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 Big brother?

Zhang Zhihong was startled and looked at Li Xiaofei.

Seeing Li Xiaofei's calm expression, he knew there was nothing to worry about.

Soon, someone connected in.

Li Xiaofei didn't hesitate and connected directly.

call out.

A flash of brilliance.

A burly man with a Chinese character and a face appeared in the ancient martial arts venue.

This person has a serious face, bright eyes, bulging muscles, and exudes a powerful aura.

In particular, a pair of fists are twice as big as a normal person, with protruding bones. The skin of the hands is slightly dark, and they look like a pair of large hammers.

"Isn't this the boxing anchor 'Three Fists Shocking the Sky'?"

Some water friends recognized it immediately.

It turns out that this tall man is also an anchor on the Longya platform.

And he is also a slightly famous boxing anchor.

His name is Guo Zongao, and he is famous for his boxing skills.

This is a planned kick-off.

Many experienced water friends immediately understood what was going on.

This 'crazy old man' must be a fan of 'Three Fists to Shake the Sky' Guo Zongao. He deliberately came to stir up trouble, and now he has brought his real master.

This is very common in the live broadcast industry.

The pie in the entire live broadcast circle is so big. Every time a new anchor appears, he must be trying to grab a share of the pie from the old anchors, and he will inevitably be suppressed by many old anchors.

If newcomers want to get ahead, they have to go through many levels.

Especially between new and old anchors of the same type, the struggle is even more intense.

On the first day of broadcast, Li Xiaofei taught boxing.

How can you not be targeted by other boxing anchors?

Guo Zongao, the ‘three punches that shook the sky’, was obviously the first person to jump out and suppress Li Xiaofei.

"This is my eldest brother."

"He is the true successor of the powerful Vajra Fist."

"My eldest brother can't stand it any longer today, so he's going to teach this liar anchor a lesson."

"It would also be helpful to let this liar know that the optical network is not a place outside the law, and it is not allowed to deceive by pretending to be someone else's."

‘Kuaishizilao’ kept posting barrages that flooded the screen.

Li Xiaofei looked at Guo Zongao and said, "Do you admit what he said?"

Guo Zong proudly raised his chest and said with a big smile, "Of course, Xiao Kuang is my biggest fan and has spared no effort to support me these years. He knows me best and what he says is what I want to say... Hehe, boy,

If you admit defeat now, it’s still too late to exit Longya website, otherwise, you will be embarrassed.”

"What if I don't retreat?"

Li Xiaofei said calmly.

Guo Zongao sneered and said, "Then I'll beat you until you retreat... Haha, since you dare to use the title of sanctification, you won't dare to fight me, right?"

"Fight with you?"

Live broadcast assistant Zhang Zhihong lost no time in highlighting his presence.

He sneered "
My eldest brother is very busy with his work, and being a host is just for fun, but it is not something that cats and dogs can challenge casually. If you want to challenge, you have to show your winnings first."

"What jackpot?"

Guo Zong proudly said.

Zhang Zhihong smiled faintly and said, "For the challenge fee, first pay for a 'Little Divine Dragon'."

Guo Zongao did not hesitate and directly swiped a 'little dragon' in the live broadcast room

Visual light and shadow effects appear instantly.

A silver divine dragon suddenly appeared in the sky, bursting through the air, baring its teeth and claws, looking like a magnificent creature in the creation myth, magnificent, and then slowly disappeared.

This caused all the water friends in the live broadcast room to exclaim.

10,000 star coins were dropped immediately.

"It's been done, what's next?"

Guo Zongao said aggressively.

Zhang Zhihong sneered again and said, "It's very simple. If you lose, just kill ten 'little dragons'. Do you dare?"

"Ten items? Haha, you really dare to open your mouth like a lion."

Guo Zongao sneered.

"If you don't dare to bet, get out."

Zhang Zhihong said disdainfully.

Guo Zongao was angered and said on the spot, "Ten of ten, I..."

"No need to bother."

Li Xiaofei suddenly spoke and interrupted, "If you win, I will give you a little dragon back, and then close the live broadcast room and never show up again. If you lose, you will become my teacher and practice martial arts with me, how about that?"

"You...how dare you humiliate me like this?"

Guo Zongao was furious.

How dare a junior in the live broadcast industry be so arrogant?

I really don't know how high the sky is to let him, a famous anchor, be my apprentice.

"I misunderstood, I didn't mean to humiliate you."

Li Xiaofei said calmly, "In the path of martial arts, the strong is the teacher. If you lose to me, it means that my boxing skills are better than yours. How can I humiliate you by being your master?"

Guo Zongao was stunned.

It seems to make some sense.

Zhang Zhihong sneered directly and said, "Just tell me whether you dare or not. If you don't dare, get out. If you are timid, you dare to imitate others in playing games."

Guo Zongao gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, I agree."

Immediately the two signed an optical brain electronics agreement.

The competition begins.

Guo Zongao stimulated his inner energy.

Ten cyclones appear around the body, representing the ten levels of Dzogchen.

Ten small sun-like light spots appear on the body, which represents the breaking of the ten shackles.

One hundred and two more star-like points of light emerged and moved, representing the One Hundred and Twenty Apertures of Great Perfection.

Then there were ten light beams like galaxies running inside the body

, represents the ten levels of Tuomai Realm.

The powerful aura pressure radiated out.

He put on his posture.

The starting move is clearly the first move of the powerful Vajra Fist, ‘Vajra Thunder Strike’.


Many people in the live broadcast room suddenly opened their eyes.

Huh? .??.

‘Three punches that shake the sky’, Guo Zongao, actually knows this move?

And it looks quite proficient, and it is definitely not a hasty practice.

Even Zhang Zhihong was slightly stunned.

Li Xiaofei, on the other hand, remained calm, with a slight curve in the corner of his mouth.

This person's powerful Vajra Fist looks full of posture and powerful, but in fact it is just superficial. It is a bit like the effect produced by Zhongjiu Mozhi when he used the small Wuxiang Gong to activate the seventy-two stunts of Shaolin Temple. Ordinary people

I really can't tell.

But I couldn't hide it from him.

"Let's take action."

Li Xiaofei hooked his hands.


Guo Zongao shouted coldly and immediately punched out.

The punch is like lightning.

Fast as thunder.

It is so powerful that it seems to be earth-shattering.

The sound of the explosion was deafening.

The water friends who entered the virtual live broadcast room only felt that their eyes were darkened, and their faces were full of energy, as if the mountains were collapsing in front of them, which was suffocating.

The water friends who watched the live broadcast on the screen also felt the horror of this punch.

However, Li Xiaofei, who bore the brunt of the attack, did not escape.

He gently raised his hand and pointed with one finger.

Explosive gas.

Broken energy.

Like the spring breeze turning into rain, his fingers gently touched Guo Zongao's fist.

In an instant, everything was silent.

Guo Zongao's earth-shattering punch suddenly seemed as if someone had pressed the pause button. It stopped in place and could not move at all.

The expression on Guo Zongao's face suddenly solidified.

Everyone in the entire live broadcast room held their breath.

"This punch of yours is just for appearance, not for its spirit."

Li Xiaofei said in a calm tone, "Let me show you the power of the real powerful Vajra Fist when activated at the tenth level of the Meridian Expansion Realm!"

After speaking, retract your fingers, make a fist, and punch.

A ray of fist light brushed against Guo Zongao's temple and whizzed by.

The 100-meter mountain rock behind him was directly blasted by the fist wind like a beam of light, creating a circular hole with a diameter of ten meters. The stone peak 100 meters away behind the rock was also directly blasted, and a fan-shaped piercing hole appeared.


Then the sound of gas explosions, the sound of rocks collapsing, and the sound of cracking stone peaks resounded between heaven and earth.

This scene scared the audience in the live broadcast room.

Guo Zongao's eyes widened.

The body is stiff.

It seems to have been administered
He stood motionless as if he had used his body-holding technique.

Big beads of cold sweat slid down from his temples.


This is simply the power of the Five Spirit Realm.

This is a supersonic punch!

It turns out that the real powerful Vajra Fist is so powerful?

Li Xiaofei retracted his fist, smiled slightly, and said, "How is it? Do you accept it?"

At the moment when the fist was removed from his temple, Guo Zongao felt a sense of relief that the blade of death on his neck had finally left.

He regained control of his body and breathed heavily uncontrollably.



He knelt down directly on his knees, gritted his teeth and said, "I am willing to admit defeat. Master is on top. Please accept my disciple's bow."

The ceremony of apprenticeship was completed directly.

Zhang Zhihong smiled on the side and said, "You boy, you are true to your word. You have grown so big in vain...Tsk, tsk, tsk, should you call me uncle?"

Guo Zongao got up, glared at him and said, "Who do you think you are?"

Zhang Zhihong "..."

Li Xiaofei looked at Guo Zongao and said, "Do you know why the punch you just punched was far less powerful than mine?"

Guo Zongao remained silent.

Li Xiaofei said, "Because the frequency and conversion rhythm of your energy movement are wrong, although there are no flaws in the change of moves, you cannot integrate the inside and outside, and you cannot have both form and spirit, so you cannot exert the true power of 'Vajra Thunder Strike'..."


After that, some detailed instructions were given.

Guo Zongao originally wanted to turn around and leave.

But he didn't expect that Li Xiaofei actually taught him boxing techniques.

From the initial excitement, I gradually became immersed in it.

After ten minutes, he had completely mastered the secret of this boxing technique.


Punch out.

The power of the fist is like a beam of light, reaching supersonic speed and blasting through the void air waves.

Although it was not as powerful as Li Xiaofei's punch just now, it was several times more powerful than his previous punch.


Guo Zongao himself was stunned.

This was only half an hour.

My own combat power has improved so much.

It is comparable to the years of hard training in the past.

He stood there blankly, with mixed feelings in his heart.

Finally, as if he suddenly had a sudden realization, he knelt down in front of Li Xiaofei again with a puff.

Guo Zongao said respectfully, "Master, please accept my disciple Guo Zongao's three bows."

Kowtow is like thunder.

This time, I was sincere and completely convinced.

But the water friends in the entire live broadcast room 'exploded' again.



This chapter has been completed!
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