time?"

This chapter has been completed!
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