0240, returned to Zhenyi, and his strength skyrocketed

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 "It's not certain who will die."

Li Xiaofei sneered.

Anyone who dares to threaten the eldest lady will not regret it if he dies a hundred times.

The child does not teach, the father too.

Gu Langtian deserves to die because his father did not educate him well.

In ten days, there is a plug-in of the 'Secret Palace of Time', which is enough for him to complete the return of the energy of star power to the true one.

When the time comes, even if you face a powerful person in the Five Spirit Realm, what do you have to fear?

After getting the fifth-generation purity star power reagent, Li Xiaofei returned to Yuntian Society headquarters without stopping, entered the practice room, and started practicing immediately.


Drink a bottle of fifth-generation purity star power reagent.

The moment the cool liquid slides into the esophagus, it is like kerosene being ignited and becomes hot instantly.

Li Xiaofei used the True Dragon Breathing Technique to absorb energy.

Waves of dragon roars sounded in the secret room.

Time passed and it was night in a blink of an eye.

Li Xiaofei returned to Guang'an Community.

Today is Saturday, so Zhong Ling is also back from school.

The four of us had dinner together.

After the happy hour, he returned to the Yuntian Society headquarters and continued to practice.

At eight o'clock in the evening, the CD of 'The Secret Palace of Time' has finished cooling down.

He cheated without hesitation.

After entering the 'Secret Palace of Time', Li Xiaofei subconsciously asked if he could extract the technique.

"Woof, no."

This time I got a negative answer.

Li Xiaofei was not disappointed either.

He continued to practice "The Prelude to the Five Qi Dynasty Yuan Jue".

time flies.

In the blink of an eye, thirty days flew by.

All five bottles of the fifth-generation pure Star Power reagent were consumed.

And the ninety-nine eye qi vortex in the body was finally completely refined and returned to the true one.

"Finally finished."

Li Xiaofei stood up slowly, feeling overjoyed.

He could feel that his combat power had soared to an incredible level.

He didn't dare to fully release his power in the secret room, fearing that the room would explode.

Li Xiaofei came to the optical computer host room and logged in
The optical brain begins to scan its own data.

The first ‘camouflage form’.

The pure physical strength is 200 tripods, and the basic combat power is 1540311 points. When using combat skills such as the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, the combat power can soar to 3032877 points.

Equivalent to the peak combat power of 120 orifice realm.

The second ‘Transform into a muscular form’.

This is the state after Li Xiaofei has completely released his physical strength. His physical strength is 500 cauldrons, and his basic combat power is 3074444 points. When he uses the Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon and the Six Meridians Divine Sword, his combat power is 6890008 points, which is equivalent to the twelve meridians of the Expanding Pulse Realm.

Strong men on the left and right.

The third ‘Ultimate Demon King Form’.

It is to fully explode the power of the physical body and activate the energy of the star power in a 'no leakage' state. The physical power can reach 1,000 cauldrons, and the basic combat power reaches 9,008,000 combat power. In this state, the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms can be used.

The combat power can reach 16010009 points.

In this form, Li Xiaofei's combat effectiveness finally exceeded 10 million points.

The basic combat power of a strong person in the Five Spirit Realm starts at 10,000,000 points.

The five spirits are the five major internal organs.

Each time a major organ is trained, the combat power will increase by 5 million.

This means that Li Xiaofei already has the combat power of the second level of the Five Spirit Realm.

Combat power and realm are two different things.

Generally speaking, the higher the realm, the stronger the combat effectiveness.

There are very few freaks like Li Xiaofei who don't take the ordinary path in the world.

After coming out of the practice room, Li Xiaofei finally had a trace of relaxation on his face.

In this vast and chaotic world, I finally have some power to protect myself.

At least in the Liuhe base city, it is no longer possible for someone to kill him with violence.

The combat power of the Five Spirit Realm is the peak combat power of this city.

It's a pity that it's not the real Five Spirit Realm, so it still can't fly in the air.

However, it’s time to take the test for a colonial driver’s license.

My current body,

It can definitely support armor driving.

Thinking of this, Li Xiaofei drove to Hongqi Middle School without hesitation.

Principal Peach Blossom Eyes had promised himself that as long as he entered the shackle-breaking realm, he would help him obtain a colonial driver's license.

Soon, Li Xiaofei appeared in the principal's office.

"A driver's license?"

The peach-eyed principal unexpectedly said, "Have you broken the shackles?"

Li Xiaofei smiled slightly, "Although I haven't broken the shackles, I already have the combat power beyond the shackles breaking realm, so I want to ask the principal to make a promise."

The peach-eyed principal touched his chin and said, "With the current chaos, even if you have a colonial driver's license, it's hard to pick up girls. Why don't you practice the realm of star power first?" ??

Li Xiaofei said, "Some people should not break their promises and gain weight."

The principal changed his explanation and said, "Even if you get a Zhujia driver's license, there is no Zhujia for you to drive. The situation in the base city is tense now, and almost all the Zhujia have been dispatched to the city to fight."

Li Xiaofei smiled proudly, "I can buy private armor by myself."

The principal with peach blossom eyes slapped his head.

I forgot that this student is still a rich man.

"Okay, I'll help you register for your driver's license, and you can take the training and exam yourself."

After relenting, he still warned: "One's own strength is the strongest support. After all, armor is a foreign object, which can enhance strength, but it has too many restrictions, so don't lose hope by playing with things, and seize the time to improve your star power."

For, is the kingly way."

Li Xiaofei looked serious and said, "I was just about to ask you, the principal, for advice on how to break the shackles after practicing the "Five Qi Dynasty Yuan Jue Pilot Chapter" after the qi vortex returns to the true one?"

"Have you returned to your true form?"

When Peach Blossom Eyes heard this, she was immediately overjoyed, "So fast?"

Li Xiaofei smiled and said nothing.

If I tell you that I am not ten qi returning to one, but ninety-nine qi returning to one, will I scare you into a psychosis?

The peach-eyed principal thought for a moment and then began to tell——

"The order of breaking the shackles is very important. The selection factors depend on the martial arts combat skills you have practiced at the Yangqi level."

"Heavy palm techniques, boxing techniques, legs and feet
First, break the hand and foot shackles."

"Those who value strength must first defeat the dragon on the waist spine."

"Those who follow the beast master route should first break the brain shackles and mouth shackles to enhance their mental strength."

"Weapons master, doctor first break the eye shackles, hand shackles, and nose shackles!"

"Or if someone wants to re-select the direction of cultivation and practice new skills and combat skills after entering the shackle-breaking realm, they can re-plan the order of shackle-breaking without worrying about the previous skills, but re-choosing will make the path of cultivation difficult.

Only by doubling down and accumulating more can you get ahead of others."

"You are in the Yang Qi Realm and do not practice weapons. You are following the route of fists, feet, and body skills. Naturally, you first break the shackles on your hands and feet, then break the shackles on your spine, then your brain, and finally your hands, mouth, nose, and ears."

Chen Pi had high hopes for Li Xiaofei, so he explained it in detail.

Li Xiaofei asked, "It's not that the brain dominates the body. If we break the brain shackles first, wouldn't it be beneficial to our cultivation progress?"

Chen Ji said, "The Brain-Breaking Shackle can only increase mental strength, and is effective for specific professions, but it has no special benefits for fists, feet, weapons, and star power. The improvement in combat power ranks at the bottom, so it is almost impossible."

It’s rare to choose the first brain-breaking shackle for the main battle position.”

After saying that, he directly handed Li Xiaofei a guide to breaking the shackles on the optical computer.

This is a summary of Chen Bie’s own cultivation experience, which is very practical.

After leaving the principal's office, Li Xiaofei fell into thinking.

In the world 500 years ago, humans pursued the development of the brain.

Many theories believe that as long as the brain is developed more than 10%, it can transcend ordinary people. If it is fully developed, humans can be comparable to gods.

Turns out it was all a lie.

However, Li Xiaofei still had to think about how to break the shackles.

At this time, Bai Longfei, the soft-rice king, walked towards him.

His face was happy, his expression was high, his mouth was springy, and his whole body was dancing.

"Xiao Li, you finally came to school. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Here is this for you."

The soft rice king's eyes lit up, and he came up and handed Li Xiaofei an invitation.

Li Xiaofei took one look and was shocked.

A big update for the leader of the village to revitalize the village.

This chapter has been completed!
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