0398,Revisit the Cemetery of the Sages

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 "This sword of yours..."

"The chief instructor awarded it to me. He said I was different. He noticed me in the crowd at a glance and saw through my unique talent."

"Let's be honest, how much did it cost?"

"Brother, it's vulgar. Spiritual weapons are not about money, but about fate. There are hundreds of thousands of fate."

"You spent one hundred and eighty thousand star coins to buy this broken sword?"

Li Xiaofei was shocked.

Ximen Piaoxue smiled slightly and said, "How can you say that the sword is broken? The chief instructor said that this sword is the best match for my talent. This is called the harmony between man and sword... Don't ask, it's fate."

Li Xiaofei "..."

"Is there a possibility that you have been deceived?"

Li Xiaofei quietly hid his rusty sword.

Ximen Piaoxue chuckled again and said, "Brother, you are too small. I spent a hundred and eighty thousand yuan to form a good relationship with Mr. Xi, the chief instructor. Can this be called being deceived?"

Li Xiaofei "..."

The oily young man is not stupid either.

The course throughout the morning did not go well.

Li Xiaofei observed that most students' understanding and practice of innate skills are superficial, still at the superficial level, and there is basically no progress.

The substitute teacher had to explain again and give pointers one by one.

"The overall quality of the freshmen is too poor. Most of these freshmen's attainments in Guwu Yiyi are not even as good as those of the students from Hongqi High School... It is also embarrassing for the admissions team of White Deer College to find so many Wolongfeng."


After Li Xiaofei observed carefully, he discovered the reason.

If the school is not famous, it cannot recruit outstanding students.

If we cannot recruit outstanding students, the quality of teaching cannot be improved.

If the quality of teaching cannot be improved, the reputation of the school cannot be improved.

This is purely a negative cycle.

However, Li Xiaofei also discovered the shining points in these students——

Although his talent is poor, he studies very seriously.

Except Ximen Piaoxue.

Halfway through the morning course, Ding Yifeng taught
Xi Jinping came back with Li Junjie and three others.

"Haha, let me tell you some good news."

Ding Yifeng smiled from ear to ear and said, "In the just-concluded competition among the five colleges, student Li Junjie relied on his sword skills to defeat the talented students from the other four colleges, and won the first place for our Qingshan East College in one fell swoop."

Everyone's eyes immediately focused on Li Junjie.

"Although it only lasted one night, classmate Li Junjie's understanding of the "Innate Kung Fu" and "One Sword Departure Technique" has reached the level of "entering the hall", breaking the historical record of my White Deer Academy's cultivation speed in the past two hundred years."

Ding Yifeng couldn't help but praise him again.

The students in Qingshan East Campus looked at Li Junjie with envy immediately in their eyes.

Although they have known for a long time that he is the first in Qingshan East Campus, many students actually feel that this is the rating when they enter school and does not represent the level of everyone on the same starting line after admission. As long as they work harder,

You can overturn this first place.

did not expect……

"Come on, come on."

Ding Yifeng waved and said, "Junjie, please demonstrate to everyone."

Li Junjie walked to the center of the venue and bowed his hands to everyone.

Then he took off the "Sacred Sword" from his back with his backhand, pressed the trigger, and with a click, the giant sword showed its complete form.

He stood with his sword in hand, and his whole person suddenly became solemn.

A power slowly spreads out.



Lift the knife, draw the knife, and cut horizontally.

The sword flashed.

Three meters away, a measuring stone pillar with a thickness of ten people's arms split silently into two.

Li Junjie put away his sword and stood up.

The wind blows the blue shirt, but the shirt moves and remains motionless.

This is the essence of "Start with one sword".

There was a wow sound all around.

Although Wang Xiaofan and Hou Ni had seen Li Junjie's sword skills in small competitions before, they still felt amazed when they saw it again.

Li Junjie looked at Li Xiaofei.

Look forward to the praise in your eyes.

Like a kindergarten child waiting for praise from the teacher.

But Li Xiaofei was whispering to Ximen Piaoxue, without even looking at him.

Li Junjie was slightly disappointed, but then he felt infinite fighting spirit.

The boss must feel that my cultivation progress is too slow and I have to continue to roll up.

"Classmate Li, can you tell me how you understood and practiced?"

A girl named Chen Yao summoned up the courage to ask.


One good thing about Li Junjie is that he is generous and never hides any personal secrets. He directly tells everything about his cultivation experience and explains it very carefully.

Many students felt enlightened after listening to it.

Teachers such as Ding Yifeng and Fang Baicheng just listened with smiles on their faces at first. They encouraged this kind of discussion and exchange among students to create a united and progressive learning atmosphere.

But as they listened, the expressions of several teachers changed.

Because many of the things Li Junjie talked about are "beyond the outline" - beyond the scope of what a student can understand after coming into contact with "Xiantian Gong" and "One Way to Start" on the first day.

Many contents are actually much deeper than what they said.

Especially about "A Departure Technique".

The essence of what Li Junjie said was so wonderful that even the contents of what they said were not consistent, and the understanding was deeper. Ding Yifeng and others listened to it, and they also realized something, and some of the fog in their hearts for many years was swept away.

Several teachers looked at each other and saw the horror in each other's eyes.

Is this what is called genius?

Such a terrifying understanding.

No wonder the principal attaches so much importance to Li Junjie.
The hope for the rise of White Deer Academy may really lie with this young man.

Ding Yifeng and other teachers were shocked and happy.

Li Xiaofei looked at the time.

It's almost noon.

He planned in his mind that after class, he would go to the cemetery of the sages and find out everything about the white-robed old ghost Liu killing chickens, so that the old ghost would stop following him.

Then I went to the Tan family to find the eldest lady.

This is the main purpose of coming to Xia Jing.

The morning class ended soon.

When get out of class was over, the old principal actually showed up and took Li Junjie away again, saying that he had a very important matter to deal with.

Everyone can see that the old principal dotes on Li Junjie as if he were his own grandson.

Li Xiaofei had lunch after class, and after brushing up on the favorability of the uncles and aunties, he pretended to go back to the dormitory to sleep, but actually sneaked into the back mountain quietly.

With Li Xiaofei's current strength, it is actually very simple to avoid the teachers at the academy.

When he arrived at the gate of the sages' cemetery, he carefully tested it several times.

The old man in gray robe never showed up again.

call out!

Li Xiaofei entered the cemetery in a flash.

A cool breeze passed by.

On the ancient bronze gate of the cemetery, under the mottled rust, there are faint gleams of luster, which are not easy to detect, and it seems that it has not brought any changes.

The old man in gray robe appeared out of thin air and looked in the direction where Li Xiaofei disappeared.

"here we go again."

He seemed to be muttering to himself, or asking a certain existence, "Are you sure it's him? There's really no need to stop this sneaky guy?"

The wind blows in the cemetery, and the grass and trees are fluttering.

A dark wind blew across the plains.

The bronze gate of the cemetery shook slightly.

"Well, I hope your judgment

That's right."

The old man in gray robe said slowly.

This chapter has been completed!
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