0424, I thought it was so strong

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 It’s not just that he was not captured alive.

What's even weirder is that the situation has begun to reverse.

From the beginning, Li Xiaofei could only compete with the Earth God Guards on equal footing. Later, when the four divine guards attacked at the same time, he was suppressed and beaten violently. After just one minute, he could not help but slowly regain the situation.

One against four.

Remain undefeated.

‘Michael, his eyes narrowed slightly.

A faint light flashed on the lens.

He began to observe carefully. ??

In the battlefield.

Li Xiaofei's figure flickered, floating and disillusioned.

Much like ‘Lingbo Weibu’.

but not.

Michael's lenses are not ordinary glasses. He is constantly collecting data and quickly reaches a conclusion.

To be honest, after receiving the true biography of Lingbo Weibu in the Tongtian Ancient Martial Arts live broadcast room, Michael was once shocked.

He even expressed emotion that "the footwork in the world is unparalleled."

The ancient martial arts of Daxia are truly ingenious and exquisite.

But today, the footwork performed by Li Xiaofei can be constantly incarnated outside the body, making it difficult to distinguish between virtual and real, real and fake.

Its cleverness and mystery are actually still above the "Lingbo Weibu".


'Michael, with a smile in his eyes, "Is this young man's body really the perfect material for a new ancient martial arts technique? How long can it last? Three, start analyzing."

The lens known as ‘Three’ shimmered once again.

In the mirror, shadows can be vaguely seen flickering.

That was exactly the image of Li Xiaofei's movement technique.

Repeatedly collect, summarize, and analyze data.

Find the commonalities and patterns among them.

Decipher the superficial moves changes.

This is the first step.

Entering this step, you can already be invincible.

Through the feedback of the super optical brain's brain core, the four divine guards can seize the flaws in the moves and quickly defeat the opponent.

In any battle against ancient warriors, this step is enough.

For subsequent analysis and simulation, you need to obtain this ancient martial art's true heart method, inner energy flow route, speed and other data before you can do it.

The optical brain level currently controlled by the Eternal Mechanical Sect is enough to calculate any...


Suddenly, a crack appeared on the lens.

The smile in Michael's eyes gradually solidified.

Bang bang.

The lens shattered, exploded and fell.


A tiny piece of glass passed by.

A faint blood line appeared at the corner of Michael's eyebrows, and then merged into a bright red blood stain, slowly flowing down.

'Michael wiped the blood in astonishment.

"Three's computing power is actually unable to calculate the laws and data of this movement. It is overloaded and exploded after forced calculation?"

After being shocked, 'Michael's face showed a look of intense ecstasy.

Is there actually such a level of ancient martial arts?

Very good.

Gotta get it.


‘Michael, give orders continuously.

The four divine guards are at full firepower.

He used the 'Lingbo Wei Step', combined with the 'Powerful Vajra Fist', 'Luoying Divine Sword Palm', 'Dog Beating Stick Technique' and several other miraculous skills to continuously launch powerful attacks on Li Xiaofei.

At the same time, death rays can appear from time to time in various parts of their bodies. On their shoulders, waists, knee joints, etc., there are spider-leg-like mechanical arms extending out, and the slowly rotating muzzles of small rotating machine cannons.

Continuously spit out extremely powerful energy bullets.

This level of suppression attack is too terrifying.


Li Xiaofei’s left shoulder and right chest position,

Two clusters of blood flowers spattered.

he got hurt.

The energy bullets of powered firearms are far more powerful than imagined.

With the strength of Li Xiaofei's body, it was like a cork, and he was directly punched with wounds that penetrated the front and back.

Seeing this scene, Michael breathed a sigh of relief.

Immediately he became surprised again.

I... seemed... a little worried just now?

How long has it been since this kind of emotion appeared in you?

He thought carefully for a moment.

Finally, he confirmed that his worries were not due to doubts about the strength of the four divine guards.

It was because this young boy from the Dragon Group named 'Jade Emperor' had shown extraordinary abilities several times that he subconsciously worried that something strange would happen.

Fortunately, everything went well.

Li Xiaofei was injured.

According to unbreakable experience in the past, once an ancient warrior is injured, his energy and blood will drop and become weak.

The actual combat power will begin to collapse.

Even if there are any techniques to stimulate potential such as burning blood, they will not be able to escape the end of defeat in the end.

On the other hand, mechanical warriors would not have such flaws.

Especially for perfectly modified mechanical warriors like the Four Divine Guards, more than 65 percent of their flesh and blood has been replaced by machines.

The core source of power is not the heart's blood, but the energy generator and energy harness.

Coupled with super powerful micro-nano self-healing technology...

As long as the energy core is not completely destroyed, and as long as the brain core still exists, the four divine guards will still have terrifying combat effectiveness even if their entire body is damaged by 60%.


Blood blooms again on the battlefield.

Li Xiaofei's right arm and right leg were exposed,
He suffered a penetrating injury from an energy bullet again.

Obviously, he could forcefully absorb the attacks of ancient martial arts, but the attacks of new firearms and hot weapons made him extremely uncomfortable.

"In two minutes at most, the battle will be..."

‘Michael, feel confident again.

But the next moment, after he put on new lenses, his vision once again kept up with the speed of the five figures on the battlefield, and suddenly there was a trace of doubt.

"The wound...disappeared?"

‘Michael was surprised to find that the wounds on Li Xiaofei’s left shoulder and right chest that had been pierced before had disappeared without knowing when.

"Is it Kotake's healing technique?"

‘Michael, after a little thought, you have the answer.

He has seen some powerful ancient warriors who have super self-healing abilities and are indeed difficult to deal with.

But in the end, his energy and blood were wasted away and he died.

Qi and blood are extremely important things to ancient warriors.

All self-healing recovery comes from this.

Once it is exhausted, death is certain.

The attacks of the four divine guards became more and more violent.

‘Michael, don’t be in a hurry.

He no longer tried to forcefully analyze the data of Li Xiaofei's movement.

Instead just collect.

time flies.

Five minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

Gradually, Michael began to lose his composure again.

Because although Li Xiaofei was constantly injured, his recovery speed after the injury was incredibly fast, and it did not affect his combat effectiveness at all.

In five minutes, instead of getting weaker, he became stronger and stronger.

what happened?

Michael realized something was wrong.

"With the power of one person, he can fight against the 'earth, fire, water, wind, and the four great divine guards, and he is almost like a saint.'"

Not far away, in the shadows under the canopy of trees.

A young nobleman with a beautiful face, wearing a black close-fitting combat uniform and a black short cloak, his eyes penetrated the magnetic energy barrier incredulously, with a look of surprise on his face.


"what happened?"

‘Michael, the surprise in his eyes became more and more obvious.

A full twenty minutes have passed.

Li Xiaofei was constantly injured.

Moreover, his injuries are getting more and more serious.

At first, there was bleeding from two or three wounds on the body.

Later, the number of injuries reached five or six at one time.

Gunshot wound.

Severe injury.

Powered sword wounds…

The various weapons and attack methods of the Four Divine Guards all left shocking injuries on Li Xiaofei's body.

Blood stained his clothes red.

It was as tragic as being showered with blood.

When Su Wangqing and Lin Wan saw this scene in the distance, they couldn't help but feel sad and moved.

They tried several times to provide support.

But fighting at this level is beyond their ability to intervene.

Just the aftermath of the battle was enough to suffocate them.

It's impossible to get close at all.

"How to do how to do?"

Su Wanqing was extremely anxious.

But they were still unable to contact 'Xuanhuang,'.

"It shouldn't, it shouldn't."

Lin Wan opened her eyes wide.

She had seen Li Xiaofei's invincible sword skills.

Although the Li Xiaofei in front of him also showed super strength, compared with the invincible demeanor of the sword-wielding man that day, he was still a little behind.

Seeing the wounds that kept appearing on Li Xiaofei's body, tears as clear as pearls fell from the eyes of the school beauty.

In the battlefield.

Li Xiaofei's injuries became more and more serious.

Several times, half of his body was almost torn apart.

There were several times when I almost had my legs and arms broken.

Once, his neck was almost cut off with a light knife.

Ordinary warriors, suffering such serious injuries, would be unable to stand, let alone continue fighting.

But Li Xiaofei didn't look weak at all.

He became more and more powerful.

The attack became more and more violent.

The most important thing is that, in such a fierce and intense battle, his injuries not only did not continue to worsen, but healed quickly and completely recovered soon.

It seems like there is inexhaustible energy and vitality.

Michael's expression gradually became serious.

"No, he doesn't seem to be fighting?"

‘Michael, a flash of inspiration flashed in his mind, and a ridiculous possibility suddenly emerged.

Isn't this young man struggling to survive?

But practicing?

He seems to be taking advantage of the pressure generated by the terrifying attacks of the four divine guards to practice some evil ancient martial arts secrets.

how come?

‘Michael was shocked by his idea.

In order to verify his ridiculous guess, Michael immediately used three to analyze the entire battle process from a brand new model perspective.

Soon all the data from the beginning of this game was analyzed.

Finally, we came up with an optimal solution

Caleb, a conclusion that he doesn’t want to see or admit——

The sophistication of Li Xiaofei's movement skills and the recovery speed of his injuries were rapidly improving as the battle progressed.

If we say it was a toddler at the beginning.

By this time it had turned into a galloping sprint.

My previous guess was correct.

‘Michael, his eyes were full of horror.

In the battlefield.

Li Xiaofei is still fighting.

Not only did he not become weak due to the loss of energy and blood, nor did his fighting power decrease, but he became more courageous and energetic as he fought.

And his body skills are getting better and better

Make something mysterious.

Disillusionment rises and falls, light and darkness are uncertain.

In the beginning, there were only four or five incarnations.

Now there are more than twenty.

Even with the computing power of the Four Divine Guards' brain cores, it took more than twenty minutes to analyze the common changes in Li Xiaofei's movement, and could not predict the changes in his movement.

You can't even tell whether it's true or false.

The reason why Li Xiaofei looked so badly injured was actually because he was actively injured.

It's like dancing on the tip of a knife.

This is the top ancient martial art ‘Immortal Seal’ from the world of Huang Yi’s Gaowu plane.

After practicing this true skill, Li Xiaofei used it in actual combat for the first time.

The special effect of the Immortal Seal, in addition to disillusionment of the body, is that it can transform the opponent's attack "death energy" into "vital energy", continuously supplying one's own energy and blood, thereby healing one's own injuries.

This is equivalent to the fact that the more enemies you have, the stronger you are.

Li Xiaofei was injured intentionally just now because he wanted to test the maximum damage and treatment limits of the 'Immortal Seal'.

At the same time, it is indeed for practicing.

Under the attack of the four great divine guards, Li Xiaofei finally honed the actual combat power of the 'Immortal Seal Technique' to its absolute upper limit.

There are also insights into the transformation between life and death.

By this time, the four great divine guards joined forces to attack and were unable to defeat him.

The figure is disillusioned and extremely free and unrestrained.

Finally, at the thirty-minute mark.


Suddenly, the Earth God Guard, who was the first to take action, heard an explosion in his head, and blood and sparks splashed out from his facial features.

The huge body suddenly stiffened and stopped in place.

Clusters of sparks burst out from under his skin.

Immediately, he felt as if he had been electrocuted, shaking on the spot like chaff.

"The brain core was overloaded and overtime, breaking the upper limit of the optical brain's endurance and self-destructing."

‘Michael, he judged it instantly.

His complexion became a little gloomy.

"Is this the perfect path you brag about?"

Li Xiaofei laughed.

His movement became more and more disillusioned and unrestrained.

Just like taking a leisurely stroll in the battlefield, wandering around the battlefield.

When he no longer takes the initiative to get hurt, the remaining three great generals of ‘Fire, ‘Water, and ‘Wind’ will not be able to touch the corners of his clothes at all.

"Now do you know what true ancient martial arts is?"

"Now do you know the true power of Gu Wu?"

"Now do you understand that there are ancient martial arts traditions in this world that you cannot analyze?"

"Six Meridians Divine Sword, Powerful Vajra Fist, Lingbo Weibu... Which of these ancient martial arts true traditions have you analyzed by yourself?"

"Haha, you are like a thief who is both fake and accomplished. You are as smart as ancient martial arts, stealing the secrets of masters, and imitating others."

"You eat the food with gusto."

"You can't do anything on your own."

Li Xiaofei kept taunting.

Every sentence, every word seemed to be a dagger coated with poison, stabbing hard into Michael's heart.

Everything he encountered today was indeed a blow that Michael had never considered.

But after all, he has gone through countless storms.

He won't be ridiculed by just a few words.

Li Xiaofei continued, "How much effort and wealth have you spent on creating these four great generals? Have you reached your limit? If mass production could be achieved, the entire world would have been the exclusive domain of the Eternal Mechanic Sect. He is obviously Chinese.

, but gave me a foreign name, you, haha, neither good nor bad, neither fish nor fowl, I don’t know why you are so proud."

'Michael, take a deep breath.

Li Xiaofei is like a fleeting shadow, externalized

Born into dozens of selves.

"You have spent a lifetime of hard work to create only four divine guards. You cannot achieve mass production on the assembly line. Your road has come to an end."

Li Xiaofei once again hit the nail on the head.

‘Michael’s figure trembled slightly.

This sentence poked his weakness.


He smiled faintly.

A wave of his hand.

The other three gods will return behind them.

Michael said slowly, "If it was before I met you, it might be true, but your appearance has allowed me to see a more perfect and suitable material than the Corpse Emperor Holy Crystal. Can you continue my path?"

Come on, young man, you are still too immature and have not grown up, but when you meet me, you are destined to have your wings broken before you can spread them..."

‘Michael’s hands were pressed on the armrests of the wheelchair.

A strange and dangerous feeling instantly emerged in Li Xiaofei's heart.
It was as if there was great terror hidden in that wheelchair.

But just at this moment——

"Old Yinmao, do you want to commit treason by killing the people of the Dragon Group in front of me?"

A clear and clear sound, like a cold knife on a moonlit night, came from the side.

There is a strange power in the sound.

Michael's expression suddenly changed.

"Xiao Bieli?"

He exclaimed, turning his head suddenly and looking diagonally across.

But under the canopy of trees in the distance, a tall and handsome young man with a face as white as jade and wearing a black uniform slowly walked out.

His eyes are like knives.

The body is like a gun.

An indescribable, unconcealed sharp edge rushed towards him.

That temperament is like a sword drawn out of its sheath.

It's like a cold moon hanging high.

Xiao Bieli, the second deputy leader of the Dragon Group.

Xiao Bieli is the strongest person in the dragon group.

‘I take action, you leave, and Xiao leaves.

He walked slowly. Wherever his footsteps passed, four soft sounds appeared, and the silver pillars that were originally nailed on all sides rose out of the ground uncontrollably, and immediately shook into powder in mid-air.

The force field disappears.

This area has returned to the real world.

"You shouldn't be here."

‘Michael frowned.

Xiao Bielie smiled faintly and said, "Yes, according to your information, I should arrive at Xia Jingcheng tomorrow afternoon, but that is just information."

‘Michael’s eyes narrowed, “I understand, I’ve been fooled again.”

Xiao Bieli walked up to Li Xiaofei and nodded to him.

Immediately he turned to look at Michael and said, "You old silver-haired man, you are too willing to believe in the calculation results of those cold machines. You have told me so many times that people cannot calculate. I came here in advance.

I have a surprise for you...how do you like it? Are you satisfied?"

At this time, 'Xuanhuang' also arrived.

"Actually, the team leader has been here a long time ago. This plan is a trap set by the team leader long ago to lure people from Eternal Machinery into White Deer Academy. The team leader has been watching the battle just now. If you are in danger, he will definitely

I came to save you."

Xuanhuang whispered in Li Xiaofei's ear.

Li Xiaofei nodded and said nothing.

This kind of giant figure appears.

I won’t have much to do next.

'Michael, took a deep breath and said calmly, "This time, I have admitted defeat. 'The Corpse Emperor Holy Crystal belongs to your Dragon Group, and the Eternal Mechanical School will no longer fight for it."

"That's it?"

Xiao Bieli smiled slightly.

His fingers moved slightly.

In the air, the sword intent, as faint as the moonlight, fluctuated.

"Don't you still want to kill me?"

Michael sneered, "Not to mention whether you can kill me, if you, the dragon group, want to completely fight

The Eternal Mechanical School has started a war and wants to trigger a melee within Daxia, then take action, the Starry Sky Council will take action, and the consequences are not something you can bear."

What he said was very confident.

The worst case scenario would be to pay huge compensation.

The battles between the major factions within Daxia have been going on for a long time, and everyone has restrained themselves within a certain range. No matter how fierce the private struggle is, it will not really involve the public.

The most that can be done is compensation.

Because in this turbulent era when foreign aggression is like a mountain collapsing, even the radical Like a Dragon group has to struggle to maintain this fragile balance.

Many times in the past, even if someone died, the Dragon Team would not hold their noses and make a compromise in the end.

"as a result of?"

Xiao said goodbye, "Assault on the Dragon Team and kill my team members. What do you think the consequences will be?"

"My people also died in the wilderness."

'Michael smiled faintly and his words became harsh, "It's not like I haven't bought the life of a member of your dragon group. I can afford it at whatever price I want."


‘Xuanhuang, I’m so angry.

But 'Michael didn't look at her at all.

"Young man, I remember you."

He looked at Li Xiaofei, smiled and said, "You are the perfect material. I have bought your life. No one can protect you. I, Michael, said so."

"You threaten me?"

Li Xiaofei was angry.

"Yeah, it's just a threat."

Michael exhaled a long breath, pointed to Ruoshuang on the side, and said, "Look, there is nothing wrong with being like her. Be my test subject obediently, for the sake of human beings."

Contributing one's own value to life and death, this is..."

The sword flashed.

‘Michael’s words stopped abruptly.

He looked at the sword that suddenly appeared in Li Xiaofei's hand in astonishment.

He raised his hand and touched his neck again.

Slightly cool.

Wet hands.

Lift it up and take a look.

It was a faint trace of blood.


‘Michael, open your mouth and speak.

But the moment the air flowed from the mouth into the trachea, a line of bright red blood suddenly burst out, and his meticulously combed silver back hair rolled down from his shoulders.

The air suddenly became quiet.

Li Xiaofei lost his sword behind him and said calmly, "Tsk, I thought you were so strong... You are so small, but you still have to show off in front of me."

Good night everyone

This chapter has been completed!
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